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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

May 1940
Date Headline Page
05/01/1940 $1,000,000 For Capture Of Hitler ‘Alive And Unhurt’ Is Offered Here-Pittsburgh Group Headed By S. H. Church (President Of Carnegie Institute) Would Try Nazi Fuehrer Before A World Court For ‘Crimes Against Peace’ 1&6
05/01/1940 Nazis Seize U.S. Arms In Norway Intended For The Swedes And Finns 500 Submachine Guns, Millions Of Bullets, 400 Trucks And Some Planes Taken 5
05/02/1940 War Crisis Faces Chamberlain Now 1
05/02/1940 Hitler Reward (By S. H. Church, Carnegie Institute) Gets Mixed Reception; ‘Kidnappers, Start Plotting How To Seize Him (Broadcast On Bbc) 1
05/02/1940 Nazis (In Norway) Said To Fire Upon Ambulances-Kaare Haabeth 3
05/02/1940 (German Consul, Dr. Hans) Borchers Defends Nazis New (Norwegian) Action Says British (Intentions) Are Exposed 8
05/02/1940 Chamber (Of Commerce) Weighs Our Part In Peace 12
05/02/1940 Reply To Hull On Oil (Property Expropriation) Is Made By Mexico 12
05/02/1940 Consul To Greenland To Be Rushed By U.S.-Action Stresses Our Interest Under Monroe Doctrine 13
05/02/1940 (Former U.S. Ambassador-1914-To Germany, James W.) Gerard Sees Peril In German Victory 13
05/02/1940 U.S. Challenges Japan To Prove Warship Building Report False 14
05/02/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt, Picture) Wins Award For Service (List Of Names Of Liberal Supporters) 18
05/02/1940 British Yield Southern Norway To Nazis; Evacuate Aandalsnes; Norse Fight On-Premier Explains (Text, P. 4) 1
05/03/1940 British Now Fear A Norse-Nazi Deal 4
05/03/1940 (Breckenridge Long, Ass’t. U.S. Sec. Of State) Says Our Policies Aim To Avert War 5
05/03/1940 Mexicans Revive (Oil Property Expropriation) Case Decided Against U.S.7 7 (Japanese) Embassy Repudiates Tanaka Memorial (As Forgery)-Widely Publicized In U.S. As Japan’s Design For World Conquest-Used Often At Washington & Lee Propaganda School) 7
05/03/1940 Pontiff Lays War To Lust For Power 8
05/03/1940 Japan Reiterates Neutrality Policy 8
05/03/1940 (Pro-British, Utah Senator Thomas) Asks Speed In Gathering War Material For Country 8
05/03/1940 Youth Peace Prize Goes To Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For Peace) 9
05/03/1940 Offerer Of Reward For (Kidnapping) Hitler (See Entry, May 1, 1940, P. 1-Carnegie Institute) Guarded 9
05/03/1940 Strict Neutrality (For U.S.) Opposed By Women (League Of Women Voters) 12
05/03/1940 (Lewis W.) Douglas Assails (U.S.] Isolation Policy 14
05/03/1940 Movie Debut Made By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 17
05/03/1940 Allies Quit Namsos, Move North-U.S. Acts To Avert Spread Of War Roosevelt In Plea (To Rome, Mussolini) Trade Offered For Peace (Non-Cooperation With Germany) 1
05/03/1940 Hitler Says Reich Battles For Life 1
05/03/1940 Mexico Agrees On Oil Sale To 3 U.S. Firms; Settles With Sinclair For Expropriation (Of Oil Properties) 1
05/03/1940 French Say Allies Will Win Norway 3
05/03/1940 Allies May Seize Norway’s Shipping 3
05/03/1940 U.S. Gives Details On Post-War Trade (Text-Outlined By Sumner Welles) 5
05/04/1940 Neutrality Of U.S. Derided By (Earl Browder (Head Of U.S. Communists)-Roosevelt Leads Us To War, He Tells Young Communists 6
05/04/1940 ‘Patriotic Service’ Set For Educators (By George Zook Pres., American Council On Education-Supports Allied Cause) 8
05/05/1940 Chamberlain Foes Pressing Attacks (Churchill Supporters & U.S.) 1
05/05/1940 Hull Popularity (As Presidential Candidate) Shown In (Gallup) Survey 7
05/05/1940 4 Japanese Seized In Pearl Harbor 25
05/05/1940 Czech Killer (Of 3 Maybe 5 Germans) Safe From Nazis’ Hunt (In Rome) 26
05/05/1940 Pitiless Nazism Scored By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 27
05/05/1940 Australians Favor Jewish Settlement (In Kimberly District) 27
05/05/1940 Italy Seen Sending U.S. Goods To Reich 28
05/05/1940 Oil (U.S. Property Expropriation) Issue Domestic, Mexico Reaffirms 29
05/05/1940 Our Planes Called Inferior To Nazis’ (By Oklahoma Senator, Elmer Thomas) 31
05/05/1940 (Sumner) Welles Sees Peril In Mediterranean 35
05/05/1940 N.Y. Senator James M.) Mead Says Nation Won’t Send A. E. F 36
05/05/1940 Picture: Col. Gen. Erhard Milch 38
05/05/1940 Data On Negroes Held Neglected (By Dr. W. Montague Cobb, Howard University) 49
