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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

August 1936
Date Headline Page
08/01/1936 Roosevelt (In Quebec, After A Fishing Trip) Lauds Ties With Canada; Hailed By Throngs 1
08/01/1936 France Asks 3-Power Conference For Neutrality In Spanish Crisis 1
08/01/1936 French Find Italy Was Aiding (Spanish) Rebels-Planes That Fell In Morocco Were Armed And Commanded By Italian Officers-Full Inquiry Is Ordered 1
08/01/1936 Losses By (Spanish) Rebels Listed By Madrid-Purge In Capitol Goes On-More Church Property Seized (By Loyalists) 1
08/01/1936 Former New York School Boy Leads (Spanish) Rebels (Jose Sainz) 2
08/01/1936 Reich Asks Prior Notice Of Spanish Bombardment (From Both Parties) 2
08/01/1936 London Does Big Business In Spanish War Risks 2
08/01/1936 Italy And Germany To Attend (Locarno) Parley-New Rhine Arming Hinted 3
08/01/1936 Nazis Are Upbraided In Austrian Parade 3
08/01/1936 Roosevelt Visit Links 3 Nations (U.S., Canada & England) 5
08/02/1936 Paris Asks Powers To Stay Neutral 1
08/02/1936 100,000 Hail Hitler; U.S. Athletes Avoid Nazi Salute To Him 1
08/02/1936 Air ‘Raid’ Is Staged By Army In West 16
08/02/1936 Russia Sees War And Revolutions-Reich And Japan Scored 28
08/02/1936 (World) Jewish (Congress) Parley (Favored If Not Initiated By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Plans To Study Palestine-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Arrives There 28
08/02/1936 Poles Seek Outlet For Big Population-May Demand Colonies When Germany Presents Claims-Jewish Exodus Urged 28
08/02/1936 Germans Injured In Spain 30
08/02/1936 Woman Red Spurs Madrid Defense; Hailed As A Messiah By The Workers (‘La Passionaria’)-Is Cortes Deputy And Served On Comintern Congress Executive-Noted For Her Bravery 31
08/02/1936 Spain Confiscates Electric Concerns 31
08/02/1936 (High) Military Budgets Disturb Japanese N-5
08/02/1936 Pacific Institute (Of Pacific Relations, Yosemite) To Open On Aug. 15-10 Nations To Send Leaders N-5
08/02/1936 Americans Oppose Reich-Brazil (Trade) Pact N-6
08/02/1936 Civil Clashes In Spain Echo Through Europe E-4
08/02/1936 Nazi Regime Saps Church Opposition E-4
08/02/1936 Anti-Hitler Cartoon: Part Of Compilation By Hanfstaengl E-4
08/02/1936 Hitler Has Upper Hand In New Locarno Plans E-5
08/02/1936 Prague Is Wary Of Berlin-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
08/02/1936 Drought Turns (U.S.) Farmers Into New Deal Critics E-7
08/02/1936 Fear Over Europe-Hope Here (German Menace Implied)-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
08/02/1936 Spain At Her Great Decision Mag. 4
08/03/1936 British Fear Reich Will Balk Parley-They Are Vexed By Germany’s Insistence On Talks Before Locarno Conference Meets-Augur 1
08/03/1936 Three Cities In Spain Fired By Intense Left Bombings-Priests And Landowners Are Reported Slain Near Lalaga By Mobs Incited By The Reds 1
08/03/1936 Doctors Ready To Curb War-Bourne Plagues; Deadly Camp Diseases Held Under Control (Epidemic Typhus Mentioned) 4
08/03/1936 Anti-Jew Charge Put Up To State (By Samuel Dickstein, N.Y.) 5
08/03/1936 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Attacks Roosevelt As Red 8
08/03/1936 Lindbergh Ends Stay In Germany-Leaves Without Seeing Hitler 17
08/04/1936 League Of Nations Asked (By Jews And Others) To Combat Nazi Oppression-Support (James G.) M’donald (Roosevelt Appointee) Stand 1
08/04/1936 Reich Warship Blocks Fire Of Spanish Ships At Cecita; Reported Landing Sailors-Bishop Of Jaen Is Seized (By Loyalist-Reds) 1
08/04/1936 Masses In Moscow Pledge Spain Help-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
08/04/1936 Army Buys 150 ‘Most Beautiful’ Air Motors; 1 000 Horsepower For Bombers At Take-Off 1
08/04/1936 Americans Describe (Leftist-Red) Terror In Barcelona 2
08/04/1936 U.S. Tops Germany In Output Of Beer-Spurt In (British) Civil Aviation 6
08/04/1936 Vienna Jails 130 Nazis 6
08/04/1936 Reich Law Checks Trading With U.S.-Forbids The Use Of Discounted Marks And Barter Deals, Bringing Showdown Near-Subsidy Thus Eliminated-Otto D. Tolischus 7
08/04/1936 Americans (Representing German-American League) Visit Hitler 7
