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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

February 1945
Date Headline Page
02/01/1945 Landsberg Seized (By Russians) 1
02/01/1945 War Crimes Board Pledges No Let Up 1
02/01/1945 Antonescu Is Indicted 1
02/01/1945 (U.S.) Awol’s In Europe Now Put At 8,000 (Had Formerly Been Put At 18,000-Statistical Error Blamed For Difference) 10
02/02/1945 Zhukoff At Oder 1
02/02/1945 Allies Will Strip German Economy 1
02/02/1945 U.S. Helps Insane (100) Trapped In Battle (Asil De Sonnenhof) 2
02/02/1945 Cyril Gets Death As Bulgar Traitor 3
02/02/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Widens Area Of Nazi War Crime-Grew Text On War Crimes 6
02/02/1945 Long Occupation Of Reich Is Urged (By Harry Hopkins) 6
02/02/1945 Soviet Domination In Reich Is Foreseen (By French) 7
02/02/1945 Lithuanian Crimes Listed By Moscow (Soviet Extraordinary State Committee) 2
02/02/1945 (H. C.) Pell Hails Grew On War Criminals 6
02/02/1945 (Sumner) Welles Bids Leaders To Keep Us Informed 6
02/02/1945 ‘Rheingold’ Sung At Metropolitan (‘First’ Performance) 16
02/02/1945 Alien Stock Cases Settled By (Francis B.) Biddle-Americans Accept $118 Rate For Dyestuff Shares Having A Book Value Of $540 24
02/04/1945 Sonnenberg (Taken By Russians) 1
02/04/1945 German Peace Bid To Big 3 Rumored (Cairo) 1
02/04/1945 Bombs Bring Death To War-Packed (Refugees) Berlin 4
02/04/1945 Women Slave Farm Discovered In Reich (By Russians) 10
02/04/1945 Trial Of Mussolini And Hitler Demanded (By Rabbi William F. Rosenblum) 17
02/04/1945 A World Alliance Urged By (Sumner) Welles (In A Talk Before The American Jewish Committee-Judge Proskauer’s Group) 19
02/04/1945 Zionists Get Backing Of British Liberals 26
02/04/1945 (Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, Rochester, N.Y.) Finds Combat Ends Racial Prejudice 29
02/04/1945 Map: Conjectured Area Of German National Redoute E-1
02/04/1945 The Three Who Shape The Future (Churchill, Stalin, And Roosevelt No Mention Of France) Mag. 9
02/05/1945 Red Army 39 Miles From Berlin-Key Hubs Fall In East Prussia 1
02/05/1945 Bomb-Fired Berlin Under New Alarm 1
02/05/1945 Nazis Fear Effect Of Big 3 Manifesto (Casablanca) 5
02/05/1945 Russians To Press Labor Reparation (German Labor From German POW) 5
02/05/1945 Potato Rations Cut For German Public 5
02/05/1945 23,000,000 Germans Homeless In Reich 7
02/05/1945 World Ban On Bias Proposed By Group (American Jewish Committee 28
02/06/1945 Germans Reported Shifting Hostages (Polish General ‘Bor,’ Tadeusz Komorowski, Reported At Berchtesgaden) 7
02/06/1945 826 Civilians (U.S. Citizens And Others) Set For War Exchange (In Switzerland) 10
02/07/1945 A New Nazi Pogrom Upset By Russians 6
02/07/1945 World Labor Asks For A Tamed Reich 12
02/08/1945 Big 3 (No France) Set Final Steps To Crush Germany, Turn To Peace Issues In Black Sea Talks 1
02/08/1945 Polish Government In London Dissolves Underground (Partisan) Home Army With Loyalty Plea 2
02/08/1945 Berlin Most Bombed Of Europe’s Targets 2
02/08/1945 Ten Lynched In France 4
02/08/1945 Allies’ Aid Sought By Mikhailovitch 6
02/08/1945 Vansittart Urges Allies Act Now To Plug Neutral Loopholes For German Criminals (Political ‘Refugees’) 7
02/08/1945 UNRRA Work Tied Tighter To Armies 8
