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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

May 1933
Date Headline Page
05/01/1933 Gandhi Plans Fast Lasting 3 Weeks 1
05/01/1933 President (Roosevelt) Renews Parleys This Week, 3 Nations (Germany, Italy & Argentina) Joining 1
05/01/1933 Fail To Set Trial (Date) In Reichstag Fire 7
05/01/1933 Hitler’s Policies Displease German) Women Insist Upon Equality 7
05/01/1933 (‘International Crusade Against Hitlerism’) Assail Nazis As Menace (Speakers, James Waterman Wise [Son of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise], Ellis Chadborne, Rev. D. M. Licorish, Dr. H. Muzumdar, Dr. G. F. Beck & Dr. Benjamin Schultz) 7
05/01/1933 Nazis Alienating Loyalty of Saar Workers Want The Plebiscite Postponed Until Germany ‘Recovers Her Sanity’ _ G.E.R. Gedye, Saarbruecken 8
05/01/1933 Men of Nazi Army (Sturmabteilung) See Wide Changes Otto D. Tolischus, Breslau 8
05/01/1933 (Congregationalist Rev. Dr. Allan Knight Chalmers, N. Y) Decries Race Bias At (Scottsboro, Alabama) Negroes’ Trial (For Rape) Says Prejudice Rules Social Order There 18
05/02/1933 Gold Is Refused To Holders Abroad of U.S. Securities 1
05/02/1933 Hitler Will Draft Youth For Labor; 1,000,000 Hail Him 1
05/02/1933 30 New Warships, Roosevelt Goal 1
05/02/1933 Ignore Indenture (On U.S. Obligations) ‘Payable In Gold 2
05/02/1933 Racketeers Bomb Chicago Building 3
05/02/1933 Britain Will Defend Policy of (Chinese) Open Door 11
05/02/1933 Nazi (Sturmabteilung) Troops Voted Not Part of Army (At World Disarmament Conference, Geneva U.S. Cast The Deciding Vote!) 12
05/02/1933 Hitler’s Sincerely Praised By (Fact Finder Victor) Ridder Publisher Says He Saw No Disorders There (See Item April 16, 1933, P. 21) 12
05/02/1933 Hitlerites’ Stock Rises In The Saar G.E.R. Gedye, Saarbruecken 13
05/02/1933 Address of Hitler On His Economic Program 13
05/02/1933 Student Pacifism Revealed By (National Student Federation of America) Poll 20
05/02/1933 Britain’s Oil Area In Persia Halved 25
05/03/1933 Nazis Seize Unions And Arrest Chiefs; Plan One Big Body 1
05/03/1933 American Default (On Payment In Gold In Gold Obligations) Charged By British Compromise Is Rejected 1
05/03/1933 Treasury Defied On Gold Hoarding 1
05/03/1933 Our Trade Menaced By British ‘Corner’ On Argentine Peso 1
05/03/1933 Hull Pronounces (U.S.) Isolation Failure 2
05/03/1933 (James W. Gerard, Wilson’s Ambassador To Court of Wilhelm II) Urges Faith In Roosevelt 2
05/03/1933 Ishii Holds Japan Wants Bigger Navy Hugh Byas, Tokyo 3
05/03/1933 (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr., Wilson’s Ambassador To Turkey) Sails For Wheat Parley (In Geneva) 3
05/03/1933 Germans Disavow Intent To Rearm (But Say Equality Is Desired Goal) 10
05/03/1933 Nazi Discipline Claims Students G.E.R. Gedye, Heidelberg 11
05/03/1933 Reich Forces Out 31 More Teachers Students Boycott Jews 11
05/03/1933 Lecturer (Ellery Walters) Heckled In Talk On Hitler (‘There Is Persecution, But There Is A Lot More Smoke Than Fire. Germany Is A Charming Place.’) Scores Anti-Semitism, But His Statement That Atrocities Are Exaggerated Is Assailed (By Bernard G. Richards of The American Jewish Congress [Deutsch Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] Who Demands And Gets Time For Rebuttal ‘This Man Is Spreading Nazi Propaganda All Over The Country.’) 11
05/03/1933 Rabbis Aroused On (German) Protest Policy (American Jewish Congress [Deutsch/Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] Vs. American Jewish Committee) 11
05/03/1933 Aid To Germans Urged (By Authors League of America) 11
05/04/1933 German Industry Bows To Nazi Rule 1
05/04/1933 New Debt Proposal Offered To Britain 2
05/04/1933 Ban On (Payment In) Gold For Interest On Liberty Bonds Backed By Democrats, Scored By Republicans 2
05/04/1933 End To Trade Bars Desired By Japan Favors Return To Gold Hugh Byas, Tokyo 3
05/04/1933 Gold Surrender Order (By Government) Challenged 5
05/04/1933 Open Door Policy Assured By Japan China Is Worried Again 9
05/04/1933 Church Elections Pressed By Nazis 10
05/04/1933 Nazi Foes Warned By (U.S. Von) Steuben (Society) Group Society Challenges Rights of Critics Here To Protest On Policies of Hitler Advises Against Boycott 10
05/04/1933 (U. S) P. E. N. Club In Protest Condemns ‘Propaganda’ By Affiliated Berlin Group (Part of This Article Was Cut Out!) 10
05/04/1933 250,000 To Protest (American Jewish Congress Undertaking) 10
05/04/1933 Jewish Leaders Arrive (For Talks On German Jews) 11
05/04/1933 Bids Rabbis Shape New Social Views Hails Roosevelt Policy 14
05/05/1933 Roosevelt Asks Pay Rise For Workers Promises To Help Business End Chaos 1
05/05/1933 Big New Invasion Planned By Japan On Road To Peiping Chiang (Kai-Shek) Rushes Aid North 1
05/05/1933 Nazis Plan Demonstrations On The Rhine; Border Incidents Already Alarm French 1
05/05/1933 Italians Now Back British Arms Plan 1
05/05/1933 2 Month Record Set By Roosevelt 2
05/05/1933 Caudel (Former French Ambassador To U.S.) Calls Us A Humane Nation He Extols Roosevelt 3
05/05/1933 See Reich Patching Polish Relations Guido Enderis, Berlin 9
05/05/1933 Anti-Semitic Move Grows In Austria 9
05/05/1933 Aggressor In War To Be Identified 9
05/05/1933 Anti Hitler March (Arranged By American Jewish Congress) To Be Led By (Maj. Gen. John F.) O’ryan (Commander of 27th Division, A. E. F. Condemns Persecution of Jews) 9
