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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

April 1940
Date Headline Page
04/01/1940 Allies Determine To End U.S. Trade That Helps Reich 1
04/01/1940 Alien Propaganda Held Menace To U.S. (By Rev. William C. Kernan, Chairman Of Refugee Committee, Episcopal Diocese, New Jersey-Assails Father Coughlin) 3
04/01/1940 Blockade In North May Extend War-Norway, A Firm Neutral-Forcing Of Fight Into Baltic Seems Only Way To Fully Stop (Iron) Ore Shipments (To Germany) 6
04/01/1940 Reich Pushes Drive For Food Supplies 6
04/01/1940 Italy Now Expects Action By Allies 8
04/01/1940 Vatican Disturbed By Reich’s Refuel-Cannot Send Men Or Money Into Poland For Work Of Charity 8
04/01/1940 (German) Whitebook Linked To (Sumner) Welles Report 9
04/01/1940 War Held Threat To Culture Of U.S. (By Rockefeller Foundation) 13
04/01/1940 Sales, Transfers Cover 90 U.S. Ships (Some Directly To Allies, Some To Panama, Some To Others) 27
04/02/1940 Allies To Tell Oslo To Halt (Iron) Ore Ships (To Germany) Or (Their) Navies Will Act-British And French Determined To Bar Fats From Reich 1
04/01/1940 Ribbentrop Rebuke Believed (By Polish Government-In-Exile, Paris) Supported (By Vatican) 10
04/01/1940 (Representative, N.Y., Hamilton) Fish Asks Inquiry On Nazi White Book-Doubts Their Fabrication (By Germans) 12
04/01/1940 Roosevelt Asked (By Amos Pinchat) To Give War Stand-Reply To Nazi Charges 12
04/01/1940 350 Refugees From Reich On Britannic 15
04/01/1940 Allies Seek New Markets (Attempt To Gain German Markets Cut Off By Allied Blockade) 15
04/02/1940 New (U.S. Minister To Canada) Cromwell Talk (In Toronto) Hinges On Education-Envoy To Canada Sees Affinity Of British And U.S. Culture 18
04/02/1940 500 Refugees Aboard Washington Met By Crying, Cheering Crowd 27
04/03/1940 Reich To Be Pinched Hard By Blockade, Chamberlain Says 1
04/03/1940 Threat To Reopen Inquiry Into WPA Marks (Congressional) Fund Fight 1
04/03/1940 (Poultney) Bigelow (Confidant Of Ex-Kaiser, Wilhelm Returns (From European Visit) Irked At British-He Praises HitlerHe Loves U.S. Despite Roosevelt 5
04/03/1940 Jews Are Urged To Cling To Faith-Israel’s Pathway To Life Lies Through Synagogue, R. P. Goldman Says-$1,000,000 A Year Sought (Domestic Use) 9
04/03/1940 Germany To Answer (Allied) Economic War In Kind 11
04/03/1940 Scandinavians Fear ‘In-Between Position’ 11
04/03/1940 British Halt Diamond Sale To Reich Through Neutrals 11
04/03/1940 (Italian Ore) Ships In Adriatic Reported Halted (By British) 12
04/03/1940 Britain To Spur Trade Rivalry With U.S.; Export Drive Aimed At Americas Markets (To Get Former German Trade) 13
04/03/1940 Nazis Show Heaps Of Polish (Diplomatic) Papers-Von Moltke Says Carelessness In Warsaw Allowed These Files To Be Recovered (By The Germans)-More (German) White Books Likely 14
04/03/1940 Hull Blocks Move To Question Envoy-(Sumner) Welles’s Data Is Sought 14
04/04/1940 Reynaud Asserts Allies Will Win; Bars ‘Phoney’ Peace With Hitler 1
04/04/1940 Churchill Directs Board Of Strategy In British Shake-Up 1
04/04/1940 Nazis See War Spread By Stronger Churchill 2
04/04/1940 U.S. War Aid Vital, Canada Is Warned (By Canadian Officials) 5
04/04/1940 British Deny Wish To Harm Neutrals 6
04/04/1940 Chamberlain Speech Arouses Swiss Fears-German Reprisals Foreseen If Neutrals Yield To Allies 6
04/04/1940 Vatican Stresses Rift With Germany 8
04/04/1940 Britain Is Warned By Japanese Navy 9
04/04/1940 Japan’s Economy Held Weakening 10
04/04/1940 Goering Said (By Polish Government-In-Exile, Paris, To Plan Polish Devastation 10
04/05/1940 British Tell Japan Blockade Is Right 1
04/05/1940 Chamberlain Feels ‘10 Times’ More Sure Of Stifling Reich-Says ‘Hitler Missed Bus’ 1
