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William Lindsey collection — 1936 NYT headlines

October 1936
Date Headline Page
10/01/1936 Japanese Display Force In Shanghai 1
10/01/1936 (Leftist-Loyalist) Spain Bares (Foreign Intervention) Data Accusing 3 Nations (Germany, Italy & Portugal) 2
10/01/1936 Four (Franco) Rebels (Officers) Executed 3
10/01/1936 Germany Rejects Devaluation Now-Otto D. Tolischus 4
10/01/1936 Text Of Schacht’s Statement Barring Devaluation (Of Mark) 4
10/01/1936 Bill To Cut Franc Deadlocks (French) Houses-Blum Bitterly Attacked (For Franc Devaluation) 7
10/01/1936 Morgenthau Scored By Soviet Press (For Remarks About Soviet Currency) 8
10/01/1936 Brazil To Follow Dollar 8
10/01/1936 William C. Bullitt) Takes Over U.S. Paris Embassy (‘France And The United States Are Linked’) 9
10/01/1936 Hamilton Renews ‘Red’ Challenge-Demands Roosevelt Prove His Sincerity (Of Not Supporting Reds) By Removal Of (Left-Leaning David) Dubinsky As Elector 20
10/01/1936 Gold Imports Total $137,121,600 In Month 39
10/02/1936 (Spanish) Insurgents Name Franco Dictator In An Army Regime 1
10/02/1936 (Cardinal) Pacelli Reported Seeking Aid Of U.S. In Anti-Red Drive 1
10/02/1936 Ex. Gov. (Alfred E.) Smith Declares For Landon 1
10/02/1936 Austria Calls 8,000 Youths To The Colors 1
10/02/1936 Roosevelt’s Defense Of His Use Of Billions For Recovery 2
10/02/1936 (William E.) Dodd Jr. Testifies (Spanish) Rebels Get Arms 13
10/02/1936 No ‘Loan To France,’ Morgenthau Says 14
10/02/1936 Franc Cut, Blum Seeks World Talk 15
10/02/1936 Franc Depressed On Moves By Paris 15
10/02/1936 August’s Exports More Than In 1935 41
10/03/1936 (Col. Frank Knox) Denies Roosevelt Averted A (Nation-Wide) Revolt (With His New Deal) 2
10/03/1936 Reich Organizes 12 Corps Of Army-Rhineland Force Doubled 5
10/04/1936 German Warship (26,000 Ton ‘Sharnhorst’) Launched At Fete-Otto D. Tolischus 1
10/04/1936 Paris Armed Camp To Bar Fight Today-Forces Are Rushed To Capital As De La Rocque Plans To Break Up Red Meeting 1
10/04/1936 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Will Invade Jews’ (London) Section Today 31
10/04/1936 New Appeal Planned To Palestine Arabs 31
10/04/1936 500,000 Peasants Assemble In Reich-Nation Better Off Than Most Neighbors, Goebbels Tells The ‘Soldiers Of Mother Earth’ 32
10/04/1936 Reich To Ban Jews In Legal Science-Only Nazis Will Teach 34
10/04/1936 War Fleet Tests Satisfy Russians-Harold Denny 34
10/04/1936 Spanish War Held A Blow To Russia 37
10/04/1936 Spain’s Insurgents Deny Fast Aims-Admits Army Plans Rule 37
10/04/1936 400 Spanish Priests Are Listed As Killed (By Loyalist-Leftists)-Vatican Says 100 Nuns Were Slain-Five Bishops Dead-29 Churches Reported Destroyed 37
10/04/1936 (Col. Henry) Breckenridge (A ‘Jeffersonian Democrat’) Says President (Roosevelt) Stirs (Class) Hate 41
10/04/1936 Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt Asks President (Roosevelt) Be Ousted (Gives 13 Reasons To Support His View) 42
10/04/1936 Americas (Roosevelt’s Buenos Aires Conference) Studying Pact To Bar Wars 46
10/04/1936 (Radical Socialist Leon Blum’s) Popular Front Faces Stiff Fight In France E-3
10/04/1936 Devaluation Struggle Shakes Blum Regime E-4
10/04/1936 Fall Of Franc Closes Five-Yewar Gold Drama E-4
10/04/1936 China And Japan; Will They Fight? E-5
10/04/1936 Shortage Of Food In Reich Increases-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
10/04/1936 It Won’t Happen Here, (Sinclair) Lewis Believes-The Author (Husband Of Dorothy Thompson, An Avid Roosevelt Supporter) Holds That Liberalism Can Save Our System From Left Or Right Dictators Mag. 3
10/04/1936 China’s Grim Battle To Win Nationhood Mag. 6
10/05/1936 (U.S. Sec. Of War, Harry H.) Woodring Pledges (U.S.) Devotion To Peace (At Polish Rally) 4
10/05/1936 London Riots Balk Fascist (Sir Oswald Mosley) ‘Invasion’ 6
10/05/1936 Reich Battle Corks; Home-Grown Wood Used (Saves Rm10,000,000) 8
10/05/1936 Schooling Is Cut 3 Years By Reich 8
10/05/1936 700,000 Peasants Join Fete In Reich 9
10/05/1936 (Greater N.Y. Retail Furnishings And Dry Goods Association, Organized Last December) Backs (Jewish) Boycott Of Nazis 9
10/05/1936 (Avery) Brundage Extols Hitler’s Regime 9
10/05/1936 (Baptist, Rev. Francis K.) Sheppard Assails Anti-Semitic Acts (Of Germany)-Story Of Daniel Cited-Punishment (Of Anti-Semites) Is Foreseen 13
10/05/1936 Death Of (Isador) Straus (Former U.S. Ambassador To France, Of Pneumonia) Grieves President (Roosevelt)-(General) Pershing ‘Deeply Moved’ 15
10/05/1936 Junior Hadassah Opens Fall (Membership) Drive 15
10/05/1936 (John D.) Hamilton Criticized (By N.Y. City Chamberlain, Adolf A. Berle, Jr., Later Ass’t. U.S. Sec. Of State) On Dubinsky (Communist Support Of Roosevelt) Charge-Berle Sees Attempt To Bring To United States ‘Struggle That Has Rent Europe’ 17
10/05/1936 London Attuned When Franc Fell-Long Realignment Seen 33
10/05/1936 London Approves (U.S.-Britain) Monetary Pool-Many Problems Faced 33
10/05/1936 New French Fund To Steady Franc 33
10/05/1936 Crisis Drew Gold To London Market 33
10/05/1936 Reich Fears That Gold-Bloc Devaluations Will Adversely Affect Her Foreign Trade 33
10/05/1936 British Prices Rise To Highest Of 1936-Cereals And Meats Soar-Commodities Dearest Since 1931 38
10/05/1936 Bullish Outlook Rules (Chicago) Wheat Pit 40
10/06/1936 Italy Devaluates Lira 41% To Offset Dollar And Pound 1
10/06/1936 Soviet Plans Navy On Par With Army 1
