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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

January 1936
Date Headline Page
01/01/1936 Neutrality Policy Pliant In New Bill-Roosevelt, Hull And Congress Shape Measure For Discretionary Power-Seek To Get Jump On (Senator Gerald P.) Nye 1
01/01/1936 Britain Sees Wars Menacing (Economic) Revival-Business Men Fear 1935 Gain May Be Upset By Challenge Of Germany Or Italy-Rearmament Speeded To Give Country Strongest Fighting Force In World In 1936 22
01/01/1936 Nazis Hail Arms As Boon Of 1935-Hitler Reminds Germans In A New Year Message They Are ‘Free And Strong’ Again-Guido Enderis 22
01/01/1936 Nazis Hold Pastor (Gerhard Jacobi, Brandenburg Confessional Synod) Again To Gag Him-Nordic Paganism Seen 23
01/01/1936 Reich Denies Jews Aid Of World Law-’Dissimulation’ Held Aim-Police To Issue Licenses For Traveling Salesmen Only To ‘Reliable Elements’-Otto D. Tolischus 23
01/01/1936 Germany Punishes Rise In The Prices Of Meats 23
01/01/1936 Reich In Ignorance Of (James G.) Mc Donald (League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees Coming From Germany & Later Head Of President Roosevelt’s Committee On Refugees) Note (Of Resignation) 23
01/01/1936 Students (National Student Federation) Bar (U.S.) Help In War On Alien Soil 24
01/01/1936 An Interpretive Chronology For The Year 1935 27&29
01/01/1936 Third Reich Continues Its Program Of Eager Rearming And Of Persecution 29
01/02/1936 Decrease Of Rich Shown In Rosters 6
01/02/1936 British Insurers Fix War Risk Cut-French Envoy Asks Peace 9
01/02/1936 Poles Still Feel Loss Of Pilsudski-Jerzy Szapiro 10
01/02/1936 Ousted (German, Former Jewish) Servants Are German Issue 11
01/02/1936 Thousands Of Suits Hit New Deal Acts 12
01/02/1936 Chronology Of Leading Administrative Activities Since Congress Adjourned 12
01/03/1936 Germany Scorns Inquiry On Jews Bidding League (Of Nations-James G. Mc Donald, High Commissioner On Refugees From Germany) Mind Its Business-Charges Nazis Critics Are Silent On Persecution Of Germans 1
01/03/1936 Army Aid To France Pledged By Britain If Italians Attack 1
01/03/1936 Neutrality Issue To Be Raised First, Hull Shapes Bill 1
01/03/1936 Pursuit Plane Bids Rejected By Army 3
01/03/1936 Italians Prepare For Ruthless War (In Ethiopia) 10
01/03/1936 Reich Soldiers Must Put Children In Hitler Youth 11
01/03/1936 Death Asked For 3 In Ukrainian Trial 11
01/03/1936 Anti-Nazi German Fights (U.S.) Deportation-Faces ‘Certain Death’ If Sent To Homeland, Says (Alfred Miller) Former Editor Of Farm Paper 12
01/03/1936 4,000 More Musicians To Get Federal Aid; Government Will Push Projects For 17,000 12
01/03/1936 Netherlands Queen Decorates (James G.) Mc Donald (League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 17
01/03/1936 Women Renew War For Equal Rights 21
01/03/1936 Russians Joyful At New Years Fetes 21
01/04/1936 Roosevelt In Message Dares Critics To Seek Repeal Of New Deal Laws; Condemns War-Making Autocracies (Speech Text, P. 8) 1&8
01/04/1936 President (Roosevelt) Moves To Curb All Wars (Text Of Mc Reynolds-Pittman Neutrality Bill, P. 6) 1
01/04/1936 Poland Frees 27,000 Prisoners By Amnesty; They Get Free Rail Tickets And Hope Of Work 1
01/04/1936 Poles Assert Nazis Break Pact On (Polish) Jews 2
01/04/1936 Nazis And Catholics Renew Their Truce 2
01/04/1936 Italians Pressing For Vigor In (East African) War 2
01/04/1936 Gen. (Smedley D.) Butler Calls (U.S.) Neutrality Vital 5
01/04/1936 (Nevada, Senator Key) Pittman Explains New Neutrality Bill 7
