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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

May 1945
Date Headline Page
05/01/1945 Russians Fly Victory Flag On Reichstag (Building) 1
05/01/1945 Dachau Captured By Americans Who Kill Guards, Liberate 32,000 1&5
05/01/1945 Picture: Mussolini And Companions Hanging By Feet 3
05/01/1945 Lt. Gen. Starace Executed By Partisans (& ‘Patriots’) And Hung Up (With Mussolini’s Body) 3
05/01/1945 (Violonist, Albert) Spaulding Extols Italian Partisans-’Patriots Of Garibaldi Era’ (Had Owi Job) 3
05/01/1945 German Camps Warned-Eisenhower Says Fleeing Enemy Must Leave Captives Behind 5
05/01/1945 Picture: Maj. Gen. Hans Goebbels, Brother Of Joseph Goebbels Captured 6
05/01/1945 No Officials Left To Give Up Munich 7
05/01/1945 Atc Exploit Gave British V-2 Secret (C-47 Sent To Sweden To Bring Back Almost Intact V-2 Found By Swedes) 9
05/01/1945 (Dr. Maurice L. Perlzweig) Charges Allies Fail On War Crimes Policy 14
05/01/1945 Text Of Judge Rosenman’s Report On Europe 15
05/02/1945 Hitler Dead In Chancellery Nazis Say (Picture) 1
05/02/1945 Brandenburg, Stralsund Taken, Berlin Almost Won (By Russians) 1
05/02/1945 Von Rundstedt Caught 1
05/02/1945 Reich Bomb Blitz 315 To 1 Of British (2,453,595 Tons Of Bombs Dropped On Germany) 3
05/02/1945 Camp Horror (Several Western Camps) Films Are Exhibited Here 3
05/02/1945 World Bill Of Rights To Aid Jews Is Urged (By Carl Voss Of Christian Council On Palestine In Speech Before Hadassah) 4
05/02/1945 Americans Seize Admiral Horthy (Regent, Hungary) 4
05/02/1945 Pictures Of Hitler And His Mother 6&8
05/02/1945 Reference To ‘Famous Dance’ By Hitler 7
05/02/1945 Bernadotte Freed 15,500 (From German Camps) 11
05/02/1945 Smuts Eulogizes (Woodrow) Wilson At Parley 16
05/03/1945 Goebbels And Fuehrer Died By Own Hands, Aide Says 1
05/03/1945 Berlin Falls To Russians 1
05/03/1945 De Valera Proffers Sympathy To Reich (Over Hitler’s Death) 1
05/03/1945 1,000,000 Surrender In Italy And Austria (Unconditionally) 1
05/03/1945 Spain Detains Laval For Allies 1
05/03/1945 Berlin Conquered 4 Th Time In History 5
05/03/1945 U.S. Lieutenant Takes Rundstedt (Prisoner, Picture) 7
05/03/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Will Head War Crimes Council 9
05/03/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Bares Story Of Himmler’s Bid (For Peace) 12
05/03/1945 Picture: Dr. Klein Under Guard (By British) At (Bergen) Belsen-(Later Hanged) 12
05/03/1945 Two Jewish Plans (For Palestine) Put Before Parley 17
05/04/1945 (U.S.) Government Takes Anthracite Mines 1
05/04/1945 Picture: March Of The Defeated: Nazis Pass Through Brandenburg Gate 1
05/04/1945 Tooth Fillings Among Loot Found In Reich As Allies Study Home And Foreign Assets 2
05/04/1945 (Several Hundred) Russian Traitors Seek Safety In Switzerland 3
05/04/1945 Hamburg Given Up Without A Battle 4
05/04/1945 Enemy Atrocities In France Bared (13 Volume Report) 6
05/04/1945 Fea Says 250,000,000 Will Need Food Help (In Europe) 6
05/04/1945 Smuts Suggests Text Of (U.N.) Charter Preamble 12
05/04/1945 Propaganda Laid To Federal Chiefs (By Taft) 14
05/05/1945 Montgomery Scorns Nazis, Exults, ‘This Is The Moment’ 1
