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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

August 1933
Date Headline Page
08/01/1933 Riots Mark Spread of The (Pennsylvania) Coal Strike 1
08/01/1933 Austrian Nazis Raided 2
08/01/1933 Cubans’ Protests Pour On (Sumner) Welles Teachers Appeal To Him 4
08/01/1933 Cantonese (Political Council) Officials Split With Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek Nationalist Government) 4
08/01/1933 Boycott (Of German Goods) Exceeds (Samuel) Untermyer’s Hope Tells of Progress of Move To Aid German Jews (Report From Plymouth, England) 5
08/01/1933 Powers To Watch Nazis In Austria 5
08/01/1933 (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Fund (For German Jews) Passes The Half Way Mark 5
08/01/1933 Japanese Warships Ready For (Mock) ‘Battle’ 6
08/02/1933 Estimate On Arms Rises 45% In Japan 1
08/02/1933 Picture: State Troopers Fight Striking Dairy Farmers At Boonville 5
08/02/1933 4 Reds Beheaded (Among Them A Bruno Tesch, An Unskilled Laborer, At Altona, Germany) For Killing Nazis 6
08/02/1933 Germans Seek Actors Who Can Do All But Act (Seek Non Jewish Actors) 6
08/02/1933 Lawyer’s (Dr. Alfred Strauss’s) Murder (Allegedly At Dachau Concentration Camp) Laid To Nazi Chief (Dr. Hans Frank By ‘Das Neue Tagebuch,’ Exile’s Paper In Vienna) 6
08/02/1933 Austrian Reprisals Against Nazis Urged (By ‘Reichspost,’ An Austrian Government Newspaper) 6
08/02/1933 (Greeting For (Samuel) Untermyer (Arranged For His Return To The U.S.) 6
08/02/1933 Ban Hits Swedish Nazis 6
08/02/1933 (Hessian Leader) Checks Nazis (Sturmabteilung Storm Troopers In Uniform) In Courts To Avoid Influencing Justice 6
08/02/1933 Reich Opens Race Study 6
08/03/1933 3 Powers (Britain, France & Italy) To Warn Reich On Air Raids Over Austrian Line 1
08/03/1933 Tithes (Exacted By British Government For The Church) Stir Farmers Revolt 8
08/03/1933 World (Economic) Parley Gain (In London) Stressed By Hull 9
08/03/1933 (Japanese) Navy (War) ‘Game’ To Put Tokyo In Darkness Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
08/03/1933 Soviet Harvest Seriously Impeded 10
08/03/1933 Roosevelt Approves $46,000,000 Navy Bids 11
08/04/1933 (Firello) La Guardia Is Selected By Fusion Peace Parley (As Mayoral Candidate For New York City); O’ryan Gives Support 1
08/04/1933 Salzburg Idolizes Bruno Walter, Ousted By Nazis As ‘Non Aryan’ (The First of A Number of Articles!) Frederick T. Birchall, Salzburg 1
08/04/1933 Warning To Berlin (On Austria) Waits On Methods 6
08/04/1933 Decision On (Walter) Orloff Will Be Made Today American Student, Held As Red, Is Examined By Berlin Officials And U.S. Consul (Raymond H. Geist & George S. Messersmith, U.S. Consul General) 6
08/04/1933 Hitler Heeds Jew’s Plea; Waives Duty On A Horse 6
08/04/1933 Axe (Executions) Restored In Reich Hanging And Shooting Allowed Only On Court Order 6
08/04/1933 London Times Sees Analogy With 1914 Holds Germany Has Same Disregard of Treaties And Rights of Smaller Nations (On The Other Hand The British Principle Is ‘Live And Let Live.’) 6
08/04/1933 Reichswehr Gets (Racial) Marriage Rules (Must Be Aryan) 7
08/04/1933 (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.) Tells Why (London Economic) Parley Failed 7
08/04/1933 Pressure On Cuba Denied At Capital State Department Says Envoy (Sumner Welles) Is Not Using Economic Threat To Force Political Peace 7
08/04/1933 Many Are Injured In Strassbourg (France) Riots 7
08/04/1933 (American) Legion Organized To Back Roosevelt With Roosevelt As In War 8
08/04/1933 British (Vickers Armstrong) Arms Man Ousted By Turkey 16
08/05/1933 Nazis Publish Recipes Using Only Native Foods 1
08/05/1933 Hints of Rearming By Germany Evoke Two Power (Britain & France) Inquiry 1
08/05/1933 Soviet Releases 12,484 In Record Amnesty; 59,516 Sentences Also Cut For (White Sea) Canal Work Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
