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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

September 1936
Date Headline Page
09/01/1936 U.S. To Withdraw Ships From Spain, Hull Intimates 1
09/01/1936 11 Get Jail Terms For Bremen (Anti-Hitler) Riot (Many Of The Defendants Were Jews) 9
09/01/1936 French Priest Slain (By Leftists While) Trying To Quit Spain 12
09/01/1936 Kinship With Italy Seen By Goebbels-Collaboration Is Urged 13
09/01/1936 (Spanish) Loyalists Cheer France 13
09/01/1936 Lehman (A Roosevelt ‘Spokesman’) Stresses War-Preparedness 13
09/01/1936 11 Nations Agree On (‘Hands-Off’) Policy 13
09/01/1936 Extremists Assail (Leftist-Red) Regime In Madrid 14
09/01/1936 Reich Held Leaning Toward Discussion (London Report) 15
09/01/1936 Peace Moves Begun By (World) Youth Congress 15
09/01/1936 Nazis To Try U.S. Seaman (In Hamburg For Distributing Communist Literature) 15
09/01/1936 Zionists See Peril In British ‘Inaction’ (In Palestine)-Stresses Fears That Pledge To The Jewish People (The Balfour Declaration) Will Be Broken (World Zionist Organization) 16
09/01/1936 French Show Power To Poland’s Leader (Rydz-Smigly) 17
09/01/1936 Japan Says Chiang Has Tie With Reds 17
09/02/1936 War Unorthodox On Aragon Fronts 2
09/02/1936 U.S. Said To Oppose Oil Ban On (Spanish) Rebels 3
09/02/1936 Reich Asks Britain To Act For Powers 3
09/02/1936 Both Forces Deny Bombing The (U.S. Destroyer) Kane 3
09/02/1936 New Zealand Asks Army For League 4
09/02/1936 15,000 Reds Lay Siege To Minhsien, China 5
09/02/1936 Britain Now Needs Big Role In Europe-Germany A Vital Factor-Augur 6
09/02/1936 Nazi Danger Cited By Soviet Youths-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
09/02/1936 Panama Praises (Roosevelt Buenos Aires) Americas Parley 7
09/02/1936 War Aims By Japan Denied By (Vice Admiral) Yoshida 17
09/03/1936 U.S. Will Retain (At Least 50) ‘Old’ Destroyers-Move Follows Britain’s (Presumably To ‘Lend’ Britain At A Later Date, Say 1940-41) 1
09/03/1936 Diplomats Seek A Truce In Spain 4
09/03/1936 Somoza Welcomes Election Observers (In Nicaragua) 4
09/03/1936 Pacifists (In Brussels, Belg. For World Peace Congress) Will Hear Roosevelt Records-Recent Peace Utterances 4
09/03/1936 Reich Press Shows Worry Over Poland-Warsaw Is Told A Pact To Let Russian Troops Advance (Through Poland) Would Doom (Their Own) Country 6
09/03/1936 Left Group Tries To Help Roosevelt 9
09/03/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Sees ‘Aliens’ Ruling Democrats 11
09/04/1936 Italian Warships Are Sent To Spain As Citizen Is Slain (‘Killed Atrociously’ By Reds In Barcelona) 1
09/04/1936 British Rush Force To Quiet Palestine-Briton Is Slain In Clash 1
09/04/1936 (Jeffersonian Democrat, James A. Reed) Holds Roosevelt Is No Democrat 2
09/04/1936 Lloyd George To Pay A Call Upon Hitler (At Berchtesgaden) 4
09/04/1936 ‘Germans Abroad’ Convene In Reich 6
09/04/1936 Peace Groups Open A World Congress (Brussels, Belg.) 6
09/04/1936 Japanese Demands On China Prepared-Ban On Anti-Japanese Activity 6
09/04/1936 German Airline Gets A Base Here 8
09/04/1936 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler Back With Berlin Opera-Director’s Popularity Compels Nazis To Patch Up Quarrel (Had Publicly Supported Paul Hindemith-But Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Ira A. Hirschmann, And Others Would Not Let Him Become Director Of N.Y. Philharmonic!) 25
09/05/1936 Two Reds In New Madrid Cabinet Headed By A Left-Wing Socialist 1
09/05/1936 Four (Spanish) Rebels Executed 2
09/05/1936 (World Peace Congress) Peace Parley (Brussels) Asks A World Air Force-Anti-War Plans Pushed 3
09/05/1936 Russia Bids Japan End Border Raids 3
09/05/1936 Hitler Has Talk With Lloyd George (At Berchtesgaden) 3
09/05/1936 4 Religious Leaders (Christians & Jews) Praise Roosevelt 5
09/05/1936 Legion Is Warned Of War In Europe-Predicting Fascist-Communist Conflict In 9 Months 16
09/05/1936 Roosevelt Widens Merit Job System 16
09/05/1936 Notre Dame Plans Anti-Red Crusade-(Cardinal) Mundelein (Of Chicago-Violently Anti-German & Pro-Roosevelt-See Latter’s Chicago Talk) Approves It 17
09/05/1936 $4,995,000 Of Gold Engaged In Paris 19
09/05/1936 Plan ‘Whispering’ To Halt (Jewish, Catholic & Protestant) Prejudice 30
09/06/1936 Fort Guadalupe Taken By The Spanish Rebels; Fuenterrabia Also Falls-Leftists Burn The Town (And Execute Hostages)-Franco’s Men Kill Peasants To Prevent Flank Attacks 1
09/06/1936 (Herbert) Lehman (A Roosevelt ‘Spokesman’) Endorses Universal Draft 7
09/06/1936 Gains For Science Under Nazis Seen-Picketed By Communists 14
09/06/1936 Hamilton Attacks (New Deal) ‘False Prosperity’ 19
09/06/1936 Reich Army Seeks To Justify Its Rise-French Action Is Cited-Otto D. Tolischus 21
09/06/1936 Reich Catholics Hit Reporting Of (Clergy) Trials 21
09/06/1936 Poland Asks France For Economic Help 21
09/06/1936 Permanent Drive For Peace Pledged (At Brussels World Peace Congress) 21
09/06/1936 Value Of World Trade Increased In 1935; U.S. Continued To Lead All In Exports 21
