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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

March 1933
Date Headline Page
03/01/1933 Hitler Suspends Reich Guarantees; Left Press Banned Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/01/1933 Japanese Drive Slackens But 2 Armies Make Gains; All North China Is Tense 1
03/01/1933 Japanese Angered By The British Ban Move By Us Is Suspected 1
03/01/1933 Embargo No Curb On British Trade 3
03/01/1933 Red Terror Plans Alleged By Reich Declares Search of (Karl Liebknecht House) Headquarters Revealed A Systematic Program Fire Is Laid To Leaders 11
03/01/1933 Hitler’s Press Chief (Walter Funk) Hints Ban May Last 11
03/01/1933 ‘Righteous’ Aims Spur Bolsheviki Walter Duranty, Moscow 11
03/01/1933 Austria To Watch For Reds Fleeing From German Nazis 11
03/01/1933 (Dudly D.) Sicher Leader (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Drive For Europe’s Jews (Many Names Listed!) Need Worst In 20 Years 15
03/01/1933 Picture: Mrs. Cordell Hull (Born Rose Frances Witz) 19
03/02/1933 Hitler Intensifies Drive On The Left; Hundreds Arrested Goering Asserts Communists Planned To Trick (Provoke) Nazis Into ‘Occupying’ Berlin Nation Told of Revolt Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/02/1933 China’s Main Line Broken In Hard Japanese Drive; Chihfeng Troops Desert 1
03/02/1933 House Votes Wide Powers To Roosevelt For Cuts 1
03/02/1933 Lay Rise of Hitler To Victor Nations German Liberals Hold Present Situation Logical Outcome of Foreign Persecution Nazis Throve On Despair Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
03/02/1933 German Situation Alarms Britons 4
03/02/1933 London Times Fears More Terror In Berlin Stresses That General Massacre of Nazis Political Opponents Is Expected In Germany 4
03/02/1933 French Blame Nazis For Reichstag Fire Papers Regard It As A Crude Excuse To Crush Opposition Before The Election 4
03/02/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Protests British Arms Ban Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
03/02/1933 Big Chinese Forces Wait On New Lines 5
03/02/1933 France Rules Out An Arms Ban Now 6
03/02/1933 Soviets Will Keep Accord With Reich Moscow Wants Trade Walter Duranty, Berlin 6
03/02/1933 Yugoslavs Ratify New (Little) Entente Pact 6
03/02/1933 Add 5 Squadrons To Army Air Corps All To Be Pursuit Planes 13
03/02/1933 Million ‘Removed’ To Exile By Soviet Incident In Three Year Drive To Collectivize Farms Not Regarded As ‘Terror’ Walter Duranty, Berlin 18
03/03/1933 Japanese Advance On Chengteh Road; Chinese In Flight 1
03/03/1933 Picture: Henry Morgenthau, Jr. To Head (Roosevelt) Farm Bureau 2
03/03/1933 Planes Rake Lines; Kill Many Chinese Japan To Stop At Wall Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
03/03/1933 Ishii Will Visit Us To Aid Friendship Blames Reds In China Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
03/03/1933 (Chaim) Weizmann Assails Reich Anti-Semites Jewish (Palestine Agency Executive) Leader Tells London Friends of Palestine of ‘Barbarism’ In Germany 4
03/03/1933 Nazis Act To Curb The Foreign Press Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
03/03/1933 Hitler Denounces Democratic (Weimar Marxist) Foes Sees Ruin of Germany 5
03/03/1933 (Former German Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening Warns On Constitution Fearful of Dictatorship Stresses Danger ‘About Which I May Not Speak’ 5
03/03/1933 Red And Nazi Papers Are Banned In Vienna 5
03/04/1933 Roosevelt Takes Up Task As President Today 1
03/04/1933 Japanese Capture Capital of Jehol; North China Uneasy New Japanese Demands 1
03/04/1933 Abandon Tientsin, Japanese Demand Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7
03/04/1933 Large British Fleet In Chinese Waters 7
03/04/1933 (Former German Chancellor Heinrich) Bruening Implores (President Paul Von) Hindenburg To Act Political Clashes Result In Five Deaths (Ernst) Thaelmann (Communist) Party’s Leader Jailed (Later Killed At Buchenwald Concentration Camp In U. N. Bombing Raid) 8
03/04/1933 (Dr. T. S. Baker, President, Carnegie Tech., Back In U.S.) Predicts Revolt Against Hitler Says ‘Almost A Reign of Terror’ Exists In Germany 8
03/04/1933 (Dr. S. Lipschitz) Hails Foreign Press For Stand On (Against) Hitler 8
03/04/1933 Return of Kaiser Doubted By (James W.) Gerard (Wilson’s Ambassador To Germany) 8
03/04/1933 London Herald Man (Victor Schiff) Arrested In Berlin Correspondent, Foreign Editor of Vorwaerts, Freed Later Accused of Plotting) 8
03/04/1933 Tells How (Woodrow) Wilson Entered Politics Aid of Political Boss Enlisted (Book By John K. Winkler) 9
03/05/1933 Roosevelt Inaugurated, Acts To End The National Banking Crisis Quickly: Will Ask War Time Powers If Needed 1
03/05/1933 Text of Inaugural Address 1
03/05/1933 Victory For Hitler Is Expected Today Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/05/1933 No Job Promises Given Tammany (Hall In Return For Its Support!) 6
03/05/1933 Comment of Press On Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address 6
03/05/1933 Roosevelt Lauded By Latin America 9
03/05/1933 Roosevelt Hailed By German Press Dictatorship Is Foreseen 9
03/05/1933 Roosevelt A Leader In Episcopal Church 10
03/05/1933 France And Soviets Join In Arms Issue 11
03/05/1933 Treachery (Secret Flight of Governor Tang Yu Lin) Caused The (Chinese) Loss of Jehol 12
03/05/1933 Hitler Reassures East Prussians Is Hailed In Koenigsberg 20
03/05/1933 Pittsburgh Police Battle With Reds Idle March In Chicago 21
