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William Lindsey collection — 1945 NYT headlines

June 1945
Date Headline Page
06/01/1945 All Freedom Found Ended In Argentina (Stettinius & Spruille Braden) 1
06/01/1945 Morgenthau Orders All The Banks To Help Drive On Tax Evaders (All Large Currency Transactions Must Be Reported) 1&32
06/01/1945 Polish Jews Organize (‘A New’ World Federation Of Polish Jewry, Headed By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Of American Federation Of Polish Jews. 300 Delegates. Heard Messages From Sumner Welles, La Guardia, & Dr. Abraham Adolph Berman Of Warsaw) 4
06/01/1945 (‘Re-Educated’) Youth Called Key To German Future (By Methodist Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam) 6
06/01/1945 War Crimes Trials Near, (Lord) Wright Says-2,657 Axis Persons Are Now Specifically Accused 6
06/01/1945 (Greek) Ex-Premier And 2 Ex-Ministers To Die Unless They Get Reprieve (Collaboration) 6
06/01/1945 Teschen Reported Loyal To Czechs-Refuses To Continue As Part Of Poland 9
06/01/1945 Dr. J. M. De Moor, Dutch Jurist, 49-(Died; On U.N. War Crimes Commission) 15
06/02/1945 Moscow Rejects U.S.-British View Of Yalta Formula 1
06/02/1945 50 Nazis (Hostages) To Be Executed For Each Berlin Incident (Resistance Against Russians) 1
06/02/1945 Sweden On Guard At Her Frontiers-Neutral Nation Now Harbors 106,000 Refugees (No Jews Mentioned) Bars Entry To Germans, Collaborators (As Demanded By The U.N. & Has Given ‘Police’ And ‘Military’ Training To 10,000 Young Norwegian Refugees And 3,000 Danish Refugees) 2
06/02/1945 Nazi’s (Wilhelm Gustloff) Slayer (David Frankfurter) Is Freed (By Swiss-A Yugoslav Jew, He Agreed To Leave Switzerland Immediately) 3
06/02/1945 Russians Said (By Senator Owen Brewster, Maine) To Kill Reich ‘Upper Crust’ (What Did The Nuernberg Tribunals Do If It Didn’t Do Exactly This To The Political ‘Upper Crust?’) 6
06/02/1945 War Crimes Board Without U.S. List 7
06/02/1945 British Troops Capture Lidice Massacre Author (Col. Gen. Kurt Daluege) 7
06/02/1945 Russians Leaving Refuges In Belgium-7,200 Former Prisoners Are To Be Flown Home-5,000 Left Earlier 9
06/02/1945 Rosenman Stays On As Aid To Truman 16
06/03/1945 De Gaulle Blames British (For Levantine Trouble) 1
06/03/1945 New (Levantine) Task Delays (Harry) Hopkin’s Return 2
06/03/1945 Zionists Offer New Plan-Palestine Proposal Would Give Arabs Full Rights 6
06/03/1945 Swedish ‘Pro-Nazi’ (Eric Siegfried Erickson) Duped (German) Foe 3 Years ‘Blacklisted’ By U.S., He Sent Allies Latest Secret (German) Data On Synthetic Gasoline Plants (Quite Possibly Also Data On The Monowitz Plant, Auschwitz) 11
06/03/1945 Russia’s Absence On (Allied) War Trials Hit (By Tito-Yugoslavians) 12
06/03/1945 (First Of 900) Jewish Refugees Reach Spain 12
06/03/1945 French Soldier Murdered By Ss-Harsh Treatment Of Germans Seen Cause (Baden) 13
06/03/1945 U.S. Soldier (Ernst Stock, Frankfurt-Born Jew) Finds Father In Holland Family Was SeparatedIn 1938 (Father Interned In Buchenwald For 6 Weeks In 1938) 14
06/03/1945 German Children (8-14 Years Of Age) Fought Our Army 17
06/03/1945 Freedom Is Asked For 984 (Oswego, N.Y.) Refugees (Permanent U.S. Residence) 17
06/03/1945 Pope Pius Warns Of Danger Of New Tyranny ‘No Less Despotic’ Than That Just Ended (Text) 22
06/03/1945 Cartoon: ‘Get That Through Your Thick (German) Head-You Lost The War’ E-3
06/03/1945 War Crimes Trials: Letter Supporting Them By Frederich R. Coudert, A Lawyer E-8
06/04/1945 (Gen.) Hodges (First U.S. Army Commander) Nearly Captured By Enemy In Bulge, Dec. 18 1
06/04/1945 Germans (Inhabitants) Told To Quit (Leave Former German) Area, Lublin Claims 1