08/05/1933 (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.) Home, Sees War Imminent Europe Is ‘Bristling With Arms’ Just As In 1913, Our Wheat Delegate (To Geneva & London) Says Nations Storing Grain Leaders Have No Honest Wish For Peace, He Holds Finds Greater Respect For Us 3
08/05/1933 Nazis Plan To Build East Prussia Anew Will Sacrifice Junkers Otto D. Tolischus, Koenigsberg 4
08/05/1933 Nazis Press Drive Against The Reds Berlin Police Ordered To Shoot If Necessary To Exterminate Handbill Distributers Hostage Policy Extended 4
08/05/1933 Salzburg Stirred By Wagner Opera New Triumph For (Bruno) Walter Frederick T. Birchall, Salzburg 4
08/05/1933 (Dr. Ludwig) Mueller (Elected) Prussian (Landes-) Bishop 4
08/05/1933 Noted Diplomats Ousted In Germany (Friedrich Von) Prittwitz Among Those Affected (Karl Von Schubert, Hugo Simon, Walter Zechlin, Heinrich Von Kaufmann) 4
08/05/1933 Jobs For 30,000 On New (U.S.) Warships 25
08/06/1933 Lawyer Here (Eugene S. Danielle, Jr.) Held In Wall St. (Bomb) Attack 1
08/06/1933 Roosevelt Appoints Board (Headed By Senator Robert F. Wagner) of 7 To Decide All Disputes Over Industrial Problems 1
08/06/1933 The President’s Statement (Robert F. Wagner, William Green [A, F, of L.], Leo Wolman, John L. Lewis ] United Mine Workers], Walter C. Teagle [Standard Oil Rockefeller Interests See Role In Italo Ethiopian War!], Gerard Swope & Louis E. Kirstein Pictures P. 3) 1
08/06/1933 Hull Home Denies (London Economic) Parley Has Failed Does Not Plan To Resign 2
08/06/1933 Jews Are Reassured By The Leipzig Fair Denies That They Will Be Subjected To Discriminatory Treatment 3
08/06/1933 Poland And Danzig Settle Differences 4
08/06/1933 2 German Reporters Released By Austria Both Ordered Expelled 5
08/06/1933 Bids Non Nazi Pastors Go (Resign Position) If Opposed To Hitler) 5
08/06/1933 (Oberlaender Trust) May Cease To Send Study Units To Reich 8
08/06/1933 (Rep.) M’Renolds Found No Signs of War Amazed At Talk of Belligerent Europe 11
08/06/1933 Munich Is ‘Attacked’ In A Mock Air Raid 17
08/06/1933 Berlin Is Warned (By British & French) On Austria (Air) Raids Envoys Emphasize Leaflet Dropping Strains 4 Power Pact 20
08/06/1933 Immigration Seen In New Phase Here N-1
08/06/1933 Refugee Singers Meet In Salzburg Frederick T.Birchall, Salzburg N-1
08/06/1933 ‘Safe’ British Navy Said To Be Sought (Admiral) Jellico Urges Building N-2
08/06/1933 Germany Gets Warning From Britain And France E-1
08/06/1933 Britain Is Gloomy Over Nazi Trends Officials Say The Fear of 1914 Spirit Is Reviving Through Events In Germany (Edith) Cavell Parallel Seen Treatment of Jews Is Compared With Shooting of Nurse During The World War (Helped Allied Cause While Working As A Nurse In German Occupied Belgium) E-1
08/06/1933 Sweden Is United In Opposing Nazis E-2
08/06/1933 (Senator Robert F.) Wagner Explains Our Policy Abroad Clarence K. Streit (Wagner Functioned As Confidant, ‘Mouth Piece,’ & ‘Public Opinion Tester’ For Roosevelt!), Geneva E-3
08/06/1933 Pure German Race Is Aim of New Law Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
08/06/1933 French Hoarding Beats All Records E-3
08/06/1933 Czechs Suppress Hitlerite Activity Liberal Policy, However, Extended By Government To Refugees From Germany R. E. Kadich, Prague E-3
08/06/1933 Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, Hitler’s Reich The First Phase, The Macmillan Co., N.Y. & Kosok, Paul, Modern Germany: A Study of Conflicting Loyalties, Univ.Of Chicago Press, Chicago Germany And ‘The Spectacle of A Nation Gone Mad’ A Review of Two Books By Walter Littlefield Book 3
08/06/1933 Anti German (Punch) Cartoon Book 3
08/06/1933 An Inquiry Into The Nazi Mind Alice Hamilton Mag. 1
08/06/1933 As Soviet Russia Views Our Way Out Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 3
08/06/1933 Around Poland Strong Currents Swirl Emil Lengyel Mag. 9
08/06/1933 We Begin Our Greatest Labor Experiment XX-1
08/06/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Back Greeted In Harbor Met By Jewish Groups, He Urges A United Front On Anti Nazi Boycott Says Drive Lags Here Roosevelt Recovery Plan Is The Wonder of Europe, Lawyer Reports 4