01/04/1936 Dr.(Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Of Columbia Univ. And Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Demands Fight For Liberty-Columbia President Warns Of Installed Force And Calls Scholars To Battle (Speaks Of Schools Of France, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, Great Britain And U.S.)-Holds Crisis Is Acute (‘University Life Begins West Of The Rhine’-Attacks Totalitarianism) 17
01/05/1936 9,000,000 Children Face Nazi Draft Into Youth ‘Army’ (Reich Youth League-Formerly Hitler Youth And League Of German Girls)-Otto D. Tolischus 1
01/05/1936 Leftists (Headed By Norman Thomas) Favored In Socialist Feud 11
01/05/1936 Scottsboro (Rape) Case Is Up Tomorrow (‘Scottsboro Defense Committee’ From N.Y.-Scottsboro Samuel S. Leibowitz Defended Negroes In Three Previous Trials Since March 1933 [The Date Of The Offense], Decatur, Alabama) 26
01/05/1936 (John G.) Winant Forecasts Social Security (Winant, Chairman Of Social Security Board-Later Head Of World Labor Organization, Geneva, Roosevelt’s Ambassador To England After Joseph P. Kennedy-Died A Suicide After Ww Ii) 27
01/05/1936 U.S. (Neutrality) Policy Spurs War, Geneva Observes (‘Heavily Armed Minority Of Aggressive Autocracies’ Vs. ‘Peace-Loving Democracies’) 30
01/05/1936 French Disturbed By (U.S.) Neutral Policy 31
01/05/1936 Entire Nazi Press Replies To (Roosevelt) Speech-Neutrality Part Praised 31
01/05/1936 Roosevelt (Speech) Ignored In Japanese Press 31
01/05/1936 Roosevelt Speech Politics, (Representative Hamilton) Fish Says 32
01/05/1936 Wires On Message Cheer Roosevelt-Only A Few Critical 32
01/05/1936 H. W. Prentis Jr. Says Roosevelt Policies Threaten Nation 32
01/05/1936 Press Agrees The Roosevelt Message Was Political, Varies Widely In Opinion (Survey) 33
01/05/1936 Nye, Clark Cordial To Neutrality Bill 34
01/05/1936 (League High Commissioner For Refugees, James G.) Mc Donald Gloomy On Hope For Peace-Says Forces Favoring War Have Gained In Europe-Dictators Stir Unrest, He Declares 37
01/05/1936 Reich Money Laws (Foreign Exchange) To Bind Emigrants 37
01/05/1936 Permanent Peace Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt’s Goal (Women’s Rights Activist)-Nearing 77 N-2
01/05/1936 British Again Buy On Our Exchange-Official Limits Are Set F-1
01/05/1936 The News Of The World In Review E-1
01/05/1936 Nazis Defy World On Jewish Policy-Eventual Acclaim Seen-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
01/05/1936 Britain Weighs Ties To Germany-Her Desire To Be Friends With The Reich Is Offset By Her Mistrust Of The Nazi Regime’s Rising Armaments-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
01/05/1936 Italy Must Have Imports E-5
01/05/1936 Soviets’ Two Armies Are Well Prepared-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
01/05/1936 On Behalf Of German Refugees, A Letter By James G. Mc Donald (High Commissioner For German Refugees-’Desperate Suffering In Countries Adjacent To Germany’ As A Result Of German Mistreatment) E-8
01/05/1936 Crabites, Pierre, Benes, Statesman Of Central Europe, Coward-Mc Cann, N.Y.-’A Champion Of Democracy’ Book 1
01/05/1936 Where Japan And Russia Clash In Asia Mag. 5
01/05/1936 Britain Watches Ethiopia’s Lake Tana Mag. 6
01/05/1936 From Tana To Cairo; Another Lifeline Of Empire Mag. 7
01/05/1936 (John G.) Winant Outlines The Task Of (Social) Security Mag. 11
01/05/1936 The CCC Mirrors Youth Mag. 12
01/05/1936 Picture: James G. Mc Donald Roto.
