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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

April 1945
Date Headline Page
04/01/1945 U.S. And Britain Rebuff Moscow On (Pro-Russian) Lublin Poles 1
04/01/1945 Battle Of Annihilation In West On As Enemy Tries To Hold Paderborn 1
04/01/1945 German (Vehicular) Traffic Under Fire (From U.N. Aircraft) 4
04/01/1945 Artificial (Dummy) Regime For Germany Seen 5
04/01/1945 15 U.S. Seamen Die Saving 19 Refugees 13
04/01/1945 Clothing Sought For War Victims (150,000,000 Lbs., United National Clothing Collection-See April 2, 1945, P. 22 21
04/01/1945 Occupation Of Germany To Follow Set Plan E-5
04/02/1945 Heads Of States Will Not Escape War Crime Penalties, Allies Decide 6
04/02/1945 Eight Danes (‘Patriots’-Partisans) Executed (By Germans) 6
04/02/1945 1,277 U.S. Captives Liberated In Reich 7
04/02/1945 Rhenish Industry Backs Separation 8
04/02/1945 Support Of Public Seen For U.S. Aims (By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Carnegie Endowment For Peace And Columbia University) 10
04/02/1945 Cites Big Butadiene Rise (For Gr-S Synthetic Rubber) 23
04/03/1945 Germans (Werewolves An Organized Partisan Movement) Strike Behind U.S. Lines 8
04/03/1945 Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose Killed (Picture) 10
04/03/1945 Eisenhower Bids Foe Quit Or Starve (By Radio) 10
04/03/1945 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Views On Europe Gloomy (Picture) 38
04/04/1945 Wiener Neustadt Taken (By Russians) 1
04/04/1945 Tank Units Roll To Reich Heart, (German Prisoners Become An Obstacle 1
04/04/1945 Yanks Bare Prison Horror; ‘Ghosts’ Fight Over Food (Bad Orb) 1
04/04/1945 (Hanging) Death Of (7) Indians (By British) Stayed (In Bombay) 3
04/04/1945 Nazi Killed Rose, Trapped, Giving Up (German ‘Probably Mistook Chief’s Gesture’) 7
04/04/1945 Movie Propaganda For Reich Planned 10
04/04/1945 Terror Called Key To German Fighting 11
04/04/1945 Pictures: Fight Between German And Russian Worker Who Wants To Take His Bicycle (Russian Wins) 12
04/04/1945 Library Pillaging By Nazis Surveyed 12
04/04/1945 Seyss-Inquart (Holland) In Flight 13
04/04/1945 Campaign Started By (United) Jewish Appeal ($75,000,000 Sought) 19
04/05/1945 Russians Win Bratislava, Shell Vienna 1
04/05/1945 Liberated Slaves Too Broken To Rise 1
04/05/1945 Baruch Sees Five-Year Prosperity After War As Certainty For U.S. 1
04/05/1945 (Arthur) Greiser, Nazi Overlord Of Posen, Held In Russia As War Criminal (‘Slaughtered’ Poles) 8
04/05/1945 (Rabbi Nathan A.) Perlman Urges Unity Among Jews 21
04/06/1945 Mc Nutt For Erasing Japanese (‘In Toto’) 6
04/06/1945 Yugoslavs Reveal Atrocity Proofs (Documents And Pictures) 7
04/06/1945 ‘39 Polish Treaty Limited By British (Concerned Attack On Poland By Germany Only Not Russia-This Was A Yalta Innovation) 7
04/06/1945 Mendes-France Dropped (From De Gaulle’s Cabinet) 7
04/06/1945 A Number Of German Prisoners Suffocate In U.S. Boxcars; Eisenhower Investigates 10
04/06/1945 Picture: George Santayama 82 Will Get (Nicholas Murray) Butler Gold Medal Of Columbia University (Awarded Every 5 Years) 13
