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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

December 1933
Date Headline Page
12/01/1933 ‘NRA’ of Argentina Seen As Aid to Us 1
12/01/1933 Britain Is Assured On Our Money Plan 1
12/01/1933 Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case Given To The Jury 1
12/01/1933 Roosevelt Carves Bird For ‘Family’ He Jokes Over Critics 3
12/01/1933 (Newspaper) Thanks Roosevelt For Renewing Hope Sees Chastened Nation 3
12/01/1933 Roosevelt To Speak To Church (Federal) Council (Of Churches of Christ In America See Entry, Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10) 4
12/01/1933 Armed Forces Add To Japan’s Budget 11
12/01/1933 Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Tries To Save Authority 12
12/01/1933 Nazis Warn Jews’ Shops To Shun Christmas Signs (See Later Entry!) 12
12/01/1933 (Senator Ivan Majstrovich, Belgrade [‘Little Entente’) Assures Reich Jews of Yugoslav Haven (Greater Number of German Jews Are To Be In Yugoslavia Temporarily ‘On Their Way To Palestine’) 12
12/01/1933 Six Reds Beheaded As Nazis (Sturmabteilung) Slayers (In Riots) 12
12/01/1933 Rabbi Gold (Rochester, N.Y. Mizrachi Meeting) Criticizes Palestine Education 13
12/01/1933 Labor Duty Required For Reich Officials 13
12/01/1933 Chinese Despair of Avoiding War 13
12/01/1933 Judge Callahan’s Charge To The Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Jury In The Case of Heywood Patterson (Defendant) 15
12/02/1933 Nazi (Sturmabteilung) Troops (Under Col. Ernst Roehm) Made Official In Reich Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
12/02/1933 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Negro Again Condemned 1
12/02/1933 Hitler Commands Hands Off Church 8
12/02/1933 New Reich Military Oaths Omits The (Weimar) Constitution 8
12/02/1933 (Geneva) Talk On Refugees Will Open Monday 8
12/02/1933 Employers’ Groups Dissolve In Germany 8
12/02/1933 German Day Set (See Entry, Nov. 2, 1933, P. 11); Nazi Note Curbed Gathering To Be Held In (Madison Square) Garden Wednesday, With Steuben Society In Charge (German Ambassador) Dr. Luther Will Speak (Other Speakers Dropped) 8
12/02/1933 German Fortunes (Of Anti NSDAP Persons) Seized (List) 8
12/02/1933 Nazi Prisoners (In Austria) Must Pay (For Imprisonment) 8
12/03/1933 (Sec. of The Navy, Claude A.) Swanson Warns of ‘Impaired’ Navy As Inviting War 1
12/03/1933 Hindenburg To Serve As Long As He Wishes; Hitler Asks Him To Keep Reich Presidency 1
12/03/1933 Soviet Paper Here Owned By Workers 18
12/03/1933 (Reich Bishop Dr. Ludwig) Mueller Names Church Cabinet (List) Guido Enderis, Berlin 26
12/03/1933 Boycotted German Toys Will Be Sold At Home (In Germany) 26
12/03/1933 Soviet Links Reich In Ukrainian (Separatist) Plot 26
12/03/1933 German Savants (Report By Dr. Raymond C. Knox, Chaplain of Columbia University) Oppose Hitler 26
12/03/1933 Reich To Cut Meal Again Third One Dish Sunday Will Be Observed Today 26
12/03/1933 Nazis Minimize New (Sturmabteilung) Troop Status 27
12/03/1933 Estonians Aroused At Nazis’ Intrigues 27
12/03/1933 Bank Is Proposed For Russian Trade 27
12/03/1933 (Mizrachi, Rochester, N.Y. Meeting) Hits Soviets On Zionists Asks Roosevelt To Intervene 27
12/03/1933 Manacled Reds Protest (Scottsboro, Alabama Negro Rape Case) Verdict 28
12/03/1933 October Exports To 31 Nations Rose N-9
12/03/1933 Hitler Given First Jolt By Protestant Pastors (See Entry, Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10) Edwin L. James E-1
12/03/1933 Finds War Less Expected In Europe Than We Think Dr. Earle B. Babcock (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) E-1
12/03/1933 Roosevelt (Alfred E.) Smith Rift Becomes Historic Feud Believed Too Wide To Be Bridged Arthur Krock E-1
12/03/1933 Japanese Inroads Stir British Trade E-2
12/03/1933 Dollfuss Tales Entertain Vienna Hitler Tales More Acid E-2
12/03/1933 Raid On (Barcelona, Spain) Newspaper Seen As Nazi Plot E-2
