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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

December 1936
Date Headline Page
12/01/1936 Cheering Throngs Welcome Roosevelt To Buenos Aires; He Opens Conference Today-Ovation Is City’s Biggest 1
12/01/1936 Reich Now Fears Japan Pact Imperils British Relations-Berlin Reassures London-Hitler Reported Uneasy-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/01/1936 President (Roosevelt) To Give Order To Build 2 Great Warships-Matches Britain’s Move (Allowed Under London Treaty, 1930) 1
12/01/1936 Cruiser Brooklyn Launched By Navy-A London Treaty Vessel 7
12/01/1936 (Sec. War, Harry H. Woodring) Maps War Mobilizing Of The Industries 8
12/01/1936 Says (Spanish) Leftist (Loyalist) Planes Look Like U.S. Craft-Arthur Menken, Back From Spain, Remarks The Ships Are ‘Supposed To Be Russian’ (Was This What The Contract With Elliott Roosevelt Was All About?) 14
12/01/1936 Priests Are Fighting Says Madrid (Loyalist) Envoy 14
12/01/1936 (International Catholic Truth Society) To Aid Spanish (Franco) Fascists 15
12/01/1936 Church Listings Dropped By Nazis 17
12/01/1936 British Distress Surveyed By Nazis 18
12/01/1936 Job Problem Denied (By Moshe Shertok, Jewish Agency Before Royal [Peel] Commission) In Palestine Influx (Of Jews) 20
12/02/1936 5,000 Germans Land In Spain At Cadiz, London Is Informed 1
12/02/1936 German Hoarders To Face Execution 1
12/02/1936 Roosevelt Calls On The New World To Unite To Help The Old Avert War; For American Bloc Against Attacker-Speech Implies Warning (Text, P. 1) 1
12/02/1936 Roosevelt’s (Buenos Aires) Talk Heartens French 1
12/02/1936 President (Roosevelt) Doubts Move (By U.S.) Into League 1
12/02/1936 Bausch And Lomb Rejects War Goods Orders From Abroad, Spurning Millions In Trade 4
12/02/1936 Bombing Of Alicante Is Laid To Germans (By Loyalists-Valencia Report) 17
12/02/1936 Popular Front Break In France Is Feared 18
12/02/1936 France Reserved On (War) Debt Proposal-(U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Asks Discretion 19
12/02/1936 Palestine (Royal [Peel] Commission) Inquiry Told Of (Jewish) Pioneering (By Moshe Shertok, Jewish Agency) 19
12/02/1936 Reich To Release American Sailor (Jailed For Distributing Communist Literature)-Served Half Sentence 19
12/02/1936 Germans Friendly To Roosevelt Trip (To Buenos Aires) 21
12/02/1936 (Argentina) President Justo’s Son Seized As Heckler Of Roosevelt (In Street Demonstration) 23
12/02/1936 Soviet Will Edit New Constitution-Harold Denny, Moscow 23
12/02/1936 British (House Of) Lords Reject Bill To Let Medical Men Kill Incurably Ill 29
12/02/1936 League To Discuss German Refugees 31
12/02/1936 Surplus Is Foreseen In Poland’s Budget 32
12/02/1936 Loyalists’ Arms Ship To Leave (Vera Cruz) Mexico Soon 32
12/02/1936 Pre-Hitler Editors Are Expected To Go 33
12/03/1936 Argentines Cheer Roosevelt In Rain As He Starts Home 1
12/03/1936 Army Bomber (Boeing Yb-17) Called World’s Largest, Soars Over Seattle In Test; Can Cruise 3,000 Miles 1
12/03/1936 Big Navy Increase Planned In France 13
12/03/1936 Reich (Foreign Security) Seizure Law (Applying To German Nationals) Bars Court Appeal 13
12/03/1936 Girls Who Would Marry Hitler Guards Face Test (Must Choose To Be Wives And Mothers Above All Else) 13
12/03/1936 French (War) Debt Cut Opposed By Borah 14
12/03/1936 Reich Lets Catholics Retain Youth Groups 14
12/03/1936 Berlin Is Expelling British News Writer (Karl Robson)-Displeased Police By His Emphasis On German Rearmament 14
12/03/1936 Penetration Of Nazis Increasing In Austria 14
12/03/1936 Neutrals Demand An Inquiry In Spain-Reich Calls For (Arms) Embargo 17
12/03/1936 Nazis Pick Flaws In Roosevelt Talk (At Buenos Aires)-French Applaud Speech-Italians Deny Europe Deliberately Seeking War 19
12/03/1936 Roosevelt Speech At Buenos Aires (When Leaving) 19
12/03/1936 Americas Applaud Roosevelt Words 20
12/03/1936 Mexicans Promise To Back Roosevelt 20
12/03/1936 $1,953,000 In Gold Taken In England 41
12/04/1936 Reich Citizenship Is Lost By (Thomas) Mann (Nobel Literature Prize, 1929) 13
12/04/1936 Germany Will Ration All Butter And Lard 13
12/04/1936 Roosevelt Praised In Paris For Bravery 16
12/04/1936 8,000 Meet In London To Defend Freedom-Churchill And Citrine, At Union Meeting, Deny Plan To Form Popular Front Regime 16
12/04/1936 (Dr. James G. Mc Donald. League Commissioner On Refugees From Germany, Now On N.Y. Times Editorial Staff, Later On President’s Committee On Refugees) Lays War Talk To Hitler 16
12/04/1936 Hostility To (Japanese-German Anti-Communist) Pact Worries Japanese 21
12/05/1936 French Armed Aid Pledged To (English & Belgian) Allies 1
12/05/1936 German Gymnasia Cut Term A Year (The ‘Ober Prima’ Is Eliminated) 4
12/05/1936 Germany Lifts Book Ban (On Jewish Authors) 4
12/06/1936 Hull Offers Plan For Abiding Peace; Would Link 5 Pacts 1