05/05/1940 Educators Urged To Keep Integrity (By Dr. George N. Shuster, Hunter College)Warned On Prejudice In Colleges 54
05/05/1940 Can Germany Be Stopped? Lessons Of The War Ruthless Totalitarian Methods Point To The Need Of Bold Allied Action E-3
05/05/1940 Stay-Out-Of-The-War Theme To Dominate (U.S. Presidential) Campaign E-6
05/05/1940 Again ‘Its Tommy This And Tommy That’ (Pro-British Article) Mag. 4
05/06/1940 British Experts Are Dismantling (Scuttled) Graf Spee; Many Shells Are in Unexploded Magazine 2
05/06/1940 Jurist (Mitchell May) Heads Campaign For Jewish War Victims (Hsias) 7
05/06/1940 (N.Y. Gov., Herbert) Lehman Appeals For Help To Jews-Sees Post-War Problem 7
05/06/1940 Mexicans Stress Sinclair Oil (Property Expropriation) Deal-Cardenas Stands Firm (Mexico Will Retain Property) 18
05/07/1940 Pope Reported Seeking Aid Of Roosevelt To Limit War-Pius Sees Humbert 1
05/07/1940 Weak Air Force And Nazi Spying Are Called Keys To Allied Failure (In Norway) 5
05/07/1940 More Allied Help Promised Norway-He Gets Churchill’s Aid 6
05/07/1940 Pope Held Shocked By Polish Horrors (Charges Made By Polish Cardinal Hlond Against Germany) 6
05/07/1940 President (Roosevelt) Assails Bombing Of Cities For A World Convention 12
05/07/1940 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Warns On Reds And Nazis As Joint Threat To Democracy 12
05/07/1940 Japanese Enlarge Exports To U.S. 50% 47
05/08/1940 Admiral (Slr Rodger, British Commando) Keyes Leads In Attack-On Chamerlain In The Commons; Wider War Power For Churchill-House Is Hostile (Picture, P. 6) 1
05/08/1940 (U.S.) Fleet Will Stay Near Hawaii Indefinitely (Admiral James O. Richardson) 1
05/08/1940 Notice In N.Y. Times, Front Page: ‘Dispatches From Europe And The Far East Are Subject To Censorship At The Source’ 1
05/08/1940 Text Of Prime Minister Chamberlain’s StatementOn The Norwegian Campaign 4
05/08/1940 Chamberlain Loses Support Of Press 5
05/08/1940 Hull’s Aid To Free Danish Ships (Being Seized On The High Seas By The British) Asked 5
05/08/1940 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany)-1914-James W.) Gerard Holds U.S. Can’t Let Nazis Win 9
05/08/1940 German Girls Save Hair For Production Of Felt (For War Effort) 11
05/08/1940 U.S. Seen Swaying Italy To Shun War (Woo Away From Germany) 11
05/08/1940 Hadassah Tea Aids Palestine Project (Mrs. Herbert Lehman & Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt, Roosevelt:S Mother Attends 14
05/08/1940 Europe Increases Purchases In U.S. 35
05/09/1940 Roosevelt Denies A Peace Offer To Duce-Peace Plan Told 1
05/09/1940 Pope Voices Fear Of Spread Of War 1
05/09/1940 Dictatorship Favored By Many Women, (General) Federation (Of Women’s Clubs) Official Tells Club Members 1
05/09/1940 Speeches In House Of Commons: Churchill, Lloyd George, Morrison 4
05/09/1940 Debate Is Bitter In House Of Lords 5
05/09/1940 Poland’s Gold Is Seized (By Rumanians) 5
05/09/1940 Polish Aid Backed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (And Herbert Lehman-Presumably Run By Col. William J. Donovan!) 7
05/09/1940 War Held Revising Education Theory (By Women’s American Ort Convention) 48
05/10/1940 Nazis Invade Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg By Land And Air; Dikes Opened; Allies Rush Aid)-River Maas Crossed 1
05/10/1940 Ribbentrop Charges Allies Plotted With The Lowlands 1
05/10/1940 U.S. Freezes Credit 1
05/10/1940 Iceland Occupied By British (Invasion) Force 1
05/10/1940 Britain Calls Up Men 19 To 36-Many Will Be Exempt 3
05/10/1940 Hitler Releases Norse Prisoners-Poles’ Ways Contrasted 5
05/10/1940 (Rabbi Finkelstein) To Represent U.S. Jewry (Roosevelt Aide) 5
05/10/1940 Rex (Italian Liner) Held 13 Hours (At Gibraltar) By British Search 7
05/10/1940 Mighty Air Forces Defended By Army 8
05/10/1940 Voters Approve U.S. Help To Allied Cause But Would Shun War, Gallup Survey Finds 8
05/10/1940 Naval Expansion Upheld In Report 8
05/10/1940 Women Take Stand Against Dictators (See Entry, May 9, 1940, P. 1) 8
05/10/1940 Soviet Ends Divided Commands 10
05/11/1940 Chamberlain Resigns, Churchill Premier 1
05/11/1940 America Angered, Says Roosevelt (Text, P. 10, Roosevelt’s Talk To Science Congress) 1
05/11/1940 Hour Of Decision Here, Hitler Says-Hitler Order To Troops 4
05/11/1940 Pontiff Is Shocked By German Attack 4
05/11/1940 Von Ribbentrop’s Statement On The Invasion Of The Low Countries 5
05/11/1940 Next Neutral Step Is Studied By Hull 6
