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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

December 1946
Date Headline Page
12/01/1946 2 German (Generals) To Die For (Alleged Ardeatine) Cave Murders (These ‘Murders’ Were Found Years Later To Have Been Fabricated By Leftist Italian Partisans) 1
12/01/1946 La Guardia Confirms Plan To Offer Resignation To UNRRA Dec. 10 1
12/01/1946 U.S. Lawyer (Thomas L. Foley, Haywood California) Assails (U.S.) Military (Government) In Germany (Harassment) 5
12/01/1946 German Arrivals (Deportees) From East Ending (30,000 Remain In Transit Camps) 7
12/01/1946 Lithuanians Ask U.N. Aid 7
12/01/1946 Frankfurt Clergy Issues Vote Plea (Support For U.S.-Sponsored Candidates And Propositions) 12
12/01/1946 2 German Parties To Discuss Merger (Konrad Adenauer, Ernst Lemmer And Jacob Kaiser-Kosher Germans) 13
12/01/1946 German Data (Captured) Bare Fate Of Children (At Lodz And Kattowitz) 14
12/01/1946 German Escapes As His Trial (By U.S. Army) Nears (Lt. Col. Fritz Suhren, Ravensbruck, 5,000 Women Killed Gas Chambers There-There Were No Gas Chambers At Ravenbrueck!) 20
12/01/1946 Delinquency Adds To Germany’s Ills-4 (United Nations) Powers Lack Unified Policy 21
12/01/1946 Swedes To Pave Roads With Hitler’s (Granite Victory) Monument (Already Paid For) 26
12/01/1946 Palestine Group (3,000) Convening Here (N.Y. City)-Pleas For Jewish State (In Palestine) 26
12/01/1946 Poles ‘Liquidate’ 300 Raiders (Ukrainian Nationalists) 26
12/01/1946 Yugoslavs; Plight (Of Jews) Told (14,500 Of 80,000 Survived) 34
12/01/1946 $200,000 Drive (Atlantic City, Junior Hadassah) Due To Help Palestine 39
12/01/1946 (College) Fraternity Trend Held Anti-Liberal (Dr. H. E. Stone, Dean, University Of California) 52
12/01/1946 (Lt.) Lewis Warner Convicted (Black Marketing, Usaf Officer) Fined $2,500 53
12/01/1946 (Governor) Arnall (Georgia) Receives Jefferson Award (By Southern Conference For Human Welfare) 55
12/01/1946 Gustav Noske Dies, 78 (Former Sozial Demokrat, Helped Crush Spartacus Bund [Headed By Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemberg], Found In Berlin’s Moabit Prison At War’s End) 76
12/02/1946 Suppressed Report On (U.S. Occupation Of) Germany Lays Immorality To U.S. Forces Conduct Of Negro Troops Especially Assailed (By Senate Committee) 3
12/02/1946 Hartley Shawcross (British Chief Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Appeals To (Andrey) Vishinsky (Shawcross, A Socialist Since He Was 18, ‘Among The Warmest Friends And Supporters In My Country Of (Stalinist) Soviet Russia.’-And Of Vishinsky’s Moscow Trials Also, No Doubt!) 3
12/02/1946 Germans (Those Allowed To Vote By The Occupation Authorities) Approve (U.S.-Approved [Written By Judge Simon Rifkind]) Constitution 5
12/02/1946 (Picture, Elliott Roosevelts In Moscow) 5
12/02/1946 Zionists Gather For Basle (World Zionist Congress) Parley 9
12/02/1946 (Jewish) Terrorist Action Condemned Here (National Committee For Labor) 9
12/02/1946 (Ass’t. Att’y. Gen., O. John) Rogge Report Is Asked 14
12/02/1946 Margaret Bourke-White Reports On The Collapse Of Hitler’s ‘1,000 Years’ (United Nations Liberal-’Schadenfreude?’) 23
12/02/1946 Jews (Atlantic City Parley) Told Of Drop In (U.S.) Government Aid (General John Hildring, Iro, Increased Jewish Immigration) 26
12/02/1946 More Social Aid For Negro Urged 34
12/02/1946 (National Council Of Jewish) Juniors To Extend Overseas Activity 34
12/03/1946 U.S. And Britain Sign Pact On German (Fused Zones) Economic Unity 1
12/03/1946 U.S. Calls On Franco To Quit Or For Spain To Depose Him 1
12/03/1946 20 Negroes Blame Vote Ban On (Mississippi Senator, Theodore) Bilbo 1
12/03/1946 United Jewish Appeal Will Seek $170,000,000 In U.S. Next Year 1
12/03/1946 Prolonged U.S. Aid Held Europe’s Need 2
12/03/1946 Pastor (Martin) Niemoeller (‘Repentant,’ Self-Flagellating German, Acceptable To United Nations Occupation Forces) Here 3
12/03/1946 Anglo-American Unification Adds To German (Economic, Political, And Food) Problems 12
