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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

September 1945
Date Headline Page
09/01/1945 Japanese Premier To Sign Surrender Tonight 1
09/01/1945 President Abolishes Owi 1
09/01/1945 More (Japanese) Cruelties Disclosed (By W. H. Lawrence) 3
09/01/1945 Death For Quisling Asked On 3 Counts 5
09/01/1945 Peace Plans Seen As Wilson Ideals 5
09/01/1945 Chautemps Brands Reynaud Talk A Lie-Maneuvers Laid To Reynaud 5
09/01/1945 UNRRA Steps Up Relief For Europe 6
09/01/1945 Lehman Arriving Sees ‘Grim Winter’-UNRRA Needs A ‘Substantial Increase’ 6
09/01/1945 U.S. Chutist Killed At Berlin (82 Nd Airborne) Review 6
09/01/1945 UNRRA Funds Said To Last Till Jan. 1 7
09/01/1945 Palestine Aid Urged (Eliezer Kaplan, Treasurer, Jewish Agency For Palestine & Rabbi James G. Heller) 9
09/01/1945 1,500,000 Killed By Nazi ‘Monster: (Franz Ziereis, ‘Monster Of Mauthausen’) 13
09/02/1945 Japan Surrenders To Allies 1
09/02/1945 (Pre-Nazi) Books Are Rushed To German Pupils (From U.S.-Supervised Printing Presses) 16
09/02/1945 Haw-Haw Trial Delayed 16
09/02/1945 Nazis Get Religion In Wait For Trials (But Not Even Jesus Could Save Them From The United Nations!) 16
09/02/1945 Stanczyk Asks Aid For Polish Jews (100,000 Survived In Poland, 100,000 Returning From Evacuation To Russia-3,500,000 Before War) 19
09/02/1945 UNRRA Aid To Date Put At $417,914,000 21
09/02/1945 Pearl Harbor Reports May Inspire Remedies E-3
09/02/1945 Britain Balances (Ponders) Palestine Claims E-5
09/02/1945 U.S. And Ussr-The Two Giants Compared-C. L. Sulzberger ‘Well Dressed Crowds Fill The (Moscow) Square’ Mag. 9
09/02/1945 The Economic Basis Of Politics, Charles A. Beard-An Historian And His Credo (Obviously Written Before President Roosevelt And The Coming Of The War) Book 1
09/02/1945 Persian Gulf Command, Joel Sayre — Rolling The Freight Of War From Abadan To Moscow-(Command Began Dec. 1942. Sent Russia 4 1/ Mm Long Tons Of Equipment Including An Entire Ford Plant) Book 5
09/03/1945 Japanese Declared Unaware Of Crimes 3
09/03/1945 Russians Set Up German Regime (In Berlin) 7
09/03/1945 War (Crimes) Trials’ Delay Of 2 Months Seen 9
09/03/1945 Poles To Try (Hans) Frank 9
09/04/1945 Taft Asks Congress Act On Pearl Harbor 4
09/04/1945 Pearl Harbor Questions-Arthur Krock 4
09/04/1945 Amputated Reich Called French Aim (By Georges Bidault) 8
09/04/1945 London Poles Chided (By Lublin-Warsaw Poles) On Retaining Records 8
09/04/1945 Soviet Plan To Use Germans (POW) Upheld 9
09/04/1945 Gloom Prophets Assailed By (William, A F Of L) Green 24
09/05/1945 UNRRA Forecasts $1,800,000,000 Fund-Contribution Of $1,350,000,000 Expected To Be Asked By Truman Soon 1
09/05/1945 (Rob’t. H.) Jackson Sets Trials Of Nazis Near Nov. 1 5
09/05/1945 Byrnes Condemns (Pearl Harbor) Attack On Hull 9
09/05/1945 Federal Job For (Georgia Gov. Ellis) Arnall 12
09/05/1945 Reich Captives (300,000) In U.S. Slated For France 15
09/06/1945 Congressional Inquiry Predicted As Bills Ask Pearl Harbor Action 1
09/06/1945 Tokyo Rose Talks, Mp’s Arrest Her (Picture) 2
09/06/1945 Pearl Harbor Data Called ‘Whitewash 4
09/06/1945 Netherlander Sentenced To Die (Betrayed Jews) 5
09/06/1945 Big 4 Vienna Rule Goes Into Effect 7
09/06/1945 Czechs Ask Haste In Exiling (Deporting) 2,000,000 (Of 3,000,000 Sudeten Germans) 7
09/06/1945 De Gaulle Reduces Sentence (Annoys Extreme Left) 7
09/06/1945 (Benjamin V.) Cohen Is Appointed As Aide To Byrnes 10
