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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

February 1933
Date Headline Page
02/01/1933 Centrists Demand Hitler Make Clear His Cabinet Policy (Von) Papen Is Seen In Control 1
02/01/1933 Chinese Boycotts (Against Japan) Upheld In League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
02/01/1933 Roosevelt Warned To Avoid Debt Role 1
02/01/1933 Farm Moratorium Made Nation Wide 1
02/01/1933 Denmark Forbids Strikes, Lockouts; Krone Depressed 1
02/01/1933 (Premier Eduard) Daladier Cabinet Entirely Radical (Socialist) 2
02/01/1933 Paraguay Says Foe (Bolivia) Has German Staff 7
02/01/1933 Four Die In Reich In Party Clashes Violence As Hitler Assumes Power Is Less Than Had Been Anticipated, However 10
02/01/1933 Polish Papers Calm On Hitler Accession 10
02/01/1933 (Le Temps) Sees Hitler Facing Fall 10
02/01/1933 Stronger Defense Urged On Congress (Woman’s Defense Conference) Larger Navy Advocated 10
02/01/1933 Tokyo Resistance To League Grows Some Leaders Regretful Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
02/01/1933 (Nanking [Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek]) Want China To Buy 1,700 War Planes Added Training Sought 11
02/01/1933 Debt Discussion Accepted By Italy 11
02/01/1933 Ex-Kaiser Silent On Shift 11
02/01/1933 Finds Little Tank A Deadlier Weapon Liddell Hart 15
02/02/1933 Hitler Wins Dissolution of Reichstag; Urges Nation To End Its ‘Humiliation’ At Polls March 5; Has 4 Year Plans 1
02/02/1933 Questions Put To Hitler By German Centrists Which Figured In Dismissal of The Reichstag 1
02/02/1933 Final Tokyo Offer Is Sent To League Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
02/02/1933 (Neville) Chamberlain Sees No Room For ‘Swap’ In Debt Talks Here Praises Roosevelt’s Aid 1
02/02/1933 (Prof. Felix) Frankfurter (Harvard One of Roosevelt’s Most Trusted Aides, Advisors & Supporters; An Unending Source of Appointee Suggestions) Asks Federal Job Action For Vast Public Works 5
02/02/1933 (J. B. M.) Hertzog Defeats Foes (Jan Smuts) At Cape Town 9
02/02/1933 Reich Won’t Act Alone On Debts 10
02/02/1933 New Point Is Won By China In League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 11
02/02/1933 Good Will Envoys From Japan Here 11
02/02/1933 Hitler Asks Nation To Give Him 4 Years Attacks ‘Marxist’ Rule Will ‘Protect Family’ Declares Christianity Will Be The Basis of The Government’s Moral Conception (This Last Item Is In Very Small Print!) 12
02/02/1933 Soviet Is Silent On The Hitler Government But Seems Not To View It As An Entire Evil Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
02/03/1933 Hitler Represses Reds, Puts Curbs On Socialists; Pledges Internal Peace Scouts Quick Cure 1
02/03/1933 Japanese Massing For Drive In Jehol; Two Clashes Occur 1
02/03/1933 American Officer Threatened By Japanese 1
02/03/1933 ‘Who Is (William Christian) Bullitt,’ Echoes In Senate Called (Roosevelt’s) ‘Undercover Man’ 10
02/03/1933 (William C.) Bullitt In Austria 10
02/03/1933 Japanese Policy Is Held Aid To Us ‘Open Door’ Is Pledged 12
02/03/1933 Missioners Warned To Flee Chinese Reds 12
02/03/1933 Hitler Disavows Speedy Remedies Ready To Pay If He Fails ‘Let The Nation Crucify Me,’ He Tells Foreign Press 13
02/04/1933 Revolt By Terror Going On In Cuba; Fear of Riot Grows 1
02/04/1933 Peace Plan Set Up In South America Abc Peru Group Bars Us In Settlement of All Future Disputes On Continent 1
02/04/1933 Austrian Chancellor (Dollfuss) Accused of Untruths To Britain And France On Arms Shipment 1
02/04/1933 Hitler Suspends Socialists’ Paper (‘Vorwaerts’) 8
02/04/1933 (Former Chancellor General Von) Schleicher Plan For Coup Denied 8
02/04/1933 Requests (Sec. of State, Henry L.) Stimson To Act On (William C.) Bullitt (To Ascertain If He Is Carrying On Extra Legal Negotiations) 8
02/05/1933 Diet’s Dissolution Refused In Prussia 1