05/05/1945 Record Sea Strike By Raf Slays Nazis 3
05/05/1945 1918 (British Born) Rescuer Of Doenitz Sorry He Didn’t Kill Him 4
05/05/1945 Congressman (Leonard W. Hall) Indicts People Of Germany 4
05/05/1945 The Moral Conquest Of Germany By Emil Ludwig 13
05/05/1945 Russians Capture Last Baltic Port (Schweinemunde) 1
05/05/1945 Freed: Daladier, Leon Blum, Raynaud, Niemoeller, Schuschnigg, Gamelin 1
05/05/1945 No. 1 Nazi (Hans Frank) In Poland Fails At Suicide, Seized By American Troops 7
05/05/1945 (U.S.) Editors Condemn Nazis’ Brutality 8
05/05/1945 Ezra Pound Wanted For Treason, Seized By American Forces 12
05/05/1945 Displaced Persons Told (By. U.S.) Not To Move 18
05/05/1945 (Representative Marion T.) Bennett (Missouri) Tells Of Horror-Favors Leaving Germany In Ruins (‘I Left Buchenwald Convinced That Every German Must Be Killed’)25 248 (Jewish Refugees) Start For Palestine (From Tangiers-Joint Distribution Committee Funds, Jdc Has Helped Over 2,000 Jews So Far In 1945. Jdc Payed Most Of Passage & All Expenses In Route) 28
05/05/1945 British Gloomy Over Arrests (Of Anti-Russian Poles By Lublin Poles) 28
05/05/1945 (Dumbarton) Oaks Amendments Speed New Charter 29
05/05/1945 Canada To End War A Creditor Nation (England, France, Russia, Australia, & India Debtors) 30
05/05/1945 (Dumbarton Oaks) Social Plan Vague Jewish Groups (At Conference) Say 30
05/05/1945 Gotterdammerung For Hitler And His Reich E-1
05/05/1945 How The Allies Won (Gerd Von Rundstedt) E-1
05/05/1945 New (United Nations) Regime Ready To Rule Conquered Germany-Allies Are Determined To End German Threat E-3
05/05/1945 War Crimes Code Due For Reshaping E-4
05/05/1945 A Chronology Of The War In Europe: 100 Outstanding Dates E-5
05/05/1945 The No Opinion Group (Polls) Dwindles (Elinor S. Gimbel) Mag. 18
05/07/1945 Nazis Reported Ready For A Full Surrender 1
05/07/1945 Danes Round Up 10,000 Pro-Nazis 3
05/07/1945 Partisans In Turin Kill 1,000 (Maybe 3,000) Fascists 4
05/07/1945 Slaying Of All (Prisoners) At Dachau Was Ordered By Nazis (Order Credited To Himmler By U.S. 6 Th Army Group Head-Quarters-Because Liberated Prisoners At Buchenwald Had Behaved Barbarously To German Population At Weimar) 5
05/07/1945 Hitler Memorial (Service) Held-German Cleric In Lisbon 5
05/07/1945 Spain Ready To Give Laval To The Allies 8
05/07/1945 France Aims To Use 2,000,000 Germans; Repair Jobs Will Not Be On ‘Slave’ Basis (Not Much!) 9
05/07/1945 Typical Urban America, Harrodsburg, Ky., Is Better Off (In War) Than In Peace 15
05/07/1945 $500,000 Aid To Refugees (From Japanese Prisons) 19
05/08/1945 The War In Europe Is Ended! Surrender Is Unconditional 1
05/08/1945 Pictures: Allied Combined Chiefs Of Staff, U.S. Admiral William D. Leahy, Marshall, Admiral Ernest J. King, ‘Hap’ Arnold, Field Marshal Maitland Wilson, British Lt. Gen. Macready, British Admiral Somerville, Raf Air Marshal Douglas Colyer, Brig. Gen. A. J. Mc Farland, & British Brigadier A. T. Cornwell-Jones 3
05/08/1945 Surrender Of (German) Criminals Required 3
05/08/1945 (Surrendering) Germans To Cross Into Sweden (From Bordering Countries) Today 3
05/08/1945 Sweden Breaks Ties With Reich 4