03/05/1933 Germany Voting Today In Weirdest Election Repression Marks Campaign Edwin L. James E-1
03/05/1933 France Is Putting Hope In Roosevelt E-1
03/05/1933 German Vote Ends One Sided Campaign Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
03/05/1933 London Fears Italy Will Uphold Nazis Augur, London E-2
03/05/1933 Soviet Watching Far East Closely E-3
03/05/1933 Free Hand Basis of Polish Policy Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
03/05/1933 Roosevelt Stirs Hopes In Europe Our (Smoot Hawley Tariff) Law Seen As ‘Stupid’ Frank L. Kluckhorn, Madrid E-3
03/05/1933 Ten Vast Problems That Roosevelt Faces XX-1
03/05/1933 The Risks Japan Has Assumed In Pursuing A Solitary Course XX-2
03/06/1933 Roosevelt Orders 4 Day Bank Holiday, Puts Embargo On Gold, Calls Congress 1
03/06/1933 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Bank Proclamation 1
03/06/1933 Use of Scrip Authorized Prison For Gold Hoarders 1
03/06/1933 Hitler Bloc Wins A Reich Majority; Rules In Prussia Election Is Peaceful Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/06/1933 Japanese Push On In Fierce Fighting; China Closes (Great) Wall 1
03/06/1933 Italians Welcome Roosevelt Program 4
03/06/1933 England Applauds Roosevelt Speech Example To Britain Seen 6
03/06/1933 Berlin Is Anxious As Germans Vote Scant Violence Reported 7
03/06/1933 Hitler’s Victory Shock To French (Leon) Blum Sees War Danger 7
03/06/1933 London Expected Victory By Hitler Repressive Measures of Germany Nazis Were Foreseen As Decisive In Election 7
03/06/1933 Offices of Jews Raided 7
03/06/1933 Swiss Bar Hitler Foes 7
03/06/1933 Chiang’s (Kai-Shek’s) Men Bar Chinese Retreat 8
03/06/1933 Roosevelt Hailed By Clergy of City 11
03/06/1933 (Methodist) Dr. (Ralph) Sockman Calls For A New System 11
03/06/1933 (Josephus Daniels) Says Nation Needs Ideals of Wilson 15
03/07/1933 Nazis Want Peace While They Effect Internal Reforms Persecution Is Unlikely Frederick T. Birchall, Belrin 1
03/07/1933 New (Roosevelt) Banking Regulations 1
03/07/1933 Greek Army Leader (Gen. Nicholas Plastiras) Seizes Government To Bar Monarchist (In Short Lived Coup) 1
03/07/1933 Roosevelt Sums Up Tasks of (State) Governors Text of Speech 2
03/07/1933 Scrip Movement Spreads Over Land 6
03/07/1933 Picture: Professor Raymond Moley, Ass’t. Sec. of State (One of Roosevelt’s ‘Brain Trusters’ Many Thought He Had More To Say Than Cordell Hull) 7
03/07/1933 Picture: Professor Rexford Guy Tugwell, One of Roosevelt’s Most Trusted ‘Brain Trusters’ Always The Center of A Storm! Almost Always Under Attack For His Liberal Ideas And His Liberal Projects But Always Protected By Roosevelt!) 7
03/07/1933 Fascist Press (Rome) Sees Ally In Roosevelt 7
03/07/1933 Picture: Cermak, Ex-Miner In Bohemia (Shot In Attempt To Kill Roosevelt) 12
03/07/1933 Boycott Is Assailed By Japanese Consul 13
03/07/1933 Britain Expected To Drop Arms Ban 13
03/07/1933 North China Drive Held Unnecessary Tokyo Says Jehol Campaign Is Almost Over 13
03/07/1933 Say (Premier Pierre) Laval Did Link Debt To (German) Reparations 13
03/07/1933 Hitler In Power 14
03/07/1933 Soviet Makes Move To Fight Hitlerism Walter Duranty, Moscow 16
03/07/1933 Italy Is Cautious In Hailing Nazis But Satisfaction Is Rife Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 16
03/07/1933 Hitler Vote Stirs Anxiety In France Attacks On (Versailles) Treaty Seen 16
03/07/1933 Poles Fear Nazi Raid For Arms At Danzig (Westerplatte Arms Base) 16
03/07/1933 Hamburg Reds Fight Policeman And Nazis 16
03/07/1933 German May Regain A Share In Colonies 16
03/07/1933 Ex-Kaiser Wilhelm Happy Over Nazi Victory In Germany 16
03/08/1933 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Guides Government Again In Prussian Issue Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/08/1933 (Secretary of The Navy, Claude A.) Swanson Presses For Early Building of A Treaty Navy Cost Placed At A Billion ‘Big Navy’ Men Hopeful 1
03/08/1933 Dictator In Flight In Greek Overturn 10
03/08/1933 League Bids Poles Quit Danzig (Westerplatte Munitions Depot) Post 10
03/08/1933 British Sympathy For Reich Is Gone France’s Stock On Rise 10
03/08/1933 Nudism In Germany Suppressed By Nazis 10
03/08/1933 Germany Will Expel Writers Who ‘Misrepresent’ Situation 10
03/08/1933 Marshal Chang Out As Chief In Peiping 11
03/08/1933 Officer (Col. Henry H. Lin) Pictures New Chinese Unity 11
03/09/1933 Roosevelt Gets Pledge of New Currency Law Today From Congress Chiefs Hoarded Gold Is Called Back 1
03/09/1933 Check Up Ordered On Gold Hoarders 1
03/09/1933 Nazi Bands Stir Up Strife In Germany Zeal of Unofficial Enforcers of Fascist Programs Admittedly Causing Much Trouble 1
03/09/1933 Britain And France Seek Plan To Save Arms Conference 1
03/09/1933 Dr. (John) Dewey (Of Columbia University) Advocates Single Bank System 7
03/09/1933 Reich Takes Over Police In 4 States (Karl) Liebknecht House Seized 10
03/09/1933 Sweden Attempts To Sooth Nazi Ire 10
03/09/1933 Victory Held Sure By Austrian Nazis 10
03/09/1933 Reports Poles Fear Hitler War Menace 10
03/09/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Tightens Its Grip On North Chiang (Kai-Shek) Calls For Action 11
03/09/1933 Japan Forewarns of Arms Demands 11
03/10/1933 Roosevelt Extends The National Banking Holiday; Congress Empowers Him To Reopen Sound Institutions 1
03/10/1933 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Proclamation 1
03/10/1933 Hoarders In Fright Turn In $30,000,000 1
03/10/1933 3 More Americans Attacked In Berlin (By Men Wearing NSDAP Uniforms) As Raiding Goes On Anti-Semites Compel Shops To Close And Invade The Boerse Demanding Directors Quit Embassies (George S. Messersmith) File Protests Frederick T. Birchell, Berlin 1
