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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

June 1936
Date Headline Page
06/01/1936 (British) Steel Cartel Asks U.S. Trade To Join 1
06/01/1936 New Church War Impends In Reich-Nazis Seeking Harmony 4
06/01/1936 Starhemberg Drops Hostility To Nazis 4
06/01/1936 (U.S.) Priest Denounces Nazi ‘Frame-Ups’-Evidence Was Manufactured 4
06/01/1936 Britain Is Finding Soviet A Bargainer 5
06/01/1936 56 Go On Trial For (Przytyk) Polish Riots (Against Jews) 8
06/01/1936 Right In Argentina Asks Dictatorship 8
06/01/1936 Break With Japan Expected In China 10
06/02/1936 New York Greets The Queen Mary With Mighty Din 1
06/02/1936 Soviet To Protect Right Of Citizen Under New Code-Judges Will Be Elected-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
06/02/1936 U.S. Fleet Concludes A Gala Visit To Peru (Goes On To Other Ports) 10
06/02/1936 Spanish Leftists In New Disorders 11
06/02/1936 Poland Jails Jews’ Foes (At Zagorow) 11
06/02/1936 Ousting Of Hitler Held Workers’ Aim 12
06/02/1936 (Otto) Richter, Anti-Nazi Must Go (Return) To Germany (‘Why Don’t You Shoot Me Instead Of Sending Me Back To Germany To Be Tortured To Death?’) 12
06/03/1936 (U.S.) War Plan Of Army Licenses Industry, Drafts Its Chiefs 1
06/03/1936 Gold Stocks Held World Problem 11
06/03/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Will Appoint Woman (Mrs. Joliot Curie) To Cabinet 12
06/03/1936 Secret Funds (‘Mysterious Sources’) Aid Palestine Arabs 13
06/03/1936 French Again In Fear Of A Hapsburg Coup (In Vienna) 14
06/03/1936 Poland To Try 119 (Young Germans In Silesia [Kattowitz]) Today In Nazi Plot (To Regain Upper Silesia For Germany) 14
06/03/1936 Poles Again Attack Jews (Again At Przytyk, Poland) 14
06/03/1936 Nazism Protested By Presbyterians 16
06/03/1936 Text Of The Address By Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler At Columbia (University-Goebbels Quoted On ‘Power’) 24
06/03/1936 Public Is Blamed For Dictatorships (By W. M. Lewis)-(Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns Colleges 24
06/03/1936 Reich Anxious, Bids For Trade With U.S. 31
06/04/1936 300,000 On Strike In France As (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist-Popular Front) Prepares To Rule 1
06/04/1936 All Wars Spurned By Presbyterians 1
06/04/1936 (Gen. Anastasio) Somoza Is Cheered By Managua Crowds 11
06/04/1936 Italy Quits Parley For World Labor 12
06/04/1936 Exiled Negus Wins Ovation In London 12
06/04/1936 Italian Radio Told Of British ‘Risings’-One Appealed To Arabs 13
06/04/1936 Geneva To Discuss Palestine At Once-Arabs Growing Bolder 14
06/04/1936 China Sees A Plot In Rumors Of War-Tokyo Accused On Arms 15
06/04/1936 Peace Aims Snag On Reich Arming-Germans Speed Defenses 15
06/04/1936 Reich Exile (Prof. Georg Bernhard, Editor-In-Chief Of The [Jewish] Ullstein Press) Here (Guest Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s American Jewish Congress) To Plead For Jews-War Seen As Imminent 21
06/04/1936 Ocean Travellers-William C. Bullitt Arrives In U.S. On The ‘Europa’ 21
06/04/1936 Gold Flight Grows In Bloc Countries 41
06/04/1936 Low Reserve Ratio At The Reichsbank 41
06/05/1936 France Crippled By Wider Strikes-Labor Situation Chaotic 1
06/05/1936 U.S. Raises Duties On German Goods To Fight Subsidies-Increases Go As High As 56% 1