02/08/1945 First Jewish Convoy (1,200 From Theresienstadt) Reaches Swiss Haven 8
02/08/1945 CIO Urges Albany Pass Job-Bias Bill 14
02/08/1945 Rankin Shakes Fist At Celler In House (White Gentiles Also Have Some Rights) 17
02/09/1945 Reich Seizes Grain As Hunger Spreads 1
02/09/1945 Norwegian Nazi Is Slain (Shot From Ambush) 4
02/09/1945 Berlin’s Victims Buried In Streets 5
02/09/1945 French Chagrined Over Big 3 Report (France Not Included Nor Consulted) 5
02/09/1945 Rabbis Celebrate Freeing Of (1,200 Jewish) Refugees (From Theresienstadt) 6
02/09/1945 Agencies Assailed On Refugee Relief 9
02/09/1945 Educators Fight (Racial) College Quotas 32
02/10/1945 U.S. Raps (Threatens) Neutrals On War Criminals 3
02/10/1945 Big 3 Said To Mass Men To Rule Reich-Special Troops On Alert On Rim Of Germany 4
02/10/1945 French Say Russians Impeded (French Pow) Captive Aid 5
02/10/1945 Arab Concessions To Jews Indicated (Will Assist European Refugees) 7
02/11/1945 Red Army Wins Elbing Port 1
02/11/1945 Hitler Youth (Karl Arno Puzeler, 16, Under Sentence Of Death) Learns Of American Justice (Commuted To Life) 4
02/11/1945 CIO Backs (Sir Walter) Citrine On (U.N. Economic) Plan For Reich 7
02/11/1945 UNRRA Ready For Reich-2,000 To Go To France 7
02/11/1945 Worst Plight Seen For Europe’s Jews-1,200,000 Survivors Seek Havens In Zion-Anti-Semitism Remains-Many (Already!) In Mediterranean Area 10
02/11/1945 German Wreckage Lines Berlin Road 16
02/11/1945 (U.S.) Navy Gets Evidence Of War Atrocities (U.S. To Act Independently If Necessary-Anglo-U.S. Disputes On War Crimes) 26
02/11/1945 Head Of Iba Tells Way To Make Jobs (After War) S-4
02/11/1945 Proud Berlin Now A Mass Of Ruins E-4
02/11/1945 No Altruism In War E-8
02/11/1945 ‘Last Fortress’ Of The Nazis (National Redoute) Mag. 8
02/12/1945 Norse (Partisans) Seize 11 Tugs To Tie Up Germans 1
02/12/1945 Magdeburg Seen In Ruins (Reconnaissance Photos) 8
02/12/1945 (German) Refugees (From The East) Problem Grows In Germany 9
02/12/1945 Reich Rail Labor Gets Allies Plea-German And Foreign Workers Urged To Shun Work And To Sabotage Lines (By Radio) 12
02/12/1945 Plea For Negro (Inter-Marriage) Halts William-Mary Paper 21
02/12/1945 New Board Of Scientists (Many Names) Is Appointed For The Development Of (New) Weapons Of War 32
02/13/1945 Picture: Churchill, Roosevelt, & Stalin At Yalta, Lwadla Palace 1
02/13/1945 Ives (N.Y.) Assails Foes Of Anti-Race Bills 1
02/13/1945 Elliott Roosevelt Made Brigadier By Senate, 53 To 11, On War Record 1
02/13/1945 Roosevelt Pressed To Aid Zionist Plan 3
02/13/1945 (London Polish) Exiles Keep Silent On Polish (Yalta) Decision 4
02/13/1945 650,000 In Italy Get Aid From Americans (Church Groups, UNRRA Not Mentioned) 7
02/13/1945 Women And Girls (‘16 To 60’) Drafted In Reich 9
02/13/1945 (U.S. War Department) Seek (100,000) German Prisoners To Replace Farm Labor 9
02/13/1945 Aachen Germans Obey Allies Well-Use Own Food, Help Rebuild Town And Offer Little Opposition To Restrictions 12
02/13/1945 1,200 Freed From Nazi Camps (Theresienstadt By Vaad Hahatzala Emergency Committee For Rescue Of European Jews) 12
02/14/1945 Budapest Is Taken (By Russians) 1
02/14/1945 Roosevelt Shaped 2 Yalta Solutions-Byrnes, Home Says President Initiated Plan For Poland, Security Vote Formula 1