12/03/1933 Curious Ally (Church See Entry Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10) Aids Reich Liberalism Nazis Paved Way For It Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
12/03/1933 Hold Reich Speeds League Tie For Us Cite Analogy On Soviet Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
12/03/1933 Poland Fortifies Amity On 2 Sides Reich’s Sincerity Queried Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
12/03/1933 Holds British Navy Not Worth Money Calls Fleet Inferior E-3
12/03/1933 Germans Foment (Anti-Semitic) Riots In Rumania G.E.R. Gedye, Bucharest E-3
12/03/1933 Cartoon: (Roosevelt) The (Heroic) Man Who Passed The Port The Wrong Way E-5
12/03/1933 Rolph’s Lynching Praise Shocks South; California Opinion Backs The Governor E-6
12/03/1933 Hitler’s Showmen Weave A Magic Spell Mag. 8
12/03/1933 The Soviet Way With The Child (Child Education) Mag. 12
12/03/1933 (Seventh) Pan American Conference (Montevideo) A New Test of Cooperation XX-3
12/04/1933 (Pan-) American Parley Open In (Montevideo) Uruguay; Chaco Issue Rises 1
12/04/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Plans Bomb Four Cities In Fukien, Killing Twenty During Rebel Celebrations 1
12/04/1933 (Father Charles Eugene) Coughlin Assails Roosevelt Critic Denounces Wall Street 8
12/04/1933 Ban On Nazis Voted By 15,000 In Chicago (‘Committee For The Defense of Human Rights Against Nazism,’ Salomon O. Levinson, Chairman & Dr. Paul Hutchinson, Editor ‘Christian Century,’ President) Hitler Held World Peril ‘Most Formidable Man Since Napoleon,’ Says (John Haynes) Holmes ‘Gang Rule’ Assailed 10
12/04/1933 Doubt Hitler Aims To End Versailles Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
12/04/1933 Germany’s Convicts To Be Judged Anew 10
12/04/1933 Reich (‘Insurgent’) Clergy Bar Uniform Service 11
12/04/1933 (Bavaria) Will Try Priests For ‘Atrocity Lies’ Chaplain Gets 5 Months 11
12/04/1933 Free Masons Accused of Anti Nazi Plots German Agriculture Minister (Dr. Walther Doree), In Address To Peasants, Also Attacks Jews 11
12/04/1933 Japan Now To Push Warship Building Bring Navy Up To Treaty Strength 12
12/04/1933 Mexican 6 Year Plan (Under General Lazero Cardenas) Tends To Socialism 13
12/04/1933 Priest Condemns Foes of New Deal Still Fears Communism 16
12/05/1933 Cardinal (Faulhaber, Munich) Attacks Nazi Church Plan Reich Bishop Retreats Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
12/05/1933 Europeans To Join American (Montevideo) Parley 3
12/05/1933 Japan’s Navy Plan Is Within (London Naval) Treaty 10
12/05/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Waiting For War In South Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
12/05/1933 Ex-Bandit Seizes Sinkiang Area Dominates A Huge Area 11
12/05/1933 Moratorium’s End Sought of Reich Schacht Seeks Extension 12
12/05/1933 Nazis Revoke (Academic) Degrees Academic Honors Are Ordered Withdrawn From Refugees (Who Vilify Germany) 12
12/05/1933 Police Seize Chief of Austrian Nazis (Alfred Frauenfeld) 13
12/05/1933 British Hands Tied On Trade With Us 20
12/05/1933 (Runciman) Asks Britons Use Only British Ships 47
12/06/1933 Roosevelt Proclaims Repeal (Of Eighteenth Amendment); Urges Temperance In Nation 1
12/06/1933 Italy To Quit League Unless It Is Reformed; Demands Altered Aims And Set Up At Once 1
12/06/1933 ‘Down With Church!’ Is Cry of Mexicans 13
12/06/1933 Litvinoff Denies Religion Wavers 15
12/06/1933 Britain Is Evasive On Irish Republic 16
12/06/1933 Notes On Anglo Irish Clash 16
12/06/1933 60,000 Have Fled From Nazis’ Reich Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 18
12/06/1933 (Manchester Guardian) Journalist Warned (Of Expulsion For ‘Unfair Report’) By Swiss Prosecutor 18
12/06/1933 Protest To Reich On Moratorium 18
12/06/1933 Favors From (Manufactured In) Reich Dumped Off Liner (‘Monarch of Bermuda’) Untermyer Protests On German Origin of Gala Caps On Cruise And They Go Overboard (On Captain Albert R. Francis’s Orders) 18
