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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

July 1933
Date Headline Page
07/01/1933 Roosevelt Holds Dollar Has Not Dropped Enough 1
07/01/1933 Federal Reserve To ‘Steady’ Dollar, Easing Fluctuations During Parley; Roosevelt Permits Action By Banks 1
07/01/1933 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Moves To Protect Church; Hitler Heeds Wish 1
07/01/1933 (Prof. Raymond C.) Moley (Ass’t. Sec. of State) Negotiates With Gold Nations Clarence K. Streit, London 2
07/01/1933 Vienna Diet Ousts All Nazi Deputies Firm Ban Put On Press 3
07/01/1933 Reich (Debt) Moratorium Eased In Its Terms 3
07/01/1933 President Widens Wallace’s Powers 4
07/01/1933 Reich Bars Jews From Film Filed Our Concerns There Hit 16
07/02/1933 Roosevelt Bars Gold Pact In Form Proposed By Bloc; Meets Cabinet On Monday Hull To Explain Policy Roosevelt Is Returning (From Vacation At Sea) 1
07/02/1933 Hitler Repudiates ‘Change of Creed’ He DeniesThat He Will Join National Church Will Remain A Catholic 1
07/02/1933 Soviet And Britain End Trade Dispute 1
07/02/1933 President (Roosevelt) To Meet Cabinet On Cruiser (‘Indianapolis’) 2
07/02/1933 Reich (Debt) Moratorium Goes Into Effect 2
07/02/1933 Paris Press Urges (London Economic) Parley To Adjourn 2
07/02/1933 Roosevelt Sails Aboard Cruiser (‘Indianapolis’) 3
07/02/1933 Gains In Palestine Told To Zionists (Morris Rothenberg, Chicago) Hitler Sharply Assailed 4
07/02/1933 John Walter (One of Owners of London Times) Nazi Victim 4
07/02/1933 Nazi Head of Danzig (Hermann Rauschning) Seeks Polish Amity 4
07/02/1933 Gyrations of Dollar Vex The London (Economic) Conference Edwin L. James E-1
07/02/1933 Unique Situation Awaits Mr. Roosevelt’s Return Under Extraordinary Powers, Executive Will Be In Sole Command of Tripartite Government Country’s Hope Rests In Him Arthur Krock E-1
07/02/1933 Salter Offers Solution of (International Currency) Stabil Ization Issue E-1
07/02/1933 Nazis Determined To End ‘Defeatism’ Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-2
07/02/1933 Nazi Upset’s Pace Slow In Provinces Hanover Good Example E-2
07/02/1933 London (Economic) Conference Urged To Adjourn Calls Parley Moribund Augur, London E-3
07/02/1933 French Experience In Inflation Bitter E-3
07/02/1933 The Way Out; Internationalism Sir Arthur Salter Mag. 1
07/02/1933 Daladier: Champion of Democratic Rule Emil Lengyel Mag. 3
07/02/1933 Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann Sees Zionism Advancing XX-2
07/02/1933 Nazis Drop Early Nostrums To Meet Economic Realities Harold Callender XX-3
07/02/1933 The Industrial Cartel; Its Methods In Germany XX-5
07/03/1933 $4,000,000 Lent To Soviet By R. F. C. To Buy Cotton; Other Loans Are Expected Approved By Roosevelt First Credit Since War Hints Recognition Is Not Far Off (Ass’t. Sec. of State Prof. Raymond C.) Moley And (Maxim) Litvinoff Confer 1
07/03/1933 London (Economic) Conferees Await Hull’s Statement Today; It Will Stress Price Rise 1
07/03/1933 Hitler In Warning Reveals Movement For ‘2D Revolution’ 1
07/03/1933 London City Press Criticizes Roosevelt 2
07/03/1933 (Allen Welsh) Dulles, Back, Sees Disarmament Gain 3
07/03/1933 Reich Bars Jews From Any Office Non Nazis Also Curbed 4
07/03/1933 ‘No Jewish Nazis,’ Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Says ‘Great Gulf’ Between The Two, He Tells Zionists (Zionist Organization of America In Attack On Revisionist Article (‘Revisionism Is Jewish Hitlerism’ By Joseph Barinin, of American Jewish Congress [Controlled By Rabbi Wise & Bernard S. Deutsch]) 4
07/03/1933 Assailant of Jew (In London) Jailed 4
07/03/1933 94 Nazis Marry In Berlin Mass Wedding; 1,000 Guests Feast Later In Brewery 4