04/05/1940 Paris Map Stories Derided By (Sumner) Welles-Nazis Criticize (Sumner) Welles 4
04/05/1940 Fear Of Epidemics Still Faces Warsaw (Typhoid, Dysentery & Typhus) 4
04/05/1940 Canadian (Official) Rebuked By Hull On (U.S.) War (Aid) Bid 5
04/05/1940 Roosevelt Backs Wide Navy Change 6
04/06/1940 Plot To Seize U.S. Traced By Witness (Christian Front-17 Defendants) 1
04/06/1940 Narvik Faces Flood Tide Of War At Peak Month Of Its (Iron) Ore Trade-Norwegian Port Expects Britain Will Buy More Swedish Iron, Not Intervene, To Curb (Their) Shipments To Germany 2
04/06/1940 Norway Abandons Faith In Pacifism 2
04/06/1940 (German Airmen Seen Blasting Polish Cities In Film Shown In Berlin And Rome 3
04/06/1940 Admiral Graf Spee’s Crew To Be Jailed; Argentina Is Angered By Escape By Five 4
04/06/1940 Nazi Press Warns Neutrals Of Peril-Churchill Seen In Lead 4
04/07/1940 (U.S.) Socialists (Norman Thomas, Aaron Levinstein) Adopt Isolation Stand To Bar War Entry 1
04/07/1940 Norway Sees War If Her Neutrality Is Not Respected-(Prime Minister) Koht Warns Belligerents 1
04/07/1940 Refugee Student (Martin L. Cohnstaedt, From Germany) Spurns (U.S.) Fraternity-Sees Tolerance Denied (Arrived In U.S. 30 Months Earlier) 21
04/07/1940 Rabbi (Goldstein, N.Y. City] Finds Hope In Allied Cause-Others Score The Nazis-(German) ‘White Book: Is Described As Fabrication Of Lies 25
04/07/1940 Nazis Polish ‘Document’ Dates Back To World War (I) 27
04/07/1940 Richer (Swedish Iron) Ore Makes Narvik (Norway) Vital Port (To Germany) 34
04/07/1940 Picture: Ambassador William C. Bullitt 34
04/07/1940 Allies Forge Blockade As Chief War Weapon-To Put Squeeze On Neutrals E-3
04/07/1940 WPA, Just Five Years Old, Debated Once More E-3
04/07/1940 Germany’s Oil Supply A Vital Factor In War E-4
04/07/1940 Rumania Faces Grave Risks E-4
04/07/1940 The Watch On The Fjords-By Harold Callender (‘A Difficult Task For Britain’-Quite Sympathetic To Allies) Mag. 3
04/08/1940 Norwegian Waters Mined By Allies; Aim Is To End Flow Of (Iron) Ore To Nazis-Ship Lane Cleaned 1
04/08/1940 The Allies’ Statement 1
04/08/1940 (Capt. Fritz Wiedemann) Says Allies Seized 35 Off Columbus (The Crew Of The German Ship Was On An Italian Liner Returning To Italy Seizure At Inspection By British At Gibraltar) 6
04/08/1940 Polish Jews Plan New Official Ties (In Angers, France, Capital Of The Polish Government-In-Exile In France Not Paris As Above) 9
04/08/1940 British Assert Map (Alleged To Have Been Seized In Prague) Shows Reich Aims Nazis Call It ‘Nonsense’ London To Send Reproduction 10
04/08/1940 (Polish Minister) Beck Opinion Sought On Nazi White Book (Interned In Rumania) U.S. Legation In Rumania Is Said To Have Consulted Him 10
04/08/1940 Germans Pushing Narvik (Iron Ore) Shipments 10
04/09/1940 Germans Occupy Denmark, Attack Oslo; Norway Then Joins War Against Hitler 1
04/09/1940 British Explosives Held By Rumanians (Captured By Germans) 1
04/09/1940 Allied Mines Bring A Protest By Oslo 1
04/09/1940 Norway Declares War On Germany 1
04/09/1940 Britain Held Set To Assist Norway 2
04/09/1940 (Iron) Ore Traffic (To Germany) Halts In Stunned Narvik 3
04/09/1940 Reich ‘Protector’ Of Scandinavians 4
04/09/1940 Netherlanders Score Mining Act (Of Norwegian Waters) By Allies 11
04/09/1940 Argentina Arrests Graf Spee Officers 11
04/09/1940 Methodists Oppose ‘Peace At Any Cost’-It May Be Immoral, They Hold Backing This Nations Aid ‘On Side Of Democracy’ (New York Annual Conference] 13
04/09/1940 Britain Told Of (Possible] Loss Of Sympathy In U.S. 14
04/09/1940 Champlain Brings 457 Almost All Refugees 14
04/09/1940 President (Roosevelt) Vetoes (Alien) Deportation Bill (Criminals Involved) Sees Disease, Not Crime 16
