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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

February 1936
Date Headline Page
02/01/1936 Britain Questions Reich-Japan Pact-Tokyo Aims Held Opposed 1
02/01/1936 Naval Conferences Agree To Exchange Of Building Plans 1
02/01/1936 (Sir Josiah) Stamp Says U.S. Lost Money Lead-Missed 1925 Opportunity Of Becoming The World (Money) Center 6
02/01/1936 Japan’s Sea Policy Defended By Saito 7
02/01/1936 American Bankers Convicted In China (Of Thefts) 7
02/01/1936 Gold-Export Point Reached By Franc 21
02/01/1936 Gold Imports Drop To Six-Month Low-$34,010,900 For January 21
02/02/1936 Policy Is Shaped On Overseas Radio-Rca-Mackay Hearing At Washington To Carry Much Weight In Nation’s Aims 24
02/02/1936 Jew (Tombstone Maker) Protests Reich (Work) Ban 24
02/02/1936 Jewish Heads (Samuel, Bearsted & Marks) Ask Big American (Refugee Relief) Fund-Marks Hopes $10,000,000 Will Be Raised Here To Aid Emigration From Germany-1,200 Attend Conference-Roosevelt In Letter, Praises The Drive To Give Homeless Jews A Refuge In Palestine 30
02/02/1936 Convicted Banker Was Myth In China 36
02/02/1936 France Continues Same Gold Policy E-6
02/02/1936 Hitler Would Be Friend Of Britain E-6
02/02/1936 Willert, Sir Arthur, What Next In Europe?, G. P Putnam’s Sons, N.Y Book 9
02/02/1936 The Reich Three Years After-Ann O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
02/03/1936 Poland Boycotts Oil Embargo Talks At Geneva Today-On Ground Italy Gets None Of Her Product 1
02/03/1936 Fascism Here Held Peril To Liberty 2
02/03/1936 Text Of Speech By Norman Thomas Repudiating Policies Of New Deal And President Roosevelt 6
02/03/1936 French Expecting Loan From Britain 10
02/03/1936 J. B. Moore Assails Neutrality Plan-’Homicidal’ In ‘Proposal To Starve’ Others 12
02/03/1936 U.S. To Urge Rise In Battleship Age-British Are Anxious To Begin Vast (Building) Program 12
02/03/1936 Catholics Suffer Defeat In Munich-Church (Cardinal Faulhaber) Charges Coercion 12
02/03/1936 U.S. Palestine Body To Seek $3,500,000-Votes Ban Of Nazi Goods 13
02/03/1936 ‘First Lady’ (Eleanor Roosevelt) Backs Work By Women 19
02/04/1936 Banks Here To Ship $5,000,000 In Gold (To France And Holland) 6
02/04/1936 Row Over Germany Perils Navy Talks 12
02/04/1936 Real Arms Industry Held Lacking In U.S. 12
02/04/1936 Geneva Studies Oil (Sanctions Against Italy) With U.S. An Enigma-Clarence K. Streit 13
02/04/1936 Munitions Inquiry (Ww. I) To Resume Today-Documents Restricted 13
02/04/1936 Sir Herbert Samuel Pleads For (U.S.-British) Amity 13
02/04/1936 Reich To Try American-Charles Nisselbeck Will Face High Treason Charge (Smuggling Money Out Of Germany) At Munich 13
02/04/1936 Italy Again Warns Of Peril In Oil Ban 14
02/04/1936 Britain And France Still Seek To Pacify Italy; Equality In Mediterranean Pact Suggested 14
02/04/1936 Britain’s Infantry Being Mechanized-Reorganization Is Begun-B. H. Liddell Hart 14
02/04/1936 Red Army Charges Raids By Japanese-Harold Denny, Moscow 16
02/04/1936 Saito Sees Peace For U.S. And Japan 17
02/04/1936 Aircraft Plants Short Of Labor 17
02/04/1936 Roosevelt Bars Photos Catching Him Unaware 23
02/05/1936 Britain Defends (J. P.) Morgan (Role) On (U.S. Ww. I) Loan (To Britain-Secret Pacts Up Anew 1
02/05/1936 German Nazi Leader (Wilhelm Gustloff) In Switzerland Slain By (Jugoslavian) Jewish Youth (David Frankfurter) To Avenge Persecution 1
02/05/1936 (Victor F.) Ridder Will Quit WPA (Administrator Post (Later Editor Of New Yorker Staatszeitung) On June 30 3
02/05/1936 Palestine Group Forms (Jewish Symphony) Orchestra 10
02/05/1936 Big Powers Plan Way To Balk Nazis-France, Britain Said To Favor The League, Authorize Preventive Mobilization-United Front In Southeastern Europe Against Germany Is Seen As Flandin’s Goal 11
02/05/1936 Aid To Nazis Asked At Reich Olympics 11
02/05/1936 Huge Soviet Sales Of Oil Help Italy 13
02/05/1936 Palestine Arabs Strike 13
02/05/1936 Shipments Of Gold Rise To $14,523,00 ($9,620,000 More To France And Holland) 27
02/06/1936 Britain Declines Challenge By Pacifist, George Lansbury) To Call World Peace Talk-Lloyd George Backs Appeal 1
02/06/1936 (J. P.) Morgan Leaves Happy, ‘Cleared’ By Friend, Nye 1
02/06/1936 Reich Asks Inquiry On Swiss (Wilhelm Gustloff) Slaying-Envoy Demands Investigation Be Extended To ‘Men Behind Murderer’ Of (Swiss) Nazi Chief 1
02/06/1936 China Is Biggest Buyer Of Arms From Us; Her January Purchases Totaled $3,055,395 1
02/06/1936 (N.Y.) City To See (Mock Aerial) ‘War’ Today-20 Bombers And Attack Planes Will Engage Pursuit Squad In Morning Invasion-Boston Already ‘In Ruins’ 8
02/06/1936 (Jewish) Leaders (Sir Herbert Samuel, Viscount Bearsted & Marks) To Speed Reich Refugee Aid-Coordinations Group In London To Press Drive For Migration Of German Jews (One-Half To Palestine And The Rest To Other Countries)-British Delegates (Samuel & Bearsted) Sail (For England-Simon Marks To Remain In U.S.) 9
02/06/1936 Forced (U.S.) War Training Hit By Jewish Women-Praises J. G. Mc Donald (Former League High Commissioner On Refugees) On (German) Racial Issue 10
