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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

June 1933
Date Headline Page
06/01/1933 Truce Neutralizes Big Area In China: Invaders To Leave Hallett Abend, Tanku 1
06/01/1933 Nazi Polish Plot On Soviet Charged Jules Sauerwein, Paris 2
06/01/1933 War Debts Called Threat To (London Economic) Parley 3
06/01/1933 Viscount Ishii’s Speech On Aggression 4
06/01/1933 Nazis Press War On Their Allies Stahlhelm Men Jailed 6
06/01/1933 (Archbishop of Canterbury) Dr. Lang Condemns Reich Curb On Jews 6
06/01/1933 Accord Is Sought On Reich’s Bishop 6
06/01/1933 World Press Conference Breaks With Germans For Jewish Ban 6
06/01/1933 German (Jewess) Poet (Reported Missing By Jewish Telegraphic Agency [London Report]) Is Safe 6
06/01/1933 (Tenn. Rep. Joseph W. Byrns) Demands Retraction of (House) Attack On Jews 7
06/01/1933 Collier Trophy Is Presented To (Glen L.) Martin By Roosevelt (Picture) For New Airplane Design 21
06/01/1933 France To Honor Gold Bond Clause 25
06/02/1933 Respread of Gold To Be Urged By Us At London Parley 1
06/02/1933 (Norman H.) Davis Welcomes Arms Cut Control Urged By France Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
06/02/1933 Hitler To Expand Credit In His Recovery Plan; Subsidies For Marriage 1
06/02/1933 Diamond Cutting Trade In Antwerp Booms Because Jews Won’t Send Gems To Reich 2
06/02/1933 (League) Jurists To Rebuff Reich On Silesia 2
06/02/1933 Poles Plotting With Nazis On Soviet 2
06/02/1933 British Educators Aid Victims of Nazis 2
06/02/1933 New Ethics Offered By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt She Predicts ‘Socially Minded Code’ 8
06/03/1933 Reich To Put Limits On Debt Payments As Recovery Move Halt On Gold Drain Is Aim 1
06/03/1933 (Neville) Chamberlain Gives British Policy For (London Economic) Parley (Cordell Hull In Attendance!) 2
06/03/1933 (Alfred E.) Smith Says Hitler Reflects (German) People His Regime Proves Germany Not Fit For Democracy Sees Free Thought Dead 3
06/03/1933 Jews In Germany Question (Reich Marriage) Subsidy 3
06/03/1933 Reports Jews Fleeing Hias Official Says 50,000 Have Already Left Germany 3
06/03/1933 (Mass. Rep. George H. Tinkham) Asks (Norman H.) Davis Recall On ‘Fraud’ Grounds ‘Duplicity’ In Cuban Land Deal 6
06/03/1933 New Equity Curb On Alien Actors 16
06/04/1933 Vatican Condemns (Government) Leaders In Spain For War On Church 1
06/04/1933 Plan 30 Navy Ships In Recovery Work 5
06/04/1933 Roosevelt Assailed In Methodist (Temperance) Report 21
06/04/1933 Spanish Catholics War On New Law 24
06/04/1933 Eugenist Predicts Alien Rule Here American Stock Is Dying Out 25
06/04/1933 Nazis Get Support For Recovery Plan Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 28
06/04/1933 Reich Not To Take Hasty Debt Action Place Trust In Schacht 28
06/04/1933 Inquiry Completed In Reichstag (Arson) Blaze 28
06/04/1933 (Prince) Wilhelm Marries (Commoner) Renouncing Rights (To Throne) His Parents Stay Away 28
06/04/1933 66 Countries Take Woes To (London) Economic Conference (U.S. Sec. of State, Cordell Hull Present) War Debts Are Off The Agenda Edwin L. James E-1
06/04/1933 Nationalism Is Chief Problem of (London) Trade Parley, Say (Sir Arthur) Salter E-1
06/04/1933 Move For Default Grows In London E-1
06/04/1933 Little Entente Relieved On (Mussolini 4 Power) Pact Sting Believed Removed G.E.R. Gedye, Prague E-2
06/04/1933 Tides of Presidential (Rooseveltian) Power Allan Nevins Mag. 1
06/04/1933 America Quits Her Shell of Isolation Raymond B. Fosdick Mag. 3
06/04/1933 (Harold Le Claire Ickes) Custodian of Our Vast Public Domain Mag. 7
06/04/1933 If War Should Again Assail The World Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 8
06/04/1933 Paris Prepares For Gas Attacks From The Air Roto.
06/04/1933 Pictures: F. D. Roosevelt & Samuel Untermyer Roto.
