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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

April 1936
Date Headline Page
04/01/1936 Japan Warned By Soviet As Serious Battle Begins On The Mongolian Border 1
04/01/1936 Hitler Said To Ask A 4-Month Truce-His Plan Sent To London 1
04/01/1936 Italians Occupy Gondar, On Fringe Of British Sphere 1
04/01/1936 Cardenas Blames (Mexican) Priests For Clash 19
04/01/1936 French Unmoved By New Reich Plan 20
04/01/1936 Picture: Lt. Col. Achille Starace, Lynched By Italian Partisans In 1945 21
04/01/1936 Germans Here Register-Lists Close For Military And Labor Service Under Nazi Law 21
04/01/1936 Nazi Group (Friends Of The New Germany) Changes Its Name (To German-American League)-Will Organize Voters 22
04/01/1936 New Zeppelin (‘Von Hindenburg’) Out Over Atlantic (En Route To Brazil) 27
04/01/1936 Gold Imports Rose Sharply In Month ($1,701,100) 44
04/02/1936 Hitler’s Plan ‘Not Enough;’ Britain Gives Guarantee To France And Belgium-Reich Note Irks London-British Action Is Swift (Text Of German Note, P. 21) 1
04/02/1936 Austria Proclaims Universal (Military) Service-G.E.R. Gedye 1
04/02/1936 (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann ‘Torture’ Assailed By Maurois 2
04/02/1936 (John L. Lewis, Sidney Hillman & Others) Forms Labor Body To Back Roosevelt 9
04/02/1936 Nazis Here (German-American League) Spurred To Political Action 9
04/02/1936 Wife Of Molotov Ends American Tour 16
04/02/1936 Australia Weighs Trade Curb On Us 18
04/02/1936 Nazis Seek Protection 19
04/02/1936 Hitler’s Project Sums Up His Views 20
04/02/1936 Schacht Defeats Nazi Fiscal Plans 20
04/02/1936 Text Of Letter Pledging British Adherence To Stipulations Of The Locarno Agreement 20
04/02/1936 France Is Hostile To Germany’s Plan 21
04/02/1936 Text Of Germany’s Peace Proposals To The Locarno Powers 21
04/02/1936 Roosevelt Enters New Fishing Area 27
04/03/1936 Rhine Forts Issue Blocks Peace Talk 1
04/03/1936 Hitler Launches Drive To Enlist All 10 To 18 16
04/03/1936 Anti-War Move Opens 16
04/03/1936 Austrian Landowner Foe Of Nazis Is Slain 16
04/03/1936 Hitler Bid Widens Franco-Reich Gulf 17
04/03/1936 Polish Press Fears German Hegemony 17
04/03/1936 300 More (German-Jewish) Refugees Arrive From Reich-Admitted Under Germany’s (Immigration) Quota-Many Professional Men 17
04/03/1936 League Circles Cold To Germany’s Plan 17
04/03/1936 Poland Seizes 500 In A Red Round Up 18
04/04/1936 (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann Put To Death For Killing Lindbergh Baby; Remains Silent To The End 1
04/04/1936 New Peace Moves Strengthens Paris-Eden Of Britain Hopes France Will Draft League Program To Check Germany (Text, P. 6)-Augur 1
04/04/1936 Eden Won’t Admit Failure Of Talks 6
04/04/1936 Nazis Admit Giving Ballots To Hitler Although Many Were Foes Of Regime 6
04/04/1936 Devaluation Plan Is Denied In Reich 6
04/04/1936 14 New Warships Urged By (Admiral) Standley (Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee)-Building Race Is Doubted 7
04/04/1936 Favoring Of Aliens Laid To M’cormack (U.S. Commissioner Of Immigration) 8
04/05/1936 Hoover Attacks (Roosevelt) Charges He Left Heritage Of Ruin (Fort Wayne, Indiana Speech, Text, P. 40) 1
04/05/1936 Britain Puts Off Locarno Meeting-Eden Holds Middle Path 1
04/05/1936 Scrap Tin Embargo Is Imposed By Hull-Export Ban To Be Effective April 16 To July 1-Licenses To Be Needed Thereafter-Aim Is To Aid War Supply-Japan Has Been Large Buyer Of Metal From This Country-Act Fixes Penalty For Violations (Text Of Regulations) 24
