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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

February 1940
Date Headline Page
02/01/1940 Arita (Japanese Foreign Minister) Denies Plan To End U.S. Rights In ‘New Order’ Asia (Text, P. 12) 1
02/01/1940 Chamberlain Asks Neutrals To Tolerate (British) War Measures (Text, P. 2) 1
02/01/1940 Chief Japanese Industries Ordered To Cut Power Consumption By A Third In Shortage 1
02/01/1940 British Trade Aim Welcomed By Hull 3
02/01/1940 Eden Flays Nazi ‘Beast’ 4
02/01/1940 Reich Disappointed In Neutral Attitude-Carnegie Body (Headed By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia President) Hears View On Submission (Of Neutrals) To (British) Sea Control 5
02/02/1940 Kaiser Asks Peace, Then War On Reds (Picture, P. 4) 1
02/02/1940 Japanese Demand British Free Nazis (Seized From Japanese Ship On High Seas) 1
02/02/1940 Reich Buna Rubber To Be Made In U.S. (Standard Oil, N. J.) 2
02/02/1940 Bullitt Called Home To Give Information 2
02/02/1940 Swiss Are Skeptical Of All Belligerents 3
02/02/1940 Mass Executions Reported By Poles (Polish Embassies To Vatican) 4
02/02/1940 Germany Seizes Oil In Occupied Poland-Hitler Will Appoint Reichstag Deputies For Annexed (Polish) Area 4
02/02/1940 Huge Arms Budget Presented In Tokyo 7
02/02/1940 (John L.) Lewis Says Labor Will Oppose War 12
02/02/1940 3 Deaths In Poland Put At 5,000,000 (London Report) 4
02/02/1940 Rumania Queried By Britain On Oil 4
02/03/1940 U.S. Envoy (In Tokyo) Unable To Free Writer (James R. Young Of International News Service) Held Incommunicado By Japanese (Japanese Claimed He Spread Slanderous Rumors About The Japanese Forces In China) 5
02/04/1940 New Deal Failure, Gannett Asserts-Says It Hides Behind War-Adds Roosevelt Is Attacking The Constitution 2
02/04/1940 (Senator Robert A. Taft) Sees ‘Collectivism’ If New Deal Stays 3
02/04/1940 Firmness To Japan Is Urged On The U.S.-Dr. Yen (China) Doubts Such A Course Would Lead To War 22
02/04/1940 Uruguay Resents Allied Trade Bans 24
02/04/1940 Palestine Trade Hard Hit By War 26
02/04/1940 Dispute In India Is Nearing Crisis 27
02/04/1940 Nazis (‘Schwarze Korps’) Say English Are ‘White Jews’ 28
02/04/1940 Chicago Archidiocese (Cardinal Muendelein) Organ Charges ‘Anglophile’ Bias To Signers Of ‘Ethical’ Appeal31 (Oliver) Stanley Asks End Of A Warlike Reich-Lashes Out At (South Africa’s) Hertzog 36
02/04/1940 Pictures: German Airplane Factories Hum As Production Is Stepped Up To Meet Demands Of The War 36
02/04/1940 406 Refugees Arrive From Reich (Via Holland) On Liner (Westernland) 36
02/04/1940 Pictograph: Relative Sizes Of Navies 39
02/04/1940 Fight For Justice Is Urged By Rabbi-Dominican Republic (Trujillo) As A Haven For Refugees Hailed 39
02/04/1940 A New Migration In Eastern Europe-Map, German-Polish Border E-4
02/04/1940 Vatican Lends Aid To Poland’s Cause, By Herbert L. Matthews-Touts Polish Cardinal Hlond’s Data Released By Vatican E-4
02/04/1940 Allies See Blockade Of Reich Succeeding E-5
02/04/1940 Cartoon: German View Of Churchill, ‘Now My Dear Children, What Piece.(Of Germany) Shall I Cut For Each Of You?’ E-5
02/04/1940 Sumner Welles (Enemy Of Cordell Hull), Second In Command In The State Department E-6
02/04/1940 Refugee ProblemsPracticability Of The Trujillo (Dominican Republic) Contract Questioned-Letter E-9
02/04/1940 The Great Wall That Is The (British) Blockade Mag. 3
02/04/1940 Imperturbable Gamelin Mag. 7
02/04/1940 Pictures: Roosevelt’s 58th Birthday Roto.