10/06/1936 Fierce Fighting On In Madrid (Sector); (Franco) Moors Repulsed-Rebel Cavalry Mowed Down 1
10/06/1936 (William Green, A. F. Of L.) Says 90% Of Labor For Roosevelt 1
10/06/1936 (U.S. Sec. Of Treasury, Henry) Morgenthau Acts On (National) Red Cross Fund 5
10/06/1936 (Republicans) Accuse (Philadelphia) Democrats Of (Voter) Registry Fraud 7
10/06/1936 (U.S. Senatorial Committee) Will Investigate Pennsylvania WPA 9
10/06/1936 (Republican, John D. M.) Hamilton Insists Reds Be Deported-Demands President (Roosevelt) Order The Department Of Justice To ‘Rout Out Alien Agents’ (‘Ausrotten?’) 12
10/06/1936 Roosevelt Budget Is Target Of (Col. Frank) Knox-Asks Question On Reds-Says Aaa Blighted Industry 12
10/06/1936 League Opens War On Trade Barriers-U.S. Assistance Praised-British And French Warn That Other Nations Must Act Now To Assure World Reforms-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
10/06/1936 29 Croats On Trial In Killing (Massacre) Of 6 Serbs 16
10/06/1936 American (Maj. Lester D. Gardner) Reaches Moscow In 69 Hours 17
10/06/1936 Paris Bans Rallies Held Provocative-Moves On De La Rocqe 18
10/06/1936 League Asks Poles To Chasten Danzig 19
10/06/1936 Anti-Nazi Boycott (Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman, Boycott Unit Of American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Head]-Joint Boycott Council Of The Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee) Hailed 19
10/06/1936 Propaganda Fight On Reds Proposed 45
10/07/1936 Roosevelt Wants Freedom On (U.S.) Money-He Will Ask Continuation Of His Power To Devalue (Dollar)-For An Emergency (Which He) Only (Will Declare)-Hull Credited For Liberal World Trend 1
10/07/1936 New Deal Censors ‘Source Of News,’ Landon Declares 1
10/07/1936 Elliott Roosevelt Linked To (Fokker) Air Deal (Sales Of Warplanes To Russia)-Asserts President (Roosevelt) Acted-But Son Brands Assertion As ‘False’ 3
10/07/1936 ‘Baiting’ Of Reds Scored By (Socialist) Laidler 6
10/07/1936 (Former Sec. Of State [Wilson], Bainbridge) Colby Says Reds Back Roosevelt 7
10/07/1936 WPA Head (Lt. Col. Brehon B. Somervell) Defends Pay Of (WPA) Executives-Holds (Government) Salaries Too Low 12
10/07/1936 Hard Adds Data On WPA ‘Favors’-Quotes Two Affidavits-(Harry L.) Hopkins (Chief Of WPA) Gives Out Sworn Denials 12
10/07/1936 British Laborites For Arming, 3 To 1 15
10/07/1936 China Shows Arms As Japanese Wait-General Chiang (Kai-Shek) Shows Great Force In Nanking Prior To The Joint Negotiations 17
10/07/1936 Poland (Tytus Komarnicki) Says Jews Need New (Emigration) Outlet (Palestine)-Bid For Mandate Seen-Polish Jewish Circles Back The Move 18
10/07/1936 Drive To Seek Aid For (Christian) German Exiles ($400,000 For ‘Non-Jewish Victims Of The Hitler Regime’) 18
10/07/1936 Nazi Winter (Relief) Drive Started By Hitler-Democracy Is Attacked 19
10/07/1936 London And Paris Push Trade Accord-U.S. Is Urged To Assist-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 20
10/07/1936 Reich To Extend Control Over Marketing Of Food 20
10/07/1936 Italy In Devaluing Rebuffs Germany-But Coolness Is Denied 20
10/07/1936 London Is Pleased Over Devalued Lira 20
10/07/1936 (Roosevelt’s) Pan-American (Buenos Aires) Plans Approved In Berlin-Tendency To Substitute Neutrality For Collective Security Arouses Satisfaction (‘Diplomatische Korrespondenz’) 21
10/07/1936 (German) Art Ordered Home By German Cities-Reich Pictures To Stay (In Germany) 25
10/07/1936 Reich War Authors Are Feted In Berlin 25
10/07/1936 (U.S.) South Asks Slash (Equality) In Freight Charges-Threat To (Industrial) Growth Seen 55
10/08/1936 Britain Urges U.S. And Japan To Keep Pacific Forts Curb 1
10/08/1936 Soviet Threatens To Help (Leftist-Loyalist) Madrid Unless 3
10/08/1936 Powers (Germany, Italy & Portugal) Cease Aiding The (Franco) Rebels-Berlin And Rome Deny Charges 1
10/08/1936 Hull Sees Trade Rebuilt By (His) Reciprocity (Trade) Treaties; Says Old Tariff Ruined It (Text, P. 10) 1
10/08/1936 (William F.) Bleakley Warns Of (N.Y.) State Dictator-Lehman As ‘Pupil’ Learned Lesson From ‘Master’ (Roosevelt) In Washington 1
10/08/1936 Nazi Students Get Official Warning-Time To Cease Their Attacks On Professors-Expulsions Hinted 2
10/08/1936 Danzig Nazis Defy League On Inquiry-74 Socialists Arrested 2
10/08/1936 Reich Police Push War On Food Profiteers; Arrests Of Butchers And Grocers Increase 2
10/08/1936 (Count) Ciano To Seen Hitler On Locarno Issues 2
10/08/1936 ‘Am I The Big Bad Wolf?’ Hitler Inquires Of Briton (D. M. Mason) 2
10/08/1936 U.S. Envoy Gets Managua (Nicaragua-Samoza) To Start Paving Program 2
10/08/1936 German Pastor (At Pirmasens) Is Fined (Allegedly Failed To Fly ‘A Swastika Flag On The Church And Parsonage April 20,’ Hitler’s Birthday) 2
10/08/1936 (U.S. Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C. Roper) Hints At U.S. Aid For Dirigible Line-Following Conference With Dr. Eckener (Of ‘Hindenburg’) 3
10/08/1936 (Czechoslovakian) Devaluing Is Explained 3
10/08/1936 Reform Of League Will Be Debated-Refugees Problem Studied 3
10/08/1936 Britain Won’t Ban Fascists’ Parades-For Freedom Of Speech (See ‘Britain To Check Mosely,’ Oct. 17, P. 1) 4
10/08/1936 (Austria) Refuses To Free Briton (Journalist, Geoffrey Fraser) 4
10/08/1936 Chinese Stiffen On Eve Of Parley-Tokyo Attitude Softer 5
10/08/1936 (Anthony Fokker Airplane) Incident Declared Closed-Senator Nye Asserts That Obviously Elliott Roosevelt Did Nothing Illegal In Deal (To Sell War Planes To Russia) 9