06/05/1936 Ickes Sees Rivals Lacking Liberals-W. A. (William Allen) White (Later Nominal Head Of ‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies,’ A Prime Interventionist Organ-Clark Eichelberger Was Real Power) Is The Only One Left Among Republicans-Recalls His Move (Manifesto With Norris) In 1916 4
06/05/1936 Dutch Lose Gold Heavily 10
06/05/1936 Germany Imprisons Monastery Teacher (Immorality Charge) 11
06/05/1936 Limit War Area Urged On Britain 13
06/05/1936 Polish Jews Flee Despite Assurance (Polish Authorities Will Stop Anti-Jewish Riots In Minsk-Mazowiecki) 14
06/05/1936 Aliens Increase Investments Here 31
06/06/1936 1,000,000 Strikers In France Assured Of (Leon Blum’s Popular Front) Cabinet’s Help 1
06/06/1936 Anti-Japan Armies Formed In Canton; Set Our For North-Entire Land Is Preparing (For War) 1
06/06/1936 (Norman) Thomas Defends Anti-War Campaign-(Clark M.) Eichelberger (Supporting League Of Nations; Later Head Of The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, A Devout Interventionist!) (Communist, Earl) Browder And (Rev. John Haynes) Holmes Sound Same Note At Peace Symposium 3
06/06/1936 Mussolini Ponders Future Of Austria-Otto Pleads For Throne 5
06/06/1936 Priest Sentenced To 8 Years In Reich (45 Morals Offenses Involving Children Under 14 Years Of Age) 6
06/06/1936 Three State Heads (Rumania, Yugoslavia & Czechoslovakia Meet) 6
06/06/1936 Russia Sends Worker To I. L. 0. (Geneva) Conference 6
06/06/1936 1,115 Midshipmen Sail For Europe (On Three U.S. Battleships, Arkansas, Wyoming & Oklahoma)-Three Months Cruise 8
06/06/1936 Wilson Is Praised By Nye Committee-Allies’ Policy Is Upheld-(Nye) Who Said President Had ‘Falsified’ Signs The Report With Others 17
06/06/1936 School Pacifists Face Diploma Loss-Must Pledge Obedience 19
06/06/1936 Gold Loss By Paris Grows With Strike 23
06/07/1936 (Premier, Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) Wins In Test After Bitter Row; Upholds Strikers 1
06/07/1936 (Nye Committee) For Strengthening Neutrality Act (Reiterating Earlier Charges Against Wilson, Col. House, & Lansing) 1
06/07/1936 Added U.S. Duties Shock To Germany-Move Held Unjustified-Reich Had Been Willing To Make Concessions To Obtain New Agreement On Trade-Otto D. Tolischus 7
06/07/1936 48 U.S. Clergymen Assail Nazi (Clergy) Trials-Attacks On Catholic Clergy Is Protested By Jewish And Protestant Leaders-Part Of ‘Hitler Tyranny’ (Names) 22
06/07/1936 Russians Deport (5,000) Finns On Border-Reported Sent To East And Central Areas-Forty Villages Emptied-To Create No Man’s Land Along The Frontier 24
06/07/1936 Japan Foes (75 Chinese-Americans) March Here 27
06/07/1936 Palestine (British) Plans Prison-Second Concentration Camp Is Proposed For Arab Agitators 27
06/07/1936 Text Of Premier Blum’s Declaration 29
06/07/1936 Canton Rules Out Lone War On Japan (Rumors Of Chiang Kai-Shek’s Replacement! 36
06/07/1936 (American Jewish Committee) Opposes (August, Geneva) Jewish Congress (Proposed & Supported By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-American Jewish Congress) 37
06/07/1936 (Samuel) Untermyer At 78, Gloomy On Future (Warns Of Germany) N-2
06/07/1936 Mrs. (Charles A. [Mary Ritter]) Beard Decries Dominance Of Men N-7
06/07/1936 $25,661,000 Gold Engaged Abroad F-1
06/07/1936 (Wilfred Hill) Says British Boom Will Not Continue F-8
