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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

November 1933
Date Headline Page
11/01/1933 Criticism of Jews (In 1919) Laid To La Guardia (By U.S. Ambassador James W. Gerard, Tammany Figure) Zionist State Opposed 3
11/01/1933 Soviet Ban Scored As Curb On Trade 8
11/01/1933 Palestine Warned By British On Riots 8
11/01/1933 Hadassah Opens Drive For $50,000 (Rabbi (Dr. Stephen S. Wise) Assails Nazis 8
11/01/1933 (Adolph A.) Berle (Later Ass’t. Sec. of State) And Tugwell Surprise The British 10
11/01/1933 Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia & Rumania) To Be Trade Unit (Czech Foreign Minister Eduard Benes) Scores German Policy 13
11/01/1933 Thief’s (Reichstag) Fire Tale Recoils On Nazis Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 14
11/01/1933 Differ On (German) Jewish Dead Reich And Veterans’ Group Give Figures On (World) War Toll 14
11/01/1933 Samuel (Untermyer) Chides (German Product) Boycott Enemies 15
11/01/1933 Arms Monopolies Urged By (Columbia University President & Director of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler 15
11/02/1933 Nazis Swallow Up (Jewish) Ullstein Press, Largest In Reich Stock Ullsteins Retain Will Be Mostly Non Voting (No Mention of Any Compensation) Frederich T. Birchall, Berlin 1
11/02/1933 Roosevelt Averts (War) Debt Parley Break 1,200 Columbia (University) Students Make Pacifist Vow; Will Refuse Cooperation In Event of War 1
11/02/1933 Hull Again Heads Pan American (Union) Body 6
11/02/1933 Russian Slogans Stress War Peril 8
11/02/1933 Germany To Free And Expel (Noel) Panter Holds Him ‘Undesirable’ 10
11/02/1933 Hitler Order No Bar On Relief For Jews 10
11/02/1933 Austria Repudiates (Reichpost) Editorial On Jews 10
11/02/1933 German Day Fete Is Planned Anew Steuben Society Proposes To Hold Celebration In Madison Square Garden 11
11/02/1933 Ask Exile’s (Ernst Torgler’s) Safety In Reich Fire Case 11
11/02/1933 Educators Oppose Reprisals On Hitler 11
11/02/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Scores (Dr. Hans) Luther Calls German Envoy Propagandist Tells of Huge Nazi Fund 11
11/02/1933 Jews Unite To Aid German Brethren Will Seek $9,600,000 (James G.) M’donald To Be Assisted 45 Groups Sink Differences 11
11/02/1933 16 Foreign (14 German) Loans Out Here, Default 35
11/03/1933 (Cordell) Hull Depreciates (Samuel Untermyer’s) Attack On (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther 10
11/03/1933 German Exports Maintain Volume 10
11/03/1933 ‘Aryans’ Take Over The Ullstein Press (No Mention of Compensation) 10
11/03/1933 Reich Reopens Post To A Jewish Savant (Semitic Studies) 10
11/03/1933 Soviet Recognition Opposed By (American) Legion Sound Dollar Demanded 11
11/03/1933 (Roosevelt’s Ambassador At Large, Norman H.) Davis Gives France Our Stand On Arms Says U.S. Will Not Return To Geneva (Arms) Parley Until Impasse With Germany Ends 11
11/03/1933 Roosevelt To Meet Striking Miners 13
11/03/1933 Roosevelt Policy Assailed In Book (America Swings To The Left, Alva Lee) 17
11/03/1933 Hull Gives Pledge As ‘Good Neighbor’ 42
11/04/1933 Reich Culture Put On National Basis 1
11/04/1933 (U.S.) Fleet To Return To Atlantic Coast 1
11/04/1933 Roosevelt Pledge (Of Support) Wins Miners Over 3
11/04/1933 Japan’s (Saipan) Mandate To Have Airfield Military Value Is Seen 7
11/04/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Turns Attack Upon Hull Says Secretary Will Live To Regret His Regrets For Lawyer’s Scoring of (German Ambassador, Dr. Hans) Luther He Again Accuses Envoy 8
11/04/1933 Mixed Race Group Unites (Reich Confederation of Christian Jewish Citizens And Non Aryans) In Germany 9
11/04/1933 Reich Bishop (Dr. Ludwig Mueller) Asks A Solid Nazi Vote 9
11/04/1933 Goering Will Defy (Reichstag) Fire Charge Today 9
11/04/1933 Reich Suppresses Second Banse (Military) Book 9
11/04/1933 Saar Tightens Curb On Nazi Agitators 9
11/05/1933 Goering And A Red (Georgi Dimitroff) Exchange Taunts In Reich Fire Case Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