05/11/1940 Allies See Victory In Low Countries 6
05/11/1940 War’s Chief Factor In Churchill’s Life 9
05/11/1940 Prime Minister Chamberlain’s (Final) Address 9
05/12/1940 Roosevelt Sends Leopold Sympathy 1
05/12/1940 Churchill Names War Cabinet Of 5 1
05/12/1940 Neglect In Arming Charged By (Thomas E.) Dewey 2
05/12/1940 Spread Of Bigotry Seen By Educators 12
05/12/1940 Iceland Occupation (By British) Angers Reich Press (But Not U.S. Press Or Population!) 12
05/12/1940 War Seen Unifying Religious Groups (By Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Director, National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 12
05/12/1940 Special Prayer Said (By N.Y. City Rabbis) For Allies 14
05/12/1940 Exiled Europeans (Jews) Reach Sosua Home (Dominican Republic-Trujillo) 16
05/12/1940 (Chicago Publisher, Franklin) Knox Defends Defense Arming 18
05/12/1940 Our Aid Puts (War) Airplane Output Of Allies On Even Footing With Nazis, Wright Says 41
05/12/1940 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message And (World’s) Fair Speeches (Lehman & La Guardia Also Gave Speeches) 43
05/12/1940 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
05/12/1940 Cartoons: Rare Examples Of Both German & British Views E-2
05/12/1940 (U.S.] Shipping Prospers In Spite Of War (Not Because Of War?) E-6
05/12/1940 The Trojan Horse Symbol For Our Time (Exposing A German Threat) Mag. 5
05/12/1940 Peabody (Headmaster) Of Groton (Attended By Roosevelt & Sumner Welles) Mag. 13
05/13/1940 Isolationists Balk At Loans To Allies 1
05/13/1940 Gamelin Commands All Allied Forces 3
05/13/1940 Refugees Are Pouring Into England And France With Harrowing Tales (As In 1914) 5
05/13/1940 Churchill Regime Begins War Tasks 6
05/13/1940 C.I.O. Asserts War Fails To Aid Trade 32
05/14/1940 Germans Gain In Savage Attacks In Belgium; Reach Rotterdam, Cutting Holland In Two; French Meet Nazis In Clash Of 1,500 Tanks 1
05/14/1940 Queen Wilhelmina Goes To England 1
05/14/1940 British Fliers Smash Into Nazis; Aim At Air Mastery In Belgium-Harold Denny 1
05/14/1940 Nazi Reprisal Set At 10 Lives For One (For Mistreatment Of German Paratroopers) 10
05/14/1940 Jewish Youth Group (Jewish Youth Organization Of America) To Fight Reds, Nazis 14
05/14/1940 (Penn., Representative Snyder) Demands An Army To Meet Any Need 15
05/14/1940 (Allies) Order $150,000,000 More (War) Planes Here 15
05/14/1940 Isolation Hope Futile Says Hull (Text, P. 16) 16
05/14/1940 Jewish Women To Meet (With Dr. William Haber, Executive Of [Jewish] National Refugee Service) 16
05/14/1940 (H. E. Kershner) Asks Aid To France For Refugee Care-Thousands Are Children 18
05/14/1940 La Guardia Backs Roosevelt 3D Term 25
05/14/1940 Seek Quinine Stock For 3 Year’s Needs 47
05/15/1940 Roosevelt Calls For Preparedness; May Ask Big Fund 1
05/15/1940 Nazis Take Sedan-Holland Overrun 1
05/15/1940 British Burn Files Of Berne Legation (Better Than Poles!) 1
05/15/1940 U.S. Ready To Join American Protest (Of German Offensive) 1
05/15/1940 Netherlands’ Fall Stuns The British 4
05/15/1940 World Happiness Nazi Aim, Says Ley 5
05/15/1940 (Joseph Goodman) Takes Refugee Aid (United Jewish Appeal) Post 5
05/15/1940 (Washington Officials) Say Allies Get Hold Of 4 Invaded Lands 14
05/15/1940 Pershing Appeals For Preparedness (Picture) 16
05/16/1940 President (Roosevelt) To Ask Billion To Equip An Army Of 750,000 1
05/16/1940 Roosevelt Again Calls On Italy To Keep Out 1
05/16/1940 Refugee Attacks Laid To Germans-Horses, Cattle Bombed 3
05/16/1940 4 U.S. Ambulances Bombed By Germans 3
05/16/1940 Refugee Center (‘Friendship House’) To Open 3
05/16/1940 Roosevelt Cheers Veterans Of 1918 13
05/17/1940 Roosevelt Asks Billion (Dollar Defense) Fund, 50,000 Planes-Congress Gives Ovation As He Requests Arms To Smash Invader-’Must Face Reality’ (Text, P. 10) 1
05/17/1940 Roosevelt’s Pleas (To Abandon Germany As An Ally) Leaves Rome Cool 1
05/17/1940 U.S. Warns Citizens To Leave England 1
05/17/1940 Berlin Admits Allies Have ‘Taken Up Positions To Check Our Progress’ 1
05/17/1940 Liner Roms Here, Held 30 Hours By British (Blockade At Gibraltar) 4
05/17/1940 Picture: Former United States Liner (‘President Harding’-Sold By U.S. To Belgium) Sunk By German Plane Off Belgian Coast 6
05/17/1940 Picture: Former Kaiser Wilhelm Ii On His 80th Birthday 8
05/17/1940 British See Peril Arousing America 11
