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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

April 1933
Date Headline Page
04/01/1933 Nazis (NSDAP) Cut Boycott (Of Jews) To (One) Day With Threat of Renewal If World Does Not Recant Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/01/1933 Japanese Declare (Chinese) Attacks (On Them) Must End 7
04/01/1933 880 Army Planes Held Nation’s Need (Maj. Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois) 8
04/01/1933 Aid Planned Here For German Jews (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 10
04/01/1933 Excuses of Nazis Called Hypocrisy (By Unnamed Correspondent of Manchester Guardian) 10
04/01/1933 French Prepare To Boycott German Goods In Sympathy With Jewish Victims of Nazis 10
04/01/1933 Nazi Rifles Close Stores In Munich Storm Troopers (Sturm Abteilung) With Loaded Weapons Block Doors of Shops Owned By Jews Berlin’s Orders Ignored 10
04/01/1933 Nazis Oust Jews From Law Courts Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Remove Judges And Lawyers As Prussia Decrees Racial Quotas 10
04/01/1933 Nazis (NSDAP) Say Boycott To ‘Lies’ of Jews Score Their Mad Crime 10
04/01/1933 Says Jewish Blood ‘Dominates’ German Declares That Reich Can’t ‘Digest’ Jews 10
04/01/1933 Chicago (Episcopal) Bishop (George Craig Stewart) Asks End of (German) Persecution (Of Jews) 10
04/01/1933 (Berlin University) Denies German Attacks (On Jews This Report Equated To ‘Propaganda’ By New York Times) 10
04/01/1933 Hitler Says Jews Get Fair Treatment Policy Toward Them Is Governed By Their Political Attitude 11
04/01/1933 Austria Outlaws Socialists’ ‘Army’ 11
04/01/1933 U.S. (State Department) Awaits Reich View 11
04/02/1933 Nazis (NSDAP) Hold 1 Day Boycott; Little Violence In Reich; Resumption Is Unlikely Measure Is Effective Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/02/1933 Toscanini Heads Protest To Hitler Likely To Quit Baireuth (Daughter Married Vladimir Horowitz) 1
04/02/1933 Nazis Seize Einstein Funds In German Bank; Academy Refuses To ‘Regret’ His Resignation 1
04/02/1933 Bailiffs Isolate Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Jury New Yorkers Arrested 5
04/02/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Emissary) And (Stanley) Baldwin Study Debt Issue 15
04/02/1933 Japan Reasserts Right To (Pacific Island) Mandate Hugh Byers, Tokyo 21
04/02/1933 Nazis Try To Rule On Foreign Policy 28
04/02/1933 Aid For Jews Urged In Spirit of Balfour (Declaration) 28
04/02/1933 Berlin Jew (Hans Pruvin) Denies ‘Atrocity’ Stories Pleads For Cessation of ‘Stupid Lies,’ Asserting They Cause Great Harm 28
04/02/1933 (Woman) Vouches For Beating of Woman By Nazis 28
04/02/1933 (U.S.) Lawyers See Plot In Letter On Jews 28
04/02/1933 Nazis Will Govern States By Decree Communists Are Barred 28
04/02/1933 (Berlin) Bankers Deny Atrocities 28
04/02/1933 Paris Boycott Is Started 28
04/02/1933 Many Jews Flee Reich (For Holland & Denmark) 28
04/02/1933 Germans Launch Second Big Cruiser ‘Pocket Battleship’ Is Named The Admiral Scheer 29
04/02/1933 Nazi Women Urge ‘Holy War’ On Jews 29
04/02/1933 Communists March To Reich Consulate (In N.Y. City) 29
04/02/1933 Gain In Germany Shown By Survey Foreign Debts Reduced N-11
04/02/1933 The Nazis Begin To Dodge Anti-Semitic Boomerang Edwin L. James E-1
04/02/1933 Matsuoka Finds Us Inconsistent In Entangling Ourselves In East E-1
04/02/1933 Poland Combats Attacks On Jews Jerzy Szapiro E-1
04/02/1933 Detroit Bombing Increases Unrest E-1
04/02/1933 Britain Is Aroused By Hitler Methods Augur, London E-2
04/02/1933 Poland Seeks Aid of Little Entente Pan Slavic Move Hinted E-2
04/02/1933 Britain Sees Gain In Amity With Us New Spirit On War Debts E-3
04/02/1933 Geneva Is Cheered By Return of (Norman H.) Davis His Added Powers As Envoy of Roosevelt Give Hope Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
04/02/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon E-5
04/02/1933 Culture of Jews Praised By (James W.) Gerard (Wilson’s Ambassador To The Court of Wilhelm II) E-8
04/02/1933 ‘Honorable Ancestors’ Who Sway Japan Mag. 7
04/02/1933 Hitler As A Mussolini An Appraisal Emil Lengyel Mag. 8
04/02/1933 The Chancellor of Germany (Adolf Hitler) Reads The Funeral Oration of The (Weimar) Republic Roto.
