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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

March 1936
Date Headline Page
03/01/1936 Roosevelt Renews Plea Against Profits In War; He Signs Neutrality Bill-Arms Ban Is Mandatory (Unless He Refuses To Recognize Hostilities)-Embargo Put On Credits-Executive Must Act On Learning Of Conflict-Exceptions For American Nations 1
03/01/1936 Reich Reinstates Dr. Furtwaengler-He Had Backed (Paul) Hindemith 1&36
03/01/1936 Reds Mass Trials In Reich Are Many-5 In One Case Must Die-Otto D. Tolischus 1
03/01/1936 Jews Hail Compact For (Birobidjan) Colony In Soviet (Union) 5
03/01/1936 Immigration Service Accused Of Lobbying (For Discretion In Deporting ‘Undesirable’ Aliens) 9
03/01/1936 Paraguay Blocks (Roosevelt’s) Americas Parley 16
03/01/1936 Leipzig Fair Exhibits Exceed Those Of ‘29 26
03/01/1936 Bishop Marahrens Rewarded By Nazis (Hanns Kerrl, Minister For Church Affairs) 27
03/01/1936 Belgian Premier (Paul Van Zeeland) To Quit, Task Done 27
03/01/1936 Reich Press Calm On French(-Soviet Mutual Assistance) Treaty-Accord With Paris Urged 27
03/01/1936 Jews Injured In (Lwow) Polish Clash 27
03/01/1936 Britain To Explain Arming This Week-White Paper Outlining Case Of The Government Is Likely To Go To Commons Tuesday 28
03/01/1936 France And Germany To Sign Navy Accord 29
03/01/1936 U.S. Flag Too Tiny, Meeting (Of American League Against War And Fascism) Is Halted 31
03/01/1936 New Data Offered In Black Tom Case-Government Files Affidavit By (James) Larkin (Irish Labor Leader) In New Effort To Link (World) War (I) Blast To (German) Spies 34
03/01/1936 Furtwaengler (Appointed Recently To N.Y. Philharmonic) Is Accused Here (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Ira A Hirschmann) Of Being Nazi Sympathizer 36
03/01/1936 Mexican Officials Seize Church Land 36
03/01/1936 (Chaim) Weizmann To Meet (Herbert) Samuel In London-Jewish Leader Will Confer With Sponsors Of Plan To Speed Emigration From Reich (To Palestine) 38
03/01/1936 Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Aid Quota For City $1,500,000-Most Funds For Reich-Plight Of German Jews Is ‘Challenge To Jews Of America’ N-1
03/01/1936 Vice Presidency By 1940 Or So Seen For Women At (Feminist) Leap Year Luncheon-’Madam President’ Any Time After 1950 N-1
03/01/1936 Famous Hoaxer (W. H. D. Cole) Of England Dies N-10
03/01/1936 Industry Speeds Scrapping Plans-Move To Dismantle Old Plants Largest Ever Undertaken, Engineers Declare F-9
03/01/1936 Germans Gaining Sway In Balkans-Danubian Union Plan Upset E-4
03/01/1936 Reich Forced To Bow To Paris-Soviet (Mutual Assistance) Pact-Germany Arming As Fast As She Can, Is Not Yet Ready To Risk Penalties Of The Locarno Treaties-Frederick T. Birchall E-6
03/01/1936 Wolff, Theodor, The Eve Of 1914, Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y., ‘Europe’s Fateful Road To War’ Book 1
03/01/1936 National Drama-Producer: Roosevelt Mag. 3
03/01/1936 For State Or Church?-In Germany The Religious Conflict Is The Basic Test Mag. 4
03/01/1936 ‘La Vie Parisienne’ In The Next War (Picture In Gas-Proof Shelters) Roto.
03/02/1936 Italians Believe (Ethiopian) Peace Is In Sight 8
03/02/1936 Italian Morale Is Found Higher 8
03/02/1936 League’s Defeat Is Seen In France 9
03/02/1936 Reich Intensifies Anti-Semitic Drive-763 (Jewish) Notaries Are Ousted-Streicher Asserts That The Nazi ‘Campaign For Enlightenment’ Will Never End 10
03/02/1936 Buy More In Reich, Is Goebbels’ Plea-Nazi Official Opening Leipzig Fair Cites Unequal Distribution Of (Word’s) Raw Material-Says Reich Will Survive 10
03/02/1936 Nazi Leader Escapes From Austrians-Robert Fitzhum Had To Be Taken To Vienna Hospital From (Woellersdorf, Austrian) Concentration Camp 10
03/02/1936 Nazis Keep Student Curbs-Limit On Number And Preference For Hitlerites Renewed 10
03/02/1936 (U.S.) ‘Humanized’ Laws For Aliens Urged-2,000 At Meeting Of Hebrew (Sheltering And Immigration) Aid Society (Hias) Endorse The Kerr-Coolidge Bill-Alien Registration Denounced 11
03/02/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University And Director Of The Division Of Intercourse And Education Of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace-Annual Report) Insists We Act For Peace-Says (Roosevelt) Administration Evades Our Responsibilities In The Pact Of Paris-Denounces Profit Motive 15
03/02/1936 Book Review: Wolff, Theodor, The Eve Of 1914 15
03/02/1936 Nazis Will Push (550th Anniversary) Heidelberg (University) Fete-Acceptance Here Scored (By Roger E. Chase And Others) 19
03/02/1936 World Crises Dim Reich’s Trade Rise 25
03/02/1936 Franc’s Devaluation Not Considered Now 25
03/03/1936 Italy Gets Choice Of African Peace Or Oil Sanctions (From League Of Nations)-Must Reply Tomorrow-Washington’s Help Seen-Britain Surprises League By Announcing She Is For Oil Embargo-Clarence K. Streit 1
03/03/1936 Italy Not Ready To Initiate Peace-Offer Must Be Liberal 12
03/03/1936 Rome And Berlin Thought In Accord 12
03/03/1936 Tells Soviet Fliers To ‘Keep Powder Dry’-Equipment Must Be Maintained In Perfect Order Always 12
03/03/1936 British Arms Plants Will Aid Unemployed-They Will Be Placed In Depressed Industrial Regions 13
03/03/1936 British Make Italians ‘Pop Up’ In Submarines (With ‘Small’ Depth Charges) 13
03/03/1936 Japan Now Milder In Views On China 15
03/03/1936 Reich Accepts Bid For New (London) Navy Pact-British Anxiety Removed-Announces Readiness To Sign Accord With Britain On Basis Of Any London Treaty 15
03/03/1936 Television Phones Operated In Germany 19
03/03/1936 24,000,000 Living On Relief Money-National Total Is Higher By 3,000,000 Than In 1934 22
03/03/1936 Heidelberg (Union) Drops Its Bids To British (To Attend 550th Anniversary Fete)-Americans Will Attend 23
03/04/1936 British Announce Vast War Scheme To Guard Empire-Rearmament Costing Millions To Stress Air Power-Plan Is Deemed Warning To Reich-France Agrees To U.S. Project For 35,000 Ton Battleships-No Limit Put On Number (British White Paper Text, P. 15) 1
03/04/1936 (German) Army To Eat Fish To Help Germany-Police Also Give Up Meat Two Days A Week Because Of Food Shortage-25 More Lose (German) Citizenship-Arnold Zweig, Author, In Group Penalized For ‘Disloyalty’ And ‘Damaging’ Reich 1
03/04/1936 Students Hit (Nunan Students’) Oath (Bill) In Stormy Hearing-Some Speakers Violent 6
03/04/1936 Roosevelt Denies ‘Gag’ (Of Officials On Pending Legislation) 6
03/04/1936 Aids Netherland Jews-Agreement Permits Return From Germany With Funds 16
03/04/1936 French Bow To U.S. On Battleship Size-In Accord Also On Guns 17
03/04/1936 Reichsbank (Gold) Ratio Lowest On Record 35
03/04/1936 U.S. Shipbuilding Rose 400% In Year 43
03/04/1936 Ship Subsidy Bill Given To Senators 43
03/05/1936 British Navy Asks L69,930,000 In 1936 1
03/05/1936 Republicans Buy 200,000 (James P.) Warburg Books (Hell Bent For Election) In Country-Wide Attack On New Deal 7