05/17/1940 New Military Machine In Roosevelt Program 11
05/17/1940 Congressional Comment Favors Roosevelt Plea Overwhelmingly-Reed Of Kansas Is The Only Outspoken Critic In The Senate-Few In The House Oppose 12
05/17/1940 Methodists Here Condemn All War-Calls It Unchristian 13
05/18/1940 Washington Speeds Its Big Defense Program-Gamelin In Appeal-Fighting Is At Peak 1
05/18/1940 Gamelin, 1940; Joffre, 1914 1
05/18/1940 Col. (Frank) Knox (Chicago Publisher) To Form Air ‘Plattsburgs’ (Roosevelt Appointment, To Train 10,000 Pilots) 1
05/18/1940 Bar (Search) At Gibraltar Lifted For Two Italian Liners 3
05/18/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Minister Of Information) Saves Paper) 3
05/18/1940 Nazis Shrug Off Roosevelt Speech 4
05/18/1940 Picture: President’s (Roosevelt’s) Ancestral Village (Oudvossemeer, Holland Van Rosevelt) Captured (By Germans) 4
05/18/1940 Delay In (U.S.) Shipping To Allies Denied (By Port O.F N.Y.) 4
05/18/1940 (German-Jewish) Refugee Transit (Through Italy) Blocked (They Hold Visas To U.S. And Other Countries) 4
05/18/1940 ‘Sinister Power’ Hit By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 5
05/18/1940 Allies Seek Planes Of Our Own (U.S.) Army 7
05/18/1940 War Plane Plants Ready To Speed Up 7
05/19/1940 Petain Named Aid To French Premier (Paul Reynaud) 1
05/19/1940 British Bomb Big Hamburg-Bremen Oil Stores 1
05/19/1940 Nazi Dive Bombers Terrify Refugees 1
05/19/1940 Japan Considers Truce With China 1
05/19/1940 Taft Asks Nation To Turn From War 4
05/19/1940 Picture: (Bernard M. Baruch) Calls On President (Roosevelt) 6
05/19/1940 (General George C.) Marshall Details Army Inadequacy 6
05/19/1940 Teachers Called Our First Defense (By Dean William F. Russell, Teachers’ College, Columbia University) 9
05/19/1940 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Denounced (As Anti-Semitic) By Methodist Group 9
05/19/1940 (James S. Kemper, Head Of Chamber Of Commerce) Says (U.S.) Entry In War Would Ruin Nation 10
05/19/1940 (U.S. ) Gold Hoard Stirs Growing Concern (Should Germany Win) 12
05/19/1940 Roosevelt’s Plan (For Defense) Hailed By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-New Era For Us Is Seen-Democracy Urged Not To Yield To Spirit Of Defeatism Because Of Nazis 15
05/19/1940 More Aides Named For (Col. Frank) Knox Air Plan (To Train 10,000 U.S. Pilots) 17
05/19/1940 Need 320,000 Men For 10,000 Planes 18
05/19/1940 Many Planes ($11,697,759) Sent To Allies In April 19
05/19/1940 Few Instruments In German Planes 20
05/19/1940 New Martin Bomber Designed For Allies 20
05/19/1940 U.S.-Built Planes Score As (Allied) Fighters 20
05/19/1940 American Nations Denounce (German) Invasion (Of Low Countries) 25
05/19/1940 (U.S. Volunteer) Ambulance Men (Drivers) Sail For Europe-Majority From Colleges 28
05/19/1940 Sinclair Receives Mexico’s $1,000,000 (Part Of A Total Of $8,500,000 To Be Received Actual Value Much More!) 30
05/19/1940 Reich Risking All, Asserts Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Information ? Minister) British Minister Says Allies Will Go On If Battle Is Lost 34
05/19/1940 Pictures: Refugees In The Streets Of Bombed Louvain 38
05/19/1940 Hoover Condemns Nazis In (World’s) Fair Talk 41
05/19/1940 Roosevelt Urged On Harvard Clubs-La Guardia Asks Them To Show A ‘United Front’ Behind His Foreign Policy 45
05/19/1940 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
05/19/1940 The Fateful Blunder Of Young King Leopold-He Dropped Belgium’s Alliance With France Late In 1936 To Return To Old Status Of Neutrality E-3
05/19/1940 Cross Section Of Fort In Maginot Line E-4
05/19/1940 Maginot Line Faces A Test E-4
05/19/1940 Map: Western Front E-5
05/19/1940 Map: How The Battle Lines Compare: 1914 & 1940 E-5
05/19/1940 Map: How The President (Roosevelt) Sees The Air Menace E-7
05/19/1940 War Fears Spread To South America E-7
05/19/1940 Pearl Harbor’s Value To Navy Again Shown-Base Can Accommodate Entire Fleet, Now Around Hawaii-Picture: Admiral J. O. Richardson, Commander Of U.S. Fleet (In Pacific) E-7
05/19/1940 Cartoon: American Defenses (Anti-German) E-9
05/19/1940 Thomas Mann In Princeton (University) Book 12
05/19/1940 Portrait (Psychoanalysis) Of A Revolutionary (Anti-Hitler) Mag. 3
05/19/1940 The ‘Rough Rider’ Of Downing Street (Heroic Treatment Of Winston Churchill) Mag. 4
05/19/1940 Germany’s Air Force Its Power And Failings Mag. 5