08/04/1936 Picture: WPA Administrator Victor F. Ridder (Later Publisher Of New Yorker Staats Zeitung) And His Replacement, Lt. Col. Brehon B. Somervell-Wants No Politics In WPA 9
08/05/1936 Madrid Terror Is Described In An Uncensored (London Times) Despatch 1
08/05/1936 U.S. Bids Germans Reveal Subsidies-New Treasury (Morgenthau) Order Requires Full Data On Invoices Of The Imports From The Reich-Berlin In A Compromise-Drops The Special Benefits To Shippers-Further Cut In Trade With U.S. Is Seen 1
08/05/1936 U.S. Rights In Spain Watched Closely (By Cordell Hull)-Neutrality Law No Issue-Statute Not Applicable In Civil War 2
08/05/1936 Leftists Seized In Cuba For Aiding Spanish Reds (Loyalists) 2
08/05/1936 Britain Endorses (Spanish) Neutrality Plea 3
08/05/1936 26 (U.S.) Refugees Back With (Leftist-Loyalist) Terror Tales 3
08/05/1936 7,000 Fascists Jam (Loyalist) Prisons In Madrid-All Railroads Are Seized 4
08/05/1936 Britain Denies Sales Of Planes To Spain 4
08/05/1936 British Labor Asking Funds To Help (Loyalist-Red) Spain 4
08/05/1936 German Trade Pact Assailed In Greece (In Periodical) 7
08/05/1936 Danzig Court Backs Boycotting Of Jews 7
08/05/1936 (William Christian) Bullitt Takes Post As Hull ‘Consultant;’ (First) Ambassador (To U.S.S. R. & Former Husband Of Louise Bryant Reed) Denies Political Activity 13
08/06/1936 (Premier John) Metaxas Crushes (Leftist Trade Union) Strike In Greece; Dictatorship Seen (Apparently By N.Y. Times, Picture, P. 4) 1
08/06/1936 Paris Pushes Curb On Arms For Spain As French (Volunteers) Enlist (To Aid Spanish Loyalists) 1
08/06/1936 Anarchists (Not Reds!) Held Big Peril In Spain-Danger That They Will Oust Reds From Government If The Rebels Lose, Is Seen 3
08/06/1936 Spanish Consul (Felix De Iturriaga) Here Resigns In Protest (Against Madrid Loyalist-Red Regime) 3
08/06/1936 Germans Fly To Madrid 3
08/06/1936 German Products Get Lower Duties (From Treasury [Morgenthau] Department)-U.S. Countervail On Calf And Did Leather, Surgical Instruments, Cameras Removed-Berlin Subsidies Denied-Higher Duties Remain On Seven Other Items 4
08/06/1936 President (Roosevelt’s Letter) Endorses (United) Palestine Appeal (For $3,500,000 Drive For Settlement Of Jews In Palestine) 6
08/06/1936 Two Army Forces Begin War Games (In Fort Knox, Kentucky) 7
08/06/1936 Picture: Russians Before Taking Off In California On Moscow Flight (A U.S. Vultee Plane, Testing A New Air Route From U.S. To Russia) 7
08/06/1936 (U.S.) Drought Is Found The Nation’s Worst 9
08/06/1936 Petition (In Bergen, N. J.) Asks Curb On Jewish Center 14
08/07/1936 Germans Aroused By Left Shooting Of Four (Germans) In Spain-Otto D. Tolischus 1
08/07/1936 Movie Propaganda Is Charged To WPA 1
08/07/1936 Jewish Emigration Is Urged By Poland-Foreign Ministry (Jozef Beck) Advocates It In View Of Overpopulation And Lack Of Capital (1,000,000 Of 3,000,000 Jews Have No Prospect Of Economically Sound Employment) 2
08/07/1936 Roosevelt Is Urged (By ‘International Reform Federation Of Washington And London’) To Call Peace Talks-Under The Kellogg Pact 2
08/07/1936 Greece Democratic (Under Metaxas, U.S. Minister To Greece) Macveagh Declares 2
08/07/1936 30 Americans Arrive (In Geneva) For (First World) Jewish Congress-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise’s Keynote Address At Geneva Session Tomorrow To Be Broadcast Here (List Of Many U.S. Attendees) 2
08/07/1936 U.S. Calls On (Loyalist-Red) Spain To Guard (U.S.) Property-Asks Full Compensation For Any Confiscated In Course Of War, From Americans-Madrid Is Sympathetic (So Is U.S.!)-Sovietization Of U.S. Motor Plants Reported 3
08/07/1936 (Loyalist-Red) Spain Discouraging (But Not Refusing) Foreign Volunteers 3
08/07/1936 Russian Workers Give $2,400,000 To Madrid (Loyalists-Reds) 3
08/07/1936 Hitler Sees Peace ‘By Common Sense’ 4
08/07/1936 (U.S.) Labor Seen As 95% Behind Roosevelt (By Daniel J. Tobin, Labor Division Of Democratic National Committee, Vice President Of A. F. Of L., President Of International Brotherhood Of Teamsters) 6
08/07/1936 Ask League To Aid (German) Jews-(U.S.) Notables Endorse Petition For Intercession In Germany 20