02/05/1933 Rainey Gets Data For Navy Building 5
02/05/1933 Laud 5 Year Plan of Soviet Russia 12
02/05/1933 British Arms View Opposed In France 12
02/05/1933 Japan’s Proposals Refused In League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
02/05/1933 Says British Seek Curb On Our Ships 17
02/05/1933 Abc Peru Action Not Opposed By Us (Monroe) Doctrine Not Involved 20
02/05/1933 Rival Fleets Near Air And Sea ‘War’ Hanson Baldwin N-1
02/05/1933 Hitler Hails Mussolini In Bid For Cooperation Edwin L. James E-1
02/05/1933 Hugenberg Differs Widely With Hitler Both Are Nationalistic Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
02/05/1933 Britain Tends Toward Our Policies; Influenced By Perils To (Their Own) Interests E-1
02/05/1933 British Debt Note Keeps United Front E-3
02/05/1933 Hitler Stirs Fears of Little Entente War Spirit Is Stimulated G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-3
02/05/1933 Nationalism Rises Under Hitler Rule E-3
02/05/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon E-5
02/05/1933 Hoover Looks Back And Ahead Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
02/05/1933 Hitler At The Top of His Dizzy Path Emil Lengyel Mag. 3
02/05/1933 Our Fleet Plays A Far Flung War Game Hanson Baldwin Mag. 7
02/05/1933 Farm Mortgages: A Pressing National Issue XX-1
02/06/1933 Nazi Troop March With Empire Flags As Violence Mounts Hitler Heads Procession 1
02/06/1933 Italy Is Expecting New Tie With Reich Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 4
02/06/1933 Denies W. C. Bullitt Talks For Col. (Edward Mandell) House (Bullitt Has Been In France & Vienna Recently) 6
02/06/1933 Japan Lays Plans To Keep Mandates Hugh Byas, Tokyo 7
02/06/1933 Scrip Money Used Widely In South 9
02/06/1933 Rabbis Fear Hitler As Enemy of Jews (Rabbis Jacob Katz & Louis Newman) 13
02/06/1933 (Methodist, Dr. Ralph) Sockman Warns of New ‘Dark Age’ 13
02/07/1933 Reich Gags Press, Ends Prussian Diet 1
02/07/1933 (Socialist Norman) Thomas Predicts Dictatorship Here 5
02/07/1933 (Franz Von) Papen Forces Diet To Quit Prussia 10
02/07/1933 Poland Opposes French Arms Plan 10
02/07/1933 Provision of The Decree By (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Curbing The Press And Parties In Germany 10
02/07/1933 Envoys Belittle (William C.) Bullitt Activities Nothing Misleading Seen 11
02/07/1933 Warns of Friction At Debt Parley 12
02/08/1933 Ask World Parley To Act On Debts (Chamber of Commerce, P. 11) 1
02/08/1933 Roosevelt Invites Governors Mar. 6 To Draft National Recovery Plans; (Alfred E.) Smith Urges Public Works Dictator (Ickes?) 1
02/08/1933 Conference Calls Hailed By (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman 2
02/08/1933 Jobless In Britain Increase By 179,778 8
02/08/1933 Nazis Belabor Foes While Asking Unity Goering Urges Teamwork Allies Resent Nazi Slurs Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
02/08/1933 Prussian Accept Diet Poll March 5 9
02/08/1933 ‘Enemy’ Warships Now In Mid Pacific ‘War’ At Midnight Tomorrow Hanson Baldwin 12
02/08/1933 Canadians Deal For Soviet Barter 13
02/08/1933 1,800 Sandinistas (Followers of Gen Agusto Sandino) Gather To Give Up Arms (In Nicaragua) 16
02/09/1933 Most Cubans Want Intervention By Us 6
02/09/1933 Bavarians Hostile To Hitler’s Ideas Scoff At His ‘Third Reich’ G.E.R. Gedye, Munich 9
02/09/1933 Hitler Reassures Press On Gag Law Says He Opposes Curbs 9
02/09/1933 Security For All Called Soviet Aim Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
02/09/1933 Debts Considered By British Cabinet 11
02/09/1933 New Terms Sent League By Japan 11
02/09/1933 New (U.S.) ‘Treaty Cruiser’ Ready For Delivery 11
02/09/1933 Blue Fleet Casts Huge Net For Foes (In Pacific War Games) 13