05/05/1933 Rabbis Demand Unity (American Jewish Congress Vs. American Jewish Committee) In Anti Nazi Protest 9
05/05/1933 Labor Here Attacks Reich Ban On Unions 9
05/06/1933 (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Here, Sees New Hope In Crisis Praises Roosevelt’s Initiative As Means of Prior Agreement On Basic Principles Voices Hitler’s Greeting Denies Dual Currency Plan In Germany And Pledges Private Debt Payment (By Germany) 1
05/06/1933 (J. P.) Morgan And Ten Partners Subpoenaed To Testify In (Nye Munitions) Senate Inquiry On May 23 1
05/06/1933 Schacht (Picture) Supports Truce On Tariffs 2
05/06/1933 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Urges Debt Accord Soon Says He And Roosevelt Agreed On Necessity For A Solution Before Trade Parley’s End In Harmony On Arms 2
05/06/1933 Macdonald’s Radio Address 2
05/06/1933 Schacht Aroused By Dispatch In The Times; Challenges Account of Nazi (Dusseldorf) Rally Plans (‘What Atrocities?’) 8
05/06/1933 Nazis Elaborating Duesseldorf Fete 8
05/06/1933 Nazis’ Fires To Get 160 Writers’ Books Helen Keller, Jack London, And Judge (Ben) Lindsey Are Among The Prescribed Many of Them Marxists (List) Dr. (Franz) Boaz (Columbia University) On The Black List Dr. Boaz Doubts Nordic (Racial) Claims Guido Enderis 8
05/06/1933 Reich Seeks Seat At (1935 London) Naval Parley Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
05/06/1933 Right of Nazis To Oust Jews From Jobs Upheld By Court 8
05/06/1933 Soviet Treaties Renewed By Renewed By Reich Triumph For Hitler Seen 8
05/06/1933 (Gen. Hans Von) Seeckt (Picture) Will Train Soldiers For China (Chiang Kai-Shek) 9
05/06/1933 Japanese Invite Soviet Parley Hugh Byas, Tokyo 9
05/07/1933 Nazis Compromise With Protestants Election Plan Dropped 1
05/07/1933 Britain Benefitted By Going Off Gold 2
05/07/1933 Lloyd George Praises Us 2
05/07/1933 Nazi Students Raid Institute On Sex 12
05/07/1933 (League) Saar Board Acts To Curb The Nazis 12
05/07/1933 (Henry Seidel) Canby (Saturday Review of Literature) Sees Action On German P. E. N. (Affiliate) Book Burning Absurd 12
05/07/1933 Nazis Stone Train of Austrian Leader (Chancellor Dollfuss) 12
05/07/1933 Rumanians Beat Jews 12
05/07/1933 (Dr. Heinrich) Bruening (Former Chancellor Under Weimar Constitution) Chosen As Centrist Leader 12
05/07/1933 League Aid Asked For Exiled Jews Zionist Plan Enlarged 13
05/07/1933 Prussian Arts Academy Loses Most of Its Noted Members 13
05/07/1933 (Norman) Thomas Demands Capitalism’s End 16
05/07/1933 Reds Off To Stage Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Plea To President And Congress To Demand ‘Civil Rights’ Party of Whites And Negroes Travel In Busses, Trucks And Private Autos 27
05/07/1933 Return To Gold (Standard) Pressed By World N-7
05/07/1933 Lay Up Leviathan (Earlier ‘‘Vaterland’ Taken From Germany In World War I) For 1933 Season X-8
05/07/1933 Schacht Will Measure Cost of Anti-Semitism Edwin L. James E-1
05/07/1933 Visit of (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald Here Is Held To Show Little Gain E-1
05/07/1933 Congressmen Uneasy About Roosevelt Speech PerturbedHe Will AskFor War Debt Legislation They Dread That Question Arthur Krock E-1
05/07/1933 Soviet Weeds Out Loafers On Farms Walter Duranty, Kiev E-2
05/07/1933 Russian Cities Get New Food Supply Robin Kinkead, Moscow E-2
05/07/1933 Critics of (U.S.) Consul In Berlin (George S. Messersmith The Critics Were Backed By The American Jewish Congress) Refuted (By Berlin U.S. Consulate) E-2
05/07/1933 Heidelberg Plans A Duel Each Day G.E.R. Gedye, E-3
05/07/1933 Mme. France Sees A Naughty World Small Boys, Like Hitler And Roosevelt And Mussolini Disturb Her Peace All Is Now Uncertainty She Is Particularly Worried By The Way Franklin (D. Roosevelt) Plays With His Dollars E-3
05/07/1933 Chicago Optimists Hail New Deal; Higher Cotton Encourages South E-6
05/07/1933 Rumbles In (Unter Den Linden) Berlin’s Street of Ghosts Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 4
05/07/1933 In The Hitlerite Theater of Berlin X-2
05/08/1933 4 German Notables Suicide In A Day 1
05/08/1933 Warfare Renewed In Northern China 1
05/08/1933 French Downcast Over Herriot Trip (To Washington, D. C.) 4
05/08/1933 Big Warship Asked In Reich Arms Note To Offset The French Dunkerque Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
05/08/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges German Boycott Holds It Obvious Remedy 6
05/08/1933 German Dye Trust (I.G. Farbenindustrie) Hit By Reprisals Its Exports Decreased During April After The (One Day NSDAP) Hitlerite Boycott of The Jews 6
05/08/1933 Germans Belittle Our ‘Dictatorship’ Enjoy Comparing Nazis’ Rule With Roosevelt’s, Wholly To America’s Disadvantage Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 7
05/08/1933 (Rep. Samuel Dickstein, N.Y.) Opposes Jewish Boycott (Says At This Moment, U.S. Cannot ‘Go To War’ In Protest Against Anti-Semitic Activities of The Hitler Government) 7
05/08/1933 Jews From Reich Seek Aid In Paris 3,000 Have Asked Assistance In 5 Weeks And They Come At The Rate of 200 A Day Most Allowed To Leave 7
05/08/1933 Jews (American Jewish Congress, Gloatingly!) Invite Schacht (To Join Reviewing Stand At May 10 Madison Square Anti German Demonstration Which They Themselves Organized For Anti German Propaganda Purposes) 7
05/08/1933 Rabbis Advocate Freedom of Ideas Lifting of (U.S. Immigration) Alien Bars Urged 32
05/09/1933 President (Roosevelt) Expected To Get Right To Act On War Debts During Recess (???) of Congress 1