08/08/1936 Germany Demands Spanish Indemnity-Reinforces Protest On Killing Of (4) Germans (By Loyalist-Reds)-Otto D. Tolischus 1
08/08/1936 (Acting Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring Showered With White Feathers When Peace Advocate (Woody Hockaday) Invades War Office 2
08/08/1936 Reich Adds Curb On Trade With U.S.-Bars Use Of Registered Marks-Schacht Said To Desire To Halt America Commerce 2
08/08/1936 Harvard Freedom Stressed To Nazis (German Students Touring England, By Dr. Kirley F. Mather At Cambridge, England)-Race Equality Is Emphasized 11
08/08/1936 More Gold Bought As The Franc Drops-Loan Renewed By London 17
08/09/1936 Franco Promises A Liberal (New Spanish) Regime, Favoring No Class-Denying Fascist Aims, Rebel Chief Assails Spain’s Basic Law As Unworkable 1
08/09/1936 Italy Warns (Loyalist-Red) Spain On Two (Italian) Slayings 1
08/09/1936 Metaxas Plans To ‘Discipline’ All Greeks; In No Haste To Restore Civil Liberties 1
08/09/1936 (Spanish) Loyalists Show Courage At Front 2
08/09/1936 U.S. Unions Are Asking For $100,000 For (Loyalist-Red) Spain 2
08/09/1936 Church Art Gone (Destroyed By Leftist Mobs) In Barcelona Area 3
08/09/1936 Problems Of Church Discussed In Berlin (Martin Niemoeller, ‘The Most Militant Confessional (Synod) Leader’-Free Church Comprising Chiefly Methodists & Baptists) 7
08/09/1936 First World (Jewish Congress) Parley Is Opened (In Geneva) By Jews-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
08/09/1936 Army Buys Planes Of A Fast (Pursuit) Design (Curtis P-36) 17
08/09/1936 Text Of ‘Jeffersonian Democrats’ (Anti-Roosevelt & Anti-New Deal) Statement 26
08/09/1936 (Herbert C. Pell-Later U.S. Minister To Spain & Head Of United Nations War Crimes Commission) Backs New Deal Spending 28
08/09/1936 Three (U.S.) Senators (Royal S. Copeland, N.Y.; Warren R. Austin, Vermont; & Daniel 0. Hastings, Del.) Sail For Palestine Tour (To Make ‘Informal Health Survey’ For Nathan Straus) N-5
08/09/1936 Curb On Germany (By [Morgenthau] Treasury Department) Wins Praise (Source Unnamed)-Seek Check On Japanese-Charles E. Egan F-8
08/09/1936 U.S. Navy Planning Fastest Warships F-10
08/09/1936 Picture: Daniel J. Tobin, William Green, Sidney Hillman & John L. Lewis E-3
08/09/1936 Britain Plays For Time To Avert European War E-4
08/09/1936 Europe Splits Left And Right E-4
08/09/1936 Nazism In Austria Spurred By (Austro-German) Accord E-4
08/09/1936 Danes On Guard Against Nazis E-4
08/09/1936 New Economic Steps Are Due In Germany-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
08/09/1936 Benes (Pres. Of Czechoslovakia) Sees Hope For Democracies-Picture: ‘Democracy His Ideal’ E-5
08/09/1936 Russian Anti-German Cartoon (‘Devaluation Of The Mark’) E-5
08/09/1936 Picture: Guy M. Gillette Of Iowa, Pro-Zionist E-6
08/09/1936 Vexed Palestine-Balfour Declaration Is Held Of Little Help-Letter By Jacob De Hass E-9
08/09/1936 (Herbert) Lehman (A Roosevelt ‘Spokesman’) Outlines His (Pro-New Deal) Social Philosophy Mag. 5
08/10/1936 President (Roosevelt) Resents Charge He Balked At Meeting Hoover (In 1932-33 To Formulate Program To Combat Depression) 1
08/10/1936 (New York Settlement) Bund Acquires Camp (Siegfried In Yaphank) Site 2
08/10/1936 4 Japanese Beaten; China Gets Protest-Japanese Flag Trampled 3
08/10/1936 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia Univ.) Chides ‘Failing’ Churches-Urges Progressive View 9
08/10/1936 Russian Airmen (See Entry, August 6, P. 7) Still Held Down-Charting New Air (Supply) Route (Between U.S. And Russia) 21
08/11/1936 Lima (Peru) Mob Stones German Consulate (Over Olympic Games Incident) 1
08/11/1936 Foreigners (Germans & Italians) Killing (Execution!) In Spain Described 2
08/11/1936 Worker In (Loyalist-Red) Spain Seize Private Art 2
08/11/1936 200 Frenchmen (Volunteers) Go To Barcelona’s (Loyalist-Red’s) Aid-Ten Times That Total Have Been Barred 2
08/11/1936 Germany To Insist On Neutral Soviet (In Spanish War) 3
08/11/1936 Vatican Demands (Loyalist-Red) Spain Halt ‘Sacrilege;’ Bids Catholics Pray For Peace And Justice 3
08/11/1936 Rebel Chief (Gen. Gonzalo Queipo De Llano) Tells Of Punishing Reds-Those Guilty Of Murder, Arson And Pillage Must Answer-(Traditional ‘War Crimes’) 3