02/09/1933 Hitler Ridiculed As Writing Man (Lion) Feuchtwanger (A Jewish Author) Says 140,000 Word Book Written In (Political) Prison (Mein Kampf Actually Written By Rudolf Hess) Has 140,000 Mistakes 200,000 Copies of It Sold 13
02/10/1933 League Bids Japan Stay Out of Jehol; Gets Quick Rebuff Stiff Note Is Presented Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
02/10/1933 House Chiefs Would Give Roosevelt ‘Dictatorship’ Over Federal Economies Two Year Plan Is Pushed Sweeping Powers Urged 1
02/10/1933 Nazi Rebuke Sent To Swedish Editor Goering Warns of Danger To Relations With Germany In Attacks On Hitler 1
02/10/1933 Dutch Battleship Set Afire By Aerial Bombs; Mutineers Take To Boats And Surrender 1
02/10/1933 (U.S.) Fleet Sweeps Out To Meet ‘Raiders’ (Pacific War Games) Hanson W. Baldwin 7
02/10/1933 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Givers Way On Foreign Courts Agrees To Continue Extraterritorial Rights (Of Foreign Countries) In Shanghai For Three Years 8
02/10/1933 New Reich Tariffs Will Bar Our Lard 9
02/10/1933 (Premier Ramsay) M’donald Objects To Return To Gold 10
02/10/1933 British Navy Orders Oil Made From Coal; Fifty Warships Soon Will Be On The Ways 10
02/10/1933 Gold Reserve Off In Bank of France 27
02/11/1933 Hitler Proclaims War On Democracy (Parliamentary Democratic System of Weimar Republic) At Huge Nazi Rally Warns ‘Class Warfare Parties’ That Their Destruction Will Forever Be His Goal 1&8
02/11/1933 New Economy Plan Set As Compromise; ‘Dictator’ Opposed Powers Still Sweeping 1
02/11/1933 (Former German Chancellor, General Von) Schleicher Quits Politics For Year Seldom Seen In Berlin Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
02/11/1933 Bavarians Fear Hitler Plans A Monarchy ‘On Italian Method’ With Hohenzollern King 8
02/11/1933 Danes See Hitler Waging Tariff War 8
02/11/1933 Herriot Bids France Stand With Britain 8
02/11/1933 Japan Preparing To Leave League 9
02/11/1933 Washington Fears Crisis In The Far East Big Army In North China 9
02/11/1933 Soviet Peasants Hide Seed Grain Program Far Behind Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
02/11/1933 Britain Regaining Stock of Gold Polish Theory Discarded 21
02/12/1933 Japan To Proclaim She Will Not Heed Action of League Geneva Stiffens Demand Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
02/12/1933 (U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee) Says We Must Join Arms Embargo 2
02/12/1933 Big Chinese Force Is Ready In Jehol 100,000 Await Japan’s Drive Ho’s (Chu Kuo’s) Army Is Restless A. T. Steele, Mukden 15
02/12/1933 Assert Roosevelt Backs Fleet Shift (To Pacific) Tokyo Cool To Move 15
02/12/1933 France Sees Alliance of Foes (Germany Italy Hungary) 16
02/12/1933 Hugenberg Expects One More Election Little Mention of Hitler Guido Enderis, Berlin 22
02/12/1933 Says Bavaria Bars Quitting Reich G.E.R. Gedye, Munich 22
02/12/1933 (N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman of Immigration And Naturalization Committee) ‘Amazed’ At Absence of (His) Aide Faces Action Himself 32
02/12/1933 (Dr. Salmssen) Asks Currency Aid At World Parley N-9
02/12/1933 A Nationalistic Japan Nears The Cross Roads Edwin L. James E-1
02/12/1933 Spaniards Seek To Speed The End of Secular Education By Church E-1
02/12/1933 Italy Still Cool To Germany’s Bid E-1
02/12/1933 Events Transform Reich Party Line Liberal Groups That Backed (Paul Von) Hindenburg In March Now Fight Him And Hitler E-1
02/12/1933 Soviet Will Force Farm Showdown Reds Set For The Fray Walter Duranty, Moscow E-2
02/12/1933 New Soviet Policy Ends Cooperatives E-2
02/12/1933 British Arms Plan Challenges Reich Distrust of Berlin Rises Augur, London E-3
02/12/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon E-5
02/12/1933 Borah Offers A Program To The World Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 3
02/12/1933 Triumph Comes To The Head of The Nazis In Germany After Ten Years of Waiting: Adolf Hitler Roto.