02/05/1940 Rout Of Russians At Suomussalmi Described As Finns’ Masterpiece 1
02/05/1940 Refugee Shipping To Palestine Sped-Encouraged By Gestapo (2,200 Jews Sail From Black Sea Port) 4
02/05/1940 Germans Back From Conquered Region (In Poland) Tell Of ‘Racial’ War At White Heat Hatred Is Being Sown Deep (Danish Journalist) 4
02/05/1940 Japan Negotiates For Oil In Mexico 4
02/05/1940 B’nai B’rith’s Aid To Peace Pledged (By Monsky)-Hits Teachers Of Hate 12
02/05/1940 Help For Allies (From U.S.) Urged By (Episcopal Bishop, Ernest M.) Stires 14
02/06/1940 Picture: Youth-Congress Members In Anti-War Demonstration 3
02/06/1940 Morgenthau Hails Aircraft Industry 4
02/06/1940 (Senator) Tobey Is Rebuked By (Harry L.) Hopkins On Census 5
02/06/1940 Russia Is Expelled By World Labor Body (Ilo) 12
02/06/1940 U.S. Anger Over War Held Abuse Of Power-Just ‘Wringing Our Hands’ (Over Finland) Is Decried By Mrs. Dean 12
02/06/1940 Gandhi Breaks Off Talk With Viceroy 15
02/06/1940 Refugee Children Aided By B’nai B’rith-Order Votes $2,500 More (Total $17,100) For Transfers To Palestine 16
02/07/1940 Reich Peace Moves In 2 Wars Rumored 1
02/07/1940 (Capt. John Freeman-Mitford) Gives New Version Of (Unlty) Mitford Case 3
02/07/1940 Gandhi Says India Bars Imposed Rule 5
02/07/1940 Reich Spurs Farms In (Former) Polish Territory 6
02/08/1940 Japanese Prepare For U.S. Pressure 1
02/07/1940 Soviet Ship Brings $5,600,000 Gold To U.S. To Replenish Commercial Balances Here 1
02/07/1940 Rabbi S.S. Wise Explains (The Failure Of Others But Not Himself, To Recognize The Menace Of Hitler Earlier) 3
02/07/1940 (Dr. Karl) Roos (Alsatian Autonomist) Is Executed By French As Spy 7
02/07/1940 (Polish-) Americans Slain (By Germans) In Polish Terror (In Reprisals) 7
02/09/1940 Nazi Rule Doomed (Fritz) Thyssen Implies (In Switzerland) 1
02/09/1940 Reich Says Russia Is Now Shipping Oil 2
02/09/1940 2 British Warships Refuel In Zone Ports (Exeter & Ajax, From The Graf Spee Battle On Dec. 13, 1939) 3
02/09/1940 British To Maintain Nazi Blockade Rights 4
02/09/1940 Picture: U.S. Made Bomber Destined For England Being Towed Across Canadian Border 5
02/09/1940 Picture: Hugh Rodman Employed In Russia Since 1938, And His Family Returning To U.S. (Industrial Engineer) 9
02/09/1940 A. F. L. Backs Anti-Hitler Drive 13
02/10/1940 Roosevelt Sounds Neutrals On Peace, Sends (Sumner) Welles (Not Cordell Hull) To The Belligerents-Allies Puzzled At Welles’ Visit; Rome Skeptical, Berlin Reserved 1
02/10/1940 U.S. Army Surplus Open To Neutrals-Finland Appears Barred 2
02/10/1940 (Sumner) Welles A Diplomat Of Long Standing-Entered Service In 1915Is Close In The Confidence Of President Roosevelt (Picture) 2
02/10/1940 Picture: 2 Nuns, Back From Poland, Praise German Soldiers For Their Courtesy (Article!) 4
02/10/1940 Hostility To U.S. In Japan Increases 5
02/10/1940 Shipping Cost Bars Sale Of Oil To Japan-Mexicans Told Transport Via The Panama Canal Too Expensive (Can Sell To U.S. For More Money) 5
02/10/1940 Population Of Reich Is Set At 79,364,408 (May, 1939 Census) 6
02/11/1940 Roosevelt Flays Soviet Dictatorship; Says 98% Of Americans Favor Finns (Text, P. 44) 1
02/11/1940 (Dr. Nahum Goldmann, World Jewish Congress) Calls Jews Here To Lead In Peace 24
02/11/1940 U.S.-Japan Treaty Is Urged By Peer (Baron Yosiro Sakatani) 26
02/11/1940 Polish Refugees Placed At 100,000 (By Red Cross Societies) 31
