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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

March 1940
Date Headline Page
03/01/1940 Berlin Eager To Greet (Sumner) Welles Today-No Nazi Peace Plan 1
03/01/1940 Churches Ask U.S. To Seek Peace Now 2
03/01/1940 Netherland Curb Put On Nazi ‘Gifts’-Traffic From U.S. Is Hit 2
03/01/1940 Britain Receives Reich ‘Peace Plan’ (Via Dublin) 3
03/01/1940 India Will Pay Part Of Her Costs In War 4
03/01/1940 Rumanian Oil Issue Is Seen As Settled-Invasion Held Unlikely (By Rumanian Minister To U.S.) 5
03/01/1940 Reich Warns Dutch On (British-Instituted) Navicert System-Says Neutrals Who Accept British Plan (Of Control By Blockade) Are Suspect 8
03/01/1940 Deal With Krupps Studied By Brazil-American Aid Preferred 9
03/01/1940 Papal Nuncio In Reich Protests Violations (Of Concordat) 9
03/01/1940 Jews Here Protest British Curbs (Ln Palestine Immigration)Undermine Faith In Allied Cause, They Say 10
03/01/1940 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gets Blue Outfits For Easter 13
03/01/1940 Educators Clash On Pupils’ Debates (Controversial Topics Favored By Federal Education Commissioner, John W. Studebaker) 16
03/02/1940 British Plan Curb On U.S. Oil Trade 1
03/02/1940 Berlin Bars Peace-British ‘Stranglehold’ On Economy ‘Must Be Broken,’ It Says-’Freedom Of Seas’ An Aim 1
03/02/1940 (British) Ship Reports U-Boat Attack In U.S. Zone 1
03/02/1940 (Sumner) Welles Told Nazi Alms, Sees Hitler Today 1
03/02/1940 Civil Disobedience In India Is Threatened By Congress Group, Who Oppose Part In War 1
03/02/1940 2 Allied Experts En Route To U.S.-Rist And Ashton-Gwatkin Will Advise (U.S.) Authorities Here On Functioning Of (Allied) Blockade 2 France Lacks News On Arrival Of (Sumner) Welles; Government Gathers War Data For Him 3
03/02/1940 Neutrals Warned By Germany Again-Their Acceptance Of Britain’s Navicert System Is Held A Violation Of Neutrality British See ‘Sheer Intimidation’ 4
03/02/1940 To Speed Polish Relief-German Red Cross Official Says His Group Will Aid Distribution 4
03/02/1940 Zionist Appeals To U.S.-Ben Gurion Says British Order (Restricting Immigration Of Jews To Palestine) Affects Americans 5
03/02/1940 Bar Group Pleads For Civil Rights-Tolerance Is Stressed 11
03/02/1940 Allied Easing Of Bar To Trade Described (By The Allies To The United States Commerce Department) 30
03/02/1940 (Frank) Murphy Sees Hunt For Scapegoat As Greatest Peril To Democracy 1
03/02/1940 (Sumner) Welles Has Long Talk With Hitler; Berlin Atmosphere ? Is Less Strained, Nazi Restates Aim-Freedom Of Seas Urged 1
03/02/1940 Roosevelt Leaning To War, Taft Warns (Text, P. 41) 1
03/02/1940 Berlin’s Guns Fire On British Planes 1
03/02/1940 (British) Law On Jews’ Land (Palestine) Draws (N.Y. City) Rabbis’ Fire 10
03/02/1940 President (Roosevelt) Speaks For Alien Rights-Protests Congress Bills 22
03/02/1940 Jews Demonstrate In Palestine Town 23
03/02/1940 Hull Confers On Mexico-Oil Pact Rumored Near 25
03/02/1940 Refugee Industry Thrives In Canada-War Economy Is Aided 27
03/02/1940 Willingness To Lend To Allies Is Found-But Only If ‘Ultimate Success’ Is At Stake, (Gallup) Survey Says 32
03/03/1940 U.S. Ships Warned To Shun Control Points Unless Compelled To Enter Or In Distress 33
03/03/1940 Rumanian Oil Accord Imported In Britain 33
03/03/1940 Benes Charges Guilt Of German People 37
03/03/1940 Text Of Nazis: War Review 37
03/03/1940 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
03/03/1940 (Sumner) Welles Finds Germany Not Ready For Peace (For Surrender?) E-3