08/06/1933 Text of Untermyer’s Address 4
08/06/1933 (French) Protest To Berlin (About Hostility To Austria) Is Expected Today 4
08/06/1933 80,000 Nazis March In Review In Berlin Roehm Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Chief of Staff, Hurls Defiance At Hitler’s Critics Abroad 4
08/06/1933 Nazis In London Raid Office of A Lawyer German Jewish Attorney Finds Swastikas Plastered On Wall And Warnings On Desk 4
08/06/1933 Red (Alfred Fruth) Flees Nazi Camp (Dachau) 4
08/06/1933 Asks Colonies For Reich 4
08/07/1933 Austria Punishes Nazis 4
08/07/1933 Department Stores Hard Hit In Germany 4
08/07/1933 East Prussia Idle Forced To Work Dole Replaced By Wages Otto D. Tolischus, Koenigsberg 5
08/07/1933 Nazis Fear Press of Salzburg Fete Frederick T. Birchall, Salzburg 5
08/07/1933 President (Roosevelt) Assures Hull (Picture!) of Confidence Expects The Secretary To Join Him In Establishing A Real Pan American Alliance 5
08/08/1933 Roosevelt Keeps In Close Touch With Cuba; He Approves (Sumner) Welle’s Step (Formula) For Settlement 1
08/08/1933 Germany Rebukes Britain And France For Aid To Austria ‘Interfering In Dispute Is Inadmissable’ 1
08/08/1933 (U.S.) Marines To Leave Haiti Oct. 1, 1934 Roosevelt Policy Lauded Text of Treaty, P. 2 Harbinger of New Latin American Era 1
08/08/1933 East Prussia Aids Jobless Youths (‘Land Service’) Otto D. Tolischus 2
08/08/1933 Nazis Are Winning Southwest Africa Boycott of Jews Tried (Cape Town) 2
08/08/1933 British Are Firm On Curbing Nazis League Action Expected 2
08/08/1933 Germans Add Curbs On Jews In Business 2
08/08/1933 German Activity In Saar Deplored In (G. B. Knox League Commissioner) Report 2
08/08/1933 (Bernard S.) Deutsch (Picture, Chairman American Jewish Congress With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Founder & Honorary Chairman) Accepts Offer (Of Candidacy of President of N.Y. City Board of Aldermen) By Fusion (La Guardia) 10
08/08/1933 Mrs. (Mohandas K.) Gandhi, Freed, Is Arrested Again (By ‘Live And Let Live’ British) 11
08/09/1933 (President) Machado (Of Cuba) ‘Leave’ Sought By (Sumner) Welles As Cuban Solution 1
08/09/1933 Prussian Nazi Police Ordered To Disband; Auxiliaries’ Work Is Held To Be Finished 1
08/09/1933 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Pleads For World Action Praises Roosevelt’s Program But Says Success Depends On International Accord 3
08/09/1933 Nazi Leaflets Irk Germans In Jersey Springfield Society Enlists Federal And Police Aid In Tracing Offending Plane (Leaflets Supported ‘Friends of New Germany’) 10
08/09/1933 Danzig Nazis Rule With Moderation 11
08/09/1933 Reich Ends Its Feud With Foreign Press 11
08/09/1933 Germany Imprisons Former Radio Chiefs 11
08/09/1933 Zionist Women Convene Transfer of German Jews To Palestine Urged At Prague Meeting 11
08/09/1933 Washington Gets (Cuban) Report By (Sumner) Welles Intervention Not Wished 12
08/09/1933 (Cuban President) Machado Wires He Will Not Quit 12
08/09/1933 (N.Y. Rep. Hamilton) Fish Wants Us To Act (In Cuba) 12
08/10/1933 Roosevelt Calls On Cuba To Drop Political Strife Viewed As Advice To (President) Macado To Quit If He Blocks Peace 1
08/10/1933 Spain And Britain In Protest To U.S. Ambassadors Formally Take Complaints Against Cuba To Ambassador (Sumner) Welles 1
08/10/1933 Roosevelt Hails Increase In Prices To Average of 1914 1
08/10/1933 Japanese Bomb Mission In China 10
08/10/1933 Tokyo Is ‘Target’ In Grim War Games Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
08/10/1933 Nazis Pledge Halt In (Airplane) Raids On Austria 11
08/10/1933 Nazis Free Foes To Make Room For More; ‘Marxist’ Small Fry Held To Be Converted 11
08/10/1933 German Jobless Cut 358,000 More 11
08/10/1933 Nazis Invade Swiss Soil In Search of Red Leaflets 11
08/10/1933 Prussia Extends Ban On (Hostile) Students 11
08/10/1933 German Camp Fight Quiet In Suffern 11