02/06/1936 French Are Blocked On Loan From British 10
02/06/1936 Backs Lusitania Sinking-British Admiral (Earl Of Cork And Orrery) Says Germans Were Right In Torpedoing Her (Could Have Been Used As Troop Transport) 10
02/06/1936 War Labor Draft Hinted In Britain 11
02/06/1936 Japanese Parties Wary In Campaign-Back Big Arms Budgets 12
02/06/1936 Mexicans Protest Communist Strike 12
02/06/1936 Arrival Of (Archduke) Otto (Von Hapsburg) Stirs Paris Talk (Of Restoration Of Monarchy In Austria) 12
02/06/1936 Germans Comply With Polish Curb (On German Trains Through The Corridor To East Prussia-Ships Will Run Earlier-No Retaliation Provided For-Otto D. Tolischus 14
02/06/1936 Nazi Boys (Hitler Jugend) Home Opened (In Frankfurt A/M.) 14
02/06/1936 (Swedish) King Gustaf Sees Hitler 14
02/06/1936 (U.S.) ‘Embargo’ On (Foreign, Many Refugee) Actors Stirs House Hearing 22
02/06/1936 Export Of (U.S.) Gold Halts 31
02/07/1936 British Arms Man Admits ‘Greasing’ (Bribery To Get Business) 1
02/07/1936 Hitler Opens The Winter Olympics; U.S. Defeats Germany In Hockey 1
02/07/1936 U.S. Won’t Reopen (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann (Lindbergh Kidnapping) Case 1
02/07/1936 Gays Warns Nation On Changing Laws (Constitution) 2
02/07/1936 Schools Are Urged To Teach Politics (By Dr. John W. Studebaker, U.S. Commissioner Of Education)-He Warns Of Fascism (At Town Hall Address) 5
02/07/1936 (U.S.) Neutrality Bills Held Unworkable (By N.Y. Chamber Of Commerce) 7
02/07/1936 Women’s Efforts For Peace Hailed (Before Y. W. C. A.)-More Interest Is Urged 7
02/07/1936 Estonians Shoot At Soviet Planes (Violating Estonian Territory) 9
02/07/1936 Navy Saving Seen If It Builds Ships 11
02/07/1936 (Mass. Representative) Tinkham Calls Col. (E. M.) House (Woodrow Wllson’s Alter Ego) ‘Un-American;’ Demands Inquiry Of His (And President Wilson’s) War Activities 11
02/07/1936 Japanese Spying In Alaska Charged (Rep. Sirovich, N.Y.) 12
02/07/1936 Nazis Urge Swiss To Execute (David Frankfurter) Killer (Of Wilhelm Gustloff)-Hitler’s Paper Demands Death Penalty-(Radical Nazis) Demand (Jewish) Race Stand Trial (See Grimm, Prof. Friedrich, Politische Justiz, Die Krankheit Unserer Zeit, P. 104)-Otto D. Tolischus 13
02/07/1936 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Defies Nazis In A Speech 13
02/07/1936 (German) Train Curb Starts In Polish Corridor-Poland Orders 6 From Reich Halted As $14,000,000 Rail Debt Remains Unpaid-Warsaw Insists On 50% In Cash-New Trade Pact Is Unworkable 13
02/07/1936 (U.S. World) War (I) War Loans And Debts 18
02/07/1936 Sham Air Battle Over (N.Y.) City A Draw-18 In Pursuit Squadron 21
02/08/1936 Americans Balked (By British, French & Italians) On Big Ship Demand (At London Naval Parley) 1
02/08/1936 WPA Row In Museum Taken Up By (Victor F.) Ridder (Local WPA [Harry L. Hopkins] Administrator, Later Head Of New Yorker Staatszeitung) 2
02/08/1936 British Firms Help Germany To Rearm-Airplane Engines Are Sold To Reich With The Consent Of The Ministry For Air-Russia Also A Customer 6
02/08/1936 Friends Of League (‘League Of Nations Association’) Urge Wider Scope (Dr. James T. Shotwell, President-Clark Eichelberger Later De Facto Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies Active In This Group) 6
02/08/1936 Effect Of Oil Ban (On Italy) Said To Lie With Us 6
02/08/1936 Poles Are Aroused By (German) ‘Corridor’ Gibes (Protests) 6
02/08/1936 Defender Of Jews (George Althaus) Jailed In Germany 6
02/08/1936 (Ten Austrians) Held For Aiding Kin Of Austrian Nazis 6
02/08/1936 Hanfstaengl Gets A Plea From Harvard (Dr. James B. Conant, President) For Gift 7
02/08/1936 G. B. Shaw Asserts Roosevelt Is A Red-President Beginning To Realize He Is A Communist, Says Writer, Now In Cuba 17
02/08/1936 Germans Here Aid Air Link To Europe 19
02/08/1936 Bad Check Debits Highest In 4 Years 27
02/09/1936 Roosevelt Plans Americas Parley (In Buenos Aires) On Peace Program (Under Sumner Welles’ Supervision) 1
02/09/1936 Britain Is Doubling Her Defense Plans To Offset Germany-Action Spurred By Eden-Soviet Is Building A Big Navy 1
02/09/1936 Airline To Berlin Under Negotiation-Pan American Airways To Be United States Operator 6
02/09/1936 (Republican, Col. Frank) Knox (Publisher, ‘Chicago Daily News’) Denounces New Deal ‘Waste’ 12
02/09/1936 Col. Knox Scores Reds 12
02/09/1936 (Pittman) Neutrality Bill To Be Abandoned 27
02/09/1936 Vienna Traitor Convicted (Sentenced To 2½ Years, Secret Trial, Kurt Schuschnigg Chancellor)-Ex-State Employee (Franz Sonnleithner) Sentenced For Sending Documents To Nazis 33
02/09/1936 Polish Police Kill 3 As (Anti-Jewish) Rioting Spreads-Battle Peasants Hiding Leaders Of Anti-Jewish Outbreaks-87 Seized In Warsaw Raids 34
02/09/1936 France Will Speed U.S. Trade Treaty 37
02/09/1936 Poles (Sejm) Would End (Jewish) Ritual Slaughter (Of Cattle-Used When Meat Is To Be Consumed By Both Jews And Gentiles) 38
02/09/1936 Three More Priests Penalized By Reich (Open Opposition To Reich) 38