11/05/1933 Danzig Workers Appeal To League On Nazis’ Ban 18
11/05/1933 Germans To Limit Meal Again Today 26
11/05/1933 Dr. Ludwig Tietz Dies In Germany 33
11/05/1933 Dr. (James T.) Shotwell (Columbia Univ. & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Sees Peace In Parleys N-1
11/05/1933 $1,226,346 Is Raised For German Jews (Jonah B. Wise American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) N-5
11/05/1933 Prospects More Gloomy For (World) War Debt Collection Edwin L. James E-1
11/05/1933 Next War If Any, Will Not Break Soon, (Pacifist Sir Philip) Gibbs Holds E-1
11/05/1933 Future of Gold Dismays French E-1
11/05/1933 Key To Arms Pact Is Seen As Britain Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
11/05/1933 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Deals Germany Rebuke Augur E-2
11/05/1933 (German) Junkers Digging In Behind Swastika E-2
11/05/1933 Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia & Rumania) Mends Its Fences E-2
11/05/1933 Italo German Rift Is Growing Wider Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome E-3
11/05/1933 Bermuda Airline Schedule In 1934 Will Have Pan America’s Cooperation E-3
11/05/1933 Russia Sends (Maxime Litvinoff) A Hard Bitten (Jewish Bolshevik) Diplomat Mag. 3
11/05/1933 In The Armistice Glade, 15 Years After Mag. 3
11/05/1933 Again A Race Issue Disturbs Palestine (Picture: Arthur G. Wauchope) XX-2
11/05/1933 The Meaning of Recognition For Russia And For The U.S XX-3
11/05/1933 Refugees Still To Be Helped: The League’s Task of Salvage (Picture of Fridtjof Nansen) XX-11
11/06/1933 Soviet To Resist Credit Line Here Walter Duranty, Aboard S. S. Berengaria 1
11/06/1933 Britain Expected To Pay Debt ‘Token’ On Sum Due Dec. 15 1
11/06/1933 (Sir Herbert Samuel, The Jewish First League High Commissioner For Palestine) Finds Spirit Here of Nation At War 10
11/06/1933 ‘Pillbox’ Defends Chamber In Paris 13
11/06/1933 Hitler Downfall Foreseen By (German) Exile (Prof. Werner Hegemann) 14
11/06/1933 Reich Asks Briefs On (Arms) Equality Issue 14
11/06/1933 Palestine Invites Exiled (German) Scholars 15
11/06/1933 Physicians To Aid Exiles From Reich (See Later Litigation Led By Untermyer To Secure Their Licenses To Practice!) 15
11/06/1933 (Germans) Fear 50% Duty Rise On German Gloves (Exported To U.S.) 15
11/06/1933 Nazis Share Rally of (N.Y. Italian) Fascists Group 15
11/06/1933 Powell Sees Reich Arming For Defense 15
11/06/1933 British Jews Vote German Boycott 15
11/06/1933 Whalen (& Others) Aids (Untermyer) Boycott (Of German Goods See Later Entry!) 15
11/06/1933 Wauchope Orders Release of Arabs Joseph M. Levy 16
11/06/1933 Dr. Reisner (Methodist) Urges Recognition of Russia; Contends Not Even Atheism Should Bar It 22
11/07/1933 Japan Asks Soviet To Recall Troops Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
11/07/1933 Britons See U.S. Under A Dictator 10
11/07/1933 (Sir Herbert) Samuel Sees Us Feeling Our Way 11
11/07/1933 Nazi Envoy (Georg Schmitt) Here With Credentials 14
11/07/1933 German (Neurath) Sees League (As) ‘Tool’ of Versailles Victors Used Organization ‘To Execute Their Will’ (To Germany’s Disadvantage) 14
11/07/1933 Germany To Reorganize Jewish Youth Group (Jewish Youth Association of Germany) 14
11/07/1933 (Fritz) Ebert Is Now Safe In New Nazi Camp (Lichtenberg) 15
11/07/1933 Soviet Protests Goering Attacks 16
11/07/1933 Goering In Italy Calls On Premier 16
11/07/1933 Whalen (Protests) Not Member of (Samuel Untermyer) Boycott (Of German Goods) Group 24
11/08/1933 (Fiorello) La Guardia Elected Mayor of New York (A Fanatical Roosevelt Supporter, Unswerving Enemy of Germany, Sometime ‘Mouthpiece’ For Roosevelt And ‘Tester’ of New Deal Ideas) 1
11/08/1933 Litvinoff Shows He Is Statesman 17
11/08/1933 Emissary of Nazis (Georg Schmitt) Begins Work Here 23
11/08/1933 Text of Statement Issued By Litvinoff 24
11/08/1933 Litvinoff Hopeful Over Recognition 24