01/06/1936 World Jewry To Be Asked To Finance Great Exodus Of German Co-Religionists (By Leading British Zionist Jews-Sir Herbert Samuel, Former High Commissioner For Palestine, Viscount Bearsted, Head Of Shell Oil & Simon Marks) 1&8
01/06/1936 Rigid (U.S.) Neutrality Asked In Nye Bill 1
01/06/1936 (N.Y. C.) Justice ‘Corrupt’ Dr. (Rabbi Stephen Samuel) Wise Charges (Supporting Lindbergh) 3
01/06/1936 Britain Sees (Her) Peril In (U.S.) Neutrality Idea-May Turn To Our Rivals-Is Shocked By Prospects That She Might Not Get Our Goods (Weapons) In Wartime 6
01/06/1936 Paris Sees Danger Without U.S. Aid-Peace Aims Overlooked 7
01/06/1936 Soviet Welcomes Roosevelt Speech 7
01/06/1936 Jews Here Seek Action By League-Peril To All Is Seen-Our Aid Asked By Dr. (Rabbi) S.S. Wise-Back (James G.) Mc Donald Report 8
01/06/1936 Palestine Drive Opens-$2,500,000 Sought(For) Jewish National Home 8
01/06/1936 Americans Weigh 4-Power Navy Pact-British Dislike The Idea 9
01/06/1936 Says Reds Exploit Scottsboro (Rape) Case 11
01/06/1936 (Cardinal) Mundelein Sees Church Menaced (In Germany) 12
01/06/1936 Germans Gloomy On The Gold Block 31
01/07/1936 Supreme Court Finds Aaa Unconstitutional 1
01/07/1936 Reich Commissions Third ‘Pocket’ Battleship (‘Graf Spee’-Built To Specifications Of Versailles Treaty) 4
01/07/1936 French To Offer Third Naval Plan 4
01/07/1936 American ‘Sermon’ Resented In Italy-Calling Roosevelt A Dictator, Press Says He Is Ineligible To Preach On Autocracies-Paper Views Neutrality Plan As Interference And Warns It Sets Example For Europe 5
01/07/1936 Germany To Study Project For Jews-Foreign Exchange Needed-Bank Proposed Earlier-Zionists Explain Plan-Otto D. Tolischus 6
01/07/1936 (J. P.) Morgan Defends (U.S.) Financing (Of Allies) In War (Text, Quotes Woodrow Wilson) 8
01/07/1936 Germany’s Proposal 20
01/08/1936 (J. P.) Morgan Testifies As Nye Bares Data On War Loan Curbs-President (Wilson) Acted Early-Bryan Documents Shown 1&12
01/08/1936 Nazis Pry Into Mail And Jail American (Naturalized!-Capt. Paul Herberger, Attacked German Government) 11
01/08/1936 Miss Szold (Hadassah) Urges Refuge For Youths-10,000 Await Aid To Escape From Indignities Of Life In Germany, She Says 22
01/09/1936 Allied Financing Arms Plant Deals (In U.S.) Told By (J. P.) Morgan-Got $30,000,000 Fees-London Virtually Operated Winchester And Remington, Senate Inquiry Finds 1&12
01/09/1936 Jubilant Reich Press Asserts That Morgan Drove The United States Into The War (Tageblatt) 13
01/09/1936 Aims Of Monarch Seen In Roosevelt (By Col. Robert Mc Cormick) 15
01/09/1936 Roosevelt Defeat Seen By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler-Administration Has Not Lived Up To ‘A Single Item’ In Its Program, He Charges 16
01/10/1936 Wilson Changed Policy To Allow (U.S.) Loans To Allies-Acted On Pleas By Both Mc Adoo And Lansing (Aug. 25,, 1915) 1&12
01/10/1936 Ethiopians Victors In Clash Of 100,000 (43,000 Italians) 1
01/10/1936 Japan Is Stirred By 1921 (Washington) Navy Deal-Idea That British Guard Atlantic Releasing American Fleet For Pacific, Arouses (Ill) Feeling (Adolph S. Ochs Papers) 6
01/10/1936 League Body Asks Joint Refugee Aid-For Wider Action Later-Clarence K. Streit 8
01/10/1936 Reich Jobless Rise 522,354 In A Month 8
01/10/1936 Nazis Take Passport Of American Citizen (Boris Smolar, Chief European Correspondent Of The Jewish Telegraph Agency) 8
01/10/1936 Swiss Jews Oppose Deal With Germany 8
01/10/1936 British Jewish Leaders (Samuel, Bearsted & Marks)-Explain Mission (On Refugees) Here 8
01/10/1936 (Sir Charles) Craven Belittles (U.S.) Arms Sales Peril (To England) 13
01/10/1936 Germans Say Loans Drew Us Into War; Made Impossible A Free View Of Guilt 13
01/10/1936 (U.S.) Neutrality Bill Is Called A Peril-Prof. Borchard Of Yale Says It May Embroil Us In Wars It Seeks To Avoid-Declares It Amateurish 13
01/11/1936 Soviet To Increase All Arms, Fearing Reich And Japan 1
01/11/1936 Poles In Germany Assail Treatment-1 500 00 Affected-Otto D. Tolischus 2