05/08/1945 355,000 Fled Nazis To Palestine Homes (With Aid Of U.S. Jews-Most Reached Palestine Before Start Of War-Rabbi James G. Heller) 5
05/08/1945 Picture: Jodl, Susloparoff, & Bedell Smith Signers Of Surrender Document 6
05/08/1945 Pictures: U.N. Generals 8
05/08/1945 Underground (Unorthodox Partisan) War Speeded Foe’s (Germany’s) Fall 10
05/08/1945 Soviet Siege Army Captures (40,000 Germans) Breslau 11
05/08/1945 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Killings Placed At 4,000,000 (By Sovietextraordinary State Commission) 12
05/08/1945 (U.S.) House Acts To Track Hiding War Criminals 13
05/08/1945 Medal For Roosevelt Is Blocked In (U.S.) House 13
05/09/1945 Victory Cost Put At 275 Billion 1
05/09/1945 Final Surrender Signed In Berlin Ruins (Photo Of German And U.N. Signers) 1
05/09/1945 Swiss Want Germans (Diplomats) To Leave By Friday 2
05/09/1945 Text Of Churchill’s Speeches At German Surrender 8
05/09/1945 Mikhailovitch Units Enter British Lines (52 Officers Dead Of Typhus, 3,000 Persons Die Of Typhus, Hunger,& Small Pox) 9
05/09/1945 Doenitz Surrender Statement 11
05/09/1945 Only Nazis Mourn (Loss Of War) 12
05/09/1945 Our Losses In West Include 150,000 Dead 14
05/09/1945 ‘Tools’ To Aid Europe Are Asked By Lehman 15
05/09/1945 U.S. Editors Back, Urge Harsh Peace (Visited Europe At Eisenhower’s Invitation Joseph Pulitzer, Norman Chandler, Gideon Seymour-Minneapolis-All Strongly Anti-German During War) 17
05/09/1945 Pearl Harbor Inquiry Is Headed By (Admiral Henry K.) Hewett 19
05/10/1945 Goering Yields To 7 Th Army, Kesselring, Quisling Taken (Goering Requested Bath And Uniform Change Before Interview, Guarded By Lt. Jerome Shapiro Of.N.Y.-All Night) 1
05/10/1945 Last German High Command Communique 2
05/10/1945 Picture: Leopold Of Belgium, Pre-War And War-Time French Leaders 3
05/10/1945 Lt. Jerome Shapiro Is Guarding Goering 3
05/10/1945 Keitel Defiant At Berlin Ritual-His Protest Ignored (Picture-His Baton Stolen By Russians!) 5
05/10/1945 Opening Palestine Backed At Parley (World Security Conference By Jewish Labor Committee) 12
05/10/1945 Jews Seek Areas For Colonization 13
05/10/1945 German Embassy In U.S Is Banned-Grew Says Defeated Foe Has No Need For Representation In This Country 23
05/11/1945 Russians Attack Germans Who Refuse To Surrender 1
05/11/1945 Quick Trial For Goering Implied As Allies Seize Henlein, Others 1
05/11/1945 Danes Have Steaks, No Black Market 1
05/11/1945 Allies In Germany Ban Foreign Press (Germany Isolated And Blacked Out!) 3
05/11/1945 Picture: Sissy Schuschnigg, Fritz Thyssen, & Niemoeller After Being Freed (Appear Well Fed) 3
05/11/1945 American Casualties Mount To 972,654 3
05/11/1945 Gen. Bor (Tadeusz Komorowski) Explains Warsaw Uprising 4
05/11/1945 Reynaud To Testify On ‘Plot’ By Petain (June 1940) 4
05/11/1945 Germans’ (Diplomatic) Records (About To Be Burned) Seized (By Swedes) 4
05/11/1945 Picture: Wedding Rings Of Buchenwald Victims (Found By U.S. Army In Cave Near Weimar-Box Full-No Obvious Connection To Buchenwald However) 6
05/11/1945 (UNRRA) To Aid Health In China (30 Experts To Be Sent) 6
05/11/1945 Army Sends 2 (News Correspondents) Home For (Unauthorized) Trip To Berlin (Control Tight!) 6