02/11/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Says Millions Need Food In Poland 31
02/11/1940 Nazi Elite Guard Expanded For War 32
02/11/1940 (British) Promise To Poles Follows Peace Bid-Scant Hope On U.S. Plan 37
02/11/1940 Italy Seems Warm To (Sumner) Welles’ Visit 38
02/11/1940 Jews In Bohemia Ordered To Leave 39
02/11/1940 Russia Fails To Print Roosevelt Criticism (Denunciation Of Finnish Campaign) 42
02/11/1940 Lincoln’s Ideas Hailed By (N.Y. C.) Rabbis 46
02/11/1940 Brotherhood Week Is Hailed As Adult-Education Project (By Dr. Henry Noble Mac Cracken, Vassar National Conference Of Christians & Jews) D-7
02/11/1940 Roosevelt Peace Move Brings Many Questions-Attention On (Sumner) Welles’ Trip E-3
02/11/1940 War Intensifies Refugee Problem E-4
02/11/1940 Pictogram: The War Brings Many Orders To American Airplane Factories (Review, 1931-1940-A Lo-Fold Increase) E-6
02/11/1940 Hessie, Alvah, Men In Battle, Charles Scribner’s Sons, N.Y.-Americans Who Fought In Spain Book 20
02/11/1940 To Sea With A British Convoy Mag. 8
02/12/1940 War Fails To Spur U.S. Exports Of Oil 1
02/12/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Balks At Advising Youth To Uphold Finland But She Backs The Finns (!?) 1
02/12/1940 Refugee Hope Put In Allies’ Victory-(American) Jewish Congress Is Told That Only Defeat Of Nazis Can Bring Peace Of Tolerance Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Speaks, Dr. S.S. Wise And Czech Envoy Among Others Addressing (A. J. C.) Dinner 3
02/12/1940 Picture: American-Made Bombers Reach England For War Service 3
02/12/1940 Red Curb On Religion Is Denied (By Russian Authorities In Moscow) 3
02/12/1940 (Sumner) Welles Tour Seen (In Paris) As Staging Hitler 3
02/12/1940 Finns’ Summa Line Found Unyielding 4
02/12/1940 Balkans Hope U.S. Will Lead In Peace 4
02/12/1940 U.S. Finns In War Led By ‘Tough’ New Yorker; Roosevelts (Eleanor Roosevelt’s Mother’s Sister’s) Ex-Chauffeur 4
02/12/1940 Poland Day Here Observed By 2,000 4
02/12/1940 Hirohito Exhorts Japanese To Unity 6
02/12/1940 French Attack Foe With Propaganda 8
02/12/1940 French Soldiers Maintain Morale 8 (German-Jewish) Refugee Physician (Dr. James Cohn) Hangs Himself Here 34
02/13/1940 Van Of Anzac Army Debarks At Suez; Force Put At 30,000 1
02/13/1940 Japan Denounces Netherland Pact 1
02/13/1940 Nazis Scuttle Laden Freighter Off Brazil (From Rio De Janeiro-’Wakama’) To Avoid Her Capture By British Warship. (Three Cruisers, ‘Hawkins,’ ‘Shropshire,’ & ‘Dorsetshire’) 1
02/13/1940 High Court Saves 4 Doomed Negroes (Condemned For Robbery & Murder) 1
02/13/1940 Trujillo Grants Refugee Rights-Rosenberg Praises Plan 10
02/13/1940 Nazis Still Block Relief To Poland-Germany Continues Ban On Resident Supervision By Americans Agency (Commission For Polish Relief, Inc., Dr. Henry Noble Mac Cracken, Chairman) Says Need Found Widespread (Is It Possible They Wanted No Part Of Col. William J. Donovan And His Organization Of The OSS?) 12
02/13/1940 Poles Get (American) Red Cross Aid (American Donations Going To Polish & Jewish Relief British Blockade Holding Up Supplies) 12
02/13/1940 Moscow Caustlc About Roosevelt-Warning On Finland Seen (Warning Did Not Appear In Moscow Papers!) 13
02/13/1940 Berlin Papers Cut To Save Wood Pulp 15
02/13/1940 (Sumner) Welles Names Staff To Consist Of Two (Aides, Jay Pierrepont Moffat Secretary, Lucius Hartwell Johnson For European Trip) 17
