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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

March 1945
Date Headline Page
03/01/1945 President (Roosevelt) Hopeful-Hails Yalta Plans-But Says (Provisions) Some Are Secret Now 1
03/01/1945 Churchill Upheld (By Commons) On Polish Decision 1
03/01/1945 Neustettin Stormed (By Russians) 1
03/01/1945 Cathedral Barred As Cologne Target (For Bombing) 5
03/01/1945 Chaos In Reich Bars (Red Cross) Aid For Prisoners (Of-War-London Report) 5
03/01/1945 Jet Combat Plane (P-80) Unveiled By Army 7
03/01/1945 Fight To The End Goebbels Pleads 8
03/01/1945 President (Roosevelt) Returns Home In ‘Great’ Health; ‘He Is In Grand Spirits’ Secretary Reports (Log Of Entire Trip) 13
03/01/1945 (Jewish) National Refugee Service (Split From Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Over Dispute) Will Seek $1,444,330 For Exiles In The United States 38
03/02/1945 Reports On Yalta-President (Roosevelt) Says U.S. Must Collaborate Or Be Responsible For New War 1
03/02/1945 Petain Property Seized 2
03/02/1945 7,000 Germans Drowned (Eight Transports Evacuating Troops From Norway Sunk By British) 3
03/02/1945 Refugee To Leave U.S. (Mrs Elsa Neumann, Austrian Jewess In Oswego, N.Y. Camp, To Go To South Africa, First To Leave Camp) 4
03/02/1945 Russia Acclaimed By Miss (Lillian) Hellman During Visit To Russia) 5
03/02/1945 Text Of Roosevelt’s Yalta Report To Congress (Given While Seated-See Beard, President Roosevelt And The Coming Of The War) 12
03/02/1945 Saudi Arabia Joins War On Axis Powers 13
03/02/1945 UNRRA Woolen Worsted Buying Is Curtailed By 10,288,000 Yards-Four ‘Paying’ Foreign Nations To Get Goods On Requisitions To Be Honored By (U.S.) Treasury (Department) 25
03/03/1945 Roosevelt Thinks It Good Idea To Let Nazis Repair Soviet 1
03/03/1945 Americas To Ban Axis Penetration (Asylum For German Political Refugees)-Exclude War Criminals 8
03/04/1945 Finland Joins War Against Germany 1
03/04/1945 Eire Urged (By W. H. Mc Cullough, Secretary, Irish Communist Party) To Spurn Axis 6
03/04/1945 Frenchman Punished In U.S. Army Thefts (Gasoline) 7
03/04/1945 Jabotinsky (Son Of Revisionist Zionist Leader, Vladimir) Freed After Questioning (Deported By Turks. See Feb. 25, 1945) 14
03/04/1945 Rabbi (James G.) Heller Reports Need For $35,300,000 This Year (For Palestine-United Palestine Appeal) 26
03/04/1945 Germany Is Bled White By War On Two Fronts E-3
03/05/1945 Dresden, Once Reich Pride, Erased By Bombs (Feb. 14 & 15, 1945) German Radio Asserts 1
03/05/1945 Bombed-Out (German) Civilians Herded Into Building (Church) As American Troops Scrape Up Food 3
03/05/1945 Negro Tank Outfit Repeats Bastogne (Not Quite!) 3
03/05/1945 Basle And Zurich Hit By U.S. Bombs-Swiss Radio Says Attack Was Deliberate 4
03/05/1945 Jesuits (Rome) Denounce (Yalta) Decision On Poles-Betrayal 5
03/05/1945 Belgians Doom 3 Spies 5
03/05/1945 Unity (Among Jewish Refugee Aid Groups) Urged On Aid To War Refugees (2,500 Delegates Hias) 11
03/06/1945 Red Army Storms Stargard 1
03/06/1945 Chemnitz Bombed By Day And Night (The Germans Transported The Survivors Of Dresden To Chemnitz!) 3
03/06/1945 German Officers Urged (By Eisenhower Via Radio) To Give Up 5
03/06/1945 Reich Army Pay (Donated) To Aid (German) Refugees (From East) 6 Biddle Warns U.S. On (World Wide) Air Base Rights 7
