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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

August 1940
Date Headline Page
08/01/1940 Roosevelt Embargoes Aviation Gas-Americas Exempt-Canada (England) May Buy Fuel For Planes But Not Send It To Britain 1
08/01/1940 (Leo T.) Crowley (Later Takes Over From Morgenthau As Alien Property Custodian) Is Slated To Lead Democrats (Succeeds James A. Farley Who Did Not Favor A Third Term For Roosevelt) 1
08/01/1940 France To Seize Fortunes Of Rothschild, Louis-Dreyfus And Other Noted Exiles (Property Confiscated As A Result Of Their Fleeing France To The Britain) 1
08/01/1940 Rumania Iron Firm Falls To Germans-Goering Kin On New Board 4
08/01/1940 Havana Resolution Rouses Nazi Jeers 4
08/01/1940 Maginot (Defense Line) Concrete Failed Under Fire 8
08/01/1940 (U.S. Plane Makers Act To Speed Arming 12
08/01/1940 (American Civil) Liberties Union (Aclu) Sees Minorities Curbed-Appeals To Attorney General (Robert H. Jackson) For An Investigation 16
08/01/1940 1920 Census Index Completed By WPA 19
08/02/1940 Reich Is Placated By Soviet Premier (Molotoff) 1
08/02/1940 Molotoff Sees U.S. In War 1
08/02/1940 200,000 Children (Refugees) Seek Haven; Drive Here Asks Funds For Them 1
08/02/1940 (Minnesota Isolationist Senator Ernest) Lundeen Issues Call For Anti-War Party To Be Formed In Chicago By Farmers, Labor 5
08/02/1940 Picture: Winston Churchill Inspecting A U.S.-Made ‘Tommy’ (Machine) Gun-The Famous Picture! 6
08/02/1940 British See Strife With Japan Ahead 7
08/02/1940 6 More Ambulances (Gifts From The U.S.) To Go To British 7
08/02/1940 ‘Snooping’ Of Britons Laid To Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Minister Of Information) 7
08/02/1940 Berlin Discounts Havana Results (U.S.-Controlled Pan-American Conference) 7
08/02/1940 Shelled British (Armored) Merchant Cruiser Is At Rio De Janeiro For Repairs-Alcantara Has Hole In Starboard Hull Just Above Water Line-Battle Outside (U.S.-Declared American Defense Zone 8
08/03/1940 Japanese Seized By London Police 1
08/03/1940 Port Of Hamburg In Ruins, 100 Cities Hit, London Says (Map, P. 2) 1
08/03/1940 Court In France Dooms De Gaulle (To Death For Carrying On The War In Cooperation With England)-Vichy’s ‘War Guilt (Riom Trial) Judges Named 1
08/03/1940 New Curbs Placed On Jews In Reich-Emigrants Forbidden To Take More Than Most Essential Articles Of Clothing 2
08/03/1940 France To Dissolve Free Mason’s Order 2
08/03/1940 Picture: Destroyed House In Hamburg, Germany (R. A. F. Bombing) 3
08/03/1940 Russia Says Finns Beat Her Friends 3
08/03/1940 Anne Morgan (Les Amis De La France) Praised By Returning Aides 3
08/03/1940 20,000 More (Volunteer) Canadian Troops In England; Hundreds Of Americans In Second Contingent 4
08/03/1940 Molotoff Speech Pleases Germany 4
08/03/1940 U.S.-Tokyo Clash Over Rubber Seen (By Gen. Kuniaki Koiso) 5
08/03/1940 Review Of ‘Hate’ (Anti-German) Propaganda Film, ‘The Man I Married’ 9
08/03/1940 Reich Film (German Newsreel) Cheered Here 9
08/03/1940 (Archibald) M’leish (Roosevelt-Appointed Librarian Of Congress) Denies Acting As President’s (Roosevelt’s) Envoy (On Matters ‘Including Aid To The Allies’) 13
08/04/1940 Japan Protests British Arrests (Of Japanese In London) And Oil Curb (Embargo) By United States 1
08/04/1940 R. A. F. Continues Raids On Reich 1
08/04/1940 WPA Communists Taken Off Rolls 3
08/04/1940 Negroes (Southern Negro Leaders) Request Share In Defense 5
08/04/1940 (Col. Charles A.) Lindbergh To Urge (U.S.) Aloofness In War 6
08/04/1940 (Gen. John J.) Pershing On Air Tonight Will Discuss ‘Security’ 6
08/04/1940 Press In Midwest Strong For (Compulsory U.S. Military) Draft 6
08/04/1940 (Lewin B. Barringer) Says Sail Planes (Gliders) Can Train Pilots 6
08/04/1940 Roosevelt Names 68 Navy Vessels 12
08/04/1940 ‘Mercy Ship’ (‘Mc Keesport’) Kept Part Of Its Cargo (Left Marseilles Before Unloading Completely And Avoided Of Any Of Its Cargo By The Germans)-(Cargo) Now To Be Sent To England (On British Ships Allegedly) 12
08/04/1940 Refugee Aid Now Urged By (American) Friends (‘Quakers,’ Service Committee) 14
08/04/1940 How U.S. Requires Visas For British (Children) 15
08/04/1940 Nazis’ Propaganda Fails To Win Peru (With Help From U.S. Warship And Marines On ‘Friendship Visit’)-Japan Held Chief Danger 16
08/04/1940 British (Naval) Squadron Visits Cameroons 22
08/04/1940 War Of Imperialism Forecast By Soviet 22
08/04/1940 Americans Are Urged To Quit Austria Now (By U.S. Consulate General) 23
08/04/1940 Vichy For Curbing War Aid To Nazis 24
08/04/1940 Riom A Scene Of (French War Crimes) Trials-Seat Of Impending ‘War Guilt’ Cases 24
08/04/1940 Nazi Decline Signals Seen By Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Minister Of Information [Propaganda!])-He Cites Population Fall And Rise Of Disease And Crime (He Had Always Hated Hitler And Always Would) 27