05/19/1940 Total War Roto. 1
05/19/1940 For American Unity (Roosevelt And J. P. Morgan & British Lord Lothian) Roto. 12
05/20/1940 Weygand Supplants Gamelin As Allied Chief-Churchill Warns Blow At Britain Is Coming 1
05/20/1940 Hitler Reclaims Eupen-Malmedy (From Belgium, Map, P. 2) 1
05/20/1940 Lindbergh Decries Fears Of Invasion (Taking Issue With Roosevelt, Picture, P. 8) 1
05/20/1940 Angry Britons Riot To Halt (Sir Oswald) Mosley Talk 2
05/20/1940 More Nazi Babies Urged (By Frick) 4
05/20/1940 Allied Prisoners Crowd Nazi Camp 5
05/20/1940 Weygand Wears Mantle Of Foch 5
05/20/1940 500 Scientists (List Of Names) Ask U.S. To Avoid War-Notables On The List (See Later Developments!) 6
05/20/1940 Picture: Shipload Of German Prisoners Arrives At An English Port 6
05/20/1940 Peace Of Reason Urged By (Archbishop) Spellman 6
05/20/1940 (Paul V.) M’nutt Asks Arms For A Last Stand (In A Possible ‘Hostile’ Meaning German World) 8
05/20/1940 1,500 U.S. Refugees Sail (‘Amerlcan Refugees’ Possibly U.S. Citizens) 8
05/20/1940 Morgenthau Maps Air Engines Spurt (To Supply Allies) 9
05/20/1940 (Rev. Dr. Edwin Ryan) Deplores Abuse Of Science To Kill 10
05/20/1940 (William Allen) White Organizes (‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) Aid To The Allies 11
05/20/1940 Hitler’s Victories Celebrated Here 11
05/20/1940 ‘Occupation’ Notes Issued By Germany (In Norway & Denmark) 25
05/20/1940 Steel Exports Up On Spread Of War 25
05/21/1940 Louvain Library Is Destroyed Again In War; It Had Been Restored By American Funds 1
05/21/1940 White House (Roosevelt) Voids Landon Luncheon-Kansas Halted On Way To The Capital After Talk Opposing Recess In Politics (Postponed) 1
05/21/1940 Confusion Marks Battle In France-Nazi Plan One Of Terror 2
05/21/1940 U.S. Not To Publish Mussolini (-Roosevelt) Exchange-Correspondence Of Roosevelt On War Won’t Be Made Public 5
05/21/1940 Picture: French Leaders Before Last Night’s War Conference In Paris (Petain Present In Picture Of Those Present) 8
05/21/1940 Reaction Is Varied On Lindbergh (Anti-War) Talk-White House Silent 12
05/21/1940 (N.Y. Times) Correspondent Mistaken For (German) Parachutist; Zealous French Threaten His Execution 12
05/21/1940 Democracy Is Held First Defense Line-Newbold Morris (American Jewish Congress) Tells Jewish Women He Backs President (Roosevelt] 12
05/21/1940 17 Scientists (Headed By Albert Einstein, List Of Names) Score Isolationist Stand (Of Other Scientists) 12
05/21/1940 Alien Quota Clause Snags Liberties Bill (Which Limits The Employment Of Aliens To A Maximum Of 10%) 12
05/21/1940 Methodists Urge U.S. To ‘Keep Cool’-(Martin) Dies Group (Anti-American Activities Committee Investigation) CriticizedCondemns Nazi Invasions 3
05/21/1940 R. A. F. Takes Its Own Way To ‘Finish’ Bombing Job (Implies That After Many Attempts To Destroy A Bridge, The Heroic Pilots Crashed Into It To Destroy It-Sickeningly Sentimental Story) 13
05/21/1940 Migrant Labor Held Need On Many (U.S.) Farms 13
05/21/1940 Patriotic Society Asks Aid To Allies (General Society Of Colonial Wars-Denounces German Brutality-Allied Consuls Speak) 14
05/21/1940 (German) Peril To Americas Seen By (Henry Agard) Wallace (At Ivriah Meeting, Women’s Division Of Jewish Education Association Meeting At Waldorf-Astoria) 15
05/21/1940 Strict Neutrality Demanded By Taft 16
05/21/1940 (Representative Bruce) Barton For Allies, Bars U.S. In War 16
05/21/1940 New Defense Group (Organization Of The American Defenders Of Freedom) To Aid Defense Is Formed (Frank Knox, James Gerard, Dawes, Neilson Listed As Members) 16
05/21/1940 Mayor (La Guardia) Asks Nation To Spend For War 19
05/21/1940 Education Termed Key To Our Safety-Johnson Warns Of Dangers (‘We Are Under Attack,’ He Says) 20
05/21/1940 War ‘To Last Man,’ Briton (Slr Geoffrey Haggard) Says At (N.Y. World’s) Fair ‘U.S.-Iceland Axis’ Urged 26
05/22/1940 Nazis At Channel, Trap Allies In Belgium; Cross Aisne River 60 Miles From Paris; France Can’t Die, Reynaud Tells People 500,000 ‘Isolated’ 1
05/22/1940 ‘Chutists And Cyclists Set Fires Behind Allied Line 1
05/22/1940 Aachen Is Bombed Heavily By Allies 1
05/22/1940 Nazis Report Capture Of (General) Giraud, Say General Walked Into A Trap 1
05/22/1940 (Morgenthau) Allows Invaded Nations (Recognized By U.S.) To Open U.S. Bank Boxes 2
05/22/1940 Allies Have 16 Billion For War Materials Here 3