04/06/1945 Reginald Foster, OSS (‘Oh So Social!’) Executive, 55 (Dead-From Brookline, Mass.) 15
04/07/1945 Wandering Hordes (Of DP’s) In Reich Alarming 1
04/07/1945 Stettinius Voices Tribute To (Sol) Bloom 7
04/07/1945 Dr. Hans Fischer Won Nobel Prize Is Dead (Suicide) At 63 15
04/07/1945 Epidemics Imperil Europe UNRRA Says 16
04/08/1945 Hanover Flanked 1
04/08/1945 100 Tons Of Gold And Cash Found In German Salt Mine 1
04/08/1945 Patton’s Contempt Of German Army Hard Blow To Enemy Morale 1
04/08/1945 (State Dept.) Assert Nazis Map New War In Detail (This ‘Map’ Has The Same Authenticity As Did The ‘German Map’ Shown By Roosevelt For The Invasion Of South America) 19
04/08/1945 Hoover Assails UNRRA On Food; Sees Tragedy For Cities Of Europe (Because Of Failure To Ship Food. ‘There Are Eight Independent Agencies Handling Food In Washington.’-’UNRRA, A Political Machine’) 20
04/08/1945 Austrian Patriots Are Urged To Rise (By Russians) 24
04/08/1945 Judge (William H.) Hastie Cites Plight Of U.S. Negro 28
04/08/1945 Unity Sought Here In Zionist Council (Between Dissident Wise And Silver Factions) 29
04/08/1945 (Harry) Hopkins Pay Now $15,000 34
04/09/1945 Primate Of Poland (Anti-German, August Cardinal Hlond) Freed By 9 Th Army (At Wiedenbrueck Near Paderborn, Picture) 1&6
04/09/1945 Koenigsberg Encircled (By Russians) 1
04/09/1945 3 D Army Overruns Reich Death Camp (Ordruf, ‘A Ghastly Extermination Center’ Near Gotha) Inhuman Treatment Charged 5
04/09/1945 Captive Strafing In Error Admitted (By U.S. War Dept.) 6
04/10/1945 Koenigsberg Falls (To Russians) 1
04/10/1945 Post-War Amity With Japan (Germany Not Mentioned) Urged (By Robert E. Sherwood, Atrocities Must Be Forgiven. Extermination Of Japanese A ‘Physical Impossibility.’ Pacific Battle ‘Racial.’) 6
04/10/1945 20,000,000 In Europe Seen As Displaced (By Mrs. Bertha Bracey) 7
04/10/1945 War Crimes Policy Of Allies Rebuked (As Too Mild By Dr. Brohumil Ecer, Czechoslovakia) 9
04/10/1945 Frenchman (Pow Sgt.) Tells Of Prison Killings-Saw Poles And Jews Butchered (At Rawa-Russka And Lwow) 10
04/10/1945 Jewish Art Cache Found In Germany (By 3 D Army At Hungen) 12
04/10/1945 (Allied) Typhus Blockade (Cardon Sanitaire) Is Set Up At Rhine 13
04/11/1945 Bratislava (Textile, Etc.) Mills Captured Intact 7
04/11/1945 Best Of Reich Art Found In 2 Mines (Picture) 8
04/11/1945 German Schools Wholly Nazified-Necessary To Reeducate People 10 Fliers Scout Berlin, Find Nothing Moving 13
04/11/1945 Wider UNRRA Role In Reich Is Urged-1,500,000 Displaced Persons 14
04/11/1945 Germans In North Warned On (Destruction Of) Ports 14
04/11/1945 Baruch Visits Patton 14
04/11/1945 Interfaith Group Notes Rise In Bias 21
04/12/1945 (Japanese) Relief Ship Sunk By U.S. Submarine 1
04/12/1945 Poland And Soviet Exchanging Minorities; Austrian Partisans Now Fighting Germans 2
04/12/1945 (German) Slave Labor Plan For Russia Denied (By Eden) 4
04/12/1945 Ruhr Aglow From Explosives-Every BrickBroken Twice-German Civilians Look Fat And Well-Fed 5
04/12/1945 (U.S.) Stops 5 Meals A Day For Nazi Prisoners 5
04/12/1945 5,000,000 Reported Slain At Oswiecim (Auschwitz) 6