12/06/1936 U.S. Plane Sales To East Increase-Japan Is A Heavy Buyer 6
12/06/1936 Fumigators Held In (Involuntary Manslaughter) Death Of Couple (Hcn, ‘Zyklon B Gas,’ Used) 35
12/06/1936 Capitalism Over, Nazi Leader Says-Calls Poverty A Result 42
12/06/1936 Nazis Indifferent To (Anglo-French) ‘Encirclement’ 42
12/06/1936 Reich Courts Curbed In Nazi Party Cases 42
12/06/1936 Nazi Dignitaries Beg In Streets For Poor 42
12/06/1936 Rebel Bombs Fail To Terrify Madrid 44
12/06/1936 Reich Schooling Cut To Provide Officers 44
12/06/1936 Fascists Admit Italy Is ‘Fighting’ In Spain 44
12/06/1936 $1,570,000 Of Gold To Be Shipped Here F-5
12/06/1936 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/06/1936 Europe Sees Revived Of Entente Cordiale-Britain And France In Definite Pledge To Aid Each Other In Event Of Unprovoked Aggression-Agreement Is Aimed At Reich E-3
12/06/1936 The Romance Of A King Turns Into A Tragedy E-3
12/06/1936 Repression Grows In Nazi Germany-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
12/06/1936 Germany Keeps Up Attacks On Czechs-Talk Of Invasion Heard-G.E.R. Gedye E-6
12/06/1936 Britain Takes An (Anti-German) Stand Amid Europe’s Turmoil E-6
12/06/1936 President Left Mark On (Buenos Aires) Parley Of Americas E-7
12/06/1936 Mechanized Army To Undergo Test-Criticized Tanks In Action E-11
12/06/1936 War-Debt Revision Again In Air (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C. Bullitt Involved) E-11
12/06/1936 For The League: Life Or Death Mag. 1
12/06/1936 Stalin Relaxes His Iron Hand Slightly-Harold Denny Mag. 6
12/06/1936 Argentina Steps Into A Leading Role (At Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) Mag. 8
12/07/1936 U.S. (At Buenos Aires) Offers A Pact To Keep Americas Aloof From War (Text, P. 8) 1
12/07/1936 Roosevelt Viewed As A Machiavelli-Arms Seen (In Germany) Behind (Buenos Aires) Deals-(Koelnische Zeitung)-Otto D. Tolischus 9
12/07/1936 Litvinoff Rejects New Reich Demand-Refuses To Let Officials See 35 Countrymen Held In Jails 10
12/07/1936 (Senator) Copeland Assails Palestine Terror (Pro-Jewish) 11
12/07/1936 Nazi Navy Planned With Eye To Russia 19
12/07/1936 Aid To World Seen In Soviet Charter-Harold Denny, Moscow 19
12/08/1936 Rift On Neutrality Perils (Roosevelt Pan-American, Buenos Aires) Conference; Hull Pushes Fight-He Struggles In Long Private Session To Win Argentina To A Positive Stand-Isolation In War Sought-But Old Ties To Europe Prompt Wish To Limit Peace Parley To Pius Declarations (Sumner Welles Active) 1
12/08/1936 (British) Fascists Seizing On Pro-King Move 1
12/08/1936 Nicaragua (Samoza Clique) Backs U.S. Right To Arm-Opposes Disarmament Move By Americas On Ground It Would Expose Us 2
12/08/1936 Picture: Russian Dictator Appears In Public Again 7
12/08/1936 Picture: The World’s Largest Bombing Plane (Boeing Yb-17) Meets With Mishap (Nosed Over In Landing) 10
12/08/1936 Influx Of Worker Is Seen By Babson 11
12/08/1936 Duke Of York (Later George Vi) Dines Privately With King (Edward Viii) 16
12/08/1936 The Supreme Court Decision Upholding ‘Fair Trade’ Laws 22
12/09/1936 Foreign Minister (Hachiro Arita) Quitting In Japan Over German (-Japanese) Pact-Because Of Attacks On ‘Anti-Communist’ Accord 1
12/09/1936 Protestant Body Rebels In Reich-Bishops Sign A Declaration Reserving Right To Judge As To Their Conscience 1
12/09/1936 (U.S. Economic) Recovery ‘Jittery’ (Hugh S.) Johnson Declares-Its Foundation Artificial 7
12/09/1936 Labor Is Warned Of ‘Over-Output’ 8
12/09/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) Pledges Aid To All Needy 13
12/09/1936 (American Girl) Duped (By ‘Daily Worker’ Correspondent) Into Aiding Reds, She Says (Carried Papers) 16
12/09/1936 Unamuno (In Letter To Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler [Pres. Of Columbia Univ. & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace]) Upholds (Franco) Rebellion In Spain; Educator (Univ. Of Salamanca) Sees Defense Of Civilization (‘Against An Eastern Fantastic Scheme’) 17
12/09/1936 War Industry Unit Created By Soviet 18
12/09/1936 Nicaragua Picks (General Anastasio) Somoza (President)-In Quiet Election 18
12/09/1936 (Feminist) Equal Rights At Peak At (Roosevelt Pan-American Buenos Aires) Parley 19
12/09/1936 Cheap Arab Labor Blamed (By Eliahu Epstein) For (Palestine) Strife (Peel Royal Commission-’Illegal Arab [Bedoin] Immigrants’ Mentioned) 22
12/09/1936 Eve Of Swiss Trial (Of David Frankfurter Who Murdered Wilhelm Gustloff [Feb. 1936]) Finds Nazis In Fury-Assails Jews And Reds 24
12/09/1936 Control Of All (U.S.) Credit Urged By Aldrich 41
12/10/1936 Spanish Plebiscite To End War Urged By Britain, France 1
12/10/1936 Schacht Sees An Explosion If Reich Gets No Colonies 1
12/10/1936 Navy Seeks Copper, But None Will Bid 4
12/10/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins (Head Of WPA) Reassures La Guardia On WPA (Jobs) 6