10/08/1936 Asks Hull To Bare British Trade Pact 11
10/08/1936 (Col. Frank) Knox Warns Labor Against New Deal-Economic Policies Scored 14
10/08/1936 Orders For Steel Highest Since 1929-Sheet Makers Swamped 38
10/09/1936 Mgr. Ryan Backs Roosevelt, Attacks Father Coughlin 1
10/09/1936 Cardinal Pacelli (Later Pope Pius XII), Papal Envoy Here-He Is Silent On Coughlin 1
10/09/1936 Reich Is Astonished By New Isolation-Augur, London 4
10/09/1936 Nazi Students Hit Older Generation-Reactionaries Assailed 6
10/09/1936 Reich Press Hints Devaluing Is Near 6
10/09/1936 Imprison Jew (Abraham Kaiser Of Duisburg) For Letter (Sent To U.S., Allegedly Slurring Hitler) 6
10/09/1936 (Washington-London-Paris Tripartite) Monetary Accord Working Smoothly 8
10/09/1936 Stabilization Sum Set Up By France-Fund Secretly Administered 8
10/09/1936 Danzig Socialists Get Light Sentences-Claim Guns Found In Their Homes Were Planted By The Police 11
10/09/1936 Hawaii Welcomes (Pan-American Airways) China Clipper (On Way To Manila) 13
10/09/1936 China, Japan Gain Hope From Talks-New (Anti-Japanese) Attack In Hankow 14
10/09/1936 (U.S.) Navy Would Have Forts In The Philippines, But Army Wants Defense Line Nearer Home 14
10/09/1936 (Senator Clark) Hits (Senator Nye) Story Involving Elliott Roosevelt (Anthony Fokker Deal To Sell Warplanes To Russia) 19
10/09/1936 (Col. Frank Knox) Says No One Knows New Deal’s Plans 21
10/09/1936 Presses For Light On WPA In Kansas 21
10/09/1936 War Danger (From Spanish Civil War) Over Women Are Told (By James G. Mc Donald, Former League Of Nations High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, Now On Editorial Staff Of N.Y. Times, Later Head Of Roosevelt’s Commission On Refugees) 26
10/09/1936 Says Government Impedes Rail Men 39
10/09/1936 Gold Stock Rises At Bank Of France 45
10/10/1936 Powers In Row Over Spain As Soviet Presses Charges (Of Foreign Aid To Franco); France Will Not Aid Russia (Report, P. 3) 1
10/10/1936 Blum (Popular Front) Faces Crises In Fight With (French)Reds 1
10/10/1936 Chiang (Kai Shek) Says China Bars Interference-Air Show Over Capital 1
10/10/1936 1,035,000 Jobless In Reich 2
10/10/1936 Roosevelt Is Vital To Nation; Says (James M.) Cox 5
10/10/1936 (William F.) Bleakley Calls Lehman A (Roosevelt) ‘Robot’-Tool Of New Deal And Rabble Rouser 9
10/10/1936 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Chief) Hits Back At WPA Attackers 9
10/10/1936 1,562 Are Ousted In (N.Y. City) For WPA Absence 19
10/10/1936 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Praises News Conference (Anne O’Hare McCormick Also Spoke-Both Strong ‘Feminist’ Activists & Supporters Of F. D. Roosevelt) 20
10/10/1936 New High Levels For World Wheat 29
10/11/1936 Reich Threatens To Counter Any Aid By Russia To Spain-Moscow Reveals Ultimatum Of Germany-Italian Accuses Britain 1
10/11/1936 (Kurt) Schuschnigg Gets Dictator’s Power-G.E.R. Gedye 1
10/11/1936 (U.S. Economic) Emergency Is Past; Jesse Jones Says; Banks’ Status Fine 1
10/11/1936 (Anthony Fokker) Defends (Elliott) Roosevelt Deal (Warplanes To Be Sold To Russia-Contract ‘Misinterpreted For Purposes Of Political Propaganda.’) 2
10/11/1936 Plans Federal Aid To Build Airships-Cites Hindenburg Service-Germany Will Clinch Monopoly Unless America Acts Soon, (Col.) J. M. Johnson (Ass’t. U.S. Sec. Of Commerce) Contends 17
10/11/1936 Huge Rearmament Speeded By Italy-1,200 Plants Make Arms 30
10/11/1936 Prices In France Increase Sharpley-Almost All Fields Hit 31
10/11/1936 Japan Rebuffed In Nanking Parley (By Chinese)-Chiang (Kai-Shek) Said He Gave No Pledge And Held China’s Integrity Must Be Recognized-Tokyo-Soviet Pact Signed 32
10/11/1936 Berlin Women Stand In Line To Buy Food-Pork Unobtainable In Most Stores In Western Part Of City-Butter Plentiful 34
10/11/1936 1,000 Italians Start Work On Huge Military Airport 34
10/11/1936 New Aid To Rebels Charged In (Leftist-Loyalist Madrid) Press-Reich And Italy Accused 35
10/11/1936 Roosevelt Breaks Faith, (Bainbridge) Colby (Formerly Wilson’s Sec. Of State) Says-Holds People Tricked 48
10/11/1936 (German) Catholic Bishops Assail Nazi Press N-9
10/11/1936 U.S. Steel Shipments Continue To Increase F-3
10/11/1936 Moscow Goes Fishing Upon (Leftist-Loyalist) Spanish Waters E-3
10/11/1936 WPA (Corruption) Becomes A Leading Issue In The Campaign E-3
10/11/1936 Blum Must Hold His (Popular Front) Allies In Line (Numerous Other Related Articles) E-4
10/11/1936 Reich Reluctant To Devalue Mark E-4
10/11/1936 Britain Much Annoyed By Clashes Over Spain E-5
10/11/1936 Map: Naval Bases Of Three Powers In The Pacific E-5
10/11/1936 Both Sides Ruthless In Spain-Bullets Settle Doubts (However, There Are Many Pictures Of The Execution Of Franco Troops By Loyalists. There Are Numerous Pictures Of Loyalists Troops Captured By Franco) E-5
10/11/1936 Letters To Roosevelt (Offering Aid In Campaign) E-10&11
10/11/1936 Bemis, Samuel Flagg, A Diplomatic History Of The United States, Henry Holt & Co. N.Y. (U.S. Diplomatic Successes And Failures) Book 5
10/11/1936 Does France Face (Another) Revolution? Mag. 1
10/11/1936 Hull Sees The Dawn Of World Sanity (Under His Reciprocal Trade Treaties) Mag. 3
10/11/1936 A Communist From Kansas (Earl Browder) Is A National Issue Mag. 7
10/11/1936 ‘Parahs’ (Parachutes) For War Give A Jules Vern Thrill Mag. 8
10/11/1936 (‘Sharnhorst’) The Symbol That Germany Has Cast Off The Versailles Treaty Restrictions On The Sea Roto.