07/03/1933 Danzig And Poland To Discuss Problems 4
07/03/1933 Nazi Picked Troops Put On Border Duty 4
07/04/1933 Roosevelt Rebuke Stuns Gold Bloc, But Conference Is Likely To Go On Text of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Statement 1
07/04/1933 Paris Will Defend Franc, Says Bonnet 1
07/04/1933 President Upset Delegation’s Plan Hull Had Drafted Statement On Gold Bloc Declaration, But Roosevelt’s Superceded It 1
07/04/1933 Russians Pleased Over R. F. C. Loans Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
07/04/1933 (U.S.) Rebuff On Money A Blow To British 2
07/04/1933 Central Europe Regards Roosevelt’s Move As Neutrals Would A ‘Mobilization’ Notice 2
07/04/1933 Reversal Is Seen In Roosevelt Note London Papers Are Puzzled By What They Regard As A Change of Policy 2
07/04/1933 Official Text of Gold Bloc Declaration Differs From Moley Translation For Roosevelt 2
07/04/1933 Nazis Ease Grasp of Reich’s Business 5
07/04/1933 Resistance Expected To Reich Air Force Paris Recalls That Germany Agreed In (May 7,) 1926 Not To Organize Aviation Unit 5
07/04/1933 Jewish War Veterans Urge Tax Reforms Call On Roosevelt And Congress To ‘Compel Peace loving Millionaires To Pay (Their) Share’ (And Support The Samuel Untermyer Boycott of German Goods) 5
07/04/1933 Tourists Sought By Bavarian Nazis Hitlerism Goes Under Ground To Avoid Scaring Visitors By Revolutionary Moves 6
07/04/1933 Warsaw Greets Danzig Officials 7
07/04/1933 125,000 See Drama of Israel At (Chicago World’s) Fair (Many Prominent Speakers!) 16
07/05/1933 Germany Reported (In London) Buying War Planes Britain Bans An Order 1
07/05/1933 Roosevelt Sends Message Instructing Our Delegates To Keep (Economic) Conference Going Break Up Opposed By British Empire Hope For Roosevelt’s Aid 1
07/05/1933 Hitler Orders ‘Petty Espionage’ Stopped; Acts To Free Business of ‘Paralyzing Fear’ 1
07/05/1933 Leaders Complain of Roosevelt Shift All Stress Our Change Clarence K. Streit, London 2
07/05/1933 ‘America Is Bonfire Boy of The World,’ London (Daily Express) Editor Says, Assailing Our Acts 2
07/05/1933 Our Tone On Money Embitters French President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message Lacks ‘Moderation And Prudence’ Is Mildest Comment His Arguments Assailed 2
07/05/1933 Roosevelt (Economic Parley) ‘Advisers’ Here (London) Called Radical 2
07/05/1933 Roosevelt Candor Approved In Italy Conference Held Futile 2
07/05/1933 Opposition Parties Disband In Reich 7
07/05/1933 Austria Promises Calm For Tourists Nazi Bombings Minimized 7
07/05/1933 Nazi Unrest Was Cause of Warning By Hitler 7
07/05/1933 142 College Heads Appeal (To Germany) For Jews (List!) 8
07/05/1933 Zionists In Uproar On Reform Group 8
07/05/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Hails Jewish Patriots 8
07/05/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Prof. William E.) Dodd Condemns (U.S.) Isolation Policy Sailing Today, Asserts We Must Aid Other Nations 11
07/06/1933 $77,000,000 Sought For Modernization of Every Navy Unit 1
07/06/1933 French Turn Again To European Unity 1
07/06/1933 Statement of Our Stand At (London Economic) Parley 1
07/06/1933 Herriot Pleads For Amity With Us Asks Sympathetic View 2
07/06/1933 Gold Group Sees Peaceful Break Up Parley Called Useless Harold Callender 2
07/06/1933 Germans Anxious Over Parley’s End Exports Are Declining 3
07/06/1933 France Considers Ban On Our Films Surtax Also Is Forecast 3
07/06/1933 Washington Quits (1927) Trade Convention 3
07/06/1933 Nazis Attacked Again In Commons 4
07/06/1933 Nazis To Create 3 Ranks In Reich Jews To Become ‘Guests’ 4
07/06/1933 Nazis Are Rebuked For Austrian Acts Hitler Is Said To Have Told Refugees That They Had Compromised Party 3,500 In Two Camps 4
