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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

December 1940
Date Headline Page
12/01/1940 U.S. Lending China $100,000,000 More Countering Japan-Roosevelt’s Move Increases Belief That He Will Give More Aid To Britain 1
12/01/1940 Lorraine Decreed German Territory-Incorporated With Saar 1
12/01/1940 U.S. Gets Vichy Plan Of Refugee Release (American Committee To Save Refugees, Headed By Professor Walter Rautenstrauch, Describes Camp Du Vermet D’ariege As ‘Worst Of French Camps’) 6
12/01/1940 (N.Y.) Times Photos Seized By Germans In Paris (As French Property) 9
12/01/1940 Briton (Hugh Dalton, Churchill’s Minister Of Economic Warfare) Urges U.S. To Join Boycotts (Of Germany)-Trial Balloon Is Seen-Proposals However Reflect Belief We Could Extend Aid Without Risking War 15
12/01/1940 Canada Will Curb Buying Of Luxuries 17
12/01/1940 Greek Fund Aided By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-First Lady Joins Citizens’ Group Seeking $10,000,000 For War Relief-U.S. Stake In Fight Seen 22
12/01/1940 France To Send Gifts To Prisoners Of War-2,000,000 Held By Germany 26
12/01/1940 (Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt) Will Entertain (Dutch Princess) Juliana 26
12/01/1940 Scots Here Toast King, Roosevelt (At St. Andrew’s Society Dinner In N.Y. City) 37
12/01/1940 Plea For Polish Books (For Polish Legion In Scotland) 37
12/01/1940 Cities in Britain (Coventry, Birmingham, Southampton Mentioned) Making Comeback-Southampton Shows Little Damage 39
12/01/1940 New Flying Boat (Consolidated 2 C) For Canada Here (Made In San Diego, California And Flown Across The Country) 39
12/01/1940 (Sosua (Dominican Republic Refugee ‘Haven’’) Win Living From Soil (26,000 Acre Tract-Frederik Perlstein Assistant To Dr. Joseph A. Rosen, Agricultural Director) 43
12/01/1940 Du Pont Gets Award For Ammonia Plant (At Morgantown, West Virginia-$15,000,000 From War Department) 44
12/01/1940 Army Will Take Sixty (Dc-3) Airliners 45
12/01/1940 Dr. (Bertrand) Russell Warns Of ‘War Hysteria’-(English) Philosopher Fears U.S. Will Lose Own Rights For ‘Noble Cause’ Abroad (Russell Assails Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler’s Views)-Educators Gather Here-600 Study Role In Defense-(Rexford Guy) Tugwell Urges Drive For A Progressive Democracy 46
12/01/1940 War Apprehension Held Eased In U.S. (Gallup Poll) 47
12/01/1940 War Mail (From U.S. Through British Blockade And Censorship) Travels In Devious Courses 51
12/01/1940 Dr. (Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning Warns Of ‘Vacuum Mind’ (Those Who Don’t Support England Actively) 54
12/01/1940 German-Americans Open Charity Bazaar (Not For Germany!) 57
12/01/1940 Interfaith Groups (National Conference Of Christians And Jews Etc.) Seek Working Plan 57
12/01/1940 Hitler Approves Austria Schools As Reich Model-Famed SystemTo Be Adopted Gradually Throughout Germany D-4
12/01/1940 Censorship In Britain Errs But Is Not Sinister-Raymond Daniell E-3
12/01/1940 Japan Now Plays For Time E-3
12/01/1940 (U.S.) Neutrality Patrol Schools The Navy (In The Atlantic) E-5
12/01/1940 Britain Seeks Light On Our War Aid E-5
12/01/1940 Winston Churchill: The Great Leader Of A Great People (Rene Kraus) Book 3
12/01/1940 Fodor, M. W., The Revolution Is On, Houghton Mifflin, Boston Book 9
12/01/1940 When Democracy Must Trim Its Sails Mag. 3
12/01/1940 What Will Russia Do? Mag. 5
12/02/1940 Southampton Bombed Again 1
12/02/1940 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Resigns As London Envoy To Combat War-Ambassador Says He Will Not Help Roosevelt ‘Keep The United States Out Of War’ 1
12/02/1940 Ships, Bases Asked By Admiral (Harold B.) Stark (Chief Of Naval Operations) 1
12/02/1940 British Take 22 Germans Off Brazilian Ship; Captain Charges Violation Of (American Republics’) Neutral Zone (Extends 500 Miles Off Shore-Numerous Entries Follow) 1
12/02/1940 Gas-Propelled Plane Claimed By Italians (Jet!) 2
12/02/1940 Japan Has Given Up China Peace Hopes 4
12/02/1940 Gayda Accuses U.S. Of Starving Nation (Accuses William Allen White’s Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies Of Complicity) 5
12/02/1940 Vichy Awaits (British) Reply To (Marseille) Bombing Protest 5
12/02/1940 Aides Of British Seized In Norway 10
12/02/1940 (U.S.) Army Adds Serums To Combat Disease-Vaccines Against Cholera And Typhus Also Studied 14
12/02/1940 (Henry) Morgenthau, Sr. Asks (U.S.) Help For The Greeks 14
12/02/1940 Advertisement, Scribner’s Commentator Magazine: ‘Steps Short Of War Mean War!’ 15
12/02/1940 Churchmen Assail Hoover Food (Help) Plan (For Occupied Europe)-We Must Not Jeopardize ‘Heroic Fight’ (Of Britain-Blockade) 16
12/02/1940 (Paul Felix) Warburg To Head Film Arbitration 18
12/02/1940 Picture: Medal Given To Robert E. Sherwood, Roosevelt’s Speech Writer, Dramatist & Supporter 18
12/02/1940 (Major Gen. John F. O’ryan) Says We Are Next On ‘Hitler’s List’ 24
12/02/1940 Isolation Is Held To Be ‘Unchristian’ (By Right Rev. Henry Wise Hobson, Episcopal Bishop, Southern Ohio-Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies & Fight For Freedom Committee) 26
12/02/1940 Democracy’s Fate Ours Says (Dr. Alexander) Louden (Dutch Minister) 26
12/02/1940 (Mgr. Fulton J.) Sheen Sees The War Aimed At Salvation 26
12/02/1940 No ‘Truly’ Christian Nation (Says Presbyterian Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell) 26
12/02/1940 Great Britain Said To Be Certain Of Credits From United States-Remarks By Lord Lothian On Financial Aid Called In Advance Of Need, But Britons Cite Slow-Moving Legislation Here 31
12/02/1940 War Aids (U.S.) Farmer In Home Markets 31
12/02/1940 Unwieldy Reserve Of Corn Is Feared 37
12/03/1940 U-Boats Attack Eight Ships In (British) Convoy 1
12/03/1940 Finnish Reindeer Meat Is Imported By Germany 2
12/03/1940 (G. Donald Dallas) Says Zinc Shipments To Japan Hit (U.S.) Defense 6
12/03/1940 Japanese Defiles U.S. Embassy Gate (With Refuse) 7
12/03/1940 (Episcopal) Bishop Stires Urges More Aid To Britain; Offering For Church Of England Also Asked 8
12/03/1940 Swiss Press Called Pro-British By Nazi (Frankfurter Zeitung) 9
12/03/1940 Southampton Hit As By Earthquake-Writer (James Mac Donald) Describes Shambles 10
12/03/1940 ‘Off Payroll Now’ (Joseph P.) Kennedy Flies South 11
12/03/1940 Canada Sees Outlook For Britain Improved-Emphasis On Plane Needs 12
12/03/1940 Picture: Admiral William D. Leahy Calls On Roosevelt 14
12/03/1940 Martinique (French Possession) Base Is Eyed By Leahy 14
12/03/1940 Martinique Defenses Are Held Weakened (By ‘Correspondent’) 14
12/03/1940 Our Coast Defense Poor, Says (Retired Major Gen. Johnson) Hagood 15
12/03/1940 German (Refugee) Publisher (S. Fischer Verlag) To Carry On Here 22
12/03/1940 Exports To Canada Heaviest Since ‘29 39
12/03/1940 Picture: Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning 52