06/04/1945 German Assets In Sweden Frozen 6
06/04/1945 3 Jewish Groups (Joint Dist. Comm., United Palestine Appeal, & (Jewish National Refugee Service) Settle Dispute (To Pool Fund Raising Activities With United Jewish Appeal) 32
06/05/1945 De Gaulle Seen Endangering Allies’ Mediterranian Line 1
06/05/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Backs Peace Time Training, Asks ‘Might’ Of Nation Be Shown 1
06/05/1945 Pictures Of Wrecked Berlin-German Civilians (Women Included) Clearing Streets 3
06/05/1945 (Would-Be) Assassin Of Laval Returns To France (Paul Collette, A Partisan ‘Hero’ Saved From Execution By Laval’s Intercession) 3
06/05/1945 Danes Seize (Col. Gen. Georg) Lindemann (German Commander In Denmark 4
06/05/1945 German Butcheries In Holland (Putten & Zandvoort) Bared 7
06/05/1945 (German Civilians) Job Shirkers May Face Penalties (From U.N.) In Reich 9
06/05/1945 War Crimes Parley In London Is Ended (Lord Wright, Chairman) 10
06/05/1945 850 Aachen Children Begin Their Studies (American Military Gov’t., Lt. Gen. Leonard T. Gerow) 12
06/05/1945 2 Hitler-Youths (Heinz Petry, 16 & Joseph Schoner, 17) Shot As Spies (‘You Will Pay The Supreme Penalty For Your Offenses So That The German People Will Know That We Intend To Use What-Ever Force Is Necessary To Eradicate Completely The Blight Of German Militarism And The Nazi Ideology From The Face Of The Earth,’ President Of The Courts Martial) 12
06/05/1945 (Henry A.) Wallace Attacks Enemies Of Russia 13
06/05/1945 Conversions (Of Germans) Not Hate Urged-Letter-Stern But Humane Rules Advocated For Rehabilitation Of Germans (Arnold Wolfers) 18
06/06/1945 4 Allies Take Control Of Reich-Stern Terms-Impose ‘37 Borders (Except Between Poland And Germany!) 1
06/06/1945 Attlee Ridicules Fear Of Socialism 1
06/06/1945 Franco Reported Releasing (Free) Masons 4
06/06/1945 (Raf’s Peregrine) Falcons Seized Nazis’ (Carrier) Pigeons (‘Living Spitfires’) 5
06/06/1945 Allies Not Agreed On War Criminals 5
06/06/1945 Picture: William Joyce (American Citizen) In British Custody 5
06/06/1945 The Nazi Puppet (Vidkun Quisling) In Norway Is Brought To (Norwegian) Justice 7
06/06/1945 British Instrument Makers (Optical, Etc.) Demand Ban On German Rivals As A Preventative Of War 7
06/06/1945 Norway Vigorous In Recovery Steps-Resources Are Not So Badly Depleted As Feared (Probably Because Of German Policies) 7
06/06/1945 Texts Of Four Major Allies’ Statements On The Control Of Occupied Germany 10
06/06/1945 Niemoeller Asks Iron Rule Of Reich 11
06/06/1945 Food Crisis Faces Allies In Bavaria 11
06/06/1945 (U.S.) To Keep (Confiscated) German Patents (James E. Markham Number Not Given) 11
06/06/1945 Four French Judges, Prosecutor On Trial (Collaboration) 12
06/06/1945 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Demands Return To Morals 14
06/06/1945 Communist Drive In CIO Unions Seen 14
06/07/1945 Soviet To Occupy Half Of Reich 1
06/07/1945 Berlin Ruin Held Lesson For World (By Drew Middleton) 4
06/07/1945 Old Parties Astir In Occupied Reich 5
06/07/1945 FBI Seizes 6 As Spies (Apparently For Russia), Two In State Dept. (Pictures And Vita P. 5 Some Origins Very Interesting) 1&5
06/07/1945 Horror Camp In Austria (Charred Bodies Of 48 Allied Chutists Found At Mauthausen-Mauthausen Was The Site Used To Execute Captured OSS Chutists And Other Agents Dropped For Sabotage, Partisan Activity, Etc.) 5
06/07/1945 Sweden Armed Danes Secretly To Fight Nazis Under Allied Plan 8
06/07/1945 180,000 In Belgium Indicted As Pro-Nazis 8
06/07/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Makes (War Crimes] Report 8