06/07/1936 Ask (Treasury Department [Morgenthau]) Delay On (Newly-Levied) German Duty Rate F-8
06/07/1936 (Premier) Leon Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) Prepares New Deal For France E-3
06/07/1936 Blum Assumes Control Of A Nation In Turmoil E-4
06/07/1936 Britain Prepares To Defend Empire-Huge Outlay For Armaments Is Answer To Powers Seeking To Seize Territory E-4
06/07/1936 Soviet To Enlarge Personal Liberty-More Democracy Seen-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
06/07/1936 Churches Alone Resist Domination By Hitler E-5
06/07/1936 Mild Nazis Gain Power In Austria-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
06/07/1936 Jewish Regiments (38th, 39th, 40th & 42Nd In Allenby’s 1918 Palestine Army)-J. M. Ravid, President Of Veterans American Palestine Jewish Legion E-9
06/07/1936 (Norman) Thomas: ‘If I Were Elected President’ Mag. 3
06/07/1936 A Decade In Europe: Decline Of A Culture-The Hope Of Ten Years Ago Has Been Shaken By The Dictatorships And The Depression-Harold Callender Mag. 4
06/08/1936 (Premier Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Leader Of Popular Front) Ends Strike In 9-Hour Parley; Labor Victorious-Pay To Be Raised 7-15% 1
06/08/1936 Five Arabs Killed In Palestine Clash 10
06/08/1936 Civil War In China Seen By Both Sides (Canton & Nanking) 11
06/08/1936 Lord Cecil (Pacifist) Seeks Help For Ethiopia 12
06/08/1936 Anschluss Opposed By Little Entente 12
06/08/1936 Union In Religion Is Urged On Jews 13
06/08/1936 (Father Healy) Warns Dictatorships Menace Universities 13
06/08/1936 (Henry T. Moore) Says Dictators Rule ‘Infantile’ Peoples-Only ‘Adult’ Nations Will Remain Free 14
06/08/1936 Jewish Groups Vote For World (August, Geneva-Jewish) Congress-Elect National Conference Envoys As Dr. S.S. Wise Scores Geneva Opponents (American Jewish Committee) 16
06/08/1936 Attack On Belief In Trinity (By Socialist Writer H. G. Wells) Scored 16
06/08/1936 Polish Jews To Be Aided (By Polish Government & Charitable Organizations In England & Poland) 16
06/08/1936 Large Gold Stock Held British Need-Fate Of Franc The Key 29
06/08/1936 Gold Output Goes Up In Canada 31
06/09/1936 11 Ministers Quit U.S. Presbyterians-Fundamentalist Row Over Mission Board 3
06/09/1936 British Preparing New Sea Strategy 6
06/09/1936 Czech Nazis (Sudetendeutsche) Seek Peace 6
06/09/1936 Germany Completes (Trade) Accord With Brazil (For Cotton, Tobacco, Meat, Bananas, Etc.) 6
06/09/1936 League Commission Studying Palestine 7
06/09/1936 Southern (Cantonese) Forces Advance In China-Chiang (Kai-Shek) Opposes Conflict 8
06/09/1936 British Note Bars Payment On (U.S. War) Debt-$688,474,071 Is Now Due 8
06/09/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Defines New Deal Failures 11
06/09/1936 Federal Aid Ask For All Transport 26
06/09/1936 ‘Red’ Fears Decried By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 27
06/10/1936 (Premier, Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) Submits Bill For 40-Hour Week-Acts To Calm (Striking) Workers 1
06/10/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Puts Party Above (Personal) Ambition 1
06/10/1936 Duce Names Son-In-law (Col. Galeazzo Ciano) Foreign Minister (Picture, P. 8) 1
06/10/1936 Picture: The Arrival Of Haile Selassie And His Family In (Safe In) England 3