12/04/1940 (U.S.) Cabinet Studies Fiscal Aid (Credits, $$$) To Britain 1
12/04/1940 U.S. Loan To China Resented In Tokyo 3
12/04/1940 U.S. Observer (Major General J. E. Chaney, Usaac) Sees Britain As Victor 6
12/04/1940 40 U.S. (Apparently Civilian) Pilots Fly Bombers To Britain 12
12/04/1940 Brazil Will Protest 3 British Seizures (Of Germans Off Brazilian Ship By British Cruiser) 12
12/04/1940 British Weekly War Bill Mounts To L90,133,950 12
12/04/1940 2,500 U.S. Planes In Use In Britain 13
12/04/1940 High (U.S. Supreme) Court Is Asked To Back Race Equality; Negro In Congress (Representative Arthur W. Mitchell, Chicago) Attacks Arkansas Law 14
12/04/1940 Anti-Nazi Author (Jean Recessi Alias Hans Habe) Here After Escape (On Liner ‘Siboney’ From Lisbon) 15
12/04/1940 $25,000,000 More Given For Bases (Obtained From Britain-$75,000,000 Total Allotted) 20
12/04/1940 (H. G.) Wells Proposes World Air Force 22
12/04/1940 Films Of Greece Will Help British 36
12/05/1940 British ‘Good Risk’ (For U.S. Loan) Says Loan Chief (Jesse H. Jones) 1
12/05/1940 Bombing Of Britain Widespread But Damage Is Reported Slight 1
12/05/1940 Ex-Kaiser Rejected Hitler’s Aid To Return; Wilhelm Prefers To Die In Exile At Doorn 3
12/05/1940 Rumania Decrees Oil Lines’ Seizure-U.S.-Owned Holdings Included 6
12/05/1940 U.S. Would Send Food Supplies To Spain Only If Assured They Would Not Reach Axis (This Would Be Done By U.S. State Department Acting Through The American Red Cross) 7
12/05/1940 Survivors Of Patria (Blown Up By Haganah) To Stay In Palestine-’Act Of Mercy’ Decreed In View Of Their Sufferings 8
12/05/1940 All U.S. Surpluses Sought For Britain-Convoy Help Held Urgent 10
12/05/1940 Export Curb Put On 41 More Tools 10
12/05/1940 Britain To Get 150 Ships From U.S., London Hears-(Henry) Ford For Aid To Britain 11
12/05/1940 ‘Edging Near War,’ (Hiram) Johnson Declares-Hits Our Foreign Legion’ 12
12/05/1940 Leopold (Of Belgium) Defended By Hoover Group 13
12/05/1940 H. G. Wells Scores History Teaching (Picture With Mrs. William Rosenwald And Jacqueline Cochran) 15
12/05/1940 Brazil Irked By Britain (Seizure Of Germans Off Brazilian Ships) 15
12/05/1940 War Indemnity (To Dutch) Pledged (90-100% In Amsterdam Report) 15
12/05/1940 Portuguese Ship (‘Nyassa’) Brings 458 Here From War-Stricken Countries 16
12/05/1940 Plan Is Proposed For U.S. After War (By Mechanical Engineers’ Society) 18
12/05/1940 (American) Red Cross Will Aid (Non-Axis) Prisoners Of War (And Apparently Only Them!) 29
12/06/1940 (British House Of) Commons Bars Peace, 341-4-British Solidarity In War Affirmed 1
12/06/1940 $50,000,000 U.S. Loan Granted Argentina To Back Currency 1
12/06/1940 Nazis Envisage Chattel Slavery For People Of Conquered Nations (Article From ‘Life’ Magazine And Is Of Uncertain Origin) 1&10
12/06/1940 U.S. Embassy Employee (Elizabeth Deegan) In Paris Seized By Nazis (For Assisting In The Escape Of British Officers From The Germans-Shades Of Edith Cavell!-No Indication Of Diplomatic Immunity Being Involved) 3
12/06/1940 (Professor Paul) Langevin In Paris Prison 3
12/06/1940 British Air Chief (Harold H. Balfour) Hails (U.S.) Eagle (Squadron) Unit 8
12/06/1940 U.S. Asks Britain About Halting (Brazilian) Ship (And Seizing German Sailors On Board Within The Neutrality Zone Established By The Americas-Probably At The Suggestion Of The U.S.) 9
12/06/1940 British Are Hesitant On Mexican Feeler-Resumption Of Relations Linked To (Confiscated) Oil (Property) Problem 9
12/06/1940 New Plane Output To Give 500,000 Jobs.-Payrolls Already More Than Doubled 12
12/06/1940 (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson And Dies Reach An Accord (A Premature Report!) 15
12/06/1940 Advertisement, British-American Ambulance Corps: ‘That They May Live-To Fight Again. Send Those Ambulance Planes-Now’ 19
12/07/1940 Col. (William J.) Donovan Flies Over Atlantic On Secret Mission Tied To France 1
12/07/1940 Dies Tale Of Pact Denied By (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson 1
12/07/1940 U.S. Acts On (Embassy) Clerk (Elizabeth Deegan) Jailed By Gestapo (For Helping British Officers Escape) 2
12/07/1940 U.S. Policy Called Menacing By Nazis 4
12/07/1940 Large U.S. Credit To Spain Reported 4
12/07/1940 10,000 From U.S. Aid Canada’s War Arm 4
12/07/1940 Use Of Our Ships To Carry Goods Abroad (To English) Favored By Many, Gallup Survey Finds 4
12/07/1940 Hitler Gives (Dr. Sven) Hedin A Job 4
12/07/1940 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Is Attacked By British Writer-(He) ‘Deceived Decent People.’ 6
12/07/1940 $300,000 Sought For Airplane Ambulances To Rescue R. A. F. Pilots Shot Down In Sea 8
12/07/1940 (U.S. Solicitor General Francis Beverley Biddle) Hits State Laws On Alien Registry 8
12/07/1940 (U.S.) Post-War Economy Studied By N. A. M 8
12/07/1940 Mexico Said To Seek Old U.S. Destroyers 8
12/07/1940 Dr. (Heinrich) Bruening Finds U.S. Democracy Safe 8
12/07/1940 (Special Prosecutor, John Harlan) Amen Is Due To Get New Inquiry Funds 19
12/07/1940 Letters From Britain Say Bombings Fail To Spread Terror 20
12/07/1940 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Wins Approval On Notes 21
12/08/1940 Roosevelt Pledges Aid To Greece-Note Hails Greeks 1
12/08/1940 Franco Promises To Stay At Peace; Asks U.S. For $100,000,000 Credit 1
12/08/1940 Interfaith Forum (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) To Ponder Status-To Weigh War Problems 6
12/08/1940 Our 1938 Ship Plan May Help Britain 17
12/08/1940 (N.Y.C.) Rabbis Here Warn Of Help To Nazis 28
12/08/1940 All Aid To Britain Asked Of Congress (By ‘Sons Of America’) 32
12/08/1940 Tokyo Picks Honda As Nanking Envoy (Anti-U.S.) 38
12/08/1940 O’connell Condemns (Pro-) War Propagandists 43
12/08/1940 Group To Get Food To Europe Formed-Hoover Is Honorary Head 44
12/08/1940 Hoover Food Plan Opposed By Women (Mrs. Henry Goddard Leach) 44
12/08/1940 Palestine Sees Rise In War Production 44
12/08/1940 Quaker Official Reports Europe Faces A Food Shortage Of 30% 44
12/08/1940 Vichy Regiments Nation’s Farming 45
12/08/1940 French Prisoners (Of War) Studying German-Barracks Found Modern (Luckenwalde-Dirty Uniforms Noticed By Visitors) 46
12/08/1940 Atlantic Clipper To Pick Up (Col. William J.) Donovan-5 Army Officers On Ship-Believed Bound For London 49
12/08/1940 (Brazilian) Captain Here Tells Of British Seizures (Inside Security Zone Established By American States) 50
12/08/1940 Nazis Face Unrest Among Conquered-Poland Is Worst Plight 54
12/08/1940 Pearl Buck Calls For Full Equality (For Women) 57
12/08/1940 U.S.-Built (War) Planes Ranked With Best 58
12/08/1940 Hoover Puts Hope In The New World 60
12/08/1940 (Mgr. Fulton J.) Sheen Denounces Soviet-U.S. Amity 61
12/08/1940 Harvard Session Scorns Isolation-For Neutrality Change 65
12/08/1940 Urban Colleges Then In Defense D-4