03/03/1940 Cartoon: ‘Franklin D. Noah Sends Out The Dove’-A British View E-3
03/03/1940 Allies To Define Neutrality Again E-4
03/03/1940 Berlin Seeks To End Rift With Us E-4
03/03/1940 Palestine Ruling (British Immigration) To Stand E-5
03/03/1940 New Deal Ends 7 Eventful Years With Roosevelt Still Its Symbol E-7
03/03/1940 ‘Is It The Germans Or Their Leaders?’ Harold Callender Mag. 3
03/03/1940 Moscow Finds (Finnish) War Limited By Stalin-Bid For U.S. Amity Seen 5
03/03/1940 Embargo On Exports To Germany Urged (By Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee-Speaker) Include Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Joseph Tenenbaum, Dr. William Jay Schieffelin, Chairman Of The Volunteer Christian Committee To Boycott Nazi Germany, And Others) 6
03/04/1940 (Sumner) Welles Quits Reich After Goering Visit-American Also Calls On Hess 1
03/05/1940 Rome Note Defies Britain On Coal; Blockade Tested-A Crisis Threatens (Text, P. 4) 1
03/05/1940 (Sumner) Welles Is Resting After Berlin Visit (Picture With Goering At Schorfheide-Nothing About Potocki Papers!) 3
03/05/1940 2 (Allied Agents) Here To Minimize (British) Blockade Friction (With U.S. Shlps Etc. Picture) 6
03/05/1940 Nazis Ban Sending Of Jews To Poland-Area Found Overcrowded 6
03/05/1940 Jews Here Entreat Britons To Intercede-3,000 At Rally Protest (British) Curb On Land Purchase (By Jews From Arabs) 6
03/05/1940 Picture: Rene Blum, Brother Of Leon Blum 6
03/05/1940 Reich Continuing Aid To Chungking 8
03/05/1940 Cunard Liner (‘Scythia’) Arrives With 589 Aboard-400 Refugees 9
03/05/1940 Karl Muck Dies (Stuttgart); Noted Wagnerian (Boston Symphony Orchestra) Interned By U.S. In (Wwi) War 23
03/06/1940 President (Roosevelt) Evades Talk He’s For Hull (As Democratic Presidential Candidate) 1
03/06/1940 British Seize 7 Italian Ships With Coal; Rome Is Stunned 1
03/06/1940 90 6-In. Guns Sold By (U.S.) To Brazil 6
03/06/1940 Basis For Oil Pact (For Sinclair) Reached By Mexico 7
03/06/1940 Nazis Deny Plans To Rule The Seas 10
03/06/1940 Mediation By U.S. Seen As Hitler Aim 10
03/06/1940 (Sumner) Welles Expected In Paris Tomorrow-Envoy Stays In Seclusion 11
03/06/1940 Riot In Jerusalem Results In Curfew (Ordered By British) 17
03/06/1940 U.S. Zionists Seek British Labor Aid 17
03/06/1940 U.S. Urged To Buy More In Uruguay 45
03/06/1940 British To Speed Shipping Papers (Of Ships Seized On High Seas And Searched Or Accepting Navicert Control) 45
03/07/1940 Sweden Mediating In Finnish War, With Reds Asking All Of Karelia-Finns Weigh Truce 1
03/07/1940 British Unloading (Seized) Italian Coal Ships-Failure Of Trade Accord Laid To Mussolini 1
03/07/1940 British Deny Error In Clipper Seizure-American View Stressed 3
03/07/1940 (Sumner) Welles Will Hear French Case Today 7
03/07/1940 Nazis Stress Aim To Get ‘Free Sea’-Hull’s Policy Condemned 7
03/07/1940 (Sumner) Welles Uses Private Code In Reports To Roosevelt 7
03/08/1940 France Calls U.S. Citizens Of French Birth To Colors Under Her Naturalization Laws 1
03/08/1940 Allies Held To Top Foe’s Plane Output-Now ‘Ready To Hit Hard And Often,: British Air Head (Sir Kingsley Wood) Tells Commons 1
03/08/1940 Canada’s Foreigners Rush For Citizenship (2 Ooo/Month) 6
03/08/1940 (Sumner) Welles Gets Views Of French On Peace (Pictures) 8
03/08/1940 Kennedy In London, Stresses Our Isolation; Hits ‘Shylock’ Charge (Of British); Plans Welles Talks 8
03/08/1940 (Economic] Recovery Called Domestic Problem (By Banking Experts) 31
03/09/1940 Berlin Joins In Finnish Peace Moves, Seeks To Spur Italy In Coal Dispute (With British Blockade); Allies To Intervene If Helsinki Asks 1
