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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

July 1936
Date Headline Page
07/01/1936 Fascisti In Uproar, Shriek At Negus At League Session 1
07/01/1936 Japan Apologizes After U.S. Protest 4
07/01/1936 Curbs On Fascists Upheld In France (Leon Blum, Radical Socialist, Premier Of Popular Front) 5
07/01/1936 Italians Incensed By Negus’s (Haile Selassi’s) Speech (Text Of Speech) 6
07/01/1936 Geneva Invitation Spurned By Vienna (Kurt Schuschnigg)-G.E.R. Gedye 7
07/01/1936 Jews Are Targets Of Algiers Rioters 8
07/01/1936 Heidelberg’s (University’s) Aim Changed By Nazis 8
07/01/1936 Picture: William Philips, (New) Envoy To Italy 8
07/01/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany,Dr. William E.) Dodd Pictures Wilson Ready For War In 1915 (Refer To Nye Committee Controversy In Series Of Articles Beginning As Early As Jan. 8, P. 1-Beginning In Earnest Jan. 15, 1936, P. 1 & Continuing At Least Until June 7, 1936, P. 1) 10
07/01/1936 Dr. (Franz) Boas, 78, Quits (Columbia University) In A ‘Sick’ World-He Assails Nazi Views-Will Continue Research (In Anthropology-One Of Margaret Meade’s Professors) 26
07/01/1936 June Gold Influx At 8-Month Peak-Heavy Shipments From France 41
07/02/1936 U.S. Navy In Favor Of The 16-Inch Gun 3
07/02/1936 End Of League Idea Seen By Nazi Press 10
07/02/1936 Nazi (Barter) Trading Wins Balkan Foothold-Metaxas (Of Greece) Favors Berlin (May Have Been Killed By British During The War) 11
07/02/1936 French Will Study Swiss Line Defense 11
07/02/1936 (Alfred Duff) Cooper’s (Later Churchill’s Minister Of Information) Paris Talk (France’s Frontier Is ‘Our’ Frontier) Assailed In Lords 11
07/02/1936 Pole Urges Parleys On Danzig Disputes 11
07/02/1936 Secret Executions Terrorize Canton-Total Of 200 Arrested 12
07/02/1936 Spain Ends Strike By Seizing Owners 12
07/02/1936 Roosevelt’s Plea (To France) On (War) Debt Revealed-’Ingenious Plan’ Ready 13
07/02/1936 New York Officers Reach Plattsburg-75 Headed By Colonel Adler 24
07/02/1936 Britain Seen Loath To Return To Gold 35
07/03/1936 Pope Orders World Rive To Raise Film Standards; Urges Boycott Pledges 1
07/03/1936 1,100,000 Men Ready For A War In China 1
07/03/1936 Record Navy List Of 1,000 Promoted-Two Made Rear Admirals 3
07/03/1936 Jane Addams Camp Is Assailed As Red (By American Legion) 3
07/03/1936 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Protests Ousting Of Cubans (From Cuban Government By President Gomez) 9
07/03/1936 Reich (Chinese) Pact Frets Japan 9
07/03/1936 (Costa Rica) Ships Bananas To Reich 9
07/03/1936 Poland Will Get The Danzig Issue 10
07/03/1936 Brazil To Destroy 30% Of (1935) Coffee Crop 10
07/03/1936 900 New Yorkers Reach Plattsburg-Col. Adler Names Staff 22
07/04/1936 Hapsburg Intrigue Held A War Peril (In Prague) 4
07/04/1936 Britain Is Warned Of Deficit In 1937 4
07/04/1936 Danzig Nazi (Wilhelm Zarske, Editor) Asks Ousting Of League 4
07/04/1936 Moslems Attack Jews In Tunesia 4
07/04/1936 Reich Jurisprudence Shuns Objectivity 4
07/04/1936 Suicide Shot Rings At League Session-(Stefan Lux, A Viennese Jew) Protests For Reich Jews 4
07/04/1936 Soviet Asks Japan To Curb Poachers 5
07/04/1936 Map: Chinese Areas Where War Threatens 5
07/04/1936 Soviet Is Irritated By Turkish Demands (On Soviet Use Of The Dardanelles For Its Warships) 5
07/05/1936 Ethiopia Dropped As League Hurries To End Its Session 1
07/05/1936 Nazi (Dr. Arthur Greiser) Mocks League In Danzig Hearing (Dr. Greiser Head Of Danzig Senate) 1
07/05/1936 150 WPA Men Forced To Work On Fourth Do So Little That They Are Sent Home Early 1
07/05/1936 (Premier Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist, Head Of Popular Front) Is Victorious On Wheat Control 5
07/05/1936 ‘President’ Of China (Chiang Kai-Shek) Forgives Foster Son (For Marrying An American) 5
07/05/1936 Japan Lays Plans For A Trade War-U.S. And Britain Are Accused Of Efforts To Force Tokyo To Change Its Chinese Policy-Other Nations Blamed 8
07/05/1936 Hitler Proclaims Nazi Rule Eternal-He Derides Democracy 9
07/05/1936 Truce By Zionists In Prospect Today-Choice Of Dr. (Rabbi Stephen Samuel) Wise (As President Of Zionist Organization Of America) Likely 15
07/05/1936 Anglo-U.S. Accord For Peace Is Urged (By U.S. Ambassador Robert W. Bingham, In London-’We Know The British Seek Peace.’) 23
07/05/1936 Dual Cuban Regime Denied By (Col. Fulgencio) Batista-Dictatorship Is Opposed N-1
07/05/1936 Old Heidelberg E-2
07/05/1936 Old World Is Building Anti-German Entente-Burying Of Hatchet By Great Britain And Italy Expected Soon To Bring Mussolini Into Line-Hitler Has As Yet No Allies-Edwin L. James E-3
07/05/1936 Europe’s People Let Menace Of War Go Unheeded-Frederick T. Birchall E-3
