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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

November 1936
Date Headline Page
11/01/1936 (Former N.Y. Governor & Democratic Candidate For The Presidency In 1928, Alfred E.) Smith Links Reds With Roosevelt (Text, P. 43) 1
11/01/1936 Italy To Increase Navy By 40,000 Men 1
11/01/1936 Trouble Is Feared Over Aid To Spain-Rebels Held Worried 2
11/01/1936 (French Communist Maurice) Thorez Hits Stand To Blum On Spain 3
11/01/1936 Reich 4-Year (Self-Sufficiency) Plan Requires Huge Sum-Artificial Wool Pushed 3
11/01/1936 Berlin Asks Paris For Locarno Talk 5
11/01/1936 British Arms Body For State Control 7
11/01/1936 Job Gains In Year Put At 1,400,000 (Categories Of Employment Given) 21
11/01/1936 200 New (Government) Agencies Laid To Roosevelt 41
11/01/1936 Picture: A New Type Of American Warships Goes To Sea (U.S. Gunboat ‘Erie’) N-5
11/01/1936 Population Of Jews In Berlin Unchanged N-9
11/01/1936 Racialism Divides People Of Reich-Jews And The ‘Non-Aryan’ Christians Suffer Complete Isolation In Nation’s Life N-12
11/01/1936 Hitler Rise Laid To (German, Weimar) Voting System N-12
11/01/1936 (Samuel C. Lamport) Sees Europe Open For U.S. Products F-10
11/01/1936 Month’s Exports Of Steel Decline F-12
11/01/1936 Powers’ Stake Grows In Spanish Revolution E-3
11/01/1936 Czech Isolation Now Aim Of Reich-G.E.R. Gedye E-6
11/01/1936 Germany And Italy Weigh Their Pact-Distrustful Of Germans E-6
11/01/1936 (French Popular Front, Premier Leon) Blum Ready For Tests In French Parliament E-7
11/01/1936 Stalin’s Authority Firmer Than Ever E-7
11/01/1936 Palestine Arabs Turn To Boycott (Of Jews)-Joseph M. Levy E-7
11/01/1936 Belgian Rexists (Under Degrelle) Lose Power E-7
11/01/1936 (Joachim Von) Ribbentrop: A Different Kind Of Envoy Mag. 4
11/01/1936 Do The People Of Europe Want Peace-Harold Callender Mag. 5
11/01/1936 Taming The Arctic: A Visit To Russia’s New Empire Mag. 12
11/01/1936 Called The World’s Deadliest Fighting Weapon (Boeing Aircraft B-17-’Flying Fortress’) Roto.
11/02/1936 (WPA) Writers’ Project Called Red Nest (By Republicans) 8
11/02/1936 Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Sees No ‘Jewish Vote’ (No Jewish Voting Block) 11
11/02/1936 Aid To (Leftist) Loyalists In Spain (Madrid) Urged (By Dr. Algernon D. Black) 14
11/02/1936 Goering Lifts Veil On Staples Set-Up 31
11/03/1936 (Herbert) Lehman (Roosevelt Supporter And ‘Mouthpiece’) Denounces ‘Un-American’ (Election) Foes 1
11/03/1936 Immigration Checks Proposed In Brazil 28
11/03/1936 American (Seaman, L. B. Simpson) In (German) Prison, Asks Hitler Pardon 29
11/03/1936 Poland Warns Danzig 29
11/03/1936 Japanese Torture Of Briton Charged 29
11/03/1936 Federal Employees Now Up To 835,704 32
11/03/1936 New Fighting Ship Is Put Into Service (Apparently Not ‘Erie’) 51
11/04/1936 Roosevelt Sweeps The Nation (In Presidential Election) 1
11/04/1936 Reich Rushes Battleship (‘Geneisenau’) 27
11/04/1936 Britain Protests Charges Of Nazis (That Their Former Colonies Were ‘Stolen’ As Goering Said) 29
11/05/1936 France To Fortify Her Swiss Border 1
11/05/1936 Communists Lose Status As Party-Fail To Poll 50,000 Votes(They All Voted For Roosevelt!) 1
11/05/1936 Tabulation Of The Vote For Roosevelt, State By State 3
11/05/1936 Nazis See U.S. Turn To Leader Theory (Fuhrer Prinzip) 22
11/05/1936 Britain Is Inspired By Our Democracy 23
11/05/1936 Roosevelt’ Splendid’ Says Soviet Official 23
11/05/1936 (Polish Foreign Minister, Joseph) Beck Will Confer In London On (Emigration Of) Jews-Anti-Semitism Is Cited-Warsaw Fears Restriction On Immigration To Palestine As Concession To Arabs-Augur 28
11/05/1936 More Arms Are Shipped For (Leftist) Madrid From Mexico 28
11/05/1936 Germany Protests To Britain On A Red 30
11/06/1936 Britain Rules Out Isolating Soviet, Eden Tells Reich 1
11/06/1936 Pacelli Lunches With Roosevelt 1
11/06/1936 Battleship’s Uses Upheld By British-U.S. Attitude Is Cited 13
11/06/1936 Reich Execute (German) Red (Edgar Andre), London Riots Result 16
11/06/1936 Strikes In France Problem To (Popular Front Premier) Blum 18
11/06/1936 Palestine Slashes Labor Immigration 19
11/06/1936 Hitler Disapproves Insult To Cardinal (Faulhaber-Invited To Berchtesgaden) 19
11/06/1936 German Strides In Aviation Told 20
11/06/1936 ‘Collossal Pork Barrel’ Seen In (Social) Security Act; Law Must Be Overhauled, Chamber Is Told (Before Law Goes Into Effect!) 21
11/07/1936 WPA To Oust All Holding Dual Jobs; Snow Aid Barred 1
11/07/1936 Stalin Opens Fete On Soviet (Government’s) Birthday-Aid To Madrid Is Keynote-Harold Denny 1
11/07/1936 Roosevelt Urges Sharing Of Prosperity With Needy-Million Need (U.S.) Welfare Agency Aid 1
11/07/1936 Pay Rise To 600,000 Is Set By U.S. Steal 1
11/07/1936 Cruiser (‘Indianapolis’) Is Ready For Roosevelt Use (To Go To Roosevelt Buenos Aires Conference) 3
11/07/1936 Text Of Hull’s Peace Talk 3
11/07/1936 Five Powers (Of Washington 1922 Naval Treaty-U.S., France, England, Italy & Japan) Sign Submarine Accord 6
11/07/1936 British Vent Ire On Hitler’s Envoy (Von Ribbentrop-Attack Embassy In London After German Execution Of German Communist, Edgar Andre) 7
