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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

August 1945
Date Headline Page
08/01/1945 Laval Surrenders To American Army 1
08/01/1945 U.S. Warns Japan On Hostage Camps 1
08/01/1945 Elliott Roosevelt Brands As A Lie Tale That Father Helped (Obtain His) Loans 1
08/01/1945 Japan Has No Battleship Left In Fight, Gates Says 4
08/01/1945 Niemoeller Talk Cancelled By U.S. Occupation Force 7
08/01/1945 Russian Exiles In U.S. Censure The Soviet 9
08/01/1945 Reynaud Explains (His) Collapse Of 1940 (Blames Leopold And Others-Not Roosevelt) 10
08/01/1945 Petain Will Seek Delay In His Trial 11
08/01/1945 Repatriation Ban Irks Soviet Press 11
08/01/1945 7 Germans Doomed For Killing (U.S.) Fliers 12
08/01/1945 Text Of Proposals For An Educational And Cultural Organization Of The U.N 13
08/02/1945 Laval Lodged In Paris Cell; British Call Him War Plotter (Picture) 1
08/02/1945 French Tally Cost Of Nazi Occupation 5
08/02/1945 Petain Criticized, Praised By (U.S. Admiral William D.) Leahy (His ‘Friend’) 6
08/02/1945 Much Of War Guilt Laid To Ribbentrop 8
08/02/1945 Secrecy Is Lifted On (Black Tom) Munitions Pier (Suspected German Sabotage In World War I, John J. Mc Cloy’s Cause Celebre) 9
08/02/1945 Turks View Allies As Curb On Soviet 10
08/02/1945 Zionists Again Ask For Jewish State (In Palestine) 11
08/02/1945 (Former Senator Guy M.) Gillette (Iowa) Heads (Pro-Zionist) Palestine League 11
08/02/1945 Ruhr Town (Vorhalle) Is Run By Freed Russians 12
08/02/1945 Desperate Famine Facing Vienna; Transport Gone, Food Unattainable 12
08/02/1945 Suffolk Farms Get German Prisoners (Of War To Work) 21
08/03/1945 Germany Stripped Of Industry By Big 3 1
08/03/1945 (Pierre) Laval Summoned To Testify Today; Petain’s Counsel Protests Strongly 1
08/03/1945 Isolation Of Japan In Month Foreseen 3
08/03/1945 Stimson Pleased At Nazis Ouster (From Lost Eastern Territories) 4
08/03/1945 U.S. To Ease Curbs On (U.S.-Controlled) Non-Nazi Press 4
08/03/1945 Albania Signs Agreement To Get UNRRA Supplies 4
08/03/1945 2,000,000 Displaced Stay In Germany (Nearly 1,000,000 Poles, 500,000 Russians, 250,000 Italians, 100,000 Yugoslavs, No Jews Mentioned) 5
08/03/1945 Big 3 Aid On Trials Gained By (Rob’t. H.) Jackson (U.N. War Crimes Trials, Nuernberg) 6
08/03/1945 Big 3 Invitations Please De Gaulle 7
08/03/1945 Text Of Communique At End Of Potsdam Conference 8
08/03/1945 Russian War Step Believed Hinted 10
08/03/1945 Picture: Petain And Laval Come Face To Face Again 1
08/03/1945 Laval Says Petain Endorsed His Hope For A Nazi Victory 1
08/03/1945 No Secret Accords Were At Potsdam, Truman Declares 1
08/03/1945 Bid For Nazi Hoard (Foreign Assets) Aimed At Neutrals 1
08/03/1945 Alois Hitler (Half Brother, In Hamburg) Released (After Six Weeks Confinement) 2
08/03/1945 Patton (Removal) Order Hits (1,500 ‘Fascist’) Poles (In Czechoslovakia 3
08/03/1945 4,166,000 Displaced Now Repatriated (Up To July 30.-35% Of Europeans Uprooted During War Remain In Allies’ Care-475,242 Russians & 238,148 Italians Still Held-Less Than 12½ Of Jews And German Political Enemies From France, Holland, Belgium, And Norway Have Been Repatriated) 4