03/05/1936 Leaders Ask Aid For Jewish Drive ($1,500,000 For Jewish Settlements In Palestine)-(Feminist Leader) Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Assails Nazis-Rabbi Silver Calls German Hate Worse Than In Spain 500 Years Ago 12
03/05/1936 Stalin Says Russia Is Ready For Japan 16
03/05/1936 Russian Peasants Drafted To Build Roads; Must Work Six Days Annually Without Pay 17
03/05/1936 Japanese Demand China ‘Cooperate’ 17
03/05/1936 Rearmament Plan Decried In Britain 17
03/05/1936 Peace Group Asks Curb On Arming 17
03/05/1936 German On Trial In London As Spy-Letters Are Revealed 17
03/05/1936 Paris Asks London To Aid Against Foe-Help On Rhine Requested-France Wants British Backing Of Mobilization If Germany Rearms Frontier 18
03/05/1936 Vatican Protests On Nazi Press Law 19
03/05/1936 Teachers Protest Heidelberg (University-550th Anniversary) Fete (Columbia University Chapter Of Teachers’ Union) 23
03/06/1936 Hull Asks World To Join With Us In (Currency) Stabilization-We Have Been Ready 2 Years,(Text, P. 15-Resume Of New Deal’s Fight On Depression) 1
03/06/1936 Ethiopians Agree To Peace Parleys Within Covenant-Clarence K. Streit 1
03/06/1936 (Methodist) Pastor Is Ousted (By District Superintendent) For Liberal Views (Another Church Sought For Him) 2
03/06/1936 Shirkers Go First In WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Cut Here (Victor F. Ridder) 2
03/06/1936 WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Acted First In The (General) Hagood Case-Suggested A Retraction 8
03/06/1936 Italians Bomb Unit Of British Doctors (In Ethiopia) 10
03/06/1936 British Arms Plan Stirs Opposition-Silence On Cost Resented 11
03/06/1936 (Dr. Hermann) Gortz Says He Got Air Secrets In War (English Spy Trial) 11
03/06/1936 Hitler To Declare Rhineland Stand-May Demand Immediate End Of Demilitarized Zone 12
03/06/1936 (British) Attacks On Jews In London Cited 12
03/06/1936 Militarists Lose Control At Tokyo 14
03/06/1936 (Republicans) Urge Direct War On The President (Roosevelt) 16
03/06/1936 200 (Jewish) Refugees Here Fleeing The Nazis-Largest Single Group Of Jews Arrives, Telling Of Virtual Boycott In Germany-Professional Men Mostly In The List-All Penniless Because Of The German Law 17
03/06/1936 Jewish Aid Drive For $1,500,000 Open-Refugees On Increase-Nathan Straus Reads Appeal From Dr. Chaim Weizmann(National Quota $3,500,000) 19
03/06/1936 29 Colleges Meet As Nations’ League-200 Students At Vassar For A ‘Geneva Conclave,’-Peace Appeal At Opening (List Of Students-Each University Represents A Country-Japan And Germany Omitted) 22
03/06/1936 ‘Gag’ At Harvard Denied By (President, Dr. James Bryant) Conant (Teachers’ Oaths Contrary To Academic Freedom) 23
03/06/1936 N.Y. U. Is Unlikely To Join Reich (Heidelberg University 550th Anniversary) Fete-Yale Faculty Divided 23
03/06/1936 Roosevelt Late At Dinner Because Of Lost Buttons 23
03/06/1936 New Zeppelin (Lz-129) Talks To America By Radio 23
03/06/1936 Nazis Assail Old Heidelberg (National Socialist Student League) 23
03/06/1936 (P. Halperin) Finds Reich Goods Spurned By British (Head Of Warehouse Boycotting German Goods)-To Spend $200,000 Here 30
03/06/1936 Reichstag Meets Today To Hear Hitler Outline New Stand On Locarno 1
03/06/1936 Aides Urge Il Duce To Go On With War-Eden Soft Pedals Oil Ban 1
03/07/1936 Reich Agrees To Let Holland Jews (Living In Germany) Depart; First Pact Allows Removal Of Some (Between 30,000 And 35,000 Rm) Capital 1
03/07/1936 Heidelberg (University) Bid (Invitation To Attend 550th Anniversary) Stirs Protest At Columbia (University) 2
03/07/1936 Links President (Roosevelt) To (Illegal) Wires Copying-Powers Held Exceeded 4
03/07/1936 Alien Law Reform Demanded (By Daniel W. Maccormack, U.S. Commissioner Of Immigration And Naturalization) At Once-System ‘Barbarous’ Now 4
03/07/1936 (Rabbi Goldenson) Pleads For Jewish Fund (Nuernberg Laws-Physical Annihilation-’Cruel Story Has A Familiar Sound. It Is Just Such A Tale As We Read In The Magilah Of Ester.’) 4
03/07/1936 Roosevelt Defends Federal School Aid 4
03/07/1936 (Representative Hamilton Fish) Sees Tugwell ‘Worse Than Reds’ 5
03/07/1936 Hull Calls Trade (Under His Tariff Pacts) Only Curb On War 6
03/07/1936 Record Air Funds Asked By Britain-8,000 Craft Likely By 1939 9
03/07/1936 Nazi ‘Higher-Ups’ Feared By Gortz (British Spy Trial) 9
03/07/1936 Polish Rabbis Oppose New (Jewish Ritual) Slaughter Law 9
03/07/1936 German Labor Army Now 182,370 Strong-10,278 Are In Volunteer Women’s Group 9
03/07/1936 U.S. Gains Victory On Big Navy Guns (London, 4-Power Naval Conference) 9.
03/07/1936 Judge (Dr. Wilhelm Buenger) Of Dimitroff Trial (Actually The Marinus Van Der Lubbe Trial) Retires (At 65) From Reich Bench 9
03/07/1936 Anti-Semitic Paper (‘Der Stuermer’) Is Burned In Holland 9
03/07/1936 Spain Must Decide Communist Issue 9
03/07/1936 French Magazine Banned (In Britain-British Royalty Offended) 9
03/07/1936 Furtwaengler (N.Y. Philharmonic) Bid Solely As Artist (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise And Ira A. Hirschmann, Head Of Exiles’ University, Protest He Was National Socialist) 17
03/08/1936 Hitler Sends Troops (Back) Into Rhineland; Offers Paris 25-Year Non-Aggression Pact; France Mans Her Forts, Britain Studies Move 1
03/08/1936 Germany’s Action Assailed By Eden 1
03/08/1936 Mussolini Accepts Peace Parley Bid 1
03/08/1936 Hoover Declares (U.S.) Freedom In Peril, Lives ‘Mortgaged’ (By New Deal-Text, P. 36) 1
03/08/1936 (German) Army Marches In As Hitler Speaks-Otto D. Tolischus 1
03/08/1936 Roosevelt Is Dined By Correspondents 21
03/08/1936 Akron Strikers (Goodyear Tire And Rubber Co.) Beat Back Police 21
03/08/1936 Plans Of (NSDAP) Terrorists (Sentenced To 5 Years Imprisonment) In Austria Revealed 28
03/08/1936 Swedes To Aid Germans-Fund ($625,000) Sought To Send (1,500) Christian Refugees To South America 28
03/08/1936 San Juan (Puerto Rico) Liberals Assail U.S. Action (Puerto Rico ‘Occupied’) 29
03/08/1936 (British) Exchequer To Have Voice In Arms Cost 29
03/08/1936 Britain Is Cautious On Hitler’s Action 30
03/08/1936 Versailles Clauses On (‘Demilitarized’) Zone (Articles 42-44) 30
03/08/1936 German Coup Fails To Surprise Vienna-Officials Say Hitler Is Merely Carrying On Policy Of His Predecessors 30
03/08/1936 (Dr. Hans) Luther Describes Move As Peaceful 31
03/08/1936 Text Of Locarno Mutual Guarantee Agreement 31
03/08/1936 Text Of Chancellor Hitler’s Speech To Reichstag Denouncing Versailles Treaty 32-33
03/08/1936 What Hitler Did And Offers 32
03/08/1936 Franc Off Sharply In Exchange Here-Sterling Joins The Fall 33
03/08/1936 British Press Sees Possibility Of Gainocarno Is Not Mourned 33
03/08/1936 Versailles Pact Long Under Fire-U.S. Struck First Blow-Failure To Ratify 35
03/08/1936 Geneva Disturbed By Hitler’s Move-Clarence K. Streit 35
03/08/1936 Election Campaign Launched By Nazis (Reichstag Dissolved To Seek Agreement Of German Public) 35
03/08/1936 Rhineland Occupied By Allies Till 1930-Five Years Earlier Than The Final Date Set At Versailles 35