02/13/1940 (150) Hungarians On Way To Fight In Finland 18
02/13/1940 (American) Jewish Congress Adopts A Program-It Is Designed To Safeguard (Jewish) Rights Here And Assure Full (Jewish) Liberty In Europe’s Peace (Washington, D. C. Meeting-Louis Lipsky, Stephan S. Wise, Nathan Perlman, Max Wolff) 26
02/13/1940 Russia Is Buying No Gasoline In U.S.-No Plane Fuel Was Sold 42
02/14/1940 Finns Pressed Back, Ask World Aid; Call Battle Worse Than World War; Senate Votes Bill For Helsinki Loan Helsinki Alarmed 1
02/14/1940 Washington Hears Of Soviet Massing (On Finnish Border) 1
02/14/1940 (Sumner) Welles Will Meet Mussolini In Rome 3
02/14/1940 Soviet Successes Worry Stockholm 4
02/14/1940 Rumania To Limit Oil Sales To Reich (British Report) 8
02/14/1940 Allies Study Buying By Reich’s Neighbors 8
02/14/1940 Transport Of Jews In Stettin Reported-Nazis Said To Have Sent 800 To Lublin Area Of Poland (First Reported From The Alt Reich) 10
02/14/1940 Diplomatic Rank For (Myron C.) Taylor Seen 11
02/14/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Named (By N.Y. Public Library & Ass’n. For The Study Of Negro Life And History Poll) For Aid To Negroes 13
02/15/1940 British Authorize Finnish Enlistings 1
02/15/1940 Nazi U-Boat Claim Menaces U.S. Ships-Neutral Ships Going To (Allied) Control Ports Will Be Considered Hostile 1
02/15/1940 Finns Charge Reds Break War Rules 2
02/15/1940 Industry In Honduras For Reich Refugees-British To Finance Hand Work Concern For Colony There 2
02/15/1940 Germany Rejects Americas’ Protest-Would Discuss Zone Idea 3
02/15/1940 British See End Of Clash With Us-London Believes Ambassador And Hull Are Near Accord On Blockade Troubles-Navicerts Speed Ships 3
02/15/1940 Hull Denies Rift On Naming (Sumner) Welles-He Commends His Aide 4
02/15/1940 (Colonial Secretary Malcomb Macdonald) Bars Palestine Influx 4
02/15/1940 Senate Holds Off On Tokyo Embargo-Pittman Expects Action 7
02/15/1940 Recovery Debated By Ickes And Weir 10
02/15/1940 7 New Deal Years Depicted By Dewey 11
02/15/1940 Hadassah Marks Its Education Day-(Jewish) Survival Program Urged 17
02/15/1940 Hatred Of Nazis Seen As Shifted (Jews Rather Than English-Dr. Mark A. May, Yale University) 21
02/16/1940 Russians Drive Beyond Summa, Nearing Vital Roads To Viborg; Grave Finnish Losses Reported-Reds Batter Foe 1
02/16/1940 British To Protect Ships (Not Carrying Contraband) Even If Carrying Goods To Other Countries 1
02/16/1940 War Fears Here Reported Waning (Gallup Poll) 3
02/16/1940 Britain Is Cautious On Aid To Finland 4
02/16/1940 (2,300) Refugees Reported Landed (Smuggled) In Palestine (The American Friends Of A Jewish Palestine Claim Responsibility) 4
02/16/1940 British India Policy Unreal, Says Gandhi 5
02/16/1940 Coal Shortage Throttles Reich Industries; Berlin Homes Unheated, Transport Tied Up 6
02/16/1940 Attlee Is Confident Of A British Victory 6
02/16/1940 Nazi Ship (‘Koenigsberg’) Off Coast Is Warned By BrazilReturn To Port (& Be Interned) Or Leave Waters (And Be Attacked By Waiting British Warships Waiting, [Loaded With Rubber]) 9
02/16/1940 Senators Defeat Clipper Mail Curb (Negotiated By Hull) 9
02/16/1940 Holland Will Ask Sinking Indemnity (From Germany) 9
02/16/1940 Americas’ Defense Held World’s Best-(By Adolf A.) Berle (Asst. Sec. State) Says Result Has Been Achieved Through Inter-American Diplomacy 10