10/11/1936 The New Deal’s First Office Building In Washington (Harold L. Ickes [Pwa Project], Dept. Of Interior) Roto.
10/12/1936 Rightists Routed By (Strassburg) French Guards Who Protect Reds 1
10/12/1936 Roosevelt Hails Our Part In Peace-Nation Setting Example For World 1
10/12/1936 Jews Are Attacked By London Fascists-15,000 Threaten (Sir Oswald) Mosley In Liverpool 7
10/12/1936 World Trade Talk Awaited By Japan-Yen Will Not Be Shifted 8
10/12/1936 Control Of Arms Asked By Britons (Royal Commission)-Ask Seizure Of Capital (Nye Committee) 10
10/12/1936 7,750 German Jews Aided (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-’2,047 Jews Long Residents In Germany But Natives Of Other Lands’-Not Clear If They Are In The 7,750-Shipped All Over The World!) 22
10/12/1936 World Bank Heads Sound Out Schacht-Efforts Being Made To Bring Germany Into Line With Recent (U.S.-British-French) Currency Moves-Reich’s Position Shaken 37
10/12/1936 Wholesale Prices Higher In Germany 37
10/12/1936 (Roosevelt Regime) Allots $24,000,000 To Atlantic Ports-Hails Intracoastal Route 43
10/13/1936 3 Powers (U.S., Britain & France) Make Gold Deal: Exports To Central Banks To Stabilize Money Rates-Morgenthau Says ‘New Type Gold Standard’ Curbs Speculators-Metal To Flow Only Through Central Banks-Our Sale Price Put At $35 An Ounce 1
10/13/1936 ‘Socialism’ Is Found In (Federal Council Of Churches) Church Program (By Eastern Conference Of Methodist Protestant Church) 4
10/13/1936 Nazi Officials Are Guests At Whale Meat Luncheon (In An Attempt To Popularized It As A Food!) 4
10/13/1936 Bishop (Count Von Preysing) Says Nazis Distort Papal Aim 5
10/13/1936 ‘Insult’ To Hitler By Thorez (French Communist) Scored (By Dr. Joseph Goebbels) 5
10/13/1936 War Upon Hitler Urged By (Ernst) Toller (Radical German Playwrite) 5
10/13/1936 Nazis Ask Colonies On Pain Of ‘Dumping’-Otto D. Tolischus 7
10/13/1936 Prosperity Seen Nearer In Europe (By Clark M. Eichelberger, Director Of League Of Nations Association, Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, An Arch Interventionist!) 7
10/13/1936 British Again Seek To Restrain Japan (In China)-Russians Kill Japanese 10
10/13/1936 Monk, Friend Of Mata Hari (Ww I) Dies (Shot By Loyalist Spanish) Defending (Franco Troops’) Retreat 10
10/13/1936 Blankets In Homes Seized By (Leftist-Loyalist) Madrid-People’s Apathy Decried (By Loyalists) 11
10/13/1936 12 Rebel(Franco) Leaders To Die (Condemned By Spanish Popular Front) 11
10/13/1936 (Soviet Captain) Asks Italy To See Soviet Shipment-Denies Delivering Arms-Harold Denny, Moscow 11
10/13/1936 WPA Accounting Made By (Harry L.) Hopkins 22
10/13/1936 (Republican National Committee) Says Politicians Got Postal Jobs (From Roosevelt Regime) 22
10/13/1936 ‘Reliefers’ Rule South Dakota Vote 24
10/13/1936 K. A. Werner Dead (60); Nazi Prosecutor-Conducted The (Marinus Van Der Lubbe) Reichstag Fire Trial In 1933 As Chief State’s Attorney 27
10/13/1936 American Freedom Acclaimed By Hull 29
10/13/1936 Iron-Steel Imports Increased In August 40
10/14/1936 Gov. Landon (Republican Candidate For President) Sees President (Roosevelt) On Way To Dictatorship (Text, P. 21) 1
10/14/1936 President (Roosevelt) Offers Kansans Security As New Deal Fact 1
10/14/1936 Reich To Dissolve Colonial League, Courting Britain By Halting (Colony Return) Drive 1
10/14/1936 Whip Hand On Gold Given To 3 Powers (U.S., Britain & France), Washington Holds-Hull Commends Move-Treasury (Morgenthau) Believes U.S. Britain And France Can Bar Private Shipments Elsewhere 1
10/14/1936 Laxity In Red Riots Charged To (N.Y. City) Police 1
10/14/1936 (William Christian) Bullitt Is Received As (U.S.) Envoy By Lebrun 2
10/14/1936 Picture: Young (Children) Spanish Communists On Parade In (Loyalist) Madrid 2
10/14/1936 Germany Protests French Red’s (Maurice Thorez’s) Speech (Said He’d Rather Have A Negro Than Hitler) 3
10/14/1936 French Banks See Gains In Gold Pact 4
10/14/1936 Reich Different To The Gold Pact 4
10/14/1936 Bankers Here Hail New Gold Accord-Natural Outcome Of Tri-Power Agreement For Monetary Cooperation-See Britain Chiefly Aided 5
10/14/1936 Japan, China Fail To Reach Accord-Chinese Troops Moving-Pessimism Prevails-British Loan (To China) Disturbs Japanese 6
10/14/1936 1,000 Air Experts At Berlin Meeting 7
10/14/1936 (WPA Administrator, Harry L.) Hopkins Forecasts Long Jobless Era-Need For (‘His’) WPA Stressed 10
10/14/1936 Landon At Toledo Warns Of (U.S. Labor’s) Serfdom (Under Roosevelt) 20
10/14/1936 Guam Is Reached By (Pan-American Airways) China Clipper (On Way To Manila) 27
10/15/1936 Belgium Returns To Old Neutrality; Drops Alliances 1