03/09/1940 U.S. Envoy (Lawrence A. Steinhardt) Confers At The Kremlin 1
03/09/1940 Many Views Heard By (Sumner) Welles In Paris 3
03/09/1940 British Airmen Fly To German Poland (Posen) 5
03/09/1940 U.S. Help To China Angers Japan 5
03/10/1940 Britain Frees 13 Italian Coal Ships (After Unloading Them)-Contained 100,000 Tons Of German Coal Bound For Italy) On Eve Of Ribbentrop Visit To Rome 1
03/10/1940 Ribbentrop To See Pope Tomorrow 1
03/10/1940 Free Synagogue (Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise) To Get New Home 12
03/10/1940 (Sumner) Welles Trip Gets Approval In U.S. (Gallup Poll) 27
03/10/1940 (Sumner) Welles Asks End Of Trade Barriers 28
03/10/1940 Clergy’s Meeting On Peace Related 28
03/10/1940 Blow To U.S. Trade By Britain Is Seen (By South America) 29
03/10/1940 Any Finnish Peace Held A Blow To Allies 36
03/10/1940 All Clipper Stops At Bermuda To End 29
03/10/1940 Educator (Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard, Philadelphia School Superintendent) Decries Our ‘Complacency’ (In War) 44
03/10/1940 Europeans Base Faint Hopes On (Sumner) Welles Trip E-3
03/10/1940 Allies Mastery Of Sea Is Used Against Italy (British Blockade Of German Coal [& U.S. And Its Mail!]) E-4
03/11/1940 Finnish Premier In Moscow, Denounced On Soviet Radio-Ryti Gets (Russian) Terms 1
03/11/1940 Britain Weighing War Upon Russia-(Sumner) Welles Reaches London As Talk Of Finnish Peace Is Bringing Plans To A Showdown 1
03/11/1940 Air Offensive Demand Is Decried As Foolish By British War Expert-Sees Technical And Moral Objections To Such Attack By Either Side, But Notes Rising Wrath Over Stalemate (Capt. B. H. Liddell-Hart) 2
03/11/1940 Hitler Offers Life For Reich Victory 3
03/11/1940 Balfour (Declaration) Pact ‘Scrap Of Paper’ (Rabbi Wolf) Gold (Of Mizrachi World Center, Jerusalem) Says (Now In U.S., Visiting) 5
03/11/1940 Picture (Sumner Welles & Joseph P. Kennedy, London) 6
03/11/1940 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University And Carnegie Endowment For World Peace) Sees U.S. As World Leader 13
03/11/1940 Landon Criticizes Roosevelt Moves (Sumner Welles’ Trip, Etc.) 13
03/12/1940 British War Views Put Before (Sumner) Welles-Sees Chamberlain And Halfax 1
03/11/1940 Tokyo Will Cease Talks With (U.S. Ambassador Joseph C.) Grew 1
03/11/1940 Pope Cold To Ribbentrop Peace Plea-Nazi Conciliatory 1
03/11/1940 British To Ignore The World Court 2
03/11/1940 Trial Of U.S. Writer (James R. Young) Is Started In Japan 7
03/11/1940 FBI Is Denounced By Senator Norris 13
03/13/1940 Moscow Announces Peace Treaty Signed; Finns Delay Ratification; Fighting Ends; Terms May Give Big Finnish Area To Soviet 1
03/13/1940 (Sumner) Welles Enlarges Inquiry In London 5
03/13/1940 Allies Won’t Ease Contraband Rules 6
03/13/1940 Dutch Ban Halts Parcels For Reich 6
03/13/1940 Boom In Marriages Shown In Old Reich 10
03/13/1940 Jewish Appeal Led By E. M. M. Warburg-For 3 Agencies Active In Overseas Relief And Refugee Aid (Long List Of Supporters) 15
03/14/1940 Ex-Aide In India Is Slain (By Indian) In London 1
03/14/1940 Finns Lay Peace To Lack Of (Outside) Help 1
03/14/1940 Roosevelt Praises Valor Of The Finns 1
03/14/1940 Finns Saw Perils In Aid From Allies 4
03/14/1940 Leader (Vladimir Jabotinsky, Leader, New [‘Revisionist’] Zionists) Says Jews Will Fight As Unit (Arrived Aboard The ‘Samaria’-Organized Irgun Zwai Leumi) 6
03/14/1940 British Canons Rebuke ‘Red Dean,’ Disavow His Pro-Soviet Opinions 6
03/14/1940 Refugee Progress On Farms Traced-Jewish Agricultural Society Reports On 96 Families Settled In Year 7