06/04/1933 To The Holy Land Comes Prosperity Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem XX-2
06/04/1933 (New York City Jewish Lawyer, Samuel) Untermyer, 75, Still Leads A Busy Life A Lawyer 54 Years(And Very Rich!) XX-2
06/04/1933 Ogpu Third Degree: The British Story XX-2
06/05/1933 Sherrill Demands Equality For Jews In The (1936) Olympics 1
06/05/1933 Mussolini Eager To Maintain Peace Disclaims Link With Nazis Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Rome 3
06/05/1933 Nazi Regime Ousts Catholic Teacher 8
06/05/1933 Nazis Reaffirm Pan German Aim 9
06/05/1933 Hitler Is Foolish, Vauclain Asserts 9
06/05/1933 Large Farm Groups Are Urged For Jews Appeal Issued For Nation Wide Aid In Forming Self Sustaining (Farming) Colonies (Kibbutzes?) In This Country 9
06/05/1933 Jews of The Mid West Back Reich (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief 9
06/05/1933 Spanish Officials Not Yet Under (Papal) Ban President In Dilemma Frank L. Kluckhorn, Madrid 10
06/06/1933 Toscanini Refuses To Go To Baireuth Won’t Conduct At Wagnerian Festival Because of (German) Persecution of Jews (Revealed In Letter To Frau Wagner Toscanini’s Daughter Married Pianist Vladimir Horowitz) 1
06/06/1933 Equal Disarmament Urged On All Nations 2
06/06/1933 Japanese Returning From North China Hallett Abend, Peiping 7
06/06/1933 Roosevelt Loses (In His Choice For Governor) On Hawaii Bill 8
06/06/1933 (‘American National Conference Against Racial Persecution In Germany’ Wilson’s Ambassador James W. Gerard Seemingly In Charge) Asks Roosevelt Aid For German Jews Immigrants Are Sought La Guardia Calls Hitler Maniac 15
06/06/1933 (Penn. Rep. ) Beck Asks World To Protect Jews 15
06/06/1933 Jewish Plea Again Before League 15
06/06/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer At 75 Likes Work Best (Picture) 28
06/07/1933 Nazi Regime Yields On Jews In Silesia; Will Modify Laws To End Treaty Violations Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
06/07/1933 Japan Is Guarded On Non Aggression Sends ‘Hearty Response’ To Roosevelt Plea, But Gives No Definite View 2
06/07/1933 (Otto) Klemperer Ousted From Berlin Opera Conductor, A Jew, 10
06/08/1933 Roosevelt Trims Programs To Hasten End of Session Sees His Policies Menaced 1
06/08/1933 4 Powers (England, Germany France & Italy) Sign (Rome Mussolini) Pact To Assure Europe Peace For Decade 1
06/08/1933 Germans To Close Austro Bavarian Frontier To Non Nazis Despite Century Old Tradition (See Later Entry!) 1
06/08/1933 (Roosevelt’s Envoy Norman H.) Davis Now Pushes Arms Cuts In Paris Backed Up By British 4
06/08/1933 Reich Holds (Rome 4 Power) Pact Shows Peace Aim 5
06/08/1933 Text of Premier Mussolini’s Four Power Pact (See Entry, May 23, 1933, P. 1) 5
06/08/1933 Bonnet Urges End of Economic War 7
06/08/1933 Snub (Of Beyreuth Wagner Festival) By Toscanini Worries Germans 8
06/08/1933 17 Sail For Reich Cities (Herman A.) Metz Says Germans Are Happy 8
06/08/1933 (Bernard F.) Ridder Misquoted In Berlin, He Says Publisher (New Yorker Staats Zeitung) Returns, Denying He Told Hitler There Was No Real Press Freedom Here 8
06/08/1933 (Japanese) Invasion Is An Aid To Unity of China Hallett Abend, Peiping 9
06/08/1933 (American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Deutsch]) Seek League Help For All Reich Jews Plan Appeal For Extension of (League) Jurisdiction 9
06/08/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Sails (For Europe), Hopeful On Peace Roosevelt Has Paved Way For New Accord Pleads For (U.S. Participation In) World Court 22
06/08/1933 Germany To Halt Payment On Debts 29
06/09/1933 Reich Sets Holiday On Credits Given Before July, 1931 Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
06/09/1933 Arms Cut Pressed By Three Powers 1
06/09/1933 10,000 (U.S.) Hoarders Already Found 37 In Nation Defy (Roosevelt) Order 3
06/09/1933 Arms Parley Upset By Japanese Move Sato, Over American And British Protests, Assails Present Naval Treaties Insists On Air Bombing 4
06/09/1933 Reich Sees Victory In (Mussolini) 4 Power Treaty Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 4
06/09/1933 Germany Cancels Frontier Closing (Austria Bavaria) 4
06/09/1933 (Bernard F.) Ridder Sees Check On Nazi Injustice Bases Prediction On Visit To Berlin And An Interview With Hitler Calls Him ‘Man of Peace’ 5
06/09/1933 (Dr. Benjamin M.) Anderson Warns New Deal Is Peril 6
06/09/1933 France Laying In Raw Materials 7
06/09/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To France, Jesse Isidor) Straus Bids Paris Act On Our Offers Says We Await Moves To Make Roosevelt’s Tenders of Cooperation Reality 7