06/10/1936 (Drive) Aids (United) Palestine Appeal (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Speaks) 3
06/10/1936 Trade Is Discussed At Japan-U.S. Fete (In Washington) 7
06/10/1936 Battleship Repulse, Rebuilt Goes To Sea 8
06/10/1936 Schuschnigg Warns Foes Of His Regime 8
06/10/1936 (Basil) Editor Will Recant Charge (‘Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion’) Against Jews 9
06/10/1936 German Jobless Drop To 1,491,201-Lowest For That Time Since 1929 9
06/11/1936 Canton (Anti-Chiang Kai-Shek) Chiefs Say Sole Foe Is Japan 1
06/11/1936 Roosevelt Calls For Broader View (Interpretation) Of Constitution (Text, P. 9) 1
06/11/1936 Hoover Excoriates New Deal As Fascism (Text) 1
06/11/1936 Doctors (Pediatrists) To Honor (Dr. Abraham) Jacobi And (Carl) Schurz (‘Suffered Similarly In Their Fatherland’) 3
06/11/1936 Reich Sentences More Catholics (On Morals Charges Involving Children)-Otto D. Tolischus 7
06/11/1936 French Agitators Keep Strikes Going 7
06/11/1936 Silence Of Germany Annoying To British-Causes Some To Doubt Hitler’s Faith 7
06/11/1936 16% Of (U.S. National) Income Paid In Taxes In 1934 12
06/12/1936 Anti-Hitler Staff Quits Paris (German) Paper (‘Pariser Tageblatt’) 4
06/12/1936 Finland Will Pay (War Debt) Again 4
06/12/1936 Austrian Socialist Get Long Sentences (Prague Report) 5
06/12/1936 International Force Called Cure For War (By Viscount Cecil, Pacifist) 7
06/12/1936 South China (Cantonese) Gives Plan Of ‘Conquest’-Aim Is To Defeat Gen Chiang (Kai-Shek) And Reorganize Nation For War Against Japanese-Japanese Again Protest Talk Of Conflict 7
06/12/1936 Poland To Send Radical To Paris As Ambassador (Julius Lukaszewicz) 8
06/12/1936 (Samuel) Leibowitz Remains Scottsboro (Defense) Council 9
06/12/1936 Schacht Seeking Yugoslav Grains-Would Exchange Goods 43
06/13/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Nominated For (Republican) Vice President 1
06/13/1936 Roosevelt Assails Monopoly As Foe Of Real Freedom-Demands Federal Curbs (Text, P.2) 1
06/13/1936 Synagogue Raided By (Harlem) Vandal Gang 3
06/13/1936 (Paul) Van Zeeland Tries For (Belgian) Cabinet Again 3
06/13/1936 14 Injured By Bomb On Train In Palestine 3
06/13/1936 Trained Intellect Urged At Groton (By Robert M. Hutchins, University Of Chicago Chancellor) 11
06/13/1936 (General) Pershing Appeals For Preparedness-’No One Can Tell When We Shall Again Need Our Armies’-Asks Brave Leadership (Pictures) 12
06/13/1936 Earmarked (U.S.) Gold Likely For China 25
06/13/1936 (American) Jewish (Congress) Conference Opens In Washington-Dr. (Georg) Bernhard (Publisher In Jewish-Owned Ullstein Press In Germany) A Guest (Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 36
06/14/1936 Japanese Land In Fukien As Canton Demands War; Two U.S. Ships (Cruisers ‘Tulsa’ & ‘‘Ashville’) Sent South 1
06/14/1936 British See France In State Of Revolt With Fascism Near 1
06/14/1936 (General) Pershing Unveils Kearney (World War I Director Of American Committee On Public Information In France) Memorial 2
06/14/1936 (U.S. War) Debt Settlement Is Aim Of France-Finland Again Sole Payer 19
06/14/1936 (American) Jewish (Congress) Group Acts To Protect Rights (Talk By Dr. Georg Bernhard, Exiled Editor Of Jewish-Owned Ullstein Press, Presented By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Washington) 21
