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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

May 1936
Date Headline Page
05/01/1936 Ethiopians Give Up Capital’s Defense-G. L. Steer 1
05/01/1936 Britain Will Build 38 New Warships; Big U.S. Fund Asked 1
05/01/1936 Reich Chiefs Split On Export Subsidy-Otto D. Tolischus 13
05/01/1936 Manchukuo Signs Treaty With Reich 13
05/01/1936 5,000 At Opening Of (Jewish) Palestine Fair-Arabs Fail To Attend 13
05/01/1936 Hull Calls Trade Barrier To Chaos 14
05/01/1936 Bar Head Warns Of (U.S.) Dictatorship-Trend To Federal Power 15
05/01/1936 Gold Lost Heavily By Bank Of France 37
05/01/1936 Bank Of England Gold Up 37
05/01/1936 Imports Of Gold Increased In April-$22,516,400 Was Received 38
05/02/1936 (J. P.) Morgan Preparing Documents To Refute Nye Committee Views On World War Causes 1
05/02/1936 One Will Guide Reich, Says Hitler 3
05/02/1936 Great Air Display In Moscow Parade 3
05/02/1936 Italy’s Gold Loss Put At $16,517,000 4
05/03/1936 (Ethiopian) Emperor In Flight, Capital Looted, Ethiopia’s Resistance Collapses 1
05/03/1936 Eden Asks Britons To Accept Lesson 1
05/03/1936 U.S. Legation Hit By Stray Bullets-Consul’s Home Is Looted (By Ethiopians) 1
05/03/1936 ‘There Is No Aryan Race’ (Earnest A. Hooton, Of Harvard University) 5
05/03/1936 (American Jewish Jdc) To Aid Jewish Settlers (In Palestine From Germany) 26
05/03/1936 (Senator) Nye Group Fights Big Navy Measure-But (Senator) Walsh Is Confident 29
05/03/1936 $10,337,000 Spent To Help Palestine-United (Palestine) Appeal Issues Report Of 3 Funds From Oct. 1, 1932, To March 31, 1936 32
05/03/1936 (Free) Masons Reported Banished By Italy 34
05/03/1936 Italian Successes (In Ethiopia) A Blow To British 35
05/03/1936 23,166 Feeble-Minded (In 28 States) Have Been Sterilized 37
05/03/1936 Hitler Seeks End Of Schacht Clash 38
05/03/1936 Big ‘Traitor’ Group Sentenced In Reich 38
05/03/1936 Differences Grow In Balkan Entente 38
05/03/1936 Dominion Pushes For Atlantic Flights 38
05/03/1936 Jewish Artists (In Germany) Hard Hit (Report Of American Jewish Jdc) 38
05/03/1936 Morgenthau’s Plea On Taxes Analyzed F-1
05/03/1936 Germans Gaining In South America F-9
05/03/1936 Diplomatic Papers To 1920 Published (In Part) E-6
05/03/1936 Forts In Pacific Next Big Navy Issue E-6
05/03/1936 Exploring The Hitler Legend-Anne 0’Hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
05/03/1936 Rival (Airplane) Wings Over The Ocean Mag. 4
05/04/1936 French Left Wins By A Big Majority 1
05/04/1936 Shooting Mobs Ravage Addis Ababa; American Woman Among Many Slain; Britain Turning Away From League 1
05/04/1936 Labor (William Green, A. F. Of L.) Challenges Rule By Dictators 2
05/04/1936 Vast Nazi Campaign In U.S. Is Charged-(Samuel) Dickstein (Democratic Representative, N.Y.) Says $32,000,000 Was Spent Here On Propaganda Against The Jews 11
05/04/1936 France Asks Italy To Speed Armies (To Addis Ababa To Protect Beleaguered Foreigners) 11
05/04/1936 Russian Army Gains Seen 11
05/04/1936 Spanish Convent Fired (By ‘Extremists’-Nuns Rumored To Have Given Children Poisoned Candy-See Entry, May 5, P. 6) 11
05/04/1936 League Dismayed By Ethiopian News-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
05/04/1936 Addis Ababa In Grip Of Lawless Mobs-Royal Palace Is Looted 13
05/04/1936 Army Gets A Truce In Row On Schacht-Otto D. Tolischus 13
05/04/1936 Picture: (Rev.) Dr. J. R. Sizoo (‘Collegiate Reform Church,’ Interventionist) Greeted At St. Nicholas Church (By Interventionist Mayor La Guardia) 14
05/04/1936 Episcopal Appeal Asks Church Unity 14
05/04/1936 Youth Urged To Unite In Opposition To War (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 14
05/04/1936 Churchgoers (Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Chairman Of American Christian Committee For German Refugees) Pray For The Oppressed (Requested By ‘Committee For The Relief And Liberation Of Victims Of Persecution In Europe, Matthew Woll, Chairman-Catholics, Protestants & Jews Participating) 14
