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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

November 1940
Date Headline Page
11/01/1940 British Buy Ships (In U.S.) To Offset Sinkings 1
11/01/1940 (British) Say We Sent Britain 250 Planes In Month (Number Expected To Reach 600/Month In June) 3
11/01/1940 Hadassah Widens Help To Palestine-(Cincinnati) Convention Is Told Of Year’s $14,000,000 Outlay, Mostly For Health And Welfare-$603,000 For Refugees 5
11/01/1940 Nazis In Paris Curb ‘Jewish’ Concerns 5
11/01/1940 Japanese Abandon Whole Of Kwangsi 9
11/01/1940 U.S. Accused Of Preparing To Attack Japan; Tokyo Paper Says Arms Are Scored (By U.S.) In East 9
11/01/1940 Advertisement, America First Committee: Peace Or War? Which Will You Choose 22
11/01/1940 Advertisement: Robert E. Sherwood, A Roosevelt Appointee (The Interventionists’ Answer To The America First Committee Advertisement On P. 22) 23
11/01/1940 (British) War Relief Room Opens With A Tea 30
11/02/1940 President (Roosevelt) Shapes Plans To Expand Airplane Output 1
11/02/1940 Berlin Is Hard Hit By British Bombs 1
11/02/1940 Hadassah Accepts A $200,000 Budget (Cincinnati Convention) 4
11/02/1940 Jewish Group Bars Religion In Campaign (For Presidency) 9
11/03/1940 Third Term (For Roosevelt, His) ‘Last’ 1
11/03/1940 Hull Aide Stresses Hemisphere Unity 17
11/03/1940 Navy In Exercises Near Martinique (Move Announced By Hull, Possibly To Champion ‘Hemispheric Unity’) 20
11/03/1940 Alsace Jews Sent To French Region 21
11/03/1940 New Hitler Peace Terms Reported Sent To U.S. 26
11/03/1940 Germans Warned By Thomas Mann (On Bbc) 26
11/03/1940 British Land Force To Assist Greeks 29
11/03/1940 Greenland Threat By Nazis Reported (By BBC) 39
11/03/1940 Rise Of America As Culture Hub Is Seen In War (At Brown University) D-6
11/04/1940 (Norman) Thomas Appeals For Protest Vote 1
11/04/1940 Ashington Notes Hitler Peace Plan Rumor; British Report Of An ‘Emissary’ Doubted Here 1
11/04/1940 Gayda Assails Swiss (As Pro-British) On Attitude To War (Not Using Enough Effort To Stop British Planes From Flying Over Switzerland To Attack Italy) 2
11/04/1940 British Sea Power Held Axis Target (By Yates Stirling, Rear Admiral, U.S. N., Retired) 3
11/04/1940 Hitler Felicitates Vargas On Brazilian Anniversary 3
11/04/1940 Nazis Machine Gun Streets Of London 4
11/04/1940 Japanese Evacuate Waichow Garrison-Chinese See More Withdrawals 4
11/04/1940 British Delighted By U.S. Destroyers (Transferred To Them On Roosevelt’s Authority) 5
11/04/1940 Looting Epidemic Stirs London To Action; Press Suggests Hanging; Scotland Yard Busy 5
11/04/1940 Hadassah (In Cincinnati Convention) Backs Fight For Britain (A Zionist Organization)-(Zionist) Forces Already Inaction (With British Army As Pilots & Mechanics) 6
11/04/1940 Moscow Rejects A British Protest-Unneutral Stand Denied 6
11/04/1940 (British Official Sources’) Say British Will Get 7 New Type Bombers (Xb-24’S) 6
11/04/1940 Polish Jews Reassured-(Polish Labor) Minister (Jan Slanczyk) In London Promises Them Equality After War 6
11/04/1940 John G. Winant (Director Of International Labor Office & Ex-Governor Of New Hampshire) Backs Roosevelt (Third Term) 12
11/04/1940 Advertisement, Women For Roosevelt: Dorothy Thompson, Helen Hall, Virginia Gildersleeve, C. Mlldred Thompson, Mary Woolley, Rebeckah Kohut, Edna Ferber, Josephine Schain 15
11/04/1940 Harm To U.S. Seen In Blocked (European) Funds (Fear Of Retaliation) 29
11/05/1940 Japanese Abandon South China Posts Shortening Lines 1
11/05/1940 Nehru’s Trial (By British) Concluded 6
11/05/1940 President (Roosevelt As A Candidate) Carries Hopes Of British 10
11/05/1940 Reich Press Fires Barrage Upon U.S.-Assails (William C.) Bullitt, Kennedy And (Drexel) Biddle As Having War Aim In (Presidential) Campaign Here 11
11/05/1940 Secret Treaties (With British Etc.) Denied By (Sumner) Welles 11
11/05/1940 Two Groups (‘The Council For Democracy’ & ‘The American Defenders Of Freedom, Inc.’) Call For United (U.S.) People 12
11/05/1940 (Vito) Marcantonio Wins La Guardia Backing 14
11/05/1940 (U.S. Post Office) Releases (Impounded) Circulars Attacking President (Roosevelt, Mailed Before Election) 16
11/05/1940 Roosevelt Ends ‘Last’ Candidacy (He Says-Pictured With Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 18
11/05/1940 Nazis Probable Alm In Greenland Noted (Desire Meteorological Station) 19
11/06/1940 Roosevelt Elected President-Democrats Keep House (Of Representatives) Control 1
11/06/1940 Roosevelt Looks To ‘Difficult Days’ 1
11/06/1940 Mosquito War Planned (By British-Malaria & Yellow Fever) 10
11/06/1940 Lindbergh Is Reticent 14