03/08/1936 (Vassar ‘Model’ ‘League Of Nations’) Students Propose Reforms In League N-1
03/08/1936 Reports In Europe Lift Wheat Prices F-8
03/08/1936 The News Of The Week In Review (Map Of Germany) E-1
03/08/1936 Germany Tears Up Treaty Of Locarno E-3
03/08/1936 Britain Arms For Three Dangers (Germany, Italy And Japan) E-4
03/08/1936 French Question Post-War Policies E-4
03/08/1936 German Universities Stir Foreign Critics-Heidelberg (On 550 Th Anniversary) Fete Is Made Occasion For Renewed Examination Of The Nazi System Of Higher Education-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
03/08/1936 American Ship Companies Face (London) Boycott Campaign E-5
03/08/1936 Harbard, Maj. Gen. James G., The American Army In France, Boston, Little Brown Ad Co Book 1
03/08/1936 Thomas Mann’s View On Emigre Writers Book 8
03/08/1936 Japan’s Army: Symbol And Force Mag. 3
03/08/1936 John Bull’s Way-And Uncle Sam’s Mag. 8
03/09/1936 League Acts Friday On Rhineland; France Moving To Combat Hitler 1
03/09/1936 London Will Seek To Restrain Paris 1
03/09/1936 Rhine Occupation Is In First Stage-People Acclaim The Step 1
03/09/1936 ‘Cease Fire; Order Given To Italians On Ethiopia Fronts 1
03/09/1936 European War Unlikely, Is Senator Borah’s View 2
03/09/1936 German Army Chief Demands Peaceful Revision To Eliminate Causes Of War 3
03/09/1936 Blomberg Denies Reich Wants War 3
03/09/1936 50,000 (French) Men March In Alsace-Lorraine 3
03/09/1936 France Can Punish Reich Without Resort To Arms 3
03/09/1936 Distrust Of Reich Voiced In Warsaw 3
03/09/1936 Hitler’s Action Laid To Nation’s Disunity (In Vienna) 3
03/09/1936 Text Of The French Appeal 3
03/09/1936 World Bank Warns Reich 3
03/09/1936 Reich Flag Torn Down In Spain 3
03/09/1936 Soviet Is Ready To Take Up Challenge Of Reich-Moscow Discerns Warlike Gesture-Holds Hitler Reveals Designs In East To Be Followed By Aggression In West-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
03/09/1936 Hitler’s Act Spurs Americas Parley (In Buenos Aires, Sumner Welles, Expert On Latin American Affairs To Attend) 4
03/09/1936 Cologne Cardinal (Schulte) Hails Occupation Of Rhineland 4
03/09/1936 British Press Sees A New Peace Hope 6
03/09/1936 Brazil Deports 3 Britons (Difficulties With Authorities) 6
03/09/1936 Reich Unworried By Feeling Abroad 6
03/09/1936 Patience Is Urged In (N.Y. C.) Purim Sermons-Rabbi Israel Goldstein Says Fascism Never Will Succeed In Displacing Democracy 11
03/09/1936 Paganism Is Seen Menacing Liberty (By Unitarian S. Parkes Cadman) 11
03/09/1936 Catholics Urged To Fight (Negro) Race Bias 15
03/09/1936 ‘Hate Literature’ On View (American Jewish Congress [Stephen S. Wise] Exhibit) 15
03/09/1936 Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo (Ardent Interventionist) To Be (Congregationalist) Pastor Here (Picture) 19
03/09/1936 (Jewish Sponsored Group) To Fight Furtwaengler 21
03/09/1936 Hull Is Attacked On Currency Views-Says It Ruined Farmers 27
03/09/1936 Pwa (Harold Ickes) Expenditures Approach 2 Billion 27
03/09/1936 Paris Sees Us Keen For (Currency) Stabilization 27
03/09/1936 Berlin’s (Gold) Reserves Touch Low Record 27
03/09/1936 Fears For Frank Not Yet Allayed 27
03/09/1936 Reich Eases Rules On Blocked Marks 32
03/10/1936 Locarno Signatories To Act Today; Eden Would Try Hitler Peace Plan; Paris Censor Covers Troop Movements-Baldwin Urges Rearming 1
03/10/1936 Italians Resume Fighting In Africa-Rome Denies All Knowledge Of Order To Cease Firing 1
03/10/1936 Reich Act Shows Internal Disunity 1
03/10/1936 More Die In Spain In Marxist Riots 12
03/10/1936 Two Jews Killed In (Przytyk) Poland Rioting (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) 12
03/10/1936 Heidelberg Assailed By Columbia (University) Group 12
03/10/1936 London (4-Power) Lavy Pact Nears Final Form-Main Agreement With Others Binding Reich And Soviet Is To Take Effect In 1937 12
03/10/1936 Would End Profit In War-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Begins Peace Lecture Tour In West 12
03/10/1936 Germans Deride Sanctions Threat-No Danger Of Starving-Otto D. Tolischus 13
03/10/1936 Basle Finds Curbs On Reich Unlikely 13
03/10/1936 Lewis Sees Debt Link In Germany’s Action 13
03/10/1936 Markets Shaken By Fears Of War 13
03/10/1936 Reich Is Held Cool To Bid Of League 14
03/10/1936 Two Sales Of (U.S.) Arms To Europe Expected 14
03/10/1936 Some Australians Uphold Reich’s Step 14
03/10/1936 (Polish Senator [In Sejm]) Warns Poland On Reich 14
03/10/1936 Reich Will Seize (Prosecute) Jews Who Vote 15
03/10/1936 Study Of Reich Plan Urged By (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. Jacob Gould) Schurman 15
03/10/1936 League Sends Bid; Gets No Response-Clarence K. Streit 16
03/10/1936 British Air Raid Sirens To Receive Tests Today 16
03/10/1936 Rheinland Border Is At High Tension 16
03/10/1936 Prison For German (Dr. Hermann Gortz) Spying In England-Was ‘Writing A Novel’ 16
03/10/1936 Picture: French Fortifications Near The German Border 16
03/10/1936 Accord With Reich Is Seen As Logical 17
03/10/1936 Text Of The Address By Foreign Secretary Eden 17
03/10/1936 Excerpts From Premier Baldwin’s Talk In The Commons 17
03/11/1936 French Bar Deal With Reich; Transfer Talks To London To Put Issue Up To Baldwin-Insist Troops Quit Rhine (Text Of Sarraut’s Talk, P. 15) 1
03/11/1936 Britons For Pacts To Include Reich-But Menace Stressed 1
03/11/1936 Earl Beaty Dies; Hero Of Jutland-Took German Surrender (At Scapa Flow) 1
03/11/1936 Hitler Promises No Overt Act On Rhine; Ready For Pacts With Austria And Czechs 1
03/11/1936 (Cleveland Democrats) Threaten Boycott Of Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 2
03/11/1936 Jews Seek Help Of Hull-Delegation Protests Polish Move To Bar Ritual Slaughter (Of Animals) 11
03/11/1936 Powers Have To Accept Hitler Offer, Goebbels Says-Goebbels Insists World Must Yield-Launches Election Drive 14
03/11/1936 (Viscount) Cecil Gives Warning On Censuring Berlin 14
03/11/1936 Germany And Lithuania Begin Friendly Parley 14
03/11/1936 Germany Expecting British Invitation (To League Council Meeting) 14
03/11/1936 Poland Will Avoid A New Declarations 14
03/11/1936 France Vs. Britain Is The Real Tussle-Augur 15
03/11/1936 Germany Incorporates (20) ‘State Police’ Battalions On Rhine Into Army Forces There-Reich Raises Force On Rhine To 50,000-Heavy Artillery Is Bared-Otto D. Tolischus 16
03/11/1936 Air Precautions (In Rearming) Costing The British 400% More 16
03/11/1936 Paris Commission Backs Soviet (Mutual Assistance) Pact 16
03/11/1936 Canada Unpledged To Empire Defense-Neutrality Is Favored 16
03/12/1936 France Remains Adamant As Locarno Powers Meet; British Seek Compromise 1
03/12/1936 French Rush Steps To Expand Air Fleet; Put Reich Troops In Rhineland At 90,000 1
03/12/1936 French Insist On Using Pressure 1
03/12/1936 Paris Supported By Two Ententes-Clarence K. Streit 1
03/12/1936 Paraguay Sets Up Fascist Regime First In America 1
03/12/1936 Jews (The Federation Of Polish Jews In America) Decry (Przytyk) Polish (Anti-Jewish) Riots 5