02/09/1936 Censorship Scored As Unfair To Films-President (Roosevelt) Lauds Movies N-1
02/09/1936 Roosevelt Lauds Boy Scout Ideals N-1
02/09/1936 (Women’s International) League For Peace (And Freedom) To Hold Election N-7
02/09/1936 Mrs. Felix Warburg (Picture) To Be Guest Of Honor At (Zionist) Hadassah Party For Her 60th Birthday N-7
02/09/1936 Poles Are Tiring Of German (Non-Aggression) Pact-Jerzy Szapiro (Picture Of Col. Jozef Beck) E-6
02/09/1936 Italy’s Fear Now Is Coast Blockade E-6
02/09/1936 Hitler Succession Is Reich Problem-Otto D. Tolischus E-7
02/09/1936 Egypt Is Stiffening On British Treaty E-7
02/09/1936 ‘Immigrant Curb’ Splits California E-11
02/09/1936 ‘Wings Of Terror Over Europe’-Liddell Hart Mag. 1
02/10/1936 Germany Insists She Owns Colonies Lost In World War-Otto D. Tolischus 1
02/10/1936 Garrisoning Rhine Charged To Reich 1
02/10/1936 Nye Denies Inquiry ‘Cleared’ (J. P.) Morgan-Scores Wilson Error-Change Of Neutrality Policy To Permit (U.S.) Credits ‘Greased Road To War’ For Us, He Says 4
02/10/1936 (Jacob W. Mack) Asks Liberal Ties For World Jewry 8
02/10/1936 4 Powers Draft Pledge To Austria-Rumania, Hungary, Yugoslavia And Czechoslovakia Prepare To Resist Germany 11
02/10/1936 Germany (Uninvited By Participants) Is Silent On (London) Naval Parley 11
02/10/1936 Munich Cardinal Assails Nazi Press ‘Lies;’ Faulhaber Denounces Slanders On Pope 11
02/10/1936 Big French Deficit Faces A New Rise-Internal Loan Difficult-Treasury Is Expected To Obtain A Credit In London For At Least L40,000,000 12
02/10/1936 Russia Explains (Soviet) Planes (Over Estonian Territory)-Were Lost In Fog 12
02/10/1936 Soviet Deports (Orthodox) Priest (2 Years In Siberian Prison) 12
02/10/1936 Democracy In Peril, (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Asserts (Germany Not Mentioned!) 13
02/10/1936 Reich Default To Poland (On Rail Debt) Fails To Depress Boerse 25
02/10/1936 Reichsbank Funds Unlikely To Rise-Schacht Feels Increase Would Bring Foreign Demand For Money, Berlin Believes-Dearth Of Some Staples 25
02/10/1936 Outlook In Britain Considered Bright 25
02/10/1936 British Take Gold Flowing To Paris 25
02/11/1936 4 (London Naval) Powers Fix Cruiser Limit At 8,000 Tons For 5 Years 1
02/11/1936 Peacetime Record Set In Army (Expenditures) Bill 1
02/11/1936 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gives Leisure Class Definition (Seconded By Mrs. Charles A. [Dr. Mary] Beard) 1
02/11/1936 Reich Jobless Rose But 12,000 In January-Total Unemployed Put At 2,520,000 4
02/11/1936 Reich (Legal) Bar Closed To Jews-’German’ Lawyers Must End All Ties With Them 4
02/11/1936 Catholic Leaders Jailed In Germany (For Anti-State Activities) 5
02/11/1936 (Argentine Papers) Praise Roosevelt (For Buenos Aires, Pan-American Peace Conference) Plan 6
02/11/1936 (Nevada, Senator Key) Pittman (Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee) Assails Policies Of Japan 8
02/11/1936 New (4-Power London) Naval Accord A Benefit To U.S.-Hanson W. Baldwin 9
02/11/1936 Asked ‘Easy (WPA-Harry L. Hopkins) Money’ For Army Posts 10
02/11/1936 Maverick Scores (Congress’s) Neutrality ‘Fear’ 11
02/11/1936 Navy League Aided By Ship, Steel Cash-Fight On Churches Urged (By Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 11
02/11/1936 Neglect Of Women In History Is Denounced By Mary (Mrs. Charles A.) Beard-Speaking At Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt’s Press Conference 25
02/12/1936 Nazis Strike Blow At Catholic Youth; 150 Leaders Jailed-Those Held Are Charged With Treasonable Relations With Communist Organizations-Otto D. Tolischus 1
02/12/1936 President (Roosevelt) Moved By WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Worker’s Praise, Hails The ‘Blessings Of The Unknown Men’ 1
02/12/1936 (WPA Administrator, Victor F.) Ridder (Later Editor Of The ‘New Yorker Staatszeitung’) Aide (Walter M. Langsdorf) Quits Charging Politics-Sees WPA (Harry Hopkins) Being Misused-’Democratic Vote-Getting Unit’-Protests Loss Of Old Job 3
02/12/1936 Reich Now Courts Lithuania’s Trade-Polish Policy A Factor 9
02/12/1936 Hitler Felicitates Pope 9
02/12/1936 (4-Power London) Navy Accord Seen As Aid To Britain 10
02/12/1936 (U.S. Admirals) Urge Modernizing Of 14 Battleships-Admirals 10
02/12/1936 Also Recommend Two Aircraft Carriers 10
02/12/1936 (4-Power London) Sea Pact Is Hailed By Some Japanese-Reich Aid Held Possible 10
02/12/1936 Next War Could Cost Nation 10 Billion A Year, Head Of Army Planning Board Declares 10
02/12/1936 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman Scored In Tokyo 10
02/12/1936 Capital Ship Plan Failure At (4-Power London) Parley-They Also Bar Germans 11
02/12/1936 British Bill Asks Single War Office 12
02/12/1936 Son (Chiang Chin-Ko, In Moscow) Repudiates Chiang Kai-Shek-Calls Him A Mountebank-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
02/12/1936 Arms Firm (Colt’s) Sought To Scuttle (1925 Arms Limitation) Parley-Nye Hits Sales Methods 13
02/12/1936 (Senate) Decide To Abandon Neutrality Shift 13
02/12/1936 Britain Resents (Argentine) Falklands Claim 16