03/06/1945 Allies Act To Speed United Polish Regime 10
03/07/1945 Cologne Falls (To U.S.) 1
03/07/1945 Reich ‘Hell Camp’ Yields 1,000 Men (600 Have Tb; 4 Typhus) 3
03/07/1945 Rosenman In London; (UNRRA) Goods Sped To France 5
03/07/1945 Nazi Tops Vote In One Of 19 Aachen Ballots (City Of 165,000 Now Has 14,000) 6
03/07/1945 Air War Exhausts Nazi Oil Reserves 7
03/07/1945 Zionists To Seek Status Of Nation (Jewish Agency, Ben Gurion) 9 UNRRA Gets Help On (Allied) Unwed Mothers 18
03/07/1945 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Equal (Racial) Opportunity 26
03/08/1945 Cologne Lifeless; Cathedral (Damaged) Stands (Picture P. 3) 1
03/08/1945 Stettin Is Squeezed (By Russians) Oder Front Flares 1
03/08/1945 Cologne Hospital Grimmest Of Ruins (Wrecked By Raf) 4
03/08/1945 (Samuel I.) Rosenman To Report On Europe’s Economy (To Roosevelt) 4
03/08/1945 Miss Cora Kasian (Picture) To Take UNRRA Training Before Going To Holland 5
03/08/1945 Iran’s Shah Asks Backing Of Allies 7
03/08/1945 Yalta Plan Final Russia Intimates 8
03/08/1945 Worse (U.S.) Shortage In Cigars Forecast 24
03/08/1945 Lehman Group In $3,000,000 Deal To Buy Control Of Steel Concern 27
03/09/1945 Germans Bomb (Remagen) Bridgehead (Picture P. 4) 1
03/09/1945 Allies Will Feed Captives In Reich (200 UNRRA Workers In England, 200 In France, & 200 More In U.S.) 8
03/09/1945 (Zionist) Seeks Voice At (U.N. San Francisco) Parley 13
03/09/1945 Sinking French Fleet (Scuttling At Toulon) Held To Have No Influence On West 18
03/10/1945 Unscorched Earth Marks Nazis’ Wake (Plan For Third War!) 3
03/10/1945 Roosevelt Avows Amity For French-Emphasizes Friendship For De Gaulle 5
03/10/1945 Zionists Ask Clemency (For Lord Moyne’s Assassins) 5
03/10/1945 $50,000,000 Relief Obtained By Italy (From UNRRA) 10
03/10/1945 Dr. Albert Penck, German Geographer (Died) 17
03/11/1945 Wesel Bridgehead Collapses (Wehrmacht Action) 1
03/11/1945 9 Th Shells Krupp Works With 240 Mm Field Guns 3
03/11/1945 Beethoven’s Birthplace In Bonn Now In Ruins 3
03/11/1945 Jews (Rabbi Joseph Zeitlin) Call Nazi Fall Retribution For Evil 4
03/11/1945 Roosevelt (French) Amity Big News In Paris (Probably Biggest News To Da Gaulle!) 6
03/11/1945 Young Ickes Shot (In Chest) At Iwo (2Nd Lt., Marine Corps) 16
03/11/1945 French Court Dooms 2 Sets Of Brothers 17
03/11/1945 Austria Is Urged (By Joseph C. Grew) To Seek Freedom (Revolt Against German Authority And Join Allies A La Italy!) 27
03/11/1945 Pictures: Soviet Women: On War And Home Fronts They Help Defeat Germans (Glorified Presentation) 28
03/11/1945 Rommel Role Seen In Anti-Hitler Plot (Bbc) 29
03/11/1945 German Housewives Now Rent (Cooking) Utensils (Shortage) 29
03/11/1945 Libraries Of Owi Help Australians 30
03/11/1945 ‘Hotel Berlin’ (Vicki Baum) Another Example Of An Odd Benevolence On Our Screen X-1
03/11/1945 Roosevelt Would Avoid Wilson’s Two ‘Mistakes’ E-3
03/11/1945 New Moves Under Way-To Increase Aid For Liberated Peoples (Samuel I. Rosenman, UNRRA) E-5
03/11/1945 The 1919 Prophecies Of Maynard Keynes Book 5
03/12/1945 Reich Seen Doomed By Transport Ruin (Swedish Report) 3
03/12/1945 1918 Not To Recur, Hitler Tells Reich (Text, Hopes On U.N. Falling Out) 4
03/12/1945 (Synthetic) Rubber Goal Put At 1,000,000 Tons 21