11/08/1933 Reich Admits Soviet Pays Bills Promptly 24
11/08/1933 America Delights Envoy of Soviet Walter Duranty, Washington 25
11/08/1933 Army Gains Shown In Big Soviet Fete Fascism Is Denounced 25
11/08/1933 Goebbels To Prop (Reichstag) Fire Case Today Opinion Abroad Deplored Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 25
11/08/1933 Heimwehr (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Men Fight Vienna Anti Fascists 25
11/08/1933 Texts of (War) Debt Statements 26
11/08/1933 Roosevelt Acts Praised In France 26
11/08/1933 (Arthur Garfield) Hays Clears Reds In Reich (Reichstag) Fire Trial Says Court May Convict Them of High Treason, However Calls Naziism Tyranny He Asserts Germany As A Nation Is Mad, A Danger To Herself And To Others 44
11/09/1933 President (Roosevelt) Speeds Litvinoff Talks 1
11/09/1933 Cuban Rebels Hold 3 Forts In Havana; 60 Die In Battle 1
11/09/1933 French Say League Will Curb Germany 4
11/09/1933 Nazis Celebrate ‘Beer Hall (Buergerbraeu) Putsch’ Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 8
11/09/1933 Goebbels Debates With Red (Georgi Dimitroff) At Trial Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
11/09/1933 Nazi Agent (Georg Schmitt) Called In Federal Inquiry (Samuel) Dickstein Studies Case 23
11/10/1933 Russia Sends Vigorous Warning To Japan Against Repetition of Border Air Flight 1
11/10/1933 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Appeals To Reich On Arms 10
11/10/1933 German Day Plans Approved By (N.Y. City) Jews 11
11/10/1933 Military Display Marks Nazi Rites Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 12
11/10/1933 Frenchman (George Mandel) Calls Reich Armed Camp Could Mobilize 45 Divisions In 5 Days 13
11/10/1933 Admiralty Limits British Navy Test 14
11/10/1933 Ask Soviet Treaty On Book Royalties Only (Theodor) Dreiser (U.S. Communist) Paid In Cash (By Russia) 19
11/11/1933 Martial Law Rule Decreed In Austria 1
11/11/1933 Missing Nazi Chief (Spanknoebel) Is Indicted Here 1
11/11/1933 (Cordell) Hull (U.S. Secretary of State) Sails Today For (Montevideo) Pan American Parley 1
11/11/1933 Catholic Question Acute In Germany Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 8
11/11/1933 (Belgian Senator) Says Arms Report Condemned Reich Had Not Fulfilled Treaty of 1927 Secrecy Laid To France 8
11/11/1933 Polish Trend Favors Accord With Reich 8
11/11/1933 Anti Nazi Feeling Grows In Bavaria 8
11/11/1933 Explains Hitler’s Stand 8
11/11/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia Univ. & Director of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Urges Stand For Liberty A Task For Anglo Saxons 16
11/12/1933 (German President Paul Von) Hindenburg Urges 100% Hitler Vote Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
11/12/1933 Red (Otto Kuehne) Quits Hiding To Help (Communist Ernst) Torgler 2
11/12/1933 Protestant Pastors (Martin Neimoeller & Joachim Hassenfelder) Are Ousted By Nazis (Opposed Governments Jewish Policy For Church) 2
11/12/1933 J. (James) G. Mc Donald (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) In Geneva 2
11/12/1933 Hindenberg’s Address (Translated Text) 3
11/12/1933 Protest To (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther On Nazi (Reichstag) Fire Trial (By American Civil Liberties Union) 3
11/12/1933 (Edgar Ansel) Mowrer (‘Chicago Daily News’) Talks On Nazis Declares Jews Are Not The Most Persecuted Group (Both Communists & Pacifists Are Treated Worse, He Claims) 3
11/12/1933 Soviet To Produce Wright Air (Plane) Engine Have License Agreement New Moscow Plant 15
11/12/1933 America At War, Declares (Nra Gen. Hugh S.) Johnson 17
11/12/1933 Paris Offers Hand of Amity To Reich 27
11/12/1933 Fascist Influence Declines In Japan 28
11/12/1933 (Walter) Lippmann (Confidant of Woodrow Wilson) Urges Pact With Britain Neither Nation Is Secure If One Is At War And The Other Is Neutral N-2
11/12/1933 Reich Tries To Liquidate Defeat of 15 Years Ago Edwin L. James E-1
11/12/1933 French Are Firm In Geneva Policy E-1