02/14/1945 Raf Hits Dresden (‘One Of The Greatest Night Attacks Of The War’) 4
02/14/1945 Nazis See (Yalta Conference As) Project For (German) ‘Mass Murder’ 9
02/14/1945 Permanent Peace Aided (By Yalta Conference), Grew Says-Ships Given To The UNRRA 10
02/14/1945 New Plan Heartens (War) Crimes Commission (Pell, Hurst, Ecer-U.S., England, Czechoslovakia Respectively) 10
02/14/1945 Poland (Betrayal) Plan (At Yalta) ‘Shocks’ Walsh 11
02/14/1945 Congress Splits On Crimea (Yalta) Policy 11
02/14/1945 Baruch Sees Basis Of A Durable Peace 11
02/14/1945 Trend In Schools Termed Political (Dr. Henry Noble Mc Cracken, Vassar) 17
02/14/1945 Henrietta Szold Dies In Jerusalem-Hadassah Founder 19
02/14/1945 Would Speed Sale Of U.S. War Plants 26
02/15/1945 Schneidemuhl Is Taken (By Russians) 1
02/15/1945 2 (Germans) Spies Sentenced To Die By Hanging (By U.S.) 1
02/15/1945 Roosevelt Expected To Visit Italy (Samuel I. Rosenman Talks To His Chief There-No Indication Roosevelt Is Ill) 1&5
02/15/1945 Roosevelt Tried To Preserve Lwow (For Poles)-London Poles Bewildered 3
02/15/1945 Nazis Fan Hatred As Defense Device 4
02/15/1945 More Nazi Radio Stations Pose As Bbc To Broadcast False Reports To Europe 4
02/15/1945 40 United Nations Are Now Enrolled 6
02/15/1945 Morgenthau Hails World Fund (Bretton Woods, N. H.) 6
02/15/1945 Educator (Dr. Ernest M. Hopkins, President Of Dartmouth) Hails Crimean (Yalta) Parley As Long Step Toward Ban On War 6
02/15/1945 Goebbel’s Paper, Angriff, To Suspend (Publication) On Saturday 7
02/15/1945 UNRRA’s Inaction (In Europe) A Deeper Mystery (To British) 8
02/15/1945 Picture: Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt And Mrs. Herbert H. Lehman At The Waldorf-Astoria 21
02/16/1945 Only 4 Oil Plants Operating In Reich-German Output Cut 80% 1
02/16/1945 Dresden Nears Ruin 1
02/16/1945 Action By UNRRA Not Words, Urged (By Australians) 4
02/16/1945 U.S. Captives In Reich Transferred On Foot 6
02/16/1945 Dresden An ‘Ocean Of Fire’ 6
02/16/1945 German Girl (In U.S.-Captured Letter To SS ‘Lover’) Vows Vengeance On U.S. 8
02/16/1945 Polish Premier Tomascz) Arciszewski Firm In Defying Russia 11
02/16/1945 Education Accused (By Dr. Allan V. Heely, Lawrencevllle School) Of Lacking Quality 25
02/17/1945 Captives (Apparently German Prisoners, Names Concealed) Confirm Reich (Jewish) Atrocities (Abuse, Neglect, Injections, Gas Vans, Etc.) 4
02/17/1945 Argentina Closes 2 Anti-U.S. Papers 5
02/17/1945 Allies Will Ignore Needs Of Germans-Will Require Them To Share Food And Clothing With Victims (Col. Joseph L. Canby, Wynnewood, Pa.) 5
02/17/1945 French Lynch Chief Of Dijon (Jacques Larsac) For Crimes (‘Against Patriot Forces’) 5
02/17/1945 Russian Hints Job For Mikolajczyk 6
02/17/1945 Labor (World Trade Union Conference, London) Asks Voice In Occupied Reich 7
02/17/1945 (Dr. Joseph) Schwartz (European Director Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Says Only 1,500,000 Jews Are Left In Europe As Result Of German Murders 8
02/17/1945 Full Penalty Ask (By American Labor Party) For (German) War Criminals 8
02/17/1945 (U.S. Jewish Zionist Organizations) Appeal To Britain To Open Palestine 8
02/17/1945 Freer Immigration (To U.S.) Linked To Prosperity (By Henry M. Busch) 8