11/07/1936 Reich Floats Loan Of ½ Billion Marks-Will Finance The New Four Year Plan-Total Of Debt Is Secret 7
11/07/1936 France’s Senate In Storm Over Reds-Strikes Embarrass Blum 7
11/08/1936 Coughlin Quits Air, Suspends His Union, Saying Farewell (Text, P. 32)-But Adds ‘It Is Not Dead’ 1
11/08/1936 New Soviet Arms Disclosed At (Communist Anniversary) Fete-Large Tanks Are Faster-Machine Guns And Artillery Equipped To Travel Fast On Motor Cycles And Trucks-Harold Denny 1
11/08/1936 (Professor Robert E. Moody, Boston University) Says People Put All In Roosevelt’s Hands-Declares Americans Have Abdicated On Their Responsibilities 3
11/08/1936 Polish Commissioner In Danzig Protests-Claims His Envoy Was Not Allowed To See Trio (Said To Be Germans With Polish Names) Beaten By Nazi Storm Troopers (Allegedly Sent Their Children To Polish Schools Instead Of German) 13
11/08/1936 (Sec. Of Navy, Claude A. Swanson) Urges Navy Build Auxiliary Vessels-More Men Also Needed-Tells Roosevelt That Most Such Ships Are ‘Old And Deficient’ 26
11/08/1936 Says World War (To Make World Safe For Democracy) Failed-Philadelphia Mayor (Wilson) Cites Later Drift From Democracy 30
11/08/1936 Schacht Says (German) Loan Bars Devaluation 34
11/08/1936 Nazis Pay Tribute To Heroes Of 1923-Thousands Gather In Munich To Honor 16 Who Fell In Beer Celler (Buergerbraeukeller) Putsch 34
11/08/1936 (Admiral William Harrison) Standley (Chief Of Naval Operations, On Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee & Ambassador To Soviet Union) To End Navy Career Jan. 1 34
11/08/1936 (Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Josef) Beck Carries Plan For 5-Power (Britain, Germany, France, Italy & Poland) Pact (To London For Conference) 35
11/08/1936 A Majority In Spain Seen Back Of (Franco) Rebels 36
11/08/1936 Mass Executions Are Laid To (Franco) Rebels-Treachery Cases Cited-Killings Often Accompanied By Tortures-Many Victims Innocent Of Any Crime-Anti-Fascists Execute Many On A Selective Basis-Vengeance Is Frequent-Lawrence A. Farnsworth, (Leftist) Valencia 37
11/08/1936 Hull Is Hopeful Of Peace Formula-Predicts Parley At (Roosevelt) Buenos Aires (Conference) Will Take Steps To Assure Permanent Harmony-Sumner Welles (Also-Hugh-Gibson) Accompanies Secretary Of State And 60 Delegates To Conference 38
11/08/1936 Objective Science Assailed In Reich-Bids Research Meet Duty-So It May Help Realize Four-Year (Economic) Plan 39
11/08/1936 (Lord) Tweedsmuir (John Buchan, Governor General Of Canada) Hails The Moderate Man-But Warns Against ‘Dreary False Moderate’ Who Sticks To ‘Middle Of Channel’ N-1
11/08/1936 Roosevelt Retains Perfect Health-Never Is Seen ‘Gloomy’ N-1
11/08/1936 Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii) Writes Book On Gorgons-Dedicated To His Father N-3
11/08/1936 Churches Urged To Help Stop War (By Dr. Ivan Lee Holt, Pres., Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) N-3
11/08/1936 Trade By Barter Curbed By Reich-System Too Expensive N-4
11/08/1936 World Population Held Nearing Peak N-4
11/08/1936 China (Chiang Kai-Shek) Stays Firm On Tokyo’s Terms N-4
11/08/1936 Communist Teachers Called A ‘Problem’-Dean (Virginia) Gildersleeve (Barnard College) Says The Trouble Arises When One Shows Mediocre Ability (Apparently Not Because Of Ideology!) N-5
11/08/1936 Catholic Students Hold Peace Parley-Foreign Policy Discussed N-8
11/08/1936 Corn Futures Set High 1936 Record-Short Covering A Factor F-8
11/08/1936 Great Britain Balks Isolation Of Russians-London Opposes Italo-German (Anti-Communist Pact) Move-War Tactics Seen As Factor E-3
11/08/1936 Roosevelt Towers In The Imagination Of Europe (London Report) E-3
11/08/1936 Cartoon: U.S. Freedom-Germany, Italy & Russia Dictatorship E-3
11/08/1936 National Unity Seen In (Roosevelt) Election Outcome E-3
11/08/1936 Review Of U.S. Presidential Voting Since 1916 E-4
11/08/1936 Central Europe Again Troubles The British E-6
11/08/1936 League (Of Nations) Still Gives Democracies Hope-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-6
11/08/1936 Map: Boundaries Mussolini Would Change E-6
11/08/1936 (Roosevelt’s, Buenos Aires) Pan-American Parley Holds Large Promise (Picture Of Sumner Welles, An Active Principle) E-7
11/08/1936 Germans (Picture Of Goring & Goebbels) Boost 4-Year Plan-Otto D. Tolischus E-7
11/08/1936 Pictures: (Spanish) Citizens Give The Fascist Greeting As Franco’s Men Enter One Spanish Town-And Wave White Flags In Another E-7
11/08/1936 Memoirs Of Count Bernstorff, (German Ambassador To U.S. In World War I) Book 10
11/08/1936 Still ‘On His Way:’ President Roosevelt-Drawn From Life In The White House (Heroic Treatment!) Mag. 1
11/08/1936 Where (Roosevelt Will Go) In The Next Four Years?-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
11/08/1936 Brandeis: Crusader At Eighty Mag. 4
11/08/1936 Franco Wages War With A Light Heart Mag. 5
11/08/1936 The Man Of Steel Lives Up To His Name-Stalin, Molding The Soviet Has Beaten All Challengers-Walter-Duranty, Moscow (And Sometimes Spain) Mag. 9
11/08/1936 Pictures Of Roosevelt And Associates Roto.