05/09/1933 French Hesitate On Debt Payment 1
05/09/1933 Navy Plans To Lay Up Third of Its Ships; May Cut Off 1,000 Officers For Economy 1
05/09/1933 Roosevelt Gives Data To Germans 2
05/09/1933 Roosevelt Speech Hailed Over Nation 3
05/09/1933 Reich Bars Blame In Arms Deadlock BlombergAsks That Germany’s Position Be Considered 8
05/09/1933 (Existing) Boycott of Reich (Goods) Verified In Munich 8
05/09/1933 (Bainbridge) Colby (Wilson’s Last Sec.Of State) To Be Speaker At (American Jewish Congress) Protest (Against Germany) Meeting Tomorrow To Close Demonstration (La Guardia, Gen. O’ryan, John Haynes Holmes Other Notable!) 8
05/09/1933 2 Jews Jailed In London Clash With Fascists 8
05/09/1933 Hitler Envoy (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) Talks With British Official 8
05/09/1933 Germany Held Tranquil Victor Ridder (Publisher of New Yorker Staats Zeitung) Says There Are No Disorders There Now (He Is Obviously Anti Hitler See Entry April 16. 1933, P. 21) 8
05/09/1933 Protest On Hitler Issued By (U.S.) Clergy (List Includes Methodist Ralph Sockman!) Leading Social Scientists (List) Also Sign Denunciation of Nazis Treatment of Jews 9
05/09/1933 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Picture) Chosen To Head Harvard 19
05/09/1933 German (Movie) Films Get A Setback In City 20
05/09/1933 Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Plea Voiced In Capital Indignant At Roosevelt His Inability To See Them Is Called ‘Gesture of Contempt’ Garner And Rainey Talk To Leaders 38
05/10/1933 Roosevelt To Ask Bargaining Power; Early Action On Deals Wide Authority Sought 1
05/10/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy) Warns Berlin On Arms Stand 1
05/10/1933 Davis Tells Reich It Imperils Parley Any Rearming Is Opposed 1
05/10/1933 Nazis Pile (25,000) Books For Bonfire Today 1
05/10/1933 War Debt Puzzle Unsolved In Paris 2
05/10/1933 18 (Ccc) Forest Camps Picked For New York Fechner Approves Private And State Owned Sites 5
05/10/1933 Immigration Laws Called Defective (Col. Daniel W. Mac Cormack, U.S. Commissioner of General Immigration) 8
05/10/1933 Anti British Posters Are Seized (By Police) In Japan 9
05/10/1933 Propagandist Art Is Nazis’ Demand No Art For Art’s Sake Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
05/10/1933 Helen Keller Warns German’s Students (Through Associated Press Article); She Says Burning Books Cannot Kill Ideas 10
05/10/1933 (9) Americans (Jewish ‘Students’) Beaten By Nazis In Vienna 10
05/10/1933 Anti Nazi Office Here (‘National Committee To Aid The Victims of German Fascism’) Raided By Detectives 10
05/10/1933 (United Synagogue & Its Women’s League) Join (American Jewish Congress [Deutsch Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) Fight On Hitlerism 10
05/10/1933 (Rep. Sol) Bloom Asks Stay For German (Aliens) Here 10
05/10/1933 100,000 Nazi Foes To Parade Today (Organized By American Jewish Congress [Bernard S. Deutsch Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) (N.Y. City Mayor) O’brien The Reviewer List of Others 11
05/10/1933 Roosevelt (Economic) ‘Surgery’ Hailed By (U.S. Ambassador To Mexico, Josephus) Daniels 12
05/11/1933 100,000 March Here In 6 Hour Protest (‘About 100,000 Jews And Many Christian Sympathizers’) Over Nazi Policies Parade (Organized By American Jewish Congress [Bernard S. Deutsch Chairman & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder & Honorary Chairman] From Madison Square To Battery (Bainbridge) Colby (Wilson’s Secretary of State) Warns Germany 1&10
05/11/1933 (Sir John) Simon And Hitler Envoy (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) In Angry Session; German’s Visit Is Denounced In Commons 1
05/11/1933 Nazi Book Burning Fails To Stir Berlin 40,000 Watch Students Fire Volumes In Drizzle, But Show Little Enthusiasm 1
05/11/1933 Episcopalians Act On German Protest 10
05/11/1933 50,000 Jews Unite In Chicago Protest 10
05/11/1933 (N.Y. City Mayor) O’ryan’s Address At (German) Protest Rally 10
05/11/1933 Philadelphia Jews March 20,000 Strong Children Shout ‘Down With Hitler!’ 10
05/11/1933 Bainbridge Colby’s (Wilson’s Sec.Of State) Attack On Hitlerism 10
05/11/1933 Hitler Pledges Fairness To Labor 13
05/11/1933 Nazis Menace World Say Paris Speakers 13
05/11/1933 (2) Pamphlets (Published By Board of Deputies of British Jews & Anglo Jewish Association) Assail Nazis Cite Evidence of ‘Persecution’ 13
05/12/1933 British Minister Warns The Reich of ‘Sanctions’ If It Bolts On Arms 1
05/12/1933 Paris Now Offer To Pay Dec. 15 Debt If We Agree To Holiday During Parley 1
05/12/1933 Reich Balks Truce On Trade Barriers 1
05/12/1933 Major Drive Is On North of Peiping; Japanese Checked 1
05/12/1933 Reich To Rearm Says (Von) Neurath Denies Onus On Parley Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 12
05/12/1933 Hitler Power Seen In Middle Class Dorothy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis), Back From Germany Calls Him ‘Apotheosis of The Little Man’ ‘Revolt Against Culture’ People Seem Happy A Spartan State Their Aim 12
05/12/1933 Nazis Driving Jews From Ullstein (Jewish Owned Publishing) Firm 12
05/12/1933 (Rabbi Abba Hillel) Silver Sees War Danger 12
05/12/1933 Christian Leaders Here Voice Sympathy With Grief of Jews Over Nazi Excesses 13
05/12/1933 Prussia Will Curb Land Inheritance Jews Barred As Owners 13