05/22/1940 Wild Mushrooms Hunted For Reich’s (Meager) Food Supply 4
05/22/1940 Text Of (French Premier) Reynaud’s Speech In Senate 6
05/22/1940 Roosevelt Asks House To Cut $50,000 WPA Maximum-Fears Harm To Defense 8
05/22/1940 Picture: German Soldiers In The Hands Of The French 8
05/22/1940 (Florida, Senator Claude) Pepper Urges Sale Of Our War Planes (To Allies) 10
05/22/1940 Picture: Confer With President (Roosevelt) On Defense Programs (Admiral Harold R. Stark) 13
05/22/1940 Picture: Admiral (William D.) Leahy Arrives From Puerto Rico, Sees Battleship Still Backbone Of Defense (Shown With Wife) 14
05/22/1940 Anti-War Rally Held (By 2,500) In Times Sq 14
05/22/1940 ‘American-German’ Angers Scurman (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany Deplores Old ‘Hyphenate’ Terminology Again) 15
05/22/1940 2 Germans (Young Seamen) Held Up-State With Films Of Key Places (Bridges & Plants Along The Hudson River And Barge Canal) 15
05/22/1940 (Wendell L.) Willkie Warns U.S. Of Nazi Trade Aims 16
05/22/1940 Dr. Hans Kohn Tells-Education Group We Face Same Danger As Ancient Athenians Peril To Democracy Seen-Prof. G. A. Borgese Condemns Liberties Taken By Those Of Fifth-Column (Dissenting) Type 23
05/22/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Asks Unity Of All Believers-MrS.S. S. Wise Honored Dr. (S.S.) Wise Urges Preparedness (Rev. William C. Kernan Spoke Also) 26
05/23/1940 Germans Pounded By British Fliers 1
05/23/1940 British Conscript Labor And Health For War 1
05/23/1940 (South Carolina Senator, Byrnes) Asserts Lindbergh Aids ‘Fifth Column’ 1
05/23/1940 Nazi Claims Mild, Push Slows Down 1
05/23/1940 Weygand Hopeful In Word To Nation 2
05/23/1940 Nazi Bank Deposits In U.S. Go To Sweden 3
05/23/1940 Center Of Rotterdam Devastated After Its Commander Surrendered-Capitulation Received Too Late, Germans Say, To Hold Bombers Who Turned City Into Shambles In 9½ Minutes 5
05/23/1940 Nazi Newsreel Shows Rotterdam In Flames 5
05/23/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill Minister Of Information) Exhorts To War Effort By All 5
05/23/1940 (Myron C.) Taylor’s Mission Held Noble In Aim (At Atlantic City Baptists’ Convention) 6
05/23/1940 150,000 Aviators Seen As U.S. Need (By E. V. ‘Eddie’ Rickenbacker) 8
05/23/1940 (Arthur B. Purvis, Head Of Anglo-French Purchasing Commission In The U.S.) Says Britain Gets Our (War) Planes By Air (Over Atlantic)-Senate Group Bars Sales Pepper’s ProposalIs Called Intervention 8
05/23/1940 The Nazi Fuel Problem-Hanson W. Baldwin 8
05/23/1940 (American) Jewish (Congress) Women (Hotel Roosevelt, New York City) Back American System-Congress Votes To Resist Anti-Democratic Forces 8
05/23/1940 (Dean Mordecai M. Kaplan, Pittsburgh) Says Anti-Semitism Imperils Democracy 8
05/23/1940 Influx Of (‘Tourist’] Germans Disturbs Mexicans (The Alleged Influx At Least Scared Hell Out Of The Americans!) 10
05/23/1940 (U.S.) War Games To Test Blitzkrieg Method 10
05/23/1940 Texas Crowd Expels Nazi Pamphleteers (Handing Out Pamphlets With Swastikas On Them But Questionable If ‘Nazi’) 14
05/23/1940 President (Roosevelt) Offers Alien Control Plan 15
05/23/1940 Refugees Complete Experimental Study (Keeps Refugees In The U.S. Off Welfare Rolls) 15
05/23/1940 Dean (Dr. Christian) Gauss Changes His Anti-War Views (On The Earlier Peace Petition He Had Signed) 15
05/23/1940 General (John F.) O’ Ryan Urges Swift Aid To The Allies; 600 He Led In 1918 Offer To Fight Under Him 15
05/23/1940 Women (General Federation Of Women’s Clubs Convention In Milwaukee) Vote Down Ban On Part In War Delegates Are Stirred 19
05/23/1940 Jewish (War) Veterans (Of The United States) Back (Roosevelt’s) Defense (Program) ‘And Pledge 100 Per Cent Support In Any Steps In Your Wisdom You May Choose To Take In The Present Crisis.’) 19
05/23/1940 Allies Drop Plan To Boost (Manufactured) Exports 42
05/24/1940 British Planes Pound Reich, Blow Up Train-Fliers Range Far 1
05/24/1940 (Sir Oswald) Mosley (And Others) Arrested In London; British Concerned In Ireland (Picture Of Those Arrested, P. 4) 1
05/24/1940 Alien Registering Ask In Defense (By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 1
05/24/1940 U.S. Ask To Give Allies Secret Bomb Sight At Once (By Toronto Paper) 2
05/24/1940 (Bertrand) Russell Fears (Allied) Defeat (In Los Angeles) 4
05/24/1940 Cuban Aid Pledged To U.S. If War Comes (By President Fulgencio Batista) 4