12/03/1946 (George) Meader (Counsel To Senate War Investigating Committee-Immigration) Report Says U.S. Is Victim Of Displaced Persons; U.S. Said To Finance Jews; Zionist Objectives Hinted At; Meader Criticizes Jews’ Conduct-Specifically The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Danger Seen In Report (3,000,000 DP’s In U.S. Zone, And 69 DP’s In Soviet Zone. U.S. Agreed To Accept 2,250,000 Expellees From Czechoslovakia,Austria, And Other Countries. 200,000 Jewish DP’s In Germany. One-Fourth Were There During War 13
12/03/1946 Big 4 Will Censor Wires (Telegrams) In Germany (As They Have Already Been Censoring Mail To And From Germany!) 14
12/03/1946 Germans Indict Fritzsche (Released By United Nations At Nuernberg Tribunal) 14
12/03/1946 Slovak Court Rejects (Father Joseph) Tiso’s Plea At Trial; Refuses To Dismiss Case Charging Treason 14
12/03/1946 (William L.) Batt In Berlin For Rubber Talks 14
12/03/1946 Palestine (Terrorist) Blasts Kill Five Britons 18
12/04/1946 (Harold L.) Ickes Calls (John L.) Lewis ‘Domestic Hitler’ 9
12/04/1946 Text Of (Anglo-U.S.) Joint Statement On Merger Of (Occupied) German Zones 17
12/04/1946 (Juan) Peron (Argentina) Names Aide Condemned By U.S. 18
12/04/1946 Sixth Briton Slain In (Terrorist) Palestine Blast 18
12/04/1946 (‘Little Louis’) Lipsky And (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise In Basle 18
12/04/1946 U.S. Outlines Role Of German States-Gen. (Frank A.) Keating Defines Their New (‘Democratic’) Duties 20
12/04/1946 Jews Hail (Liberal Reparations) Treaty Clauses 20
12/04/1946 Palestine Arabs War U.S. On (Pro-) Zionist Stand 22
12/04/1946 90 (Americans, Herbert Lehman Included) Urge A New UNRRA 24
12/04/1946 (Saudi Arabia’s King) Ibn Saud Is Firm In Palestine Issue 34
12/04/1946 Nazi (‘Dornberger Pennemuende’ Scientists Aid (U.S.) Army On (Rocket) Research 36
12/04/1946 (‘Re-Born,’ Self-Castigating, German Pastor) Martin Niemoeller Here For Speaking Tour 36
12/04/1946 150 Experts Test German (Wine) Vintages 38
12/03/1946 Justice (Frankfurter) Backs Call For $170,000,000 For (European) Jewish Relief 6
12/03/1946 Russia Bars Data On German (Skilled Worker) Exodus (From Eastern German Occupation Zone, ‘Mittel Deutschland!’) 15
12/03/1946 12,745 Long Tons (Of German Bombs) Dropped On City (London) During (Entire) War 16
12/03/1946 (Yugoslav Archbishop) Stepinatz’s Health Held Sound (Condemned By Tito Court To 16 Years In Prison) 16
12/03/1946 (U.S.) Army In Germany Orders Revision Of ‘Hate (Germany)’ Policy (Previously Strongly Supported By The U.S.-See: Morgenthau, Henry, Jr., Germany Is Our Problem) 24
12/03/1946 Reparation Curb Stressed In Berlin 27
12/03/1946 Occupational Aides Hail (German) Zonal Unity (Of U.S. And British Occupation Zones) 27
12/03/1946 Colleges Warned On Discrimination (By Dr. Frederick T. Rope, Director Of The Progressive Education Association) 33
12/03/1946 (German Pastor) Niemoeller Tells Of Christian Fight (In Germany-Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, Address) 34
12/03/1946 17,330,000 In Russian Zone (Oct. 30,1946 Census By United Nations Occupation Powers, Increased 1,100,000 Over Previous Year) 34
12/03/1946 $7,000,000 Aid For China (Private Gifts) 34
12/03/1946 (Irgun Zvai Leumi, BegiN-1ed Terrorists) Defy Cunningham 34
12/03/1946 (Juan) Peron (Argentina) Ships Oil To Spain 34
12/05/1946 Japanese Fear (Edwin W.) Pauley’s Program Will Destroy Economy Of Nation 36
12/05/1946 Two Germans Executed (Killed U.S. POW) 36
12/05/1946 (Former Senator, Iowa, Guy M.) Gillette (American League For A Free Palestine) Denies Aid To (Israeli) Terrorists (‘6 Million Jews Killed, Israelis Likened To Irish, Partisans, Maquis) 39
12/06/1946 Russia Has Secret Terror Group In Italy To Stir Revolt, (Italian) Police Say 1
12/06/1946 10 Soviet Trusts (Named) Drain Germany, U.S. Occupation Sources Report (U.S. Was Actively Assisting But A Few Months Ago!) 1
12/06/1946 (Polish) Foreign Minister Urges Those In Mexico To Return To Poland 7
12/06/1946 (William Z.) Foster At Communist Committee Session Bewails The Party’s ‘Betrayal’ By Truman 12
12/06/1946 Belgium, Luxembourg And Netherlands (Finally) Agree To Release Captured Germans (POW) 14
12/06/1946 (Terrorist) Zionists Assault (Sir Evelyn) Barker Residence 14
12/06/1946 Germany And Japan Under Revised Charter, To Pay Expenses (Of Relocating Their Nationals Displaced By United Nations Edicts) 15
12/06/1946 Russia Denounces (Ku Klux) Klan (‘Fascist Bands’) 16