06/10/1933 Jews (Living In German Silesia) Are Regaining Polish Citizenship 2
06/10/1933 Soviet Sees Perils In (Rome) 4 Power Treaty Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
06/10/1933 J. (Jonah) B. Wise (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Pictures German Situation Jews’ Outlook There ‘Bleak And Hopeless,’ Rabbi Tells Detroit (National) Conference (Of Jewish Social Services) 28
06/11/1933 Nazi Jewish Policy Assailed In Senate As Peril To Peace (Led By Arkansas Senator Robinson Very Viscous Attack!) 1
06/11/1933 France To Impose 15% Tariff Surtax To Equalize Dollar 1
06/11/1933 (Univ. of Chicago, History Professor,) W. E. (William Edward) Dodd (Fluent In German) Made Envoy To Germany (By Roosevelt An Ardent Roosevelt ‘Liberal,’ Anti German And Pro Jewish Southerner Later, His Daughter Martha Dodd Married Alfred K. Stern See Entry August 16, 1935, P. 1) 12
06/11/1933 Japan Admits Plan For Pact With Us 23
06/11/1933 Reich Post Ministry Is Sifting Out Jews 24
06/11/1933 Nazis’ Foes Losing Church Struggle 25
06/11/1933 Reich Press Now ‘Coordinated;’ Nazi Commissars Withdraw 25
06/11/1933 Austria Bars Nazi Organ (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) 25
06/11/1933 Roosevelt Gets Rutgers (Lld) Degree ‘Virtually Imprisoned’ By His Duties(Apparently Fishing & Sailing) N-4
06/11/1933 (Rome) Four Power Peace Pact Is European Stabilizer Puts Restraint On Nazi Reich Edwin L. James (See Entry May 23, 1933, P. 1) E-1
06/11/1933 Hitler’s Aim Is Conquest, (H. Wickham) Steed (Ace Propagandist From World War I Virulently Anti German & Pro Jewish Announced United Nations’ Decision [Dec. 20, 1942] That Its Official Policy From That Time Onward Was That Germany Intended To Kill All Jews Within Its Jurisdiction) Warns British Quotes German Chancellor’s Book (Mein Kampf Actually Written By Rudolf Hess!) E-1&2
06/11/1933 Britain Is Gloomy On (London) World (Economic) Parley Augur, London E-1
06/11/1933 Foreign Press Here Free of Soviet Pressure Walter Duranty, Moscow E-2
06/11/1933 Dr. (Judah B.) Magnes Hails $100,000 It Will Aid German Jews E-2
06/11/1933 Dual Authority Problem In Reich Duly Constituted Government And National Socialist Party Frequently At Odds Goering Warns Officials E-2
06/11/1933 Germans Ask Much of London (Economic) Meeting Moratorium A Warning E-3
06/11/1933 Paris Is Shrouded In Pall of Gloom Doubt Us On Tariff Cuts E-3
06/11/1933 The Nations At The Cross Roads (London Economic Parley) Sir Arthur Salter Mag. 1
06/11/1933 The (Roosevelt) ‘Brain Trust’ Mirrors Many Minds Mag. 3
06/11/1933 Picture: A Famous New York Lawyer Celebrates His Seventy Fifth Birthday: Samuel Untermyer Roto.
06/11/1933 Germans Who Doubt Nazi Doctrines Wolfgang Koehler, Berlin XX-2
06/12/1933 Nazis Bar Cardinal (Faulhaber) From Munich Mass; End Catholic Rally 1
06/12/1933 Catholic Bishops Bar Nazi Control Racial Bars Condemned 6
06/12/1933 Nazis Plan Campaign On Miscegenation 6
06/12/1933 (Jewish Lodge B’rith Abraham) Seeks To Aid Jews To Leave Germany Meets In Atlantic City 7
06/12/1933 (Federation of Polish Jews In America, A Very Active & Powerful Jewish Organization & Leader In The Boycott Under Joseph Tenenbaum) Hails Senators (Anti German Stand Against Nazi Bias 7
06/12/1933 (Socialist Norman) Thomas Observes Trend To Fascism (By Roosevelt) 11
06/13/1933 (British Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Injects (War) Debts At London (Economic) Parley Opening; Hastily Convenes Cabinet Quick Settlement Asked Text, P. 2 1
06/13/1933 Stabilization Plan In London Deadlock War Debt Is Involved Clarence K. Streit, London 1
06/13/1933 London Expects (Debt) Default 1
06/13/1933 Picture: Roosevelt’s Home At Campobello 5
06/13/1933 All Nazi Quarters Closed In Austria 6
06/13/1933 Nazis Are Facing Big Church Fight 7
06/13/1933 Nazis Hold Jews Dominate (U.S.) Senate Allege This Is Cause of The Attacks In Washington On Policies of Germany Amusement In (U.S.) Capital It Is Pointed Out That There Is No Jew In Upper House (But They Didn’t Say There Was!) (Senator Robert) Wagner Was Born In Germany 7
06/13/1933 Anti Hitler Plea To Go To Roosevelt B’rith Abraham Session Votes To Join (American) Jewish Congress (Bernard S. Deutsch & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) In League of Nations Appeal 7
06/13/1933 (Charles M. Schwab) Bars Nazis Bridge Team (From Participation In U.S. In Letter To Bernard S. Deutsch) 7
06/13/1933 Dictatorship Need (By U.S.) Is Denied By (Ogden L.) Mills (Hoover’s Secretary of The Treasury) 10
06/13/1933 Roosevelt Praised (By Pres. Mac Cracken) To Vassar Class 13