08/03/1945 Munich Germans Score (Reject U.S. Propaganda) Film Fare 5
08/03/1945 Berlin Church Decries (Large Number Of German) Suicides 5
08/03/1945 U.S. Opens School To De-Nazify Boys (German POW At Compiegne, France) 6
08/03/1945 Weygand’s Defeatism Described By Reynaud 6
08/03/1945 Educators Back World Program 8
08/03/1945 U.S. (Also) Keeps Watch On Reich Bishops-Bishops Secretary Protests-Clergy’s Views Studied (‘Checked’)-Berlin’s Churches Free (U.S. Report) 9
08/04/1945 (U.S.) Soldier Shot 3 (German) Captives In Line Of Duty (On Farm In Colorado) Officer Reports (Many U.S. Soldiers Wanted Dearly To ‘Get’ What They Called ‘Their’ German!) 9
08/04/1945 Two Zionists (Abba Hillel Silver & Dr. Sneh) Demand Palestine Home Now (The Jews Of Palestine ‘Will Not Wait.’ 6,000,000 Of Our People Have Died-’The Jews Who Escaped The Oswiecim (Auschwtz) Gas Chambers Must Be Prepared To Take The Same Desperate Risks.’-Silver) 12
08/05/1945 Laval Defends Petain On Africa 1
08/05/1945 Refugees List Damage Claims (In Havana, Cuba-348 Claims For Total Of $28,000,000-Against Germany!) 5
08/05/1945 Soviet Said To Get Its Yalta Demand (Half Of Movable Reich Property) 6
08/05/1945 Poles In Middle East Reluctant To Return (About 50,000 Serving With British Eighth Army) 7
08/05/1945 Quisling To Be Tried In (Lodge) Hall (Holding 2,000) 9
08/05/1945 Americans Doubt (War Crimes) Trials By Sept.1 12
08/05/1945 Banks Termed Key To Reich Economy 14
08/05/1945 U.S. Now Operates Reich (Bavarian) Movie Studio-Equipment Behind Hollywood 18
08/05/1945 (Laval) ‘Saved’ Reynaud, Blum 19
08/05/1945 Americans Want Owi To Keep Paris Paper 20
08/05/1945 Belgian Industry Ready To Produce 21
08/05/1945 Rommel’s Son Says Marshal Killed Self (U.S. Interrogation) 28
08/05/1945 Picture: (Attlee, Stalin, & Truman) Architects For A New Germany And A New Europe (And A ‘New World’) E-1
08/05/1945 (General) Weygand Appears E-2
08/05/1945 Palestine Issue Forced On (British) Cabinet (By Zionists) E-5
08/05/1945 Russian Woman Scientist Has Developed Cure (Vaccine) For One Of Mankind’s Ancient Scourges (Plague)-Magdalena Pakrovskaya E-9
08/05/1945 Pictures: Principles Of Petain Trial Mag. 6
08/05/1945 G. I. Vision Of A Better America-Letters From Soldiers Describe The Country They Want. They Ask The Same Living Scale For All (M/Sgt. Joe McCarthy, Editor Of ‘Yank’-Everyone Had Been Told They Were Fighting To Preserve Their Way Of Life And Keep It From Being Destroyed By Foreign Enemies!) Mag. 10
08/05/1945 Books: The Lives Of Winston Churchill & The Dawn Of Liberation Book 3
08/06/1945 Yugoslavia Votes General Amnesty (Excepts Ustashi & War Criminals-Tito Enemies) 1
08/06/1945 Nepal’s Warriors Go Home At Last-Gurkhas Considered Among World’s Best Troops (British Mercenaries) 3
08/06/1945 Berlin Troops Shift-82 D Airborne Division Replacing The Second Armored 4
08/06/1945 Picture: Jailed German Industrialists-Paul Riebesell (Isar Life Insurance), Franz Popp (B.M.W.), And Fuerst Henkel Donnersmark (Sllesian Coal Mines) 5
08/06/1945 Polish Officials Now Rule Stettin 5