05/04/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Decries Mood Of Pessimism 21
05/04/1936 $1,741,000,000 Gold Came Here In 1935-Our Tourists Spent More 27
05/04/1936 Paris Uncertain On Franc’s Future 27
05/04/1936 German Experts See Mark Anchored To Gold In New Plan And Rationing Of Debt Payments 27
05/05/1936 Paris Left (Leon Blum, Radical Socialist) Regime To Seek Arms Cuts And Amity Abroad-Reds Are Held Patriotic-New Deal With Germany And End Of Italian Tension Seen As Goals Of (Radical) Socialists 1
05/05/1936 Reform Of League Studied By British 1
05/05/1936 (Gen.) Hagood (WPA Critic) Quits Army After A Day’s Duty-Saves ‘Personal Dignity’ 1
05/05/1936 Churchill Decries Condition Of Fleet 2
05/05/1936 Britain Is Shamed By League Failure-Wickham Steed, Former Editor Of ‘The Times,’ London And ‘London Review Of Reviews’ 3
05/05/1936 British Fear Paris Will Back League-Augur 5
05/05/1936 Clears Nazi In (Self Defense) Slaying (Of Former, Discharged Storm Trooper, Joseph Boes); ‘Duty’ To Shield Uniform 5
05/05/1936 Rioters In Madrid Destroy Churches-They Burn Three Along With Five Other Buildings-Rumor Starts Violence-Communist Mobs Excited By False Report That Fascists (Nuns! See Entry May 4, P. 11) Had Poisoned Children (With Candy On May Day Celebration) 6
05/05/1936 Persecution Over, Mexicans (Delegation From ‘Confederation Of Workers Of Mexico’) Declare-Call It A ‘Smoke Screen’ 7
05/05/1936 3 Killed In Mexico As Catholics Parade 7
05/05/1936 Cubans Honor Roosevelt 7
05/05/1936 Japanese Repudiate Smuggling Charges (Made By British) 7
05/05/1936 U.S. Indicts Two Arms Shippers (To Chile & Bolivia) 8
05/05/1936 WPA (Appears To Be Pwa) Work Is Halted For New Deal Critics (Street Repairs In Trenton, N. J.) 9
05/05/1936 Order On (Demilitarization Of 5 Km.) Civil Zones (Along French And Czech Borders) Is Published By Reich 9
05/05/1936 Labor Heads Avoid Vote On Roosevelt-Members Back President (Roosevelt) 10
05/05/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA) Asserts Dole Is Wasteful (See Entry, May 15, P. 27)-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Agrees 11
05/05/1936 (House) Approves Merger Of G-Men Groups (Under Secretary Of The Treasury, Henry Morgenthau) 11
05/05/1936 Unpleasant Tours Urged For Pupils-Children Should See Seamy Side Of Life, Dr. Mc Caughy (Teachers’ College, Columbia University) Tells Teachers-He Holds It Education 17
05/05/1936 Picture: Robert E. Sherwood (Playwright, Roosevelt Confidant & Author Of Roosevelt And Hopkins, An Intimate History) 18
05/05/1936 Gen. (Von) Falkenhausen Is Dead (91) In Germany-Governor General Of Belgium During Occupation-Was On List Of War Culprits-Opposed Peace In 1917-Called ‘Tyrant Of Belgium’ 22
05/05/1936 Zeppelin (‘Hindenburg’) To Avoid Racing New Liner (‘Queen Mary’) 25
05/05/1936 15 (Southern) Trades Union Girls Thrilled By Life As White House (Eleanor Roosevelt’s) Guests (Picture) 25
05/05/1936 $19,540,000 In Gold Lost In Paris To U.S. 37
05/06/1936 ‘Ethiopia Is Italian,’ Says Mussolini As His Troops Occupy Addis Ababa; Quick Action To Protect Legations (Text, P. 19) 1
05/06/1936 U.S. Legation Fight Bring Italian Aid 1
05/06/1936 (Gen.) Hagood (WPA Critic) Refused Roosevelt Plea 6
05/06/1936 Call WPA (Hopkins) A Liability 7
05/06/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) To Get (Pacifist) Medal 13
05/06/1936 Japan To Improve Manchurian Arms 15
05/06/1936 New Fast Train In Reich (‘Flying Muenchener,’ A Diesel Express) 15
05/06/1936 Recognition Stand (On Ethiopia) Is Deferred By U.S. 17
05/06/1936 Nazi Agent Admits Kidnapping Writer (A German Jew, Berthold Jacob-Salomon) 19
05/07/1936 Eden Asks League Reform, Italy To Annex Ethiopia; Bars Protests Or Parleys (Excerpts, P. 16) 1