12/06/1933 (Episcopalian, Rev. Dr. Daniel A. Mc Gregor) Holds Roosevelt Is Not A Messiah Pays Tribute To Leader 20
12/07/1933 Our Pagan Ethics Scored By Roosevelt In Speech; Lynching Called Murder Talks To Church (Federal) Council of Churches of Christ In America See Entry, Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10 Text, This Date, P. 2) 1
12/07/1933 Germans In (Madison Square Garden) Rally Heavily Guarded Heil Hitler! Crowd Cries 20,000 Wait To Hear (German Ambassador) Dr. Luther End of Boycott Is Demanded And (Mayor) O’brien Ban On Earlier Meeting Is Condemned Luther Praises Hitler 1
12/07/1933 Nazis Plan To Abolish Woman Suffrage, Limiting Vote To ‘Aryans’ Able To Bear Arms 1
12/07/1933 (Martin W.) Littleton Assails Roosevelt Policies 2
12/07/1933 Britain Minimizes Threat To League 10
12/07/1933 Refugee Council To Name Advisers Hears Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann And Others Palestine Is Stressed 10
12/07/1933 Austrian Priests To Drop Politics Popes Wishes Are Cited 11
12/07/1933 Cardenas Is Choice of Mexican Party 12
12/07/1933 Estonia Bans Nazis; Seizes Party Chiefs 12
12/07/1933 Scottsboro (Alabama) Negro (Rapist) Is Convicted Again (Defense Counsel) Samuel Leibowitz (N.Y. Attorney) Files Appeals To Stay Death Sentence 16
12/08/1933 Britain Is Unmoved By Mussolini Plan To Reform League 1
12/08/1933 Litvinoff Ignores Courting By Reich 1
12/08/1933 Ford Asks Dealers To Pitch In And Help Roosevelt ‘Pull Nation Our of The Hole’ (See Entry, Oct. 28, 1933, P. 1) 3
12/08/1933 (Scottsboro, Alabama Negro Rape Case, Samuel) Leibowitz Returns (To N.Y. City) 3
12/08/1933 Threat (By England) Curbs Irish, De Valera Argues 7
12/08/1933 Firm Here (Curtiss Wright) To Build Airplanes In China Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Assures Sales Hallett Abend, Shanghai 8
12/08/1933 (Sir Thomas) Inskip Is Censured (In Letter To London Times) As Roosevelt Critic 8
12/08/1933 ‘Torture’ (Word Latter Admitted To Have Been Mistranslated) of Bandits (By Japanese) Hinted In Manchuria 8
12/08/1933 J. (James) G. M’donald (League High Commissioner of Refugees From Germany) Gets (N.Y. City) Town Medal 10
12/08/1933 Goering Will Free 5,000 From Camps Christmas Pardons 10
12/08/1933 League Unworried By Italian Attack 11
12/08/1933 Creditors’ Parley Fails In Germany 11
12/08/1933 Hungarians Attack Jews 11
12/08/1933 Lord Cecil (Pacifist) Heads Board For Refugees J. G. Mc Donald Announces 11
12/08/1933 French Turn Down 2 Reich Proposals Direct Talks At Impasse Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 12
12/08/1933 Nazis See Backing of Rome On Geneva 13
12/08/1933 Hitler’s Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Now Number 2,500,000 (Roehm Reportedly Tells Newsmen) 13
12/08/1933 (British Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Insists Coalition Coalition Is Vital 14
12/08/1933 Churches Praise Roosevelt’s Speech (To Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) 27
12/09/1933 (Neville) Chamberlain Sees U.S. Halting Trade Attacks Roosevelt Moves 1
12/09/1933 Editor (Kansas City, Missouri) Criticizes Roosevelt Plans Finds Nra Unpopular 4
12/09/1933 Japan Fears Move To Curb Her Trade Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
12/09/1933 France Worried By Rise In Jobless Reich Unemployed Fall 6
12/09/1933 France Wants Us To Pay In Gold On Gold Bonds 6
12/09/1933 Nazi Protestants Dissolve As Party At Government’s Behest Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
12/09/1933 America Is Chided (By Frenchman Henry Berenger) On Reich Refugees 8
12/09/1933 Bavaria Dismisses A Nazi Minister (Georg Luber) 8
12/09/1933 150 Nazis Arrested For Parade In Vienna 8
12/09/1933 Bullitt Leaves Paris (For Moscow) 8
12/09/1933 Nazis Seize Foe’s Goods 8
12/09/1933 Italy Is Assailed By Little Entente 9
12/09/1933 France Reaffirms Fidelity To League Hegemony Is Opposed 9