11/08/1936 Leslie Howard (A Rumanian Jew)-’Hamlet’ X-1
11/09/1936 Congress Will Set New Deal’s Course In A Busy Session 1
11/09/1936 Hitler Celebrates His (Munich Buergerbraeukeller) Putsch Of (Nov. 9,) 1923 2
11/09/1936 200,000 Rumanians In A Fascist Parade-Anti-Semitic, Pro-Nazi Character Shown In Bucharest March-Mussolini Scored For Speech 2
11/09/1936 Madrid In Terror Of (Leftist) Murder Gangs (‘Butcher ‘The Fascist Classes’’) 3
11/09/1936 Argentines Beam At Roosevelt Plan-Flattered That The President Proposes To Make A Visit For (Buenos Aires) Peace Conference (Aboard Cruiser ‘Indianapolis’ & Its Escort, The ‘Chester’) 4
11/09/1936 Belgians Expect To Balk Invaders 5
11/09/1936 New Jewish Quota In Palestine Urged 6
11/09/1936 Ready Army Held Best Key To Peace (By Lt. Col. George U. Harvey At Grace Lutheran Church Service) 10
11/09/1936 Navy Asks A Rise In Officers, Men-Crews Now 85% Filled-Deficiency Of 1,600 Line Officers Will Exist In Full Manning Of Craft 10
11/09/1936 Enlisted Reserve Sought For Army 10
11/09/1936 Steel Ingot Rate Up A Point To 74% (Of Total Capacity) 29
11/09/1936 Britons Expect Boom To Continue 33
11/10/1936 Roosevelt Makes (U.S. Government) Reorganization No. 2 On Program (The Budget Is ‘First’) 1
11/10/1936 Baldwin Supports Our Trade Policies 1
11/10/1936 Germany Admits Building Plane Carriers; Goering Termed Them Units For Defense (A German Aircraft Carrier?) 1
11/10/1936 Census Of (U.S.) Jobless Is Backed By (U.S. Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper 13
11/10/1936 Reich Pegs Wages At Slump Levels-Drafts Metal And Building Labor For State Projects In Four-Year Plan-Private Hiring Is Limited 16
11/10/1936 8,000 Chinese Out (On Strike) At Japanese (Owned, Shanghai) Mills-American Home Robbed 16
11/10/1936 Italy Making Bid To Little Entente 17
11/10/1936 (Italian Count) Ciano (Mussolini’s Son-In-law) Confers In Vienna-G.E.R. Gedye 17
11/10/1936 Putsch Survivors March In Munich-(Julius) Streicher Heads Parade Of Men Who Followed Hitler In Beer Hall (Buergerbraeu-Keller) Revolt Of 1923-Leaders Don Simple Garb (Wilhelm Gustloff Killed By David Frankfurter Honored As Martyr) 18
11/10/1936 (Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Josef) Beck Lionized In London 18
11/10/1936 Absolute Regime Planned For Spain (By Franco)-A Fascist Tinge 20
11/10/1936 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges ‘Ardent’ Citizenship-Advises Every One To Learn Community Needs 22
11/10/1936 200,000 New Words Credited To U.S. 23
11/10/1936 16 WPA Students Seized In School-Police Called Out Twice 27
11/10/1936 (Philadelphia Mayor S. Davis Wilson) Stops Review Skit (A Farce) On Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 30
11/11/1936 Roosevelt Orders (War) Plane Sale Policy-Foreign Countries Must Wait Two Years For Craft Used By Fighting Services-(U.S.) Secrets Thus (Allegedly) Protected 1
11/11/1936 37 Are Arrested At Office Of WPA 3
11/11/1936 Roosevelt Clans (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Vs. Elliott Roosevelt, F. D. R’s. Son) Clash In Texas 3
11/11/1936 Restrictions Urged On Illegal Aliens (In U.S.)-Asks President (Roosevelt) ToStudy Question 4
11/11/1936 Reich Is Fostering League Of Soldiers (‘Soldiers’ League’ Commanded By Gen. Von Loetzen & Built Upon Ruins Of Ernst Roehm’s Dream Of A Super-Storm Troop Corps) 14
11/11/1936 France Is Accused Of Helping Madrid-Paris Reporter Alleges That Ministry Gave Permits For Shipping War Supplies-Senate Inquiry Is Likely 15
11/11/1936 (Maxim) Litvinoff Honored With Lenin Order-Stalin At Ceremony-Harold Denny 17
11/11/1936 Reich Navy Plans 35,000 Ton Craft (Battleship To Replace Old ‘Hanover’ As Allowed Under Versailles Treaty)-First Aircraft Carrier Will Be 19,250 Tons 18
11/11/1936 Danzig Nazis Loose Support Of Berlin 19
11/11/1936 Britain’s Fascists Face Prison Terms-Curb On (Sir Oswald) Mosley A Goal 19
11/11/1936 Smigly-Rydz Is Honored (Made A Marshal In Warsaw, A Virtual Dictator) 19
11/11/1936 (Hapsburg) Restoration Issue Barred At Vienna-G.E.R. Gedye 21
11/11/1936 Italy Uses U.S. (War) Debt As Bait For Trade-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 21
11/11/1936 (House Of) Lords To Consider Mercy Deaths (Cases With Incurable Disease) Soon 22
11/11/1936 Restore (Philadelphia) Revue Skit On Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 54
11/11/1936 Americas (Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires) Parley Worrying Europe 57