08/11/1936 French Worry Rises On Help To (Spanish) Rebels 3
08/11/1936 Terror In Poland Reported By Jews (World Jewish Congress, Geneva-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise)-They Are Made ‘Scapegoats; For Nation’s Woes-Hitlerism Is Denounced 4
08/11/1936 (Alfred) Landon (Presidential Candidate-Republican) Declared Against (U.S.) Isolation-Cecil Howes 6
08/11/1936 Roosevelt Assailed As Record Spender 9
08/11/1936 Plan Warship Lane (Deep Channel) In The East River 44
08/12/1936 U.S. Will Keep Hands Off In Spain; Washington Opposes Arms Sales 1
08/12/1936 32 German, Italian Planes Reach Rebel Army In Spain 1
08/12/1936 (Von) Ribbentrop Named Nazi London Envoy (Picture, P. 4) 1
08/12/1936 Belgium Desirous Of Old (Pre-W. W. I) Neutrality-Augur 2
08/12/1936 Two Rebel Chiefs (In Spain) Condemned To Die 3
08/12/1936 Women Hold 16% Of All WPA Jobs 8
08/13/1936 French Arms Loan To Poland Is Seen In General’s (Gamelin’s) Visit-To Discuss Reich Moves-Jerzy Szapiro 1
08/13/1936 Launchings Delayed On 3 U.S. Warships-48 Vessels Reported Behind Schedule 3
08/13/1936 German Kidnapper Dies 7
08/13/1936 Austro-Reich Accord On (German) Tourists Reached (German Tourist Tax On Germans-Rm 1,000-Rescinded-It Was Intended To Reduce Flow Of Gold Out Of Germany) 8
08/13/1936 Boycott Plan (On German Goods & Services) Pushed At (Geneva World) Jewish Conference (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise!) 8
08/13/1936 2 Rebel Generals Shot At Barcelona (After Salvo, ‘Viva La Republica!’) 10
08/13/1936 (Franco) Planes Bomb San Sebastian; Leftists Ready To Kill 700 If Warship Shells The City 1
08/13/1936 Reich Yields To Us In ([Morgenthau] Treasury Department) Tariff Dispute-Withdraws Subsidies On Al Exports To This Country-(U.S.) Duties May Be (Sic) Lifted-Germany Now Is Expected To Balance Commerce With America To Save Gold-But Cut In Trade Is Seen 1
08/13/1936 France’s ‘200 Families’ Yield Fiscal Power In Central Bank To ‘Democratize’ (Radical Socialist Leon Blum’s Popular Front) Regime 1
08/13/1936 (First World Jewish) Congress (Geneva-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Upholds (German Goods & Services) Boycott-Spread Of Boycott Urged 2
08/13/1936 (Felix M.) Warburg (Head Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Among Other Things) To Lead Aid To Reich Jews (Other Names Listed!) 2
08/13/1936 (Bernard) Baruch Finds Europe Arming On All Sides-Labor Is Being Treated ‘Barbarically’ Under Tariff Wars, He Asserts In London 3
08/13/1936 (Henry A.) Wallace (Destroyer Of Food Surpluses) Denies Shortage Of Food 6
08/13/1936 Seek Enlisted Men For Naval Fliers-494 Cadets In Training 6
08/13/1936 Roper (& William A. Julian Of The [Morgenthau] Treasury Dept.) Sails For U.S. After Housing Study (Trip Through Germany & England-A Fact-Finding Trip Like Col. William Donovan?) 11
08/13/1936 Mr. Stimson Found Mr. Roosevelt Cooperative 16
08/15/1936 Roosevelt Denounces War And Breakers Of Pledges (Chautauqua Speech, Text, P. 4) 1
08/15/1936 U.S. ([Morgenthau] Treasury Department) Reduces Duties On Reich Imports-Lifts Countervailing Tariffs After Germany Abrogates Subsidies On Her Exports-Berlin Circles Critical 1
08/15/1936 U.S. Demands (Loyalist-Red) Spain Release AmericaN-37 Britons Also Seized 1
08/15/1936 65 Blum Measures Enacted Into Law-Social System Altered 2
08/15/1936 (First World) Jewish Congress (Geneva) Adopts Principles-Fixes Lines Of A Permanent Organization-Rabbi (Stephen Samuel) Wise As Executive Head-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
08/15/1936 Hebron Mayor (Nassar Eddine) Slain; Aid In Safed Urged 2
08/15/1936 The President (Roosevelt) On Peace 14
08/16/1936 733 Executed In Madrid, 7,000 Others In City Seized-(Loyalist) Red Militia Is Accused 1
08/16/1936 Ex-Soviet Leaders (Zinovieff & Kamenoff) Are Likely To Die ‘Terror Plot’-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
08/16/1936 Peek In Farm Plea ‘Indicts’ New Deal (Text, P. 29) 1
08/16/1936 Proletarian Rule Foreseen In Spain-Red Militia Will Be The Most Powerful Factor If Forces Of (Loyalist-Red) Government Triumph 2
08/16/1936 (Loyalist-Red) Madrid Socializes More Industries 3
