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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

July 1945
Date Headline Page
07/01/1945 (James F.) Byrnes Appointed By Truman To Head State Department 1 Troops Off Allies Will Retire Today From Soviet Zone 1
07/01/1945 Owi Radio In Europe (List Of Officials) To Suspend (Operations) July 4 3
07/01/1945 European Exiles Begin Trek Home-Many Had War Jobs Here (In U.S.) 4
07/01/1945 Allies Insist Spain Yield Nazi Schools (Property Of 30 Schools) 4
07/01/1945 U.S. Halts Return Of 150 (Russians) To Russia (Three Suicides, 7 Gunshot Victim Under Heavy Military Guard To Forestall Escape To Be Returned Under Yalta Agreement) 4
07/01/1945 30 Armed Germans Held-Face Death (At Least A Dozen Have Already Been Decapitated) 6
07/01/1945 Ex-German (Lt. Martin Schwartzschild, Left Germany 1937) Gets Bronze Star 7
07/01/1945 (German Pow) Repatriates Seen As Threat In Reich-Still Nazis At Heart 10
07/01/1945 ‘Slave Labor’ Still Problem (Over 450,000 Brought Into Germany Including 350,000 Poles Most Remain In U.S. Zone) 10
07/01/1945 NAACP Aide Asks Senator Eastland To Prove Data On (Negro) Troops (Unfavorable To Negroes) 13
07/01/1945 (Sidney) Hillman Outlines (Labor) Reconversion Plan (Full Time Employment) 16
07/01/1945 Record Sum ($18,415,738) Spent For Palestine Aid (Immigration And Settlement In Palestine) 16
07/01/1945 Dr. Hacha, 73, Dies; Worked With Nazis (Succeeded Benes; Awaiting Trial, Vita) 17
07/01/1945 Germany’s Economic Power Broken For Years To Come-People Of The Reich Do Not Realize Their Real Position In The World (Drew Middleton) E-5
07/01/1945 Cartoon: (Racial) ‘Intolerance’ Is The One Thing The U.S. Should Be ‘Intolerant’ Of E-10
07/01/1945 (N.Y.) State Anti-Bias Commission Begins Its Work This Week E-10
07/01/1945 ‘Occupy Germany For Fifty Years’ By Leopold Schwartzschild Mag. 8
07/02/1945 President Orders Oil Plant Seizure 1
07/02/1945 Speed On (U.N.) Charter Urged By (Thomas E.) Dewey 1
07/02/1945 Rupture (Of Irish Relations) With Japan Urged On De Valera (By Some Irish) 1
07/02/1945 Czechoslovakia Signing Pact Ceding Ruthenia To Russia (Picture) 5
07/02/1945 Finnish Army Chief (General Axel E. Heinrichs) A Pro-Nazi Retires 5
07/02/1945 British Execute German (Colonel, Shooting-Had Killed Russian DP Under Confused Circumstances) 5
07/02/1945 (Picture) Surrendered German U-Boats At Lisaholly, North Ireland 5
07/02/1945 Turkey Seeks Oil From Iraqi Fields 5
07/02/1945 Local Rule Urged For Reich By U.S. 5
07/02/1945 Busch’s Aide-Kills Friend (Mistress) And Himself (Suicide Pact, Flensburg-Could Not Live Knowing They Would Be Separated With Him In Prison) 5
07/02/1945 Czechs Take Firm Stand On Teschen Region 6
07/02/1945 One Mass War Trial Is Urged In France 7
07/02/1945 Mexican Communists Reorganize 7
07/02/1945 Europe Studying U.S. Recovery Aid 15
07/02/1945 Relief Shipments To Greece Increase (UNRRA) 15
07/02/1945 (Dr. Judah Leon) Magnes Describes Relief Given Jews (Joint Distrib. Comm. To Jews In Asiatic Russia, Poland, And Arabia-100,000 Jews In Asiatic Russia Estimated At 2/3 Ds Of Total Polish Jews Transferred Elsewhere In Russia, Returned Home To Poland, Or Died) 15
07/02/1945 Jewish Appeal (For Emergency Welfare Funds For Refugees) Extended 15
07/02/1945 Picture: German Prisoners Of War Are Lectured On Soil Conservation (At Coblenz, ‘So Men May Help Cultivate The Soil When They Arrive Home.’-Morgenthau’s Plan) 17
07/03/1945 First U.S. Occupying Units Reach Their Zone In Berlin 1
07/03/1945 Russia Supports Czechs On Teschen 4
07/03/1945 German Generals Quarrel In (Pow) Camp 4
07/03/1945 Swiss Said To Hide German War Fund (By Orvis Schmidt, U.S. Treasury Department) 4
07/03/1945 Yugoslavs Attack UNRRA’s Operation 4
07/03/1945 Reich Rebuilding Will Start Soon (11,000,000 Homeless In U.S. Zone) 5