08/10/1933 Protests German ‘Fraud’ (Samuel) Untermyer Demands Legible Stamp On Goods Made In Reich 11
08/10/1933 (U.S. Consul General George S. Messersmith) Presses Zuckerman Case 11
08/10/1933 Eichel’s Estate Aid (National) Jewish Fund (To Buy Land For Jews In Palestine) 15
08/11/1933 (Utah Senator Key) Pittman Demands A Decision On Cuba 8
08/11/1933 German Savants Find (U.S.) Visa Trouble New School of Social Research Here Hopes Exception Will Be Made For Refugees 10
08/11/1933 Nazi Party Orders Weekly ‘Fish Day’ 10
08/11/1933 Reich Trade Here Declines Sharply 10
08/11/1933 Memel A Key Point In Tense Europe Germans Are Dominant (But Against Their Will, Economically) Linked With Lithuania Otto D. Tolischus, Memel 10
08/11/1933 (Samuel Untermyer) Sees Reich Seizure of (German) University Funds Set Up By American Jews (In Germany) 11
08/11/1933 Corps At Plattsburg Gets Tent Exercise 13
08/11/1933 ‘Equal Pay’ (For Women Doing ‘Same Work’) Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 17
08/12/1933 Cuban Army (Col. Erasmo Delgado) Rises Against (Cuban. President) Machado; Demands He Resign By Noon Today; Roosevelt Studies (Cuban) Reconstruction 1
08/12/1933 Cubans Overjoyed By Action of Army 1
08/12/1933 Norlin Sees Nazis Rewriting History Tells of Their Attempts To Nationalize Schools Had No Trouble Himself Says He Was Not HamperedBut Noticed Unrest 2
08/12/1933 Hitler Refuted On Revolt’s Toll (Otto) Wels, German Socialist Head, Says That Deaths Number Thousands, Not A Score 2
08/12/1933 Nips Plot (By Franz Wolf) To Kill Heimwehr Leader Austrian Nazi (Wolf) Designated To Slay Prince Starhemberg Informs The Police 2
08/12/1933 Nazi Germany Forgets (Weimar) Constitution Day; Even Attacks On Republic Are Lacking 2
08/12/1933 Son in law of (Social Democrat President Friedreich) Ebert Interned In Germany 2
08/12/1933 Revolutionary Opposition To (Cuban) President Machado Reaches Climax In Cuba 3
08/12/1933 Children In Russia Happy, Says (Russel) Crouse 12
08/12/1933 Reich (Refugee) Professors (For The New School For Social Research) To Get Our Visas Order Ends Difficulties 13
08/12/1933 Christians To Aid Jewish Pageant (Extravaganza, The Funds From Which Are To Aid Immigration To Israel) 13
08/13/1933 (Cuban President) Machado Flies To A Secret Refuge; (Washington Favorite) De Cespedes Made President of Cuba 1
08/13/1933 Cubans Here Hail Choice of Cespedes Roosevelt Speeds Cuban Trade Pact 1
08/13/1933 French Raise Duty On American Goods 12
08/13/1933 Reds Here Protest Attacks In Europe 16
08/13/1933 Havana’s Mobs Hunt Down (Deposed Cuban President) Machado’s Men As He Surrenders And Flees Country 22
08/13/1933 Picture: (U.S. Ambassador To Cuba) Sumner Welles, At His Desk 22
08/13/1933 Palmer Describes (Cuban) ‘Orgy of Victory’ 23
08/13/1933 Boycott On Nazis Found Effective Asks More Aid To Jews 25
08/13/1933 Nazi Propaganda From The Air Facsimile of Leaflet Dropped On Salzburg 25
08/13/1933 Text of Leaflets Poured On Austria 25
08/13/1933 (Spanish) Teachers Expel Nazi Delegates 25
08/13/1933 Roosevelt (Shipping) Line Fights Nazi Rule 25
08/13/1933 (Duly Elected President) Machado of Cuba Loses A Long And Bitter Fight Relief To (U.S.) State Department Edwin L. James E-1
08/13/1933 Test of Four Power Pact Is Welcomed In Geneva E-1
08/13/1933 Japanese To Supply Sugar For U.S. Army E-1
08/13/1933 Russians Are Jubilant Over Big Harvest Farm Policy Hailed Walter Duranty, Moscow E-1
08/13/1933 War of The (Enforced Church) Tithes Arouses England Custom Centuries Old Augur, London E-2
08/13/1933 France Is Uneasy Over Nazi Threat E-3
08/13/1933 Dominican Republic (President Rafael L. Trujillo, President) Plans To Celebrate E-3
08/13/1933 (Dr. Hugo) Eckener, 56, Hailed As Germans’ (Zepellin) Hero E-3
08/13/1933 Cuba’s Struggle; What Led To The Crisis XX-1
08/14/1933 Roosevelt Orders Warships To Cuba To Guard Americans, Not Intervene New Link Binds Nations Vengeance Killings Go On 1
08/14/1933 Youth Labor Camp In Reich Described Otto D. Tolischus, Sandtorfer Bruch 5