12/08/1940 Vital Decision New On Our Aid To Britain-Arthur Krock E-3
12/08/1940 Britain Fights A Draw, Needs More Aid To Win E-4
12/08/1940 Is War Boom Coming? The Factors Involved-Winthrop W. Case E-7
12/08/1940 Social Upheaval In Britain-James B. Reston Mag. 3
12/08/1940 The Imperturbable Lothian (Picture)-Harold Callender Mag. 3
12/08/1940 The Great American Exodus From The Orient (At U.S. State Department Orders) Mag. 3
12/08/1940 F. D. R. As Architect (Buildings) Mag. 9
12/09/1940 (British Cruiser (‘Diomede’) Ends Dash Of (German) Freighter (‘Idarwald’) From Tampico (Inside American Neutrality Zone Off Coast Of Cuba, Picture & Map-It Seems Possible That The U.S. Navy Cooperated With The British In This Incident) 1&4
12/09/1940 Search For Raider Pushed By British-Repair Of British) Ship (In Montevideo) Rushed 3
12/09/1940 Cardinal O’connell Pleads For Europe-In Talk On 81st Birthday, He Urges Hoover’s Food Plan 4
12/09/1940 (The American Jewish Youth) Would Bar Nazis, Reds (From U.S.) 13
12/09/1940 B’nai B’rith Offers Help (To American Red Cross) 14
12/09/1940 (Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning Warns On False Peace (Supports British) 16
12/09/1940 London Certain Of U.S. Fiscal Aid 29
12/09/1940 Drastic Cut Is Seen In Cotton (Exports) To Japan 29
12/09/1940 Campaign Mapped For (Women’s) Equal Rights 38
12/09/1940 Masonry’s Highest Honor (33 Degree) To Henry Ford (Picture) 38
12/10/1940 Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr. & Harry Dexter White-Born ‘Weit’) Plans ‘Draft’ On Wealth As Aid In Defense 1
12/10/1940 Our Army Expert (Brig. General Raymond E. Lee) In London Called Home For Aid Data 1
12/10/1940 Matsuoka Doubts Conflict With U.S. 1
12/10/1940 Petain Acclaimed By Tunis Throngs 2
12/10/1940 Picture: Damage At Coventry 6
12/10/1940 British Prisoners (Of War In Germany) Said (By Swiss Doctors) To Fare Well 8
12/10/1940 Nazis Protest Aid (Repairs To British Auxiliary Cruiser, ‘Carnavon Castle’) To Raider’s Victim (Repaired At Montevideo, Uruguay-Contrast Treatment Of ‘Graf Spee’ 12
12/10/1940 Idarwald’s Crew Hunted By Cubans-Incident In Neutrality Zone-Protest To London Seen 12
12/10/1940 War Aid To China Hinted In London 16
12/10/1940 Carnegie Peace Fund (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia University, President Of Trustees) Closes Paris Office 18
12/10/1940 Million Jews Aided By American Agency-Joint Distribution Committee’s Work Traced By (James H.) Becker (Chairman Of The National Council) 21
12/10/1940 Era Of Big Fortunes Is Held Ended In U.S. (By Henry H. Heimann) 21
12/10/1940 Thief Executed In Reich (In Magdeburg, Stole Soap, First-Aid Kits, Clothing, Etc. From The Cellers Of Bombed-Out Houses) 21
12/10/1940 Interfaith Appeal Made By O’connor (National Conference Of Christians And Jews-Dr. Everett R. Clinchy) 31
12/10/1940 Negro Girl (Virginia Lewis) Sings At White House (For Eleanor Roosevelt) 33
12/11/1940 U.S. (Roosevelt) Curbs More Exports To Japan-Metals Restricted 1
12/11/1940 Hitler Challenges World Democracy-Holding Nazi Way Richer, He Says Both Systems Cannot Exist-Derides U.S. (Excerpts, P. 4) 1
12/11/1940 Britain Bars Hoover Food Plan As Aiding German War Effort 1
12/11/1940 Defense Officials Get British Data-Balance Sheet’ Of Needs And Resources Is Laid Before Group By (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) 2
12/11/1940 Two German Spies Hanged In London-Had A Secret Jury Trial 3
12/11/1940 Liberty For (Sir Oswald) Mosely Debated In Commons 5
12/11/1940 Carnavon Castle (Repaired In Montevideo) Puts To Sea Again-Nazi Freighter (‘Idarwald’) Scuttled-German Protest Rejected 8
12/11/1940 Pro-American Aided (Kaname Wakasugi) Chosen By Nomura 10
12/11/1940 Britain Will Join In Loans To China 11
12/11/1940 Trucks Held Vital To Britain In War 13
12/11/1940 Reich (Himmler) Bars The (N.Y.) Enquirer 13
12/11/1940 Reich Said To Bomb Netherland Cities (And Blame R. A. F.-By J. H. Huizinga, ‘Famed Dutch Journalist’-Report From London) 14
12/11/1940 Anti-Peace Sentiment Grows In Britain; Feeling Against Hitler Rises, Survey (British Institute Of Public Opinion, Apparently Allied With Gallup Poll) Shows 14
12/11/1940 2-Week War Buying Put At $186,000,000-WPA Spending Increases 15
12/11/1940 (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson (Finally) In Pact With Dies Group 17
12/11/1940 Ships For Britain Called Vital To Us (By Rear Admiral Emory S. Land, Retired) 19
12/11/1940 (Senators) Nye, Capper To Seek Referendum On War 19
12/11/1940 Catholic Laymen Fight Hoover (European Food Relief) Plan-See Aid To Hitler In Move 20
12/11/1940 Hoover Urges His Plan-Asks Industrialists To Back The Feeding Of Hungry Abroad 20
12/11/1940 (Jan) Masaryk Backs (British) Blockade 20
12/11/1940 Policy During War Urged On Churches-Ban On Hatred Stressed 21
12/11/1940 First, Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Favors Planning For Peace 24
12/11/1940 Roosevelt Urges Spread Of Wealth-Hits World Nightmare 24
12/12/1940 Lothian Declares Victory Or Defeat Rests On Our Help (Text, P. 4) 1
12/12/1940 Nazi Vessel (‘Rhein’) Seized By Dutch Warship (Off Cuba) 1
12/12/1940 N. A. M. Calls On U.S. To Define Clearly Our Defense Goals 1
12/12/1940 London Puts Crux Of War Up To Us-Turn In Relations Seen 5
12/12/1940 Weygand Denies Rift With Petain; Holds There Is ‘Only One’ France-General Denounces ‘Propaganda’ Of Britain And U.S. Questioning His Loyalty 8
12/12/1940 Nazis Deny Hitler Aims (Alleged In Recent Speech) To Beat (Conquer) World-They Say Speech Was Misinterpreted In U.S.-Passage Cited 9
12/12/1940 Hull To Push Help For War Neutrals-British Blockade Backed 12
12/12/1940 France Employing Her Warships To Break British Navy’s Blockade 12
12/12/1940 Winter Food Rules Tightened In Vichy-Call Is Issued For Wheat 12
12/12/1940 Friends (Quakers) To Ignore British Blockade 12
12/12/1940 (U.S. State Department) Confirms Reciprocity In Air With Canada 12
12/12/1940 (Hoover) War Food Group To Seek New Plan 13
12/12/1940 World Peace Seen In Reconciliation (At Atlantic City Church Session-’Hitlerism’ Condemned For Its ‘Treacheries’ Paganism And Abysmal Cruelty’) 16
12/12/1940 Peace Held Likely If U.S. Shuns War 18
12/12/1940 Admiral (Ernest J.) King Gets Atlantic Command (Replacing Rear Admiral Hayne Ellis) 20
12/12/1940 Text Of Chairman Davis’s Report On (American) Red Cross Work Here And Abroad 32
12/13/1940 Lord Lothian Dies At 58 In Capital-Tribute By President (Roosevelt) 1
12/13/1940 Lutherans Silent On War Food (Hoover) Plan-Resolution Endorsing Hoover Proposal Tabled-Defense Effort Backed 10
12/13/1940 Delays War (Refugee) Havens On Virgin Islands-Ickes Scorns Red Peril 11
12/13/1940 (U.S.) Allots $40,000,000 For Airports Systems 14
12/13/1940 Ties With America Lothian’s Concern (Picture) 27