07/03/1945 New British Auto (10 H. P. Austin) Is Enroute Here (For Sale) 5
07/03/1945 Spaniards Repeat Invitation To (U.S.) Troops (Leave Centers) 6
07/03/1945 League (Of Nations) Assembly Still Has Duties 7
07/03/1945 UNRRA Heads Warn (U.S.) To ‘Tighten Belts’ 10
07/03/1945 Report Mercury Valued At $5,000,000 Found On Nazi Submarine At Portsmouth, N. H 15
07/03/1945 Louvre Treasures Will Remain Away-Evacuated (To Remote Chateaus) Before War Began (England Informed, Chateaus Not Bombed Bbc Broadcast Decision, ‘The Mona Lisa Is Smiling’) 15
07/04/1945 (Harry) Hopkins Resigns As Adviser Of Truman Because Of Health 1
07/04/1945 Leopold Expected To Abdicate Soon 1
07/04/1945 Losses On Two More Loans To Elliott Roosevelt Bared (By Debtors) 1
07/04/1945 (Ernst Wilhelm) Bohle Is Indicted As A War Criminal 2
07/04/1945 Nazi Embassy Files In Brazil Disappear 3
07/04/1945 ‘Lost’ (Thousands) Americans Throng To Paris 3
07/04/1945 Norwegian Senate Votes Death Penalty (For Quisling’s Special Benefit!) 4
07/04/1945 (Gen. Maxime) Weygand’s Property Seized (Weygand Under Arrest As Collaborator) 5
07/04/1945 Germans In North (Germany) Still Eating Well 6
07/04/1945 Picture: Vichy Leader (Joseph Darnand) Returned To France 6
07/04/1945 Denmark Wants No (U.S. Or Other) Aid (Suffered Less Than Other Countries-Also Less Than Reported) 6
07/04/1945 Underground Leader (Paal Berg) Of Norwegians Here 7
07/04/1945 Reich Salaries Stopped (By Shaef) 7
07/04/1945 Harold Denny, 56, Journalist Dead (Saw Rommel In N. Africa) 13
07/04/1945 Navy Ends Segregation (At Great Lakes, Ill.) 13
07/04/1945 John Curtin Dead In Australia At 60 (Vita) 1&13
07/04/1945 U.S. Flag Raised In Berlin; British Take Over District 1
07/04/1945 (Assoc. Justice Frank) Murphy Denounces ‘Nazi Disease’ Here (Must Combat Racial Discrimination!) 4
07/05/1945 Murder Factory Found In Bavaria (Kaufbeuren-Experiments On Humans) 5
07/05/1945 U.S. Willing To Yield (Karl Hermann) Frank To The Czechs (For Trial-Traitor Because Of Czech Citizenship) 5
07/05/1945 (N.Y.) Times Office In Berlin Escaped Major Damage (1 Kanonier-Strasse, Behind Unter Den Linden) 5
07/05/1945 Picture: Berlin-Women Clearing Rubble 5
07/05/1945 American Broadcasting Station (‘Absie’-Set Up 5 Weeks After Invasion) Bolstered Europe’s Anti-Nazis-’Absie’s’ Final Program (Broadcast In Different Languages To Underground Armies And Others) 6
07/05/1945 Bonnard Sentenced To Death In Absentia 6
07/05/1945 Fea Denies License To Spain For Steel (Spain Wanted To Buy 100,000 Tons) 14
07/05/1945 37 Governors Join In Palestine (Jewish Colonization) Plea 14
07/05/1945 Returning GI’s Protest At Jam In Trains; Asserting They Saw Nazi Pw’s In Pullmans 20
07/05/1945 Farm Population Hits Lowest Point In 35 Years (Decline Of 5,079,000 Since 1940-5,136,000 Lost Through Migration Or Abandonment Of Farming) 20
07/06/1945 Morgenthau Quits His Treasury Post; In Office 11 Years 1
07/06/1945 (Pro-Russian) Regime In Warsaw Wins Recognition Of U.S. And Britain 1
07/06/1945 U.S. Seizes Farben Plants To Bar Reich Arms Output (24 Plants) 1
07/06/1945 (Owen J.) Roberts To Retire From High Court 1
07/06/1945 World Is One Now, Stassen Asserts 1
07/06/1945 Russians Attack Vatican (Allege New Anti-Soviet Cordon Sanitaire) 2
07/06/1945 UNRRA’s Chief In Denmark (To Purchase Food) 2
07/06/1945 Resistance (Anti-German) Heroine (‘Pauline’) An American Matron 4
07/06/1945 Official Statements On Poland 4
07/06/1945 Luxembourg Radio Set To Fill Absie’s Place 5
07/06/1945 Finnish Generals Accused In Purge 6
07/06/1945 (Brig. Gen. Julius Ochs) Adler Would End Reich Army Clique 6
07/06/1945 Potsdam’s Glory Gone 6
07/06/1945 Owi Will Publish (Control) Magazines In Reich 9
07/06/1945 Educators Favor World Institute (And Increase In International-Ism) 9
07/06/1945 Chief German Rabbi (Leo Baeck, Spent War In Germany) Now On Way To U.S. 11
07/06/1945 War Puts Iceland Much Closer To Us 12