12/10/1936 Imports Held Curb War, Says (Henry A.) Wallace (Secretary Of Agriculture)-Pan-America Our Field 16
12/10/1936 Freeing Of 4 Seen In Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case (By Rev. Dr. Allan Knight Chambers In Talk Before Dept. Of Race Relations Of The Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 17
12/10/1936 Student (David Frankfurter) Admits Killing (Swiss) Nazi Chief (Wilhelm) Gustloff-Jugoslav Jew Says At Swiss Trial He Acted Alone To Slay Gustloff, Reich Party Aide 18
12/10/1936 Reich Youth Leader (Baldur Von Schirach) Assures Christians (Who Are Fearful Of NSDAP) 18
12/10/1936 Paris Is Reported Seeking Loan Here-Rumored To Be Negotiating For 17,000,000,000 Francs To Use For Covering Deficit-Our Stand Is Criticized 18
12/10/1936 Poland Assures League-Opposes Any Moves To Strengthen Obligations Of Covenant 18
12/10/1936 (Jew) Asserts Jews Give Palestine Surplus (Before Earl Peel Royal Commission) 19
12/10/1936 Britain Constructs (Helium[?] Barrage) Balloons 19
12/10/1936 Roosevelt Watches (Naval) Star Shell Display 20
12/10/1936 Americas Viewed As Hope Of World (By Henry I. Harriman)-Holds Neutrality Vital-Praises Roosevelt’s Work For Amity And Urges Nation To Seek Economic Harmony 32
12/11/1936 Edward Viii Renounces British Crown; (Duke Of) York Will Succeed Him As George Vi; Parliament Is Speeding Abdication Act 1
12/11/1936 Mrs. Simpson Cries Listening At Radio 1
12/11/1936 Japan Withdraws Demands On China 1
12/11/1936 Jewish Who’s Who Cites 305 For Year-Exceptional Honor To 54 9
12/11/1936 War Price Control Mobilization Air-To Draft Industry Chiefs 10
12/11/1936 U.S. Backs (Anglo-French) Effort For Spanish Peace (Plebiscite)-Reich In A Counter Move 11
12/11/1936 Deadlock Broken In (Roosevelt Pan-American Buenos Aires) Peace Parley-Agreement Involving Revision Of Our Neutrality Plan 14
12/11/1936 Bonnet (Former French Minister Of Finance) Accepts Post (As Ambassador To U.S.) 14
12/11/1936 (Edward Viii) Abdication News Amazes Germans-Otto D. Tolischus 22
12/11/1936 Police Guard Sale Of Book (Mein Kampf) By Hitler 24
12/11/1936 Educators Urge Freedom Of Radio-Ickes (Head Of Pwa), Prall Back Move 28
12/11/1936 Money Circulation Near High Record (Highest Was At Roosevelt Bank ‘Holiday,’ 1933) 42
12/11/1936 France Repaying Gold (4,000,000,000 Francs) To London 50
12/11/1936 Argentina Moves To Stabilize (Currency) Rates-Peso At New High Level 50
12/11/1936 Record Circulation At Bank Of England 50
12/12/1936 21 Nations Agree On Peace Formula For The Americas (Roosevelt’s Pan-American Buenos Conference) 1
12/12/1936 Edward’s Farewell 1
12/12/1936 J. G. M’donald (League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, On N.Y. Times Editorial Staff, Later Head Of President’s Commission On Refugees) Sees A Stronger Britain 2
12/12/1936 Reich Press Seeks George Vi’s Favor 5
12/12/1936 Britain Defaults Again On U.S. (War) Debt-France Held Key Power 6
12/12/1936 Students’ Model League Weighs War Peril; Eight College Delegations At Syracuse 7
12/12/1936 WPA To Reinstate All Showing Need-19 Arrested In Brooklyn 10
12/12/1936 (Herbert) Hoover Scientist, Shuns All Politics 20
12/13/1936 Chiang Kai-Shek Is Prisoner Of Mutinous Shensi Troops, Demanding War On Japan 1
12/13/1936 Pact For (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-) American Peace Ratified By Parley Chiefs 1
12/13/1936 (Anti-NSDAP Pacifist, Carl Von) Ossietzsky (Nobel Prize Winner) Lauded By Admirers Here (Nicholas Murray Butler, Dr. John Dewey, Fiorello La Guardia, Albert Einstein, Charles A. Beard, Henry Leiper Smith, Et Al.) 35
12/13/1936 Japan Denies (German-Japanese Anti-Communist) Pact Is A Fascist Link 37
12/13/1936 South Africa Plans (To Suppress Pro-NSDAP Activities There) Opposed By Germany 37
12/13/1936 German Storm Troops To Revive Old (Winter Solstice) Festival (Implying A Trend Towards Paganism In Germany) 40
12/13/1936 Federal System Is Urged For Spain (By Anglo-French Plan)-Monarchy’s Failure Cited 41
12/13/1936 Censors (At Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) Accused Of Harming Peace 42
12/13/1936 Berlin And Rome In Danubian Pact 44
12/13/1936 Eight Are Selected To Be Rear Admirals-Roosevelt Also Approves Promotions Of 31 Commanders To Captaincies (List-Husband E. Kimmel, Wm. F. Halsey & Royal E. Ingersoll Named Admirals) 46
12/13/1936 WPA Training More Than All Colleges-580,000 Taught To Read 47
12/13/1936 Roosevelt Good Wishes Are Sent To New (British) King 48
12/13/1936 Faith In Democracy Urged By Dr. (John) Dewey (Educator & Philosopher From Columbia University) 50
12/13/1936 Nation Will Honor Roosevelt (Birthday) Jan 30 N-2
12/13/1936 WPA Aids Soldiers To Set New Goals N-6
12/13/1936 $2,731,000 Of Gold Engaged Abroad F-1
12/13/1936 Cartoon: Europe’s Movement For Useful (X-Mas) Presents (Weapons!) E-2
12/13/1936 Business Chiefs Await Roosevelt Call To Act E-3