11/12/1936 (University Of Louisville) Gets (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis (Appointed By Woodrow Wilson) Papers To Be Sealed Till Death 5
11/12/1936 Methodists Enter World Peace Move 7
11/12/1936 (Sir Samuel) Hoare (First Lord Of The Admiralty) Admits (British) War Commitments-He Did Not Mean Britain Would Refuse To Go To Help France Or Belgium (In Case Of War) It Is Explained-Not Bound On Form Of Aid 11
11/12/1936 (‘Free’ [Not State] Churches) Stay Neutral In Reich 11
11/12/1936 Zionist (Dr. Nahum Goldman) Sees (Yugoslav) Regent 11
11/12/1936 Anglo-Saxon Pact For Peace Urged (By British Consul General, Sir Gerald Campbell)-Canadian Would Extend The Monroe Doctrine To Include The British Empire-Holds League Has Failed 22
11/12/1936 Senator Nye Asks Rigid Neutrality-Urges Curb On Arms Sale-Would Ban Credits To Nations In Conflict And Put High Tax On War Profits 23
11/12/1936 Dictators Decried For Warlike Aim (By Rev. Roelif H. Brooks)-Asks Preparedness Here 23
11/12/1936 (Joseph M.) Proskauer Urges War On Bigotry-Wants All Creeds To Aid 24
11/12/1936 Bethlehem Plans More (Steel) Plants-Additional $35,000,000 To Be Spent Between Now And End Of Next Year 39
11/12/1936 (William C.) Bullitt (U.S. Ambassador To France) Sees Hope For Gains In Trade-Tells French Press The Question Should Be Studied-Reserved On (French War) Debt Settlement 42
11/13/1936 Nazi Press Attacks Britain Anew; Says She ‘Embezzled’ Reparations-Otto D. Tolischus 1
11/13/1936 Italy Backs Right Of Hungary To (Re-) Arm-Germany Victor On Trade-G.E.R. Gedye 1
11/13/1936 British Rearming Assailed As Slow In Commons Debate-Vigorous Attack On Program Led By Churchill 1
11/13/1936 Roosevelt Offers New Aid To Farms 2
11/13/1936 WPA Art Students Join In 4th Strike 3
11/13/1936 (Louis) Lepke (Buchalter) And (Jacob) Garrah (Shapiro) Get 2-Year Terms 7
11/13/1936 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt In $23,981 Suit 7
11/13/1936 (Michael) Cardinal (Von Faulhaber) Outlines Talks With Hitler 10
11/13/1936 Hitler Emphasizes South American Ties 10
11/13/1936 (Sir John) Simon Says (British) Fascists Get Aid From Abroad 13
11/13/1936 (War) Gas Attack Is Charged To Madrid Forces; Rebels Had Masks, Says Official Witness 14
11/13/1936 (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis, 80 Today, Honored By Many-Tribute At Synagogue 25
11/14/1936 U.S. Asks Powers To Textile (David Dubinsky Connection?) Parley-I.L.O. Delegates At Meeting In Geneva Thank Roosevelt For Taking Initiative-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/14/1936 Industry To Back Aim Of New Deal 2
11/14/1936 Baldwin To Ignore Churchill Appeal (For Faster Rearming) 8
11/14/1936 Teach Realities, Dr. (John) Dewey (Columbia University) Urges-Fate Of Democracy Hinges On Drastic Overhauling Of Education, He Declares-Finds Study Now Sterile-Educators Hear (Sherwood) Eddy Score Fascism And Communism-(Max) Lerner Discounts Red Peril 21
11/15/1936 (Rexford Guy) Tugwell Seeking 500 Million To Help Tenants Buy Farms 1
11/15/1936 Reich Ousts Other (Versailles) Powers From (‘International’) Control Of Its Rivers-France To Protest 1
11/15/1936 Reich Joins Japan In Anti-Soviet (Anti-Communist) Pact 1
11/15/1936 President (Roosevelt) Confers On (U.S. Gov’t.) Reorganization 3
11/15/1936 12 Nations To Join In (Roosevelt Sponsored) Textile Parley 35
11/15/1936 (Executed German Communist, Edgar) Andre’s Widow (In Paris) Calls For Fight On Fascism 36
11/15/1936 Hungary Warned By Little Entente (On Rearming) 36
11/15/1936 American’s (Missionary’s) Death Laid To Japanese (Had Been Sick With Small Pox) 37
11/15/1936 Paris To Protest Reich River Move 38
11/15/1936 Cartels Subject To Control By Nazis (Part Of Four-Year Plan) 38
11/15/1936 Reich Curbs (German) Trade In Foreign Stocks-Only One Quotation A Day 40
11/15/1936 Nazi Put In Charge Of Research Group 40
11/15/1936 Schuschnigg Sees No Danger Of War 41
11/15/1936 Light Sentences On Croat Killers (Killed 6 Serbian Youths)-Eight Months Is Longest (Sentence) Given N-3
11/15/1936 Belgium Demands A Stronger League N-3
11/15/1936 Man ‘Murdered’ In 1929 Says In Vain He Is Alive N-3
11/15/1936 Books For Young On Catholic List N-4
11/15/1936 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein To Fight ‘Hate’ Propaganda N-12
11/15/1936 Unbiased Teaching Of History Urged (By Hendrik Willem Van Loon) N-12
11/15/1936 Leipzig Nazis Destroy Statue Of (Felix) Mendelsohn N-12
11/15/1936 British Bide Time On Roosevelt Hint F-1