06/07/1945 Cut In War Studies Sought-Switch From Technical Subjects To International Issues 17
06/08/1945 Belsen Food Charge Answered By Doctor (UNRRA Nutrition Expert, Dr. A. P. Meikeljohn) 2
06/08/1945 700 U-Boats Sunk In Atlantic War 3
06/08/1945 Secret Norse Plants Armed Patriot (Partisan) Army 3
06/08/1945 (Allied) Convoy Losses Put At 1 in 1,000 3
06/08/1945 Text Of Justice Jackson’s Report To The President On Trials For (German) War Criminals 4
06/08/1945 German Reaction (To Forced Attendance) To ‘Horror’ (Atrocity) Movie (Belsen & Buchenwald) Picture (Name Not Given) 4
06/08/1945 Poles Seize (Paul) Hoffman Horror Camp (Majdanek) Leader 6
06/08/1945 20,000 (German) Picked Troops Relieve British On Guard Duty 7
06/08/1945 Americans Seize Axis Sally (Rita Louisa Zucca) In Italy-Born Here 9
06/08/1945 First Of Food Ships (For British Occupation Only) Docks At Hamburg 9
06/08/1945 Anti-Nazi Feeling Rises Says Army (Continuing Propaganda Campaign By Army, U.S. Press, Etc.!) 11
06/08/1945 Unborn New World Group To Be ‘The United Nations’ (Actually An Extension Of The Wartime Coalition Against Germany And Japan!) 12
06/09/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Denies Allies Pledged Korea To Russia At Yalta (But Roosevelt May Have!) 1
06/09/1945 Jews In Greece Assisted-(Histadruth, The Jewish Labor Organization In Palestine Helped 3,000 Jews To Reach Zionist Colonies. Besides These, Since Summer Of 1942, 6,000-7,000 Salonika Jews Were ‘Saved’.) 2
06/09/1945 Schuschnigg Says Germans Hate War-Blame Hitler Alone-Sees Public (German) Led Astray 4
06/09/1945 Petain Claims Churchill ‘Pact’ Guided His Moves As Vichy Chief 4
06/09/1945 Danes (Reinstituting Death Penalty) Seek Executioner 4
06/09/1945 Screening Of Nazis Complex Problem-81 Different Denazification) Categories 5
06/09/1945 (Harry) Hopkins Visits Berlin (Lands At Tempelhof On Way From Moscow) 6
06/09/1945 Buchenwald Is Described (Letter By Joan Allen Livingston) 12
06/10/1945 Truman Is Seizing Axis Assets Here-Will Be Turned Into The Treasury (Morgenthau) 10
06/10/1945 600,000-Germans (Out Of 2,100,000 POW Captured) To Labor For U.S.-200,000 Will Be Assigned To France 11
06/10/1945 Lord Wright Disturbed (Opposes Secrecy On War Crimes-Threatened To Resign) 11
06/10/1945 Pope To Name Envoy (Ecclesiastical High Commissioner) To (German) Occupation Zone 11
06/10/1945 German Decline In Surgery Noted-20 Years Behind Us In Technique 12
06/10/1945 80% Of Reich Jews Murdered By Nazis-Only 150,000 Survived (Amg Investigation-Actually Over Half Of Germany’s Jews Had, By Sept. 1939, Already Emigrated. The Remainder Who Stayed In Germany Survived The War In Pretty Good Shape!) 13
06/10/1945 Teaching Methods Of Nazis Praised (By Belgians-Augueste Buisseret, Minister Of Education) 14
06/10/1945 Zhukoff Pledges Powerless Reich 14
06/10/1945 Two Berliners Executed (By Russians For Hiding Small Arms) 14
06/10/1945 Public (War Crimes) Trials Favored (By Andrei Y. Vishinsky) 14
06/10/1945 Populace Returns To Berlin’s Ruins (65,000 Tons Of Allied Bombs And 40,000 Tons Of Russian Artillery Shells-Quite Possibly Obtained From The U.S. Via The Persian Gulf) 15
06/10/1945 Montgomery (‘Monty’) Now Resides In (Baron Von Vincke’s) Castle Near Osnabrueck 15
06/10/1945 (Truman) Will Release (Some But Not All) War Data 16
06/10/1945 Allies Take Embassy Of Reich In Madrid 19
06/10/1945 (British) Ban On Immigration Of Jews (To Palestine) Is Deplored (By Dr. Walter C. Lowdermilk, U.S. Dept Of Agriculture) 20
06/10/1945 Cartoon: (U.S.) Reeducation Of (Nazi) ‘Problem Child’ E-3
06/11/1945 Accord On Poland (Lublin Vs London Poles) Held Much Nearer 1
