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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

January 1945
Date Headline Page
01/01/1945 Lublin Polish Group Names Itself Provisional Regime 1
01/01/1945 Patton Opens A New Drive 1
01/01/1945 Nazi Chief (Hitler) Speaks-Scorns Allied Aims-Order Of Day To German Army Rallies It To A Defense ‘Unto Death’ (Text) 1&4
01/01/1945 German Tank Guns Slew 115 (U.S.) Captives 3
01/01/1945 Nazi Camp (Stutthof, Alsace) Data Bare Its Killlngs 5
01/01/1945 (Four Jewish Groups Pledge $25,000) To Fight Anti-Semitism 14
01/01/1945 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University And Carnegie Endowment For Peace) Views Future But Darkly (World Must Be Rebuilt ‘Morally’) 23
01/01/1945 ‘Die Meistersinger’ To Return (To Metropolitan Opera After 5 Years Because Of Anti-German Feeling) On Jan. 12 24
01/02/1945 France Admitted To United Nations (By Its ‘Masters’) 1
01/02/1945 2 German Agents Landed By U-Boat Seized Here By FBI 1
01/03/1945 Secret Vichy Papers Aid Paris Prosecutor 10
01/03/1945 Court Bids Union Take In Negroes 11
01/04/1945 Dies Group (Un-American Activities) Is Put On Permanent Basis By House 207 To 186 1
01/04/1945 German Savagery (In Belgium) Verified By British 3
01/04/1945 Patton’s Men Kill Nazis In Blizzard (German Dead Piled Like Cord Wood) 4
01/04/1945 Mrs. Luce Tells Of Italy’s Plight 5
01/04/1945 Picture: Empty Fuel Tanks And Mines Left For The Nazis (Burned By U.S. Army To Prevent German Capture) 5
01/04/1945 Zionists Warned (By British) Against Terrorism 11
01/04/1945 10,000 Kaunas Jews Slain In One Night (Col. Pouyade, Frenchman With Russians) 11
01/05/1945 Swiss Ban Sought On Export To Reich (By Allies) 8
01/06/1945 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Attacks ‘Brutal’ (Allied Unconditional) Surrender (Demands On Germany) 4
01/06/1945 Relief To Italy Up, Roosevelt Avers 5
01/06/1945 UNRRA To Take Over World Health Duties 14
01/07/1945 No Ban Is Seen Now On (U.S. Gasoline Supply) Pleasure Driving 1
01/07/1945 (Leon) Henderson Suggests Long Reich Control (By U.N.) 7
01/07/1945 UNRRA Gives Order To Brazilian Mills 12
01/07/1945 Stettinius Assails Wheeler’s View (On U.N. Demands For An Unconditional Surrender Of Germany) 12
01/07/1945 Halifax Statement On (Italian) Relief Arouses Rome 18
01/07/1945 Picture: President (Roosevelt) Reports To The People 33
01/08/1945 Captive Describes (Natzweiler) Alsace Death Camp (Reference To Professor Hirt) 8
01/08/1945 (Black Market) Thief Kills M. P. In France 8
01/08/1945 Jewish Problem Held World Issue (By U.S. And British Jewish Leaders) 18
01/08/1945 Refugee Crisis Forecast (By James G. Mc Donald, Chairman Of Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee On Political Refugees In An Address Delivered To B’nai Zion) 18
01/09/1945 De Gaulle Snub Seen In Roosevelt Speech 8
01/09/1945 Balkan Jews Entry To Palestine Curbed (By British-Restricting But Not Cancelling Promise To Give Palestine Visas To Jews Reaching Turkey During Hungarian, Rumanian, And Bulgarian Crisis-Not Now Necessary-630 Arrived In Istanbul, Jan. Y, 1945 From Rumania 8
01/10/1945 Nazis Round Up Clothing (Clothing Solicited From People To Keep German Troops Warm In Winter-’National Service Offering’) 6
01/10/1945 Malmedy Bombed In Error By Allies (‘One Of The War’s Tragic Errors’) 10
01/10/1945 Three Frenchmen (Reprieved By De Gaulle) Lynched In Prison 12
01/11/1945 French Police Balk Lynching Of Woman (At Gap) 6
01/11/1945 Six Million Lent Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) By French (During Occupation) 8
01/11/1945 Jews Request Aid Of United Nations-For Rescue And Relief Of Those (Jews) Remaining In Europe 17
01/11/1945 Letter: Disseminating The Germans-They Might Be Sent To Alaska, Soviet Asia, And Northwestern Canada-Imre Ferenczi, Former Population Expert, International Labor Organization (‘Iro’) 22
01/12/1945 France Sentences Three Ffi (Partisan) Officers (For Lynching Reprieved Prisoner) 5