03/12/1945 Slave Labor Decried By Bishop M’intyre (To CIO Meeting) 24
03/13/1945 Oder Fort (Kustrin) Topled (By Russians) 1
03/13/1945 Eisenhower Hails Reich Bombings, Says City After City Is Shattered 1
03/13/1945 Dr. (Isador) Lubin (Statistician For Joint Chiefs Of Staff) To Assist (German) Reparations Study (Announced By Stettinius) 10 Morgenthau Praises (Bretton Woods) Pacts 10
03/13/1945 Anti-Racial Bill Signed By Dewey 38
03/13/1945 Anti-Bias Legislation Introduced (By Negro) In Jersey 38
03/14/1945 Nazis Lack Arms For Volkssturm (Late Attempt At Organizing A Partisan Arm Of The German Army-Opposed By Wehrmacht) 3
03/14/1945 Donovan Denies OSS Has Reds Or Fascists 3
03/14/1945 Picture: Arabian Ruler (King Ibn Saud) At Home On One Of Our Warships 5
03/14/1945 Poles (Lt. Gen. Wladyslaw Anders) To Continue Fighting In Italy (With British) 6
03/14/1945 U.S. Won’t Redeem Invasion Money (Printed And Issued By The U.S. Treasury Dept. [Morgenthau]) 7
03/14/1945 Hadassah To Set Up (Henrietta) Szold Foundation 17
03/14/1945 Harvard (Anti-Jewish) Bias Seen In Scholarship Deal 21
03/15/1945 (Dr. Carl) Burckhardt (International Red Cross, Switzerland) Sees Hitler (About U.N.’s POW) 7
03/15/1945 Two Noted Viennese (Sophie Gruenfeld And Dr. Richard Beer-Hofmann) Become U.S. Citizens 9
03/15/1945 Christian Group Appeals For (Support For) Jews 11
03/15/1945 (600,000) Palestine Jews End Week Of Mourning (For ‘Millions’ Of Fellow Jews ‘Murdered’ In Europe) 11
03/15/1945 Negroes’ Courage (92 Nd Division) Upheld In (Army) Inquiry (In Italy) 12
03/15/1945 Petain Trial Set Within 2 Months 12
03/15/1945 Aid By UNRRA Limited-Workers In Germany Will Serve Allied Nationals And Refugees (Fred K. Hoehler, Director DP’s) 12
03/16/1945 Red Army Cuts Up Koenigsberg Trap 1
03/16/1945 Freed Exiles Despair Of Families; Say German Farmers Were Kind 1
03/16/1945 Germans (U.S. Captives) Obedient In Well-Fed (German Supplies) Town (2,000 Of 7,000 Remain In Town) 4
03/16/1945 (Senator Harley M.) Kilgore (W. Virginia) Advocates Use Of German Labor (To Rebuild Europe-Before B’nai B’rith, N.Y.) 5
03/16/1945 Pravda Hits Kulaks In Liberated Latvia 5
03/16/1945 Nazi Peace Feeler Reported Spurned (Via Sweden) 6
03/16/1945 Some German Coal (Production) Sought For Britain 6
03/16/1945 UNRRA Shifts Aid To Balkans Direct (40,000 Refugees) 7
03/16/1945 Poland Protests (San Francisco U.N.) Parley Exclusion 9
03/16/1945 Dimitroff (Reichstag Fire), A Thorn To Nazis In Bulgaria 10
03/16/1945 Fight On Reaction Is Urged By Ickes 11
03/17/1945 Russians Overrun Stettin Outposts 1
03/17/1945 Allies To Get Use Of Sweden’s Ships (In Allied Shipping Pool) 1
03/17/1945 Roosevelt Asks Belt Tightening (Shipping Food To War-Ravaged Countries) 1
03/17/1945 Baruch Will Go On London Mission; Expected To Discuss (German) Reparations (‘Not So Harsh As Morgenthau’) 1
03/17/1945 9 Bulgar Generals To Die (21 Other Officers Condemned To Die) 4
03/17/1945 Official Of Ghetto (72 Yr-Old Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, The Fraud Of The Litzmannstadt-Lodz Ghetto) Chose Death Trip Asked Nazis To Allow Him To Go With His Brother On Alleged Death Shipment List-Rumkowski Survived & The Story Was Shown To Be Completely False!) 4
03/17/1945 (Legal) Brief Filed For (Harry) Bridges (For Reversal Of Deportation Order) 13