05/13/1933 Hitler Calls Reichstag On Arms Issue Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 1
05/13/1933 France Declares Opposition To Nazis Paris For Firm Policy Abandons Aloof Stand Would Crush The Nazi Regime Peacefully By Backing Its Foes 1
05/13/1933 Cut In Arms Vital, Dr. Schacht Agrees 1
05/13/1933 French Debt Offer Given To Roosevelt 2
05/13/1933 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg’s Hotel Ejects Protesting Reds; (Sir John) Simon Voices Regret At Theft of Nazi Wreath 2
05/13/1933 Dictatorship Here Hailed By (N.Y. Rep. Hamilton) Fish Tells Society of The Cincinnati That Our Form of Government Has Not Been Changed 4
05/13/1933 (Dean C.) Acheson Approval Halted By Congress 5
05/13/1933 Nazis Close Plant of Ullstein Firm Guido Enderis, Berlin 7
05/13/1933 Germany ‘Easing Up’ (Fact Finder Herman) Metz Says On Return (From Germany) 7
05/13/1933 Dr. J. (Jonah) B. Wise Sees No Hope In Reich (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Head, Back From Trip To Berlin, Calls Plight of Jews There Hopeless Relief Vitally Needed To Those Made Destitute By Hitler 7
05/13/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Renews Plea For Boycott (Of German Goods) 7
05/13/1933 Nazis Worry World, Declares Baldwin 7
05/13/1933 Faculty (‘University’) of (German) Exiles Is Projected Here, Sees Palestine Refuge 7
05/13/1933 Dr. Schmitz Arrives; Says Reich Is ‘Sound’ Seeks To Promote Trade Here 7
05/13/1933 (Mass. Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers) Scores Hitler In House 7
05/13/1933 Reich Will Ignore Gold Bond Clause Cites Washington’s Views 17
05/14/1933 Europe Anxiously Awaits Hitler Arms Declaration; Isolation Disturbs Reich 1
05/14/1933 Danzig Socialists Ask Poles To Act 2
05/14/1933 Herriot Reveals Roosevelt’s Views In Opposition To Rearming By Germany President Agreed To Collaborate On Aggression 2
05/14/1933 Dr. Schacht Calls Reich Debt Parley 3
05/14/1933 Japanese Denounce Actions of The Nazis 3
05/14/1933 Jews Honor Dr. (John Haynes) Holmes (With The Richard Gottheil [Zionist] Medal) Assails Hitler 3
05/14/1933 Boycott Plan (Of German Goods) Up Today (Samuel) Untermyer To Urge Anti Nazi Move At Jewish Meeting Here 3
05/14/1933 How To Save Franc Is Studied In Paris 22
05/14/1933 Jews In Reich Ask Chiefly For Relief (Says Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 31
05/14/1933 Educators Urged To Shun Tradition N-1
05/14/1933 Powers Unite To Block Bigger Army For Nazis Edwin L. James E-1
05/14/1933 (Sir Philip) Gibbs Holds War Certain Unless Reich Hatreds (By Former Enemies) End Says Europe Is Back Again To The Temper of 1913 Versailles Blamed For ‘Frightful Heritage’ E-1
05/14/1933 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Meets Rebuffs In London E-2
05/14/1933 (Chancellor) Dollfuss Fights Nazis In Austria E-2
05/14/1933 New Church Group (‘Young Reformatory Movement’) Opposes Nazi Plan E-2
05/14/1933 Paris Determined To Crush Nazism Unity of Powers Hailed E-2
05/14/1933 Our Policy On Gold Main Topic Abroad Talk of ‘Heresies’ Here E-3
05/14/1933 Holds Mme. Stalin Died By Own Hand E-3
05/14/1933 Harvard Selects An Administrator (Dr.James Bryant Conant) E-8
05/14/1933 Tugwell, Rexford G., The Industrial Discipline Columbia University Press, N.Y. A New Spirit In Government Book 1
05/14/1933 Prussianism Returns In A New Guise Harold Callender Mag. 3
05/14/1933 Roosevelt’s Record: Platform And Deeds XX-1
05/15/1933 Nazi Leaders Now Uneasy Over Hostility of World Hitler To Be Cautious Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
05/15/1933 Hitler’s Envoy (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) Is Taunted As He Leaves For Berlin; Admits That Opinion Was Solidly Against Him 1
05/15/1933 Jews Here Decree Boycott On Reich (Samuel) Untermyer, James W.) Gerard, (Firello) La Guardia Back Move Say Nazis Menace World Peace Christians Urged To Join 1&8
05/15/1933 Amity With Russia Urged In Petition (To Roosevelt From Dr. John Dewey [Columbia University] And 34 Others) 7
05/15/1933 Anti Hitler Meeting Held In Cleveland 10,000 Hear Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Urge Protests To Roosevelt And State Department 9
05/15/1933 Division of Europe On Hitler Analyzed 9
05/16/1933 Roosevelt To Outline Foreign Policy In Statement To The World Today; Nazis Face United Opponents On Arms 1
05/16/1933 Our Debt Demands Fatal (Owen D.) Young Holds Regrets Isolation Stand 1
05/16/1933 Reich To Put Curb On Debt Payments 1
05/16/1933 Peace Up To Paris (Von) Neurath Contends Restates Arms Demands 2
05/16/1933 Germany Relishes World Attention Press Says Nations Wait Feverishly For Hitler’s Speech Tomorrow Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
05/16/1933 Pressure On Nazis Asked In Commons 2
05/16/1933 Danzig Nazis Give Pledge 2
05/16/1933 Austrians Rebuff Hitlerite Protest 2
05/16/1933 Nazis Deny Easing Pressure On Jews 1,041 Ousted From Courts 11
05/16/1933 Boycott On Reich Is Extended Here 11
05/16/1933 Hitlerism Called Pagan (By Congregationalist, Rev. Dr. Stanley High) 11
05/16/1933 Stores Find ‘Made In Germany’ A Handicap; Importers Are Looking Elsewhere For Goods 11
05/17/1933 Roosevelt Asks Peace Through Arms Cuts In A Plea To 54 Nations, Including Russia; He Proposes A New Pact of Non Aggression 1
05/17/1933 Roosevelt’s World Appeal 1
05/17/1933 Both Parties Back Roosevelt Action 1
05/17/1933 Geneva Delighted By (Roosevelt) Peace Message Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