11/06/1940 $53,467,267 Jobs Let For Defense 21
11/06/1940 Pocket Battleship Shells A Convoy Of British Vessels In Mid-Atlantic; Irish Bases Needed, Churchill Warns 25
11/06/1940 Churchill Sees Rising U-Boat Peril: Urges Eire To Modify Neutrality (To England’s Advantage) 25
11/06/1940 Germans In France Pay Well For Food (From French) 26
11/06/1940 50 British Aircraft Raid Germany Daily 26
11/06/1940 Text Of Churchill’s Report On War Problems Facing Britain 27
11/06/1940 (U.S. British) War Relief Aides Will Meet Today 32
11/06/1940 Zionists To Start Drive For Members (Zionist Organization Of America) 48
11/07/1940 Accords Reached For (U.S.) Use Of Bases In Latin America 1
11/07/1940 Joy Voiced Abroad Over U.S. Decision (Election Of Roosevelt)-British See War Aid Assured 1
11/07/1940 Irish Will Refuse To Give Britain Bases 1
11/07/1940 Italians Charge Swiss With (Pro-British) Bias 3
11/07/1940 Nazis Deny Taking Food From France 3
11/07/1940 British Lend Greece L5,000,000, Pledge More; Provide The Guns That Destroy Italian Tanks 3
11/07/1940 (Roosevelt) Allots $3,000,000 (For ‘Cultural Work’) To Aid Latin Amity (Press, Radio & Movies) 4
11/07/1940 More Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian & Estonian) Ships Seized (By The British) 5
11/07/1940 Nazis Stress Vote (For Roosevelt) As Peace Mandate 8
11/07/1940 French See Trend To U.S. ‘Authority’ 8
11/07/1940 Japan Perturbed Over (Pro-Roosevelt) U.S. Ballot 9
11/07/1940 Hull Leads In Plea For National Unity 14
11/07/1940 Picture: Henry A. Wallace & Wife 14
11/07/1940 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Is Undecided On Return (To England) As Envoy-Sees Hull And (Sumner) Welles In Capitol 15
11/08/1940 Morgenthau For Increasing Debt Limit To $60,000,000,000; To Ask New Defense Taxes-Needed For Arming 1
11/08/1940 U.S.-British Deals On Singapore Base Reported Reached (In London) 1
11/08/1940 Britain To Build 120 Vessels Here-Also Buying Old Craft 1
11/08/1940 Ex-Aide In (U.S.) Embassy (Tyler Kent, A U.S. Citizen From Washington, D. C.) Sentenced (In Secret Trial By British-Joseph P. Kennedy Invalidated His Diplomatic Immunity To Prevent His Revealing Secret Correspondence Between Roosevelt And Churchill!) As Spy-Lo Years For Woman Aide (Anna Wolkoff) 4
11/08/1940 No Date Yet Set For Trials At Riom 4
11/08/1940 Two British (War Relief) Funds (Sponsored By Americans) In U.S. Join Hands 7
11/08/1940 Reich Bars Surety To A Refugee Ship 8
11/08/1940 (London) Poles Accuse Rumania (In Arrest Of Interned Former Polish Cabinet Members Accused As British Spies) 8
11/08/1940 Vatican Paper Lauds Roosevelt’s Policies 12
11/08/1940 Advertisement, American Export Lines: ‘Life-Line To Europe’-N.Y.-Bermuda-Lisbon 15
11/08/1940 (James H. R.) Cromwells Separate (Former U.S. Minister To Canada-Rabidly Pro-British-& Doris Duke) 23
11/09/1940 President (Roosevelt) Allots Planes To Britain On A Basis Of 50-50-Orders For 12,000 More Planes Approved On Top Of 14,000 Now Contracted For Here 1
11/09/1940 No Axis Felicitations Sent To Roosevelt (Upon His Election) 3
11/09/1940 (6) Destroyers (Sent To Britain On Roosevelt’s Orders) Feared Lost (In Action) 3
11/09/1940 Reich Jews (Refugees From Baden & Palatinate) Sent To South France; 10,000 Reported Put Into Camps-American Workers Seek To Ease The Group’s Acute Needs 5
11/09/1940 Soviet Withholds Sum Due Britain (Retaliation For Seizure By Them Of Baltic Ships Claimed By Russia) 5
11/09/1940 Vichy May Lift Ban (Already Published) Against Some Jews (Jobs With Press, Radio, Movies, Etc.) 5
11/09/1940 War Crisis Called New Youth Burden (By Dr. Willard W. Waller, Professor Of Sociology, Barnard College) 19
11/10/1940 Border Spy Curbs Will Be Taken Up By U.S. And Canada-More Effective Supervision Of All Traffic Between The Two Countries Sought-(By U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson, Tamm And Hart Are To Confer With High Officials Of Dominion Tomorrow 1
11/10/1940 R. A. F. Fired (Munich) Cellar After Hitler Left (After Speech) 1 Defense (Expenditures) Big Item Aiding Roosevelt 7
11/10/1940 Army Is Receiving New (A-20) Dive Bombers 18
11/10/1940 11 Pastors Oppose Feeding Of Europe-Educator Backs Stand-Such Aid Would Encourage Policy Of Appeasement (Won’t Do Anything To Negate The Effect Of The British Blockade) 31
11/10/1940 Rumanians Accused (By Sofia) Of Robbing (Bulgarian) Refugees 46
11/10/1940 Second U.S. Watcher (‘Listening Post’) Sent To West Africa (By U.S. State Department) 50
11/10/1940 British (Purchasing) Board Here (In N.Y. City) Leases Big Building 51
11/10/1940 British Radio (In German Language Broadcast) Tells Trials Of Nazi Rule (In Occupied Countries-Monitored By Cbs) 52