05/07/1936 Hindenburg Begins First U.S. Flight 1
05/07/1936 Work And Honesty, J. P. Morgan’s Creed-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Wins Award 11
05/07/1936 Lloyd George Hits Munitions Makers-Use Of Propaganda Cited 15
05/07/1936 Scandinavia Talks Of Leaving League-Common Front Sought 15
05/07/1936 Trade Pact Is Signed By U.S. And France-Terms Not Yet Revealed 18
05/07/1936 Eden Bars Transfer (Return) Of Mandated Lands 18
05/08/1936 India To Be Model Of Italy’s Empire 10
05/08/1936 2,000 Students Riot, 40 Held In Rumania (Jews Assaulted, Free Masons Accused) 12
05/08/1936 Queries Of British Pleasing To Reich 13
05/08/1936 Estonian Fascists On Trial As Rebels 13
05/08/1936 Britain Proposes World Arms Pact 14
05/08/1936 Our Arming Incites Japanese, Nye Asserts 14
05/09/1936 Dirigible (Hindenburg) Reaches New York At 4:55 A. M. In Record Flight 1
05/09/1936 British Urge Reich To Bring Ambitions Out Into The Open (Questions, P. 8) 1
05/09/1936 Rosendahl Urges Dirigibles For U.S. 3
05/09/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist) Acts To Calm Fears About France 7
05/09/1936 (Adolf A.) Berle (Later Ass’t. Sec. Of State) Sees Nation Near A New Crisis (Warns Of Germany And Italy) 13
05/09/1936 Oswald Spengler (Untergang Des Abendlandes), Philosopher, Dies (56) 15
05/10/1936 Italy Annexes Ethiopia-France Won’t Recognize Annexation Of Ethiopia 1
05/10/1936 U.S. Mayors Refuse To Meet In Berlin, La Guardia (President Of ‘United States Conference Of Mayors,’ Strong Interventionist, Later, After Herbert Lehman, Head Of UNRRA)-Speaks For Other Cities-Self-Government Ended There (In Germany)-Reveals Decision Was Made Unofficially Last Fall-State Department Is Silent 1
05/10/1936 Roosevelt Attends Press Club Dinner 3
05/10/1936 Four Lashed In Delaware (At Whipping Post) 3
05/10/1936 Mock (Republican) Convention Nominate (John G.) Winant (Former Governor Of New Hampshire, Presently, Head Of Federal Social Security Commission, Then Head Of International Labor Organization, Geneva, Then Roosevelt’s Ambassador To England, After Kennedy, Finally A Suicide) 6
05/10/1936 (U.S.) Will Employ 11,765 In Social Security-Must Be Ready By Jan. 1 (Payments Listed!) 12
05/10/1936 Picture: Hindenburg 34
05/10/1936 Eden Memorandum Pleasing To Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 41
05/10/1936 U.S. Weighs End Of (Ethiopian War) War Embargo 42
05/10/1936 ‘Aryan Pair’ Passed As Jews In Germany-Man And Woman Are Jailed In Stuttgart For Getting Charity Under False Pretenses 42
05/10/1936 Hitler Girls Barred From Church Work (In District Of Silesia) 43
05/10/1936 1,500 (Jewish) Refugees Aided (By American Jewish Jdc-Many Were Jews Living In Germany Going To Native Countries Bordering Germany-Many Went To Palestine, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile And Other Latin American Countries) 43
05/10/1936 (Conductor) Mengelberg Scored By Dutch Group (‘Association Of Artists For The Defense Of Cultural Rights’)-For Giving Concert Recently At Frankfurt-Am-Main N-10
05/10/1936 Self-Sufficiency In Nations Decried (By Belgians Visiting U.S.) F-5
05/10/1936 Gold Reserves Up At Reichsbank F-6
05/10/1936 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
05/10/1936 62 Hours From Germany E-1
05/10/1936 Anti-Mussolini Cartoon (Monkey In Tree, Mussolini In Another) E-2
05/10/1936 Germans Expect To Get Colonies (Returned To Them) E-4
05/10/1936 Lack Of Manpower Hampers Britain (In Rearmament) E-5
05/10/1936 Conquest Of Africa (By European Powers Now) Complete E-5
05/10/1936 Thompson, J. M., Robespierre, N.Y. D. Appleton-Century Co., 2 Vols Book 6
05/10/1936 (British-Born, Episcopal, Interventionist Bishop William T.) Manning Surveys The Changing World (Picture: Roto.-The Beginning Of Numerous Articles About Manning) Mag. 7
05/11/1936 Azana Is Elected Spain’s President (Elected By Electorial College, Picture: P. 10) 1
