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William Lindsey collection — 1933 NYT headlines

September 1933
Date Headline Page
09/01/1933 Nazis Stage Show of Party Power; Crowd Nuremberg Frederick T. Birchall, Nuremberg 1
09/01/1933 Two Killed In Riot At Cambria Mill (Philadelphia, Pa.) 2
09/01/1933 Zionists (At 18th World Zionist Congress, Prague) Will Sift Palestine ‘Terror’ (Dr. Arlosoroff Murder) 6
09/01/1933 (Theodor) Lessing Murder Arouses Czechs 10
09/01/1933 Reich Facilitates Exodus To Palestine Jews May Take Out Money If They Buy German Products Orange Deal Explained 10
09/01/1933 Blaze In Reichstag Laid To Chief Nazis Brown Book of Hitler Terror (Prepared Under Auspices of The ‘World Committee For The Victims of German Fascism’ Headed By Prof. Albert Einstein, Introduction By Lord Marley) Says Idea Was Goebbels And Goering Directed The Work It Lists 250 Murders German Papers Assert That Accused Dutchman (Marius Van Der Lubbe) Has Confessed To Fire 12
09/01/1933 Reich Speeds American Writer’s (Edgar Ansel Mowrer’s) Departure By Refusing Responsibility For His Safety 12
09/01/1933 Goering Now A General With Right To Uniform 12
09/01/1933 Four Austrian Nazis Escape To Italy 12
09/01/1933 Lawyer (David Levinson, Philadelphia, Pa.) In New Move To Defend Reich (Reichstag Fire) Reds 12
09/01/1933 Jews Held In Worms 12
09/01/1933 (Deutscher Sprachverein of N.Y.) Severs German Bond 12
09/01/1933 (H. G. Wells (British Socialist Author) Warns of Big War In 1940 Tremendous Slaughter 18
09/01/1933 Unions In Britain Assail Dictators 18
09/01/1933 (James W.) Gerard’s ‘Rulers; Cut Down To One Ex-Envoy (To Kaiser Wilhelm II), Back From Abroad, Says Roosevelt Eclipses 64 Named In 1930 Declares Hitler A Foe of Intelligence 19
09/02/1933 Nazis Pledge Jobs; Hitler Places Art On A ‘Nordic’ Basis 1
09/02/1933 President (Roosevelt), On Yacht Off Montauk 1
09/02/1933 Contracts Signed For 17 Warships Treaty Standard Is Aim 2
09/02/1933 (Montagu) Norman Is Reticent As He Sails For Home Governor of Bank of England 4
09/02/1933 Reich Determined To Bar Arms Study Investigation By International Board Banned Until Other Powers Cut Strength Paris Press Is Bitter 6
09/02/1933 Eight Under Arrest In (Theodor) Lessing Murder 6
09/02/1933 French Hit Jewish Shops 6
09/02/1933 Danes Plan Steps On Nazi Activities 6
09/02/1933 British Press Split On Anti Nazi Book (The Brown Book of The Hitler Terror) 6
09/02/1933 Alsace Papers See Reich Ready For War 6
09/02/1933 Reich Raises Output of Home Grown Food 6
09/02/1933 Nazis Fail To Raise Matrimonial Rate 6
09/02/1933 Japan Reasserts Rights In Mandate 14
09/02/1933 France To Barter On Trade Quotas 25
09/03/1933 Hitler Sees Reich Nazi For All Time; Aides Assail Jews Chancellor Tells 160,000 Party Workers They Must Form ‘Iron Front’ Around Germany Blames Jews Abroad (For Boycott) Frederick T. Birchall, Nuremberg 1
09/03/1933 New Nazi Attack (On Samuel B. Bossard, Chester, Pa.) Protested By U.S. Was Watching Parade 6
09/03/1933 German Film Folk Warned To Return (To Germany) Absence Called Treason (In ‘Film Kurier’) 7
09/03/1933 Powers Back Rise In Austrian Army 8
09/03/1933 Spanish Catholic Chief (Gil Robles) Goes To Nazi (Nurnberg) Congress 8
09/03/1933 Fair Trial For (Reichstag Fire) Reds Questioned (In Paris By ‘International Jurists’) 8
09/03/1933 Nazis Deny (Theodor Lessing) Murder; Czech Police Take 11 8
09/03/1933 (Bishop Ludwig Mueller) Denies State Church Is Germany’s Aim 8
09/03/1933 Zionists (18th World Zionist Congress, Prague) Unable To Agree On Heads (Vladimir) Jabotinsky Scores Palestine ‘Terror’ Inquiry (Into Dr. Arosoloff’s Murder) 11
09/03/1933 British Magistrate Assassinated In India 17
09/03/1933 (Prof. Hugh Agnew) Finds Business Men In Berlin Nazi Foes 17
09/03/1933 Jewish Pageant (Extravaganza) To Use Vast Stage N-1
09/03/1933 World Conditions Blur Hopes For Disarmament We Accept Arms Supervision Edwin L. James E-1
09/03/1933 Reich Uses Storks To Get ‘Race’ Data (Fowl Migration) E-2
09/03/1933 (Prof. Eugene Fisher) Denies Reich Seeks To Improve Race Says Purity Rather Than Superiority of Stock Is Aim of Hitlerites Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
09/03/1933 Austrians Desire ‘Peace’ With Reich E-3
09/03/1933 Russia Watching Reich Diplomacy Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