12/13/1936 Picture: A Loyalist Bomber Brought Down By Rebel Anti-Aircraft Fire E-4
12/13/1936 Map: Lands That Lie Between Germany And Russia (Russia Endangered By Germany!) E-4
12/13/1936 Liberal Forces Still On March In Britain E-5
12/13/1936 German-Japanese (Anti-Communist) Pact Boomerang For Tokyo E-6
12/13/1936 Germans Turned Against Churches-Propaganda Widespread E-6
12/13/1936 Pacific Naval Bases: A Problem For Our Navy E-6
12/13/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins Plans For WPA As Long As Need Exists E-12
12/13/1936 Monroe Doctrine Reverberates Again Mag. 6
12/13/1936 To This Man (Hitler) Germany Entrusts Her Destiny-Otto D. Tolischus Mag. 10
12/14/1936 Huge Reich Grain Shortage Shows Flaw In Food Independence Plan 1
12/14/1936 Troops Rushed To Rescue Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) From Rebels; Japanese Navy On Guard 1
12/14/1936 Hull’s Compromise (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) On 2 Accords Laid To League States (Text, P. 14) 1
12/14/1936 A ‘Permanent’ CCC Urged By (CCC Director, Robert) Fechner 1
12/14/1936 Revival Is Urged In Jewish Training (By Samuel I. Rosenman, Roosevelt Confidante) 5
12/14/1936 Fascism’s Defeat Is Seen (By The Times) In London 6
12/14/1936 (British-Born Episcopalian Bishop) Dr. (William T.) Manning Hails Baldwin’s Victory (Over Edward Viii) 8
12/14/1936 Franco Is Silent On (U.S.-Anglo-French) Mediation Plan 12
12/14/1936 Reich Will Discuss Mediation Plan 12
12/14/1936 More Nazi Chiefs Join ‘Unbelievers’ (Von Ribbentrop-Left Protestant Church) 13
12/14/1936 Anti-Nazis (‘German-American League For Culture’) Here Mark German Day (Greetings From Herbert Lehman, Governor Of N.Y.) 13
12/14/1936 De La Rocque Evades Ban (On Mass Meeting In France) 13
12/14/1936 Anti-Red Campaign Directed By Pope (Pius XI) 15
12/14/1936 Strong Armed Units For Americas Urged (By Chilean Writer) 15
12/14/1936 Jewish Aid Fund (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Sets Higher Quota-Warning Of War Heard-Lehman, Warburg And Others Urge Necessity For Renewed Efforts For Refugees 20
12/14/1936 Dictators Viewed (By Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen) As Blind To Truth 26
12/14/1936 Federal Debt Set At $34,232,200,000 35
12/14/1936 British Prices Set Five-Year Record 42
12/15/1936 Hitler Tells Nazis To Cease Attacks On Christianity-Ire Of Peasants Feared 1
12/15/1936 (U.S.) Grain Prices Soar To A 7-Year Peak-Sharpest Since 1933-Follows Disclosure Of Reich Need Of 1,000,000 Tons 1
12/15/1936 Argentina Balks On Neutrality; Revised Plan Put Before (Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires Pan-American) Parley 1
12/15/1936 CCC Campers Tell Of Selling Votes-But Supported President (Roosevelt) 5
12/15/1936 1,000 WPA Workers Will Be Reinstated 13
12/15/1936 4 Here From (Loyalist-Leftist) Spain Ask Aid For Madrid 14
12/15/1936 Moscow Irritated By (Franco’s) Seizure Of Ships-Declares Spanish Rebels Have Found No Arms-Norwegian Ship Is Released 14
12/15/1936 Italy Sees No Hope Of Peace In Spain-Plebiscite ‘Impossible’ 15
12/15/1936 Tokyo And Berlin Consult On China-Hand Of Moscow Is Seen 18
12/15/1936 Moscow Accuses Japan In Uprising-Again Denies All Charges-Harold Denny, Moscow 18
12/15/1936 Eden Calls A Halt To Pact-Breaking-Warns That Britain Will Have To Meet Force With Force Unless Practice Ends-Thanks Us For Sympathy 19
12/15/1936 Nazi Chief’s Killer (David Frankfurter) Gets 18 Year Term (Pardoned After World War Ii)-Reich Looks Into Case-It Will Investigate To Find The ‘Hidden Men’ Behind The Slayer-’World Jewry’ Is Assailed 22
12/15/1936 French State Hope Of New (U.S. War) Debt Talks-5 Others Offer Nothing (In Payment)-Finland Alone To Pay 22
12/15/1936 Copper Price Here Highest Since 1930 37
12/15/1936 Cotton At New Top In Heavy Trading 46
12/15/1936 Britain Imports Rise In 12 Months 47
12/15/1936 (Maritime Commission) Offers Leviathan (Formerly German Liner ‘Vaterland’ Taken By U.S. In Reparations) To Army Or Navy 51
12/16/1936 Roosevelt Home From (‘His’ Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) Peace Trip, Jubilant On Gains 1
12/16/1936 Christmas Again Blooms In Soviet 10
12/16/1936 Moves To Curb Jews (Immigrants) Decried In Palestine (By The Zionists Before Earl Peel Royal Commission) 10
12/16/1936 Rumania Cements Her Polish Alliance 10
12/16/1936 Moscow Stresses New Soviet Rights-Harold Denny, Moscow 11
12/16/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, Joseph E.) Davies Ships Food For Use (At U.S. Embassy) In Russia 11
12/16/1936 Nazi Colonies Plea Sounded In London (By Ambassador Von Ribbentrop)-Disclaims Autarchy Aim 16
12/16/1936 (British) Commons Seeking New Bond To U.S.-Unity Committee Formed 17
12/16/1936 Softer Reich Tones Stir Hope On Pacts-Conciliatory On Arms-Otto D. Tolischus 18