04/02/1933 Hitler Put To The Test, Dogged By The Past Harold Callender XX-1
04/02/1933 The (Economist, Dr. John Maynard) Keynes Plan For Revival: An International Note Issue XX-3
04/02/1933 Control of The Arms Traffic: Vital Part of The Peace Plan XX-3
04/03/1933 (NSDAP One Day) Boycott At An End, Germany Believes; Cabinet Against It Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/03/1933 Drives Open Here (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Aid Reich Jews Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) S. S. Wise And (Bernard S.) Deutsch (Honorary Chairman & Acting Chairman of American Jewish Congress Respectively) Say Advice To State Department Should Be Heeded 8
04/03/1933 Germans Fearful Under Nazi Regime Masses Don’t Hate Jews (Paris Report Unnamed Author) 8
04/03/1933 High Reich Official Incensed Over Nazis’ Attack On Woman 8
04/03/1933 (NSDAP One Day) Boycott (Of Jews) Assailed By German Paper (Frankfurter Zeitung) 8
04/03/1933 (One Day) Boycott of Jews (By NSDAP) Scored In Pulpits Rabbis Voice Protests 9
04/03/1933 Refugee Jews Tax Paris Charity Funds 9
04/03/1933 Germany Orderly (Dr. Friederich) Bergius Declares Says ‘Wild Reports’ Abroad Are Totally Unjustified 9
04/03/1933 Join In Repudiation of ‘Jewish Bar’ Plea 9
04/03/1933 Anti Nazi Group Formed (‘Friends of German Democracy,’ Dr. Frank Bohn) 9
04/03/1933 (U.S.) German Group In Plea (To Hitler) 9
04/03/1933 Canadians Protest (NSDAP One Day Boycott of Jews) 9
04/03/1933 (Radical) ‘Observers’ Leave Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Trial (N.Y. Defense Council, Samuel) Leibowitz Threatened To Quit 34
04/04/1933 Nazis (NSDAP) See Victory In Their (One Day) Boycott Hitlerites Now Have Excuse To End Campaign Against Stores of Jews Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/04/1933 Britain Now Moves To Boycott Soviet 1
04/04/1933 Beer To Be Served At White House 5
04/04/1933 Aides of (Representative Samuel) Dickstein (Head of House Committee On Immigration And Naturalization) Indicted In Frauds 8
04/04/1933 Girl Repeats Story In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case Screams Denial of ‘Framing’ Negro Defendants 10
04/04/1933 France To Oppose Frontier Revision (To Germany’s Advantage) Says Poland And Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Rumania & Yugoslavia) Must Be Protected 11
04/04/1933 Crowds Re Enter (Jewish) Stores In Munich G.E.R. Gedye, Munich 12
04/04/1933 Effigy of Hitler Burned In Silesia 12
04/04/1933 Palestine Executive of Jewish Agency) Ask Britain To Aid German Refugees 12
04/04/1933 Jews Fleeing Over West Frontier Some Say Border Guards Fired At Them 12
04/04/1933 Picture: Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Enlightenment And Propaganda 12
04/04/1933 Soviet Protests German Arrests (At Their Consulate) ‘Looting’ And ‘Searching’Are Assailed 13
04/04/1933 Four Cruisers Are Supplanted In German Naval Program 13
04/04/1933 Methodists Seek New Social Order 20
04/05/1933 Germany Will Keep Grip On Foreigners (One Day NSDAP) Boycott (Of Jews) Formally Ended Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 1
04/05/1933 Japan Tells China To Retire Further 8
04/05/1933 Hugenberg Ousts Jews In Ministry ((Ritual) Slaughter Law (For Jewish Kosher Meat) Altered 10
04/05/1933 Nazis Oppose Foreign Politics For A ‘Caste;’ Would Make It Concern of Entire Nation 10
04/05/1933 Nazis To Hold 5,000 In Camp At Dachau 300 Communist Prisoners Are Preparing Buildings of Old Munitions Plant 10
04/05/1933 Nazis Seek Control of German Church 11
04/05/1933 Anxiety of M. P.’s Over Reich Grows 11
04/05/1933 Germans Kill Ex-Nazi (Dr. George Bell) In Hotel In Austria (Before He Broke With The Party,He Is Said To Have Once Employed Marinus Van Der Lubbe Who Will Later Be Sentenced To Death For Having Set Fire To The Reichstag Building) 12
04/05/1933 Reds Here Assail Hitler 12
04/05/1933 Nazis Aim To Crush Workers, British Labor Party Warns 12
04/06/1933 Nazis To Control Lutheran Church; Its Constitution Will Be Rewritten Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/06/1933 President (Roosevelt) Invokes Gold Hoarder Law Text, P. 7, 1
04/06/1933 Foreign Reporters Reject Nazi Role Tietz And Fellow Directors Give Up Posts 8
04/06/1933 Reich Will Repay $70,000,000 Credit Gold Will Be Sent Here And To London 9
04/06/1933 Reich Revokes Curb On Foreigners’ Leaving 9
04/06/1933 German Ban Halts Tide of Refugees 9
04/06/1933 Einstein’s Daughters Flee From Germany 9
04/06/1933 Two Refugees Slain In Fight With Nazis 9
04/06/1933 Hitler Protests Are Renewed Here (American) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Bernard S. Deutsch) Attacks As Insincere The Announcement of The End of (The One Day NSDAP) Boycott (Against German Jews) Calls For United Action Asks All Faiths To Join In Fight Against Economic Extermination of Jews In Germany 10
04/06/1933 15,000 Reds Cheer Attacks On Hitler Speakers (Roger Baldwin [Aclu], Louis Hyman, J. B. Matthews Et Al.) At (Madison Square) Garden Predict Communist Revolution Will End Nazi Regime 10
04/06/1933 Hull Denies Aim To Muzzle (U.S.) Press 11
04/06/1933 Warning By Judge At (Scottsboro) Alabama (Negro Rape) Trial 13
04/06/1933 (Franco Mussolini) Peace Plan A Trap, Says Polish Press 14
04/06/1933 Russian Embargo Voted By Britain 14