11/12/1933 Nazi Intimidation In Saar Increases E-2
11/12/1933 Cartoon: (U.S.-) Russia Ballet E-3
11/12/1933 Dollfuss Clashes With Third Group E-3
11/12/1933 Preparation Seen For War In Siberia Our Naval Move A Factor E-8
11/12/1933 15 Years After: A Broken Dream (Peace) Sir Philip Gibbs (A Pacifist) Mag. 1
11/12/1933 Democracy Still Lives, Say (Czech President, Thomas) Masaryk Mag. 3
11/12/1933 Women of Germany Balk At New Role XX-2
11/13/1933 40,618,147 Vote For Hitler In Record German Poll; 2,055,363 ‘Noes’ Counted 1
11/13/1933 Roosevelt Held 3 Hour Conference On (Foreign) Gold Purchases 1
11/13/1933 Czech News Man Tells of Nazi Jail Arrested Last Month 2
11/13/1933 Reich Press Sings Paean of Victory 2
11/13/1933 Nazis Won First 12 Reichstag Seats In 1928 2
11/13/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Shuns B’nai B’rith Dinner Because of (Their) Opposition To (His) Hitlerism Boycott 2
11/13/1933 (Union, Supporting Untermyer’s Boycott of German Goods) Warns On German Goods 2
11/13/1933 Reds Warn Japan of Perils In A War Cite Strength of Army 11
11/14/1933 Nazis Look Abroad For Next Step; Hitler Hides Plans Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
11/14/1933 Japan Would Ease Issues With Russia 10
11/14/1933 British To Push On For An Arms Pact 13
11/14/1933 Nazis Won Poll of Prison Camps (Oranienburg & Dachau) 13
11/14/1933 Paris Now Favors Talks With Nazis 14
11/14/1933 Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Troops Massed In Vienna 14
11/14/1933 (N.Y. Representative Samuel) Dickstein Charges Nazi Chest Here (For Propaganda) 14
11/14/1933 (James G.) Mc Donald (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) Organizes Body To Aid Refugees 14
11/14/1933 Revision of Scripture Is Urged On Germans (See Later Entry!) 14
11/14/1933 German Scrip Deals Protested By Britain 14
11/14/1933 (Comedian Eddie) Cantor (Head of Screen Actors’ Guild) To Confer With Roosevelt 22
11/15/1933 ‘Mr. X’ At (Samuel Dickstein) Hearing Details Nazi ‘Plot’ (See Later Entry!) 1
11/15/1933 Asks Soviet Grant of Free Worship 1
11/15/1933 Britain Joins Race For Big Cruisers Japan Seen As Incentive 1
11/15/1933 Liberals’ Appeals Allowed By Nazis 4
11/15/1933 Our Envoy (George H. Earle, 3D Later Governor of Penn. & Devoted Roosevelt Follower, Initially, At Least) Warns Austria On Jewish Issue; Says Anti-Semitism Would Hurt Its Trade 4
11/15/1933 German (Reichstag) Fire Trial Is Now Minimized 4
11/15/1933 World Aid Is Seen For German Jews 4
11/15/1933 British Newsreels Curbing Nazi Scenes 4
11/15/1933 Refugee Meeting Called (By League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, James G. Mc Donald) 4
11/15/1933 Nazi ‘Race Policy’ Pressed At Berlin 4
11/15/1933 Germans Quit (International) P. E. N. Club 4
11/15/1933 Nazis (Reichsbishop Ludwig Mueller) Defend Bible And Oust Attacker (Dr. Reinhold Krause) 5
11/15/1933 ‘Back To The Home’ Is Urged On (U.S.) Women 16
11/15/1933 (British Editor, Ralph D.) Blumenfeld Sees War Peril Waning 19
11/15/1933 German (Debt) Defaults Not Likely To End 31
11/16/1933 Treasury Headed By (Henry) Morgenthau, Jr.; Woodin On Leave (Pictures, P. 3) 1
11/16/1933 Government To Build Seadromes (Anchored Across The Atlantic) If $1,500,000 Test Is Success 1
11/16/1933 Picture: Dean Acheson (Part of Roosevelt Regime) 3
11/16/1933 Warsaw Paralyzed By Sham Air Raid 8
11/16/1933 French Now Await Hitler Arms Move 8
11/16/1933 Arms Issue Splits Britain’s Cabinet 8
11/16/1933 Creditors To Fight Reich Moratorium 10
11/16/1933 (German Communist, Ernst Torgler) Denies A Red Link With Van Der Lubbe (Reichstag Fire Case) 10
11/16/1933 Reich Awaits Steps By Others On Arms 10
11/16/1933 German Dispute Soviet Payments 10
11/16/1933 Nazis Parade ‘Traitors’ 10
11/16/1933 Nazi (Dr. Hans Frank) Urges Liberalism 10
11/16/1933 Three Ex-Nazis Jailed Trio Had Extorted From Jews For Their Own Use 10
11/16/1933 Nazi Hearing (Under Samuel Dickstein) Ends Abruptly In Clash ‘X’ Paper Called Forgery (See Entry, Nov. 15, 1933, P. 1) 11