11/15/1936 Picture Ridiculing New German ‘Pure Aryan Words’ E-2
11/15/1936 All Europe Watches British Rearmament-Speed Is Urged On Baldwin E-3
11/15/1936 Hitler Remembers Old Followers-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
11/15/1936 Britain Looks Abroad As Home Boom Flags E-4
11/15/1936 War For Ethiopia Planned In 1933 E-5
11/15/1936 Palestine (Royal [Peel] Commission) Inquiry (On Increasing Jewish Immigration To Palestine) Proves Difficult-Joseph M. Levy E-5
11/15/1936 Picture: Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg (A Hungarian-Born Jewess) Social Security Board Head Of N.Y. Region E-6
11/15/1936 Is War In Europe Inevitable-The Role Of England May Be The Decisive Factor In Averting A Vast Conflict-H. Wickham Steed, World War I Propagandist, Announced United Nations Decision That It Was Germany’s Policy To Kill All European Jews (See:-The Listener, ‘An Unimaginable Human Tragedy,’ Dec. 24, 1942-Bbc, 1300, Sunday, Dec. 20, 1942) Mag. 1
11/15/1936 At Europe’s Crossroads Mag. 8
11/15/1936 Soviet Frontiersmen Of The Bleak North Mag. 10
11/15/1936 The Swastika Design For Living Mag. 14
11/15/1936 Picture: Mrs Franklin D. Roosevelt (In Formal Evening Gown) Roto.
11/16/1936 Germans See Need To Aid Gen. Franco 1
11/16/1936 Soviet Bans Opera Deriding Religion-Harold Denny 1
11/16/1936 Germany Will Control Foreign Securities By Forcing Their Deposit With Reichsbank-Otto D. Tolischus 1
11/16/1936 Geneva Welcomes Hitler (German Sovereignty) River Coup-No Opposition Is Planned 2
11/16/1936 China Not Perturbed By Reich-Japan (Anti-Communist) Pact 2
11/16/1936 (Popular Front Premier, Leon) Blum Voices Faith In European Peace-Says Nations Will Not Keep Their Pledges Until They Disarm 2
11/16/1936 Madrid Is Beset But Keeps Smiling 3
11/16/1936 (Franco) Rebels’ Setback At Madrid Laid To Newly Found Strength Of (Leftist) Foe-Their Modern Arms Are Now Matched By Those Acquired By Loyalists-See Mencken Statement, Dec. 1, 1936, P. 14 & Entries Of Shipments To Loyalists From Vera Cruz, Mexico [Probably From U.S.]) 3
11/16/1936 Poison Gas Is (Again) Suspected As (Franco) Rebels Are Made Ill 3
11/16/1936 Reich Held Menace To European Peace (By Andre Geraud [‘Pertinax’] At N.Y. Town Hall Lecture) 3
11/16/1936 Japanese Uphold Mongolian Rebels-But Bars Active Aid 4
11/16/1936 Tokyo Army Submits A Six-Year Budget 4
11/16/1936 (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis Praised As ‘Foe Of Big Business’ 6
11/16/1936 Judaism Is Upheld As ‘Eternal Truth’-A Barrier To Radicalism 19
11/16/1936 Religion Is Called Key To Democracy 20
11/16/1936 (Robert Maynard) Hutchins (Univ. Of Chicago) Assails Education System-’Oath Laws’ Criticized 21
11/16/1936 October Imports Larger In Britain 33
11/16/1936 Prices In Britain Ar 5-Year Record 34
11/17/1936 American Escapes From Chinese Band-Was Captive Nine Months 1
11/17/1936 Morgenthau Calls (Roosevelt Power To Devaluate Dollar) Money Laws Vital 4
11/17/1936 (John G.) Winant (Gov. Of Conn., Later U.S. Representative To Int’l. Labor Org., Geneva & Ambassador To England) Returns As (Social) Security Board Chairman; Drafted By President (Roosevelt) To Finish Organization 11
11/17/1936 Few Joining Paris In Reich Protest (On International Control Of Germany’s Rivers)-Eden Scolds Germany 16
11/17/1936 Germans Protest Arrests (Of Its Nationals) In Russia-Detention Of 23-Harold Denny 17
11/17/1936 Reich In Great Need Of Raw Materials 17
11/17/1936 100 Nazis Seized In Chile 17
11/17/1936 Danzig Situation Alarming To Poles-Anti-Nazi Feeling Grows 17
11/17/1936 Russia Rejects Appeal To Free Japanese 18
11/17/1936 (Pictures) Condemned ‘Reds’ (By Franco) Pose For Pictures 20
11/17/1936 No Fear Shown In Faces-As Firing Squad Waits 22
11/18/1936 Tugwell Resigns His Post; Plans To Return To Columbia (University-Finally Sent To Puerto Rico By Roosevelt Appointment. There He Nearly Caused A Revolution) 1
11/18/1936 Cut In Work Hours Urged By (Harry) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) To Give More Jobs (Text, P. 19) 1
11/18/1936 President (Roosevelt) Starts (‘His’ Buenos Aires) Peace Parley Trip (To Port Of Debarkation) 1
11/18/1936 (‘Pacifist’ Karl) Ossetsky (Anti-NSDAP) Freed In Broken Health-Held By Nazis Since 1933 3
11/18/1936 Terror Plot Laid To Nazis In Soviet 4
11/18/1936 Trade Talk With U.S. Admitted In London (By Runciman) 5
11/18/1936 Budapest Jews Attacked (By Hungarian Students) 5
11/18/1936 Soviet Says (German-Japanese Anti-Communist) Pact Has Military Aim 6