06/11/1945 5,000 Allied Fliers Rescued By French (Underground Partisans) 2
06/11/1945 3 Germans (Soldiers) Executed-Decapitated For Hiding Pistols After Truce In British Zone-Ordered By Montgomery, German Executioner) 3
06/11/1945 Circus Will Reopen This Week At Hamburg, But Germans Will Be Barred From Shows 4
06/11/1945 Montgomery Puts (War) Blame On Germans 7
06/11/1945 Text On Yalta Clarified 9
06/11/1945 German (International News) Quarantine Analyzed-Letter-Act Supported By Robert J. Landry 14
06/11/1945 Refugees’ Restraint (At Oswego, N.Y.) Decried By O’dwyer (Chairman Of War Refugee Board, At Meeting Of United Hungarian Jews Of America, Inc.) 16
06/11/1945 3 Jewish Agencies Back United Appeal 18
06/11/1945 Tuttle Urges Public To Aid Anti-Bias Act 21
06/11/1945 Early Action Urged (Pressure On England) To Promote Zionism (By Dr. Israel Goldstein, President Of Zionist Organization Of America) 21
06/11/1945 590 Nazis (POW) At-(Philadelphia) Shipyard (To Relieve Manpower Shortage) (Another 1,000 German POW) War Prisoners To (Seattle) Canneries 30
06/12/1945 High Court Frees 24 Ex-Bundsmen 1
06/12/1945 Billion Shots (Rounds) Fired By Yanks In Europe 1
06/12/1945 Reich Will Not Rise Again Says Eisenhower In London 1
06/12/1945 Picture: Germans On The Trail Home (Pilsen To Bavaria) By Covered Wagon (Not Disclosed If Expelled By Czechs) 4
06/12/1945 Von Kluege Sought To Yield Last Year 5
06/12/1945 Reich Priest (Father Schurman, Wadersloh) Urges 10-Year Occupation (And Reeducation Of The Germans) 5
06/12/1945 4 High Germans Seized-Generals And Scientists Sought By Allies Are In Custody 5
06/12/1945 Terezin (Theresienstadt) Emptied Of 30,000 Captives (‘Show-Place’ Ghetto) 6
06/12/1945 Tells Of Hitler (And Eva Braun’s) Children 6
06/12/1945 Poles Distribute More (German) Land 6
06/12/1945 Petain Portrays Himself As Savior (Of France) 8
06/12/1945 Propaganda Here (Washington) Cost 5 Millions (Att’y. Gen. Francis Beverley Biddle’s Report) 8
06/12/1945 Germans Starved Babies (Of Polish & Russian Laborers), Billed Mothers For Care (Fallersleben, U.S. Report) 8
06/12/1945 Britain Proposes To Vacate Levant (If French Will Also Leave) 9
06/12/1945 ‘The Master Race’ (By Brecht, Exiled Jewish-German Playwright) Arriving (Opening) Tonight (A ‘Documentary’ Play) 15
06/13/1945 Pope Says He Tried To Bar War By Axis 1
06/13/1945 Woman Among Victims Of (Patriot-Partisan) Lynchings In France 7
06/13/1945 Captive U.S. Troops Beaten With Picks (By Germans At Berga Elster) 12
06/13/1945 (Morgenthau) Sees Trade Knell For Reich, Japan (Questioned By Taft) 15
06/13/1945 Picture: Harry Hopkins Returns (To Washington) From Moscow Mission 17
06/14/1945 Allies, Neutrals Lost 4,770 Ships In War Since 1939 (4,453,061 Troops Sent To Europe By U.S.) 1
06/14/1945 8 Aides Of Quisling Accused Of Treason 3
06/14/1945 Picture: Rita Louisa Zucca, ‘Axis Sally’ 6
06/14/1945 Anti-Fascists (Political Party Rally) At Dachau 6
06/14/1945 Truman For Trial Of German Staff 6
06/14/1945 Bremen Orchestra To Play; Nazi Bans Are Dropped (Millhaud, Meyerbeer, Ravel, Gershwin, Rubenstein, Schoenberg, & Mahler-All ‘Of Jewish Extraction’) 11
06/15/1945 16 Polish Leaders To Be Tried Soon, Moscow Reveals 1
06/15/1945 Soldier Attendants Blamed In (U.S. Veteran) Beatings At Northport (N.Y. Hospital) 1
06/15/1945 Germans Honor Victims-Forced To Build Memorials To 3,500 Dachau Dead (Capt. Malcom Vendig, Sands Port, Long Island, Military Governor Of Dachau Planned The Project With Brig. Gen. Paul Adams And Others-Named-Stone From The Nuernberg Stadium) 4
06/15/1945 (350,000) German Prisoners (Of War Already) Re-Educated Here (During War!-Brig. Gen. B. M. Bryan In Charge) 5