02/12/1936 Harvard (President, James Bryant Conant) Rejects Hanfstaengl Gift (Texts Of Letters) 16
02/12/1936 $9,970,400 Of Gold Marked For China (By Treasury Department-Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 31
02/13/1936 Hoover Declares Fear Of New Deal Confounds Nation (Text, P. 15) 1
02/13/1936 Nazis Tighten Grip Of Secret Police 1
02/13/1936 Paris Bars Excuses For Arming Rhine 1
02/13/1936 Effective Oil Ban (For Italy) Dependant On U.S., Says League Body 1
02/13/1936 (Scottsboro Samuel) Leibowitz ‘Terms’ Anger (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann 4
02/13/1936 Hitler Takes Up ‘Jews’ Challenge’ (Picture Of Murdered Wilhelm Gustloff) 8
02/13/1936 Polish Jews Beaten As Foes Are Jailed (In Kattowitz) 8
02/13/1936 (Samuel And Bearsted) See Aid For Reich Jews 8
02/13/1936 No Speedy (German) Revenge (On Jews) Expected (As A Result Of Gustloff Murder) 8
02/13/1936 (Italian) Bombs Endanger British Ambulance (In Ethiopia) 11
02/13/1936 President (Roosevelt) A ‘Tory’ Col. (Frank) Knox Asserts-Charges Abuse Of Power 16
02/14/1936 French Royalists Beat (Leon) Blum (Socialist) In Riot; 3 Groups Dissolved (Picture, P. 10) 1
02/14/1936 House Balks Plans To Slash Army Pay 1
02/14/1936 (U.S.) Jewish Farmers Beat Depression 5
02/14/1936 U.S. (Delegate, Norman H. Davis) Bars Politics At (London 4-Power) Naval Parley 7
02/14/1936 (General) Craig Asks (U.S.) Preparedness 7
02/14/1936 (Belgian Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland Confers On Security At Paris 8
02/14/1936 Lady Astor Urges Women Veto War 9
02/14/1936 Tax Collections In Reich Increase (Ten Different Taxes Listed) 10
02/14/1936 More Gold Is Lost By Bank Of France 31
02/14/1936 (Scottsboro Samuel) Leibowitz Visits (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann In Jail-Prisoner ‘Cried Like A Baby’ 40
02/15/1936 Japan Now Finds Soviet Hits Back In Border Clashes 1
02/15/1936 Record Army Fund For 150,000 Troops Is Voted By House 1
02/15/1936 (Papal) Nuncio In Germany Protests Arrests (Of Catholics) 7
02/15/1936 U.S. Citizens Free Of Reich Army (Service) Law (If Naturalized Before May 21, 1935) 7
02/16/1936 Germany Replaces Auto Fuel, Rubber, Hitler Declares-Urges Many Small Cars (‘Volksautos’) 1
02/16/1936 Roosevelt Asks Parley On Pan-American Peace To Meet In Buenos Aires 1
02/16/1936 Roosevelt Cartoon Halts (Publication Of) College Paper 16
02/16/1936 (Dr. Harold Willis) Dodds (President Of Princeton University, Albert Einstein’s School) Hits Nazism As Foe Of Learning-He Sees A Return To Savagery-Danger In Other Nations 22
02/16/1936 Reich Master Plan For Those Abroad (Military Service For German Citizens) 26
02/16/1936 French Guillotine Killer 26
02/16/1936 Hitler Praises U.S. (Motorization) Method 26
02/16/1936 Strict (U.S.) Neutrality Urged By (U.S. Under-Secretary Of State, William) Phillips 30
02/16/1936 Child’s ‘Duty’ (Honoring Parents) Held An Outworn Idea (Dr. John Levy Of Columbia University) N-1
02/16/1936 Britain Shows Reich She Upholds Frank E-3
02/16/1936 U.S. To Be Blamed If (Italian) Oil Curb Fails-Clarence K. Streit E-4
02/16/1936 Britain Plays Role In Austrian Drama-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
02/16/1936 Britain Shifts Her Plans-European Outlook Causes Her To Choose The Road Of Armaments On A Vast Scale E-4
02/16/1936 Nazis Overcoming Winter Discontent-Armament Furor Is Less-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
02/16/1936 (4-Power London) Naval Parley Gains Are Scant-Hanson W. Baldwin E-5
02/16/1936 Anti-Japanese Cartoon E-5
02/16/1936 Germany Watches-And Awaits Events Mag. 3
02/16/1936 (Anthony Eden) Opener Of Britain’s Little Red Boxes-Harold Callender Mag. 5
02/16/1936 France Astir Mag. 6
02/16/1936 Barnard (College) Hails Her Dean (Virginia Gildersleeve) Mag. 10
02/17/1936 (Gerhard) Jacobi Challenges Nazis By Preaching (In Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtniskirche)-50 Aides Are Body Guards 1
02/17/1936 130,000 Stampede To See Hitler; Guards Hold Olympics Spectators 2 Hours 1
02/17/1936 (Scottsboro Samuel) Leibowitz Visits (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann Again-Confers With Governor 3
02/17/1936 (Lord Rothmere) Finds British (Fleet) Reckless (In Mediterranean-At Italy’s Mercy) 6
02/17/1936 Germany Worried By ‘Pre-War Ring (Encirclement)’-Activity In Paris And London Held To Be ‘Dagger Pointed At Heart’-Little Entente Is Active-Hodza To Visit Belgrade 7
02/17/1936 Southerners Back League (Of Nations) Sanctions (Against Italy) 7
02/17/1936 Reich Puts Curbs On Secret Police-Arbitrary Power Made Legal But Limits Are Placed On Subordinate Officials-Hand Of Army Seen-Otto D. Tolischus 8
02/17/1936 Austrian Union Men Get Long Sentences 8
02/17/1936 (Swiss Town Council) Would Move Swiss Nazi Center (Wilhelm Gustloff Case) 8
02/17/1936 Britain Under Fire At Zionist (Mizrachi Zionist Organization Of America) Parley-Roosevelt Praises Jews 10
02/17/1936 Baldwin And Chamberlain (Former Attacked Verbally By Latter) 16