11/10/1940 Adolf Tells The World He’s One Tough Fellow-British (R. A. F.) Spoil His Broadcast (Munich Bombing Of Beer Hall) E-3
11/10/1940 1917; Was It Worth It? By Samuel T. Williamson (He Believes It Was) Mag. 5
11/11/1940 Chamberlain Dies; Britain Mourning Her Former Chief 1
11/11/1940 Senator (Key) Pittman (Of Nevada) Dies Unexpectedly (More, P. 12) 1
11/11/1940 French-German Peace Negotiations Barred (By Germany) Until War Against Britain Has Terminated 1
11/11/1940 Germans Say Chamberlain Was ‘Hypocrite’ Who Planned War While Talking Of Peace (Cbs-Monitored Broadcast) 4
11/11/1940 French Say Army Collapsed In June-Lack Of British (And U.S.) Aid Cited 5
11/11/1940 Jews’ Fate Linked To Britain’s Peril (By Sir Norman Angell) 8
11/11/1940 (Roosevelt) Stresses (Jewish) Homeland Need 8
11/11/1940 Women Will Sew For Needy British (U.S. Aid) 10
11/11/1940 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman An Enemy Of Dictatorships (Picture) 12
11/11/1940 (George S.) Messersmith (In Havana) Bars Deal With Dictatorships 21
11/11/1940 Seaborne Mails For Yule Listed-Uncertainty Of Transportation To Europe (Because Of U.S. Stopping At Bermuda To Support The British Blockade) 37
11/12/1940 Roosevelt Voices Faith Dictators Will Be Expelled-U.S. And Britain Spread ‘New Order Of The Ages’ (Text, P. 18) 1
11/12/1940 Molotoff In Reich For 3-Day Parley 1
11/12/1940 Danzig Rail Point Attacked By R. A. F 1
11/12/1940 Kennedy Disavows Interview On War-Says He Talked Off The Record’-Story Gave Wrong Impression-Inaccuracy Is Charged 5
11/12/1940 Nomura Is Reported Named Envoy To U.S.-Japan Held Seeking Friendlier Relations 6
11/12/1940 Polish-Czech Union After War Planned (By London Poles) 6
11/12/1940 New Highways Feed Into Burma Road 6
11/12/1940 British Disturbed By Molotoff Visit 8
11/12/1940 Uruguay Declares Bases Are Its Own-At Disposal Of Americas 10
11/12/1940 (Jewish National Fund) Seeking $6,000,000 For The Holyland-In Defense Of Democracy 11
11/12/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Urges Fight On ‘Central’ (Federal) Power 12
11/12/1940 Knox Urges Defense Of Entire (Western) Hemisphere; Says U.S. Wants Peace Without Cowardice 18
11/12/1940 Mobilization (By. U.S.) Gets Gen. (Hugh A.) Drum’s Praise 19
11/12/1940 Unity Plea Made By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt-Finds We Are Divided 20
11/12/1940 Earnings Record Set By Celanese 34
11/12/1940 United Aircraft Sets Income Mark 34
11/12/1940 Excess Inventory In Gasoline Noted 34
11/12/1940 Increase Reported In Export Traffic 34
11/13/1940 Hitler Talks Three Hours With Molotoff In Berlin (Picture, P. 11) 1
11/13/1940 3 Powder Plants (Doing Defense Work) Blow Up In East; 14 Dead, 23 Hurt 1
11/13/1940 Shots By British Halted U.S. Liner (‘Exeter’-Boarded By British Off Lisbon, Picture, P. 8) 1
11/13/1940 The Liner Queen Elizabeth Sails From Here; May Carry Anzac Air Recruits To Canada 4
11/13/1940 U.S.-Canada Agree On Border Plans (Controls-U.S. Att’y. General Robert H. Jackson) 5
11/13/1940 Canadian Premier Extols Link To U.S.-U.S. Aid In Eire Urged 5
11/13/1940 Picture: Willy Messerschmitt 5
11/13/1940 Nuncio Told To Avoid Fetes For Molotoff 10
11/13/1940 America First Group Forms Local Units (Reported At A Meeting In Chicago) 10
11/13/1940 British Asks U.S. Aid In Supplying Spain (With Wheat-To Keep Them From Joining Germany) 12
11/13/1940 Britons Will Study Aviation (Navigation) In Miami; Number In Private School Will Be Limited 12
11/13/1940 (Mizrachi) Urge Jews To Work To Help Persecuted-To Strengthen Palestine 13
11/13/1940 Hlrihito Displays Concern For Peace 14
11/13/1940 (U.S.) High Court Upsets (Illinois) Anti-Negro (Real Estate Restrictions) Pact 18
11/13/1940 Presidential (Roosevelt) Rule Blocks Fair Work-Order Freezing Assets Of All Invaded Nations(German-Occupied Only) 25
11/14/1940 R. A. F. Raids Berlin During Soviet Fete 1
11/14/1940 Molotoff Talks With Hltler Again 1
11/14/1940 Switzerland Bans Nazi Organizations 2
11/14/1940 Nazi Raider May Have Laid Mine That Sank U.S. Ship (In The South Seas-Pacific) 3
11/14/1940 (Julius) Streicher’s Swan Song An Attack On The (N.Y.) Times 4
11/14/1940 Nazi Consul Quiz (By Dies Committee) Is Upheld By Hull 6
11/14/1940 1,500 Defy (British) Law In India 6
11/14/1940 (American) Red Cross Aids Greeks 6
11/14/1940 British Watchful Of Berlin (Russo-German) Parley 8
11/14/1940 Body Of Chamberlain Cremated In Britain 8
11/14/1940 De Gaulle Assails Anti-Jewish Laws (Published By Vichy) 10
11/14/1940 British War Outlay Is L14,000,000 A Day 11
11/14/1940 Unity Of Americas And Britain Urged (By Eugene P. Thomas-Shades Of The United Nations!) 11