06/14/1936 Vienna Nazis Rout Theater Audiences-Stench Bombs In State Opera And Berg Theater (Acts Attributed To Nazis) 25
06/14/1936 (Paul) Van Zeeland Heads Cabinet In Belgium 25
06/14/1936 Russians Lay Claim To Greatest Liberty 26
06/14/1936 Britain’s Plight Laid To Politics-Augur 29
06/14/1936 Benes (Czechoslovakia) Cites Unity Of Little Entente 29
06/14/1936 Nazi Organ Prints Workers’protests-(‘Voelkischer Beobachter’)-Editor Justifies Regime 30
06/14/1936 Danzig Nazis Stung By (Storm) Trooper Killing 30
06/14/1936 Nazi Pole Beats Witness (At Kattowitz Trial) 30
06/14/1936 Navy Orders 191 Bombers 34
06/14/1936 (Rear Admiral) Laning Sees Peace Through Big (U.S.) Navy 35
06/14/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox A Vigorous Foe Of New Deal E-4
06/14/1936 Checks To Nazi Drive East-Otto D. Tolischus E-6
06/14/1936 Dictators Likely Belgians Believe-But Ex-Premier Van Zeeland, Not Degrelle, Fascist Chief Assumes The Reins E-6
06/14/1936 A New Palestine Has Evolved E-7
06/14/1936 Rumania Delays Russian Treaty-But Does Not Suppress The Pro-Nazi, Anti-Semitic Propaganda-G.E.R. Gedye E-7
06/14/1936 (Premier, Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front Grapples With ‘The 200 Families’ (Controlling France-After 1940 Defeat Of France, Some Leftist Journalists Tried To Attribute The Defeat To These ‘200 Families’) Mag. 3
06/15/1936 Labor Fetes Show Red Flag In France 7
06/15/1936 Reich Terror Laid To Aides Of (Ernst) Roehm 9
06/15/1936 Schacht Gets Pact On Greek (Metaxas) Credits-Germany’s Barter System-Schacht Criticizes U.S. 9
06/15/1936 South Africa Asks (Colony) Deal With Britain-Shuns War Commitment 10
06/15/1936 World Congress (August 8, Geneva) Favored By Jews-Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Acclaims Vote 11
06/15/1936 Dr. Angell (Yale) Warns Of A (U.S.) Dictatorship 16
06/15/1936 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Declares Free Debate Vital-Points To ‘Stifled’ Lands 16
06/15/1936 Dr. Dodds (Princeton) Defends ‘Sound’ Liberalism 17
06/16/1936 Austrians Suspect Nazi Plan To Rule 14
06/16/1936 Hitler Sees (German) Battleships 14
06/16/1936 (World) Jewish Congress (August 8, Geneva) Seen As Harmful (By James N. Rosenberg)-Calls It A Minority Plan 29
06/17/1936 36 (Catholic) Churches Burned In 48 Hours In Spanish Terror, Gil Robles (Catholic Popular Action Party) Says 1
06/17/1936 Nazi Terror Sweeping Danzig-Victims Include Poles 19
06/17/1936 Another Friar Sentenced (On Morals Charge In Germany) 19
06/17/1936 Airplane Maker (Lockheed) Broadens Scope 40
06/18/1936 Canada ‘New Deal’ Is Broken In Test Of 8 Bennett Laws 1
06/18/1936 (Heinrich) Himmler Named Head Of All Reich Police; Compromise Settling Fight For Control (Picture, P. 12) 1
06/18/1936 (Representative Carmichael) For Scottsboro (Rape Case) Defense 9
06/18/1936 France Said To Plan Money (Debt) Talks With Us 10
06/18/1936 French Provinces Hit By Walkouts 10
06/18/1936 Germany Improves Her Trade Status-Reduced Buying In U.S. 12
06/18/1936 Danzig Buries Nazi With Official Honors 12
06/18/1936 Arms Deal Is Seen In Schacht’s (Bulgarian) Visit 12
06/18/1936 Austria Is Firmer On Nazi Terrorism 12
06/18/1936 2 Reich Friars Sentenced (Immoral Practices) 12
06/18/1936 Public Debt Hits $34,331,355,867 Top 35
06/18/1936 $40,449,700 In (French & Dutch) Gold (Arrives In U.S.) In Day 35