03/18/1945 25% Of 1935 Reich Now Is In Allied Hands (Bbc) 3
03/18/1945 Eisenhower Tells Germans To Flee (Foreign Workers To Hide-By Radio) 4
03/18/1945 679 Doomed In France (60,100 Remaining For Trials) 4
03/18/1945 Hungarian Regime To Cut Up Estates 10
03/18/1945 Red Army Men Tell Why They Hate (German) Foe 12
03/18/1945 Stalin Pictured As ‘Tough’ On Nazis (Suggested Death For 50,000 ‘War Criminals,’ A Move Seconded By Roosevelt At Yalta) 14
03/18/1945 Sheriffs Warned (By California Officials) To Protect Nisei 17
03/18/1945 Holland Gestapo Warned-London Regime Tells Nazis (By Radio) Their Activity Is Now A War Crime 19
03/18/1945 (Capt. Richard L.) Plaut (Aaf) To Aid Jewish Group (‘Joint,’ [Jdc] In North Africa) 20
03/19/1945 2,000 U.S. Planes Hit Berlin (12,400 High Explosive Missiles) 1
03/19/1945 Eisenhower Warns (Exhorts Them To Abandon Their Jobs) Reich Rail Workers (By Radio) 1
03/19/1945 Negro Combat Units Merged With White 5
03/19/1945 Rabbi Goldenson Calls For Change-Universal Revision Of Views For Common Good 14
03/20/1945 200,000 Germans Trapped In Norway-Patriots (Partisans) Sabotage Railway 4
03/20/1945 Germans (St. Nazaire) Expel (72 French) Captives (To Conserve Food) 4
03/20/1945 Tito’s Son Gets (Soviet) Leave To Visit His Father 6
03/20/1945 Czechs File Claim On Reich Factories 8
03/20/1945 Anti-Bias Measure Backed By Chavez (Senator, N. Mexico, At American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] Meeting) 12
03/21/1945 Nazis Collapse Like French; Allies Poised For Knockout 1
03/21/1945 Berlin Wreckage Estimated At 87%-Only 500,000 Of City’s 4,250,000 Can Find Homes (Swedish Report) 6
03/21/1945 1,500,000 Germans Seized (Captured By Western Allies) 6
03/21/1945 Death For Hitler Without Trial Is Urged By Archbishop Of York 6
03/21/1945 Italian Patriots (Partisans) Broaden Activities In North 9
03/21/1945 (Herbert C.) Pell Lays To Foe 20,000,000 Deaths (German And Japanese) 10
03/21/1945 Turkey Suffers Quakes 10
03/22/1945 Lehman Puts UNRRA Food Needs At A Pound For Every 60 We Use 13
03/22/1945 Taft Seeks Action On Jewish State 15
03/22/1945 Italian Partisans Fight Foe In Ligurnia 15
03/23/1945 (Emanuel) Celler Asks Light On War Criminals (Wants Body To Be Named By Roosevelt, Wishes To Avoid Incumberances To 1918 Trials) 3
03/23/1945 Slayers Of (Lord) Moyne Executed (By British) In Cairo 3
03/23/1945 German Peace Bid Via Eire Is Denied 5
03/23/1945 Miss Gildersleeve Analyzes (Up-Coming San Francisco, U.N. Organization Session) Parley 7
03/23/1945 Hull To Be Retained As (San Francisco) Parley Delegate (By Roosevelt) 7
03/24/1945 Germans Speed Arms To Mountains As Allies Map Their Destruction 1
03/24/1945 Berlin Is Epitome Of Bombing Effect-75,000 Tons Of Missiles 50,000 Estimated Killed 5
03/24/1945 Russian (Menshikoff) Is Named Polish (UNRRA) Relief Aide-Gregg Resigns 7
03/24/1945 500 German Generals Reported Lost To Date 7
03/24/1945 Reich’s Oil Output At Lowest 7
03/24/1945 Average (U.S.) Soldier In 1944 Ate 307 Pounds Of Meat 20
03/25/1945 Allies Warn Nazis Against Massacre (Of Paratroops-Those Participating In Executions To Be Judged Without Mercy-Often These ‘Parachutists’ Were OSS Agents!) 8
03/25/1945 Rhine Town Is Run By Former ‘Slave’ (Dutch Worker, Under U.S. Capt. Ralphe Stringer) 11