09/06/1945 Quisling Is In Tears At List Of ‘Virtues’ 10
09/06/1945 18 Labor Unions Set Up In Berlin (By Occupying Powers) 10
09/06/1945 Lehman Calls Aid To Allies Our Duty 11
09/06/1945 Schmeling (German Boxer) Arrested In ‘Breach Of Orders’ 11
09/06/1945 President (Truman) Bestows The Dsm On (Harry L.) Hopkins For Aiding Victory As Roosevelt Adviser 13
09/06/1945 Nation’s Jews (5,000,000) Get Truman Greeting 25
09/07/1945 Pearl Harbor Inquiry Voted By Senate, House To Concur-(‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Obtains ‘Unanimous Acceptance Of Motion’ 1
09/07/1945 Quisling Upbraids Norse As Ingrates 6
09/07/1945 40 (German) Industrialists In Ruhr Arrested 6
09/07/1945 Czechoslovaks Hang First War Criminal (Dr. Joseph Pfitzner, Mayor Of Prag-2½ Hours After Trial) 6
09/07/1945 Germans Forced To Cut Wood (Gruenewald, Berlin) 6
09/07/1945 Czechs Offer Plan To Aid Deportation (3,000,000 Sudeten Germans) 8
09/07/1945 Yugoslav Reports New (Serbian) Underground (Led By Mikhailovitch) 9
09/07/1945 New Zionists Press British On Palestine 9
09/07/1945 Americans Capture Warsaw Murderer (Joseph Alfred Meissinger, [Meisinger] In Japan) 10
09/07/1945 Jurors Attack De Gaulle-His Pardons Nullify Much Of Court’s Work 10
09/07/1945 Jewish (Religious) Service In Munich 12
09/07/1945 (Justice Owen) Roberts (Pearl Harbor Investigator) Declines (Judge’s) Post (At Nuernberg International Tribunal) 14
09/07/1945 (Fritz) Kuhn To Be Deported (To Germany) As Dangerous Alien 25
09/07/1945 Full Employment Seen By (Harry L.) Hopkins 25
09/08/1945 Jailed Nazi Chiefs Are Kept Isolated (From Each Other!) 5
09/08/1945 Quisling Defends ‘Patriotic’ Acts 5
09/08/1945 5,000,000 Russians Repatriated To Date 5
09/08/1945 8 U.S. Fliers Slain By Germans In ‘44 5
09/08/1945 High Nazi (Unnamed Prisoner) Attacks Guard (‘Guard Took Good Care Of Himself.’) 5
09/08/1945 Stettinius Urges Speed On The Uno 5
09/08/1945 UNRRA Speeds Greek Aid 6
09/08/1945 Capt. Waugh (Formerly Of Amg) Denounced (Called Italy ‘Vilest Of All The Conquered Nations’) 6
09/08/1945 Vast U.S. Rearming Of French Told 7
09/08/1945 Berlin Jews Mark Rosh Ha-Shanah-400 Meet In Damaged Synagogue(Kreutzberg-Thousands Of Jewish Immigrants Only Recently Freed From Nazi Concentration Camps Celebrated Rosh Ha-Shanah In The Holy Land-110,000 Jews In Allied Camps Now Allowed To Come Topalestine 350 Jews In Vienna Celebrate Rosh Ha-Shanah) 13
09/09/1945 Navy Opposes Full Disclosure Of Pearl Harbor Data 1
09/09/1945 UNRRA Speeds Aid Needs ($1,350,000,000) More Funds 1
09/09/1945 Pearl Harbor Inquiry-Hanson W. Baldwin 12
09/09/1945 Pearl Harbor Toll (Of Americans & Equipment) Surprised Foe (Japan) Too (‘Too Successful’) 14
09/09/1945 Berlin Opera (Stadtsoper) Reopens (I Saw ‘Orpheus Et Eurydice,’ ‘Rigoletto,’ ‘Hansel Und Gretel,’ And Others There!) 16
09/09/1945 Laval Trial Deferred 18
09/09/1945 Nazis’ Conviction By Own Data (Records) Seen (300,000 Germans Incriminated-The Germans Had Willingly Yielded Up Their Personal Papers At Capture, Believing These Would Prove Their Innocence Of Any Wrongdoing. The Occupying Powers Immediately Seized Them And Used Selected Parts As ‘Proof’ Of Their Charges.) 19
09/09/1945 Anti-Semitism Rife In Central Europe (‘Fascist Fellow-Travelers’) 22
09/09/1945 (American) Emigre In Russia Hotly Defends U.S. (Worked Two Years On Unnamed Caspian Construction Job At Guriev) 26
09/09/1945 Axis Schools Seized By Argentina Decree 27