03/10/1933 Text of Emergency Banking Law Enacted As First Step In President Roosevelt’s Program 2
03/10/1933 Comment of The Press On The President’s Message 8
03/10/1933 Japanese Threaten To Go Below (Great) Wall Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
03/10/1933 (Premier Ramsay) M’donald In Paris Seeks Arms Cut 11
03/10/1933 Report Japanese In Big Arms Deals 11
03/10/1933 Britain Increases Budget For Navy 12
03/10/1933 Bavaria Put Under Control of Nazis 13
03/10/1933 Austrian Dictator (Dollfuss) Gets Aid of Army Prepares To Carry Out Ban On Socialist Meetings Protesting His Move 13
03/10/1933 Herriot Suggests France Pay Us Now 13
03/10/1933 Italy Tells World Its Aim Is Peace 13
03/10/1933 Ex-Crown Prince Sees Reich Saved 13
03/10/1933 Negro Lad Tells Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Story Forced By Beatings During Trial To Testify Falsely 32
03/11/1933 Congress Set To Back Roosevelt On Veteran And Federal Pay Cuts; Sound Banks Start Opening Monday 1
03/11/1933 Text of The Measure Giving Vast Powers To Roosevelt For Economies 2
03/11/1933 (London) Says World Waits On Recovery Here Urges More Cooperation 6
03/11/1933 Roosevelt Gets Power of Dictator Congress Backs Grant of Authority For President Unprecedented In Our History All Protests Are Stilled Two Thirds Vote Could Take Back Again The Free Reign From The Executive Arthur Krock 7
03/11/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Assumes Control In Peiping Chiang (Kai-Shek) Commander In Chief 8
03/11/1933 Soviet Food Doles Given In Caucasus 8
03/11/1933 Poles To Increase Danzig (Westerplatte) Arms Base 8
03/11/1933 Hitler Order Curb In Reich Rowdyism Puts Blame On The Reds Goering Approves Action Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
03/11/1933 Roosevelt Clings To Arms Cut Hopes 11
03/12/1933 Nazis Seek Sweep of Local Offices In Election Today 1
03/12/1933 Roosevelt Is Urged To Ask Wide Power As ‘Farm Dictator’ 1
03/12/1933 Roosevelt Is Hailed As Leader of The World (By J. L. Garvin In London) 5
03/12/1933 Soviet Executes 35 For Sabotage ‘Counterrevolutionary Activity’ In Farming 17
03/12/1933 Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Troops Take Over North 18
03/12/1933 Tokyo Pushes Plan To Quit The League Peace With China Seen 18
03/12/1933 Matsuoka Jeered By London Crowd ‘Japan Is A Nation of Bandits’ Criticizes Our Navy (Building) Plans 18
03/12/1933 Nazis To Create New Ministry ‘For Popular Enlightenment’ (Headed By Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels) 20
03/12/1933 (Northampton, Mass. Model) ‘League’ For Curb On Loans To Japan 27
03/12/1933 Herr Hitler May Divide Europe Into Two Camps 1907 Situation Is Now Recalled Edwin L. James E-1
03/12/1933 Victory of Nazis Was ‘Revolution’ Mandate Was Clear One Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-1
03/12/1933 Italy Is Divided By Hitler Victory E-1
03/12/1933 Fascists Efficient In Handling News E-2
03/12/1933 Britain Returning To Wilson’s Views Augur, London E-3
03/12/1933 Austria Combats Hitler Wave E-3
03/12/1933 Speedy Aid By Us Desired In Geneva E-3
03/12/1933 What of The American System? James Truslow Adams Mag. 1
03/12/1933 (Stanley Baldwin) A Statesman Who Personifies John Bull Mag. 6
03/12/1933 France Stirs To A Cry For A New Deal Mag. 9
03/12/1933 A President Takes Office (Roosevelt) Roto.
03/12/1933 Banks, Money, Gold: The Triangle Charted XX-1
03/12/1933 Great Banking Crises That The Nation Has Weathered (Before 1873, 1893 & 1907) XX-3
03/13/1933 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Drops Flag of (Weimar) Republic; Orders Black White Red of Empire And Swastika Flown Side By Side Nazis Carry Cities Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/13/1933 Nazis Triumphant In Prussian Polls ‘Red Berlin’ Is Captured 6
03/13/1933 (Frederick T. Birchall) Reviews Nazi Rise In Talk Over Radio In Address From Berlin 6
03/13/1933 Mobilizes To Balk A Coup In Austria 6
03/13/1933 Poles In Germany Ask Warsaw’s Aid Jews And Non Jews Reported Fleeing Across Borders To Escape From Nazis 6
03/13/1933 Nation Wide Protest On Hitler Demanded Leaders of (American) Jewish Congress (Bernard Deutsch President But Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder And Honorary President) To Act On Plans For Meetings (Madison Square Garden) And Parades In Cities 6
03/13/1933 Soviet Police Seize 4 Britons In Raid Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/13/1933 3 High Soviet Aides Pay Death Penalty Tractor Official In Group Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/13/1933 Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Trio Tell of Train Ride Well Treated In Prison 11
03/13/1933 Farm Group Maps ‘Dictator’ Measure (For Roosevelt) 11
03/13/1933 Hitler Denounced In Purim Sermons See Trend To Barbarism Rabbis Here Deplore Rise of ‘Persecution’ of Jews In Germany And Poland Downfall of Various ‘Hamans’ In History Cited 15
03/13/1933 Roosevelt Backed By Clergy In Crisis 16
03/14/1933 Washington To Aid League In Far East (Norman H.) Davis Will Hasten To Geneva 1
03/14/1933 Ships Are Watched For Hoarded Gold 7
03/14/1933 Farm Leaders Give Plan To Morgenthau 9
03/14/1933 (Samuel Leibowitz, N.Y. Defense Counsel) Map Defense Plan In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 10
03/14/1933 Japan Loses Many In Fight At (Great) Wall Hallett Abend 12
03/14/1933 Japanese Drive Was Impeded By 3 Americans’ Retirement 12