08/06/1945 Polish Regime Thanks Stalin 5
08/06/1945 War Trial Fiasco Feared In Delays 6
08/06/1945 New Angle Is Due In Petain Trial (Abuse Of Dictatorial Powers) 7
08/06/1945 Berlin Lutheran Dean Inducted (Made Dean Of Berlin Diocese [By Occupation Authorities]-Sought Emigration Permits For Christian Jews-Interned In Dachau And Sachsenhausen-Heinrichgrueber) 9
08/07/1945 First Atomic Bomb Dropped On (Hiroshima) Japan 1
08/07/1945 Statements By Truman And Stimson 4
08/07/1945 UNRRA London Talks To Be Opened Today 9
08/07/1945 Suicide Wave Reported In Reich (Swedish Report) 9
08/07/1945 Zionists Welcome Polish Delegates (To London-Jewish Parachutists Dropped Into Europe To Stimulate Jewish Resistance And To Organize Sabotage-M. Shertok, Jewish Agency, Palestine) 10
08/07/1945 Germans Warned (By Eisenhower) Fate (Starvation) Is Their Own (Must Work Harder, Longer-First They Had To Feed The ‘Refugees’ And Then Themselves) 12
08/07/1945 War (Crimes) Trial Report Due (By Rob’t. H. Jackson) 12
08/07/1945 Petain’s Aid Plea To Hitler Is Read (N. African Landing) 13
08/07/1945 Russian Hold Up Return Of (900,000) Poles (Now East Of Curzon Line) 14
08/07/1945 (U.S.) Officer’s (Oss Parachutist’s) Murder (Executed At Mauthausen) Is Told In Detail 16
08/07/1945 (U.S.) Immigration Curb Opposed For Reich-Would Affect Victims Of Nazis-Allowance Now Is 28,783 25
08/07/1945 U.S. Trade To Get German Oil Data 28
08/08/1945 Vatican Deplores Use Of Atom Bomb-Hiroshima Atom Bombed 1
08/08/1945 Dr. (Lise) Meitner Says Hitler Tried To Force Her To Stay In Reich To Continue Atom Research (At The Kaiser Wilhelm Institut Picture) 3
08/08/1945 (Communist) Extremists Lead German Politics (As In 1920’S) 12
08/08/1945 10 German Leaders First To Be Tried (Drew Middleton)-(Robert H.) Jackson Expected To Prosecute 13
08/08/1945 Reynaud Brands Chautemps Guilty 14
08/08/1945 Vichy Aide Claims Pact With Britain 15
08/08/1945 German Industry Grew Under (Bombing) Raids-Coal A Major Problem 15
08/08/1945 UNRRA Ship (At Trieste) Sunk By Mine 16
08/08/1945 Seized (By British Of German) Order Led To Dunkirkque Epic (330,000 Men Evacuated-Not All British!) 17
08/08/1945 Ruling Germany (Editorial) 22
08/08/1945 Reds Here Return To Socialist Aims-End Of Fascism Urged 25
08/08/1945 UNRRA Moves To Aid Export Shipments 29
08/09/1945 Soviet Declares War On Japan 1
08/09/1945 4 Powers Call Aggression Crime In Accord Covering War Trials 1
08/09/1945 Text Of Soviet Declaration Of War 3
08/09/1945 Russian Entry Into War Revealed As Truman’s Chief Aim At Berlin 5
08/09/1945 German Chiefs See Japan’s Extinction 7
08/09/1945 Texts Of The War Crimes Committee And The Jackson Statement 10
08/09/1945 Nazi-Rid Schools Opened In Vienna (By Occupying Powers) 12
08/09/1945 German Communists Seek Junkers’ Lands 12
08/09/1945 Petain’s Silence Scored By Court 13
08/09/1945 German (Immigration) Quota Opposed (J. A. Sheldon, Anti-Nazi League) 13
08/09/1945 2 (Polish) Ghetto Battles Left Only 50 Jews (Yitzchak Zukerman, Jewish Underground Leader) 14
08/09/1945 German General (Wilhelm Weiss) Held (Co-Editor, Voelkischer Beobachter, NSDAP Party Newspaper) 14