04/12/1945 (Lucien) Rottee Former (Paris) Police Commissioner To Be Executed 6
04/12/1945 UNRRA To Provide Relief Of 2 Billion (Dollars) 12
04/12/1945 Lack Of Transport Hampering UNRRA 12
04/12/1945 (Sumner) Welles Envisions America’s Century 13
04/13/1945 Roosevelt Is Dead-Last Words: ‘I Have A Terrific Headache’ 1
04/13/1945 Roosevelt Health Long Under Doubt 9
04/13/1945 Berlin Impressed, Says News Broadcast But Officials Refrain From Conclusions 10
04/13/1945 Krupp Gun Output Ended In July As Result Of Allies’ Air Attacks 11
04/13/1945 Benevolence To Foe Decried By Moscow (Izvestia] 11
04/13/1945 Schweinfurt Mayor (Member Of SS In U.S. Custody) Leaps To His Death (Dives From 3D Story Window) 11
04/13/1945 Picture: 24,000 Captured Germans In 7 Th Army Custody 12
04/13/1945 (Leon) Blum (Reported Killed Numerous Times) Well At 73, Serves Democracy (Leader Of French Socialist Party, Admirer Of Roosevelt & Vice Versa) 13
04/13/1945 Fascist Trials Loom In Northern Italy 13
04/13/1945 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Urges Waiting For All Facts Before Forming Opinion On Reich’s Future 18
04/13/1945 Shift Of 1,000,000 (European Jews) To Palestine Set (Hungarian, Polish, And Rumanian Jews) 30
04/14/1945 Vienna Captured (By Russians) 1&16
04/14/1945 Joyful Viennese Waltz In Streets; Moscow Says They Saved Austrian Honor 16
04/14/1945 Jena Captured By U.S. 16
04/14/1945 Leather Program Of UNRRA Hits Snag 21
04/14/1945 3,040 French Dead Found In Nazi Camp 28
04/15/1945 Red Army Drive On Berlin (German) Foe Says 1
04/15/1945 Yanks Seize Von Papen In The Ruhr; Figured In Scheming Of Two Wars 1
04/15/1945 Nazi Press Calls (Roosevelt’s) Death A ‘Miracle’-Screams At Roosevelt As ‘War Criminal’ 4
04/15/1945 Soviet War Writer (Ilya Ehrenburg) Rebuked By Chief (George Alexandroff-Extermination Of All Germans Was Never Goal) 8
04/15/1945 Hitler Said To Ask Papal Aid In Surrender 8
04/15/1945 French Police Aide Sentenced To Die 8
04/15/1945 Nazi Official (Paul Winkler) A Suicide 8
04/15/1945 Germans Forced To Bury (Nordhausen) Victims (These Were In Fact Killed In A U.N. Air Raid Just Prior To The Capture Of The Camp By The U.S. I Was There The Day After Its Capture, And Everything Was Under Control Except The Former Camp Inmates) 9
04/15/1945 1,000 Jews Set Free (By Canadians At Westerbork, Holland) 9
04/15/1945 Cartoon Evaluation Of The Werewolf E-2
04/15/1945 Owi Will Drive Home The Truth (Of Their Losing The War) To Germans E-7
04/15/1945 Picture: Devastation At Wesel Mag. 7
04/16/1945 Roosevelt Jovial (With Mistress) Before Collapse 1
04/16/1945 French Notables (Former Governmental Officials) Freed In Germany 7
04/16/1945 Allies Use Germans (Civilian ‘Volunteers’) To Speed Up Supplies (For 12 Th Army) 10
04/16/1945 British (By-) Pass Camp (Bergen-Belsen) Ridden By Typhus 13
04/16/1945 Prominent Germans Captured-550,000 Germans Taken In 14 Days 14
04/16/1945 German Commander In Holland (Gen. Walther Rauter) Wounded (By Underground) 14
04/16/1945 (Communist Ernst) Thaelmann Story (Alleged By Germans) Denied (German Communist Allegedly Killed By NSDAP And Never Interned As Reported) 15