08/14/1933 Picture: (80,000 Sturmabteilung) Nazi Storm Troopers Massed In A Great Demonstration; Tempelhof 5
08/14/1933 11,000 Hitler (Schutzstafel) Troops On Parade In Berlin 5
08/14/1933 Berlin Theater For Jews Alone 5
08/14/1933 9,000 Women Sign Protest On Hitler Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Picture Prominent Women’s Activist, ‘Pacifist,’ Ardent Roosevelt Disciple & ‘Anti Fascist’) Forms A Non Jewish Group To Carry (Jewish) Plea To League of Nations (‘Protest Committee of Non Jewish Women Against The Persecution of Jews In Germany’) All States Represented Denounces ‘Pogrom’ As Unchristian 5
08/14/1933 Berlin And Vienna Seek Agreement 5
08/15/1933 Mulrooney Wants Criminals Exiled Use of Lash And ‘American Devil’S Island’ Proposed 1
08/15/1933 Black Tom (World War I Charge of Sabotage Against Germany) Data Missing (John J. Mc Cloy Rode To Fame And Fortune On This Case!) 3
08/15/1933 Danish Premier Adds Praise of Roosevelt 7
08/15/1933 Austrians Reveal Nazi Plot Notes Hitler Also Is Involved 9
08/15/1933 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise (In Prague) Backs Boycott On Nazis At Jewish Meeting In Prague(Prior To Convening of 18th World Zionist Congress) 9
08/15/1933 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Reports On Aid To Jews (In Winter, 1932 33) 9
08/15/1933 Americans Praise New Cuban Regime (Of De Cespedes) 10
08/16/1933 Washington Takes Up War Debts; Britain Prepares A New Formula 1
08/16/1933 Germany Prepares For Raiding By Air (London Times Report) 10
08/16/1933 Hindenburg Asked To Save Reich Jews 600,000 Are Facing Certain ‘Extermination,’ American (Jewish) Congress Declares 11
08/16/1933 1,000 Jews From Reich Admitted To Palestine 11
08/16/1933 (Philipp) Scheidemann Kin Released By Nazis New Jewish Plot Charged 12
08/16/1933 Isolation Policy Is Urged By (Edward A.) Filene 26
08/17/1933 Dr. (Adolph A.) Berle (Jr. of Columbia University) Praises Aims of ‘New Deal’ 2
08/17/1933 Swifter Flying Boat (Consolidated P2Y2) Is Tested By The Navy; A Bomber, It Will Also Carry Machine Guns 2
08/17/1933 Nazis Making Jobs By 40 Hour Week Youths Are Being Ousted 10
08/17/1933 Mock Trial Plan (At The Hague, Holland) Disturbs The Nazis (Involves A Reichstag Fire ‘Trial’ By ‘Anti Fascists’) 10
08/17/1933 Austria To Push Her Nazis Abroad 11
08/17/1933 Nuremberg ‘Purges’ Its Municipal Staff 11
08/17/1933 (Cuba’s President) De Cespedes Asks Our Economic Aid 11
08/18/1933 Nazi Attacks New York Surgeon (Dr. Daniel Mulvihill (For Failing To Give ‘Hitler Salute’ At Parade 1
08/18/1933 Text of (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Untermyer Letters 4
08/18/1933 3 Powers (Britain France Italy) To Curb Germany By Trade 8
08/18/1933 Publisher Scored For Hitler’s Book (Mein Kampf) Anglo Jewish Weekly (‘Jewish Tribune’) Decries Proposed Issue Here By Houghton Mifflin Co. Called Propaganda Aid Protests To Libraries Are Urged 16
08/19/1933 Exiles’ University (‘University In Exile’ ) Opens Here Oct. 1; Faculty German 1
08/19/1933 Araki Says Japan Has No Apologies He Scorns World Pacts 1
08/19/1933 Coal Peace In Pennsylvania Now Depends On The President (Roosevelt) Harold Denny 2
08/19/1933 Miners Visited By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 2
08/19/1933 Soviet Plane Drops Tank By Parachute Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
08/19/1933 (U.S. Ambassador To Cuba, Sumner) Welles To Return To Former (State Dept.) Post (Ass’t. Sec. of State) 4
08/19/1933 Stride In Television Is Shown In Germany 4
08/19/1933 (German Ambassador To U.S. Hans) Luther Says Nazis Ended Red Menace 5
08/19/1933 Reich’s Coney Island (Wannsee) Bars Jews On Beach 5
08/19/1933 Brooklyn Student (Walter Orloff) Deported By Nazis, Back; Refuses To Talk On German Ship Or Pier 5
08/19/1933 Nazis Use Penalty of Medieval Days Shave Young Girl’s Head She Was Found With A Jew 5
08/19/1933 Nazi Ribbon Torn From Paris Tomb 5
