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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

October 1933
Date Headline Page
10/01/1933 Germans To Fast For Charity Today Decree Orders Frugal Meal For All Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/01/1933 (Norman H.) Davis Balked Plan For Shift On Arms Minority Rights Pressed 1
10/01/1933 (Sec. Navy Claude A.) Swanson In Hawaii, Defends Naval Policy; Holds No Nation Can Object To Treaty Fleet 1
10/01/1933 (French Pacifist) Barbusse Assails Arms For Defense 12
10/01/1933 (U.S. Admiral) Fisk Says Russia Is Aiming At War 24
10/01/1933 Nazis Urge Change In All Reich Law ‘Honor’ To Be Protected 39
10/01/1933 Reich Adds To (Teacher) Dismissals 39
10/01/1933 Nazis Now Favored In Civil Service Must Be ‘Aryans, Politically Reliable And Not Be Wed To Non Aryans’ 39
10/01/1933 World Disfavor Found By Germans At Geneva Eugene J. Young E-1
10/01/1933 New Russia Found Much Like The Old But Public Is Satisfied William Allen White (Later Nominal Head of ‘The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) E-1
10/01/1933 Rolland Seeks An Inquiry On Jailed German Editor (Carl Von Ossietsky Later Released & Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize) E-1
10/01/1933 Boy, 18, Describes Nazi Prison Camp Because He Worked On Farm Owned By Jews Says The Food Was Bad E-2
10/01/1933 More Naval Work Is Urged In Britain E-3
10/01/1933 Hitler Ban Extended To Jews Living Abroad E-8
10/01/1933 Russia’s Ledger; Gain And Cost Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 1
10/01/1933 Japan Clashes With Britain Over A Rich Trade In India XX-3
10/01/1933 The Case For Treaty Revision As A German Diplomat Sees It Friedrich Von Prittwitz XX-3
10/02/1933 Reich Uses Scrip To Finance Trade On Foreign Funds 1
10/02/1933 Reich Harvest Day One of Self Denial Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
10/02/1933 Nazism In Ukraine Noted By Herriot 8
10/02/1933 Germans In Poland Conform 8
10/02/1933 (Norman H.) Davis Faces Task of Saving (Disarmament) Parley War By France Is Feared 10
10/02/1933 Germany Sees Herself As Arms Creditor; Holds Other Powers Must Fulfill Pledges 10
10/02/1933 Kuomintang (Chiang Kai-Shek) Opens Conference Here 40
10/03/1933 Heavy Fighting In Havana; 119 Dead, One An American; Officers Surrender Hotel 1
10/03/1933 (U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles Continues To Aid Americans 3
10/03/1933 Jews Again Quit (U.S.) German Societies Declare Split Is Final (This Time) 14
10/03/1933 Farm Aristocracy Decreed By Hitler Estate of Aryan Peasants To Be Inalienable And Exempt From Seizure For Debt 14
10/03/1933 Reich Professor Ousted (Dr. Albrecht) Mendelsohn Bartholdy, Grandson of Composer, Dismissed (Opposed Accusation of War Guilt Against Germany By Allies) 14
10/03/1933 Exiles’ University Begins Term Here 25
10/04/1933 Dollfuss Is Shot By Austrian Nazi Chancellor Wounded In Arm 1
10/04/1933 Nra Or Dictator (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University) Predicts Pleads For Confidence 8
10/04/1933 British In Capital For Debt Parley To Cite Inability To Pay 12
10/04/1933 Nazis Grip (On Germany) Solid (Ejected Writer, Edgar Ansel) Mowrer Declares 14
10/04/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Urges Nazi Boycott Go On No Concession For Jews 15
10/04/1933 Firm Tone To Reich Is Urged On Czechs Would Act With Poland 16
10/04/1933 Rise In Birth Rate German Women’s Aim 16
10/04/1933 Reich Bars Jews In Minority Pact Argues Semitic Problem Is Not One Within Scope of Proposed Convention France Challenges View Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
10/04/1933 German Statue (Ww I) Defaced (Believed By ‘Amarocs’ American Army of Occupation ‘Souvenirs’) 16
10/04/1933 Einstein (Still In Fear of His Life), Guarded, Addresses 10,000 Text 17
10/04/1933 Nazis Blame (Socialist) Foe For Vienna Attack (On Dollfuss) 18
10/04/1933 German Teachers Come To Columbia (University) 25
10/04/1933 Picture: University In Exile Opens First Semester In New York 25
10/05/1933 Briton (William G. A. Ormsby Gore) Denounces Nazi Racial Views At Geneva Session Boasts of Mixture In Britain Cites Equality In Empire (Text, P. 13) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/05/1933 Nazis Fail To Link 4 (Communists) To Reichstag Fire (Leipzig Trial) Van Der Lubbe Denies Aid Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 12