08/04/1940 Fifth Column Now Closely Watched-German And Italian Envoys Face Warning From State And Justice Departments-By Alsop And Kintner 30
08/04/1940 Second World War Charged Up To U.S. (Dr. Frank Aydelotte At Gathering To Honor Carl J. Hambro Who Also Spoke Along The Same Lines) 32
08/04/1940 Democracy’s Peril Seen (Student Justin Hartman At Y. M. C. A. Meeting) 32
08/04/1940 (Dr. Clyde R. Miller, Director, Institute For Propaganda Analysis) Hails Analysis Of Propaganda As Enlightening (The ‘Study’ Involved Only ‘German Propaganda’) D-4
08/04/1940 Picture: British Bombers That Carry The War To Germany (Wellington Bombers-Always Considered From The Standpoint Of ‘Our’ Bombers) E-1
08/04/1940 Germans Boast War Is As Good As Won E-4
08/04/1940 Britain Extends Range Of Blockade-She Also Keeps Her Supply Lanes Open E-4
08/04/1940 Japan Is Now Pushing A ‘Greater East Asia’ E-5
08/04/1940 Cartoons: ‘The Big Three,’ Mussolini, Hitler And Stalin E-5
08/04/1940 Americas Create A Spirit Of Trust-Old Prejudices Are Forgotten In Face Of Common Peril (Many Anti-German Cartoons Etc.) E-6
08/04/1940 German Cartoons Criticizing U.S. Policy In South America E-6
08/04/1940 Picture: Adolf A. Berle, Jr., Ass’t. U.S. Secretary Of State E-6
08/04/1940 Tolischus, Otto D., They Wanted War, Reynal And Hitchcock, N.Y., ‘Germany On The Nazi Forge’-How Hitler Created A Spearhead For World Revolution (Plus Another Low Cartoon, One Of Many At This Period) Book 1
08/04/1940 Laski, Harold J., The American President, Harper And Brothers, N.Y Book 5
08/04/1940 Ten Scenes In Europe’s Tragic Drama (Anti-German) Harold Callender Mag. 3
08/04/1940 The Unblinking Eyes Of Britain, Robert P. Frost (Heroic Treatment Of British Position) Mag. 4
08/04/1940 On Britain’s Ramparts Roto. 1
08/04/1940 Men And Munitions (Roosevelt On Tour) Roto. 3
08/04/1940 In Conquered France Roto. 6
08/05/1940 (Col. Charles A.) Lindbergh Urges We ‘Cooperate’ With Germany If Reich Wins War (Text, P. 4) 1
08/05/1940 (Gen. John J.) Pershing Would Let Britain Have 50 Old (‘Obsolete’) Destroyers To Guard Our Own Liberty-’Our Duty’ To Help-’Appeasers Discredited’ 1
08/05/1940 British Plane Here On Regular Flight-(Col.) W(Illiam). J. Donovan (Who Later Organized The Office Of Strategic Services-Later Cia) Aboard 1
08/05/1940 Destroyer Aid For Britain Seen As Vital To Her And Our Defense (Correspondents Alsop And Kintner) 3
08/05/1940 New Plane Ready Through U.S. Aid (Bell P-39, ‘Aircobra’) 3
08/05/1940 Roosevelt Warns On (Racial) Bias 3
08/05/1940 Lindbergh Denies He Plans New Party 4
08/05/1940 (Paul) Reynaud And (Edouard) Herriot Confer On (Riom, French) War (Guilt) Trial 5
08/05/1940 5 More Japanese Seized By British-Tokyo Frees 4 Britons 5
08/05/1940 (Anti-German British Cardinal) Hinsley Explains (British) War Aims To U.S. 6
08/05/1940 (Gen. John) Metaxas Announces Greece’s Neutrality (In The European War) 8
08/05/1940 Nazis Halt Papal Nuncio 9
08/05/1940 (Vladimir) Jabotinsky Dead; Led New (Militant ‘Revisionist’) Zionists (Tried To Raise Army Here To Fight Italy And Reich. Organized [1936] The Irgoun Zwai Leumi Terrorist Organization In Palestine. Apparently Involved In Murder Of Dr. Chaim Arlsoroff [June, 1933]-Picture-Son, Eri, Jailed By British For Zionist Activities In Palestine. Involved With Smuggling Jews Into Palestine Via Turkey-During War!) 13
08/05/1940 Total Blockade Of Europe Heartens London; The Economist Believes (England’s) Task Now Is Easier 21
08/06/1940 (Col. Charles A.) Lindbergh’s Speech Held Inconsistent (By Illinois Senator [Roosevelt Supporter] Scott Lucas, Text, P. 6) 1
08/06/1940 Britain Frees One Of Nine Japanese (Under British Arrest) 1
08/06/1940 Montreal Mayor Draft Foe, Is Interned; Fought Registration As Breaking Pledge (Canada Sent Only Volunteers Overseas For The Entire War Period) 1
08/06/1940 Roosevelt Asks Stricter Spy Laws-Roosevelt Plans Tour Of (U.S.) Defenses 1
08/06/1940 (Gen. George C.) Marshall Urges Speeding Of (U.S.) Draft 3
08/06/1940 (Nevada Senator, Key Pittman [Neutrality Act Fame]) Urges Trade By Us For British Ships (Swap U.S. Destroyers For British Battleships [Such As ‘Hood’ Maybe?]-Text, P. 3) 3
08/06/1940 (Col. William J.) Donovan (Organizer Of Office Of Strategic Services [Oss]) Reports To (Col. Frank) Knox-His Mission To England Still A Navy Mystery 3
08/06/1940 (James V. Forrestal, Picture) Nominated To Serve In The Little Cabinet 4
08/06/1940 Four Lord Mayors Thank (U.S.) Allied (Relief) Fund 4
08/06/1940 Picture: (U.S. Solicitor General Later Nuernberg War Crimes Judge) Francis (Beverley) Biddle, (Gov.) H. Vanderbilt And (U.S. Att’y. General, Later Chief U.S. Nuernberg Prosecutor) Robert H. Jackson4 Bomb Defying (Midget-Submarine Is Credited To Japanese 5
08/06/1940 (Florida, Pro-Roosevelt Senator, Claude) Pepper Denounces Plea By Lindbergh 6
08/06/1940 (Sumner) Welles Commends (General John J.) Pershing Talk 6
08/06/1940 1,500 At (Lake) Placid (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies [Britain]) Ask Aid For Allies 6