08/19/1933 Bruening Is Accused of Anti Nazi Action 5
08/19/1933 Zionists To Discuss Fate of German Jews Prague (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Already There) Expects 10,000 Visitors For (18th World Zionist) Congress Opening Monday Aug. 21) 5
08/19/1933 (American) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Stirred Holds (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther Is Attempting To ‘Whitewash’ Germany 5
08/20/1933 Nazis To Apologize To Us For (Surgeon’s) Beating Trooper Will Be Tried 1
08/20/1933 Dollfuss Confers With Mussolini 5
08/20/1933 Reich Tightens Curb On Jewish Doctors 5
08/20/1933 Hitler Is Proclaimed As A Second (Martin) Luther (By Joachim Hossenfelder) 5
08/20/1933 British (Trade Union) Group Off To Aid Reich Reds 5
08/20/1933 Admits Plot To Slay Austrian Officials 5
08/20/1933 (American Jewish Congress Bernard S. Deutsch, Joseph Tenenbaum, Etc.) To Confer On Reich Jews 5
08/20/1933 (Sumner) Welles Cautions Cuba On Punishing (Cuban President Macado’s Supporters) 7
08/20/1933 (Lt. Gen.) Araki Wants Pact For Peace With Us Backs Code of Samurai 10
08/20/1933 (Admiral William H.) Standley (Chief of Naval Operations) Appeals For Navy Planning 19
08/20/1933 (18th World) Jewish Congress Opens Tomorrow (In Prague) Dealing With Oppression of Nazis N-1
08/20/1933 Japanese To Make Drive For Larger Navy In 1935 Edwin L. James E-1
08/20/1933 Germany Watches (18th World) Zionist Congress (In Prague) Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-1
08/20/1933 (Sumner) Welles: Our Man of The Hour In Cuba Harold H. Hinton Mag. 3
08/20/1933 Japan’s Naval Views Set Out: Self Defense Put As Her Goal XX-3
08/20/1933 France Pays Tribute To Vauban As She Strengthens His Forts XX-4
08/21/1933 Reich Fails To Gain Under Nazis Rule; Foes Are Helpless Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/21/1933 Moscow Doubles The Price of Bread 1
08/21/1933 Mussolini Backs Austrian Policies 2
08/21/1933 Jews Here (National Executive Committee of The American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Bernard S. Deutsch]) To Push Boycott On Hitler Asks All Americans To Help Halt Persecution 2
08/21/1933 Nazis To Stage Biggest Celebration Aug. 30 (Nurnberg) 2
08/21/1933 Mannheim Leads In Attacking Jews Otto D. Tolischus, Mannheim 2
08/21/1933 Hitler Demands Troops Lead Reich 2
08/21/1933 Zionists (18th World Zionist Congress In Prague) Act To Aid 250,000 Reich Jews 2
08/21/1933 Catholic Youths (In Berlin) Acclaim Hitler 2
08/21/1933 100,000 Jews Face Ruin In Germany 2
08/21/1933 (Alfred E.) Smith Aids Jewish Drive 2
08/22/1933 Japanese Protest To France On Isles 9
08/22/1933 Hitler Condemned Pogroms As Young Man; Had Jewish Friends, Companion (Reinhold Hanisch) Relates 12
08/22/1933 Poles Jail Anti-Semites 12
08/22/1933 Backs Jewish (Fund Raising) Pageant (Now Being Planned) 12
08/22/1933 Austria Requests Force For Border 12
08/22/1933 (18th) World (Zionist Congress) Jewish Plea Urged On Zionists (At Prague By Dr. Nahum Sokolow) Says Palestine Must Be Made A Refuge For The Fugitives Denies Enmity To Reich (Vladimir) Jobotinsky Urges Fight 13
08/22/1933 Germans Anxious Over Our Attitude Economics Is A Factor Otto D. Tolischus, Mannheim 13
08/22/1933 Soviet ‘Cleansing’ Now Less Drastic Most Violated Discipline Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
08/22/1933 Tories Oust Foe of Jews 13
08/22/1933 Socialists Assail Reich Boycott Is Urged At International (Socialist) Congress In Paris 13
08/23/1933 (Norman H.) Davis Will Press Arms Supervision At Geneva Parley 1
08/23/1933 Nazis Aspire To Repulse African And Asian ‘Peril’ 1
08/23/1933 Bigger Navy Seen As Britain’s Plan Bywater Predicts Increases Because of United States And Japanese Programs Finds Limitation Dead 11
08/23/1933 (U.S.) Jews’ Plea Is Kept From Hindenburg Reich Embassy Here Refuses To Forward Memorial From American (Jewish) Congress 12
08/23/1933 Nazis Feverishly Prepare Aerial Defense; Train Anti Gas Squads, Hold Mass Meetings 12