10/05/1933 Innocence of 5 Affirmed (‘International Jurists Commission’ Meeting In Paris, Presided Over By M. De Moro Giafferi, Paris Counsel For ‘Lica’ Also Defended Herschel Grynszpan, Vom Rath’s Murderer Arthur Garfield Hays of The ‘London International Jurists Trial’ Also Present) 12
10/05/1933 Czech Nazis Dissolve 12
10/05/1933 British Debt Talk Under Way Today 14
10/05/1933 Japan To Suppress North China Bands Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) To Issue Notes 15
10/06/1933 President (Roosevelt) To Hold (British War) Debt Reins 1
10/06/1933 Reich Press Loses Last of Its Rights; Must Serve State 1
10/06/1933 (British) Laborites Decide To Boycott Reich All Fascists Condemned 9
10/06/1933 France Stiffens Plan On Minorities Rejects Germany’s View Text 12
10/06/1933 (Arthur Garfield) Hays Is Denounced In (Leipzig) Reich (Reichstag) Fire Trial Defense, Prosecution And The Court Join In Calling The London (‘International Jurists’ Trial’) Report (Which He Introduced As A ‘Witness’ For The Defense) ‘Slander’ Stand Barred To Lawyer Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 13
10/06/1933 Britain Applauds (Ormsby Gore’s) Stand (Against Germany) At Geneva 13
10/06/1933 Police Get Nazi Card of Austrian Gunner (Who Allegedly Shot Dollfuss) 13
10/06/1933 (H. L.) Mencken Retires As Mercury Editor 15
10/06/1933 Tories of Britain For Big Defenses 18
10/07/1933 Reich Bars 3 Power Arms Plan; Warned By Britain of Isolation 1
10/07/1933 Roosevelt Calls For Russian (Recognition) Data 3
10/07/1933 (George) Dimitroff Ousted At (Leipzig) Reich (Reichstag) Fire Trail Defendant Says Evidence Planted On Him And Police Falsified Documents Otto D. Tolischus 6
10/07/1933 League Advances Refugee Aid Plan 6
10/07/1933 Reich Arms Reply Disturbs Geneva Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
10/07/1933 Oxford Will Aid Jews 6
10/07/1933 (British War) Debt Negotiators Call On President (Roosevelt) 7
10/07/1933 Poland’s Cavalry Parades In Cracow 16
10/07/1933 (N.Y.) City Is ‘Bombed’ By Army Planes 17
10/08/1933 2 Reich Ship Lines Are Fined $182,000 For Accepting ‘Blocked’ Marks 29
10/08/1933 U.S. Would Oppose Rearming of Reich State Department Is Disturbed At Report of Plan To Be Pressed At Geneva 1
10/08/1933 Nazis Plan To Kill Incurables To End Pain; German Religious Groups Oppose Plan 1
10/08/1933 (Bulgarian Communist Georgi) Dimitroff Is Back In Leipzig Court After (Intervention Of) Five Foreign Lawyers Renews Attack On Police Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 20
10/08/1933 Swastika (‘German Flag’) Lacking, Dr. Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Silent (Refuses To Speak) 20
10/08/1933 Paris Press Warns Germany On Arms 20
10/08/1933 Briton (Trade Unionist Arthur Gillian) Accuses Germany of Making Poison Gas 20
10/08/1933 Says Jew Aided Goering (Alleges Goering Is An Austrian Jew Who Was Adopted) 20
10/08/1933 Plans To Aid Jews In Germany Told 21
10/08/1933 Store Chain Freed From Nazis’ Rule 21
10/08/1933 German Plans To Rearm Bring Crisis In Europe ‘Preventative War’ Talk Heard Edwin L. James E-1
10/08/1933 Nazis Hold Press Must Serve State E-1
10/08/1933 Reich Is Thinking of War Despite Its Talk of Peace Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
10/08/1933 (George) Creel (Ww I Propagandist For U.S.) Out of Nra As Party Hesitates E-1
10/08/1933 British Think Goal of Hitler Is A War Augur, London E-2
10/08/1933 German Blunders A Boon To France E-2
10/08/1933 Nordic Justice Seen As Nordic Blonde E-2
10/08/1933 Vichy Considered For A War Capital E-2
10/08/1933 Jewish Refugees Loyal To Germany Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem E-2
10/08/1933 Nazis Are Subdued In Central Europe E-2
10/08/1933 Germany Presses Recovery Project E-3
10/08/1933 Scientists Forced To Quit Germany Many Teachers ‘On Leave’ E-3
10/08/1933 Fascism In League Held Ascendent E-3
10/08/1933 Fear of Inflation Aided Polish Loan E-3
10/08/1933 British Plea To Us On Navy Defended E-3
10/08/1933 Japanese Pushing Trade With China E-8
10/08/1933 (Prof. O. M. W.) Sprague (Adviser, Treasury Department) Surveys The Outlook Mag. 1
10/08/1933 The Youth Who Are Hitler’s Strength Mag. 3
10/08/1933 Germany Says It With Shovels: Battalions of Germans Roto.