04/05/1936 Pacifism Is Upheld By Friends Society-In Its Work For Peace 29
04/05/1936 36,372 (German-Jewish) Refugees Received (In Palestine-United Palestine Appeal-Figures From Jan. 1933 Through Dec. 1933) 29
04/05/1936 News Of (Bruno Richard Hauptmann) Execution Is Brief In Germany-But British Press Gives Columns To Hauptmann Case-French Caustic On ‘Torture’ 32
04/05/1936 (U.S.) Bar Groups Critical Of Hauptmann Case 32
04/05/1936 (Minn. Representative Theodore Christianson) Urges ‘Revolt Of Youth’ 32
04/05/1936 (Little) Entente To Protest Austrian Army (Compulsory Military Service) Law 33
04/05/1936 (Observatore Romano) Scores German Minister (Dr. Hans Frank On Race And Sterilization Laws) 33
04/05/1936 Red Army In East At Peak Of Power-400,000 Troops Ready-Strength Of Soviet Forces Is Held To Bar Any Japanese Attack On Outer Mongolia-Walter Duranty 34
04/05/1936 Soviet To Remove 250 Mine Chiefs-Harold Denny, Moscow 35
04/05/1936 Russians Sentenced For Renting Out Land 35
04/05/1936 Preparedness Held (By General Sir Herbert Lawrence, Chairman Of Vickers Armaments) Not A Cause Of Wars 35
04/05/1936 (James H. R.) Cromwells (Wife, Doris Duke, Later Divorced-J. H. R. Cromwell Later Roosevelt’s Envoy To Canada And Avid War Interventionist)-Buy Homesite In (Oahu) Hawaii For $100,000 35
04/05/1936 (Former King) Alsonso May War On Spain’s (Leftist) Regime 36
04/05/1936 Germany Angered By 3-Power (British, French & Belgium [Paul Van Zeeland]) Move 38
04/05/1936 France Will Offer A New Peace Plan (On German Proposal) 38
04/05/1936 Nazis Free 40 Foes In State Of Baden-Priests To Be Released 38
04/05/1936 Germany Jails 9 Priests (Krefeld-Convicted Of Currency Violations) 38
04/05/1936 Decrease Is Noted In World Jobless (International Labor Organization-’Ilo’, Geneva) 39
04/05/1936 (Republicans) Hit ‘Compulsion’ In New Deal Acts-Calls Farmers ‘Victims’ 41
04/05/1936 Veteran Opposing Bonus Aids Roosevelt With It (He Donated It To Roosevelt’s Re-Election Fund) 41
04/05/1936 Big Plane Carrier (‘Yorktown’) Launched For Navy-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Christen The Yorktown(With Champaign) N-2
04/05/1936 Author Brings Data On ‘Roosevelt’ Family (From Zeeland District Of Holland) N-12
04/05/1936 Anti-Italian And Anti-German Cartoons E-2&3
04/05/1936 German Mood Responds To Hitler’s Appeal-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-3
04/05/1936 Germany Or France: British Still Ponder E-4
04/05/1936 Austria To Divide Conscript Force-Foes Of The (Schuschnigg) Fascist Regime Will Not Be Allowed To Learn The Use Of Arms-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
04/05/1936 Poles Hold Back From Russian Tie (Picture Of Foreign Minister Jozef Beck)-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
04/05/1936 Currency Worries Again Beset Paris-Another ‘Attack On Franc’ Is Checked E-4
04/05/1936 Moscow Bars A War (With Japan) Over Border Fights-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
04/05/1936 Rough Seas Ahead For The World’s Navies (Picture) Mag. 1
04/05/1936 New Drama Stirs In The Pacific-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 3
04/05/1936 Is Today Like 1914? These Will Answer Mag. 10
04/05/1936 The WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Scores A (Dramatic) Hit On Broadway Roto.
04/05/1936 The Fastest Single-Engined Bombing Plan In The British Air Force Roto.