03/12/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins Refuses To Dismiss (WPA Administrator, Victor) Ridder (Later Editor Of The ‘New York Staatszeitung’)-’He Has Done A Good Job For Us,’ 7
03/12/1936 Formal Assurances On Austria Offered To Rome By Berlin-German Sanctions Opposed By Italy 12
03/12/1936 Czechs Are Encouraged 12
03/12/1936 Possibility Of Development Of A United Front In London Stirs Anxiety In The Reich-Hitler Will Speak In Rhineland (Karlsruhe) Today 13
03/12/1936 Belgium (Premier Paul Van Zeeland) Insistent On Locarno Terms 13
03/12/1936 Tyrol Still Longs For Seized Lands-G.E.R. Gedye 13
03/12/1936 (Sir Austen) Chamberlain Scores (Treaty) Violations By Reich 13
03/12/1936 Bulgaria Promises Not To Follow Reich (Example) 13
03/12/1936 Drop In Unemployment Reported In Germany-2,516,000 Are Still Registered 13
03/12/1936 Eden Unable To Get Cabinet To Agree On Sanctions-Britain’s Envoys War On Wavering 14
03/12/1936 Reich Clergy Raided On Getting Red Mail; Now They Open It In Postman’s Presence 14
03/12/1936 Senator (James P.) Pope (Foreign Relations Committee) Scores German Rhine Move (Anti-German Speech) 14
03/12/1936 Sanctions On Reich Opposed By Poland 14
03/12/1936 Jews’ Plight (In Europe) Laid To Trade Crises 15
03/12/1936 British Fund To Open To Aid German Jews-L300,000 Already Subscribed In A L1,000,000 Appeal To Help Finance Their Expatriation ‘Probably Most Will Be Settled In Palestine’-U.S. Jews To Give $10,000,000-Bearsted, Samuels & Marks Plans) 15
03/12/1936 Russia To Oppose A Preventative War-United Front (Against Germany) Is Urged 15
03/12/1936 Rabbi (Irving Silman) Gains In Fight On (Anti-Semitic) Shakespeare Play (‘Merchant Of Venice’) 19
03/12/1936 German Science Goose=Steps 20
03/12/1936 City College ‘Yes’ To Heidelberg (University 550th Anniversary) Bid Is All News To Local Institution-Columbia (University) Alumni Protest 23
03/12/1936 New Deal Murals Shelve Hoover Art 23
03/12/1936 Roosevelt Breaks (‘Little Cabinet’) Dinner Practice 24
03/12/1936 Public Debt Raised To $31,400,000,000 31
03/12/1936 New-Crop Wheat Is Forced Lower 39
03/13/1936 4 Locarno Powers (Britain, France, Italy & Belgium) Condemn Reich For ‘Clear Violation’ Of Treaties; Hitler Refuses To Quit Rhineland 1
03/13/1936 Hitler Voices Plea For French Amity (Excerpts, P. 14) 1
03/13/1936 Soviet (Mutual Assistance) Pact Wins In French Senate 1
03/13/1936 Britain Is Divided By Hitler’s Action-Collective Peace Urged 10
03/13/1936 German Invitation (To Represent U.S. At International Festival In Berlin) Refused By Dancer (Martha Graham) 10
03/13/1936 Reich Now United, Goering Asserts-Honor Now Restored 11
03/13/1936 Italy And Albania To Conclude (Commercial) Treaty (Loan For Public Works) 11
03/13/1936 France Held Able To Enforce (League Of Nations) Edict (Against Germany)-If War Must Come, It Is Better To Have It Before Nazis Improve Stand 12
03/13/1936 Britain Stiffens Stand On Locarno 13
03/13/1936 Britain Not Linked In Army Compacts 15
03/13/1936 Three Jews Slain In (Przytyk) Polish Rioting 17
03/13/1936 400 Students Meet (Williams College) As Model League-Rhine Crisis Comes To Fore 18
03/13/1936 Hungarian Nazi Is Bested By Journalists In 2 Duels 18
03/13/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkin’s Sister (Mrs. Adah H. Aime) Resigns Nya Post 25
03/14/1936 Madrid Mob Burns Churches, Convent-Disorders In Other Towns 1&18
03/14/1936 French And Belgians (Premier Paul Van Zeeland) Offer To Moderate Rhine Stand For British Military Help-Sanctions Unlikely 1
03/14/1936 Germany Planning To Fortify Rhine (With Pillboxes, Deutsche Diplomatische Korrespondenz) 1
03/14/1936 Bill Would Expel Criminal Aliens (William Green, A. F. Of L. Opposes It) 4
03/14/1936 Paris Sees Schacht And Hitler At Odds 6
03/14/1936 London Times Approves Pledges To France If They Will Hasten Accord With Germany 6
03/14/1936 French Mystified By British Stand-Fail To See Why, After London Condemned Reich, It Seeks To Avoid Sanctions 6
03/14/1936 Belgians (Premier Paul Van Zeeland) Uneasy Over Hitler’s (Rhein) Coup-Terms Move Unjustified 6
03/14/1936 Reich Labor Conscripts May Take Waiter’ Jobs 6
03/14/1936 Monarchists Of Austria Warned (By ‘Legitimist’ Leader, Baron Friedrich Von Wiesner, Salzburg) Not To Try Coup (To Return Hapsburgs To Throne) 6
03/14/1936 Others (Turkey) May Follow Germany’s (Rheinland) Example 6
03/14/1936 Reich Church Group Elects New Board-Opposition Forces Now Under Leadership Aligned With The Rev. Martin Niemoeller (Reich Council Of The Confessional Church-Rev. Fritz Mueller, Dahlem; Martin Albert, Spandau; Rev. Voights-Bishop August Marahrens Forced To Resign) 6
03/14/1936 Nazi (Dr. Oswald Freisler) Assails 2 Courts 6
03/14/1936 (British) Defense Ministry Given To (Sir Thomas) Inskip (Picture) 7
03/14/1936 France And Soviet Plan Other Pacts-Paris May Extend Credit 7
03/14/1936 Soviet Sees Peace In Pact With Paris-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
03/14/1936 Austrian Leaders (Kurt Schuschnigg & Egon Berger-Waldenegg) Hailed In Hungary 7
03/14/1936 European Labor To Discuss Crisis-Fascism Is Chief Menace (‘Nazi Reich Can Be Stopped Without War’-’Socialist Leaders,’ France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark & England) 8
03/14/1936 Italians Alarmed By Britain’s (‘Pro-German’) Stand 8
03/14/1936 Locarno Powers Firm Against War-Italy Supports France 8
03/14/1936 World Campaign Started To Bolster League 8
03/14/1936 Lloyds Fixes Rates On Possibility Of War 8
03/14/1936 Rhine Coup Hailed As A Nazi Triumph (By Julius Streicher Of ‘Der Stuermer’) 8
03/14/1936 (Leftist Spanish) Riots Held Temporary (By Luis Caldron, Spanish Envoy To U.S.) 8
03/14/1936 (The) Student (Council Of The New England Model League Of Nations, Williamstown, Mass.) ‘League’ Censures Reich-But ‘Britain’ Later Asks Equality For Germany 11
03/14/1936 Einstein Fund (To Aid Palestine Immigration Movement) Started 11
03/14/1936 United Synagogue Opens (Washington, D. C.) Convention-Rabbi Rosen, In ‘Keynote’ Sermon Backs Social Planning As In Line With Code Of Israel (Judaism)-1,000 Gather In Capital-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Welcome The Delegates Of Women’s League 13
03/15/1936 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler Declines (N.Y. Philharmonic) Post Here (Opposed By Group Led By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Ira A. Hirschmann) ; Will Not Mix Music And Politics 1
03/15/1936 Reich Invited To (London) Parley As Locarno Powers Press For Franco-British Pact-Reich Assailed In (British) Council-Flandin Asserts The League Is At Stake-Van Zeeland (Belgium) Join In Demanding Strong Step-Eden’s Position Difficult-French Seek Pledge Of Aid Of 1,000,000 British Troops (Texts Of Statements, P. 39) 1
03/15/1936 Hitler Bars Any (International) ‘Court’-Tells 300,000 Germany Can Be Judged Only By God And Herself-Otto D. Tolischus 1