07/06/1945 (Harry L.) Hopkins New Head Of Garment Trade (Union Post) 13
07/06/1945 Only ‘Sick’ Nazis Ride Pullmans Says Army, Asking More For Troops 13
07/06/1945 Rationing Of Soap Declared Possible (Soap Manufacturers Say) 21
07/06/1945 Repatriation Task Will End In Fall-Nearly 3,300,000 Of 5,800,000 Persons Have Been Relocated To Home (John J.) Mc Cloy Says 24
07/06/1945 Army ‘Proud’ Of Negroes (Under Sec. Rob’t. P. Patterson) 24
07/07/1945 Use Of (German) Armament Seized In Europe Ask (For Use) In Pacific (War) 1&3
07/07/1945 Czeohs To Deport (3,000,000) Sudeten Germans 4
07/07/1945 Rape Story (Stuttgart) Unsupported (5,000 German Girls Raped By French Senegalese Troops In City Subway) 4
07/07/1945 Four Powers Near Accord On (War Crimes) Trials 5
07/07/1945 Disposal Of German War Material Poses Sever Problem For Allies (Large Volume: 1,000 Mark V Panther Tanks, 500 Mark Vi Tiger Tanks, Etc.) 5
07/07/1945 Berlin Mayor (Dr. Arthur Werner, Installed By U.N.) Sure U.S. Will Send Food 5
07/07/1945 Farben Espionage Disclosed By (U.S.) Army (Type Unclear) 5
07/07/1945 London Poles Balk At Yielding Assets (To Pro-Russian Warsaw Poles) 6
07/07/1945 (Cordell) Hull Leaves Hospital 15
07/07/1945 UNRRA Needs Outlined-Staff Of 2,000 To Be Required In China 22
07/08/1945 Poles Shifted In ‘39 To Get Choice Of Soviet Or Polish Citizenship (Jews Included-No Number Given-’Millions’ In Germany) 1
07/08/1945 Plan To Re-Orient (A More Modern Term Is ‘Brainwash’) German (Pow) Prisoners (In U.S.) 1&7
07/08/1945 Allies At Impasse With Soviet Army Over Berlin Food 1
07/08/1945 Ringleader (Dr. Andreas Hermes, Berlin) Tells Of Plot (July 20, 1944) On Hitler (Pre-1933 Opponent & Anti-NSDAP) 4
07/08/1945 10,000 Berlin Civilians Drowned When Elite Guard Flooded Subway (In Effort To Stop Russians!) 4
07/08/1945 Horthy Armistice Signaled Murder Of Hungary’s Jews 4
07/08/1945 Russia Said To Strip U.S. Plants In Reich 4
07/08/1945 Skorzeny Directed Terror 4
07/08/1945 Pro-Nazi Briton (John Amery) Held 4
07/08/1945 (Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz) To Study Refugee Status (Earl G. Harrison Helps No Numbers Given) 13
07/08/1945 Lehman (UNRRA Director) Arrives In Rome 14
07/08/1945 Hopkins Steps Out (Roosevelt’s Alter Ego And Closest Confidant) E-2
07/08/1945 Cartoon:-’The Three Musketeers’ (U.K., U.S., & Russia In Berlin-Heroes) E-9
07/08/1945 We Need To Know The Russians Better-C. L. Sulzberger Mag. 5
07/09/1945 Eight Germans (POW) Slain, 20 Shot By Guard At Prisoner Camp (An Incident Like This Was Reported At Fuerstenfeldbrueck) 1
07/09/1945 All Berlin Ruled By Red Army As Impasse Holds 1
07/09/1945 Exile Of German Military Chiefs To British Colonies Is Proposed 3
07/09/1945 Lidice Perpetrator Seized 3
07/09/1945 U.S. Policy In Germany Held Costly-Gi’s Letter Suggests Populace Is Losing Respect For Americans(‘Russen Mit Buegelfalten’) 4
07/09/1945 German People Seen As Object Lesson (By Rev. Michael J. Deacy, St. Patrick’s Cathedral) 9
07/09/1945 1,000,000 Workers On Farms 13
07/09/1945 Lord ‘Haw Haw’s’ (William Joyce’s) Pay 6,000 Marks A Month 13
07/09/1945 (U.S.) Spy (And War Criminal) Executions Total 31 (Germans) 13
07/09/1945 Outlook In Europe For Crops Dismal 16
07/09/1945 Morgenthau Aides Are Slated To Quit (Harry Dexter White And Others) 17
07/09/1945 Men And Arms Hidden By Nazi Underground 20
07/09/1945 47 Italians Reported Slain In Raid On Jail (By 15 Partisans, Schio, Italy) 20
07/10/1945 Carrier Planes Swoop On Tokyo Area 1
07/10/1945 Manila Plans Use Of German Labor (From Europe, Under U.S. Negro Guard-No Confirmation Of Report) 2
07/10/1945 Americans Arrest Reich Business Men 3
07/10/1945 (Russian-) Armenians Hit Vatican (As ‘Pro-German’) 3
07/10/1945 Reich War Power Declared Strong (By Sen. H. M. Kilgore Report) 4
07/10/1945 Zionist (Dr. Israel Goldstein) Asks Big 3 To Open Palestine (To Jewish Immigration) 4