12/16/1936 Neutrality Pact Ready At (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American) Parley 20
12/16/1936 Argentine Papers Praise (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American) Agreement 21
12/16/1936 Britain Criticized On Palestine (Jewish Immigration) Issue (By Zionist-Christian ‘Pro-Palestine Federation Of America,’ Charles Edward Russel, Founder And Head) 28
12/16/1936 Increase Is Shown In World’s (Industrial) Output 51
12/17/1936 Spain’s War Welds London, Paris Unity-Encouraged By Roosevelt,New Entente Pushes Peace Moves As Its First Duty-Augur 1
12/17/1936 Loyal Army Races Chinese Red Force To Get Chiang (Kai-Shek) 1
12/17/1936 France Is Appeal To (Its) Gold Hoarders 14
12/17/1936 Innuendo By Nazis Arouses Catholics 14
12/17/1936 Italy And U.S. End (Commercial) Pact Signed In 1871-War Neutrality Issue 15
12/17/1936 Argentina Backs (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American) Neutrality Pact-(Sumner) Welles Wins Applause 18
12/17/1936 Schacht Asks Us To Aid Colony Hope (Of Germany)-Cites Wilson’s Program 19
12/17/1936 Nuns From (Loyalist) Spain Arrive In Flight (From Leftists) 22
12/17/1936 Negro Drive Aided By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 32
12/17/1936 Jewish Women (‘Federation Of Jewish Women’s Organizations, Inc.’) Back Social Legislation 32
12/18/1936 Britain Will Keep Five Old Cruisers; War Danger Cited-U.S., Japan Support Move-First Lord (Sir Samuel Hoare) Praises Countries For Not Forcing Scrapping Of Ships Under Treaty (1930 London Naval Treaty-Churchill Applauds Move) 1
12/18/1936 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Sees Delbos On French War Debt-Auriol In Chamber Debate Denies Seeking Settlement To Get New Loan Here 8
12/18/1936 Anti-Nazis (Samuel Untermyer & ‘Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights’) Ask (Henry) Ford To Repudiate A (His) Book (The International Jew) 10
12/18/1936 Status Of Palestine Taken Up At (Earl Peel Royal Commission) Inquiry 12
12/18/1936 Reich Said To Plan Letting None But Nazis Be Editors 12
12/18/1936 Americas (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) Evolve Cultural Program-Hulls’s Plan For Exchange Of Students And Professors Is Accepted By Committee 16
12/18/1936 U.S. Economic Aims Are Won At Parley-(Buenos Aires) Parley Nearing End 17
12/18/1936 Unfit Imperil Us, Roosevelt Is Told-Georgia Tech Committee Says Prolonging Of Lives Of Weak Is National Decadence-Calls It ‘Human Erosion’ (Report Made In Response To Presidential Request) 17
12/18/1936 Roosevelt Shaping A Permanent CCC (See Earlier Entry!) 19
12/18/1936 Real Brotherhood Urged By Lehman 22
12/19/1936 Americas (Buenos Aires Pan-American Conference) Promise United Opposition On Threat To Peace-Holds An Unfriendly Act By Any Nation Affects All And Calls For Consultation-Solidarity Is Complete 1
12/18/1936 Eden Is Optimistic In Neutral Effort (In Spain) 2
12/18/1936 Poland Reaffirms Balanced Policy-Warning To Soviet And Reich To Keep Out Of Baltic Affairs Seen In Speech By Beck-Moscow Reassures Him-Jerzy Szapiro 2
12/18/1936 (Leon) Blum Is Set Back By French Senate 2
12/18/1936 France And Rumania In Complete Accord 2
12/18/1936 (Catholic) Prelates Attack Mexican Schools 3
12/18/1936 (Nicaraguan President-Elect, Gen. Anastasio) Somoza Reveals Plans 3
12/18/1936 Berliners Must Register For Fat Rations; Those Not Doing So Will Obtain No Supply 4
12/18/1936 Business Warned By Hitler, Goering-Otto D. Tolischus 4
12/18/1936 Germany Will Cut University Terms 4
12/18/1936 Reich Exports Drop For 30-Day Period 4
12/18/1936 Reich Firm (Siemens & Halske) Gives (Customary Christmas) Bonus From War Goods Profits (‘War Goods’ ?) 4
12/19/1936 Spanish Shots Fly Near U.S. Warship (‘Erie,’ Near Town Of Musel, Shell Was Aimed At Town!) 5
12/19/1936 (Hadassah) Submits Palestine (Immigration) Data (To Earl Peel Royal Commission) 5
12/19/1936 Cabinet Considers New Battleships-Plans For Two Are (Already) Ready 11
12/19/1936 1936 Farm Income Biggest In 6 Years 27
12/19/1936 Wheat, Rye Sell At 7-Year Highs 34
12/20/1936 Eden Urges Reich To Check The Flow Of Troops To Spain-Influx Of ‘Volunteers’ Is Endangering Peace (But Not The Abraham Lincoln Brigade!) 1
12/20/1936 Relief Rolls Bar Much Of WPA Cut 2
12/20/1936 WPA To Contribute To Christmas Joy-It Will Distribute 725,000 Toys 2
12/20/1936 New (Body) Guard Ready To Join President (Roosevelt) 2
12/20/1936 Polish Jews’ Plight Seen Getting Worse-Lord Marley Tells American Ort Members Refugees From Germany Increase Problem 2
12/20/1936 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard) Visits Roosevelt (With Others) 2
12/20/1936 Needy Reich Finds Joy In (Building) Submarines-Food Difficulties Are Held To Be Offset By New Navy, Army And Air Force-Hunger Here (N.Y.) Is Stressed 26
12/20/1936 Jews Are Praised In A Munich Book (Report From Amsterdam) 28