02/16/1940 Polish Sufferings Related By (Un-Named) Priest (Rome Report-Claims Russian Army Behaved Better Than German Insofar As Rape, Etc.) By Herbert L. Matthews 10
02/17/1940 France Threatens Sea War Reprisal-Will Extend Blockade 1
02/17/1940 Finland Is Doomed, Germans Believe 1
02/17/1940 Norway Bars British Seizing Nazi Ship (‘Altmark,’ In Norwegian Territorial Waters) 1
02/17/1940 Allies Deny Finns’ Appeal For Troops 2
02/17/1940 (Ben Horin, World Executive Committee Of The New Zionist Organization, In Bucharest, Rumania) Studies Aid To Refugees 2
02/17/1940 France Executes A (Luxembourg National) Spy 2
02/17/1940 Allies Make Pact For Economic War 3
02/17/1940 Germany Getting U.S. Products From Neutrals, (U.S.) Officials Admit 3
02/17/1940 Slovakia Curbs Jews 3
02/17/1940 Censors In France Attacked By (Leon) Blum 4
02/17/1940 Rumania Attempts To Spur Oil Output 4
02/17/1940 (Sumner) Welles Off Today On Foreign Mission (Picture) 5
02/18/1940 British Raid Altmark In Norway Waters; Free 326 Spee Captives; Nazi Wrath Rages-4 Germans Killed Reich Press Irate-Oslo Amends Demanded-Most Bestial Attack On Unarmed Germans Is Charged In Berlin, Carried Arms, British Say 1
02/18/1940 Altmark Captives Relate Sufferings 1
02/18/1940 Norway Protests; British Stand Firm-Norway Sees Peril To Her Neutrality 1
02/18/1940 (Sumner) Welles (Myron C.) Taylor Sail For Europe 1
02/18/1940 Church Leaders In Tolerance Plea-Propaganda Is Assailed 14
02/18/1940 AFL-CIO Peace Urged By Clergy 15
02/18/1940 Britain Is Warned Exports (Of Finished Goods) Are Vital 28
02/18/1940 Rumanian Oil Flow To Reich Falls Off 28
02/18/1940 Finns’ Doom Seen Without Vast Aid 30
02/18/1940 Sweden Agitated Over (Lack Of) Finnish Aid 30
02/18/1940 (Jewish Children Refugee) Group Going To Palestine 33
02/18/1940 Japan Is Attacked In The Nazi Press (As Unneutral) 35
02/18/1940 Britons Acclaim Men Off Altmark 36
02/18/1940 Texts Of British, Norwegian And German Versions Of Altmark Incident 37
02/18/1940 Altmark Believed (By British) Built As Raider 39
02/18/1940 (Sumner) Welles’ Aid Asked For Polish Relief (Picture) 40
02/18/1940 Our Notes To Britain (Or Search And Seizure Of U.S. Ships On The High Seas) Raise A Point Of (U.S.) Policy E-3
02/18/1940 Peace Terms: The Allied And German Formulas (Halifax: Nazi Regime Must Go) E-3
02/18/1940 Allies Ready To Fight War In The Near East E-5
02/19/1940 British Call Norway Remiss In Duty; Demand Explanation On Altmark-Ship Called War Vessel-London Cites ‘Duty’-(British) Attack Held Necessary In Face Of Oslo’s Failure To Act As Neutral 1
02/19/1940 Efficiency Of WPA At Peak Last Year, Somervell Reports $167,791,679 Spent 1
02/19/1940 Nazi Rage Grows; Britain ‘Criminal’ 1
02/19/1940 Firmer Neutrality Pressed At Oslo-Question Of Arms Studied 4
02/19/1940 Life On A Nazi ‘Hell Ship’ Revealed In The Stories Of Rescued (‘Altmark’) Sailors 4
02/19/1940 Picture: War Supplies In New Jersey Await Shipment To England And France 4
02/19/1940 Reich-Soviet Move Is Seen (By Columbia University’s, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler 6
02/19/1940 Final (Trade) Treaty Offer Made, Says Japanese-Next Move Up To U.S. 6
02/19/1940 War Helped To Put (U.S.) Exports Up For ‘39-Imports Increased 18% 36
02/20/1940 Norway Defends Action On Altmark-Britain Is Accused 1
02/20/1940 Reich Sees A Gain In Altmark Fracus-Berlin Is Expected To Present To (Sumner) Welles A Dossier To Prove Britain Violates Rights (No Mention Of A Dossier To Show U.S. Complicity In The Initiation Of Polish Hostilities Which Was Presented To Him-Potocki Papers) 4