11/14/1940 Japan To Increase Indies Oil Imports 12
11/14/1940 1,917 Here Called In First Draft 16
11/14/1940 (F. D.) Roosevelt Calls For Unity In U.S. 17
11/14/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Resigns His Post In France 18
11/14/1940 (National) Institute (Of Arts And Letters) Award Goes To (Robert E.) Sherwood (Roosevelt Speech Writer) 26
11/14/1940 Reichsbank Loses (N.Y. State) Court Ruling Here 35
11/15/1940 Knox In Warning Of Perilous Times (After Previous Meeting In Washington, D. C.) Denounces Hitler (Text, P. 12) 1
11/15/1940 R. A. F. Raids Pound Berlin Repeatedly-Waves Of Bombers 1
11/15/1940 Molotoff Leaves Berlin With Hitler’s Proposals-Nazis Now Await Stalin’s Reaction 1
11/15/1940 More Bundles Go To Britain (From America) Today 3
11/15/1940 U.S. Held Imperiled By Stress Of War (By Dr. Harry Stock Sullivan, President Of William Alanson White Psychiatry Foundation) 4
11/15/1940 Refugee Girl (Gertrude Jaeger), 11 And Bronx Boy, 14, Selected From Among 100,000 As The City’s Brightest (Daughter Of Isadore Jaeger) 4
11/15/1940 Starnes (Dies Committee) Condemns Axis Agents Here 5
11/15/1940 Dutch Opposition To Nazis Revealed (By Dutch Minister Alexander Loudon) 6
11/15/1940 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Stresses Peace 6
11/15/1940 Haggard (The British Consul General In N.Y.) Predicts Rise Of ‘Defeated’ 6
11/15/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Still An Envoy (To France, Roosevelt Refuses To Accept His Resignation) 7
11/15/1940 Gandhi Restrains His (Anti-British) Followers 7
11/15/1940 Japanese Abandon New Zone In China 8
11/15/1940 British Still Split On Bombing Nazis-46% Oppose Raids On Civilians Despite Attacks On London (Gallup Poll)-Churchill’s Stock Rises 9
11/15/1940 Cahill Joins In Plea For Jewish Charities-Urges End Of Intolerance 17
11/15/1940 Refugees Assisted By Colorful Fete (For The 100,000 Evacuees Now In England) 26
11/15/1940 Women Are Told Of Dangers To Us (By Mrs. W. T. Sporborg) 26
11/16/1940 Coventry Wrecked In Worst Raid On England, With 1,000 Casualties-’Revenge’ By Nazis (Industrial City!) 1
11/16/1940 British Smash Berlin Rail Depots-R. A. F. Strikes Again 1
11/16/1940 Spain Imposes Gag On U.S. Reporters-Forbids Them To Send News, Charging We Refuse To Admit Spanish Writer 1
11/16/1940 Bombings Of London Heaviest In Month 1
11/16/1940 Hoover Urges Aid To 5 Little Democracies; Says Famine And Disease Peril War Victims 1
11/16/1940 Swiss Nazis Insist Upon Recognition 2
11/16/1940 2 Aides Of Reynaud Get 10-Year Terms (Leca & Devaux) 2
11/16/1940 Refugee Plan (Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc.-Jewish Refugees, Trujillo) Extended (To Include Austrian Catholics) 2
11/16/1940 Reich War Output Traced To (German) Homes (In A Washington, D.C., Report By CIO And A. F. of L. Parley)-Work Quotas Assigned (Justification For Bombing German Homes By R. A. F.) 3
11/16/1940 British Mount Big Guns On (Greek) Crete; Island To Be Eastern Gibraltar 4
11/16/1940 Britain (Foreign Office) Tells Bid For Soviet Amity 4
11/16/1940 Ready To Go Alone Quezon Declares 5
11/16/1940 U.S. Deal Causes Crisis In Uruguay (Bases For U.S. Operations) 6
11/16/1940 Britain Curbs Sale Of ‘Near Necessities’ 6
11/16/1940 (U.S.) War Orders In Day Total $101,538,793 7
11/16/1940 Refugee Aid Asked By (Lion) Feuchtwanger-Plan Is To Rescue 2,000 (Spanish Refugees In France-From Spanish Civil War)-$300,000 Needed For A Ship 15
11/17/1940 Axis Agents Sniping Here, Dies Charges 1
11/17/1940 Nazi Ship Scuttled, 3 Flee To Port-Nazi Craft Try To Leave Tampico Refuge, But Meet 4 (‘British’) Warships (For U.S. Role In This See Nov. 18, 1940, P. 5) 1
11/17/1940 Hamburg Pounded In ‘Reply’ (To Coventry) By R. A. F 1
11/17/1940 (German) Raiders Of London Driven Off Early 1
11/17/1940 U.S. Reds Dissolve Formal Soviet Ties 9
11/17/1940 Democracies’ Fall Is Laid To Disunity (By Sir Norman Angell) 18
11/17/1940 Hitler Is Called A ‘Problem Child’ (By Dr. Reinhold Schairer, Department Of International Studies And Relations, London University-At Meeting In Hotel Roosevelt) 19
11/17/1940 Pupils Most Amenable To Democratic Way, (Iowa) Test Of School Methods Of Control Reveals 19
11/17/1940 U.S. Found United On War Problems (By Gallup Poll)-84% For Aid To Britain-Dr. Gallup Defends Accuracy Of Poll 28
11/17/1940 Courage Of British Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbi (Louis I. Newman) 30
11/17/1940 Negroes Warned (By Hope Stevens) On U.S. Joining War (To Help British)-He Fears Dictatorship-Attacks Britain For Keeping Africans In Subjugation And Allowing Ethiopia’s Fall-Such A Step Would Be A Blow To Race’s Progress 30