12/20/1936 Warsaw Is Puzzled By (Josef Beck’s) Silence On Czechs-French Loan Awaited 28
12/20/1936 Tokyo-Berlin (Anti-Communist) Pact Hits Back At Japan 32
12/20/1936 Japan Bars China From Face Saving 32
12/20/1936 ‘Inspectors’ Steal 3 French Planes-Are Suspected Of Having Made For Spain 34
12/20/1936 5 Months Of War Hearten Leftists-Air Raids Raise (Loyalist) Morale 35
12/20/1936 Americas (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American Solidarity Conference) Adopt Neutrality Pact-Solidarity Accord Next 36
12/20/1936 All-America Agreements 36
12/20/1936 Editors Forecast ‘37 Business Boom F-1
12/20/1936 See World Swing To American Goods-War Scare Among Europeans Is Drawing Foreign Buyers To Supply Sources Here F-9
12/20/1936 Spain Still A Danger To European Peace E-3
12/20/1936 Graph: National Debt 1914-1936 E-3
12/20/1936 Germans Go On A ‘Diet’ To Save Nation’s Food-Otto D. Tolischus E-6
12/20/1936 Foes Of Democracy Put To A Test In Cuba (Col. Fulgencio Batista Vs. President Gomez) E-6
12/20/1936 Picture: Goebbels & Goering Collecting On The Street For The ‘Winterhilfe’ E-6
12/20/1936 Hull Trade Policy Meets (‘Surmounts’) Obstacles (To South American Trade At Roosevelt Buenos Aires Pan-American Solidarity Conference) E-6
12/20/1936 Austria Now Shuns German Trade Accord-G.E.R. Gedye E-6
12/20/1936 A Permanent CCC Widely Supported E-7
12/20/1936 Wave Of Strikes Marks Recovery In Industry E-7
12/21/1936 Stronger Defense Urged By (U.S. Secretary Of War, Harry H.) Woodring-Permanent Army Of 165,000, 210,000 In Guard, And More Reserves Sought-Unrest In World Cited-’Must Not Neglect Safety’ 2
12/21/1936 Americas (Roosevelt Buenos Aires Solidarity Conf.) Now Aim At Economic Peace-Two U.S. Projects Ready 12
12/21/1936 (Buenos Aires) Peace Delegates Speed Final Task-To Sign Defense Accord 12
12/21/1936 Tripoli (Italian Colony) Flogs Jews To Enforce A Curb (No Shops In Non-Jewish Quarter) 13
12/21/1936 Nazi Elite Guards (Schwarze Korps) In Favor Of Nudism-Part Of Nordic (Therefore Pagan) Education 14
12/21/1936 3,000,000 Hitler Gifts (Christmas Cards) Sent To German Poor 14
12/21/1936 Nazis Found Hostile To Ideal Of Liberty (By James G. Mc Donald, League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, On Editorial Staff Of N.Y. Times & Later Head Of President’s Committee On Refugees)-Says Attacks Are Not On The Jews Alone But On Freedom Of Every Sort 14
12/21/1936 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller (Leader Of Confessional Synod, Extremely Anti NSDAP) Demands End Of Persecution 14
12/21/1936 Christians (List) Ask Aid For Nazis’ Victims 15
12/21/1936 Mexico Will Push State Education 17
12/21/1936 Italian Anti-Fascists Here-Recruit Aid For (Leftist-Loyalist) Spain 17
12/21/1936 Independent Nation Of Ukraine Urged 17
12/21/1936 Clergy Depreciate ‘Pagan’ (German Understood!) Christmas 21
12/21/1936 Germany And Spain (‘Manchester Guardian’ Claims German Soldiers Mingled In Ranks With Franco’s) 22
12/22/1936 Kansu Joins Rebellion Of Chang In North China; Ransom Asked For Chiang (Kai-Shek) 1
12/22/1936 High Court Backs Neutrality Power Held By President (Roose-Velt)-Arms Embargo Upheld (Text, P. 18) 1
12/22/1936 Hull Urged To Woo Argentina’s Amity-But Accord Is Not Easy (At Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires Solidarity Conference) 8
12/22/1936 Americas (Roosevelt’s Buenos Conference) Votes 37 Projects-Declaration Of Solidarity In Face Of External Threats Is Among The Items 9
12/22/1936 Austria’s Cabinet Split On Nazi Issue-Prison Camp Opposed 12
12/22/1936 Nazis Change Tone On Christmas Fete-Link Festival With The Winter Solstice And Give It A Neo-Pagan Complexion 13
12/22/1936 British Plan Manoeuvres On War Scale In Far East 14
12/22/1936 Chinese Thank Japan For Her Forbearance 14
12/22/1936 Japanese Fierce In Soviet Dispute 16
12/22/1936 Germans To Build Chinese Railroads 17
12/22/1936 British (Earl Peel Royal) Commission Bars (Purely) Jewish Issues 17
12/22/1936 (World) Naval Race Is On Yearbook Records-U.S. To Increase Gun Size 19
12/22/1936 Moscow Defends Delay On Genetics (Lysenko [On The Soviet Extraordinary Committee After Ww Ii-Auschwitz Charges]-Vaviloff Dispute On Genetics)-Harold Denny, Moscow 19
12/22/1936 Now It Is Christian Refugees (From Germany) 26
12/22/1936 Mrs. (Albert) Einstein Dies (58); Wife (And Cousin) Of Scientist 27
12/22/1936 Mexico To Refund Its Foreign Debt 41
12/23/1936 Japan To Propose New Pact With U.S. For Pacific Peace-Would Avoid Naval Race-Caution On China Shown 1
12/23/1936 Mrs. Chiang (Kai-Shek) In Sian To Help Dictator 1
12/23/1936 Price Of Cabbage Raised In Germany-Houseowners Are Urged To Save Bread Crusts-Fish Sale Will Be Pushed 6
12/23/1936 Reich, Poland In Accord On ‘Corridor’ Rail Issue (Poles To Accept German Goods In Payment) 6