02/20/1940 U.S. Likely To Stay Aloof On Altmark 4
02/20/1940 Six Of Altmark (German) Dead Are Buried In Norway (More Died However!) 4
02/20/1940 Halifax Rejects Norway’s Demands 5
02/20/1940 British Reassured By Rumania On Oil (Rumania Not To Increase Its Present Deliveries To Germany) 6
02/20/1940 Russians Sabotage Traffic To Reich 6
02/20/1940 Lodz ‘Germanized’ 8,000 Poles Ousted-Workers Virtual Serfs 7
02/20/1940 Reich Confiscates Polish Properties (In Part Annexed By Germany) 7
02/20/1940 U.S. Oil Companies Told To Mend Ways (By Mexican Official) 8
02/20/1940 Miss Perkins (Sec. Labor) Asks Alien Law Change 14
02/21/1940 Chamberlain Rebukes Oslo-Hints London May Go Further To Enforce ‘Neutrality’ In Norwegian Waters 1
02/20/1940 Swedish Demand To Aid Finns Grows 4
02/20/1940 Britain Now Faces Test Of Blockade-Showdown With Japan And Italy Likely 5
02/20/1940 Gibraltar Speeding American Ships On-British Report Examination (Of U.S. Ships Seized, Taken To Gibraltar & Searched) Delays Now Much Reduced 5
02/20/1940 Chamberlain Statement On The Altmark 5
02/20/1940 Norway’s Position (On ‘Altmark’) Affirmed By Koht 5
02/20/1940 French Fliers Fit; Praise U.S. (Fighting) Planes (Shipped To France) 6
02/20/1940 War Between U.S. And Germany Is Opposed In Any Circumstances, Gallup Test Finds 6
02/20/1940 122 Polish Savants (College Professors) Freed From Nazi (Sachsenhausen) Prison Camp 6
02/20/1940 British Pressure On Rumania Firm-Bucharest’s Changed Attitude On Oil Exports-To The Reich Follows Strong Campaign-London Bit Into Trade (Rumanian) Officials Now Feel The Balkan Country Will Need All Her Aviation ‘Gas’ 7
02/20/1940 Our Sales To Japan Drop Only Slightly-United States Trade With China Increased Sharply, Washington Reveals 8
02/20/1940 Miss (Unity) Mitford To Travel 8
02/20/1940 Hull Pacts Revive Old Tariff Lines 9
02/20/1940 Dr. Frank Predicts Nation’s (Economic) Collapse 12
02/20/1940 Belgians Organize Line For U.S. Ships-Nazi Paper Scorns Deal 39
02/22/1940 Russian Air Bombs Rip Swedish Town; Act Held Intended 1
02/22/1940 Reich Challenges Rumanian (British-Inspired) Oil Ban 1
02/22/1940 Nazis Bar Relief In Most Of Poland (By American Red Cross) 1
02/22/1940 (U.S.) Clipper Mail Given To British At Rifle Points; Pilot First Ordered (British) Bermuda Censors Away 1
02/22/1940 Nazi Matron (Frau Irmgard Klemm, Ludwigshafen) Urges More War Children 4
02/22/1940 144 British Planes Rushed To Finland (Other Equipment Listed) 4
02/22/1940 (Sumner) Welles May Patch U.S.-German Rift 5
02/22/1940 Picture: (George F. Kennan) To Accompany (Sumner) Welles 5
02/22/1940 500 (Bohemian) Jews Allowed To Go To Slovakia (Sent First To Nisko, Poland, And Then To Sovakia-Arrangements Made By The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 5
02/22/1940 Wheeler-Hill, Secretary Of Bund, Sentenced To Year On His Guilty Plea Of Perjury (Picture: Handcuffed A ‘Subtle’ Warning To All!) 10
02/22/1940 Throng At Benefit For (Allied) Victims Of War 26
02/22/1940 Transfer Of Liner (‘President Filmore’ To Panamanian Registry) Approved By (U.S. Maritime Commission) Board 45
02/23/1940 (O. John) Rogge Planes Inquiry On Graft In Another State ‘Like Louisiana’ (‘Like Huey Long!’) 1
02/23/1940 British Rebuff U.S. On Blockade Note 1
02/23/1940 Senators Show Ire On Clipper Incident 1