03/15/1936 Spain Curbs Left As Riots Continue; More Church Fires-Premier Forbids All Marxist Demonstrations 1
03/15/1936 London Peace Deal With Italy Hinted-G. L. Steer 1
03/15/1936 (Invitation) Bid Of Heidelberg (University, 550th Anniversary) Declined By (University Of) Virginia (Dr. John Lloyd Newcomb-Criticizes ‘Dictatorship Of Every Kind’) 9
03/15/1936 New Deal Accused Of Law-Breaking (By Republican, Henry P. Fletcher)-He Warns Of Tyranny 32
03/15/1936 Paraguay (‘Fascist’) Regime Recognized By U.S. (Letter From Roosevelt) 36
03/15/1936 Picture: Ethiopians Retreating (In Headlong Flight) Before The Italian Advance 36
03/15/1936 300,000 Nazis Roar Acclaim Of Hitler-He Gets Frenzied Reception In Munich-Address Is Punctuated By ‘Heils!’ 37
03/15/1936 New Reich Menace Real, Says Moscow-Harold Denny, Moscow 38
03/15/1936 British Jews (Sir Herbert Samuel, Viscount Bearsted [Shell Oil], & Simon Marks) Meet On Reich Today-Appeal ($15,000,000 Chaim Weizmann) To Be Launched-Group Envisages Emigration Of 25,000 From Reich Annually For Next Five Years-William Zuckerman, London N-3
03/15/1936 Liberals Go To Aid Vienna Socialists-G.E.R. Gedye N-3
03/15/1936 Americans In Brazil Fear Reich Buying (Of Raw Materials With Compensated Marks) N-3
03/15/1936 Clergy Are Ordered To Ask Hitler Votes (By Protestant Bishop Of Thuringia-Letter To Be Read In Church Until Election Day) N-3
03/15/1936 (French) Royalist (Charles Mauras) On Trial In (‘Incitement’) Attack On (Leon) Blum (Published A List Of 140 Deputies And Senators ‘Who Should Be Struck Down On The Day Their Mad Acts Involved France In War.’) N-3
03/15/1936 The News Of The Week In Review-Echoes Of 1914?-Hitler Condemned E-1
03/15/1936 British Find Fence Full Of Splinters-Anti-German Treaty Likely E-3
03/15/1936 East And West Of The Rhine: The Contrast-Germans Are Excited, The French Gloomy, But Neither Wants War-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-3
03/15/1936 Reich Coup Hastened By Schacht Demands E-4
03/15/1936 Britain Is Driven To France’s Side-Harold Callender E-4
03/15/1936 Increase In Arms For Poland Urged-Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-4
03/15/1936 Justice Tempers Wrath Of French-Fears Are Being Minimized E-4
03/15/1936 Rome Sees Irony In (German) Sanction Plea-British And French Roles Are Reversed In The Cases Of Italy And Germany E-4
03/15/1936 League Machinery Severely Tested-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-5
03/15/1936 Moscow Unmoved By Hitler’s Speech-Regards Germany As Most Likely Ground For Spread Of Communist Power-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
03/15/1936 Tension Is Great In Small Nation (Picture: Czech Premier Hodza)-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
03/15/1936 Europe’s Battalion Greater Than In 1914 (Germany Smaller Than France Alone, Even With Austria-Czechoslovakia Larger Than Austria)-Hanson W. Baldwin E-6
03/15/1936 Versailles Treaty Stands (Picture: Clemenceau, ‘The Tiger’) E-6
03/15/1936 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler, ‘The Lorelei-Another Mariner (Hitler) Coming To Grief?’ (For National Glory) E-9
03/15/1936 Ludwig, Emil, Defender Of Democracy, Masaryk Of Czechoslovakia, Robert M. Mc Bride, N.Y. (Influence On Friend Wilson-’I Know The Masses Must Be Led.’ Book 1
03/15/1936 Again, The Watch On The Rhine (As France Sees It) Mag. 1
03/15/1936 The Next Big War-What Will It Be Like?-Liddell Hart (British Military Critic) Mag. 6
03/16/1936 Hitler Accepts League Bid In Terms France Rejects; British Still Expect Deal-French Threaten Bolt 1
03/16/1936 Reich’s Last Word Is Sent To League-German Note To Council-Hitler Is Expected To Withdraw Into Isolation If The Council Rejects Parley Plan 1
03/16/1936 Paris Finds Issue Graver Than Ever-Politics Bars Yielding 1
03/16/1936 Army Tells (Spanish Premier) Azana To Curb (Leftist) Disorders Or It Will Step In-Preliminary Session Of Cortes Ends In Confusion As Left Sings The (Communist) ‘International’ 1
03/16/1936 Jews Urged To Aid ‘True Democracy’ (United Synagogue Of America Conference At Washington, D. C.) 3
03/16/1936 (New Deal) Relief (WPA, Cwe, Pwa, Etc.) Held Cheap Compared To Riots (By Emergency Relief Bureau Secretary, Edmond B. Butler At Catholic Symposium) 5
03/16/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Advises Labor To Organize-Urges Sharing Of Profits 5
03/16/1936 French Rhine Plan Fought By Us In ‘20-New Crisis Was Feared 8
03/16/1936 Socialism In Fight For Life In Austria-Brilliant Defence Staff-G.E.R. Gedye 8
03/16/1936 British Jews (Herbert Samuel, Bearsted & Marxs) Open Drive For L1,100,000 ($5,000,000) 9
03/16/1936 German Day Pleas Urge World Peace-Dr. Borchers (German Consul General) Is Hopeful 9
03/16/1936 Police (Berlin) To Seek (Pro-) Nazi Vote 9
03/16/1936 Advertisement: ‘Foreign Affairs’ (‘Education Under Hitler,’ Dr. Charles A. Beard; ‘Labor Under Hitler;’ Norman Thomas & ‘Culture Under Hitler,’ Dorothy Thompson) 10
03/16/1936 Short Wave Radio Sped Hitler’s Ultimatum (Sic, ‘To World’) Over Here Before All In Reichstag Heard It (Play On Distances, Speed Of Sound & Speed Of Light-All Seemingly To Imply How Much Better Informed We Are ‘Over Here’) 11
03/16/1936 Morgenthau Bars Bonds On War Debts-Hits Plan As A ‘Revision’ (Letter Text) 12
03/17/1936 League Bars Hitler Terms But Grants Him Equality; He Is Expected To Accept-Council Assures Parity-But Reich, Like France And Belgium Would Have No Vote-Two League Documents 1
03/17/1936 Berlin Forecasts Hitler Will Agree 1
03/17/1936 President’s Land Is Seized In Spain-Aunt Of Zamora Is Said To Have Escaped Lynching By Communist Peasants-Police Rout Attackers 1
03/17/1936 (Harold L.) Ickes Compares Nation To Israel (At Washington, Dc. Conference Of United Synagogue)-We Wander In Desert Away From Promised Land-Hits ‘Exploiting Classes’-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gives President’s (Roosevelt’s) Greeting 4
03/17/1936 Thousands Cheer A Defiant Hitler-Asks Help To ‘Bury The Hatchet’ (At Frankfurt A/M.) 10
03/17/1936 (Viscount) Cecil Would Hale Reich Into Court (Talk On Nbc)-Favors Economic Curbs 11
03/17/1936 (Dr. Ernst) Hanfstaengl Chides Harvard (President, James Bryant Conant) On Courtesy 11
03/17/1936 Tardieu Blames Allied Impotence 12
03/17/1936 Two Kinds Of Poison Gas (Phosgene & Mustard) Used By Italy In Air Raid (N.Y. Times Report) 12
03/17/1936 Temperate Policy Gaining In France 12
03/17/1936 Poles Are Stirred By Reich Party Ban (Excluded From NSDAP, The Only Party In The Election-Property Seizure Asked (By Warsaw In Retaliation) 13
03/17/1936 Soviet Plants Fail To Keep Up Output-Harold Denny, Moscow 13
03/17/1936 Hitler’s Paper Cites U.S. (1920) Rhineland Stand (Which Was Anti-French) 13
03/17/1936 British See Safety In Large U.S. Fleet-Churchill Tells Commons That Britain Will Not Be Anxious If Our Navy Is Larger 14
03/17/1936 Socialists Defiant At Austrian Trial-30 Accused Of Treason, Make Demand For Legalization Of Party To Help Fight Nazis-Unmoved By Own Plight-G.E.R. Gedye 14