08/23/1933 Palestine Access For Jews Is Urged Brodetzky Tells Zionists (18th World Zionist Congress, Prague) That Hundreds of Thousands Must Get Land In Next 10 Years 12
08/23/1933 Amplifiers Wage ‘Battle’ Over Austro German Line 12
08/23/1933 Jews Lot Varies In Rural Germany Otto D. Tolischus, Landau 13
08/23/1933 Nazis Are Bolder In Move On Vienna 13
08/23/1933 Fate Lets Envoys Dodge Nazi Rally Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
08/23/1933 Nazis Apologize In (Dr.) Mulvihill (Assault) Case Punishment Still Asked Former United States Citizen (Harry Diamont) Is Sentenced To Prison For 2 Years For Criticizing Curb On Jews 13
08/24/1933 Roosevelt Quoted (By Mme. Kraemer Bach) As Backing Use of Economic Sanctions By Nations 1
08/24/1933 Japan Ambiguous On Claim To (Pacific Mandate) Isles 8
08/24/1933 Americans Asks China To Expend (Newly Granted R. F. C.) Loan Here 8
08/24/1933 Our Stand On Arms Encourages Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
08/24/1933 (Poland) Curbs Anti-Semitism 10
08/24/1933 Inquiry At Scene On Reichstag Fire (Case) 10
08/24/1933 (18th World) Zionist Congress (In Prague) Elects Motzkin Accord With Reich Seen 11
08/24/1933 Germany Reports Big Cut In Jobless 11
08/25/1933 Rome Aids Vienna As Dollfuss Vows To Bar Anschluss 1
08/25/1933 Zionists (At 18th World Zionist Congress, Meeting At Prague) Reject (Untermyer American Jewish Congress) Boycott of Reich Revisionists (Vladimir Jabotinsky) Quit Meeting After Assailing Attitude of Congress Toward Germany League’s Help Is Sought MildnessOn The Nazis Is Believed Designed To Facilitate Emigration 6
08/25/1933 Untermyer Tribute Planned At Dinner For Efforts In Behalf of Nazi Victims 6
08/25/1933 Lithuania Combats Nazis 6
08/25/1933 Famine In Russia Held Equal of 1921 Cannibalism Is Reported Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 7
08/25/1933 (Chinese Finance Minister, Dr. T. V.) Soong Cautioned By Japan’s Envoy Hallett Abend, Shanghai 18
08/26/1933 Nazis Seize Goods of 33 Foes In Exile; Annul Citizenship Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 1
08/26/1933 Japan’s Navy Aims To Dominate East Hugh Byas, Tokyo 2
08/26/1933 Pictures: Eight Germans Who Have Lost Citizenship And Property 3
08/26/1933 Mussolini Pledge Heartens Austria 3
08/26/1933 Germans Discount Rome Vienna Pact 3
08/26/1933 Zionist (Meer Groosman, Democratic Zionist Revisionist) Assails Pact With Reich (Ben Gurion Favored It At 18th World Jewish Congress At Prague, Czechoslovakia) 3
08/26/1933 Socialists (Paris International Congress) Decry Fascism And War 4
08/27/1933 France Is Warned On Our Arms Aims 11
08/27/1933 (Berl Lacker, N.Y.) Denies (World) Zionist (Congress, Prague) Group Dealt With Germany 13
08/27/1933 Reich Town Warns On Patronizing Jews 13
08/27/1933 Five Beheaded In Reich 13
08/27/1933 Quebec Asks Canada To Bar German Jews 14
08/27/1933 Reich Gift Doubles President’s Estate 15
08/27/1933 Head Jewish (German Refugee Fund Raising) Pageant Governor Herbert) Lehman And (Samuel) Untermyer Accept Join Chairman Ship 15
08/27/1933 Reich Bars (Arthur Garfield) Hays From (Reichstag) Fire Trial Declares It Cannot Be Ascertained Whether New York Lawyer Is ‘Familiar With German’ 16
08/27/1933 Found ‘Best Minds’ Driven From Reich 16
08/27/1933 Envoys Shun Nazi Fete 16
08/27/1933 Hitler’s Regime Unites Europe Against Berlin Edwin L. James E-1
08/27/1933 Huge State Farms Lagging In Russia Weeds A Major Problem Walter Duranty, Moscow E-2
08/27/1933 Nationalism Gains In Reich Education Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
08/28/1933 (Professor Raymond C.) Moley (Roosevelt Brain Truster) Resigns From Post To Edit Magazine 1
08/28/1933 Hitler Says Saar Is Reich’s Forever 1
08/28/1933 Zionist Laborites (At 18th World Zionist Congress In Prague) Seek To Oust Foes (Involves Murder of Dr. Arlsoroff See Earlier Entries) 4
08/28/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Sees Hitler’s End Soon 5