01/11/1936 Reich Financiers Here For Survey (Emil Puhl [Nuernberg Trials!] & Dr. Hans Hartenstein) 2
01/11/1936 New Peace Effort By (French Premier, Pierre) Laval Is Hinted 3
01/11/1936 Japanese Warned (By British) On Leaving (Naval) Parley 4
01/11/1936 (Ww. I) Torpedoing Of Ship (‘Arabic’) ‘Improved Conditions’ For Loan To Allies, Morgan Cable Asserted (Documents! Held Secret Until Now) 6
01/11/1936 ‘League Link’ Cut (By Pittman-Reynolds ‘Neutrality Act Of 1936’) Accepted By Hull 6
01/11/1936 (Bernard) Baruch Says (U.S.) Arms Insure (Our) Neutrality-Dangers In Embargoes 7
01/11/1936 (Victor F.) Ridder (N.Y. WPA [Harry L. Hopkins] Adminis-Trator, Later Editor Of New Yorker Staatszeitung) To Curtail WPA Job Bureau 17
01/11/1936 Aid For (German) Refugees Asked-$400,000 For Relief Of Christians (Presumably Aryan & Non-Aryan) From Germany 18
01/11/1936 November Exports Up 38% From 1934 28
01/12/1936 (Rabbi Dr. Stephen Samuel) Wise Calls On President (Roosevelt)-Discusses Expedition Of Plans For Settling Jewish Emigres (In Palestine) 27
01/12/1936 Rumanian Madman Shoots Chief Rabbi (At Bucharest) 29
01/12/1936 4 Anti-Semites Go To Jail (In Poland For Murder During Riot-Jewish Telegraph Agency Report) 30
01/12/1936 Reich Scientists Uphold Freedom-Famous Jew (Dr Hans Haber, Synthetic Ammonia) Driven To Suicide (In London) By ‘Racial’ Decrees, Lauded By (Prof. Max) Planck, Presiding (Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft)-Otto D. Tolischus 31
01/12/1936 Spain Held Ready For Coup D’etat-Conditions In Country Similar To Those Of 1923 When De Rivera Took Charge 31
01/12/1936 Nazi Edicts Kill Opposition Press 33
01/12/1936 Rhineland Lagging In Reich Recovery-Lack Of Materials Cited 33
01/12/1936 (U.S. World) War Finance Drama Unfolds At Capital E-5
01/12/1936 Stalin Publicized (In U.S. ?) As Humane Person (Moscow Report) E-7
01/12/1936 Picture: Hitler & Streicher, ‘Leaders Of German Anti-Semitism’ E-7
01/12/1936 Nazis Cloak Anti-Semitism-Otto D. Tolischus E-7
01/12/1936 (Thomas J.) Pendergast (Harry Truman’s Angel) Faces Revolt In Primary E-11
01/12/1936 A Soberer Mussolini Faces The World-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
01/13/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President, Columbia University & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Fights Borah’s Candidacy-Scores (U.S.’S) Isolation Stand 4
01/13/1936 Nazi Church Rule Defied In Pulpits (By ‘Brotherhood Council Of Prussian Confessional Church’-Niemoeller Etc.) 8
01/13/1936 Dispute In Danzig Is Now Up To Eden-Poland Presents Demand (Polish Ministers In Danzig Want More Power) 8
01/13/1936 Thousands Honor (Nicaraguan Gen. Anastasio) Somoza 8
01/13/1936 Priest Is Jailed In Germany 8
01/13/1936 Tokyo To Attempt To Scrap Big Ships 9
01/13/1936 Anti-War Mandate Is Sounded In Poll 9
01/13/1936 Neutrality Policy Called Hazardous (By Allan Dulles & Hamilton Fish Armstrong Of ‘Council On Foreign Relations’)-War Prevention Is Urged 10
01/13/1936 Sending Of (Olympic) Athletes To Germany Decried (‘Rebuke To Hitler’ Needed) 13
01/13/1936 Labor Conditions Worse(N) In Germany 25
01/14/1936 Japan’s Aims Balk Navy Parley Anew 1
01/14/1936 Japanese Leader Sees Soviet Peril 5
01/14/1936 Britain To Support Oil Ban On Italy 6
01/14/1936 Ukrainian Killers Guilty In Warsaw 7
01/14/1936 Reich Celebrates Year Of Saar Rule-Jews To Lose Privileges 8
01/14/1936 Reich Sees Soviet Planning Revolts 8
01/14/1936 Germany Orders Out A Czech (Ernst Popper, Jewish) Journalist-Accused Of ‘Poisoning International Atmosphere’ 8
01/14/1936 Jews To Lose Protection (Under Nuernberg ‘Ghetto Laws’) 8
01/14/1936 Text Of (J. P.) Morgan Speech Introduced At (1915 World War I Loan) Inquiry 16
01/14/1936 WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Picks Group To Tour In Drama 24
01/14/1936 Furtwaengler Drops Mendelsohn Opus 25
01/15/1936 (U.S.) Neutrality Of 1916 Pictured As Myth 1