02/12/1933 Japan (Island) Mandate Raises World Problems XX-2
02/12/1933 Relief For The Unemployed; German Experience Analyzed XX-3
02/13/1933 Danger of Revolt Cited By (U.S.) Farmers In Pleas For Relief 1
02/13/1933 Rule of The Reich By Hohenzollerns Now Held Remote Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/13/1933 Manchukuo Warns Boycott May Bring End of Open Door (In China) 1
02/13/1933 Bavaria Opposes Dictator For Reich Ready To Support Hitler G.E.R. Gedye, Munich 4
02/13/1933 (Spanish) Reds Stone German Embassy (In Madrid), Cry ‘Down Hitler!’ 4
02/13/1933 Hitler Presents German Claims Bluntly; Says Reich Will Rearm If Paris Won’t Cut 4
02/13/1933 Secret Navy Plan Hinted By Bywater Expert Believes Britain Is Ready To Rebuild Fleet If Geneva Parley Fails 4
02/13/1933 Unfairness By Us Charged By Peru 8
02/13/1933 Youth Federation of Zionists Urged (By Morris Tothenberg of The Zionist Organization of America) 13
02/13/1933 Finds End of War Is Duty To Christ (Rev. Karl C. Teufel, Lutheran) 13
02/14/1933 Hoover Would Let War Debt Be Used To Restore The World To Gold Basis; British Widen Scope of Debt Talks 1
02/14/1933 Care of 88,000 Boys In (Citizens Military Training) Camps (C. M. T. C.) Is Voted 1
02/14/1933 Sound Money And Balanced Budget Only Way To Revival, Says (Bernard) Baruch 1
02/14/1933 Japan To Maintain Manchukuo Policy, She Tells League Negotiations Refused Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
02/14/1933 Goering Ousts 24 Called Marxists Nazis To Replace Them 4
02/14/1933 China Threatens To Recall Tokyo Envoy; Premier (T. V. Soong, Chiang Kai-Shek’s Brother in law) Pledges Struggle To Save Jehol 4
02/14/1933 Munich Catholics Turn From Hitler G.E.R. Gedye, Munich 4
02/14/1933 Exports of Arms Gain In France No Shipments To Japan 5
02/14/1933 (U.S. Educators And Business Leaders) Plan Trip To Speed Russian Recognition 5
02/14/1933 British Ask Views On War Plane Ban 5
02/14/1933 (Nevada, Senator Key) Pittman Proposes Britain Pay (War Debt In) Silver 8
02/14/1933 British Airlines To Encircle Globe 9
02/14/1933 Zionists (Zionist Organization of America) Organize Education Study 13
02/14/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University) Predicts New Political Era 17
02/15/1933 Japan Drafts Ultimatum To China To Quit Jehol; League Assembly To Act Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
02/15/1933 Chinese Battalion Mutinies; Kills 3, Holds 80 For Ransom 1
02/15/1933 Giving of Dictators’s Power To Roosevelt Might Lead Hoover To Rebuke Congress 3
02/15/1933 Arms Embargo Hit By Manufacturers 6
02/15/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Predicts Changes In Colleges 9
02/15/1933 Nazi Violence Ends Bond of Reichstag Socialists Manhandled Hitler Tightens His Grip Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 12
02/15/1933 Forced Farm Sales Suspended In Reich Till Oct. 31 Step Will Increase Hitler’s Popularity 12
02/15/1933 Danes And Swedes Hint At Reich Trade (Tariffs) 12
02/15/1933 London Opposes Tokyo On Mandate (Of Pacific Islands) 15
02/15/1933 Assembly Called To Act On Japan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 15
02/15/1933 Urges British End (Anglo Japanese Trade) Pact 15
02/15/1933 Women Poke (‘Good Natured’) Fun At Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Depicted As ‘Dictator’ 23
02/16/1933 Assassin Fires Into Roosevelt Party At Miami 1
02/16/1933 (William C.) Bullitt Returns (Form England, France & Who Knows Where Else) Denying Mission Writer Scouts As ‘Nonsense’ Report He Was Agent of Roosevelt Abroad 3
02/16/1933 Ultimatum Means War, Says Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 12