12/23/1936 Freed U.S. Seaman (Lawrence B. Simpson, Circulated Communist Literature In Germany) Quits Reich Today-Says He Was ‘Well Treated’ 7
12/23/1936 Vaviloff (In Conflict With Lysenko’s Genetic Theories) Defends Science In Soviet-Praises Government Aid 8
12/23/1936 Christian Faith Softens Chiang’s Methods; A Convert, He Prays Daily For Divine Help 8
12/23/1936 Bonnet Accepts Mission On (War) Debts 8
12/23/1936 Rebel Clergy Bid Reich Board (Hanns Kerrl, Reichs Minister For Church Affairs) Quit 9
12/23/1936 Reich Perfecting Mobilization Plan-Census Of Women Taken 9
12/23/1936 Franco Needs Germans 10
12/23/1936 Russian Workers Give For Warships-Call Fascists ‘Reptiles’ 10
12/23/1936 Skilled Workers Few, Industry Says-Employers Hit At WPA 11
12/23/1936 (Roosevelt) Promotes 2 Generals (John L. De Witt Who Deported The West Coast Japanese After Pearl Harbor) And Seven Colonels (Walter C. Short, Who Commanded Pearl Harbor At The Time Of The Attack, Leslie J. Mc Nair, A Favorite New Deal General & Others) 15
12/24/1936 President Gomez Ousted By The Senate (Col. Fulgencio Batista) In Cuba For ‘Coercing’ Congress-His Trial Is Short-Bru Succeeds In Office (Picture, P. 8) 1
12/24/1936 Reich Cautioned By Paris On Sending Men To Spain; Assurances Are Reported 1
12/24/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins (Director Of WPA) Confers With Roosevelt 2
12/24/1936 U.S.Is Favorable To (‘Broad’) Pacific Parley-Bilateral Talks (With Japan) Are Barred 6
12/24/1936 Text Of Mr. Hull’s Address At End Of The (Roosevelt Buenos Aires) Inter-American Peace (Solidarity) Parley 6
12/24/1936 Britons Fear Coup By Germans Soon-Italy Opposes Germany 8
12/24/1936 Soviet Rail Slump Brings Stern Steps-Four Tried As Saboteurs-Harold Denny, Moscow 8
12/24/1936 Soviet Ready To Try 34 Germans As Spies 8
12/24/1936 (Popular Front Premier, Leon) Blum Sees Relations With U.S. Improved 8
12/24/1936 Credit For Poland Approved In France 8
12/24/1936 Trade With Germany Facilitated By U.S.-Treasury (Morgenthau) Relaxes Some Of Its Restriction-Sort Of Barter Plan Inaugurated 8
12/24/1936 Deal With Berlin Lifts Cotton Here-Gains In Exports Seen 29
12/25/1936 Nazis Face Choice On Spain As British Wean Italy Away-Franco Angers London-Expects 400,000 Germans 1
12/25/1936 Hitler Expected To Consult Aides 1
12/25/1936 Reich Reclaiming Huge (250,000 Acres) Moor Region-To Enhance Food Supply-Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/25/1936 Roosevelt Calls Nation To Peace-Buenos Aires (Solidarity Conference) As Example (Text Of Yale Speech, P. 2) 1
12/25/1936 Happiest Yuletide In Years Will Set Record For Gifts 1
12/25/1936 German Forgets Ills At Christmas Fetes; All Families Gather At Ceremonies At Trees 2
12/25/1936 Find Many On WPA Unfitted For Jobs 4
12/25/1936 Soviet War Plans Are All-Inclusive-Aviation Is Pushed-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
12/25/1936 British Form Plan For Reich Barter-No Credits Are Involved 13
12/25/1936 (Rudolf) Hess Broadcasts To World Germans-Anti-Red Work Stressed 14
12/25/1936 (Czech President, Eduard) Benes Stresses Peace 16
12/25/1936 Germany To Push Her Spanish Trade-Otto D. Tolischus 17
12/25/1936 Hitler Is Warned By Army Leaders-German Rearmament Not Yet Complete-Pertinax 17
12/25/1936 Army (Col. Fulgencio Batista) Is Dominant In Cuban Politics-It Works By Propaganda 24
12/26/1936 Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Freed; Arrives In Nanking; Ex-Captor On Way-Terms Are Secret-Dictator Shows Strain 1
12/26/1936 Britain And France Seek A Showdown With Hitler; Notes Go To Four Powers 1
12/26/1936 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Accuses Stalin Of Killing 1
12/26/1936 (Congress) Would Embargo ‘War Materials’-Limit Other Trade 5
12/26/1936 (Miss Sulasmith Schwartz, Jr. Hadassah) Likens (U.S.) Aid To Irish To Palestine Help (To Jews) 6
12/26/1936 25,200 Work Plans Aided By Pwa (Ickes) Cash 13
12/27/1936 Berlin Calls On (Leftist) Madrid To Release Seized (German) Ship (‘Palos’), Cargo And 3 Passengers; Paris Is Ready To Make Concessions, U.S. Protests A Seizure 1
12/27/1936 Rebels (Franco) Fail To Cut France-Spain (Supply) Link 1
12/27/1936 Roosevelt Works While Aides Rest 1
12/27/1936 Japan Asks Shift On Pacific Forts-U.S. Advantage Stressed 1
12/27/1936 Franco Reorganizing His Forces; Awaits His Contingent Of Germans 1
12/27/1936 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Gives Aim Of Cuban Regime 22
12/27/1936 Europe War-Shy, Journalist (George Slocombe) Says 22
12/27/1936 (Congress) Seek To Penalize U.S. Volunteers (For Foreign Wars-Prompted By Loyalist Enlistment Efforts Carried Out In U.S.-(Was The Abraham Lincoln Brigade To Be An Exception?) 25
12/27/1936 (American Society For Technical Aid To [Loyalist] Spanish Democracy) To Aid Loyalists 25
12/27/1936 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Insists Arabs Testify (Before Earl Peel Royal Commission In Palestine) In Public-Country Reborn, He Says (Before Meeting Of Junior Hadassah) 31