04/06/1933 Paris Wants Debts Held Up For Parley (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Emissary) Meets Daladier 15
04/07/1933 Nazis Seize Power To Rule Business; Our Firms (In Germany) Alarmed Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/07/1933 Beer Flows In 19 States At Midnight 1
04/07/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Regrets Clamor Over Beer 2
04/07/1933 Girl Recants Story of (Scottsboro, Alabama) Negroes’ Attack (Rape) She Accuses Mrs. Price Concocted Her Testimony To Avoid Arrest On A Moral Charge 3
04/07/1933 Rule By 4 Powers Rejected In Paris 8
04/07/1933 Japanese Push On; Demand Big Area China Sends Up Troops 9
04/07/1933 Hitler Challenges American Protests Asserts We Have Least Right To Attack (German) Anti-Semitism In View of Our Ban On Yellow Race Endorses Drive On Jews 10
04/07/1933 Nazis Demand Ban On Old Testament 11
04/07/1933 (French Grand) Rabbi (Israel Levi) Asks French Not To Annoy Nazis 12
04/08/1933 Nazis Herd Enemies Behind Barbed Wire In Big Prison Camps Military Regimen Enforced 1
04/08/1933 Roosevelt Invites 9 Nations To Parleys; Soviet Alone Among Big Powers Ignored 1
04/08/1933 Picture: Detroit Mayor Frank Murphy Named Governor of Philippines By Roosevelt 4
04/08/1933 Hitler Will Unify All Reich States 8
04/08/1933 Reich Authors Oust Non Nationalists 8
04/08/1933 German Nazis Kidnap Red (Named ‘Martin’) From Bohemia 8
04/08/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Envoy) Will Study Trade In Germany Hitler’s View Stressed 9
04/08/1933 Castle Blames Us As Failing On China 14
04/08/1933 New York Attacked In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Trial 30
04/09/1933 Goering Wins Fight To Rule In Prussia, Replacing (Von) Papen Jewish Officials Banned Hitler Will Name Nazi Premier Becomes Virtual Autocrat As Unification Is Decreed 1
04/09/1933 Roosevelt Scraps Policy of Economic Nationalism To Assist World Parley 1
04/09/1933 Nazis Are Seeking Return of Slesvig 12
04/09/1933 Hitler Denies Rule Is That of Dictator 12
04/09/1933 Seer Who Foretold Hitler’s Rise Found Slain 12
04/09/1933 Marquess (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) of Reading Quits Anglo German Association 12
04/09/1933 (D. D. Sicher) Asks $200,000 Here For (Central And Eastern) European Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 12
04/09/1933 Reich Ban Is Put On British Journal (Manchester Guardian) 13
04/09/1933 Movie Industry Halted In Germany All Jews Are Barred 15
04/09/1933 Nazis Here Score Jews 15
04/09/1933 Asks Hitler Critics To Wait For Facts Urge Fair Play In Judging New Regime Sees No Menace To Peace Dr. Bartholdy And Dr. Averardi Tell Foreign Policy (Association) Group That Drastic Change Is Unlikely N-1
04/09/1933 Only 9 (U.S.) Freighters Built In 10 Years S-8
04/09/1933 Mr Roosevelt Summons An Economic Conference Edwin L. James E-1
04/09/1933 Nazis To Control All Cultural Life E-1
04/09/1933 Nazis Complete Legal Purifying Jews (Discharged) Forced To Reapply E-2
04/09/1933 Moscow ‘Purged’ of Undesirables 200,000 Reported To Have Left Or Been Expelled Under Passport System Others Are Glad of It Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
04/09/1933 The President (Roosevelt) And The People Mag. 1
04/09/1933 Europe’s Propaganda Mills Keep Busy Mag. 9
04/09/1933 Hitler’s Power Over Germany: The Nazi Strength Analyzed XX-2
04/09/1933 The Week In Science: Nazi Anthropology XX-6
04/10/1933 Negro Found Guilty In Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case; Jury Out 22 Hours Defense (Counsel, Samuel Leibowitz of New York) Scores Finding 1
04/10/1933 Negroes Protest Alabama Verdict Send 50,000 Pleas To Roosevelt 2
04/10/1933 Reich Not To Send An Economic Envoy No Major Leader Will Go To Washington Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
04/10/1933 Red International Asks Reich Revolt 6
04/10/1933 Goering Stresses Nazis’ Socialism Urges ‘Blind Obedience’ Says No Country Can Be Great If It Oppresses Part of The People 7
04/10/1933 Hitler Rule Condemned (By French Jews) 7
04/10/1933 Nazi Church Move Scored By H. E. Fosdick 11
04/10/1933 Anti-Semitism Held Return To Savagery (By Rev. John Hanes Holmes) 11
04/10/1933 Zionist (Zionist Organization of America) Plan For (Eastern And Central European) Expatriates 29
04/11/1933 (Von) Papen Sees Il Duce On ‘United Front’ 1
04/11/1933 Japanese Launch Offensive In China 1
04/11/1933 Russians See U.S. Taking Leadership Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
04/11/1933 Reich Eases Ban On Jewish Lawyers Communists Are Barred German Titles Restored 14
04/11/1933 London Lifts Ban On Anti German Posters; Cabinet Permits Jewish Boycott of (German) Goods (Supported By Winston Churchill) 14
04/11/1933 Hitler Is Likened To Surf Board Rider Fosters Prejudice To Keep His Place On Rising Tide of Nationalism, Minister (Rev. Everett R. Clinchy, Director, National Conference of Jews And Christians) Says 14
04/11/1933 Geneva Acclaims Faith In Roosevelt Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 15
04/11/1933 Paris Deputy Asks Propaganda Here Would Correct False Ideas of France For Criticism of Reich 16
04/11/1933 Palestine ‘Utopia’ of Mond (Lord Melchett) Described 16
04/12/1933 (Dr. Paul) Schwartz Ousted As Reich Consul (In New York); Assails Hitler 1
04/12/1933 British Lords Pass Soviet Imports Ban 1