12/06/1946 (Physicist, Otto) Hahn Says Soviet Lags In Cyclotrons-Hints At (Russia ‘Kidnapping’ Of German Scientists 17
12/06/1946 Abuses Reported In Refugee Camps 18
12/06/1946 Japanese Warned Of Alien Contacts (Not Previously Cleared By U.S. Occupation Forces) 18
12/06/1946 (1934) Nazi Labor (Wage Stabilization) Law Revoked (By United Nations Allied Control Council) 18
12/06/1946 London Bars (British Fascist, Sir Oswald) Mosley Passport 20
12/06/1946 (Saudi Arabian) King Ibn Saud’s Letter (Jewish Translation Of Letter Challenged As Deceptive) 22
12/06/1946 Truman Creates (Federal) Civil Rights Board 26
12/06/1946 Loans To Industry In Germany Denied (By U.S. Reconstruction Finance Corporation) 39
12/06/1946 2 Ship Hulks To Be Sold (Liberties: ‘Robert J. Collier’ And ‘Gaspar De Portola’) 47
12/06/1946 ‘Marine Flasher’s’ Passengers Transferred To (‘Marine Marlin’) 47
12/07/1946 U.S. Will Attend Palestine Parley 1
12/07/1946 E(Lliott) Roosevelt In Tiflis (With Wife, Actress Faye Emerson) 2
12/07/1946 Election Posters ‘The Germans Turn To The Democratic Way’ 6
12/07/1946 German Castle Looted (Russians And Poles Accused) 6
12/07/1946 Zionists Protest Reports (That They Support The BegiN-1ed Irgun Zvai Leumi) 7
12/07/1946 (Germans) Ordered To Inform The (United Nations) Allies About Foreign Holdings 7
12/07/1946 (Judge, Kings County, N.Y.) Leibowitz Off To Basle (22 Nd World Zionist Conference) 9
12/07/1946 Living Cost Rise In Germany Is 15%-Barter Used 10
12/07/1946 Un Group Drafts Attack On Franco 10
12/07/1946 Russian Industry Courts Veterans 10
12/07/1946 Union Development In Germany Is Urged (By World Federation Of Trade Unions) 12
12/07/1946 ‘Danzig And Trieste’ Letter By John Brown Mason, Oberlin 20
12/07/1946 Duty Plan Mapped For (U.S. Importation Of) German Goods 24
12/07/1946 (Toy Manufacturers) Fear Competition Of Germany, Japan 28
12/07/1946 (Detroit Surgeons) On Brain To Reform (Criminal) Woman 1
12/08/1946 U.S. Will (Finally) Expedite Grain To Germany 1
12/08/1946 Bazaar For Refugee Relief (Women’s League For Palestine) 8
12/08/1946 Soviet Terror Charged-Lithuanians Deported To Siberia, Lie Hears 15
12/08/1946 Germany And Japan Get New Bills (For Relocating Their Nationals Deported From Annexed Areas On Orders Of Or With The Agreement Of The United Nations) 18
12/08/1946 Germany, Austria Pact Proposals (Peace Treaties) 20
12/08/1946 Nuremberg Chief (U.S. Army’s Col. B.C. Andrus) Removed By Army (Because Of Goering’s Suicide) 26
12/08/1946 Alfried Krupp May Face Trial (By U.S. Nuernberg Tribunal-Defendants Kept In Solitary Confinement In 13-1/2 Feet By 7 Feet By 8 Feet High Cells Families May Not Visit Them. Cell Contains Table, Sheet And Pillow. Shoe Strings Limited To 6 In. No Ties Or Belts) 26
12/08/1946 J(ames). P. Warburg Asks German Recovery 31
12/08/1946 (Former) Hitler Aide Holds Post In Germany (Not A Member Of The NSDAP!-But Several At The Nuernberg Tribunal Weren’t!) 32
12/08/1946 Holland, Belgium Blend War Claims (Against Germany) 36
12/08/1946 Russians Find U.S. Callous To (Their) Plight (Want Continuation Of Food From UNRRA) 37
12/08/1946 Basle (Zionist Congress) Session Hears (Rabbi Hillel) Silver (Refuse Partition Of Palestine) 41
12/08/1946 Art Loot Of Nazis On View In (U.S.) Capital 50
12/08/1946 (British Chief) Prosecutor (At Nuernberg Tribunal, Sir Hartley) Shawcross) Rebukes Nuremberg Critics 50
12/08/1946 Cologne Archives Home 50
12/08/1946 Study Of GI Profit In Germany Urged (Behavior, Etc.) 53
12/08/1946 Racial Peace Plan Drawn By (540 Teen-Aged) Youths (And A Little Teen-Ager Shall Lead Them?) 54
12/08/1946 (Jewish Philanthropic) Drive ($12,000,000) Begins Tomorrow 65
12/08/1946 German (Sozial Demokrat, Kurt Schumacher) In London Reassures France 66
12/08/1946 Germany-Heart Of Europe’s Economic Problem (Obvious Now But Not So In 1918!) E-4
12/08/1946 Political Conflict Rages Around AMG (American Military Government) In Germany E-4
12/08/1946 Palestine Terror Renewed After More Deportations E-6
12/09/1946 Swiss Bar Job Security 5
12/09/1946 (Harold L.) Ickes Blames (Arab) Oil For Zionist Strife (Lack Of Unquestioned U.S. Support Of Zionism) 7
12/09/1946 British Sending Aid To Stranded Jews (800 Shipwrecked Off Dodecanese Isle Of Syrnina) 7