05/24/1940 Hoover Calls U.S. Liberty Outpost 6
05/24/1940 (Archibald) M’leish Finds U.S. Morally Unready-Writers On War Blamed 8
05/24/1940 Clipper Mail Seized By (British) Bermuda Censor-22 Bags Taken Off 8
05/24/1940 (Samuel A. Goldsmith) Says 33 Cities Aid Jewish Refugees-They Will Spend $1,000,000 In 1940 8
05/24/1940 $3,000,000 Sought For Dutch Relief 9
05/24/1940 (Anti-German U.S. Minister To Canada, James H. R.) Cromwell Resigns; Roosevelt Accepts (Roosevelt’s Letter Accepting Resignation Begins: ‘My Dear Jim’) 11
05/24/1940 2,300 (War) Planes Shipped To Allies; Work Is Pushed On 3,800 Others 12
05/24/1940 Protestants Urge More Aid To Allies-Nazi Victory Is Feared (Clerics Listed) 18
05/24/1940 Roosevelt Ouster Urged By (Connecticut Governor Raymond E.) Baldwin Charges Defense Here Neglected In The Manner Of Britain 14
05/24/1940 La Guardia (In Emporia, Kansas-William Allen White) Supports Move To Help Allies 16
05/24/1940 Plattsburg (Military Training Camps Association) Group Asks Aid (‘Short Of War’) To Allies 17
05/24/1940 Scholars Assail ‘Peace Manifesto’ (Petition)-See Threat To Freedom. (List Of Supporters) 22
05/24/1940 (Washington) Finds We Can Make Artificial Rubber 36
05/24/1940 Women Bar Action On World Society 42
05/25/1940 King George Sees Hitler Aim To Dominate All The World 1
05/25/1940 (Capt. Franz Von) Rintelen Is Jailed (In London, Picture, P. 4) 1
05/25/1940 (Leon) Trotzky Injured In Attack (By Machine Gun Attack) On Home (In Mexico) 1
05/25/1940 Italy Postpones Sailings Of Liners (Outbound) 1
05/25/1940 Roosevelt Plans 50,000 Air Pilots 1
05/25/1940 Belgian Archives Taken (Captured), Nazis Say-Berlin Hints ‘Revelation’ 2
05/25/1940 Marriages Up In Reich 2
05/25/1940 Allies Offer Rome Deal To Keep Peace 3
05/25/1940 War Refugee Aid Sought From U.S. (No Mention Of Jews) 3
05/25/1940 Congress Aroused By The Alien (Fifth-Column) Issue 4
05/25/1940 Fled To Aid Realm, Wllhelmina Says 4
05/25/1940 Puerto Rico To Be Our Gibraltar In Caribbean, Says Admiral (William D.) Leahy-He Consults Roosevelt 6
05/25/1940 (Florida Senator Claude) Pepper Moves For Aid To Allies ‘Short Of War’ 6
05/25/1940 500 CCC Boys To Get Training For Sea-All Must Be Volunteers 6
05/25/1940 Grip On Minds As Nazi Weapon Called Key To Hitler’s Conquests 8
05/25/1940 (Bertrand) Russell Denies Despair (Of Allied Victory) 9
05/25/1940 Episcopalians Join Prayer For Peace-Catholics To Share Also 10
05/25/1940 (Jesse) Jones Makes Pact With Morgenthau 21
05/26/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Ask Nation To Avoid Hysteria-’No Reason To He Panicky’ (‘All We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself’) 8
05/26/1940 War Plan Pledges (For The ‘Committee For Defense Of America Through Aid To The Allies’) Flood W. A. White 16
05/26/1940 Picture: The German Uniformed Press (German Press In Uniform-Wasn’t This True Of Everyone?) 29
05/26/1940 Vimy Ridge Recalls Historic Battle In 1917; Canadians Won Glory In Storming Heights 29
05/26/1940 Archbishop Spellman Urges Prayers For End Of World War (As A Result Of A German Defeat) 29
05/26/1940 British Will Win, Belief Of Gandhi 30
05/26/1940 Germans Abusive In Reply To (British) King-Crimes Of Britain Cited 31
05/26/1940 Roosevelt Urges Peace On Hungary-Assurances Are Recalled 32
05/26/1940 (Dr. J. Anton De Haas, Harvard) Holds Our Fate, Too, Linked To The War 33
05/26/1940 War Drums Beat Among Scholars D-7
05/26/1940 The News Of The Week In Review (Map) E-1
05/26/1940 Cartoon: Punch Offers A Glimpse Of Life In Germany (Typical Hollywood Ideas, Ridiculous!) E-2
05/26/1940 Cartoon: Britain’s Mr. Low Interprets The European Scene-Nazi Beast Dropping Bombs, Wreaths On France, Belgium & Holland) E-3
05/26/1940 Stories Of Refugees Reveal Mass Tragedy (No Mention Of Jews) E-6
05/26/1940 Nation (U.S.) Hopes For Allied Victory, But Still Desires To Avoid War E-7
05/26/1940 Cartoon: U.S. Oak Of Civilization Threatened By Swastika Lightning-’How Sturdy The Oak?’ E-9
05/26/1940 Dogfight-A Lifetime In Forty Minutes (Victorious R. A. F.!) Mag. 4
05/26/1940 The Spartan Model For Nazi Youth Mag. 6
05/26/1940 24-Hour Day At The White House (Hard Working Franklln) Mag. 7
05/27/1940 First Lady’s (Eleanor Roosevelt’s) Plea (To Avoid A Firm Stand Against U.S. Involvement In War) Ignored By Youth (She Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Go To War. But War May Come To Us.’) 1