11/17/1940 Farm Editor (Wheeler Mc Millan) Asks U.S. To Reject War 30
11/17/1940 Jewel Exchange (In N.Y. City) Opens 31
11/17/1940 Defense Contracts Reach Vast Scale-Total Above 4½ Billions 32
11/17/1940 6,000,000 Jobs Seen Made By Defense 33
11/17/1940 Singapore Arming For A Threat Soon-British-American Naval Pact Would Enable Indies To Be Firmer With Japan 34
11/17/1940 Camps For Aliens (Including 10,000 Non-French Jews) Revised In France 35
11/17/1940 U.S. May Raise Quota Of Planes To Britain (They Already Receive 50% Of U.S. Plane Production!) 38
11/17/1940 Spain Cancels Gag On U.S. Reporters-Order Withdrawn When State Department Grants Visa To Spaniard, Madrid Says 38
11/17/1940 Swiss Nazis Face Stern Prosecution 40
11/17/1940 Warrior (Orthodox) Bishop, 70, Spurs Greeks, Fury 43
11/17/1940 Letters From Britain Stress Courage Of All Amid Great Discomforts Of Nightly German Air Raids 44
11/17/1940 Pictures: Views Of Wreckage In Coventry After The Germans Flew Over On A ‘Revenge’ Raid (Picture Of Cathedral, Scant Mention Of Heavy Industry There) 46
11/17/1940 (William Allen) White Sees Danger If U.S. Enters War-Wants Defense Speeded 47
11/17/1940 War Orders Triple Net In 2 Industries; Rail Equipment, Metals Spurred By Deals F-1
11/17/1940 Cartoon: Pro-English: Jumping Off Point E-2
11/17/1940 Social Life In Washington Is Complicated By The War E-7
11/17/1940 The Refugee Scholars-Letter E-8
11/17/1940 No Legal Bar Seen To (U.S.-British) Destroyer Deal-Letter From Dr. Alexander N. Sack, N.Y. University Law Professor E-8
11/18/1940 Gamelin, Blum And Daladier Moved To Reich; Early Trial Is Presaged By Formal Arrest 1
11/18/1940 Hamburg Bombing Kept Up By British 1
11/18/1940 U.S. Ships Halted Dash (From Mexico) By Germans-Scuttling Was ‘Mistake’ (See Nov. 17, 1940, P. 1) 5
11/18/1940 Baldomir (Uruguay) Defends U.S. Base Program 7
11/18/1940 Schools To Expedite Defense Training 7
11/18/1940 U.S. Offer To Help Thailand (Against Japanese) Rumored-Japanese Agency Says British And Americans Would Force Loan In Secret Pact 8
11/18/1940 Defense Supplies Hailed As Plenty (By Foreign Policy Association) 8
11/18/1940 Leaders (Samuel I. Rosenman, Harry H. Liebovitz, Mrs. William Jasie) Will Spur Jewish Education 9
11/18/1940 First Drafted Men Enter Army Today 10
11/18/1940 Jews’ United Front Formed In Palestine 10
11/18/1940 War’s Reprisals Termed Useless (By Presbyterian Rev. Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell) 15
11/18/1940 Madeleine Carroll Eulogizes Sister-Killed By A Nazi Bomb 23
11/19/1940 U.S. And Britain Agree On (Naval) Base Sites-(Seven) Key Points Chosen (Map. P. 7) 1
11/19/1940 Bulgarian King (Boris) Secretly Sees Hitler 1
11/19/1940 Hitler-Molotoff Picture Printed In Moscow Paper (Pravda) 2
11/19/1940 Sir Nevile Henderson Justifies Munich (Pact); Says Britain Lacked Weapons In 1938 6
11/19/1940 Uruguay Minority Fans Row On Bases (To Be Used By U.S.) 6
11/19/1940 Japan Again Seeks Peace With China 9
11/19/1940 Posters Warn Japanese To ‘Prepare’ Against U.S. 9
11/19/1940 Hitler Promises 6,000,000 Homes 10
11/19/1940 (Groton School Head. Rev. John Crocker) Urges We Enter The War (To Aid England) 10
11/19/1940 U.S. Ships’ Position Is Issue In Mexico-Nazis Insist Destroyers That Scared Them Into Scuttling Violated (Mexican) Sovereignty 11
11/19/1940 Poles’ (Guerrilla) Resistance Seen 11
11/19/1940 Picture: Brig. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger, Superintendent Of U.S. Military Academy, West Point 14
11/19/1940 German Study Here Reaches 10-Year Low (German Language) 25
11/19/1940 Red Cross Relief $12,339,501 In War-Britain Gets $7,261,489, China, $303,068, Finland $1,827,407 For Victims-Polish Refugees Aided ($1,000,130)-France Has Received $1,745,837, Nothing Since Downfall 48
11/20/1940 Birmingham Attacked All Night In A Raid Like That On Coventry-Nazi Bombers Fly In Waves To Hammer At (Heavy) Industrial Center 1
11/20/1940 Hungary Due To Join Axis Today 1
11/20/1940 Greek Plea For Aid Is Studied By U.S. 1
11/20/1940 3-Hour R. A. F. Raid Blasts (Leune-Gasoline) Oil Plant 1
11/20/1940 Vatican Says Nazism Is Foe Of Christianity; Lists Persecutions In Reich To Support Charge 1
11/20/1940 Bases (For England On Irish Soil) Mean War, De Valera Insists-Would Reject Plea By Us-Doubts Nazi Invasion 2
11/20/1940 Swiss Nazi Party Ordered Dissolved-Sharp (Swiss) Reply To (Nazi) Demands 3
11/20/1940 U.S. (Military) Planes Found Vulnerable In War-But Expect Improvement 3
11/20/1940 Picture: Damage At Birmingham 3
11/20/1940 (Alleged) Nazi Bribe (In) Article (By Washington Merry-Go-Round-Drew Pearson) Denounced By (Representative Hamilton) Fish 3