09/06/1936 France To Terminate Syrian Rule In 1939 21
09/06/1936 Briton (Lloyd George) Sees Hitler Again (At Berchtesgaden)-Discusses The Military Powers Of Europe 21
09/06/1936 Picture; City Of Irun In Flames As It Fell To Rebels (Fired By ‘Anarchists’) 22
09/06/1936 Treasure Is Seized (By Leftists) In Barcelona Church 22
09/06/1936 Leftists Prepare To Raze Alcazar 22
09/06/1936 Germany Will Join Neutrality Group (Embargo Of Arms To Spain) 23
09/06/1936 Pressure On Franc Brings Gold Here F-1
09/06/1936 Neutrality In Spain Balked By Dictators E-3
09/06/1936 Reich Turns Poles Back Toward Paris-French See Their Error (Picture: Edward Rydz-Smigly) E-4
09/06/1936 Liberalism Doomed In Spanish Strife E-4
09/06/1936 Germany Again Strives Toward ‘Mitteleuropa’ (Berlin-Baghdad Railway) E-5
09/06/1936 Soviets And Reich Wage Verbal War E-5
09/06/1936 Peace Remote In Palestine E-5
09/06/1936 Europe’s Frantic Arms Race Mag. 3
09/06/1936 (William Christian) Bullitt (Newly Named U.S. Ambassador To France) Looks At The European Scene Mag. 9
09/07/1936 (Radical Socialist, Leon) Blum Deaf To Plea To Assist Madrid (Loyalist-Reds) 1
09/07/1936 (Spanish Rebel) Hostages Killed In Small Batches (A La Katyn?)-Anarchists Take Control 2
09/07/1936 Spanish Fascists (Rebels) Doom Capitalism-Church Would Be Curbed-Manifesto Calls For A Ban On Accumulation Of Wealth And For Seizure Of Big Estates-Frank L. Kluckhorn 2
09/07/1936 Madrid Is Warned Of Gas Offensives (By Rebels) 2
09/07/1936 Polish (-French) Pact Seen As Aid To France 3
09/07/1936 Immigration Curb On Jews (Into Palestine) Opposed (By Zionist Organization Of America-Supported By Many U.S. Congressmen) 4
09/07/1936 Nazi Parley To See Huge Army Display 5
09/07/1936 15,000 Take Pledge To Work For Peace (In Brussels At World Peace Congress) 17
09/07/1936 Berlin Sees Let-Up In World Tension 21
09/07/1936 U.S. Lines To Get Bids On New Ship-To Use Federal Funds 29
09/07/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Of Columbia Univ.) Assails The Direct Primary-System Has Lowered Caliber Of Nominees 30
09/08/1936 (Cordell) Hull Bluntly Warns World Of War; Peril In ‘Dangerous Ambitions’ (Text, P. 6) 1
09/08/1936 Paris To Multiply Arms On Big Scale In Reply To Hitler-Larger Army Is Planned-Blum Shows Reluctance 1
09/08/1936 Reich Seizing 25% Of Fortunes Of Jews; Ruin Of Many More Businesses Forecast-Otto D. Tolischus (See Entry, Sept. 9, 1936, P. 12) 1
09/08/1936 Roosevelt Record Scored By Cousin (Col. Theodore Roosevelt) 3
09/08/1936 Block Says British Favor Roosevelt-Sees President’s Defeat 4
09/08/1936 (Matthew) Woll (Staunch Interventionist & Roosevelt Supporter) Urges Labor To Compromise Dispute For United Fight On War, Fascists And Reds 11
09/08/1936 1,000,000 Gathering For (Nuernberg) Nazi Congress 16
09/08/1936 Nazis Claim All Of German Blood-’Voice Of Blood’ Invoked 16
09/08/1936 British Try To Bar Gas Raid On Madrid 20
09/08/1936 Strike Of 200,000 Fails To Stir (Radical Socialist) Blum 21
09/08/1936 Madrid Food Supply Is Causing Concern 21
09/08/1936 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Reports On Help To Polish Jews (Sent $1,040,000 To Eastern Europe In 1935)-DonationsNot Enough 25
09/09/1936 Hitler Stresses That He Restored Full Arms Sovereignty To Reich 1
09/09/1936 Reform Of Government Is Planned By Roosevelt-A Far-Reaching Shake-Up 1
09/09/1936 Rebels Don’t Deny Bombing Of Kane-FrancoAdmits Possibility Of An Error And Voices Regret-Further U.S. Moves Seen 8
09/09/1936 Soviet Tests Army On Western Frontier-War Games Begun Near Polish Frontier Before British, French And Czech Observers 10
09/09/1936 New Tax On Jews (25% Of Capital Assets To Guarantee Payment Reich Flight Tax) Defended In Reich-Applies To ‘Germans’ As Well 12
09/09/1936 French Arms Plan Spurs Gold Flow 39
09/10/1936 Hitler Disavows War Aim, Asserts Right To Colonies As Nazi (Nuernberg) Conclave Cheers (Annual Party Congress) 1
09/10/1936 Anti-Red Exhibit Opens At Convention Of Nazis (At Nuernberg) 1
09/10/1936 Truce Halts Fight For San Sebastian; Anarchists Seized-Hostages Will Be Freed 1
09/10/1936 German Airplanes In (Transatlantic) Sea Test Flight 9
09/10/1936 3,000 Hear Reports On (First World) Jewish Congress (In Geneva)-Dr. S.S. Wise Sees Geneva Session As Start Of ‘Quiet And Thoughtful’ Work 16
09/10/1936 Picture: Juliana (Holland) And Prince Bernhard Zu Lippe-Biesterfeld (Engaged) 16
09/10/1936 2 Warships Rushed To Canton By Japan-Protest Is Made Over Latest Murder Of A Japanese-Japan Plans Moderation 17
09/10/1936 Austria Hunts (Suspected Communist) Bombers 17
09/10/1936 Chief Points Of Chancellor Hitler’s Proclamation To Nazi Congress At Nuremberg 18
09/10/1936 18-Inch (Naval) Gun Craft Considered By U.S.-Tokyo ‘Violation’) Of London Naval Treaty) Is Seen (By Sec. Claude A. Swanson, Navy Dept.) 19
09/10/1936 100 (‘Anti-Fascist’) Germans On Way To Fight The (Spanish) Rebels-Many Of The Catholic Clergy In Guipuzcoa Are Reported In Trenches For Loyalists (Madrid ‘Loyalist’ Report) 19
09/10/1936 Insulted In Germany Gobel Heiress (Of Brooklyn, N.Y.) Says-Ill Treatment By Customs Guards 19