03/14/1933 Paris To Protest Rhineland’s Arming 13
03/14/1933 Violence In Reich Subsides On Order Guido Denderis, Berlin 13
03/14/1933 Soviet Power Plot Charged To Briton Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
03/15/1933 Roosevelt Favors Embargo On Arms 1
03/15/1933 France Is Likely To Pay Last December’s Debt; Roosevelt And Bank Situation Than Opinion 1
03/15/1933 New Currency Put At $2,000,000,000 5
03/15/1933 Big Gold Hoarders Hunted By Woodin Not After Little Fellow 6
03/15/1933 Hitler Now Ready To Push Program Socialist Ban Renewed Guido Enderis, Berlin 10
03/15/1933 Charge Terrorism By Nazi Troopers Refugees In Vienna Tell of Tortures By Hitler’s Men In German Prisons (Spandau Mentioned) 10
03/15/1933 Says Lloyd George Helps Germans Now 10
03/15/1933 France Protests Rhine Area Police Reich Denies Violation 11
03/15/1933 Dispute Over Danzig Settled By League 11
03/15/1933 British Catechize Soviet On Arrests (Of British Citizens) 11
03/15/1933 Picture: Hugh R. Wilson, Minister To Switzerland, Acting With League of Nations (Later U.S. Ambassador To Germany) 12
03/15/1933 (Winston) Churchill Urges Big Air Force To Protect Britain’s Neutrality 12
03/15/1933 Fast Plane Service Planned In Germany 15
03/15/1933 Assail Prison Rule In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 36
03/16/1933 (Prof. Albert) Einstein Honored In Dinner Here He Will Shun Germany Scientist Going To Belgium Instead Urges Support For Palestine University, Picture, P. 10 1
03/16/1933 Capital Sees End of ‘Dictator’ Bills (To Empower Roosevelt) 2
03/16/1933 Picture: Henry Latrobe Roosevelt, Ass’t. Sec. of Navy, Roosevelt’s Sixth Cousin 8
03/16/1933 Germany Restores Imperial War Flag (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Decrees Removal of (Weimar) Republic’s Colors From It Goebbels To Guide Press Guido Enderis, Berlin 13
03/16/1933 Says Nazis Seized Bavaria By Force 13
03/16/1933 Prussia To Pardon Its Nazi Prisoners 13
03/16/1933 Britain Is Sharp In Warning Soviet 13
03/16/1933 German Jews’ Flight Into Poland (?????) Grows 1,500 Arrive There In 2 Days (Polish) Police Kill One, Injure Ten Agitating Against Influx 13
03/16/1933 France Minimizes ‘Protest’ To Berlin 13
03/17/1933 Roosevelt Now Asks Farm Relief 1
03/17/1933 Farm Bill Summary 1
03/17/1933 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Proposes World Arms Cuts; Limits Effectives (Summary, P. 10) 1
03/17/1933 Roosevelt’s Help Sought By Britain (Norman H.) Davis Studies Problem 1
03/17/1933 German Veterans Hear Jewish (Veterans’) Plea Nazis Interrupt At First 9
03/17/1933 Nazis Ban (Leipzig) Concert By Bruno Walter ‘Negro Jazz’ Prohibited 9
03/17/1933 British Hope Italy Will Soothe Reich 11
03/17/1933 Britain Rebuffed By Soviet On Raids Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
03/17/1933 Resistance Is Seen As Peril To China Hallett Abend, Dairen 12
03/17/1933 Dr. (Albert) Einstein Urges Hitler Protests But Advises Caution 15
03/17/1933 (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Is Named Reichsbank Head Forceful Policy Likely 27
03/17/1933 Bank of France Still Losing Gold 31
03/17/1933 Bank of England Is Piling Up Gold 31
03/18/1933 British Offer India A New Government 1
03/18/1933 Roosevelt To Push For Arms Success; Davis Gets Views 1
03/18/1933 Treaty Navy Waits On Congress Move 4
03/18/1933 Araki Warns China To End Resistance Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
03/18/1933 Matsuoka Urges Amity For Japan Defends Tokyo’s Policy 6
03/18/1933 Nazis Press Policy of Racial Purging Are Ousting From Public Posts In Reich All But Persons of Strictly Germanic Origin Bar Would Exclude Jews Guido Enderis, Berlin 6
03/18/1933 German Socialists (Now In Vienna) Reported Tortured (In Germany) 6
03/18/1933 Berlin Welcomes British Arms Plan 7
03/18/1933 Roosevelt Policy Is Shaped By (Norman H.) Davis 7
03/18/1933 Roosevelts Mark 28th Anniversary 10
03/18/1933 (Lord) Marley (Ort Emissary), Off (On ‘Aquitania’), Finds We Are Still Rich 15
03/19/1933 Nazis Order Reich To Celebrate Unity Guido Enderis 1
03/19/1933 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Hopeful As Mussolini Hears His Plea For Peace 1
03/19/1933 British Proposals Assailed In India 26
03/19/1933 Roosevelt And Hull Will See Matsuoka 27
03/19/1933 (Dr. Hans) Luther (Picture, Former German Chancellor) Appointed Reich’s Envoy Here 28
03/19/1933 Schacht Promises To Pay All Debts Condemns Luther Policy 28
03/19/1933 Austrians (Heimwehr Led By Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Seeking Unity With Nazis 29
03/19/1933 (Jewish Organizations Here) Plan Protest On Hitler (American Jewish Congress Headed By Bernard S. Deutsch With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder And Honorary Chairman) 29
03/19/1933 (Philadelphians) Protest Hitler Methods 29
03/19/1933 Mr. Roosevelt Tackling International Problems Edwin L. James E-1
03/19/1933 Soviet Continues Its Vigilance Over The Japanese Moves In China E-1
03/19/1933 Goebbels Key Man In New Nazi Drive Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
03/19/1933 French Fear War Because of Nazis E-1
03/19/1933 British Students Spread Pacifism E-3
03/19/1933 Picture: Hitler’s Storm Troops Become Policemen (‘Hilfspolizei’ Auxilliaries) E-3
03/19/1933 Roosevelt Cartoon: ‘And Ail Out of Such A Little Hat’ (So Many Laws Out of Congress In Such A Short Time) E-5
03/19/1933 Russian Kulaks In Sad Condition (Letter) E-5
03/19/1933 Shankaikwan Uses Manchukuo Flag Annexation A Possibility E-8
03/19/1933 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Looking Forward, John Day Company, N.Y Book 1