02/23/1940 Britain To Reopen Her Fair Pavilion-’Certain Arrange-Ments’ For Funds 1
02/23/1940 Rumania Increases Army, Bans Export Of War Materials-Raw Materials Are Held 1
02/23/1940 (U.S.) Preparedness Key Of Nation’s Homage To First President (Representative Sol Bloom, N.Y. & Numerous Other Speakers) 1
02/23/1940 (Vice-Premier) Chautemps Lauds (Sumner) Welles On Mission (Seems To Imply He Had Knowledge Of Welles’ Trip Objectives Prior To His Visit) 4
02/23/1940 Vollendam Arrives With 395 Refugees 7
02/23/1940 Swedes Get Orders To Fire On (Russian) Planes 8
02/23/1940 British In Arctic, Norway Confirms 9
02/23/1940 Concessions To U.S. Underway In Japan 11
02/23/1940 Progressives Talk Education Merger 16
02/23/1940 $137,000,000 In Year Remitted Abroad 31
02/24/1940 (Sumner) Welles Will Meet Hitler Next Week-He Sees U.S. Mail Seized (By British-And Does What?) 1
02/24/1940 Hore-Belisha Calls Upon Allies To Intervene On Finland’s Side 1
02/24/1940 Sea Law Obeyed, Germans Insist 2
02/24/1940 Arbitration Move On Altmark Seen-London Still Unyielding 2
02/24/1940 Bombing In Sweden Denied By Moscow 3
02/24/1940 Allies To Spend A Billion In U.S.-Will Take Our Surplus Famine Is Feared In German Poland 4
02/24/1940 Nazi-Held Poland Increasing Output 4
02/24/1940 Youth, 20, Who Vanished In 1936, Returns To Parents With $1,000 15
02/25/1940 Chamberlain Demands A New Order; Hitler Defiant, Says Reich Can’t Lose-Nazi Sees God’s Aid 1
02/24/1940 Germany Bargains On China Tungsten 22
02/24/1940 First Army Review By Poles In France (By Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski, Commander; American Ambassador Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. Witnessed His Stepson Apparently In The Polish Service Receive ‘Silver Cross Of Merit’ Theodore Schulze) 23
02/24/1940 Russians See U.S. Out To Extend War-Press Gibes At (Sumner) Welles 1
02/24/1940 U.S. Sea Mail Delay (By British Siezure On High Seas) Is Cut To 3.7 Days 30
02/24/1940 (Sumner Welles To Confer In Rome At Once 31
02/24/1940 The Partial Text Of Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s Address On The Nazi Party’s Anniversary 32
02/25/1940 Text Of Chamberlain’s Address Amplifying The War And Peace Aims For Which Allies Are Fighting 33
02/24/1940 U.S. Relief For Poles Is On Way From Italy-German Train Speeds Supplies To (American) Red Cross At Cracow (4 Boxcars) 34
02/24/1940 (Finnish Baron) Mannerheim Greets Neutral (Swedish & Norwegian) Volunteers 34
02/24/1940 (U.S.) Army And Navy Map Record War Games 35
02/24/1940 M’nutt Sets Goal As ‘Age Of Plenty’ 37
02/24/1940 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
02/24/1940 Forces Are Martialed For War In Near East (Britain In Iran-Iraq) E-4
02/24/1940 India Presents A Dilemma (For England) E-4
02/24/1940 Cartoon: Field Marshal Hermann Goering, Economic Dictator (Real Beefy!) E-5
02/24/1940 ‘Lord Haw Haw’-Germany’s Radio Propagandist, At First A Joke, Is Now A Problem For The British-James B. Reston (The Article Is Very Sympathetic To The British) Mag. 3
02/26/1940 Clippers Cancel Stop At Bermuda; Avoid (British) Censorship 1
02/26/1940 Scandanavia Unites To Bar Violations Of Its Neutrality 1
02/26/1940 (Sumner) Welles In Rome Greetings Are Wild 1
02/26/1940 New Dealers Hold Way Is Now Clear To 3D Term Draft (Of Franklin D. Roosevelt For Presidential Candidate) 1
02/26/1940 Koht (Norway) Seeks Accord (In Scandanavia) On Altmark Case 1