11/18/1936 British Ask Japan For (German-Japanese Anti-Communist) Pact Details-Blunder By Tokyo Seen 7
11/18/1936 A Young Member Of The (‘Heroic’ Understood) Soviet Republic’s (Note ‘Republic’) Army 7
11/18/1936 Wedding Rings (Poorly Finished & Of Low Gold Alloy) Now Are Sold By Soviet-Harold Denny 8
11/18/1936 Reich Trade Rise Tops Devaluers’-Permitted More Imports-Otto D. Tolischus 9
11/18/1936 Prison Terms To Enforce German Curb On Prices 9
11/18/1936 (Dr. Rexford Guy) Tugwell A Center Of Endless Strife 18
11/19/1936 Rome And Berlin Recognize Spanish Rebel (Franco) Government; Leftists Open New Attack 1
11/19/1936 London And Paris Bar Intervention (In Spain) 1
11/19/1936 Roosevelt Sails On (‘His’ Buenos Aires) Peace Mission (Aboard Cruiser ‘Indianapolis’ And Its Escort, ‘Chester’) 1
11/19/1936 Military Conscription For Britain Is Hinted Because Of Big Shortage In The Land Forces (Rearmament Program) 1
11/19/1936 Primo De Rivera (Follower Of Franco) Sentenced To Die-Doomed By Leftists At Alicante 1
11/19/1936 (Leftist) Madrid Is Brave In Dread Ordeal 3
11/19/1936 (Winston) Churchill Hails U.S.-Says We, Britain And France Are One In Support Of Democracy 5
11/19/1936 Machine-Gun School Open For Women In The Soviet 5
11/19/1936 Berlin-Tokyo (Anti-Communism) Pact A Peril, Says Paris 7
11/19/1936 Rome (Count Ciano) Rebuffs Paris On Protest To Reich (On International Control Of German Rivers) 7
11/19/1936 U.S.-British Accord Urged By Lady Astor 8
11/19/1936 Roosevelt Message Before Sailing (For Buenos Aires Conference) 20
11/19/1936 Line-Up Of Europe Like Pre-War (WWI) Era-James G. Mac Donald In Vassar Speech Notes This Trend In (German & Italian) Recognition Of Franco 30
11/20/1936 Hull Says World Will Heed If Peace Is Aided At (Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires Peace) Parley (Text, P. 10) 1
11/20/1936 Italy Ready To Give Franco Any Aid Needed For Victory 1
11/20/1936 British To Accept A Rebel (Franco) Blockade (Without Search) 1
11/20/1936 Planes, Tanks Sent To North By China-Central (Chiang Kai-Shek) Government Also Has 50,000 Crack Troops Ready 1
11/20/1936 Italo-Reich (Franco Recognition) Action Held Peace Threat 3
11/20/1936 American Bishops Denounce (Spanish) Terror 3
11/20/1936 German And 8 Russians Admit Sabotage In Soviet Coal Mine And Face Death Penalty-Harold Denny 3
11/20/1936 (3,000 Spanish) Refugees In Rhineland 3
11/20/1936 Use Of U.S. (Airlines) Planes Defended In London 5
11/20/1936 Unity With Vienna Sought By Hitler 6
11/20/1936 (Control Of Foreign) Securities Decree Issued By Reich (For Germans) 7
11/20/1936 Nicaragua To Buy (U.S. Military) Planes (Samoza) 7
11/20/1936 Roosevelt’s (Request For A ‘Simple’ Reception-Arriving On A U.S. Cruiser With Escort) Plans Dismay Argentineans 9
11/20/1936 Arab Unemployment In Palestine Denied (Peel Royal Commission) 9
11/20/1936 Hull Calls Trade Way To Curb War 11
11/21/1936 J. (Joseph) E. Davies Named As Our Ambassador (Picture, P. 4) To The Soviet Union 1
11/21/1936 Britain Avoids War Moves; Will Keep Aloof On Spain, But Would Defend France-Eden States Position 1
11/21/1936 German Expert (Heinz Bach) Finds U.S. Tanks Would Not Stand Test Of War 1
11/21/1936 Moscow Protests Tokyo-Berlin (Anti-Communist) Pact-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
11/21/1936 Italy Aim To Bar Soviet Armed Aid (To Spanish Loyalists) 1
11/21/1936 (Spanish) Anarchist (Gen. Buenaventura Durruti) Leader Killed At Madrid (Writer Obviously Admired Him) 2
11/21/1936 Russian Envoy Praises Stand Of Spanish (Leftist) Youth 2
11/21/1936 Firing Squad Kills Spanish Fascist Head (Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera) 2
11/21/1936 Reich To Control America Shares (Owned By Germans) 3
11/21/1936 4 Americans In Spain To Fly For Madrid 3
11/21/1936 Berlin Threatens Pomoroze Boycott (If Poles Refuse To Accept Barter For German Payment Of Railway Charges Through The Corridor) 3
11/21/1936 Loyalists Will Get Supplies From Here (Bishop Francis J. Mc Connell, Chairman,’North American Committee To Aid Spanish Democracy’) 3
11/21/1936 Saito Links Peace And (Japanese) Trade Hopes-War Abhorred, He Adds 4
11/21/1936 (Norman) Thomas (Socialist) Asks War On Reactionaries 8
11/21/1936 (British-Born, Interventionist After 1939, Bishop William T.) Manning To Talk On Refugee Crisis-Plight Of Christian Exiles From Germany Told 18
11/22/1936 Nazi Consul Aided Russian Sabotage, German Testifies-Berlin Protests Arrest-Harold Denny 1