08/06/1940 Poles’ Aid Pledged To Britain (By Sikorski) In Pact 9
08/06/1940 Picture: Julius Streicher (‘Germany’s No. 1 Jew Baiter’) 10
08/06/1940 All Spanish Ships Ordered Off Seas (Reported As A Madrid Order. Story Later Denied, Aug. 7. P. 5) 11
08/06/1940 Peru Seeking Help Against Nazi Push 12
08/06/1940 Educators Are Urged (By National Education Association) To Help Defense By Instilling New Faith In Democracy 14
08/06/1940 Dr. F. A Cooke, 75, Explorer (And Popular Lecturer) Is Dead (Claimed He, Not Robert E. Peary Discovered The North Pole. Peary’s Claim Prevailed Until 1988 When It Too Was Questioned) 14
08/07/1940 Hull Tells Nation It Must Sacrifice 1
08/07/1940 Russians Renew U.S. Trade Accord 1
08/07/1940 Famine In Belgium Feared By (U.S. Ambassador, John) Dudahy 1
08/07/1940 R. A. F. Raids Hamburg, Kiel 1
08/07/1940 Senate In Violent Debate On Draft; Roosevelt Moves For A Home Guard 1
08/07/1940 (General John J.) Pershing Proposal (To Sell England 50 ‘Obsolete’ U.S. Destroyers) Is Termed Illegal (According To Statute Of June 15, 1917, Sec. 33, Title 18, U.S. Criminal Code U.S. C. A., Says Law Journal Editorial) 2
08/07/1940 South Is Far In Lead In Army Recruiting Over The (Employed) Industrial East And New England 3
08/07/1940 Loans To Americas Are Urged By Hull (Havana ‘Spin-Off’) 4
08/07/1940 Naturalized Groups Plan Loyalty Rally 4
08/07/1940 Russia Shipping Oil (150,000 Tons Monthly) To Nazis, Report Says 4
08/07/1940 Latin-Americans Hyde Park Guests (Picture-More ‘Havana Spin-Off’) 5
08/07/1940 Germany To Expel Jews From Cracow-65,000 Ordered To Leave In 14 Days-9,000 Already Moved. 5
08/07/1940 Axis Plan Is Seen To Control Africa (London Report Supports Earlier Churchill Warning) 7
08/07/1940 63 (Communists And ‘Fascists’) Off Rolls Of The WPA 15
08/08/1940 (U.S.) Arsenals Ordered To Work 3 Shifts (By Stimson) 1
08/08/1940 Single R. A. F. Plane Bombs Le Bourget (Paris, France) 1
08/08/1940 Cudahy’s Remarks (Regarding Belgian Famine) Rouse Washington-(Sumner) Welles Demands Text Of His Comments(In London) 1
08/08/1940 Plea By Lindbergh Called Cowardice (By Harvard Professor William Yandell Elliott) 3
08/08/1940 Army For Offense Demanded By (Lt. Gen. Hugh A.) Drum 3
08/08/1940 Destroyer Shift (To British Ownership) Rests On Congress (Says (Sec. Navy, Col. Frank Knox) 3
08/08/1940 Admiral (Clark Howell Woodward) Sees U.S. Awake To Its Peril 3
08/08/1940 Doctors Organize New Aid To Europe-Seeks Equipment For British Red Cross 4
08/08/1940 (Jesse Jones, Rfc) Says Latin Loans (By U.S.) Justify The Risk (More ‘Havana Spin-Off’) 4
08/08/1940 ‘Skills’ For Defense Are Sought By WPA 4
08/08/1940 Mrs. Douglas Gibbons Will Lead Women In Drive To Aid (Allied Children) Refugees 4
08/08/1940 20 Nazi Fliers Sail Home From Panama (Discharged German Air Line Pilots) 4
08/08/1940 Pontiff Makes Plea For Truthful Press-Propaganda That Fosters Hatred Among Nations Deplored 5
08/08/1940 Anti-Hitler (‘Stop Hitler Now’) Rally To Be Held Sunday (By The N.Y. Chapter Of The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies-10,000 People Expected) 6
08/08/1940 Picture: King And Queen Get First-Hand View Of English Homes Wrecked By Germans 7
08/08/1940 Australia Warned On (Wartime) Over Production; Minister (A. G. Cameron) Sees Harm To Trade After War 7
08/08/1940 Britain Dovetails (‘Combines’ Its Defense) Output With Ours-Minister (Arthur Greenwood) Reveals Coordination Of Defense Production And Expansion Of Buying 8
08/08/1940 Picture: Englishman (Scornfully) Reading Appeal For Peace (Leaflet) Dropped By Germany 8
08/08/1940 Gasoline Shipments To Russia (By. U.S.) Permitted-But Steel And Oil Cargoes For Japan Are Not Sanctioned (By U.S. Government) 9
08/08/1940 Picture: Hitler Decorates Krupp On 70th Birthday 10
08/08/1940 De Gaulle Reaches Accord In Britain-French Volunteers Pledge To Fight Against Reich (In Spite Of Armistice Between Germany And France) But Not Against Their Native Land 11
08/08/1940 No Jews In Europe Said To Be Nazi Aim (In ‘Das Schwarze Korps’-’A Jewless Peace’ [Physical Extermination Not Mentioned]) 11
08/08/1940 Bias Against Negro Seen (By Negro George Streator At Fordham University Talk) 12
08/08/1940 Restriction On Jews Decreed In Rumania (Barred From Farm Ownership And Holding Public Office) 12
08/08/1940 (French) War Guilt Inquiry (Riom Trials) On In France Today 13
08/09/1940 53 Reich Planes Shot Down In Raids By 800 British Say 1
08/09/1940 British Offer India ‘Free Partnership’ (Text, P. 6) 1
08/09/1940 House Committee Votes For Slash In Red Tape For Refugee Children (U.S. To Serve As ‘Temporary Haven’) 1
08/09/1940 Emergency Laws Requested By (Sec. Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox 2
08/09/1940 (Sir Norman Angell) Holds Lindbergh Errs 2
08/09/1940 French Food Plea Is Delivered Here-Denies Nazis Would Gain 3