05/11/1936 (Leon) Blum Forecasts Dictatorial Rule (In France For Himself) Opposes Devaluing (Franc) 1
05/11/1936 New League Urged For All Nations (By James T. Shotwell, Pres., Of The League Of Nations Association Of The United States [Clark Eichelberger!])-Bars (Separates League Of Nations From) Versailles Treaty 3
05/11/1936 (Clark Eichelberger, In Conference At Chapel Hill, N. C. Under Auspices Of Y. M. C. A.) Urges Kellogg Pact As Basis Of League 6
05/11/1936 League Is Ruined, Is German Belief-Britain Duped Is View-Guido Enderis 8
05/11/1936 Rival Bodies Fight In Vienna Parade 10
05/11/1936 (German Ambassador, Dr. Hans) Luther Stresses Or Aid To (German Dirigible) Air Line 13
05/11/1936 German Spy Center Uncovered In Prague 13
05/12/1936 League Rebuffs Italians By Giving Seat To Ethiopia-Aloisi Walks Out 1
05/12/1936 221 Ship Strikers Seized In Battles With Police Here 1
05/12/1936 Pope (Pius XI) Assails Communism As ‘Enemy’ Of All; Holds Prayer Must Fight ‘Immense Peril’ 1
05/12/1936 Labor Chiefs (Berry, John L. Lewis [Sidney Hillman Absent Because Of Sickness]) Give Roosevelt (Loyalty & Support) Pledge 2
05/12/1936 Pilsudski’s Death Recalled By Poles-Dictator’s Heart To Be Buried In Mother’s Coffin 10
05/12/1936 Germany And Britain Have Fewer Jobless (1,763,000 & 1,831,230 Respectively) 11
05/12/1936 Germany Jails Two Girls-Refusal To Join A Nazi Group (In Permasens-Made Statements That Group Had A Bad Reputation!) 12
05/12/1936 Dr. Oxnam Leads Methodist Poll-Educator Assails ‘Reactionary’ Bodies Fighting Liberals In Church With ‘Propaganda’ 13
05/12/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist) Again Requests Help Of Communists 13
05/12/1936 Our Air Supremacy Is Held Threatened (Report Signed By Rear Admiral E. J. King [Roosevelt’s Head Of Naval Operation At Pearl Harbor Attack] And Others) 18
05/12/1936 Picture: The President (Roosevelt) Congratulates Hindenburg Pilots (Dr. Eckener & Lehmann-Roosevelt With Sardonic Smile) 19
05/13/1936 Pontiff (Pius XI) Condemns Red And Nazi Curbs 1
05/13/1936 Germans Assailed In (Ww I) Black Tom (Sabotage) Suit-American Claimants Charge Reich Officials Have Misled (Mixed Claims) Commission 12
05/13/1936 U.S. Navy Building Is A Spur To Japan-Pact With Us Is Urged (By Japanese) 15
05/13/1936 Reich Convicts 71 As Foes Of State-61 Sent To Prison, 10
05/13/1936 Placed Under Police (Control) 15
05/13/1936 State Department’s Analysis Of The Provisions Of The New French Trade Treaty 16
05/13/1936 Pilsudski’s Heart In His Mother’s Coffin, Buried Outside His Favorite City Of Vilna 17
05/13/1936 People Want Italy To Quit League-Mussolini Weighs Step 18
05/13/1936 (William C.) Bullitt May Quit As (U.S.) Moscow Envoy-He Set Up Efficient Staff (Married To Louise Bryant Reed [Widow Of Communist John Reed, Buried In Kremlin] For Three Years-Divorced In 1926) 19
05/13/1936 (Karl Theodore Drucke) Jailed As (Gestapo) Spy In France 19
05/13/1936 Roosevelt Studies (N.Y.) World’s Fair Plans 19
05/14/1936 (Kurt) Schuschnigg (Austrian Chancellor) Puts (Vice Chancellor, Prince Ernst Ruediger Von) Starhemberg Out Of Vienna Cabinet-Wins After Bitter Fight-G.E.R. Gedye 1
05/14/1936 Hindenburg Home After Record (49.75 Hour) Flight 1
05/14/1936 Britain Will Build More Destroyers 1
05/14/1936 Reich Orders Delayed Dramatic Critics; New Rule Allows A More Rigid Censorship 1
05/14/1936 Guards And Spies In (Hopkin’s) WPA Forbidden-(Victor F.) Ridder Denies Offending-Hopkins Prohibits Blacklists Or Other Coercion Of Workers For Organizing Activity 2
05/14/1936 (Victor F.) Ridder, Insulted Quits WPA (Physically Handi-Capped) Meeting-New Session Is Arranged 2
05/14/1936 Use Of (Private) Roosevelt-Ickes Letters Barred In Suit Brought By Four Power Companies 8
05/14/1936 (Samuel) Untermyer (Anti Fascist Non-Sectarian League) Out Of Peril (78 Years Old) 8