02/17/1945 Compromise For Palestine-Letter By Dr. Judah Leib Magnes (Zionists Will Not Accept Partition Of Palestine As A Solution To Their Demands) 12
02/17/1945 (Drew) Pearson Sues (Westbrook) Pegler 15
02/17/1945 Anti-Racial Bill Backed By Dewey 26
02/17/1945 Racial Tensions Held Bar To Peace 26
02/18/1945 De Gaulle Is Said To Refuse Invitation To Meet Roosevelt 1
02/18/1945 Argentina Takes First Step To War (With Germany) 1
02/18/1945 UNRRA Will Limit Aid To Minor Industries (Far Eastern Policy) 3
02/18/1945 Yugoslavs (Partisans) Encircle Germans 7
02/18/1945 Eisenhower Is Seen At Top Of Reich Rule 13
02/18/1945 Aachen Nazi Gets 10 Years In Prison (Otto Meyer) 15
02/18/1945 The Swiss Freeze Germans’ Assets 16
02/18/1945 U.S. Plans Engulf Everyone In Reich-Fraternization Barred 18
02/18/1945 Polish Socialist (Stefan Matuszewski) Hails Yalta Step 20
02/18/1945 Lithuania Fate Held Flouting Of (Atlantic) Charter 23
02/18/1945 Dr. G. N. Schuster (Hunter College) Would Give (Germany) Choice Of A Colonial (Colony) Status Or Eventual Independence (As ‘Liberal’ State) 24
02/18/1945 ‘Crimea Charter’ (Yalta) E-1
02/18/1945 Big Three Renew Promise To Punish (German) War Criminals-Political Rather Than Court Action For Top Offenders Is Indicated (Pell Et Al.) E-4
02/18/1945 U.S. Publishes List Of 8,000 (Enemy Patents-German) Seized From Germans E-9
02/18/1945 Pictures Of Roosevelt And Others At Yalta Mag. 6
02/18/1945 Article On (Congresswoman) Helen Gahagan Douglas (Originally Of Stage And Concert, Wife Of Eleanor Roosevelt Favorite, Leftist Actor, Melvin Douglas) Mag. 20
02/18/1945 Sir William Bevridge Offers England A ‘National Budget’ To Write Off Want (‘War Against Poverty?’) Book 1
02/19/1945 Not 1% Of Jews Left In 38 (Russian And Polish) Freed (By Russians) Places 5
02/19/1945 German Dead Pave Way (For American 3D Army-Patton) 6
02/19/1945 British Evacuate German Civilians (Materborn) 7
02/19/1945 Raf Blasts Wesel 7
02/19/1945 Danes Attack Nazi Oil Depot (Partisans) 9
02/19/1945 Morgenthau Says He Meant (Jay) Goulds (Possible Collaborationists) 10
02/19/1945 German Liner (Wilhelm Gustloff) Seen Sunk (1,000 Of 8,000 On Board Saved-German Refugees From The East, Fleeing The Russians) 10
02/19/1945 (U.S.) Tire Fabric Plant Is Seized By Army (Roosevelt Directive) 11
02/19/1945 War Aims Clear (Asst. Sec. State Archibald) M’leish Insists 17
02/19/1945 Era Of Anti-Christ Declared At Hand (By Fulton J. Sheen) 22
02/19/1945 Dr. Fosdick Warns Of Regimentation 22
02/20/1945 U.S. Officer (Capt. Roderic Morere, New Orleans) Tells Of Nazi Murders 10
02/20/1945 Nazi Mine Bosses (In Occupied Germany) Jailed 10
02/20/1945 Many Americans Freed In Poland (Russians Using U.S. Sherman Tanks) 11
02/20/1945 (Harry) Bridges Citizenship Sought By (CIO, Philip) Murray 36
02/21/1945 U.S. Warship Becomes Arab Court In Miniature For (King) Ibn Saud’s Voyage 1
02/21/1945 240,000 In War Jobs May Escape Draft 12
02/21/1945 (Ives-Quinn) Anti-Bias Bill Foes Admit Defeat By ‘A Highly Organized Minority’ 1
02/21/1945 Roosevelt Pledge (Of Bread) To Italy Realized 13
02/21/1945 Sudeten Germans Must Go Benes Says, Or Czechoslovakia Will Be Torn By Civil War 18
02/22/1945 Yalta Criticized By (Norman) Thomas Group 18
02/22/1945 (President) Avila Comacho Sees Equality Of Aims (Of U.S. And Other Pan-American States) 19