07/05/1936 British People Yearn For Reich’s Friendship E-4
07/05/1936 Heidelberg (550th Anniversary) Guests See Rule By Nazis-Britons Missed Deeply (Picture) E-4
07/05/1936 French Still Hope To Avoid Inflation E-4
07/05/1936 Will Austria Turn To Otto (Von Hapsburg) Or Hitler? E-4
07/05/1936 (Premier Leon) Blum’s (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) Colonial Policy Arouses British Fears E-5
07/05/1936 Soviet Disturbed By Japanese Acts E-5
07/05/1936 Filipinos Raise Draft Army (Defense Advisor, General Douglas Macarther) E-5
07/05/1936 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Goes Her Way Mag. 7
07/06/1936 Red Sea Gibraltar Laid To Italians (By ‘Sinister Rumors’) 1
07/06/1936 Danzig Rift Turns Poles From Reich; League Test Seen-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/06/1936 Britain Will Build World Aviation Hub; First Of Transatlantic Planes Is Tested 1
07/06/1936 Denies That Soviet Is Surpassing U.S. 4
07/06/1936 (Dr. Arthur) Greiser (Head Of Danzig Senate) ‘Insulted’ Says Reich Press 6
07/06/1936 All Nazis Called As Olympic ‘Hosts’-Courtesy Is Byword 6
07/06/1936 Britain Will Insist On Her (Dardanelles) Straits Plan 6
07/06/1936 Terrorism Resumed By Nazis In Vienna 6
07/06/1936 Cites ‘Cowardly’ Nations Goebbels Says If Some States Had Power They Wouldn’t Use It 6
07/06/1936 Reich Awaits Bid To ‘New Locarno’-Germany Firm On Rights 7
07/06/1936 19 Reds Sentenced In Germany 7
07/06/1936 10 Polish Scouts Arrive For Tour (In U.S.-Picture) 10
07/06/1936 Zionist (Organization Of America) Leaders In A Compromise 15
07/06/1936 Rabbi Feuchtwang Of Vienna Is Dead-Noted Oriental Scholar-Was A Leader In Fight On Anti-Semitism 15
07/06/1936 Czech Athletes Drill And Dance As Colorful Fete Here Closes 17
07/07/1936 Rabbi (Dr. Stephen Samuel) Wise Heads American Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America) 3
07/07/1936 Picture: Premier Leon Blum (Radical Socialist Leader Of Popular Front, Cordially) Chats With Soviet Foreign Commissar Maxim Litvinoff 3
07/07/1936 Fascist Round-Up Speeded In Spain (Many Released Only A Few Month Ago At Amnesty!) 4
07/07/1936 Provincial Minds Held World Peril (By Dr. Robert Mcelroy)-America Urged To Lead (Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs) 4
07/07/1936 Cardenas (Mexico) Fetes Delegates Of U.S. 5
07/07/1936 France May Take Over Many War Industries 5
07/07/1936 South China (Canton) Ready With A Peace Plan 6
07/07/1936 Danzig Nazi Chief Curbs Opposition 7
07/07/1936 Lloyd George Calls British Cabinet ‘Rats;’ Sees Peace Battle Lost By Its ‘Feebleness’ 8
07/07/1936 Amnesty Is Demanded For Reich (Political-Racial) Prisoners (At Brussels Conference-Claim 55,000 Sterilized For Political Offenses And That 105 Concentration Camps Exist) 8
07/07/1936 Economy Of Cuba Gains With U.S. (Financial) Aid 35
07/07/1936 Greece (Gen. John Metaxas) Curbs Trade To Protect Her Gold-United States Exports Will Be Affected-Germany Is Expected To Gain 35
07/08/1936 L27,000,000 More Asked For British Arms, Showing Uneasiness Over Foreign Outlook (L80,230,000 Already Appropriated!) 1
07/08/1936 Neutral America Held Impossible (By New Yorker Frederic R. Coudert & Britisher, P. H. W. Almy At University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottsville) 4
07/08/1936 Free Immigration Urged In Palestine (By Zionist Organization Of America [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Newly Elected President])-Race Outbreaks (In Palestine) Assailed-Demands Land Owning Rights (For Jews)-Movement Is Begun To Plant 100,000 Trees 5
07/08/1936 Face Of (New York City) Army Building Cleaned After 50 Years 5
07/08/1936 Roosevelt Termed ‘Despot’ By (N.Y. State Senator, George R.) Fearon 7
07/08/1936 Death Toll (Arabs, Jews & Britons) Mounting In Palestine Strikes 10
07/08/1936 13 Planes, 32 Pilots Flee From Canton (General Chen Chia-Tang)-Desert South China To Join The Central Government (Chaing Kai-Shek In Nanking) 10
07/08/1936 Oxford (‘Anti-Nationalist’) Group In (London) Rally 10
07/08/1936 Danzig Nazis Plot An Unarmed Coup-Would Then Snub League-Jerzy Szapiro 11
07/08/1936 (Major Gen. Frank R.) M’coy To Inspect Plattsburg (National Guard) Camp (Col. Julius Ochs Adler, Camp Commander) 12
07/08/1936 2,190 Sail On Europa 12
07/09/1936 Hitler Offers Pact On A Free Austria To Appease Italy-Won’t Help Vienna Nazis-Fearing Rome-Moscow Accord To Defend Central Europe, He Reverses Whole Policy-Augur 1
07/09/1936 Spread Of Fascism Reported In West (U.S.)-Kansas Pastor (Rev. L. M. Birkhard, Pastor Of ‘All Souls Unitarian Church,’ Kansas City, Mo.) Declares 8
07/09/1936 N.Y. A. Camp Not Red, First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Finds-After 3 Hour Visit With Girls At Suffern, She Holds Charge Of Communism Unfounded-Sees Their Moral Rising-’Healthy, Happy Group, Getting Courage Back,’ Is Not A Force For Evil, Mrs. Roosevelt Says 10