04/10/1940 Sweden Neutral She Tells Reich 1
04/10/1940 Nazis Tell Of Bomb Hits On 4 Big Allied Ships (Off Norway)-London Denies Claim 1
04/10/1940 Denmark Protests But Yields To Nazis 4
04/10/1940 Chamberlain Says Allies Rush Help-Puts Burden On Germans (Text) 6
04/10/1940 West Front Ready For German Drive 6
04/10/1940 (West Virginia Senator, Rush D.) Holt Sees Nation ‘Slipping Into War’ 6
04/10/1940 Adriatic Reports British Warships 9
04/10/1940 $200,000 For Europe Raised By Lutherans-$300,000 More Sought 9
04/10/1940 Nazis Say Allies Menace Norway-Reich Memoranda To Invaded Nations 10
04/10/1940 Norse Rule ‘Seized’ By Pro-Nazi Group (Vidkun Quisling, Premier) 15
04/10/1940 U.S. Note To Mexico Includes Warning (Text Of Hull Note) 16
04/10/1940 Allies And Nazis In Race To Norway 18
04/11/1940 Three Nazi Boats Sunk On Danube 1
04/11/1940 Nazis Driven From Bergen, Trondheim; Allies Battle Enemy Ships In Skagerrak, Force Way To Oslo, Order Germans Out-Ports Recaptured 1
04/11/1940 Norway (King Haakon, In Holland) Decides To Continue Fight (In Norway) (Text, P. 13) 1
04/11/1940 Pictures: German, British And Norwegian Warships Sunk Off The Coast Of Norway 3
04/11/1940 Britain To Stress Peril To Neutrals-Joint Action To Be Urged Churchill’s Speech Today(Appeal For Neutrals To Join Allies] 4
04/11/1940 Rumanians Critical Of German (Norwegian) Invasion 4
04/11/1940 Norwegian Ships Warned Of Nazi Ruse By British (Shown Later To Be A British Ruse To Seize Norwegian Ships For Its Own Use-See April 13, 1940, P. 6) 4
04/11/1940 Reynaud Bids U.S. Heed War Lesson-French Premier Thinks Allies Can Win, But Warns Us To Be Ready If They Cannot 5
04/11/1940 Halifax Says Nazis In Norway Must Go 6
04/11/1940 Iceland Assumes Sovereign Power (They Think!) 6
04/11/1940 Allied Buyers Get Out Latest (Military) Planes (P-38’S, P-39’S, & P-40’S) 10
04/11/1940 Liberty Is Linked To Allied Cause (By Richard G. Casey & Wendell L. Willkie) 14
04/12/1940 Narvik Occupation A Lightning Stroke-Treachery Is Asserted 2
04/12/1940 Pictures: British And German Warships Sunk Or Damaged In The Fighting Off The Norwegian Coast (List Of Ships, P. 4) 3
04/12/1940 Lothian Ridicules ‘Excuse’ Of Nazis (For Occupying Denmark & Norway) ‘No One Taken In,’ He Says 5
04/12/1940 Morgenthau Acts (Freezes) On Nordic Credits 8
04/12/1940 Ley Sees Britain Broken 11
04/12/1940 Canada Disavows Aims To Sway U.S. (On War) 12
04/13/1940 Sweden Warns All Not To Try Attack 1
04/13/1940 Nazis Warn British Of Major Air Raids 1
04/13/1940 (British) Blockade Applied To U.S.-Bound Mail 1
04/13/1940 Allies Hold Stick Over The Neutrals-Threaten To Seize Overseas Possessions Of Those That Submit To Germany 2
04/13/1940 Netherlands Lists Violations (Of Bombers) By Foes-Venloe Incident Aired Issues ‘Orange Book’ Setting Nazi And Allied Breaches Beside Each Other 3
04/13/1940 Rumania Suspends Reich Car Loadings 3
04/13/1940 Roosevelt Studies Greenland Status 4
04/13/1940 Reich Embassy Here Denies Polish Charge 4
04/13/1940 Big Allied Order For (U.S.-Manufactured War) Planes Looms 6
04/13/1940 Required (U.S.) Flag Salute Likened To Nazism 6
04/13/1940 Allies Begin Seizing Danish Ships On World Trade Routes As ‘Foes’ (See Entry, April 11, 1940, P. 4) 6
04/14/1940 Roosevelt Condemns War On Scandanavia-Decries Extension Of War 1
04/13/1940 Vast Secret Fleet In Japan Reported 1
04/13/1940 Nazis Hint British Aim At Lowlands 1
04/13/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Think War Nears Our Nation 26
04/13/1940 President (Roosevelt) Assails ‘Arrogant Force’-He Declares ‘Devastating Contagion’ Will Be Kept From This Hemisphere 27