08/09/1945 Britain Not Ruled By (Fabian Socialist) Intellectuals-Laski’s Role Minimized 16
08/09/1945 Food In Germany To Be Sufficient 18
08/09/1945 UNRRA In ‘46 Needs $1,516,905,150 More 19
08/10/1945 Secret War (Rjukan, Norway, British Commando Heavy Water Raid) Nipped Reich Cosmic Bomb 5
08/10/1945 (4,000,000) Prisoners Of War To Go Home Soon-PattersonUrges Employers To Plan To Use Free Labor (As Opposed To ‘Slave Labor’ Previously?) 7
08/10/1945 Petain Pro-Reich His Ex-Envoy Says 8
08/10/1945 War Trials Await Three Prosecutors (U.S. Already Has Named Robert H. Jackson) 8
08/10/1945 Harper (Publisher) Receives Morgenthau Book (Germany Is Our Problem) 10
08/10/1945 (U.N.) Abuse Of Refugees (Apparently Jewish) In Germany Denied (Half Of 1,000,000 DP’s In British Zone Repatriated In July 1945) 10
08/10/1945 Oldfield Brothers In Germany (Barney And Lester H.) 10
08/10/1945 UNRRA Puts Focus On Far East Needs 13
08/10/1945 D. C. Stephenson (Former Indiana Grand Dragon Of The Ku Klux Klan) Called Insane In Report Of Psychiatrist On Former Head Of Ku Klux 17
08/10/1945 Autoists Pay To Ride Over A Nazi Banner 17
08/11/1945 Japan Offers To Surrender (Text Of Offer, P. 3) 1
08/11/1945 UNRRA Set To Ship China Aid Quickly 2
08/11/1945 French Are Glum On (Lack Of) Role In Orient (Their Troops Kept Out) 5
08/11/1945 Secret U.S. (Materiel) Stores In Siberia Bared-6-Months Stockpile-60 Liberty Ships 7
08/11/1945 Petain Is Defended As Testimony Ends 10
08/11/1945 Renyaud Refused To Be Ambassador (To U.S.-Warned By Roosevelt Telegram That France Would Forfeit U.S. Good Will If French Fleet Were Surrendered To Germany) 10
08/11/1945 Dr. (Robert H.) Goddard Dead; Expert On Rockets 13
08/12/1945 A Traitor’s Death Asked For Petain (By Prosecutor Andre Mornet) 20
08/12/1945 Germans Are Held For 1944 Massacre 24
08/12/1945 Lehman Asks 500,000,000 ($) More-100,000,000 Chinese Destitute 25
08/12/1945 Ickes Asks Alaska Be Made 49 Th State 42
08/12/1945 Liaison Man (Ben Cohen) For A ‘Big-Three’ Team Mag. 16
08/13/1945 Eisenhower And Stalin Review Parade Of 40,000 In Red Square 1
08/13/1945 German Leaders Shifted To Nuremberg City Jail 5
08/13/1945 Petain Trial Seen Splitting France 6
08/13/1945 (Robert M.) Hutchins (Univ.Of Chicago) Urges World State Now 8
08/13/1945 German Property Seized (‘Confiscated’ In Guatemala) 8
08/13/1945 Red Army Accused Of Terror Reign (In Hungary) 12
08/13/1945 Reception Opens Salzburg (Concert) Series 22
08/14/1945 Japan Decides To Surrender 1
08/14/1945 (Gen. Mark) Clark Asks Austria’s Aid-(To) Help Allies Suppress Nazi Minority 6
08/14/1945 Petain’s Defense Bars Mercy Plea 12
08/14/1945 Allies’ Reich Policy Hits Remaining (12,000-14,000) Jews 12
08/14/1945 Poles Urged To Return (To Poland By Communists) 12
08/14/1945 Goering ‘Enlivens’ Nurnberg Flight 13
08/14/1945 Mayor Asks Action On (969) Oswego Refugees 13
08/14/1945 Alfred Krupp Now Arrested 13
08/14/1945 Army Opens Way For German(Occupation) Rule 13
08/14/1945 Goering Loot ($1,000,000) Discovered 13
08/14/1945 Bilbo Would Offer $1,000,000 For Hitler 14
08/14/1945 UNRRA Group Split On Aid To Displaced 15