10/08/1933 The Dollar: The Decline And The Dilemma XX-1
10/09/1933 Germany Appeals To (Norman H.) Davis To Aid In Arms Dispute 1
10/09/1933 Daladier Pledges Defense of Franc 1
10/09/1933 Flat British ‘No’ To Germany Likely (On Arms Equality) 9
10/09/1933 Poland Prospers: Makes Munitions Factories Hum Night And Day, Turning Out Goods To The Soviet, Largely On Credit Living Standards Rise Country Is Comparatively Rich On Little Contrast With German Silesia Marked Frederick T. Birchall, Warsaw 11
10/09/1933 Noted Christians Assail Hitlerism 12
10/09/1933 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Holds Hitler Policy Is A ‘Black Reaction’ 13
10/09/1933 Goebbels Rallies German Americans Urges Support of Nazi Regime 14
10/10/1933 Soviet Is Assuming New Forcefulness Toward Japan Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
10/10/1933 Nazi Actions Here Bring An Inquiry (Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman, House Immigration Committee, Picture, P. 11) Orders A Study By Congressional Committee of ‘Plot’ To Spur Hitlerism Says Bigotry Is Stirred 1
10/10/1933 Powers Again Try For Arms Accord; Reich Joins Talks Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/10/1933 British Again Seek Mediation On Arms 10
10/10/1933 Reich Will Assist Private Creditors 10
10/10/1933 (South African Defense Minister Pirow) Plans Stronger Defense 10
10/10/1933 Jewish Professors Here From Germany 11
10/10/1933 Nazis Bar Film On Horst Wessel Is Called ‘Inadequate’ 12
10/10/1933 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant Inducted As Harvard Head 23
10/10/1933 (Prime Minister Ramsay) Macdonald Is Host To James Roosevelt 23
10/11/1933 Another American Beaten By A Nazi; Sharp Issue Raised Police Refused To Arrest Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/11/1933 British Term (Their War) Debt A War Necessity, Not Business Deal 1
10/11/1933 Soviet Press Gives Warning To Japan Walter Duranty, Moscow 14
10/11/1933 Witnesses Differ On Reichstag Fire Otto D.Tolischus, Leipzig 16
10/11/1933 World Aid Certain For Refugee Jews 16
10/11/1933 Many Offer To Aid (Samuel Dickstein) Inquiry On Nazis (German Ambassador) Luther Also Denies Report That Aliens Are Smuggled In To Spread Hitlerism ‘Plot’ Denied In Berlin 16
10/11/1933 (Women’s Groups) Press (Samuel Untermyer’s ‘Charem’) Boycott of Reich 16
10/11/1933 Arms Plan Details Asked of Germans (By U.S. And British) 17
10/11/1933 Nazi Shop Raided By Vienna Police 17
10/11/1933 Anti Reich Move Is Laid To Rumania 17
10/11/1933 (Goering) Bars Nazis (Sturmabteilung Brown Shirts) As Police 17
10/11/1933 Sir Herbert Samuel ([Jewish!] First Palestine High Commissioner) Evaluates New Deal (Quite Favorably!) 21
10/12/1933 Hull Investigates Nazi Attacks; Two Other Nations File Protests 1
10/12/1933 Swiss And Belgians Increase Defenses 1
10/12/1933 Britain Supports French Arms View Against Germany (Roosevelt’s Envoy, Norman H.) Davis Brings Compromise AsksThat Berlin Be Invited To List Demands (Some Compromise!) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/12/1933 Chinese Rush Plan For Anti Red Drive Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Gets New (U.S.) Loan 10
10/12/1933 (German) Coercion Charged To Get (‘Recruit’) Nazi Agents (Samuel) Dickstein Says He Has Date On 50 Cases In Which Germans Here Were Threatened Will See Hull Next Week 13
10/12/1933 Police Undermine Nazis; (Reichstag) Fire Charge (Leipzig Trial) Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 14
10/12/1933 (Richard Von Kuehlmann, Former German Minister of Foreign Affairs) Praises Hitler Regime Back From Germany With Reports of Recovery 14
10/12/1933 277 (Czech) Judges Ousted As Nazis 14
10/12/1933 Croats Make (Independence) Plea Here 14
10/13/1933 U.S. Envoy (William E. Dodd) Warns (American Chamber of Commerce) In Berlin of Peril In Dictatorships Will Visit Hitler Today Guido Enderis 1
10/13/1933 Reich Again Weighs Arms Parley Bolt 1
10/13/1933 (Chicago’s Cardinal Muendelein) Praises Roosevelt As Nation’s Physician 9
10/13/1933 Arms Race Peril Seen By Baldwin Denounces Free Trade 14
10/13/1933 France Optimistic On Arms Position 14
10/13/1933 American (Hugh Wilson, U.S. Minister To Switzerland & After Dodd U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Takes Seat With League Council 14
10/13/1933 Nazi Attacks On Americans (Chronologic List!) 15
10/13/1933 Dodd To See Hitler Today On Assaults (On Americans) 15
10/13/1933 (German Ambassador) Luther Consults Hull On Attacks (On U.S. Citizens) Rift With Berlin Widens 15