01/12/1945 Hemisphere Ban On Bias Is Urged (At World Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Nahum Goldmann) 11
01/13/1945 President (Roosevelt) ‘Guides’ (German) Saboteurs’ Trial 3
01/13/1945 Sofia (‘People’s’) Court Jeers War Guilt Denials 4
01/14/1945 Russians Open Winter Offensive-Cracow Is Goal 1
01/14/1945 Germans Execute 5 Frenchmen (‘First Published’) In Reprisal For Purge In France 1
01/14/1945 Trial Of Nazi Saboteurs (Roosevelt & Francis Beverley Biddle) 4
01/14/1945 London Poles Fear Rival (Pro-Russian Lublin Poles) May Yet Win 7
01/14/1945 Slain U.S. Captives Found In Belgium (Under Snow) 13
01/14/1945 Belgian Jews Rescued (By U.S. To Prevent Capture During Bulge) 17
01/14/1945 Scholarly Jewish Idealists (Stern Gang) Kill To Drive British From Palestine 21
01/14/1945 ‘Lost’ Generation Of Youth Predicted (Dr. R. C. Lynd, Columbia University) 34
01/15/1945 Allies Give Italians 1,000,000 Textbooks (For Reeducation-Approved By U.S. Army) 1
01/15/1945 Sabotage Mounts In German Plants 7
01/15/1945 Palestine Refugees Upset Appeal Of Reason (Trainload From Concentration Camp Of Southeastern Europe) 18
01/15/1945 Dr. Goldstein (Zionist Organization Of America) Tells Of Plight Of Jews 20
01/15/1945 Pressure Groups Held Peril To U.S. (By Stuart Chase) 20
01/16/1945 Prison (Pow) Camps Rid Of Terrorism (German Brutality) 1
01/16/1945 Wheeler Assails Allies’ (War) Aims; Pepper Scores Speech In Senate 1
01/16/1945 (Harry) Hopkins May Give U.S. View On Europe 4
01/16/1945 Picture: German Medals Removed From Pows’ Uniforms During U.S. Imprisonment 5
01/16/1945 American Guns Slay Germans As They Fight To Finish (Bulge) 6
01/16/1945 Cairo Judge (Lord Moyne Murder Case) Gets Warning Of Death 6
01/16/1945 German (Captives) Confirm Order To Kill GI’s (At Bulge) 8
01/17/1945 Red Army In Radom 1
01/17/1945 Poles Say Russia Delays UNRRA Aid 5
01/17/1945 Trial Of 20,000 Nazis Is Sought By France 6
01/18/1945 Czestachowa Captured (By Russians)-Russians Take Warsaw 1
01/18/1945 Elliott Roosevelt’s Dog ‘Bumps’ 3 Service Men From Army Plane 21
01/18/1945 Eleanor Roosevelt In Inaugural Gown, Picture 22
01/19/1945 Picture: American And German Treatment Of Prisoners Contrasted (By Americans) 1
01/19/1945 Modlin Fortress Falls (To Russians) 1
01/19/1945 Killers Of Moyne To Die For Crime 4
01/19/1945 Captured (POW) Germans Pack (I. Rokeach) Kocher Foods 14
01/20/1945 Russians In Lodz And Cracow 1
01/20/1945 More Nazi Atrocities Listed By Russians (Extraordinary State Committee) 2
01/20/1945 Jews In Bulgaria In Pitiful Plight (By Joseph M. Levy) 3
01/20/1945 French Novelist (‘Collaborator’) Sentenced To Die 4
01/20/1945 Fast Thinker (U.S.) Kills Nazi, Handing Grenade To Him (A War Story From World War I) 4
01/20/1945 ‘Hitler Stands Indicted Here’-Letter By (German-Jewish Refugee) Robert M. W. Kempner (Later A Valued Assistant To Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg) 10
01/20/1945 400 In (U.S.) Prison Risk Malaria To Aid Troops (Shades Of Dr. Karl Schilling!); Test Drugs Never Before Used On Humans 13
01/21/1945 Roosevelt Sworn In For Fourth Term 1
01/21/1945 Tilsit Is Captured (By Russians) 1
01/21/1945 Allies Sign Truce With Hungarians 1
01/21/1945 U.S. Citizens Killed In Lwow By Nazis (Ashes Sifted To Recover Gold Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) 12
01/21/1945 Nazis Fooled By (Jewish) Boy In ‘Girl’ Masquerade 17
01/21/1945 French Minister (Mendes-France) Threatens To Quit 20
01/21/1945 Stanley Aid Asked (By Robert F. Wagner, N.Y.) On Open Palestine 24
01/21/1945 Roosevelt Health Fine Says Doctor (Vice Admiral Ross T. Mc Intyre) 26
01/21/1945 Rabbis Hail President (Roosevelt) 26
01/21/1945 Senate Isolationist Lines Not As Well Defined As In 1919-Only Five Listed As ‘Irreconcilables’ E-5
01/21/1945 A Grim (But ‘Healthy’) Roosevelt Begins New Term E-7
01/22/1945 Gumbinnen Seized (By Russians)-Torun Menaced 1