07/06/1933 New Amity Pacts Hailed In Moscow 4
07/06/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Hails Roosevelt’s Plan He Sails Today For Europe (No Mention of Approaching Amsterdam Boycott Conference! To Return In August) 11
07/06/1933 Picture: Our New Ambassador (To Germany, Prof. William E. Dodd) Sails For Berlin Post (With Wife & Son) 23
07/06/1933 Ambassador Dodd Sails For Berlin Hails Roosevelt Moves 23
07/06/1933 Marriages In 1933 Hit All Time Low 23
07/07/1933 Hull Plea Saves London Conference; All Factions Work On New Agenda 1
07/07/1933 World Bank To Aid Gold Currencies 1
07/07/1933 East Prussia To Get Aid As ‘Bulwark’ For Reich 1
07/07/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres.Of Columbia Univ. & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) In London Talk (English Speaking Union) Says U.S. Points Path 1
07/07/1933 Our Money Policy Hailed As Epochal Professor Irving Fisher, Political Economy, Yale University 2
07/07/1933 Austria Protests Reich Radio Talks 3
07/07/1933 No Jews As Lifesavers Are Permitted In Breslau 3
07/07/1933 Hitler Tells Dean (Of Chichester) Views On Church Seeks One Reichskirche For Protestant, Anglican Prelate Reports Nazis In New Ultimatum 3
07/07/1933 German Business Warned By Hitler 3
07/07/1933 Women Asked (By Miss Mary A. Dingman) To Aid Roosevelt On Peace 6
07/07/1933 Picture: Samuel Untermyer As He Sailed Yesterday On The Isle De France (Reports Going To Sweden For Business But No Mention of Approaching Jewish Amsterdam German Boycott Conference!) 10
07/08/1933 Roosevelt Drafts Message Detailing Plan For Parley To Increase World Prices 1
07/08/1933 Fight To Adjourn Revived In London Americans Win A Victory Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
07/08/1933 Hitler Alters Aim Seeking ‘Evolution’ 1
07/08/1933 Soviet Recognition Seen In September Study Awaits Dr. (Raymond C.) Moley (Ass’t. Sec. of State) 1
07/08/1933 Gold Block Erects Defense of Policy 2
07/08/1933 Roosevelt Is Assailed In France On (London Economic) Parley (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald Is Also Criticized 2
07/08/1933 Unemployed Decline In Reich And Britain 3
07/09/1933 Socialists Ousted From Reich Diets Decree Abolishes 120 Seats In The Reichstag 5
07/09/1933 Holds ‘New Deal’ Is Like ‘(Arthur) Salterism’ An ‘Economic Revolution’ 11
07/09/1933 Hull Outlines A Program of Action For Conference; Our Price Plan Is Gaining Gold Bloc Is Weakening Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
07/09/1933 Trends In (London Economic) Parley Please Roosevelt 2
07/09/1933 Borah ‘Fully’ Supports Roosevelt On Parley; Amery Says World Should Hail Money Plan 2
07/09/1933 Vatican And Reich Initial Concordat Hitler Pleased By Pact 3
07/09/1933 Nazis To Campaign Outside Germany 3
07/09/1933 Nazi Troopers Join Prussian Council 3
07/09/1933 80 Jewish Doctors Are Sent To Prison Camp In Reich For Trying To Aid Their Fellows (Allegedly Having Marxist Connections) 3
07/09/1933 Nationalism Held Breeder of Wars (By Dr. Otto Nathan) N-1
07/09/1933 Party Dissolution Victory For Hitler Absorption Is Doubted Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
07/09/1933 (Sir Arthur) Salter Holds (London Economic) Conference Is Still In Grave Danger E-1
07/09/1933 Saving of Faces Is Seen In Action of Conference Mystery of (Ass;T. Sec. of State, Prof. Raymond C.) Moley Remains Reason For VisitStill Unexplained Arthur Krock E-1
07/09/1933 Poland Welcomes 8 Power Accord Jerzy Szapiro E-1
07/09/1933 (Former Weimar Chancellor Philipp) Scheidermann Sees A Menace In Hitler Republic Is Defended ‘Civilized World’ Is Urged To ‘Paralyze These Adventurers; Even If War Is Necessary (The Beginning of A Number of Articles About Scheidermann [In Prague] Alleged This Article Was Mistranslated By N.Y. Times) E-2