05/12/1945 Tough U.S. Rule Set Up For Reich (Outlined By Stimson) 1
05/12/1945 Hitler’s Safe (In Munich) Holds Only (Copies Of) Mein Kampf 2
05/12/1945 Frau Rommel Says Hitler Slew The ‘Fox’ 4
05/12/1945 German (Refugee) Actors Used In Allies’ Radio Ruse Clandestine Allied Broadcasts Transmitted As Authentic German Broadcasts) 4
05/12/1945 High Norway Nazis End Their (Own) Lives 5
05/12/1945 4 To 6 Million (Germans) Face Trial (By U.N.) In Germany 6
05/13/1945 Allies To Reject Doenitz Regime-No Recognition 7
05/13/1945 (Col.) Hodgson To Head War Crimes Unit 8
05/13/1945 Typhus Spread (At Seigburg) Laid To German (Physician’s Error-Not Inability To Kill Lice Because Of Zyklon B Shortage?) 8
05/13/1945 Roosevelt (Before Death] Asked War Loan Support 15
05/13/1945 (N.Y.) Rabbis Advocate Global Freedom 18
05/13/1945 Drive Stepped Up (By Rabbi Jonah B. Wise Of Joint Distribution Committee) For (European Jewish) Relief (Needs $46,570,000-Number Of Jews In Need Not Given Haven On Isle Of Mauritius-12,000 Children In France And Belgium) 21
05/13/1945 Picture: Eisenhower (And Girl Friend Kay Sothersby) The Moment After The German Surrender At Reims E-1
05/13/1945 Allies Start Building On Ruins Of Old Reich-TaskIs Without Parallel In Modern Times E-3
05/13/1945 Buchenwald Medicine-Experimentation E-9
05/13/1945 ‘It Will Cost As Much To Restore Europe’s Industry As It Did To Destroy It’ Mag. 5
05/14/1945 Morgenthau Opens 7 Th Loan 1&11
05/14/1945 Poison Alcohol (Methanol) Kills 400 Freed Russians (At Nuernberg) 3
05/14/1945 Nazi Horrors Told By (Senator) Saltonstall (Mass.) 3
05/15/1945 Eisenhower Bars Coddling Of (German) Foe In Rebuking Guilty 1
05/15/1945 Charges Piling Up Against Himmler-Hunt For SS Chief Pushed 4
05/15/1945 Conquest Meaning Dawns On Germans (By Richard J. H. Johnston) 4
05/15/1945 Russians Tell GI’s How To Treat Nazis 4
05/15/1945 Much Berlin Rubble Cleared 4
05/15/1945 Chief Of Greek SS Executed In Athens 5
05/15/1945 Allies Will Reopen Schools At Aachen (Texts Reproduced From Pre-1933 Texts Found At Teachers’ College, Columbia University) 8
05/16/1945 Doenitz Control Is Ended By Allies 1
05/16/1945 Swiss To Turn Over Nazi Holdings Here (German Government, ‘Non-Existent Government’) 4
05/16/1945 Gamelin Ends Silence-Says There Would Have Been No Armistice (With Germany) Under His Command 6
05/16/1945 Americans Seize (Lt. Gen. Ernst Kaltenbrunner) Mass Gas Killer (4,000,000 Europeans Killed By Gas-Shadowy Figure) 8
05/16/1945 Pictures: Goering Interrogation 8
05/16/1945 (Congressional) War Crimes (‘Dear Alben’ Barkley) Report Horrifies Capitol 10
05/16/1945 Picture: Leon Blum As He Arrived In Paris (Appears Well-Fed) 12
05/16/1945 200,000 Germans’ Aid Is Promised To Italy 12
05/16/1945 General (Mark W. Clark) Stresses Negro Education (Lauds Negroes Under His Command) 13
05/16/1945 For Making Berlin Another Carthage-Letter By Harold Callender, Paris 18
05/17/1945 War Crimes Board Meets May 31 1
05/17/1945 Allies Judgement Of Guilty Speeded-Hanging Of Goering Urged-Doenitz Is Prisoner 1
05/17/1945 Lawyers To Name Top War Criminals-Donovan And 2 Others To Aid Jackson In Deciding Chief Guilt Among Culprits 4