03/17/1936 Minister For Broadcasting Urged In Britain; Committee Approves Tax-Financed Radio (J. Ramsay Macdonald Suggested As Its Chief) 14
03/17/1936 New Cuban Chief (Miguel Mariano Gomez) To Visit Roosevelt-Denies Fiscal Mission 15
03/17/1936 (‘Fascist’) Paraguay Invited (By Roosevelt) To (Buenos Aires Pan-American) Peace Meeting-Program Being Drafted (By U.S. State Department-Sumner Welles, The Expert?) 15
03/17/1936 WPA’s (Harry L. Hopkins) Next Drama Already Held ‘Red’ (Communist Propaganda) 23
03/18/1936 Germans Accept The League’s Bid; British Pave Way-Delegates Arrive Today-Eden Promises To Work For Consideration Of Hitler Proposals-French Are Disgusted-Goering Defies Invasion (Maxim Litvinoff’s Address, Text, P. 15-Terms German Peace Plan Dangerous-Later The Official United Nations’ Position) 1
03/18/1936 Neutralized Zone In France (And Belgium) Spurned (By French)-Project Opposed By Eden-Augur 12
03/18/1936 Britain’s Position Held Key To Crisis 12
03/18/1936 Little Entente (And Russia) Supports France Against Germany 12
03/18/1936 Cologne Is Uneasy Greeting Goering-Anne 0’Hare Mc Cormick 13
03/18/1936 Germany Selects London Delegates-Headed By Von Ribbentrop-Berlin Is Disappointed (Expected More British Support Of Their Peace Proposals) 13
03/18/1936 Germany’s Trade Continues To Fall-United States Suffers 16
03/18/1936 5 (Kraft Durch Freude, East Prussian) Beaches Projected By Nazis (Announcement By Dr. Robert Ley) 16
03/18/1936 Italians Destroy (Ethiopian) Red Cross Plane-Mustard Gas Again Used-G. L. Steer, Addis Ababa 16
03/18/1936 Efforts For Peace Pledged By Japan 17
03/18/1936 Austrian (Schuschnigg) Regime Decried (By Socialists) At Trial 17
03/18/1936 Russia Would End Issue With Japan 17
03/18/1936 British Ask Anew For Air Limitation Pact As Commons Gets A Huge (L43,490,000) Aviation Budget (‘White Paper’ Issued) 17
03/18/1936 New Zeppelin Off On 30-Hour (Transatlantic) Flight-U.S. Navy Officer (Lt.-Commander Scott E. Peck) Is On Board 17
03/18/1936 (Buenos Aires, Latin American) Peace Parley Bid Widely Accepted-Roosevelt Has High Hope 18
03/18/1936 United Synagogue (Washington, D. C. Conference) Urges Ban On War 18
03/18/1936 (‘Little’ Louis) Lipsky (American Jewish Congress & Zionistorganization Of America [Both Organizations Controlled By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] Back From Europe (London And Paris Conferences Concerning The Situation Of Jews In Poland And Germany) 18
03/19/1936 Locarno Powers Agree On Terms To Offer Reich-Plan Is French Victory-Demilitarized Zone (On German Soil) Kept-It Would Be Internationally Policed 1
03/19/1936 New British Plane (‘Fairey Battle’) Among World’s Fastest; Bomber Is Streamlined Like Silver Bullet 3
03/19/1936 Air Lines Combine To Build New (Douglas-Dc-4) Plane 3
03/19/1936 League Calls Body To Seek (Ethiopian) War’s End 6
03/19/1936 German Puts Planes In Terrible War Role (Heinz Orlovius)-Says Air Force Must Make All Of Foes Territory A Battle Area 6
03/19/1936 (‘At Least 3,000 Catholic) Churches To Reopen Rapidly In Mexico (Closed By Government) 6
03/19/1936 Briton (Gen. Sir Herbert Lawrence, Munitions Manufacturer) Urges U.S. Amity 6
03/19/1936 New British Society (The Academic Assistance Council) To Aid Nazis’ Victims 6
03/19/1936 Hitler (In Koenigsberg) Speech Is Less Truculent-’Square Deal’ Is Sought 8
03/19/1936 France To Call Up Reservists Early-Daladier, Head Of The Biggest Party Urges Examination Of All Peace Proposals 8
03/19/1936 6,000,000 In Reich Join Air Defense-1,000,000 Trained Wardens-Status Of World Forces (Russia Leading) 9
03/19/1936 Propaganda Studies (Training Of Teachers) Decreed In Germany 9
03/19/1936 Spying Disclosed At (Socialists’) Trial In Vienna-Prisoners Grilled Long 11
03/19/1936 Sole Fascist Body (Falange Espanola) Outlawed (By Court Order) In Spain 13
03/19/1936 New Zeppelin (Lz-129 Dr. Hugo Eckener) Ends 30-Hour (Trans-Atlantic) Test Flight-(Later The ‘Hindenburg’) 27
03/20/1936 Locarno Peace Plan Calls For World Parley On Arms, Colonies And Economics-Session This Year Sought-It Would Take Up Hitler’s Ideas-British Approve But Bar New Neutral Zone In Reich, Internationally Policed-Paris Silent On DecisioN-1eague Council Unanimous In Finding Berlin-Guilty Despite Ribbentrop Plea (Picture: Text, P. 12) 1
03/20/1936 Roosevelt Grants An Interview To (Maj. Gen.) Hagood (Who Spoke Disrespectfully Of WPA [Harry L. Hopkins]); To Be Disciplined (Fired) General On (Train On) Way South (For Roosevelt Fishing Trip) 3
03/20/1936 Many (War) Gas Burns Reported (In Ethiopia) 8
03/20/1936 Rhineland Expects Backing Of Britain-She Will Prevent ‘Mistake’ (Sic) Of French Occupation-Anne O’Hare McCormick 10
03/20/1936 Germany In Error On Total Of (German) Idle (Berlin Report, Institute For Business Research-50% Greater Than Official German Government Figure) 10
03/20/1936 Reich Urged (By Ivan M. Maisky, Ambassador Of Ussr To London) To Join Franco-Russian (Mutual Assistance) Pact-This Is Way To Remove Sting Of Encirclement Idea 10
03/20/1936 French Scornful Of (International Policy Of (Rhine Project 11
03/20/1936 (Viscount) Cecil Backs (British) Arming; Sees Policy Of Peace 11
03/20/1936 Litvinoff Makes Address To (Formerly Hated, British) Conservative Ex-Foes 13
03/20/1936 U.S. Is ‘In Hock’ (Former Governor Alfred E.) Smith Declares-’Government Broke,’ Private Aid Must Go OnAs Drive Of Catholic Charities Opens 25
03/20/1936 115 (Jewish) Exiles Here-Is Second In Two Weeks 29
03/21/1936 4 Powers (Britain, France, Belgium & Italy) To Form Alliance If Germany Rejects (Their) Terms; Hitler ‘Won’t Retire An Inch’-12½ Mile Strip Along Reich Frontier (On German Territory) Would Be Re-Occupied-No Ultimatum Involved-French Hail Pledged Aid-Aims Of 4-Power Plan 1
03/21/1936 Hitler: ‘Stirs 40,000 In Fighting Speech (At Hamburg)-Says Reich Won’t Submit To Further Defamation-Berlin Calls Plan For Foreign Force On Rhine Reversion To ‘Versailles Mentality’ 1
03/21/1936 Poland Approves Ritual (Jewish) Slaughter (Of Cattle) 3
03/21/1936 30 Socialists (On Trial) Deny Austrian Treason-Death Is Not Demanded 3
03/21/1936 Text Of British White Paper Containing Plan To Meet The Rhineland Crisis 4
03/21/1936 British Press Finds Plan Open To Change 4
03/21/1936 Text Of Eden’s Speech To The House Of Commons 4
03/21/1936 Russian Peasants Form Defense Line-Countryside Is Organized 5
03/21/1936 Big Defense Fund Voted By France-Reynaud Advocate Of Planned (Franc) Devaluation Stresses Plight Of Nation’s Finances 5
03/21/1936 Washington Studies London (Economic And Disarmament) Parley Plan 5
03/21/1936 Nazi Protestants (Headed By Hanns Kerrl, Minister For Church Affairs) Ask World’s Aid-In Fight On Bolshevism 5
03/21/1936 Reich Ballot Bars Anti-Hitler Votes 5
03/21/1936 France Is Pleased By British (Assistance) Pledge-Preparedness Is Urged 6
03/21/1936 Italy Revising Army For Speed And Mobility; All Units To Be Mechanized Or Motorized 6
03/21/1936 Reich Prefers Ethiopians To Italians For Policing 6