01/15/1936 Japanese To Quit (London) Navy Conference; Norman Davis U.S. Delegate-4 Others (U.S., England, France & Italy) To Go On-Germany May Be Invited 1
01/15/1936 Our Wartime Trend Toward The Allies’ Side (And War) Is Traced At Senate Munitions Inquiry (Documents Revealed) 8
01/15/1936 (Senator Gerald) Nye’s Peace Efforts Win Newman Award; He Is Lauded For Work At (Senate) Arms Inquiry 8
01/15/1936 Nazis’ Church Foes Call Reich Synod-Summons Defies Kerrl-Otto D. Tolischus 11
01/15/1936 Big Army Budget Adopted In Moscow-Bombers Will Be Built 12
01/15/1936 Poland Will Try More Ukrainians 12
01/16/1936 Soviet Army Put At 1,300,000 Men (Moscow Report) 1
01/16/1936 Japan Quits (London) Naval Parley After Others Bar Her Plans 1
01/16/1936 Britain Will Drop League Initiative-Drifting Policy Forecast 1
01/16/1936 Neutrality Bill Revised To Guard (U.S.) Freedom Of Seas-Capital Holds Change Notifies (Warns) World That Old International Law Must Rule-To Uphold America’s Wartime Rights 1
01/16/1936 (Senator Gerald) Nye States (Woodrow) Wilson Falsified On Pacts-Charges Secret European Grants Were Known To Him-He Denied This On Stand-1915 Peace Is Ridiculed-Clark Says Terms We Urged Were Only Meant To Put Us In War On Allies’ Side (Documents Given) 1&12
01/16/1936 The Lansing-Von Bernstorff Talk On Submarines 12
01/16/1936 Issues In Our Pre-War Relations With Germany And Britain Revealed 12
01/16/1936 Colonel House Says Acts Are On Record-Wilson One Of Nation’s ‘Great Presidents’ 12
01/16/1936 (James P.) Warburg Declares New Deal A Peril 13
01/16/1936 50 (National Socialists) On Trial In Vienna (Kurt Schuschnigg, Chancellor) 13
01/16/1936 Texts Of Japan’s Messages To (London) Navy Parley And Speeches By Davis And Monsell 14&15
01/16/1936 U.S. Navy To Seek More Capital Ships; Battle Fleet Will Stay On West Coast 15
01/16/1936 Long War (In Ethiopia) Is Seen By Experts In Rome 16
01/16/1936 Sending Of Troops To Egypt (By Britain) Is Speeded 16
01/16/1936 Lithuania Warned By Polish (Foreign) Minister (Jozef Beck) 17
01/16/1936 Hitler Sees Need For New Struggle-Warns Germans They Must Be Prepared For More Sacrifices To Attain Their Goal 17
01/16/1936 Roosevelt Hails (Refugee) University In Exile As Symbol Of American Freedom-Called Only Free German Faculty (Many Are German-Jewish Refugees, Text Of Letter) 23
01/16/1936 Dr. (Alfred) Einstein Takes Out (U.S. Citizenship) Papers; Noted Scientist Will Be Eligible In 1938 23
01/17/1936 Senators (Pope, George & Connally) Defend (Woodrow) Wilson (World) War (I) Acts; Charge Bias To Nye 1
01/17/1936 (Catholic) Church Boycotts Mexican Schools 1
01/17/1936 Reich Jails (Jewish) Lawyer Resenting Race Slur 3
01/17/1936 4 Powers (In London, U.S. Britain, France & Italy) Endorse Trading Navy Data 5
01/17/1936 British Rearming To Be On Vast Scale-Military Propaganda Begun 5
01/17/1936 Japanese Uneasy On (British) Pacific Forts 5
01/17/1936 Schuschnigg Urges Central Europe Ties (In Prague Speech) 6
01/17/1936 Foreign Officials Guests Of Goering-Seen As Mediator Between Poland And Danzig In All-Day Parley-Reich Hopes For Accord-(Col. Jozef) BeckDeclares That His Government Will Defend Its Rights In Free City 7
01/17/1936 Criticism Of (Woodrow) Wilson’s War Course Brings Sharp Defense In Senate And Committee 8
01/17/1936 Defense Of Wilson Stirs Senate Row-Connally Denounces Nye 8
01/17/1936 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler For Curb On Supreme Court 13
01/18/1936 (Senator Carter) Glass Assails Nye On Wilson Charge; May Block Inquiry (Text, P. 4) 1
01/18/1936 Goebbels Demands (Former German) Colonies (Back) For Reich 1
01/18/1936 Wilson’s Honesty Defended By Hull-Tumulty (His Secretary) Champions Him 4
01/18/1936 (J. P.) Morgan Firm Denies Charge Made By Nye (Demands A Retraction) 4
01/18/1936 Mussolini Accuses Ethiopians Of Barbarity In Treatment Of Italian Captives And Dead 8
01/18/1936 Britain Cautions Reich On Locarno-Otto D. Tolischus 9