09/10/1936 Films Taken Of ([Disputed] Spanish Insurgent) Attack On U.S. Destroyer May Be Made Public After Study By Navy 19
09/10/1936 Paris Rift Spread By Spanish (Civil War) Issue 20
09/10/1936 Executed Fascists (‘Insurgents’) Put Above 1,000 In (Leftist-Loyalist) Madrid 20
09/10/1936 Italy And Reich Nettle Neutrals (British, French And ‘Also’ Portugal-London Report) 20
09/10/1936 British Labor Group For Hands Off Spain 20
09/10/1936 8,365,000 In Gold Engaged In Paris-Due To Arms Program-Holland Sends $1,500,000 35
09/11/1936 Reich Is Seen Heading For Break With Soviet 1
09/11/1936 50,000 With Spades March For Hitler (At Nuernberg) Pledging Loyalty 1
09/11/1936 German Plane (Flying Boat, ‘Zephyr’) Here From Azores; 2,390 Mile Hop Made In 22 Hours (Picture, P. 20) 1
09/11/1936 Depression Beaten Roosevelt Asserts In Charlotte (N. C.) Talk (Text, P. 5) 1
09/11/1936 Progressives Gird To Back Roosevelt 1
09/11/1936 (Spanish) Rebels End Truce By Fierce Attack On San Sabastian 1
09/11/1936 Mrs. (Charles S.) Whitman (Former Republican) Out To Aid Roosevelt 2
09/11/1936 Baltimore Sun Anti-Roosevelt-Praises His ‘Courage In Black Days’ But Declares It Cannot Support Him Now 9
09/11/1936 Crush Bolshevism Goebbels Demands 12
09/11/1936 Reich Catholics Fight For Church Schools; Demand Rights Under Concordat Of 1933 12
09/11/1936 British Indignant Over Hitler (Germany’s Right To Demand Return Of Pre-World War I Colonies) Move 13
09/11/1936 Poles Hail Rydz-Smigly On Return Home-Huge Credit From (Very Nearly Bankrupt) France Is Expected Now 13
09/11/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To Mexico, Josephus) Daniels Forecasts Firm (U.S.) Anti-War Pact (At Roosevelt-Inspired Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) 14
09/11/1936 Warships Called From Spain By U.S. 17
09/11/1936 Unions In Britain Press (Spanish) Neutrality 18
09/11/1936 French Are Incensed At Portugal’s Stand-Deplore Blocking Of Neutrality(Helping Franco) 18
09/11/1936 Pro-Madrid (Leftist) Group Set Up ([U.S.] ‘Friends Of The Spanish Republic’) 18
09/11/1936 Justo (Pres. Of Argentina) Urges Pen To Aid Human Spirit (Also, A Protest By Halpern Lewick, Yiddish Poet, Of Polish Treatment Of Jews) 20
09/11/1936 1,200 Troops And A Band Land In (Minsk) Russia In ‘Chutes (From Planes) 20
09/11/1936 7,710,000 In (French, British & Indian) Gold Engaged Abroad-Franc Declines Slightly 37
09/11/1936 Gold Off Further In Bank Of France 42
09/12/1936 Anarchists Loot San Sebastian-Burning Of City (By ‘Loyalist’ Defenders) Is Feared As Rebel (Franco) Guns Pound It (As At Guernica, Perhaps?) 1
09/12/1936 Nuremberg Tense As 400 Planes Fly; Red Scare Grows-Train With (Anti-Communist) Exhibit To Tour All Germany-Hitler Again Urges Peace 1
09/12/1936 Synthetic Food Made Of Sawdust (By Dr. Friedrich Bergius, Heidelberg. Nobel Prize, Hydrogenation Of Coal); Has All Basic Nutritional Elements 1
09/12/1936 Roosevelt Calls For Abundant Life In This Power Age (Text, P. 3) 1
09/12/1936 Foreign Power Delegates (In Washington, D. C., Including Sec. Roper & William Christian Bullitt) Move For World Economic Conference-Currency Stabilization And War Debts Would Be Issues (Also, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Etc. Demand For Raw Materials) 1
09/12/1936 Anti-Japan Accord Suspected In China (Canton Report) 1
09/12/1936 Nepotism: Charged To (Roosevelt) Administration 4
09/12/1936 (Radical Socialist, Premier Leon) Blum (Popular Front) Calls Group To Settle (French) Strikes-40-Hour Week Demanded 8
09/12/1936 Order In Palestine Pledged By British-Arabs Renew Defiance 8
09/12/1936 1,500 Facing Loss Of WPA Art Jobs 15
09/12/1936 100 WPA Artists In ‘Sit Down’ Strike 15
09/12/1936 $12,540,000 Of Gold Is Engaged In Paris-France’s Gold Stocks Are Sinking 21
09/12/1936 German Plane (Flying Boat ‘Aeolis’) Due From Azores Today 34
09/13/1936 Hitler Tells Reich It Would Prosper With Soviet Lands-Calls Russians Failures (At Managing The Wealth They Posses)-Russia’s Wealth Envied By Hitler 1
09/13/1936 Italy To Increase Military Outlays 1
09/13/1936 (Norman) Thomas Asks Curb On Supreme Court-Assails Minority Rule 2
09/13/1936 (German Flying Boat) Aeolus Completes Flight Over Ocean (Via Azores & Bermuda) 3
09/13/1936 Budget Balancing Near, Says Roper 5
09/13/1936 Poland Frees (U.S.) Woman (Mrs. Minnie Galewski, Bronx, N.Y.-Currency Smuggling Charges) 9
09/13/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns Of Curb On Press-Free Opinion Held Vital 10
09/13/1936 (N.Y.) Court Upholds Ban On Reds In Queens 16
09/13/1936 (Gen. Hugh S. Johnson) Calls Roosevelt Champion Of Poor 22
09/13/1936 (Official) Washington Aloof On A World (Power Financial) Parley (With Sec. Roper & William C. Bullitt?) 27
09/13/1936 Big Army Budget Is Asked In Japan 30
09/13/1936 Priest Crucified (By Leftist-Loyalists) In Loyalist Strife-Nuns Found Slain As Insurgents Advance-In Retaliation, 150 (Loyalist) Reds Are Executed-Joseph Lee Mason 34
09/13/1936 (Franco Insurgent) Moors Kill (And Rape) Scores After Taking City-Non-Combatants Victims-Walter Duranty, Formerly Of Moscow 34