05/14/1936 Arabs Kill 2 Jews In Old Jerusalem-Arab Slain By Fellows 14
05/14/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist) Acts To Form (Popular Front) Cabinet In France 14
05/14/1936 U.S.-British (Trade) Talks Seen (Hull To Go To London) 14
05/14/1936 Schacht Is Seen On The Way Out-Goering Stronger-Otto D. Tolischus 15
05/14/1936 Britain Is At Odds Over League Issue-Retreat Now Is Opposed 17
05/14/1936 Reich Criticizes Geneva’s Inaction-Ought To Have Done Something To Seek Reduction Of Tension 17
05/14/1936 Methodists Assail All Dictatorships-Negro Bishop Is Elected 18
05/14/1936 (American Jewish Committee, Headed By Dr. Cyrus Adler) Opposes (World) Jewish Session (In Geneva-Session Supported By American Jewish Congress, Headed By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 22
05/14/1936 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Bars (Her) Activity In Campaign 23
05/14/1936 Unfilled Orders Up In Woolen Industry 46
05/14/1936 Steel Ingot Rate Of Output 67.5% (Of Capacity) 46
05/15/1936 Baldwin Seeks Reforms In League To Bring Us In With Germany And Japan (Text, P. 12) 1
05/15/1936 Fight (‘For Fascism’) Is Promised By Starhemberg-G.E.R. Gedye 1
05/15/1936 London Banks Warned On German Finances; Berlin Sees No Cause For Increased Fear 1
05/15/1936 (Americans) Say New Data Prove German (Black Tom) Sabotage 10
05/15/1936 (Samuel) Untermyer Again Improved 10
05/15/1936 Italy, Like Reich Now ‘Surrounded;-Clarence K. Streit 14
05/15/1936 Britain Attempts To Mollify Hitler-Otto D. Tolischus 14
05/15/1936 30,000,000 Gas Masks For Britain 15
05/15/1936 Japan Increasing North China Army 15
05/15/1936 Tension Increases In Palestine Crisis-Joseph M. Levy 16
05/15/1936 Allenby Is Dead; Conquered Turks (Won Palestine For Britain-’Israel,’ That Is) 25
05/15/1936 WPA (Hopkins) Cost (Per Month) Is Put At $800 A Person, With ‘Dole’ Average $33 A Month 27
05/15/1936 French Gold Loss Is Heavy For Week 42
05/16/1936 Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Voices Hope For Amity With Us On (World War I War) Debt Question 1
05/16/1936 Schuschnigg Assumes Full Power; Will Combine Austrian Armies-G.E.R. Gedye 1
05/16/1936 China Protesting On Japan’s Troops (In China) 1
05/16/1936 New Deal To Stay (Roosevelt Advisor, Felix) Frankfurter Says 2
05/16/1936 British Credit Ban Scouted In Reich-Otto D. Tolischus 6
05/16/1936 Skladkowski Named Premier Of Poland (Succeeding Koscialkowski) 6
05/16/1936 One (Arab) Slain As Riots Go On In Palestine 6
05/16/1936 Spies, Plots Charged In Black Tom (Ww I German Sabotage) Hearing 7
05/17/1936 Mussolini Backs Upset In Austria; Heimwehr Defiant 1
05/17/1936 (Ass’t. Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring Denounces Preparedness Foes-Those ‘Who Would Destroy Us’ Spread Propaganda, He Says 8
05/17/1936 U.S. Clears Road For (Pan-American) Peace Talks (In Buenos Aires) 22
05/17/1936 Roosevelt Signs $572,446,844 Bill 33
05/17/1936 (Viscount) Cecil Says Peace Is Up To Masses 34
05/17/1936 Nazi Rebuke Stings The Ex-Crown Prince (Friedrich Wilhelm) 34
05/17/1936 German Veterans For French Amity 35
05/17/1936 New Constitution For Soviet Is Ready-A Large Advance Toward Democracy, Provides For A Secret Ballot 35
05/17/1936 U.S. Again Hints Concern On China 36
05/17/1936 British Seen Seeking Involvement Of U.S. (In Asia) 36
05/17/1936 Britain Will Send 31 Students Here-300 Picked Since 1925 38
05/17/1936 Europe Remembers World War (I) Debts-(Leon) Blum Regrets Bad Feeling E-3
05/17/1936 Power Of Clericals Supreme In Austria-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
05/17/1936 Reich Pessimistic On Its Peace Plan (Acceptance) E-5
05/17/1936 Raw-Materials Issue Grows More Insistent E-6
05/17/1936 Self-Sufficiencies Of Various Countries (U.S. Most Self-Sufficient!) E-6
05/17/1936 The New Italy; Fact Or Phrase Mag. 3
05/17/1936 One Briton Who Uses Logic (Neville Chamberlain) Mag. 8