04/12/1933 50 Forest Camps Chosen For (Ccc) Corps (Robert Fechner) 2
04/12/1933 New Navy Cruiser Off Ways Today 7
04/12/1933 More Moderation Is Shown By Nazis Drive On Jews Eases Hand of (Roosevelt Envoy Norman H.) Davis Seen Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 16
04/12/1933 Einstein Rebukes German Academy 16
04/12/1933 (One Day) Boycott (By NSDAP) Declared Ruin To Reich Jews (By Georg Bernhard, Former Editor of Anti NSDAP Vossische Zeitung In Copenhagen Statement) 16
04/12/1933 Hitler Policies Scored By (N.Y. City) Rabbis Regime’s End Predicted 22
04/12/1933 Palestine To Hail (Samuel) Untermyer Gift (Minnie Untermyer Memorial Theater) 22
04/13/1933 Briton Confesses (As Spy & Saboteur) At Moscow Trial; Five Deny Guilt Russians Plead Guilty Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
04/13/1933 (Von) Papen Fails To Get Vatican’s Support For Hitler’s Plans 1
04/13/1933 Threat To Confiscate Wealth In Minnesota Made By Gov. Olson To Force Relief Action 1
04/13/1933 Nations of World Turn To Roosevelt Arthur Krock 3
04/13/1933 Roosevelt Urges Peace In Americas 4
04/13/1933 (Prof Adolph A.) Berle (Jr., Columbia Univ.) Named Aid In Rail Program To Effect Roosevelt Aim 5
04/13/1933 Sweep of Officials Is Decreed In Reich All Non Aryans And Members of Left Parties Are Dismissed With Minor Exceptions Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
04/13/1933 Germany Renews Protest To Poland As Boycott Spreads Halting Imports From Reich 9
04/13/1933 Talks With Japan Opposed In China 10
04/13/1933 Gen Chiang’s (Kai-Shek’s) Tactic Opposed By Germans (His Military Advisers) 10
04/13/1933 Matsuoka Warns War May Reach Us Says We Should Make Up Our Minds Whether We Really Want Peace In The Far East Naval Rivalry Deplored 11
04/13/1933 (U.S.) Chemists Honor Dr. Willstaetter (Picture) 20
04/14/1933 Roosevelt Advisors Draft Plan To Mobilize Industry; Tariff Dictatorship Looms ‘War Board’ Proposed Moley Said To Favor Idea 1
04/14/1933 Britons Repudiates ‘Confession’ As Spy At Trial In Moscow 1
04/14/1933 Prussia Dismisses Jewish Educators 1
04/14/1933 Germany And Italy In Working Accord 14
04/14/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Anti Nazi Boycott Jews Would Be Justified In Refusing To Buy Any German Goods, He Declares His (Minnie Untermyer Memorial Theater In Palestine) Gift Is Dedicated Text 15
04/14/1933 German Red Cross Denies Atrocities Reports Are ‘In No Way In Accordance With Facts’ 15
04/14/1933 (Roger Baldwin [Aclu]) Wants Alien (Immigration) Curb On Refugees Eased 17
04/15/1933 Anti Jewish Drive Is Staged In Tokyo Nazi Example Followed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
04/15/1933 (German Ambassador To U.S., Hans) Luther Here, Says Germany Is Normal All Is Quiet Outwardly, But ‘Inner Life’ Has Changed (Picture) 1
04/15/1933 Roosevelt Talks Praised By France 4
04/15/1933 10,000 Hear Pleas To Free (Scottsboro, Alabama Rape Case) Negroes (N.Y. Defense Counsel Samuel) Leibowitz Won’t Speak 4
04/15/1933 Reich To Protest British Criticism French Press Rejoices 6
04/15/1933 10,000 Jews Flee Nazi Persecution German Born Refugees Settle In Near By Lands(Hias) 6
04/15/1933 Nazis Leave Czech To Die After Beating 6
04/15/1933 Anti Hitler Protest Today (Union Square, 1 P. M., La Guardia, Norman Thomas, Heywood Broun, David Dubinsky, Sidney Hillman Et Al. To Speak) 6
04/15/1933 4 Touring Nazis Beaten In France 7
04/15/1933 New Protest Called By (American) Jewish Congress (Bernard S. Deutsch Chairman & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder And Honorary Chairman At Hotel Pennsylvania) 7
04/16/1933 Soviet ‘Frame Up’ Charged By Briton At Moscow Trial Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
04/16/1933 (U.S. Envoy To Mexico, Josephus) Daniels Is Guarded In Mexican Capital 1
04/16/1933 Germany Protests Sharply To Britain Note Says Debate In Commons Was Interference In Her Domestic Affairs 1
04/16/1933 3,000,000 In Reich Feel ‘Cold Pogrom’ (Talks of Extermination) 21
04/16/1933 Reich Studies Begun By (Herman A.) Metz And (Publisher of New Yorker Staats Zeitung, Victor) Ridder (Later N.Y.Administrator of Wpa) Latter Says It Is Impossible Here To Obtain Correct Idea of Events In Germany (See Entries, April 22, 1933, P. 7; May 9, 1933, P. 8 & May 18, 1933, P. 7) 21
04/16/1933 Hitler Denounced At Workers’ (‘Socialist And Labor Committee Against Fascism’) Rally 22
04/16/1933 Austrians Advised To Placate Hitler 23
04/16/1933 (Prof. Parker Thomas Moon, International Relations, Columbia University) Finds We Hold Key To World Peace N-2
04/16/1933 Nazi Germany May Find Intolerance Cost High Edwin L. James E-1
04/16/1933 ‘Alien Experimental Mania’ In Art Attacked By Nazis Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
04/16/1933 Chicago Teachers To Get Some Pay $30,000,000 In Arrears E-1
04/16/1933 Britain Is Hopeful As To Talks Here Affection For Roosevelt Augur, London E-1
04/16/1933 Hamburg Regrets Anti Jewish Issue E-2
04/16/1933 Hitler Describes Himself As Artist E-2
04/16/1933 America’s Chance To Lead Again Sir Arthur Slater Mag. 1
04/16/1933 Ogpu: Secret Avenger For The Soviets Mag. 9
04/16/1933 ‘Germans Defend Yourselves; Don’T Buy From Jews’ (One Day Boycott Sponsored By NSDAP) Roto.
04/16/1933 An Anti Hitler Demonstration In London Roto.