06/13/1933 (Wilson Aide, Walter) Lippmann Finds Drift From Wilson 15
06/14/1933 (Neville) Chamberlain’s Debt Announcement 1
06/14/1933 Austria Appeals To Powers For Aid Against The Nazis Dollfuss Ask Britain, France And Italy To Intervene To Avert Coup By Germans Reich’s Envoy Protests More Acts of Terrorism 1
06/14/1933 End of Nationalism Is Urged At London Harold Callender 3
06/14/1933 Amtorg (Soviet Union) Is Seeking Loan From R. F. C 4
06/14/1933 Hitler Cautions Catholic Groups 4
06/14/1933 Nazi Deeds Called Worst In History (By Michael Williams, Editor of Catholic Publication, ‘Commonweal’) 4
06/14/1933 Confusion of Aims Is Seen In Germany Youth Gains Confidence Has Discovered A New Excuse For Living Anne O’Hare Mc Cormick, Munich 5
06/14/1933 Hitler’s Mission Is ‘Divine’ And Monarchistic, Says William) Kube 5
06/14/1933 Wedding Picture: A Hohenzollern Prince (Wilhelm) Weds A Commoner 5
06/14/1933 (Gen. Douglas) Macarthur Warns Against (New Deal) Economy (In West Point Graduation Address) ‘Sack of America’ Seen (Picture) 10
06/14/1933 Manhattan Class Warned of ‘Isms’ 13
06/14/1933 (American Medical Association) Would Distribute Doctors In Nation Hitler (Jewish) Policy Condemned (By Dr. C. E. Morgan of Massachusetts) 17
06/15/1933 Britain Pays Us $10,000,000 In Silver, Asks Revision; Roosevelt Bars Debt Action At Economic Conference 1
06/15/1933 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Statement On Debts 1
06/15/1933 Germany Hits Back, Ousting Austrian Dollfuss Voices Protest 1
06/15/1933 Barriers To Trade Assailed By Hull (London Economic Conference) Harold Callender 3
06/15/1933 Hull Speech Leaves Europeans Dubious 3
06/15/1933 (Roosevelt Special Envoy Norman A.) Davis To Visit London To Confer On Arms Will Seek Concessions From The British 5
06/15/1933 Fight Over (War) Debts Flares In Senate President (Roosevelt) Is Defended 6
06/15/1933 Drive To Aid Jews Opened By (N.Y. Governor Herbert) Lehman Christians Asked To Help 9
06/15/1933 Hitler Bids Nazis Expand Movement Predicts Ideals Will Live 9
06/15/1933 German Journalists Shout ‘Dirty Dog’ After Dollfuss 9
06/16/1933 London Parley Draws Plan For Stabilized Currencies; Woodin Denies Agreement 1
06/16/1933 Austria Gets ($40,000,000) Loan (From England France Italy Where’d They Get So Much To Loan?) As Barrier To Nazis 1
06/16/1933 France Defaults Again On War Debt 2
06/16/1933 (Norman A.) Davis Will Return With Arms Report 4
06/16/1933 Senate Is Urged (In Resolution) To Condemn Nazis Deprival of Rights Cited (Senator Neely, West Virginia) 4
06/16/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Aids Boycott Accepts Honorary Presidency of National (Boycott [Germany]) Committee (Of America) 4
06/16/1933 German Reds (Reichstag Fire Defendants) Fail To Obtain Lawyer (Scottsboro Samuel Leibowitz Suggested But Refused) 5
06/16/1933 (Mme. Ernestine) Schumann Heink (Picture), 72, Extols Cooking (Describes Roosevelt As ‘The Messiah For America’) 7
06/17/1933 Reich Asks Return of African Lands (Former Colonies) At London (Economy) Parley Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
06/17/1933 290 New Planes Planned For Navy ($247,382,000 Cost) 3
06/17/1933 Soviet Trade Plan (‘Amtorg’) Entails Big (U.S.) Loan 4
06/17/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Ratifies R. F. C. Loan Pact 4
06/17/1933 Dr. Arlosoroff Slain In Town In Palestine Labor Member of Jewish Agency 5
06/17/1933 Foreign Trade Up For Reich In May 5
06/17/1933 Reich Wins Delay On Repaying Debts Priority For Dawes Loan 6
06/17/1933 Nazi Editor Denies Equality of Jews (U.S.) Visit By Dr. Albrecht Mendelshon Bartholdy of Hamburg) 6
06/17/1933 Gereke, Hitler Aide (Campaign Manager) Guilty Gets 2,1/2 Years In Prison 6
06/17/1933 Anti Hitler Protest Urged On Roosevelt (By ‘National Conference of Social Workers,’ Detroit) Assails ‘Brutality’ of German Regime 7
06/17/1933 Pictures: Fritz Busch & Otto Klemperer, German Conductors To Leave Native Lands 16
06/18/1933 Roosevelt Boards Yacht For Cruise; Hailed By Crowds 1
06/18/1933 Proposal To Peg Moneys Is Rejected By Roosevelt; Debt Defaults Rebuked 1
06/18/1933 Sharp Debt Reply Is Sent To France Italy Draws Disapproval 1
06/18/1933 Hungary’s Premier (Julius Goemboes) Consults Hitler 22
06/18/1933 Brunswick Bans Stahlhelm Rally 23
06/18/1933 Two Nations (Switzerland & Holland) Balk On (Long Term) Reich Credits 23
06/18/1933 (Ex-German Ambassador To U.S., Dr. Friedrich W. Von) Prittwitz Traces Reich Radacalism Fascism Here Foreseen N-2
06/18/1933 War Debts Cross Path of London (Economic) Conference Edwin L. James E-1
06/18/1933 Roosevelt Debt Action Aids Prospects of World Parley Sir Arthur Salter E-1