11/20/1940 New U.S. (Sovereignty) Violation Charged In Mexico-Three (U.S.) Warships (Destroyers) Stop Mexican Tanker And Honduran Ship Eight Mlles Off (Mexican) Coast-Incident Was Near The Spot Where A German Freighter Was Scuttled Saturday (Nov. 16) 5
11/20/1940 Most Voters Back (U.S.) Loans To Britain (Gallup Poll) 5
11/20/1940 Samaria Arrives With 50 Children-684 Aboard Cunarder Include 400 Refugees From Lands Dominated By Germans 7
11/20/1940 (German-Born Helga Schleuter, 20) Guilty Of (U.S.) Flag Insult 8
11/20/1940 First Negro Unit In Artillery Test 11
11/20/1940 (Martin) Dies Says Chicago Has Big Axis Unit 13
11/20/1940 (U.S.) Food Production Held Insufficient (By Earl French Of A&P At Westchester Forum) 15
11/21/1940 Nazis Continue Battering Midlands-Industry Is Target 1
11/21/1940 British Bomb Great Skoda Works (Czechoslovakia) 1
11/21/1940 Axis Signs Up Hungary; Rumanians Next 1
11/21/1940 U.S. Sells Britain 26 Air Fortresses (B-17’S) 1
11/21/1940 London Night Life Anything But Dull-Bombers Topple Social Barrier 3
11/21/1940 Coventry Dead (200) Laid In One Grave; Air Raid Siren Is Their Requiem-Birmingham Survives 3
11/21/1940 Nazis Threatening Fresh Vengeance 3
11/21/1940 China Will Spurn Tokyo Peace Plan 4
11/21/1940 (U.S. State Department) Lets (U.S.) Fliers Stay In War (As Pilots For R. A. F.) 5
11/21/1940 India Commended For Effort In War-1,500,000 Men Available (According To Amery) 8
11/21/1940 Ships Not Halted By U.S. War Craft-Knox Also Makes Denial-(Destroyer) Captains Merely Signaled To Them Off Mexican Port 12
11/21/1940 Evacuation Liners’ Sail From Shanghai-2,000 Join In Farewell To Those Leaving On Washington (Americans) 12
11/21/1940 Social Security Seen As (British) War Aim (By Ernest Bevin, Minister Of Labor) 14
11/21/1940 De Gaulle Warns Vichy Of Reprisals 14
11/21/1940 U.S. Seen Sending An Envoy To Vichy-Bullitt Resigned Office-Kennedy Denies Report That He Said He Would Not Return ToLondon 1.
11/21/1940 (Henry) Ford Lays The War To ‘Greedy’ Groups-’Real Dictators’ He Says 20
11/21/1940 Decide War Stand (Harvard’s James Bryant) Conant Urges U.S.-Millikan Urges A Union (With Britain-Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 21
11/21/1940 (Former U.S. Ambassador John) Cudahy Describes Fall Of Belgium-Leopold Surrendered After The British Had Been Retiring For 5 Days-Allies Advised Of Plight-Broadcast Speech In Defense Of King, Tells Of French Rout-Cabinet Members Left (Fled To England) 22
11/21/1940 Advertisement: The China Emergency Relief Committee, Inc.: A Report To America, List Of Supporters-Eleanor Roosevelt, Honorary Chairman 35
11/21/1940 Ickes Warns U.S. Of Propagandists-We Are Objective Of ‘Intelligent Nazi-Fascist Attack’ 39
11/21/1940 Exports Up 37% In First War Year 51
11/22/1940 (Martin Dies Links Nazi Agents Here To Propaganda, Espionage; Strife With Japan Sought (Text, P. 12) 1
11/22/1940 (U.S.) Row With Portugal Cuts Off Mail From Belligerent Nations (Not British Censors In Bermuda!)-Excalibur Reports Say That Lisbon Has Failed To Pay Part Of Charges-French Seen Turning To British 1
11/22/1940 British Get Respite From Heavy (Air) Raids 1
11/22/1940 R. A. F. Bombs Big Rhine Port (Duisberg-Ruhrort) Six Hours 1
11/22/1940 Pictures (British): Midlands Damage 3
11/22/1940 Nazis Give Mexico View On Ship Case (Ship Scuttled When Signaled By U.S. Destroyers) 4
11/22/1940 Uruguay’s Senate Bars Ceding Bases (To U.S.)-U.S. Plan Not Affected 4
11/22/1940 British Need (U.S.) Bombers (To Bomb Germany) 4
11/22/1940 Britain To Regulate Gifts (To England) From America 4
11/22/1940 Refugees Will Go To British Colony (‘Patria Incident’)-London Declares Plan For 1,771 Jews From Middle (And Eastern) Europe (Aboard Unseaworthy Steamships, ‘Pacific’ And ‘Milos’) Barred From Palestine (By British) 6
11/22/1940 Reynaud, Mandel Go To Pellevoisin (Riom Trial) 9
11/22/1940 Friendship Of U.S. Desired By Vichy 9
11/22/1940 Leader (Of Anti-British Movement) Seized In India 10
11/22/1940 President (Roosevelt) Gives Thanks For Peace (Picture) 19
11/22/1940 British Boy (Scouts) Tell U.S. (Boy) Scouts Of War 25
11/22/1940 Palestine Aid Topic Of (2,000 Jewish Delegates) Labor Conclave 25
11/22/1940 Educator (Dr. E. A. Cross, Professor Of English, Colorado State College) Holds (American) Youth ‘Soft’ 25
11/22/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy (Retired Governor Of Puerto Rico, Appointed By Roosevelt And Former Chief Of Naval Operations, Also Appointed By Roosevelt) Is Selected (By Roosevelt) As (Personal) Envoy To Vichy; (General) Pershing Refuses 1
11/22/1940 Nazis Bomb British Midland Towns-Birmingham Is Hit 1