09/03/1933 See Roosevelt Son (James) As ‘Crown Prince’ (Of New Deal) E-8
09/03/1933 Hoover, Calvin B., Germany Enters The Third Reich, The Macmillan Co., N.Y. The Germany Hitler Rules Book 1
09/03/1933 Europe Alarmed, Thinks of 1914 Harold Callender Mag. 1
09/03/1933 Six Months of Roosevelt; Momentous Days XX-1
09/03/1933 Junkers And The Nazis: Meeting Ground Found Picture: Richard Walter Darre XX-4
09/04/1933 Hitler Disclaims Desire For War: 150,000 In Review Frederick T. Birchall, Nuremberg 1
09/04/1933 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia) For Change In Federal System He Advises Four Reforms To Strengthen Nation To Meet ‘Revolutionary Forces’ 1
09/04/1933 Hitler’s Closing Address At Nazi (Nurnberg Congress) Convention 2
09/04/1933 Tribute To Briand Is (French) ‘Reply’ To Nazis 2
09/04/1933 Einstein Denies Part In Book (The Brown Book of The Hitler Terror) On Hitlerism (Lord Marley Wrote Introduction) 2
09/04/1933 Nazi Victim Deranged Woman Attacked For Associating With A Jew Goes Insane 2
09/05/1933 Hitler Spurs Move To Reduce Jobless 1
09/05/1933 British Worker Denounce Fascism Nra Program Praised Warning On Dictatorship 6
09/05/1933 (Samuel) Untermyer Hails Benefits of Nra Praises Gains For Labor And Reversal of Our Policy of Ruinous Competition 8
09/05/1933 Picture: Adolf Hitler & Paul Von Hindenburg 10
09/05/1933 (South African Premier) Herzog Backs Nazi Curb 10
09/05/1933 Dollfuss Opposes Imprisoning Foes ButAsserts He Will Not Tolerate German Nazis’ Interference 10
09/05/1933 Paris Is Told War Must Be Refought 10
09/05/1933 Nazi Press Boasts of (Nurnberg Party Congress) Rally’s Effect Jews’ Stores Picketed 11
09/05/1933 (N.Y. Mayor) O’brien Sets Sept 14 As ‘Jewish Day’ Here 11
09/05/1933 Van Der Lubbe Kin In Row 11
09/05/1933 $1,092,768 In Fund To Aid German Jews Rabbi J. B. Wise, Head of (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Drive Urges Greater Effect 11
09/05/1933 Lehman Urges Jews To Aid Nazi Victims 11
09/05/1933 Zionists (At 18th World Zionist Congress, Prague) Re Elect Sokolow As Head Dr. Weizmann Rejects Post 18
09/05/1933 Danzig To Get 45% of Poland’s Trade 35
09/06/1933 Radical Junta Rules Cuba As Army Ousts (U.S. Favorite) Cespedes: We Rush 4 Warships There 1
09/06/1933 Cuban Junta’s Manifesto 1
09/06/1933 13,000 Unseen Men ‘Battle’ In France (War Games) 10
09/06/1933 Herriot Trip (To Russia) Seen As Reply To Reich Walter Duranty, Moscow 11
09/06/1933 Lengthy Nazi Rule Indicated By (Nurnberg Party Congress) Rally Frederick T. Birchall, Nuremberg 12
09/06/1933 (Jewish) Boycott of Reich Demanded By (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise German Jews Criticized (For Non Support) Firemen Remove Stench Bomb Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
09/06/1933 Nuremberg Boycott (Of Jews) Ends 12
09/06/1933 (American Newspaper Man & Broadcaster Hans V.) Kaltenborn Gets German Apology (For Physical Attack On His Son) Lay It To Failure To Salute 13
09/06/1933 Einstein’s Disavowal (Of The Brown Book of The Hitler Terror) Hailed In Germany 13
09/06/1933 Hitler’s Foes Quit Protestant Synod Protest Aryan ‘Clause’ . . 13
09/06/1933 Nazi Policy Held Open To Suspicion (By London Times) 14
09/07/1933 We Consult Latin America As (Sec. of The Navy Claude A.) Swanson Goes To Cuba; ((U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles Reports Disquiet (U.S.) Marines Are Mobilized Our Policy Frankly Told Swanson Denies Mission 1
09/07/1933 President (Roosevelt) Is Eager To Avoid Intervention; He Tells Latin Americans In Talk On Cuba 1
09/07/1933 Cuba Junta Faces Five of Many Foes 1
09/07/1933 Austria Deploys Troops At Border Germans Invoke A Pact Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
09/07/1933 Marines Awaiting Order (From Roosevelt) At Quantico 3
09/07/1933 (Sumner) Welles Will (Out-) Rank Swanson As Chief’s Envoy In Cuba 3
09/07/1933 Rabbi Group (Assembly of Orthodox Rabbis of The United States) Votes Boycott of Nazis (Samuel) Untermyer Plea Heard Pronounces A ‘Charem’ On All Products Made In Germany 6
09/07/1933 Isolation Begins To Worry Nazis 6
09/07/1933 (Unofficial, ‘International’) Lawyers Pursue Reich (Reichstag) Fire Inquiry (Amsterdam ‘Trial’) 6
09/07/1933 Kaltenborn Relates Nazi’s Attack On Son (Rolf) 7