04/16/1933 To Revive World Trade, The Nations Meet XX-1
04/16/1933 Background Study of Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case (A Cause Celebre of Northern ‘Liberals’) XX-2
04/16/1933 South China Soviets Differ From Russia’s Picture: Anti Communist Chiang Kai-Shek XX-2
04/16/1933 The Triple Aims of The Nazis: An Analysis of Their Program Isidor Ginsburg XX-9
04/16/1933 Spain, Two Years A Republic Has Undergone Vast Changes XX-9
04/17/1933 Japanese Sweep Into (Chinese) Coast Cities 1
04/17/1933 Hamburg Expects (NSDAP’s One Day) Boycott (Against Jews) To Wane 6
04/17/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Scores (U.S.) Congress On Nazis Contrasts British Stand Now Regrets He Advised German Diplomats Just Before War Requests Plea For Boycott (Called Hitler ‘Madhatter of Vienna’) 6
04/17/1933 New Curb Urged For Ousted Jews 6
04/17/1933 French Seek Curbs On Dictatorship 8
04/18/1933 Soviet Tells Japan To Heed Its Rights 1
04/18/1933 Roosevelt Holds Debts Secondary 6
04/18/1933 (Finance Minister T. V.) Soong Leaves China For Conference Here 6
04/18/1933 Nazi Drive On Jews Felt Beyond Reich Many Seek To Migrate 10
04/18/1933 Jews Combat Nazi (One Day) Boycott With World Wide Chain Letter 10
04/18/1933 Antwerp Jews Boycott Germany 10
04/18/1933 Student Suspected of Plot On Hitler’s Life; Garbed As Nazi; He Has Pistol And Narcotic (Munich) 11
04/18/1933 Spoiled (Out Of Date) Munitions (World War I) of The (Russian) Allies Here 13
04/19/1933 Roosevelt To Halt All Gold Export 1
04/19/1933 Soviet Sentences 2 Britons To Jail; 3 To Be Expelled Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
04/19/1933 Japanese Bombers Imperil Americans Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
04/19/1933 Roosevelt Studies Aid To Cuban Sugar Quota Plan Considered 1
04/19/1933 Reich Celebrating Hitler’s (44th) Birthday 10
04/19/1933 Hitler ‘Injustice’ Condemned By (Federal) Bar (Association) 10
04/19/1933 Hibben Sees Reich Doomed By Hitlerism 10
04/19/1933 Hitler To Clarify Policy On Jews 10
04/20/1933 Gold Standard Dropped (By The U.S.) For The Present To Lift Prices And Our Trade Position; Plans For Controlled Inflation Drafted 1
04/20/1933 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Actions Forced By Events 1
04/20/1933 Reich Masons Put On National Basis As Christian Body 1
04/20/1933 Britain Orders Ban On Chief Imports From Soviet Union 1
04/20/1933 Senators Approve Embargo On Gold Rise In Prices Expected 2
04/20/1933 Roosevelt Policy Criticized Abroad 3
04/20/1933 Rainey Says Nation Is Europe’s Victim Calls Inflation Needed 3
04/20/1933 (Frances Perkins) Denies Black (Labor) Bill Sets Up Dictator 5
04/20/1933 Arrest of 20,000 By Nazis Reported 11
04/20/1933 Two Nazi Victims (American Jews) Assail Our Consul (George S. Messersmith Ridiculed Their Complaints) 11
04/20/1933 (Jewish Organizations) Demand New Move To Aid Reich Jews 11
04/20/1933 (Rudolf) Karstadt To Make 7.5% Bond Payment 27
04/21/1933 Senate Gets Bill For Controlled Inflation Making The President (Roosevelt) Dictator Roosevelt Directs Move Text of Bill, P. 2 1
04/21/1933 See Gold Embargo Checking Inflation 1
04/21/1933 Soviet Recalls The Trade Envoys It Sent To London 1
04/21/1933 Herriot Upset By News of (U.S.) Gold Embargo; Advisers Say Parley Plans Are Wrecked (They Had Expected Decisions After The Meeting!) 1
04/21/1933 Picture: Senator Elmer Thomas, Oklahoma, Sponsor of Inflation 2
04/21/1933 President Roosevelt’s Executive Order Covering The Exporting of Gold 2
04/21/1933 Europeans Anxious As Our Currency Fluctuates 4
04/21/1933 Cut In Her Debts Is Seen By Reich Mark Will Be Upheld As Long As Possible To Aid Payments In Low Cost Dollars 4
04/21/1933 Picture: Captain (Later Admiral) Ernest J. King, Heads Naval Aviation 8
04/21/1933 (Roosevelt’s ‘Undercover’ Man, William C.) Bullitt Chosen As Aide (Special Assistant) To Hull For Economic Discussions With Foreign Officials (In Collaboration With Prof. Raymond Moley [Assistant Sec.Of State, Close Associate of Ultra ‘Liberal’ Dr. Rexford Guy Tugwell]) 8
04/21/1933 Hitler Acclaimed Through Out Reich Celebration of 44th Birthday Exceeds Those Staged For Kaiser Before The War Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 10
04/21/1933 Adolf Busch Quits Brahms Fete In Hamburg Because (Rudolf) Serkin, Jewish Pianist Is Barred (Serkin, Busch’s Son in law?) 10
04/21/1933 (Dr. Mary Wooley) Asks Women’s Aid In World Affairs Raymond L.) Buell (Research Director, Foreign Policy Association, Avid Interventionist & Roosevelt Supporter) Urges Inflation (Dr. James T. Shotwell, Interventionist, Roosevelt Supporter & Member Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Also Spoke!) 10
04/21/1933 Chaplains (Association of The Army of The United States) Assail Hitler Baltimore Session Deplores The ‘Unchristian Persecution’ of Jews 10
04/21/1933 (American) Missions In China Protest Bombings Japanese Promise To Pay Hallett Abend 11
04/21/1933 Soviet Sown Area Triple Last Years Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
04/21/1933 Soviet Is Assailed At D. A. R. Meeting 12
04/21/1933 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Flies With Miss (Amelia) Earhart 12
04/22/1933 Roosevelt Confers With (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald On Economic Recovery of World (Herriot Comes Much Later!) 1
04/22/1933 Soviet Prohibits Buying In Britain 1
04/22/1933 (Dr. Hans) Luther (New German Ambassador To Washington) Welcomed By The President (Roosevelt) 5