04/14/1940 Britons Impatient With U.S. Isolation-Profit Motive Suspected-Government Soft Pedals Any Expression Of Resentment, But Some Men Speak Out 35
04/14/1940 Reich Census Shows Reduction Of (German) Jews 40
04/14/1940 Nazi Drive Signals Multiply In West 41
04/14/1940 Our Policy Unchanged By The Spread Of War E-3
04/14/1940 Narvik’s Seizure Amazing Exploit (By British) E-5
04/14/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Is Asked Census Bill Origin (By Senator Toby) 47
04/14/1940 Industrial Buying Up As War Spreads F-7
04/14/1940 Swedish (Iron) Ore Plays Big Role E-4
04/14/1940 War Spread Brings Us New Foreign Problems E-7
04/14/1940 Cartoon: A British Paper Pokes Fun At (‘Neutral’) Uncle Sam E-7
04/14/1940 Cartoon: Heroic Depiction Of British Lion ‘Aroused’ E-9
04/14/1940 (Winston Churchill) Man Of Action For A War Of Action (A Rather Obvious Example Of Hero Worship) Mag. 3
04/14/1940 Armadas Of The Skies (Germans Always Depicted As The Losers; British Always Shown As The Winners) Mag. 12
04/14/1940 North Sea Battle Ground (Always Takes Side Of British) Roto. 1
04/15/1940 British Tell Norway (British) Army Will Aid Her; Norway Firmly Resisting Germans 1
04/14/1940 Nazis Try To Bomb (Kill) King, Norse (British) Say 1
04/14/1940 Roosevelt Charge Is Denied By Nazis-Allies Are Held Aggressors In ScandinaviaBritish Moves Recalled-President (Roosevelt) Is Warned To Watch For Violations Of Neutrality Of Other Small States (Iceland, Etc. ?) 3
04/14/1940 Need Of Allied Aid Obvious In Norway-By James Aldridge 3
04/14/1940 British Navy Work Eases Washington-Nazi Drive Stirred Fears 3
04/14/1940 Berlin Renews Threat To Britain Charging Air Bombing Of Bergen 3
04/15/1940 Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce, An American) Errs In Talk About Finns 3
04/15/1940 700 Danes Killed (Danish Diplomat (In Paris) Reports 4
04/15/1940 Nazis In Denmark Polite To French 4
04/15/1940 4,000 Mark Founding Of Spanish Republic 4
04/15/1940 Nazi Thrusts Hint Of Drive In West 4
04/15/1940 East Poland Reported Starving Because Russia Is Taking Food 5
04/15/1940 Lowlands Alert At Hints Of Peril (Germans Allow American Red Cross To Function In Warsaw) 5
04/15/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) For Peace 5
04/15/1940 Atrocity Charges (Against Germans) Renewed By Poles (Polish Embassy To ‘Quirinal,’ Rome) 6
04/15/1940 (Dr. Lestchinsky) Says Soviet Hits Judaism 6
04/15/1940 War Relief Gifts $9,800,000 In U.S. (Finnish Relief Fund Highest, $2,500,000. Exceeds Joint Distribution Committee & Hadassah By $30,000) 7
04/15/1940 Selfishness Held Democracy’s Peril (By Raymond C. Knox, St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University) 14
04/15/1940 Bulk Of Norwegian And Danish Gold Reserve Believed To Be (Safe ?) In Britain And United States 27
04/15/1940 War’s Extension Sends Cotton Up 32
04/15/1940 Jews Here Called United For Peace (By Irving Lehman) 36
04/15/1940 Liberty Is For All Or None (Harold L.) Ickes (U.S. Sec. Of Interior) Says (As He Accepts The Brandeis Medal From ‘The Jewish Forum’) 36
04/16/1940 British Land In Norway, Capture Narvik; Extend Occupation In The South 1
04/15/1940 Rumania Bars Cereal Exports To Reich 1
04/15/1940 Norway’s Losses (To Germans) Laid To Treachery 1
04/15/1940 Roosevelt Warns Americas To Meet Force With Force (Text, P. 10) 1
04/16/1940 Norway Reveals German Demands 1
04/16/1940 Nazis See Way Open To Attack Britain 1
04/16/1940 (James H. R.) Cromwell (U.S. Minister To Canada, Pro-Inter-Vention) Scores ‘Autarchic’ Rule Hails Ideals Of Liberty 2
04/16/1940 Pictures: Norway Invaded: German And British Pictorial Report 3
04/16/1940 Quisling Replaced As Oslo ‘Premier’-Reich My Seek U.S. Arms 3
04/16/1940 Somoza (Nicaragua) Backs Roosevelt (Third Term) 3