09/09/1945 World-Wide Search For Hitler Goes On 28
09/09/1945 Truman Asks Gifts To War Fund Drive (In Addition To UNRRA-Member Organizations Necessary) 28
09/09/1945 Alien (Enemy) Return Task Is Given To Byrnes (Returned From Latin-American Republics) 29
09/09/1945 Holiday (Rosh Ha-Shanah) Sermons Attack Prejudice 44
09/09/1945 Stephanie, (Former Wife Of Rudolf Of Hapsburg, Dies), 81, Widow Of Meyerling (Murder-Suicide) Figure 47
09/09/1945 Remaking Of Germany Is Proving Slow Work-Americans Begin To See Advantage Of The Russians’ Direct Action E-5
09/09/1945 World War Ii (Victory) Lifts Russia To A New Pinnacle Of Power E-5
09/09/1945 ‘Worst Crime Of All’ By Justice Robert H. Jackson (Supports Nuernberg Tribunals) Mag. 9
09/09/1945 ‘Will Germany Go Communist?’-Curt Riess Mag. 14
09/10/1945 Atom Bomb Killed (8 U.N.) Nagasaki Captives 1
09/10/1945 Japanese Branded As Ungallant Foe (By Australian General) 2
09/10/1945 Tribute In Berlin For Nazis’ Victims (80,000-90,000 March, Sing Communist ‘International’) 5
09/10/1945 Jews In Shanghai (15,000) Joyous (Middle European Jews-Came Via Trans-Siberian Railway Early N War) 5
09/10/1945 Gestapo Had (Secret, Pre-War) Pact With 13 Countries (Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, & Spain) 8
09/10/1945 High Living Nazis Mock Us In Spain 9
09/10/1945 Arabs Publish Demands-Want (Further) Sales Of Land To Jews In Palestine Barred 10
09/10/1945 More Big Estates Seized (By Russians) In Germany 11
09/10/1945 Arab Surpluses Sought By UNRRA 11
09/11/1945 Quisling Guilty, Gets Death; Oslo Arch-Traitor To Appeal 1
09/11/1945 Allies To Recall (Obnoxious) Germans Abroad 1
09/11/1945 Tojo Sees Time Vindicating Japan 1
09/11/1945 Pearl Harbor Inquiry Up In House Today; An Hour Of General Debate Is Arranged 6
09/11/1945 Schmeling Cleared Of Doubtful Charge (Improper Statements To U.N. Authorities) 9
09/12/1945 House Votes Full Inquiry On The Pearl Harbor Disaster 1
09/12/1945 Secretary Knox Signed Orders For Admiral’s (Yamamoto’s) Death 2
09/12/1945 De Menthon To Be (French Chief) Prosecutor (At Nuernberg) 5
09/12/1945 Americans Oust Bavarian Officials For Nazi Activities, Falsehoods 15
09/12/1945 Nazi Trials Post May Go To (Judge) Parker (Conferred With Truman-Nuernberg International Military Tribunal) 16
09/12/1945 Jewish Immigration To Holy Land Ending (Last Jews In Western Europe To Get 75,000 British Government Certificates To Enter Palestine-Other Certificates In East) 25
09/13/1945 Be Tough, With Foe, Says (‘Dickey’) Montbatten 1
09/13/1945 Kimmel Defers Bid For Court-Martial 2
09/13/1945 Reich Aide Scoffs At Hawaii Attack (Another, Joseph Spahn, Says Japan Not Averse To Jews & Didn’t Support Germany’s Anti-Jewish Policy) 2
09/13/1945 FBI Filmed Nazis (Everyone Entering & Leaving German Embassy In Washington) With A Telephoto (‘Months’ Before Pearl Harbor Attack) 6
09/13/1945 UNRRA ‘Progress’ Is Told By Lehman (To Get $1,350,000,000) 7
09/13/1945 French Police Doomed-11 Officials (In Orleans) To Die 9
09/13/1945 Seized Properties (Companies In U.S. Seized By War Dept.) Returned By U.S. 12
09/13/1945 Big Clothing Supply (12,000,000 Lbs.) Dispatched To Russia (Russian War Relief Agency & UNRRA Jointly) 12
09/13/1945 (Elmer) Davis Leaves Owi (Chief U.S. Propaganda Bureau); Hailed By Truman 12
09/13/1945 (Francis Beverly) Biddle (And John J. Parker) Is Named (As U.S. Nuernberg) War Trials Judge (-S Pictures & Gen. Info.) 15