03/14/1940 (Sumner) Welles Concludes Mission in London 8
03/14/1940 Pope Is Emphatic About Just Peace 8
03/14/1940 Palestine Quota Studied-British To Deduct Number Of Illegal Jewish Immigrants (From Palestine Quota) 8
03/14/1940 Caucasus Attack Studied By Allies-War On Russia Is Reported To Have Been Discussed With Turks Who Refused-Turks Held Too Weak 9
03/14/1940 Reich (Air) Fleet Spurs (Allied) Plane Trade Here 12
03/14/1940 Test Here Sought For ‘Super Bomb’ 12
03/14/1940 Woodring Called In (Allied) Planes (Supply) Inquiry 13
03/14/1940 War Books Losing Favor At Library 13
03/14/1940 Student Editors (8-18 Years Old, Of Student Newspapers) At Columbia (University) Today (3-Day Program With 350 Liberal Speakers) 19
03/14/1940 Poland Wreckage Pictured At (World’s) Fair 25
03/14/1940 Einstein Theory Of Master Key To Cosmos Has Developed Flaws, Scientist (Einstein) Admits 27
03/14/1940 War Aids Exports Of U.S. Cosmetics 42
03/14/1940 Prices, Sales Drop On Finnish Peace 42
03/15/1940 (Harry L.) Hopkins Revises (U.S.) Census Querying To Meet Protests On Income Data 1
03/15/1940 Split In India Congress Party Threatens As Independence Backers Fight Gandhi 1
03/15/1940 Morgenthau Bars War Profit Change 2
03/15/1940 Nazis Favored War On Soviet (Exiled Angiers, France) Poles Say 2
03/15/1940 (Sumner) Welles Will Find Italians Franker 9
03/15/1940 Jews Seen Facing ‘Blackest Period’ (By Morris C. Troper, European Director Of American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee) The Rex Arrives With 1,072, 2D Largest Number To Come In 3 Months 10
03/15/1940 U.S. Warned To End ‘Blunder’ In South-Latin America Misunderstands Our Effort To ‘Sell’ Our Brand Of Democracy, Expert (James S. Carson) Says 11
03/15/1940 U.S. Ready To Back All-Americas Bank 11
03/15/1940 Lockheed’s (Alrcraft) Profit Rose 609% In 1939 35
03/16/1940 Soviet Peace Pact Ratified By Finns 1
03/16/1940 Speed In Alliance Urged By Swedes 1
03/16/1940 Break With Soviet Is Urged In Senate (By Senator D. Worth Clark, Idaho) 2
03/16/1940 Resettling Task (Of Finns From Area Ceded To Russia) Jumbles Finland 2
03/16/1940 Jews In Cracow Move To Ghettos-City Puts Many To Work 3
03/16/1940 (Sumner) Welles On Return Finds Rome Tense 3
03/16/1940 Czechs And Nazis More Amicable On First Anniversary Of Conquest 3
03/16/1940 Picture: German Red Cross Head (Karl Eduard Von Saxe-Coberg-Gotha) Confers On Relief in Europe 3
03/16/1940 Jew Named Adolf Hitler, A Nazi Problem In Poland 3
03/16/1940 Reprisal Fears Held To Bar Big Air War 3
03/16/1940 New British Ban (On American Canned Fruit) Stirs Washington 4
03/16/1940 Nazis Scuttle Ship (La Coruna) Caught By British 4
03/16/1940 WPA Plans To Drop 700,000 By June 30 7
03/17/1940 Roosevelt Gives Basis Of ‘Real Peace’ To Save Europe From Fear Of Arms 1
03/16/1940 Crisis Is Near (Sumner) Welles Hears In Rome 1
03/16/1940 (Norwegian) Liner Held (By U.S.) For Refusing To Carry U.S. Mail; Bergenfjord Seeks To Avoid British Search (Oh High Seas) 1
03/16/1940 Modern Education Scored By (Representative Bruce) Barton (At Columbia Univ. Meeting Of Young Newspaper Editors)-Hard Work Is Counseled 14
03/16/1940 New Guns Tested For Growing (U.S.) Army 23
03/16/1940 Reich And Soviet Seek Arabs’ Help-Sentiment Favors Allies 26
03/16/1940 Brazil Offers Aid To 100,000 Finns (Refugees To Be Expelled From Former Finnish Area Annexed By Russia) 30
03/16/1940 Picture: Herbert C. Pell, U.S. Envoy To Portugal Arrives On The Saturnia (Later Minister Hungary & ‘United Nations War Crimes Commissioner) 30