05/17/1945 Dr. (Robert) Ley, Arch Nazi, Seized In Germany 5
05/17/1945 Hard Policy Fixed For Ruling Reich (Picture Of U.S. Officials-Wickersham, Douglas, Ghormley, Murphy, Echols, & Keenan) 6
05/17/1945 U.S. Citizens Gave $108,000,000 For Relief In 1944 Of Sufferers From War’s Ravages 7
05/17/1945 Saar Mines Work; Others May Open 7
05/17/1945 (76 Year Old Socialist) Vienna Mayor Liberated (Apparently A Buchenwald Survivor With Hermann Brill) 8
05/17/1945 Rule In Palestine Is Asked For Jews (By World New Zionist Organization) 13
05/18/1945 Russians Demand Sweden Ban Paper (Critical Of Stalin) 1
05/18/1945 Eden Backs Speed In Punishing Nazis 1
05/18/1945 Japanese Feelers On Peace (Via Russia) Spurned 4
05/18/1945 Nazis’ Arch-Killer (Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny-Rescued Mussolini The First Time He Was Captured) Captured By Yanks 6
05/18/1945 British Sentence 12 Germans (Civilians-Concealment Of Fire-Arms, Assault On English Troops, Failure To Observe Cease-Fire, Etc.) To Die (By Firing Squad-How Does This Differ From The German Treatment Of Partisan Guerrillas?) 6
05/18/1945 Released ‘Slaves’ (Foreign Workers Etc.) Troubling Allies-5,000,000 Liberated In Germany (No Estimate Given Of Number Of Jews) 7
05/18/1945 Treasures, Gems Of Hungary Seized (By U.S. Troops) 8
05/18/1945 Reich Envoy (Baron Ernst Von Weiszaecker) To Stay At Vatican As ‘Guest’ 9
05/18/1945 Nazis Will Continue,-Ley Tells American (‘You Can’t Kill 80,000,000 Germans’ Supported Nazi Anti-Jewish Program- Denied Any Intent To Kill Them-Insisted Foreign Workers Given Same Treatment And Consideration As Germans Themselves) 10
05/18/1945 Zionists (S.S. Wise) Condemn (Jewish) ‘Liberation’ Group 13
05/18/1945 New (Roosevelt ‘Destroyer’) Dime Will Bear F. D. Roosevelt’s Face; Bond On 8 Th Loan Also To Carry His Picture (How Appropriate!) 21
05/19/1945 50,000 ‘Useless’ Nazi Prisoners And Fritz Kuhn Will Be Sent Home (Kuhn On Dept. Of Justice Order) 1&4
05/19/1945 2,500,000 Refugees Under Allied Care (46% Russian, 23% French, 14% Polish, 19% Italian, 5% Belgian, 5% Dutch-No Mention Of Any Jews-Refugees Settled In 200 Camps) 4
05/19/1945 Col. (David ‘Mickey’) Marcus Wins Dsm; Aided In Surrenders (Of Italy And Germany) 4
05/19/1945 Czechs List Keitel As War Criminal 5
05/19/1945 Hitler ‘Plot’ Bared On Splitting Allies 5
05/19/1945 British Said To Plan ‘Devil’s Island’ For Ss 5
05/19/1945 British War Relief To Stop Activities 7
05/20/1945 Shippers In South West Win Freight Rate Parity (With North); Old Scale ‘Unreasonable’ (According To Icc) 1&26
05/20/1945 500 UNRRA Centers At Work In Europe 6
05/20/1945 (Alfred) Rosenberg Seizure Spurs Crime Issue (Picture) 7
05/20/1945 Russian (Yermasheff, A Moscow Commentator) Urges Quick Shootings (Of Germans ‘They Should Be Put Up Against The Wall’) 7
05/20/1945 23 Tons Of Gold Back In Rome (‘Stolen By Germans’) 7
05/20/1945 Zionists (In Palestine) Prepare Homes For 200,000 (50,000 Family Units-Building Entire New Settlements-60,000 Jewish New Comers From Europe Since Start Of War) 9
05/20/1945 Army’s Law Branch Plans Big (German) Manhunt 15