02/26/1940 Drive Begun Here For Polish Relief-Col. (William J., [Oss] Donovan Heads National Campaign (Herbert Lehman And Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Aides 2
02/26/1940 Statement By Norway On The Altmark 2
02/26/1940 Bar War From U.S. Is (Asst. Sec. Of War, Louis) Johnson Plea 5
02/26/1940 ‘Extreme’ (British) Blockade Was Favored In 1917-18, Lansing (Uncle Of John Foster & Allan Dulles!) Papers RevealSec. Of State Urged Extending Mail Censorship To Latin America-Pershing Opposed 1918 Armistice (Wanted To ‘March To Berlin’) 16
02/26/1940 Dictators Scored In Bonnell Sermon 18
02/26/1940 New Territories Strengthen Reich 25
02/27/1940 (Sumner) Welles Hands Mussolini Secret Roosevelt Message;-British Envoy Steals A March By Quick Call On American 1
02/26/1940 British To Reject (Norway’s) Plan On Altmark (Norway Wanted To Submit Issue To International Tribunal For Arbitration) 2
02/26/1940 U.S.-Bound Planes To Touch Bermuda (On N.Y.-Lisbon Service) 3
02/26/1940 Morgenthau Sure Of Allies’ Paying-Holding Ample Exchange 3
02/26/1940 British Report Flights (By R. A. F.) To Berlin And Back 3
02/26/1940 Experts In Rio (De Janeiro) Set Neutrality Rules 3
02/26/1940 Force For Finland Urged In Commons 4
02/26/1940 Reich Bars Mass Burial-Each Fallen Soldier To Have His Own Grave In The Country 4
02/26/1940 (Hull) Calls Trade Pacts A Boon After War-We Need Treaties To Help Establish A Sound World Basis 6
02/26/1940 (Sumner Welles’ (Secret Message From Roosevelt To Mussolini) Message Mystifies (U.S.) CapitalA Note For Hitler As Well As Mussolini-No Light On Contents 6
02/26/1940 (Sumner) Welles May Hear Reich Grievances 7
02/26/1940 Poles Want (Sumner) Welles To Visit Their Country; Hear Roosevelt Sanctions Their Approach 7
02/26/1940 (Myron C.) Taylor At Vatican In First Interview 7
02/26/1940 (French Liner) De Grasse Arrives Without Bow GuN-320 Nazi Exiles Aboard (Lion Feuchtwanger’s Brother) 8
02/26/1940 Thrust At Russia Beaten In Senate-Vandenberg An Advocate 9
02/26/1940 Britons Are Warned Of Heavier Sacrifices; To Go Without So (That Manufactured) Goods-(Still Being Manufactured, In Spite Of The War) Can Be Sold Abroad (To Maintain Their Existing Markets And To Get Foreign Exchange For The War) 9
02/26/1940 Japanese Warned (By Newspaper, Asahi) Of New Sacrifices 10
02/27/1940 Nazis Said To Revive Lublin (Reservation) Ghetto Plan (Paris Report) 11
02/27/1940 (Bertram) Russell To Teach At City Colleg E-9
02/27/1940 Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann Gets Honorary Degree (From Jewish Institute Of Religion, Stephen S. Wise, Founder & President) 19
02/28/1940 Planes Renew Night Raids (Unidentified Planes) Draw Fire Over Holland; Nazi Drive Seen In March 1
02/28/1940 (Sumner) Welles To Revisit Rome After Tour 2
02/28/1940 Nazis Say British Aim To Thwart (Sumner) Welles 3
02/28/1940 Sweden Buys Back Nazis’ Polish Guns (Captured In Poland By German Army) 4
02/28/1940 British Buy Bombers Here For $20,000,000 (Douglas Aircraft, California) 5
02/28/1940 Pacts Said To Bar Trade With Reich-Neutrals Agree Not To Send Raw Materials To Germany, Britain Is Assured 6
02/28/1940 Wilson Rejected Pershing ‘18 Plan (Pershing Opposed The Armistice, Wanted To ‘March To Berlin’) 6
02/28/1940 (Protectorate) Bans Jewish Emigration 7
02/28/1940 Gen. (William Sidney) Graves Dead; Lead U.S. In Siberia, (1918-1920) 21