04/16/1945 (Japanese) Foe Killed Manila Jews (Some Had Waited Years In Shanghai To Get Visas) 24
04/16/1945 Liberated Nations Restoring Schools (World Education Conference In N.Y.) 25
04/17/1945 Soviet Will Insist Lublin Act For Poland At Parley 1
04/17/1945 218,000 (German) Prisoners Taken In 72 Hours 1
04/17/1945 U.S., Russian Pilots Shoot Up A Train 4
04/17/1945 Sabotage Set To Radio (Bbc Broadcast Of Recorded Sabotage Operation In Denmark) 4
04/17/1945 Berliners Termed Ripe For Rebellion 6
04/17/1945 Failing Nazis Poison Food In Breslau, Russia Says 6
04/17/1945 General (Julius Ochs) Adler Cited For Hawaiian Service 10
04/17/1945 Change Advocated In Palestine Rule (By Sumner Welles) 17
04/17/1945 Text Of Roosevelt Will 18
04/17/1945 Anti-U.S. Canards Subside In France 19
04/18/1945 Magdeburg Razed (By U.S.) 1
04/18/1945 Churchill Says Roosevelt Ailing At Yalta 1&18
04/18/1945 Nazi Death Factory (Buchenwald) Shocks Germans On A Forced Tour (Eugen Kogon & Paul Rassinier Interned Here!) 1&8
04/18/1945 Germans Unable To Trade Captives (Involved Agencies No Longer Functional) 5
04/18/1945 Picture: Zeiss Plant (Jena) In Ruins 6
04/18/1945 German Industry Worries French-Oppose Morgenthau’s Plan 12
04/19/1945 Fritz Kuhn’s Wife (German-American Bund) Seized In Germany 1
04/19/1945 Reich ‘Gas’ (-Oline) Output Is Cut 96% By Bombs 1
04/19/1945 250,000 Refugees (German Civilians And Foreign Workers) Seek Swiss Haven 3
04/19/1945 American Captives Starved By Nazis 4
04/19/1945 Prisoners United In Hating Germans 4
04/19/1945 Magdeburg Taken (By U.S.)-German Officer Complains Americans Do Not Work To Save People In The Ruins 5
04/19/1945 Nuremberg SS Man Sobs ‘Alles Kaput’ 5
04/19/1945 Big Rubber Factory Near Leipzig Seized 5
04/19/1945 Jews On The (U.S.) Farms Hailed For War Aid 7
04/20/1945 Leipzig Captured (By U.S.) 1
04/20/1945 Germans Must Bury 1,100 Burned Alive (Gardelegen) 1
04/20/1945 German Date On All Allied Captives Seized By Troops Of Third Army 1
04/20/1945 2 Leipzig Leaders, Families End Their Lives At Rathaus 1
04/20/1945 Despair Blankets Buchenwald Camp-Many Of The Atrocities Committed By Germans Are Declared Too Horrible To Report (Invariably, These Are The Worst Atrocities!) 3
04/20/1945 British Anger Deep At Atrocity Proof 3
04/20/1945 Stimson Says Our Troops Know How To Treat Hitler (When They Capture Him) 3
04/20/1945 2,100,000 Germans Seized Since D-Day 3
04/20/1945 2 German Towns (Sogel And Friesoythe) Razed; Civilians (Allegedly) Fired On Allies 4
04/20/1945 (Anti-Communist) Paris Lawyer Arrested (‘Gestapo Henchman’) 6
04/20/1945 Greek Jews Need Aid-Pre-War Population Of 75,000 Is Reported Down To 8,500 10
04/20/1945 (Senator William S.) Langer Says Jews Earn Parley Voice 11
04/20/1945 (German) Sterilizing Depot Found By 7 Th Army 13
04/21/1945 Desolate Nuremberg Taken On Hitler’s 56th Birthday (By U.S.) 1
04/21/1945 Allies’ Use Of German Labor (After War) Set At Yalta Parley, Soviet Paper (‘Trud’) Says 1
04/21/1945 Junk Heap Marks Leuna Works Site 3
04/21/1945 (General) Dentz Gets Death As French Traitor 4
04/21/1945 Poles Now Settle In Easter Reich 4