08/14/1945 Zionists Appeal For Aid To 1,000,000 (‘First 1,000,000 Jews To Palestine’) 15
08/15/1945 Japan Surrenders 1
08/15/1945 Petain Convicted, Sentenced To Die 1
08/15/1945 Owi Soon To Disband (Elmer Davis) 3
08/15/1945 Reynaud Relates Reich Prison Life 15
08/15/1945 UNRRA Seeks Unity On ‘Displaced’ Issue 15
08/15/1945 Keitel Still Loyal To Hitler Teaching 20
08/15/1945 Palestine Aid Assumed (State Department To Joseph Tenenbaum) 36
08/16/1945 Allies Will Yield Big Area To Italy 9
08/16/1945 Official Map Of (Occupation) Zones In Reich Dashes French Occupation Hopes 9
08/16/1945 9 Nations Get Reparations (From U.S. Zone-Edwin W. Pauley) 9
08/16/1945 Petain Is Shifted To Prison In Fort-Picture: The End Of A Path Of Glory 10
08/16/1945 UNRRA May Sidestep Refugee Aid Decision 10
08/16/1945 Attlee Seen Aiding Jews (By Rabbi James Heller) 10
08/16/1945 U.S. Must Stay Vigilant, Says Adm. Leahy; Warns Against Return To Military Weakness 30
08/17/1945 Russia And Poland Agree On (Common) Border 1
08/17/1945 Prof. Lange Is Seen As New Polish Envoy (Univ. Of Chicago) 6
08/17/1945 Petain Expected To Win Clemency 7
08/17/1945 Truman Discloses Plea On Palestine-Asks British To Admit As Many As Possible Without Civil Disorder 8
08/17/1945 UNRRA Seeks Lien On War Surpluses 8
08/17/1945 Hitler Sought In Boston 18
08/18/1945 Papal Aide Warns On Reparations 4
08/18/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Pledges Open War Trials-Jackson Visits Nuremberg 5
08/18/1945 Petain’s Sentence Commuted To Life (By De Gaulle-Petain Was The Godfather To One Of De Gaulle’s Children. Before The War, Marechal Petain Was De Gaulle’s ‘Angel.’) 5
08/18/1945 Two SS Criminals Discovered (In Berne-One Former Dachau Commandant) 5
08/18/1945 $50,000,000 (Overseas) Relief Protestants’ Aim 9
08/18/1945 State Role Asked By (Palestine) Jewish Agency 11
08/18/1945 Rabbi Heller Is Back-Says Palestine Is Sole Hope For The Jews Of Europe 11
08/19/1945 Dachau Proposed As Symbol (By Czech Society Of Concentration Camp Survivors) 6
08/19/1945 American Offers Reparation Plan-E. P. Thomas Would Put Axis At Work And Take Profits Of The Industries 12
08/19/1945 Finns Near Crisis Over War Crimes 14
08/19/1945 (House Subcommittee) Asks We Get Isles Of Allies In Pacific 14
08/19/1945 Quisling Works Hard On Trial Testimony 15
08/19/1945 UNRRA Compromise On Homeless Made (Eastern Bloc Demands Return Of Ex-Slaves)-Some Poles Still Fearful 20
08/19/1945 (Estimated 100,000) Jews In (Western Allied-U.N.) Reich, Said To Resent Delays (In Entry To Palestine) 23
08/19/1945 Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg Quits Wmc (War Manpower Commission-Paul V. Mc Nutt) Post 32
08/19/1945 To End War Prisoner Jobs-Wmc To Drop 64,000 As Soon As Americans Are Available 33
08/19/1945 18 Bodies Found In 2-Bomber Crash (B-29 & B-32-Weatherford, Texas) 38
08/19/1945 Germans Unready For Political Life E-5
08/19/1945 Chungking Makes Deal With Russia E-5
08/19/1945 Benes (Authoritarian) Ruling Opposed-Letter, Eugen Havas E-8
08/19/1945 New Burden Laid On UNRRA By End Of War In,Pacific E-10