07/09/1936 Poles Warn Nazis On A Danzig Coup-Warsaw Is Sure To Act If Move Is Made-Quick (German) Disclaimer Is Made 13
07/09/1936 Reich Begins Big Airport (40 Miles From Center Of Frankfurt A/M.) 13
07/09/1936 Reds Dare (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) To Eject Strikers (From Plants Which They Occupy)-He Says His Bloc Might Quit Regime 14
07/09/1936 Poland Confiscates Money Of Americans (Tourists) 14
07/09/1936 Fascism On Wane, Labor Chiefs Hold (In London International Conference)-But War Is Seen Nearer 15
07/09/1936 Social Conditions Improved In Cuba (U.S. Financial Aid?) 15
07/09/1936 3 War Debt Plans Heard At (University Of Virginia) Institute (Of Public Affairs) 16
07/09/1936 (Dr. William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Speaking In Chicago) Says Low Tariffs Will Avert War 16
07/10/1936 British Cut Fleet (See Later Entries) In Mediterranean To Win Back Italy-New Defense Fund Asked-L19,359,000 More Sought For 3 Services-Paris Ends Pledge Of Aid 1
07/10/1936 Reich And Austria Begin Peace Move 1
07/10/1936 Vienna Press Denies Parleys-G.E.R. Gedye 1
07/10/1936 All Labor For Him (On Election) Roosevelt Is Told (By John L. Lewis) 7
07/10/1936 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Hails Home (Financial) Safe-Guards (In Speech At Columbia University) 7
07/10/1936 U.S. (Economic Aid) Policy In Cuba Under Criticism 11
07/10/1936 Roosevelt Praises Peru And Ecuador-Says Submission Of (Their) Boundary Dispute To Him As Arbiter Heartens Peace Lovers-And Aids America (Buenos Aires) Parley 12
07/10/1936 France Denounces British Aid Accord 13
07/10/1936 British Two-Faced, Titulescu (Rumania) Asserts-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
07/10/1936 New Series Of Bonds Is Issued By France 13
07/10/1936 Fewer Jobless In Reich-Decrease Of 17,000 In June 13
07/10/1936 U.S. (Use Of 16 Inch Naval) Guns Depend On Japan (We Will Use Them Only If We Doubt Japan’s Plans) 13
07/10/1936 Germany Beheads Woman Who Killed Grandchildren (At Trier) 14
07/10/1936 (University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottsville) Urge Democracies To Face War Peril-Warn On Dictatorships-Preparedness Is Mandatory-Defend Outlays For Arms 17
07/10/1936 German Ship (‘Deutschland’) In Early To Avoid New (U.S. Treasury [Morgenthau] Tariff) Levies (Effective, July 11) 39
07/11/1936 Social (Security) Act (John Winant, Later Roosevelt’s Ambassador To England) Perils Security Of All, Says W. W. Aldrich (Of Chase National Bank At University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottsville-Text, P. 26) 1
07/11/1936 Italy Curbs U.S. Radio In Addis Ababa; Native Rising Brings 15-Day Ban On Sending 1
07/11/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Predicts Roosevelt Defeat 4
07/11/1936 Franc Weakened, Drops 1 5/8 Points 19
07/11/1936 Drop In Shipments By U.S. Steel In June (Table Of Shipments From 1933 To 1936) 19
07/11/1936 (U.S.) Colonial Policy Hit By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt (At University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottesville, Va.) 26
07/11/1936 Japanese Is Killed In Shanghai Street-Act (Shooting) Is Laid To A Chinese 30
07/11/1936 (Von) Papen Off To See Hitler On Austria-Foes Of Nazis Seek DelayG.E.R. Gedye 30
07/11/1936 Pro-Italian Trend Disturbs Balkans-Clarence K. Streit 30
07/11/1936 (Aircraft Canon) Gun Gift To Soviet Stirs Paris Clash (Canon Fires Through Propellor Hub) 30
07/12/1936 U.S. Raises Duties On German Goods-Retaliatory Levies Imposed (By Treasury Department [Morgenthau]) In Reply To Reich Subsidies For Certain Exported Articles-Pleas To Stay Futile-But Berlin Experts Continue Talks In Washington-Move Held Compulsory Under Law 1
07/12/1936 German Concedes Austrian Freedom As Pact Ends Feud-Austria ‘German State’-Gives Pledge She Will Not Intervene In Neighbor’s Internal Affairs 1
07/12/1936 Roosevelt Avoids Any Intervention In (U.S.) Labor Union (A.F. of L.-CIO) Row 1
07/12/1936 Roosevelt Restricts Civil Service Entry 6
07/12/1936 League Of Nations On This Side (Of Atlantic) Urged (At University Of Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottesville)-Aide To Hull Skeptical 9
07/12/1936 (U.S.) Navy Will Reduce Officers Per Ship 14
07/12/1936 U.S.S. Quincy Here Strictly Guarded-VisitorsNot Allowed To Go Below Decks 16
07/12/1936 Cooperative (‘Economic, Social, Educational & Recreational Endeavor’) Plan In Britain Studied-Roosevelt Group Completes A Preliminary Survey Of $797,894,415 Enterprise 19
07/12/1936 Soviet Foes Few, So They Get (To) Vote 19