06/18/1933 ‘Boss Coordinator’ Role Devolves On Roosevelt Arthur Krock E-1
06/18/1933 Vienna Needs Aid To Combat Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-2
06/18/1933 (Captured) Jehol Encouraged To Produce Opium A. T. Steele, Chengte E-2
06/18/1933 Hitler Fund Gets ‘Voluntary’ Gifts (From Businesses Amount Based Upon Payroll) E-21
06/18/1933 Soviet Trade Off Heavily In 4 Years Much Equipment Needed Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
06/18/1933 Nationalism Flares Up In Great Britain Harold Callender Mag. 3
06/18/1933 The New Education Challenges The Old Mag. 8
06/18/1933 Far Reaching Scope of The ‘New Deal’ XX-2
06/18/1933 Nazis Swept Along On Tide of Emotion XX-2
06/18/1933 Is The ‘New Deal’ Socialism? A Socialist (Norman Thomas) Answers XX-3
06/18/1933 Austria’s Battle With Nazis Hold Attention of Europe (Picture, Engelbert Dollfuss) Emil Lengyel XX-3
06/19/1933 Saar Now Refuge of Foes of Hitler Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Saarbruecken 1
06/19/1933 Hitler Threatens To Take Their Children From Parents Who Resist Nazi Program 1
06/19/1933 French Farmers Battle Police At Tax Sale 1
06/19/1933 President’s Power Stirs British Fears London Times Writer Says Exercise of Full Authority Would ‘Rock World’ 2
06/19/1933 (Dr.John Maynard) Keynes Advises Economic Isolation Holds That Policy Best For Present 2
06/19/1933 Gains In Palestine Reported To League (By Jewish Agency) 5
06/19/1933 Intolerance Urged On Thuringia Nazis 5
06/19/1933 Nazi Anti-Semitism Documented In (American Jewish Committee ‘White Book’ 112 Pages) Traces Rise of Hitler Campaign 5
06/19/1933 Hitler Is Criticized Dorothy Thompson Is Speaker At B’rith Sholom Convention (Atlantic City) 6
06/19/1933 (Rev. E. S. Travers) Asserts New Deal Demands Thinkers 11
06/19/1933 Heavy Flow of Gold To Britain Continues 23
06/20/1933 Our Domestic Recovery Put First By Washington (Bernard) Baruch Made Aide Here 1
06/20/1933 Austria Outlaws All Nazi Activities 1
06/20/1933 American Disunity Baffles London Frederick T. Birchall, London 2
06/20/1933 Baruch In Office Without Portfolio 3
06/20/1933 Frankfurt’s Bank Still Run By Jews Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Frankfurt A/M 4
06/20/1933 Jewish Bodies Laud Roosevelt Course Deplore German Strife Send Thanks To President Chairman Vogelstein Urges Synagogue Council As Single Voice For American Jews 4
06/20/1933 German Boycott Voted B’rith Sholom In Convention (In Atlantic City) Pledges Fight On Hitler Policies 4
06/20/1933 Nationalism Decried To Class At Cornell 12
06/20/1933 (Roosevelt) ‘Brain Trust’ Held Liberating Force Lauds Roosevelt 14
06/21/1933 Nazis Are Enraged By Ban In Austria 1
06/21/1933 Banks Here Warn Reich On Default 1
06/21/1933 Americans To Seek Unity On Program Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
06/21/1933 French Retaliate On Reich By Tariff 2
06/21/1933 Our Aid For Reich Asked By Neurath Says Two Nations Face Same Problems 3
06/21/1933 Luther Sees Trade As Debt Panacea 3
06/21/1933 (Dr. Chaim) Arlosoroff Slaying Laid To Revisionist (Zionists Vladimir Jabotinsky Group) 6
06/21/1933 Women Reds Held In (Gotteszell) Camp By Nazis They Are An Unhappy Lot 8
06/21/1933 Hitler Urges Reich Industrial Federation Into New Nazi ‘Estate’ of All Employers 8
06/21/1933 (Former Weimar Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening As Aid To Hitler Scouted Priest Beaten By Crowd 8
06/21/1933 City College Hold Graduation Today (Indiana) Governor Mc Nutt (Picture Devoted Disciple of Roosevelt) Will Speak 13
06/21/1933 Dr. Dodds Inducted As Princeton Head 14
06/21/1933 Clara Zetkin (Picture), 75, German Red, Dies Bitter Foe of Hitlerism 17
06/22/1933 1,629,000 New Jobs Created In Nation In Past 2 Months 1
06/22/1933 Hitler Dissolves Hugenberg ‘Army,’ Catholics Jailed Guido Enderis 1
06/22/1933 (Bernard) Baruch Is Called ‘Unofficial President;’ Goes To Washington To Take Up New Task 1
06/22/1933 (Henry Agard) Wallace Prepared To Dump Wheat (To Raise Price) 2
06/22/1933 (London Daily Herald) Sees Recognition of Russia By Us 2
06/22/1933 London Boos German Economic Delegates As Von Neurath And Aide Leave For Home (‘Anti Nazis’) 2
06/22/1933 237,984 Enrolled At Forest (Ccc) Camps 4
06/22/1933 Navy Allocates 4 New War Craft $86,000,000 For The Year 7
06/22/1933 (Union of American Hebrew Congregations) Back Vogelstein On (Anti-) Hitler Stand 8
06/22/1933 Nazi Bombings End After Austria Ban 8
06/22/1933 Asks Danzig Dictatorship 8
06/22/1933 Killing of Japanese Admitted In Russia 9
06/22/1933 Gov. M’nutt Wants Citizens Militant 15