11/16/1933 (British) Palestine Policy Assailed By Jews 11
11/16/1933 Catholics Charge Nazis Hinder Them 11
11/16/1933 President (Roosevelt) Hailed On Soviet Talks 17
11/16/1933 (William) Green (Pres. A. F. of L.) Criticizes (Walter) Duranty Statement (Which Implied U.S. Labor Support of U.S. Recognition of Russia) 17
11/17/1933 Nazi Church Laws To Be Revoked; ‘Non Aryans’ Now Acceptable 1
11/17/1933 Gold Hoarding Ban Upheld By (U.S. Supreme) Court 2
11/17/1933 (Paris Paper) Bares (Alleged) Nazi ‘Order’ To Agents Abroad (See Later Entry! Germans Ask Proof!) 10
11/17/1933 Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Professional Feminist & Ardent Roosevelt Supporter) To Receive The (American) Hebrew Medal For Organizing Protest Against Treatment of Jews By German Government 10
11/17/1933 Hamburg Frees 150 From Prison Camp 10
11/17/1933 Reich Is Receptive To Arms Overture Guido Enderis, Berlin 11
11/17/1933 Labor Conscription Less Likely In Reich 11
11/17/1933 New Criminal Code In Germany Drastic 11
11/17/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Hits The Nazi (Dickstein) Hearing (Samuel) Dickstein Looks To Expose of Nazi Circulars 12
11/18/1933 United States Recognizes Soviet, Exacting Pledge On Propaganda (Secretary of State Cordell Hull On Way To South America!); (William Christian) Bullitt (Married Louise Bryant Reed [Widow of Communist John Reed], Roosevelt ‘Undercover Man,’ Former Secret Emissary To Lenin, Wilson Confederate, & Philadelphia Millionaire [Inherited!]) Named As First Ambassador 1
11/18/1933 Points Conceded By Russia (Basically, These Are ‘Points’ Every Sovereign Nation Concedes To Every Other Friendly Sovereign Nation) 1
11/18/1933 Triumph Hailed By Soviet People 1
11/18/1933 Litvinoff Pledges Soviet Friendship 1
11/18/1933 Approval of Recognition of Russia Is Generally Voiced Big Achievement, Declares Borah 2
11/18/1933 Comment By Nation’s Press Calls Step Inevitable 2
11/18/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William Christian) Bullitt (Picture) Served As (Secret) Envoy To Lenin 3
11/18/1933 Text of The Communications Accompanying Our Recognition of Russia 3
11/18/1933 All Ties Broken With Old (Czarist) Regime (By U.S.) 3
11/18/1933 Our Soviet Claim Put At $800,000,000 4
11/18/1933 Chronology of Events In Recognition; Roosevelt Opened Way With Note Oct. 10 5
11/18/1933 Socialists Praise Roosevelt’s Step 6
11/18/1933 Reports (San Martin) Grau Asks Recall of (Roosevelt’s Ambassador To Cuba, ‘Sumner’) Welles 6
11/18/1933 New Post Assumed By (Henry) Morgenthau, Jr. (Acting Secretary of The Treasury) 11
11/18/1933 Arms Compromise At Geneva Likely 11
11/18/1933 Asserts Goebbels Asks Polish Land 11
11/18/1933 Accuses (German Communist Ernst) Torgler of Reichstag Arson 11
11/18/1933 Jews Are Attacked In Budapest Riots 11
11/18/1933 Hitler Praised In Poland (By Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Josef Beck) 11
11/19/1933 5 Hurt As 500 Reds Fight (Ukrainian) Parade Here (N.Y.) Policemen Are Beaten 1
11/19/1933 Five Years In Jail For Dollfuss Foe 12
11/19/1933 Ends Arson Part of Reichstag (Fire) Case 12
11/19/1933 (1,000 Pro Zionist Leaders) Meet Here Today To Aid Reich Jews 12
11/19/1933 ([French] Senator Berenger) Sees Anti-Semitism Deep Rooted In Reich Says Hitler’s Policy Satisfies Average German 15
11/19/1933 (Sturmabteilung Leader, Ernst Roehm) Forbids Troops To Collect Funds 15
11/19/1933 Japan Fails To Get Treaty With China 27
11/19/1933 Litvinoff Needs Valuta To Complete New Deal Edwin L. James E-1
11/19/1933 French See Death of Versailles Pact E-1
11/19/1933 Britain’s National Regime Faces Difficult Session E-1
11/19/1933 Activity of Nazis Stirs Scandinavia E-2
11/19/1933 Poland And Reich Silence Conflict Jerzy Szapiro E-3
11/19/1933 Nazis Reappraise Cultural Values E-3
11/19/1933 Paris Berlin Talks Favored In Britain E-3
11/19/1933 America During The War Years Book 1
11/19/1933 Roosevelt Gets His Story Over Mag. 1
11/19/1933 Alsace Grumbles (Over French Rule), But Scorns The Nazis Mag. 3