10/13/1933 (‘The American Hebrew’) Charges Nazis Train Troops In Jersey 15
10/13/1933 Reichstag Firing Restaged On Spot 16
10/13/1933 German Group Here Drops Nazi Question 16
10/13/1933 Ban On War Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
10/13/1933 Baseball Rooter Annoys Roosevelt Left Washington Stand At President’s Request (Shades of Elliott & Fala!) 21
10/14/1933 A. F. of L. Votes A (‘Charem’) Boycott On All German Products Until (Jewish) Persecution Stops (Presumably In Germany!) 1
10/14/1933 Plot To Avoid Boycott By False Labels Charged To German Importers Here (By U. S Attorney, George Z. Medalie) 1
10/14/1933 Dodd Sees Neurath On Nazis Attacks Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/14/1933 3 Powers Unmoved, Bar Any (German) Rearming (As Does U.S.) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/14/1933 Roosevelt Lays Threats To Peace To Imperialism Urges Peace Education Text, P. 3 1
10/14/1933 Text of William Green’s (A. F. of L.) Speech Urging German Boycott 2
10/14/1933 (Samuel) Dickstein Disputes Denials (Of German Propaganda) By (German Ambassador) Luther 2
10/14/1933 Jerusalem Arabs Clash With Police Protesting Immigration of Jews Into Palestine 4
10/14/1933 Araki Says Japan Looks For No War Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
10/14/1933 Reds Flee Threat of A (Chiang Kai-Shek) Drive Big Rewards For Heads (Literally!) Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
10/15/1933 Germany Quits League And Arms Parley; Hitler Scores Treaty, Demands Equality; Calls Election Nov. 12 To Obtain Approval Move Dismays Geneva 1
10/15/1933 Berlin Jails Nazi Who Hit American Vely’s Attacker To Be Tried At Once Promises Dodd Germany Will Leave Nothing Undone To Render Satisfaction 1
10/15/1933 Hull Holds Reich Balks Arms Cuts This Country Is Now Solidly With Former Allies, But No Sanctions Are Considered (Was There Ever A Question?) 1
10/15/1933 French Are Calm; Weigh New Crisis 1
10/15/1933 Germany’s Note To Parley 1
10/15/1933 Text of Chancellor Hitler’s Radio Address Giving Germany’s Arms Stand 26
10/15/1933 Reich Peace Declaration 26
10/15/1933 Britain And United States Insist There Shall Be No Rearmament By Nations 27
10/15/1933 Reich’s Action In Quitting League Follows Eight Months of Revolutionary Change (On Both Sides of The Atlantic!) 28
10/15/1933 France Feels Secure With Her New Forts 28
10/15/1933 Reich Court (Leipzig) Bars Foreign Lawyers Leo Gallagher (Connected With International Labor Group), American, In Group Taken By Police From (Reichstag) Fire Trial 29
10/16/1933 Persecution In Reich Decried By Educator Professor (Richard) Gottheil (Columbia University Lifelong Zionist & Close Associate With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, A Graduate of Columbia University Himself) Here From Europe, Lauds The French For Assisting Exiles (Could Any of This Help Have Been Purchased With Ww I War Debts?) 1
10/16/1933 Hitler Breaks Hammer; Germans See Evil Omen 1
10/16/1933 Britain Will Seek Germany’s Return (To League) 1
10/16/1933 Germany’s Course At Geneva Causes Wide Apprehension Among Other Nations 2
10/16/1933 French Are Cautious In Taking Position On Reich’s Action 3
10/16/1933 (Raymond Leslie) Buell (Research Director, Foreign Policy Association) Decries Talk of A Preventive War 3
10/16/1933 Handicaps of Jews In Reich Detailed Foreign Policy Association’s Report Sees Dark Economic Future For ‘Non Aryans’ (And ‘Aryans?’) 4
10/16/1933 Nazis Charged With Diverting Shipping; United States Lines Plans Protest To Hull 4
10/16/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Scores (Candidate) M’kee On ‘Bigotry’ 8
10/16/1933 Germany Profits By Transfer Plan American Holders Lose 25
10/17/1933 United States Won’t Join Political Talks In Europe; Arms Parley Talks Recess 1
10/17/1933 (Von) Neurath Blames Britain For Crisis Accuses (Sir John) Simon of Reporting New Reich Arms Demands When None Was Made Praises Our Mediation Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/17/1933 Parley’s Reply To Reich 1
10/17/1933 (N.Y. City Candidate) Mc Kee’s Article Written In 1915, Now Basis of (Samuel Untermyer’s) Anti-Semitism Charge 2
10/17/1933 Mc Kee’s Explanation 2
10/17/1933 Japan To Give Up Great Wall Gates 12
10/17/1933 Daladier Pressed On German Policy 13
10/17/1933 New World Deal Asked By (Nicholas Murray) Butler 13
10/17/1933 Paris Press Split On German Issue 13
10/17/1933 Nazi Reported Held In Mulvihill Attack Is In Concentration Camp 14
10/17/1933 Germans Can Vote For Nazi Slate Alone 14