09/07/1933 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Asserts Nazis Menace All Races If They Succeed Against Jews, They Will Turn To Others He Tells (World) Jewish Parley (Geneva) Attacks Policies Here ‘Would To God United States Had Dealt With Question As France Has,’ He Says 8
09/07/1933 Danzig Nazi Kills Polish Farm Hand 8
09/07/1933 Price Declared On Einstein’s Head (By London Herald) 8
09/07/1933 (Norman H.) Davis Spurs (Sir John) Simon To Arms Control 9
09/07/1933 Our Navy Program Excites Japanese American Dare Seen Hugh Byas, Tokyo 9
09/07/1933 Viscount Grey Dies In England At 71 Tried Hard To Avert War 21
09/08/1933 29 Ships On Cuban Duty; Factions There Adopt Plan For Nation To Save Itself Intervention Is Put Off 1
09/08/1933 South Americans Sympathetic Toward Us But Hope We Can Avoid Intervention 1
09/08/1933 Junta Meets Foes In ‘Peace’ Session 1
09/08/1933 Soviet Polish Parley Reported To Discuss Forming An Anti German Front 1
09/08/1933 Picture: Sergeant Fulgencio Batista 3
09/08/1933 Warships To Cuba Protested Here 3
09/08/1933 Roosevelt Caution (In Cuba) Approved By French 3
09/08/1933 Cuban Upset Halts Return of (Sumner) Welles To Washington 3
09/08/1933 Jewish Delegates Back Nazi Boycott (World Jewish Convention At Geneva Stephen S. Wise) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
09/08/1933 Branting (Official German Prosecutor At Leipzig) Rebuffed On Reichstag Fire (By Amsterdam ‘International Jurists’ ‘Trial’) 10
09/08/1933 Germans Cheered By (Norman H.) Davis (Disarmament) Demand 10
09/08/1933 11 Germans To Die In Slaying of Nazis Alleged Reds 10
09/08/1933 (German Firms) Drop Jews As Agents 10
09/08/1933 (Arnold) Schoenberg, Exile, To Teach In Boston (Malkin Conservatory) 11
09/08/1933 World Body Urged In New Gold Plan 14
09/08/1933 Patriotism Viewed As Mild Nostalgia 15
09/08/1933 All Britain Mourns Lord Grey’s Death Leaders Unite In Praise 19
09/08/1933 Col. (Edward Mandell) House (Wilson’s Associate) Lauds Grey’s Character 19
09/09/1933 Germans Apologize To Us For Beatings 4
09/09/1933 League Aid Asked For German Jews (2Nd World Jewish Conference) Boycott To Be Continued (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Reproaches A Nazi Correspondent 5
09/09/1933 War Seen If Reich Annexes Austria (By Henry Berenger, France) 5
09/09/1933 (Polish) Jewish Rabbis Aid (German) Boycott 5
09/10/1933 Cuba’s Rebel Junta Yields To Demand For President; Plans To Hold Election Officers Want (U.S.’s Favorite!) Cespedes 1
09/10/1933 (U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles’s Presence Prevents Havana Battle As Soldiers Surround Officers In A Hotel 1
09/10/1933 Washington Waits New Plea To Cuba 1
09/10/1933 Cuban Agreement Pleases (U.S.) Embassy Want De Cespedes Back 1
09/10/1933 Austria Prepares For Fascist State To Counter Nazis Dollfuss Is Expected To Yield To A Virtual Ultimatum Made By The Heimwehr (Controlled By Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) 1
09/10/1933 Soviet Area Meets Harvest Setback Walter Duranty, Rostov On Don 8
09/10/1933 Reich Shows Idle Decrease 207,000 12
09/10/1933 Anti Nazi Parade Held In Yorkville Assail Propaganda Here Friends of German DemocracyDenounce Hitler Regime 12
09/10/1933 (Rabbi) Dr. Mendes Protests ‘Religious’ Boycott (Against German Goods ‘Charem’ of U.S. & Canadian Orthodox Rabbis Exacted By Untermyer & Wise) 12
09/10/1933 (Party Membership) Applications Swamp Nazis 12
09/10/1933 Says Actress Is Suicide (Typical Heartbreak Rumor of The Time) 12
09/10/1933 (Czechs) Seek Our Films Again Object To German Ones Because of Nazi Propaganda 12
09/10/1933 Disorder At Nazi (‘Friends of The New Germany’) Meeting Hecklers EjectedVanish As Police Arrive 12
09/10/1933 Nazis Deny Slaying Publisher;S Nephew (Rudolph S. Mosse) 14
09/10/1933 Einstein Alters His Pacifist Views Denies Reversing Stand 14
09/10/1933 French To Increase Exports To Russia 16
09/10/1933 Cuban Revolutionary Junta Seeks Stronger Government To Avoid (U.S.) Intervention 35
09/10/1933 9 More (U.S.) Destroyers Are On Way To Cuba 35
09/10/1933 (Bernard) Baruch On Way Home From Visit Abroad Sails From England Entertained By Winston Churchill (Is This Taking A Cure At Vichy?) 36
09/10/1933 Bankers of Nation Bow To ‘New Deal’ Protests Go Unheeded N-7
09/10/1933 Japan Balancing Her Foreign Trade N-7
09/10/1933 New Diplomacy Needed In The Cuban Situation Edwin L. James E-1