11/22/1936 Reich Denies (Anti-Communism) Pact (Obligates Germany) To Fight For Japan 1
11/22/1936 Reich Science Wars On ‘Jewish Spirit’ 35
11/22/1936 Nazis Reich And Japan At Last Admit A Deal-Russia Sees Military Pact E-3
11/22/1936 Will There Be War? Three Crucial Viewpoints E-3
11/22/1936 Britain Is Faced By A Hard Choice-Disliking Isolation, Fascism And Communism, Leaders Differ On What To Do E-4
11/22/1936 Spain Is Battleground Of ‘Little World War’ E-4
11/22/1936 Hitler’s Hand Seen In Spanish Revolt-Walter Duranty E-4
11/22/1936 Britain Aroused By Arms ‘Muddling’ E-4
11/22/1936 Danzig Nazi Coup Feared By Poland-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
11/22/1936 Latin America Awaits Roosevelt As ‘Leader’ E-6
11/22/1936 President (Roosevelt) Is On Duty (Doing His Job As President) At Sea E-6
11/22/1936 War Or World Trade-Which Mag. 1
11/22/1936 With The Moors On The March (With Franco) In Spain Mag. 3
11/22/1936 When Churchill Thunders, All Britain Takes Heed-His Warnings That The Nation Must Be Ready For A War In Europe Stir Even The Cabinet Mag. 5
11/23/1936 1,200 Shot In Fight On Chinese Border 1
11/23/1936 German Doomed By Soviet; Reich Is Quick To Protest 1
11/23/1936 Churches Seek Aid For Reich Exiles-Scores All Persecution-Picture Of Participants 4
11/23/1936 Rumania Forbids Nazi Border Visits 11
11/23/1936 (Spanish Loyalist) Envoy Warns U.S. Of Spanish Perils-Sees Gain For Germany 13
11/23/1936 Socialists Assail Our (Neutral) Stand On Spain-C.I.O. Fight Commended 13
11/23/1936 Brussels Fascist (Leon Degrelle) Plans Firm Rule 14
11/23/1936 Zeal Of Reds Held Lesson To Church-Lauds (Communists’) Missionary Spirit 18
11/23/1936 Hitlerism Laid To Allies-Dr. Bowls Denounces Penalties Imposed On Germany 18
11/23/1936 L18,936,000 Gold Left Britain In October 31
11/24/1936 Germans Enraged At Death Penalty Imposed (On German National) By Soviet 1
11/24/1936 Britain Forbids Her Ships To Carry Arms For Spain; Refuses Right Of (Any Body To) Search (Her Ships For Contraband) 1
11/24/1936 Germans Accused In Torpedo Attack (On Loyalist Fleet) 3
11/24/1936 Spanish (Loyalist) Ship Loads Arms At Vera Cruz-Suspected To Be Airplane Parts 3
11/24/1936 Germany Accepts Submarine Warfare Curb Such As Wilson Sought To Keep Us Neutral 5
11/24/1936 Hull Ends Study For Peace Parley 6
11/24/1936 Two More Nations (Holland & Switzerland) Enter Gold Accord (U.S.-Backed Tripartite Agreement)-U.S. Hails Their Action 7
11/24/1936 Italy May Reopen U.S. Debt Question 9
11/24/1936 Japanese Apologize For Beating (British) Sailors 9
11/24/1936 Roosevelt Urged (By Raymond Buell, Foreign Policy Association) To Pacify Europe-Says President Alone Has Power To Prevent A New World War 34
11/25/1936 Britain Sends Submarines To Patrol Spanish Waters As Franco Affronts Eden 1
11/25/1936 Germany Enraged By Ossietzky (Award Of 1935 Nobel Peace) Prize (Apparently There Was A Dispute In The Award Committee And Some Resigned!) 1
11/25/1936 Stalin To Present New Constitution To Soviets Today-Charter Aids Democracy-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
11/25/1936 (U.S.) War Debt Accord Is Urged In France-Washington Interested 8
11/25/1936 Germans Threaten Break With Soviet-More Arrests Reported (Some Russian Labor Camps Reported With 50,000 & 80,000 Prisoners) 9
11/25/1936 Two Russian Tanks (Operated By Loyalists) Seized Outside Madrid By Moors Throwing Flames And Grenades 9
11/25/1936 Britons Grow Rich By Cornering (Egyptian) Cotton 9
11/25/1936 British Air Defense Assailed In Lords 10
11/26/1936 Berlin-Tokyo (Anti-Communism) Pact Signed; London, Paris Call It A Blind To Conceal New Aggression 1
11/26/1936 New (Berlin-Tokyo, Anti-Communist) Accord Seen (In London) As Arms Alliance 1
11/26/1936 German Is Spared By Moscow Order-Action Is Too Late For 6 (Russians Already Executed!) 1
11/26/1936 Hull Optimistic At Buenos Aires 1
11/26/1936 (Chaim) Weizmann (Palestine Jewish Agency) Pleads In British (Royal [Peel] Commission) Inquiry-Jews Must Be Free To Enter Palestine (Unchecked) Or Become Menace-Cites The Balfour Stand-(‘At Least 6,000,000 ‘Superfluous’ Jews In Poland, Germany, Austria And Other Countries Of Eastern Europe’) 20
11/26/1936 U.S. Army Praised By Lloyd George 21
11/26/1936 Britain To Avoid Meddling In Spain 25
11/26/1936 Warsaw Police Rout Fascist Students 25
11/26/1936 Stalin Proclaims Soviet Democratic-But Communism Will Remain The Only Party-To Set Up Munitions Post-He Assails Fascism-Harold Denny, Moscow 26