07/12/1936 Japanese Troops And Chinese Clash-Soldiers Exchange Fire (No Casualties!)-Then Both Sides Confer 19
07/12/1936 Viennese Startled By Pact With Reich-Peasants Are Pleased-Amnesty For Austrian Nazis Provided-G.E.R. Gedye 20
07/12/1936 British Fear Rise Of (New) Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria & Italy) 20
07/12/1936 Italy Refuses Bid To Locarno Parley (By Paul Van Zeeland, Premier Of Belgium) 20
07/12/1936 Nazis In Danzig Ban The Opposition Press-Free Speech Also Curbed 20
07/12/1936 (Berlin-Vienna) Pact Called Wise Move (London Times) 20
07/12/1936 France Is Alarmed As (Labor) Unrest Spreads 21
07/12/1936 France Is Worried By Austrian Pact (With Germany) 21
07/12/1936 (World War I Allied) Powers Opposed Union (‘Anschluss’) 5
07/12/1936 Years Ago-(World) Court Ruled It Illegal 21
07/12/1936 League Is Held Doomed (In Chile) 21
07/12/1936 Reich Will Execute Communist Leader (Edgar Andre, A Belgian-German Communist For ‘Plotting Treason And Engaging In Sedition And Subversive Activities’) 21
07/12/1936 U.S. Extends (Trade) Pact With Soviet A Year-Accord Brings Big Gain-Russia’s Purchases Expected To Top $30,000,000 Pledges By $7,000,000 26
07/12/1936 Palestine Trains Targets Of Arabs-British Ban Newspapers 26
07/12/1936 Britain Will Build A New Huge Fleet-Sir Samuel Hoare Says It Will Be ‘Strong Enough To Go Anywhere’ On The Seas-He Warns Of (British) Starvation (Without Such A Fleet) 27
07/12/1936 Picture: Mode-1933-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt In The Dress That She Presented To The Smithsonian (Institute) E-2
07/12/1936 Third Reich Forgoes Designs Upon Austria-A Bid To Mussolini Is Seen E-3
07/12/1936 Hitler Is Pushed Into Vienna Pact-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
07/12/1936 (Leon) Blum’s Enemies Get Bolder E-4
07/12/1936 League Seems Destined To Survive Hard Blow (Lifting Of Sanctions Against Italy)-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-5
07/12/1936 Berlin And Warsaw Watching Danzig (Map: Danzig’s Strategic Position-Parts Of Germany Taken By Poland) E-5
07/12/1936 Vexed Palestine-Arabs And Jews Alike Found To Have Grievances-Letter From Jacob De Haas E-9
07/12/1936 Frost, Halloway H., The Battle Of Jutland, U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis Book 16
07/12/1936 Tatum, Edward Howard, Jr., The United States And Europe, University Of California Press, Berkeley-’Europe And Our Diplomacy’-Raymond Leslie Buell Book 23
07/12/1936 (Woodrow) Wilson Or Machiavelli-Which Mag. 1
07/12/1936 Britain On Guard To Hold Her Empire-Harold Callender Mag. 8
07/12/1936 Picture: Heidelberg (University) Celebrates Its 550th Birthday Roto.
07/12/1936 Picture: The Citizen Soldier (National Guard At Plattsburg, New York) Roto.
07/13/1936 Austria Pledged Hitler In Secret To Build Up Army-Augur 1
07/13/1936 20,000 Veterans (‘Peace Pilgrims’ Of Fourteen Nations) Bow At Verdun In Oath For ‘Peace Of The World’ 1
07/13/1936 55 Injured At Nice In (Leftist-Police) Battle Of 10,000 1
07/13/1936 France Shows Off New Power In Air-Speed Tests Are Made 6
07/13/1936 Map: Where Japan Would Build Railroads (In China) 6
07/13/1936 Austria Creates Strict Press Curb-Threatens To Expel Foreign Correspondents Who Send Out False Reports-G.E.R. Gedye 7
07/13/1936 Czechs Suspicious Of German (Austrian) Pledge 7
07/13/1936 Poles Fear Return To Four-Power (Resulting In Prestige Loss For Poland In Any New Locarno Pact Change) 7
07/13/1936 Anti-German Camp Deserted By Italy-Tie-Up Of Dictators Seen 8
07/13/1936 Anschluss Viewed As Matter Of Time (In Paris)-Jules Sauerwein 9
07/13/1936 Berlin Beautified For The Olympics-All Polite To Visitors 10
07/13/1936 6-Year U.S. Costs Above 37 Billions-Blames New Deal Most 31
07/13/1936 Leftists Will Send 5 To (World) Jewish Congress (Geneva In August) 34
07/13/1936 Exiled Physician (Dr. Ralph Rotholz) Ends Life Here-Said Nazis Ruined Him-Had Prosperous Practice In Berlin, Drinks Poison (In Drug Store) 34
07/14/1936 Monarchist Chief (Jose Calvo Sotelo) Murdered In Spain; 17
07/14/1936 Police Arrested (Picture, P. 10) 1
07/14/1936 Hitler Ends Peril Of (German) Encirclement By Vienna Accord 1
07/14/1936 Canton (Gen. Chen Chia-Tang) Is Rebuked (By Nanking, Chiang Kai-Shek); Prepares For War 7
07/14/1936 (Belgian Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland Balks On Calling (New Locarno) Parley 8
07/14/1936 Rome And Berlin Plan United Front 8
07/14/1936 Helgoland Forts Fail To Stir British-Conformation That Reich Is Rebuilding Defenses 8
07/14/1936 Soviet Sees Peril In Austria’s Shift-Foes Of The Reich (Now) Divided 9
07/14/1936 Austria To Oust War Office Chiefs-Foes Of Pan-Germanism Will Lose Their Posts-Nazis See Victory Near 9
07/14/1936 Trans-Jordan Chief (Emir Abdullah) Warns On Palestine 9