08/09/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Presses His Plea For A Draft Bill In Letter To May Urging Congress To Act 3
08/09/1940 Japan Held Timing Drive With Reich’s (Reported By ‘Shanghai Observers’) 4
08/09/1940 (French) War Guilt Court Convenes At Riom-Degaule Decries Trial 4
08/09/1940 Drive Upon British Is Urged In Japan-Thrust Is Made At U.S. 4
08/09/1940 Tokyo-Berlin Rift Seen (By Hochi) 4
08/09/1940 British Expert (‘High Naval Spokesman’ Unnamed) Asks For U.S. Destroyers 6
08/09/1940 Rumania Rounds Up Jewish Journalists-17 Among 22 Correspondents Arrested And Put In Camp (Caracal) 7
08/09/1940 Laborites Prepare To Aid Roosevelt (In Election) 16
08/10/1940 (U.S. Ambassador, John) Cudahy Recalled Over Belgian (Famine) Talk-President (Roosevelt) Summons Him To Explain London Interview, Which (Sumner) Welles Repudiates 1
08/10/1940 British Withdraw Troops From China; U.S. Forces Remain-Japan Gets Our Oil (Embargo) Note-(Sumner) Welles Is Held To Have Given Envoy Firm Explanation Of Gasoline Embargo 1
08/10/1940 Secret Plane Detector Is Tested(Is This ‘Radar?’) 2
08/10/1940 Destroyer Sale (By U.S. To Britain) Urged By (Rear) Admiral (Yates Stirling, Jr., Retired) 3
08/10/1940 Enlisting From U.S. Spurts In Canada-Several Thousand Americans In Dominion’s (Royal Canadian) Air Force 4
08/10/1940 Rumanian Decree Limits Jews’ Role-Law Held Less Drastic Than Reich’s 5
08/10/1940 Nazis Warn French Aiding The British-Will Deny Them Prisoner (Of War) Status-Threaten Execution 5
08/10/1940 U.S. Will Remain On Guard In China 6
08/10/1940 British Retreat Stuns Shanghai; U.S. Forces In Serious Position 6
08/11/1940 ‘Listening Posts’ Are Set Up By U.S. To Guard Atlantic 1
08/11/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Asks British Agree To His Feeding War Victims-Relief Held Vital 1
08/11/1940 (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Calls For Referendum On (U.S. Compulsory Military) Conscription 1
08/11/1940 Britain Plans To Buy 4,000 Tanks Here; Cost Is Expected To Exceed 200 Million 1
08/11/1940 (Virginia Senator, Carter) Glass Calls (Compulsory Universal) Draft ‘Democratic Way’ 6
08/11/1940 Hundreds Mary To Escape Draft 7
08/11/1940 (German-American) Bund Camp (‘Nordland’) Bars Hitler Pictures 8
08/11/1940 (N.Y.City) Rabbi Gives Warning On ‘Enemies Within’-Would Sift Past Leaders Of ‘Save America’ Groups (Opposing Him) 9
08/11/1940 Full Aid (50 ‘Obsolete’ Destroyers) To Britain Urged By (Admiral William H.) Standley (See Roberts Pearl Harbor Inquiry-Later Roosevelt’s Ambassador To Russia-Nation Is ‘Really In A State Of War.’) 11
08/11/1940 Usual Nazi (‘Fifth Column’) Tactics Tried On Ecuador 14
08/11/1940 Argentina Curbs Nazi Operators-Arms Cache Is Disclosed 15
08/11/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) Moves To Expose Alien (German, Japanese, Italian & Russian) Propaganda (British Propaganda ‘Does Not Threaten Our Country.’-O. John Rogge Named Chief Of Criminal Division Of Propaganda Analysis) 16
08/11/1940 (U.S. Ambassador, John Cudahy) Defended By Belgian Court (On Danger Of Famine In Belgium) 25
08/11/1940 (Rudolf) Hess Says Nazis Aim To End British Empire 26
08/11/1940 More (Relief) Aid For British Is Urged By (Winthrop W.) Aldrich 26
08/11/1940 Picture: Winston Churchill And General Wladislaw Sikorski After Signing British-Polish Agreement (See Death Of Sikorski, N.Y. Times, July 6, 1943, Pp. 1&3) 29
08/11/1940 P. F. (Paul Felix) Warburg Aids Child Refugee Group-Heads Gift Committee-Will Devote Full Time To Work (200,000 Children Need $5,000,000) 29
08/11/1940 Freedom In Trade Sought By Sweden-(British) Restrictions Are Fought F-1
08/11/1940 Mass Migrations Changing Europe E-5
08/11/1940 South America Awaits Our Moves For Unity E-6
08/11/1940 Picture: Arthur B. Purvis, Head Of British (Armament) Purchasing Commission (In U.S.) E-6
08/11/1940 Nation Shapes Defense Against Foes At Home E-7
08/11/1940 ‘Pendergast’ Men (Harry S. Truman) Win Out In Primary-Machine Gets New Breath E-10
08/11/1940 (Harry L.) Hopkins (Roosevelt’s) Right Hand Man (By Charles Hurd) Mag. 6
08/11/1940 Training Youth-The CCC (Military) Way Mag. 9
08/12/1940 British View Bars Hoover Food Plan (To Aid Europe’s Food Needs-British Will Not Relax Blockade-U.S. Does Not Insist!) 1
08/12/1940 Britons (Chirchill’s Information/Propaganda Minister, Duff Cooper And L. S. Amery) See Lead Over Nazis In Air 3
08/12/1940 Rally Here (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies [Britain]) Urges Sale Of Warships (To England-Picture Of Rally) 3
08/12/1940 Briton (Hugh Dalton, Minister Of Economic Warfare) Warns Poles To Prepare To Rise (Against Germany) 3
08/12/1940 Picture: Mareschal Philippe Petain And His (Vichy) Cabinet 4
08/12/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Maps Plan To Feed Europeans-Urges Neutral Organization-Reiterates Winter Fears (Of Famine)-Easing Of British Blockade First Move (Never Received Any Help From Roosevelt!) 8