03/19/1933 (Pancho) Villa, The Mexican Robin Hood Book 5
03/19/1933 The Nation Renews Its Faith Anne O’Hare Mc Cormick, Washington Mag. 1
03/19/1933 Watchfully, The Hohenzollerns Wait Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 5
03/19/1933 Mussolini Builds A Rome of The Caesars Mag. 6
03/19/1933 The Problems Roosevelt Has Dealt With XX-1
03/19/1933 In Europe’s New Tenseness, The ‘Corridor’ (Map) Looms Large XX-3
03/19/1933 In Crises Democracies Turn To Use of Dictatorial Power Lindsay Rogers XX-6
03/19/1933 The Swastika, A Nazi Standard XX-6
03/20/1933 Mussolini Offers A Plan To Keep European Peace By Revision of Treaties (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald Approves It Results Hinge On France 1
03/20/1933 German Fugitives Tell of Atrocities At Hands of Nazis Americans Bear Our Tales of Outrages And Cruelties In Racial ‘Purging’ Jews Flee Persecution All News Censored 1&5
03/20/1933 (Senator Joseph T.) Robinson (Arkansas) Denies (Roosevelt’s Is A) Dictator Regime (Socialist Morris) Hillquit Is Skeptical 3
03/20/1933 Nazi Foes Here (1,500 Representatives of Jewish Organizations) Here Calmed By Police Hotel (Astor) Congested By Delegates Seeking To Join In Protest of (American) Jewish Congress (Bernard S. Deutsch, Chairman; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder And Honorary Chairman) National Action Planned (Bernard S. Deutsch, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, N. D. Perlman, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Et Al. Present) 5
03/20/1933 Charge Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Plans (Austrian) Coup D’etat 5
03/20/1933 (Hsias Hebrew Sheltering And Immigration Assistance Society) Asks Laws To Admit Jews (To U.S.) From Germany (Hotel Astor Meeting) 5
03/20/1933 Planes To Patrol Reich Celebration (Patrol Planes) Will Be Authorized To Open Fire On Any Unauthorized Aircraft At Potsdam Fete 5
03/20/1933 Daladier To Study Plan To Pay Debt 5
03/20/1933 World Veterans Plead For Peace 6
03/20/1933 Paris Is Suspicious of Mussolini Plan 6
03/20/1933 New Commitments (By Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald) Feared By British 6
03/20/1933 Our Soviet Trade Shows Sharp Fall Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/20/1933 Japan Takes Town Inside Great Wall Chinese Losses Heavy 7
03/20/1933 Roosevelt Example Urged Upon Nation (By Dr. Rupert Stanley, Society of Friends) 13
03/20/1933 (Methodist, Rev.) Dr. (Ralph W.) Sockman Hails Courage of Nation America Has Rediscovered Herself, He Declares 13
03/20/1933 Sorrows For Germany Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Asks Christians To Help Bring Change of Heart (In Germany) 13
03/20/1933 Schacht Arouses Distrust In Berlin 25
03/21/1933 Reichstag Meeting Today Is Prepared To Give Hitler Full Control As Dictator Rule Till 1937 Sought Hitler To Draw Up Laws Constitution Is Not To Apply To Them Einstein’s Home Is Raided Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
03/21/1933 Nazis To Put Bavarian Foes In Concentration Camp (Dachau); ‘Republican Army’ Leaders To Be Held With Reds 1
03/21/1933 Jews Here Demand Washington Action 1&10
03/21/1933 Britain Suspends Soviet Trade Talks 1
03/21/1933 (Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Reveals Rome Peace Plan Covers All Europe 1
03/21/1933 Roosevelt To Seek Power To Defer Debt Payments 1
03/21/1933 Year’s Moratorium On Home Foreclosures Voted For The State By The Senate 1
03/21/1933 Japan Is Unlikely To Press Invasion Hallett Abend 7
03/21/1933 Washington Waits On Mussolini Plan (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s ‘Ambassador At Large’ To Consult Britons 8
03/21/1933 France Is Divided On New (Mussolini) Peace Idea 8
03/21/1933 (G. K.) Chesterton Sees Peril In New Prussianism; Urges World To Heed Lesson In History’s Pages 8
03/21/1933 Japanese Navy Bars (Ramsay) M’donald Arms Plan 8
03/21/1933 (Ramsay) M’donald’s Moves Puzzle London 9
03/21/1933 Daladier Is Wary On His Debt Moves 9
03/21/1933 Germany Offer To Buy War Claims 9
03/21/1933 All Germany Quiet, Insists Rail Bureaus Cablegram Attacks As ‘Malicious Propaganda’ Talk of Curbs On Personal Liberty 9
03/21/1933 Nazis Hunt Arms In Einstein (Caputh) Home Ousting of Jews Goes On Bruno Walter Departs 10
03/21/1933 Boycott Advocated To Curb Hitlerism W. W. Cohn Says Any Jew Who Buys Goods Made In Germany Is A ‘Traitor’ (To His People) 10
03/21/1933 Officers of Zionists (Kurt Blumenfeld, German Zionist Federation) Searched In Berlin (By Uniformed NSDAP Men) But Federation Is Allowed To Continue (Operation) 10
03/21/1933 Terror In Germany Amazes Novelist Lion Feuchtwanger (The Oppermanns & Der Gelbe Fleck: Die Ausrottung Von 500 Deutschen Juden) Fears Civil War If Violence Is Continued In Reich Author Believes World Will Never Know How Many Jews And Others Have Been Slain Lion Feuchtwanger, Bern 11
03/21/1933 Reich Encouraged By Talks In Rome 11
03/21/1933 Plot To Murder Hitler Is Reported Thwarted, Grenades Placed Near Residence In Munich 11
03/21/1933 (Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Former President, Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Calls On Churches To Oppose Hitler Urges Protestants To Join Fight Against Anti-Semitism In Germany (At Hadassah Meeting) 11
03/21/1933 Palestine Jews Aroused 11
03/21/1933 Louis Ullstein (Jewish) Publisher, Dies (Berlin) 17
03/21/1933 (German) Espionage Trial Begins In London 18
03/21/1933 Zangara Executed For Killing Cermak (& Attempting To Shoot Roosevelt. See Later Entry On Cause of Cermak’s Death) 36