10/15/1936 Soviet Demands An Arms Blockade Against Portugal 1
10/15/1936 Ireland Bars Her Ports To German Airline; Upholds Rights Of Americans And British 2
10/15/1936 Irish Bishops Decry Reds’ Role In Spain 2
10/15/1936 Pictures: Mrs. Wallis Simpson & Ernest Simpson (Divorce Proceedings In Court) 3
10/15/1936 (Ira A.) Hirschman Likens Blum (French Popular Front) To Disraeli 3
10/15/1936 (Spanish Loyalist) Anarchists Massacre 84 3
10/15/1936 France, Italy Back A Submarine Curb 4
10/15/1936 Move On Niemoeller (Confessional Synod) Is Expected In Reich 4
10/15/1936 Danzig Nazis Deal Final Blow To (Socialist) Foes 5
10/15/1936 U.S. Considering New Money Moves-Has Faith In The British 6
10/15/1936 Paper (Frankfurter Zeitung) Asks Credit Abroad For Reich-Deplores Unpaid Debts 6
10/15/1936 Japanese Distrust British Loan Plan-Press Charges Duplicity 7
10/15/1936 (French-Canadians) Attack Montreal Jews 8
10/15/1936 81 On Harvard (University) Staff (Out Of 1,750) To Back Roosevelt (Leaders Are Professors Felix Frankfurter And Arthur M. Schlesinger) 16
10/16/1936 France Questions Belgium On Plans Under Neutrality-End Of Aid Treaties Seen 1
10/16/1936 Munich Police Raid Home Of Former Nuncio, Seeking Evidence On Catholic Youth Groups 1
10/16/1936 Stalin Supports Spanish (Loyalists) Leftists-’Effective Aid’ Sought 1
10/16/1936 Map: Spanish Military Situation 1
10/16/1936 Pictures: Young Girls Helping Spanish Loyalists & Spanish Nuns In France After Escaping Spanish Loyalists 3
10/16/1936 French Gains Seen In Armed Belgium-British Are Not Excited 3
10/16/1936 Germans Say Little Of The Belgian Move 3
10/16/1936 New Light Cruiser (‘Kumano’) Launched By Japan 3
10/16/1936 League Concerned Over Belgian (Neutrality) Step-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
10/16/1936 U.S. World Policy Hailed By (U.S. Envoy To France, William C.) Bullitt 7
10/16/1936 (Jacob Gould) Schurman (Former U. Ambassador To Germany & Former President Of Cornell Univ.), Back, Sees War Delayed 13
10/16/1936 WPA Data Barred In Jersey Politics (Harry Hopkins Must Approve Its Release!) 19
10/16/1936 (Alleged) Landon Endorsement Draws Nazi (Fritz Kuhn, German-American Alliance) Denial 20
10/16/1936 Bishops Ask Action To Avert War Ruin 22
10/16/1936 German Lutheran Scouts War Peril-Bishop Marahrens Says Berlin Seeks Peace-Dr. KnubelAt Ohio Conference, Warns Against ‘Hysteria’ Over Reds 23
10/16/1936 U.S. Steel To Spend $29,000,000 In South-Myron C. TaylorOutlines Wide Expansion 37
10/17/1936 (Herbert) Hoover Charges (New Deal) Faking In Accounts Conceals Huge Government Expense-Vast ‘Juggling’ Alleged-Much Camouflaged Under Emergency Categories(Text, P. 6) 1
10/17/1936 Britain To Check Mosely-Move To Mollify Labor 1
10/17/1936 War Plane Plants To Be Nationalized At Once By France 1
10/17/1936 (WPA Administrator Harry L.) Hopkins Refuses To List WPA Names 7
10/17/1936 (WPA) Propaganda Charge Angers (Lt. Col. Brehon B.) Somervell 7
10/17/1936 Nazi-Catholic War In Munich Bitter 8
10/17/1936 Belgium Assures Friends On (Neutrality) Policy 8
10/17/1936 Paris Darkened For Air Raid Test-Event Lark For Citizens 8
10/17/1936 (Socialist Presidential Candidate, Norman) Thomas Says Nation Faces Fate Of Rome 8
10/17/1936 (U.S.) Inflation Is Near, Says (Princeton.Professor Edwin W.) Kemmerer 8
10/17/1936 Soviet Denies Aid To (Loyalist) Madrid Is Near-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
10/18/1936 Belgium Resolute In Intent To Break Her Military Ties 1
10/18/1936 Reich Plans (‘Ruthless’) Extermination Of Profiteers; Judges Join Police In War On High Prices 1
10/18/1936 (Dr. Gould Wickey) Warns Lutherans Of War On Religion 9
10/18/1936 (Labor) Union Held Biased Against Negroes (By Urban League Meeting In Home Of Joseph M. Proskauer) 16
10/18/1936 League (Of Nations) Principles Backed By (Episcopal) Bishops 19
10/18/1936 Fascism In Poland Urged By Leaders (Gen. Edward Rydz-Smigly)-Leftist Danger Is Seen 25
10/18/1936 Reich Troop Moves On Rhine Reported (Paris Report) 25
10/18/1936 Reich Disavows Plea To Vote For Landon 29
10/18/1936 Poland Cautious On Danzig Policy 30
10/18/1936 Huge (Glen L. Martin) Clipper Plane Ordered By Russia 31
10/18/1936 Germany’s Trade At Peak For Year N-12
10/18/1936 Belgium To Send $800,000 Gold Here-First Shipment Since Belga Devaluation F-1
10/18/1936 Belgium Now Seeking Modified Neutrality-Britain Takes Deep Interest E-3
10/18/1936 Belgium Puts An End To Post-War Planning E-4
10/18/1936 Military Economy Strains Germany E-4
10/18/1936 Picture: Schacht & Rudolf Hess-’Powers In Nazidom’ E-4
10/18/1936 Picture: Paul Van Zeeland, Belgium Premier-’He Tries Neutrality’ E-4
10/18/1936 Communism Losing In Western Europe E-4