08/12/1940 Young Democrats Ask Aid For Allies (Britain) 8
08/12/1940 Social Democrats Support Roosevelt (For Presidency) 8
08/13/1940 Nazis Intensify Air Raids On Britain As 500 Planes Pound At Strongholds 1
08/13/1940 U.S. Plans No Step On (British) Food Blockade (Of Europe) 1
08/13/1940 Pacific Is Stressed In U.S. Navy Policy (By Admiral Yates Stirling, Retired)-For Amity With Soviet 2
08/13/1940 Kerensky Arrives On Liner Scythia-Former Russian Chief Among 774 Aboard, Including 162 British Child Refugees 3
08/13/1940 R. A. F. Sees Margin Of 4 To 1 Over Foe 4
08/13/1940 (French) ‘War Guilt’ Charges In Riom Court Today 5
08/13/1940 Red Army Abolishes Political Officers 5
08/13/1940 Japan Arrests 19 (‘Foreigners’) In Drive On Aliens 6
08/13/1940 Japan Asks Hanoi For Troop Transit 6
08/13/1940 Britain Broadens Drive On Exports-Worried Over New (Export) Tax 33
08/13/1940 (U.S. Ambassador, John) Cudahy, Home On Clipper, ‘Violently Shocked’ By ‘Distortion’ Of His Talk By British Press (‘Propaganda’, Predicted European Famine Unless British Blockade Was Relaxed) 1
08/13/1940 Madrid Protests British Blockade 3
08/13/1940 Amsterdam Raids (By R. A. F.) Cause Wide Havoc (In Holland) 3
08/13/1940 War Guilt Charge Lodged In France (Riom Trials) 4
08/14/1940 (N. Herman) Says Vichy Assures Jews 4
08/14/1940 U.S. Admiral (Thomas C. Hart) Speeds To Shanghai-To Decide Whether (U.S.) Marines Take Over British Areas-Japanese Bar Plan 6
08/14/1940 Uruguay Confirms Nazi Plot Menace-Papers Still Deny Peril 6
08/14/1940 British Await (Transfer Of) U.S. Ships (To Them) 7
08/14/1940 (Mass. Senator, David) Walsh Calls (Proposed U.S.) Sale Of Ships (To Britain) Act Of War 8
08/14/1940 Refugee, 9, Ready To Plead For (U.S. Transfer Of War) Ships (To Britain) 11
08/14/1940 (Columbia University, Teachers’ College) Professors Draft Democracy Credo 21
08/15/1940 Hollywood Stars Accused As Reds Before Grand Jury 1
08/15/1940 (U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, John) Cudahy Is Cleared In Talk With Roosevelt; Ambassador Says London (Propaganda) Misquoted Him (He Had Predicted European Famine If British Blockade Were Not Relaxed To Allow Food To Flow Into Europe This Winter) 1
08/15/1940 Nazis In Columbia Halted By Air Coup 6
08/15/1940 Hitler Gives Goering The Rank Of Marshal 6
08/15/1940 Accord Is Reached On Shanghai Areas (U.S. To Take Over A Portion Of The Area Formerly Occupied By The British Army) 8
08/16/1940 1,000 Nazi Planes Raid Britain; 144 Shot Down; Croydon Airport (London), London Dock Area Bombed (Pictures, P. 3) 1
08/16/1940 British Offer U.S. Navy Bases For (U.S.) Destroyers 1
08/16/1940 U.S. Gain In Control In Shanghai Hailed 1
08/16/1940 Croydon Airport (London) Biggest In Britain-Now Used For Military Purposes 2
08/16/1940 Nazis Use U.S. Funds In Columbia For Economic War On Democracies 5
08/17/1940 U.S. Is Negotiating For British Bases, Plan With Canada-Denies Destroyer (Exchange) Tie-Up 1
08/17/1940 Picture: American War Observes In London (Brig. Gen. G. V. Strong, Admiral R. L. Ghormley, Maj. Gen. D. C. Emmons) 2
08/17/1940 Battle Of Britain Near Peak-Hanson W. Baldwin 2
08/17/1940 Croydon (London) Bombers All Brought Down (Picture, P. 3) 2
08/17/1940 Famine In Belgium By 1941 Is Feared (By William Hallam Tuck) 4
08/17/1940 Paris Theater Bars Negroes And Jews 4
08/17/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Demands All Aid To British-(Archibald) Mac Leish (Roosevelt’s Left-Leaning Head Of The Library Of Congress) Says Artists Are All Enlisted On One Side 5
08/17/1940 Help For Refugees Backed In (Senate) Report 5
08/17/1940 Roosevelt To See (Canadian Prime Minister) Mackenzie King 5
08/17/1940 Churchill Reported Favoring U.S. Leases (Of British Bases In Exchange For U.S. Destroyers) 5
08/17/1940 Defense Post (Roosevelt Nominee) Goes To N. Rockefeller 6
08/17/1940 (Gen. George C.) Marshall Warns Of Big Army Need (For Men) 6
08/17/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Will Form 20 Home Guard Units 6
08/17/1940 German Propaganda In Columbia Seen As Winning Conservatives 7
08/17/1940 Tanglewood (Concert) Fete Aids British Relief 15
08/17/1940 Blast Kills Five In Munitions Plant-Missouri Plant Turning Out 1,000,000 Pounds Of Tnt A Month For British Is Scene 28
08/18/1940 U.S.-Canada Ties Welded By President (Roosevelt) And Premier (Mackenzie King) 1
08/18/1940 (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler For Deal To Get Navy Bases Of Great Britain-Would Cancel Part Of (World) War (I) Debt As Payment 1
08/18/1940 (Republican Presidential Candidate Wendell) Willkie For (U.S. Compulsory Military) Draft Training; Says President (Roosevelt) Courts War-Would Aid Britain 1
08/18/1940 ‘Total Blockade’ Of Britain (By Germany) Begins (Text, P. 25) 1
08/18/1940 (Col. William J.) Donovan (Organizer Of The Office Of Strategic Services [Oss]) Backs (Compulsory Military) Conscription Bill 2
08/18/1940 Picture: Roosevelt, Stimson & Herbert Lehman 3