04/16/1940 (United Jewish Appeal) Rally Launches Plea For Aid To Refugees (For Refugees And Overseas Needs) 3
04/16/1940 Safety Of Credits To Norway Sifted-Morgenthau Seeks To Protect U.S. Investments In That Country And Denmark 4
04/16/1940 Moral Embargo On Russia Firmer 5
04/16/1940 Latvia May Obtain Big Sum From Jews (Many Polish Jews Fled To Latvia-No Anti-Semitism There Today) 5
04/16/1940 League Aid (Dr. Carl J. Burckhardt) Bares Hitler War Intent-Tells Of Boasts To ‘Fight Without Mercy’ Before Invasion Of Poland 7
04/16/1940 British Aid To Palestine 9
04/16/1940 Arita (Japan) Bars Spread Of War To Far East-U.S. Intervention Feared 9
04/16/1940 Navy Spurt Urged To Offset Japan (By Admiral Harold R. Stark, Picture) 12
04/16/1940 New Deal Agencies Accused (Of Power Abuse) In Debate-(Sam) Rayburn Defends (Roosevelt) Bureaus 16
04/16/1940 Y. M. C. A. At Odds On Foreign Policy (???) 20
04/16/1940 (Dean Joseph Wilfred Parsons) Calls For Training (Social Action) Leaders In South 21
04/16/1940 Strong (U.S.) Navy Vital (Senator) Walsh Tells D. A. R 21
04/16/1940 Tribute To (William) Green Will Aid Palestine 26
04/17/1940 Germans Cross Mid-Norway By Ruse; British Battling 2,000 At Narvik; Reported In Contact With Norwegians-Nazis In Narvik Cut Off 1
04/17/1940 U.S. To Establish Ties With Iceland 1
04/17/1940 Ill-Armed Norse Face Deadly Fire (From Germans) 1
04/17/1940 Allies Victorious (In First Great Naval Battle) Reynaud Declares 3
04/17/1940 Nazis’ Norse Army Put At Only 18,000 (By Washington) 3
04/17/1940 Pole Gets 2 Nazi Bombers As Air Force Joins French 3
04/17/1940 Reich A ‘Mad Dog,’ Chamberlain Says-No Nation Safe Until It Is Destroyed, British Premier Tells Church Assembly 4
04/17/1940 Search Of U.S. Mails Explained By British-Funds Sent To Neutrals For Food Parcels For Reich, They Say 4
04/17/1940 Reds (Russians) Execute Poles 5
04/17/1940 Swedes Embargo Oil And Shut Ports-Chief Trade Routes Cut 6
04/17/1940 Allies Claim Lead In War On Shipping 6
04/17/1940 Briton Hints (British) Coup In North Is A Feint (Bbc Report) 8
04/17/1940 Large-Scale Allied War Plane Contracts Expected To Be Signed Here This Week 8
04/17/1940 Anti-Lynching Bill Backed By Y. W. C. A 9
04/17/1940 (William Gerald) Bishop Is Called Paid Alien (German) Agent (By Denis A. Healy, Key Government Witness) 10
04/17/1940 (Maj. Gen. John F. O’ryan) Warns On Reich Victory-Worse Than Versailles 10
04/17/1940 1,000 Women Map (Primarily Jewish) Refugee Drive-Dr. (Frank) Kingdon Cites Needs (Hotel Biltmore) 11
04/17/1940 Army, Navy Press For Larger Funds 12
04/17/1940 Berlin Is Critical Of Roosevelt Talk-Sees Interference As Violation Of America’s Own Policy 12
04/17/1940 All Grains Rise On War Imports 35
04/18/1940 British Fleet Shells Stavanger; Nazis Driven From Narvik Area 1
04/18/1940 Hull Gives Our Stand On Indies (Dutch)-Replies To Japan (Text, P. 6) 1
04/18/1940 British In Narvik As Nazis Retreat 1
04/18/1940 Nazis Add To Gains In South Norway 2
04/18/1940 Nazi Legation Aide Held Slain For Leading Unit Invading Oslo (Moscow Report) 2
04/18/1940 Threat Of Seizure (By British) Halts Danish Ships (See Entry, April 11, 1940, P. 4) 4
04/18/1940 ‘Peace’ Candidate (Eric Joyce) Loses In Britain 4
04/18/1940 Mme. Chiang Warns U.S. On Aid To Japan 6
04/18/1940 Experiences (With Chinese Communist Guerrillas) Told Buy Agnes Smedly 6
04/18/1940 Atrocities In Poland (Execution, Deportations, Expropriations, Etc.) Are Laid To Germans (By Allies-London & Paris Reports)-Allies State Reich Is Bent On Destroying (Polish) Population 6
04/18/1940 Britain To Reduce Home Textile Use-’Darn For Victory’ Move Planned To Increase Exports 8