12/09/1933 Heinz Spanknoebel Is Now In Germany 9
12/09/1933 (Lord Marley Believes (‘Estimates’) 2,000 Slain In Reich Under Nazis 9
12/10/1933 Spain Crushes Anarchist Rebels 42 Killed Hundreds Wounded 1
12/10/1933 (N.Y. City Mayor Elect Firello) La Guardia Talks With Roosevelt 3
12/10/1933 Washington Prods Our War Debtors 6
12/10/1933 France Is Uneasy Over Arms Talks Fears (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald Stand 12
12/10/1933 16 Policemen Hurt In Palestine Riots 16
12/10/1933 Japan Is Planning Duty Retaliation 24
12/10/1933 Nazis Behead Foes of Pre Hitler Era (Austrian Press Report) 28
12/10/1933 Friendship For Us Grows At (Montevideo) Parley 37
12/10/1933 (Prof. Adolph A.) Berle (Jr.) Forecasts Wider ‘New Deal’ 39
12/10/1933 Mussolini Would Revise Covenant of The League French Will Oppose Edwin L. James E-1
12/10/1933 Main (Invasion) Entrances Blocked, Side Doors Worry France E-1
12/10/1933 Nazi Troops Held Anti Red Bulwark (By Col. Ernst Roehm, Head of Sturmabteilung) E-3
12/10/1933 North China Amity With Japan Grows A. T. Steele, Peiping E-8
12/10/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Has Army No One Will Admit E-8
12/10/1933 Where France Faces The Nazis In The Saar Harold Callender Mag. 1
12/10/1933 Unceasingly War Forges Daladier Arms Mag. 6
12/10/1933 (Socialist, George Bernard) Shaw Heaps Praise Upon The Dictators XX-2
12/11/1933 Washington Puts Move To Stabilize (Currency) Up To The British 1
12/11/1933 Anarchists Renew Uprising In Spain; Madrid Is Bombed 1
12/11/1933 Nazi Prince And Princess Flee Austria; Abusing Freedom German Envoy Obtained 1
12/11/1933 General (Smedley) Butler Lays War To Bankers 2
12/11/1933 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Is Greeted At Russian Frontier 2
12/11/1933 Churchmen (John Haynes Holmes, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, & Francis J. Mc Connell) Ask Cut In Tax Exemption 3
12/11/1933 Political Change Marked In Europe League’s Prestige Wanes Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 7
12/11/1933 Mussolini Is Seen In Bid For Prestige Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 7
12/11/1933 Jews See No Gain For Them (Their Brethren) In Reich (Dr. Cyrus Adler, President, American Jewish Committee) Approval of (Untermyer) Boycott Still Withheld 9
12/11/1933 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Threatens To Wipe Our Rebels He Asks For Full Surrender Hallett Abend, Shanghai 13
12/11/1933 Cuban Army Balks Coalition Efforts (Col. Fulgencio Batista Taking Prominent Part In Talks) 13
12/11/1933 Typhus Germ Grown By Soviet Scientists (Mortality Rate of The Disease In Epidemics Estimated To Be 60%) 17
12/12/1933 British Oppose Any Deal With Pound Above $4.50; Want Franc Included Dollar Called Too Low 1
12/12/1933 Devalued Franc Held Inevitable 1
12/12/1933 The American Flag Flies Again In Moscow As Cordial Welcome Is Given Our Envoy (Bullitt) Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
12/12/1933 Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Forces Clash With Rebels Hallett Abend, Shanghai 9
12/12/1933 French Ask Hitler Role of (Sturmabteilung) Troopers Hitler Asked For Details (Of ‘Equal’ Germany) 12
12/12/1933 (N.Y. City) East Siders Score Hitler 12
12/12/1933 (Cuban President, San Martin) Grau Ends Move For Conciliation 15
12/12/1933 (N.Y.) Evening Post’s Buyer,(‘Dear Dave,’ J. David Stern [Martha Dodd Married Alfred K. Stern See Entry, Sept. 5, 1938, P. 3]) Hailed By Roosevelt 21
12/13/1933 (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther Is Heckled At Columbia (University) Talk Three Women Ejected As They Cry ‘Down With Hitler!’ Student Protest Outside (Picture, P. 3) Ambassador Urges World To Disarm, Saying His Nation Will Give Up ‘Last Rifle’ 1
12/13/1933 (U.S.) Would Free Cuba From Supervision Roosevelt Said To Be Ready To Abrogate Platt Amendment (‘Sumner’) Welles To Leave (Cuba) Today 10