09/10/1933 Air Minded People Is Germany’s Aim Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-1
09/10/1933 Britain Faces A Dilemma Over Germany’s Rearming Ferdinand Kuhn, Jr E-1
09/10/1933 World Currency Urged By German (Carl Greulich) E-2
09/10/1933 Crime Doesn’t Pay In The Soviet Capital Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
09/10/1933 Anti Hitler Cartoon E-5
09/10/1933 Many (German) Jewish Exiles Study In Palestine E-6
09/10/1933 Europe Wages A War of Electric Words Mag. 6
09/10/1933 Behind The Cuban Crisis: The Larger Issue Raymond Leslie Buell (Director of Research, Foreign Policy Association) XX-1
09/10/1933 Thomas Mann Tells of The Nazi State XX-2
09/10/1933 (Harold Le Claire Ickes) A New ‘Dictator’ In Roosevelt’s List XX-2
09/11/1933 Grau San Martin Sworn In As Cuba’s New President; Army Officers Are Defiant New Uprising Is Feared 1
09/11/1933 Washington Is Relieved At Events In Cuba, But More Destroyers Are Sent To Island 1
09/11/1933 (Former N.Y. Governor, Alfred E.) Smith Denounces Nazis As ‘Stupid’ Regime Brings Only Ridicule To Germany, He Tells 1,500 At (Samuel) Untermyer Dinner (Text & Picture of Group, P. 8) 1
09/11/1933 Experts On Cuba Guide Roosevelt His Course Long Decided 3
09/11/1933 President of Cuba A Medical Teacher 3
09/11/1933 Cuban President Asks Americans To Help New Regime By Not Hindering Program 3
09/11/1933 Nra Pledge Voted By (Ymha & Ywha) Group 4
09/11/1933 $500,000 Sought For Nazi Boycott (Samuel) Untermyer Defines Aims 8
09/11/1933 Foreign Officials Put In Saar Police 8
09/11/1933 Nazis Force Jews To Act Mob Scenes Compel Them To Play Provocative Role In Horst Wessel Propaganda Film Polish Rabbi Drafted 9
09/11/1933 Finds Hitlerites Incurring Fears J. G. (James Grover) Mc Donald (Chairman of [Unofficial] American Foreign Policy Association) Says The New Reich Has Lost Sympathy of Italy And Britain Describes Men In Camps (Broadcast From London) 9
09/11/1933 (Von) Hindenburg’s Post (President) Is Seen For Hitler 10
09/11/1933 Germans of All Nations Held United By Destiny 10
09/11/1933 Roosevelt Asked To Aid (German) Refugees Civil Liberties Union Urges Broader Asylum For Nazi Victims And Others Revision of Hoover Executive Order (On Immigrants) Suggested By 36 Signers (Felix Frankfurter, Jane Addams, John Haynes Holmes, Etc.) of Memorial 10
09/11/1933 Soviet Is Winning Faith of Peasants Rich Harvest In North Caucasus Walter Duranty, Rostov On Don 11
09/12/1933 Intervention By U.S. (In Cuba) Seems Less Likely Hull Explains Our Stand 5
09/12/1933 (U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles Denies Opposing New Cuban Regime; Says He Never Talked To Its Officer Foes 5
09/12/1933 Bread Prices High In Southern Russia Former ‘Pinch’ Indicated Walter Duranty, Rostov On Don 8
09/12/1933 Reds Riot In Paris At Anti Nazi Rally Einstein Warning Issued (Hostages Selected In Case He Is Injured!) 9
09/12/1933 Poles Seek Action On Minority Rights Move Aimed At Germany Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
09/12/1933 (Josef) Hoffmann (Pianist) Boycotts Reich 9
09/12/1933 (Hans V.) Kaltenborn Home With Nazi Apology 10
09/12/1933 German Made Goods Listed For Boycott (By ‘The American League For The Defense of Jewish Rights’) 10
09/12/1933 Vatican And Reich Ratify Concordat 10
09/12/1933 20 Hurt In Riots At Jersey Mills 11
09/12/1933 Nazis To Expel Zealots (From Party) Who Molest Foreigners 11
09/13/1933 Nazis Parade (Heinrich Hirtslefer) Former Prussian Minister In Essen With Placard And Umbrella 1
09/13/1933 Roosevelt Deaf To Inflation Plea 3
09/13/1933 Text of Gen. (Hugh S.) Johnson’s Address At Nra Rally In The (Madison Square) Garden Faith In Roosevelt Unprecedented In Nation 4
09/13/1933 Austria Rallying Behind Dollfuss 8
09/13/1933 3 Germans (Jews) To Join Carnegie (Tech) Faculty (Stern, Estermann & Berl See Earlier Trip By Head of Carnegie Tech To Germany) 8
09/13/1933 Reichstag Fire Seen As Red Coup Signal Says Hindenburg And Hitler Were To Be Assassinated 8
09/13/1933 Fight On Hitlerism By 3 Nations Urged (By H. Wickham Steed) Fears Spread of System 8
09/13/1933 Nazis Put Dictator Over Advertising 10
09/13/1933 Soviet Grain Thieves Face Death Penalty 11
09/14/1933 Germans To Skimp On A Meal A Month And Feed Jobless Nazis Will Keep Check Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