07/09/1933 Infant Death Rate Rises In Germany Drop In Marriages Noted E-2
07/09/1933 Vatican Welcome Reich Concordat Catholic Politics Barred E-2
07/09/1933 Non Aggression Pact With Soviets Hailed By Little Entente As ‘Locarno of The East’ E-2
07/09/1933 Anti American Cartoon: London Morning Post E-3
07/09/1933 Our Position Is Defended By Herriot Roosevelt’s ‘Brutal Frankness’ Is Held Preferable To Hypocracy ‘Cautious Wise And Hopeful’ Response Is Urged E-3
07/09/1933 Tourists Spending Little In France E-3
07/09/1933 One Hundred Years of Feminism Book 1
07/09/1933 The New Deal Gets Underway Mag. 1
07/09/1933 Secretary (Of Navy, Claude A. Swanson) And Champion of The Navy Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 3
07/09/1933 The Currency Tangle: A World Issue Joined XX-1
07/09/1933 Hitler’s Course Is Leading To A New Line Up In Europe XX-3
07/09/1933 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg’s Powers Under The Third Reich XX-14
07/10/1933 Hitler Sees Jobs For All Germans (Oliver) Cromwell Is His Hero Anne O’hare Mc Cormick (Surprisingly Sympathetic Article About Hitler! Hitler Wishes The Jews Would Leave!) 1
07/10/1933 Soviet Ship Seizes Japanese Fishing Boat; Russians Held As Spies, Questioned By Tokyo 1
07/10/1933 Daladier Pledges Defense of Franc He Hopes To Get On Better Terms With Italy, Britain And United States 2
07/10/1933 Paris Budget Minister Sees (London Economic) Parley Failure; Urges Balanced Finances To Protect Franc 2
07/10/1933 Hitlerism Is Scored By Doctors Here Forty Nine Sign Statement 7
07/10/1933 (German) Chess Group Bars Jews (From Membership) 7
07/10/1933 Panama Will Deport Unemployed Aliens 8
07/10/1933 Pagan Order Must Go, Forum Is Told (Institute of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, Charlottesville) Else Capitalism Will Die Tragic Era Challenges Church 13
07/10/1933 Roosevelt’s Shift (To Managed Currency) Puzzles British 19
07/10/1933 Berlin Condemns Our Dollar Policy 19
07/10/1933 Hitler Speech Appeases Berlin 19
07/11/1933 Roosevelt Plan Praised In British Parliament (Neville) Chamberlain Optimistic 1
07/11/1933 Japan’s Navy Plans $156,000,000 Program To Reach Full Strength Under London Pact 1
07/11/1933 (World) Monetary Reform Is Called Vital 7
07/11/1933 Protestant Unity Pressed By Hitler 12
07/11/1933 Scrip Plan Blocks Reich Debt Plan 12
07/11/1933 Nazis Active In Holland 12
07/11/1933 German Nazi Rifts Hailed In Austria G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 12
07/11/1933 Cruelty of Nazis To Jews Asserted J. (James) G. Mc Donald (Chairman) of The Foreign Policy Association (N.Y.) Says Denials (By Germans) Are ‘Insult’ Tells of German Trip Hitler Has Terrific Power And Confidence, He Declares In His Chautaqua Address (Mc Donald Was A Very Dedicated Man! Shortly After This, He Became League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany. After Resigning This, He Lectured On The ‘Dangers From Germany,’ As He Saw Them, And Eventually Was Put In Charge of Roosevelt’s President’s Committee On Refugees. Ultimately, He Was Made The First U.S. Ambassador To Israel In Recognition For His Long Service To The Zionist Cause) 12
07/11/1933 Oppenheim Deaths Laid To Suicide Pact In Germany, Called Victims of Anti-Semitism 12
07/12/1933 (London Economic) Trade Parley Put On A ‘Safe’ Agenda For 2 Or 3 Weeks Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
07/12/1933 Hitler Threatens The Nazi Radicals 5
07/12/1933 Nazis Are Holding 18,000 Under ‘Protective Arrest’ 5
07/12/1933 (Former Weimar Chancellor Philipp) Scheidemann (N.Y. Times Article) Causes Rage In Reich Press 5