12/13/1940 La Guardia Links Lothian And (Lord) Bryce-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Grieves-(Episcopal) Bishop (William T.) Manning Stresses High Character(Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler Concurs) 27
12/14/1940 Ashes Of Lothian Going To Arlington (?) 1
12/14/1940 Britain To Reduce Meat Ration Soon (To Unspecified Amount) 3
12/14/1940 200 (Jewish) Refugees (Palestine Bound From Bulgaria On Old Wooden Sailing Vessel With Small Auxiliary Engine-Flying Uruguayan Flag) Die In Wreck In Gale-180 Of Group Rescued 4
12/14/1940 Aflame For Hours, Rhein Sunk By British-U.S. Naval Officer Says Warship Shelled Hulk Of Nazi Vessel (The British Vessel Was The Cruiser ‘Caradoc’. The Action Took Place Within The American Neutrality Zone And Apparently Was Witnessed By American Naval Forces) 4
12/14/1940 Most Britons Blame All Germans For War, Not Hitler Alone, (British) Institute (For Public Opinion) Survey Indicates (Apparently Headed Also By George Gallup) 6
12/14/1940 France Permits Jew (General Darius Paul Bloch) To Remain In Army 6
12/14/1940 U.S. Understanding A Major Vichy Aim 6
12/14/1940 Lothian Lied, Nazis Say (About German Threat To U.S.) 6
12/14/1940 2 Clippers Resume Interrupted Trips-No Report On (Col. William J. ‘ Wild Bill’) Donovan 7
12/14/1940 Dr. (Isaac) Herzog (Chief Rabbi Of Palestine) On Way Here (To Discuss Fate Of Jewish Religious Colleges In Lithuania) 7
12/15/1940 Laval Ousted, Reported Detained; Flandin, Also Pro-Nazi, Gets Post (Picture, P. 3) 1
12/15/1940 British Press Italians In Libya 1
12/15/1940 Laval And Flandin Long Pro-Germans 3
12/15/1940 Flandin Expected To Aid Riom Trial 3
12/15/1940 (Barnard College) Students Help Britain 3
12/15/1940 New Warsaw Ghetto Described In Berlin-Jews May Leave Walled Area Only With Nazi Permit 7
12/15/1940 Germans Assail British (Blockade) Food Bar 12
12/15/1940 Medical Supplies For Britain Sought-Doctors In Drive Here 13
12/15/1940 Rally To Aid British Fund (‘Bundles For Britain’) 13
12/15/1940 Japan Tightening Mobilization Law 14
12/15/1940 (Jewish) Refugee Ship (From Bulgaria, Flying Uruguayan Flag) Death Toll 223 (See Dec. 14, 1940, P. 4) 14
12/15/1940 U.S. (Embassy) Clerk (Elizabeth Deegan, Accused Of Helping British Officers Escape) In Paris Released By Nazis (Diplomatic Immunity?-Mrs. Etta Kahn Shiber Still Held) 20
12/15/1940 Reduced Meat Diet Ordered In Britain (‘Smaller Portions’)-Lloyd George In Warning 26
12/15/1940 (Col. William J.) Donovan Reaches Lisbon ‘Hopes’ To Go To London (Organizing His ‘Oss’?) 30
12/15/1940 Lisbon’s Refugees Now Put At 8,000-5,424 Jews Left Italy In Drive 32
12/15/1940 Letters From Britain Reveal Life Of People Who Are In The Front Line Of Air War 42
12/15/1940 U.S. Opinion Shifts On Lst World War-Belief Is Growing That We Did Right In Entering Conflict, Gallup Survey Finds-Sharp Change In Trend 48
12/15/1940 Refugee Needs Affect Schools d-4
12/15/1940 Reich Not Yet Socialistic E-4
12/15/1940 British Firmly Oppose Feeding The Continent E-4
12/15/1940 Destroyer Transfer (By U.S. To Britain On Roosevelt’s Authority) Remains Bone Of Legal Contention E-8
12/15/1940 Japan’s Fascist March-Hugh Byas Mag. 4
12/15/1940 R. A. F.’ Tough Guy (Sir Hugh [‘Stuffy’] Dowding) Mag. 5
12/15/1940 Grand Old Lady Of Palestine (Henrietta Szold) Mag. 11
12/16/1940 Details Of Laval’s Plot (Against Petain); Sought Dictatorship, War On Britain 1
12/16/1940 Roosevelt Hints Of Crisis In Saying ‘If World Survives’ 1
12/16/1940 34 Educators Urge Full Mobilization (Of U.S.) 1
12/16/1940 Napoleon And Son Lie In Same Tomb 3
12/16/1940 Survivor Describes Refugee Ship Sinking (Dec. 14, 1940, P. 4) 4
12/16/1940 (George Backer, N.Y. Post) Urges U.S. Break With Axis Powers 6
12/16/1940 Nazi Freighter (‘Klaus Schoke’) Captured (By British Warshlp) 9
12/16/1940 President (Roosevelt) To Spur Rearmament Drive 10
12/16/1940 Southerners (Southern Regional Council) Ask All Aid To Britain 15
12/16/1940 (James G. Mc. Donald, Chairman Of Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee Of Refugees) Predicts Alliance Of Jew And Arab (In Palestine)-Easier Entry (Into Palestine By Jews) Is Sought-Aid For Britain Is Supported 15
12/16/1940 (Episcopal Bishop, Willlam T.) Manning Sees Peril In A ‘False Peace’ 16
12/16/1940 (Columbia University’s Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Condemns Isolation As Folly 19
12/16/1940 Reich’s War Debt Up Nearly 100% 33
12/16/1940 French Cooperation With Reich Outlined 33
12/17/1940 Britain Requests Our Financial Aid-Morgenthau (Henry, Jr.) Indicates Approach In Series Of Consultations 1
12/17/1940 Refugees Describe Sinking In (Atlantic) Midocean 3
12/17/1940 Joint (U.S.-Canadian Defense) Board Meets Here On Defense 4
12/17/1940 Mexican Envoy Opens Talks On U.S. Issues-Confers With Sumner Welles-Oil (Property Expropriated By Mexico) Adjustment Hinted At 5
12/17/1940 Excalibur Brings Huge Load Of Mail (From Europe Via British Censor In Bermuda) 7
12/17/1940 U.S. Navy Role Stirs Comment At Berlin-’Interest’ Voiced In Relation To Idarwald-Rhein Incidents (Possibly Sunk With U.S. Assistance) 8
12/17/1940 Property Of Jews In Alsace Is Confiscated; Finer Furnishings Sent To Reich By Trainload 13
12/17/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Gives $100 To Open China Fund 19
12/17/1940 (U.S. Gift Of $20,000) To Equip 30 (British Sea-) Rescue Shlps 19
12/18/1940 Roosevelt Would Lend Arms To Britain 1
12/18/1940 British Storm Bardia, Take More Forts 1
12/18/1940 Britain Again Goes Bomb-Free For Day 5
12/18/1940 Mobile Kitchens (From U.S. As Gift) To Go To Great Britain (Picture) 5
12/18/1940 Swiss Charge British With Bombing Basle-Protest Demands Reparations-Four Persons Were Killed 5
12/18/1940 Warship (British Auxiliary Cruiser, ‘Queen Of Bermuda’) Due In Uruguay 5
12/18/1940 (U.S.) Bans Longer Visit By ‘Nazi’ Princess (Stephanie Hohenlohe Waldenburg Schillingsfurst) 6
12/18/1940 300 Nazis (From ‘Columbus’, Scuttled, Crew Interned By U.S.) Shifted To New Mexico Camp 6
12/18/1940 U.S. Diplomat (Robert Murphy) To Inspect Posts In French Africa 8
12/18/1940 (Group In U.S.) Wants Refugees (In France) Freed 8
12/18/1940 Roosevelt’s (‘Lending’) Plan Favored In Britain 10
12/18/1940 More War Buying (By England) Hinges On U.S. Aid-(Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Says That Britain Cannot Place New Orders Here Without Our ($$$$$) Help 10
12/18/1940 Speedy Aid To Britain Urged By Clare Boothe (Later ‘Luce’) In Plea For United Support For Roosevelt 11
12/18/1940 New Group (‘No Foreign War Committee’) Fights War’ Involvement 12
12/18/1940 British Housewife To Die As Spy For Making Map And Cutting Wires-First Woman (In England) To Draw Death Penalty For Espionage-Third Of German Agents Tried Last Week Is Hanged 16
12/18/1940 Britain Discounts (German) Peace Overtures 16
12/18/1940 (Jewish) Women Of (American) Ort Give $5,000 For England 17