09/14/1933 R. P. Lamont Quits (Roosevelt Regime) As Steel Dictator 1
09/14/1933 Roosevelt Orders Cut In Army Posts 9
09/14/1933 Reprisals Free Two From Reich 10
09/14/1933 3 Professors Here (Max Wertheimer, Ernst Von Hornboste & J. Hornboste) For Exile College 10
09/14/1933 World (‘Jurists’’) Group (In London) Sifts Reich (Reichstag) Fire Today 11
09/14/1933 Hitler Gives Nazi A Farm Because He Has 9 Sons 11
09/14/1933 (Bronislaw) Hubermann Bars German Concerts Stresses Nazi Race Bias 11
09/14/1933 Dr. J. B. Wise Pleads For Jewish Aid Fund (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 11
09/14/1933 (U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles Is Ordered To Stay In Havana Financial Crisis Feared 12
09/14/1933 (Pertinax In ‘Echo De Paris’) Criticizes Us On Cuba 13
09/14/1933 Araki Sees Danger In American Stand Fears Moves After 1935 15
09/14/1933 $8,333,300 of Gold Will Go To France 38
09/14/1933 3 Nations To Seek Arms Accord Basis 48
09/15/1933 Dollfuss Says Aim Is A Ruling Bloc; Bars Intolerance Sees Fascism Misnomer Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
09/15/1933 Coal Men Tell Roosevelt Code Will Be Signed Today; 16 Shot In Riots At Mines 1
09/15/1933 Roosevelt Orders 335 New Navy Jobs 5
09/15/1933 (London ‘World Jurists’ Trial’) Bars Role By Reds In Reichstag Fire Goering Home An Access Ferdinand Kuhn, Jr., London 8
09/15/1933 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Asks Boycott (Of German Goods At Quebec) At Montreal, He Also Urges Appeal To Opinion Against Germany 8
09/15/1933 Polish Jews To Protest (Against Germany & Its Persecution of The Jews) 8
09/15/1933 (Hsias) Found No Hope In Reich 8
09/15/1933 Jobs For 1,000,000 (In U.S.) In Soviet Trade Seen 10
09/15/1933 Members Enriched In Soviet Commune Granaries Are ‘Bursting’ Walter Duranty, Rostov On Don 11
09/15/1933 Jewish (Refugee Fund Raising Extravaganza) Pageant (‘The Romance of A People,’ Schedule At Polo Grounds) Delayed By Rain 21
09/16/1933 Cubans Are Urged To Oust Americans 3
09/16/1933 Nazi Story of (Reichstag) Fire Called ‘Fairy Tale’ (At London ‘World Jurists’ Trial’ By Georg Bernhard, Deposed Former Editor of The Vossische Zeitung) 4
09/16/1933 Chicagoans Press Anti Nazi Boycott 4
09/16/1933 Dr. Einstein Denies Communist Leanings 4
09/16/1933 Goering Stresses He Rules Prussia 4
09/16/1933 (Von) Neurath Restates Reich Arms View Defends Nazis’ Actions 5
09/16/1933 German Exports Gained In August Figures Held Misleading 5
09/16/1933 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Returns, Strong For Boycott (Of German Goods) 5
09/16/1933 Buy At Home Order Eased In Germany 5
09/16/1933 Big Soviet Crop Follows Famine Kremlin Wins Its Battle Walter Duranty, Kharkov 14
09/16/1933 (Dr. Hugo) Eckener, Here, Plans Ocean Airship Route 15
09/17/1933 Distrust of Reich Spurred In France By Arms Attitude War Talk Laid To Berlin 1
09/17/1933 Foreign Debtors Pass Time Limit 1
09/17/1933 Germans Warned On Over Producing Bans Grain Acreage Rise 12
09/17/1933 Defense Enlarged In (‘International Jurists’’) Reichstag Fire (‘Trial’) 12
09/17/1933 German (Debt) ‘Defaults’ Assailed In Britain ‘Abuse of Confidence Amounts To Vulgar Dishonesty’ 12
09/17/1933 Plight of Jews Held Worst In Rural Reich 12
09/17/1933 Japan Will Seek Amity With China Hirota Says Better Relations Depend Now On Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Recognizing Manchukuo 14
09/17/1933 (U.S. Ambassador, Sumner) Welles Wins Over Hostile (Cuban) Students Tells Them Our Attitude 35
09/17/1933 Church Bankrupt, Clergyman Says N-6
09/17/1933 German Rearming Alleged In London Arms Concessions Seen Augur, London E-3
09/17/1933 Reich To Aid Idle By Frugal Eating E-3
09/17/1933 Who Set The Reichstag Fire? The World Awaits The Answer (Pictures: The Defendants At Leipzig) XX-3
09/17/1933 Fascism’s Inroads In Europe: A Movement of Many Shades XX-3
09/18/1933 Berlin Threatens To Leave Parleys If Arms Bid Fails (Wilhelm) Frick Says World Need Not Be Surprised If Germany Quits All International Meetings Scorns ‘Scapegoat’ Role (Forced Upon Germany) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
09/18/1933 Austrians Wound 30 In Party Rallies 1
09/18/1933 Clergymen Plead For Nra Support 2
09/18/1933 Big Ukraine Crop Taxes Harvesters People Well Nourished Walter Duranty, Kharkov 8