09/13/1945 Anti-Bias Laws Urged On Truman (By National Urban League) 23
09/13/1945 (Elliott) Roosevelt Loan May Go To Court 25
09/14/1945 U.S. (Oss) ‘Cloak And Dagger’ Exploits And Secret Blows In China Bared 1
09/14/1945 (Admiral) Yamamoto Died In Flaming Crash (By Pilot Of The P-38 Which Was Assigned To Shoot Him Down) 7
09/14/1945 Soviet Reich Zone To Open Schools 12
09/14/1945 Barter Markets Set Up In Berlin-Allies May Buy But Not Sell In Marts 13
09/14/1945 Weimar Leader (Noske) Is Found (In Berlin)-Had Been Reported Hanged (By Germans) 16
09/14/1945 Hadassa Aiding ($1,112,000) Refugee Children (3,100 Jewish, From French And Swiss Havens. Since 1934, Brought Nearly 16,000 Jewish Children To Palestine From Europe, Turkey, Yemen, & Syria) 19
09/14/1945 Dr. E. Bettelheim, Austrian Jurist, 72 (Dies In Vienna, 1944) 23
09/14/1945 E. Roosevelt Said To Put Debts At $300,000 To $500,000 Total 25
09/15/1945 Poland Denounces Vatican Concordat 1
09/15/1945 Ten Lawyers In Congress Named To Conduct Pearl Harbor Inquiry (Named, Chosen By ‘Trustworthy’ Speaker Sam Rayburn & Equally ‘Trustworthy’ Presiding Officer Of Senate, Mc Kellar-Both Houses Firmly In Control Of New Deal Democrats!) 1
09/15/1945 German (Anti-NSDAP) Aim Pledged By (Catholic) Bishops At Fulda 7
09/15/1945 (U.S.) Treasury Suffers In Mark Exchange (Set Up By Morgenthau!) 8
09/15/1945 Allied Aides Wind Up Charges On Top Nazis 8
09/15/1945 German (Communist, Otto Grotewohl) Disavows War Guilt Of All 8
09/15/1945 (German) Slayer (Of U.S. Flier) Convicted By Fellow Nazis (‘Death By Hanging’) 8
09/15/1945 (Truman) Disbands (War) Refugee Board (William O’dwyer, Executive Director) 11
09/15/1945 (Fritz) Kuhn Departs (Deported) Today On Way To Germany (By Att’y. Gen., Tom Clark) 17
09/16/1945 7,300,000 Soldiers Shipped From U.S.-126,859,000 Ship-Tons Of Cargo Overseas During War Period 13
09/16/1945 (Dean) Acheson Sees Italy Justifying Faith18 Deportees, POW Head For Germany-Fritz Kuhn, Ex-Bund Leader, Included (Picture) 20
09/16/1945 Entry Of More Jews In View In Palestine (Pressure On Attlee From Truman And Guy M. Gillette) 20
09/16/1945 More 1919 Secrets Revealed By U.S. (State Dept.-21 Years And One War Late!) 21
09/16/1945 Pearl Harbor Inquiry May Call M’arthur 26
09/16/1945 Wealthy German (Businessman, Walter Fimmens) Seized (By British) 30
09/16/1945 Inquiry On Laval Ended 30
09/16/1945 Germans In Spain Drive On Schools 31
09/16/1945 Vienna Killer (Dr. Jorne Lange) Sentenced (Complicated But Interesting Story) 33
09/16/1945 (Spruille) Braden Says Nazis Stir Up Argentina 34
09/16/1945 Gen. (Elliott) Roosevelt Borrowed $600,000 46
09/16/1945 Big Five Are At Work On New Map Of Europe E-5
09/16/1945 Is Hitler Dead Or Alive? Nobody Knows For Sure E-5
09/16/1945 Typhus (Rabbit) Serum (Tested In Egypt, Reported In ‘Jama,’ Lt. Commander Andrew Yeomans, Lt. Col. J. C. Snyder, & Dr. A. G. Gillian) E-9
09/17/1945 Belsen Director (Josef Kramer) Faces Trial Today 5
09/17/1945 Delays In (Nuernberg) Trials Possible 5
09/17/1945 Poland To Get Jewish Aid (Chief Rabbi’s Religious Emergency Council Of Britain-First Of 3 Mobile Synagogue Alliances Leave BritaiN-12 Tons Of Food & Religious Requisites) 8
09/17/1945 John M’cormack, Noted Tenor Dies 21
09/17/1945 Swiss Cite Need Of Outside Help (General Problems) 25
09/17/1945 Roosevelt College To Open In Chicago (Founded In Protest Against Racial Discrimination) 32