10/17/1933 British Hope Reich Returns To Parley 16
10/17/1933 Former Kaiser Defends Germany’s Arms Action 16
10/17/1933 (N. Y Representative Samuel) Dickstein Sees Hull On Nazi (Propaganda) Activities 17
10/17/1933 Reichstag Tunnel Enters Fire Trial Witness Says Underground Way To Goering Residence Could Be Entered Easily 18
10/17/1933 Nazi Gathering (In Newark, N. J.) Ends In A Brawl Police Quell Outbreak 18
10/17/1933 Reich Trade Gains Despite Boycott 18
10/17/1933 Japanese Building Merchant Vessels 43
10/18/1933 Daladier Stresses France’s Defenses In Reply To Hitler (Foreign Secretary, Sir John) Simon Answers Neurath Berlin Looks To Us 1
10/18/1933 Hitler Tells (U.S. Ambassador William E.) Dodd Attacks (On American Citizens) Will End; Velz Assailants Get Jail Terms 1
10/18/1933 Roosevelt Orders Files, Jail Terms For Nra Violators 1
10/18/1933 France Asks Share In Profit On Arms 2
10/18/1933 Deficit of $270,000,000 Worries Japanese; Civilians In The Cabinet Attack Arms Cost 2
10/18/1933 Reich Arms Plan Means Huge Cost Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
10/18/1933 Hitler Bid Finds Support In Paris 2
10/18/1933 Reich Looks To Us In Arms Impasse Our Envoy (Dodd) Is Optimistic 2
10/18/1933 Czechs Doubtful of Austrian Trend Benes To See Dollfuss 2
10/18/1933 War Is Impossible (Abbe Ernest) Dimnet Declares Holds Germany Would Be ‘Beaten To A Frazzle’ 2
10/18/1933 Neurath’s Charge Is Denied By (Sir John) Simon British Foreign SecretaryDisavows Blame For Reich’s Bolt At Geneva He Cites (U.S. Ambassador At Large, Norman H.) Davis In Support 3
10/18/1933 Nazi Chiefs (Goering & Goebbels) Called To Testify On (Reichstag) Fire Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 3
10/18/1933 Steuben Society Assails Boycotts ‘No Brief’ For The Nazis 3
10/18/1933 (Presbyterian) Ministers Reject Rebuke To Nazis 3
10/18/1933 Boycott of Jews Eased Under New Reich Order 3
10/18/1933 Patience With Reich Asked By Dr. (Everett R.) Clinchy (Of The National Conference of Jews And Christians) 3
10/18/1933 (N.Y. Representative Samuel) Dickstein (Head of Immigration Committee of House) To Open Nazi Inquiry Soon Charges Drilling Here 3
10/18/1933 Mexico To Curb Students 3
10/18/1933 (Dr. Sherwood) Eddy Honored By Jews (See Speech In Berlin, Germany, July 1933 Criticizes Germany) 3
10/18/1933 American Stores Bombed In Cuba 7
10/18/1933 Einstein (Picture) Arrives (In U.S.) Pleads For Quiet Eludes Reception Group 23
10/18/1933 War Held Unlikely By London Editor (Ralph D. Blumenfeld, ‘London Daily Express’) 23
10/19/1933 Hitler Rejects Parleys Till Equality (In Arms) Is Grated; Acts To Win Foes At Home Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/19/1933 Reich Jails A Publisher For Mistake On Picture 1
10/19/1933 Mob of 2,000 Hangs Negro In Maryland 1
10/19/1933 Leaders In Britain Urge Larger Navy Runciman For Increase 6
10/19/1933 Japanese Military Push Budget Demand 6
10/19/1933 (Roosevelt’s Personal Ambassador, ‘Sumner’) Welles Under Fire of Havana Papers 7
10/19/1933 Paris Stand Bars Four Power Pact (Including Germany) 14
10/19/1933 Tardieu Says Reich Tries ‘Blackmail’ 14
10/19/1933 (Jewish League) Attacks Steuben Group (For Boycott Stand) 14
10/19/1933 Reichstag Tunnel Is Shown To Press (Reichstag Fire) Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
10/19/1933 Tables Show Cost of German Arms Plan Compared With That of Offer By Powers (See Later Entry!) 15
10/19/1933 (Sir John) Simon Tells King New Arms Issue 15
10/19/1933 (U.S.) Germans Are Barred At (Newark, N. J) Armistice Fete 15
10/19/1933 League Sees Nazis In Weaker Position Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
10/19/1933 Daladier’s Budget Bitterly Assailed 16
10/19/1933 (Czech Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes Advocates Bilateral Pacts 16
10/19/1933 Soviet Would Gain By Germany’s Loss 16
10/19/1933 (Pres. Woodrow) Wilson Criticized By Lloyd George (In Second Volume of Memoirs) Charges ‘Timidity’ (In Entering War) Tells How Jewish ‘National Home’ Was Set Up 17
10/19/1933 (Religious) Tolerance Drive Will Cover Nation (National Conference of Jews & Christians List of Participants) 21
10/19/1933 Dollar Rushes Up As Franc Plunges 29
10/19/1933 German Ship Lines Deny Nazi Orders Says No Pressure Has Been Put On Exporters 41
10/20/1933 Reich Gives League Notice of Quitting; Wants No Debate In Effort To Keep Down Criticism Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
10/20/1933 Active Role In The World Bank Likely For Us Under New Policy 1
10/20/1933 Mussolini Paper Ridicules Archduke Otto; Says Fascism Can’t Enter ‘Petrified Brain’ 1