03/16/1940 War Delay Laid To Chamberlain (By British [And U.S.] Liberals Who Prefer Churchill) 33
03/16/1940 Goering Starts Drive To Collect (Scrap) Metals 37
03/16/1940 Story On (Joseph P.) Kennedy By Nazis Irks Hull 39
03/17/1940 (Senator Gerald P. Nye) Says Britain Aims To End (U.S.) Neutrality F-7
03/16/1940 The News Of The Week In Review: Supply Route Of Swedish Iron Ore (Through Baltic And Norway) To Germany E-1
03/16/1940 India Renounces Terror As Weapon (Against British) E-5
03/18/1940 Hitler And Mussolini Conferring On Peace Or Move In The Balkans-Meeting At Border 1
03/18/1940 Swedes Bare Fear Of Allied Designs (On Scandanavia) 1
03/18/1940 17 Polish Professors Are Reported Dead (At Sachsenhausen-Polish Government-In-Exile In France Report) 5
03/18/1940 Finns Of Hangoe Toll To Quit City (Annexed By Russia) 5
03/18/1940 Dr. S.S. Wise Marks His 66 Birthday 8
03/18/1940 Our Full (National) Debt Said To Pass 48 Billions 11
03/18/1940 (Representative Bruce) Barton Sees Peril In Anti-Alien Laws (Speech Before Hias)-Would Admit Refugees (To U.S.) 12
03/19/1940 Germany Is Said To Prepare Peace On Basis Of Old Four-Power Pact 1
03/18/1940 British Watch U.S.-London Insists On Terms That Will Punish Germans And Discredit Hitler 1
03/18/1940 Washington Sees No Peace Prospect-Link To (Sumner] Welles Indicated 4
03/18/1940 People Of Hangoe Sadly Leave Clty-Repetition Of History Seen 7
03/18/1940 Polish Live Normal, German Duke (Karl Eduard Von Saxe-Coberg-Gotha) Holds 9
03/18/1940 Treasury (Morgenthau) Denies (Allied) War Buying Hitch 11
03/18/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Calls Census All Right-Wonders About Fuss (With Harry L. Hopkins) 14
03/18/1940 Stalin To Collect On His Book Here-Unlike Hitler, Soviet Dictator Faces No Legal Difficulties On Royalties Score 27
03/18/1940 (Harold L.) Ickes Says War Is Lesson To Us 28
03/19/1940 Bergensfjord (N0Rwegian Ship Seeking To Avoid Seizure And Search By The British At Sea By Refusing To Accept U.S. Mail And Therefore Held By U.S. Authorities, Finally) Off Without U.S. Mail 50
03/19/1940 Sabotage Peril Cited By Aircraft Carriers 51
03/20/1940 British Planes In All-Night Raid, Bomb Great Nazi Air Base At Sylt; Peace Hope Dies; (Sumner) Welles Leaves 1
03/19/1940 Chamberlain (71 Years Of Age) Firm On Pressing War-But Will Not Be ‘Hurried Into Adventures’ (Text, P. 2) 1
03/19/1940 Reich Peace Plan Denied By Berlin 3
03/19/1940 (Germany & Russia) To Exchange (Polish) Refugees 3
03/19/1940 Text Of (U.S.) Minister (To Canada) Cromwell’s Talk To Canadians (Attacking U.S. Isolationism From The European War) 6
03/19/1940 (Canada) Would Take 100,000 Of Finnish Refugees (Expelled By Russia) 7
03/19/1940 White House Finds Peace Talk (Of Germans) ‘Empty’ 7
03/19/1940 New Zionist Leader Heard By 5,000 Here-Jabotinsky Reiterates Demands For Restored Jewish State 14
03/19/1940 Japanese Deputies In Riot Against Arita; U.S. And Britain Assailed By Nationalists 17
03/19/1940 Senate Kills Bill For Trying (U.S.) Judges 19
03/21/1940 Daladier Out, Reynaud Seeks Cabinet-Stanley (British Secretary Of State For War) Denies War Is ‘Phoney;’ Bids Us (U.S.) Let Belligerents Run It 1
03/21/1940 Soviet (Finnish-Russian Border) Map Version Is Shock To Finns 1
03/21/1940 Reynaud Is Known As Strong Leader-Is Warm Friend Of U.S. 4
03/21/1940 Reynaud Sees U.S. As Model For Europe; Holds Free Trade, As Among (U.S.) States, Vital 4
03/21/1940 Britain Extending Home Production-Export Drive (Of Manufactured Goods) Is Pushed (To Get Foreign Credits) 5