09/13/1936 (1,500) British Soldiers Off To Palestine 34
09/13/1936 American (Yachtsman, Edwin H. Bertuch) To Protest (Alleged Franco) Bombing (Of His Ship) In Spain 34
09/13/1936 British Scientists In Rebellion Against War’s Abuse Of Finds (Discoveries) N-1
09/13/1936 Russians Unmoved By Hitler’s (‘Envious’) Words (About Russian Resources) N-3
09/13/1936 Hadassah To Launch Membership Campaign; Seeks 50,000 Total In Six Month’s Drive N-8
09/13/1936 Australian Navy To Be Modernized-Army To Be Increased N-9
09/13/1936 Social Democracy Is Urged By (N.Y. C.) Rabbis N-10
09/13/1936 Paul Reynaud Is Here-Says France Will Not Be Communistic N-12
09/13/1936 Gold Engagements In France Increase-Total For Week Is Raised To $41,672,000 F-1
09/13/1936 Steel Shows Gain In Heavy Industry F-3
09/13/1936 Steel Outputs Today And In Other Years (Back To 1926) F-3
09/13/1936 Our Exports Rose In July Over 1935 F-5
09/13/1936 ‘Drang Nach Osten’-Hitler Revives A Slogan (More About Hitler’s Envy Of Russian Natural Resources) E-1
09/13/1936 Propaganda Picture: Germans Troops, Heading: ‘We Will Conquer In The Sign Of The Swastika’ E-1
09/13/1936 Cartoons: Italian & French Views Of Spanish Combatants E-2
09/13/1936 Hitler Names Russia (Actually ‘Bolsheviks’) As Germany’s Enemy-Points To Rich Red Territory (Actually Said Russia With Many More Resources Than Germany Had Been An Utter Failure) E-3
09/13/1936 Reich 4-Year Plan Is Seen As Threat-Self-Sufficiency Idea Is Held Sure To Have Wide Effect On Rest Of The (Raw Material Producing ‘Haves’) World-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
09/13/1936 Italy Is Declared Anxious For Peace E-4
09/13/1936 Can (Radical Socialist Premier, Leon) Blum Check Reds? The Question In France E-4
09/13/1936 Map: The Lost (Pre-World War I) German Empire That Hitler Would Like To Regain (From The Victors) E-4
09/13/1936 Nazis Claim ‘Foreign Germans’ E-4
09/13/1936 British To Apply Force In Palestine E-5
09/13/1936 Poland Welcomes New French Ties-Jerzy Szapiro E-5
09/13/1936 Picture: A Visit That Cemented Franco-Polish Ties (Rydz-Smigly In Paris) E-5
09/13/1936 Vexed Palestine-Restricted Immigration Of Jews Urged-Letter From Edward R. Friedman E-9
09/13/1936 Harvard Celebrates-1636-1936 Mag. 1
09/13/1936 Japan And German; Fateful Parallels Mag. 6
09/13/1936 When The Dogs Of War Bayed At Mc Kinney-New Light Is Shed On Events That Led Us To Fight (Spain) In 1898 Mag. 9
09/14/1936 Hitler Warns Reds (At Nuernberg Party Congress) Millions Of Nazis Are Ready For War 1
09/14/1936 France To Foster Poland’s Industry-Reich Tie A Handicap-Aid In Modernization Will Supplement Military Help 1
09/14/1936 (Harvard) Scholars Favor ‘Court Of Wisdom’ To Guide World (John Dewey, Columbia University & Chinese Ambassador Hu Shih And Others Participants) 1
09/14/1936 (Sec. War) Woodring Defends Roosevelt Ideals-Democracy Not Endangered By New Deal’s Relief Actions 3
09/14/1936 (Federal) Work Relief Rise Linked To Election-Hopkin’s (WPA) Report Analyzed 5
09/14/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To Poland, John Cudahy) Holds (European) War Certain (Within Four Years) 6
09/14/1936 Germany’s Papers Decline To 2,300-But Circulation Of 19,700,000 Is An Increase Over Figure In Spring Of 1934-Otto D. Tolischus 8
09/14/1936 950,000 Went By Rail To (Nuernberg Party) Convention Of Nazis 8
09/14/1936 Russians Take Up Hitler Challenge (Comparison-Hits ‘Kingdom Of Knaut’)-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
09/14/1936 Little Entente Fails To End Its Deadlock-German Effort To Win Czechoslovakia At Bratislava Parley Not Expected To Succeed 9
09/14/1936 British Shun Drive Of Hitler On Reds-Think He Is Trying To SidetrackResistance To Nazi Arms-Augur 10
09/14/1936 Pope (Pius XI) May Demand Crusade On (Spanish, Loyalist) Reds 11
09/14/1936 Two U.S. Reporters Reported (Rumored!) Arrested (At Caceres, Spain By Franco-Badajoz, Loyalist Report-Later Found To Be False) 11
09/14/1936 Lisbon Pushes Aid To Spanish Rebels-War Material Sent Daily 12
09/14/1936 King Edward Avoids A Visit To Germany 12
09/14/1936 Japanese Barred In Pakhoi (Chinese) Inquiry (Into Killing Of Japanese) 12
09/14/1936 Blum Orders End Of Lille Strikes-Factories Again Seized 15
09/14/1936 Christians Urged To Fight For Right-Detached Attitude Toward World’s Problems Deplored By (Suffragan) Bishop (Of N.Y. Episcopal Diocese) Gilbert 15
09/14/1936 Arabs Are Warned To Halt Violence (In Palestine) 16
09/14/1936 British Urged 3-Power (England, U.S. & Japan) Pacific Parley In ‘21, But U.S. Rejected Idea, Documents Reveal 16
09/14/1936 Steel Mill Rate Rising With Prices 31
09/14/1936 Bank Of England Keeping Gold Reserves High As Further Circulation Expansion Looms 31
09/14/1936 Steel Rate Falls; Rebound Expected 33
09/14/1936 Labor Shortage Laid To Reich Army Terms 35
09/14/1936 Reich Needs More Wheat 36
09/15/1936 German Planes Turn Tide To Rebels In Madrid Drive; Terror In (Loyalist) Madrid Revealed-Mass Executions Go On In Madrid; 1,200 (Franco) Rightists Slain In Four Days 1