09/18/1945 S.S. Killed 4,000,000 At Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Prosecutor Says At (Josef) Kramer (Bergen-Belsen) Trial 1&9
09/18/1945 75 German Airfields To Be Farms (Many German Landing Fields Were Little More Than Farms With A Concrete Touch-Down Pad And A Sod Or Soil Rolling Lane) 3
09/18/1945 German Cartels To Be Ended (Under Leadership Of Col. Bernard Bernstein, Formerly Of Morgenthau’s Treasury Department) 3
09/18/1945 Interrogation Camps (‘Dust Bin’, At Oberursel, 6 Miles West Of Frankfurt) Hold 225 High Nazis 4
09/18/1945 Oss Active In End Of Nazis In Italy (Supported Guerrillas) 8
09/18/1945 (Wllliam) Joyce Trial Opens; U.S. Link Stressed 9
09/18/1945 (Robert. H.) Jackson Busy On Nurnberg Cases-Paris Traitor (Jean-Herold Paquis) Gets Death-Himmler’s Wife To Testify 9
09/18/1945 Graves (For Berliners Expected To Die Of Starvation) Dug (By British) In Advance (Of Death!) 12
09/18/1945 Poland To Get UNRRA Supplies 12
09/18/1945 (Harry) Bridges Becomes U.S. Citizen 12
09/18/1945 Yom Kippur Brings New Hope To Jews (Message From Guy M. Gillette) 27
09/19/1945 Two (Senator ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley [Kentucky] & Rep. Jere Cooper, [Tenn.]) Head Inquiry On Pearl Harbor 1
09/19/1945 Prussia Shorn Of Land 9
09/19/1945 Truman Hails (Jewish) Veterans (Founded, N.Y. C., March, 1896) 9
09/19/1945 Haw Haw Proves Birth In Brooklyn (German Citizenship By Naturalization Ruled ‘Ineffective’) 10
09/19/1945 Belsen Shootings (By Guards) Seen By (Capturing) Britons (Camp Rations Supposed To Be 1,500/Day; Was Actually 800/Day) 11
09/19/1945 French Execute German (Walter Schmidt)-French Doom Two 11
09/19/1945 Laval Trial In October 11
09/19/1945 Figaro Denounces French On Prisons-Says German Captives Suffer Systematic Mistreatment-Charges Many Die (In The Hands Of Their Captors!) 13
09/19/1945 Palestine Report Reflects Growth (Severe Housing Shortage) 23
09/19/1945 (Irs) Approve Full Tax Deduction Of $196,000 To Hartford For Loan To Elliott Roosevelt 27
09/20/1945 Haw Haw (William Joyce, American Born U.S. Citizen,) Sentenced To Be Hanged (By British); Held Traitor Though Not A Briton 1&10
09/20/1945 Eyewitness (Capt. Sington) Tells Of Belsen Horror (At The Capture Of The Camp, Delayed Several Days By British To Avoid Danger Of Typhus)-British Threaten To Kill Nazis (In Reprisal For Germans Shooting (Unruly) Prisoners To Maintain Order) 5
09/20/1945 Palestine Fund Sets Goal Of $5,000,000 6
09/20/1945 Five U.S. Traitors Held 10
09/20/1945 Himmler Aide Found In (Ebensee) Camp 10
09/20/1945 Reynaud (Back In Politics) Appeals For A Vital France 10
09/20/1945 Nazis Still Hold Key Jobs In Reich 11
09/20/1945 The Text Of Stimson’s Farewell (Resigned!) Statement 12
09/20/1945 Book: Hauser, Heinrich, The German Talks Back-Readers Cautioned By Publishers About ‘Inaccuracies.’-Publisher Ridicules Idea That Morgenthau Plan Ever Existed 21
09/20/1945 Palestine To Have Medical School ($4,000,000 Sought For Start) 24
09/21/1945 $21,000,000 Sought For (Jewish) Building Fund 1
09/21/1945 Fraternizing Bans Lifted In Reich; Zone Chiefs To Control Marriages (Of U. N Personnel And Occupied German Citizens) 1
09/21/1945 Truman Ends OSS (To Be Replaced By Cia), Shifts Functions 2
09/21/1945 2,000 Germans (POW) Sail For Home Today 2
09/21/1945 Synthetic Blood Plasma (‘Periston,’ Polyvinylpyrolidone, A Development Of Acetylene Chemistry Developed By Dr. Walter Reppe, I. G. Farbenindustrie) Developed By Germany 3