12/18/1940 Advertisement, The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies: ‘Speak Up America’ (Full Page) 29
12/18/1940 (Harold Leclair) Ickes Denounces ‘Appeasers’ Here 30
12/19/1940 Three Man Council To Speed Defense Is Approved At White House Parley 1
12/19/1940 British Get Go Ahead Signal On Arms-London Is Assured-White House Advises That $3,000,000,000 Orders Be Placed (If There Was Any Mention Of Congressional Sanction, I Missed It!) 1
12/19/1940 Britons Foresee More U.S. Effort 4
12/19/1940 H. G. Wells Asks ‘Vigorous’ Aid For Britain 4
12/19/1940 U.S. May Take Over 37 Danish Vessels-Danes Willing To Sell4 Berlin Is Silent On U.S. (British) Aid Plan 4
12/19/1940 President (Roosevelt) Scored By ‘No War’ Group-Sees 1917 Acts Repeated 5
12/19/1940 Picture: Col. William J. Donovan In London After Lunching With Winston Churchill 5
12/19/1940 (Dutch) Princess Juliana White House Guest (Picture) 7
12/19/1940 Vichy Regime Retires 47 Jewish Employees 11
12/19/1940 (Joseph C.) Grew Tells Tokyo Facts Are Judged-Good Intentions Are Not Enough 11
12/19/1940 (U.S. State Department) Aid 2,000 Refugees To Leave War Zone 16
12/20/1940 British Order 60 Freighters Here-Ship Deal Is Signed 1
12/20/1940 Appeasers Called ‘Enemies Of Mankind’ (By N.Y. Senator Robert F. Wagner) 4
12/20/1940 J. P. Warburg Sees Dupes Aiding Nazis-Isolationists And All Who Are Indifferent To Need Of Britain Are Warned-Speech Of Hitler Cited 5
12/20/1940 Ships May Be Seized By South Americans 5
12/20/1940 (Goeffrey) Haggard (British Consul General, N.Y. City) Praises Help Given (Britain) By U.S. 6
12/20/1940 Loan To Britain Favored, Gallup Survey Indicates 6
12/20/1940 Britain Presents List Of War Needs 7
12/20/1940 Britain May Forbid Anti-War Meetings 8
12/20/1940 Admiral (William D.) Leahy Will Go To Europe On Cruiser To Assume Post Of Ambassador To France 9
12/20/1940 Vatican Broadcast Denounces Nazism (Monitored By Cbs Listening Station) 9
12/20/1940 Japan Navy Chiefs Confer In Shanghai 9
12/20/1940 U.S. And Uruguay To Raise Envoys (To Ambassadors) 12
12/20/1940 Mexico Is Reported Ready To Cooperate (With U.S.) 12
12/20/1940 U.S. Destroyer At Corinto 12
12/20/1940 Americans To Hail Miss Szold At 80-President (Roosevelt) And Wife Among 94,000 13
12/20/1940 Barnard Girls Raise $2,000 To Aid British 16
12/20/1940 Members Of (German-American) Bund Reported In Army 17
12/20/1940 Lehman Proposes Big Defense Outlay 17
12/20/1940 War Department Gets 3 New Aides (Patterson, Mc Cloy & Lovett) 18
12/20/1940 (O. John) Rogge Resigns Post On (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson’s Staff (Prosecuted Survivors Of Huey Long Ring) 19
12/20/1940 2,000 Will Attend Ball Aiding Allies 31
12/21/1940 President (Roosevelt) Names A Four-Man Board For Defense Drive 1
12/21/1940 British Victory Is Seen By (Col. William J.) Donovan In London 1
12/21/1940 President (Roosevelt) Commends His Envoy (Admiral William D. Leahy) To Petain-Personal Letter Of Introduction 3
12/21/1940 Marshal Smigly-Rydz (Picture) Escapes In Rumania; Gestapo Hunts Poland’s Former Strong Man 4
12/21/1940 Anti-Jewish Law Is Passed In Sofia-Government Jobs Barred (Also Bans Masons And Anti-National Propaganda) 4
12/21/1940 British Turn (Covetous) Eyes To Axis Ships Here (In U.S. Ports) 4
12/21/1940 Argentine Packers Give Beef To Britain-6,000 Head Of Cattle Donated 5
12/21/1940 Axis, Japan Set Up Joint War Boards 6
12/21/1940 Amity Up To U.S. Tokyo Press Says 6
12/21/1940 Nazis Renew Advice To South America (About U.S. Intentions) 6
12/21/1940 (U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson Orders Inquiry On (German-American) Bund 8
12/21/1940 Governor (Herbert Lehman) Warns Of (U.S.) Complacency 10
12/22/1940 Germany Warns U.S. On (German) Ship Seizures; Washington Calm Over War ‘Threat’-Nazis See War Step-Spokesman Accuses U.S. Of ‘Moral Aggression’ And Pinpricks-Recall Of 3 (U.S. Embassy) Aides (In Paris, Accused Of Anti-German Activities-Elizabeth Deegan, Accused Of Helping British Officers Escape And Two Others) Asked (Pictures, P. 5) 1
12/22/1940 German-Born U.S. Citizen Taken Off (U.S.) Ship (‘Excambion’) By British (At Bermuda) 1
12/22/1940 Halifax To Succeed Lothian 1
12/22/1940 Nazis Fail To Sway U.S. Policy Of Help (For Britain) 1
12/22/1940 Pictures: (Lustgarten & Cathedral) Where R. A. F. Dropped Bombs In Latest And Most Severe Raid On Berlin 2
12/22/1940 $744,305 Received For Aid Of British (From U.S.) 4
12/22/1940 Peace Aims Tied In With Pope’s Suggested By British Protestant And Catholic Leaders 4
12/22/1940 Fund ($15,000,000) For Refugees (Spanish ‘Republicans’ in France) Asked 4
12/22/1940 U.S. Urged (By Committee For Stranded Americans In Britain, Lewis Israels) To Help Stranded Americans 5
12/22/1940 British See Bluff As Nazis War U.S. 5
12/22/1940 War Costing Half Of Briton’s Income 7
12/22/1940 Naming Of Halifax No Surprise Here 12
12/22/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Pleases Vichy By Hurrying To Post 13
12/22/1940 Pilgrimage Pleads For Starving Europe 14
12/22/1940 Internment Camps In France Scored (Apparently By Jewish ‘Intellectuals’) 14
12/22/1940 Konoye Reported Attacked In Tokyo 17
12/22/1940 Nazi Ships In Japan May Become Raiders 17
12/22/1940 Hull Denies Story Of ($100,000,Ooo) Loan For Spain 18
12/22/1940 Letters From Britain Reflect Popular Reaction To Bombs, Politics And Restrictions Of War Time 22
12/22/1940 Trujillo (Of The Dominican Republic) Borrows $3,000,000 From U.S. 25
12/22/1940 (U.S. Att’y. General, Robert H.) Jackson Promises Aliens ‘Square Deal’ 27
12/22/1940 Regular (U.S.) Army Up To 400,000 Total 27
12/22/1940 (U.S. Conscientious) Objectors Going Into Work Camps 27
12/22/1940 (Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning’s Prayer Is Peace, Justice-(Rev. Henry St. George) Tucker (Episcopal Bishop) Urges New Faith 29
12/22/1940 President (Roosevelt) Sends Greetings To CCC 29
12/22/1940 Shrapnel (Fragments As Decoration) For Yule Tree (At Child Refugee Colony Of The Foster Parents Plan For War Children, Stokes, England-Mrs. Edna Blue, Executive Chairman Of The U.S. Organization) 29
12/22/1940 Hadassah (500 Chapters In U.S. & Palestine) Honors Miss (Henriette) Szold (Founder & ‘Prophetess In Israel’) At 80-$25,000 Fund Sent To Her 32
12/22/1940 Black Boy Scout Drive-Lehman And La Guardia Aid-Appeal For $430,400 34
12/22/1940 (Women’s) Clubs’ Council Now Surveying Defense Work D-4
12/22/1940 (Women’s) Group Training For War Flying D-4
12/22/1940 Child Frustration Breeds Race Hatred-Columbia (University) Scientist (Anthropologist Dr. Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu) Asserts Punishment Of Baby May Be Seed Of War D-4
12/22/1940 (Ohio State) Would Rebuild Teachers Courses To Help Nation D-6
12/22/1940 Columbia’s (University) Football Squad Leads College In Scholastic Averages For Winter Term D-6