12/13/1933 Soviet Will Rush People To Siberia Japan Accused On Pact Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
12/13/1933 France And Belgium Refuse To Pay Us 14
12/13/1933 Britain To Rejoin France On Arms 16
12/13/1933 French Awaiting British Arms View 16
12/13/1933 Cardinal (Faulhaber, Munich) Refutes Nazis On Bible 17
12/13/1933 (N.Y. Representative, Samuel Dickstein) Nazi Inquiry Ended 17
12/13/1933 British ‘Who’S Who’ Omits Hitlerites 17
12/13/1933 Nazis’ Reichstag Sets Speed Work All Leap Up With ‘Ayes’ Guido Enderis, Berlin 18
12/13/1933 Nazi Protestants Yield In Conflict Omit ‘Aryan Paragraph’ 18
12/13/1933 German Debt Plan Rouses Creditors Reich Held Able To Pay 18
12/13/1933 Reciprocity Pacts Proposed By Hull Text, p. 19 19
12/14/1933 (Adolph A.) Berle (Staunch Roosevelt Supporter And Later His Assistant Secretary of State), Moses, Blanshard In The La Guardia Cabinet (Pictures, P. 3) 1
12/14/1933 Gov. (John G.) Winant (Strong Supporter, Organizer of Social Security And Lieutenant of Roosevelt At End of War Commits Suicide!) Backs Roosevelt On NRA; Asks Permanency 1
12/14/1933 Declare Congress Is With Roosevelt 1
12/14/1933 Austria Puts Off Payment On (War) Debt 2
12/14/1933 Kalinin Welcomes (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Warmly 14
12/14/1933 Mussolini Is Seen Seeking Big Role Jules Sauerwein, Paris 17
12/14/1933 (2,000 Doctors, Dentists & Pharmacists) Affirm (Untermyer) Boycott On Nazis 17
12/14/1933 ‘Moral’ Guilt Used In Reich Fire Plea (Prosecutor Holds The Communists Are ‘Morally’ Responsible) 18
12/14/1933 New Periodicals Barred In Germany 18
12/14/1933 Catholics Combat Nazi ‘Aryan’ Clause Guido Enderis, Berlin 19
12/14/1933 Vienna Gags Press On Political Rows 19
12/14/1933 Our ‘Intervention’ (In Cuba) Decried At (Montevideo) Parley 20
12/15/1933 Betrayal Charged In The (Roosevelt) Gold Policy 2
12/15/1933 Japanese Magazines Seized (By U.S. Customs) In Honolulu Because of A Supplement Describing ‘War’ With The United States 6
12/15/1933 Paris Sees London Yielding To Hitler 15
12/15/1933 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt’s Speech Praised In Russia (By Izvestia) Walter Duranty, Moscow 18
12/15/1933 Reich Asks Death For 2 In (Reichstag) Fire Case State Would Hang (Communist Ernst) Torgler And (Incendiary Marinus) Van Der Lubbe 19
12/15/1933 Reich Defends Jews In Christmas Trade Upholds Use of Christian Symbols (In Jewish Shops) 19
12/15/1933 Hits Goering In Fire Case London Times Says He Seeks To Usurp Judge’s Function 19
12/16/1933 Britain To Fight Dollar By Tariff 1
12/16/1933 U.S. Debt View Firm Despite Paris Note Roosevelt Denies Link 8
12/16/1933 (Czech Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes Concerned Over League Issue 9
12/16/1933 Poland To Set Up Powerful Ruler Can Select Successor 9
12/16/1933 Export Surplus Shrinks In Reich 10
12/16/1933 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Pays Visit To Soviet Premier (V. M. Molotoff) 10
12/17/1933 Women Victorious In Equality Fight At Montevideo 1
12/17/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Calls (German Ambassador, Dr. Hans) Luther An Enemy Accuses German Ambassador of Violating (U.S.) Hospitality By Spreading Propaganda Sees Jews Here Attacked Roosevelt Sends Greeting 30
12/17/1933 (Anti NSDAP Joachim) Hassenfelder Our of Nazi Christians (Church) 31
12/17/1933 Nazis Confine Rabbi For ‘Impudent’ Talk (Speech) 31
12/17/1933 Germans Jail Russellites (Jehovah’s Witnesses) For Anti Nazi Pamphlets 31
12/17/1933 Urges Roosevelt For World Dictator R. D. Blumenfeld, English Editor, Says President Can Restore Sanity To Nations 32
12/17/1933 Principles of Fascism Adopted In Lithuania 32
12/17/1933 France And Allies Firm For League 33
12/17/1933 Gold Buying Here Unique In History N-7
12/17/1933 We Seem To Be Shaping A New Policy On Tariffs Reciprocity Is Now Advocated E-1
12/17/1933 Nazis Relax War On Old Testament Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