09/21/1945 Lehman Hits Back At UNRRA Critics 7
09/21/1945 Opening Palestine Urged By O’dwyer 8
09/21/1945 20 Jewish Villages Planned In Palestine (By Palestine Foundation Fund 5,000 Jewish Refugee Newcomers) 8
09/21/1945 (Zionist) Extremists Renew Palestine Violence 9
09/21/1945 Russian Soldiers Rove Czech Hills As Francs-Tireurs Despite Nkvd (Many Of These Were Deserters Who Refused To Go Back To Russia!) 10
09/21/1945 Denazification Hit By U.S. Officers 10
09/21/1945 Atomic Bomb Worker (Harry K. Daghlian, Purdue) Died ‘From Burns’ 10
09/21/1945 Nazis Organized The (Nov. 9-10) 1938 (Herschel Grynzpan Affair) Pogrom 11
09/21/1945 Russians Urge End Of Junker’s Estates 12
09/21/1945 Jewish Struggle Praised (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 15
09/21/1945 Rockefeller Fund Keeps College Unit-Money Mostly For Negro Education 23
09/22/1945 World (Council Of) Churches Organize Relief; Assail UNRRA And Red Cross 1
09/22/1945 Dewey Is Silent On Japanese Code-Will Be Glad To Testify Before Congress On Marshall’s Letter (Requesting His Silence About The Pearl Harbor Debacle During The Foregoing Presidential Election) 4
09/22/1945 Belsen Survivor (Dr. Ada Bimko, Jewish Physician From Sosnowitz, Poland, Formerly A Physician At Birkenau) Picks Out Nazis 5
09/22/1945 Von Neurath Held As War Criminal 5
09/22/1945 U.S. Acts To Speed Freedom In Reich 5
09/22/1945 German (Agriculture And Brewing) Academy Taken Over For Education Of Gi’s 5
09/22/1945 Laval Explains Call To Sink French Gold 5
09/22/1945 (Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Morgan Gets UNRRA Post-British General Will Direct Services For Displaced Persons (Still About 1,250,000 DP’s In Germany-Under Lehman) 6
09/22/1945 Truman Reaffirms (Women’s) Equal Rights Backing 14
09/22/1945 Educators (American Council On Education) Pool World Plan Ideas 17
09/22/1945 Aid ($550,000 Total-$350,000 Nyc) For Palestine Sought (American Fund For Palestinian Institutions) 18
09/23/1945 French Bid Foreign Chiefs Keep Interim Split Of Reich 1
09/23/1945 Irving Lehman, 69, Noted Jurist (Brother Of Herbert) Dies 1
09/23/1945 (Elliott) Roosevelt Loan Data Sent To House; Republicans Charge ‘Whitewash’ 1
09/23/1945 Re-Education Of Foes 4
09/23/1945 Winant’s (John G., Jr.) Son Free-Long A Nazi Prisoner 13
09/23/1945 Germans Strove To Starve Dutch 13
09/23/1945 Truman Said To Aid Jews On Palestine-To Ask Britain To Permit 100,000 To Enter Immediately 17
09/23/1945 9,100 More In Palestine (Since Jan. 1-350,000 Since 1933) 17
09/23/1945 Kicking Of Doomed By Nazi (Josef Kramer, Belsen) Described (By Dr. Ada Bimko-See Above!-Possibly Appointed To Position By Dr. Joseph Mengele, Was Later Known As Dr. Hadassah Rosensaft Of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, Washington) 26
09/23/1945 Patton Belittles Denazification; Holds Rebuilding More Important 26
09/23/1945 Top Nazis Like To Talk (Jackson Says Prisoners Not Subjected To ‘Any Misuse Or Indignity.’) 26
09/23/1945 (German Pow) Captives Trained (Re-Educated) To Police Germany (Hand-Picked Anti-NSDAP-U.S. Publishes ‘Der Ruf’ A National Paper For German POW) 27
09/23/1945 (Dr. Morgenstern) Calls For Unity Of American Jews (‘Progressive Christianity’ & ‘Progressive Judaism’) 30
09/23/1945 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Retiring, Looks To Future 30
09/23/1945 State (N.Y.) Examining Refugees’ Income (No Estimate As To Number Of Persons Or Amount Of Money Involved) 37