02/16/1933 Matusoka Coming To See Roosevelt 12
02/16/1933 Nazis To Repress All Foe’s Rallies Armed Troopers And Members of Stahlhelm Will Police Prussian Party Meetings Criticism Is Forbidden Fascist State The Goal Hitler Says There Will Be No More Voting For 4 Years Frederick T. Birchell, Berlin 13
02/16/1933 Little Entente (Czechoslovakia, Rumania & Yugoslavia) Made Permanent Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
02/16/1933 Warsaw Minimizes Hitler Revision Talk 13
02/16/1933 German Exports Continue To Decline 13
02/16/1933 Britain To Seek End of Aviation In War 13
02/16/1933 Aide To (Samuel) Dickstein Gets 60 Day Term Held In Contempt 20
02/17/1933 Germany Obtains A Year’s Extension On Foreign Credits Interest Rates Are Cut 1
02/17/1933 ‘Raid’ Hurled Back By Defense Fleet (U.S. Pacific War Games) Hanson W. Baldwin 1
02/17/1933 50,000 Japanese To Drive On Jehol Araki Would Quit League 10
02/17/1933 Aerial War Study Ordered In Geneva 10
02/17/1933 Finds Wide Hatred of Us In Europe General Attitude Is One of ‘Incredible’ Distrust Thought Selfish On China 10
02/17/1933 (N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman of House Immigration And Naturalization Committee) Faces Federal Inquiry Grand Jury Likely To Call Him On Charge of Bond Racket In Medalie’s Office 12
02/17/1933 Pacifists Raided By Oxford Students 12
02/18/1933 League Issues Its Censure of Japan In 10 Hour Broadcast To The World (Text, P. 8); Invites U.S. And Russia To Consult 1
02/18/1933 Japanese Issue Jehol Ultimatum Order Chinese To Quit Kailu 1
02/18/1933 Jehol Governor (Tang Yu Lin) Says Japan Cannot Take Province 1
02/18/1933 Bank Dictatorship Urged In Michigan Harold Denny, Detroit 5
02/18/1933 60 ‘Enemy’ Planes Raid In San Francisco (Pacific War Games) War Games Come To End Hanson W. Baldwin 6
02/18/1933 Ratify Extension of German Credits 7
02/18/1933 Democracy (Weimar Republic) Ended, Hitler Aide (Unnamed) Says Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 7
02/18/1933 Italians Denounce Demand On Vienna Blames Little Entente 10
02/18/1933 Finds Fear of War Constant In Russia Every Youth In Training 12
02/19/1933 Manchukuo Sends Ultimatum To China: Warns of Imminent Attack On Jehol; (Premier T. V.) Soong Tells Troops of China Will Fight Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
02/19/1933 League Wanted Us To Approve Report Anxiety Felt On Russia 1
02/19/1933 (U.S.) ‘Dictatorship’ Out As Economy Move 3
02/19/1933 Selection of (Senator Cordell) Hull (As Secretary of State) Praised In Capital 3
02/19/1933 Reich Suppresses Catholic Papers Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
02/19/1933 Ex-Kaiser Offers Cure For Idleness 15
02/19/1933 (Lord Lothian) Scouts A Solution Limited To Debt 16
02/19/1933 Austria Is Likely To Defy (Little) Entente Italian Wrath Mounts 29
02/19/1933 Japanese And The League Now Stand Face To Face Edwin L. James E-1
02/19/1933 Arms Affair Puts Vienna In Dilemma E-1
02/19/1933 Prophesies World Will Curb Japan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
02/19/1933 Naval Curbs Seen As Breaking Down E-1
02/19/1933 Soviet Entertains ‘Best’ (Most Cooperative) Peasants Walter Duranty, Moscow E-2
02/19/1933 Debt Views Here Gaining In London Augur, London E-3
02/19/1933 Nazis See Wide Gap Yet To Be Bridged Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
02/19/1933 Fascist Plan Seen Ending Class War E-3
02/19/1933 Navy Plans Survey of Aleutian Area E-5
02/19/1933 Poland Facing Her ‘Five Alsace Lorraine Problems’ (Racial Minorities Living Within Polish Boundaries) Book 3
02/19/1933 France And Italy Widen The European Rift XX-1