12/09/1946 Zionist Congress Is On In Basle Today (22 Nd)-Weizmann Expected To Retire 7
12/09/1946 (23) German Physicians Face (U.S. Nuernberg) Trial (Telford Taylor) Today 8
12/09/1946 (United Nations) Allies Err As In 1918, (French) Gen. Koenig Declares (In Opposing Unification Of Germany) 10
12/09/1946 (Trans-World Airlines) Air Service To Palestine (Begun) 10
12/09/1946 Weizmann Committee Chooses Swiss Home (Weizmann Says 6 Million Jews Dead. ‘Jewish Intellect Has Been Massacred.’) 10
12/09/1946 Berlin Disturbed By Hunger-Edema 12
12/09/1946 Russians Delaying Purge In Austria 12
12/09/1946 Half Of Japanese Unable To Live On Their Present Earned Incomes 13
12/09/1946 (General George C.) Marshall To Visit Truman, China Says 14
12/09/1946 London Sees No Glut Of Natural Rubber 45
12/10/1946 Soviet Integrates (Coal-And Oil-Rich) Sakhalin (Annexed From Japan With U.S. Blessings!) Into Communist System 1
12/10/1946 Former German Luxury Liner (‘Europa’) Aground At Le Havre 1
12/10/1946 (Vito) Marcantonio Inquiry To Be Pushed By House Group As It Gets Leads 1
12/10/1946 Budget, Charter Of Iro ([Un] International Refugee Organization) Are Voted ($160,851,000) 2
12/10/1946 Genocide An International Crime With Individual Roots, U.N. Finds 5
12/10/1946 U.S. Limits Power Of (Occupied) German Banks 7
12/10/1946 Germans On Trial (U.S. Nuernberg Tribunals) In ‘Science’ Crimes (Telford Taylor) 9
12/10/1946 Greeks Doom 2 German Generals (Bruno Breuer And Friedrich Mueller 9
12/10/1946 2 Bishops In Poland Said To Be Deported (To Russia) 10
12/10/1946 Russian Attacks German Social Democrat, (Kurt) Schumacher As ‘New Hitler’-Schumacher Denies Charge 10
12/10/1946 Reparation Plan Enters 2 D Phase-U.S. Sends Soviet Equipment From Two German Plants (Also Equipment To Czechoslovakia) 11
12/10/1946 Advanced University Is Planned (By U.S. And Britain) In Berlin (For ‘Re-Education’ Or Education) 13
12/10/1946 Weizmann Terms (Jewish) Statehood Urgent-(‘Legal’ As Opposed To ‘Illegal’) Jewish Refugees Arriving In Palestine 14
12/10/1946 (Yale Library) Gets (World War I Propagandist, Walter) Lippmann Papers 28
12/11/1946 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Tom C.) Clark Outlines Fight On ‘Alien Ideologies’ 2
12/11/1946 Wisconsin Charter Of (Ku Klux) Klan Is Revoked 3
12/11/1946 La Guardia Speaks UNRRA Farewell 17
12/11/1946 Austria Warned On Food 17
12/11/1946 Weizmann Heads (22 Nd) Zionist Congress 25
12/11/1946 $2,100,000 For Palestine (Palestine Foundation Fund-’Keren Hayesod’-For Year Totaled $15,000,000. Since Founding, 26 Years Earlier, $100,000,000) 25
12/11/1946 Four Jews Seize Papers From Arab Army’s Office 25
12/11/1946 (Conductor, Wilhelm) Furtwaengler On Trial (Berlin) 25
12/11/1946 240 Marooned (Shipwrecked) Jews Put On Rescue Ships 25
12/11/1946 Argentina Rules On German Firm 25
12/11/1946 German Experiments On Captives Described At (U.S. Nuernberg) Trial Of Physicians (Telford Taylor) 25
12/11/1946 University Women (National Board Of The American Association Of University Women-Unanimous Vote) Reject Race Bias 43
12/11/1946 Dr.John Dewey, (The Great Liberal Philosopher And Educator, Columbia University), 87, To Wed Widow, 42 64
12/12/1946 UNRRA Heads Clash On Unshipped Aid ($626,000,000 In Food) 1
12/12/1946 Austria Reports New Food Blocks (By Russians) 4
12/12/1946 10,000 Poles In Prison On Political Charge 9
12/12/1946 German Communist (Gerhart Eisler) Ridicules Charge He Is A Party Key Here (Only ‘Anti-Fascist Writer’) 9
12/12/1946 Dachau Data Called Worst Murder Tale (U.S. Nuernberg Tribunals-Physicians-Dr. Ambros, I. G. Farbenindustrie Arrested-Telford Taylor) 10
12/12/1946 Nazi Ties Denied By (Conductor Wilhelm) Furtwaengler 13
12/12/1946 Germans Press For Unity Of 3 (Western) Zones 13
12/12/1946 Arab Kidnapped By Zionist (Haganah) Gang-U.S. Zionist Bars Palestine Zoning (‘All Or Nothing’) 14
12/12/1946 Picture: Russian Production Centers In The Urals 21
12/12/1946 U.S. Army Ends Ban On German Brides 22
12/12/1946 Capt. Ernest F. Floege, American Organizer Of The (Underground French) Maquis, Arrives (With Family) At La Guardia (Picture) 22
12/12/1946 Japanese General A Suicide 22