07/14/1936 Ex-Foes Cultivate Accord At Verdun 10
07/14/1936 Brazil Sets Guard To Bar (Jewish-Hungarian Red Dictator Of Hungary) Bela Kun (Cohen) 11
07/14/1936 Hindenburg Lands; ‘Spying’ (On England) Is Denied 13
07/14/1936 Mrs. (Alfred A.) Knopf (Wife Of Publisher) Back, Bitter On Reich-Nazis Have Driven Out All The Gifted Authors-Tells Of Emigres’ Plight 17
07/14/1936 3,200 Reach Camp Dix For C. M. T. C. (Military Training) Course 17
07/14/1936 Libel On (N.Y. Representative Samuel) Dickstein Laid To Nazi Paper (The Defunct ‘The National American’ Published By William Zenger, Descendent Of The William Zenger) 17
07/14/1936 Bankers Seen Gain By Reich In (German-Austrian) Pact 29
07/14/1936 Utility Wants Rental Paid In Gold Value; Fights Specific Application Of Act Of ‘33 29
07/14/1936 (U.S.) Navy Construction Tardy On 49 Ships-NRA Is Partly Blamed 41
07/14/1936 Jewish Leftists Scored (By Louis Lipsky, American Jewish Congress, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, President) 42
07/15/1936 Huge Leftist Parade Stirs Paris After All Factions Cheer Army 1
07/15/1936 Ex-Officer Is Held As Naval Spy Paid By Japanese Agent 1
07/15/1936 Japan’s Army Asks $882,000,000 For 6 Years; Urges A Super-Cabinet Body To Fix Policies 1
07/15/1936 (Daniel J.) Tobin (Brotherhood Of Teamsters)Praises Roosevelt 5
07/15/1936 Magazines From U.S. Are Seized By Japan (Anti-Japanese Articles) 6
07/15/1936 (764) German Jews Go To Palestine (14,707 Jews, Total, Entered Palestine Between Jan. 1 & April 30-United Palestine Appeal Report) 6
07/15/1936 Britain Will Give Gas Masks To All-Munitions Work Pushed (Alfred Duff Cooper) 9
07/15/1936 Deportee (Anti-NSDAP, Otto Richter) Freed On Bail (To Go To Belgium With Wife) 9
07/15/1936 Reich Resurgence Held Unstoppable (In Moscow)-Walter Duranty 10
07/15/1936 (Oswald Pirow, South African Defense Minister) Says British Favor Germany In Africa 10
07/15/1936 (British World-Wide) Fleet Dispersal Pushed 10
07/15/1936 British Aim To Get Reich Into Parley 11
07/15/1936 Britain Holds Up (Dardanelles) Straits Pact Anew 11
07/15/1936 Lindbergh To Investigate Aviation In Germany 21
07/15/1936 (University Of Virginia) Institute (Of Public Affairs, Carlottesville) Leaders Clash On New Deal 37
07/16/1936 Britain Abandons Open (Dardanelles) Straits Plan; Agreement Near 1
07/16/1936 ‘White Flag’ Flies Mussolini Boasts As Sanctions End-Says ‘Justice’ Triumphs 1
07/16/1936 Slur On (Julius) Striecher (‘Lump’) Jails An (Naturalized) American (Ludwig Hoffmann Of Chicago, Born Nuernberg) 2
07/16/1936 Lindbergh Schedule Is Issued By Germany-6-Day Program Of Visits To Civil And Military Fields And Factories 3
07/16/1936 U.S. Subsidy Asked For Ocean Dirigibles (Petition Through Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C. Roper) 7
07/16/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University, Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Assails (Republican) Party’s Platform 9
07/16/1936 German Ex-Nun Gets 15 Months In Prison-Immoral Conduct With Pupil 9
07/16/1936 Rydz-Smigly Made Supreme In Poland-All (Government) Officials Must Obey Him 10
07/16/1936 New Vienna Move To Placate Nazis-General Amnesty Will Release Most Of Those Who Took Part In 1934 Rebellion-G.E.R. Gedye 11
07/16/1936 Britain To Retain Older Destroyers-We Will Follow Suit 11
07/16/1936 English Woman Hanged 11
07/16/1936 Reich Denies Secret Pact (With Austria) 12
07/16/1936 New German Loan Is ‘Oversubscribed’-Public Debt Increasing-Otto D. Tolischus 13
07/16/1936 (Leftist) Dictatorship Plot Is Charged In Spain-Monarchists Quite Cortes 13
07/17/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Wins Townsend And Long Group To Lemke As He Sways Convention-Roosevelt Is Assailed-’Great Betrayer’ And As ‘A Liar’ (Text, P. 6) 1
07/17/1936 Rumanian Railway To Assist Russia In Event Of War-Would Enable Troop Movements In Defense Of Czechoslovakia-Present Link Is In Poland (Changed After Ww Ii) 1
07/17/1936 Edward (Viii) Escapes Assassin 1
07/17/1936 Mrs Creighton Dies (In Electric Chair) For Poison Murder 1
07/17/1936 Poland’s Air Chief Is Killed In Crash 3
07/17/1936 Big Tokyo Army Plan Brings Out (Japanese) Criticism 8
07/17/1936 Rumanian Fascist Slain In Hospital (By Iron Guards) 8
07/17/1936 Schuschnigg Hails Reich Accord As Aid To Pacification Of Europe 9
07/17/1936 Hitler Is Infallible, His Newspaper Says 9
07/17/1936 Bermuda Airline To Be U.S.-British 19
07/17/1936 German Subsidies Aid Trade Balance-Imports Are Held Down-Otto D. Tolischus 22
07/18/1936 Cantonese Leader (Gen. Chen Chia-Tang) Flees From China; Rising Collapses-On Way To Hong Kong As Resistance To Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Collapses-City Of Siuchow Is Looted 1