04/22/1933 (Sumner Called ‘Sumner’ By The Roosevelts) Welles (Devoted Rooseveltian Sergeant & Fellow Alumnus of Groton) 6
04/22/1933 Germans Warned of Protests Here (By Herman A. Metz & Victor Ridder) Emphasize In Berlin American Opposition To Religious Persecution (One Day) Boycott Move (By NSDAP) Attacked ( This Seems To Exceed The Objectives Set In Entry April, 16, 1933, P. 21 Fact Finding?) Birchall, Berlin 7
04/22/1933 Japan Halts Drive South of The Wall (Of China) 7
04/22/1933 Einstein Ousted From Reich Board 8
04/23/1933 Nazis Seize Church of German State; Leaders Protest Hitler Goes To Munich Parley(Victor) Ridder (See Entry April 22, 1933, P. 7) Accompanies Him 1
04/23/1933 War On Depression Put On World Basis With (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald (But No Herriot!) Roosevelt Turns From Domestic To International Affairs France’s (Unasked And Unknown) Position Vital Arthur Krock 1
04/23/1933 Nazis Shoot Down Fleeing Prisoners Three Reds Are Slain Trying To Escape Dachau Martial Law Prevails High Voltage Wiring Surrounds Site Life of Men Is Described By First Reporter Allowed In Heads Closely Shaved (N.Y. Times Report From Munich) 2
04/23/1933 International Federation of Trade Unions, Amsterdam) Aims To Drop Link With Reich Labor World Body Plans Move To Fight Hitlerism, Dortmund Paper Hears 22
04/23/1933 German Students ‘Purge’ Libraries (Arnold & Stephan Zweig, Jacob Wassermann, Thomas & Heinrich Mann & Emile Zola) 22
04/23/1933 Controlled Inflation In Hands of President (Roosevelt) Is Backed By Many Senators 26
04/23/1933 Our Policy Gaining British Sympathy Roosevelt Is Defended 27
04/23/1933 Embargoes Ruffle Britain And Soviet 30
04/23/1933 Gold Action Here Unlike Britain’s England Was Forced To Desert Metal (Gold) Basis N-7
04/23/1933 Monetary Problem Holds World Attention Edwin L. James E-1
04/23/1933 Roosevelt As Crusader Seeks Unequalled Power President’s Potential Power Seen As Exceeding That of Washington, Jackson, Lincoln Or Grant All Under The Constitution A Resume of The ‘Dictator’ Bills That Are Pending Or Have Been Enacted Since Administration Tool Office Arthur Krock E-1
04/23/1933 High Hopes Placed In Our Leadership Triple Entente Urged Augur, London E-1
04/23/1933 Nazis Take Over (Berliner) Tageblatt; Liberal (Anti NSDAP) Policy Is At An End Nazis Start To Encroach Also On The (Jewish Owned) Ullstein Concern E-1
04/23/1933 Germany Creating A Fighting Youth Fostering of Duels Is Hailed Wide Influence Sought Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
04/23/1933 Dollfuss (Fatherland Or Patriotic Front) Checks Anschluss Moves E-3
04/23/1933 Bavaria Is Swing To The Nazi Regime G.E.R. Gedye, Munich E-3
04/23/1933 Spain Would Right Wrongs To Jews Frank L. Kluckhorn, Madrid E-3
04/23/1933 Russian Attacks Methods of Ogpu E-3
04/23/1933 Cartoon: To Comfort Wary Americans E-5
04/23/1933 Lumley, Frederick E., The Propaganda Menace, The Century Company, N.Y. Propaganda, That Hydra Headed Menace of Our Time Book 3
04/23/1933 The New Deal In World Affairs Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
04/23/1933 Poland’s Lane (Corridor) Between Two Germanys Mag. 4
04/23/1933 Military Discipline For Those Who Do Not Fit In Hitler’s Scheme of Things In Germany: Political Prisoners (At Oranienburg, Outside Berlin) Roto.
04/23/1933 Inflation: The Many Aspects of The Issue XX-1
04/23/1933 The American Navy: Its Standing And Needs Surveyed Hanson W. Baldwin (Naval Strength Japan Is Listed But Not Germany!) XX-3
04/24/1933 Hitler Stresses Discipline of Nazis His Policy Is ‘Peace With Equality’ 1
04/24/1933 Herriot Arrives For Talks (With Roosevelt & Ramsay Macdonald) Parley Is Held On Yacht 1
04/24/1933 Austrian NazisEmerge As The Strongest Party In Innsbruck 1
04/24/1933 Results of Talks Please Roosevelt 3
04/24/1933 Shopkeepers Hail Hitler’s ‘New Deal’ 4
04/24/1933 German (Free) Masonry Renounces Tenets Will Admit Only Teutons (Non Jews) 4
04/24/1933 Jewish Action Is Urged Dr. Salo Baron (Columbia University) Says World Agency Should Demand And Direct It (Jewish Action Against Germany) 4
04/24/1933 Hitler Policy Decried Morris Rothenburg 4
04/24/1933 Nazi Foes (50 German American Organizations) Unite Here (Meeting Under Auspices of ‘United Front Committee Against Fascism’) 4
04/24/1933 Third German Reich Fully Established Nazi Domination Is Complete Propaganda Omnipotent Peril To Peace Is Seen Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
04/24/1933 London Jews Meet To Unify On Nazis Poles Urge A Boycott Delegates At Warsaw Convention Insist They Are Fighting Only The Hitler Regime 5
04/24/1933 Reich Jew Slain In Home (Unidentified Assailants) 5
04/24/1933 Boycott of German Goods Urged (By New Jersey Jewish War Veterans) 5
04/24/1933 (Dr. Otto Dietrich) Defends Curbs On Press 5
04/24/1933 (Manuel) Quezon Sees Peril In (Philippines) Control By U.S 8
04/24/1933 Trujillo Arrests Foes In Santo Domingo For Opposing Second Term As President 8
04/24/1933 Dr. (Charles J.) Smith (Roanoke College President) Favors ‘Limited Dictator’ Sees End of Democracy 13
04/24/1933 (Dr. James T. Shotwell, Professor of History, Columbia University, Director Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Ardent Roosevelt Supporter & Interventionist) Calls Depression War’s (Ww I’s) Last Battle 23
04/25/1933 Roosevelt And (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald In Harmony On London Economic Parley Policies; Herriot Starts White House Talks 1
04/25/1933 5 Powers In Pact To Bar Revision of (Versailles) Peace Treaties (See Later Entry!) 1