10/18/1936 Vatican Is Waging Open War On Reds E-4
10/18/1936 Schuschnigg Plans Full Dictatorship E-5
10/18/1936 British Cabinet Tries Policy Of Tranquility E-5
10/18/1936 Negro Vote Vital In A Close Election E-7
10/18/1936 Our Gold Again In Use To Stabilize Exchange E-10
10/18/1936 Collective Action To End War Urged-(By) Mrs. Arthur Brin, President Of Jewish Women’s Council D-7
10/18/1936 Stimson, Henry L., The Crisis In The Far East, Harper & Bros., N.Y Book 1
10/18/1936 The German Book Of Destiny (Mein Kampf)-Otto D. Tolischus Mag. 1
10/18/1936 ‘Have We Come Of Age? A Historian Wonders’-James Truslow Adams Mag. 4
10/18/1936 (Franco Foreign) Legion Of ‘The Lost Ones; Fights In Spain Mag. 7
10/19/1936 U.S. Exports To Spain Are Cut 85% By Civil War 1
10/19/1936 Head (Col. J. E. Spingarn) Of Negro Group (NAACP) Out For Roosevelt 2
10/19/1936 Palestine Refuge Is Hailed By (Roosevelt Supporter And Public Opinion ‘Tester,’ Pennsylvania Governor, George H.) Earle-Opening-Hadassah Session, Praises Its Aid To All Creeds In (Jewish Palestine) ‘Homeland’ 5
10/19/1936 Holy Name Rallies Score Communism 7
10/19/1936 Jewish Population In Reich Cut 21% (Decrease From 517,000 To 405,000 Reported By Dr. Michael Traub, Berlin Director Of Palestine Foundation Fund Of Germany-Reported To United Palestine Appeal) 7
10/19/1936 (Labor) Union Denies Bias Against Negroes 7
10/19/1936 (Premier, Leon) Blum (French Popular Front) Wards Off Left Front Clash 8
10/19/1936 War On Reds Urged At (N.Y. Militia) Naval Services 9
10/19/1936 Anti-Nazi Gets Asylum (In Mexico-Now Living In New York City) 10
10/19/1936 Throngs In Vienna Hail New ‘Fuhrer’ (Kurt Schuschnigg) 12
10/19/1936 Chinese (Chiang Kai Shek) To Reject Japan’s Demands 13
10/19/1936 German Friendship Is Invited By Lebrun 13
10/19/1936 Nazis Seek Trade From Hated (Russian) Reds 14
10/19/1936 Soviet Sees Peril To France In Spain-Harold Denny, Moscow 15
10/19/1936 Argentina Urges Pressure On (Loyalist) Spain 15
10/19/1936 Prejudice For Faith Held Spiritual Spur-Dr. Wickey (United Lutheran Church)-Asserts Lack Of Any Convictions Caused Downfall Of German Universities 20
10/19/1936 Legion Negroes Dine With Whites In Virginia 21
10/19/1936 Britain Not Upset By Rise In Imports 29
10/19/1936 Hull Commended (By Foreign Policy Association) For (His Reciprocal) Trade Pacts 33
10/20/1936 (Herbert) Hoover Is Wrong Says (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr., U.S. Secretary Of Treasury)-Government Has No Double Budget Or System Of Double Bookkeeping, He Says 1
10/20/1936 Goering To Dictate Economy Of Reich 1
10/20/1936 (Harold L.) Ickes (Head Of Pwa & Sec. Of Interior) Says Hoover Distorted Figures-Gave Erroneous Data On Budget, He Asserts 7
10/20/1936 Premier (Hirota) Of Japan Victor Over Army-Nanking Talks (With Chiang Kai-Shek) Resume 18
10/20/1936 Roosevelt (Letter) Praises Hadassah Activity-Donations (For Aid To Jewish Palestine) Over $600,000 20
10/20/1936 Earmarked Gold Puzzles Wall St.-It Might Be For France 37
10/21/1936 (John W.) Davis (Democratic Presidential Candidate, 1924) Denounces The (Roosevelt) New Deal, Asks Democrats To Back Landon (Text, P. 18) 1
10/21/1936 Powers Intercede To Save Hostages (Held By Loyalists)-British Fear Massacre 3
10/21/1936 Soviet Armed Aid For (Loyalist) Madrid Likely-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
10/21/1936 Huge Gain Is Seen In Reich Aviation-Great Factories At Work-Two Alone Are Said To Exceed All In U.S. Put Together 5
10/21/1936 Goering Now Held A Vice Chancellor-Ranks Second Only To Hitler 5
10/21/1936 Jews Beaten In (Warsaw) Poland 5
10/21/1936 Kameneff’s Death In (Moscow) Jail Described-Cruel Methods Alleged-London Report 7
10/21/1936 (Polish Strong Man, Eduard) Smigly-Rydz To Become Marshal 9
10/21/1936 Britain Will Build Air (Plane) Engine Plants 31
10/21/1936 Hadassah Cheers Jerusalem Center 32
10/22/1936 Britain Will Buy (Martin & Curtiss) American Planes To Speed Arming-Home Output Inadequate-Opinion Here Is Watched 1
10/22/1936 Picture: The Navy’s First Streamlined Submarine (V-6) 5
10/22/1936 Anti-Russian Bloc In Balkans Sought (By Yugoslavia) 5
10/22/1936 Belgium Remains An Ally Of France (Van Zeeland Vs. Degrelle) 6
10/22/1936 British Peace Body Alters Arms Aims-Disarmament Is Dropped-Augur 7
10/22/1936 Radical Socialists Assail Blum Today 7
10/22/1936 Rightist (Franco) Hostages Slain (By Leftist-Loyalists) In Reprisal 8
10/22/1936 China (Chiang Kai-Shek), Japan Reach Impasse In Parley 11
10/22/1936 Drastic British Curb On Fascists Is Near 11
10/22/1936 (Norman Thomas, Socialist Candidate For President) Says Soviet Bade Aid To Roosevelt (In Election) 11