05/17/1933 Pres (Survey) Supports Roosevelt (Peace) Plan 3
05/17/1933 Reich Exports Cut By 10% In April 4
05/17/1933 Nazi Ban Derided By (P. E. N.) Writers Here 4
05/17/1933 Jews Are Praised By Justice (William T.) Collins 4
05/18/1933 Roosevelt Plans Other Peace Steps Our Policy Clarified 1
05/18/1933 Hitler Says Reich Will Forego Arms But Will No Longer Remain Inferior Hitler Backs President (Roosevelt) Denies He Wants War 1
05/18/1933 Hitler Address Highlights 1
05/18/1933 (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Envoy) Calms Paris, Pledges Wider (U.S.) Aid Says Roosevelt Declaration Is Only First Step In Our Peace Program 1
05/18/1933 Geneva To Adopt Roosevelt Code Security Committee Will Use His Non Aggression Doctrine In Defining Aggressor 1
05/18/1933 Final Church Curbs Adopted In Spain; Opposition Gagged Oust 80,000 Monks And Nuns As Teachers 1
05/18/1933 Wisconsin Troops Beat Off Farmers Imprison 200 1
05/18/1933 Roosevelt Message Gets Wide Acclaim But Japanese Object 2
05/18/1933 British Distrust Hitler’s Mildness 2
05/18/1933 Text of Hitler’s Address To The Reichstag Or Armaments 3
05/18/1933 Latin Americans Welcome Roosevelt Leadership 4
05/18/1933 Brazilian Praise A ‘Master Stroke’ 4
05/18/1933 Hitler’s Aide (Chaplain Ludwig Mueller) Heads Protestant Nazis 4
05/18/1933 President (Roosevelt) Praised In Flood of Wires 4
05/18/1933 Hungary’s Premier (Julius Goemboes) Assails Nazi Aims 4
05/18/1933 Moscow Shows Satisfaction Over Roosevelt Message Russians Pleased By Cordial Tone 5
05/18/1933 Hitler Speech Assailed Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Considers Peace Profession (By Hitler) Dishonest 5
05/18/1933 All German Papers Laud Hitler Speech 5
05/18/1933 Agitation On Reich Deplored By (Herman A.) Metz He Tells (Samuel) Untermyer Attacks On Nazi Policies Are Harmful To Jews In Germany Defends Hitler Regime (See Entries April 16, 1933, P. 21, May 2, 1933, P. 12 & May 9, 1933, P. 8) 7
05/18/1933 (Chinese Finance Minister) Dr. (T. V.) Soong Stresses Our Link With China 8
05/18/1933 (Chancellor of Univ. of Chicago, Dr. Robert M.) Hutchins Defends (Roosevelt’s) ‘Brains Trust’ 21
05/18/1933 (Educator) Dr. (John) Dewey (Columbia University) Named A Great American (By Aristogenic Association) 40
05/19/1933 Geneva Looks To Reich To Cooperate On Arms As Parley Meets Today 1
05/19/1933 Japanese Close In On Peiping Suburb; Chinese Join Foe 1
05/19/1933 (Gen.) Hugh S. Johnson Chosen ‘Dictator’ of Industry; Four Tax Plans Offered 1
05/19/1933 Hitler Is Stronger Because of Speech Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
05/19/1933 Hitler Puts Paris On The Defensive 2
05/19/1933 Soviet Paper Sees Anglo American Alliance As Possible Step Against Japanese Moves 2
05/19/1933 End of (U.S.) Isolation Put Up To Geneva Washington Feels It Cannot Go Further Until Public Is Reassured On Course 2
05/19/1933 Japan To Accept Roosevelt’s Ideas 2
05/19/1933 Reich Issues Orders To Search Tourists Tightens Embargo On Transfer of Funds 2
05/19/1933 Hindenburg Backs Roosevelt Aims Italy Also Sends Praise 5
05/19/1933 Nazi Policy Held Menace To World (Rabbi) Dr. J. (Jonah) B. Wise (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 8
05/19/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Holds (Herman A.) Metz Aids Nazis Says World Is Aghast 8
05/19/1933 Pleas On Reich Jews Laid Before League (Of Nations) 8
05/19/1933 Heidelberg (University) Burns ‘Un German’ Books 9
05/20/1933 Germany Accepts British Arms Plan As Basis For Pact Praise Given Roosevelt Daladier Bars (French) Army Cut Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
05/20/1933 80% War Debt Cut Proposed By Italy Reparation Slash Cited 1
05/20/1933 Reich To Permit Jewish (Stock) Brokers Nazi Enthusiasts Curbed 2
05/20/1933 $2,000,000 Sought To Aid Reich Jews (Rabbi) Dr. J. (Jonah) B. Wise (American Jewish Jdc) Depicts Need) 2
05/20/1933 Roosevelt Praised By Chinese Papers 2
05/20/1933 Premier (Daladier) Rejects French Army Cut Would Be Delusion To Slow Down Preparations Now 2
05/20/1933 Germany Peaceful A. B. Houghton Says He Tells of Confident Spirit In Reich Saw No Violence 3
05/20/1933 (Georg) Bernhard (Former Editor In Chief of Anti NSDAP Vossische Zeitung) Expelled By Reich (Press Association) Journalists Article In Geneva Paper On Nazi Treatment of Jews Arouses Ire of Press Association 3
05/20/1933 N. D. Baker (Woodrow Wilson’s Sec. of War) Warns Against ‘Dictator’ He Endorses Powers For Roosevelt But Asks Use of Precedent To Be Resisted He Urges ‘some Form of Parliamentary Responsibility’ 5
05/20/1933 Army In Tientsin Foils Revolt Plan Deal Charged To Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 7
05/20/1933 Methodists (N.Y. East Conference) Score Capitalist Regime 14
05/21/1933 League Will Hear Jews On Oppression By Nazis; (Sir Eric) Drummond Forces Issue (Peace) Treaty Rights Invoked (Article LXVII) Upper Silesian Refugee’s Petition Asks Voiding of German Laws Roosevelt Move Urged Jewish Group Lead By (Bernard S.) Deutsch (Chairman, American Jewish Congress) Appeals For Intervention Against Intolerance Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
05/21/1933 U.S. Stand In War Sought At Geneva Seven Small Nations At Arms Parley Asks How Far We Will Go In Peace Efforts (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy, Norman A.) Davis Replies Tomorrow 1
05/21/1933 Italy Again Moves For 4 Power Pact; Paris May Assent 1