04/25/1933 Schacht To Attend Washington (Economic) Talks (With Roosevelt) 3
04/25/1933 French See ‘World Bankruptcy’ As Our Aim; Fear Plan In Washington To Drag In The Frank 3
04/25/1933 M’donald ‘Warned’ (By London Times) of Commitments 3
04/25/1933 Polish Corridor Is Not Alarmed 4
04/25/1933 Passion Runs High In (German) Upper Silesia Cry That ‘Poles Are Coming!’ Terrifies German Towns, Men Being Mobilized Poles Equally Alarmed Each Side Charges Atrocities Otto D. Tolischus, Hindenburg 4
04/25/1933 (Sumner) Welles Denies (His) Aim Is To Oust Machado (Cuba) To Act As ‘Good Neighbor’ 6
04/25/1933 (Herman A.) Metz And (Victor) Ridder End Reich Mission (Apprise Hitler of U.S. Reaction To His Policies) Agitation Abroad Decried (See Entry, April 16, 1933,P. 21) 8
04/25/1933 Army Threatens Nazis In Austria 8
04/25/1933 Jews Ask Mussolini’s Aid 8
04/25/1933 (Vice Admiral, William H.) Standley (Later On Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Then Rather Unpopular U.S. Ambassador To Russia) Chosen To Be Navy Chief (Of Naval Operations) 11
04/25/1933 Defends Hitler Regime Ellery Walter (Author) Says Reports of Persecutions Are Exaggerated 11
04/25/1933 France Puts Curb On Foreign Doctors 36
04/26/1933 Roosevelt And (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Report A ‘Clearer Understanding’ On Debt; Economic Parley To Open June 12 (And Herriot?) 1
04/26/1933 Statements On War Debt (Herriot?) 1
04/26/1933 British Balance Budget But Omit Payment To Us 1
04/26/1933 Hitler Intervenes To Protect Church 1
04/26/1933 France And Britain In Currency Accord 1
04/26/1933 Roosevelt Sounds Herriot On Arms He Is Reported Seeking Way For Us To Join In Move To Check Aggressors Desires World Control 2
04/26/1933 Mutual Regard of Roosevelt And Herriot Hailed As Promising For Their Countries 2
04/26/1933 France Is Divided On Monetary Plan 2
04/26/1933 Peace For World Held French Wish 2
04/26/1933 Japanese Advance On Road To Peiping 7
04/26/1933 Nazi Interference Imperils Business Frederich T. Birchall, Berlin 8
04/26/1933 (5 Power) Anti Revision Pact Denied In Warsaw Talks Held By Pilsudski (See Earlier Entry!) 8
04/26/1933 Arms Delegates Watch Talks Here (Norman H.) Davis (Special Roosevelt Emissary) Remains Silent Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
04/26/1933 Nazis (Voelkischer Beobachter, NSDAP Paper) Ask (Canadian) Sealskin Boycott To End Cruelty Laid To Jews (Fur Handlers) 8
04/26/1933 Swedes Appeal For Jews 8
04/27/1933 Roosevelt Seeks Debt Tariff Deals, World Money Basis; Aids Disarming 1
04/27/1933 Stahlhelm Leader (Col. Franz Seldte) Ousts (Theodor) Duesterberg (Paternal Grandfather Was Jewish) 1
04/27/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Special Roosevelt Envoy) Tells Geneva We Will Consult Clarence K. Streit, Berlin 1
04/27/1933 Roosevelt (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald (Where’s Herriot?) Statement 1
04/27/1933 M’donald Speaks Here Plea For Harmony, Not Bargains, Is His Last Word Before Sailing 1
04/27/1933 Japanese Retiring Ln China As Tension With Russia Rises 1
04/27/1933 (U.S.)Isolation Ended (Jules) Sauerwein (Le Paris Soir) Holds (Norman H.) Davis (Geneva) Address Is Cited Paris Editor Says Roosevelt Will Join All Steps For Prevention of War Prediction Is Made That We Will Defend Aggressor Nation And Erect Arms Embargo 3
04/27/1933 Picture: Lawrence A. Steinhardt (Roosevelt’s Jewish Stalwart, ‘Mouth Piece,’ ‘Tester,’ & ‘Legman’) Appointed To Sweden 7
04/27/1933 1,500 Nazis Here Told To Disband (By Berlin) Used For Propaganda 10
04/27/1933 (American Jewish Congress Bernard S. Deutsch Chairman; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Honorary Chairman & Founder) Call 2,000,000 Jews To March In Protest (On Germany) 10
04/27/1933 League Resists Nazi PleaTo Dismiss (Egon Werthelmer)(Mentions A Dr. Kempner of The Mendelsohn Banking Company Is This Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner of The Nuernberg Tribunals?) 10
04/27/1933 ‘Iron Ring’ Forming Around Germany Prague Treaty Imminent (Treaty) Revision Hopes Dimmer Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
04/27/1933 Poles In Corridor Calmer Than Most Return Held Impossible Jerzy Szapiro, Bromberg 11
04/27/1933 Briton Jailed In Germany For ‘Insulting’ Postoffice Censor 11
04/28/1933 (Lemars) Iowa Farmers Abduct Judge From Court, Beat Him And Put Rope Around His Neck 1
04/28/1933 Senate Votes 53 35 To Cut Gold Content of Dollar; Herriot For Tariff Truce 1
04/28/1933 Police Like Ogpu Created By Nazis; To Control Press Seldte Joins Hitlerites Goering Heads Secret Prussian Police (Gestapo) Force To Combat Dangerous Political Activities 1
04/28/1933 Roosevelt Bennett (Canada) Parley Pronounced ‘Very Helpful’ 2
04/28/1933 Debt Terms (To France) Stand, White House Says (Senator Key) Pittman’s (Statement To Senate Indicates Roosevelt Seeks Little Further Power 3
04/28/1933 Washington Talks Puzzling French Paris Would Like To Know Whether Devaluation, Tariffs, Debts And Arms Are Linked 4
04/28/1933 Spirit of Potsdam German Intoxicant Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
04/28/1933 German Cautions Foreign Business Will Welcome It Provided It Confirms To New Economic Program 8
04/28/1933 Geneva Labor Body (‘ILO’) Lacks Reich Member 8
04/28/1933 Reich Turns East In Plea For Room Silesia Believes We Hold Key To Peace Or War In Clash With Poland Germans Believe They Would Win Disputed Areas Unanimously In Regional Plebiscite (Which Will Never Be Held!) Otto D. Tolischus, Breslau 9