02/23/1945 Complete Collapse Of Reichsmark After The War Feared In London (Made Inevitable By Morgenthau’s Financial Acts!) 1
02/23/1945 (U.S.) Bombs Kill 16 Swiss; (Lauchlin) Currie Near Scene (Second Swiss Bombing By U.S.-Schaffhausen, April 1, 1944) 1
02/23/1945 5,500,000 In Berlin Face Siege Chaos 3
02/23/1945 French Nazi (Andre De Messine) Is Doomed 4
02/23/1945 103 Bulgarians Are Executed 4
02/23/1945 Morgenthau Sees Lasting (International) Coalition 9
02/23/1945 (London) Polish Ministers To Quit 9
02/24/1945 Posen Capitulates (To Russians)-Arnswalde Gives Up 1
02/24/1945 Turkey Declares War On The Axis To Get San Francisco Parley (United Nations Organization Session) Seat 1
02/24/1945 U.S. Firms To Get Loot Nazis Left (‘Taken Principally From Jews’) 3
02/24/1945 Alexi Tolstoy, 62, Noted Author, Dies (Member, Infamous Soviet Extraordinary Commission) 11
02/25/1945 More War Crimes By Germans Seen (By Francois De Menthon, Minister Of Justice, Later Chief French Prosecutor At The U.N. Nuernberg Tribunals) 6
02/25/1945 Germanic Library Set Up At Columbia (University)-(3 Year) Project Seeks To Warn The U.S. Against Letting (German) Foe Prepare For Third (World) War 9
02/25/1945 Text Of Hitler’s Message To The Nazi Party Meeting 13
02/25/1945 Latins Are Urged (By Stettinius) To Accept Russians 14
02/25/1945 Picture: Posen In Ruins 21
02/25/1945 Hebrew Agent (Eri Jabotinski, Son Of Vladimir) Deported (By Turks, See March 4, 1945) 23
02/26/1945 Munich Is Bombed In 6,000 Plane Day 4
02/26/1945 U.S. Urges Ban On Entry Of Nazis (At Mexico City Pan-American Conference) 11
02/26/1945 Democracy Held God’s Way Of Life (By Dr. Julian Morgenstern, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati) 17
02/26/1945 1945 Jewish (Welfare) Drive Splits Nationally-Disagree On Division Of Funds (U.S. Or Palestine, Etc.) 21
02/27/1945 Berlin Is Bombed In Peak U.S. Blow (1,900 Planes; 3,000 Tons Of Bombs, Raf Follow-Up) 1
02/27/1945 Syria Declares War On Germany, Japan 1
02/27/1945 New German (Twin) Jet Plane 4
02/27/1945 17 Hungarians Hanged 5
02/27/1945 (General) Anders New Chief Of (London) Polish Forces 6
02/27/1945 UNRRA Widens Program To Help End Suffering In Western Europe 8
02/27/1945 (Senator Hugh) Butler Demands Full Account Of Roosevelt’s World Parleys (Secret Commitments Etc.) 10
02/27/1945 Argentina Cools To Entry In War (With Germany) 14
02/27/1945 Retention Of Neutrality Indicated By Portugal 15
02/27/1945 (Father) Flanagan (Boys’ Town) Assails Racial Prejudice (At B’nai B’rith Dinner) 17
02/28/1945 Churchill Asks Commons To Affirm Yalta Decision 1
02/28/1945 (N.Y.) Senators Kill Bias Referendum 1
02/28/1945 Big Berlin Toll (25,000 To 30,000) Cited In Monday’s Bombing 4
02/28/1945 8 Th’s Bombers Rip Leipzig Rail Hub 6
02/28/1945 Plea For New Land (Possibly German) Grows In Holland 10
02/28/1945 400 Dying Of Hunger In Rotterdam Daily, Nazi Troops Feeding Children Captive (German) Says 10
02/28/1945 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Attacks Crimea Decision 12
02/28/1945 (Harold, ‘Me Too’) Stassen Declares Isolation Is Ended 12
02/28/1945 Lehman Asks For Used Clothing For Liberated People Of Europe (150,000,000 Lbs. Sought) 13
02/28/1945 Text Of Churchill’s Report To Commons On Yalta 14