06/15/1945 Blast Kills 600 Germans (German Naval Personnel In U.N. Custody-Moving Explosives At Flensburg) 6
06/15/1945 Britain To Start War (Crimes) Trials Soon (Along Lines Suggested By Robert H. Jackson) 8
06/15/1945 Orthodox Rabbis ‘Excommunicate’ Author Of (Jewish) Prayer Book Though He Is Not A Member (Of Orthodox Jews-Said Jews ‘Not A Divinely Chosen Race.’) 11
06/16/1945 (Von) Ribbentrop Is Captured In Hamburg 1
06/16/1945 Eisenhower Urges Peacetime Draft; Backed By Stimson 1
06/16/1945 U.S. Women Aided Dutch Resistance 5
06/16/1945 (Robert M.) Hutchins For Mercy To Peoples Of Axis (But War Criminals Must Be Punished ‘We Are Saying About The Germans And Japanese What Hitler Said About The Jews.’) 14
06/16/1945 German Synthetic Rubber Data Brought Back To U.S. By Experts (Technological Industrial Intelligence Committee, ‘TIIC’) 15
06/17/1945 Marshall And King Support Appeals For A Peace Draft 1
06/17/1945 Spanish Workers (From German Labor Camps) In A Sealed Train Mobbed In France (Believed To Have Been Pro-Germans 20 Killed, 361 Injured-Leftist Bands In France Killed Just About Anybody They Wished At This Period. It Was A Reign Of Terror!) 1
06/17/1945 Reich’s Industry Seen On Upgrade-Despite War Damage (And U.N. Dismantling!) 6
06/17/1945 U.S. Fliers Will Map All Parts Of Reich (‘In The Event Of Another War’) 6
06/17/1945 Roosevelt Rebuff By Hitler Related (By Prince Louis Ferdinand Hohenzollern, Who Knew Roosevelt And Had Apparently Been His House Guest Stephen T. Early & Others Skeptical) 6
06/17/1945 Ribbentrop Faces Allies’ Questions (3 Letters Found On Him When He Was Captured Addressed To Churchill, Eden, & Montgomery-Naturally The Letters Were Never Sent Nor The Contents Revealed) 7
06/17/1945 U.S. Fliers Aided By Swedish Ruse (‘Through A Clever Misinterpretation Of International Law’) 8
06/17/1945 Belgium,S Aid To U.S. More Than She Gets 8
06/17/1945 U.S.,Britain Block (2,000,000 To 3,000,000) Sudetens’ Exodus 12
06/17/1945 Ciano’s Wife Fled With Secret (Ciano) Diary 15
06/17/1945 UNRRA Will Give Europe 14,500 Farm Tractors (But About Half Were Actually Purchased By The Receiving Countries) 16
06/17/1945 Cartoon: The Pacific ‘The Yanks Are Coming’ E-3
06/17/1945 War Criminals To Face Three Types Of Courts (Imt, National, & Military) E-4
06/17/1945 To Make The Germans Men Of Peace Mag. 12
06/18/1945 Ciano Diary Cites Hitler Aim For Years: ‘We Want War’ 1
06/18/1945 (16) Poles Go On Trial In Moscow Today 1
06/18/1945 Declare War Aims (60) Churches Urge (U.N.) 5
06/18/1945 Widow Of (Karl) Kautsky Died In Nazi Camp (Auschwitz-Met Son, Benedict, There. Two Other Sons Karl, Jr. In N.Y.C. & Felix In Los Angeles) 5
06/18/1945 Germans To Be Ousted (By Guatemala Under Provisions Of Act Of Chapultepec) 6
06/18/1945 Swiss Clamoring For Nazis’ Ouster 7
06/18/1945 British Prepared For Reich Trials (Sachsenhausen, Kreidl Commandant & Belsen, Kramer Commandant-1,600 Former Inmates Of Belsen Now Housed In Handsome #2 Camp-20 Germans Dead From Suicide Or From ‘Rigors Of Burying Their Victims’) 7
06/18/1945 Allies May Get Himmler Aide (Walter Schellenberg) 7
06/18/1945 Czechs Will Try Hacha (76 Years Of Age) 7
06/18/1945 Jews’ Future Seen Better In Europe 8
06/18/1945 Germans Who See Atrocity Facts Tend To Admit Reich’s War Guilt 8
06/18/1945 (Nuernberg) Captives Support Hess Peace Story 8
06/18/1945 Hidden Shrine Yields Two Kaiser’s Bodies (Friederich The Great And Kaiser Wilhelm I Plus Treasure) 9
06/18/1945 Polish Terrorist (Stanislaw Sokol, Peoples’ Armed Force) Killed 11