09/15/1936 Nazi Fliers Drop Disguise-Appear Openly At Huge Secret Base Swiftly Built At Caceres-Clear Sky Of Loyalists (Reds) 1
09/15/1936 Pope (Pius XI) Assails Foes Of Church In Spain, But Bars Revenge-Pays Honor To Martyrs-Both Reds And Nazis Are Menace To Religion In Europe (Text, P. 25) 1
09/15/1936 Reich Army Shows Strength To Nazis-He (Hitler) Also Hits Democracy 1
09/15/1936 Poland To Train Boys For Army In Labor Camps As Reply To Reich 1
09/15/1936 (Justice) Bleakley Decries ‘Ridicule’ Of (Supreme) Court-Assails Roosevelt As Seeking ‘To Amend Constitution In Unconstitutional Way’ 7
09/15/1936 Hull, Horn Discuss (Ed) World Economics (At Washington, D. C. World Power Conference-Aloof?) 12
09/15/1936 Unemployable Put At 6-8% In Britain (By Sir William Beveridge)-Mankind Seen As Doomed (By Prof. H. L. Hawkins) 17
09/15/1936 Mrs. (Herbert H.) Lehman Asks Aid For Oppressed-Pleads For Jews And Other Sufferers Abroad-At (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Drive Luncheon-Group Passes $250,000 Quota 20
09/15/1936 $22,250,000 Seized (Looted) By (Spanish) Loyalists-$14,000,000 Treasure Taken From Aristocrats’ Homes InMadrid-Church Yields $8,250,000 23
09/15/1936 Picture: Young British Sympathizers Of Spanish Loyalists (Giving Communist Salute) 24
09/15/1936 London Times Drops It Pro-Nazi Policy 27
09/15/1936 Austria Is Chided (For Rearming) By Little Entente 32
09/15/1936 Britain’s Imports For August Rise 49
09/15/1936 Local Banks Take More Gold In Paris 50
09/16/1936 Loyalists Execute 62 Bilbao Officers Trying To Join (Franco) Foe-800 Thwarted 1
09/16/1936 New Peace Pacts Are Urged By Hull; Alliances Barred 1
09/16/1936 Situation Abroad Limits President (Roosevelt In Campaigning) 1
09/16/1936 Lille Under Guard In Strike Impasse 1
09/16/1936 Rules On Absences Tightened By WPA (Hopkins) 5
09/16/1936 Jews (World Jewish Congress [Headed By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) Protest Nazi Talks (At Nuernberg Party Congress) 5
09/16/1936 Nazi Grip On Reich Shown By (Nuernberg Party Congress) Parley 14
09/16/1936 (Julius) Streicher Advises Foreigners On Jews-The Way To Solve ‘Problem’ Is To Exterminate Them 14
09/16/1936 Austria Protests Accord With Reich-Nazi Activities Stressed 14
09/16/1936 Mass Continuation (Looting) Continues In (Leftist) Spain 15
09/16/1936 Reich Gets Thanks Of Spanish Rebels-For Moral Support 16
09/16/1936 (Leftist) Madrid Is Sarcastic About Pope’s Speech 16
09/16/1936 (William C.) Bullitt Takes Oath (As U.S. Ambassador To France) 17
09/16/1936 Reich (Invitation) Bid (Of German Philosophical Society) Scorned By Philosophers (John Dewey And Others 19
09/16/1936 (‘Little’ Louis) Lipsky (World Zionist Organization) Hails British Act (Sending Troops To Palestine) 19
09/16/1936 (Canadian, Sir Robert Falconer) Calls U.S. To Help Defend Democracy-Denounces ‘Nordic Purity’ 21
09/16/1936 Text Of Secretary Hull’s Address On Our Foreign Relations-(We) Must Be Ready For Stand In Case Of New War 21
09/16/1936 France Continues To Send Gold Here-Franc Holds Steady 37
09/16/1936 (N.Y.) Court (Charles Solomon) Warns Police They Aren’t ‘Hitlers’ 52
09/17/1936 Hull Talk Seen As Knell Of Non-Recognition Policy-Shift By U.S. Seen On Foreign Policy 1
09/17/1936 Harvard Greets World Scholars; Stresses Unite-Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard And Avid Interventionist In World War Ii) Welcomes 554 From 502 Universities (Ter-Centennial For Harvard-Compare Heidelberg Fete) 1
09/17/1936 France’s Strikes A Fight For Rule 1
09/17/1936 Vast Blast Of Tnt To Raze Alcazar-1,700 Including Women And Children Of (Loyalist-Leftist) Defenders’ Families Are Expected To Die (As In ‘Guernica?’) 2
09/17/1936 Unions Dominate In Loyalist (Leftist) Spain-Anarchists Seize Power 4
09/17/1936 Japanese Group Asks World Peace Parley 4
09/17/1936 Tories Are Roused By Hitler’s Talk (At Nuernberg)-Pro-Reich Feeling Gains 5
09/17/1936 New Engine Adds Submarine Range (To German Submarines-British Report Of Germans Having An Engine Running On Oxygen And Hydrogen) 5
09/17/1936 Nazi (‘Rassenschande’) Penalties Heavier-(Julius) Streicher Successful In His Fight Against ‘Race Defilers’ 5
09/17/1936 Powers To Confer On Central Europe To Reich Topic (Germany Not Invited) 6
09/17/1936 (Radical Socialist, Leon) Blum (French Premier Of Popular Front Government) Finds Jews Are Good Patriots-Says Loyalty To Judaism No Bar In Love For Country-Asks Aid For Oppressed 12
09/17/1936 War Is Called ‘Hell’ And ‘Business-Backed’ (By Gen. Smedly D. Butler & Senator Homer D. Bone, Respectively) 14
09/17/1936 (Paul) Reynaud Hits Dictators-Says France Will Retain Democracy But Must Keep Eye On Other States 14
09/17/1936 No Race Superior Says Sir Cyril Fox (& Prof H. J. Fleure)-Hitler’s Views Attacked 16
09/17/1936 U.S. Navy Revives A Unit For Europe-Four Ship Squadron Is Set Up 17
09/17/1936 Paris Would Revive Arms Conference 17
09/17/1936 Germans Approve (Hull’s) Speech 17
09/17/1936 (Nine) Yiddish Theaters Are Opening Today 18