02/17/1936 Back Boycott Of Nazis-Delegates From 819 Groups (Apparently Jewish) Vote Support To (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s) American Jewish Congress 18
02/17/1936 Berlin And Rome Hail (Will Hay’s) Ban’ On (Sinclair) Lewis Film 21
02/17/1936 Higher Steel Rate Seen In Pittsburg 27
02/17/1936 Economy Warning Given In Germany-New Demands On Savers 27
02/17/1936 British Industry Active 27
02/17/1936 British Imports Increased 13% In January Over A Year Before; Exports Fell 4.2% 27
02/18/1936 Neutrality Plan Passed By House-Senate Action Delayed 1
02/18/1936 Riots Sweep Spain On Left’s Victory; Jails Are Stormed-’State Of Alarm’ Is Decreed-President’s Family Moves-Strict Censorship Is Set-William P. Carney 1
02/18/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns His Party (Republican) Of Crisis-Sees Peace As Main Issue 2
02/18/1936 $200,000,000 (British [Lazard Brothers] Loan Made To France 6
02/18/1936 British Ask Funds To Meet War Cost (Italian Danger) 6
02/18/1936 Hood, Largest Warship To Rejoin Gibraltar Fleet 6
02/18/1936 Reich In 1935 Tripled Champagne Consumption 6
02/18/1936 Poland Will Halt Anti-Semitic Drive-Premier (Koscialkowski) Warns Nationalists They Must Cease Disturbing Public Order-Foreign Policy The Same 7
02/18/1936 (Karl Nisselbeck, Naturalized) American’s Trial (‘Attempting High Treason’) Opens In Germany 7
02/18/1936 Reich Penetrates The (Predominately Jewish) Boycott Here (Germany No Longer Allowed ‘Most Favored Nation’ Status-U.S. Goods ‘Barred’ In Germany Is Reason Given)-Otto D. Tolischus 8
02/18/1936 Nazis Take Control Of Operatic Singers 8
02/18/1936 Reich Has Yet To Act On New Chaplin Film (‘Modern Times’) 8
02/18/1936 Soviet And Japan Shrink From War 9
02/18/1936 Japan Bars American (Edward F. O’connor Of Mgm Pictures) 9
02/18/1936 The Elections In Spain 22
02/18/1936 (Will) Hays Denies Order To Ban (Sinclair) Lewis Film-No Political Aim He Says 27
02/19/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Assailed Anew In The House (By Catholic) 1
02/19/1936 Poland Jails 17 Anarchists (German Report) 5
02/19/1936 U.S. Ready To Sign Partial (4-Power) Naval Pact (London Conference) 8
02/19/1936 Neutrality Measure (Joint Resolution Text) Sent To White House 9
02/19/1936 Tin Exports Control Is Put Under Hull-Roosevelt Acts Under New Licensing Law Passed As A Defense Measure 9
02/19/1936 Spain Is On Guard Against Army Coup-Fear Of A Plot Causes Special Precautions To Be Taken-Airfield Is Watched-Prison Mutinies Go ON-1eft Leaders Repeat Amnesty Promise For 30,000 (Political Prisoners)-William P. Carney 11
02/19/1936 President (Roosevelt) To Join K. Of P. (Knights Of Pythias) 12
02/19/1936 Convict Aids Reich In Nisselbeck (High Treason) Case-Testimony Badly Shaken 13
02/19/1936 Nazis (Party) Outlawed By Swiss (Federal Council) Decree-Berlin Press Is Bitter 13
02/19/1936 Germany’s Exports Dropped In January; 8% Under December, But Above Last Year 13
02/19/1936 Reich Puts Muzzle On Church Editors-Any Who Comment Unfavorably On Government Policy Will Risk Loss Of Jobs 13
02/19/1936 Sir Neill Malcolm (Succeeding League Of Nations High Commissioner On Refugees & Later Chairman Of President’s Committee On Refugees, James G. Mc Donald) Aids Reich Refugees 13
02/19/1936 Medical Education Held Too Narrow-Humanism Urged As Goal (By Dr. N. B. Van Etten) 20
02/19/1936 Roosevelt Praises All-Faiths Drive-Spiritual Revival Urged 21
02/19/1936 Repeal Demanded Of Teachers’ (Anti-Communist) Oath 21
02/19/1936 2 Big Loans Filed By Japan With Sec 27
02/20/1936 Washington Foils Paris Navy Move (For Smaller Battleship Limit-4-Power London Naval Conference) 1
02/20/1936 Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt Sails (For England); Scores The New Deal (It Fans The Flames Of Class Hatred In America) 2
02/20/1936 (Manuel) Azana Again Heads A Spanish Cabinet-Portella Regime Resigns-25,000 (Imprisoned Political Prisoners) Ordered Set Free-Socialists Shun Cabinet 9
02/20/1936 Arms Shares Soar With British (Rearmament) Plans 10
02/20/1936 (N.Y. C. Civil Liberties Committee) Fights Anti-Nazi Bill (Asks Help From Jewish Organization-Bill Introduced By State Senator Jacob J. Schwartzwald) 11
02/20/1936 5 Nazis Held Here On Kidnap Charge 12
02/20/1936 More Protestants Quit Nazi Church Boards; Berlin Pastors Combat Curbs By Hitler Youth 12
02/20/1936 (Sir Neill) Malcolm To Push Reich Refugee Aid 12
02/20/1936 (Churches, Organizations-National Conference Of Jews And Christians) Ask Canada To Give Haven For (‘Jews, Non-Aryan Christians And Various Gentiles’) Refugees (In Manifesto-Condemns Germany. No Mention Of Poland, Rumania, Russia, Etc.) 12
02/20/1936 (F. W.) Woolworth Growth Barred In Germany (In Bremen!-An Anti-Chain Store Law To Protect Small Store Owners?) 12
02/20/1936 Goering Hunts Today In (Bialowicza) Forest In Poland-Is On Private Visit-Wife To Visit Theaters 12
02/20/1936 Britain Denies Plan For League (Of Nations) Revision 13
02/20/1936 Old British Report On Ethiopia Bared-Study Made Last Spring-Saw No Reason To Interfere With (Italian) Conquest 14