08/19/1945 Beveridge Peace Plan-The Price Of Peace Book 3
08/20/1945 2½ Year Reich Occupation Is Seen; U.S. Will Curtail Army In Its Zone 1
08/20/1945 Berlin Bishop (Dibelius) Complains 2
08/20/1945 Red Army Dedicates Monument In Vienna 5
08/20/1945 French Suspicion On Asia Broadens 5
08/20/1945 Transfer Of Russians (To Russia) In Germany Speeded-1,934,000 DP’s Still To Be Repatriated 7
08/20/1945 Laski Reiterates Capitalism’s End 8
08/20/1945 De-Mlning Of France (By German POW) May Take 3 Years 8
08/20/1945 Reich Defendants (8 More) Moved (To Nuernberg) 8
08/20/1945 Quisling On Trial For His Life Today 9
08/20/1945 Brotherhood Urged By Jewish Preachers In Sermons Here On Problems Of The World 12
08/20/1945 Aid To Immigrants Reviewed (By Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society, ‘Hias’ 425 Layfayette St.-2,634 Jewish Refugees Obtained Help In First Half Year In Preparing First And Second Papers For U.S. Citizenship) 13
08/20/1945 $22,666 Due Hitler On Book (Mein Kampf) Held Here (James E. Markham, Alien Property Custodian-Has Other Property) 17
08/20/1945 Arab League Quotes Roosevelt (Pledge To Arabs) 17
08/20/1945 Reorient Views Jewish Session Told (By Nahum Goldmann & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. Wise Says 5-6,000,000 Jews Killed By Germans) 19
08/21/1945 Quisling Says He Saved Norway; Letters Show He Planned Invasion 1
08/21/1945 Nazi Jewish Files Found (Wannsee Conference Files) 3
08/21/1945 UNRRA Delays Talk On Audit Criticism 8
08/21/1945 Picture: Vidkun Quisling: Norway’s Traitor Goes On Trial 8
08/21/1945 (Rob’t. H.) Jackson Answers War-Trial Critic 10
08/21/1945 Senegalese, French Riot In Riviera Town 10
08/21/1945 Pogroms In Poland Reported Recurring (By Joseph Tenenbaum, Pres., World Federation Of Polish Jews From Cracow) 13
08/21/1945 Russia Stresses Harvesting Grain 19
08/21/1945 Jewish Aid Resumed (By ‘Ose’-’Toz’ In Poland-With Joint Distribution Committee In Poland) 19
08/21/1945 (Konrad) Henlein’s Villa To Be (Czech) Museum 22
08/22/1945 Delays On Pearl Harbor (Investigation)-Navy Will Not Act On Report Until Final Surrender 4
08/22/1945 14,433,752 Germans In American Zone 5
08/22/1945 Quisling Stunned By New Evidence (Desertion From Army In Time Of War! Judge Participates In Accusations!) 7
08/22/1945 Mannerheim Curbs Finnish War Trials 10
08/22/1945 UNRRA Votes Relief To Italy, Austria 10
08/22/1945 (Clara) Petacci’s (Mussolini’s Mistress, Killed With Him) Locket On Sale 12
08/22/1945 Catholic Bishops Of Reich Convene-Lutherans Call Conference 13
08/22/1945 Army Takes Over U.S. Firms In Berlin (20 U.S.-Owned Plants) 13
08/22/1945 Shipments Of Food To Germany Seen 13
08/22/1945 Picture: Our Fighting Men In England Return To The Classroom 13
08/22/1945 Palestine Topic Of World Parley-(Guy Glllette) Links Palestine To U.S. 21
08/22/1945 Morgenthaus Set Up A Peace Foundation 23
08/23/1945 Dutch Collaborators On Trial 5
08/23/1945 Quisling Charged With Two Murders (Denies Responsibility)-Quisling’s Doom Held Certain 7
08/23/1945 Migrant Germans Create Zone Issue (6,000,000 In Czechoslovakia) 10
08/23/1945 26,000 Nazis To Labor In South 11