05/18/1936 Bolivian Coup Puts The Army In Power; President Ousted 1
05/18/1936 Germany Exudes Air Of Well-Being-Frederick T. Birchall 1
05/18/1936 Italians Execute Many (Looters Etc.) In Ethiopia; Oust 4 Journalists 1
05/18/1936 Japan Plans Curb On Army And Navy 7
05/18/1936 Reich Demonstrates Air Attack On Farms 8
05/18/1936 Fey Pledges Aid To Vienna (Schuschnigg) Regime-G.E.R. Gedye 9
05/18/1936 Gandhi Sees Ruin Of Life Work (By Nehru) 10
05/18/1936 (‘American Committee Appeal For The Relief Of Jews In Poland’) Asks (U.S. Government) Protest To Poland 10
05/18/1936 French Inquiry In Church Dispute 10
05/18/1936 $2,061,720 Expended By Palestine Groups-Six Months’ Cost Of Activities Of Three Major Colonization Units Reported By (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise (Head Of United Palestine Appeal) 11
05/18/1936 Catholics Warned Of ‘Real’ Red Peril-Sees Lesson In Mexico 13
05/18/1936 All World In Peril Peace Leader Says 13
05/18/1936 Attacks On ‘Isms’ Held Not Enough 13
05/18/1936 (Dr.) Nahum Sokolow, Noted Zionist (& Herzl Associate), Dies (74) 17
05/18/1936 Foreign Debt Here Is 34% In Default-Latin America Leads List 25
05/18/1936 Reich Steel Market Firm 25
05/18/1936 French Hoarding British Bank Notes 25
05/18/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Reassures Financial France 25
05/19/1936 50,000 Mexican Rail Men Strike; Red Flags Raised Over Structures 1
05/19/1936 U.S. Will Pay Gold For China’s Silver-Funds To Remain Here 1
05/19/1936 Palestine Inquiry (Royal Commission) Is Set By Britain 7
05/19/1936 Harshness In Trials Denounced In Russia 7
05/19/1936 (London) Naval Pact Voted; Senate Lukewarm-Faint Praise 8
05/19/1936 Spain Arrests 62 In Army Flare Up 8
05/19/1936 Japan Now Seeking British Friendship 8
05/19/1936 25 Leftists Jailed In (Stettin) Germany (For Distributing Forbidden Literature) 8
05/19/1936 Germany Drafts Colony Demands 9
05/19/1936 Anti-Semitic Paper (‘Judenkenner’) Closed For Olympics 9
05/19/1936 Reich Employs 400,000 On Road Work In A Year 9
05/19/1936 44 U.S. Students Tour Germany (Auspices Of Carl Schurtz Society) 9
05/19/1936 (Leon) Blum’s (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Held Ready To Assist 10
05/19/1936 Reichsbank Loses Some Gold In Week 39
05/20/1936 Reich Trade Turns Downward Again-Still Better Than A Year Ago 11
05/20/1936 Reich Jails (32) More Jews (Report By ‘Der Stuermer’-Violations Of Nuernberg Racial Laws) 11
05/20/1936 Americas Parley (Pan-American-Buenos Aires) To Get League Idea 14
05/20/1936 3 Warships Damaged In U.S. Fleet Games 14
05/20/1936 Europe (Market) Held Lost To Farmers Of U.S. (Chester C. Davis) 17
05/20/1936 B’nai B’rith Gives (‘Meritorious Public Service’) Award To (N.Y.) Times 22
05/21/1936 Italy’s War Cost Was $1,000,000,000 1
05/21/1936 Gomez Takes Cuban Presidency; Urges Trade Preference To U.S. 1
05/21/1936 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Feminist, Pacifist & Intervention-Ist) Honored For 50 Years Work 8
05/21/1936 ‘Eat Nazi’ Slogan Ordered In Reich (White Bread Scarce) 9
05/21/1936 Because Of Grain Shortage-Dark Bread Recommended) 10
05/21/1936 Britain And Soviet In A Naval Parley 11
05/21/1936 Palestine Stirred By New Incidents 11
05/21/1936 Democracy Held Hope Of Education (By Dr. Charles A. Beard) 18
05/21/1936 (John G.) Winant (Head Of U.S. Delegation To International Labor Conference) Sails For Geneva 18
05/21/1936 Three Countries (Britain, France & India) Sending Gold Here 40
05/21/1936 Vast Rearmament Pushed By Britain; 400 Plants To Aid-Huge Orders Are Being Placed And Auto Factories Are Drafted To Manufacture Airplanes 1
05/21/1936 Arabs And (British) Troops Fight In Palestine-Joseph M. Levy 1
05/21/1936 Cotton Goods Duty Raised To Hit Japan-Roosevelt Orders 42% Increase After Failure To Get ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’) 1