09/18/1933 French May Yield On Arms Demands 8
09/18/1933 Saar Wants Reich Despite Nazi Rule Harold Callender 12
09/18/1933 German (Berlin Chief) Rabbi (Dr.Hildesheimer) Bids Poles Drop Boycott (Against German Goods) 12
09/18/1933 Christians Cited For Aid To Jews Mussolini Is Praised 12
09/18/1933 Roosevelt Hails Jews 12
09/18/1933 Just Social Order Held Vital To Jews 12
09/18/1933 (J. L.) Garvin (In London Observer) Sees Nazis As Mankind’s Foe 13
09/19/1933 President (Grau San Martin) Refuses To Resign In Cuba; Dictatorship Seen 1
09/19/1933 New Arms Plan Taken Up In Paris: France And Britain Are Shaping It 1
09/19/1933 German Societies (In N.Y.) Meeting Is Disrupted By Row Over Flying of A Nazi Flag (With Swastika) 3
09/19/1933 British Labor Party Praises Roosevelt 3
09/19/1933 Patriotism Sways Saar To Germany Harold Callender 12
09/19/1933 Demand Off Here For German Goods 12
09/19/1933 Reich (Reichstag) Fire Alibis Offered In London (At ‘International Jurists’ Trial’) 13
09/19/1933 Jewish Group Quits Minorities Congress Assails German Delegates 13
09/19/1933 Ukraine Far Ahead In Grain Deliveries Much of Live Stock Dead Walter Duranty, Kharkov 15
09/19/1933 Retains ‘Teutonic Fury’ (On Anti German Ww I Memorial In Belgium) 15
09/20/1933 Blas Heads Revolt In Cuban Province 10
09/20/1933 Soviet Chiefs Ban Farm Work Lull Socialization Now Save Walter Duranty, Kharkov 11
09/20/1933 Jews In Germany Train The Jobless Judaism Is Resurgent Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
09/20/1933 Reich Cleaning Beggars From Streets As (Work) Shirkers 12
09/20/1933 Reich (Reichstag) Fire Trial (Leipzig) Opens Tomorrow (Defendants) Long ‘Convicted’ In Press 12
09/20/1933 Reich Sees France Evasive On Arms (Norman H.) Davis’s Aid Is Hailed America Is Regarded As Reich’s Real Ally In Seeking Real Cuts Opposed By The French 13
09/20/1933 Socialists Offer To Back Dollfuss Three Hitlerites Killed 13
09/20/1933 $1,102,038 In (American) Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Fund 13
09/20/1933 (Morris Rothenberg, President, Zionist Organization of America) Fears German Jews Face New Disaster 14
09/21/1933 Americans Warned To Seek Safety On U.S. Fleet In Cuban Waters 1
09/21/1933 Nazis Are Accused In (London ‘International Jurists’ Trial’) Report On (Reichstag) Fire Clears 4 Accused Reds Holds It ‘Highly Probable’ That Incendiaries Used Tunnel From Goering’s House 1
09/21/1933 Dollfuss Forms Fascist Cabinet In Austria; Assumes Five Posts In New Regime Himself 1
09/21/1933 2 Reich (Jewish Exiles) Professor Here To Lecture At New School (‘Univeristy In Exile’) 8
09/21/1933 Marlene Dietrich Shuns Reich Films 8
09/21/1933 Poland Is Drawing Closer To France 9
09/21/1933 Bureau Here (N.Y. Section of The National Council of Jewish Women) Advises On Aid To Reich Jews 9
09/21/1933 British Consider Arms Concession 11
09/21/1933 U.S. Will Not Halt New Naval Work 11
09/21/1933 British Fear Japan Fortifies (Mandated) Islands 12
09/21/1933 Yiddish Theatres Open Season Today 22
09/21/1933 Soviet Trade Aims Up To (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) President (Roosevelt) Designates Far Credit Chief To Coordinate All Negotiations Bearing On (Russian) Recognition 31
09/22/1933 Reich Opens (Leipzig) Trial of Five Suspects Accused Dutchman (Marinus Van Der Lubbe) Laughs As Alleged Nazi Link Is Cited And ‘At Trial In General’ Testifies Unintelligibly Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
09/22/1933 (Columbia Univ. Prof. Adolf A.) Berle (Jr.) Sees Unity of Cuban Factions (U.S. Ambassador Sumner) Welles Highly Praised 9
09/22/1933 Jewish Units Quit (U.S.) German Societies 10
09/22/1933 (700 U.S. Marchers) Protest Reich (Reichstag Fire) Trial (At Leipzig) 10
09/22/1933 Dollfuss Denies Dictatorial Rule Is Merely Step Toward Cooperative Government 11
09/22/1933 Reich Jew Forced To Manual Labor Emigres Are Included 13
09/22/1933 (N.Y. City) Rabbis’ Sermons Urge Racial Ideal Hitlerism Is Denounced (Roosevelt’s New Deal Compared To Germany Unfavorably) Dr. S. S. (Stephen S.) Wise Defends (Jewish) Ideals 13
09/22/1933 (English Author Socialist) H. G. Wells Scores Nazis As ‘Louts’ Declares Their Regime ‘Revolution Against Civilization’ 13