05/27/1940 Duff Cooper (Churchill Minister Of Information) Warns French Against A Separate Peace 4
05/27/1940 Fuel Seized From French Believed Driving Nazis On 6
05/27/1940 (William S. Culbertson) Says Hitlerian Ways Go On Whoever Wins 10
05/27/1940 Tribute Is Paid To Our War Dead-Jewish Veterans Parade-Rainbow Division Men Honor Father Duffy 19
05/27/1940 Reds Demand U.S. Keep Out Of War 21
05/27/1940 Berlin Pondering War-End Recovery 29
05/27/1940 Broad Expansion Continues In (U.S.) Steel 29
05/28/1940 Leopold Orders Belgian Army To Quit (Fighting Germany)-Allies Not Consulted-King Acted Alone 1
05/28/1940 Duesseldorf Is Hit By Allied Bombs 1
05/28/1940 Partial Reynaud Text (Dealing With Leopold’s Surrender) 1
05/28/1940 (Senate) Acts To Bar Jobs To Reds, (German-American) Bundists 1
05/28/1940 War Preparations Go Ahead In Italy 1
05/28/1940 Editor (Hamilton Fish Armstrong) Asks Unstinted U.S. Aid For France 1
05/28/1940 Terrific Price Paid By Nazis In Battle-’They Climb Over Their Dead’ But ‘They Still Come On,’ Writes French Soldier 3
05/28/1940 (German) Crown Prince’s Son (Wilhelm) Dies On West Front-Received Iron Cross He Is Second Hohenzollern To Fall In War 4
05/28/1940 Picture: Nazis In London But As Prisoners 4
05/28/1940 5,000,000 (Refugees) In Flight; (Int’l.) Red Cross (Switzerland) Reports 10
05/28/1940 Tank-Bearing Planes Called Nazis ‘Secret’ (U.S. Report) 10
05/28/1940 Berlin Discounts Roosevelt Talk-Links It With The Allies 14
05/28/1940 Britain Will Limit Buying U.S. Cotton 14
05/28/1940 (Robert H. Hinckley) Says Pilot Training For 50,000 Is Easy 17
05/28/1940 2 Scientists Recant Recent Peace (Petition) Move 17
05/28/1940 Hoover Denounces (Roosevelt’s) Arms Board Plan 18
05/28/1940 Allied Cause Hailed By Presbyterians 19
05/28/1940 Group Here (‘The Committee To Defend America By Assisting The Allies’) Demands More Aid For Allies (Rabbi S.S. Wise, Virginia Gildersleeve, Walter Damrosch, Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, James W. Gerard & Others) 19
05/29/1940 Germans Think 500,000 Of Foe Escaped By Ships (Dunkerque) 1
05/29/1940 Belgians Override Kings Surrender (In Paris) 1
05/29/1940 Six German Cities Attacked By R. A. F 1
05/29/1940 Goering Decrees Captive Reprisals 2
05/29/1940 Polish Black Book Being Issued Here (N.Y. City) 5
05/29/1940 Lafayette Escadrille Ousts Lindbergh As Honorary Member For ‘Insult’ To Fallen 6
05/29/1940 Ford Would Make 1,000 Planes A Day 9
05/29/1940 War Sentiment Seen Rising In U.S. 10
05/29/1940 Pictures: Named By President (Roosevelt) To National Defense Council 15
05/29/1940 Ask Allies’ Needs, Willkie Suggests 16
05/29/1940 (Lord) Lothian (At Waldorf-Astoria Meeting) Sees Lack Of (German) Soldierly Spirit 17
05/30/1940 Allies Abandoning Flanders, Flood Yser Area; A Rescue Fleet At Dunkerque) 1
05/30/1940 Hull Order Speeds Planes To Allies 1
05/30/1940 Italy Bars Imports Except By Barter 1
05/30/1940 (R. A. F.) Raids To Be Avenged, Nazis Warn Britain 3
05/30/1940 Diplomats Of The Allies Are Seeking A Haven Here For The War Refugees 5
05/30/1940 Presbyterians Ban Aiding Aggressors 6
05/30/1940 Pay-As-You-Go Tax Gaining Headway (In Congressional Support) 8
05/30/1940 (Senate) Urges Full Study Of New War Ideas 9
05/30/1940 (Harvard’s President, James Bryant) Conant Urges Aid To Allies At Once 15
05/30/1940 Benefit Arranged For War Refugees-Entertainment Planned 22
05/30/1940 Interfaith Group (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Would Aid Nation (Advice From Rabbi Edward L. Israel) 38
05/31/1940 Italy Has 1,500,000 Mobilized For War 1
05/31/1940 (Washington) Consults Ecuador On German (Airlines) Plans 1
05/31/1940 They (British & French Troops) Have Not Died In Vain-Hanson W. Baldwin 5
05/31/1940 U.S. Entry In War Urged By (Retired Admiral Yates) Stirling 10
05/31/1940 (Paul V.) M’nutt Suggests Credits For Allies 12
05/31/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Democracy Fight 12
05/31/1940 Allies Are Seeking More Planes Here 13
05/31/1940 German-Americans Asked To Be Loyal (By Dr. Frederic E. Anhagen, Columbia University-Pro-Allied Is Loyal?) 13
05/31/1940 Convention (Jewish National Workers Alliance Of America) Weighs Problems Of Jews (Rev. Dr. B. R. Brickner Of Cleveland-Convention In Detroit) 13
05/31/1940 Poland’s Outlines (Boundaries) Called ‘Indelible’ (By Baron Stephan De Ropp) 14