06/23/1933 Hitler Ousts Socialists From Reichstag And Diets; Suppresses Their Party 1
06/23/1933 Reich Decree Banning Socialists (Social Democrats) 1
06/23/1933 Judge Horton Voids Negro’s (Jury) Conviction In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case Jurist Rules Verdict Is Against The Evidence New Trial Demanded By State 1&11
06/23/1933 Baruch Will Send Survey To (London Economic) Parley 1
06/23/1933 (William C.) Bullitt Has Talk With Soviet Official (Foreign Commissar, Maxim Litvinoff ‘Not First Time’) 22
06/23/1933 Hitler Compares His Curbs To Ours Chancellor Says In Interview That United States Restricts Immigration of Jews Denies Terror In Reich But Y. R. Ybarra Asserts In (Collier’s Weekly) Article There Is No Sign of Cessation of Anti Jewish Persecution 8
06/23/1933 New Jewish Unity Urged On Rabbis ‘Dissertation’ Is Deplored 8
06/23/1933 New Board To Unify Aid To Reich Jews 8
06/23/1933 Jewish Board (Federation of The Nationalist German Jews) Backs Reich 8
06/23/1933 Education Camps For Jobless Urged Best Way To Curb Revolt 18
06/24/1933 Reich Party Prisoners Must Pay For Own Keep 1
06/24/1933 (London Economic) Parley Is Crippled, Paris Press Holds American Refusal To Take Up (Currency) Stabilization Called A Deadly Blow 1
06/24/1933 (Unidentified) Plane Drops Anti Nazi Leaflets On Berlin; Press Stresses Vulnerability To Air Raids (‘Red Air Test Over Berlin’) 1
06/24/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Picture) Home, Sees Gains For Peace 3
06/24/1933 Star Witness Found In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 3
06/24/1933 Hitler Aide (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) Fears Intervention Only 6
06/24/1933 (Dr. Chaim) Weizmann (President, Jewish Agency, Palestine Picture) On Way To Chicago Fears For German Jews 6
06/24/1933 Urges Synagogue To Reunite Jews 6
06/24/1933 Hitler Is Defended By B. (Bernard) F. Ridder (Publisher of New Yorker Staats Zeitung) Here Publisher Tells German Literary Club Nazi Leaders Have Ability And Perseverance 6
06/24/1933 Reich Marriage Restricted To Nazis 6
06/24/1933 Clara Zetkin (Communist) Rites, Warning To Hitler Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
06/24/1933 To Remove (Kurt) Eisner Ashes 6
06/25/1933 Germany Clamors For Air Equality After Berlin (‘Red Air’) ‘Raid’ 1
06/25/1933 Nazi Chief Seized By Austrian Police Dollfuss Defies Enemies 1
06/25/1933 (Hugh S.) Gibson (Retiring U.S. Ambassador To Belgium), Back, Says Europe Won’t Pay 2
06/25/1933 Americans Learn Quickly At (London Economic) Parley British Press Ceases Criticism As Delegates Show Aptitude For Diplomatic Strategy 2
06/25/1933 World (Currency) Stabilization Is Urged By Baldwin 2
06/25/1933 Dr. (Rexford Guy) Tugwell Upholds (Government) Industrial (And Agricultural) Controls 16
06/25/1933 Labor’s Meekness A German Anomaly Leipzig, Former Centre of Red Strength, Submits Readily To Nazi Domination 23
06/25/1933 Reichsbishop (Von Bodelschwingh) Quits In Rift With Hitler 23
06/25/1933 Nazis Close Reading Room Supported By Otto Kahn (N.Y. Banker) 23
06/25/1933 (Exporters’ Association of Hamburg) Ask Protest On (Existing Jewish) Boycott 23
06/25/1933 Germany Will Pay Long Term Creditors Foreign Exchange Is Available 23
06/25/1933 Nazi Papers Praise Our Stand At (London) Parley Says United States Espouses Economic Nationalism As Way To Recovery 23
06/25/1933 (London) Economic Meeting Finds World Is Nationalistic Edwin L. James E-1
06/25/1933 Our View On Stabilization Gaining Ground In London Sir Arthur Salter E-1
06/25/1933 Europe Mistrust Nazis Still More Effect of Hitler’s Speech Has Been Steadily Wearing Off As Events Belied Its Tone Frederick T. Birchall, London E-1
06/25/1933 Vacillation Is Observed In Our London Program (Hull Present!) Mystery In Moley Journey Arthur Krock E-1
06/25/1933 Dollfuss Scores In War On Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-2
06/25/1933 Nazis Aim To Exclude ‘Internationalism’ Even In News, Wuerttemberg Official Says E-2
06/25/1933 New Reich Rejects Western Feminism Wants Homemakers Race Regeneration Plan Guido Enderis E-2
06/25/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Raymond C.) Moley Shift Heartens Europe Hull Held Handicapped Clarence K. Streit, London E-3
06/25/1933 Economic Strife Arouses Britain Augur, London E-3
06/25/1933 The Way Out; Is It Nationalism; Wallace B. Donham Mag. 1
06/25/1933 The Fighter (Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, Head of Nira) Who Directs Our Industry Turner Catledge Mag. 3
06/25/1933 Picture: A Sailor’s Gift To A Famous Skipper: President Roosevelt Roto.