12/12/1946 High Court Admits (Harold Le Clair) Ickes And His Son (Raymond W. Ickes) 33
12/13/1946 UNRRA Food Misuse Found By Wherry 1
12/13/1946 U.S. To Cut Staff In Germany 35% 1
12/13/1946 (Edward V.) Rickenbacker Hits ‘Quislings’ Here (In U.S.) 3
12/13/1946 UNRRA Postpones Vote On Programs 7
12/13/1946 Back Food Group, La Guardia Urges 7
12/13/1946 Hopes For (‘Re-Educated’) German (Boy) Scouts (By Swedish Count, Folke Bernadotte) 7
12/13/1946 Germans Propose State Run Mines 9
12/13/1946 (Leon) Blum Named Compromise Premier Of France In Overwhelming Vote 9
12/13/1946 French See Perils In United Germany 10
12/13/1946 Austrians To Resist Stronger Nazi Curbs 10
12/13/1946 Tuberculosis Called Rampant In Germany (260,000-400,000 Cases Under United Nations Occupation) 13
12/13/1946 (Federal) Anti-Bias Council Formed 19
12/13/1946 German Toy Factories ‘Off Limits’ To All As Wares Go For Export 30
12/13/1946 (Naval) Landing Vessels Offered For Sale (Lsm’s-$40,000, Lci’s-$10,000 Each) 47
12/14/1946 Looting Of Manchuria ‘Appalling’ Pauley Says Of Soviet Occupation 1
12/14/1946 Wind-Up Of UNRRA Fixed As ‘Flexible’ 3
12/14/1946 Iro (Un’s International Refugee Organization) Chances Fade Over Budget Snag 3
12/14/1946 Chinese To Protest UNRRA Cut 3
12/14/1946 U.S. Policy Limits German Recovery 4
12/14/1946 German Documents Printed In Pravda Say Spain Tried For Negotiated Peace (Between Germany And England In 1943) 4
12/14/1946 Vandals Raid Synagogue In London As ‘Warning’ 6
12/14/1946 German (Postal) Stamp Approved (By All Occupation Powers But France Who Refuses To Allow Its Use In Its Zone) 7
12/14/1946 Ex-Nazi Spy (For U.S.) Fights Deportation By U.S. (Claims He Gave Early Information About ‘V-Bomb’) 8
12/14/1946 (General) Von Stulpnagel (Ex-Governor Of Paris) Seized 8
12/15/1946 (General Mc Narney) Will Address Germans (From Bombed Out Roemerberg, Frankfurt A/M.) 4
12/15/1946 Capetown (South Africa) Reacts To (Outside) Race Criticism 13
12/15/1946 Women (400 Members Of National Association Of Women Lawyers) Ask Equal Status 14
12/15/1946 Austria Requests Voice On (General Peace) Treaty 20
12/15/1946 More Food Urged By German Group 24
12/15/1946 Attempts Started (In Germany) To Ease Nazi Bans 26
12/15/1946 Mannerheim Returns To Finland 28
12/15/1946 German Schools To Teach (United Nations-Approved) History 29
12/15/1946 U.S. Holds Key To German (Labor) Unions 29
12/15/1946 $12,000,000 Sought (By Church World Service) For Relief Abroad 33
12/15/1946 Jews, Rescuers Battle At (Famagusta) Cyprus 34
12/15/1946 (American) Friends (‘Quakers’) Will Open Centers In Germany 36
12/15/1946 (Leon) Blum Still Balked In Forming Regime 37
12/15/1946 Japan Diet Adopts Law On Emperor 47
12/15/1946 Grim Life Of DP’s Told To Zionists (At 22 Nd Zionist Congress At Basel. Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, Mc Narney’s Aid, Says 162,000 Jews In Germany And 30,000 In Austria. Praises U.S. Attitude 49
12/15/1946 (Jewish) Extremists (Begin-Led Irgun Zvai Leumi) Issue Leaflets (At Basel 22nd Zionist Congress) 44
12/15/1946 (Col. James Roosevelt) Links Republicans To Reds, Fascists 61
12/15/1946 ‘I Had To Join-I Was Never A Good Nazi’ (‘De-Nazification’ Proceedings In Germany) Mag. 12
12/16/1946 Un AssemblyEndorses (Iro) Refugee Charter ($4,800,000 For Administration; $151,060,500 For Operation; $5,000,000 For Resettlement 1
12/16/1946 Austrian Nazi Purge Detailed By Russians 5
12/16/1946 Aid To Nazi Victims Held Duty Of All 8
12/16/1946 American Troops Go All Out For Them (German Children) As Displaced Are Overlooked 8
12/16/1946 U.S. Can’t Teach Young Germans New Concepts, Discussions (Led By Dr. Max Rheinstein, University Of Chicago) Hints 9
12/16/1946 Jewish Group Here To Seek $65,000,000 (United Jewish Appeal-Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 21
12/16/1946 (U.S.) Educational Drive To End Bias Asked 26
12/16/1946 Dr. Charles Francis Potter Replies To Euthanasia Foe 35
12/17/1946 All-Socialist French Cabinet Formed By (Leon) Blum For Interim 1
12/17/1946 Incorporated Black Market Laid To (U.S.) Officers In Berlin 1
12/17/1946 Picture: Mrs. Anna Mlnarski, Mother-In-law Of Pianist Artur Rubinstein Was Listed As Missing During 4 Years Of War. Arrives In New York On Drottingham 4