05/21/1936 British Give Italy ‘Hands Off (Palestine & Egypt)’ Notice 10
05/21/1936 War Fear Blights Trade, Says Geneva-Praises Policies Of U.S. 11
05/21/1936 Schuschnigg Gains Complete Control-G.E.R. Gedye 11
05/21/1936 Germany May Send 20,000 Jews To Ethiopia Under Existing Agreements With Italians 11
05/21/1936 Polish (Foreign) Minister (Col. Jozef Beck) To Visit Belgrade-Anti-Soviet Bloc Sought 13
05/21/1936 World Now Seeks New Trade System (T. L. Watson, Ibm) 32
05/21/1936 World Must Trade Or Fight, Hull Says In Plea For Pacts-Chaos Only Other Choice (Text, P. 8) 1
05/21/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Lays Basis Of Security Front-Appeals To U.S. By Radio 6
05/21/1936 Germany Demands (German) Rivers’ Freedom 7
05/21/1936 Dr. R. J. H. (Richard James Horatio) Gottheil Of Columbia (University) Dies (73)-Semitic Languages Professor-Leader In Zionist Movement (Studied At Columbia Univ. & In Germany-Vita & Picture) 15
05/24/1936 Ban On The Nazi Party In Holland Is Ordered By Catholic Bishops 1
05/24/1936 Soviet Sentences Arctic Tyrant To Death, Aide Also Doomed For Island Terror Reign 1
05/24/1936 Picture: Socialist, Norman Thomas 28
05/24/1936 Germany And Brazil Ready On Trade Pact-Reich To Get Cotton 29
05/24/1936 2 Nazis Are Killed In Austrian Attack (To Obtain Arms) 31
05/24/1936 Army Leadership For Reich Decried 31
05/24/1936 Two Lines Of Reich Forts Reported Rising On Rhine 31
05/24/1936 Nazis Honor (Carl) Schurz At His Birthplace (Liblar) 31
05/24/1936 Four Lithuanians Die As Agents Of Germany 31
05/24/1936 Sense Of Strength Is Gone In Britain-Internal Unite Wrecked-Frederick T. Birchall 34
05/24/1936 German ‘Slacker’ (Evading Army Service) Jailed 34
05/24/1936 Slayer Of 12 Boys Beheaded In Reich 35
05/24/1936 Britain Going Left (Former Spanish King) Alfonso Believes-France Is Also Turning In That Direction He Declares N-1
05/24/1936 (Dr. R. J. H.) Gottheil Funeral To Be Tomorrow-Dr. Stephen S. Wise (Long-Time Associate-Since Second Zionist Congress) Will Conduct Services-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia Univ.) Pays Tribute N-8
05/24/1936 Refugees’ Needs Urged (American Jewish Jdc) N-8
05/24/1936 Reich Enjoys A Boom On Spending By State-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
05/24/1936 Picture: Leon Blum, Radical Socialist-Popular Front E-4
05/24/1936 ‘Forget The (Ww I War) Debts’ Is Blum’s Advice E-4
05/24/1936 Half Of Italy’s Gold Is Lost-Clarence K. Streit E-4
05/24/1936 Navy Sails Far South In Secret War Games E-6
05/24/1936 Two Brilliantly Revealing Accounts Of Hitler’s Life (By Heiden & Olden) Book 3
05/24/1936 The Terror That Rides The Air (War Planes) Mag. 3
05/24/1936 France Tries Another Pilot (Leon Blum, Radical Socialist-Popular Front, Picture) Mag. 5
05/25/1936 Fascisti Invincible In Inevitable War, Mussolini Asserts 1
05/25/1936 President (Roosevelt) Decries Plight Of Peoples Oppressed Abroad-’Distressed And Disturbed’ By Situation, Secretary Ickes Tells (United) Palestine (Appeal-Headed By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Fund-Message Read To Diners (By Ickes, Text, P. 12) 1
05/25/1936 Atlantic Air Line Pushed By Britain 8
05/25/1936 Brazilian-Reich Pact Starts (U.S. & Argentine) Controversy (They Don’t Like It!) 9
05/25/1936 (Bishop William T.) Manning Preaches At Negro Church 13
05/25/1936 Methodist Unity Held Peace Force 13
05/25/1936 Aggressive Faith Urged 13
05/25/1936 WPA Theater Head Defends (High) Salaries (Paid By The Government) 23
05/26/1936 Britain Says Italy Stirs Up Palestine And India By Radio 1
05/26/1936 Mayor (La Guardia) Wants U.S. To Rule Industry-Would Tax Interest Rate 1
05/26/1936 U.S. Plans Blows At 3 Lands (Japan, Brazil, Australia) Trade 1
05/26/1936 Estonia Jails 148 For Fascist Plot 7
05/26/1936 Polish Army Chief (Rydz-Smigly) In Dictator’s Chair 7
05/26/1936 Britain Asks Russia To Relent On Navy-Soviet Accused By Reich 10