03/21/1940 Hitler Names (Dr. Fritz) Todt Munitions Chief-Long Chancellor’s Aide 5
03/21/1940 Anti-Peace Blast As (Sumner) Welles Sails (From Italy) 6
03/21/1940 ‘Berlin-Baghdad’ Line About Ready; British, Not Germans, Completing It-Final Link Being Speeded Because Of Military Importance To Allies-London Will Have Direct Route To Middle East (Ma (And The Trans-Iranian Railroad?) 6
03/21/1940 Maginot Line Men Anxious To Fight French Oppose Peace Till They Have Ended The Threats Of Last Three Years-More Britons Arriving 8
03/21/1940 Immigrants In Palestine Jailed (By British) As German Agents 8
03/21/1940 U.S. Envoys Forced To Leave Warsaw-Nazis’ Embassy In Washington Denies Reports Of Mass Executions Of Poles 10
03/21/1940 Strict (U.S.) Neutrality Urged By (Minnesota Senator) Lundeen-Senator Bids Us Not To Shun Trade With Germany 10
03/21/1940 Roosevelt Stand Halts Air Inquiry (Morgenthau-Woodring Clash On Export Of U.S. Military Aircraft To Allies) 12
03/21/1940 (Ass’t. U.S. District Att’y., O. John) Rogge Scrutinizes Georgia Floggings (Aide To U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 13
03/21/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Pleads For Aid To Youth-Scores Critical Elders-Unless They Get Jobs, They Will Be Prey To Anyone Who Comes Along, She Warns 27
03/22/1940 Morgenthau Says 50 Billion Debt Would Not Be A Cause For (U.S.) Worry 1
03/22/1940 (U.S. Minister To Canada) Cromwell Rebuked For War Talk (In Toronto); Hull Warns Him Not To Do It Again 1
03/22/1940 Nazis Build Planes In Austrian Plant (Messerschmitt 109) 2
03/22/1940 Allies Ask Right To Latest (U.S. Military) Planes (Promise $1 Billion Program) 2
03/22/1940 War Volunteers (U.S. Ambulance Drivers) Sail (For Service In France) Tomorrow 3
03/22/1940 Workers Here Vote To Aid German Labor (Whose Objective Is To Overthrow Hitler-Movement Begun By A. F. of L.) 3
03/22/1940 (Sumner) Welles Thanks Ciano In Cordial Message 5
03/22/1940 Japan To Free U.S. Writer (James R. Young, International News Service, Accused By Japanese Of Writing Falsehoods About Their Troops In China) On Suspended Sentence 8
03/22/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Cites Perils In Sect Intolerance 11
03/22/1940 National Wealth Seen Aided By WPA (By National Work Projects Commissioner, Col. F. C. Harrington) 13
03/22/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Denies Youth Group Is Red 21
03/23/1940 British Submarine Sinks German (Iron Ore) Ship (Near Norway) 1
03/23/1940 2,000 Late (U.S. Military) Planes For The Allies Are Approved By Defense Board (Morgenthau) 1
03/23/1940 Germany Presents Claims To Rumania For Rise In Trade 1
03/23/1940 Reynaud Survives (French Confidence Test Vote) By Majority Of One; Decides To Hold On-Vigorous Policy Pledged 1
03/23/1940 British Are Reported Searching For Schacht (Aboard Italian Liner) As (Sumner) Welles’ Ship Is Held 13 Hours At Gibraltar 1
03/23/1940 New (Douglas) Army Bomber Biggest U.S. Plane 1
03/23/1940 Taft Denounces Religious Bigotry 2
03/23/1940 La Guardia Favors 3,000,000 On WPA 2
03/23/1940 Norwegians Admit Need For Arming-Guns Are Hard To Obtain (Unless Sanctioned By The U.S.!) 4
03/23/1940 Finland’s Need For Aid To Survive Stressed By (American) Red Cross In Appeal 4
03/23/1940 3 Reich Reservists Held On Ellis Island 8
03/24/1940 Taft Sees Peril Of Drift To War 5
03/24/1940 (Workers’ Alliance) Would Guarantee $15 A Week To All 14
03/24/1940 Japan Guards Status Of Pacific (League Of Nations’) Mandates 18
03/24/1940 (Japanese) Arita Regrets U.S. ‘Can’t Understand’-Premier Declares Embargo By Washington Might Lead To Dangerous Crisis 21