04/05/1936 Picture: British Fairey Battle (See Immediately Above) XX-7
04/06/1936 (Dr. James Rowland) Angell (Yale) Sees Trend To Curb Education 1
04/06/1936 France Will Offer A Security Accord For All Of Europe-New New Locarno Is Sought 1
04/06/1936 Germans Who Failed To Vote Lose Jobs; Dismissed As ‘Slackers’ At Nazis’ Demand 1
04/06/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin To Work Within Old (Political) Parties 2
04/06/1936 Army Marches Today On (19th) War Anniversary (Of U.S. Entry Into World War I) 3
04/06/1936 Miners (United Mine Workers) Boycott Reich (Pittsburg) 7
04/06/1936 Britain Still Asks U.S. To Join League-Eden Also In Movement 10
04/06/1936 Germans Expect Return Of Colony (Tanganyika) 10
04/06/1936 (Economic) Recovery In Germany Believed Temporary (In London) 10
04/06/1936 Law Protests (Streicher’s Der) Stuermer 10
04/06/1936 Uprising ‘Imminent’ Leftist Tells Spain-largo Caballero Warns Force May Be Used 11
04/06/1936 Bethlen Foresees End Of (Hungarian) Inequality 11
04/06/1936 Austria Curbs Sale Of Foreign Papers-Attacks On Jews Soft Pedaled 11
04/06/1936 Reich Jews Draft (Emigration) Plan 11
04/06/1936 Brown Garb Jails Jew (Looks Like NSDAP Uniform) 11
04/06/1936 40 Churches Open In Mexican Capital-Only 25 Allowed By Law 12
04/06/1936 Artillerymen Move To (New) $1,500,000 Armory 12
04/06/1936 Missouri Youth, 17, Wins (Eddie) Cantor Prize ($5,000 Scholarship)-On ‘How Can U.S. Stay Out Of War?’ 12
04/06/1936 Dr Coffin Warns Of Nations’ Panic-Outbursts Of Hostility Lead Inevitably To War 17
04/06/1936 (Charles H.) Tuttle (President Of N.Y. Federation Of Churches) Urges Unity In Fight On (Neo) Paganism 17
04/06/1936 List Of Great (Jews) Criticized (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Must Be Great Jews First) 17
04/06/1936 Reich Lifts Output Of Its Steel By 25% 31
04/06/1936 119 New Vessels In U.S. Shipyards-A Big Gain Over Last Year 41
04/07/1936 Paris Peace Plan Seeks Revision Of League’s Security Machinery 1
04/07/1936 Ickes Says Hoover Let Needy Starve-A ‘Do Nothing’ Regime-’A Figure To Be Pitied’ 5
04/07/1936 (Feminist Leader) Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt Appeals For Peace Planks 7
04/07/1936 Gold Raids In War Visioned By Banker 8
04/07/1936 Equality For Reich Is Urged By Russia-Hitler Pacts Derided-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
04/07/1936 3 States Protest Austria’s Arming 13
04/07/1936 More German Troops Enter The Rhineland 13
04/07/1936 Berlin Garbage Used In (Home) Building Material (Raw Material Shortage) 13
04/07/1936 24 Anti-Semites Jailed (Lodz, Poland-Conspiracy & Bombing Of Jewish Shops) 13
04/07/1936 Reich Agitation On Memel Goes On Despite Parleys 13
04/07/1936 (Gestapo) Watch Reich Synagogues (Report, Jewish Telegraph Agency, Berlin) 13
04/07/1936 Austrian Nazi (Dr. Karl Hartleb) Is Seized (Former Vice Chancellor) 14
04/07/1936 Tighter Sanctions (Against Italy) Hinted By Britain-Assurance Of Tanganyika (Not To Be Surrendered To Germany) 15
04/07/1936 U.S. Warship (Destroyer) Pushed Hunt For (Munitions) Smugglers 19
04/07/1936 Liberal Elected By Presbyterians-Fundamentalists Beaten 52
04/08/1936 President Zamora Of Spain Ousted By Votes Of Leftists In The Cortes 1
04/08/1936 (U.S.) Government To Aid Discipline At Sea 1
04/08/1936 Passover Sermons Cite (Jewish) Woes Abroad-Jews In Germany, Poland And Rumania Face New Exodus-Ideals Seen In Jeopardy-Persecuted By Nazis Called Unique In History As Government Program-5,000,000 Face Exodus 16
04/08/1936 (Sir Arthur) Salter Holds U.S. Can Prevent War-Maps Suggested Policy-Cooperation Based On Kellogg Pact Is Stressed 17
04/08/1936 Private Schools Abolished By Nazis 18
04/08/1936 Nazis Boycott Schmeling-Louis Fight Trip; Sport Heads Oppose Bout With A Negro 18
04/08/1936 Germans See Plot To Kill Hitler Plan-Reich Stands On Offer 18
04/08/1936 London And Paris To Clash On League 18
04/08/1936 Yugoslavia Will Buy More From Germany 18