12/17/1946 8,000 Irish Waiting For Visas To U.S. (Applicants Are Eligible For Visas But Staff Not Available To Process Them. Ireland Gave Asylum To Some Germans After War. This Is The Retaliation The U.S. Government Chose) 14
12/17/1946 Weizmann Hailed, Heckler (Dr. Emmanuel Neumann) Silenced 17
12/17/1946 $30,000,000 Believed Available In German (Reparations) Funds To Aid (What Appears To Be Primarily Jewish) Refugees 18
12/17/1946 3,000,000 Axis POW On Siberian Projects (About 2 Million Germans, Italians, Finns, And Hungarians-Rest Japanese) 18
12/17/1946 Pleads For Polish DP’s-Wants 100,000 Admitted To U.S. (Ignatius) Nurkiewicz (President, Polish American Congress) Charges UNRRA Intimidating Poles To Force Them To Return To Poland) 20
12/18/1946 House (Military Affairs Committee) Group Urges (U.S.) Espionage Corps (O. S.S./C. I. A.) 1
12/18/1946 Picture: ‘Wenn Wir Leben Wollen, Muessen Wir Exportieren’ 9
12/18/1946 (Accused) Nazis Deny Warsaw Guilt (‘Millions’ Of Jews Died At Treblinka) 18
12/18/1946 30,000 Food Parcels To Germany A Week 19
12/18/1946 Viennese Ration Poorest (In Europe) 19
12/18/1946 (Conductor, Wilhelm) Furtwaengler Is Cleared Of Nazi Taint; German Subject To (United Nations) Allied Review (Claims He Fled Berlin In Jan. 1945 To Avoid Implication In Plot On Hitler’s Life) 22
12/18/1946 $60,000,000 Budget For Jewish Agency (22 Nd World Zionist Congress, Basel) 22
12/18/1946 Cyprus (Jewish Detention Camp) Cost Put At $7,600,000 22
12/18/1946 (Abraham) Pomerantz Lays Withdrawal (Resignation) At Nuremberg To (War Department-Appointed) Judges’ Caliber 23
12/18/1946 ‘Spite’ Torturing In Dachau Revealed (By Walter Neff, A Tailor) 24
12/19/1946 (Henry L.) Stimson Defends (United Nations) Nuremberg Trial 8
12/19/1946 Germans (In Russian Zone [‘Mittel Deutschland’] Ordered To Till Cemeteries (To Grow Food) 9
12/19/1946 74 (Ploesti) Fliers (Bodies) Taken To France From Rumania 12
12/19/1946 Poles Again Link (General Wladyslaw) Anders To Rebels 14
12/19/1946 British Maneuver To Depose Franco 16
12/19/1946 (Un) Refugee Group (‘Iro’) Due To Begin Existence 17
12/19/1946 Russians Indicate Views On Germany 20
12/19/1946 Negro Suit Charges Segregation In Army 21
12/19/1946 12 Polish DP’s Seized (By U.S.) 22
12/20/1946 Truman Sets Aside Ships For Refugees-Makes 4 Available (900 Passengers Each) 1
12/20/1946 Russians May Quit Austria By Mid ‘47 12
12/20/1946 Russia Signs Pact On Japanese Repatriation; Agrees To Return 50,000 Captives A Month 15
12/20/1946 Britain Bars American Zionist (Prof. Johan J. Smertenko) Who Backs Palestine Terrorism 18
12/20/1946 Goldstein Scores Weizmann Slurs 18
12/20/1946 Vitamin Deficiencies Growing In Germany 19
12/20/1946 Bremen’s Fuel Low-By Edward R. Morrow 19
12/20/1946 Germans Glaring At (United States) Home Seizures (Confiscated For U.S. Army Of Occupation Personnel And Their Dependents-25,000-30,000 Germans Displaced [‘Made Homeless’]-Only The Best Homes Were Chosen) 20
12/20/1946 Episcopalians Plan Million For Relief 20
12/20/1946 (French Professor) Paul Langevin, 74, Physicist Is Dead (Fled To Switzerland Twice: May 1940 And May 1944. Investigated Reichstag Fire To Prove NSDAP Started It. Friend Of Einstein And Joliot Curie. Reported ‘Killed By The Germans’ Several Times In The United Nations Press During The War) 23
12/21/1946 Unfit Nations Die, President Stresses To Group 1
12/21/1946 French Beat Back Attacks At Hanoi (Indo-China) 1
12/21/1946 (Robert D.) Murphy Is Deputy For German Treaty 3
12/21/1946 League (Of Nations) Superior, Ex-President (Norwegian Parliament) Says 3
12/21/1946 Dnieper Dam Work In Decisive Phase (200 Foot High Dam) 3
12/21/1946 U.S. Said To Review Eviction Of Germans (For U.S. Army-Of-Occupation Quarters); Inability To House More Dependents Cited 4
12/21/1946 2 Zones In Germany (U.S. And British) Plan To Pool Food 4
12/21/1946 Picture: 4 Judges At (U.S. Nuernberg Tribunal) Physicians’ Trial Telford Taylor U.S. Prosecutor-(Sebring, Beals-Presiding, Crawford, And Swearingen-Alternate) 4
12/21/1946 U.S. Sets Price Plan On Ex-Axis Imports 4
12/21/1946 Former German Officers Reported Sent To Russia (Hundreds If Not Thousands-U.S. Source Says This Is Substantially Correct) 4