08/16/1936 ‘Real Fighting’ Leads 2 Americans To (Volunteer For (Loyalist-Red) Spain 3
08/16/1936 Spain Traces (Revolution) Plot To General Staff 9
08/16/1936 Spain Rejects Aid Of Volunteers Here (Volunteers Like The Abraham Lincoln Brigade?) 9
08/16/1936 World Jewry Ends Geneva (First, World Jewish) Congress-Mapping A Fight Against Anti-Semitism-Americans (Julian Mack And Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Are Elected (To Dominating Positions-Nahum Goldmann Elected Chairman Of Administration Committee) 13
08/16/1936 Tageblatt Rebukes Roosevelt For (Chautauqua Speech) Dig-We Contributed To ‘Injustice’ (Sic) In Germany, It Says, Advising ‘Moderation In Judgement’ 13
08/16/1936 (Women’s International League For Peace And Freedom) Peace League Lauds Roosevelt’s (Chautauqua) Speech-Regret That He Did Not Oppose Arms Rise 29
08/16/1936 Army Post Here Wars On Termite Invasion N-1
08/16/1936 We Give To The World An Example Of Peace (Roosevelt Chautauqua Speech) E-3
08/16/1936 Vatican Favors Spanish Rebels E-4
08/16/1936 Small Businesses Suffer In (Radical Socialist Leon Blum’s Popular Front Government In) France E-4
08/16/1936 Saar Now Shares In Reich Hardships (But Not France’s!) E-5
08/16/1936 Nazis Stir German Minorities (In Neighboring Countries) E-5
08/16/1936 Big Naval Powers Begin To Build E-10
08/16/1936 The French Revolution Lives On-Andre Maurois Mag. 1
08/16/1936 Roosevelt And Business: The Wide Rift Mag. 5
08/17/1936 Rebels Slaughter Badajoz Leftists, Execute 1,200-Invaders Kill Two In Cathedral-Insurgents Are Jubilant (Report From Lisbon!)-San Sebastian Massacre Feared As Fascists Advance On Coast 1
08/17/1936 (Spanish) Republic Menaced By Reds In Madrid 1
08/17/1936 British Sympathy For New Deal Seen 2
08/17/1936 Navy To Open Bids For 18 War Craft 2
08/17/1936 Big Church Sums (Valuables) Taken By (Loyalist-Red) Madrid; Purge Of City Functionaries Begun 3
08/17/1936 Non-Intervention (In Spain) Seen As A Failure 3
08/17/1936 Uruguay Asks Americas To Be Mediators In Spain 3
08/17/1936 President (Roosevelt) Is Told Of ‘Politics’ In WPA 4
08/18/1936 Mass Executions (In Spain) Go On 1
08/18/1936 Leaders Of Revolt In Madrid Are Shot 2
08/18/1936 Regime Of Murder In (Loyalist-Red) Barcelona Told 2
08/18/1936 (Barcelona) Like A ‘Slaughter House’ 2
08/18/1936 (Loyalist-Red) Madrid Said To Distrust Men In The Air Force; Fear Of Desertion Limits Attacks By Planes 3
08/18/1936 Briton Reports Massacre By Reds In Cartagena 3
08/18/1936 German Ships Evacuate 6,500 (From Spain) 3
08/18/1936 Reich Cuts Deficit In Trade With U.S. 4
08/18/1936 Roosevelt Views Anti-Aircraft Gun-He Wishes Army Had More 7
08/19/1936 Italy’s Planes Ready To Help Rebels If France Continues Aid To Madrid-Paris Allows Arms Move-Permits A Loyalist Shipment From Barcelona To Irun Via French Territory 1
08/19/1936 Rebels Charge Use Of Poison Gas (London Times Says It Was ‘Only Tear Gas’) In Shelling By Madrid Artillery 1
08/19/1936 Unrest In Europe Causes Roosevelt To Cut Trip West 1
08/19/1936 U.S. Arms Shipments Chiefly To Far East (China Only Second In Volume, Says Cordell Hull, Chairman Of Munitions Control Board & Sec. Of State) 2
08/19/1936 Americans Horrified By Outrages In Spain (Miss Edith Lawrence [Her Version Emphasized!] Blames ‘Fascists’-Others Describe Burning Of Churches & Killing Of Priests By Loyalist Reds)-More Massacres Reported 2
08/19/1936 Washington Gets (Spanish Civil War) Mediation Plan (Uruguay Suggestion) 2
08/19/1936 Wiseman Home, Sees Europe Dodging War 2
08/19/1936 12,000 Here Back Spanish Loyalists (Reds)-$5,700 In Cash Promised (Mostly From ‘National Union Of Communism’) 3
08/19/1936 Japanese Warned On Race For Trade (By British Delegate To Institute Of Pacific Relations) 4
08/19/1936 (William) Green (Pres. Of A. F. Of L.) Despite C. I. 0. Sticks To Roosevelt 12
08/19/1936 Reichsbanks Gold Continues To Rise 35
08/20/1936 16 In Soviet Admit 2 Plots To Kill Stalin And Others-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
08/20/1936 British Embargo All Arms To Spain As Italy Delays-Planes In London Ban 1
08/20/1936 17 ‘Absent’ Workers Revealed As Dead In Check-Up By (N.Y.) WPA 1