03/21/1936 Labor Socialists (In Conference In London) Condemn Germany-Declares ‘Wanton Act’ In Rhineland Is Grave Menace To Peace-Would Bolster League 6
03/21/1936 3-Power (U.S., Britain & France) Pact Is Drafted In London-German Treaty Delayed 6
03/21/1936 (Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard) Attacks Curb (Teachers’ Anti Communist Oath) On Education-School Reforms Urged 12
03/22/1936 British Tell Reich Terms Of Powers Are No Ultimatum; Anger Is Shown In Berlin-Press Denounces (International) Police Plan For Rhineland (German Soil) 1
03/22/1936 U.S. Warns Britain On Cruiser Limits-We Might Ignore Ban In New Pact If London Exceeds 70 (Cruisers) By 1942 (Roosevelt’s Envoy Norman H.) Davis Tells Parley 1
03/22/1936 Air Subsidy Urged For Ocean Routes-Building Of Commercial Planes By Government Is Proposed To Senate Committee-New Airships Also Asked 8
03/22/1936 Protestant ‘Coup’ Aids Peace In Reich-Niemoeller Held Beaten 25
03/22/1936 Italians Accused (By Ethiopians) Of Wide Gas War-G. L. Steer 25
03/22/1936 (Eugen Curti Of Holland) To Defend (David Frankfurter) Nazi’s (Wilhelm Gustloff’s) Slayer 25
03/22/1936 Vienna Paper Finds Bias In (Socialists’) Trial News 28
03/22/1936 U.S. War Reports Hailed In Germany-Abuse Of Treaty Is Seen 29
03/22/1936 Police Must Bring Non-Nazis To Polls 29
03/22/1936 (University Of) Stockholm Bars (Acceptance Of 550th Anniversary) Heidelberg (University Invitation) Bid 29
03/22/1936 New Hitler Plan On Rhine In View-Otto D. Tolischus 30
03/22/1936 Military Balance Shifts To Berlin-Reoccupation Of Rhineland Deals Vital Blow To French Hegemony In Europe 30
03/22/1936 Reich Prelate (Cardinal Bertram, Berlin) Shows Reserve On Nazi Vote 30
03/22/1936 Belgians (Premier, Paul Van Zeeland) Relieved Over (British-French) Military (Cooperation) Loan 30
03/22/1936 (Feminist) Mrs.(Carrie Chapman) Catt Says War Is ‘Organized Crime’ 41
03/22/1936 Picture: Pacifist In Two Wars, Jeanette Rankin, Montana N-6
03/22/1936 (Soviet, Karl) Radek Holds War Depends On Britain N-7
03/22/1936 Bucknell Plans A Course In Propaganda (M. H.) Aylesworth (Of Nbc) And (Charles) Michelson (Democratic National Committee) To Be Lecturers N-8
03/22/1936 Political Tied Turns Again To Roosevelt-Arthur Krock E-3
03/22/1936 Hitler Is Cornered In Rhineland Plans-London And Paris Stand Firm E-3
03/22/1936 Britons See In Crisis New Hope For Peace E-4
03/22/1936 Paris Can’t ‘Bury Hatchet’ (See Entry, March 17, 1936, P. !)) E-4
03/22/1936 Cartoon: As Germany Hears England’s Voice (Germany Encircled) E-4
03/22/1936 German Home Front Under Severe Strain-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
03/22/1936 Belgians Uneasy, Want Neutrality (Picture: Premier Paul Van Zeeland) E-4
03/22/1936 Geneva Fosters Peace Spirit-Clarence K. Streit E-4
03/22/1936 British Navy Looks To A Wider Domain-Control Of The Open Seas E-5
03/22/1936 Vienna (Socialists’) Trial Seen Weakening (Schuschnigg) Regime-G.E.R. Gedye E-6
03/22/1936 ‘Totalitarian’ Idea Spreads E-6
03/22/1936 War Ghosts Meet At The Rhine-Anne 0’Hare Mc Cormick Mag. 3
03/22/1936 Britain Seeks A Course In Foggy Seas Harold Callender Mag. 5
03/23/1936 Hitler Undecided On Locarno Plan; Bars Surrender (At Breslau)-Confers Day And Night 1
03/22/1936 Hitler’s Breslau Remarks On Foreign Relations 5
03/22/1936 (Union Of South Africa Gen. Jan) Smuts Urges Europe Accept Hitler Plan 5
03/22/1936 Poland Is Accused (In Meeting Under Auspices Of Rabbi Wise’s American Jewish Congress) Of Breaking Word (Pledges Made In June 1919 Treaty)-(Polish) Government Is Blamed For Persecutions At Meeting Of 500 Jewish Groups-Concerted Action Urged (By ‘Little’ Louis Lipsky, Stephen S. Wise, President Of Congress, Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Federation Of Polish Jews In America And Others) 6
03/22/1936 British Are Eager For Reich’s Reply-The Public Wants Accord 7
03/22/1936 Soviet Fears War Is Hitler’s Way Out-Finds British Equivocal 8
03/23/1936 (French Foreign Minister) Flandin Stresses Four-Power (French, British, Belgian & Italian) Unity-Sees American Support 8
03/23/1936 France Humbled, (General) Weygand Believes-British Break Is Feared 9
03/23/1936 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Is Heckled In New Fascist Bid (Picture) 9
03/23/1936 Jewish Group’s Work Praised By President (Roosevelt) 9
03/23/1936 Spanish (Centrist) Deputy Is Shot-Believed Victim Of Leftist 9
03/23/1936 God Or Paganism Held Issue Today 17
03/23/1936 Extols German Culture-(But) Deplores Eclipse Of Tradition Under Nazis (G. N. Schuster, Editor, Commonweal) 17
03/23/1936 New Deal Wives To Attend ‘School’-’Campaign Class’ Suggested By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
03/24/1936 Mussolini Nationalizes Key Defense Industries Holding War Is Certain 1
03/24/1936 3 German Planes Reported Seen In France 1
03/24/1936 Hitler To Reject 4-Power Formula (Which They Submitted) In Answers Today 1
03/24/1936 (Dr. Harold G.) Campbell Bars ‘Pacifist’ Teaching In Proposing Anti-War Program 1
03/24/1936 Roosevelt Assails ‘Group Interests’ As New Deal Foes-Gets (Academic) Degree At Rollins (Text, P. 17) 1
03/24/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Holds (Republican) Party Must ‘Fight Dictator’ (Roosevelt Strongly Implied) Or Suffer Extinction Like The Whigs 2
03/24/1936 British Are Facing A Political Crisis-Augur 8
03/24/1936 6 Slain In Polish Strike 8
03/24/1936 30 Slain In Mexico In Armed Clashes 8
03/24/1936 65 Revisions Made In (London, 4-Power) Navy Pact Text-’Escape’ Clauses Many 9
03/24/1936 Nazis Open Drive To Bring Out Vote 9
03/24/1936 Italy And Allies Bar Sanctions On Reich 9
03/24/1936 2 Zeppelins (Lz-129 & Graf Zeppelin) Will Make Nazi Propaganda Tour (In Germany) 9
03/24/1936 Dr. (Henry Smith) Leiper (Secretary, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America-Later Interventionist) Condemns Nazi Church Appeal 9
03/24/1936 London And Paris Develop Big Rift 9
03/24/1936 Flandin, Angered By The British, Boycotts London Talks On Hitler’s Reply To Powers 10
03/24/1936 War Aid To France Pledged By Soviet 10
03/24/1936 Picture: Maj. Gen. Johnson Hagood & Col. Edwin M. Watson, Roosevelt Aide 16
03/25/1936 Hitler Rejects All Terms (Of 4-Powers) But Promises New Offer (After Election); League Ends London Talks 1
03/25/1936 Consultative Block Is Organized By Italy, Austria And Hungary 1
03/25/1936 Col. (Frank) Knox Outlines His Program (As Presidential Candidate) Here-Calls New Deal A ‘Mess’ Text) 2
03/25/1936 ‘67,000,000’ (Germans) To Hear Hitler Vote Pleas 12
03/25/1936 Hitler’s Note To The Locarno Powers 12
03/25/1936 Turkey Threatens To Fortify Straits (Dardanelles) 12
03/25/1936 Baldwin Rejects Plan To Seize Wealth In War 12
03/25/1936 Hitler Puts Rights Of Reich Foremost 13
03/25/1936 Italy Claims Air Mastery Of Mediterranean, Doubled Force Being Entirely Reequipped 13
03/25/1936 French Lose Hope Of Britain’s Help-Flandin Obdurate-London Embitters Him-He Warns British That Future Amity May Be At Stake 13