07/10/1945 Executed (U.S.) Writer (Parachuted Into Slovakian Under-Ground) Went To Aid Fliers (Executed Mauthausen, Reported By William Ornstein, A Polish Jew) 5
07/10/1945 Full School Operation Due In Reich By Oct. 1 (Pre-Hitler Texts In First Four Grades) 5
07/10/1945 Yugoslavia’s UNRRA Quotas Cut; Called Sixth Of Estimated Used 5
07/10/1945 Sir Harry Goschen, British Banker (Dead), 79 (Originated The ‘Scrap Of Paper’ Story Attributed To Bethmann-Hollweg In World War I) 11
07/11/1945 Food Output Chaos Is Found In Europe 1
07/11/1945 Feeding Of Berlin Settled By Allies; Details A Secret 1
07/11/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Denies Any Tokyo (Peace) Bid; Sees Tale As Divisive Tactic 1
07/11/1945 (Hans) Ullstein Attempting To Get Big (Jewish Publishing) Property (Back From Russians Sold At Alleged L/3 D Value) 3
07/11/1945 Reich Chief Rabbi (Leo Baeck) Warns On Germany-Must Punish Guilty But Offer Vision Of Future 4
07/11/1945 Woman (Katherine Fite) Joins (R. H. Jackson U.S. War Crimes Prosecution) Staff Of War Crimes Group 4
07/11/1945 Sweden Balked German Attack (On Sweden) In 1942, Foreign Minister Says 5
07/11/1945 Fascist (Guido Buffarini-Guidi) Is Reported Executed 5
07/11/1945 Owi Will Correct Story On Midwest (Sent To Russia) 7
07/11/1945 Katyn Murders Discussed-Letter-Stalin Capable Of Deed-From Eugene Lyons 10
07/11/1945 Five Nazis Hanged By Army In Kansas (Killed German Pow Who Was Informer) 12
07/11/1945 Slapper Of Nazis Gets A New Term (6 Months) 12
07/11/1945 German Is Sentenced (10 Years For Cutting Off Hair Of Two German Women) 12
07/12/1945 Six Loans To Elliott Roosevelt Under Investigation By Treasury (Vinson, New Sec. Treasury) 1
07/12/1945 Hitler Funds Reported ($250,000 In Swiss Banks) 3
07/12/1945 ‘Desperate’ Crisis Admitted In Japan 4
07/12/1945 Picture: Hitler’s Office After Allies Transacted Their ‘Business’ 4
07/12/1945 Germans Still Free To Criticize Allies 4
07/12/1945 Rabbi S. Rose, 90 General’s (Maurice) Father (Dies In Denver) 11
07/12/1945 Petain’s Trial To Start On July 23 12
07/12/1945 (Rob’t. H.) Jackson Back In London 12
07/12/1945 Swiss Socialists Ask Reich Area Be Ceded (Schaffhausen Area) 22
07/13/1945 2,500,000 In Europe Remain Displaced (Repatriation 60% Complete, 817,000 Poles, 693,000 Russians, 147,000 Yugoslavs, 278,000 Germans, 283,000 Italians, 167,000 Hungarians, 26,000 Czechs, 11,000 French, 6,000 Belgians, 5,000 Dutch-No Jews Mentioned!) 4
07/13/1945 6 Germans On Trial In French Slayings 4
07/13/1945 (August, Cardinal) Hlond (Polish Primate) Denies Political Aims 5
07/13/1945 Danzig, Gdynia Ports Now A Single (Polish) Harbor 5
07/13/1945 Tolerance Urged (National Conference Of Christians And Jews) As Basis Of Peace 9
07/13/1945 Nationalism Seen As Peril In Schools (By Dr. Hollis Caswell, Columbia University) 9
07/13/1945 Lehman (UNRRA) In Bucharest 9
07/13/1945 Cardinal Bertram Of Breslau, 86, Dies (Anti-NSDAP) 11
07/13/1945 4,000,000 Now Read U.S. Papers In Reich 11
07/14/1945 (Robert P.) Patterson Sees Japan ‘Formidable’ To Finish 2
07/14/1945 U.S. Troops Disarm Stuttgart (Russian) Refugees 4
07/14/1945 Petain Hears (Admiral William D.) Leahy Cannot Attend Trial 4
07/14/1945 War Criminals Must Take Stand-U.S. And Britain Agree To Use Of Procedure In Courts Of Russia And France 4
07/14/1945 5 Germans Get Death For French Killings 4
07/14/1945 More Atrocity Films To Be Shown In Reich (Army Psychological Warfare Department) 4
07/14/1945 Arabs Will Oppose Pleas Of Zionists 5
07/14/1945 Turkey Is Expecting Big 3 Guidance (And U.S. Loans!) 5
07/14/1945 Berlin Air Service (Atc) Opens 13
07/14/1945 Lehman Arrives In Athens (UNRRA) 13
07/14/1945 To Scan Hollywood On Un-Americanism 13
07/14/1945 Espionage, Trickery And Bribery Unearthed In (I. G.) Farben Records 14
07/15/1945 Fraternizing Ban In Reich Modified 1