03/22/1933 Empire Setting Is Revived In New Reichstag Meeting Potsdam Spirit Hailed Hitler Denies War Guilt 1
03/22/1933 (Cordell) Hull Asks Data On Raids Berlin Inquiry Ordered Washington Responds To Plea of American Jewish Congress (Bernard S. Deutsch Chairman, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Honorary Chairman & Founder) Emphasizes Anxiety Here State Department Also Calls On Consuls To Report On Nazi Mistreatment of Jews Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Urges Removal of Immigrant Curbs Barring Relatives of Citizens 1&8
03/22/1933 Christian Leaders Protest On Hitler Smith, Davis, Manning Among 35 Voicing ‘Profound Dismay’ For Attacks On Jews 20,000 Expected At (Madison Square) Garden Monday 1&9
03/22/1933 Dry Praises Roosevelt (‘Wet’) 5
03/22/1933 Hitler Speech At Potsdam 8
03/22/1933 Vienna Newspapers Tell of Nazi Excesses 8
03/22/1933 Austrian Nazis Go To Consult Hitler 8
03/22/1933 Urges Jews Here To Act Louis Lipsky (American Palestine Committee), In Chicago Attacks ‘Timidity’ On Hitler Policy 8
03/22/1933 Nazi Persecution Stressed By (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Funds Sent Abroad Now 8
03/22/1933 New Reich Decree To Punish Critics 9
03/22/1933 (Rear Admiral Richard E.) Byrd Calls On All To Back President (Roosevelt) 9
03/22/1933 American’s Status In Russia Is Raised Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
03/22/1933 Cardinal (Hayes) Returns Lauds Roosevelt 19
03/23/1933 Reich Regime Split On Prussian Rule; (Von) Papen Holds Power 1
03/23/1933 Our Gain A Miracle, Says (Neville) Chamberlain Chancellor of Exchequer Tells Commons Roosevelt Has Restored Confidence Sees Europe Better Off 1
03/23/1933 Roosevelt Asks Right To Fix (Tariff) Duty Lewis Will Offer Bill 1
03/23/1933 Matsuoka To Get Police Guard Here 7
03/23/1933 ‘Pig In Poke’ Pacts Are Seen As Ended Roosevelt’s Plan For Advance Congressional Consent Aims To Assure Other Lands 8
03/23/1933 Poland To Seek Voice In Rome Arms Plan 9
03/23/1933 Protest On Hitler Growing In Nation Christian And Non Sectarian (‘Non Sectarian’) Groups Voice Indignation Over Anti Jewish Drive Urge Washington To Act Boycott Move (On German Goods) Spreads 10
03/23/1933 German Paper Here (‘New Yorker Staats Zeitung’ Owned By Bernard Ridder of Ridder Family [Victor Ridder, Later N.Y. Wpa Administrator Before Assuming Editorial Duties Himself]) Scores Hitler Rule 10
03/23/1933 Reich Is Worried Over Our Reaction Our Embassy To Report 11
03/23/1933 Nazi Units In United States List 1,000 Aliens; Admit Their Aim Is To Spread Propaganda 11
03/23/1933 Hope Is Seen For End of Nazis’ Attacks (On Jews) Paris Hears Ho Fresh Racial Persecutions Jewish Exodus Falls Off Amnesty For Raiders Hitler Government Will Not Prosecute Those Who Beat And Bullied Others 11
03/23/1933 (Samuel Dickstein, Chairman, House Immigration And Natural Ization Committee; Emanuel Celler & Douglas) Ask House To Order A Protest To Reich Three Resolutions Offered On Attacks Against American Jews In Germany Says State Department’s News Minimizes Assaults Six Recorded Thus Far 11
03/23/1933 (Berlin) Rabbis Stress Loyalty (To Germany) 12
03/24/1933 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Defends Revision In Europe Asks Equality For Reich 1
03/24/1933 Hitler Cabinet Gets Power To Rule As Dictatorship; Reichstag Quits Sine Die Hitler Issues Decrees Says He Wants Disarmament And Peace, But Will Crush Treason With Barbarity Vote For Dictatorial Rule 449 To 94 Goering Denies Reports of Atrocities 1
03/24/1933 Text of Dictatorial Act 1
03/24/1933 Nazis Resentful At Agitation Here Press Attack Moves For The Defense of Jews As Undue Interference In (Domestic) Affairs 2
03/24/1933 Speech of Hitler In Reichstag On His Policies For Germany 2
03/24/1933 (U.S.) House Hearing Set On Reich (Jewish Immigration) Visa Move (Samuel) Dickstein Asks Smith, Dr. Adler And Father (Charles E.) Coughlin To Give Views 2
03/24/1933 Reich Warns Correspondents Not To Send Atrocity Reports 2
03/24/1933 (Marine Workers’ Industrial Union) Stage Hitler Protest 2
03/24/1933 City Protest Urged Over Nazi Policies 3
03/24/1933 (N.Y. Mayor) O’brien Reviews 4,000 Hitler Foes 3
03/24/1933 Mussolini Awaits A Fascist Europe 3
03/24/1933 Nazis And Nationalists Clash Over Prussia; First Serious Rift Is On Premiership 3
03/24/1933 Nazi Attacks Stir British Catholics Boycott Begun In London 3
03/24/1933 (Prof. Albert) Einstein Urges Jews To Stand Together 3
03/24/1933 Goering Is Regarded As Real Reich Power 3
03/24/1933 Nazis Protest To Prague Envoy Objects To Newspaper Attacks On Hitler Regime 3
03/24/1933 Paris Debt Action Awaits U.S. View 4
03/24/1933 Tokyo Contradicts Reich On (Pacific Island) Mandate 5
03/25/1933 Matsuoka Arrives; Says Japan Makes Plea To No Nation Not Vassal of United States Or Any Other Country Holds It (Support of China) Based On Fiction That China Is Nation Defends His Country’s Aims 1
03/25/1933 Jews In Reich Deny Atrocities By Nazis Society (‘Central Union of German Citizens of The Jewish Faith’) With 60,000 Members Accuses Foreign Press of ‘Inexcusable Distortions’ 1
03/25/1933 Job Bill ‘Fascism’ Alleged By Green A.F.L. Head At Hearing Objects To ‘Regimentation’ of Labor In Roosevelt Plan 4
03/25/1933 Soviet Recognition Urged By Women (‘American Women’s Committee For Recognition of Soviet Russia,’ Jane Addams, Amelia Earhart & List of Many Others!) 4
03/25/1933 Demands The Chair For Seven (Scottsboro, Alabama) Negroes (In Rape Case) 8