04/08/1936 British (Jewish) Prayers Ask Aid For Reich Jews 18
04/08/1936 Austria Assails Little Entente (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia And Rumania) 19
04/08/1936 Educators Protest WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Layoffs 20
04/08/1936 Art Works On View To Aid Jewish Drive (Settlement Of German And Polish Jews In Palestine) 21
04/09/1936 Commission To Rule Europe Urged In French (Peace) Plan; 25-Year Status Quo Asked-Police Plan Included-Hitler Scheme Decried (Text, P. 16) 1
04/09/1936 Reich Opposes French Mutual Aid As Contrary To Hitler Peace Plan 1
04/09/1936 ‘New Depression’ Laid To New Deal (By Bernarr Macfadden) 9
04/09/1936 Borah Denounces (Roosevelt-Hull) Trade Treaty Aim 10
04/09/1936 Accuse Ship Crews In 200 More Cases-Some Before President (Roosevelt) 12
04/09/1936 Belgian Parliament Hails (Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland 12
04/09/1936 Reich And Poland Settle Rail Row 13
04/09/1936 Pagan Faith Head (Prof. Jacob Wilhelm Haur, University Of Tuebingen-’German Faith Movement’) Quits-Hitler Upholds (Christian) Religion 14
04/09/1936 Reich Arms Moves Listed By Britain-Blue Book Presents Record Of Broken Pledges And Evasion Of Air Agreement 15
04/09/1936 Franc Weakens Again Despite Britain’s Aid 40
04/10/1936 Japanese Officer Slain By Russians (In Manchukuo) 1
04/10/1936 Italy Admits Plan For (Ethiopian) State In Occupied Are 1
04/10/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins Promises (WPA) ‘Politics’ Inquiry 2
04/10/1936 Sibley Asks Halt In Class Enmities 2
04/10/1936 (British, Canadian & U.S.) Warships With Roosevelt (On A Fishing Vacation Aboard The ‘Potomac’) Startle Islanders; Mayaguana Thought Hostilities Had Begun 3
04/10/1936 War Wheat Stock For Britain Urged-Fears Isolation By Foe 17
04/10/1936 Herriot Again Hits (French National) Debt Repudiation-Reveals Roosevelt Talk (‘Talk Over Debt And Other Problems’) 18
04/10/1936 One French Idea (Freer Economic Relations) Encourages Hull 18
04/10/1936 Reich Cut Jobless 578,000 In March-Rearming Is Main Factor-Otto D. Tolischus 18
04/10/1936 ‘Pure Aryan Easter Eggs’ Are Assured In Germany 18
04/10/1936 Reich Doubts Paris Has Feasible Plan-Question Of Scope Raised 19
04/10/1936 Britain To Increase (L10,000,000 More) Outlay On Air Force (Already L43,490,000) 19
04/10/1936 Spanish Fascists Jailed (Plot To Kill Cortes Speaker) 19
04/10/1936 American Legion To Shut Paris (‘Pershing’) Hall 19
04/10/1936 N.Y. A. Work Praised By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
04/10/1936 Poles Give To Yale Col. (E. M.) House Memorial 21
04/10/1936 Guidance Of Youth Held Federal Job (By Prof. Arthur J. Jones, University Of Pennsylvania) 21
04/10/1936 Francs Weaker; Climax Seen Near 35
04/10/1936 Reichsbank Gold Again Decreases 37
04/11/1936 (Former President) Calles And Aides Exiled By Mexico; Five Fly To Texas 1
04/11/1936 (Hopkins-Ickes (WPA-Pwa) Issue Again Rises In House 2
04/11/1936 Immunity Is Denied In Reich Rail Suit (By Jew) 6
04/11/1936 Palestine (Immigration) Plan (By. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Of United Palestine Appeal) Hailed 6
04/12/1936 Paris Press Warns Of Rift If Britain Tries To Curb Italy 1
04/12/1936 China Faces Grip Of Japan On Trade 1
04/12/1936 WPA-Pwa (Hopkins-Ickes) Rivalry Takes A New Form 26
04/12/1936 ‘Hunger Marchers’ Harangue Capital 27
04/12/1936 700 WPA (Harrl L. Hopkins) Workers In Maryland Clash (With State Police) 27
04/12/1936 U.S. Wants Action On Neutral Rights-’False Impression’ That We ‘Will Not Fight’ 32
04/12/1936 Reich (Dr. Wilhelm Grau) To Compile History Of Jews-War Probe Is Planned 34
04/12/1936 Descendants Pay Homage At Genghis Khan’s Shrine (A Yearly Event For Prayers) 34
04/12/1936 Dr. (Albert) Einstein Opposes Curbs On Palestine (Immigration Of Jews) 34
04/12/1936 Big (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Fund ($1,115,000) Will Go To Poland N-2