09/23/1945 Palestine Home Plea In Succoth Sermons 48
09/23/1945 Remaking The Conquered Peoples E-1
09/23/1945 Our Schools Face Their Greatest Challenge Mag. 5
09/24/1945 Uno Decision On Palestine Will Be Sought By Britain 1
09/24/1945 Stern Allied Aims Dawning On Japan 2
09/24/1945 Roosevelt Surprise On Dec. 7, ‘41, Depicted (Described As Genuine By Edward R. Murrow, Cbs Had Dinner With Roosevelt And Other Notables, Inner Circle-Strong Roosevelt Supporter And Avid ‘Interventionist!’) 3
09/24/1945 Krupp Safe Resists Week Of Blasting And Boring 4
09/24/1945 Woman (Sophia Litinska, Former Inmate Of Auschwitz) Will Testify On Oswiecim Horrors (Belsen Trial) 7
09/24/1945 Widespread Bias In Jobs Reported 20
09/24/1945 Swiss See Misuse Of (U.N.) War Blacklist 24
09/25/1945 11 U.S. (Aircraft) Carriers Were Sunk, 30 Hit 3
09/25/1945 Industrial Plots Of Germans Bared 10
09/25/1945 Oswiecim (Auscwitz Jewish) Victim (Sophia Litinska) Accuses (Bergen-Belsen) German (Josef Kramer) 12
09/25/1945 (Truman) Formally Names Biddle (And Parker) Judge (At Nuernberg U.N. International Tribunal By Executive Order) 12
09/25/1945 Weizmann Rejects Offer (1,500 Entry Permits/Month) On Palestine (Wants 100,000 ‘Immediate’ Entry Permits) 13
09/26/1945 Patton Alters Stand On Nazis; Eisenhower (And U.S. Papers) Pushes Purge 1
09/26/1945 U.S. Allies To Get 5 (Dismantled German) Plants In Reich (Asreparations) 8
09/26/1945 (Fritz) Wiedemann Held; Will Go To Reich 8
09/26/1945 Extermination (Of Entire Belsen Camp) Thwarted (Says Helene Hamermerz [Hammermasch], Jewish Inmate) 8
09/26/1945 Nazis: Invasion Maps Of Britain Disclosed 9
09/26/1945 Britain Will Deport (Tyler) Kent, Jailed U.S. Embassy Clerk (Sentenced In Nov. 1940 To Seven Years Penal Servitude For Fear He Would Betray Official Records To Germans And U.S. Public-Roosevelt-Churchill Secret Correspondence Prior To The Defeat Of France, Promising Substantial U.S. Help To France If She Would Continue War Against Germany-Released At End Of War Minus The Documents He Had Collected) 10
09/26/1945 Patton Statement To Press 10
09/26/1945 U.S. Births Fell 140,060 In 1944-48,000 Fewer Deaths Reported Report From Census Director (More Data) 20
09/27/1945 Roosevelt Letter (Released By Dean Acheson) Condemns Franco 1
09/27/1945 Patton Summoned By Eisenhower To Account For His Stand On Nazis 1
09/27/1945 (William D.) Mitchell Is Pearl Harbor Inquiry Counsel; Committee Picks Hoover’s Attorney General 4
09/27/1945 Few Cargo Ships Left To Japanese 5
09/27/1945 Belsen Tortures By Woman (Irma Grese, Guard) Listed (By Ilona Stein, Jewish Inmate Of Birkenau, Evacuated Westward With All The Others By The Germans!) 12
09/27/1945 Palestine ‘Pledge’ (By Roosevelt To Ibn Saud Now) Denied By Truman 14
09/27/1945 Morgenthau Terms Policy In Reich Risky (His Plan Is Not Being Augmented Fast Enough To Suit Him) 14
09/27/1945 Bela Bartok Dies In Hospital Here 21
09/27/1945 Dr. Beer-Hofmann, Poet, Playwright (Dies, Refugee, 79) 21
09/28/1945 Patton Must Toe Line Or Yield Post Observers In Germany Declare 1
09/28/1945 U.S. Concerns Aid Germans In Chile 5
09/28/1945 British Parachute Division Sent (To Palestine) To Guard Public Order 6
09/28/1945 (National) Peace (Conference) Conferees Ask Support For UNRRA 7
09/28/1945 1,000 More In Reich Sought For Crimes 8
09/28/1945 Woman Guard Accused Again (By Hanka Rozencweag [Rosenwayg]-Bergen-Belsen Jewish Inmate, Former Inmate Of Auschwitz Who Was Evacuated Westward By The Germans Before Being Captured By The Russians) 8