08/18/1940 (Bolivian) ‘Tin King’ Plans Smelter In U.S. 6
08/18/1940 (William M. L.) Fisk, U.S. Bobsled Ace, Dies Fighting Nazis; Son Of New York Banker Had Joined R. A. F 12
08/18/1940 (Myron C.) Taylor Is Coming Home 15
08/18/1940 Columbia’s Nazis Armed For Attack-Country’s Wealth (Needed By U.S. & Britain In War) Great 16
08/18/1940 U.S. (Volunteer Ambulance) Drivers Tell Of Nazi Prison Life-Capture Surprised Them-Treated As French Officers 17
08/18/1940 Germans Accused Of Looting Paris 30
08/18/1940 Columbia (University) Offer Studies In War In Wide Variety d-4
08/18/1940 Harvard Forms Model Plan To Assist (U.S.) National Defense d-4
08/18/1940 Loss Of Reich Mail Laid To (U.S.) Rerouting (Via Bermuda So It Could Be Searched And Censored By The British) F-7
08/18/1940 Winter’s Food Becomes War Issue-Britain Won’t Yield On Blockade; Reich Won’t Give Aid (Actually, It Had To!)-British For Blockade-Germany Denies Famine Danger E-4
08/18/1940 U.S.-Soviet Relations Worry Japan (And Germany!) E-5
08/19/1940 600 Nazi Planes Raid London Area Again; 140 Downed 1
08/19/1940 U.S. And Canada To Join In Defense Plans-Joint Board To Act 1
08/19/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Asks Haste In (U.S.) Destroyer Sale (To British-Text, P. 4) 1
08/19/1940 (Ku Klux) Klan Has ‘Americanism’ Rally At (German-American) Bund Camp (‘Northland’); Members Of Both Orders Mingle In Jersey 1
08/19/1940 War Costs Sweden 69 Merchant Ships (Plus Cargo-British Blockade) 6
08/19/1940 Relief To Poland Goes On-Channels Remain Open, The Paderewski Fund (For Polish Relief, Col. William J. Donovan [Organizer Of Roosevelt’s Office For Strategic Services {‘OSS’}], President 7
08/19/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Insists On New Bases In Caribbean As ‘Almost’ Essential For Panama Defense 8
08/19/1940 WPA Helps La Guardia In City Defense Program 9
08/19/1940 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘Union (With Britain) Now,’ If Hitler Takes The British FleetCan He Take The United States? 11
08/19/1940 Roosevelt Backs Union Of Jobless (‘Poor’?) 12
08/19/1940 Clare Booth (Luce) In A New Book On Europe, Says We Are Too Soft 15
08/19/1940 Nazis Have Set Up Party In Columbia 34
08/20/1940 U.S. Aid To Canada By Naval Patrol Studied In Capital 1
08/20/1940 Senators Attack (William C.) Bullitt’s Warning On Hitler War Aim 1
08/20/1940 British Get Respite From Aerial War 1
08/20/1940 (Sec. Of Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox Releases First Of Articles On War By Col. W. J. Donovan (Organizer Of Roosevelt’s Office For Strategic Services [‘Oss’], Allegedly About Recent Secret Trip To England) 6
08/20/1940 U.S.-Polish Friendship Symbolized In (Gold) Medal (Awards) 8
08/20/1940 President (Roosevelt) Hurries U.S.-Canada (Mutual Defense) Plan 10
08/20/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Visits WPA Office Here 11
08/20/1940 Canal Zone Court Fines Nazi Agent (Chemist, Emil Wolff, $2,000) 13
08/21/1940 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Wounded By ‘Friend’ In Home, Is Believed Dying 1
08/21/1940 U.S. And Britain In Accord On Bases; Churchill Hopes To Buy (U.S.) Destroyers 1
08/21/1940 Roosevelt Puts Canada (-British) Pact First 1
08/21/1940 (U.S.) Army Of 4,000,000 Top Defense Need-(General George C.) Marshall So Informs Senators 1
08/21/1940 Two Registry Transfers (Maritime Commission-U.S. Registry To Panamanian-Tankers) 3
08/21/1940 Col. William J. [‘Oss’]) Donovan Says Democracies Prove Easiest For Nazis ‘Fifth Column’ 9
08/21/1940 U.S. Convoy Urged For Mercy Ships (By Admiral Yates Stirling, Retired) 11
08/21/1940 (Sumner) Welles Justifies (William C.) Bullitt’s Speech-He Asserts The Ambassador Has Much To Contribute To ‘Public Enlightenment’ 12
08/22/1940 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Dies Of His Wounds (Pick-Ax In Skull); Asks Revolution Go Forward 1
08/22/1940 Picture: Nazi Prisoners (Of War) At Work In Canadian Internment Camp (Building Roads) 5
08/22/1940 French Debacle Held Masterpiece Of Fifth Columnists Under Hitler (By Col. William J. [‘Oss’] Donovan) 6
08/22/1940 (Dutch) Indies Fear Japan Will Seize Them (Help! U.S.A.!) 8
08/22/1940 (Missouri) Senator (Joel Bennett Clark) Charges (William C. Bullitt Broke Law-Accuses (Sumner) Welles Also-Says He Let ‘Propaganda’ Go Out Officially-(Josh) Lee And (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Defend (Roosevelt’s) Envoy (William C. Bullitt, As Would Be Expected!) 10
08/22/1940 Women Hang (Florida’s Pro-Roosevelt, Interventionist Senator, Claude) Pepper In Effigy At Capital; He Tells Draft Foes Aim Is To Avert War 10
08/22/1940 Trotsky’s (Lev Bronstein’s) Career A Rebellious One-Rift (Anunderstatement If Ever There Was One) With Stalin Ensued-(Vita) 14
08/22/1940 Reich Will Not Guarantee Safety For Ships Bringing (Refugee) Children Here (Reciprocation For British Total Blockade Of Europe) 21