04/18/1940 New Group (Foundation For Refugee Children-Catholic, Protestant & Jewish-Sponsored By Eleanor Roosevelt, Herbert Lehman, Albert Einstein, Henry St. George Tucker, Dorothy Canfield Fisher & Homer Fulka) To Aid Child Refugees Here 9
04/18/1940 Two Liners (‘Volendam’ & ‘Scythia’) Arrive With 762 Refugees 9
04/18/1940 Allies Will Order 4,500 (War) Planes Here-Army Agrees To Give Priority To Britain And France On Several Models 10
04/18/1940 Roosevelt 3D Term Is Hope Of (Henri Philippe) Petain-Thinks President (Roosevelt) Would Support The Allies 10
04/18/1940 Mexico To Reject (International) Arbitration On Oil (Property Of U.S. Companies Expropriated By Mexico) 11
04/18/1940 3-Fold Task Set Up To Help Refugees-Dr. S.S. Wise Outlines Program Before Jewish Appeal 12
04/18/1940 Loss Of Flotilla By Reich Admitted-(Officer) Says (Supply Of German) Munitions Gave Out 12
04/18/1940 (Thomas E.) Dewey Says Issue Is Keep Out Of War 18
04/18/1940 Study Of German (Language Drops In Schools For 6th Year 20
04/18/1940 La Guardia Scores ‘Brutal Invaders’ (Of Norway-Only Germans, Of Course) 20
04/19/1940 Tricks In Norway, Not Treason Cited (Washington Report) 1
04/19/1940 Swiss Alert For Invasion By (German) Hoax 3
04/19/1940 Japan Finds Hull In Accord On (Dutch) Indies 6
04/19/1940 Germans Doom 4 Poles For Hiding Scrap Metal (Badly Needed For War Effort) 6
04/19/1940 Allies Contract For 1,500 (War) Planes ($120,000,000 Order)-Many Are Pursuit (Fighter) Craft (See Entry, April 18, P. 10) 8
04/19/1940 India Nationalists Set To Defy Britain 8
04/19/1940 Mrs. G. J. Nicholson (Newport, R. I.) Sells Yacht To Britain For $5 9
04/19/1940 Garment Industry (Heavily Jewish) Spurs Refugee Aid 11
04/19/1940 (Dr. Joseph F. Thorning) Hits (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson’s (In-) Action In Spanish (Civil) War Case (Failure To Indict In Cases Of Recruiting For Spanish ‘Republican’-Communists) 11
04/19/1940 (Aide To U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H. Jackson, Ass’t. U.S. Att’y. Gen., O. John) Rogge Spreads (Federal) Inquiries 17
04/20/1940 British Win In Clash Near Trondheim; Allies Reported Landing 3 Divisions 1
04/20/1940 Berlin Expels Norwegian Minister (Arne Scheel-Asked To Leave Country) 1
04/20/1940 NLRB Aide (R. W. Denham) Charges Brutality To Ford In War On Unions 1
04/20/1940 (Hms) Hardy’s Men Tell Of Narvik Attack (Very Sympathetic To The British) 2
04/20/1940 Seized (By British) Nazi Ship (A Prize Of War) Enters Port Here 2
04/20/1940 Treasury (Morgenthau) Extends ‘War-Funds’ Check 2
04/20/1940 March War Sales Highest To Canada 2
04/20/1940 Germans Send Aid To Narvik By Plane 3
04/20/1940 Americans In Oslo Reluctant To Leave 3
04/20/1940 Sweden Watchful Of Her Pro-Nazis-By Harold Callender 3
04/20/1940 Hitler Is 51 Today 4
04/20/1940 Text Of The Norwegian White Book (London Report) 4
04/20/1940 Norwegian In Peace Conference Sought To Meet Germany’s Terms 4
04/20/1940 Reich To Receive Rumanian Wheat 5
04/20/1940 Reich Held Injured In U.S. By War Act (Norwegian Invasion) 6
04/20/1940 10,000 Here Join In Peace Rallies 6
04/20/1940 Nazis Charge Petain Mixes In U.S. Politics-Backing Of Third Term Called ‘Astounding Intervention’ 6
04/20/1940 (Dr. Alfred V. Kidder, Carnegie Institution, Washington) Says Civilization Is Due For Smash 34
04/21/1940 (German) ‘Tourists’ Alarm Europe’s Neutrals 25
04/21/1940 Assails American Films-Writer In Soviet Paper Calls Them Propaganda For Allies 25
04/21/1940 New Polish Riots Laid To Germans (By Polish Government-In-Exile, Angers, France) 27
04/21/1940 Manhattan Searched Prior To Her Sailing (By U.S. Treasury Agents) 30
04/21/1940 Chiding (Events Preceding War Mishandled) Renewed By Lloyd George 34