06/18/1945 War Trials Pressed By Jewish Veterans (Jews, Catholics, And Negroes Should Stay United To Fight ‘Common Enemy’-Guess Who That Might Be!) 30
06/19/1945 High Court Halts Bridges Deporting 1
06/19/1945 Nazis Sneak Back To Aachen Homes 5
06/19/1945 British Release 12,000 (German Soldiers) Daily 5
06/19/1945 Haw Haw (William Joyce, An American Citizen) Appears On Treason Charge (At London) 600 Year Old Law Invoked 6
06/19/1945 (1,000) Refugees (Mostly Jews) In Switzerland Vote On New Homelands 6
06/20/1945 4,000,000 See Hero (Eisenhower In N.Y.C.) 1
06/20/1945 Soldier’s (Pvt. Samuel Rosenblum, 23) Sentence To Death Commuted (Emanuel Celler Interceded; Eisenhower Approved) 3
06/20/1945 E. L. Delany (Formerly Of Olney, Ill.), U.S. Traitor, Is Captured In Prague (By Klaus Mann), Son Of Thomas Mann; Made Radio Attacks On Roosevelt And New Deal) 7
06/20/1945 Prague Ex-Mayor; Franz Tiso Seized 10
06/20/1945 Leopold Refuses To Give Up Throne 12
06/20/1945 Technical Secrets Of Reich Uncovered (By Ttt ‘Target’ Force) 12
06/20/1945 (Marcel) Deat (Editor), Absent Gets Death In Swift French Trial 13
06/20/1945 U.S. Troops Find German Treasure ($5,000,000,000 Hoard) 16
06/21/1945 12 Poles Convicted, 3 Freed In Russia; 10 Years Top Term 1
06/21/1945 394 On Refugee Ship Arrive In Palestine (From Spain Aboard ‘Plus Ulera’ Passage Paid By Joint Dist. Comm. Rest By Jewish Agency Of Palestine) 5
06/21/1945 (Robert H.) Jackson Staff (Including Son, Ensign William E. Jackson) in London Also Includes Sidney B. Alderman, Col. Murray Bernays, & Others) 6
06/21/1945 Germans (Being Trained By Americans) React Promptly To Our National Anthem (Germans Uncertain Whether Civil Or Military Required To Stand) 7
06/21/1945 Re-Education Plan Offered For Nazis (By U.S. Committee On Educational Reconstruction-Names) 10
06/21/1945 Quisling Forced To Gaze Upon Mass Grave Horrors 12
06/22/1945 German Staff To Be Kept In Exile; Kilgore (West Va.) Reports Third War Plot 1
06/22/1945 35 Fascists Slain (Machine Gunned By ‘Anti-Fascists) In Italian Prisons 4
06/22/1945 Yugoslavia Asks Greater Speed In Indicting Italian War Criminals) 4
06/22/1945 Avery’s Son (John) A Problem (In England) 4
06/22/1945 Krupp Faces Trial 4
06/22/1945 Eisenhower Tells Mid-West Its Duty 5
06/22/1945 Germans Flee Area Russians Will Enter 5
06/22/1945 Negro Colonel Heads Unit After Race Row 5
06/22/1945 Reynaud Accused Of Concealment (By Petain, Concerning Reynaud-Churchill Talks Before French Surrender) 6
06/23/1945 Baruch Says Peace Depends On Ending Reich’s War Power 1
06/23/1945 Trial Of Top Nazis This Summer Predicted By (Robert H.) Jackson In London 1
06/23/1945 Czechoslovaks Seize 270,000 Properties From Germans, Hungarians, And ‘Traitors’ 4
06/23/1945 Reich Bishop (Msgr. Konrad Groeber, Archbishop, Freiburg-Im-Breisgau) Sees Only ‘Ray Of Hope’ (For Germany) 5
06/23/1945 Smashed Hamburg Symbol Of Defeat-Few Craft In Harbor 6
06/24/1945 France To Occupy All Reich Adjacent To Her Frontiers 1
06/24/1945 Truman Commutes To Life Terms Death Sentences Of Two (German) Spies (William C. Colepaugh & Erich Gimpel) 1
06/24/1945 Propaganda Drive By Germans (For Mercy) Seen (By Senator James E. Murray, Montana, At Testimonial Dinner For Isador Lipschutz) 8
06/24/1945 British Reported Supporting U.S. Proposal For Mass Trial Of Top German War Guilty 8
06/24/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Calls U.S. Top World Power 10
06/24/1945 Apathy Dominates Ruined Brunswick-(‘A Starving Dog Is Never Friendly’) 11
06/24/1945 (German) Pw’s Aid Nazi Victims ($900 Donated By POW At Fair Haven State Park) 11
06/24/1945 Poland To Get UNRRA Aid (Requires Supplies Worth $256,000,000) 12