12/17/1933 Democracy Gains In League Set Up Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
12/17/1933 Cartoon: Anti League of Nations E-3
12/17/1933 Nationalism Remolds The World Mag. 1
12/17/1933 Germany And Japan Striking Parallels Miriam (Mrs. Charles A.) Beard Mag. 8
12/18/1933 Roosevelt Warned Our Debt Will Rise 4 Billion In Year Peril To Our Credit Seen 1
12/18/1933 Pacifists In Row Over What Is ‘War’ 3
12/18/1933 Hitler’s Proposal (To Increase German Army To 300,000) Is Backed In Paris (By Anonymous Writer To ‘Le Temps’) 14
12/18/1933 Vienna Nazis In Attack (On Jewish Stores) 14
12/18/1933 Nazi Court Annuls A Mixed Marriage Sustains ‘Aryan’ Husband 15
12/18/1933 Roosevelt (Letter) Hails Record of (Episcopal) Church 16
12/18/1933 Defines Jewish Martyrs 16
12/18/1933 (John Haynes Holmes) Assails Anti-Semitism 16
12/18/1933 Persecution And The Jew (Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise) 16
12/19/1933 Prussia Abolishes Voting For All Officials; Other States Likely To Centralize Power 1
12/19/1933 Reich Again Cuts Interest On Debts (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Justifies Act 9
12/19/1933 British Denounce (German Debt) Action 9
12/19/1933 Cuban Delegations (At Montevideo) Charges (U.S. With) Bad Faith 11
12/19/1933 Yeshiva To Aid (German) Exiles 11
12/19/1933 Germany Protests Ban By Memel (Of Germans In City Government) 11
12/19/1933 Rumania Holds 1,500 of Anti Jewish Group (Iron Guards) 12
12/19/1933 French Act To Fill Army In ‘Lean’ Era 14
12/19/1933 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Urges End of Warlike Toys 19
12/20/1933 Japan’s New Ships Are Heavily Armed 1
12/20/1933 Hull Pledges U.S. Not To Intervene In Other Nations 1
12/20/1933 Reich Offers Paris Lo Year Peace Pact Accepts Arms Control 14
12/20/1933 League Will Prepare For Saar Plebiscite 14
12/20/1933 Ministers Stress Reich’s Export Need Figures Show Huge Loss 14
12/20/1933 Germany Rejects Even A New League 14
12/20/1933 Lawyers (‘International Jurists,’ London) To State Reich (Reichstag) Fire Finding 14
12/20/1933 Poles Riot Against Jews (In Warsaw) 14
12/20/1933 Britain Seeks Airplanes 14
12/20/1933 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt To Leave Russia Tomorrow Will Sail For New York A Week Later Plans Return To Post In February 18
12/20/1933 3,000 (N.Y.) Reds Assail Germany At Rally 18
12/20/1933 Soviet Perturbed By Japan’s Moves 18
12/21/1933 2 Americans (Switzs) Held As Soviet Spies; French Accuse 10 of A Vast Plot 1
12/21/1933 400,000 Germans To Be Sterilized Otto D. Tolischus 1
12/21/1933 Switz’s (Picture!) Arrest Puzzles Friends 10
12/21/1933 (Insurgent) Clergy Threatens Nazi Reich Bishop (Dr. Ludwig Mueller) Guido Enderis, Berlin 17
12/21/1933 Centrist Leaders Cleared In Reich 17
12/21/1933 Nazis Bar Jews And ‘Marxists’ From Press 17
12/21/1933 Germany Warned (By ‘International Jurists,’ London) To Spare (German Communist, Ernst) Torgler Sees Universal Protest 17
12/21/1933 (Budapest Technical) School Suspends Jews 17
12/21/1933 (Dollfuss) Bid To Hitler Reported 17
12/21/1933 Hitler Pays Fare, Friend (Ignaz Westenkirchner, Carpenter & Family) Sails Home Has Promise of Work 22
12/22/1933 President (Roosevelt) Orders Purchase of 24,421,410 Silver Ounces Yearly, Half To Be Coined 1
12/22/1933 RFC Adds $25,000,000 To Gold Fund 1
12/22/1933 The President’s Silver Proclamation 2
12/22/1933 Germany Is Linked To (Switz) Paris Spy Case 14
12/22/1933 France Opposes Reich Peace Pact 15
12/22/1933 Acquittal For (German Communist Ernst) Torgler On (Reichstag) Fire Charge Seen, But New Treason Trial For Him Looms 15
12/22/1933 Simon Not Averse To Hitler’s Plans 15
12/22/1933 Reich Trade Talks In Paris Collapse Commercial War Likely 15
12/22/1933 Protestant Youth Fused With Nazis 15
12/22/1933 Dutch Protest To Reich (On Debt Moratorium) 15
12/23/1933 (Marinus) Van Der Lubbe Gets Sentence of Death, Four Others Freed (Pictures, P. 8) 1