05/21/1933 Tientsin Prepares To Admit (Japanese) Invaders 1
05/21/1933 Schacht Seeks London Loan To Bar Default; Reich’s British Creditors May Get Priority 1
05/21/1933 Paris Expects Debt Defaults On June 15 By Britain And Others In Line With France 1
05/21/1933 Billion Cut Likely In Federal Deficit Limit of 1,500,000,000 7
05/21/1933 Britain’s (Financial) Adviser (Dr. O. M. W. Sprague) Visits Roosevelt 9
05/21/1933 Nazi Acts Scored By (Univ. of Cincinnati) College Group Nation Wide Action Is Aim 24
05/21/1933 Peace Plea Voiced At White House Borah Stresses Arms 24
05/21/1933 3 (Unnamed Jewish-) Americans Quit Studies In Vienna Say Rioting Frequent Tell How (Austrian) Nazis Have Split The University Into 2 Groups Hitler Followers Start ‘Free-For-All’ Fights With War Whoops And Use Whips, They Declare 25
05/21/1933 (Von) Papen Denies Threats Vice Chancellor Says ‘Germans Want Peace For Its Own Sake’ 25
05/21/1933 Jewish Group (American Jewish Congress [Bernard S. Deutsch & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) Asks Move By Roosevelt Capital Session Hears Appeal By Deutsch For Action On Hitler ‘Intolerance’ World (Jewish Congress) Gathering Urged Administrative Committee (Of American Jewish Congress) Warns Austria (And Poland) Against Rise of Anti-Semitism 26
05/21/1933 Paris Sees Berlin Making A Gesture Want To Know What Changes Germans Seek In British Arms Plan 26
05/21/1933 Nazis To Tolerate Fund To Aid Jews (One Day NSDAP) Boycott Still Remains Papers Urge Penalties For ‘Traitors’ 26
05/21/1933 China (Lin Sen) And Japan (Hirohito) Answer President (Roosevelt) 26
05/21/1933 Hamburg Installs Its Nazi Governor 26
05/21/1933 Germany Tightens Restrictions On Press; Treason Penalties Apply To True Reports 26
05/21/1933 Christians Endorse (American Jewish Congress [Deutsch Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Protest To Germany 29
05/21/1933 Need For Germany To Cut Debt Denied Outside Income Enough (Albert H. Wiggin & John Foster Dulles) N-7
05/21/1933 Advisers Deny President Roosevelt) Is Confused In Politics Affirm His Foresight Prevents Him! From Trying To Chart A Full Course In Stormy Weather Arthur Krock E-1
05/21/1933 (Jules) Sauerwein (Le Paris Soir) Thinks Hitler Is No Great Menace Now Says The Situation Is Not As Tragic As The French Nationalists Paint Warns of Future Danger If Reich Is Not Curbed On Arms E-1
05/21/1933 Japan Pursues Steadily, Conquest of North China Edwin L. James E-1
05/21/1933 Jews Expelled From Germany Encourage Antwerp Traders E-1
05/21/1933 Fight With Britain Faces Us At Parley Sharply Opposed To Hull’s ‘New Deal’ Idealism Leaves It Cold E-1
05/21/1933 German Pressure On Austria Eased E-2
05/21/1933 New Nazi Prussia Not Like The Old A Bavarian (Goering) Is Its Ruler E-2
05/21/1933 Proposed Meeting (Of Kuomintang National Congress) Perturbs (Cantonese) Chinese E-2
05/21/1933 Italy Welcomes Roosevelt Move Gratified At Hitler Also E-3
05/21/1933 Nazi Germany’s New Education Exalts A ‘Cultural Nationalism’ E-8
05/21/1933 Bolitho, Hector, Alfred Mond: First Lord Melchett, D. Appleton & Co., N.Y.Jewish Liberal Who Rose And Fell With Lloyd George Book 9
05/21/1933 Democracy Still Stands Firm Mag. 1
05/21/1933 America Turns To Short Cut Diplomacy (With Roosevelt’s Special Envoy, Norman H. Davis) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva Mag. 3
05/21/1933 Picture: Germany’s ‘Good Will Ambassador’ To England, Dr. Alfred Rosenberg (Note Various Foregoing Entries!) Roto.
05/21/1933 Preliminaries To The Burning of The Books (And Magazines) In Germany: Two Nazis (One Reading!) Roto.
05/21/1933 Business Advances: A Survey of The Trend XX-1
05/21/1933 A Protest In The House (By Mass. Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers) For The Jews of Germany (Refers To Treaty of Versailles) XX-2
05/21/1933 Disarmament: A New Chapter In The Struggle of 14 Years XX-3
05/21/1933 German Student Duels Follow A Rigid Code XX-9
05/22/1933 New Sense of Duty Guiding President (Roosevelt), His Aides Say Sectionalism Is Doomed 1
05/22/1933 4 Powers (England, Germany, France & Italy) Agree At Rome To Keep Peace Ten Years; France Shifts Arms Policy Use of Force Is Banned Equality Accorded Reich Even Footing On Arms To Be Attained By Gradual Steps Over 5 Year Period 1
05/22/1933 Peace Pact To Fore As Nazis See Perils Hitler Curbed In Speech 1
05/22/1933 Paris Is Won Over To (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Plan Assurances From Hitler Swing Cabinet 1
05/22/1933 Provision of Four Power European Peace Pact Accepted By Britain, France, Germany And Italy 1
05/22/1933 Russians Make Bid For Recognition By Us; Holdout Promise of An Increase In Trade 1
05/22/1933 Soviet And Britain In Economic War 2
05/22/1933 Roosevelt Effort For Peace Praised (By N.Y. City Preachers And Rabbis) 2
05/22/1933 Roosevelt Gets (California Senator Hiram) Johnson’s Views Night Conference Held 2
05/22/1933 Big Chinese Army At Mercy of Foes Hallett Abend, Tientsin 7
05/22/1933 Germany Is ‘Sick’ Churchmen (Samuel Mc Crea Cavert, General Secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Says Urges Christian World To Treat Her As A Patient Not A Criminal Finds Nazis Divided 8
05/22/1933 (N.Y. Lawyer, Samuel) Untermyer Picked For Fight On Nazis Jewish Groups Name Him 9
05/22/1933 Vienna Jews Fear Spread of Nazism Dollfuss Reassures Jews 9
05/22/1933 See Reich Retreat On Silesian Jews 9