05/20/1945 Cartoon: Germany, The Unrepentant Criminal E-3
05/21/1945 Hold-Out General (Schoerner) Yielded By Germans 3
05/21/1945 Picture: The American Way: Humble (?) In Victory 6
05/21/1945 G. I. Finds SS Chief From Buchenwald (Karl Voelkner, Head Of SS Guards) 8
05/21/1945 Blum Reveals Marriage-Wed Former Wife Of Torres In Reich Camp 8
05/21/1945 War Leaders Pay Tribute To Jews 32
05/22/1945 Residents Of Berlin Returning To Ruins (Moscow Report) 4
05/22/1945 Nazi ‘Plot’ Against Eisenhower A Great Hoax To Spur Morale-50 (Germans) Caught In Our Uniforms Are Tried And Shot 5
05/22/1945 Allies Order End Of German Staff 6
05/22/1945 (Dr. Boris Mirkin, France) Urges Quick Trials Of (German) War Criminals (Nathan Frankel Cites World War I Trials) 7
05/22/1945 Krupp Has Moving Day-From Mansion To Cottage 8
05/22/1945 Jewish Group (Agudas) Asks United Nations’ Aid (For European Jewish Refugees) 12
05/22/1945 Equal Rights Ask (Stettinius Petitioned By Many Clubs Such As Ymca) 12
05/22/1945 Replacement Of (Mississippi Representative) Urged 20
05/22/1945 Alien Properties (Worth $484,000,000) Helped (U.N.) Win War 28
05/23/1945 Picture: Dornberger & Von Braun Captured 4
05/23/1945 German Soldier Accuses SS Trooper Of Killing American War Prisoners (At Malmedy-Ardennes Offensive, 1944) 5
05/23/1945 Germans At Work Building Britain 7
05/23/1945 Berlin On Moscow Time (Hour Later) 7
05/23/1945 Health Of Europe Now Peace Norm-Better Than Generally Supposed (UNRRA Reports 2,000,000 DP’s) 8
05/23/1945 (Joseph Pulitzer) Urges Executions Of 1,500,000 Nazis (Missouri Representative Dewey Short Concurs) 11
05/23/1945 Says (12 U.S.) Senators Ask Jews’ Delegation (To Peace Conference) 13
05/23/1945 7 More (Bipartisan) Senators Going To Europe 14
05/23/1945 Teagle Bares (Synthetic Gasoline) Deal With The Germans (To Buy Technology) 21
05/24/1945 Doenitz, Jodl, Others Held; German Regime Is Dissolved 1
05/24/1945 Streicher, Anti-Semite, Is Seized By (U.S.) Jewish Major (Henry Plitt, 4761 Broadway) From New York 1&8
05/24/1945 Displaced 4,000,000 Cared For (By U.S. & U. K.)-1,500,000 Jews Survive (Just Right For Palestine!) 7
05/24/1945 Bavarian Farmers Face Food Crisis-Horde Of Refugees-1,500,000 Marks/Month For 55,000 Refugees 7
05/24/1945 2,600 Are Indicted For War Crimes-100 Japanese On Lists So Far 8
05/24/1945 Picture: The End Of A Notorious German Prison Camp (Belsen In Flames, Burned By British-Former Inmates Housed In The Nearby Former SS Barracks 9
05/24/1945 (Admiral Hans Georg) Friedeberg Died In Home (Took Poison) 9
05/24/1945 Gen. (Julius Ochs) Adler Condemns Germans’ Brutality 13
05/24/1945 New German Leader (Dr. Hans Fuchs) Urges (German) Reeducation (By Occupation Authorities) 13
05/24/1945 Broader Learning (In Social Sciences) Urged By Dr. (William Mather) Lewes (President Of Lafayette College) 15
05/25/1945 Wider Social Security Plan To Include 15,000,000 More: Takes 4% Of Workers’ Pay 1
05/25/1945 Himmler Caught, Ends Life By Poison (Allegedly)-Arch Criminal Dies-Hid Phial In Mouth 1&8
05/25/1945 (Some Japanese Atrocities ‘Unprintable’-Invariably The ‘Worst Type’ Of Atrocities!) 2
05/25/1945 German Losses At Least 3,500,000 (Persons)-First War’s Losses Lighter 5