07/15/1945 3 (Jewish) Jerusalem Groups Bar Rule Of British 5
07/15/1945 Jews In Berlin Ask (Food) Ration Be Doubled (For Them-5,000-6,000 Persons Involved) 8
07/15/1945 German Slayers Hanged (Ft. Leavenworth) 9
07/15/1945 Loot Of Germans Being Evaluated 9
07/15/1945 Benes Seeks Speed In Germans’ Shift 2,000,000-2,500,000 Germans And 400,000 Hungarians (To Be Deported) 11
07/15/1945 Cartoon: Heroic Blacksmith ‘Plans For Germany’ E-7
07/15/1945 Reorientation (Re-Education) Program For German Prisoners Of War To Be Extended To All Camps E-7
07/15/1945 Aloofness Of Scientists Condemned E-7
07/15/1945 ‘Uncommon (Lucius) Clay:’ Our Ruler In The Reich (Vita) Mag. 10
07/16/1945 Critics Of (Chiang Kai-Shek) China ‘Shock’ (Resigned General, Clair Chennault) 1
07/16/1945 Big Shells (U.S. Battle Ships) Level Muoran (Japan) Plants 1
07/16/1945 (Potsdam) To Seal Reich’s Fate 1
07/16/1945 Leaders Will Meet In Bleak Room In Potsdam To Settle Reich’s Fate (Tania Long) 2
07/16/1945 (250,000) Freed (Repatriated) Yugoslavs Seized (By Tito) On Return (Many Killed In A Most Barbaric Manner) 3
07/16/1945 Few (Americans) Fraternize (With Germans) As Ban Is Lifted (It Was Lifted Actually Because No One Was Paying Any Attention To It) 3
07/16/1945 Allies Beating Disease In Burma 4
07/16/1945 Germans Win Right To Organize Unions (From U.S.) 12
07/16/1945 (First Of 500) Child Refugees (Jews From Belsen) Reach Haifa 12
07/16/1945 International Rule Of Palestine Backed In Foreign Policy Association’s Report 12
07/16/1945 Britons Set Up Aid For Unwed Mothers (52,000 Bastards Born In 1944-’Fraternizaton’ In England) 14
07/17/1945 Tokyo Paper Says Blunders May Force Japan To Give Up 1
07/17/1945 Fleet Planes Swarm On Tokyo 1
07/17/1945 Berlin’s Factories Stripped By Soviet 2
07/17/1945 Spokesman Of Arabs Sees Zionism No. 1 Foe 2
07/17/1945 Petain ‘Pact’ Data False Say British 6
07/17/1945 70,000 Nazis Held In U.S. Zone Alone 6
07/17/1945 Ban On Foreign Loans To Reich Urged (Edwin Wendell Pauley) In Reparations Program 6
07/17/1945 France Would Have Continued War Despite 1940 Defeat Gamelin Says-General Counteroffensive He Ordered Was Never Commenced 6
07/17/1945 1,164 War Victims Enter Palestine (At Haifa From British Liner ‘Matarda’ From Europe-Passage Paid By Joint Distrib. Comm.-Dr. L. Altman Says 1,250,000 Jews Survived ‘In Europe Outside Of Russia.’) 6
07/17/1945 U.S. To Fingerprint 3,000,000 Germans 13
07/17/1945 Yugoslav Methods Clash With Ideals 14
07/17/1945 Hitler Is Reported Alive 14
07/17/1945 (Former Senator Guy) Gillette (Dem. Iowa) May Get Post 14
07/17/1945 Worth $3,000,000 Chaplin Must Pay (Joan Berry $75/Week) 15
07/17/1945 Zionists’ Council Reorganized Here (Rabbis Stephen. S. Wise & A. H. Silver) 24
07/17/1945 More Officers Held In Finnish Army (Pro-Russian) Purge 24
07/18/1945 (Lord) Vansitart Attacks Lifting Of Ban On Fraternization (With Germans) 4
07/18/1945 Danes Ignored Data Foretelling (German) Attack 6
07/18/1945 Gamelin Blames Petain For (French) Defeat 8
07/18/1945 2 Germans Convicted Of Slaying American (To Hang) 8
07/18/1945 German War Dead Set At 4,000,000 (To 5,000,000 In Battle. 13,000,000-14,000,000 Total Dead) 9
07/18/1945 All Tito Dissidents Branded Fascists 11
07/18/1945 Typhus Reported Rising In Vienna 13
07/18/1945 Czarists (Russians) Reported Seized In Finland (Russian Order) 15
07/18/1945 Sulzberger Urges Succor For Europe (‘And I Am Not Thinking Of Germany At All, Because The Germans Have Forfeited All Their Rights To Consideration’) 17
07/18/1945 Attorney General To Control Aliens (In U.S.) 28
07/19/1945 Carrier Planes Lash Remnants Of Foe’s Navy As Our Warships Shell Tokyo Bay Entrance 1
07/19/1945 Tokyo Peace Bid Via Stalin Denied (By Joseph C. Grew) 1
07/19/1945 Gi’s May Take Part In De-Nazifying Foe 3
07/19/1945 1,322 Fighting Ships Built (By U.S.) In Five Years (100,000 Total Vessels Of All Types) 4