11/22/1940 President (Roosevelt) Sees (U.S.) British Aid At Peak On Our Present Production Basis 1
11/22/1940 More U.S. Warplanes For Britain Backed Even If It Slows U.S. Defense, (Gallup) Survey Shows (60% Favor) 3
11/22/1940 Palestine Barrier (To Refugees, ‘Patria’ Incident) Arouses Protests-Groups Here Backing Jewish Homeland Score Britain’s Refusal To Admit 1,771 (Jews To Palestine)-Zionists Will Appeal (Emergency Committee For Zionist Affairs) 5
11/22/1940 No Mail Stoppage At Lisbon Is Seen 5
11/22/1940 Berlin Gives (Martin) Dies ‘3 Short Laughs’ 8
11/23/1940 Feeding Of Europe Churchmen’s Topic-Rally For ‘Union Now’ 14
11/24/1940 Rumania Signs Alliance With Axis (Text, P. 2) 1
11/24/1940 Lothian Says British Need U.S. Credits ($$$$)-Sees Fiscal Crisis (For England) By ‘41-Puts Daily Bombing Deaths In Nation At 200 1
11/24/1940 Reds Responsible For Vultee (Aircraft Corp’n.) Strike, (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson Declares 1
11/24/1940 Wide British War Aid To Greeks Reported; American Says Its Extent Is Kept Secret 1
11/24/1940 Bordeaux Airport Is Fired By R. A. F.-Switzerland Has Brief Alarm 5
11/24/1940 (Ernest) Bevin Appeals To U.S. To Help Britain Win 9
11/24/1940 Trees Are Pledged To Aid Palestine-British Victory Held Vital 14
11/24/1940 Sending Of (Admiral William D.) Leahy (As Roosevelt’s Envoy) Encourages Vichy 19
11/24/1940 (Anastasio) Somoza (Of Nicaragua) Lauds Roosevelt 19
11/24/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy As ‘Trouble Shooter’ 19
11/24/1940 Palestine Drive Open-Linked To Zion Flag Day Observance 28
11/24/1940 2,100 Air Bombers (Pby’s & Pbm’s) Ordered By Navy 25
11/24/1940 Letters From Britain Emphasize Determination To Endure Hardship Until Germans Are Crushed 36
11/24/1940 Texas Fields Push Training Of Pilots 39
11/24/1940 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Linked With Lindbergh (In Chicago Convention Of National Council Of Teachers Of English, Reuel R. Barlow, Illinois School Of Journalism-Attacks ‘Defeatist Propagandists’) 42
11/24/1940 Hitler Pushes Every Effort To ‘Organize’ Europe E-3
11/24/1940 British Defense Need Dominates Our Policy E-6
11/24/1940 Cartoons: Interventionist E-6
11/25/1940 Lothian To Discuss Britain’s Credits With Roosevelt 1
11/25/1940 Pope Asks Peace But Is Pessimistic 1
11/25/1940 R. A. F. Sets Fires In Berlin, Raids Turin-All Axis Is Target 1
11/25/1940 Marseille Bombed; Vichy Accuses British; London Broadcast Terms Blame ‘Fantastic’ 1
11/25/1940 Canada Says Nazis Hold (Confiscate) Prisoner (Of War) Aid 6
11/25/1940 Help For Britain Debated (Rex Stout, Ralph Ingersoll Et Al. Vs. West Virginia Senator Rush D. Holt As Single Voice Against-Holt Replaced By Harley M. Kilgore In 1941) On Radio 6
11/25/1940 (One-) Fifth Of WPA Work Used For Defense 9
11/25/1940 Warner Brothers (Movies) Clears $2,747,472 ($1,740,907 Previously) 27
11/26/1940 Nomura Selected As Envoy (To Washington) By Tokyo 1
11/26/1940 Refugee Ship (‘Patria’) Off Palestine Is Sunk (By Haganah) Blast; Casualties Feared Among 1,771 Homeless (‘Patria’ Was A French Liner Seized And Confiscated By The British) 1
11/26/1940 Hamburg Blasting Pressed By R. A. F 3
11/26/1940 Britain Gets First Of Empire Airmen (From Canada) 3
11/26/1940 Berlin Sees Lothian ‘Crying’ For U.S. Help 4
11/26/1940 (British) Marshal Praises Canadians In R. A. F 5
11/26/1940 Walls Will Enclose Warsaw Jews Today; 500,000 Begin ‘New Life’ In Nazi-Built Ghetto 8
11/26/1940 British And Nazis Obey Prison Code (Regarding Prisoners Of War)-According To Y. M. C. A 10
11/26/1940 All U.S. Resources For Britain Urged (By William Allen White’s Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 12
11/26/1940 11 Defense Centers To Get U.S. Housing 12
11/26/1940 Food For Europe Opposed (By Herbert S. Agar Of Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal) 12
11/26/1940 Fight Dictators, Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Ex-Suffragist) Pleads (Picture, At Women’s Congress-Eleanor Roosevelt Present) 20
11/26/1940 High (U.S. Supreme) Court Saves Convicted Negro (Convicted Of Rape In Texas) 24
11/26/1940 Greek Relief Gifts Range Up To $1 500 (Goal $10,000,000) 24
11/26/1940 Portuguese Liner (‘Guine’) Brings 148 (Passengers Across-The Guine Completes Initial Trip To Open Service That Will Aid War Refugees 25
11/26/1940 More Gold Here; Exchanges Firm 36
11/27/1940 President (Roosevelt) Carves Spending For All Except Defenses 1
11/27/1940 U.S. To Study British Financial Needs 1
11/27/1940 Japanese Broaden Indo-China Demand 1
11/27/1940 British Ship Loss Exceeds Renewals 4
11/27/1940 Nazis Deride British Poverty Plea; Hold Somebody Lying About Riches 4