03/25/1933 Geneva Disputes Japan On Mandate (Of Pacific Islands, Former German Colonies) 9
03/25/1933 Churches Protest On (German) Anti-Semitism (Long List!) 10
03/25/1933 Paderewski Fears New Reich Menace Pianist, Here, Sees Germany Again Looking To The Partition of Poland Views Roosevelt As ‘Practical Idealist’ 10
03/25/1933 Hitler Debt Talk Points To Revision 10
03/25/1933 Move For Boycott (Of German Goods) Gaining In London Stores Display Placards Asking Discrimination Against German Goods Jews And Others Join 10
03/25/1933 Fascisti of Italy Honor Mussolini 10
03/25/1933 (U.S. Jewish Veterans) Press German (Goods) Boycott 10
03/25/1933 Life In Palestine Described In Book (By Edmond Fleg) 16
03/26/1933 Germans Aroused By Attacks Abroad; Deny Wide Violence Goering Declares Persecution of Jews Won’t Be Tolerated By The Government All Classes Protest ‘Foreign Defamation’ In Connection With Atrocity Reports Meeting (Schedule In N.Y. City At Madison Square Garden) Deplored 1&28
03/26/1933 Camp Dix ‘Bombed’ In Air Manoeuvres 17
03/26/1933 Soviet Peasants Lose Food Dole 26
03/26/1933 Boycott Divides Jews In Britain 27
03/26/1933 New Yorker (Charles A. Oberwager) Urges Reich To Free Press Atrocity Stories From Paris Are ‘Inflaming America’ 27
03/26/1933 (German Veterans) Appeal To Roosevelt Say Untrue Propaganda Is Being Spread 27
03/26/1933 Germans Protest (Newspaper) Reports of Atrocities; Goering Says That Disorder Is Curbed 28
03/26/1933 Reich Is Maligned (Richard Von) Kuehlmann Insists 28
03/26/1933 Goering Says Jews Will Be Protected 28
03/26/1933 (N.Y. City) Jews Denounce Hitler In Sermons Protest To Join (Scheduled Madison Square) Garden 28
03/26/1933 German Prisoners Deny Being Beaten (Communist Ernst) Thaelmann (Killed In Bombing of Buchenwald Camp By U.S. In WWII) And Other Reds Appear Fit And Offer No Complaints Reporters Visit Prisons 28
03/26/1933 Picture: Communist Lead Demonstration Before (N.Y.) German Consulate 28
03/26/1933 Germany Orderly, American (Miles Bouton, Baltimore Sun) Reports 28
03/26/1933 Writer (Jacob Leschinsky, Berlin Correspondent, Jewish Daily Forward) Attacks Germany 28
03/26/1933 Hull Withholding Action As To Reich Accurate Reports Are Awaited From Our Embassy And Consulates In Germany Caution Is Urged By (Rep. Hamilton) Fish 29
03/26/1933 Herr Hitler’s Nazis Hear An Echo of World Opinion Edwin L. James E-1
03/26/1933 Paris (Soir) Editor Hails Spirit Here; Finds Roosevelt Greatest Figure E-1
03/26/1933 Republican (Weimar) Flag Unwept In Reich E-1
03/26/1933 Roosevelt Spirit Stirring Britain E-3
03/26/1933 Anti German Cartoon E-3
03/26/1933 Fear of Hitlerism Grows In Austria E-3
03/26/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon: ‘The Misfit’ E-5
03/26/1933 ‘Let’s Try It!’ Says Roosevelt Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Washington Mag. 1
03/26/1933 Nazi Clouds Over German Universities Mag. 3
03/26/1933 Potsdam Or Geneva A Choice For Europe XX-1
03/26/1933 The President (Roosevelt) As ‘Dictator’ In The Light of Our History Powers Delegated To Roosevelt Compared To Those Given To Wilson Paul J. Kern XX-2
03/26/1933 Horst Wesselleid, English Translation XX-2
03/26/1933 Half Million Jews Affected By Hitler Furor In Germany XX-4
03/27/1933 Nazis End Attacks On Jews In Reich Our Embassy Finds Hull Informs (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise And (Cyrus) Adler That Government Is Curbing Beatings And Boycotts Neurath Denies Excesses Charges ‘Deliberate Rebirth of Vilification Campaign (Carried On Against Germany) During War’ 1
03/27/1933 Reich Combing Out Nazi Storm Troopers Wholesale Reorganization Is Reported In Breslau, Scene of Worst Attacks On Jews Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/27/1933 250,000 Jews Here To Protest Today More Than 1,000,000 In All Parts of Nation Also Will Assail Hitler Policies (American) Jewish Conference (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise/Bernard S. Deutsch) To Act Berlin Jews In Dissent Asks That (Madison Square) Garden Mass Meeting Be Called Off (German Jewish) Denial (Of Persecution By Germans) Held ‘Unconvincing’ (By Bernard S. Deutsch, Chairman, American Jewish Congress) 4
03/27/1933 Roosevelt Urged (By ‘American League For Human Rights And The Church Peace Union’) To Plead For Jews Prompt Action Is Sought 4
03/27/1933 Attacks On Jews (In Germany) Is Scored In Pulpits Roosevelt Inquiry Urged 4
03/27/1933 Hitler Is Supreme Under Enabling Act (Weimar) Constitution Scrapped Guido Enderis, Berlin 5
03/27/1933 German Jailings Spreading Terror Radicals Put In Camps Non Nazis Live In Dread of Arrest Though Violence Appears At End Edmund Taylor 5
03/27/1933 Equality For Jews In Reich Demanded 5
03/27/1933 Poles Seen Seeking Pact With (Little) Entente Fear Italy And Germany 6
03/27/1933 (Rep. Tinkham) Assails Arms Ban As Move On Japan 6
03/27/1933 Chen Says Japan Sees War With Us 8
03/27/1933 Britons Guilty (Of Sabotage) Says Soviet Press Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
03/27/1933 Advertisement: The Truth About The German Pogroms Jacob Fishman 11
03/27/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Chides (N.Y. Mayor) O’brien On Transit 12
03/28/1933 55,000 Here (Madison Square Garden) Stage Protest On Hitler Attacks On Jews; Other Faiths Join In 35,000 Jam Streets Outside The (Madison Square) Garden 1&12
03/28/1933 Nazis Order A New Boycott Ban On Jews Spreads Hitler’s Party (NSDAP) Prepares Boycott In Revenge For ‘Atrocity Tales’ (Abroad) 1&12
03/28/1933 Japan Quits League To ‘Insure Peace’ No Isolation, Says Ruler 1