12/22/1940 N.Y. U. Widens Cultural Course D-7
12/22/1940 Creative Courses Gaining At Brown (University) D-7
12/22/1940 Nazis Stripped French Plants Of Machinery Aiming To Make Nation Vassal, (‘Foreign’) Traders Say (‘Traders’ Are Bitter Over Suggestion Of Sending Food To France Or Any Occupied Country-Claimed It Was Used For Propaganda Even Though It Is Not Confiscated By The Germans) F-7
12/22/1940 The News Of The Week In Review-Ships And Planes-Two Vital Problems For Britain E-1
12/22/1940 Nazis Show Irritation Over U.S. Aid To Britain-Berlin Spokesmen Declares United States Attitude In The War Is Now Approaching ‘Insupportability’ E-3
12/22/1940 Size Of (U.S.) Defense Plan Depends On War Aims-One Large Query Remains (U.S. Involvement In War)-Arthur Krock E-3
12/22/1940 Petain Role That Of France’s Savior E-4
12/22/1940 Poland’s Writers In (London) Exile Book 8
12/22/1940 Picture: (Roosevelt & Falla)-A New Member Of The White House Roto. 3
12/23/1940 R. A. F. Raids From Norway To Italy 1
12/23/1940 (Anthony Eden Succeeds Halifax In Foreign Post 1
12/23/1940 Santa Fills Bags For (250 British) Refugees (And Their Mothers-Sponsored By ‘The English Speaking Union’) 1
12/23/1940 Choice Of Halifax (As Ambassador To U.S. From Churchill’s Government) Is Made Official-King Names Him Envoy To U.S. 1
12/23/1940 Turks Suggest U.S. Part In War-Entry (Of U.S. Into War) Without Sending Troops To Europe Proposed By Istanbul Editor-Full Aid To British Seen 2
12/23/1940 Soviet Held Fearful Of German Victory (Washington Report) 2
12/23/1940 Rome Backs Nazis In Warning To U.S.-Gayda Says We Court Trouble With Axis By Persisting In Aid To British 3
12/23/1940 All Berlin’s Shops Are Jammed On Final Sunday Hunt For Gifts 3
12/23/1940 Nazi-Vichy ‘Accord’ Seen As Possible 6
12/23/1940 Dr. (William F.) Russell (Columbia University) Warns On U.S. Education (Americans Must Be Taught That They March In A Great Procession Of Democracy; That Compared To Adolf Hitler, We Have Been Longer On The March, In Better Company, To A Nobler End’) 6
12/23/1940 Jewish Groups (Hsias) Seek $1,000,000 For Exiles 6
12/23/1940 Uruguayans Warm To British Mission-Vie With Each Other In Backing War Aims-Unity With U.S. Interests Stressed 3
12/23/1940 Anti-War Group (‘No-Foreign War Committee’) Asks Public Aid 9
12/23/1940 $25,000 For (British) Children Is Cabled To London (By U.S. ‘Save The Children Foundation’) 11
12/23/1940 (Jewish) Boycotters Oppose (U.S.) Food For Europeans (Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress & The Jewish Labor Committee-300 Delegates, Hotel Astor)-Women Of Joint Council Assert Relief Lies In British Victory 11
12/23/1940 Girl Scouts Give War Aid To Britain 15
12/23/1940 Jewish (Welfare) Aid Increased 16
12/23/1940 World Justice Seen Doomed If Nazis Win (By Rabbi Dr. Samuel H. Goldenson) 17
12/23/1940 Excess Supplies Alarm Wheat Men (But None For Europe!) 29
12/23/1940 Holders Of Lock Boxes In France Must Submit Securities And Gems To Reich For ‘Blocking’ 29
12/23/1940 Yacht Sale (By Dr. Herman B. Baruch, Brother Of Bernard M. Baruch) Wins Approval Of U.S. 37
12/24/1940 Churchill Bids Italy Oust Mussolini (Text, P. 5) 1
12/24/1940 Germans Rain Bombs On Manchester (Textile Center) 1
12/24/1940 Roosevelt Weighs Mass Planes Plan 1
12/24/1940 Prince Olaf Arrives In Clipper, Says Nazis Take Norway’s Food (Picture, P. 16) 1
12/24/1940 Big Textile Center (Manchester) Ravaged By Nazis 1
12/24/1940 Mannheim Blasted Steadily By R. A. F 1
12/24/1940 British Prisoners (Of War) Kept Snug In Italy 2
12/24/1940 Britain Reinforces Singapore Defenses 2
12/24/1940 U.S. Foreign Policy Disturbing To Tokyo (‘The Japan Times And Advertiser’’-English Language Newspaper In Japan Controlled By The Japanese Foreign Office) 2
12/24/1940 Nazis Report Accord With Soviet On Trade 2
12/24/1940 Picture: German Bombs Wreck One Of The Oldest Buildings Of British Parliament (Cloisters) 3
12/24/1940 Reich Watching U.S. Aid (To England) 3
12/24/1940 End Of Neutrality Urged In Uruguay (‘Public Opinion And ‘Leading Newspapers’’)-Tie To London Stressed-Policy Of Non Belligerence Is Favored With The Opening Of Port (Montevideo) To British Warships 4
12/24/1940 (Eddie) Rickenbacker Thinks U.S. Will Enter War (To Support England) 4
12/24/1940 Strikes Forbidden Under Contract Between C.I.O. And Plane Company (Brewster Aeronautical Corp’n.) 6
12/24/1940 25 Child Refugees (185 Passengers) Here On Escambion-(William L.) Shirer (Cbs Correspondent In Berlin) Back From Berlin (Children From France, Austria, Czecho-Slovakia & Russia-Travelled Through Spain To Portugal) 7
12/24/1940 (William Allen) White Says Motive (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Is Shunning Of War-Declares His Group Opposes Repeal Of The Johnson Act Or Neutrality Law Change 7
12/25/1940 Reich Said To Plan Two-Day Air Truce If British Also Refrain From Raiding 1
12/25/1940 Nation (U.S.) Will See Gayest Christmas Since The (1929) Slump (Stock Market ‘Crash’) 1
12/25/1940 Pope Voices Plea For ‘A Just Peace’ (Text, P. 7) 1
12/25/1940 Britain’s Bombers Hit Invasion Ports (Boulogne, Dunkerque & Ostend) 2
12/25/1940 Picture: After A German Bomber Flew Over A British Industrial City (Manchester, Textile Center) 4
12/25/1940 Tripoli Is Bombed Heavily By British 5
12/25/1940 Full Canadian Corps Is Formed In Britain 7
12/25/1940 (U.S.) Episcopalians Send Greetings To Britain 8
12/25/1940 Mrs. (Elizabeth) Deegan (U.S. Clerk Accused By Germans Of Aiding The Escape Of A British Officer) In Lisbon 8
12/25/1940 Crucial 90 Days Seen For Britain (By Arthur Purvis, Head Of British Munitions Purchasing Mission In U.S.) 10
12/25/1940 Lindbergh Praises (William Allen) White (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Statement (On Intent Of Committee To Shun War And Not Change Neutrality Act!) 14
12/25/1940 Anne (Morrow) Lindbergh Asks Food For Europeans 14
12/25/1940 (White Committee Supports President (Roosevelt) On Help For Britain 14
12/25/1940 (General Robert E.) Wood (‘America First Committee’) Hails William Allen) White’s (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Views 14
12/25/1940 $3,000 More For Children (By The Children’s Crusade For Children) 14
12/25/1940 ‘Neutral’ Lisbon Strong For British 19
12/25/1940 Ex-Slaves (Negroes In Atlanta Aged 90-107) Pray We Stay At Peace 20
12/25/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Dashes On Holiday Rounds Exiles In Britain Mark Holiday Eve 23
12/25/1940 Froeliche Weihnachten (Report From Berlin) 23
12/25/1940 Let Christmas Spur Us On To Fight For Peace For The United States Of America! ‘For Us To Attempt To Reform All Europe And Bring Them Back To Principles Of Morality And A Respect For The Equal Rights Of Nations, Would Show Us To Be Only Maniacs Of Another Character.’-Thomas Jefferson, 1/2 New York Enquirer 24
12/25/1940 Spellman Pleads For World Peace 25