10/22/1936 Political Coercion Of Teachers Charged-Eaton Reports Pledge Cards Are Given Out Demanding Vote For Roosevelt 16
10/22/1936 Picture: Helen Gahagan (Later ‘Douglas’) 27
10/22/1936 $6,328,000 Of Gold Taken In England 43
10/22/1936 Greatest (Economic) Upswing Foreseen By (Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper (If Roosevelt Wins)-Urges Wide Cooperation 46
10/23/1936 Soviet Retreating On Threat To Help Leftists In Spain 1
10/23/1936 U.S. Firm In Canada (Boeing) Gets British Order For 300 Airplanes-700 May Be Bought Here (Presumably Warplanes) 1
10/23/1936 France Combats A Divided Europe 3
10/23/1936 Prague Reaffirms Its Ties With Russia 3
10/23/1936 Belgium Forbids Factions’ Rallies-Virtual Martial Law Imposed (By Van Zeeland) As Rexists (Under Leon Degrelle) Assert They Will Defy Meeting Ban Sunday-Premier (Van Zeeland) Calls For Calm 4
10/23/1936 New Dirigible Line Is Planned Here 4
10/23/1936 Radical Socialists (Led By Edouard Daladier) Asked To Aid (French Popular Front Premier, Leon) Blum 4
10/23/1936 War Gas Humane, Army Men Assert-Death Ratio Is Held Less 9
10/23/1936 B’nai B’rith Gives $100,000 To Palestine (Jewish National Fund-To Buy 1,000 Acres For Jewish Refugees From Germany) 9
10/23/1936 (Harold J.) Laski Hails Roosevelt 12
10/23/1936 Funds ($17,777,000) Are Provided For 97 Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Projects 12
10/23/1936 (Republic Of) Columbia (Bond) Default To Go Before Court 35
10/23/1936 All (Cereal) Grains Rise On War Rumors 43
10/24/1936 British Airplanes (In Rearmament Program) Using Propellers Of American Type-Most U.S. Factories Already Rushed 1
10/24/1936 Germany And Italy In Full Agreement 1
10/24/1936 Race For Arms Stepped Up In ‘35; $9,295,000,000 Spent By Powers 1
10/24/1936 Portugal Severs Madrid (Loyalist) Relations; Soviet Avoids Rift 1
10/24/1936 Picture: Russian Supplies Arrive In (Loyalist) Spain (Aboard The ‘Zirganin’) 3
10/24/1936 Germany Sets Up Economic Board-To Carry Out The New 4-Year Plan For Self Sufficiency-Otto D. Tolischus 3
10/24/1936 (Loyalist) Madrid Got Many Planes From France Before Ban (Spain Was France’s Best Customer) 3
10/24/1936 Picture: The President And Mrs. Roosevelt And Their Dog Jack (After ‘Jack’ Garner?) At Hyde Park 10
10/24/1936 Morgenthau’s Address Upholding Fiscal Properties Of (New Deal) Government 10
10/24/1936 (Communist, Earl) Browder Demands We Help (Leftist) Madrid 10
10/24/1936 WPA Group Moves On The White House 1
10/24/1936 Soviet Accused By Britain Of Shipping Arms To Spain; Italy Also Called Violator 1
10/24/1936 Reich Recognizes Italian Conquest (In Ethiopia); Hitler Approves Accord With Rome 1
10/25/1936 Landon Calls On America To Mind Its ‘Own Business’-League Called A Failure-President (Roosevelt) Held Ruthless (Text, P. 32) 1
10/25/1936 Mussolini Extends An Offer Of Peace-Backed By 8,000,000 Bayonets 1
10/25/1936 Soviet Is Silent On Aiding (Leftist) Madrid)-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
10/25/1936 Rebels Find Church Wrecked By (Spanish Loyalist-Leftist) Troops 5
10/25/1936 Madrid Condemns Talk Of (Leftist) Massacre (Of Captured Franco Supporters) 9
10/25/1936 (French) Radical Socialists Back (Premier Leon) Blum (French Popular Front) Regime 10
10/25/1936 Brussels Troops To Check (Leon Degrelle, Rexist) Fascists 11
10/25/1936 (Pan-American Airways) China Clipper Ends 16,400-Mile (Round Trip Distance) Flight (To Manila) 23
10/25/1936 (New Deal) ‘Federal Empire’ Assailed By (Former Sec. Of State [Under Woodrow Wilson], Bainbridge) Colby-(Jeffersonian, Democratic) Party Is Held Betrayed (By Roosevelt Regime) 25
10/25/1936 (Father Charles E. Coughlin) Says American Cash Is Ready To Aid War (Through Efforts Of J. P. Warburg & Henry Morgenthau, Jr. [Treasury Dept.]) 27
10/25/1936 U.S. Election Fails To Interest Reich 27
10/25/1936 Peer (Marquess Of Lothian) Says Britain Is Arming In Alarm N-6
10/25/1936 Snow Threatens Reich Vegetables-War Waged On Waste N-6
10/25/1936 (Numerous) Chairmen Named For Jewish (Philanthropic) Fund N-12
10/25/1936 Hitler And Mussolini Find Common Ground E-3
10/25/1936 Britain Must Make Up Lost Time In Air (Rearmament) Race E-4
10/25/1936 Italy And Germany Completing A Bloc-Ultimate Aims Obscure-Picture: (Mussolini’s Son-In-law, Count Ciano E-4
10/25/1936 Britain Foresees Vaster Naval Strategy (In Conjunction With The U.S. Navy?) E-4
10/25/1936 Waring Dictatorships Lose Caste In Europe E-5
10/25/1936 Anti-German Cartoon Ridiculing The 4-Year Self-Sufficiency Plan (A Smaller And Smaller Belt) E-5
10/25/1936 Germany Makes A Choice-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