07/19/1945 Germans Spreading Anti-Ally Rumors 4
07/19/1945 Stalin Says Poles Lied About Russians (Poles Said Russian Military Forces Were Weak Early In War) 5
07/19/1945 Gamelin Stresses Maginot Defects 6
07/19/1945 Trial Of ‘Haw Haw’ (William Joyce) Off Until Sept. 11 (Born, April 23, 1906 At 1377 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Irish Father & English Mother, Native Citizen!) 7
07/19/1945 Ciano (Diary) Says Duce Wanted Long War 10
07/19/1945 Brewster And Celler Urge Truman To ‘Insist’ On Churchill’s Keeping (Balfour) ‘Pledge’ On Palestine 12
07/19/1945 Palestinians Deny Abuse Of Russians (Allegedly Wishing To Return To Russia-According To Russians) 12
07/19/1945 8 Germans (POW) Face Death 15
07/20/1945 Gamelin Explains ‘Phony War’ Period (Lacked Air Superiority & Waited-Probably For The Supplies Roosevelt Promised In The Person Of William C. Bullitt!) 6
07/20/1945 Finns Speed Trials (Of War Criminals At Russian Request 7
07/20/1945 Leopold Asserts He Won’t Abdicate Until Belgium Gets Free Elections (Explains Surrender To Germany) 7
07/20/1945 De Valera Defends Honor (Condolences At Death) For Hitler 7
07/20/1945 Allied Court Dooms Young Italian Killer (‘Anti-Fascist’ Partisan-Terrorist) 8
07/20/1945 (Att’y. Gen. Clark) Moves To Deport Interned Aliens 9
07/20/1945 Jewish Refugees In Russia Get ($5,000,000) Aid (For 200,000 War-Displaced Jews In Asiatic Russia From American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 9
07/20/1945 House Group To See Working Of UNRRA (In Europe-U.S. Pays 72% Of Costs) 10
07/20/1945 Mrs. Joseph Morgan (Dead) Saw Quantrell Raid (On Lawrence, Kansas-Hid In Cellar) 19
07/21/1945 Truman Says We Want No Territory, Ask Only Peace And World Prosperity 1
07/21/1945 Gamelin Asserts He Favored Tanks 3
07/21/1945 Reynaud Blames Petain For Defeat-Says Marshal (Petain) Knew Of German Drive Far In Advance-Links Him With Hitler 3
07/21/1945 Rougier Reiterates He Carried On Secret Vichy-British Negotiations 3
07/21/1945 Leopold Accused (By Van Acker) Of Wooing Hitler 4
07/21/1945 More German Factories Will Run In U.S. Zone Than First Implied 4
07/21/1945 U.S. Officials Bar Austrian Fascists-Dolfuss-Schuschnigg Factions Will Be Kept From Posts 4
07/21/1945 (World) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise And Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Asks Aid 5
07/21/1945 Lend-Lease To Italy Set At $100,000,000 5
07/21/1945 (Occupied) Berlin Turns On Hitler 5
07/21/1945 Victory In Europe Seen As Unwon (Arthur Hays Sulzberger) 6
07/21/1945 Lehmen Says (In Greece) UNRRA ‘Welcomes’ Inquiry 6
07/22/1945 Japan Is Warned (By Radio) To Give Up Soon (Text) 1
07/22/1945 Army To Return German Prisoners To Mine Coal Europe Badly Needs 1
07/22/1945 Nuremberg Tentatively Selected As The Site For Major War Trials 1
07/22/1945 Churchill Mistakes Cheers For Attlee 1
07/22/1945 Bigger Soviet Navy Promised By Stalin 4
07/22/1945 Jewish Refugees Aided-650 More To Go To Palestine By Way Of Spain 6
07/22/1945 (Western European) Typhus Epidemic Controlled 6
07/22/1945 Accused Germans (Top Nazis At Mondhof, Luxembourg) Live As In Prison 10
07/22/1945 Splitting Of Exiles (German General Staff) From Reich Urged 11
07/22/1945 ‘30 Loan To Reich Approved By U.S.-Only S. Parker Gilbert Fought Plan 12
07/22/1945 New Rule Tightens Visas For Aliens-Sponsorship Way Dropped 12
07/22/1945 Nazi Doctors’ Tests In Prison Camps Arid (Sic) 15
07/22/1945 24-Man Jury Drawn For Trial Of Petain 18
07/22/1945 Picture: The UNRRA Director (Herbert Lehman) During Visit In Italy 18
07/22/1945 Picture: A New Role For Former SS Trooper (Mine Removal) 24
07/22/1945 Germans Reacting Slowly To Propaganda Program-Imposing Feeling Of War Guilt Upon Them Is Viewed As A (Propaganda) Task Of Years E-4
07/22/1945 Old Issues Stirred By Petain’s Trial E-5