06/24/1945 Norse Premier Says His People Want No Aid From (German) Foe 12
06/24/1945 French List Deaths Of Prison Victims (In German Camps) 13
06/24/1945 Remaking Germany E-1 & E-2
06/24/1945 War Crimes Trials Are Speeded By Allies E-3
06/24/1945 Stateless Exiles Adrift In Europe-A Million Persons Cannot Or Will Not Return To Former Home(The U.S. Decided That A Person Could Take The Citizenship Of The Conquered European Country In Which He Found Himself At The End Of The War!) E-5
06/24/1945 Portrait (Robert H. Jackson, Vita) Of A Judge And Prosecutor (In This Case, Also The Grand Jury And Petit Jury) Mag. 13&33
06/25/1945 Reich ‘Through For Century’ Say 12 Generals Here By Air 1
06/25/1945 Hitler Flag Mired In Moscow Parade 1
06/25/1945 2 Germans Executed (Decapitated) For Having Firearms 2
06/25/1945 Ciano Diary Reveals Ribbentrop’s Tricks (Picture) 4
06/25/1945 (Refugee Stock) Owners Will Regain Securities In Reich (Labeled Certificates Found In Germany) 4
06/25/1945 Allies To Curb Use Of Nazi Witnesses 7
06/25/1945 3 Named Chairman Of Jewish Appeal (Rabbis J. G. Heller And J. B. Wise With William Rosenwald) 19
06/25/1945 Emergency Group For Jews (Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe, Inc., Established June 1943) Disbands 30
06/26/1945 Morgenthau Sees New Bond Record; 20 Billions Passed 1
06/26/1945 Yugoslav Traitors Doomed By Courts 3
06/26/1945 Briton (Lt. Gen. William Slim) Says Asiatic War Fought On Shoestring (Germany Got Preference!) 3
06/26/1945 Wealthy Inventor (Georges Claude, 75) On Trial In France (For Alleged Collaboration-Liquification Of Gases) 4
06/26/1945 (347 Jewish Children, Vangard Of 2,000 Total, Arrive In Switzerland From Buchenwald) 4
06/26/1945 Rommel Took Own Life His Chief Of Staff (Bayerlein) Says 5
06/26/1945 Allies Fear Riots If Reich Is Hungry 5
06/26/1945 Knut Hamsun (Norwegian Nobel Prize Winner) Wears Nazi Badge In Court (His Personal Property Already Confiscated Before His Appearance) 6
06/26/1945 Goering Divorce Seen (Requested By Emmy Goering) 6
06/26/1945 Germans Told To Leave (Pommerania, By Poles) 6
06/26/1945 Halt Reich Efforts To ‘Rebuild’ (‘Obtain Foreign Exchange’) Abroad 8
06/26/1945 End Of Zionist Row Is Urged In Report 10
06/26/1945 Anti-Russian Talk Assailed By Ickes 12
06/26/1945 Iran To Get (Trans-Iranian) Railroad (Back-Southern Part Operated By U.S. Army Persian Gulf Command To Be Returned In July-Used To Supply Russians) 12
06/26/1945 ‘Gestapo’ Methods In Army Alleged (Cadet At Lincoln, Neb. Clubbed Unconscious By M. P.-M. P. Court Martialed, Dishonorable Discharge!) 20
06/26/1945 End Of Racial Bias In Industry Is Urged (By Malcolm Ross, Chairman Fair Employment Practices Committee 21
06/27/1945 (Allied) Board Studies Wages Of Reich Conscripts 3
06/27/1945 (Georges) Claude Sentenced To Life In Prison 4
06/27/1945 Disarmed Germany Urged By Crowley 5
06/27/1945 Picture: German POW Seeing U.S. Concentration Camp Film (‘Hollywood Production’) 5
06/27/1945 Germans Are Unmoved By (U.S.) Atrocity Film: Prisoners Lay War Crimes To-’Higher Ups’-(Apparently Two Films One 10 Minutes Signal Corps Another 25 Minutes. German POW Working On Soil Conservation Drainage, Mosquito Control, Warehouse, And Cleaning Jobs) 5
06/27/1945 263,000 Tons Of Supplies Sent (To Europe) By UNRRA In May (Sweden Has 10,000 DP’s) 6
06/27/1945 Ban On War Is Aim In Trials Of Nazis 6
06/27/1945 Russians Get Traitor (Lt. Gen. A. A. Ulassof, Captured By Germans, Later Fought Maquis, French Partisans) 6
06/27/1945 10,000 Poles Flee To American Zone 6
06/27/1945 Allies Lack Policy In Western Reich-British (Under Montgomery) More Severe Than U.S. 7