09/17/1936 (Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Sees Dawn Of One Of Best (U.S.) Eras-Would Educate Public (Re-Educate Public?) 33
09/17/1936 (Paul) Reynaud Prepared For (Franc) Devaluation-Sees Franc Linked To Dollar And Pound-Called Back To Paris-Denies He Was Here On An Official Mission 33
09/17/1936 $2,910,000 In Gold Engaged In Europe-$1,665,000 Taken In France And $1,245,000 In England For Shipment Here-Franc Shows Weakness 36
09/17/1936 European Demand Lifts Wheat Again 41
09/17/1936 Navy Yards Bar Foreign Experts-German Urges That Views On Model Basins Be Exchanged As In Meteorology 47
09/18/1936 Paris End Strike In (Lille) Textile Mills 1
09/18/1936 Roosevelt Calls On Public To Enlarge Welfare Services (Text, P. 7) 1
09/18/1936 Germany Is Warned By Russian Leader (Voroshiloff) 1
09/18/1936 Italians Accused Of Palestine Plot-Poland May Act On Jews-(Foreign Minister, Josef) Beck Goes To Geneva With Proposal To Emigrate 75,000 Yearly To Holy Land 5
09/18/1936 Democracy Upheld By (Popular Front) French Premier (Leon Blum, Text, P. 6)-Praises U.S. And Britain 6
09/18/1936 Jews Urge Peace On Rosh Ha-Shanah-Some Speakers (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Ask Jewry To Resist Persecution 13
09/18/1936 Von Ossietzsky (Anti-Fascist Propagandist) Ill, To Be Freed By Nazis 13
09/18/1936 U.S. Not Abandoning Treaties, Says Hull-Only Avoiding Of Entanglements 17
09/18/1936 (Nye Report) Says German Spy Made Du Pont Deal (In 1933) 26
09/18/1936 Gold Off Sharply In Bank Of France 37
09/18/1936 $7,691,000 Of Gold Engaged Abroad-$7,125,000 Taken In France 38
09/19/1936 (Loyalist-Leftist) Blast Of Alcazar Fails Of Success; Rebels Still Fight 1
09/19/1936 Pledge To Fight For Truth Ends Harvard Tercentenary-Roosevelt Calls For ‘Freedom Of Human Mind’ 1
09/19/1936 Madrid (Leftist-Loyalist) Supporters (‘American Committee For The Defense Of Spanish Democracy’) Collect Fund Here-Speakers Denounce ‘Fascist Rebels’ In Spain 4
09/19/1936 Reporter (H. R. Knickerbocker) Denies Arrest-(See Entry, Sept. 14, 1936, P. 11) 4
09/19/1936 Catalonia Offers Example To Spain-Soviet Marxism Barred.-Barcelona Social Revolution Has Gone Further Than In The Rest Of The Country-Walter Duranty (Formerly Of Moscow) 5
09/19/1936 500,000 (Political) Prisoners Released By Hitler 6
09/19/1936 Picture: Roosevelt (In His Glory) At Harvard (Text Of Speech, P. 7) 7
09/19/1936 Angell (President Of Yale) Denounces (Loyalty) Oaths For Teachers (Attacks (‘Political Busybodies’) 8
09/19/1936 (Dr. Frank Kingdon, Later Interventionist Associate Of Clark Eichelberger In ‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies,’ President Of University Of Newark) Declares Education Must Fight Tyranny 9
09/19/1936 $7,137,000 Of Gold Engaged In France-Franc Off 1/8 Point 21
09/19/1936 Jewish Solidarity Urged In Sermons (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 34
09/20/1936 War On Privilege Vital (Herbert H.) Lehman (Roosevelt Spokesman & Public Effect ‘Tester’) Says 1
09/20/1936 Chief Calls (American) Legion To Avert New War 24
09/20/1936 Few Foes Of Nazis In Amnesty Lists-Of 501,373 Pardoned By Hitler, 495,014 Were Charged With Petty Offenses-3,532 Nazis Benefitted-But Only 2,777 Opponents With Prison Terms Of Six Months Or Less Were Freed 34
09/20/1936 Pro-French Cabinet In Poland Foreseen-Rydz-Smigly Is Said To Desire To Remove Their Government From Pro-German Hands 34
09/20/1936 Balkans Question Edward On Hitler 35
09/20/1936 Christianity Is Held To Be Bolshevistic-Reich Neo-Pagan Organ Also States Communism Is Fruit Of Jews’ Bible (Name Of ‘Organization’ Reporting This Not Divulged) 36
09/20/1936 Again We Sermonize Upon Brotherly Love-Isolation Is Still Our Text E-3
09/20/1936 Europe Unmoved By Hitler’s Bolshevist Scare E-3
09/20/1936 Map: Dictatorships And Democracies Of Europe E-4
09/20/1936 New Ties Formed By Little Entente E-4
09/20/1936 Europe Is Moving To Left And Right E-4
09/20/1936 Nazis Anti-Red Furor Helps On Home Front E-4
09/20/1936 British Youth Cold To Army E-4
09/20/1936 Russians Aroused By Nazi Attacks E-4
09/20/1936 France To Control All Wheat E-4
09/20/1936 Spanish (Franco) Rebels Using Tactics Of Wellington E-5
09/20/1936 Blum Handicapped By Growing Debt-Vast (Arms) Outlays Planned E-5
09/20/1936 How Much Has The New Deal Cost? What Has It Got For The Money E-7
09/20/1936 Our Foreign Policy Being Restructured-Statements Of The President (Roosevelt) And Secretary Hull Reveal Anxiety Over The Failure Of The (Geneva Disarmament) Peace Pacts-Peace Parleys Futile (Roosevelt’s Chautauqua Speech Cited) E-7
09/20/1936 For Britain: A Great Decision-Harold Callender Mag. 3
09/20/1936 Japan, Divided, Battles For Her Future Mag. 5
09/20/1936 America’s Dominion Over Palm And Pine (U.S. Foreign Possessions) Mag. 6
09/21/1936 Factory Seizures (By Strikers) Scored In France 1
09/21/1936 Italy Will Request U.S. To Reduce Debt 8
09/21/1936 Germany Stresses Need For Colonies (Need Food And Raw Materials)-Cites Justice Of Claims 10
09/21/1936 Japan Stays Calm After New Killing 12