02/19/1933 A Reply To Stalin; His Report On The 5 Year Plan Dissected (See Earlier Entry By Stalin!) XX-3
02/20/1933 Germany Is Uneasy About (Paul Von) Hindenburg; Fears He Is Weary New Germany Is Forming Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/20/1933 Japanese Decide To Quit League; Jehol Drive Ready 1
02/20/1933 Blockade By Japan Feared By Shanghai Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
02/20/1933 Red’s Rise In China Pictured In (Foreign Policy Association, Washington, D. C.) Report 5
02/20/1933 Nazis Stop Rally For Free Speech Protest By (Thomas) Mann Is Read 6
02/20/1933 Replace Old Ships, Navy Officers Urge Destroyers Big Problem Submarines Are Also Old 7
02/20/1933 Italian Hostility Alarming To Paris 8
02/20/1933 Austria To Reject Joint (Little Entente) ‘Ultimatum’ 8
02/20/1933 Embargo On Arms And Credit Urged 10
02/20/1933 (500) Aid (Jewish National) Fund To Plant Palestine Forest 10
02/21/1933 Attack By Chinese Opens Jehol Fight: Japanese Advance Unity Is Seen In China 1
02/21/1933 Roosevelt Moves For World Revival In (Ambassador Ronald) Lindsay Parley Broadening Debt Conference For Speedy Program To Aid All Nations Now Likely May Include Far East They Talk Two Hours 1
02/21/1933 Geneva Foresees Caution By Japan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
02/21/1933 Action By League Is Awaited By Us 3
02/21/1933 Hears Japan Bought (British) Ships At $3.45 A Ton (For Scrap) 3
02/21/1933 (U.S.) Code Expert’s Ms. (Manuscript) On Japan Is Seized 3
02/21/1933 Japan Buys (U.S.) Scrap Metal 3
02/21/1933 France To Revive Debt Negotiations 4
02/21/1933 Applauds New Pact On German Credits 4
02/21/1933 Police In Prussia Told (By Goering) To Shoot Reds Urges ‘Ruthless’ Use of Arms On Communist Terrorists Nazis Must Be Assisted 5
02/21/1933 French Arms Plan Put Before Hitler 5
02/21/1933 Building of Navy To Parity Is Urged 6
02/21/1933 Mob In Lima (Peru) Raids Bogota’s Ligation 14
02/22/1933 Japanese Threaten North China Cities; Take Jehol Town 1
02/22/1933 Hitlerites Wreck Catholic Meetings Priests Among Victims Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/22/1933 Hull And Woodin Named For Cabinet To Speed Action On World Economies; Roosevelt Confers With French Envoy 1
02/22/1933 Woodin Advocate of Sound Money 1
02/22/1933 Roosevelt Powers Approved By House 2
02/22/1933 Washington Hails (Cordell) Hull Appointment 2
02/22/1933 French Hail Ending of Silence On Debt 3
02/22/1933 Colleagues Hail Qualities of (Senator Cordell) Hull 3
02/22/1933 Hitler Reassures Industrial Chiefs Guido Enderis, Berlin 10
02/22/1933 Dr. (T. S.) Baker (President of Carnegie Institute) Assails Barrier To Peace (At American Chamber of Commerce In Berlin Meeting) 10
02/22/1933 France Supports League On Japan 14
02/22/1933 (Belgium’s Paul) Hymans Puts Onus On Japan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 15
02/22/1933 Text of Japan’s Comments On League Report 15
02/22/1933 ‘Dictator’ Is Urged As Recovery Need P. W. Litchfield And H. J. Haskell Assert That Roosevelt Should Have Wide Powers 31
02/23/1933 Tentative List of Roosevelt Cabinet Includes Miss (Frances) Perkins of New York, (Harold L.) Ickes, (Daniel C.) Roper, (George H.) Dern, And (Henry Agard) Wallace (Pictures, P. 3) 1
02/23/1933 Expect Roosevelt To Build Up Navy 1
02/23/1933 Roosevelt Retains (Hoover Appointee Norman H.) Davis (Picture P. 2) In Arms (Armaments) Post 1
02/23/1933 Fighting Increases On Jehol Frontier; League Seeks Facts Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
02/23/1933 (Senator William) Borah Takes Stand Against (U.S.) ‘Dictator’ Authority Now Provided He Holds Roosevelt Would Fling Such Power Back In The Teeth of Congress (Little Did He Know!) 2