04/12/1936 Reich Foreign Policy Dominated By Hitler-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
04/12/1936 Map: Areas To Which Berlin Turns Its Eyes (Areas Germany Lost In World War I) E-5
04/12/1936 Cartoon: Anti-Mussolini-’Extermination (Sic) Of Ethiopia’ E-9
04/12/1936 Yorke, Gerald, China Changes, Charles Scribner’s Sons, N.Y.,-Picture: Chinese Communist Forces Book 9
04/12/1936 White (U.S., British And French) Prestige In The Crucible Mag. 3
04/12/1936 Now Youth Raises Its Voice Mag. 6
04/13/1936 League Of Nations In America Urged By 3 Latin States (Columbia, Guatemala & Dominican Republic) 1
04/13/1936 League Attacked By French Press; Resignation Urged-All Sides Ask New Policy 1
04/13/1936 Socialism Urged As Way For India (By Nehru) 6
04/13/1936 Devout Are Fewer At Moscow (Easter) Rites-Harold Denny, Moscow 11
04/13/1936 Passover Sermons Urge Aid For (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee [Jdc]) Funds-Plight Of Jews In Europe Is Pictured (By Nyc Rabbis) 12
04/13/1936 More (U.S.) Funds Urged For Safety At Sea (Morgenthau Involved!) 35
04/14/1936 Roosevelt Favors Limiting Work To Persons 18 To 65 1
04/14/1936 Red Group In WPA (Harry L.Hopkins) Stirs Discontent, (WPA Administrator Victor F.) Ridder Is Warned 1
04/14/1936 (Gen) Hagood (Fired For WPA Criticism) Restored (Temporarily!); Mc Coy Comes Here-Retirement Due Soon 1
04/14/1936 (Du Pont) Produces A Fibre A Third Thinner Than Natural Silk (‘Super Rayon’) 1
04/14/1936 Soviet Urges 8,000 Youths To Be Aviators; Leader Says Best Fliers Will Win Next War 1
04/14/1936 New Pursuit Plane (Vought V-1-41) At Dayton For Test 3
04/14/1936 Anti-Nazi (Committee For Relief And Liberation Of Victims Of Persecution In Europe, Sponsored By A. F. Of L.) Benefit To Be Held May 3 6
04/14/1936 500 Cheer Hanging Of Hitler Effigy (‘League Against War And Fascism’) 13
04/14/1936 Hull Again Urged (By A. F. Of L. And U.S. Jews) To Aid Polish Jews 14
04/14/1936 Plebiscite Doubters Arrested By Nazis 17
04/15/1936 French Ask British In Military Talks To Guard Belgium-Britain’s Aims Coincide 1
04/15/1936 Alien Enemy Law Basis Of U.S. Suit (Confiscations In World War I) 12
04/15/1936 Hull Sees (Buenos Aires Pan-American) Parley As World Peace Aid 13
04/15/1936 Reporter (Isador Lewi) Recalls Lincoln Tragedy (Assassination) 19
04/15/1936 General Von Bahrfeldt Of Germany Dead-One Of Leaders In March Through Belgium Was Convicted (By Belgium Courts Martial-Death Sentence!) In Absentia Of Atrocities (Acquitted By Leipzig Court) 21
04/16/1936 Locarno Entente Becomes Reality-Military Leaders Of Britain, France And Belgium Confer For First Time Since 1919 9
04/16/1936 Anti-Fascism Noted (By Dr. Daniel A Poling) In Italy And Germany 10
04/16/1936 City College To Let Anti-War Group Meet 10
04/16/1936 Turkish Rearming (By British) Backed By Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
04/16/1936 Sanctions Strike Italy Hard Blow-Clarence K. Streit 13
04/16/1936 Lansbury Embarks On Peace Crusade-British Laborite Sails For U.S. In Effort To Arouse People Against War 13
04/16/1936 Curb On U.S. Action (In Western Hemisphere) Sought In (Pan-American) Treaty-Argentina Puts Forth Pact-Bans All Use Of Force 15
04/16/1936 Steel Production Holds High Level 45
04/16/1936 Price Of Wheat Continues To Soar 46
04/17/1936 3 Dead, 100 Injured In Riot In Poland 10
04/17/1936 (Entente) Staffs Draft Plan To Guard Belgium 11
04/17/1936 Reich Class Of ‘22 Begins ‘Land Year’-Boys And Girls 14 Years Old Go To Country Today For Year Of Sport And Work-Plan Found Successful 11
04/17/1936 Argentine (Pan-American Treaty) Plans Approved By U.S.-Intervention Is Opposed 11
04/17/1936 Germans To Start Trial Flights To U.S. Soon; Route To Be By Way Of Azores And Bermuda (Map) 11
04/17/1936 Britain Accepts Turk (Rearmament) Plea Quickly 11
04/17/1936 24 Gypsies, ‘True Aryans’ Are Expelled By Germany 11