10/25/1936 Soviet Not Ready To Fight For Spain-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
10/25/1936 The Soviet Confronts The Reich-Walter Duranty Mag. 1
10/25/1936 Tides Of Tragedy Swirl About (Leftist) Madrid Mag. 8
10/26/1936 Brussels (Premier Paul Van Zeeland) Seizes Fascists’ Leader (Rexist, Leon Degrell, Picture, P. 11) In Day Of Rioting 1
10/26/1936 Germany To Play New Danube Role By Italian Accord 1
10/26/1936 Canada And Reich In ‘Barter’ Accord (As Opposed To Hull’s Reciprocal Trade Accord) 1
10/26/1936 (French Popular Front, Premier, Leon) Blum Presses On For New Reforms 1
10/26/1936 Germans Will Be Forced To Read Only Books By Hitlerite Authors 1
10/26/1936 President (F. D. Roosevelt) Unlike ‘T. R.,’ Widow Says-Declares Progressive Principles (Of Theodore Roosevelt) Were American And Those Of New Deal Are Not 1
10/26/1936 100,000 (Montreal) Catholics Join Against Reds 7
10/26/1936 Spain To Be Intact (Not Partitioned), Italy And Reich Agree-Augur 8
10/26/1936 Belgium To Shun European Blocs-It Sees Help To Britain 8
10/26/1936 (Joachim Von) Ribbentrop’s Task In London Not Easy 9
10/26/1936 Appeals To Aid (Leftist) Spain Renewed In Russia 9
10/26/1936 (De Bono, ‘Anti-Fascist’) Says Il Duce Laid (Ethiopian) War Plans In 1933 11
10/26/1936 Chiang’s Aide Slain As Pro-Japanese 12
10/26/1936 ‘Aryan’ Lawyers Listed For Nazis’ Use Abroad 12
10/26/1936 Dictator State Scored In Pulpits-Democracy Seen In Peril 14
10/26/1936 Klaus (Son Of Thomas) Mann Assails Fascism As Barrier (In A Synagogue Speech) 14
10/26/1936 $2,374,062 Raised For (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Fund (For Aid To Jewish Youth In Eastern European Countries, Including Poland) 18
10/27/1936 Belgium Considers Forts Near France 1
10/27/1936 President (Roosevelt) Talks To Negroes 1
10/27/1936 Goering To Outline Reich 4-Year (Self-Sufficiency) Plan-Prices Of Fish Are Fixed 4
10/27/1936 Church Of England In Defense Of Jews 4
10/27/1936 19,000 Here Cheer (Leftist) Madrid Defenders 5
10/27/1936 (Leftist) Snub On (Mercy For Captives Supporting Franco) Draws British Ire 6
10/27/1936 Captive Writers (Correspondents Etc.) Feted By (Franco) Rebels 7
10/27/1936 Reich Sees Accord (With Italy) As An Aid To Peace 8
10/27/1936 London Welcomes Envoy (Joachim Von Ribbentrop) In Nazi Garb (Uniform) 9
10/27/1936 President (Roosevelt) Greets ‘Splendid Navy’ 26
10/28/1936 France Will Make Record Air Outlay Of 5 Billion Francs-Would Rival Reich, Italy 1
10/28/1936 Business In Nation Spurts; U.S. Steel To Raise Wages 1
10/28/1936 Britain Protests Japanese ‘Incident’-3 Sailors Are Beaten 1
10/28/1936 Australia Likely To Buy 150 American (Military) Airplanes 4
10/28/1936 Portuguese Warn (Spanish) Neutrality Group 5
10/28/1936 Reich Seizing Butchers For ‘Bootleg’ Slaughtering 5
10/28/1936 Brazil Buys (30) U.S. (Military) Planes 5
10/28/1936 Nazi Papers Say Czechs Build Underground Forts 6
10/28/1936 Jewish Students Beaten (In Warsaw) 6
10/28/1936 (537) Reich Jews At Cape Town 7
10/28/1936 Find No WPA Guilt In Pennsylvania 20
10/29/1936 Neutrals Absolve Rome And Lisbon Of Arming (Spanish) Rebels 1
10/29/1936 Goering Defiant Of ‘Foreign Fist’-Holds Colonies ‘Stolen’-Otto D. Tolischus 1
10/29/1936 Emperor Of Japan Reviews Big Fleet 2
10/29/1936 Britain Will Name (New) Warship George V 4
10/29/1936 Danzig Receives A Polish Warning 4
10/29/1936 Lunching Workers To Hear Nazi Radio (Loud Speaker System Installed ‘Largely For Propaganda Purposes’) 4
10/29/1936 Ludwig, Emil (Jewish Refugee Author), Murder In Davos,-(On Killing A Nazi-Murder Of Wilhelm Gustloff By David Frankfurter In Davos, Switzerland-Seems To Have Been Quite Justifiable According To Review) 4
10/29/1936 Flying Army Seen In Next Big War 5
10/29/1936 Japan May Modify Demands On China (Tokyo Report) 5
10/29/1936 Goering As Example (To Other Germans), Eats Less Butter, Loses 20 Lbs 6
10/30/1936 Cry Of Communism Scored By (Herbert) Lehman (Strong Roosevelt Supporter And One Of His ‘Mouthpieces’) 1
10/30/1936 200 Fascists Barricaded In Fight With French Reds 1
10/30/1936 Reich Protestants Admit Subjugation (Or So Niemoeller Declares) 4
10/30/1936 $28,405,000 Spent By Palestine (Foundation) Fund (Since 1920) 5
10/31/1936 Roosevelt Sets Security For All And End Of Iniquities As His Aim 1
10/31/1936 Commissar To Fix All German Prices (Joseph Wagner, Appointed By Goering) 8
10/31/1936 China Challenges Japan In The North-Dictator (Chaing Kai-Shek) Urges Defense 8
10/31/1936 British Fear Halt In (Domestic) Airplane Plans (As A Result Of A Strike) 8
10/31/1936 Japanese Explain Arrest Of Britons-Denying 3 Sailors Were Beaten 8
10/31/1936 France To Fortify Belgian Frontier-Work To Start At Once 10