05/22/1933 Nazis Seize 500 Tons of Marxist Writings (In Berlin) 9
05/22/1933 Jews Press Drive For Relief Funds To Raise $2,000,000, Dr. J. (Jonah) B. Wise (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee [‘Jdc’]) Declares 9
05/22/1933 $1,500,000 Sought (By American Jewish Congress [Deutsch & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) To Protect Jews American Jewish Congress Renews Its Plea For Roosevelt To Act In German Situation 10
05/22/1933 (German) Boycott Stamps Issued (By U.S. Jewish Veterans ‘For Humanity’s Sake, Don’t Buy German Goods.’) 10
05/22/1933 (‘Commonweal’ [Catholic Magazine] Editor) Seeks New Homes For Nazis’ Victims Saw Reich Persecution 1
05/23/1933 (Roosevelt’s Special Ambassador, Norman H.) Davis Pledges Us To Consult On War And Not Block Action On Aggressor; London Now Sees Success of Parleys Limits Freedom of Seas Text, P. 2 1
05/23/1933 Peace And Arms Pledges of The United States Given To The World Disarmament Parley By (Norman H.) Davis 1
05/23/1933 Peiping Is Given Up; Japanese At Gate; People In Terror 1
05/23/1933 Peace Is Assured By Us, Say British Rome (4 Power) Pact ‘Innocuous’ Seen Chiefly As A Gesture To Exalt Mussolini 1
05/23/1933 Herriot Applauds U.S. Peace Pledges ‘Conforms Exactly With My Conversations With Roosevelt,’ He Says 1
05/23/1933 Allies of France Assured On Pact 2
05/23/1933 Text of (Roosevelt’s Special) Ambassador Davis’s Statement At Geneva Arms Parley 2
05/23/1933 Jewish (Persecution By Germans) Issue Put To League Jurists 3
05/23/1933 Germans Are Cool To (Norman H.) Davis’s (Roosevelt’s) Formula Berlin Wants To Know How Far Other Nations Will Go In ‘Effective’ Disarmament Hitler Speech Is Cited 3
05/23/1933 Brandenburg Official (Dr. Walther Ruppin) Urges Ban On Jews In The Liberal Professions of All Germany 3
05/23/1933 Nazi (P. E. N.) Authors Plan To Combat World 3
05/23/1933 Hitler Reviews Sailors At Kiel 3
05/23/1933 Danzig Nazis Hold Complete Power Terrorism Is Charged (By Socialists) 3
05/23/1933 Roosevelt Asked (By American Jewish Congress [Deutsch & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) To Champion Jews Favors Palestine Refuge Rabbi Jonah B. Wise (American Jewish Joint Distri Bution Committee) In Philadelphia Urges Christian Civilization ‘To State Its Position’ 4
05/23/1933 Goal of Jewish (Distribution Committee) Aid Is $1,000,000 Here (For German Jews) 4
05/23/1933 Argentina To Give Aid To Roosevelt 4
05/23/1933 (Chinese Finance Minister, Dr. T. V.) Soong (Picture), Here, Denies China Is In Chaos Cites Balanced Budget 7
05/24/1933 Saar (League) Body Appeals On Nazi Threats 3
05/24/1933 Germans Now Hail Speech By (Norman H.) Davis (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Pays Tribute 3
05/24/1933 Hitlerite Spread Halted In Austria With Dolffuss In Saddle Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 4
05/24/1933 Poles Plan Fight On (Rome) 4 Power Pact 5
05/24/1933 German Scientists (Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft) Rally Behind Hitler (Max Planck Included!) 5
05/24/1933 Japan Favors Pact On Trade, Says Ishii 6
05/24/1933 (Chinese Finance Minister, Dr. T. V.) Soong Says China Is A World Problem Careful To Avoid (Use Of) Word ‘War’ 6
05/24/1933 (Presbyterian) Church Is Urged To Quit Capitalism He Decries Nationalism 22
05/24/1933 Unitarians Vote Universalist Tie 23
05/25/1933 Pledge (Of Roosevelt U.S.) To Consult Outlined By (Norman H.) Davis United States Plans Unilateral Promise Not To Balk Sanctions Against Violators of Peace Geneva Conferences Ready To Act On Definition And Formula For Determining ‘Aggressor’ Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
05/25/1933 Navy To Abandon Its Lay Up Plan Fleet To Keep Operating 1
05/25/1933 Roosevelt Rated As World Leader (By Nyu Seniors In Their Poll 8
05/25/1933 Reich Again Balks (League) Hearing On Jews 9
05/25/1933 (German Ambassador, Dr. Hans) Luther Says Nazis Have United Reich 10
05/25/1933 France Qualifies Four Power (Rome) Pact Revision Rulings Barred 11
05/25/1933 Our (Norman H. Davis Roosevelt U.S.) Pledge To Aid Peace 11
05/25/1933 Dictation of Nazis Spurned By Church ‘Pure Gospel’ Is Upheld 11
05/25/1933 Ishii Talk Limited To Trade By Hull 12
05/25/1933 Student War Poll Strongly Pacifist 21
05/26/1933 (J. P.) Morgan Foreign Financing Detailed, Fees Disclosed; Coolidge On One Stock List British Credit Largest N. (Norman) H. Davis (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy) Favored 1
05/26/1933 Japanese Demand Retreat By China Past Yellow River Hallett Abend 1
05/26/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges New Taxes In Crisis At (N.Y. Mayor) O’brien Parley 1
05/26/1933 Naval Pact Limits Opposed By Japan Rift On Term ‘Aggressor’ Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
05/26/1933 Paris Encouraged By (Norman H.) Davis’s Speech 3
05/26/1933 Roosevelt Talks On Arms With Ishii; Viscount Frankly Explains Japanese Views 3
05/26/1933 Federated Europe Is Urged By (German Vice Chancellor Franz Von) Papen He Would Abandon The National States And Make Racial Autonomy Paramount 3
05/26/1933 Peace Pact Signed In The (Peru Columbian) Amazon War Example To World Seen 3
05/26/1933 Nazi Envoys Saved From Reds At (N.Y.) Pier 9
05/26/1933 (Herman A.) Metz Heckled In Talk On Nazis Denial of Anti-Semitic Atrocities (Was In Germany With Publisher Victor Ridder See Entry April 16, 1933, P. 21) 9