03/24/1940 75 (U.S.) Educators Back Refugee ‘Crusade’-Campaign In All Schools (Help Exiles In Foreign Lands) 25
03/24/1940 Metal Exports Up Sharply Since War (Countries & Metals Listed) 25
03/24/1940 21 (U.S.) War Volunteers (Ambulance Drivers) Depart For France All Are Paying Own Way 26
03/24/1940 Cromwell (U.S. Minister To Canada, Toronto) Speech Inspired, (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Says (Given On Roosevelt’s Cue, He Says) Nation Seen Led To War (By Roosevelt) 26
03/24/1940 Nazis Murdered On Czech Border (By Unknown Assailants) 27
03/24/1940 Vatican-German Rift Continues To Widen 28
03/24/1940 Lesson Of Purim Heartens (N.Y. City) Rabbis 33
03/24/1940 Democracy Still Lives In France And England-Different In Dictatorships-Edwin L. James E-3
03/24/1940 Planes (Military) For Allies (From U.S.) Now Seen Assured-Some Problems Remain E-5
03/24/1940 (U.S. Minister To Canada) Cromwell (In Un-Neutral Toronto Speech) Breaks Rule Of (Neutral) Diplomacy E-7
03/25/1940 Pontiff Condemns Injustices Of War 1
03/25/1940 Nazi (Iron Ore) Ship Is Sunk (Off Denmark); Allies Open Drive To Cut Ore Route (From Sweden Via Baltic And Norway) 1
03/25/1940 Allies Prefer War On Soviet To Loss Of Rumanian Ties (Oil) 1
03/25/1940 Halifax Projects Restored Finland’Benefits’ If Allies Win 1
03/25/1940 Ley Says Reich Will Fight Till Foes Are Prostrate 6
03/25/1940 British Socialists Praised In Russia 6
03/25/1940 Parley On Palestine (1,100 Delegates, Annual Conference Of Council Of Organizations For Palestine, Hotel Commodore-S.S. Wise And Others Speak For Action Furthering Zionist Action) 6
03/25/1940 Sweden Prepares Wartime Defense 7
03/25/1940 Reich Warns Of Air War-(German) Embassy (In Washington) Says Allied Civilian Raids Would Be Returned 7
03/25/1940 Picture: Edgar Salinger, Expert In Refugee Aid, Will Head Ort Campaign (Aid To Central & Eastern European Jews $1,250,000 Budget) 7
03/25/1940 (U.S. Minister To Canada) Cromwell’s (Anti-Isolationist Toronto) Speech Encourages British-Press Hails It As Sign That We May Join Allied Cause 8
03/25/1940 Britain To Limit U.S. Cotton Deals-Save Foreign Exchange Crop Disposal Will He More Difficult 23
03/26/1940 Roosevelt To Issue Report On (Sumner) Welles-He Will Summarize Results Of Talks Abroad After Return Of Special Envoy (Where Is This Report?) 1
03/25/1940 End-The-War Move Appears In Britain 1
03/25/1940 2,000 Intellectuals Disappear In Warsaw-Nazis Round Up Of Professionals Is Reported In Paris (The Polish Government-In-Exile-Reports Of Mistreatment Of Jews) 3
03/25/1940 (French) Envoy Says Allies Will Keep Pledges-He Cites War Role Of U.S. 6
03/25/1940 Casteless Society Held Schools’ Duty (By Dr. James B. Conant, President Of Harvard Univ.) Urges Radical Reform 19
03/27/1940 Mexico Voids (1886 Contract) Title Of 3 U.S. Concerns To 1,000,000 Acres 1
03/27/1940 Surprise Dividend Voted By U.S. Steel 1
03/27/1940 (U.S.) Sailor Lost, Six Burned On Destroyer; King At Newpont, On Neutrality Duty 1
03/27/1940 Allies To Enforce Neutrals’ Rights-Altmark Incident Cited-Paris Holds A Victims Inability To Block Aggression Gives Ground (To Allies) For Intervention-Norway Termed Unjustified In Protesting British Action To End A Violation 2
03/27/1940 Palestine Interns 1,600 After 6-Month Odyssey (Jews From Central Europe Slovakia) 2
03/27/1940 Belgium To Provide (1,000) Tank Cars For Reich 3
03/27/1940 Speed-Up Mapped On (U.S.) Sale Of (Military) Planes (To Allies) 4
03/27/1940 British Shell Hits Near Norway Road-Protest Made To London-Norwegians Prepare To Shoot At Fliers 5