11/27/1940 (Alf M.) Landon Puts Limit On Aid To Britain-Warns Of Involvement 4
11/27/1940 New Pictures Of The Clash Of British And French Naval Forces In The Battle Of Oran 7
11/27/1940 Lord Rothermere Dead In Bermuda 8
11/27/1940 Women Of Poland Depict Its Misery-3,000,000 Have Been Slain Or Died In ‘Living Hell’ Document Asserts-’Extermination’ Held Aim (Of Germans) 8
11/27/1940 Vichy (Riom) Trials Are Nearer 8
11/27/1940 Nomura Holds U.S., Japan Need Peace 10
11/27/1940 More Aid For China Discussed By Hull 10
11/27/1940 Woman’s Congress Looks To Future (Eleanor Roosevelt Present-(See Entry For Previous Day) 14
11/27/1940 (Interventionist William H. Stoneman, Chicago Daily News) Find U.S. Role Vital In And After War 40
11/28/1940 (Rumanian) Iron Guards Slay 64 Carol Aides-Ex-Premier Killed 1
11/28/1940 British Admit (Their) War Industry Lags-U.S. Aid Held Vital 1
11/28/1940 Roosevelt Warns (Martin) Dies His Methods Endanger Justice-Task Up To Executive (Roosevelt Feels Dies Is Using Powers The President Should Wield) 1
11/28/1940 Palestine Welcomes High (Prominent) Polish Refugees 3
11/28/1940 (William Allen) White (Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Gives Story On (U.S.) Warships (50 ‘Over Aged’ Destroyers) Sale (On Roosevelt’s Orders To England) 8
11/28/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Minister Of Information) Sees Censorship Peril 8
11/28/1940 Berlin Sees Britain ‘Selling Out’ (Liquidating) Empire 10
11/28/1940 (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson Attacked By (Martin) Dies Associate-Shields Aliens 12
11/28/1940 Only 1 In 5 Aliens Got Good Fingerprints (In Registration Of Aliens In U.S. Under Earl G. Harrison’s Direction) 12
11/28/1940 Voice On Defense Demanded By A. F. Of L 13
11/28/1940 (United) Jewish Appeal) Fund Aided By ‘Night Of Stars’ 21
11/28/1940 (British) Blockade Easing Refused On Wines 42
11/29/1940 Cologne Battered In Fierce R. A. F. Raid 1
11/29/1940 Nazis Bomb Liverpool; City Afire They Say 1
11/29/1940 Roosevelt Holds War Relief Conference; Some Food For Europe Believed Discussed 1
11/29/1940 Metaxas Aide (Greece) Asks U.S. For Assistance 3
11/29/1940 Pictures: Bef Landing In Greece 3
11/29/1940 Morgenthau Defers Talk Of British (Financial) Deal 5
11/29/1940 (Alfred) Rosenberg Speaks In Paris Chamber 6
11/29/1940 (Michigan Representative) Woodruff Charges Pro-War Campaign 10
11/29/1940 (John) Cudahy Quits (Ambassadorial) Post At Belgian Court (Picture) 11
11/29/1940 3 Leaders (H. G. Wells, Dr. Hu Shih, Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur) Depict World After War-Enforced Peace Is Seen 11
11/29/1940 Austrian Refugees Go To Sosua (Dominican Republic) Haven 14
11/30/1940 Rumanian Army Fights Iron Guard; Hundreds Killed In Fascist Revolt 1
11/30/1940 Italy Needs Food U.S. (Agriculture Department) Expert (Dr. N. William Hazen) Finds 1
11/30/1940 Two Nazi Freighters (‘Idarwald’ & ‘Rhein,’ Previously Intercepted Or ‘Spooked’ By U.S. Destroyers Possibly In Cooperation With British) Again Dare (British) Blockade (Off Mexican Coast?); Sail From Mexico To Cross Atlantic 1
11/30/1940 Picture: Americans Training To Fight With R. A. F. (‘Eagle Squadron’) 2
11/30/1940 U.S. Decides To Aid Greece If Possible 2
11/30/1940 R. A. F. Strikes At U-Boat Yards And Submarine Engine Factories (Locations Along Coast From Cuxhaven To Le Havre) 3
11/30/1940 London Undergoes A Heavy Night Raid 3
11/30/1940 Picture: First Prize For ‘Stop Hitler Now’ Poster Awarded To Free Lance Advertising Artist (Arthur Hawkins, Jr. By Women:S Division Of The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies-’Lest We Forget(Presumably 1917!) Help Britain’) 4
11/30/1940 Vladivostok Post For U.S. Arranged-Opening Of Consulate General Provided For In Talks With Soviet Envoy (Sumner) Welles Says (To Aid Refugees From Transiberian Railroad?) 4
11/30/1940 Chautemps Here Pleads For (Aid To) France 5
11/30/1940 (Admiral William D. Leahy (Former Chief Of Naval Operations) Confirmed As (Roosevelt’s) Envoy To Vichy 6
11/30/1940 Pessimism On Britain Is Denied By (Joseph P.) Kennedy 6
11/30/1940 Trujillo (Of Dominican Republic) Praised (By President Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee On Political Refugees & The Dominican Republic Settlement Association) For Refugee Aid (Picture: Senora Maria M. De Trujillo) 7
11/30/1940 President (Roosevelt) Defines His Views To Ties (Feels Dies Is Exercising Function Belonging To The U.S. President) 9
11/30/1940 (Henry) Ford To Make Army 1,500 Midget Trucks (Part Of A $1,387,500 Order From Government) 9
11/30/1940 Canada Will Get 144 Vultee Planes 9