09/28/1945 Reich Art Objects To Be Shipped Here 11
09/28/1945 Fox To Base Film (‘Diplomatic Courier’) On OSS Activities 16
09/28/1945 Roosevelt ‘Casualty’ Of ‘Long Tenure’ (According To Wayne Morse) 22
09/29/1945 Pro-German Attitude Grows As U.S. Troops Fraternize 1
09/29/1945 Ruhr Separation Urged (By Society For The Prevention Of World War Iii, Rex Stout, Avid, Vengeful, Anti-German Writer, President) 6
09/29/1945 Free Entry Of Jews In Palestine Urged (By International League For The Rights Of Man-No Officer Named) 7
09/29/1945 1,380,000 Ex-Slaves Still In Germany (UNRRA Source) 8
09/29/1945 French Push Ouster Of Nazi Officials 8
09/29/1945 Cannibalism Cases In Belsen Related 9
09/29/1945 Faulhaber Rift (With Patton) Implied (Faulhaber Was Denied Permission To Go To Rome [The Germans Allowed August Cardinal Hlond, The Polish Primate, To Go To Rome Even Though They Knew Him To Be Violently Anti-German) 9
09/29/1945 British Constable Slain In Palestine (Killers Not Identified) 10
09/30/1945 President Orders Eisenhower To End New Abuse Of Jews-Acts On (Earl G.) Harrison Report 1
09/30/1945 Eisenhower Calls Upon Allies To Assure Reich Subsistence 1
09/30/1945 Schaeffer Is Ousted By Patton; Pro-Nazi Leaders Seized In Raid 1
09/30/1945 United States Has Food To Spare For Hungry Europe, Says Report 1
09/30/1945 Reich Technicians Brought To Boston (Arthur Rudolph, Rocket Expert?) 16
09/30/1945 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Goes Abroad (To Nuernberg) Soon 16
09/30/1945 Survey Forecasts A Hungry Europe 17
09/30/1945 Tack To Left Seen In French Run-Off (Election) 22
09/30/1945 (Admirals) King And Leahy Decorated (By George Vi) 24
09/30/1945 ‘Axis Sally’ Gets Jail Term In Italy 25
09/30/1945 U.S. Will (Dismantle And) Transfer 11 More Reich Plants 25
09/30/1945 Aide Thinks Gen. (Maurice) Rose Tried To Shoot It Out (With His German Captor Who Killed Him) 27
09/30/1945 Abuse Of Russians (Internees) Admitted By Swiss (Russians Difficult To Control) 27
09/30/1945 Gen. Leclerc Is Rushed To Post In Saigon-Battleship ‘Richelieu’ Hits Mine 31
09/30/1945 Picture: German Girls In Berlin Clearing Rubble, ‘Learning The Cost Of War’ 36
09/30/1945 Nazi Doctors Help Ease Shortage In U.S. Zone 37
09/30/1945 Text Of (Earl G. Harrison) Report To The President On Conditions Among (Jewish) Refugees In Western Europe 38
09/30/1945 (Earl G. Harrison) Report Is Sent To Eisenhower 39
09/30/1945 Rabbis Join In Appeal For Palestine Action (Open Palestine To ‘Thousands Of Jews’) 39
09/30/1945 ‘Sensation’ Slated For Belsen Trial (Dr. Charles Sigismund Bendell, A Transylvanian Jew Apprehended By The Germans In Paris And Incarcerated In Auschwitz As A Physician) 39
09/30/1945 Truman Asked To Aid Jewish Immigration (To Palestine By Judge Joseph M. Proskauer & Jacob M. Blaustein, American Jewish Committee As Opposed To Rabbi S.S. Wise’s American Jewish Congress) 39
09/30/1945 Anti-Zionists (American Council For Judaism) Form Unit 39
09/30/1945 (‘Uncle Tom’s) Cabin’ Show Picketed (By CIO, Negroes, & Communists) 48
09/30/1945 Byrnes Will Develop New U.S. Intelligence Service (To Replace OSS-The ‘CIA’)-Patterned After Britain’s E-7
09/20/1945 Winning The Peace: ‘It Is Our Job’-’We Have The First Responsibility To Fashion A Structure To Fit The New World Environment-Ann O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3