08/20/1936 Paris Fascists Aid Rebellion In Spain-Insurgent Army Unpaid-Germany’s Stand On Neutrality Is Believed To Be Merely A Diplomatic Gesture 3
08/20/1936 British Urge U.S. Act As (Spanish Civil War) Mediator-Washington (Roosevelt) Circles Cool 3
08/20/1936 American Girl Forced To Dance In Barcelona; Leftists Work All Talent At $1 A Day And Food 3
08/20/1936 Benes (Of Czechoslovakia) Bespeaks Aid Of (Sudeten) German Minority 3
08/20/1936 British Still Bar Data On Palestine-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
08/20/1936 Japan Hints War, Russians Charge 4
08/20/1936 (French Gen.) Gamelin (Polish) Trip Ends On A Cordial Basis 4
08/20/1936 (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann Tax Case Is Settled For $1,897 7
08/20/1936 Navy Opens Bids For 9 New Craft-Nine Others Scheduled 23
08/21/1936 Reich Orders Its Warships Near Spain To Resist Force-More Craft Are On Way 1
08/21/1936 U.S. Declines A Bid To Mediate In Spain-Wisdom Of Move Doubted 1
08/21/1936 Mexico Arms Sale To Spain Reported-Governments Deny This 2
08/21/1936 5 Nations To Join Italian War Game 2
08/21/1936 Picture: Spanish Loyalists Destroy A Statue Of Christ (Corro De Los Angeles, Near Madrid) 3
08/21/1936 (Spanish) Anarchist Papers Published Here 3
08/21/1936 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Endorses Roosevelt Policies 6
08/21/1936 More Gold Engaged In India And England ($526,000 & $352,000 Respectively) 29
08/22/1936 Germany Sends A Protest To Russia-Says Moscow Directs Anti-Reich Campaign On Radio In Spain 1
08/22/1936 Italy Gives France Neutrality Pledge-Agrees To Embargo On Arms For Either Side In The Civil War In Spain 1
08/22/1936 150 Reds Riot On Bremen (Deck, Docked At N.Y. City Harbor); Protest Nazi Acts In SpaiN-12 Arrested 1
08/22/1936 (Dr. Hu Shih) Says United China Must Fight Japan (See Entry, August 25, P.5) 3
08/22/1936 Briton (Laborite Herbert Morrison) Asks Move For World Regime-Would Aim At Dictators 3
08/22/1936 Reich Tries Friars: Olympic Truce Off 3
08/22/1936 Belgian (Dinant) Memorial (Phrase ‘Furor Teutonicus’) Arouses Reich Ire (See Entry, Aug. 26, 1936, P. 4) 3
08/22/1936 U.S., Reich At Odds On Trade Issues-Old Duties Still In Force 16
08/23/1936 Reich (Confessional) Protestants Call For Warfare On Nazi (Alfred Rosenberg) Paganism 1
08/23/1936 Vatican Reports 5 Bishops Killed, One Burned Alive By Reds In Spain 1
08/23/1936 12 Bremen Rioters Paroled By Court 4
08/23/1936 Germany Increases Trade With Brazil 7
08/23/1936 (Jewish) Immigration Delay Facing Palestine 10
08/23/1936 (Admiral William Daniel) Leahy Is Slated To Head U.S. Fleet (‘Head Of Naval Operations,’ Succeeding Admiral William H. Standley Who Later Served On The Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Board & Then As Ambassador To Russia) 27
08/23/1936 Japanese Warned (At Yosemite, Institute Of Public Relations) On Pact With Reich N-2
08/23/1936 North China Unity Still Japan’s Aim-Denies Army Is Mobilizing N-2
08/23/1936 Hitler And Mussolini Held Psychopathic (By Dr. John S. Perry, Psychiatric Dept., St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, D. C.-’Diagnosis At A Distance’) N-2
08/23/1936 Huge Foreign Sum For War Supplies ($6,000,000,000 In Cash And Securities) F-9
08/23/1936 Spaniards Will Fight Without Interference E-3
08/23/1936 A Tense Europe Watches Deadly Duel In Spain E-3
08/23/1936 Eden Hard At Work To Stave Off A War E-4
08/23/1936 League Faces New Threats To Peace-Duce And Hitler Closer-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
08/23/1936 Austria Is Drawn Toward The Nazis E-4
08/23/1936 Berlin Takes Firm Stand-Toward The Western Locarno Powers E-4
08/23/1936 Picture: The Big Three Of The (British) Foreign Office-Eden, Halifax & Vansittart E-4
08/23/1936 Reprisals By Jews In Palestine Seen E-5
08/23/1936 (Premier John) Metaxas (Greece) Follows Dictator’s Model E-5
08/23/1936 Soviets Face Reich In Balkan Rivalry E-5
08/23/1936 The Shadow Of Dictators Over Europe Mag. 3
08/24/1936 Soviet Sentences 16 To Die In Plot To Kill Red Leaders 1
08/24/1936 Roosevelt Hails ‘Mandate’ (Referendum) Move To Prevent War-’Will Of Peoples’ Can Persuade Governments 1
08/24/1936 Madrid Halts Ship; British Navy Acts 1
08/24/1936 Loyalists Urged To End Reprisals 2