07/22/1945 Millions To Be Hungry In Europe This Winter E-9
07/22/1945 Democracy Not For Germans-Letter By Julius L Goldstein E-12
07/22/1945 Cure For Malaria Not Yet Found E-13
07/23/1945 Japanese Are Open To Terms Minus Threats Says Domei (Japanese News Agency) 1
07/23/1945 Petain On Trial For Treason Today; Shifted To Cell In Palace Of Justice (Former Premiers Testify) 1&8
07/23/1945 German Who Ruled Poland Gags At Buchenwald Horror Pictures, Kesselring Turns Pale And Streicher Is Nervous 6
07/23/1945 U.S. Envoy (Charles Sawyer) Attacks Leniency In Reich 7
07/23/1945 Austria Is Facing Graver Food Lack 7
07/23/1945 Finland’s Ex-Leaders Face (War Crimes) Trial On War 8
07/23/1945 Mussolini Failure In Ciano’s Records 10
07/23/1945 Hollanders Press Demands On Reich 11
07/23/1945 Lehman In Belgrade For Yugoslavia (UNRRA) Survey (Stops Tour Here Because Of Sickness And Goes To London) 12
07/24/1945 Courtroom Riots As Petain Pleads He Aided Liberation 1
07/24/1945 (Senator) Connally Opens Debate On (U.N.) Charter, Warns That Allies ‘Remember ‘19’ 1
07/24/1945 Nazi Lie (That U.S. Desired End Of British Empire) On Britain Expunged By Hull 6
07/24/1945 Strong Guard Due At Big War Trials (Prisoners Still At Mondorf-Les-Bains, Luxembourg) 8
07/24/1945 Moscow Says (Top) Nazis (Prisoners At Mondorf) Are Being Coddled 8
07/24/1945 (Josef) Kramer (Belsen) Guarded 24 Hours (To Be Certain He Doesn’t Kill Himself Before Trial, About August 11) 8
07/24/1945 300 (Germans) Tried In Poland (6,000 Cases Pending) 8
07/24/1945 Feeding Of Reich Or Famine Is Seen 15
07/24/1945 Texas University Silent On Ouster (From Southern Ass’n. Of Colleges And Secondary Schools) 27
07/25/1945 (Burton K.) Wheeler Starts Storm In Senate By Charter Speech (Wants Use Of U.S. Troops Limited) 1
07/25/1945 Vittorio Mussolini To Be Tried In Italy 1
07/25/1945 Reynaud, Deladier Accuse Petain Of Pro-German Plot 1&9
07/25/1945 Mcrgenthau Says Truman Ask Him To Quit Against His (M’s) Wishes 1
07/25/1945 Errors Of Weimar Shown By Author (Of Weimar Constitution) 4
07/25/1945 Gi’s (Pfc. Samuel Rosenbloom) Death Sentence Commuted To Life (Refusing To Obey Officer’s Order) 4
07/25/1945 Goering Frightened By Russians’ Visit (At Mondorf-It Was Not Uncommon For The Interrogators, Mostly Or Often Jewish, To Point Out That An ‘Uncooperative’ Interrogant Might Easily Be Put Into Russian Custody For Trial In Russia) 5
07/25/1945 Indemnity In Kind Wanted By France (French Cabinet) 6
07/25/1945 Weygand Called Leader In (Petain) Plot 8
07/25/1945 British Atrocities Charged By Greeks 9
07/25/1945 Chautemps Denies Reynaud’s Charge 9
07/25/1945 Morgenthau Sees Crucial Days Due-Advises A Budget Made (As Usual) By Treasury (Department-[Morgenthau]) 12
07/25/1945 Salzburg Festival To Resume Aug. 12 (Under U.S. Army Management) 18
07/26/1945 Petain Shuns Query On Offer To Help Reich Fight Allies 1
07/26/1945 Spain About To Surrender Laval 1
07/26/1945 Russia Asks $700,000,000 Relief From UNRRA In First Request 1
07/26/1945 (Catholic) Bishop Of Berlin (Count Konrad Von Preysing) Warns Of Problems 4
07/26/1945 Picture: Educational Centers (Managed By Men Trained At The ‘Orientation And Education’ School At Washington And Lee In Lexington, Va. [Which I Attended For 3 Days]) Opened For GI’s In Europe 5
07/26/1945 Swiss Oust German Aide 5
07/26/1945 2,000 Reich Planes Found By British 6
07/26/1945 Picture: Frau Rudolf Hess And Son Found 7
07/26/1945 11 Germans Tried For Killing (U.S.) Fliers 7
07/26/1945 U.S. Will Not Feed 2 Reich Districts Next Winter, German Aide Warns 8
07/26/1945 Destitute Abroad (Apparently Jewish) Ask Food, Not Cash (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, ‘Joint’ And Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society,’Hias’) 8
07/26/1945 Spaak Widens Charge Against King Leopold 8
07/26/1945 Petain Case Trial Of Third Republic 9