12/26/1940 Air Truce On-No Raids In Britain-Germany Is Also Calm 1
12/26/1940 Anti-War Groups Redouble Efforts To Sway President (Roosevelt) 1
12/26/1940 De Valera Seeks U.S. Food And Guns 1
12/26/1940 Evacuees On (U.S.) Radio Speak To Parents (In England) 2
12/26/1940 Tyrants Warned (By Dean James P. De Wolfe) God Will Prevail 3
12/26/1940 La Guardia Greets London In Broadcast; Says Millions In U.S. Prayed For Britain 3
12/26/1940 1,600 Ships In World’s Navies 7
12/26/1940 British Deny Plea For Uruguay’s Aid-Suggestion Of An Open Port For British Warships Said To Be Of Popular Origin-Nazi Statement Ignored 13
12/26/1940 (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) Says Defense Rush Will Help Farmer 21
12/27/1940 Roosevelt To Specify Aid To Britain 1
12/27/1940 Plant Conversion (To Defense Work) Urged By Lehman 1
12/27/1940 Britain Maintains Vigil During (Bombing) Truce 1
12/27/1940 Halifax Held Free Of Munich Outlook-He Resisted Chamberlain 2
12/27/1940 (Col. William J.) Donovan Leaves London (For Undisclosed Destination) 2
12/27/1940 U.S. Labor Group (A. F. Of L.) To Assist British 4
12/27/1940 (Sir Walter) Layton (Churchill’s Minister Of Supply) Puts U.S. Aid At Apex Next Year-Warns.Britons Not To Expect Too Much From This Country Too Soon 4
12/27/1940 Dixie Clipper Off; Carries (Diphtheria) Antitoxin 4
12/27/1940 Appeal (To Roosevelt By 150 ‘Citizens’-Names Listed) For Full Aid To Great Britain 4
12/27/1940 Many Think Nazis Map Wide Slavery 5
12/27/1940 (Dutch) East Indies Firm On Oil (Limitation) For Japan 6
12/27/1940 China Seen Firmer As Conflict Lasts 6
12/27/1940 More U.S. Pressure Predicted In Tokyo (By Japanese Press, Nichi Nichi) 6
12/27/1940 Mexican Bill Gives U.S. Use Of (Mexican) Airports-New Defense Link Seen 7
12/27/1940 President (Roosevelt) Maps A Shipping Drive-British (Ship) Plight In Mind 8
12/27/1940 More Inside Data On Foreign Policy (‘Foreign Relations Of The United States’-Two Volumes (1925)-Warning On German Loans Noted) 9
12/27/1940 (Robert) Moses Bars Toll Cut; ‘Hitler’ (-Like) Says Lyons 13
12/27/1940 $12,000,000 Is Goal In Palestine Drive (For The United Palestine Appeal) 15
12/27/1940 Joan Morgenthau (Henry, Jr.’s Daughter) Bows In Capital-President (Roosevelt) And First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Are Hosts 17
12/27/1940 Mrs. Edward M. House Dies At Home Here 20
12/27/1940 British Imports Off In November 30
12/28/1940 Nazis Again Bomb London-Yule Lull At End 1
12/28/1940 R. A. F. Pounds Nazi Bases-Bordeaux And Lorient Under Attack Two Nights-Heavy Damage In Reich Reported 1
12/28/1940 Tanker (Under Panamanian Registry & Flag) Manned By U.S. Crew Sunk On Way To Africa-Cause Of Loss Unknown 1
12/28/1940 Nazis Bid U.S. Shun Eire In Sending Aid (To England) 1
12/28/1940 Palestine Suspends Immigrant Quota 2
12/28/1940 British Accused By Nazis On Truce 3
12/28/1940 (William Allen) White Unit (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Widens British Aid Stand (Contrary To W. A. White’s Stand)-Strong Statement By 16,000 Here Say ‘ ‘Warmonger’ Cry Will Not Deter Them-(Major General John F.) O’ryan Threatens To Quit (Rejects White’s Shunning Of War & Support Of Neutrality Act) 3
12/28/1940 President (Roosevelt) To Get No-War Telegram-White Group (As Opposed To William Allen White Himself) Attacked 3
12/28/1940 Exporting To Eire Curbed By Britain 3
12/28/1940 Soap Shortage In Reich Booms Electric Razors 3
12/28/1940 Britain Completing Netherlands’ Fleet 3
12/28/1940 British Say U.S. Sent 743 Planes In A Year 3
12/28/1940 Gurs (Concentration) Camp Shocks (F. Sahlman, Of Portuguese) Red Cross Officer-He Finds 12,000 Overcrowded And Living On Rations For 9,000 In Pyrenees-6,000 Jews From Reich (Baden And Palatinate)-French Administration Said To He Doing Its Best With Inadequate Supplies 4
12/28/1940 U.S. Warned (By Dr. Horatio S. Krans, Director, American University Union Of Paris At Columbia University Luncheon) Against Same Internal Forces That Led France To A National Disaster 4
12/28/1940 Germans Take Over Dutch Radio Stations 4
12/28/1940 Nazis Release (Prof. Paul) Langevin 4
12/28/1940 Germany Is Cold To Petain’s Offer-Nazi Mistrust Continues 5
12/28/1940 U.S. Signs Pact To Aid Argentine Exchange 6
12/28/1940 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Defines His ‘Just Peace’-Wouldn’t Urge Britain On 7
12/28/1940 Lehman Asks Arms Speed 7
12/28/1940 War Is Chief Topic As Historians (American Historical Association) Meet 8
12/28/1940 (Brooks Enemy) Says Our Policies Hold Peril Of War 8
12/28/1940 Reich Has Minister (Hans Thomsen) Here (Highest Ranking German Diplomat) 8
12/28/1940 British Authorize Fund For U.S. Films-Total Put At $12,900,000 21
12/29/1940 R. A. F. Blasts Invasion Ports With 100 Bombs A Minute-Boulogne Suffers (Map, P. 8) 1
12/29/1940 Intense Nazi Raids Pound British City (Chatham, 2 Hospitals Hit) 3
12/29/1940 (U.S. Students) Aid Bundles For Britain 3
12/29/1940 Picture: American Relief Workers In England 4
12/29/1940 Japan Said To Arm 12 German Raiders (‘Reports’)-U.S. Officials On Watch 5
12/29/1940 End Of British Cash Predicted By Fall 7
12/29/1940 Fascist Law (Concerning Jewish-Christian Marriages) Is Deplored (By Hungarian Cardinal Justinian Seredi) 7
12/29/1940 Churchill’s Idea (Deposing Mussolini) Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 8
12/29/1940 (U.S.) Voters Favor Aid At Risk Of War (60%-Gallup Poll)-(Former) Trend Exactly Reversed 8
12/29/1940 Peace Plea By 3,500 Sent To Roosevelt-No Foreign War Group 10
12/29/1940 Mayor (La Guardia) Censures (William Allen) White (Nominal Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies For Statement Supporting Shunning Of War And Acceptance And Support Of Neutrality Act) Statement-Accuses Kansan Of ‘Doing A Typical Laval’ 10
12/29/1940 (William Allen) White Group Split Denied By (‘National’ Or Actual) Director (Clark M. Eichelberger, Director Of The League Of Nations Association & The Union For Concerted Peace Efforts, Committee For Peace Through Revision Of The Neutrality Act, The Commission To Study The Organization Of Peace-See Johnson, Walter, The Battle Against Isolation-A Man Named General Robert Lawrence Eichelberger Headed The West Point Military Academy) 10
12/29/1940 British-Nazi Air War Viewed As Deadlock 10
12/29/1940 (Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint Boycott Council Of American Jewish Congress & Jewish Labor Committee) Sees Nazi Grip On West 10
12/29/1940 U.S. Going Fascist, Students Declare-American Union Denounces The Roosevelt Defense Plan As A Blow To Freedom-Assails Aid To Britain-Denounces (William Allen) White (Clark Eichelberger) Committee As ‘‘Warmonger’ 11
12/29/1940 Italians Warn U.S. On Help To Britain 12
12/29/1940 New Youth Group For Aid To Britain (Harvard-Swarthmore)-Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Is Heard 12