08/23/1945 Allies To Get Data Of German (Catholic) Bishops 12
08/23/1945 Population Of U.S. Put At 139,682,000 (Census Bureau As Of 1 July, 1945 Increase Of Over 8,000,000 Since 1940. There Was An Increase Of 8,894,000 In The Preceding Ten Years!) 16
08/23/1945 Full Employment A ‘Must’ Says CIO (Philip Murray) 17
08/24/1945 Truman Says We Don’t Like Franco Or His Government 1
08/24/1945 Truman To Get Reports On Pearl Harbor Soon 4
08/24/1945 Faulhaber (Catholic Archbishop Of Munich) Praises Allies On Churches 4
08/24/1945 (Jewish) Refugee Hosts Get Plea-World Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Urges Nations To Preserve Asylum 4
08/24/1945 Business Target Of Denazification 6
08/24/1945 Victims Of Nazi Persecution To Get Special Welfare Benefits In Reich 6
08/24/1945 Jewish Children Out Of Nazi Camps (2,000-Remain-Removed To France, Sweden, Switzerland, And England 9,500 Children Total) 6
08/24/1945 Vienna Is Entered By Western Allies-Nominal Ration, 900 Calories) 7
08/24/1945 German War Scientists Will Work For Our Forces 8
08/24/1945 Dutch Coal Need Declared Acute 8
08/24/1945 Two Jews Testify (Against Quisling-Sent To Auschwitz, Survived (Dr. Leo Eitinger & Asriel Hirsch-2 Of 12 Total Survivors) 8
08/24/1945 UNRRA Called A Failure-Mrs. Rogers Asks Its End, With Relief Put Under Red Cross 9
08/24/1945 Dewey Calls U.S. To ‘Happiest’ Days-If We Avoid Bickering 32
08/25/1945 French Doom Nazi Officer (Shot Underground Partisan Captives) 2
08/25/1945 Recorded Orders Of Quisling Heard 5
08/25/1945 U.S. Sentries Kill Berlin (Philharmonic) Conductor (Leo Borchard) 6
08/25/1945 New Funds Sought By UNRRA Council 9
08/25/1945 Urge Ban On Nazis In German (Immigration) Quota 9
08/25/1945 Passport Curbs Will Stay A While 11
08/25/1945 Roosevelt Pledge To Arabs (Ibn Saud) Alleged 12
08/26/1945 Tokyo Reports Suicide Wave Before Palace Of Emperor 1
08/26/1945 Jews In U.S. Zone Of Reich Find Conditions Improving 1&34
08/26/1945 Admirals Demand Rule Of All Pacific 11
08/26/1945 Quisling Refused To Flee He Says 15
08/26/1945 Seven German Captives Hanged In Kansas (Killed Fellow Pow Believed To Be Traitor) 15
08/26/1945 Spanish Treatment (Of Jews) Good (3-4,000 Jews Entered In 1942-43 Clandestinely. 1,000 Jews Still There) 35
08/26/1945 Quisling (Mentions Planned British-French Invasion Of Norway) E-2
08/26/1945 Mystery Of Pearl Harbor May Soon Be Cleared Up E-6
08/26/1945 Forces Of Nature Present A New Challenge To The Universities Of The World E-9
08/26/1945 It’s Socialism, Not Communism, Says Laski Mag. 9
08/27/1945 Quisling (Voice) Records To Be Translated 6
08/27/1945 Parley To Stress Controlling Reich (U.S. Occupation Authorities Order All Adult Germans To Register For Labor Service) 10
08/27/1945 (77,000) German Pw’s Work At Marseille 10
08/27/1945 Palestine Admits Former Deportees-1,300 Jews Sent To Mauritius Almost Five Years Ago Allowed To Re-Enter (Survivors Of ‘Patria’ & ‘Atlantic’-1940-41) 11
08/27/1945 Palestine Aid Seen In Labor Government 11
08/27/1945 Franz Werfel, 54, Noted Author Dies (Song Of Bernadette, At Hollywood) 19
08/27/1945 New (Typhus) Vaccine Reported (By British) 32