06/19/1936 Eden Smashes Sanctions; Says Alternative Is War, Firm On Mediterranean (Text, P. 2) 1
06/19/1936 14 Felled In (Strike) ‘War’ At Ohio Factory-Rifle Volleys Exchanged 1
06/19/1936 (Leon) Blum (Radical Socialist Head Of Popular Front) To Dissolve Armed Societies 3
06/19/1936 Himmler Pledges War On Reich Reds-Unified Force Planned 3
06/19/1936 Australia Plans Plant To Construct (Military) Airplanes (De Havilland ‘Mosquito’ Bombers?) 3
06/19/1936 Maxim Gorky Dies At Moscow Villa 21
06/19/1936 Nazi Persecution Of Jews Described (At American Jewish Joint Distribution Fund Raising Campaign)-Need For Funds Stressed (By Joseph C. Hyman) 44
06/20/1936 South China (Canton) Ready If Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Attacks-Two Clashes Reported 8
06/20/1936 Reich Trials Start Inquiry By Church-Pope Names Trier Bishop To Investigate Any Immorality Among Clergy And Friars Otto D. Tolischus 8
06/20/1936 (New) French Revolution Seen By Dr. (Alexis) Carrel 8
06/20/1936 (Dr. Georg) Bernard (Editor Of Jewish Ullstein Press & Associate Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Says Nazis (Nuernberg Laws) Now Crush All Jews 8
06/21/1936 Roosevelt Lifts Embargo Of Arms In Ethiopian War-Has Ascertained ‘In Fact’ That Conditions Which Led To It Have Ceased To Exist 1
06/21/1936 (Shanghai) Students Assail Japan 3
06/21/1936 Aliens’ Relief Jobs Continued By WPA 6
06/21/1936 (N.Y.) Court Criticizes Nazi Racial Policy-Permits Ousted Employee To Sue (Reichsbahn) 9
06/21/1936 Danzig Nazis Bar Foes 13
06/21/1936 Arabs’ Drive Laid To British Policy-Jewish Baby Home Is Set Afire 15
06/21/1936 Death Is Set For Sabotage (By British In Palestine) 15
06/21/1936 Baldwin Asserts He Averted A War (By Stopping Sanctions Against Italy) 20
06/21/1936 Schacht Criticizes International Press-Germany’s Pacific Intentions Are Always Misrepresented 32
06/21/1936 Ickes Says Housing Is A Federal Job N-1
06/21/1936 Poles Sentence (Kattowitz) 105 (Germans) In Silesian Nazi Plot-Working For Pro-Reich Coup N-2
06/21/1936 Reich Intrigues Spur (British, French, Russian) Effort To Help Italy E-3
06/21/1936 British To Move Arms Plants (To Western England) E-4
06/21/1936 Schacht Tour Furthers Pro-German Bloc-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
06/21/1936 Nazi Food Policy Short Of Its Goal E-5
06/21/1936 Spain Is Swept By (‘Republican’) Terror E-5
06/21/1936 Strength Of Nazis Is Great In Poland-Jerzy Szapiro E-5
06/21/1936 Europe Grows Tired Of Barrier To Trade E-10
06/21/1936 Canada’s New Deal Upset E-10
06/21/1936 350 More (U.S.) Vessels Needed For Trade S-12
06/21/1936 Shotwell, James T. (League Of Nations Organization), On The Rim Of The Abyss, The Macmillan Co., N.Y Book 4
06/21/1936 Kellogg, Charlotte, Jadwiga, Queen Of Poland, Anderson House, Washington, Preface By Jan Ignace Paderewski (Prelude To Poland’s Golden Age) Book 9
06/21/1936 Denlinger, S. & Gary, C. B., War In The Pacific, Robert Mcbride, N.Y. (‘Here Is An Exciting Imaginary Sea Fight With Japan.’) Book 10
06/21/1936 The New Books For Boys And Girls Book 12
06/21/1936 (Roosevelt) Still A ‘Little Left Of Center:-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
06/21/1936 Education For Which-Peace Or War? Mag. 6
06/21/1936 South America Is Turning Toward Us Mag. 8
06/21/1936 Picture: Count Johann H. Von Bernstorff, German Ambassador To U.S. In W. W. I Roto.