07/18/1936 Telephone Service With Spain Shut Off; Gibraltar Hears Of Revolt In Cartagena 1
07/18/1936 3 Armies Planned Soviet-Czech (Czech Assistance Railway) Line (Through Rumania)-Urged At Recent Meeting Of Little Entente Staff 2
07/18/1936 Big (British) Fleet Remains In Mediterranean 2
07/18/1936 France To Operate (Nationalize) Munitions Plants-Compensation Provided 3
07/18/1936 Hull Castigates (His Reciprocal) Trade Pact Critics 5
07/18/1936 (World War I Black Tom, Kingsland And Other) War Claims On Reich Settled By Bonynge 6
07/18/1936 New Deal Leads In Teacher (Columbia University’s Teachers’ College ‘John Dewey Society’) Poll 6
07/18/1936 Propaganda Show Staged In Berlin-Theme Is That Reich Has Found Fulfillment Of Her Historic Mission Under Her Leader 13
07/18/1936 101 Held In $523,000 (Bail) As Rca Riots Go On 30
07/18/1936 Military Communism Urged In Reich In War (By German Author) 30
07/19/1936 Spain Checks Army Rising As Morocco Forces Rebel; 2 Cities In Africa Bombed-Leftist Cabinet Quits 1
07/19/1936 Nazis Defy League; Crush Danzig Foes-Fear Grips Entire City 1
07/19/1936 Reich Radio To Link Nations For (Olympic) Games 17
07/19/1936 Black Tom (And Kingsland) Accord Likely 18
07/19/1936 Cabinet Is Arbiter Of Arms In France 22
07/19/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front Regime Will Attend 3-Power Meeting (French, Russia & English) 22
07/19/1936 Turkey Wins Right To Rearm (Dardanelles) Straits 22
07/19/1936 Cuban Jewish Colony Outlined By (William I.) Serovich-(Cuban) Representative Calls On Gomez And Suggest Settling 100,000 German (Jewish) Exiles (U.S. Financial Aid?) 22
07/19/1936 Disorder In Spain Embittered Army-Wanted A State Of War 24
07/19/1936 Map: Where The Spanish Revolution Has Flared 24
07/19/1936 Spanish Morocco Has Fierce Tribes-Riff Rebellion In 1926 25
07/19/1936 Spain’s History Troubled During Last Five Years (Calender Of Events) 25
07/19/1936 Equal Rights (For Women) Call Rose 88 Years Ago (At Seneca Falls, N.Y.) N-1
07/19/1936 Henry Ridder Dead; Publisher 50 Years (Brother Of Deceased Herman Ridder [Father Of Victor F. Ridder, WPA Administrator & Later Publisher Of New Yorker Staats Zeitung], Publisher Of New Yorker Staats Zeitung) N-7
07/19/1936 (U.S.) Sea Safety Seen As Task For (Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel) Roper F-10
07/19/1936 A New Chapter Is Opened In Europe’s Diplomacy-Dictators Take The Lead In Moves That Promise A Respite From War Fever-Frederick T. Birchall E-3
07/19/1936 British Plan To Call European Conference (Of Locarno Powers)-Germany Would Be Invited E-3
07/19/1936 Russian Anti-German Cartoon: ‘The German Giant’s Weak Legs (No Money)’ E-3
07/19/1936 Britain Sets To Work On New Peace Edifice E-4
07/19/1936 Austria Changes Tone To Germans-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
07/19/1936 (Leon) Blum Speeds Laws On Bank And Arms E-4
07/19/1936 Nazis Stir British In South Africa E-4
07/19/1936 (Frank) Murphy Wants Us To Aid Philippines E-5
07/19/1936 Palestine Faces Long Strife-Joseph Levy E-5
07/19/1936 Turkey Planning New (Dardanelles) Forts E-5
07/19/1936 (Robinson-Patman) ‘Anti-Chain Store’ Law E-8
07/19/1936 U.S. Alert To Spy Out Spies E-10
07/19/1936 Liberalism Advances In Soviet Russia Mag. 3
07/19/1936 The Oxford Groups Reach Out Mag. 4
07/19/1936 Germany Pushes Forward Into Central Europe Mag. 7
07/19/1936 How Can The World Insure The Peace? Mag. 8
07/20/1936 Rebels Gain In South Spain; Civil War Rages In Cities; Two Madrid Cabinets Fall-Moroccan Force (General Francisco) Franco Brings Joins With Seville Troops (Picture & Map, P. 3) 1
07/20/1936 Rebels In Morocco Bombed By (Loyalist) Planes-3 Warships Join (Franco) Rising 1
07/20/1936 Venezuelans Seek To Oust (Foreign) Oil Firms 1
07/20/1936 Poles Urge Check Upon Danzig Nazis 2
07/20/1936 Turks Will Rearm (Dardanelles) Straits Tomorrow 2
07/20/1936 Armed Croats Warn Serbians In Display 2
07/20/1936 Mrs. (Jacob) Riis (Later Arch-Interventionist In European War On Allied Side) Deserts Republican Ticket-She Will Vote For Roosevelt 5
07/20/1936 Family Of Nations Held Key To Peace (By Presbyterian, Rev. Robert Davis, Living In Paris After Retirement, Strong Supporter Of Another ‘Competent’ Preacher, Woodrow Wilson) 16
07/20/1936 Italy Acts To Halt Exodus Of Gold 23
07/20/1936 Reich Is Cheered By Foreign Trade-Export Surplus 23
07/21/1936 Thousands Flee Fighting In Spain 1
07/21/1936 British Factories Rush (Production Of) Fast Planes-German Peril Admitted 1
07/21/1936 Turkey Occupies (Dardanelles) Straits By Treaty 4
07/21/1936 All Russia Honors Felix Dzerzhinsky-Director Of Red Terror-His Methods Defended 4
07/21/1936 Poles Seek Parley On Foreign Debts-Concessions Essential For Resumption Of Payments 4