07/12/1933 Meat Now Barred For Austrian Nazis (In Attempt To Force Dollfuss From Office!) 5
07/12/1933 Militarist Revival In Reich Predicted (By Major Paul Schmitthenner, Heidelberg) 5
07/12/1933 Protestants Pass New Nazi Charter Church Not A State One 5
07/12/1933 Japan Balks Plot For Fascist State Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
07/12/1933 (Sir Josiah) Stamp Approves Roosevelt Policy 8
07/13/1933 Roosevelt Seeking Pacts In Americas 1
07/13/1933 Police (Gestapo) To Oversee German Business It Will Suppress Strikes (Investigate Subversives) 1
07/13/1933 Five Soviet Cooks To Die For Spoiling Food; Put Glass In Meals To Discredit Regime Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
07/13/1933 Steinhardt Confers With Hull In London (Defends Roosevelt) 4
07/13/1933 German (Refugee) Scholars To Be Aided Here Special Funds Are Asked 6
07/13/1933 Anti-Semitism’s Foes Our (In Berlin) 6
07/13/1933 Reich Again Eases Foreign Debt Curb Clarence K. Streit, London 6
07/13/1933 Hitler Is Upheld Here Josef Vogel Says German Leader Is Fighting Communism For World 6
07/13/1933 Hitler Reports End of Church Conflict 7
07/13/1933 Hitler Tie Seen With Czech Jews (Named Hitler) Organ of Austria’s Heimwehr (Led By Von Starhemberg) Reports Direct Descent On His Mother’s Side ‘Forbearers of Same Name (The Hitlers of Polna, Czechoslovakia Argument Admitted Weak) 7
07/14/1933 British Flatly Bar Public Work Plans At London Parley 1
07/14/1933 Dr. Sprague Favors Recess of (London Economic) Parley Suggests A 3 Month Study 5
07/14/1933 Church Elections Set Despite Nazis 6
07/14/1933 Hitler Redemands End of Revolution 6
07/14/1933 Soviet Diplomacy Winning Near East Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
07/14/1933 Reich Nazis To Rally Near Austrian Line 6
07/14/1933 Reich Seizes $342,500 By Opening Outgoing Mail 6
07/14/1933 Life of Roosevelt Written For Young 18
07/15/1933 Hitler Will Seize Property of Foes New Decrees Also Provide For Withdrawing Citizenship of (Errant) Germans Abroad Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/15/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Warships Alarm Cantonese (Chen Chi Tang) 3
07/15/1933 Nazi Plane Scatters Leaflets In Austria (Identified In The Article As A German Plane By Its Insignia) 4
07/15/1933 Parley In London Put Off By Jews Grownd Work For Sessions To Plan Boycott of Germany Found To Be Inadequate (No Mention of Samuel Untermyer Or The Amsterdam Conference!) Frederick T. Birchall, London 4
07/15/1933 Jews In Germany Protest (Actions of British Jews To Lord Melchett) 4
07/15/1933 Reich Arouses Belgium 4
07/15/1933 (Ernst) Torgler Lawyers (Saul C. Waldbaum Errol White, Both of Philadelphia) Named (Reichstag Fire Defendants) 4
07/15/1933 (Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Picture) Upholds Delay On Dollar Praises Roosevelt Plans 6
07/15/1933 Palestine Report Proposes Arab Aid Gloomy On Farm Outlook Joseph M.Levy 6
07/15/1933 Peace Moves Held Failure By (Bainbridge) Colby ‘New Diplomacy’ Has Achieved No More Than Old, He Tells Virginia Institute (Of Public Affairs, University of Virginia) 28
07/16/1933 100,000 At Chicago Greet Balbo (Italian Air) Fleet 1
07/16/1933 Hitler Invokes Aid of Business Heads 1
07/16/1933 Our Navy Program Worries Japanese Hugh Byas, Tokyo 8
07/16/1933 ‘Militarist East’ Held War Menace (Grover Clark, Institute of Public Affairs, University of Virginia) 10
07/16/1933 James Loeb Left $1,000,000 To Reich 21
07/16/1933 30 Laws Decreed By Reich Cabinet 21
07/16/1933 (Philipp) Scheidemann (In Prague) Denies Urging War On Reich Declared To Have Been Mistranslated Here (In U.S.) 21
07/16/1933 Fear of Hitler Regime Disappearing In London Augur, London E-1