06/22/1936 British Planes Used To Rout Palestinian Arabs; One Soldier And 11 Terrorist Are Killed 1
06/22/1936 (Arthur W. Mitchell) Holds President (Roosevelt) Has Aided Negroes 3
06/22/1936 Picture: Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, Later Roosevelt’s Envoy To Norway 5
06/22/1936 Curb On Catholics Demanded In Reich-End Of Celibacy Is Urged-Otto D. Tolischus 7
06/22/1936 19 Workers In Saar Sentenced By Nazis (For Communist Agitation) 7
06/22/1936 Petain, Savior Of Verdun, Urges Link With Reich 7
06/22/1936 Vienna Socialists Boo Fascist (Italian Soccer) Team 7
06/22/1936 Peiping Startled By Tokyo Troops (Appearance) 10
06/22/1936 Want Wars Ordered Only By The Voters (Referendum!) 10
06/22/1936 German Festival (Plattdeutsche Volksfest Verein) Attracts 500 16
06/22/1936 Reich’s Debts Up Since End Of 1935 29
06/22/1936 German Imports Declined 7% In May 29
06/23/1936 $1,250,000 In Gold (‘Double Eagles’) Seized By U.S. Here 3
06/23/1936 Palestine Aid Asked At Laemmle Dinner-Roosevelt Sends Greeting 5
06/23/1936 Break With Japan Demanded In China-Nanking Troops Push On 6
06/23/1936 Australia To Explain New Tariff To Japan (Tariff On Japanese Goods 6
06/23/1936 Kidnappers Of Children Get Death In Reich 7
06/23/1936 Skoda Munitions Profit Up Sharply For The Year 8
06/23/1936 (Britain) Checking On Helgoland (German Fortifications) 8
06/23/1936 Ontario Board Of Censors-Bars ‘Green Pastures’ (Play) 26
06/23/1936 10,000 Rotarians Hail Peace Pleas 48
06/24/1936 France (Leon Blum, (Radical Socialist, Head Of Popular Front) Advocates Groups Of Nations To Stop Aggressors 1
06/24/1936 China Claims Proof Japan Aids Rebels 1
06/24/1936 5-Year Plan Mapped In Fight Against War (By Quakers) 6
06/24/1936 German Trade Group Sales For Talks Here-Will Seek To Bar Application Of The Retaliatory Tariffs That Washington (Treasury Department [Morgenthau]) Announced 7
06/24/1936 Red Flags Still Fly On Marseilles Ships 8
06/24/1936 U.S. Ship Subsidies Attacked In Britain 19
06/24/1936 Arkansas Editor Upholds The Lash (Flogging) 19
06/24/1936 White Tenant (Farmer) Held Problem Of South 25
06/24/1936 U.S. Exports In May Exceeded Imports 33
06/24/1936 Protest On Duties On German Goods (Treasury Department [Henry Morgenthau, Jr.])-Order In Effect July 11 43
06/25/1936 New.Type Of War Is Seen With Tiny British (Torpedo Boat) Craft 1
06/25/1936 Warfare Reported In Southern China 1
06/25/1936 Hitler Was Too Lazy, His Ex-Partner (Rudolf Hamich, Says) 4
06/25/1936 Britain And Soviet Clash On (Dardanelle) Straits 5
06/25/1936 Hoare For Big Navy As Key For Peace (For Britain)-Strong Air Arm Planned 6
06/25/1936 Picture: Communist Earl Browder, To Become Communist Nominee For President 11
06/26/1936 Defense Of France Linked To Britain’s (By Alfred Duff Cooper, British Secretary For War [Later, Churchill’s Information Minister]-Frances Frontier ‘Is Our Frontier.’) 6
06/26/1936 U.S. Chides Japan On Peiping Action 7
06/26/1936 Germany Gives Spy Life (Imprisonment) 8
06/26/1936 Spanish Socialists For A Dictatorship 9
06/26/1936 Text Of New Soviet Constitution Designed To Set Up More Democratic Rule (In Russia) 10
06/26/1936 Alabamians Beat Union Organizers 11
06/26/1936 Giant Navy Air Base In Alaska Predicted 11
06/26/1936 (Fannie Hurst) Sees Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt As Tradition Breaker 12
06/26/1936 Dr. Gannon (Friend And Associate Of Francis [Later Cardinal] Spellman, About Whom He Wrote A Book) Heads Fordham Faculty 21