07/21/1936 Danzig Nazis Face Only Polish Action-Warsaw Is Handicapped 5
07/21/1936 U.S. Loan To China Reported In Japan ($30,200,000) 5
07/21/1936 French Farm Strike Holds Up Harvesting 5
07/21/1936 Britain Names (Earl Peel) Board In Palestine Inquiry (Names) 5
07/21/1936 500 Fumigators (& Exterminators) Strike (Exterminators And Fumigators Union, Local 155, A F Of L.) 6
07/22/1936 Rebels Win In North Spain And March Toward Madrid Where Red Rule Impends-U.S. Sends Two Warships-Battleship (‘Oklahoma’) And Cruiser Will Protect Americans If Necessary-Embassy Is Ready To Act-’Red Committee’ For Madrid 1
07/22/1936 3 Locarno Powers Meet Tomorrow-British Yield To French Plea For Private Talks Before Inviting Germany 4
07/22/1936 Moscow Suffers From A Shortage Of Food; Shoes, Stockings And Cloth Also Are Scarce 4
07/22/1936 China Loan Rumor Is Called ‘Absurd’-U.S. Treasury (Dept. [Morgenthau] Spokesman) Denies Reports From Japan That We Will Lend Money For Arms-Only (Chinese) Currency Is Aided (In U.S.-Chinese Gold For Silver Exchange) 4
07/22/1936 Reich Journalist (Walter Schwertfeger) Gets A Life Term-Accused Of Revealing Confidential Press Orders To Foreigners 5
07/22/1936 U.S. (Ship) Yards To Build 150 Craft In Year-They Average 1,000 Tons 41
07/23/1936 Roosevelt Puts All Postmasters Under Merit PlaN-13,730 Offices Affected 1
07/23/1936 (Sec. Commerce, Daniel) Roper Says America Is ‘Ship Conscious’ 3
07/23/1936 Schacht Deplores Nazi Barter Plan-’Medieval’ Methods Of Trade Assailed But Blame For Them (Their Usage) Is Placed On Allies-Jules Sauerwein 3
07/23/1936 Earl Beatty (Son) Here: Backs Strong Navy 3
07/23/1936 Nazis Raid Offices Of (Confessional Movement) Protestant Foes 4
07/23/1936 France Seeks End Of Farm Strikes 4
07/23/1936 Britain Seeks Curb On Todays Parley (Between Locarno Powers)-French For Real Action 5
07/23/1936 10,000 Austrians (‘Nazis’ And ‘Socialists’) Will Get Amnesty-Three Times As Many Nazis As Socialists 5
07/23/1936 Americas (Buenos Aires) Parley Adopts Program-Means For Consolidation Of Peace In Western Hemisphere 19
07/23/1936 Foreigners In Berlin Honor Ousted (Czech) Writer (Kolarz)-Press Association (Presided Over By Louis P. Lochner) 19
07/23/1936 Lindberghs Arrive For German Tour 23
07/24/1936 Madrid Defenders Win A New Victory, Taking Offensive-Rebels Flee In North 1
07/24/1936 Lindbergh In Reich Warns On Air War-Civilization Held At Stake-Otto. D. Tolischus 1
07/24/1936 U.S. Steel Revives Overtime Pay Plan It Used During War 1
07/24/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Apologies Made To Roosevelt-Expresses Regret At His Use Of The Word ‘Liar’ In Speech 1
07/24/1936 Three Youths Lashed In A Chicago Court; Judge Orders Kin To Act, Then Frees Trio 1
07/24/1936 Reds Seize Clubs Of Rich In Madrid 2
07/24/1936 Powers In Accord On Locarno Parley-Reich, Italy To Be Invited 2
07/24/1936 British Guns End Gibraltar (Franco Air) Attack 3
07/24/1936 France May Ship Arms To Madrid 3
07/24/1936 Nazi Show Greets Leisure Experts 5
07/24/1936 Arabs Bomb (Jewish) Children At A Tel-Aviv Schools 5
07/24/1936 Czech Nazis Are Accused (In Prague) 5
07/24/1936 Boycott Of Nazis Widens-Jewish Labor Lines Up With Foe Of German Regime (Boycott Committee Of American Jewish Congress, Chairman, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise President Of American Jewish Congress) 5
07/24/1936 Roosevelt Curbs Federal Sleuths 7
07/25/1936 Lindbergh Hits At Bombing Planes In Toast; Hopes They Go Slower, Pursuit Craft Faster 1
07/25/1936 Churchill Warns Of A Nazi Britain-Asserts Laborites Invite Such Domination By Opposing (British) Rearmament Plans 2
07/25/1936 Church Fires Rage In Spain, Reds Run Wild, Mrs. George H. Putnam Says After Rescue 3
07/25/1936 Frenchmen To Fly 15 Planes To (Loyalist) Spain-Craft Still Without Guns-Plan To Carry Arms Is Denied 3
07/25/1936 Lindbergh Speech Praised By (H. Wickham) Steed (British World War I Propagandist, Editor, ‘London Times’)-Hopes Germans Ponder It 4
07/25/1936 Dr. (Georg) Michaelis Dies; (German) War Chancellor (1917)-His Peace Efforts Futile-Ascribed To Failure To Press For Peace ‘Without Indemnities Or Annexation’ (Picture) 13
07/26/1936 Reich Recognizes Italian Conquest (Of Ethiopia) 1
07/26/1936 Defeat Admitted In Drive On Madrid-Priests Help The Rebels 1
07/26/1936 Army Increase By 28,000 In Year-Only 112 Officers Added 13
07/26/1936 (Spanish) Rebels Denounced By Leftists Here 23
07/26/1936 French Deny Plea Of Spain For Arms-Blum To Face His Critics 24
07/26/1936 Threats To Right Printed In Madrid 24
07/26/1936 German Nazis Ban Greiser (President Of Danzig Senate) Radio Talk 24
07/26/1936 Lindbergh Studies Reich Air Center (At Adlershoff) 24
07/26/1936 Navy Men Tighten Vigilance On Spies 27