05/25/1945 Mass Repatriation Is Begun In Europe-Forty Camps In Italy 5
05/25/1945 Picture: German Commanders And A Nazi Leader Who Are Now Prisoners Of Allies-(Speer, Doenitz, & Jodl) 7
05/25/1945 Himmler, The Tool Of Hitler Terror-Death Chambers His Idea-Personification Of Evil 8
05/25/1945 Race Bias Charged In Rating Doctors (Negro Says) 21
05/26/1945 Surley Germans Still View Allies’ Victory As ‘Fluke’ 1
05/26/1945 Flagstad’s Husband Held (Allegedly Collaborated With Germans In Norway) 3
05/26/1945 Petain Bids (Admiral William D.) Leahy Testify On Vichy 4
05/26/1945 Jailing Of (U.S.) Soldier Who Beat Nazis Hit (By Rep. Mc Cormack, Mass.) 4
05/26/1945 Hopkins In Russia; Davies In London 5
05/26/1945 Franco Abdication Demanded In Paris 5
05/26/1945 Posters Tell Germans Of (Dachau & Buchenwald) Horror Camp Details 5
05/26/1945 French Mobs Seize 2 Collaborationists (Lacassagne & Louis Roche) 5
05/26/1945 Gen. (Elliott) Roosevelt Honored (Oak Leaf Cluster Of Dfc-It Was A ‘Jolly War’ For Elliott) 16
05/27/1945 Tokyo Laid Waste By B-29’S 1
05/27/1945 Hopkins And Stalin Talk 90 Minutes 1
05/27/1945 Army Curbs News In Reich As Result Of Goering Report-Stricter Censorship (No Information Got In Or Out Of Germany At This Time Without The U.S. Authorities Knowing Of It And Sanctioning It) 1
05/27/1945 Petain Bares Plea He Sent To (U.S. Admiral William D.) Leahy (A Man He Believed To Be His Long, Personal Friend) 5
05/27/1945 Himmler Is Buried In Unmarked Spot (‘Unceremoniously In A Hole In The Woods’ By The British As Only They And The Russians Knew How To Do It) 6
05/27/1945 Defiant German Jailed (One Year-’Disrespectful To British’-A 74 Year Old German Barber Who Refused To Sell A Bottle Of Hair Oil In The Window To A British Officer-German Barbers Routinely Left The Last Bottle Of The Last Lot In Their Window Until A New Lot Arrived At Which Time They Would Begin Selling Again-This Particular Bottle Had Probably Been In The Window Since The Start Of The War!) 7
05/27/1945 1,000 (Jewish) Orphans (At Buchenwald & Belsen) Saved 8
05/27/1945 Displaced Persons Total 2,800,000 In Shaef Zone (No Mention Of The Number Of Jews) 11
05/27/1945 Army Frees M’gee Who Struck Nazis (See May 26, 1945, P. 4) 17
05/27/1945 ‘Safeguards’ Seen On Jewish Rights (At San Francisco By Arab League) 18
05/27/1945 $115,000 Given Here For Jews Overseas (Russia & Near East, By Rabbi S.S. Wise & Albert Einstein) 20
05/27/1945 Negro Crime Rise Laid To Slums, Bias 26
05/27/1945 ‘Ivan Is Joe In A Different Uniform’ By Bill Richardson Mag. 9
05/28/1945 U.S. Submarines Bag 1,119 (Japanese) Ships In Pacific (Since Start Of War-Nimitz) 1
05/28/1945 Goering’s Successor (Gen. Robert Ritter Von Greim) Ends Life; Danzig’s Ex-Gauleiter (Albert Forster) Surrenders 1&5
05/28/1945 De Gaulle Pardons 3 Who Defied Him 2
05/28/1945 Big Reich Hospital Repatriation Hub-Stay Lasts 24 Hours (Bedburg, ‘Ravaged By War’-Dusted With DDT For Typhus Assigned To Tents Registered-Given Cards Which Are Substitutes For Visas & Used To Obtain Food-Board Train Next Day-Apparently A Constant Flow!) 4
05/28/1945 Mrs. Luce Likens Russians To Nazis 5