02/23/1933 (Mass. Rep.) Tinkham Denounces Secret Diplomacy 2
02/23/1933 Roosevelt Thaws Iciness In France 6
02/23/1933 Arms Ban Taken Up By British Cabinet Look To Us For Lead 7
02/23/1933 British Ask Japan As To Aim In Jehol 7
02/23/1933 German Attitude Balks Arms Talks Poland Attacks Stand 8
02/23/1933 Nazi Regime Seeks To Calm Catholics Blames ‘Reds In Disguise’ Goering Orders Investigation of Krefeld Attack And Will Act To Prevent Reoccurrence (Von) Papen (Catholic) Scores Violence All Newspapers Except Fascists Place Responsibility On Them Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
02/23/1933 Complete Disarming Is Urged By Hitler He Says His Government Will Go To Any Lengths If Same Standards Apply To All 8
02/23/1933 Senate Is Praised By (Harvard Law Professor, Felix) Frankfurter He Cites Hull’s Record 9
02/23/1933 (Rear Admiral William W.) Phelps Sees Need For Treaty Navy 9
02/23/1933 Talk of A Dictator Assailed By (Bernard) Baruch What We Need Is ‘Leadership,’ He Says Aid To Roosevelt Urged 13
02/24/1933 30,000 Japanese Attack At Chaoyang As China Rejects Tokyo’s Ultimatum; Panic In Tientsin; League To Act Today 1
02/24/1933 Hitler Seizes Jobs, Offers No Program (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Undisturbed Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/24/1933 Debuchi Notifies Stimson of Drive He Adds That Japan Will Not Go South of Great Wall (Into China Proper) Unless Forced To Do So Chinese Insist Jehol Must Be Defended 1
02/24/1933 Refugees In Panic Swarm In Tientsin 5
02/24/1933 Garvan Sees Nation ‘In Red’ Since 1922 Says We Lack A Ledger 6
02/24/1933 Experts Now Seek Debt Parley Plan 6
02/24/1933 Debts Owed To Us Dead, He Contends F. H. Simonds Holds Nations Won’t Pay Because We Refuse To Accept (Their) Goods 6
02/24/1933 Vorwaerts (Social Democratic Paper) Defies Hitlerite Regime 7
02/24/1933 Burning of Apartment House (By Unknown Persons Allegedly In Party Uniform) Laid To Nazis: Worker Is Shot And 9 Families Lose Home 7
02/24/1933 Reich Arms Move Loses At Geneva 7
02/25/1933 Japanese Leave The League Assembly After Unanimous Censure By Nations; Tokyo’s Troops Sweeping On In Jehol 1
02/25/1933 Hitler Arms Nazis As Prussian Police Bars Enlistment of Non Nationalistic Citizens Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/25/1933 Text of Dr. (Wellington) Koo’s (Chiang Kai Skek Nationalist Delegate) Statement Urging League of Nations To End Conflict In The East 2
02/25/1933 Addresses of Yosike Matsuoka Criticizing Report of League Assembly 2
02/25/1933 Text of League Resolution 3
02/25/1933 Tokyo To Consider Withdrawal Plan (Map) 3
02/25/1933 Dr. (Sao Ke Alfred) Sze (Picture) Welcomed As China’s Envoy (In Washington, D. C.) 3
02/25/1933 Reaction Is Varied In Foreign Capitals On The League Assembly’s Move, 4 Cheer Mussolini For Aiding Austria (Against ‘Little Entente’) 8
02/25/1933 Mother (Sara Delano) Describes Roosevelt As Boy Careful Handling of Money Was A Childhood Trait Also Took Command In Boy’s Games Explaining That If He Did Nothing, ‘Nothing Would Happen’ 18
02/26/1933 Chaoyang Falls As Japanese Advance; Four Armies And Fleet In Drive; Washington Approves League’s Action 90,000 Men In Offensive 1
02/26/1933 League’s Note And Reply 1
02/26/1933 Arms Ban On Japan Debated In League 1
02/26/1933 Stimson Supports League In Dispute 1
02/26/1933 Japanese Defend Action At Geneva 2
02/26/1933 Matsuoka To Try To Restrain Japan 2
02/26/1933 British Are Wary of Arms Embargo 3
02/26/1933 New Debt Warning By Chamberlain Insists Britain Can’t Return To Gold Until War Obligations Are Settled 4