08/22/1940 Urges Jews Unite For ‘Same Future’-Dr. (Nahum) Goldman (Of Jewish Agency For Palestine Executive) Tells Jewish Hadassah That All Will Be Free Or All Enslaved-Collectivity Held Key-Democracies Must Adopt That Quality To Win, Convention In Chicago Is Told (Palestine, Palestine!) 23
08/22/1940 London Residential Area Bombed (Night Raid Lasting 45 Minutes) 1
08/22/1940 Polish Army Order (Sikorski) Bans Anti-Semitism 3
08/22/1940 Germans Said To Spend Vast Sums Abroad To Pave Way For Conquest (Col. William J. Donovan, Organizer Of Roosevelt’s Office For Strategic Services [‘OSS’]) 5
08/23/1940 American Squadron Of 40 Will Fight With R. A. F. (In Lockheed Hudson Bombers) 5
08/23/1940 (Matthew) Woll (Vice Pres., A. F. Of L.) Recommends 2-Ocean Command 6
08/23/1940 Britain’s Offer (Of Independence) Held Inadequate In India 6
08/23/1940 To Ease Burma Road (U.S. Munitions Supply Route To China) Bar-British To Let Medical Supplies Go Through To China (More Lenient Than In European Blockade) 7
08/23/1940 WPA Defense Fund Rises By $34,392,000 8
08/23/1940 Bermuda Stops (Voluntarily By U.S. Ships) Aid British Blockade 8
08/23/1940 Junior Hadassah (At Chicago Convention) Gets Plea For Zion 12
08/23/1940 Picture: New Speed King Of The United States Army Corps (Lockheed P-38 Twin Engine Fighter-Range 1,100 Miles) 16
08/23/1940 10 Months Of War Lift Exports (For U.S.) 35% 23
08/23/1940 Record Earnings For Rayonier, Inc 23
08/24/1940 Roosevelt Asks Draft Bill Enacted Within Two Weeks 1
08/24/1940 Propose To Cancel British War Debt (World War I) For 18 Navy Bases-Leases To Run 99 Years 1
08/24/1940 Greece To Resist (General) Mataxas Asserts; British Back (Greek) Ally 1
08/24/1940 Guard Bill Is Sent To The President (Roosevelt) 1
08/24/1940 Moscow Declares Reich Tie Is Firm 3
08/24/1940 Anti-Jewish Riot Is Staged In Paris (Windows Broken-Another ‘Kristallnacht?’) 3
08/24/1940 Warning To Japan By U.S. Is Reported 4
08/24/1940 Best Defense Against Fifth Column Is An End To Secrecy, (Sec. Of Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox States (Ending Series Of Articles By Col. William J. Donovan, Organizer Of Office For Strategic Services [‘OSS’]-See Beard, Charles A., President Roosevelt And The Coming Of The War) 4
08/24/1940 Union Of Teachers (American Federation Of Teachers) Hits All Dictators 4
08/24/1940 Nya (Lyndon B. Johnson, One-Time Nya Administrator In Texas) Seen Popular With U.S. Voters (Gallup Poll) 7
08/24/1940 Junior Hadassah (At Chicago Convention) Starts Youth Fund-To Move European Children 13
08/25/1940 London Bombed In 4 Areas, Fire Near St. Paul’s 1
08/25/1940 Bermuda Great Sound Offered For U.S. Base-For Our Airplanes 1
08/25/1940 Roosevelt Meets Canada-U.S. Board-La Guardia Is Chairman (General Mc Narney Is Member Too) 2
08/25/1940 (Admiral Harry E.) Yarnell (Retired) Urges Aid To Britain And China 11
08/25/1940 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University President And Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For World Peace) Rebukes Duce (Mussolini) For Imperial Aims 12
08/25/1940 Hull Reticent On Japan 13
08/25/1940 Junior Hadassah (At Chicago Convention) Votes British Aid-Defense Action Is Urged (Dr. Paul H. Douglas-Strong Interventionist, Later Liberal Senator From Illinois) 15
08/25/1940 Refugees In France Hoping To Emigrate (To U.S. Or Mexico-Is This The ‘Mexiko’ Of Birkenau, Auschwitz II?) 20
08/25/1940 French War Role Denied By (William C.) Bullitt 22
08/25/1940 Picture: Where Fires Raged In London After Nazi Night Air Raid 27
08/25/1940 Ecuador Is Sifting German Activities 28
08/25/1940 (Harry L.) Hopkins Resigns From The (Roosevelt) Cabinet 34
08/25/1940 Hull Still Opposes (British) Bermuda Censoring (And Searching-Publicly, At Least! Otherwise He ‘Studies’ His Position) 34
08/25/1940 Harvard Instructor Reveals Nazis; Effect On Education D-4
08/25/1940 Britain Fights Alone On World-Wide Front (Pure Fantasy!)-Robert P. Post E-4
08/25/1940 Aliens To Begin Registering Tuesday (Picture: Earl G. Harrison, Roosevelt-Appointed Director Of Registration In The Immigration And Naturalization Service) E-8
08/25/1940 Britain Under Bombs Mag. 3
08/26/1940 Berlin Raided By British Planes-One Incendiary Bomb Is Reported Dropped As Well As Leaflets (In Rosenthal Section, North East Of City)-Leipzig Has Alarm 1
08/26/1940 R. A. F. Holds Reich Out-Bombed 5 To 1 2
08/26/1940 Mexico Sees No Nazi Peril Now; Her Relations With U.S. Improve (Settlement Of Claims Of U.S. And English Oil Companies Whose Property Was Confiscated Not Pressed By Roosevelt!) 4
08/26/1940 (Admiral Yates) Stirling (Retired) Sees U.S.-Japanese War Unless Differences (Between The Two Nations) Are Composed 5
08/26/1940 France Hot Hurting Jews 5
08/26/1940 Miss (Sylvia) Brody Heads Junior Hadassah (Election At Chicago Convention) 9
08/26/1940 Alien Registration Lauded By (Herbert) Lehman 17
08/27/1940 Nazis Pound At London Area In Long Raid 1