02/20/1936 Gen. (William L. [‘Billy’]) Mitchell Dies; Air Leader In War (Picture) 19
02/20/1936 Hearing In Uproar Over Alien Actors-Reciprocity Is Demanded 22
02/21/1936 Spain Threatened By Martial Law As Leftists Riot-10,000 (Political) Prisoners Freed-Soviet State Predicted-Socialists Call Victory At Polls First Step-AzaraPleads For Peace 1
02/21/1936 New ‘Travel Mark’ To Pay Reich Debt-To Cost Americans More-Otto D. Tolischus 1
02/21/1936 Herriot Brings Up Debt To U.S. Again 1
02/21/1936 First Kansas (Republican) Delegates Pledged To Landon; Picked At Osawatomie, Home Of (Pre-Civil War Terrorist) John Brown 2
02/21/1936 Picture: President’s (Roosevelt’s) New (Naval) Aide (Rear Admiral Paul H. Bastedo) 2
02/21/1936 New Deal Opposed By (U.S.) Clergy In (Literary Digest) Poll-Shows 70% In Nation Against Roosevelt Policies 2
02/21/1936 (Prof. James T. Shotwell, Columbia University & President Of League Of Nations Association-Clark Eichelberger Also A Member) Holds Marxian Ideas Ruled (U.S. Senate) Arms Inquiry 7
02/21/1936 Nazi Group’s (General Von Steuben Bund’s) Plea For (N.Y.) Charter Fails-Justice (Aaron J.) Levy Refuses-He Questions Its Motives-Hints Aims In Petition ‘Conceal True Object;-Clash With Von Steuben’s Ideals 9
02/21/1936 15 Germans Seized In Prague As Reds 9
02/21/1936 Television Service Links Berlin And Leipzig Fair 9
02/21/1936 (German Statement) Protests Nazi Ban 9
02/21/1936 Reich Holds Reds Got Catholic Aid 9
02/21/1936 Polish Jews Pray To Retain Customs-Bill To Abolish Kosher Slaughter Strikes Snags 9
02/21/1936 (U.S. Southern) Methodist Mission Closed By Poland-’Illegality’ Laid To Unit 18
02/21/1936 London Preview For (H. G.) Well’s (Socialist!) Film-’Things To Come’ 21
02/21/1936 General Amnesty Decreed In Spain-All The 30,000 ‘Political And Social’ Prisoners Not Yet Free Will Be Released Today-More Churches Burned-William P. Carney 1
02/21/1936 New Zeppelin (‘Hindenburg’) To Inaugurate Air Service Between Germany And America On May 6 1
02/21/1936 Hull Considering Protest To Poland-But Holds Up Definite Move On South Methodist Ouster Pending Official Reports-Church Scores Action 4
02/21/1936 Laws Made By Incompetents, Buchan (A History Of The Great War), Says Giving View Of ‘Parliaments And Congresses’ 6
02/21/1936 Soviet Is Reported Exterminating Finns-Many Of 7,000 Deported (To Kasakstan & Urals Area) Are Said To Have Perished (Finnish Newspaper Report 6
02/21/1936 (Naturalized American Citizen) Nisselbeck Gets A Two-Year (Prison) Term (For Attempted High Treason) 7
02/21/1936 (Former Air Minister, Marquess Of) Londonderry Doubts German Air Threat To Britain After Study Of The Reich’s Air Force 7
02/21/1936 Emigration Of Jews From Poland Urged (By Polish Government)-Proposal For Mass Movement Put Before The Senate (Sejm)-Anti-Semitic Party Disbanded (Admitted That ‘Three And One-Half Million Jews Are Too Many For Poland And One Million Of Them Should Emigrate.’) 7
02/21/1936 WPA (Harry L. Hopkins ‘Guidebook’) Bars ‘Debunking’ Of American Legends 17
02/21/1936 Province Of Silesia (Poland) Files To List Bonds 19
02/23/1936 Foreign Propaganda Here Is Denounced By Borah; He Again Urges Isolation-British Policy Assailed-We Do Not Want Europe’s Antipathies Here (Text, P. 31) 1
02/23/1936 Reich And Poland Actively Working On Secret Deals-Fear Of Czech Plan Seen-Berlin Believed Trying To Balk A Danubian Economic Bloc That Would Exclude Her 1
02/23/1936 Oxford (University) Will Boycott (550-Year Anniversary) Fetes At Heidelberg As Protest Against Nazi Curbs On Liberty 3
02/23/1936 (Sir Charles) Higham Lauds Roosevelt 7
02/23/1936 (Two Scottsboro Rape Defendants) Negroes Held For (Knife) Attacks (On Police Officers) 22
02/23/1936 (U.S.) Freedom In Peril (Former U.S. Att’y., Charles H.) Tuttle Cautions 24
02/23/1936 Reich Now Produces 46% Of Its Own Motor Fuels 24
02/23/1936 Japan And Reich Held Key To Navies (By Rear Admiral Yates Stirling) 26
02/23/1936 Fascists In Japan Are Badly Beaten 26
02/23/1936 Belgium Imposes Curbs On Refugees From Reich (Chiefly Jews) 26
02/23/1936 Red Flag Paraded In Madrid Streets-Release Of 30,000 (Political) Prisoners Is Celebrated-Rent Payments Cut Off-Order Issued In View Of Coming Seizure Of Estates-Nobles Take Refuge In France-William P. Carney 27
02/23/1936 Spanish Left Gain Is Laid To Moscow-Comintern Is Reported To Have Insured United Front By A Threat To Halt Subsidies-Big Payments Alleged-G. Ward Price 27
02/23/1936 Poles Rescind Ban On U.S. (Southern) Methodists 28
02/23/1936 Rebel Clergy Bar Peace With Nazis-Left Pastors Win Synod-Niemoeller-Jacobi Group Is Now Expected To Force Out (Hanns) Kerrl 30
02/23/1936 Nazi Ruling Outlaws New Jewish Doctors (Physicians)-Even ‘Germans’ (Sic) Married To Jews Will Be Barred-Decree Goes Beyond Nuremberg Laws 30
02/23/1936 ‘Insult’ To Hitler Lands Eight In Jail (At Rheinland Carneval) 30
02/23/1936 Roosevelt Urges Truth In Education-Gets Honorary (Dr. Jur.) Degree (At Temple University-Picture, ‘Stabat Pater’-Text Of Speech) 32
02/23/1936 Democracy Saved (Jim) Farley Declares 33