06/25/1933 Science Finds It Difficult To Place Hitler’s Aryan Waldemar Kaempffert (Picture: Count Arthur De Gambineau) XX-5
06/26/1933 Bomb In St.Peter’s Wounds 4 Pilgrims; Crowd Is In Terror 1
06/26/1933 Soviet Is Shifting To Tie With France Moscow Abandons Camp of Revisionists In Wide Rift With Germany Pan Slavism Is Gaining Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
06/26/1933 Roosevelt Calls (Norman H.) Davis (On Board His Sailing Ship) For Talks Charles W. Hurd 1
06/26/1933 British See No Bar To World Program In Our World Policy New Cooperation Evident Frederck T. Birchall, London 1
06/26/1933 Text of Gen. (Hugh S.) Johnson’s Speech Explaining The Plan And Purpose of The (National) Recovery Act 2
06/26/1933 Socialist Trend Is Denied By (Louis Mc H.) Howe (Roosevelt’s Secretary) 3
06/26/1933 Reich Will Check On Foreign Planes All Airports Are Ordered To Exercise Special Vigilance Because of Berlin (‘Red’) ‘Raid’ Armed Machines Asked 5
06/26/1933 Protestant (Church) Posts Occupied By Nazis 6
06/26/1933 Crimes In Austria Are Laid To Hitler (By Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg, Chief of The Heimwehr) 6
06/26/1933 Palestine Held Hope of Persecuted Jews Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann (President of Jewish Agency, Palestine) Urges Nations To Make It Possible For More To Settle There (Palestine Now Hold Over 200,000 Jews) 6
06/26/1933 (‘Sons of Zion’ Join ‘American League For The Defense of Jewish Rights’) Urge German Boycott 6
06/26/1933 Germany Arrests Socialist Leaders Acts For ‘Protection’ of Many Prominent In Proscribed Party Throughout Reich 7
06/26/1933 (U.S.) Anti War Schemes Assailed By (John Bassett) Moore Kellogg Pact, Boycotts And Consultive Plan Are Held Illusory And Dangerous Staunch For Neutrality 8
06/26/1933 (Prof. William Lyon) Phelps Justifies Trojan War Only (The Only War In History Where Men Knew Exactly What They Were Fighting For) 13
06/26/1933 Synagogue Is Held Jewish Life Centre (‘Stern Plan’) Unity Resolution Passes (Central Conference of American Rabbis) Endorses Efforts To Meet Emergency Arising Out of The Situation In Germany 16
06/27/1933 Nazis Suppressing Catholic Bavarian Party; Deputies And Other Leaders Are Arrested 1
06/27/1933 Germany Opposes Britain On Tariffs (London Economic Parley) 2
06/27/1933 British Give Show of Fighting Planes Potential Buyers From Sixty Nations At Parley See Display At Hendon 2
06/27/1933 Danubian Intrigue Is Laid To Hitler Link With Italy The Price 10
06/27/1933 Russians Ask Aid In Berlin Red (Reichstag Fire) Case (With Ernst Torgler, Georgi Dimitroff, Blegol S. Popoff & Basil C. Taneff Defendants) 10
06/27/1933 German Churches In Autonomy Fight 10
06/27/1933 (James G.) Gerard (Former U.S. Ambassador To Wilhelm II) Predicts Monarchy In Reich A Hohenzollern Will Return 11
06/27/1933 Greed In New Deal Is Feared By (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Foresees Bank Control 12
06/27/1933 Alien (Mis-) Treatment Investigated Here Illegal Raids Scored 19
06/28/1933 $35,000 Was Paid To (Norman H.) Davis (By Guaranty Company of N.Y. In 1925) To Promote Chile Loans, Otto H. Kahn (Of Kuhn & Loeb) Testifies Then A Private Citizen 1
06/28/1933 25% Gold Reserve Enough (London) Parley’s Experts Decide Gold As Coinage Opposed 1
06/28/1933 Nationalist Party Dissolves In Reich Hugenberg’s Lieutenants Join Hitlerites As He Submits Cabinet Resignation Nazis Limit Membership Archbishop of Canterbury, At London Meeting, Appeals For Tolerance To Jews 1
06/28/1933 (Utah Senator Key) Pittman’s Gold Plan Gains At Parley 2
06/28/1933 Briton Ridicules ‘Brain Trust’ Tale Puts Moley First In (Importance) List (Roosevelt) ‘Most Astute Politician of His Time’ 2