04/21/1945 Troops Make (Force) Britons See Newsreels Of (German) Atrocities 5
04/21/1945 Nazi Camp Horrors Now Viewed As Evidence For San Francisco (Josef Kramer, Bergen-Belsen Camp) 5
04/21/1945 Roosevelt Family Leaves The White House; 20 Army Trucks Carry Belongings Away 15
04/22/1945 Its Status Curbs War Crimes Body (Lord Wright) 9
04/22/1945 France Demands (2,000,000 Germans) Labor Reparations 11
04/22/1945 Nazis In Idaho Punished (German POW Get Bread And Water) 11
04/22/1945 Nazi (Hans Fritzsche) Minimizes Crimes (Irrelevant Significance) 12
04/22/1945 Kremer’s Fate (Bergen-Belsen) Is Main Topic-’How Will You Kill Kremer?’ 12
04/22/1945 Congress, Press To View (German) Horrors (Congressional Delegation-’Dear Alben Barkely & William S. White) 13
04/22/1945 Congressmen (‘Dear Alben’ Barkley And Retinue) See Buchenwald 13 Freed Workers Told (By Eisenhower) Not To Loot Germans (Leave If For The Occupation Forces?) 17
04/22/1945 $400,000 To Palestine (Mizrachi Palestine Fund) 24
04/22/1945 UNRRA Rushing Ahead In Liberated Zones (Estimated 2,000,000 Homeless) 27
04/22/1945 Rabbis Emphasize Roosevelt Ideals 30
04/22/1945 ‘Roosevelt Lives, Hitler Is Dead’ Mag. 6
04/23/1945 Sweden Expels Germans Who Entered By ‘Mistake’ 3
04/23/1945 Nazi Prisoners ‘As Fat As Hogs’ Are Reported At Arizona Camp 3
04/23/1945 Amg Approves Red As Bologna (Occupation) Mayor 3
04/23/1945 Spies Hanged (By ‘Patriots,’ Partisans) At Bologna 3
04/23/1945 Buchenwald Tour Shocking To M. P.’S-Hears Details Of Horror At Oswiecim (Auschwitz) 5
04/23/1945 Boy Scout Aim Held Hitler Youth Cure (By H. C. Robins, Dean Of Salisbury) 5
04/24/1945 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Resigns As Columbia (Univ.) Head; 44 Years In Office 1
04/24/1945 Czechs Order Guerrillas To Show No Pity To (German) Foe (And They Showed None!) 3
04/24/1945 (Emanuel Celler) Seeks War Crime Data 3
04/24/1945 Berliners Shoot German Soldiers 4
04/24/1945 Freed Camp Yields 862 Child ‘Slaves’ 4
04/24/1945 Report On (U.S.) Aid To Russia-5,000,000 Tons Sent Via Persian Gulf 4
04/24/1945 All Reich To See Camp Atrocities (Movies, ‘The Death Mill’ Etc 6
04/24/1945 Allied Bombers Fire 2 Nazi Troopships 6
04/24/1945 Owi Studies Plan For News To Reich (Elmer Davis) 7
04/24/1945 Youth Group Urges War Crimes Penalty 14
04/24/1945 Cramer (German Born) Is Cleared In Treason Case 21
04/25/1945 Petain Surrenders To Face Paris Trial 1
04/25/1945 Menus For German Prisoners Here Are Cut Because Of Food Shortage (‘Not In Retaliation’) 1
04/25/1945 Picture: War Crimes Group To Inspect Camps 3
04/25/1945 Congressmen Ask War Guilt Search 3
04/25/1945 Victims Describe Belsen Tortures 3
04/25/1945 Nazi Prison Cruelty (Ordruf) Film To Be Shown Tomorrow 3
04/25/1945 Herbert Pell Critical (Of War Crimes Handling-Not Harsh Enough On Germans!) 3
04/25/1945 Schuschnigg Slain, Ex-Prisoners Say (False) 6
04/25/1945 50,000 Nazis Sought To De-Mine France 6
04/25/1945 (Henry) Morgenthau Sr., 89 Sees Lasting Peace 25
04/25/1945 (Robert) Riskin To Leave Owi (Overseas) Film Agency (A Hollywood Writer And Producer-Worked With U.N. During The War) 27
04/26/1945 Russians Encircle Berlin 1