11/19/1933 France Cautiously Eyes The Dictator Mag. 8
11/20/1933 Protestants Balk At Curb By Nazis; Condemn Pagans 1
11/20/1933 Roosevelt Is Asked To Intervene To Protect Scottsboro Negroes (Rape Case) 1
11/20/1933 Roosevelt Urges (‘Sumner’) Welles To Remain As Envoy To Cuba (President San Martin) Grau Asked His Recall 1
11/20/1933 Troyanovsky To Be Envoy of Soviet; Skvirsky His Aide 1
11/20/1933 Soviet Recognition Praised In Pulpits Rabbis Laud President (Roosevelt) 2
11/20/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Dr. (William E.) Dodd Praises (Martin) Luther’s Works 6
11/20/1933 Nazis Give Pledges To Free Churches 6
11/20/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia Univ.) Refuses To Bar Nazi Envoy (Dr. Hans Luther, From Speaking) 6
11/20/1933 Says Catholics Luke War To Hitler 6
11/20/1933 Nazi Propaganda Here Is Protested 7
11/20/1933 Arabs Press War On Jewish Influx (Into Palestine) Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 7
11/20/1933 Marriage Rate Up Delighting Nazis Birth Rate Also Rises 7
11/20/1933 Jews Here Protest (British) Curb (On Jewish Immigration To Palestine) 7
11/20/1933 (Raymond Leslie Buell) Directs World Study (Unofficial Foreign Policy Association) 8
11/20/1933 Bigotry Is Viewed (By Unitarian Dr. Minot Simons) As World Menace 13
11/21/1933 A. A. U. Boycotts 1936 Olympics Because of The Nazi Ban On Jews 1
11/21/1933 Protestants Push Fight Upon Nazis 1
11/21/1933 Awe of Villagers Upsets Roosevelt 3
11/21/1933 (Roosevelt’s Ambassador To Cuba, ‘Sumner’) Welles To Returns To Cuba This Week Will Remain Indefinitely 5
11/21/1933 Soviet Chief (Kalinin) Hails America By Radio 8
11/21/1933 Reich Opens Drive For Big Families 10
11/21/1933 Americans Aided (‘Intrigued’) In Reich Protest Federal Council of Churches of Christ (In America) Reveals Cooperation With German Protestants Officials Went To Berlin 10
11/21/1933 New War In China Is Held Inevitable Hallett Abend 13
11/21/1933 Einstein Property In Germany Seized 17
11/21/1933 New Hitler Book Barred As Biased Ms. ‘Mere Propaganda’ (Title: The New Germany Desires Work And Peace) 17
11/22/1933 Hitler Tells Paris Reich And France Will Draw Closer Says Reich Cannot Afford A War 1
11/22/1933 Sprague Quits Treasury To Attack (Roosevelt) Gold Policy 1
11/22/1933 Text of Dr. Sprague’s (Picture!) Letter To President (Roosevelt) 2
11/22/1933 Reich Clergy Fight Nazi ‘Heathendom’ 10
11/22/1933 Rejects Nazi Plan To Control Banks 10
11/22/1933 Prussian Nazi Gets Jail Term In Vienna 10
11/22/1933 Nazi Camps Entered By Disguised Reds 11
11/22/1933 Nazis Called Peril To World Stability (By New School For Social Research) 11
11/22/1933 Jewish Heads Join In (Zionist) Palestine Plea 11
11/22/1933 Hamburg Will Lose Warburg Library May Come To The United States (Eventually) 11
11/22/1933 German Idle Rise 31,000 In 15 Days 11
11/22/1933 Nazis Order Bachelors To Wed Or Quit City Jobs 11
11/23/1933 Cubans Organizing To Bar Our Envoy (‘Sumner’ Welles) 8
11/23/1933 Nazi Protestants Chided By Leader (Joachim Hassenfelder) 10
11/23/1933 Baptist Alliance To Meet In Berlin (Turned Into An Anti German Demonstration!) Accepts Invitation of Germany Reich Welcome Pledged 10
11/23/1933 French Suspicious of Hitler (Peace) Gesture 11
11/23/1933 Reich Would Rule Steel Coal Trust 11
11/24/1933 (Roosevelt’s Personal Ambassador To Cuba, ‘Sumner’) Welles Recalled: Roosevelt Urges Stability In Cuba Havana’s Wishes Are Met 1
11/24/1933 Roosevelt Holds People Back Him 1
11/24/1933 (‘Sumner’) Welles Career In Cuba Stormy He Lost Popularity Under (San Martin) Grau Government (But Never With His Boss And Fellow Grotonian, Roosevelt) 5
11/24/1933 Britain Hints Anew At Big Navy Program 13
11/24/1933 (Reichstag Fire) Trial’s End Asked By Van Der Lubbe Holds Others Innocent Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 14
11/24/1933 (George Bernard) Shaw Praises Hitler As Able Statesman But Chancellor Erred, He Says, By Not Urging Intermarriage With Jews 14