09/21/1936 Peace Is Pictured (By Acting Sec. Of War Harry H. Woodring) As Roosevelt Aim-Tells G. A. R. President (Roosevelt) ‘Hates War With Every Fiber In His Soul’ 14
09/21/1936 Nations Are Urged To Create A Boom (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace & Int’l. Chamber Of Commerce)-Urgent Problems Must Be Solved To Halt Armament Race 24
09/21/1936 Lady Astor Urges U.S. And Britain To Join To Prevent World Chaos-’Democracies Up Against It,’ She Says 25
09/21/1936 Reichsbank Shows Continued Strain-Its Gold Reserves Down 20% 29
09/21/1936 Prices In Britain Highest In 5 Years 34
09/21/1936 Jews Seek $500,000 For Resettlement (Of 1,000 European Jews In Birobidjan Ssr, American Committee For The Settlement Of Jews In Birobidjan) 40
09/22/1936 New Force Is Sent To China By Japan; ‘Explosion’ Feared-Peace Of The Far East Is Threatened By The ‘Instability’ Of China 1
09/22/1936 New German Army Displays Its Might-Otto D. Tolischus 1
09/22/1936 Mayor (Fiorello La Guardia, A Roosevelt Spokesman And ‘Tester’ To Ascertain Public Popularity Of Anticipated New Deal Policies) For Changes In (U.S.) Constitution 2
09/22/1936 Negro Rallies Back Roosevelt 4
09/22/1936 (Pennsylvania Gov. George H. Earle, Another Roosevelt Spokesman And ‘Tester’) Considers Roosevelt Shield Against War 11
09/22/1936 ‘Unexpected Peace’ Forecast In Europe-Director Of University Of Geneva, Says 2 Men (Hitler And Mussolini) Can Avert War 15
09/22/1936 Editor (B. Charney Vladeck, Of ‘Jewish Daily Forward’) Calls Zionism ‘Political Mistake’-Returns From Two Months In Palestine, ‘More Convinced Than Ever; (Plight Of Jews In Poland Catastrophic) 17
09/22/1936 Briton (Arnold Spencer Leese) Imprisoned For Libeling Jews (Leese, Editor Of ‘The Fascist’ In London) 20
09/22/1936 Picture: Women Lead Spanish Rebels Into San Sebastian 20
09/22/1936 Post War Zeppelin (As Reparations) Fought By Britain 20
09/22/1936 Baker Asks (American) Legion To Bar Dictators-Hails ‘American Liberty’ 23
09/22/1936 $6,725,000 In Gold Engaged In Paris 39
09/23/1936 Hull Flatly Denies U.S. Fails (Lawrence) Simpson (Arrested In Germany For Espionage & Treason) 1
09/23/1936 New Protest To Poland (By Mrs. Minna Galewska, Smuggling Currency) 5
09/23/1936 Senator Royal S.) Copeland Asks Move By U.S. On Palestine 7
09/23/1936 (Sir Austen) Chamberlain Sees A Gloomy Europe-French Future ‘Obscure’ 10
09/23/1936 Germany’s ‘Lines’ Pierced By Tanks-In War Game Attended By Hitler 11
09/23/1936 (South American) Peace Group Hailed By Hull In Greeting (Peru-Ecuador Boundary Dispute To Be Submitted To Roosevelt For Arbitration) 11
09/23/1936 Gold Bloc Advised To Devalue Money 12
09/23/1936 World Labor Head (Sir Walter Citrine) Warns Democracy-Show Of Force Against Fascism Needed To Avert War-Asks Support For (Leftist-Loyalist) Spain 26
09/24/1936 Pershing (Scathingly) Assailed By Lloyd George-Memoirs Say General (Pershing) Hampered Leaders Of Allied Armies-Condemns U.S. Supplies (Impugns Wilson’s Wisdom) 1
09/24/1936 (American) Legion Asks For Drive On Reds 1
09/24/1936 Madrid (Leftist-Loyalists) Says Reich Is To Get Azores 18
09/24/1936 League Unit Backs Hull Trade Policy 21
09/25/1936 Japan Reinforcing Her Fleet In China 1
09/25/1936 Nazi Party Scores Catholic Bishops 1
09/25/1936 France Now Ready To Devalue Franc; Britain And U.S. Aid-Gold Losses Force Issue 1
09/25/1936 U.S. Cooperation On Franc Is Seen-Our Policy Is Praised-(Morgenthau-Vandenberg Correspondence, P. 12) 1
09/25/1936 Roosevelt Backed For Peace Policy-Depression Laid To War 2
09/25/1936 (Sir Samuel) Hoare Will Speed British Rearming-Churchill In Address In Paris Urges Britain And France To Curb Aggressors 11
09/25/1936 Jews Here Dispute Hitler On Red Link-Few Of Race In Party-Not A Jew Among 81 Communist Deputies In 1933 Reichstag, Statements Point Out (At Other Times And Before Then?) 14
09/25/1936 Anti-Soviet Policy Of Reich Assailed-Warns Britain To Arm-Sir Austen Chamberlain 15
09/25/1936 3 Jewish Leaders Arrested In Reich (Dr. Franz Meyer, Rabbi Max Nussbaum & Dr. Benno Cohn-Active In Jewish Organizations) 15
09/25/1936 (Military Air) Bases Near Reich Toured By French Air Minister 15
09/25/1936 Bank Of France Shows Gold Drain 39
09/26/1936 French Cut Franc A Third On Monday; Gold Suspended; Parliament Called; Washington And London Cooperating-Franc To Be Controlled 1
09/26/1936 Morgenthau Is Jubilant-Holds Peace Of Europe Is Now Strengthened 1
09/26/1936 Yom Kippur Fills Places Of Worship-Persecution Protested (By Joseph Hertz, Chief Rabbis Of Britain & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Head Of American & World Jewish Congresses, And Many Others) 5
09/26/1936 Economic Circles In France Welcome Devaluation 8
09/26/1936 3 Factors Forced French Gold Step 8
09/26/1936 France Now Hopes For Business Boom 8
09/26/1936 Paris To Ship Here Record Gold Sum-$43,532,000 Engaged In Day-$780,000 More Contracted For In Canada 9
09/26/1936 Germans To Start Atlantic Air Line In 1937, Bringing Berlin-New York Mail In 48 Hours 9