06/26/1936 Poland Suspends (Debt) Service 29
06/27/1936 Roosevelt Nominated (By Democratic Party) By Acclamation 1
06/27/1936 Mexican Catholics Defended By Rabbis 2
06/27/1936 British Air Force Shows New Planes-World Fastest Fighters(Supermarine Spitfire) 2
06/27/1936 Germany Nullifies Gold Clause In Bond (To Pay In Gold Instead; Of Dollars) 2
06/27/1936 Danzig Nazis Seek To Cut League Ties 3
06/27/1936 Chinese Now Face New Tokyo Action-Japanese Officer Who Goes To Protest Entry Into Property Is Seized By Chinese 3
06/27/1936 5 Navy Yards Fly Red Flag In France 3
06/27/1936 (U.S.) Communists Hail Soviet Peace Aid 4
06/27/1936 Poland Will Pay (Bond) Interest On July 1 23
06/28/1936 Reich Backs Move By Nazis In Danzig 1
06/28/1936 Last Jeffersonian (Democrat) Expires With Convention-Elmer Davis (Roosevelt’s Head Of Office Of War Information) 1
06/28/1936 Briton Threatened By Japanese Mob (In Peiping)-U.S. Ships Recall Crews 6
06/28/1936 Chino-German (Trade) Deal Arouses Japanese 6
06/28/1936 British Defenses Are Placed First 8
06/28/1936 Polish Jews Depressed-Mourning Prevails Over Conviction Of Ten Jews In (Przytyk) Rioting Case 8
06/28/1936 2 Sentenced In Reich For Spying On Arms 11
06/28/1936 Palestine Gripped By A Reign Of Fear-Whole Country Is Infested With (Implied Arab) Brigands Who Place No Value On Human Life-British Appeal To Arabs-Joseph M. Levy 12
06/28/1936 Negus Seeks Aid To Resume (Ethiopian) War-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
06/28/1936 Nicaragua Quits League (Of Nations) 12
06/28/1936 Spanish Fascists Spur Their Drive-Reds Battle Rightists 13
06/28/1936 Dr. (Nahum) Sokolow (Zionist) Is Honored (By Federation Of Polish Jews [In America) 20
06/28/1936 Synode Of Judaism Is Urged On Rabbis 29
06/28/1936 Zionist (Zionist Organization Of America) Solidarity 29
06/28/1936 Troops March In Heidelberg (550 Anniversary) Fete-British Boycott Affair-Reich’s Oldest University (Excepting The Univ. Of Prag) N-1
06/28/1936 League Faces Crisis Over (Italian) Sanctions Issue-Attention Turns To Germany E-3
06/28/1936 Nazis Seek Showdown In Fight On Catholics E-5
06/28/1936 Poverty Causes Spain’s Ills E-5
06/28/1936 Picture: Eduoard Daladier, Leon Blum’s Helper (Later, War-Time French Premier Before Reynaud) E-5
06/28/1936 New Ship Goal Set Under (Federal) Subsidy Act E-7
06/28/1936 The World Swings To The Left Mag. 1
06/28/1936 New Russia Graduates Her First Generation Mag. 12
06/28/1936 Picture: Supermarine Spitfire Roto.
06/29/1936 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) To Spend Huge Sum On Arms-Break With Japan Seen 2
06/29/1936 Goebbels Directs (550th) Heidelberg Fete-Hitler Fails To Attend 2
06/29/1936 Plan Jubilee Here Of B’rith Abraham-Roosevelt Message Read 9
06/29/1936 Britain Is Anxious On U.S. ()Residential) Campaign-Fear Of Reich Uppermost-Holds Aid In Munitions Vital-Would Settle (World) War Debt 9
06/29/1936 Unite For Fight On (Against) Teachers’ (Loyalty) Oath 17
06/30/1936 Ickes Tells Negroes Of New Deal’s Help (To Them) 10
06/30/1936 New British (War) Planes Shown To Foreigners (Lt. Gen. Erhard Milch & Col. Bodenschatz, Goering’s Aide, Present With Many Others)-3,000 Observers From 50 Lands 11
06/30/1936 Britain And Japan Upset Navy Pacts 13
06/30/1936 (Dr. Bernhard) Rust (German Minister Of Science Education And People’s Education) Says Nazism Precedes Science (At 55th Anniversary Heidelberg Fete) 14
06/30/1936 Studebaker (U.S. Education Administrator) Backs School (Loyalty) Oath Fight 20