12/27/1936 See Trade With Germany Rising Steadily As Result Of (Treasury [Morgenthau] Department Ruling To Permit Bartering) N-11
12/27/1936 The News Of The Week In Review-Up To Hitler-Germany Prepares E-1
12/27/1936 (Government) Reorganization Plans Tackled By Roosevelt E-3
12/27/1936 The (German-Japanese) ‘Anti-Red’ League Gets Serious Setback E-3
12/27/1936 War Or Peace In Europe? A Year-End Inventory E-3
12/27/1936 Choice Vital To Reich To Be Made By Hitler E-3
12/27/1936 The Seven Principal Navies As The Limitations Treaties End-Naval Race Is On (Pictograph Of Navies) E-4
12/27/1936 Spain’s War Is International E-4
12/27/1936 (Roosevelt’s) Buenos Aires (Solidarity) Parley Ends On Note Of Hope-Unanimity Never Before Achieved Is Believed To Have Opened The Way To Useful Action On Peace E-5
12/27/1936 Cartoon: Example Of U.S. Naivete, Ignorance & Self Flattery E-9
12/27/1936 1937: A New Dawn For Democracy Mag. 1
12/27/1936 The Wilsonian Ideals: Are They Lost? Mag. 3
12/27/1936 A ‘Philosophic China’ Faces A ‘Military Japan’ Mag. 4
12/27/1936 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista’s Army Again Makes Its Iron Felt In Cuba Mag. 6
12/28/1936 Business Of Nation Out Of ‘Red’ In 1936, (Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Report Says-The First Time Since 1929 1
12/28/1936 Paris, London Join In Warning Reich On Spanish Issue-Spain Will Hold (German) Vessel 1
12/28/1936 Geneticists Argue Work In Moscow (Lysenko V. Vaviloff)-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
12/28/1936 New Arms Outlay Planned By Soviet 5
12/28/1936 Democratic Ideal Held Zionism Guide (By Junior Hadassah, Rabbi Bernard L. Israel) 7
12/28/1936 Vandenberg Asks ‘War Quarantine’-Drops ‘Freedom Of Seas’ 8
12/28/1936 (Greater New York Council Of Jewish Organizations) Asks $5,000,000 Gift For Palestine Fund-In Drive To ‘Rebuild’ Homeland (For German, Polish, Etc. Jews) 10
12/28/1936 Gen. Von Seeckt, 70 Dies Unexpectedly 17
12/29/1936 (U.S.) Neutrality Law Loophole Lets $2,777,000 U.S. Planes Go To Loyalists In Spain-’Civil War’ Exempt-State Department Gives License ‘Reluctantly’-First Instance Of Kind 1
12/29/1936 Germany To Hedge In Reply On Spain-Force Of 2,000 Recruited 1
12/29/1936 59 Nazi Leaders Are Arrested In Danzig; Senate Charges Plotting With Opposition 1
12/29/1936 General Aid Urged (By Junior Hadassah) For All Palestine-Justice Brandeis And Miss Henrietta Szolds Congratulated On Birthdays 11
12/29/1936 Jews In Palestine Cite Arab Danger (Before Earl Peel Royal British Commission) 11
12/29/1936 Our Factory Ways Ordered In Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
12/29/1936 Ley’s Plan Alarms Pastors In Reich 12
12/29/1936 Professors Urged To Economic Unity (At American Association Of University Professors) 22
12/30/1936 Neutrality Law Revision Is Speeded By President (Roosevelt) To Halt Arms For Spain-Licensee Is Scored-Sending Planes Is Legal But Unpatriotic Step, Says Roosevelt-(Roosevelt Stalwart,Senator Key) Pittman Studying Bill 1
12/30/1936 German Freighter (‘Palos’) Is Freed By (Loyalist) Spain 1
12/30/1936 (U.S.) War Planes; Sale To Spain Is Denied (They Were ‘Civilian Craft’) 12
12/30/1936 Flurry In Britain Over U.S. Arms Aid (To Loyalists Spain) 12
12/30/1936 Soviet Cuts Trade With Germany 65% 12
12/30/1936 Poland Promises To Guard Czechs-Accord To Prevent German Invasion 12
12/30/1936 Asks For Fair Share Of Palestine Work-Cites The (Ramsay Macdonald) Letter Promising Labor For Jews (Earl Peel Royal Commission To Palestine) 14
12/30/1936 Professor Assail Teachers Union (A. F. Of L. At Meeting Of American Association Of University Professors, Richmond, Va.) 16
12/30/1936 Guidance Of Pupils Stress As Vital 16
12/30/1936 (Myron C. Taylor (Roosevelt’s Man At U.S. Steel Corp’n.) Forecasts Advances In Steel 29
12/30/1936 Japanese Yen Off 24 Points To 28.32 Cents 36
12/31/1936 World Navy Race To Start Tonight As 2 Pacts Expire-U.S. Also Planning Craft 1
12/31/1936 Washington Voices Regret To Powers Over (Spanish) Plane Deal-Stresses Law Required License Be Issued And Policy On Spain Stays Unchanged-(Loyalist) Madrid Pleased At Sale 1
12/31/1936 Palestine Regime Scored At (Earl Peel Royal Commission) Hearing 6
12/31/1936 (Sir Henri) Deterding Aid Reich As Way To Bar Reds 7
12/31/1936 Madrid Is Jubilant Over U.S. (‘Civilian’) Airplanes 8
12/31/1936 Rebuff By Hitler On Rebel Aid Seen 8
12/31/1936 Reich Preparing Bilbao Blockade 8
12/31/1936 Need Of (World) Navy Curb Is Held Imperative 9
12/31/1936 German Bartering Failing In Balkans 9
12/31/1936 Missing (U.S. Chartered) Ship (‘Motomar’) Found; Seized By (Spanish) Loyalists 9
12/31/1936 Nazi (Education) Order Hurts Classic Gymnasia-English To Be The Main Foreign Language In Communities With One High School-Latin Dropped To Second 18