09/26/1936 Prague Protests Goebbels’ Speech 9
09/26/1936 Japanese Reduce Force In Shanghai 9
09/26/1936 New China Crisis Finds Tokyo Calm 9
09/26/1936 Bilbao Massacre Follows (Franco) Bombing-Loyalists (Leftists) Slay Sixty In Retaliation-Rebels’ Planes Rain Death And DestructioN-126 Killed By Air Bombs 10
09/26/1936 Nazis Requisition 30% Of Bread Crop-Crop Below Expectation-Otto D. Tolischus 10
09/27/1936 U.S. Backs Up Franc Deal, Buying Soviet Bank Pounds, Swiss, Dutch Will Devalue 1
09/27/1936 Speed Is Expected In Reducing Franc-Drain On Reserve Is Halted 1
09/27/1936 War Games ‘Enemy’ Attacks East Coast 13
09/27/1936 Reich Now Active In Central Europe-G.E.R. Gedye 34
09/27/1936 (Franc Devaluation) Aid To Prosperity Seen By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler 35
09/27/1936 Hull’s View On Gold Policy 36
09/27/1936 See French Opposing Calling In Of Gold (As In Usa) 36
09/27/1936 U.S. Help To Pound Hailed By British 37
09/27/1936 Parleys On Franc Long Kept Hidden 37
09/27/1936 Berlin Is Cautious On Currency Plan-German Plans Are Upset 37
09/27/1936 (John) Hamilton Attacks (Morgenthau) Treasury ‘Politics’-Sees A Change Of Policy 37
09/27/1936 President (Roosevelt) Keeps Silence (Of Franc Devaluation) 37
09/27/1936 Chaos Of World Yom Kippur Theme-America’s Burden Is Cited-Must Fight Dictatorships, Rabbi Glaser Tells Congregation(Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) N-3
09/27/1936 (German) Exiles’ University Starting 4th Year N-12
09/27/1936 (Dr. Emil) Lederer (Dean Of Exiles’ University) Sees End Of German Culture N-12
09/27/1936 Morgenthau View On Gold Is Upheld F-1
09/27/1936 Plans For Franc Lift Cotton Here F-7
09/27/1936 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
09/27/1936 Franc Cut To Match Dollar And Sterling E-3
09/27/1936 Rush Of Events Forced (Popular Front Premier) Blum To Act Swiftly-The Gold Flow That Led To Crisis E-3
09/27/1936 Red Army Makes Good Impression-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
09/27/1936 Germany Tests Power Of Her Army E-4
09/27/1936 Reich Trade Drive Hits South Africa E-5
09/27/1936 Italy Sees League Not Wanting Her-But Is Unlikely To Resign E-5
09/27/1936 (Peru-Ecuador) Boundary Dispute Goes To Roosevelt-President Is The Arbiter E-6
09/27/1936 ‘Sparks That Light Revolutions’-(Spain-Supporting The Leftist Loyalists)-Walter Duranty, Formerly Moscow Correspondent Mag. 3
09/27/1936 Along The Bristling Rhineland Border Mag. 7
09/28/1936 Devaluation Bill Pushed By France; Country Is Quiet 1
09/28/1936 Tokyo Terms Spell China’s Vassalage 1
09/28/1936 Milder ‘Ogpu’ Seen; New Chief (Nikolai Ivanovitch Yezhoff) Is Named-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
09/28/1936 Russians Resent (Morgenthau) Currency Charge 2
09/28/1936 President (Roosevelt) Hears Report On Franc-Soviet Deal Is Described 2
09/28/1936 Mark Stays Firm, Says Nazi Official 2
09/28/1936 Japan To Blame Us For Naval Situation 4
09/28/1936 Hitler Calls Rule By People Luxury-Urges Self Sufficiency-Otto D. Tolischus 5
09/28/1936 (Austrian) Nazis End Attacks On Vienna Regime-Real Reason Unrevealed 5
09/28/1936 Roosevelt Favored By Fortune Tellers 7
09/28/1936 ‘Racial Gods’ Seen As A Savage Force (By Rev. Dr. Henry Sloan Coffin) 12
09/28/1936 Nazism Called Ungodly-Rev. H. C. Robbins (Episcopalian) Indicts Germany For Anti-Jewish Attitude 12
09/28/1936 Defense Of Communism-The Rev. J. W. Houck (Congregationalist) Holds It Too Vital To Be Ignored 12
09/28/1936 Berlin Surprised By France’s Action-Blum’s Policies Blamed 27
09/29/1936 Germany Convicts American Seaman (Lawrence S. Simpson-High Treason)-Espionage Charge Fails (Picture, P. 9) 1
09/29/1936 Japan Is Offering The Chinese The Choice Of Peace Or War-Patience Is ‘Wearing Out’-Bids Chinese End Anti-Japanism (Text, P. 5) 1
09/29/1936 Cut In Franc Wins In Chamber Vote; Left Front (Of Leon Blum) In Peril 1
09/29/1936 Schacht Summons Reichsbank Board-People Fear Devaluing-Otto D. Tolischus 2
09/29/1936 Triumph For Blum Is Seen By Cahane (Editor Of ‘Jewish Daily Forward’) 2
09/29/1936 U.S., Britain Push Aid To Gold Pact 4
09/29/1936 Warm Praise From Nazis (Rudolf Hess) For Alcazar’s (Franco) Defenders 6
09/29/1936 Reich Lutherans See Church Peace 8
09/29/1936 Germans Warned Of Food Shortages 8
09/29/1936 Handsome German Actor (Helmut Kionda) Beheaded For Treason 8
09/29/1936 Hitler Drafts 30,000-Total To Be 230,000 8
09/29/1936 Robert H. Jackson’s Attack On Republicans For Fighting New Deal Program 20
09/30/1936 Roosevelt Hits ‘False Issue’ Of Communism; Repudiates Any Support By Its Advocates 1
09/30/1936 (Leftist-Loyalist) Spain To Publish (Foreign) Intervention Data-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
09/30/1936 Picture: Youths (Boys) Recruited By The (Leftist) Loyalists In Spain 3
09/30/1936 French Senators Hold Up Franc Bill-Want Fiscal Reform 6
09/30/1936 Reich Still Firm On Money Policy-Otto D. Tolischus 7
09/30/1936 Reich Puts In Effect Two-Year Army Term 20
09/30/1936 (Dr. Hugo) Eckener Seeking (U.S.) Backing For (U.S.-German Air) Line 27