07/16/1933 French Uncertain On Gold Standard E-1
07/16/1933 Economic War On In Japan And India Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-2
07/16/1933 Italy Champions The Gold Standard E-3
07/16/1933 The Ideas Behind The New Deal Dr. Rexford G. Tugwell Mag. 1
07/16/1933 Toward Recovery: World Tides Charted XX-1
07/16/1933 Our Recognition of Russia: Arguments For And Against XX-3
07/17/1933 Rival Groups War Within Nazi Ranks Hitler ‘Brain Trust’ Split Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Berlin 1
07/17/1933 Will Durant Sees Slavery In Russia For Limited Recognition 9
07/17/1933 200 (Immigrant) Russians Pray For Soul of Czar 11
07/18/1933 Argentina In Crisis On British Treaty 1
07/18/1933 Big Airship Taking Shape In Germany (Lz 129 Later The ‘Hindenburg’) 5
07/18/1933 Germans Acclaim (Walther) Rathenau Slayers 8
07/18/1933 Goering Punishes Nationalist Paper 8
07/18/1933 Nazi Council Formed By Germans Here 8
07/18/1933 Jews Drive Adds $77,000 8
07/18/1933 Nazi Who Revealed Nazi Coup Plan Is Slain Dr. Wilhelm Sahaefer Told The Police of Conspiracy In Hesse In 1931 8
07/18/1933 Roosevelt Praises Forest (Ccc) Corps Work 10
07/18/1933 ‘Hoarders’ Turn In $20,111,233 In Gold 27
07/19/1933 500,000 Regained Work Last Month 1
07/19/1933 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise (In London) Hails British For Scoring Nazis Says No Other National Voice Has Backed Jews So Strongly Sees (Germany) A Menace To Peace 4
07/19/1933 Primate of Spain Fears For Church Says Nation Ousted God 4
07/19/1933 World Jews Plan To Widen Boycott (Of German Goods) Leaders of 35 Nations To Take Up Anti Nazi Campaign In Amsterdam Tomorrow 5
07/19/1933 4,000 German Jews Reach Palestine 5
07/19/1933 $889,000 Is Pledged For German (Jewish) Relief (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 5
07/19/1933 German Rabbi Here (Visiting, Dr. Felix Aber From Bremen) Saw No Persecution (In Germany Doesn’t Wish To Talk About Politics) 5
07/19/1933 (Former Weimar Chancellor, Philipp) Scheidemann (In Prague) Sees Nazi Rule Doomed SaysHe Wants To See Hitler Fall 5
07/19/1933 League Committee Plans Aid To China 6
07/20/1933 Philipp) Scheidemann (In Prague) Asks Hindenburg’s Aid 6
07/20/1933 British Labor Orders Boycott of Germany; Seeks To Make Her People Repudiate Hitler 6
07/20/1933 (Former N.Y. Mayor George B. Mc Clellan) Quits Pro German Group (Friends of Germany) 6
07/20/1933 Nazis Get Pick of Jobs 6
07/21/1933 World Jews Push Boycott of Reich For Inhuman Acts Amsterdam Session Calls On All People Regardless of Race To Join Movement (Samuel Untermyer Elected President) 1&5
07/21/1933 Nazis Round Up 300 Jews In Nuremberg; Businessmen Are Paraded Through City 1
07/21/1933 London Jews Hold Anti Nazi Parade Elders Dare Blazing Sun (Effective Boycott of German Goods Has Been In Effect For Several Weeks Already) 1
07/21/1933 (Bernard) Baruch Goes Abroad; ‘No Orders,’ He Says Trip Only For Rest 4
07/21/1933 (Sherwood) Eddy (Former Ymca Secretary) Assails Nazis At Berlin Meeting Tells Amazed Hearers No Nation Can Flout World Opinion Stresses Reaction Here 5
07/21/1933 Reich Concordat Signed At Vatican 5
07/21/1933 (Fritz) Kreisler Is Firm On Reich Concerts Will Refuse To Appear Until Deeds Follow Pledge of Artistic Freedom 5
07/21/1933 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Praises French For Assisting Jews 5
07/22/1933 Jews Ask League To Curb Germany World (Jewish Economic Federation, Samuel Untermyer, Chairman) Session In Amsterdam Nazis Beat New Yorker 1&4
07/22/1933 High Nazis Hurriedly Summoned To Berlin; Meeting Called Today To Tighten The Reins (Orders Issued By Ernst Roehm) 1
07/22/1933 Hitler (Sturmabteilung) Troopers Beat (Jewish) New Yorker (George S. Messersmith) Protests Punishment Is Promised 4