05/28/1945 Hitler’s Sisters Under Arrest 5
05/28/1945 Conference Plans Aid To Polish Jews (Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Estimates Of 4,000,000 Polish Jews, 200,000 Survive In Russia & 50,000 In Poland-A Total Of 500,000 Survive According To Him-Where Did Israel Get Its Jewish Population Plus All Those Who Migrated To The U.S., South America, South Africa Australia And Other Countries?) 7
05/28/1945 UNRRA In Greece Draws Criticism-Sent Foodstuffs ‘Greeks Do Not And Will Not Eat’ 8
05/28/1945 Big Relief Supplies Having To Europe-Liberated Countries Will Have Received 1,250,000 Tons By End Of June 9
05/28/1945 (Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson) Fosdick Demands Stern Punishment (For Germans) 15
05/28/1945 (Newbold) Morris Hails (U.S.) Clergy For Fight On Hitler (As Well He Might!) 15
05/29/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Foresees War Trial Delays 4
05/29/1945 Russian (Language) Now Compulsory In All Finland’s Schools 5
05/29/1945 Poles In France Cry Hostility To Lublin (Pro-Russian Committee) 6
05/29/1945 French Losing Hope For Many Deportees 7
05/29/1945 Third Army Seizes (Ernst Wilhelm) Bohle (Fritz) Kuhn’s (Alleged) Chief 9
05/29/1945 Aid For Jews Urged (By Thomas E. Dewey) 9
05/29/1945 Berlin Swiss (Legation) Sent East (To Moscow By Russians) 9
05/29/1945 3,000,000 War Jobs Seen Over In Year 24
05/30/1945 U.S. Rejects Tokyo Charge In Sinking Of (Japanese) Relief Ship (Awa Maru) 1
05/30/1945 Lord Haw Haw (American Citizen!) Seized In Germany; Traitor Wounded By British Officer (Wife Also Prisoner, No Interviews Allowed, Born In U.S.A.) 1&5
05/30/1945 French Lynch 4 Italians 2
05/30/1945 Jews Say Jackson Seeks Crime Data (Jews Asked To ‘Round Up Every Scrap Of Documentary Evidence Against German War Criminals-Joseph Tenenbaum Helps) 3
05/30/1945 German Commanders And Broadcaster Taken By Allies (Schoerner, Jodl, & William Joyce) Jodl Escorted By Capt. Seymour Steinberg 5
05/30/1945 Picture: (3) German Spies Are Executed By Americans (Firing Squad) 9
05/30/1945 Briton (Att’y. Gen. Sir David Maxwell Fyfe) Appointed To War Crimes Body 12
05/30/1945 Flow Of Displaced (Persons) Tangled In Europe (Estimated 3,400,000 To 3,900,000 No Jews Mentioned) 12
05/30/1945 War Crimes Proposal Ignored, Letter By Herbert Pell 18
05/30/1945 1,900,000 (U.S. Workers) To Be Idle, Krug Estimates 34
05/31/1945 Group To Rule Reich (Allied Control Commission) Called 1
05/31/1945 Danish Partisans Arrest 3 ‘Traitors’ (Prominent Pro-Germans) 1
05/31/1945 Germans To Lift (Remove Land) Mines (In France) 5
05/31/1945 16 Jewish Patriots Of (U.S.) Revolutionary War Honored At Services In East Side Cemetery 6
05/31/1945 Stalin’s Son (Col. Vasily Josefovitch Stalin) Decorated (Order Of Suvoroff, Second Class-Bomber Pilot [And Drunk]) 7
05/31/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Reports Accord On (War) Crimes 9
05/31/1945 British To Free 1,500,000 Germans (In British & Canadian Zone) 9
05/31/1945 Cost Of The World War Is Put At Trillion; Our Totals Are Highest And Germany’s Next 12
05/31/1945 Europe’s Churches (Germany Included) Called Stronger (Than America’s By Bishop Oxnam) 30