12/21/1946 Ship Men Amazed By Truman’s (Ship Requisition) Plan-Say 20,000 Refugees Not 4,767 Had Arrived (3 Craft On Regular Runs) 4
12/21/1946 Typhoid In Munich (Typhus Reported Erroneously) 4
12/21/1946 (George S.) Messersmith Seen Fully For (Juan) Peron (Argentina) 5
12/21/1946 (Leon) Blum Cabinet Stiffens Stand 7
12/21/1946 Pattterson Aide (Marcus H. Ray, Aid On Negro Matters) Finds Negro GI’s Maligned 8
12/22/1946 Finland’s Regime Walks Tight Rope 22
12/22/1946 (State Department) Offers Explanation On Refugee (Shipping) Figures 22
12/22/1946 (Leon) Blum For France, Shuns ‘Reconquest’ Of (Indochina) 26
12/22/1946 Vienna Yuletide A Grim Prospect 30
12/22/1946 Munich Home Seizures (By U.S. Army) Halted By Gen Mc Narney 32
12/22/1946 Truman Names Four To Try More Nazis (‘Physicians’ Trial, U.S. Nuernberg Tribunals, Telford Taylor, U.S. Prosecutor-Judges Beals, Sebring, Crawford, Swearingen)-Already Sitting! 32
12/23/1946 Arab Army Told To Prepare Itself To Strike At Jews On (Grand) Mufti’s Signal 1
12/23/1946 18 Former Nazi Officers (Named) Doomed By Yugoslavia (Tito) 2
12/23/1946 Austria Ascribes Hunger To (United Nations) Allies 2
12/23/1946 Russians Rebuilding City Of Kaliningrad (‘Koenigsberg’) 4
12/23/1946 Treasures Returned To Hungary ($60,000,000 Removed By Germans-To Keep Them From The Russians) 5
12/23/1946 Self-Pity Keynote Of Yule In Berlin 5
12/23/1946 Leftist Zionists Back Weizmann 6
12/23/1946 Austrian Purge Plan Is Facing Breakdown 6
12/23/1946 Swiss (Neutral) Aloofness Embitters British 30
12/23/1946 Dutch Are Turning To German Trade 31
12/24/1946 Zionists Condemn Palestine Terror (BegiN-1ed Irgun Zvai Leumi And Its ‘Daughter Group,’ The Stern Gang) 1
12/24/1946 (Leon) Blum Reaffirms Recognition Of Independence Of Viet Nam 1
12/24/1946 Amnesty For 1,000,000 Nazis Of Lower Rank Is Expected Today 7
12/24/1946 Britons Host To Ex-Foes-Ignore Own Troops 7
12/24/1946 Public Relief Rolls Increase In Germany 7
12/24/1946 Refugee Arrivals Put At 6,213 In Year (By State Department-Not 21,589-See Entry Dec. 22, P. 22) 8
12/25/1946 (U.S. General) Mc Narney Frees 800,000 (Accused Germans) Fromdenazification Trials (In Lowest Income Groups, Roemerberg, Frankfurt A/M., 3,000,000 Chargeable. Now Only 2,000,000 Chargeable. Some Fines And Restrictions Still Apply To Those Given Amnesty.-Like ‘Voting’ And Holding Office Perhaps?) 1&6
12/25/1946 (Leon) Jouhaux Predicts A Depression In U.S. 2
12/25/1946 UNRRA Brightens (Tito’s) Yugoslavia’s Yule (Crops Good, UNRRA Role Unclear) 4
12/25/1946 Zionists Confused As (22 Nd World Zionist) Congress (Basel) Ends 6
12/25/1946 An Axis Sally’ Released (Mildred Gillars) 6
12/25/1946 Indo-China Revolt Fateful To France-A Test For (Leon) Blum’s Regime 12
12/25/1946 School In Moscow Is Much Like Ours-But Accent Is On ‘Socialist State’ (Perhaps Even More Like Ours Than They Wish To Let On!)-Drew Middleton) 16
12/25/1946 Truman Urged To Aid Flow Of Jews To U.S. (By The American Committee For The Protection Of Foreign Born-Includes Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt And Others Like Her-Want 100,000 Jewish DP’s Admitted To The U.S.) 21
12/25/1946 Polish Children Seeking ‘Adoption’ (Aid To Poles) 30
12/25/1946 Polish Terror Charged-30,000 Peasant Party Members Arrested 33
12/26/1946 French To Release 7,000 More (German Pow) Captives 14
12/26/1946 W. C. Fields, 66, Dies 25
12/26/1946 Baron (Robert) Rothschild Of Banking Family (Dies)-A Member Of The Paris Branch (Of The Family-Fled France, 1940) 25
12/27/1946 Russians Excel Other (United Nations) Occupiers In Cutting German Unemployment 1
12/27/1946 Pictures (Of U.S. General Mc Narney Delivering Amnesty Speech [For Some Accused Germans], Roemerberg Platz, Frankfurt A/M.) 8
12/27/1946 (General Otto) Von Stulpnagel In Paris For (His) Trial (By The French) 9
12/27/1946 Zurich (University) Invites (15 Heidelberg Professors) Germans (To Switzerland For A Short Visit) 10
12/27/1946 (San Francisco) Snagogue Is Defaced 17
12/28/1946 Lend Lease At $50,000,000,000; $10,000,000,000 Repaid To U.S. 1
12/28/1946 UNRRA Unit Clears Yugoslavia Of Bias 4
12/28/1946 Chinese Reds Get More UNRRA Help 5
12/28/1946 Food Riots In (Bari) Italy Kill One, Wound 14 5
12/28/1946 Saar’s Populace Seen As Eager For Economic Union With France 6