04/17/1936 Nazi Consul Is Accused-Amsterdam Newspaper Charges Insult To Netherland Jews 11
04/17/1936 League Is On Trial, Italians Contend-Britain Blamed For (Ethiopian) War 12
04/17/1936 Britain Increases Gibraltar Fleet-Ship Total At New Peak 13
04/17/1936 New War Menace Decried By Women-Heckler Hails Roosevelt 13
04/17/1936 Germany Asks Sec To Register (Dawes) Bonds 29
04/17/1936 Reserve Ratio Drops In Bank Of England-Gold Hoardings Rise 36
04/18/1936 League Peace Efforts Fail; Britain, France Avert Break By Deferring Oil Sanctions (Against Italy) 1
04/18/1936 Berlin Displeased By Geneva Impasse 1
04/18/1936 Four Are Shot, 30 Beaten In Tel Aviv Riot (With British Police) As Jews Protest Slayings (‘1’) By Arab Bandits (Two Arab Workers Killed By Jews In Aftermath) 1
04/18/1936 ‘Permanent Cure’ Is Sought For Idle-Afl Sees ‘Boom’ Near 1
04/18/1936 Turks Send Army Into Straits (Dardanelles) Zone 6
04/18/1936 New German Group (German-American League-Fritz Kuhn) Outlines Policy Here (Successor To ‘Friends Of The New Germany’)-Take On Interest In Politics 7
04/18/1936 Churchmen To Aid Peace Program 16
04/18/1936 H. G. Wells (Socialist) Presents An Outline Of Future History (A Movie) In ‘Things To Come’ 19
04/18/1936 Reichsbank’s Bills Decline Sharply 23
04/19/1936 Germans Must Pay $886,945,810 Bonds-U.S. Court Rules Issues Made Here Are Collectible In Spite Of Berlin (Moratorium) Edict 1
04/19/1936 Destroyer Dunlop Is Launched Here 29
04/19/1936 Anti-Fascist Drive Nets 800 In Spain-Army Shake-Up Is Begun 32
04/19/1936 France Is Pictured As Peace Champion-Urges U.S. Under-Standing 33
04/19/1936 Japanese Prepare For Soviet ‘Attack’ 33
04/19/1936 Japan’s Ruler Becomes Officially Son Of Heaven 33
04/19/1936 Half Of Italy’s Gold Lost Since Start Of (Ethiopian) War 34
04/19/1936 Italians Blamed By League (‘Committee Of Thirteen’) Group 34
04/19/1936 Britain Publishes Notes On Air Raids 36
04/19/1936 Triple Defense Plan Is Revealed In Paris-Flooding Of Belgium From Ghent To Antwerp And Extension Of Maginot Line 35
04/19/1936 Vienna’s Chief Rabbi (Dr. Feuchtwang) Answers Jews’ Foes-Will To Live Has Been Indestructible For Thousands Of Years 36
04/19/1936 Germany Censors Political Trials 36
04/19/1936 Germany’s Fight On Idleness (Unemployment) Told N-1
04/19/1936 American Clergy To Preach Abroad (In England)-Thirteen (Pastors) From Great Britain To Come Here In Summer To Occupy (American) Pulpits N-10
04/19/1936 Rhine Fortifications Delayed By Germany-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
04/19/1936 Austria’s Arming Has Wide Effects-G.E. R. Gedye E-4
04/19/1936 Hicks, Granville, John Reed, The Making Of A Revolution, Macmillan Col, N.Y.-John Reed, Buried In Kremlin, Married To Louise Bryant Who Later Married William C. Bullitt, Roosevelt’s Ambassador To The Ussr And Then France; Picture Book 5
04/19/1936 France Speaks; We Want Peace,-Andre Marois Mag. 3
04/19/1936 Britain Puts A New Armorer (Sir Thomas Inskip) To Work (Rearming Britain) Mag. 7
04/20/1936 11 Killed, 50 Hurt In Palestine Riots-British Troops On Guard-Joseph M. Levy 1
04/20/1936 (Senator George) Norris Asks Youth To Back Roosevelt-Calls Him Ideal Leader 2
04/20/1936 Hitler Eulogized (By Dr. Joseph Goebbels) On Eve Of His (Birthday) Fete 8
04/20/1936 Cabinet In Poland Reported In Crisis 8
04/20/1936 China Fears 15,000,000 Deaths In Famine; Vast Szechwan Province Area Has No Food 8
04/20/1936 Paris And Prague See Berlin Peril-Vienna Thinks Austria Will Be Next Victim-Reich Now Has Friends 9
04/20/1936 Reich-Soviet Pact Remains An Issue-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
04/20/1936 (French Officials) Say Reich Is Building (Secret) Navy Base Off Africa 9
04/20/1936 Anglo-French Row Averted By Talk 10
04/20/1936 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America) To Support The (World) Jewish Congress (In Geneva, August 9) 11