11/24/1933 Austrian Hitlerites Flee (Woellerdorf) Camp By Ruse 14
11/24/1933 New Curb On Reich Jews (Physicians) 14
11/24/1933 Goebbels Issues Adverting Rules 15
11/24/1933 Germans Ask Proof In (Alleged) Propaganda Story (From Paris See Entry Nov. 17, 1933, P. 10) 15
11/24/1933 Use of (Rockefeller) Centre Here By Germans In Doubt (The Rockefeller Interests Strongly Supported Roosevelt & His Clandestine Efforts To Aid England During The War Rockefeller Center Was A Center of Operations For The British Agent, William Stephenson [‘Intrepid’] Who Operated With The Full Knowledge & Consent of Roosevelt [But Not J. Edgar Hoover!] From A Rockefeller Centre Office!) 15
11/24/1933 (Zionists) Will Aid Jewish Legion 15
11/24/1933 Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt Honored For Help To Jews Receiving (American) Hebrew Medal, She Is Praised By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Einstein Tells His Esteem Peace Worker Says Jews Have ‘Peculiar Call’ To Lead World In Fight To End War (See Entry, Nov. 17, 1933, P. 10) 21
11/25/1933 New Peace Force Seen By Litvinoff Accord With Us Will Weigh Scales Against Growing (‘German’ Understood!) War Spirit 1
11/25/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William Christian) Bullitt To See President (Roosevelt) 2
11/25/1933 Brazil Hails (U.S. Secretary of State, Cordell) Hull, ‘New Deal’ Envoy 3
11/25/1933 Nazi Protestants Sidestep Dispute 6
11/25/1933 (British Foreign Minister, Sir John) Simon Rules Out Dictating To Reich 7
11/25/1933 Caffery (Replacing ‘Sumner’ Welles) Will Be ‘Observer’ In Cuba To Avoid Recognizing (San Martin) Grau Regime 7
11/26/1933 Hitler Asks New Accord Ending Versailles Pact; Consults French Envoy 1
11/26/1933 Reich Fixes Jail Term For Cruelty To Animals 1
11/26/1933 Nazis Strike Back At Foes In Church 2
11/26/1933 Germans Protest Killing At Border 2
11/26/1933 Nazis Coordinate People’s Leisure 2
11/26/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia William C.) Bullitt To Survey Housing In Moscow Talks With Morgenthau 3
11/26/1933 20 (Refugee) Reich Scholars Fill Chairs Here 3
11/26/1933 Palestine (British Curb On Jewish Immigration) Protest Heard 3
11/26/1933 Court Undecided On (James Joyce’s) ‘Ulysses’ Ban 16
11/26/1933 $79,000,000 Is Asked To Build War Planes (Letter Sent To Roosevelt By Private Organization) 27
11/26/1933 British Admiralty Plans Six Cruisers 31
11/26/1933 Hitler Seeks Calm Now In Relations With Paris Edwin L. James E-1
11/26/1933 Pastors Are First To Defy Nazis E-2
11/26/1933 Cabinet Fall Hits France On Hitler Jules Sauerwein E-3
11/26/1933 Fascism’s Tide Sweeps Onward Harold Callender Mag. 1
11/26/1933 Our Envoy To Russia (William C. Bullitt): A Dramatic Return (Secret Trip To Russia [Lenin Envoy of U.S.] In 1919) Mag. 3
11/26/1933 Watchfully South America Waits On Us Mag. 5
11/26/1933 Germany’s Church Struggle Echoes Through The Reich XX-3
11/27/1933 Reich Bishop (Dr. Ludwig Mueller) Wars On Nazis’ Enemies As Revolt Widens 1
11/27/1933 Army Weakened Says M’arthur 1
11/27/1933 Paris Is Reserved On Hitler’s Move 1
11/27/1933 New Hardships Seen For Jews In Germany (By Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, Head of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 4
11/27/1933 Nazis Are Plagued By Winter Relief Hard Put To Make Good Their Promise Than No German Shall Be Cold Or Hungry 6
11/27/1933 Zionists Seek New Funds Need For Additional Land In Palestine Is Stressed 6
11/27/1933 Anti Nazi Rioting Quelled In Boston Mob Protesting A Pro Hitler Speech 7
11/27/1933 Nazis Not To Act On (Austrian) Border Killing (Of German Soldier) 8
11/27/1933 Reich Expects Era of Secret Dealing 11
11/28/1933 (Roosevelt) Gold Policy Upheld And Assailed Here At Rival Rallies 1
11/28/1933 Roosevelt Bring Movies And Liquor Under Nra Control 1
11/28/1933 Baldwin Proposes Paris Berlin Talk; Offers British Aid Bars Reich Inferiority Berlin Not Hopeful 1
11/28/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Regulated Saloon 1