01/18/1936 Reich Forced To Use Slender Gold Supply To Buy Foreign Foods Because Of Shortage 9
01/19/1936 Reich Jews’ Status Is Defined By Frick-Under Nuremberg Laws They Will Pursue A Life Of Their Own-Segregation Is Planned-Every Attempt To Mingle With ‘Germans’ Will Be Made Impossible, It Is Stated 1&7
01/19/1936 (Clark) Denying Bias Against Wilson,Defends Nye On (World) War (I) Inquiry 1
01/19/1936 (Irish, League Of Nations) Official In Danzig Assailed By Nazis 5
01/19/1936 Austrian Accused Of Beating Prisoners (At Woellersdorf Austrian Concentration Camp) 7
01/19/1936 Reich Has Surplus In Foreign Trade-Debt Service Is Reduced-Although Many Had To Tighten Belts, Nation Imported Enough Raw Materials For Rearming 16
01/19/1936 Miss Szold (Hadassah) Deports (For Palestine) 26
01/19/1936 Reich Loses Suit Over Gold Dollars-America Devaluation Does Not Affect Germany’s (Gold) Obligation 30
01/19/1936 (R. M. Easley) Says German Acts (In World War I) Forced Us Into War 32
01/19/1936 Arms Sales Status Of 20 (Companies) Under Study 32
01/19/1936 (Woodrow) Wilson ‘Lie’ Denied By 2 Secretaries (Daniels & Baker-Charge Made Originally In 1930 By Prof. Harry Elmer Barnes) 34
01/19/1936 Use Of Nazi Steel Begun In Carolina-Makers Here Undersold 36
01/19/1936 Coast Notes Rise In German Cargoes 39
01/19/1936 Reign Of Socialism Is Feared By (Robert A.) Taft N-1
01/19/1936 Peace Conference (11th Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War, Founded By Feminist Leader Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt) Has World Aspect-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Will Be Guest Of HonorAt First Washington Session N-6
01/19/1936 Columbia (University-N. M. Butler) To Record Old Spanish Culture Preserved By Sephardic Jews Living Here N-8
01/19/1936 Palestine Gaining As A British Base E-5
01/19/1936 ‘Military Economy (Wehrwirtschaft)’ Now Governs Reich-Otto D. Tolischus-Subordinates The Nation’s Business To The Task Of Getting Ready For War E-5
01/19/1936 Freedom Of The Seas Is Revived As An Issue E-6
01/19/1936 Shepardson, W. H. And Scroggs, W. 0., The United States In World Affairs In 1934-35, Council On Foreign Relations (See Allen Dulles & Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Jan. 13, 1936, P. 10) Harper And Brothers, N.Y Book 10
01/20/1936 Russia Uses Force To Halt Japanese 1
01/20/1936 (Pastor Martin Neimoeller, Brotherhood Council Of Prussian Confessional Church) Says State Church Exists In Germany 6
01/20/1936 Anti-Hitler Service Held (At People’s Tabernacle-’Federation Of Jews, Catholics And Protestants’) 8
01/20/1936 Professors Listed Against New Deal (‘American Liberty League’) 11
01/20/1936 Methodists Find Liberty Ebbing 21
01/20/1936 Nazis Face Months Of Soaring Prices 27
01/20/1936 Business Decries Wartime Booms-Isolation Also Opposed 34
01/20/1936 World Production Continues To Rise 36
01/20/1936 Scottsboro (Rape) Case Enters 4th Trial 40
01/21/1936 King George V Dies Peacefully In Sleep 1
01/21/1936 British Now Favor U.S. ‘Big Ship’ View-For Craft Above 30,000 Tons, Guns Now 16 Inches 3
01/21/1936 Empire Freedom Won During (World) War 8
01/21/1936 Photo: George V With Czar (Photo With Wilhelm Ii, P. 7) 8
01/21/1936 State War Papers Go Back To Hull-Return Reported Demanded On Ground That Nye Committee Violated Confidence-Secrecy Was Enjoined-Documents On Which Wilson-lansing Falsified Charges Were Based Among Them-(Further) Public Use Barred 13
01/21/1936 Japan And Reich Deny War Accord-Army Agreement Likely 18
01/21/1936 Soviet Armament Scored By Hirota (Text) 19
01/21/1936 Franc Weakens As Crisis Looms 33
01/22/1936 Services To Honor King George (V) Here 6
01/22/1936 Rabbis Voice Sympathy 6
01/22/1936 Germany To Send Group To (George V) Funeral 7
01/22/1936 Reich Aims To Keep Eden At Geneva-Fears Weak Policy On Danzig May Spur Reich To Go Into Disarmed Rhineland Zone-Eager For Polish Help-Clarence K. Streit 10
01/22/1936 Nye Row Persists; Neutrality Upset 11