07/22/1933 6 Nazi Airplanes In Austria ‘Raids’ 4
07/22/1933 Jewish News (Telegraphic) Agency Is Closed In Berlin 4
07/22/1933 Anti Nazi Ban Enforced Jews Threaten London Importer Till He Returns Toys To Germany 4
07/22/1933 Baireuth Honors Hitler, Wagner 14
07/23/1933 (Wiley) Post Arrives Safely In New York, Circling World In 7 Days, 19 Hours 1
07/23/1933 President Calls Wartime Forces To Speed Recovery 1
07/23/1933 Ban On ‘Marxist Pictures’ In Essen, Even In Homes 1
07/23/1933 Aid To Immigrants Shows Big Increase 15
07/23/1933 Nazis To Kill Any Who Spread ‘Lies’ Affecting Those Who Start ‘Atrocity’ Reports 23
07/23/1933 $924,000 Is Donated To Aid Reich Jews 23
07/23/1933 New Drive On Jews Is Begun In Austria G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
07/23/1933 (Sir Arthur Salter Would Halt (London Economic) Parley Till Our Policy Is Clear E-1
07/23/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Plans To Check Canton E-2
07/23/1933 Germans In Exile Face A Hard Fate E-2
07/23/1933 France Wonders About America Mag. 1
07/24/1933 Hitler Threatened By Extreme Nazis; Outbreaks Feared Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Berlin 1
07/24/1933 Protestant Poll Is Swept By Nazi’s Foes Protest Outcome 5
07/24/1933 Nazi Betrayed By His Passport 5
07/24/1933 Reich Courts Split On Jews Dismissal 5
07/24/1933 British Jews Bar Official Reich Ban Board of Deputies Decides To Encourage Boycott, But Not Proclaim It 5
07/24/1933 Extremist (Revisionist) Chiefs Held In Palestine (Murder of Dr. Arlosoroff) 6
07/24/1933 Right Wing Heads Arrested In Spain 6
07/25/1933 Berlin Insistent On Stable Money 21
07/25/1933 Spain Arrests 500 In Reported Plot Frank L. Kluckhorn, Madrid 1
07/25/1933 Herriot Defends Roosevelt Effort 2
07/25/1933 Ex-Prisoner Tells of Reich Cruelty Jews Hair Pulled Out 6
07/25/1933 Austria Charges Reich Aids Thugs More Nazis Imprisoned 6
07/25/1933 Nazis Accused of Illegal Church Election Because of Big Increase In Protestant Voters 6
07/25/1933 (Arnold) Schoenberg Returns To The Jewish Faith 6
07/25/1933 German Move To Buy Planes (From England) Is Confirmed 6
07/26/1933 Nation Pledges Support To The President’s Code In A Flood of Messages 1
07/26/1933 Travelers In Reich Searched By Nazis Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/26/1933 Roosevelt’s Plea Hailed In London The Times Declares Universal Disaster Will Ensue If His ‘Revolutionary’ Task Fails 4
07/26/1933 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks Women Aid New Deal 5
07/26/1933 (N.Y.) Times Writer Visits Reich Prison Camp (Dachau) 9
07/26/1933 German Socialists Call Nazi (Atrocity) Death Law Murder 9
07/26/1933 Foreign Musicians Spurn Reich Bids (Karl) Muck Resigns In Hamburg 9
07/26/1933 Reich Modifies Ban On Jewish (Telegraphic) Agency 9
07/26/1933 Reich To Sterilize Undesirable Groups Courts To Pass On Alcoholics, Feeble Minded, Insane, Blind, Deaf & Deformed 9
07/26/1933 Nazis Arrest Wife And Daughter of Foe Ex-Mayor of Thuringia Town, Refugee In Prague, Denies He Spread ‘Atrocity Reports’ 9
07/27/1933 Nazi Regime A Blow To German Shipping 1
07/27/1933 Einstein In Commons Gallery Is Lauded As Bill Offers German Jews Citizenship 1
07/27/1933 Navy Bids Open For 21 Warships 6
07/27/1933 Nazi Prison Camps To Be Permanent 7
07/27/1933 (Neville) Chamberlain Firm Against Inflation 8
07/27/1933 Exports of Arms By France Up 50% 9
07/27/1933 Poland And Soviet Forging New Links 9
07/27/1933 French Skeptical of Roosevelt’s Plans 10
07/28/1933 Spain Decides To Recognize Soviet Russia; Trade Treaty Is To Be Negotiated At Once 1
07/28/1933 Hull Group Sails Quietly For Home Few Are At London Station To Say Farewell To Head of Our (London Economic) Parley Delegation 4