07/26/1936 Communist World Is (George Bernard) Shaw’s Utopia N-5
07/26/1936 Salzburg Benefits By Pact With Nazis-Germans Absents Though-G.E.R. Gedye N-5
07/26/1936 Soviet ‘Miracles’ Done By Chemistry N-6
07/26/1936 (Von) Papen Is Promoted (By Hitler) For Work In Vienna N-8
07/26/1936 5,000 Are Expected At Camp Dix Today (For Military Training) N-8
07/26/1936 The News Of The Week In Review-Spain At The Barricades E-1
07/26/1936 Dictatorship In Spain Likely To Follow War E-4
07/26/1936 Europe Rearming, Sparring For Time E-4
07/26/1936 French Skeptical On Locarno Plans-Doubt On British Aid E-4
07/26/1936 Chinese Unity Too Late To Check The Japanese E-5
07/26/1936 Nazis Start Olympics As Gigantic Spectacle E-5
07/26/1936 Bertault, Jules, Paris: 1870-1935, John Bell, N.Y.-Paris From The Commune To Her Present Time Of Crisis Book 3
07/26/1936 (George Bernard) Shaw, At 80, Remains The Active (Communist) Rebel Mag. 3
07/27/1936 Hitler Move Aids Paris-London Tie-Plan To Press Czecho-Slovakia Makes French More Patient On British Alliance-Augur 1
07/27/1936 Morocco Fearful Of Role By Rebels-Daily Execution Of Loyalists Spread Terror In Strongly Republican Population 2
07/27/1936 (Spanish Embassy, Washington) Denies Government Of Spain Is A Red One 3
07/27/1936 Priests Slain In The Terror At Barcelona As All Churches Are Burned By Radicals 3
07/27/1936 Lindberghs Visit Ex-Crown Prince (Cecielienhof, Potsdam) 3
07/27/1936 Schacht Asks Credit From World Traders 3
07/27/1936 Church Legalized In Mexican State 4
07/27/1936 Germany Assures Poland On Danzig 4
07/27/1936 Property Of Hapsburgs Is Restored By Austria 4
07/27/1936 Freed Nazis Cheered By Austrian Crowds 4
07/27/1936 Japan’s Army Seeks Huge Defense Loans 4
07/27/1936 Swastika Torn Down In Milwaukee Riot-Rival German Factions Battle Over Flag At A Picnic 5
07/27/1936 (Norman) Thomas Says Foes Ignore War Peril 8
07/27/1936 New (U.S.) Tax (To Decrease Deficits) To Aid Us Germany Predicts 27
07/27/1936 (National) Guardsmen Of The 71St Reach Camp Smith 32
07/27/1936 16,524 Jews Helped From Reich In 1935 32
07/28/1936 Democratic Foes Of The New Deal Called To Parley 1
07/28/1936 British End Pacts In Mediterranean To Placate Italy 1
07/28/1936 Germany Protests Barcelona Attack-Communists Are Accused Of Directing Their Most Savage Attacks Against Germans-Refugees Tell Of Horror 3
07/28/1936 Udet Leaps In ‘Chute As His Plane Crashes 3
07/28/1936 French Curb On Arms Is Held Aid To Spain 3
07/28/1936 Soviet Denounces Finns’ Air Project-Holds Reich Is Involved 4
07/29/1936 (Loyalist) Spain Orders Churches Confiscated; Control Of All Industry Is Decreed-All Buildings Of (Catholic) Orders To Be Seized Within Five-Day Period 1
07/29/1936 Britain To Create New Army Section-Others Are Rearming Faster Than The British 2
07/29/1936 Reich Curbs On Press On Spanish Revolt 2
07/29/1936 Gen. Goering Host To Lindberghs-Political Talk Tabooed 21
07/29/1936 U.S. Steel Profits Best In Six Years 25
07/30/1936 (Admiral William H.) Standley (Served On Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Commission, Later Ambassador To Ussr) Says U.S. Plans Battleships To Match Britain’s-Size Of Guns A Problem (U.S. Wants 16 Inch Guns!) 1
07/30/1936 U.S. (General Motors) Plant Seizure In Spain (By Loyalists) Described 1
07/30/1936 (Victor F.) Ridder Ousts WPA Man For Party Activity; Case Of Roosevelt Worker First Of Kind Here (But Not Nationwide!) 1
07/30/1936 British Give Soviet A L10,000,000 Credit-Russia Must Place Orders For The Full Amount In Lending Country In 12 Months 2
07/30/1936 Palestine Inquiry Planned By (Peel) Board (Royal Commission) 4 Baldwin Deplores Warlike Tendency 4
07/30/1936 War Menace Held Needless By (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, William E.) Dodd-Envoy Sailing For Post In Berlin, Says (Woodrow) Wilson Policy Would Have Saved World-Union Of American States Is Likened To Proposal For A League Of Nations (Picture) 4
07/30/1936 Col. (Hiram M. Cooper) Warns Army Officers Of War Possibility-Tells Reserves At Fort Niagara Of ‘Menace’ As Men Leave Camp 4
07/30/1936 Lindbergh Makes Glider Flight In Germany 4
07/30/1936 Vienna Nazis Riot, Defy Government-Starhemberg Is Booed 5
07/30/1936 Eden Bans Inquiry Hostile To Berlin-Refuses To Use Any Harsh Language About Helgoland Forts-Admits (German Versailles) Treaty Violation 6
07/30/1936 Ship Rabbi (Max Erblick On ‘Aquitania’) Sentenced As Watch Smuggler (1,300 Swiss Watches) 8
07/31/1936 U.S. Labor Gives Funds To Aid (Loyalist) Spanish Regime 2
07/31/1936 (Austrian) Socialists Suffer For Nazi Rioting 3
07/31/1936 Japan To Replace 4 Old Battleships 3
07/31/1936 4 Countries Back Atlantic Airmail (England, Canada, Newfound-Land & Irish Free State) 4
07/31/1936 Bethlehem Orders For Steel At Peak 23