02/23/1936 Radical Socialists (Headed By Norman Thomas) To Oppose Roosevelt 33
02/23/1936 U.S. Entry In (World) War (I) Is Laid To Money (By Rev. Joseph A. Mc Caffrey) N-2
02/23/1936 (Public) School Will Help Adult Immigrants (Teach English & Americanism) N-7
02/23/1936 Clark M. Eichelberger (Of United Nations Association & Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) To Speak At Pace Alumni Association N-7
02/23/1936 Nazis Try To Draw Italy Into Entente E-3
02/23/1936 Spain’s Left Groups Press Their Reforms E-5
02/23/1936 France Is At Odds Over Soviet (Mutual Assistance) Pact-Old (German) Encirclement Seen E-5
02/23/1936 Reich Sees Victory In ‘Export Battle’ (Schacht’s Plan)-Otto D. Tolischus E-7
02/23/1936 Peace In New World Is Roosevelt’s Goal E-7
02/23/1936 Huxley, Julian & Haddon, A. C., We Europeans, Harper & Brothers, N.Y.-’The People Of Modern Europe’-A (Anti-German) Survey Which Refutes The Old Conception Of ‘Race’-’As Tall As Goebbels, As Manly As Streicher, As Slender As Goering, As Blond As Hitler, And As Dolichocephalic As Rosenberg’ Book 1
02/23/1936 The Stark Horror What Is War (Verdun) Mag. 1
02/23/1936 A Liberal Speaks Out For Liberalism-John Dewey (Liberal Educator & Philosopher Extraordinaire!) Mag. 3
02/23/1936 Pictures: Where The British Lion And The Lion Of Judah Walk Side By Side (In Somaliland) Roto.
02/24/1936 Reich Jews To Get Aid Of New Board-Leaders Of World (Zionist) Groups To Meet In London To Speed The Exodus Of 100,000-End Of Bickering Sought 1
02/24/1936 Mongolia Is Taken Under Soviet Wing-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
02/24/1936 Old Guard Socialists Disavow Roosevelt (Louis Waldman) 2
02/24/1936 Dr. (George S.) Counts (Of John Dewey Society) Assails Liberty’s Enemies 5
02/24/1936 British Spy Trial (Of German, Dr. Hermann Gortz) Starts This Week 9
02/24/1936 Winter Travel Shows Big Rise In Germany, Britain And U.S. 9
02/24/1936 Reich Would Replace U.S. In Selling Planes To China 10
02/24/1936 Poles Reassured By Goering’s (Hunting) Visit-Issues Will Be Settled 11
02/24/1936 (Senators) Protest To Capital On ‘War Propaganda’ (By War Department) 11
02/24/1936 Overseas Relief (To Jews By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Won’t Air Reich-Bars German Export Plan-Limits Campaign To $3,500,000 11
02/24/1936 British Governor (Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope) Booed By (Jewish) Crowd In Tel Aviv 11
02/24/1936 (British-Born, Later Interventionist Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Extols The Constitution-Cites Need For Loyalty 13
02/24/1936 (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Is Called Descendant Of (Carolingian) Kings (By Karl Weiss-Along With George Washington And Abe Lincoln) 19
02/24/1936 British Buy Stocks On (Re-) Armament News 25
02/25/1936 Eden Wants Britain Strong To Prevent European War; Rome Hints Of Reich Deal-Britain Ominous In Talk-Finds Todays Problems ‘Dreadfully’ Like Those Before 1914-Backs Collective Peace-He Bars (German) ‘Encirclement’-London Will Have ‘No Lot Nor Part In It,’ He Declares 1
02/25/1936 Reich Sues French Paper (‘The Journal’) On Story Of Hitler Loves 1
02/25/1936 (Maj. Gen.) Hagood Relieved Of Duty In Army For His WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Gibes-Swift Defense In White House 1
02/25/1936 Nra (Pay) Scales Kept By Many Concerns 4
02/25/1936 Picture: A Family Scene At The Roosevelt Home In Hyde Park-(Mama, Mama’s Son & Eleanor) 5
02/25/1936 Reich Synod Stand Bars Compromise 11
02/25/1936 Nazis Insist Dues Be Legal For All 11
02/25/1936 Jaffa Arabs Stone Jewish Laborers 11
02/25/1936 Accuser Backs Down In Nazi (Friends Of New Germany) Kidnap Case 11
02/25/1936 Miss Szold Honored-New Yorker, 75, Made A Citizen Of Tel Aviv For Her Social Work (Founded Zionist Hadassa-Report From Jewish Telegraph Agency) 11
02/25/1936 Soviet Bids Army Be Alert In (Far) East-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
02/25/1936 Freed ‘Martyrs’ (Political Prisoners) Are Feted In Spain-Bolshevist Trend Denied (By Luis Companys-Declared Barcelona Separate From Rest Of Spain With Himself As President-Spain A ‘DemocracyWhich Stops Short Of Communism Or Bolshevism.’) 12
02/25/1936 Dismissed Rebels Get Jobs In Spain 12
02/25/1936 (Neville) Chamberlain Likely To Get Defense Post-British Treasury Chief May Be Named To Coordinate Plans For (British) Rearmament 13
02/25/1936 Text Of Foreign Secretary Eden’s Address In The House Of Commons-Britain Still Determined To Resist Aggression-Rearmament Necessary Because Of British Fear-Italy Named Aggressor Soon After (Ethiopian) War Started-Present Issues Similar To Those Before 1914 14
02/25/1936 Chamberlain Happy Over A Strong U.S.-British Pleased, Not Anxious, As We Become More Powerful, Sir Austen (Chamberlain) Asserts 14
02/25/1936 Super Warship Plan Offered To Congress-Depth Bomb Inventor (Lester P. Barlow) Asks For Commission To Study Proposed 85,000-Ton Craft 15
02/25/1936 (Sir Charles Higham) Says Britain Curbs War 15