01/22/1936 British (Jewish) Leaders Here To Aid Jews-No Specific Plan Made-’Intensified Persecution’ In Germany Taken Up (Samuel, Bearsted & Marks) 17
01/22/1936 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Judge Is Accused Of Bias (By Southern Lawyer, C. L. Watts, Hired By ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel S. Leibowitz, Chief Defense Council From New York) 20
01/22/1936 End Of Wars Sure, Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Feminist) Asserts-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Aids Plea 21
01/23/1936 Five Powers (Britain, France, Turkey, Greece & Yugoslavia) Join In Pact To Offer A United Front Should Italy Attack One-Eden Notifies The League (Text, P. 12)-Oil Sanctions (Against Italy) Are Studied 1
01/23/1936 (Premier, Pierre) Laval Resigns, Refuses New Bid 1
01/23/1936 (Assassinated Senator Huey P.) Long Is Eulogized Before The Senate 2
01/23/1936 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Received By The President (Roosevelt)-Approves Medal For Her 9
01/23/1936 Assails Nye On Use Of Lansing Diaries-(Allen W.) Dulles (See ‘Council On Foreign Relations,’ Jan. 13, 1936, P. 10 & Jan. 19, 1936, Book 10), Secretary’s (Lansing’s) Nephew Writes That Committee Head Broke Pledge-’Sealed’ Papers Were Obtained From Library And Circulated Without Family’s Permission-Invasion Of Privacy Seen 10
01/23/1936 Moves To Complete (Ww. I) Munitions (And Wilson) Inquiry 10
01/23/1936 (Senate Group) Deletes ‘Promise’ To Help End Wars (From Neutrality Bill) 11
01/23/1936 Eden Asks Danzig To Keep Promises-Others Give Him Support-Greiser Makes Denial 16
01/23/1936 Political Divorces Proposed In Reich (Marriages Between Jews And Gentiles) 17
01/24/1936 Latest Scottsboro (Rape) Case Jury Varies Death Sentence He (Patterson) Has Heard Three Times 1
01/24/1936 Nye Defends Use Of Lansing Notes-Revelation Of Diary Was Not A Violation Of Trust, He Writes To Dulles (See Jan. 23, 1936, P. 10) 4
01/24/1936 (Utah) Senator (William H.) King Urges U.S. As Jewish Haven-(Immigration) Law Liberalization Favored To Permit Refugees To Enter From Germany 10
01/24/1936 (Harvard President, Dr. James Bryant) Conant For ‘Plan In Terms Of Men;’ Sees Wide Change In Education 21
01/24/1936 British Bank Head Fears For Future 27
01/25/1936 Scottsboro (Rape Case) Negro Shot Trying To Break As He Stabs Guard 1
01/25/1936 (Ogden L.) Mills (Former Secretary Of Treasury) Opens Drive To Aid Polish Jews (To Prevent Starvation Of 2,000,000 Human Beings) 7
01/25/1936 Germany Curbs Church Libraries 8
01/25/1936 Mussolini Assails New 5-Power (British-Balkan Anti-Italian) Pact (Text)-He Warns On Sanctions 9
01/25/1936 Danzig Nazis Yield To League Control-Refugee Parley Called-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
01/25/1936 Neutrality Splits War Cure Parley (Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War-Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Feminist) 17
01/26/1936 (Former N.Y. Governor, Alfred E.) Smith Threatens A Revolt On Roosevelt Leadership, Calls New Deal Socialism-Warns Of Class Strife (Text, P. 36) 1
01/26/1936 (Senator William H.) King Holds Utah Backs Roosevelt 7
01/26/1936 Germans Are Asked To Economize On Fats (Shortage!) 20
01/26/1936 Solution On Danzig Pleases 2 Nations (Poland & Germany) 24
01/26/1936 Reich Arms Firm (Krupp) Shows Big Profit (Pertains To Steel Plant And Rolling Mill)-Sales Abroad Below Cost 24
01/26/1936 (German) Capital And Labor To Foot Nazi Bills 25
01/26/1936 German Catholics Give Accord Basis 25
01/26/1936 Hitler To Honor King George 25
01/26/1936 U.S. Neutrality Held Impossible (By Foreign Relations Group) 28
01/26/1936 Roosevelt Pressing (Supporting, Pittman-Reynolds) Neutrality Measure 28
01/26/1936 Migration Plans For Jews Outlined-Samuel And (F. M.) Warburg Report Agreement On Policies To Get Refugees Out Of Germany-Need For Big Funds Cited-Leaders Of 67 Jewish Groups Hear Reports 30