08/24/1936 Irish Army Formed To Aid The (Spanish, Franco) Rebels 2
08/24/1936 Leftists Plan To Blow Up Madrid Before They Yield City To Rebels 2
08/24/1936 French Labor Leader (Jouhaux) Astutely Backs Blum In Appeal To Workers To Support Madrid (Loyalist-Reds) 2
08/24/1936 (200) Polish Nationalists (Of National Democratic Party) Wreck Jews’ Homes (In Wiszonki, Poland) 3
08/24/1936 Anti-Nazi Protest Read By (Confessional Synod) Churches (Niemoeller) 3
08/24/1936 Palestine Deports 16 (15 Jewish Reds & 1 Armenian) 3
08/24/1936 Plan Von Steuben Fetes (Von Steuben Society) 10
08/24/1936 (World) Economic Pacts Urged By (Bernard) Baruch (In London) 22
08/24/1936 Employment Spread Unevenly In Germany 23
08/24/1936 No Wheat Imports Expected By Reich 27
08/24/1936 Germans Buying Wool 27
08/25/1936 Germany And Russia Ban Arms Exports To Spain-Reich Curb Is In Effect 1
08/25/1936 Japanese Execute 9 As Russian Spies 1
08/25/1936 Hitler Increases Army By 200,000; Moscow Blamed 1
08/25/1936 Indiana Man Recants Denial Of His Charges Of WPA Waste 1
08/25/1936 Alfonso’s Confessor Arrested In Madrid-4 Rebel Officers Executed 2
08/25/1936 Russia Executes 16 In Anti-Soviet Plot 3
08/25/1936 American Woman Jailed In Poland-Breaking Currency Laws 3
08/25/1936 Madrid Promises Not To Confiscate (U.S. Property)-Will Pay For All Seized 3
08/25/1936 Picture: (Franco Rebels) Lined Up For Death (Execution) In Spanish Strife 3
08/25/1936 An Anti-Nazi Coup Feared In Austria 4
08/25/1936 Palestine Peace Favored By Arabs 4
08/25/1936 British Are Not Upset (By Increase In German Army) 4
08/25/1936 Japan Is Assailed (By Dr. Hu Shih, Later Chinese Ambassador To U.S.) At (Institute Of) Pacific (Relations) Parley-Dictators Are Attacked (See Entry, August 22, 1936, P. 3) 5
08/26/1936 Roosevelt, If Re-Elected, May Call Kings, Dictators And Presidents To Great Power Peace Conference-Plans No Commitments-And Discuss Disarmament-No Victors And Vanquished Are Now Concerned (Pictures) 1
08/26/1936 (William Christian) Bullitt (Former Husband Of Communist Louise Bryant Reed & First U.S. Ambassador To U.S.S. R.) Succeeds (Jesse Isador) Straus In France (As U.S. Ambassador-Pictures, P. 3) 1
08/26/1936 2 Japanese Slain By A Chinese Mob 1
08/26/1936 French Seek Way To Parallel Reich In Military Race 1
08/26/1936 Reich Expels Jewish Refugees From Spain Although Consuls Pledged No Discrimination 2
08/26/1936 Nuns Shot Down By Reds In Spain-90 New Victims Listed 2
08/26/1936 Envoys Seek Pact (On Spain) To Lessen Cruelty 2
08/26/1936 French Fliers Aid Madrid (Loyalist-Red) Air Force-Russians Also Pilot Craft-German Line Ousted 2
08/26/1936 Madrid Executes More Insurgents-Fiercer Attitude Being Shown To Rebels As Popular Tribunal Pushes Trials 3
08/26/1936 Schacht On Visit To Ask French Aid 4
08/26/1936 Poland Ends Case Of Mrs (Dorothy) Atkinson (Currency Law Violations) 4
08/26/1936 (Belgian W. W. I) Victims Of Germans Honored In Dinant-Memorial Pays Tribute To Civilians Shot In War On Charges Of Firing At Invaders (Shot As Snipers In ‘Teutonic Fury’) 4
08/26/1936 Yoshizawa Admits Mistakes In China (At Yosimite Institute Of Pacific Relations) 5
08/26/1936 U.S. Held Backward In Social Security 8
08/26/1936 Peace Paramount (Acting Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring Asserts-Called Roosevelt Aim-Acting War Head Tells Virginia Legion Armed Forces Are At Peace-Time Peak 14
08/26/1936 WPA Strikers Chased By Angered Workers 42
08/27/1936 Japanese Protest Attack In Chengtu-Chinese To Punish Guilty 1
08/27/1936 U.S. Warns Madrid On Shipping Rights-Hull Dispatches A Note 3
08/27/1936 Action By League In Palestine Urged (By William M. Lewis Of The Zionist Organization Of America) 5
08/27/1936 Two Britons Deny Libel On The Jews 5
08/27/1936 Senators Ask End Of Palestine Riots (King, Walsh & Sheppard) 5
08/27/1936 France To Reform Her Air Defenses 6
08/27/1936 Schacht Appeals For France’s Help-Red Condemns (His French) Welcome 6
08/27/1936 Germany Ends Ban On (German) Travel To Austria 6
08/27/1936 Reich Act (Expulsion Of 4 Dutch Nationals In Reprisal For Dutch Expulsion Of 4 Germans) Stirs Holland 6