04/21/1940 Illegal Transfer Of Ships (By U.S. British Commission) Charged 36
04/21/1940 U.S. Liners (‘Manhattan’ & ‘Washington’) To Add Calls At Bermuda (And Submit To British Search) 44
04/21/1940 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
04/21/1940 British Cartoon & Another Cartoon: Stab In Norway’s Back By ‘Saboteurs’ E-3
04/21/1940 Balance Sheet Of The War At Sea E-4
04/21/1940 Foreign Events Stir The Country, But Will To Avoid War Is Strong E-6
04/21/1940 Henderson, Sir Nevile, Failure Of A Mission Book 1
04/21/1940 Feuchwanger, Lion, Paris Gazette,. The Viking Press, N.Y. (Picture) Book 6
04/21/1940 Childs, Francis S., French Refugee Life In The United States, 1790-1800, The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore Book 8
04/21/1940 Britain’s Fighting Ships Roto. 2
04/22/1940 (British) Seaman Describes Battle At Narvik 3
04/22/1940 U.S. Trade Policies Held War Breeder (By Dr. James T. Shotwell, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 4
04/22/1940 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Urges End To Our Gold Buying-We Are Already Involved Financially In War 8
04/22/1940 La Guardia Links Cross To The (U.S.) Flag 14
04/22/1940 Peril Seen In Lack Of Firm Opinions (By Rev. Joseph R. Sizoo) 14
04/23/1940 (Rear Admiral J. K. Tausig) Sees U.S. Involved In Far East Navy Disclaims His Views 1
04/23/1940 15 U.S. Yachts Sold For Use In Canada 3
04/23/1940 Active U.S. War Role Is Predicted By (Lawrence) Hunt (N.Y. Attorney) 3
04/23/1940 Picture: (One Of Few) With The Germans On The Norwegian Front 3
04/23/1940 Allies Buy 91 Of 188 Of Vessels Sold By Us-American Operators In Better Position To Get Few Ships 3
04/23/1940 Non-Bombing Flights (Over Germany) Defended In Britain 4
04/23/1940 Traitors Assailed By Sigrid Undset (Anti-German Liberal Author) 4
04/23/1940 Nazi Flier Bombs Warships (Squadron Of British Destroyers) Halted For Appendectomy 4
04/23/1940 U.S. Is Not Going Soft, M’nutt Declares 13
04/23/1940 Canada Increases Purchases In U.S.-Likely Soon To Pass Great Britain As Our Best Foreign Customer 31
04/24/1940 President (Roosevelt) Has Mackenzie King (Canada) As Guest; ‘Visit Means Nothing,’ Press Is Barred 1
04/23/1940 Sharp Curbs Put On Norway’s Ships (By British-See Entry, April 11, 1940, P. 4) 3
04/23/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill Intimate) Holds All Reich Is Guilty-Cites ‘Whining’ (Of Germans) In 1918 3
04/23/1940 Palestine To Lift (Immigration) Bars-1,950 Jews And 100 Arabs May Enter In April And May 3
04/23/1940 War Held To Menace Our Rubber Supply 4
04/23/1940 Nazi Press Looses Attack On Sweden 5
04/23/1940 U.S. Youth Reports Britons (In Norway) Executed (By Germans) 6
04/23/1940 35 Refugees Sail For Dominican Port (Sosua Colony) 8
04/23/1940 All Europe In War Soon (Chicago Publisher, Frank) Knox Asserts 10
04/23/1940 (James A.) Farley Bars War As Campaign Issue 16
04/23/1940 Fight For Freedom Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 24
04/25/1940 Reply To U.S. On (Expropriated) Oil (Property) Drafted By Mexico 3
04/25/1940 Latvian Envoy Denies Special Tax On Jews 5
04/25/1940 ‘Anti-Isms’ Week Set Up In (N.Y.) Schools (Bill Signed By Governor Herbert Lehman) 11
04/26/1940 Nazis Still Advancing In Norway; Planes Cut Allied Supply Lines 1
04/26/1940 U.S. Applies The Neutrality Law-Roosevelt Invokes Act To Declare Germany In Conflict With Norway (But Not England In Conflict With Norway) 1
04/26/1940 Details Of Narvik Naval Battle Show Britain Acted With Speed 2
04/26/1940 Britain Plans Curb On ‘Hinderers’ In War 3
04/26/1940 Nazis Give British Third Air ‘Warning’-Threaten ‘Bomb For Bomb 6