04/28/1933 Berlin (Reichstag) Fire Laid (By ‘Manchester Guardian’) To 3 Leaders (Hitler, Goering & Goebbels No Evidence Given) 9
04/28/1933 (American Jewish Committee [Led By Dr. Cyrus Adler] & B’nai B’rith [Led By Alfred M. Cohen]) Frown On (U.S.) Parades As Hitler Protest Also Disapprove of Boycotts On Germany Mass Meetings ‘Futile’ (In Opposition To American Jewish Congress Led By Rabbi Stephen S.Wise & Bernard S. Deutsch) 9
04/29/1933 Three Nations To Act To Stabilize Exchange Herriot (Where Have We Heard This Name Before?)Holds Roosevelt Avoided A Tower of ‘Babel’ Pleads For Cooperation Text, P. 2 1
04/29/1933 Iowa Troops Rule Farm Riot Areas; Mob Blocks Sale Crowd Routs Deputies 1
04/29/1933 Roosevelt Herriot Statements 3
04/29/1933 Bennett (Canada) On Radio Asks Cooperation 3
04/29/1933 Roosevelt Policies Assailed By (Former Secretary of Treasury [Hoover] Ogden L.) Mills (U.S.) Constitution ‘Violated’ 5
04/29/1933 (German Ambassador Hans) Luther Pledges Aid To World Revival Text 8
04/29/1933 Conciliates Poles In German Silesia Otto D.Tolischus, Oppeln 8
04/29/1933 Grey (Of Fallodon) Says Hitler Threatens Peace 8
04/29/1933 Hitlerites (NSDAP Headquarters, ‘The Brown House,’ Munich); Confirms Ban On Nazis Here (In U.S.) 8
04/29/1933 (Ousted) Jewish Philologist Suicide In Germany 8
04/29/1933 Vienna (Dollfuss) Rebuffs Nazis 8
04/29/1933 Nazis’ Fate Rests On Work And Bread (For German Masses) But Persecution Goes On Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
04/29/1933 Hitler Now Seeks Soviet Friendship 9
04/29/1933 Morris Fatman (Brother in law of Governor Herbert Lehman & Father in law of Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Chairman of Federal Farm Board) Left $3,272,320 13
04/29/1933 Heywood Broun Quits Socialists Plans A Radical Party 15
04/30/1933 Roosevelt Bennett (Canada) Statement 1
04/30/1933 Herriot Departs Hailing New Amity (With U.S.) 2
04/30/1933 Ten Farmers Held In Iowa Outbreaks 3
04/30/1933 Borah Accuses Britain, France Keep Up Arms Expenses But They Are Unwilling To Make Concessions On War Debts, He Says 3
04/30/1933 Our Stand On Arms Hailed By (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald 3
04/30/1933 Woodin (Sec. of Treasury) Declares He’s Not Quitting 5
04/30/1933 Hull Tells Policy of New Leadership Defines Roosevelt Talks Sees New Age Upon Us 12
04/30/1933 (Dean Virginia Gildersleeve, Barnard College & Parker T. Moon, Columbia University) Urge World Unity To Avert Disaster 15
04/30/1933 Socialist Parade Banned (By Dollfuss) In Vienna 20
04/30/1933 Nazi Regime Frees Thousands of (Political) Foes They Must Sign A Pledge 28
04/30/1933 Rhineland Is Not Satisfied By Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Cologne 28
04/30/1933 Danzig Expected To Support Hitler Poles Doubt Trouble Jerzy Szapiro, Danzig 28
04/30/1933 (Former N.Y. City Mayor [Now Fugitive!] James J.) Walker Condemns Policies of Hitler Assails ‘Inhuman Practices’ 28
04/30/1933 (German) Rulers In Silesia To Wipe Out Reds Jews Must Be ‘Put In Their Place’ In Reich Calls Communists Stupid Otto D. Tolischus, Breslau 28
04/30/1933 Lloyd George Scores Policies of Germany 28
04/30/1933 (Arbeiter Saengerbund Von Amerika) Protests Nazi Drive On Workers’ Clubs (To German Ambassador Dr. Hans Luther) 28
04/30/1933 Reich Holds (‘Jewish Morning Journal of New York’) Journalist Offended Goebbels 28
04/30/1933 Reich Fails To Win Support On Arms (Equality In Geneva) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 29
04/30/1933 Hitlerites Name Sports Dictator 29
04/30/1933 Reich Forms Body For Air Defense Stresses Present Peril 29
04/30/1933 Gold Hoarders (In U.S.) Face Penalty On Tuesday If They Do Not Return (Gold) Holdings Tomorrow 30
04/30/1933 Roosevelt Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis’ Sermons President’s Ideals Contrasted With Hitler’s Program By Jung And Margolis 30
04/30/1933 Soviet To Reshuffle Vast Population Reds Will Oust 1,000,000 Party To Drop Undesirables And Demote ‘Unstable’ Members To Rank of ‘Candidate’ 31
04/30/1933 Attack (By Farmers) On (Iowa) Judge Recalls Arguments of Campaign Arthur Krock E-1
04/30/1933 British Are Firm On Need For Final Debt Solution Augur, London E-1
04/30/1933 (U.S.) Political Isolation Ends In Economic Cooperation Edwin L. James E-1
04/30/1933 Washington Talks Disappoint French (Daladier) Cabinet Seems In Danger E-1
04/30/1933 Italy Is Hopeful of Results Here E-1
04/30/1933 Student Hotheads Worrying Germans Guido Enderis, Berlin E-2
04/30/1933 (Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels) Defends Attitude of Reich On Jews Denies Anti Jewish Laws Declares Nation Will Leave Issue In Abeyance If Left Alone By Judaism E-2
04/30/1933 Our New Arms Idea Heartens Geneva Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
04/30/1933 British Pondering (Roosevelt) M’donald Mission (To Washington) See Roosevelt Dominant (Neville Chamberlain Is Opposed) E-3
04/30/1933 (Eduard) Benes (Czech Foreign Minister) Gives Hope For Revision (Of Versailles Treaty Boundaries Most Likely He Refers To Czech Aspirations In The East!) Word Has Been Tabooed E-3
04/30/1933 Gibbs, Sir Philip, The Way of Escape, Harper & Brothers, N.Y Book 5
04/30/1933 The German Mind In A Ferment Harold Callender Mag. 1
04/30/1933 The Leaders of The English Speaking Nations Assembled In Washington; President Roosevelt Roto.
04/30/1933 Roosevelt’s Way; How He Handles Big Issues XX-1
04/30/1933 Revision of Europe’s Treaties A Leading And Baffling Issue (Map) XX-3
04/30/1933 Japan Looks With Suspicion Upon Our Policy Toward Her XX-3