10/20/1933 (U.S.) Navy League Asks British Ship Policy 11
10/20/1933 (Lord) Beaty Calls British Fleet Far Too Weak; Urges Building Ships As In Roosevelt Plan 11
10/20/1933 Hitler Stresses Burdens At Home He Says His Mission Is To End Widespread Privation For Amity With France 12
10/20/1933 Cardinal (Bertram, Breslau) Urges Nazis To End Persecutions; Asserts His Appeal Is Backed By All Bishops 12
10/20/1933 Germany Moves To Gain (Foreign) Markets 12
10/20/1933 (Arthur) Henderson Opposes Use of 4 Power Pact 12
10/20/1933 British Are Eager For Italian Amity 12
10/20/1933 (British Laborite George) Lansbury Opposes A ‘Preventative War’ 12
10/20/1933 Nazis In Overtures To Free Protestants 12
10/20/1933 Hitler Removes Hotheads From Posts On Frontier 12
10/20/1933 Non Nordic Books Banned 12
10/20/1933 Japan Cautions Reich 12
10/20/1933 German Calls Back Ace (Carl Buecker) To Construct Airplanes 12
10/20/1933 Roosevelt Sends Invitation To (Swedish Dr. Sven) Hedin 13
10/20/1933 Jewish Pageant (‘The Romance of A People’ Kingsbridge Armory) Grosses $450,000 21
10/21/1933 Roosevelt Acts To Recognize Russia With Invitation To Conference Here; Litvinoff Is Coming To Discuss Issues Four Issues Outstanding 1
10/21/1933 Roosevelt Kalinin (Exchange Of) Notes 1
10/21/1933 Credits From Us Sought (By Russians) Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
10/21/1933 Important Issues Will Come Up In President’s Negotiations With Soviet Delegate 2
10/21/1933 Roosevelt’s (Russian) Policy Marks New Phase 2
10/21/1933 (Penn. Senator David A.) Reed Is ‘Awfully Sorry’ (About Roosevelt’s Recognition of Russia) 2
10/21/1933 Nazi Leaders Deny Firing Reichstag (Concurrent) Reds’ Arrests Explained Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
10/21/1933 Nazis Tighten The Rules For ‘One Dish Sunday’ (To Conserve Food!) 9
10/21/1933 Reich Bans (Wehrwissenshaft) Book Advocating War 9
10/21/1933 Goebbels Sees Reich Treated As Inferior 9
10/21/1933 2 Americans (German Born) Jailed For German Profits (Violation of German Securities Laws) 9
10/21/1933 Mussolini Holds We Have Dictator 17
10/21/1933 Typhus Fever Hits Chile In Epidemic 17
10/22/1933 Russians Hail (U.S. Recognition) Step In ‘Cause of Peace’ Blow To War Plans Seen Would Curb The ‘Reckless (‘German’ Understood!) Elements’ Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
10/22/1933 Austria Imprisons German Prince (Bernhard Von Sachsen Meiningen) Guilty of Nazi Plot 1
10/22/1933 Pro German News Reels Banned In Britain; Films Stress Calls For Increased Defenses 1
10/22/1933 America Declared Cradle of Culture (By Dr. Robert Henseling, German Astronomer) Hugh Jedell, Berlin 23
10/22/1933 Germany Dislikes U.S. Russian Step View Is Not Published Just The Opposite Attitude Is Expressed In Press, Which ‘Welcomes’ Move Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 24
10/22/1933 China Sees ‘Defense’ As Our Aim In East To Meet A Possible Japanese Menace 24
10/22/1933 Japan Welcomes Our Russian Move Hugh Byas 25
10/22/1933 Lone Culprit (Marinus Van Der Lubbe) Seen In Reichstag Fire Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 27
10/22/1933 (William) Green (A. F. of L.) Says Labor Is Behind (Samuel Untermyer’s) Boycott (Of German Goods) Hopes To Hit ‘Hard Blow’ 28
10/22/1933 Germans Dispute Figure As To Arms Gives Totals Beyond Reich’s Capacity (See Entry, Oct. 19, 1933, P. 15) 29
10/22/1933 (Harold W. Dodds, Pres., Princeton Univ.) Holds Democracy Is Meeting Test N-2
10/22/1933 Leadership Found Failing In Britain (By. H. Wickham Steed) Sees Hope In (Austen) Chamberlain N-3
10/22/1933 We Prepare To Change Our Minds About Russia Edwin L. James E-1
10/22/1933 Paris Now Awaits Next Hitler Move E-1
10/22/1933 Reich Shuns War Hitler Declares E-1
10/22/1933 Hitler Off Sets Signs of Unrest Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Berlin E-2
10/22/1933 German ‘Isolation’ Stressed In Russia E-2
10/22/1933 Picture: Poland Puts On A Military Spectacle E-2
10/22/1933 Germans Amaze The Anglo Saxon Wide Gulf Between Two Mentalities Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-3
10/22/1933 Reich Stirs Fears In Central Europe Hungary The Exception E-3
10/22/1933 Geneva Situation Held Dangerous E-3
10/22/1933 Manchuria Profits From Japan’s Rule Hallett Abend E-8
10/22/1933 The German Mind: A Study of A Nation Thomas S. Baker Mag. 3
10/22/1933 Two Wars: Fifteen Years Ago And Today Newton D. Baker Mag. 5
10/22/1933 Picture: (Albert Einstein) A Great Scientist Finds A Haven In America Roto.