11/28/1933 Protestants Defy Nazi Church Curb Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
11/28/1933 Nazis Act To Unite Labor In One Union Recreation Body (‘Kraft Durch Freude’) Formed 8
11/28/1933 Nazis Bury (German) Soldier Slain On (Austrian) Border 9
11/28/1933 War Danger Seen By (Henry) Morgenthau Sr. Germany Will Bring About Conflict Sooner Than World Expects, He Asserts Finds Nations Prepared On Recent Visit Abroad, He Heard Much The Same Talk As He Did In 1913 9
11/28/1933 Anti Jewish Clashes Increase In Rumania 9
11/28/1933 Nazis Aim To Be Rid of Court Reviews Judgement of Acts of The State ‘Unthinkable,’ Says Official of Interior Ministry 9
11/28/1933 Nazi Inquiry Resumed 9
11/28/1933 (Dr. C. S. Macfarland, General Secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Analyzes German Policy (He Interviewed Hitler On His Trip! See Entry Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10) 9
11/28/1933 Hungary’s Backing Sought By Austria Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 9
11/28/1933 Britain Declared Friend of League Sir Austen Chamberlain 10
11/28/1933 Jewish State (Birobidjian) 10
11/28/1933 More Troops Rush To South of China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 10
11/28/1933 Accuser Renames Scottsboro Negro (Rapist Samuel Leibowitz, Defense Council) 11
11/29/1933 Japan Will Ask Us To Avoid Navy Race Amity Moves Stressed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
11/29/1933 Army Starts To ‘Eat American;’ Bars Alien Foods, Even Bananas 1
11/29/1933 Missouri Negro, 19, Lynched (Raped White Woman!) Despite Soldiers And Tanks 1
11/29/1933 Roosevelt Program Assailed In Britain 2
11/29/1933 War Clouds Seen By Viscount Astor 4
11/29/1933 Arms Diplomacy Launched In Rome 10
11/29/1933 Anti-Semitic Riots Curbed In Rumania 10
11/29/1933 Noted Professor (Dr. Walther Schuecking) Dismissed At Kiel 10
11/29/1933 Nazis Execute Communist (Kurt Geber, 23, Killed A Member of Sturmabteilung) 10
11/29/1933 Reich Forces Out Church Extremist (Anti NSDAP Bishop Joachim Hossenfelder) Guido Enderis, Berlin 11
11/29/1933 Nazis Are Gaining In Austria Fight Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 11
11/29/1933 Nazis To Dissolve Old Labor Union 11
11/29/1933 Nazi (Engelbert Roeil, ‘Friends of New Germany’) Jailed Here For Defying Court Treasury of German Group Fails To Give Membership List To Grand Jury 11
11/29/1933 Overture To Nazis By Dollfuss Seen 11
11/29/1933 (Dr. Samuel) Margoshes Reveals A Secret Reich Trip Tells of Eluding German Police To Study Plight of Jews (See Entry, Nov. 21, 1933, P. 10) 11
11/29/1933 Austria Apologizes For (German) Soldier’s Death 11
11/29/1933 Jews Here To Open (New Jersey) Community Farm 17
11/30/1933 Nazis’ Board Quits In Church Dispute; Gospel Is Upheld 1
11/30/1933 British Call Japan Dishonest In Trade Textile Industry Faces Ruin From Loss of Markets 1
11/30/1933 President (Roosevelt) To Ask Extension of Ccc 17
11/30/1933 (‘Sumner’) Welles Flies Back (To Cuba) Gets Cuban Cheers Hailing Him As The Island’s ‘Savior’ Reception Pleases Caffery 23
11/30/1933 Choate Made ‘Czar’ (By Roosevelt) To Control Liquor (Picture) 24
11/30/1933 Soviet May Have Unit In Rockefeller City Where Lenin Portrait By Rivera Was Barred (See Entry Nov. 24, 1933, P. 15) 31
11/30/1933 (William Christian) Bullitt (Pictured With Daughter, Anne) Departs For Moscow (Ambassadorial) Post 33
11/30/1933 Employers Enlist In New Nazi Union Workers See Disaster 34
11/30/1933 Jews Segregated In Budapest (Technical College) Class 34
11/30/1933 British Urge Rise In Air Strength Rank Now Given As Fifth (Behind Japan, Italy, France & RussiaGermany Not Mentioned!) 34
11/30/1933 (Seven Columbia University Faculty Members [Named!]) Oppose (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther’s (Campus) Speech 36
11/30/1933 (Scottsboro, Alabama Rape Case, Defense Counsel Samuel) Leibowitz Protest Bars Confession Judge Rules Out Jail Talk Arguments Are Limited 40