08/27/1940 Berliners Grab Up (R. A. F. Bombing) Leaflets Dropped By British During Raid-U.S. Held Britain’s Ally With Roosevelt, (William Randolf) Hearst And (World War I Gen. John J.) Pershing In Forefront Of (British) Supporters 3
08/27/1940 Aliens Will Start Registering Today-Picture: Earl G. Harrison, Immigration And Naturalization Service 6
08/27/1940 (U.S. Ambassador To Belgium Who Warned Of Impending European Famine) Cudahy Demands We Arm At Once 7
08/27/1940 Nazi Aim In Mexico To Oust U.S. Is Seen 8
08/27/1940 (‘Isolationist’ Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Attacks (Sir George Paish As (British) Lobbyist 11
08/27/1940 (Minister Of Aviation, Pierre) Cot Holds France Was Given To Nazis (Accuses Petain, Weygand) 12
08/27/1940 Accord Discussion Begins In Ottawa 18
08/27/1940 (Dixie) Clipper Arrivals Escape Search (By British In Bermuda)-But (U.S.) Customs Men Examine Cash-Hunt For Bogus $100 Bills Is Reported 23
08/28/1940 (Republican Presidential Candidate Wendell) Willke Rejects (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Backing 1
08/28/1940 Catholic Support Of Nazis Indicated (Fulda Bishops’ Conference) 2
08/28/1940 Berlin Hints British Bombed Irish Coast 2
08/28/1940 (Tyler) Kent (U.S. Cryptographic Clerk, Deprived Of Diplomatic Immunity By Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy) To Go On Trial (With Anna Wolkoff-Intercepted Messages From Roosevelt To Churchill During Chamberlain’s Tenure. Intended To Make Them Public) 3
08/28/1940 U.S. Presses Japan To Respect (U.S.) Rights (In China) 4
08/28/1940 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Is Accused Of Having Red Aides 4
08/28/1940 Nazi Agents Found Busy In Mexico; Viewed As Threat To U.S. Defense 6
08/28/1940 (North Dakota Isolationist Senator, Gerald P.) Nye Charges U.S. Gave War Signal (To Start European War!) 8
08/29/1940 London And Berlin (Gruenau & Kottbusserstrasse) Bombed 1
08/29/1940 Roosevelt Signs Bill To Call Guard (Text, P. 12) 1
08/29/1940 Roosevelt Signs Refugee Aid Bill-Approves Letting Our Ships Enter War Zones To Bring Out Stranded Children 2
08/29/1940 New Palestine Law-Turkish Nationals May Now Acquire Citizenship (In Palestine) 3
08/29/1940 France Repatriates 1,600,000 Refugees-2,200,000 More Waiting(No Mention Of Jews) 3
08/29/1940 One-Party System Banned By Konoye 7
08/29/1940 Nazis Foment Mexican Discord; They Aid Both Sides In Politics 8
08/29/1940 Deportation Fear Of Aliens Grows 9
08/29/1940 French (‘War Guilt’) Court (Riom Trials) Sifts Events Before War (Vichy Report) 9
08/29/1940 Pictures: Joy In Senate After Passing First Peacetime (Compulsory, Military Service) Draft In U.S. History 10
08/29/1940 Bermuda Puts Ban On Foreign Mails-That (Intercepted From The U.S. And Bound) For Nazi-Controlled Lands Will Be Held Up (By The British For Search And Censor) 12
08/29/1940 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Condemns Sowers Of Discord 13
08/29/1940 100 Reds Ousted From WPA Here 21
08/30/1940 Berlin Admits Eight Areas Damage 1
08/30/1940 (Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate-Roosevelt’s ‘Choice, Henry Agard) Wallace Demands Barring Of Hitler (From Americas) 1
08/30/1940 Mexico Gives Home To Spanish (‘Republican’-Communist) Exiles 1
08/30/1940 London Attacked; R. A. F. Repels Raids 1
08/30/1940 Pictures: R. A. F. Damage In Berlin-Kottbusserstrasse 3
08/30/1940 Rumania Restricts Education Of Jews-Only Privileged Group Will Be Admitted To State Schools 4
08/30/1940 Oil Policy Of U.S. Disturbs (Dutch) Batavia-Japanese Pressure On (Dutch East) Indies Is Believed To Result From (U.S.) Gasoline Embargo Plan 7
08/30/1940 Isolationism Held A Menace To U.S.-Sir Norman Angell Says It Was Such A Policy That Helped Hitler Conquests 9
08/30/1940 Quick Draft Action Urged By (N.Y. Gov. Herbert) Lehman 11
08/30/1940 (Sir George) Paish Denies Plan To Get Us Into War (Compare With Churchill’s Remarks In Washington After Pearl Harbor Attack) 13
08/31/1940 Big Russian Forces Begin War Games (‘In A Special Western Military District’) 1
08/31/1940 Berlin Bombed, London Area Hit 1
08/31/1940 Millions In Orders For Planes, Engines (For U.S.) 1
08/31/1940 47 Child Refugees Reach Have Here-97 Passengers Arrive 2
08/31/1940 Many U.S. Planes Arrive In Britain 2
08/31/1940 Reich And Russia Are Seen Closer 3
08/31/1940 Nazis Execute A Jew For Threat To Band 4
08/31/1940 (U.S.) Pilots Hired Here To ‘Ferry’ (War) Planes (To England)-$1,000 A Month For 2 Trips 4
08/31/1940 Poles (Government-In-Exile In England) Renew War Pledge On Invasion Anniversary 4
08/31/1940 Germans On U.S. Ship Removed By British (During Search At Bermuda) 6
08/31/1940 (Interventionist, Roosevelt’s ‘My Dear Jim,’ James H. R.) Cromwell Urges War Aid To Britain 6
08/31/1940 Sir J. J. Thompson, 83, Physicist, Is Dead 13
08/31/1940 Roosevelt Lauds (Henry Agard) Wallace’s (Ban Hitler From The Americas) Speech 28