07/28/1933 Text of Secretary Hull’s Address At London Economic Address 5
07/28/1933 I. A. Hirschmann Back, Tells of Nazi ‘Myth’ Store Executive Says Germany Is ‘Madhouse’ And Citizens Live In Terror (He Visited Berlin) 7
07/28/1933 Sees Boycott Success (Samuel) Untermyer (In London) Expects Anti Hitler Drive To Halve (German) Trade 7
07/28/1933 Herriot Applauds Roosevelt Effort 8
07/28/1933 Cuban Foes Meet Under Our Envoy (Sumner Welles) Welles Opening Constitutional Reform Parleys, Stresses He Represents Roosevelt 16
07/29/1933 Chinese In Mutiny Take City In North Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
07/29/1933 Hitler Authorizes His Book (Mein Kampf) In English 5
07/29/1933 Nazis’ Shop Cells End Interference 5
07/29/1933 Col. (Frank) Knox (Returning From Europe) Sees Reich In State of Terror 5
07/29/1933 (Johannes Stilling, Socialist Leader) Says Nazis Killed Group of Socialists 5
07/29/1933 (R. D.) Blumenfeld Writes of Nazi Boycott (In Jewish Daily Bulletin) 5
07/29/1933 Accused Get Counsel In Reichstag Fire (Case) 5
07/29/1933 Prussia Seizes (Copies of Redbook) Magazine 5
07/29/1933 Bomb Injures 5 Austrians 5
07/29/1933 (U.S.) Student (Herbert Klein) Quits Berlin (His Professors Were Ousted) 5
07/30/1933 Police Raid Reds In German Cities Arrest 250 1
07/30/1933 (National Guard) Troops Keep Peace In (Pennsylvania) Strike Region On (Governor) Pinchot’s Order 1
07/30/1933 Picture: Franklin D., Eleanor & Sarah Delano Roosevelt 3
07/30/1933 Americans Proud of (London Economic) Parley’s Record Hull Won High Esteem Frederick T.Birchall, London 12
07/30/1933 Lloyd George Decries ‘Mistakes’ At Ottawa Says Roosevelt’s Experiment Means Economic Ruin Or Salvation of The World 12
07/30/1933 Norderney (German North Sea Isle) Bars Jewish Visitors 16
07/30/1933 Gifts Asked To Aid Jews Dr. J. B. Wise (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 16
07/30/1933 (Dr. Ludwig Mueller) Says Christ Fought Jews 16
07/30/1933 Suffern Asks Ban of A Nazi (German American Commercial League) Camp Irked By Loud Speeches 18
07/30/1933 Polish Soviet Peace Worries Ukrainians 24
07/30/1933 Germans Reticent On Assets Abroad N-8
07/30/1933 World Watches Closely New Regime In Germany Hitler’s Jingoism Disturbing Edwin L. James E-1
07/30/1933 Resistance To Our (U.S.) Policies Is Seen As Uniting Europe Jules Sauerwein (Le Soir, Paris) E-1
07/30/1933 Shifting of Influences Rumored In Washington Woodin Is Expected To Leave E-1
07/30/1933 Soviet Russia Seen In Economic Mess Peasants Face Hard Fate E-2
07/30/1933 (Dr. Wilhelm) Frick Germanizes History Teaching Anodyne For ‘Inferiority’ E-2
07/30/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon; London Morning Post E-2
07/30/1933 Frau Goebbels Quit Reich Fashion Bureau Because Chief Stylists Were Not Nordics (Prague Report The Cause Is Admittedly ‘Alleged!’) E-3
07/30/1933 Uncle Sam As The Europeans See Him Nicholas Roosevelt Mag. 5
07/30/1933 Over The Nation, The ‘Blue (Nira) Eagle’ Wings XX-1
07/30/1933 Austria And The Nazis Fight A ‘Tourist War’ XX-7
07/31/1933 Schacht Favors Limited Parleys He Opposes Devaluation 5
07/31/1933 Expert (Capt. B. H. Liddell Hart) Sees Reich Evading Arms Curb 6
07/31/1933 Nuremberg Jews Brutally Treated Nazis Parading 300 Arrested In Recent Round Up, Urged Old Men On With Kicks Charged Secret Meeting 6
07/31/1933 Bolsheviki Mark 30th Anniversary Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
07/31/1933 Charges Nazi Hero (Albert Leo Slageter) Was A French Spy 6
07/31/1933 150,000 Gymnasts In German March Hitler Exalts Brawn 6
07/31/1933 Germans Marrying Need History of Kin 6
07/31/1933 (U.S.) Children Found To Glorify War 13