10/22/1933 Hitler’s Challenge To The Great Powers XX-1
10/22/1933 The Network of Treaties For Keeping The Peace In Europe XX-1
10/22/1933 Japan’s Disputes With Russia Increase Tension In The East XX-3
10/22/1933 Labor’s (‘William Green’s’) Vast Triple Problem; A New Form For Unions XX-3
10/23/1933 Roosevelt Announces New Policy To Value Dollar; To Fix Price of Gold After Putting Up Commodities 1
10/23/1933 $500,000,000 Credit Sought For Soviet (Former Iowa Senator Brookhart) 1
10/23/1933 Soviet Has 2 Plans For Settling Debt Anxious To Please U.S. Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
10/23/1933 (N.Y.) Germans Divided On Defying (N.Y. City) Mayor (O’brien) Many For Court Action To Balk His Ban On Nazi (German) Rally As A Blow At Free Speech 8
10/23/1933 Hitler Says Peace To Work Is Goal 9
10/23/1933 Germans Open Letters, Scandinavians Complain 9
10/23/1933 Artisans Honored In Berlin Parade Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
10/23/1933 Nazi Policy Brings Warning (‘Protest’) In Sweden 9
10/23/1933 Heimwehr Leader (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Curbed In Austria 9
10/23/1933 Plan To Counter Reich Vote Urged Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
10/23/1933 Jews In Palestine Charge Entry Bar (By British) 10
10/23/1933 (U.S.) Priest Denounces Disloyalty To Nra 12
10/24/1933 Roosevelt Will Buy Gold At Once Above World Price 1
10/24/1933 Daladier Falls On Budget Issue; Chamber Guarded 1
10/24/1933 Stern Nazi Orders Protect Americans Storm Troop Warned Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/24/1933 Reich Repudiation of Mussolini Seen Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Prague 10
10/24/1933 Incendiary (Martius Van Der Lubbe) Aided, Say Reich Experts 10
10/24/1933 No German Attends (Geneva) World Labor (Organization) Parley 10
10/24/1933 (N.Y. City) Germans Will Ask Mayor (O’brien [Tammany Hall Candidate!]) To Drop (Assembly) Ban (Publisher) Bernard Ridder Menaced As He Defies Nazis As ‘Racketeers’ (Samuel) Untermyer Backs O’brien (Ban) 11
10/24/1933 Quick Conclusion On (U.S. Recognition Of) Russia Is Seen 14
10/24/1933 Our Soviet Move Spurs The British Sees Us Capturing Trade 14
10/25/1933 Hitler Begs Reich To Vote As Unit Wants Peace Ardently Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
10/25/1933 (Roosevelt) Gold Policy Drops Dollar To 66.74% 2
10/25/1933 Our Gold Policy ‘Puzzles’ (British Economist Sir Josiah) Stamp 2
10/25/1933 Reveals Material Used In Reich (Reichstag) Fire 3
10/25/1933 Picture: Mayor (O’brien) Warns Nazi Agent (Heinz Spanknoebel) Against Intolerance 3
10/25/1933 Germans Arrest British Newspaper Writer: He Revealed Military Part of Hitler Meeting 3
10/25/1933 German Laboratory Denies Gas Charge; Writers Told It Is Not ‘Secret Arsenal’ 4
10/25/1933 Hadassah (Women’s Zionist Organization) Pledged To Combat Nazis 4
10/25/1933 Russia Sees Japan Restrained By U.S. Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
10/25/1933 Roosevelt A Topic In Moley’s Weekly Says President, Because of Character, Could Not Become A Dictator 17
10/26/1933 Ban On Nazi Rally Upheld By (N.Y. City Mayor) O’brien; Leader Is Absent 1&8
10/26/1933 Roosevelt Gives Press Interview In Bed; Continues Work Through Slight Illness 1
10/26/1933 (Samuel) Dickstein Pushes Inquiry (Into German Organizations) 8
10/26/1933 Nazis Discredited As (Reichstag) Fire Witnesses Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
10/26/1933 Nazi Peril Unites The (Social Democratic) Scandinavians 9
10/26/1933 Soviet Strength Gains In The Far East Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
10/26/1933 590 U.S. Marines Arrive At Havana (Cuba) 12
10/26/1933 Ford Cars Barred (From Consideration) In Army Buying 13
10/26/1933 Temple Emanu El To Have New Rabbi (Dr. Samuel H. Goldenson, Picture) 16
10/27/1933 U.S. To Aid Reich Refugee Relief: J. (James) G. Mc Donald (Later Chairman of President’s Committee On Refugees & Eventually The First U.S. Ambassador To Israel) Heads (League of Nations) World Move 1&10
10/27/1933 (George V. Mc Laughlin) Calls (Samuel) Untermyer ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ 2
10/27/1933 Six Rabbis Pledge Support To O’brien 2
10/27/1933 Roosevelt Extols Devotion of Navy (On Navy Day) 4
10/27/1933 Fight German Product (German Made Wall Paper) 7
10/27/1933 Nazi Agent (Heinz Spanknoebel) Called Home To ‘Explain’ (Samuel) Untermyer Sees Link To Klan 10
10/27/1933 (James G.) M’donald Named As Refugee Chief (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) (Former) Head of (American) Foreign Policy (Association) Group Former Teacher At Harvard And Indiana 10
10/27/1933 Reich Group Keeps Jews 10
10/27/1933 Prisoners of Nazis Increase In Camps Estimates Far Higher Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