03/25/1936 Britain Has A (Revenue) Surplus (L4,153,880) 13
03/25/1936 Vienna Socialists Get Light Terms-Still Face Police (Concentration) Camp (At Woellersdorf) 14
03/25/1936 Commons Opposes Palestine Scheme-Blow To Immigration Feared 15
03/25/1936 Spanish Ex-Minister (Dr. Alfredo Martinez) Is Dead Of Wounds-Thought To Have Been Wounded By Marxist-Right Asks Azana For Protection 15
03/25/1936 Pan-American Peace Medal Bestowed On Vargas (Of Brazil)-Roosevelt Peace Plan Praised (By Vargas) 15
03/25/1936 Russian Planes To Go To Franz Josef Land; Will Study Conditions For Flight To U.S. 23
03/26/1936 U.S. And Britain Exchange Pledges Of Naval Parity (London ‘4-Power’ Naval Conference); Limitation Treaty Signed (With-Out Japan!)-Italy Shows Bitterness-Secret Building Banned (Texts, Pp. 18 & 19) 1
03/26/1936 Naval Race Remote Expert (Hector C. Bywater) Says, Despite Japan’s Freedom To Build 1
03/26/1936 Washington Denies British ‘Alliance’ 1
03/26/1936 (Officers) Urge Bills To Aid Army Air Corps 9
03/26/1936 Belgians Agitated By New War Fears-Border Is Heavily Armed-Anne O’Hare McCormick 14
03/26/1936 British Churchmen Limit Anti-War Vote-Defeat Effort To Condemn The Government’s Program For Increased Armament 14
03/26/1936 Reich Ex-Chancellor (Dr. Joseph Wirth) Expelled By Austria (For Being Involved In Political Activity) 14
03/26/1936 Italian Press See Anglo-French Break 14
03/26/1936 ‘World Airport’ In Berlin Is Started At Tempelhof 14
03/26/1936 Presidential Ban On Arms (Shipments) Held Void (By Federal Judge) 15
03/26/1936 New (Cattle) Slaughter Bill (Affecting Jews) Explained By Poles 15
03/26/1936 Japan Will Avoid War, Says Hirota-Praises Soviet Premier (Molotoff) 17
03/26/1936 U.S., Britain And Japan Discuss Arming In East (At London) 17
03/26/1936 Vienna Police Detain Acquitted Socialists 17
03/26/1936 Major J. H. Hilldring (Later U.S. Authority On German Occupation, German War Crimes, Friend Of Israel, Consultant, Etc.) Gets D. S. C. From Army 21
03/26/1936 (Catholic) Churches In Mexico Are Still Under (Government) Ban 24
03/27/1936 Reich Won’t Halt Arming On Rhine Pending Parleys-Lloyd George Fears War (Extracts Of Eden’s Speech, P. 13) 1
03/27/1936 France Reassured By Eden’s Speech-Future Policy Unknown 13
03/27/1936 Hitler Prohibits Foreign ‘Insults’-Calls Reich Self-Reliant 14
03/27/1936 Reich Press Rails At Czechs And Letts-Charges ‘Terror’ To Prague In Sentencing Of Germans-Lays Insults To Riga Regime 14
03/27/1936 Bonus For Big Families (10 Marks/Month For All Children Above 5 In Number And Less Than 16 Years Of Age If Father Earns Less Than 185Rm/Month) Is Increased By Reich 15
03/27/1936 2 Reich Zeppelins On Election Tour 15
03/27/1936 Two Russians Guilty Of ‘Wrecking’ (Sabotage) To Die 15
03/27/1936 Reich And Japan Shun (League) Radio Treaty-United States Says It Cannot Join Convention But Will Seek To Carry Out Principles 17
03/27/1936 Poland Enacts Curb On Trade By Jews (Selling Of Milk And Vegetables By Jews Restricted-More On Ritual Slaughter Of Animals) 17
03/27/1936 $50,000 Given Here In Hadassah Drive-Further Support Urged-Eddie Cantor Promises 46
03/28/1936 Hitler Ridicules Powers; Demands In Plea To Nation-Emphasizes His Poverty-Otto D. Tolischus 1
03/28/1936 Roosevelt (Fishing On Vacation) Makes First Catch Of Large Fish 1
03/28/1936 Poland Passes Meat Act (To Break Jewish Monopoly In The Butchering Of Meat) 7
03/28/1936 Czech Bill Plans For An Emergency-Would Give The Government Far-Reaching Powers In Event Of War Or Internal Disorder 7
03/28/1936 Hitler Peace Talk Thrills War Shop (Krupp)-Anne O’Hare McCormick 8
03/28/1936 Nazi Insulted American And Wife On (Hamburg-America Line) Ship, Couple Charges On Seeking Guard At Manila 8
03/28/1936 France Prepared, Says War Minister (Gen. Louis Felix Maurin)-Defense Plans Are Laid 8
03/28/1936 (Franco-Russian) Mutual Aid Treaty Is Signed At Paris 8
03/28/1936 Swiss Build Blockhouses On The German Frontier 8
03/28/1936 (Wwi) Debtors And Reich Likened By Borah 8
03/28/1936 Democracy’s Hope Held To Be Culture (By G. Bromley Oxnam) 10
03/28/1936 (Dr. Ludwig Lewisohn) Picks 10 ‘Greatest Jews’ (Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Chaim Weizmann, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Louis Brandeis Included) 17
03/29/1936 Germans Ordered To The Polls Today To Vote For Hitler-Threat Made To Drag Citizens To Ballot Boxes If They Fail To Go Voluntarily-Only Yes Votes To Count 1
03/29/1936 Reds Ask Support On Attack On Klan 12
03/29/1936 Cologne Delirious As Hitler Speaks-Anne O’Hare McCormick 28
03/29/1936 New Political Era Opened In Europe-Jules Sauerwein 28
03/29/1936 German Criticizes France’s Defenses-Maginot Line Vulnerable To Rear Attack And Grenades 28
03/29/1936 Fraser Sees Italy Forced To Expand 30
03/29/1936 (Newton D.) Baker Says League Prevented Big War 30
03/29/1936 Reich Coup Stirs A Spirited Debate 30
03/29/1936 53,837 (German) Jewish Exiles Driven Out By Nazis-(American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Organization Estimates 25,000 Went To France And 5,837 To Holland-(Hicem, A Jewish Emigration Organization) 30
03/29/1936 Buffalo Reds Picket Pro-Nazi (Friends Of The New Germany) Convention 31
03/29/1936 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
03/29/1936 Cartoon: Typical Low Production-Hitler Threatening ‘Democracies’-Preview Of World War Ii Cartoons E-3
03/29/1936 Hitler Didn’t Wreck The Locarno Treaty E-3
03/29/1936 British Want To End German Grievances E-4
03/29/1936 French Bitterness At Britain Grows E-4
03/29/1936 Germans Hide All Doubts-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
03/29/1936 America Will Strive To Avert Naval Race E-6
03/29/1936 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler E-9
03/29/1936 Meeting The Challenge Of Dictators Mag. 3
03/29/1936 Spurring A Nation: The Nazi Way (Hitler & Goebbels) Mag. 8
03/30/1936 Hitler Gets Biggest Vote; Many Blanks Counted In; 542,953 Are Invalidated-Yes Vote Put At 98.79% 1
03/30/1936 Nazi Displeasure Dared By Former Bavarian Heir 1
03/30/1936 Hitler’s Designs Feared By Flandin-Sees All Pacts At Stake 1
03/30/1936 (Australian Defense Minister) Believes Australia May Play War Role 2
03/30/1936 Curbs Polish Dairy Trade-New Law Is Opposed By Jews Who Fear Discrimination 2
03/30/1936 Anti-Semitic Move Arises In Austria-Jesuit Leads The Attack-G.E.R. Gedye 3
03/30/1936 (Secretary) Roper Commends (Denver) Jewish Hospital-Roosevelt Sends Praise 6
03/31/1936 British Now Doubt Hitler Will Yield 1
03/31/1936 Palestine (Broadcasting Station) Goes On Air (In English, Hebrew & Arabic) 6
03/31/1936 Navy Is Satisfied With London Pact 10
03/31/1936 Hitler Undecided On Reply To Eden 11
03/31/1936 50,000 Croats Riot Against Belgrade-Marchers Seize Weapons 11
03/31/1936 German Slayer Doomed (For Killing Jew — Jew Named Zirpkowski Killed By Walter Sievers In Hanover-’Law Protects All.’ Says German [NSDAP] Prosecutor) 11