04/26/1940 Germans’ Seizure Of Bergen Related-British Witness Says Nazis Were Off Norway Port In Ships Four Weeks 6
04/26/1940 (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, Lawrence) Steinhardt Gets A Leave (To Visit Or Report To Washington) 6
04/26/1940 Methodists Ready To Aid Peace Move-Totalitarianism Scored 10
04/26/1940 Chamberlain Popularity Waning, Survey (Gallup Poll) Of British Opinion Finds 10
04/26/1940 Allied Air Orders Total $200,000,000 11
04/26/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill Confidant) Asks War On Nazi Lies 11
04/27/1940 Allies Yield To U.S. In War Trade Talk-Blockade Interferences Will Be Kept To Minimum Their Experts Here Promise (Text, P. 4) 1
04/27/1940 Gets Jewish Relief Post-Dr. J. J. Schwartz To Serve On (European) Executive Council (Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Abroad 8
04/28/1940 Nazis Defend Invasion Of Norway; Merely Beat British In, They Say-’Documents’ Bared Ribbentrop Says Allies Were On Way North When Reich Acted (Text, P. 20 Later Substantiated By Lord Hankey) 1
04/28/1940 British Challenge Berlin’s Charges 1
04/28/1940 Admiral (Sir Roger, British Commando) Keyes Demands A Bold Policy In Norway 1
04/28/1940 Educators To Hold Forum On Tolerance 17
04/28/1940 Tragedy Of Hate Decried By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 18
04/28/1940 German Invasions (Of Scandinavia) Widely Censured-But Gallup Survey Reveals Little Sentiment For U.S. Going To War 25
04/28/1940 Reich To Collect Iron (All Scrap Metals For Use In War Effort) 26
04/28/1940 French Now Using Bombers From U.S. 27
04/28/1940 Poland’s Fate Is The Worst In 1,000 Years And Massacre Still Goes On, Haller (Polish Official) Reports 27
04/28/1940 Briton Envisages Huge Buying In U.S.-Adviser Discusses New Barter Plan To Exchange Rubber And Tin For Cotton 27
04/28/1940 Nazis’ (Norwegian) Coup Shows Careful Planning-Harold Callender 29
04/28/1940 Swedes Ban Paper Issued By British 29
04/28/1940 Nazi Charge False, Norse Envoy (Wilhelm Munthe De Morgenstierne, Norwegian Minister) Says (In Chicago-Attacks All German Documents, Even Those In 1914) 29
04/28/1940 Text Of German Foreign Minister’s Declaration Charging Allied Plotting In Scandinavia (German White Book No. 4-Radio Facsimlle) 30-31
04/28/1940 Ribbentrop Makes Speech Amid Nazi Pomp; Movie Lights Add To Glitter Of Chancellery 30
04/28/1940 Oil Note Revision Hinted In Mexico (Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Properties) 32
04/28/1940 Connection Post Given (By La Guardia) To (David ‘Mickey’) Marcus 33
04/28/1940 Methodists Deny Place To Swastika 33
04/28/1940 Cartoon: ‘Booerang’-A British Idea Of The Air War E-2
04/28/1940 Von Ribbentrop Pens Nazi Page Of History-Documents He Says Prove Allies Planned Norway Invasion-largely A Matter Of Dates E-3
04/28/1940 Hitler Uses Strategy To Conserve Supplies E-5
04/29/1940 Tide Of Criticism (Of Chamberlain) Swells In Britain 1
04/29/1940 (German) White Book Is Seen (In Berlin) As Publicity Coup 4
04/29/1940 Sweden Skeptical Of Nazi White Book 4
04/29/1940 Chamber (Of Commerce) Takes Up War Effect On Us 6
04/29/1940 (Utah Senator, William H. King) Sees Nazis Trying To Enslave World 7
04/30/1940 Koht (Norwegian Prime Minister) Gives The Lie To Reich’s Charges (Of British Intention To Invade Norway) 3
04/29/1940 White Book Issue Closed By Berlin 3
04/29/1940 Polish Jews Pledge Aid (To Poland-Paris Report-The Association Of Jewish Former Service Men In Poland) 5
04/29/1940 Air War Training Is Begun In Canada-Bombers To Fly Atlantic 6
04/29/1940 Edith Cavell’s Associate (Louise Thuliez) Again In War To France (Picture) 7
04/29/1940 (Senator Barbour) Would Bar ‘Hate’ In Mails 12
04/29/1940 Our Shipping Rises To A 10-Year Peak 43