08/27/1936 Greetings Of Navy Radioed (By Admiral William H. Standley, Chief Of Naval Operations & Admiral Zengo Yoshida, Visiting New York Harbor On Friendship Tour) To Japan 19
08/28/1936 Pope Worn Down By Grief For Spain-Plans Expiatory Service 1
08/28/1936 Tokyo Would Join Roosevelt (International Peace) Parley-Would Raise Trade Issue 1
08/28/1936 Prieto Calls Paris And London Blind-Madrid ‘Strong Man’ Says The Withhold Aid While Italy And Reich Help Rebels-Sees Collective Farms-But Denies Spain Will Set Up Communism-Insurgent Chiefs Accuse France 2
08/28/1936 British Urge Speed In Arms Embargo-Humane Appeal Planned 3
08/28/1936 Schacht Praises (Radical Socialist, Leon) Blum As Capable-Carried Hitler Message 3
08/28/1936 China Executes 2 In Chengtu Riot 4
08/28/1936 (Catholic German) Bishops Would Join Nazi Anti-Red Fight 5
08/28/1936 (Cordell Hull) Bars British Red (William Gallacher) From Entering Here 17
08/28/1936 Peace Pact Urged For North Atlantic (At Yosemite Meeting Of Institute Of Pacific Relations) 17
08/28/1936 Rabbi S.S. Wise Back (From First World Jewish Congress); Fears For Palestine-Jews’ Great Task Now Is To Fight Threatened Suspension Of Immigration (To Palestine, By British), He Says 19
08/29/1936 Army Rule In Spain Is Plan Of Rebels; Plebiscite On King 1
08/29/1936 Hitler Suspends Trials Of Monks-Neo-Paganism Assailed By Church 1
08/29/1936 Italy Embargoes Arms To Spain 2
08/29/1936 Soviet Predicts A New Hitler Surprise; Polish Dictator (Edward Rydz-Smigly) On Way To French War Game 2
08/29/1936 Madrid Reported Killing 100 Rebels 2
08/29/1936 (Briton) Fined For Jibe At Jews 2
08/29/1936 Schacht To Pursue Paris Trade Talks-Security Still Stressed 3
08/29/1936 Soviet Asks Move To Spur Sanctions (Against ‘Aggressors’) 3
08/29/1936 U.S. Urged To Drop Isolation Policies (By Briton A. V. Alexander At Yosemite Institute Of Pacific Relations) 6
08/30/1936 Germany And Italy Unite On Red Drive 1
08/30/1936 (Australian) Publisher Thinks War Threat Eased-Germany Armed To Teeth 23
08/30/1936 (The American Committee Appeal For The Relief Of Jews In Poland) Appeals For Polish Jews 23
08/30/1936 5,000 Airplanes A Year Are Built In Soviet Union 24
08/30/1936 (Czech Minister, Ivan Derer) Denies Curb On Germans 24
08/30/1936 Gains From Paris Listed By Schacht-Otto D. Tolischus 25
08/30/1936 Goebbels Praises Controlled Radio 25
08/30/1936 Catholic Grievances Received By Hitler 25
08/30/1936 Aid For Palestine Asked (By Pro-Palestine Federation Of America) 25
08/30/1936 Babson Foresees Big Economic War-He Blames Democracy 27
08/30/1936 Schuschnigg Hails (Austro-German) Pact 27
08/30/1936 Pope Is Cheered By Spanish News 31
08/30/1936 World Scholars (Also German) To Honor Harvard N-1
08/30/1936 New Gold Imports Seen As Franc Dips F-1
08/30/1936 President’s (Roosevelt’s Suggested) Peace (Conference) Idea Stirs World’s Capitals-Obstacles Are Pointed Out-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-3
08/30/1936 Reich Confronts Europe With Strongest Army E-3
08/30/1936 Hitler Avoids Church Issue (Picture Of Martin Neimoeller) E-4
08/30/1936 Fascists Planning Four-Power Bloc (Germany, Italy, Austria & Hungary) E-4
08/30/1936 An Anti-Red Spain Hoped For By Rome (Italy)-Not Fascist Regime Necessarily E-4
08/30/1936 Dictatorships Of Europe Strive To Build Up Their Populations E-5
08/30/1936 Our Presidents Active In World Peace Moves (Roosevelt & Wilson) E-7
08/30/1936 Right Vs. Left: A Great Struggle Mag. 1
08/31/1936 Mussolini Boasts Italy Has 8,000,000 Ready To Mobilize 1
08/31/1936 President (Roosevelt) Makes Protest To Both Sides In Spain Over (Unidentified Planes) Bombing Of (U.S.) Warship (Destroyer Kane)-Warship Fires At Aviator 1
08/31/1936 (Loyalist-Red) Girl Says She Slew ‘Dozens Of Rebels’-Mowing Down Foe With Machine Guns 2
08/31/1936 Zealots Warned In Madrid Killing (Of Rebels) 2
08/31/1936 Paris Greets Poles (Edward Rydz-Smigly) As Valued Allies 3
08/31/1936 15,000 Attend (Camp Siegfried) Fete Of German Groups (Yaphank, L. I.) 3
08/31/1936 Catholics Fear Reich May Go Way Of Spain 3
08/31/1936 Japan Not To Scrap Surplus Submarines-Follows British 3
08/31/1936 Isolation Called Disease Of World (By Preacher) 18
08/31/1936 Reich Is Perturbed By Labor Shortages 21