02/26/1936 Militarists Attempt Coup In Japan; Two Cabinet Leaders Assassinated-(‘Fascist’) Move Had Been Expected (In London) 1
02/26/1936 German Military Stresses Power-Praises Nazi Arms Gain-Major Jost Says Hitler Made Vast Army Much Faster Than Soviet And Mussolini-Otto D. Tolischus 11
02/26/1936 Britain Seeks (Labor) Truce In Industry To Rearm-Government Desires 3-Year Capital-Labor Accord-Trade Unionists Receptive 11
02/26/1936 German Jews Sentenced (Immorality Charges-Charges Brought By Sales Girls) 11
02/26/1936 Spain (Foreign Minister, Barcia) Reasserts Loyalty To Geneva 12
02/26/1936 Catholic Prelate (Mgr. Banasch) Is Freed In Reich-He Was Held 4 Months 13
02/26/1936 (Czechs) Seize 12 Reich Soldiers (On Border Violations) 13
02/26/1936 (4-Power, London) Navy Parley Sees Way To An Accord-Plan Is For Berlin To Amend Pact With London To Cover 4-Power Treaty’s Terms (Germany Not ‘Invited’ To Conference)-Bid To The Germans Would Be Avoided 13
02/26/1936 Munich Conductor (Hans Knappertsbusch) Is Ousted By Nazis-Refused To Join Party (He Was ‘Retired’) 17
02/26/1936 Educators Fight ‘Curbs’ On Rights-Anti-Communist Bill Hit (At St. Louis Meeting) 20
02/26/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins Denies WPA Lists To Members Of Congress (‘To Keep Politics Out Of Relief’) 20
02/26/1936 Sharp Reduction In Reichsbank Gold 38
02/27/1936 Loyal Army And Fleet Control Tokyo With Rebels Treating For Peace-Plot Carefully Planned 1
02/27/1936 Hitler Rejects Bid To Join With Italy In 5-Power Treaty-Germany Fears Hostility Of Britain And France 1
02/27/1936 War Department Replies On (Maj. Gen.) Hagood (On Remarks He Made About WPA)-Craig Report Recalling ‘Flippancy’ And Advising Ouster Is Made Public (Text, P. 2)-Woodrum Backs Punishment For ‘Arrogance’ 1
02/27/1936 Estonia Votes 3-1 For Return To Democracy; Nation Is Recovering From ‘Fuehrer Fever’ 3
02/27/1936 Ickes Says Hoover Aims To Stir Fear-New Deal’s Help To Negroes Is Cited In An Address Before The Urban (League) Club (In Chicago) 8
02/27/1936 Germany Is Ready To Join (London 4-Power Naval Agreement) 11
02/27/1936 Japan Viewed As Paying Penalty For Glorification Of Assassins 13
02/27/1936 Czechs Jail Six Germans (Pilots, For Border Violations) 13
02/27/1936 Sweden Expels 3 Nazis (Propaganda Activities) 15
02/27/1936 Propaganda School To Open In Moscow 15
02/27/1936 Educators (At St. Louis Meeting) Hear ‘Free Speech’ Class-Taussig (N.Y. A.-Warns Of Propaganda) And Rabbi Silver Back Classroom Discussion-The Effects Of The New Deal 20
02/28/1936 Roosevelt To Ask Taxes To Balance The Budget Again 1
02/28/1936 Soviet (Mutual Assistance) Pact Wins In French Chamber By 353-To-164 Vote (Initialed Last May By Foreign Minister Pierre Laval) 1
02/28/1936 Britain Preparing For War In 4 Years-Discards Formula Followed Since 1918 That Peace Will Last Another 10 Years 1
02/28/1936 Paris Joins Rome To Bar (London 4-Power) Navy Pact 1
02/28/1936 Gen. Hagood Quits Command In Army (For Remarks Made About The WPA) 6
02/28/1936 France To Oppose Further Sanctions (Against Italy)-But Warns Mussolini She Will Have To Give In If Britain Is Insistent (Text, P. 10) 10
02/28/1936 (Franco-Soviet Mutual) Aid Pact Is Unlike Pre-War Alliance-Recognizes League Law (Picture: Foreign Minister Pierre Laval) 11
02/28/1936 (Franco-Soviet Mutual Assistance) Pact Not To Drive Reich To Rash Step 11
02/28/1936 Move Here To Aid Exile (Non-Aryan) Christians-Reich Policy Assailed (By James G. Mc Donald And Many Others)-Support For $400 000 Fund Urged (2 500 Emigres From Germany) 12
02/28/1936 Ban (Boycott) On (Attending) Heidelberg (University 550 Anniversary Celebration) Extends In Britain-Nazi Propaganda Charged 12
02/28/1936 Nazis Accused In (Silesia) Poland 12
02/28/1936 3 Swedes Expelled By Reich As Reprisal 12
02/28/1936 Trotsky Charges Soviet ‘Brutality’-Cites Conditions In Jails-Leon Trotsky 15
02/28/1936 British Government To Abolish Tithes; Feudal Heritage Cause Of Recent Riots 23
02/28/1936 Bank Of France Adds Gold Again 37
02/29/1936 (N.Y.) Philharmonic Post For (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler (See Later Articles) 1
02/29/1936 Britain Now Sees Menace In Japan 4
02/29/1936 Heidelberg (University-550th Anniversary) Scores (Univ. Of Birmingham) Student Boycott-Blow To Peace Is Seen-Columbia (University-Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler) And Vassar Accept Invitation 6
02/29/1936 French Skeptical Of Hitler’s Offer (Of Friendship)-’At What Price?’ Is General Reply To Proposal Of Friendship Of Germany And France-Threat By Fuehrer Is Seen 6
02/29/1936 Hull Lauds (His) Policy Of ‘Good Neighbor’-He Points To ‘A New Era Of Solidarity’ In Last Of Latin-American Radio Talks-Buenos Aires Conference Called By Roosevelt Is Mentioned As Another Aid 13
02/29/1936 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard) For Cash Aid, Not Work For (Academic) Study (Speech Before 2,000 Delegates, Progressive Education’s Association Conferences, Chicago) 13
02/29/1936 (Jews) Not The Only (German) Victims (2,500 ‘Non-Aryan Christians’ Also) 14