12/23/1933 Reaction To Roosevelt Silver Move Is Widespread And Diverse (Survey of Newspapers) 2
12/23/1933 Our Move Pleases British Industry 3
12/23/1933 Austrian Bishops Oppose The Nazis 8
12/23/1933 Prussia Bars Rabbis From School Boards 8
12/23/1933 Simon Reassures French On Arms 8
12/23/1933 (Newly Built) Soviet Steel City (Magnetogorsk) Scored In Moscow 8
12/24/1933 Nazi Party Assails Reich (Reichstag) Fire Verdict High Circles Satisfied Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
12/24/1933 Sterilization Condemned By Pope; Nazis’ Plan Is Held Unchristian 1
12/24/1933 Chinese Reds Push Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Unit Back 8
12/24/1933 J. (James) G. M’donald Puts (German) Exiles (86% Jewish!) At 60,000 10
12/24/1933 British Gratified At Verdict On (Reichstag) Fire Lynching By Nazis Feared 10
12/24/1933 New Reich Trial (Of Reichstag Fire Communists) Feared By (Arthur Garfield) Hays 10
12/24/1933 (Insurgent Clergy) Nazi Bishop’s Foes Take Case To Law 11
12/24/1933 Prussia Bans ‘All Quiet’ (Im Westen Nichts Neues) Book (By Erich Maria Remarque Name Said To Be ‘Cramer’ In Reality) 11
12/24/1933 German Yuletide Finds Christians Facing Nazis Edwin L. James E-1
12/24/1933 Year of Hitler Nears End With Small Hope For Jews E-1
12/24/1933 Final Aims of Roosevelt And Wilson Are Analyzed Far Apart In Their Aims Arthur Krock E-1
12/24/1933 Democracy Saved In Czechoslovakia G.E.R. Gedye, Prague E-2
12/24/1933 Big Gains In Year Noted By League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-2
12/24/1933 Room For Millions (Population) Pressing On Japan E-8
12/24/1933 Picture: William E. Dodd & William C. Bullitt In Berlin Roto.
12/24/1933 Closer Links Are Forged Between The Two Americas Raymond Leslie Buell, President, Foreign Policy Association XX-3
12/24/1933 Behind The Arms Debate Lies The Issue of Treaty Revision XX-4
12/24/1933 An Early Anti German Low Cartoon XX-4
12/25/1933 Roosevelt Proclamation Restores To Citizenship 1,500 War Time Violators (Bergdahl Included, Text P. 24) 1
12/25/1933 Russians See War With Japan Near Walter Duranty, Moscow 14
12/25/1933 Reich (Reichstag) Fire Verdict Satisfies (German)Press 19
12/25/1933 German Business Reports 1933 Gain 19
12/25/1933 Pastors Deplore ‘Pagan’ Christmas 26
12/25/1933 ‘Misruled World’ Deplored At Yale 27
12/26/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia Univ. & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Calls (Roosevelt) ‘Brain Trust’ Rule Hope of Democracy 1
12/26/1933 Peace Spirit Ebbs In Central Europe 3
12/26/1933 Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Bombers Fly Over Foochow 10
12/27/1933 Roosevelt Busy Drafting Plans For New Congress; He Consults Many Aides 1
12/27/1933 American (Montevideo) Parley Ends In Harmony 1
12/27/1933 (Senators) Borah, Nye Refuse NRA Board Posts 6
12/27/1933 Hitlerites Break Pledge To Sweden Goebbels Held Involved 8
12/27/1933 British Press Lauds Reich (Reichstag) Fire Verdict 8
12/27/1933 Secretary Hull’s Address In Montevideo 10
12/27/1933 Reports On (Immigration To) Palestine 13
12/28/1933 Stalin Says Japan ‘Is Grave Danger;’ Hopes For Peace He Backs Preparedness 1
12/28/1933 France Prepared To Scrap Half of Bombers (About 175 Planes) If Others Do Same Hitler’s Plans Rejected 1
12/28/1933 (Episcopal Bishop, British Born) Dr. (William T.) Manning Urges Racial Tolerance Speaks At Bronx Temple 2
12/28/1933 Cuba Will Default On $4,718,000 Bonds 7
12/28/1933 Advance By Soviet Is Seen By (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Praises High (Russian) Officials 8
12/28/1933 Soviet Stand Assailed (By Vatican) 8
12/28/1933 Nazis Not An Army Neurath Declares Insists Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung) Are Not Trained For War And Serve Only As Anti Red Defense 9
12/28/1933 Reichswehr Chief (Gen. Von Hammerstein) Resigns His Post 9
12/28/1933 Roosevelt Diction Hailed As Model (National Association of Teachers of Speech) 21