01/26/1936 (Defense) Counsel (Scottsboro Samuel S. Leibowitz, Of N.Y.) Derides Scottsbore (Rape Case, Escape) ‘Plot’ 32
01/26/1936 Assert President (Roosevelt) Betrayed Oath 37
01/26/1936 Hitler Says Peace Rests Upon Rights N-1
01/26/1936 Germans Disclaim Rhine Zone Issue E-5
01/26/1936 Reich Displacing France In Balkans-Harold N. Denny, Bucharest E-5
01/26/1936 Bitterness Is Added To Scottsboro (Rape) Case E-12
01/26/1936 Dulles, Allen W. And Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, Can We Be Neutral? Harper And Brothers, N.Y.-’America’s Part In World Peace’-(See Jan. 23, 1936, P. 10 Entry) Book 1
01/26/1936 The Infinite Varieties Of Modern Propaganda Book 6
01/26/1936 ‘Pitfalls Mark The Path Of Neutrality’ Mag. 3
01/26/1936 The Stuff That Begets Wars Mag. 4
01/26/1936 The President (Roosevelt) Holds To His Philosophy-His Deep Faith In His Social Mission Remains Unshaken-Charles W. B. Hurd Mag. 5
01/27/1936 U.S. Jewry Backs Reich Exodus Plan-Nazis Evolve New Idea 1
01/27/1936 Ickes And (Dear Alben) Barkley Return (Alfred E.) Smith’s Fire (After Attack On Roosevelt) 2
01/27/1936 Smith-Roosevelt Break Traces To Start Of Presidential Rivalry 3
01/27/1936 (Scottsboro Samuel S. Leibowitz & Watts) Say Guards Goaded Scottsboro (Rape) Negro (Who Then Stabbed Officer) 7
01/27/1936 Church Body Seizes Niemoeller Funds 9
01/28/1936 Gun-Running Laid To Aircraft Heads 1
01/28/1936 Jackson Society (Tennessee) Denounces (Alfred E.) Smith-’Roosevelt Is A Disciple’ (Of Jeffersonian Democracy) 4
01/28/1936 Neutrality Bill Gets New ‘Teeth’-Making War Embargoes Compulsory (Unless Ignored By Roosevelt!) 10
01/28/1936 Jews Expect Reich To Lose By Exodus-St. Louis Plan 11
01/28/1936 Air Route To U.S. Pushed By Reich 11
01/28/1936 Nazis Said To Curb Opera Conductor (Knappertsbusch, Munich) 11
01/28/1936 Gov. Groves Backs Shooting Of (Scottsboro Rape) Negro 13
01/28/1936 Board Finds Japan Minor Trade Rival-Cheap Products Cited 32
01/29/1936 Convict Kills Loeb, Franks Boy Slayer 1
01/29/1936 Anti-Jewish Wave Is Rising In Poland (Implies Germany Is Responsible)-Jerzy Szapiro 8
01/29/1936 (Weimar Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening, In Boston, Criticizes Nazi Rule 8
01/29/1936 Being A Nation Held Religion Of Reich 8
01/29/1936 (Jewish) Nazi Refugee Plan Bars Aid To Reich-$15,000,000 To Be Raised 11
01/30/1936 British And French Discuss Reich Talk Of Rhineland Step 1
01/30/1936 Nazi Year Iv Dawns On A Strong Reich-Achievement Is Hitler’s 1
01/30/1936 Tells Of Proposal To Drop (Scottsboro Samuel S.) Leibowitz 3
01/30/1936 Reich Is Held Deaf To World On Jews 10
01/30/1936 Britain Answers Demands By Arabs-Won’t Stop Jewish Immigration To Palestine, But Plans To Restrict Sale Of Land 10
01/30/1936 Hitler Demands Immunity From (Insulting) Tokyo Caricatures 10
01/30/1936 Reich Prisoners Tripled Under The Nazis; More Than One-Third Political Offenders 10
01/30/1936 Reich Anti-Jewish Law Is Applied In Hungary 10
01/30/1936 British Propose 35,000-Ton (Battle) Ships 13
01/30/1936 British Lay Plans For New Defenses 13
01/31/1936 Nazis Celebrate 3 Years In Power 1
01/31/1936 Huge Loss Of Gold By France Shown; World (Monetary) Pact Urged 1
01/31/1936 War Cost With Bonus Put At $45,200,000,000 1
01/31/1936 Hunger In Britain Found Widespread 7
01/31/1936 Poland May Curb Reich In Corridor-Threatens To Restrict Rail Traffic On Feb. 7 Unless Frozen Dues Are Paid 8
01/31/1936 Australia Rejects Barter With Reich 8
01/31/1936 Hitler Now Says Unity Will Be Won In 100 Years (‘Give Us Four Years And Then Judge Us.’) 8
01/31/1936 Hitler Acclaimed By Germans Here-Consul (General, Dr. Hans Borchers) Is Only Speaker 8
01/31/1936 (Woodrow) Wilson Charted Neutrality In 1915 (Not Road To War, Author Not Revealed) Appealed To Fair Play 11
01/31/1936 Russians Repulse Japanese At Line 12
01/31/1936 Fight To End War Urged On Women (By Federation Of Jewish Women’s Organizations)-Boycott Of Nazis Voted-2,500 Federation Delegates 20