12/28/1946 Undernourishment Growing Apace In Germany-Rations To Stay The Same 6
12/28/1946 German Progress In Paying Own Way (Plus That Of The Occupying United Nations) 6
12/28/1946 U.S. Withdrawal On Saar (Objections To French Economic Incorporation Into France) Implied 6
12/28/1946 Immigration Ban Asked By (Oklahoma Senator) Thomas 7
12/28/1946 Soviet Seen Ready To Shift Workers-Technicians Are Needed In The East 7
12/28/1946 U.S. To Disclose ‘Big 3’ Secrets (Records Of The Paris Peace Conference, 1919-27 Years Afterwards!) 12
12/28/1946 Max (M) Warburg Dies (Formerly From Hamburg, Germany Arrived In U.S. In 1939. Aided Jewish Immigration-Long Article) 15
12/28/1946 U.S. Army In Germany Lists Holiday Fetes (Entertained 794,023 German Children And 47,686 DP Children) 17
12/29/1946 U.S.-Germany Visits By Youths Proposed 3
12/29/1946 (Prof. Sidney B. Fay, Harvard History Professor [The Origins Of The World War]) Historian Gloomy On World Outlook-Western Civilization Has Slipped In Last 50 Years (Retiring President, American Historical Association) 12
12/29/1946 China Reds To Get UNRRA Clothes Dropped From U.S. Marine Planes-6,000 Bales, 100 Pounds Each (600,000 Lbs.) 18
12/29/1946 Our Nazi Captives To Get $200,000,000 (Remuneration Due 3,000,000 German POW Under Geneva Convention-Average $100 Per Man (Paid In Morgenthau Occupation Marks Or Dollars?) 27
12/29/1946 (Conductor Wilhelm) Furtwaengler’s Standards On Trial In Berlin X-7
12/29/1946 Martin, David, Ally Betrayed (A Spirited Defense Of General Mikhailovitch) Book 6
12/30/1946 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Won Over To ‘Liberalism’ (‘Cooperation’ With The Chinese Communists) With Aid Of America’s (General George C. Marshall’s) Influence (Influence Or Threats?) 1
12/30/1946 (Henry Agard) Wallace Charts Policies For 1948 In Liberal Merger 1
12/30/1946 Polish Reds Rule All Secret Police 1
12/30/1946 4 Britons Flogged As Palestine (Terrorist) Band (BegiN-1ed Irgun Zvai Leumi) Avenges Terrorist 1
12/30/1946 German Food Crisis Is Growing Worse 3
12/30/1946 Hamburg (Germany) Faces Its Worst Fuel Crisis 3
12/30/1946 Educational (‘Re-Educational’) Gains In Germany Noted 4
12/30/1946 U.S. May Ask Restoration Of (Polish-Occupied ‘East Germany,’ [‘Mittel Deutschland’] German) Territory (Farmland Needed) To Germany 4
12/30/1946 Polish Refugee Camp In Mexico Is Closing; Last Of 1434 Likely To Leave Tomorrow 5
12/30/1946 (Jewish) Refugees Welcomed In (Benjamin) Franklin Letter 9
12/30/1946 British (Still Intend) To Execute Nuremberg Decision 10
12/30/1946 (U.S.) Citizenship Opposed For Nazi Scientists (By Dr. Hans Bethe, Albert Einstein, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, And Others) 21
12/30/1946 Plans Underway For German Trade 28
12/31/1946 London Synagogue Fired: Deed Linked To (Palestine) Flogging (Of British Soldiers) 1
12/31/1946 Morgenthau Diary Gives ‘Inside’ Data 1
12/31/1946 Rise Of Reds In America Traced To Low Pay-High Profit Economy-W. H. Lawrence 1
12/31/1946 Germany Stripped Of Power (Means) To Fight-Death Sentence May Follow Certain (United Nations Decreed) Infractions 4
12/31/1946 Hesse Gems Missing (Some Stolen Gems Not Yet Recovered) 4
12/31/1946 UNRRA Denies Charges (Of Intimidating Poles To Force Them To Return To Poland) 4
12/31/1946 Poles Deny Police Torture Peasants 5
12/31/1946 Two (Americans, Robert H. Best And Douglas Chandler) Are Indicted On Treason Count 5
12/31/1946 Fellowship Church For Jews, Christians Of All Races To Be Opened In Philadelphia (By A. Herbert Haslam, Toledo, Ohio Baptist Minister) 7
12/31/1946 Japan’s Recovery Has Not Been Fast 7
12/31/1946 25 Persons Cited By Chicago Defender For Seeking Better Race Relations 10
12/31/1946 New Bias Inquiry At College Urged (By American Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephan S. Wise) 13
12/31/1946 ‘Great Advances’ Of (United Nations) Nuremberg Trials (Of Vanquished Germans) Discussed At Final Session Of Historians (Herbert Wechsler, Robert H. Jackson’s Technical Advisor At Nuernberg, Reviewed The Legal Aspects Of The Trial) 15
12/31/1946 Synthetic Rubber 73% Of The 1946 Total (Due In Part, At Least, To Use Of Patents Confiscated From Germany) 24