09/23/1933 Nazis Offer Alibis On Reichstag Fire; (Leipzig) Court Backs Them Testimony Tends To Show Van Der Lubbe Set Fire Alone Red (Ernst Torgler) Refuses (Help Form Arthur Garfield Hays, Associate of London ‘International Jurists’ Trial’) Hays’s Aid Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
09/23/1933 London Times Lauds Roosevelt’s Work 8
09/23/1933 Germans Indicate Fear of Isolation 8
09/23/1933 Reich Jews Build For Distant Day Aid Organizations Are Willing To See One Generation Skip School For Later Progress 9
09/23/1933 Lloyd George Warns of Bullying Reich; Fears Interference Means Red Revolution 9
09/23/1933 Goering Says Reich Wants Big Planes Jules Sauerwein 9
09/23/1933 All Officers Quit (U.S.) German Societies After Clash Over Anti-Semitism 10
09/23/1933 Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm II) Pleased By Hitler’s Work 10
09/23/1933 Our Cuban Policy Attacked By (Rep. Hamilton) Fish 10
09/23/1933 ‘Plot’ In North China Is Laid To Japanese 10
09/23/1933 Roosevelt Hails Negroes 10
09/24/1933 U.S. Warship Is Rushed To Rescue 16 Americans And Britons In Cuba 1
09/24/1933 Austria To Set Up Nazi Prison Camps Will Reverse Procedure Used In Germany Those Held Must Pay Expenses 1
09/24/1933 (Communist) Bulgarian (Georgi Dimitroff) Angers Reich (Reichstag) Fire Judge (Leipzig) Hurling Charges At Nazis (As Defendant), Is Rebuked Repeatedly And Menaced With Expulsion (Arthur Garfield) Hays (Of London ‘International Jurists’ Trial’) Offers To Produce Witnesses Who Are Afraid 1
09/24/1933 75,000 Enlisting In (Ccc) Forest Service 2
09/24/1933 Reich Reassured On Paris Parleys Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
09/24/1933 Arms Plans Stir Doubts In France Hull Clarifies Our Stand 6
09/24/1933 Arms Move Is Seen As Aimed At Japan 7
09/24/1933 Students Propose Cuban Soviet Rule (Col. Fulgencio Batista’s Army, Only Force For Order In Cuba At Present) 25
09/24/1933 A. F. of L. May Go In (Untermyer Wise) Boycott of Reich 35
09/24/1933 Nazis’ Hand Seen In Activities Here (In Break Up of German Societies) 35
09/24/1933 (Socialist British Author, George Bernard) Shaw Says Agitation Hurts Reds In Leipzig (Trial) Blames Pressure From Abroad In Part For Conviction of Sacco And Vanzetti And Mooney 35
09/24/1933 Goebbels Sees War Impossible For Reich 35
09/24/1933 Lipsky Tells Plans To Aid German Jews Work Is Almost Entirely In Hands of Agency For Palestine 35
09/24/1933 Germany Making Interest On Debt N-7
09/24/1933 Powers Loath To Unite In ‘Front’ Against Reich Hitler Upholds Big Business Eugene J. Young E-1
09/24/1933 Reich Plan To War On France Alleged Swift Drive Envisaged Augur, London E-1
09/24/1933 Paris Is Pressing For Soviet Amity E-1
09/24/1933 Nazi Activity Irks Southwest Africa E-2
09/24/1933 Nazi Regulations Curb Newspapers E-2
09/24/1933 Unity Is Pressed By Little Entente E-3
09/24/1933 Reich Bars Jews From Air Defense Goering Excluded Them Hugh Jedell, Berlin E-3
09/24/1933 French Insistent On Arms Control E-3
09/24/1933 Behind Germany’s Elemental Upheaval Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 3
09/24/1933 The New Deal Echoes In The College Mag. 5
09/24/1933 The Public Works Drive: A Survey By (Harold Le Claire) Ickes XX-1
09/24/1933 A Plan For World Recovery Based On Use of War Debts Clarence K. Streit, Geneva XX-3
09/25/1933 Goebbels To Fight To Rearm Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/25/1933 (Arthur Garfield) Hays (One of The ‘Movers’ Behind The ‘London World Jurists’ Trial’) Gets Hearing On Reichstag Fire (Leipzig Trial) Arranges With Accused Red’s Lawyer To Take Stand And Present London (‘World Jurists’ Trial’) Testimony Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
09/25/1933 (Harvard Professor, Felix) Frankfurter Sails; Held Roosevelt Aid Professor Is Going To Oxford, But Washington Sees A Presidential Mission 2
09/25/1933 20,000 See Pageant of Jewish History (Fund Raising Extravaganza, ‘The Romance of A People’) Armory Thronged German Refugees Aided Roosevelt Sends Greetings For Spectacle That Stresses Religious Liberty Here 3
09/25/1933 Deportation Urged For Hitlerites Here (Samuel) Untermyer Declares Federal Officials Are Investigating Nazi Propagandists (Here) 3
09/25/1933 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Outlines Plan To Aid German Jews 3
09/25/1933 Peiping Is Terrified As Rebels Approach 5