12/29/1940 (General Robert E. Wood, America First Committee) Urges No-War Stand 12
12/29/1940 Egypt’s Vote Held Bar To Active War 13
12/29/1940 British Must Win, (British Consul General In N.Y. City, Goeffrey) Haggard Declares 13
12/29/1940 Letters From Britain Reveal The People’s Spirit 14
12/29/1940 3 Faiths Leaders Plead For Britain 14
12/29/1940 Nazi Troops Face Yugoslav Border-New Hitler Shift Is Seen 15
12/29/1940 Parisians Listen To British Radio (Bbc)-War Bulletins Are Main Topic 16
12/29/1940 French Children Give Petain Surprise Yule 16
12/29/1940 Vichy Drafts Plan To Welcome (Admiral William D.) Leahy 17
12/29/1940 Havana Conference (Pan-American Cooperation Stressed) Ends 17
12/29/1940 (Dr. Robert M.) Hutchins Assays U.S. Preparedness-Must Know Our Goal 19
12/29/1940 (Sumner) Welles Answers Report Of (State Department) Discord (See Much Later Entries-He Is Forced To Leave!) 19
12/29/1940 Historians (American Historical Association) Cheer Axis Denunciation (By President Of Columbia University, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler)-Guarding Of Truth Urged 21
12/29/1940 (Scientists) Ask Us To Protect (To Take Over Leadership Of) Science Of World 22
12/29/1940 (Swarthmore Professor, Robert C. Brooks, President Of American Political Science Association) Sees Dark Future If Despotism Wins (European War) 23
12/29/1940 (Alvin Johnson) Finds War Trend Ruling In Schools D-6
12/29/1940 Cartoon: ‘Lets Get The Ball (Snowball) Rolling’-Sufficient Aid (To Britain) To Crush Hitler E-2
12/29/1940 Roosevelt Sway Over New Congress Indicated-The President Is Expected To Have His Way On Question Of Aid To Britain E-3
12/29/1940 Look To The President (Roosevelt) To Put End To Apathy-Arthur Krock E-3
12/29/1940 British Face Calmly A Crucial War Year-Raymond Daniell E-4
12/29/1940 Germans Resisted In Occupied Areas E-4
12/29/1940 Nazis Careful In Comment On U.S.-Percival Knauth E-4
12/29/1940 Germans And Russians Manoeuvre In Balkans (Map) E-5
12/29/1940 (U.S.) Foreign Policy Changed Under Pressure Of (European) War E-7
12/29/1940 San Francisco Bay Area Booming (Armament) E-7
12/29/1940 Carlyle, Thomas, Journey To Germany, Autumn, 1858, Ed. R. A. E. Brooks, Yale Univ. Press, New Haven Book 5
12/29/1940 (German Invasion) Or Is It ‘The Wave Of The Past’? Mag. 3
12/30/1940 Capital Prepares For Early (U.S.) Action (On British Aid) 1
12/30/1940 Roosevelt Calls For Greater Aid To Britain As Best Way To Halt Dictators And Avert War; Nazis Set Big London Fires-’Axis Will Not Win’-Arsenal Our Role-Bars Peace Move While Nazis Seek ‘To Conquer The World’ (Text, P. 6-Picture, P. 7) 1
12/30/1940 (German) Sea Raider Routed (By British) 1
12/30/1940 British Wish Help Of U.S. On Eire Bases (Map, P. 4) 1
12/30/1940 Air Raid Destroys Historical (Jewish) Museum (In England) 3
12/30/1940 (Roosevelt) Address Is Spur To British Hopes 7
12/30/1940 Axis Spurns Peace By U.S. Mediation-(Bbc) Broadcast To Reich 7
12/30/1940 ‘Extremely Interesting’ Nazi Comment On (Roosevelt) Speech 7
12/30/1940 Roosevelt Pictures Ireland Under Reich 7
12/30/1940 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Charges War Propaganda 8
12/30/1940 College Students Shun War Issues 8
12/30/1940 (American) Jewish Congress Plans British Aid-To Purchase 200 Field Kitchens-Backs (U.S.) Defense Program 9
12/30/1940 President (Roosevelt) Is Asked (By American Student Union) Not To Aid Britain-War Called Imperialist 9
12/30/1940 (The Ann Arbor Committee For National Defense) Tells What (German) Victory Might Give Germany (Anti-German) 9
12/30/1940 New Nation (Java) Rising In The East Indies-Japan Will Be Resisted 10
12/30/1940 Quislingists Bid Church Back Nazis 10
12/30/1940 ‘Dark Age’ Of News Seen In (German Only!) Censorship (By Otto D. Tolischus, N.Y. Times, Berlin-Pulitzer Prize Winner) 10
12/30/1940 Italy Places Food Under A Dictator (Guiseppi Tassinari) 12
12/30/1940 (Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning Asks Aid For Britain Now 15
12/30/1940 (Dr. James H. S. Bossard) Says War Crushes Relief In Justice 19
12/30/1940 Prosperity In U.S. Forecast By Dutch (In Amsterdam) 27
12/30/1940 Serious Farm Loss By War Reported-Sales To Britain Reduced 35
12/31/1940 Vern Marshall (Head Of No Foreign War Committee) Tells Of An Offer Of Peace By Nazis-Flown To U.S. By Oil Man (William Rhodes Davis In Oct., 1939)-Initialed By Goering-Terms Called ‘Just’-Not Feasible (U.S.) State Dept. Found 1
12/31/1940 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Offers ‘Quick’ Peace Plan (Text, P. 4) 1
12/31/1940 Roosevelt Confers On British Aid, May Also Help Greece And China-President (Roosevelt) To Act 1
12/31/1940 London’s Historic Sites In Ruins-Ancient Guildhall And Historic Churches 1
12/31/1940 Berlin Is Cautious On Roosevelt Talk 1
12/31/1940 Big Group Quits (American) Youth Congress 1
12/31/1940 Guildhall Housed Many Treasures-(Christopher) Wren Churches Struck (Map, P. 2) 2
12/31/1940 Churchill Rebukes Question On Peace-’When We Have Beaten Them,’ He Replies 2
12/31/1940 Oil Base In Borneo Heavily Fortified-Strait Is Now Patrolled 2
12/31/1940 Anhalter Station In Berlin Damaged 3
12/31/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Reaches Lisbon 3
12/31/1940 (William Allen) White Policy Board (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Supports President (Roosevelt) Denying Repudiation Of Group’s Leader (W. A. White, Who Advocated Spurning War And Supported Neutrality Act Without Amendments) 4
12/31/1940 M’carran (Supporting Roosevelt’s Policy Of Aiding England) Warns Of ‘Danger Sign’-Austin Praises (Roosevelt’s) Speech-Sheppard Gives Enthusiastic Approval 4
12/31/1940 Press Comments Favorably On (Roosevelt) Talk (Summary Of Reaction In Various Parts Of Country) 4
12/31/1940 Nation Seen Rallied By President’s (Roosevelt’s) Talk (By Dr. James Bryant Conant Of Harvard, Etc.) 4
12/31/1940 British To Curb Cotton 4
12/31/1940 London Heartened (By Roosevelt’s Talk) But Urges Speed (From U.S.) 5
12/31/1940 (A. F. Of L., William) Green Welcomes (Roosevelt’s) ‘Convincing’ Talk 5
12/31/1940 Swedes Criticize Roosevelt Remark (But Not Whole Speech) 5
12/31/1940 Comment On (Roosevelt) Speech Forbidden By Vichy 5
12/31/1940 Roosevelt Backed All Over Americas 6
12/31/1940 (Alfred E.) Smith Gives Approval To Roosevelt Speech 6
12/31/1940 Canadians Regard (Roosevelt) Speech As Epochal 6
12/31/1940 (William Rhodes) Davis (Picture-See Dec. 31, P. 1, Above) Arranged In 1938 To Barter Mexican Oil For German Machines 6
12/31/1940 German Condor Airlines To Open New Brazil Route 6
12/31/1940 Status Of (U.S.) Arming Is Told In Report 8
12/31/1940 Palestine To Get 1,000 War Victims-Cost Will Be $175,000-Journey Expected To Take 30 Days-Russia, Britain And Japan Grant Visas 13
12/31/1940 Plan Of (Republic Of) Columbia On Debt Approved (By. U.S.) 26