05/26/1936 Nazis Want Bright Mates (Spouses) 11
05/27/1936 Reich Puts 276 Monks On Trial Accusing Them Of Immorality 1
05/27/1936 Palestine Gripped By An Arab Revolt; 3 Towns Besieged-Joseph M. Levy 1
05/27/1936 Peace Of Europe Held Secure Now-(French) Gen. PouderouxSees No Possibility Of Early Warfare 13
05/27/1936 Yugoslavia’s Help Sought By Poland (By Col. Jozef Beck) 14
05/27/1936 League Today Gets Report On Palestine-Jewish Agency To Ask Mandates Body To Hold Britain To Account For Riots 14
05/27/1936 Memel Germans Retain Seats 15
05/27/1936 Harvard To Honor World Scholars (List Of Names)-Celebration Of Its 300th Anniversary 18
05/28/1936 Mussolini Insists Amity With Britain Is His Driving Aim 1
05/28/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Opposes Landon As Nominee 2
05/28/1936 U.S. Bars A (British) Breach In The (1930 London) Naval Pact 3
05/28/1936 Britain And Italy Seek To Make Deal 4
05/28/1936 Britain Won’t Pay (Ww I War) Debt Installment-France Has Similar Plan 5
05/28/1936 China Challenges Japan Over Troops (In North China) 6
05/28/1936 8-Year Jail Term For German Priest (Immorality Charge) 7
05/28/1936 Reich Reply Delay Is Blow To British 7
05/28/1936 Arctic Despot Shot By Soviet 7
05/28/1936 (Poland’s Col. Jozef) Beck Sees Leaders On Belgrade Visit 8
05/28/1936 9 (Rexford) Tugwell Projects ‘Financial’ Failures 11
05/29/1936 Jews Ask Britain To Aid Immigrants (To Palestine) 6
05/29/1936 U.S. Navy Air Force Praised By Briton (Admiral Sir Roger Keyes, Organizer Of British ‘Commandos,’ Father Of Geoffrey Keyes Who Tried To Kidnap Or Murder Rommel In North Africa)-Says In Commons, ‘It Is 100% Ahead Of Us Now’ 6
05/29/1936 U.S. Assails Japan On Narcotics Stand-Clarence K. Streit 7
05/29/1936 Arms Plants Shut By French Strikes 8
05/29/1936 Reich Publicizes Monks’ Mass Trial-Sentences Often Secret 9
05/29/1936 Hints Reich Arms On British Credit 9
05/29/1936 Reichsbank Is Short Of Foreign Exchange 9
05/29/1936 Poles Raid Nazi Centers-Seize 40 (In Silesia) 9
05/29/1936 (Col. Jozef) Beck Fails To Win Aid Of Yugoslavia 10
05/29/1936 Gen. Litzmann, 87, Nazi Leader, Dead 19
05/30/1936 British Auto Plants Will Build Airplanes 4
05/30/1936 Hitler Witnesses Fleet Manoevres 5
05/30/1936 Nazis Purge Ranks In Czechoslovakia 5
05/30/1936 Reich Sentences Another Catholic (Monk-4 Years-Two Jews Sent To Prison (Rassenschande) 5
05/30/1936 Democracy Facing Test (Dr. Harold Willis) Dodds (Princeton) Warns 17
05/30/1936 Presbyterian Vote Backs Modernists 32
05/31/1936 Soviet Ends Bar To Jobs For Ex-Czarists; Scores Discrimination Against Others 1
05/31/1936 Pershing Warns Of Another War-President (Roosevelt) At Arlington, Hears Leader Of A. E. F. Call Nation To Defend Its Democracy-Not Be ‘Prey Of Dictator’ 2
05/31/1936 Woodring Urges Strong Defense-Warns Of Disarmament 5
05/31/1936 World’s Martyrs Hailed By (N.Y. C.) Rabbis 6
05/31/1936 Asks Peace Drive By The Churches-And Then Wars Would End 6
05/31/1936 American Appeal For Jewish Refuge (In Palestine)-Pro-Palestine Federation Asks Britain To Take A Strong Course In Holy Land-Aim Of Mandate Cited 14
05/31/1936 Increase Is Seen In Trade To Poland-Cites Rise Of Gydnia (New Polish Port Alongside Danzig) 20
05/31/1936 Reich Dedicates Naval Memorial (Lagoe)-Raeder Praises British 28
05/31/1936 Arabs Get Threat Of Mass Penalties (By British)-Palestine Regime To Punish Entire Towns Unless Acts Of Vandalism Cease-Joseph M. Levy 29
05/31/1936 Personnel Is Basis Of Air Supremacy N-2
05/31/1936 Riots In Palestine Inspired By Youth E-4
05/31/1936 Europe In Propaganda War E-4
05/31/1936 Reich Using Olympics To Win World’s Favor E-5
05/31/1936 Bigger Population Is Aim Of Soviets-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
05/31/1936 Pilsudski Was A Born Soldier Book 10
05/31/1936 After The Dictators-What? Mag. 1
05/31/1936 Puzzled France: Which Way Mag. 4