04/20/1936 Educators Decry Nazis’ School Ban (Of Jews)-(American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee & Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) 15
04/20/1936 British Fund Using Much French Gold-To Keep The Pound Down 29
04/20/1936 Britain Disappointed By President’s (Roosevelt’s Currency Stabilization) Stand-U.S. Inconsistency Seen 29
04/21/1936 League Renews Censure Of Italy And Urges Peace; Sanctions Will Continue 1
04/21/1936 Germany Parades Military Power To Celebrate Hitler’s 47th Birthday 1
04/21/1936 House Authorizes 4 000 Planes-Approves Plan For Air Reserve-New Battleships Asked 1
04/21/1936 President (Roosevelt) Defines Our Armament Play-We Will Not Expand Unless Others Force Us To Do So 14
04/21/1936 Methodist Group (Newark Conference) Bans War Support 15
04/21/1936 Nationalism’s End To Stop Wars Urged (By Adolf A. Berle, Jr.-Later Ass’t. Sec. Of State) 15
04/21/1936 (Senate Committee) Want Government To Make Munitions 16
04/21/1936 War Fears Burden Britain’s Budget-L20,000,000 Extra Needed 16
04/21/1936 War Secretary Asks English Church’s Aid-(Alfred Duff) Cooper (Later Churchill’s Minister Of Information) Urges Denunciation Of ‘Insidious Doctrine Of Pacifism’ As Heresy 16
04/21/1936 Deaths Rise To 20 In Palestine Riots-Arabs Fire Jewish Homes-Joseph M. Levy 17
04/21/1936 German Exports Continue To Rise-Big Jump Was Seasonal-Otto D. Tolischus 17
04/21/1936 Hull Plans Honors For Cuban Official (Dr. Miguel Mariano Gomez) 19
04/21/1936 Anti-War Strikers In Schools Warned 25
04/22/1936 Hitler Gets Title Supreme War Lord 1
04/22/1936 Lansbury (On Peace Tour) Urges Resources Pact (With U.S. And England) 3
04/22/1936 Heavy Gold Loss By Italy Is Shown-Clarence K. Streit 8
04/22/1936 Hapsburgs’ Food Scanty Visitor To Otto Discloses 9
04/22/1936 Olympics Linked To Nazi Agitation 10
04/22/1936 Nazi People’s Court Is Made Permanent-Tribunal For ‘Traitors’ 11
04/22/1936 Reich Rhine Forts Begun, Paris Hears 11
04/22/1936 Churchmen Warn Of Liberty Curbs-Spokes Men Of Protestant, Catholic And Jewish Groups Urge Wide Investigations-Hit High-Sounding Names 28
04/23/1936 Paris Hears Nazis Mass Near Austria-Anschluss Drive Is Seen 1
04/23/1936 Deporting (Russian & German) Aliens Called ‘Inhuman’ (By Senator Copeland) 2
04/23/1936 Hitler Pays High Honor To Gen Von Seeckt 8
04/23/1936 Reich Paper (Diplomatische Korrespondenz) Attacks British Blue Book (Supporting Britain’s Position)-Says Publication Fails To Give All Documents Relating To Rearming Of The Rhine 8
04/23/1936 Reich ‘Coordinates’ University Students 8
04/23/1936 Premier Of Poland Curbs Opposition 9
04/23/1936 British Are Pained By Tax Increases (For Rearmament) 9
04/23/1936 Accord On U.S. Debt Is Urged On Britain 9
04/23/1936 Italy Is Aroused Over (Turkish Rearming Of) Dardanelles 9
04/23/1936 More War Funds Decreed In Italy 10
04/23/1936 8 Arabs Are Slain In Palestine Riots (Jewish Telegraph Agency) 11
04/23/1936 $9,000 For Jewish Fund 11
04/23/1936 Soviet Plots War, Tokyo Paper Says 11
04/23/1936 Roosevelt Policy Praised By (Cuban President-Elect) Gomez 12
04/23/1936 Reich Overtaking U.S. In Air Power-Britain To Retain Lead 12
04/23/1936 Funds Sent To Palestine ($100,000 By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Of United Palestine Appeal) 12
04/23/1936 Nation’s Students Join Peace Rallies-16,000 At Rallies Here 14
04/23/1936 Lansbury Appeals For A Peace Union 14
04/23/1936 American Warships Will Visit England-Cruises To Latin America Also Ordered 25
04/24/1936 Eden To Question Hitler On Colonies-France Pleased By Plan 1
04/24/1936 Churchill Exposes Nazis’ Arming Pace-Sees Crisis In Four Years 10
04/24/1936 Germany Opens Leaders; Schools 10
04/24/1936 Condition Of Jews Is Acute In Poland-Plunderings And Killings Go On In Villages Without Police Or Even Telephones-Terror Reigns At Night 11
04/24/1936 6 (Germans) Jailed, Molested Jews (Frankfurt A/M.) 11
04/24/1936 Benes Praises (Czech) Soldiers-Among World’s Bravest 12