12/28/1933 Reich’s Creditors To Meet In Berlin 33
12/29/1933 New Cooperation Policy For Western Hemisphere Outlined By Roosevelt Non Intervention Basis Says Americas Must Act Jointly Says World Wants Peace (Text, ‘Wilson Day Speech,’ P. 3) 1
12/29/1933 New Order Issued To Turn In Gold Morgenthau (‘Acting Secretary of The Treasury’) Eliminates $100 Exemption And Sets Penalty At Twice Amount (With) Held 1
12/29/1933 Anti Nazi Boycott Is Pushed By (William) Green (A. F. of L. Text, P. 8) 1
12/29/1933 Entering New Era, Roosevelt Asserts 3
12/29/1933 Cubans Praise (Roosevelt Non Intervention) Policy Roosevelt Declaration Was To Be Expected (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Says 3
12/29/1933 (William) Green’s Call To Labor To Open Anti Nazi Boycott 8
12/29/1933 580,000 Lost Jobs During November Sharpest Decline In 193 38
12/29/1933 Huge (Ickes Pwa) Works Fund Nearly Exhausted 9
12/29/1933 Germany Limits College Students (Admissions) 10
12/29/1933 (Bulgarian Communist Georgi) Dimitroff’s Release Sought By American (Lawyer, Leo Gallagher) 11
12/29/1933 Tokyo Minimizes Soviet War Talk Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
12/29/1933 New Deal Praised And Denounced 17
12/29/1933 Six (Navy) Planes Ordered To Fly To Honolulu (By Admiral William H. Standley, Chief of Naval Operations) 17
12/30/1933 Roosevelt (‘Wilson Day’) Speech Widely Acclaimed 1
12/30/1933 Duca Is Shot Dead By Rumanian Nazi At Rail Station 1
12/30/1933 Germany Will Modify Sterilization Law; Catholic Church Protest Brings Concession 1
12/30/1933 (British) View (Roosevelt ‘Wilson Day’) Speech As Warning Hitler 5
12/30/1933 Roosevelt (‘Wilson Day’) Speech Liked In Germany 5
12/30/1933 Geneva Sees Aid In Roosevelt Tone 5
12/30/1933 Poles Much Impressed (By Roosevelt ‘Wilson Day Speech’) 5
12/30/1933 Hull Pessimistic In View of Europe (At Buenos Aires) 5
12/30/1933 Duca’s Assassin Has No Regrets 6
12/30/1933 Soviet Congress Cheers Roosevelt Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
12/31/1933 1,400 Guards Seized To Prevent Rumanian Terror (King Karol’s Mistress And Constant Companion Was A Beautiful Jewess, Magda Lupescu Finally, She Accompanied Him Into Exile Where He Married Her) 1
12/31/1933 Hitler Receives Comrade of War (Carpenter, Ignaz Westen Kirchner See Earlier Entry) 13
12/31/1933 Bullitt And Soviet Envoy (Alexander Troyanovsky) Sailing (To U.S.) 13
12/31/1933 Catholics Exempt On (German) Sterilization 13
12/31/1933 The Record of 1933 Relief, Recovery And Repeal (Of The Eighteenth Amendment [Volstead Sheppard Act]) N-4
12/31/1933 Year’s Biggest Events Classified And Coordinated N-5
12/31/1933 Twelve Months of Struggle Toward Normal Status N-6
12/31/1933 We Start The New Year As Foes of Imperialism Roosevelt’s (Non Intervention In South American Affairs) Proposal Is That Nations Promise Not To Send Armed Forces Across Their Frontiers Edwin L. James E-1
12/31/1933 Year In Britain Shows Rise In Nationalism And Trade E-1
12/31/1933 Reich Is Pressing War On Liberties Students Now Limited (In Number) Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
12/31/1933 Nazis Are Turning Guns On (Oswald) Spengler (On His Book, Years of Decision E-2
12/31/1933 Nazi Entertaining Must Be Approved By Leaders E-2
12/31/1933 1934 Finds France Filled With Gloom E-2
12/31/1933 France Criticized By Von Kuehlmann United Front (Against Germany) Assailed E-2
12/31/1933 Southeast Europe In Nazis’ Shadow Emil Vadney, Vienna E-3
12/31/1933 Poland’s Trust In Reich Wavers Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
12/31/1933 Samurai Swords For Japan’s Army E-8
12/31/1933 Russian Situation Disturbs Far East Hallett Abend, Tokyo E-8
12/31/1933 Once More Spy Fever Grows Epidemic Mag. 4
12/31/1933 Europe Finds Hitler’s ‘Dove’ An Odd Bird Harold Callender Mag. 5
12/31/1933 Six Months of NRA; Results And Criticism XX-1
12/31/1933 From (John Maynard) Keynes To Roosevelt; Our Recovery Plan Assayed XX-2