06/27/1945 Budapest Now A City Of Sweepers; Residents Sullen At Cost Of Defeat 7
06/27/1945 12 Freed Bundists Will Be Interned 8
06/27/1945 All Reich’s Radium In Americans’ Hands 8
06/27/1945 U.S. May Try Haw Haw (William Joyce, An American Citizen, If British Find Him American) 8
06/27/1945 Half Brother Of Hitler Seized (By British In Hamburg) 9
06/27/1945 Complete Text Of U.N. Charter 12
06/27/1945 Ilo Stresses Link To United Nations 19
06/27/1945 (Morgenthau) Investigating Loan To Elliott Roosevelt 36
06/28/1945 Vatican To Expand Relief In Germany 4
06/28/1945 Mined Ports Hamper UNRRA In Yugoslavia 4
06/28/1945 Tests On Prisoners By Nazis Described 6
06/28/1945 Churchill Contradicts Montgomery On U.S. (1941) Aid (Montgomery Said England On ‘Threshold Of Defeat’ When U.S. Entered War And That Was All That Saved Them) 7
06/28/1945 Russians May Let (300,000) Polish Jews Leave (To Go To Palestine-From Central Asian Territories) 8
06/28/1945 Germans To Perform Our K. P 8
06/28/1945 Germans (POW) Raise Own Vegetables (Halloran Gen. Hospital, Staten Island, N.Y.) 16
06/28/1945 Picture: Hull With Wife Receiving First Batch Of 3 Cent Roosevelt Stamps 34
06/29/1945 Nazis’ Scientists Planned Sun ‘Gun’ 5,100 Miles Up 1
06/29/1945 Katyn Graves Story Declared Grim Fraud (Put Out By Goebbels To Split Un-False Identification Of Bodies Forged By 40- 60 Jews In Sachsenhausen-Forging Equipment Destroyed By Germans In Cover-Up Stockholm Report) 2
06/29/1945 2,000 U.S. Soldiers In Discipline Camp (Near Marseilles) Top Nazi Criminals Face Summer Trials 4
06/29/1945 Ss General (Sepp Dietrich) Belittles Nazi Chiefs When Questioned By U.S. Officer 5
06/29/1945 Freed Slaves Kill 100 Germans (In Ruhr-Murder, Rape, Robbery, Etc.) 6
06/29/1945 (Revenue Bureau) To Watch Refugee Taxes (No Number Given Of Those Involved) 7
06/29/1945 (N.Y. State) Anti-Bias Agency Begins Job Monday 17
06/30/1945 3 Germans Hanged For Slaying Airman (Triple Hanging-Rheinbach) 1
06/30/1945 Ruthenia Is Ceded To Soviets In Accord Signed By Czechs 1
06/30/1945 Russians Captured With Nazis Riot At Fort Dix; 3 Commit Suicide 1
06/30/1945 Sun Gun Weighed By Germans In I929 3
06/30/1945 U.S. Navy To Use German Weapons 3
06/30/1945 (Joseph C.) Grew Flatly Denies Japan Seeks Peace 3
06/30/1945 Enemy (Pro-German) Saboteurs Active In Norway-Rolling Stock Wrecked Before (It Was) Yielded 5
06/30/1945 Austrians Charge Nazis Keep Posts 5
06/30/1945 Unidentified French Dead In Reich Put At 320,000 5
06/30/1945 Paraguay To Surrender (6) Nazis (To U.S.) 5
06/30/1945 Anti-Semitism Laid (By Jewish Leaders In France) To Right In France 6
06/30/1945 Herriot Tells 1940 Acts-Charges Petain Blocked Transfer Of Government To Africa 8
06/30/1945 (George Bernard) Shaw Says He Regards Himself As A Red; Urges Election Of Communist In Birmingham 8
06/30/1945 U.S. Leased Bases In Newfoundland-The First 99-Year Deal Was Arranged As Far Back As (June 14) 1941 (Joseph C.) Grew Discloses (Before Pearl Harbor Or The German Declaration Of War Against, Actually A Recognition Of A State Of War With, The U.S.) 8
06/30/1945 Negro Troops Fail, Eastland Asserts-Quotes ‘High Ranking Generals’ 9
06/30/1945 Agencies In U.S. Aid Trapped Refugees-Many Jewish Folk Enroute From Europe When War Came Enabled To Continue 17
06/30/1945 Refugee Expulsion Cited As Dangerous (By Max Gottschalk, Formerly Of Inter-Governmental Committee) 17
06/30/1945 Refugees’ Transfer Is Studied In Berne 17
06/30/1945 German Prisoners (Of War) To Dismantle (Secret) $18,000,000 Alaska Port 17
06/30/1945 ‘Whiff Of The Liberal’ Urged In Education (By Dr. George Dinsmore Stoddard, Commissioner Of Education) 20