01/22/1945 Hungary At War With Reich Under Terms Of Armistice 1
01/22/1945 Tannenberg’s Fall Erases Blot Of ‘ 143
01/22/1945 President (Roosevelt) Praises Aid To U.S. (Of Jewish National Refugee Service-Charles A. Riegelman) 10
01/22/1945 $1,000,000 Drive Opened-Jewish Labor Committee Seeks Fund For Work In Europe 10
01/23/1945 Fort Torun (Thorn) Flanked 1
01/23/1945 Italy Has 1,000,000 In War Against Reich 6
01/23/1945 Nazi War Prisoners (Jefferson Barracks) End (Sit Down) Strike 6
01/23/1945 Rosenman Mission To Study Supplies (Rank Of Minister-To Visit Allied And Liberated Countries) 13
01/23/1945 Book (Black Book Of The Children) Shows Horrors Of (Jewish) Refugee Children (In Palestine Issued By Hadassah) 17
01/24/1945 German Refugees Swarm Westward (From Russians) 1
01/24/1945 Hindenburg’s Body Taken From Tannenberg By Foe (Germans) 3
01/24/1945 Cracow Little Damaged (By Germans-No ‘Scorched Earth’) 3
01/25/1945 Russians In Oppeln; Rawicz Seized 1
01/25/1945 Nazis List Killing Of 18 Allied Spies; Caught Back Of Line In Slovakia (Probably Oss) 3
01/25/1945 (Belgian Woman) Saws Americans Slain (By Germans) 6
01/25/1945 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Decries Economic Warfare; Assails ‘Self Seeking Groups’ 21
01/26/1945 Red Army In Gleiwitz 1
01/26/1945 Russia Asks (U.S.) For Six Billion In Credits For Peace Years 1
01/26/1945 Draft Of German Treaty Drawn By Advisory Council Of Allies 3
01/26/1945 France Wants Grip On The Rhine Basin 3
01/26/1945 Roosevelt Names 103 Generals; Son Elliott On Brigadier List 4
01/26/1945 (New) Jersey Town Refuses To House Jamaicans (Negroes) 8
01/26/1945 U.S. Mission (Lauchlin Currie) Sent To Switzerland To Urge Cut In War Aid To Reich 8
01/27/1945 Marienburg Falls (To Russians) 1
01/27/1945 City Of Hindenburg Taken 1
01/27/1945 (Herbert C.) Pell Leaves War Crimes Board; He Favored Wider (More Drastic) Punishment 1
01/27/1945 Russians Capture War Plants Intact (Lodz, Czestochowa, And Kielce) 3
01/27/1945 (Rabbi) S.S. Wise (American And World Jewish Congresses) Says Jews Must Not Be Forced Back (To Germany-But Most Of The Jews Didn’t Come From Germany In The First Place!) Against Wishes 4
01/27/1945 T. J. Pendergast (Truman’s Benefactor) Dies In Kansas City 11
01/28/1945 Bastogne Looting Laid To U.S. Troops (By Mayor) 12
01/28/1945 Big Clothing Drive (150,000,000 Lbs.) For Europe Is Set (By UNRRA And 60 Other Agencies) 16
01/28/1945 To Discuss (Jewish) Refugee Aim 19
01/28/1945 Morgenthau Asks World Labor Role (CIO) 29
01/28/1945 Hillman Orders Pac Committees To Come To Support Of (Henry) Wallace-(Wallace’s Foes Are Reactionaries) 36
01/28/1945 What Russia Is-What Russia Wants, C. L. Sulzberger Mag. 5
01/28/1945 Threat To Peace: Nazi Youth, Leopold Schwartschild Mag. 10
01/29/1945 Russians Win All Silesia Plants, Take Memel-Koenigsberg Afire 1
01/29/1945 Ives Urges Permanent Board To Bar Bias In Jobs 1
01/29/1945 Million Refugees In Palestine Asked (Within Two Years-By 2,000 Delegates To Annual Conference For Palestine-$35,300,000 Budget Approved $25,800,000 For Previous Year 7
01/30/1945 Grew Tells (U.S.) Stand On (German) War Crimes-U.S. Has Forthright Program 3
01/30/1945 ‘Must Be Tough’ (On Germans) Says (Herbert Claiborne) Pell (Every Member Of Gestapo Should He Hanged Even If The Total Is 100,000) 3
01/30/1945 Palestine Shifts Jews (279) To Raf Camp In Carthage, Sudan) 3
01/30/1945 (30 Leading Educators) Meet On Racial Bias 12
01/31/1945 (Owi Translated) Text Of Hitler’s Twelfth Anniversary Speech To Reich 4
01/31/1945 German Youth (16 Years Old, Aachen) Gets Life (Imprisonment, Commuted From Death By U.S. Authorities) 6
01/31/1945 Picture: U.S. Airmen Carrying Blankets Given Them By The Chetniks. They Had Been Aided By Them And Had Avoided Thereby Avoided Capture By German Troops 10
01/31/1945 Jews Here Criticize ‘Racism’ In Bulgaria (And Rumania) 13
01/31/1945 (Senate) Backs Promotion For E.(Lliott) Roosevelt-No Reference To Dog’s (Fala’s) Trip Is Made 38