08/28/1933 Many Reds Seized As Nazis Push Drive 5
08/28/1933 Nazis Set Stamp On Fair At Leipzig 5
08/28/1933 German Concession In Russia Is Liquidating Model Far Has Been Profitable Venture 5
08/28/1933 Hitler Faces Test Dr. Gilkey (Congregationalist) Finds If Wise And Tolerant, He May Be One of Greatest Thinkers In History, Pastor Says 9
08/29/1933 Nazis Hold 80,000 Camp Study Shows 1
08/29/1933 Swiss Uneasy Over Nazi Border Parades; Protest An Arrest As Frontier Violation 1
08/29/1933 Nazis Report Deal With Palestine Germans Tell of Agreement For Barter of Their Products For Jaffa Oranges Leader of The British Anti Hitler Drive (Capt. Walter Joseph Webber) Sees Effort To Ridicule The Jewish Ban 4
08/29/1933 Leipzig Fair Faces Test As Nazi Event 4
08/29/1933 ‘Heroic Socialism’ Is Hitlerites; Goal 4
08/29/1933 Ebert Street Is Renamed For Goering 4
08/29/1933 Nazis Hit At Jewish Lawyers 4
08/29/1933 Jews In Hesse Warned 4
08/29/1933 Dutch Would Aid Reich Jews 4
08/29/1933 Danes Fear Nazis Will Seize Land 5
08/29/1933 (18th World) Zionist Congress Awaits Weizmann (Arlosoroff) Murder Inquiry Ordered 6
08/29/1933 Visitors Describe Famine In Ukraine Warned of Cannibalism 6
08/29/1933 Japanese Blame Us For Navy Curb Pact Seen As ‘Betrayal’ 7
08/29/1933 Soviet Debt Linked With Herriot Visit 8
08/30/1933 Nazis Imprison Jews In Concentration Camp After French Paper Charges Abuses There 1
08/30/1933 Roosevelt Names Ickes Oil ‘Dictator’ 5
08/30/1933 Mrs. (Woodrow) Wilson Urges Support For Nra 5
08/30/1933 U.S. Navy To Aid Citizens In China Japan Also Speeds Ships 7
08/30/1933 Zionists (At 18th World Jewish Congress, Prague) Desire A New President (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Attacks Him 7
08/30/1933 Roosevelt Hails Jews On Rosh Ha Shanah 7
08/30/1933 Vienna Army Plan Gratifies Germans Washington Pleased Too 8
08/30/1933 Jews Doubt Deal For German Goods Scheme Started In 1930 8
08/30/1933 Prisoner of Nazis (Martius Van Der Lubbe, Reichstag Fire Defendant) Aided (Dr. Pauwel, Amsterdam, Defense Counsel) 8
08/30/1933 ‘Self Exile’ Decreed By Schumann Heink Recalling Jewish Grandmother, Singer Says Reich Ruled By Nazis Is Not Old Germany 8
08/30/1933 Bid For Good Will Expected of Nazis 9
08/30/1933 Wool Trust Men (Lahousen Brothers) On Trial In Reich Link To Hitler Seen (Related To Maj. Gen. Erwin Lahousen, 9th Day of Nuernberg Trials?) 9
08/30/1933 Exiled Scholars Here From Reich Two Jews To Teach In New University Third Will Go On (Anti German) Lecture Tour (Under Auspices of ‘American Committee Against Fascist Oppression In Germany’ Special Visas For Two Years) Professor Goldschmidt Predicts The Hitler Regime Will Not Last Long Predicts Hunger In Germany 9
08/30/1933 Cuba Will Aid Jews 10
08/30/1933 Japan Minimizes Clash Over India Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
08/30/1933 More Notables Aid Untermyer Tribute (List!) 11
08/31/1933 Nazi Legions Mass At Greatest (NSDAP Nuernberg Party Congress) Rally Church Bells Open Fete Frederick T. Birchall, Nuremberg 1
08/31/1933 (Theodor) Lessing, German Refugee, Slain In Prague; Attack On Other Abroad Feared 1
08/31/1933 Austrian Jail Raid Frees Nazi Leader (Franz Hofer) 6
08/31/1933 German Priest (Rev. August Stoecker) Is Jailed For Criticizing Hitler 6
08/31/1933 Our Envoy (Prof. William E. Dodd) Assures Germany of Amity Trade Links Are Cited Says We Seek Cooperation 6
08/31/1933 Germany Now Quiet, Says Bernard Ridder Returned Traveler Says That Jewish Business Men Are Not Being Annoyed 6
08/31/1933 Britain Jails 3 (Jewish) Refugees Entering Country Without Permit 6
08/31/1933 British Annoyed On Austrian Army 6
08/31/1933 League Agenda Omits Nazi Jewish Question 6
08/31/1933 Chinese Reds Make New Gains In Fukien 7
08/31/1933 Norman (H.) Davis (Roosevelt’s Special Envoy) Off (To Europe), Hailing Roosevelt Receives Messages For Heads of European Governments Denies Interest In Debts 9
08/31/1933 Zionists (18th World Zionist Congress, Prague) Are Urged To Press League 9