07/26/1945 Tight Limitations On Travel To Europe (Anything Which Might Result In The Exchange Of Unauthorized Information About The Conditions And U.N. Operations In Germany Was Very ‘Tight’) 9
07/26/1945 Not Forced To Quit Morgenthau Says 34
07/27/1945 Churchill Is Defeated-British Turn Left 1
07/27/1945 U.S. Zionists Hail Attlee’s Victory 2
07/27/1945 Picture: Americans Searching German Homes In Bremen (A La Hollywood ‘Nazis’) 7
07/27/1945 Poles In Germany To Get Aid Center (1,500,000 In British Zone-Many Had Been Used In German Factories And On Farms) 8
07/27/1945 Vichy Regime Legally Established, De Gaullist Minister Tells Court 8
07/27/1945 Mass Rape (Of German Women In Stuttgart By French Senegalese) In Reich Is Denied By Devers (More Like 300 Women Than 2,500) 8
07/27/1945 Millions Of (Propaganda) Books Sold Abroad By Owi (‘Overseas Editions’) 13
07/27/1945 Jobs For All Seen Ending In Serfdom (By Dr. Virgil Jordan-Would Require Full Government Regimentation) 16
07/28/1945 Le May Tells Japanese People Where ‘Superforts’ Will Hit 1
07/28/1945 French (Left Out Of Potsdam) Want Rule Widened In Reich 2
07/28/1945 U.S. To Lift Ban On (U.N. ‘Permitted’) Reich Politics 3
07/28/1945 Cowering Goering Has Heart Attack (Mondorf, Luxembourg) 3
07/28/1945 Reynaud Accuses Bonnet On (Polish) Pledge 4
07/28/1945 Dutch Denounce Allies: Reich Policy 4
07/28/1945 (U.S. Col.) Says We Beat Nazis In Aero Research 4
07/28/1945 More Germans (POW) Are Sent To French-British Tasks 4
07/28/1945 Nazi Werewolf (Underground Movement) ‘A Flop’ 4
07/28/1945 Blum Says Petain Betrayed France-Picture: Petain At Trial 5
07/28/1945 Quisling Trial Set To Begin On Aug. 20 5
07/28/1945 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley As Leader Praised By Truman 11
07/29/1945 Poles At Big 3 Meeting, Ask Stettin, Oder-Neisse Border (Undisputed German Territory) 1
07/29/1945 Plan For Ravange Of Britain Found (In Hamburg) 10
07/29/1945 Petain Is Linked To Mandel Killing 12
07/29/1945 Finns Score (Former) (Pro-German) Rulers On Spurning U.S. (Peace) Bids 13
07/29/1945 Goering’s Illness Held No Trial Bar-He Will Face Court On A Litter If Necessary (‘Authoritative’ Source-Kempner Maybe?) 14
07/29/1945 Jews In Austria Get Assistance-(American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)-33,000 Sent To Italy (A Staging Area Used For Illegal Transshipment To Palestine) 17
07/29/1945 Attlee View Spurs Hopes Of Zionists 17
07/29/1945 U.S. Gets Secrets Of Reich Industry (Foreign Economic Administration) 18
07/29/1945 Synthetic Tires Need Proper Care (Can Give Hundreds Instead Of Thousands If Misused) 34
07/29/1945 Pictures: Big Three Last February; The Big Three Today E-1
07/29/1945 Petain’s Trial Stirs Old Controversies (And Rivalries) E-5
07/29/1945 Book: Bones Of Contention, Lord Vansittart, Virulently Anti-German Book 4
07/30/1945 Petanist Tracts Appear In France 6
07/30/1945 4,064,438 Reported Lost By Reich In Five Years Of War In Europe (Up To Nov. 30, 1944) 10
07/31/1945 United Nations Will Create World Educational Body 1
07/31/1945 Belgrade Treason Trial (Of Mikhailovich’s Followers) Broadcasts Crowd’s Part ‘Kill The Cutthroats’) 2
07/31/1945 Fliers’ Death Laid To German Hatred 4
07/31/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson May Quit Over Lag In (Nuernberg) Trials 5
07/31/1945 Nazi Chiefs Crack In Wait For Trials 6
07/31/1945 Shrine Of Munich Putsch ‘Saints’ Erased; Families Get Remains Of 16 Nazi Martyrs 6
07/31/1945 Jawbone Claimed To Be Hitler’s 6
07/31/1945 Nazi Chiefs Escaped Millions In Taxes 7
07/31/1945 Petain Is Accused Of Blocking Fight (By Herriot) 8
07/31/1945 Russians Repatriated (1,000,000 Returned By U.S., 40,000 Remain-Project ‘Keelhaul’) 9
07/31/1945 Arabs Will Resist Jewish Homeland (In Palestine) 10
07/31/1945 Dr. Goldstein (American Zionist Federation) Warns Of Plot By Germans 11