08/28/1945 UNRRA Steps Up Pace Of Relief For China 4
08/28/1945 Mass-Murder Indictment-Belsen Chief (Josef Kramer) And 46 Guards Are Named-19 Women Listed (Choice Of German Or British Counsels) 12
08/28/1945 British Doom Pole (In Berlin) To Die (Had Pistol) 13
08/28/1945 Keynes U.S. Bound On Lend-Lease Job 15
08/28/1945 Zionists Challenge Roosevelt Story 15
08/28/1945 Industry Will Get Enemies’ Secrets 15
08/29/1945 (Spruille) Braden Denounces Argentine Rulers 1
08/29/1945 Germany Viewed As 3 D-Rate Power 9
08/29/1945 Reduction Of Germany To Agrarian State Branded Economic Absurdity By Experts 9
08/29/1945 Nazi (War) Criminal List Set For Publication 10
08/29/1945 United Nations Bars Use Of League’s (Of Nations’) Help 10
08/29/1945 Big 5 Ask German Ouster (Repatriation) 10
08/29/1945 Iraq Regent Bars Palestine Influx 11
08/29/1945 2,600 (Of Persian Gulf Command) Will Remain In Iran (‘To Guard Vital Supply Route To Russia.’ Had Over 27,000 Service Force Men In Iran) 11
08/29/1945 Niemoeller (With Karl Barth Et Al.) Wars On Nazi Clergy 12
08/29/1945 (Max) Schmeling Is Barred As German Publisher 13
08/29/1945 Full Public Report Is Urged By Elliott Roosevelt On Loans 25
08/30/1945 Goering, 23 Others Indicted By Allies 1
08/30/1945 Pearl Harbor Summary (Army-Navy Report)-Short, Kimmel Hit 1
08/30/1945 Marshall’s ‘Skill’ Defended By President And Stimson 1
08/30/1945 No Whitewash (Of Pearl Harbor) Is Cry In Congress 5
08/30/1945 Short Comments ‘Conscience Clear’-Kimmel Withholds Comment 5
08/30/1945 Stimson Holds Up (Pearl Harbor) Report On Wyman 5
08/30/1945 (Cordell) Hull Promises Statement (On Pearl Harbor) Later 5
08/30/1945 Chautemps Denies Reynaud Charges 8
08/30/1945 Personalities Cloud Paris Political Fight 8
08/30/1945 (American) Civilians To Rule U.S. Zone Of Reich 10
08/30/1945 Trial Of Quisling Postponed Again 10
08/30/1945 Finnish Group (Social Democrats) Urges Trial Of Mannerheim 10
08/30/1945 Poland Nationalized Mrs. (Frances) Bolton Asserts 11
08/30/1945 3 Italian Fascists Executed (By Firing Squad For Executing Partisans) 11
08/30/1945 (Henry) Morgenthau 3 D Honored (Capt. In 3 D Army) 12
08/30/1945 The Official Pearl Harbor Reports S-1-15
08/31/1945 100,000 Yugoslavs Reported Captives (Near Zagreb) 1&10
08/31/1945 Truman Says Public Must Share Blame For Pearl Harbor 1
08/31/1945 More Light Asked On Pearl Harbor (By Congressmen-Revue Of Editorial Opinions Throughout U.S.A.) 6
08/31/1945 Army Denies Talk Of Chief (Marshall) Retiring (Because Of Criticism Of His Actions About Pearl Harbor) 6
08/31/1945 Exchange Of (Pearl Harbor) Letters By Stimson And Hull 7
08/31/1945 ‘Pastoral’ Status For Reich (Morgenthau’s Plan) Barred (Edwin W. Pauly)-But Germans’ Living Scale Must Fall 9
08/31/1945 (U.S.) Must Feed Reich Eisenhower Says 9
08/31/1945 U.S. To Renew Ties With Finns’ Regime 10
08/31/1945 2 French Families Slain-(By) Vosges Resistance (Partisan) Groups Kill Collaboration Suspects (A Lot Of These ‘Groups’ Were Rally Carrying Out Long-Held Revenge Acts Of A Personal Or Family Nature) 11
08/31/1945 (Negro) To Conduct In Berlin (Rudolf Dunbar) 14