04/24/1936 Russians Demand Britain Pledge Aid-Reich And Japan In Mind 13
04/24/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Warns Press Of Dictatorships-Sees Trend In Country 15
04/24/1936 (Lehman) Would End Stigma Of Illegitimacy 23
04/25/1936 Ban On War Trade Held Costly To Us (By Allen W. Dulles [See Entry Jan. 26, Book 1 & Jan. 23, 1936, P. 10]) 6
04/25/1936 Tension In Palestine Eased, Says S.S. Wise 7
04/25/1936 (British) Hail Roosevelt Plan For Visit To Canada 8
04/25/1936 Belgium Puts Peace First, Says (Former Premier) Jaspar 8
04/25/1936 Guatemalans Enter (Reciprocal) Trade Pact With U.S. 8
04/25/1936 Nazi Critics Freed By Hitler Amnesty-Clergy Are Not Included 9
04/25/1936 Nazis To Multiply Students Abroad-Money Bars Are Lifted 9
04/25/1936 Nazi Ties Denied By ‘Czech Hitler’ (Konrad Henlein)-G.E.R. Gedye 9
04/25/1936 Ceding (Return) Of (Former German) Colonies Fought In Britain 9
04/25/1936 Austria To Enroll 50,000 In Her Army During June 9
04/25/1936 Schacht Is Seeking Dictator’s Power-Otto D. Tolischus 9
04/25/1936 Picture: Methodist Rev. Dr. Ralph W. Sockman 18
04/25/1936 Paris And London To Ship Gold Here 25
04/26/1936 Roosevelt Here, Defends Cost Of ‘Rebuilding’ Nation (Text, P. 32) 1
04/26/1936 Tel Aviv Prepares Its Greatest Fair-Joseph M. Levy 22
04/26/1936 ‘Future Hitlers’ Get A New Castle (School-Marienburg) 25
04/26/1936 Treatment Of Jews In Poland Protested (By ‘People’s Committee Against Polish Pogroms’) 25
04/26/1936 War Fear Spreads Throughout Japan 26
04/26/1936 Arab Outbreaks Go On In Palestine 26
04/26/1936 Nazis Free Clergy Arrested As Foes 26
04/26/1936 (Austrian) Heimwehr To Cease Under Conscription 27
04/26/1936 Picture: Invitation To 300th Anniversary Of Harvard University-(Signed By) J. B. Conant 33
04/26/1936 (Federal Social) Security Act Foes Chided By (John G.) Winant (Roosevelt’s Ambassador To England After Kennedy) N-1
04/26/1936 $11,130,000 Gold Engaged In Paris F-1
04/26/1936 Reichsbank Adds Gold, Lifting Ration F-7
04/26/1936 Eden Tries To Learn Hitler;S Next Move-Berlin Blocked On (Return Of) Colonies E-3
04/26/1936 Germans Are Awed By Own War Power E-4
04/26/1936 Spain Swings (Farther) To The Left E-4
04/26/1936 Poison Gas Perils Held Exaggerated E-5
04/26/1936 American War Forces Are Being Made Over-Huge Outlay For Navy, Army And Air Craft Is Defended On The Grounds Of Changing World Conditions-Picture; Boeing B-17 E-6
04/26/1936 (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.), 80, Sees Democracy Safe-But He Warns, It Must Not Stand Still If It Is To Meet The Challenge Of New Forces (Picture) Mag. 5
04/26/1936 (Soviet) War Birds Over Soviet Russia Roto.
04/27/1936 Adv. Full Page: An Urgent Message From Palestine (Chaim Weizmann)-$150,000 Is Required At Once For The Emergency-United Palestine Appeal, Stephen S. Wise, Chairman 7
04/26/1936 New Court System For Reich Worker-Otto D. Tolischus 9
04/26/1936 Morgenthau, Sr. Is 80 9
04/26/1936 Help For (Jewish) Children In Reich Is Put First-Dire Need In-Poland Seen (By American Jewish Jdc.-Seeking $3,500,000-F. M. Warburg, P. Baerwald, H. Lehman & James N. Rosenburg) 14
04/26/1936 Reich Lifts Output Of Raw Materials 40
04/28/1936 Goering Dictator Of Reich Finances To End Quarrels-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/28/1936 Poland Puts Ban On Gold Exports-Foreign Loans To Be Paid 8
04/28/1936 Nazis Will Guide Heidelberg (University 550th Anniversary) Fete 9
04/29/1936 Magnus Says Nation Courts Insolvency 2
04/29/1936 5 (Schools) Deny Accepting Heidelberg’s (550th Anniversary) Bid 23
04/29/1936 Reich Takes Over Control Of Sport 23
04/30/1936 Schacht Opposes Goering’s Power-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/30/1936 Nazis In Hungary Accused Of Plot 6
04/30/1936 Reds To Be Strong In French Regime 9
04/30/1936 Women Of All Faiths (Meeting Under Auspices Of Women’s Division Of American Jewish Congress Presided Over By Mrs. [Rabbi] Stephen S. Wise) Aid Fight On Fascism 11