11/26/1936 Reichsbank’s Gold Is Again Increased 47
11/27/1936 Soviet Dares Reich To Try Aggression; Says It Will Fall 1
11/27/1936 Influx Of (Foreign) Capital $2,281,659,000 Net During 21 Months-United Kingdom In Lead-Treasury (Morgenthau) Report 1
11/27/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Thankful For U.S. Liberties 11
11/27/1936 100,000 To Quit (Strike!) In Britain (Textile Spinners) 12
11/27/1936 Nazi Organs Assail Christian Upbringing (Schwartze Korps) 12
11/27/1936 Poland Cementing Ties With Rumania-Jerzy Szapiro 38
11/28/1936 Roosevelt Pledges Peace But Warns ‘Aggressors;’ Warmly Greeted In (Rio De Janeiro) Brazil 1
11/28/1936 Roosevelt’s Democracy And Smile Please Brazil 1
11/28/1936 Eden Warns Hitler Britain Will Fight To Guard Belgium 1
11/28/1936 France Is Strong, (Popular Front Premier, Leon) Blum Warns Foes-Air Force Equal To Any 1
11/28/1936 Reich Decree Bans All Art Criticism-State To Be Sole Judge 1
11/28/1936 13 Debtor States (Nations) Receive U.S. Notes (Bills For Payment Of War Debt)-Finland Expected To Pay 6
11/29/1936 (Maxim) Litvinoff Sees Armed Bloc In Berlin-Tokyo-Rome Deal-Largest Navy Demanded 1
11/29/1936 British Plan Cache For Wartime Food 1
11/29/1936 China Tells Japan She Will Risk War To Defend Suiyuan 1
11/29/1936 Mayor (Fiorello La Guardia, After Herbert Lehman The Administrator Of UNRRA) Prophesies End Of Dictators 17
11/29/1936 Germans Warned To Eat Less Fat-Liquor Will Be Reduced 30
11/29/1936 U.S. Job Problem Declared Solved (By Reich Credit Association In Berlin)-Gains Held Permanent 30
11/29/1936 French To Ask U.S. For New (War) Debt Plan 31
11/29/1936 Germany Explains Curb On (Art) Criticism 31
11/29/1936 Reds Protest Nazis’.Aid In (Franco) Spain 32
11/29/1936 Soviet Backs Spain In Plea To League 33
11/29/1936 Labor Party In Japan Against German (Anti-Communist) Pact 33
11/29/1936 Danzig Warns Poland 34
11/29/1936 Poland Will Avoid Berlin-Tokyo (Anti-Communism) Pact-Rumanian Approval Seen 35
11/29/1936 Pacifism (Support) Limited By 2 Archbishops (York & Canterbury) 35
11/29/1936 (Popular Front Premier, Leon) Blum Challenged By Reds On Spain 35
11/29/1936 (Methodist Rev. Ralph W.) Sockman Decries Race Prejudice-He Advocates Tolerance N-3
11/29/1936 Schuschnigg Speech Angers Vienna Nazis-Chancellor Classifies National Socialists Among Three Foes Austria Must Fight N-3
11/29/1936 British (Wartime Cache) Food Plan Lifts World Wheat (Prices) F-1
11/29/1936 Fascists Find Thorns In Their Bed Of Roses E-3
11/29/1936 Britain Sees ‘Anti-Red Pact’ As A German Screen E-3
11/29/1936 Picture: Britain And Czechoslovakia Prepare (Arm!) E-3
11/29/1936 Germany And Russia Sing Hymns Of Hate (Alfred Rosenberg) E-4
11/29/1936 Peace In The Americas Is Goal Of (President Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires) Conference-Map Of Participating Countries E-6
11/30/1936 Russia Has 7,000 War Planes 1
11/30/1936 Big Army Increase Planned By Japan-War Office Says It Must Be Equal To Any Russia Could Put In Far East In A War 1
11/30/1936 Buenos Aires Hails Roosevelt Today In Great (Not ‘Simple’?) Pagent-Warships Escorting Him 1
11/30/1936 Duke Of York (Later George Vi) To Receive High Masonic Post Today (‘Grand Master Of Scotland’) 1
11/30/1936 Roosevelt To Quit In 1940, (George) Creel (Appointed By Woodrow Wilson As Civilian Chairman Of Committee On Public Information-In Ww Ii Dealt Extensively With War Criminals And Their Punishment-Book, Colliers Magazine & Nbc Radio Series) 4
11/30/1936 Jewish Scholars Mark Jubilee-College Heads (Nicholas Murray Butler, J. B. Conant, & Coffin) To Attend 5
11/30/1936 Goering Stresses Germany’s Arms-Sees Need For New Territory 8
11/30/1936 Socialists To Get Danzig Diet Seats-Germans’ Activity Curbed 11
11/30/1936 New Era Foreseen By Latin America 12
11/30/1936 (Adolf A.) Berle (Later Assist. Sec. Of State) Sees War Threat (In Europe) 12
11/30/1936 (Emil) Ludwig (Jewish) Predicts War Started By Japan 13
11/30/1936 (Federal Council Of The) Churches (Of Christ In America) Commend Buenos Aires (Roosevelt) Parley 13
11/30/1936 British Women Donate Jewelry To Help (Leftist) Spain 14
11/30/1936 Jewish (Palestine) Home Plan Urged On British-Interest In U.S. Stressed (To Royal [Peel] Commission By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Other U.S. Jews) 20
11/30/1936 World’s Market Bullish On Wheat 31
11/30/1936 Holland Cautious On (U.S.-Backed Tri-Partite Gold &) Currency Pact 31
11/30/1936 Social Unrest Bars French Prosperity 31