04/26/1945 Congressmen (‘Dear Alben’ Barkley’s ‘Extraordinary Committee’) See War Camp (Buchenwald) Horror 12
04/26/1945 Jews In Hungary Helped By Swede (Raoul Wallenberg-I Always Suspected Wallenberg Was An OSS Agent!) 12
04/26/1945 Picture: Two Americans Leading Away Altendoor Camp (German) Commandant (Possibly To Be Shot On The Spot!) 12
04/26/1945 (August) Cardinal Hlond (Polish) In Rome 14
04/27/1945 Russians Seize Stettin, Most Of Berlin 1
04/27/1945 Pictures Of (‘Dear Alben’ Barkley’s Extraordinary) Congressional Committee At Buchenwald (Concentration Camp) 3
04/27/1945 Heart Attack Killed Rommel, Says Wife (In U.S. Custody) 4
04/27/1945 Ruhr Coal Mines In Operation Again 4
04/27/1945 Mussolini Seized Swiss Reports Say 5
04/27/1945 Pope Receives (Lt. Gen Wladyslaw) Anders (30 Minute Audience) 6 Hitler Imitator Reported Ready To Die In His Place 6
04/27/1945 Say U.S. Will Obey Rules On Captives (Geneva Convention, 1932) 7
04/27/1945 Scientists (Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Anthropologists, Sociologists, Philosophers, Educators, And Leaders In Related Fields) Outline Plan For Germany 8
04/27/1945 Study Of Children In Germany Urged (‘Mental Development Under Hitler’ Would Affect Their Reeducation Says Rudolf M. Wittenberg) 9
04/28/1945 Russians In Potsdam, Spandau 1
04/28/1945 U.S. And Red Armies Join 1
04/28/1945 Surrender Offers By Nazis Reported 1
04/28/1945 Russian Gives (Maj. Gen. Clarence) Huebner (Kansas) Stalingrad Battle Flag 5
04/28/1945 Bremen Captured 5
04/28/1945 Buchenwald Worse Than Battlefield-Freed U.S. Soldier Would Kill All German Males 6
04/28/1945 Mussolini Flight Hectic And Futile-Partisans Report Taking Him Near Lake Como 6
04/28/1945 Petain Is Placed In Paris Fortress 6
04/28/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Denounces Reich Atrocities 6
04/28/1945 Nazi Death Factory (Majdanek) Shown In (Russian) Film Here 6
04/28/1945 Forty UNRRA Teams Kept From Germany 8
04/28/1945 (Edwin W.) Pauley Will Head Reparation Unit (Dr. Isador Lubin, His Assistant) 9
04/29/1945 Allies Bar Peace Plea That Omits Russia 1
04/29/1945 15 Th Army To Occupy Reich With No Pampering Of Foe 1
04/29/1945 Himmler’s (Peace] Offer Sent Via Sweden 3
04/29/1945 Starving Holland Still Resists (German) Foe 6
04/29/1945 Liberated U.S. Soldiers (Returned To U.S.) Will Run (U.S.) Prison Camps (For POW) 16
04/29/1945 Atrocity Report (Buchenwald) Issued By Army-Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Camp Included) 20
04/29/1945 Atrocities Shock Britain-Proof Of German Cruelties Is Met By A General Demand For Reprisals E-5
04/30/1945 Mussolini Killed (Pictures, Slain By Partisans) 1
04/30/1945 New Nazi Proffer On Peace Awaited 1
04/30/1945 Himmler Seeking Favor Of Allies (Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte’s Report-Bernadotte Head Of Swedish Red Cross) 3
04/30/1945 Wave Of Suicide Sweeps Berliners 4
04/30/1945 Freed U.S. Captives Blame All Germans (By Julius Ochs Adler) 5
04/30/1945 Germans Murder 5,000 Prisoners Removed From Buchenwald Camp 5
04/30/1945 Wilson Forgotten At San Francisco (United Nations Organizational Conference) 10