05/26/1933 (N.Y. Rep. Hamilton) Fish Awaits Test of Jewish Opinion Will Press For Protest To The Reich By Roosevelt If It Receives United Support Resolution (Already!) In Committee (Text!) 11
05/26/1933 Reich Bars League As Jews’ Guardian 11
05/26/1933 Ask Admission of Jews (Into Argentina) 11
05/26/1933 Czechs Act To Curb Nazis 11
05/26/1933 List (3/4 page) of Christian Churchmen Who Signed Protest On Hitlerism 12
05/26/1933 1,200 (Christian) Clergymen Sign Nazi Protest From 26 Denominations Comments of Signers 13
05/26/1933 Reich Jews Listed On Cultural Basis Outnumbered 6 To 1 There, They Stand Equal With Rest of Nation, (U.S.) Writers Find The German Jews, Alfred Knopf, N.Y 22
05/27/1933 Gold Clause Repeal Asked By Roosevelt To Permit Payments In Legal Tender Woodin Explanation of Gold Move 1
05/27/1933 Roosevelt To Ask Wide Tariff Power 1
05/27/1933 Herriot Warns French Must Pay On Debt Before Roosevelt Will Consider Negotiations 1
05/27/1933 Our Aid To Peace Praised By (Foreign Minister, Sir John) Simon 1
05/27/1933 Japan Bars Ratios From Arms Treaties Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
05/27/1933 Reich To End Curbs On Jews In Silesia Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
05/27/1933 Text of (Jewish) Silesian Refugee’s Plea To League On Anti-Semitism 4
05/27/1933 Reich School Ban On Jews Delayed 4
05/27/1933 Hitler’s Sincerity Doubted In London 5
05/27/1933 Chileans Back Roosevelt 5
05/28/1933 Protestants Bar Nazi Church Rule; Elect Own Leader Name Dr. Von Bodelschwingh 1
05/28/1933 Gen. Feng (Yu Siang) Rebels To Fight Japanese And Depose Chiang (Kai-Shek) Canton’s Support Seen 1
05/28/1933 President (Roosevelt) Curbed On Arms Embargo (Norman H.) Davis’s (League) Pledge Impaired 3
05/28/1933 Germans Quit P. E. N. (International Writers’) Club 5
05/28/1933 Hitler Appeals To Danzig Voters 6
05/28/1933 Scholars Here Urged To Aid Reich Exiles Menaced By Hitlerism 6
05/28/1933 Roosevelt (Gold) Move Disturbs France Press Criticizes Action 12
05/28/1933 London Is Uneasy On Our Gold Steps 12
05/28/1933 World Gold Accord Needed (Gustav) Cassel (Sweden) Says 12
05/28/1933 (Paul) Painleve Hails Hitler’s Attitude of Conciliation E-1
05/28/1933 Japanese Start Drive For Larger Naval Ratio Edwin L. James E-1
05/28/1933 Paris Unappeased By Our (Geneva) Arms Move E-1
05/28/1933 New Peace Hopes Seen By Italians E-1
05/28/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon: Charlie Chaplin, ‘And They Told Me It Was Impossible To Play A Serious Part With A Mustache Like Mine.’ From London Daily Express E-2
05/28/1933 Political Minds For The New (U.S.) Diplomacy Clarence K. Streit, Geneva Mag. 4
05/28/1933 A Breathing Spell For The Cause of Peace (Maps of Europe) XX-1
05/29/1933 Austria To Fight Nazis To A Finish, Dollfuss Asserts Invokes Our Assistance Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
05/29/1933 Soviet Hand Seen In Feng’s Revolt In Northern China Hallett Abend, Tientsin 1
05/29/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Statement Recalling 1913 ‘Money Trust’ Warning 2
05/29/1933 Nazi Judicial Curb Protested By (N.Y. City) Bar (Association) 5
05/29/1933 Nationalist (Dr. Friedrich Von Winterfeld,Party Chairman) Scores (NSDAP One Day) Boycott of Jews Says It Harms Germany More Than It Does Them 5
05/29/1933 (Utah Senator William H.) King Asks Pressure On Nazis Tells B’nai B’rith Meeting In Philadelphia German Policy Is World Obstacle 5
05/29/1933 Nazis In Majority In Danzig Election 5
05/29/1933 German Amazes League Expert Says He Can No Longer State (His) Personal Opinion (He May State Only His Government’s Position!) 5
05/29/1933 Jews of 15 States To Confer On (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief 5
05/29/1933 Jews Summoned To ‘War’ Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Calls Upon Youth To Fight Oppressors of Race 7
05/29/1933 German Recovery Slackens Its Pace 17
05/30/1933 Schacht Says Reich Can’t Meet Credits Reichsbank President Asserts Transfers On Private Debts Are Draining Reserves 1
05/30/1933 Our Money Policy Depresses French 2
05/30/1933 Herriot Defends Roosevelt (War Debt) Views Clashes With Daladier 3
05/30/1933 Roosevelt Candor Is Praised By Ishii 3
05/30/1933 Hull Disappointed On Arms Measure New Deadlock At Geneva 4
05/30/1933 Hitlerism Assailed By (Philadelphia) B’nai B’rith Group 4
05/30/1933 (League) Report On Silesia Rejected By Reich Jewish Rights Restored 4
05/30/1933 Hitler Punishes Critic (Publication ‘Said To Have Been Suppressed For 3 Months’) 4
05/30/1933 New Force Rushed To China By Japan Japanese Accuse Russia Hallett Abend, Tientsin 6
05/31/1933 Germany Rejects Report To League That Her Laws Violate Silesian Treaty 1
05/31/1933 United States For World No Force Treaty; (Norman H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy) Takes Position Opposed By British 1
05/31/1933 Militia Men Beat Socialists With Rifles; Pacifists Accused of Disrespect To Flag 1
05/31/1933 (Yale President) Angell Denounces (U.S.) Isolation As Folly 5
05/31/1933 One Shot, 4 Beaten (By Perth Amboy, N. J. Police) In Communist Riot 6
05/31/1933 Nazi Protestants Intensify Revolt 8
05/31/1933 Wants Jews Deprived of German Titles 8
05/31/1933 Jewish Poetess Missing In Reich (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, London Report See Later Entry!) 8
05/31/1933 London Sends Plea For German Jews 9
05/31/1933 League (Report) Is Assailed By The Nazi Press Jewish Case Is Held Up As Interference In German Domestic Affairs 9