06/28/1933 (Prof. Raymond C.) Moley In London; Hopeful On Parley Will Return After He Reports To Hull 3
06/28/1933 President (Roosevelt) Decides To Extend (Vacation) Cruise 3
06/28/1933 5 Nations Discuss Plan To Save Gold Clarence K. Streit, London 3
06/28/1933 Germans To Pay Part On Credits Daws Service In Full 3
06/28/1933 Reich To Bar Jews From Labor Front Own Sub Group Is Likely 4
06/28/1933 Boycott (Of German Goods) Is Begun By Jewish Women (James W.) Gerard (Samuel Untermyer, Michael Williams [Editor of ‘Commonweal,’ A ‘Liberal’ Catholic Magazine] & Firello La Guardia) Denounce Nazis 4
06/28/1933 Anglican Primate (Archbishop of Coventry) Appeals To Hitler Segregation (Of Jews) Is Assailed 4
06/28/1933 Berlin Press Body Ousts (Theodor) Wolff And Four Other Jews 4
06/28/1933 Church Rows Takes (Von) Papen (Catholic) To Rome 5
06/28/1933 Austrian Nazis Warn Against Oppression (In Austria) 5
06/28/1933 (Matthew) Woll (3D Vice President, A. F. of L.) Says Labor Backs Roosevelt 10
06/28/1933 (World) War (I) Papers Bare (1918 Central Powers) Peace Plans (Efforts) To Us (Foreign Relations of The United States, 1918, Supplement I, The World War 14
06/29/1933 French Clamoring For End of (London Economic) Parley 1
06/29/1933 French Seek Aid For Franc To Avert Devalorization; (Prof. Raymond C.) Moley Sees Recovery Here Pittman Plan Advances (Where’s Hull?) Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
06/29/1933 Baldwin Defeats Churchill In Party Fight; Conservatives Back Britain’s Indian Policy 1
06/29/1933 Breslay (Adolf) Cardinal (Bertram) Shields Catholic Labor Groups 1
06/29/1933 Arms Parley ‘Gains’ Told To Roosevelt (Norman H.) Davis Reports Confer On Amberjack II 1
06/29/1933 Confusion Feared If All Quit Gold Rainey Warns Europe 2
06/29/1933 Nazis Dramatize (14th Versailles) Pact Anniversary Mourning For Versailles Treaty And Rejoicing At ‘New Birth’ of Nation Mingle 4
06/29/1933 (Dr. Chaim) Weizmann Urges A Refugee Colony Wants Shelter In Palestine For 250,000 Jews Persecuted In Germany And Other Lands Puts Cost At $25,000,000 ($1,000 Each!) (Samuel) Untermyer (Advocate of Boycott of German Goods) Tells Reception He Hopes For Intervention By The League With Nazis 4
06/29/1933 Nazis Urge Women To Bear Strong Children; Minister Promises Help For Big Families 4
06/29/1933 Arthur Garfield Hays Agrees To Help Defend Reds In Berlin (Reichstag Fire Case ‘Bear In Mind The Fact That I Am A Jew’) 4
06/29/1933 London Jews To March Against Hitler 4
06/29/1933 Moscowitz Sees End of Reich Jews Economic Pressure Cited Hitler’s Policy Is One of Extermination, He Says On Return From Tour 4
06/29/1933 Europe Asks Roosevelt Aid To End Dollar Speculation; Called Menace To (London Economic) Parley 1
06/29/1933 Roosevelt Greeted Royally By Canada At Campobello Island President Deeply Moved By Heartfelt Cheers Charles W. Hurd 1
06/29/1933 Nazi Radical (Richard Darre) Gets (Part Of) Hugenbers’s Post (Minister of Agriculture) 1
06/30/1933 (Secretary of Navy, Claude A.) Swanson For Navy ‘Second To None’ Two Bases On Each Coast Planes To Be Built To Full Complement (P. 3) 1
06/30/1933 Picture: Norman H. Davis & Roosevelt On Board Amberjack II 3
06/30/1933 Nazi (Dr. Ludwig Mueller) Takes Over Protestant Union Also Becomes The Supreme Council President As Hitler’s Plenipotentiary 3
06/30/1933 Protests Ban On (Jewish Boycott) Stamps (Samuel) Untermyer Appeals To (James) Farley (Postmaster General) On Barring of (Jewish Anti German) Boycott Stickers (On Mail) 3
06/30/1933 New Naval Policy As Outlined By Secretary (Of The Navy, Claude A.) Swanson 3
06/30/1933 (Dr. Chaim) Weizmann Scores Einstein’s Stand Hopes To Win Him Over He Should Not Have Declined Post On Faculty of Palestine University (Later, He Accepts One! But He Stays In The United States) 17