03/27/1940 (Manuel) Quezon Suggests Self-Independence-Assails Present (Philippine) Status (With U.S.) 8
03/27/1940 French Tribute To U.S. At Front Hints At Eagerness For Our Aid 8
03/27/1940 Polish Prince (Radziwill) Saved From Death In Soviet 8
03/27/1940 U.S. Indicts Zeiss And Bausch And Lomb (Anti-Trust Violations) 12
03/27/1940 Inflow Of Capital Tripled Last Year 13
03/28/1940 Norwegians Face Demand By Reich (Resist British Violations Of Their Neutrality) 1
03/28/1940 Woodring Champions (Military) Plane Sales (To Allies) As Vital To (U.S.) Industry And Defense 1
03/28/1940 Pope Pius Renews Criticism Of Reich 2
03/28/1940 War Is A Blessing, Says Nazi; Ley Holds Women Love Fighters 3
03/28/1940 3 Liners Bring In 484 War Refugees 5
03/28/1940 Report By (Sumner) Welles Won’t Be Rushed (Picture With Lloyd George) 6
03/28/1940 Crowding Of Jews In Poland Reported-Lublin Governor Said To Balk At Further Arrivals 6
03/28/1940 Text Of (Thomas E.) Dewey’s Attack At St. Louis On The New Deal’s Record 17
03/29/1940 Allied Chiefs Bar A Separate Peace And Affirm Unity 1
03/29/1940 Norway Interns Stranded U-Boat; Netherlands Downs British Bomber 1
03/29/1940 (Sumner) Welles Reports; President (Roosevelt) Silent-Secret 90-Minute Talk 1
03/29/1940 80,000 Letters For U.S. Taken Off Clipper (By British Censor) As Winds Force Her To Refuel At Bermuda 1
03/29/1940 British Peace Move (End-The-War Now) Held Backed By 1% (By Herbert Morrison, British Labor Party) 3
03/29/1940 Polish Aerial Units On Western Front 3
03/29/1940 H. G. Wells Denounces Chamberlain Regime; Sees Government ‘Playing About With War’ (Roosevelt Couldn’t Have Agreed More!) 4
03/29/1940 (Moshe Smilansky) Holds Palestine Is Open-Says 1,500,000 More Refugees Can Be Taken 6
03/29/1940 Dewey Denounces ‘Crime Of The WPA’ (Text) 14
03/29/1940 (Senator Tom) Connally Strikes At Dewey On War-’We Have Kept Out Without Any Help From Him,’ Senator Retorts To Charge Of Danger 15
03/29/1940 Gannett Assailed Roosevelt On War 16
03/30/1940 U.S. Brands As False Nazi Documents Changing We Fostered War In Europe (Poland) And Promised To Join Allies If Needed-Berlin Accuses Us Hull Makes Flat Denial 1,4&5
03/29/1940 Molotoff Warns Of Allied (War) Threat 1
03/29/1940 Tighter Blockade Planned By Allies-EconomicEven If Neutrals Suffer 1
03/29/1940 (American) Red Cross Increases Polish Refugee Aid 5
03/31/1940 Churchill Stiffer On Neutral Rights (Text, P. 35) 1
03/29/1940 New ‘Expose’ Of U.S. Promised By Nazis 1
03/29/1940 Nazis’ Propaganda (Accusations) Under U.S. Scrutiny; (Congressional) Inquiry Demanded 1&32
03/29/1940 Shun Peace Talks, Is (Thomas E.) Dewey’s Advice-Genuine Neutrality Calls For Keeping Hands Wholly Out Of The War, He Says 7
03/29/1940 FBI Is No Ogpu (U.S. Att’y. General, Robert H.) Jackson Asserts 19
03/29/1940 (U.S. War Dept.) Opens Way To Rush (U.S. Military) Planes To Allies 30
03/29/1940 (Hugh) Gibson Off To Take Polish Relief Post (Commission For Polish Relief)-Jewish Leaders (Nahum Goldmann, World Jewish Congress, Maurice L. Perlzweig, British Section Of World Jewish Congress) Also Sail On Welfare Missions (‘Returning To Europe’) 30
03/29/1940 Poles (Exiled Government In France) Say Nazis Faked White Book (Accusing U.S. Of Fostering Initiation Of Hostilities) 32
03/31/1940 U.S. Voters St[Ll Strongly Favor Allies, Survey By Gallup Institute Indicates 34
03/31/1940 130 U.S. Warships To Be Used In ‘War’ 39
03/31/1940 The News Of The Week In Review-A German Report Is Contra-Dicted And An American Report Is Made (Never Made By Welles) E-1