02/26/1933 Accepting (Recognizing) Soviet A Peril, Says (N.Y. Rep. Hamilton) Fish 6
02/26/1933 New Curbs Placed On Foes By Hitler 17
02/26/1933 Educators Urge A National Plan Seek Creation By Roosevelt of A Widely Chosen Social And Economic Council N-1
02/26/1933 Japan Conquering Jehol Despite League’s Action E-1
02/26/1933 Matsuoka Regards Us As Capricious E-1
02/26/1933 Roosevelt Lifts Gloom In France E-1
02/26/1933 Farming Put First In German Plans Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-2
02/26/1933 Geneva Watching Roosevelt Policy Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-2
02/26/1933 Japanese Pressing Claim To Mandate Hugh Byas E-3
02/26/1933 Soviet Uprooting Many In Big Cities Proletarians May Stay Jobs Offered In Siberia E-3
02/26/1933 Great Power Seen In Little Entente (Czechoslovakia Rumania Yugoslavia) Military Force Is Large Expected To Curb Larger Nation Augur, London E-8
02/26/1933 A Great Heritage For Roosevelt (Cleveland And Wilson) Mag. 1
02/26/1933 Congress Too, Gropes In A Fog of Doubt Mag. 3
02/26/1933 South America: Hothouse of Dictators Mag. 4
02/26/1933 Hugenberg Giant Shadow Over Hitler Emil Lengyel Mag. 7
02/26/1933 Russia’s Red Army 500,000 Strong Roto.
02/26/1933 Four Years of Hoover: An Interpretation XX-1-4
02/26/1933 America As Europe Sees Her Through The European Press Harold Callender, London XX-5
02/26/1933 Federal Aid (To Schools) Issue Rises Dr. William F. Russell (Picture, Dean of Teachers’ College, Columbia University) XX-6
02/27/1933 Debt Cooperation And Economy Vital (Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Columbia Univ.) Asserts 1
02/27/1933 Japanese Held Up In Two Day Battle In Southern Jehol 1
02/27/1933 Geneva Welcomes Our Moral Support As Aid To United Front Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
02/27/1933 Hugenberg Urges Debt Adjustment Says Germany Will Pay All Her Private Obligations But Creditors Must Aid 5
02/27/1933 Hull Studies Debt For Talks Today (Dr. Rexford Guy) Tugwell Makes Report (William C. Bullitt Arrives) 5
02/27/1933 Matusoka Asks Us To ‘Think Twice’ 6
02/27/1933 Hitlerite Ousted At Socialist Rally Fists Flying And Black Eyes 7
02/27/1933 Three More Slain In Reich Campaign 7
02/27/1933 Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler’s Proposals For Aid To Economic Recovery 8
02/27/1933 Congress Meeting Forbidden (By British) In India 8
02/27/1933 Soviet Will Lend Seed To Farmers 9
02/28/1933 Incendiary Fire Wrecks Reichstag; 100 Red Members Ordered Seized Alleged Communist (Van Der Lubbe) Said To Confess Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
02/28/1933 Chinese Slow Up Foe In Hard Battle; Say 5,000 Manchukuo Troops Battled; Britain Bars Export of Arms To East 1
02/28/1933 Washington Bans Far East Embargo Help To Japan Seen 1
02/28/1933 Regard (British) Embargo As Help To Japan China’s Output Is Small 2
02/28/1933 Chiang Kai-Shek (Nanking) Won’t Aid Jehol Defense: Fears Northern Generals Would Not Obey (Him) 2
02/28/1933 Ban On Flying Held Up In Geneva 2
02/28/1933 Japan Orders Ban On League Council Delegation At Geneva Is Instructed To Attend No More Meetings 2
02/28/1933 War of 1870 Bought Reichstag Edifice Paul Wallott Designed It 3
02/28/1933 Soviet Peasants Resist By Inaction Refuse To Sow Lands Walter Duranty, Berlin 7
02/28/1933 Picture: Next First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Dressed For Her Entry Into The White House 7
02/28/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Buying Railroads Would Apply ‘New Deal’ To Russia, Los Angeles, Calif 14
02/28/1933 Produces A Serum Against Typhus Result of 4 Year’s Work ‘Just A Beginning Made’ 21