09/26/1933 Communist Ernst) Torgler Affirms Innocence In (Reichstag) Fire Manacled For 5 Months Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
09/26/1933 League Is Warned of Danger of War As Assembly Opens German Envoy (Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels) Is Guarded 1
09/26/1933 Roosevelt Is Urged To Hold Dismissals of Married Women From Federal Jobs (By National Women’s Party) 1
09/26/1933 Nazi State To Train All Newspaper Men Jews To Be Excluded 12
09/26/1933 Prison Camp Rules Issued In Austria Nazis Must Pay Cost of Their Own Detention 12
09/26/1933 (Arthur Garfield) Hays (Part of ‘International Jurists’ Trial’ At London) Explains His Position (Regarding The Leipzig Reichstag Fire Trial) 12
09/26/1933 Reich Spares Some Jews Widows of World War Soldiers 12
09/26/1933 Pro Nazis Heckle Bernard Ridder Racial Issue Deplored 13
09/26/1933 (Norman H.) Davis And (Von) Neurath Hold Talk On Arms 14
09/26/1933 Strain At Geneva Worries Germany 14
09/26/1933 Japanese Advance On Chinese (Fang Chen Wu) Rebels 17
09/26/1933 Moscow Acclaims Lindbergh A Hero Walter Duranty, Moscow 23
09/27/1933 U.S. Rejects Plea of Britain To Halt Cruiser Program 1
09/27/1933 Dutchman (Marius Van Der Lubbe) Admits Firing 3 Buildings In German Capital Berlin City Hall And Ex-Kaiser’s Palace Preceded Reichstag Fire Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
09/27/1933 Roosevelt Hailed By Throngs Here 1
09/27/1933 Cermak ‘Marked’ By Chicago Gang 2
09/27/1933 Japan Helps China Meet Rebel Peril (To Peiping) 11
09/27/1933 Moscow Expels German Writers 13
09/27/1933 Czechs Plan Curbs On Party Agitation 13
09/27/1933 Ex-Minister (Heinrich Hirtsiefer) Put In Camp By Nazis 13
09/27/1933 Austria (‘Patriotic Front’) Seizes 34 As Agents of Nazis 13
09/27/1933 Picture: Emil Ludwig (German Jewish Author & Refugee Seeks Union of All Jews In The World [Against Germany]) 19
09/28/1933 Reich Disavows Business Boycott (Of Party) Against Jews Warns of Dire Results Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
09/28/1933 Japan’s Navy Throws Off Cabinet Control; Would Direct Own Policy At 1935 Parley 1
09/28/1933 Holland Presses Refugee Questions Ask League To Take Up Problem 14
09/28/1933 Accused (Communists At Leipzig Trial) Denounce Reich (Reichstag) Fire Inquiry Silenced By Policemen Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 16
09/28/1933 (Anti Hitler National Synod) Pasters Protest Nazi Domination 16
09/28/1933 Millionth Copy of Book By Hitler (Mein Kampf) Off The Press 16
09/28/1933 Riot (In Milwaukee) At Dr. Luther’s (German Ambassador To The U.S.) Visit 16
09/28/1933 Lutherans Here Laud Nazi Regime 17
09/28/1933 Rebels In Retreat In Northern China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 18
09/29/1933 French Tell Reich of Veto On Arming (Von) Neurath Decides To Return To Berlin Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/29/1933 Nazi Case Shaken In Reich (Reichstag) Fire (Leipzig) Testimony Weakens Judge’s Charge That German Reds Inspired Van Der Lubbe Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 10
09/29/1933 Reich Needs Peace (Dr. Paul Joseph) Goebbels Asserts But Rights To Her Honor And To Bread Must Be Recognized Treatment of Jews Defended Nazi System Is Termed High Form of Democracy 10
09/29/1933 Hitler Puts Curb On Zealous Nazis Upper Silician Town Councils Are Rebuked For Acts of Discrimination Against Jews 11
09/29/1933 Czechoslovak (Sudeten Germans!) Nazis Fail 11
09/29/1933 Japanese Apologize For Killing Chinese Pay Compensation 13
09/29/1933 Japan Says Russia Forces Her To Arm 13
09/29/1933 (Emil) Ludwig Bids Jews Ask Seat In League He Declares Race Has A Right To Representation As A National Entity 17
09/29/1933 (National Spiritual Advisory) Council Is Formed To Aid All Faiths 17
09/30/1933 Reich Is Insistent Upon Rearmament Tanks And Planes Asked 6 Dollfuss Is Sure World Backs Him 6
09/30/1933 Asks League To Aid German Refugees Dutch Delegate Says Burden Is Too Heavy For Nations To Which They Have Fled Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 7
09/30/1933 Picture: The Opening of The Reichstag Fire Trial In Leipzig 7
09/30/1933 Dutchman Admits Firing Reichstag Van Der Lubbe Confirms His Confession Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 7
09/30/1933 British Fascist Head (Sir Oswald Mosley) Bars Anti-Semitism 7