03/28/1933 British Yield To Us On Economic Talks Currency Fear A Factor 1
03/28/1933 Soviet Peasants Muddling Through Competition Adds Zest Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
03/28/1933 Japan Again Talks of Seizing Peiping Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Absolved (Of Continuing Attacks Against Japanese) Hallett Abend, Tientsin 10
03/28/1933 Japan’s Notice To League And Ruler’s Rescript 10
03/28/1933 Steel Helmet (Stahlhelm) Men Arrested By Nazis 11
03/28/1933 Calls Chicago Jews To ‘War of Injustice’ Gov. Mcnutt of Indiana (A Roosevelt Savant) Is Chief Speaker At City’s (Anti-) Protest Meeting 11
03/28/1933 Bishop Dunn Takes No Part In (Madison Square Garden) Meeting Withdraws As Speaker 11
03/28/1933 (Reporter) Beaten (By Police) At Garden Rally 11
03/28/1933 Prof. Einstein (In Signed Statement Given To International League Against Anti-Semitism [Ligue International Contre L’antisemitisme = Lica]) Hopes For Curbs On Nazis 11
03/28/1933 Argentine Jews Protest 11
03/28/1933 ‘We Ask Only For The Right,’ Says (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise 12
03/28/1933 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Appeals To German People Cites His Teutonic Ties 12
03/28/1933 Addresses of Protest Delivered At Madison Square Garden Demonstration 13
03/28/1933 Leaders of Nation Send In Protests 13
03/28/1933 Ex-Crown Prince (Friedrich Wilhelm) Denies Atrocities (Occur In Germany) Von Papen Also Cables 14
03/28/1933 Suburban Groups Decry Nazi Raids 14
03/29/1933 Hitlerites (NSDAP Party, Not Government!) Order Boycott Against Jews In Businesses, Professions And Schools (Announced At Party Headquarters In Munich) 1
03/29/1933 Nazi Mobs Run Wild In Heart of Vienna Shouting Crowds Assault Jews And Cover All Streets With Paper Swastikas Fifty Arrests Were Made 1
03/29/1933 Mexican Reds Denounce (U.S. Ambassador Josephus) Daniels As Envoy; Embassy Stoned By Communists Last Week 2
03/29/1933 (Court) Refuses To Quash Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 7
03/29/1933 Boycott (Of Jews Ordered By NSDAP) Manefesto Includes 11 Orders (This Boycott Will Be ‘Tolerated But Not Supported By Government.’) 8
03/29/1933 Nationalist Urges Fairness To Nazis Franz Seldte 8
03/29/1933 German Cardinal (Schulte, Koeln) Revokes His Ban On Nazis Says Hitler Respects Church Rights 8
03/29/1933 Ban On Stahlhelm Is Lifted By Nazis 8
03/29/1933 Einstein (Now In Antwerp) Foresees Dangers For Jews 8
03/29/1933 Brooklyn Jews Protest 8
03/29/1933 (Hamburg America Line) Invites Inspection of German Cities 9
03/29/1933 (German) Boycott By Cairo Jews 9
03/29/1933 (N.Y. City Bernard S. Deutsch [Chairman of American Jewish Congress]) Vote Hitler Protest Meeting To Plan Relief Program Called By (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Group For Sunday 9
03/29/1933 Matsuoka Denies Japan Seeks China Puts Blame On Anarchy (In China) 10
03/29/1933 Dictator For Oil Is Urged On (Harold Le Claire) Ickes 21
03/30/1933 (NSDAP Jewish) Boycott Spreads In Reich, But Hitler Bans Violent Acts Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/30/1933 Capital Expecting Paris To Pay Loan 2
03/30/1933 Carr Fights Easing of Curb On Aliens Hull’s Aide Tells House Group That (Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman of House Immigration And Naturalization Committee) Plan Would Not Aid German Jews (Emmnuel ‘Manny’ ) Celler Hits Restriction 2
03/30/1933 Plea For Germany Made By (Former Envoy Frederic M.) Sackett Deplores Condemnation Holds German Aims Just 12
03/30/1933 Picture: A Nazi Group (Sturmabteilung) Picketing A Woolworth Store In Berlin 12
03/30/1933 Hitlerites Routed By Vienna Police 12
03/30/1933 To Push French Aid To (German-) Jewish Refugees 12
03/30/1933 (Jules Sauerwein) Says Nazis Want Jobs (Of The Jews Who Are Being Ousted) 12
03/30/1933 (American Committee On Religious Rights And Minorities’) Will Send Mission To Reich For Study To Get Truth About (Alleged German) Persecutions 13
03/30/1933 Palestine Hailed As Jewish Refuge 13
03/30/1933 Einstein To Alter Status Takes Steps To Renounce His Prussian (German) Citizenship (For The Second Time) 13
03/30/1933 American (Edward Dahlberg, Jewish) Accuses Nazi of Beating Him 13
03/30/1933 Authors (German Group of P. E. N. Club) Deny Atrocities 13
03/31/1933 German Business Protests (NSDAP Party) Boycott Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/31/1933 Britain Summons Envoy From Russia; Break Is Predicted 1
03/31/1933 Dr. of Cermack Says His Death To Colitis; Terming Bullet Wound Only Contributory (Autopsy) 8
03/31/1933 Russians Hungry But Not Starving Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
03/31/1933 (U.S.) Fleet ‘Your Affair,’ Matsuoka Declares But He Stresses, In Capital, That Pacific Concentration Causes Misgivings In Japan 13
03/31/1933 Japanese Attack Town In Mongolia 13
03/31/1933 Washington Urged (By American Jewish Congress [Bernard S. Deutsch/Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) To Block (NSDAP Party) Boycott (In Germany) 14
03/31/1933 Jews’ Jobs Sought For Nazi Backers 15
03/31/1933 Lords Cheer Plea For Jews In Reich Marquess (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) of Reading Calls On Cabinet 15
03/31/1933 Nazis (NSDAP) To Photograph Persons Who Try To Enter Jews’ Stores 15
03/31/1933 Boycott (Of German Goods) Warning Sent From Berlin (By Jews Threatened By Possible Total German Boycott) 15
03/31/1933 Denies Mass Migration Prague News Paper Says Few Jews Fled To Czechoslovakia 15
03/31/1933 Jewish Doctor (Springer) Is Beaten (In Berlin) 15