03/25/1945 Germany Demands More Sacrifices 14
03/25/1945 A ‘People’s Army’ Is Shaped In Japan 26
03/25/1945 (24) Japanese (And German) Graves Desecrated (Fresno, California) 26
03/25/1945 Aid To Stateless Sought (By Rabbi S. M. Segal, At San Francisco, U.N. Parley) 29
03/25/1945 Argentine Minister Of Justice Gives Up Post; Disagrees Over Expected War Declaration (Against Germany) 30
03/26/1945 100% Loss In Year For 15 Th Air Force (But Luftwaffe Is Virtually Grounded, ‘Destroyed’) 1
03/26/1945 Thousands Flee From Frankfurt As Radio Warns Patton Is Coming 1 U.S. Saboteurs Found (5 Dropped In Sweden By Mistake) 3
03/26/1945 Rees-Wesel Invasion Across Rhein (I Participated In This As A ‘Co-Glider’ Pilot) 3
03/26/1945 Americans Evolve Occupation Policy-Barring Posts To Any Former Nazis 6
03/26/1945 German Troops Warned-Eisenhower Tells Them (By Radio) To Help Civilian Evacuation 6
03/26/1945 (‘Little’ Louis) Lipsky (Co-Chairman Of American Jewish Conference) Cited For Aid To Jewish Causes (Pro-Zionists-Many Public Figures Present, Named) 13
03/26/1945 74,000 Donations Aid Jewish Drive (Amount Not Disclosed) 19
03/27/1945 Senate Approves $300 Billion Debt (Up From $260 Billion) 1
03/27/1945 Lloyd George Dies Of Influenza (‘Hang The Kaiser’) 1&15
03/27/1945 Raf Error In Bombing The Hague (March 3, 1945) Killed 800 Dutch, Injured 1,000 (20,000 Homeless) 1
03/27/1945 (British) Commando’s Pistol Shot Killed Wesel General (Maj. Gen. Deutsch) 2
03/27/1945 (U.S. State Department) Lists 27 Americans Deported To Reich (By Germans From Various Locations In Europe From 1942 To 1944) 4
03/28/1945 Argentina Joins War On Axis; Promises Full Aid To Allies 1
03/28/1945 ‘Drop’ For War Criminals Vansittart’s Only Worry 3
03/28/1945 5,000 Pastors (A Delegation ‘Representing’ 5,000 Pastors) Score Arabs On Palestine 16
03/28/1945 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Lauds Racial Amity Here 24
03/28/1945 (Senator Tom) Connally (Texas) Defends League Of Nations-May Serve As A Basis Of A New Security Set-Up 38
03/29/1945 Gen. (Lucius) Clay Expected To Quit Owm (Office Of War Mobilization) Post 1
03/29/1945 Non-Nazi Mayor Of Aachen Killed By 3 German Chutists In Uniform 1
03/29/1945 Captives’ Hospital In Reich Is A Hell 3
03/29/1945 1,000 Bare Backs Spelling ‘Pow’ Save Allied Prisoners From (Allied) Fliers (Strafing And Bombardment) 5
03/29/1945 Eden Leaves Hitler’s Fate To Troops Who Take Him 6
03/29/1945 Britons Criticize Over Feeding Nazis 8
03/30/1945 Gen. (Lucius) Clay To Aid Reich Occupation 1
03/30/1945 Baruch Arrives In London On White House Mission 3
03/30/1945 Darmstadt Looted By Freed (Foreign) Workers 3
03/30/1945 Captain’s Odyssey In Europe (As Prisoner) Is Told (Capt. Rossbach, Nephew Of Morgenthau And Herbert Lehman) 7
03/30/1945 300,000 Workers Sought By France 10
03/31/1945 Polish Flag Flies In Free City (Danzig) 1
03/31/1945 Unarmed Germans Put In Front Lines 1
03/31/1945 Allies No Longer Fear Lack Of Fuel (Or Other) Supplies (Enough ‘To Get To Berlin’) 2
03/31/1945 Nazi Blueprint Of New War Bared 9
03/31/1945 Amg Puts Anti-Nazis In Frankfurt Offices 9
03/31/1945 UNRRA Goods Sped To Needy Peoples — Year’s Goal Is 480,000 Tons 10
03/31/1945 Un-Americanisms Are Defined By Brookings (Institute), Would Check Holders Of Subversive Views 32