10/27/1933 Nazi Clash Greets (Dr. Hugo) Eckener In Chicago 11
10/27/1933 Churchmen (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Score Reich Hysteria 11
10/27/1933 Reich Beer Exports To U.S. Fall Sharply 12
10/27/1933 7,000 Reds Killed, Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Declares 12
10/27/1933 Arabs Defiant In Jaffa 12
10/28/1933 President (Roosevelt) Declares Ford Ineligible For (U.S. Government) Contracts Under Provision of (His) Nra Must Adhere To (Nra) Code 1
10/28/1933 22 Die In Palestine In Riots By Arabs Joseph M. Levy, Jaffa 1
10/28/1933 Arrest Is Ordered of Spanknoebel As German Agent Acts On Ridder Brothers’ (N.Y. Publishers) Testimony 1
10/28/1933 Reich Severs Tie With World Court 6
10/28/1933 Nazi Drive Alarms South African Jews 6
10/28/1933 Reich Bars Newspapers 6
10/28/1933 (German Communist Ernst) Torgler Accused By Austrian Nazis (As Pre Fire Confederate of Martius Van Der Lubbe) Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
10/29/1933 Arabs Riot Again; Palestine Unrest Spreading Outside Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 1
10/29/1933 Debt Talks To End With Britain Soon, Called Futile Now 1
10/29/1933 Germany Warned In Briton’s Arrest (Foreign Minister Sir John) SimonWill Not Tolerate A ‘Farcical Trial’ 1
10/29/1933 Freedom In Peril, Press Is Warned (James M. Beck & Col. Robert Mc Cormick) 1
10/29/1933 Two Nazi Inquiries Are Started Here 29
10/29/1933 121 German Couples Have Mass Wedding 29
10/29/1933 Hitler Makes Sure of Full Approval Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
10/29/1933 (San Martin) Grau Says Cuba Deserves To Be Recognized By Us E-1
10/29/1933 Palestine (Jewish Immigration) Quota Disappoints Jews Arabs’ Hostility Rises Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem E-2
10/29/1933 Europe Rallying From Reich Blow Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
10/29/1933 (U.S.) Naval Auxiliaries Seen As Deficient Hanson W. Baldwin E-6
10/29/1933 Colorado May Get Federal Dictator E-6
10/29/1933 Hindenburg Is Out of The Front Line Frederick T. Birchall, Marienburg Mag. 3
10/29/1933 For Higher Prices: The Roosevelt Dollar XX-1
10/29/1933 Economic Nationalism Fails, Says (U.S. Ambassador William E.) Dodd (In Berlin), Citing History XX-2
10/29/1933 Russia Resumes Her Place As A Great (Anti German) Power In World Walter Duranty, Moscow XX-3
10/30/1933 Jerusalem Scene of Arab Rioting; 3 Killed, 70 Hurt Jews Close Their Shops Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 1
10/30/1933 Araki Asks Parley With 8 Countries On Peace In Orient Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
10/30/1933 Ford Boycott (By U.S. Government) Protested 3
10/30/1933 (Dr. Rexford Guy) Tugwell Defines ‘Soundest Dollar’ 4
10/30/1933 Soviet Recognition Favored By Press Our Policy Is Defined 6
10/30/1933 Fetes Keep Nazis Busy On Week End Hitler Bars War Insanity 8
10/30/1933 Germans To Reply To (N.Y. City Mayor) O’brien Tonight 9
10/30/1933 45 Groups Study Aid To Reich Jews 65,000 Said To Have Fled 9
10/30/1933 Jewish Youths Back Anti Nazi Boycott 9
10/31/1933 Dictatorial Rule Set For Palestine (By British) Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 6
10/31/1933 (Roosevelt’s Ambassador At Large, Norman H.) Davis Coming Back To See Roosevelt 7
10/31/1933 Araki Parley Plan Held Futile Here 7
10/31/1933 Poland To Pay (W. Averell) Harriman ($100,000 In Polish Bonds) 7
10/31/1933 Hadassah To Open Drive (Medical Aid For Palestine) 7
10/31/1933 German Workers Growing Bitter At Hitler, Former Labor Leader (Martin Plettl) In Reich Says Here 10
10/31/1933 ‘Buy German’ Campaign Launched By Hitlerites (In Berlin) 10
10/31/1933 Hitlerism Likened To Lynch Law (By National Conference of Jews And Christians) Here Berlin Scholar Says Persecution of Jews Is Only A ‘Phase’ Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Disagrees 10
10/31/1933 Airports Watched For Spanknoebel 10
10/31/1933 Appeal For 16 Jews Sentenced In Russia 10
10/31/1933 (U.S. Composer, Werner) Janssen Refuses To Conduct In Germany; Displeased Management Warns American 11
10/31/1933 (Reichstag) Fire Witness Is Seized In Berlin 11
10/31/1933 Rebuke To Hitler Urged By (Rev. Dr. S. Parkes) Cadman (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) 11
10/31/1933 Boycott of Reich Scored As Menace (By Board of Trade For German American Commerce, Inc.) 11
10/31/1933 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Indicts Poles (Mistreatment of Minorities) 11
10/31/1933 The Einsteins Move (Now Neighbors & Friends of Raymond Leslie Buell, Research Director of Foreign Policy Association) 11
10/31/1933 Finns Link ‘Spies’ To American Groups; See Wide Connection of International Gang 23