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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

May 1946
Date Headline Page
05/01/1946 Big Four Rule Out Austria’s Demand For South Tyrol 1
05/01/1946 Joint Palestine (Anglo-American Inquiry) Body Bars A Jewish State, But Urges Entry Of 100, 000 Refugees-Arabs Outraged By Report: JewsFar From Satisfied; Truman For Action 1
05/01/1946 Truman Said To Plan Start Of Jewish (Palestine) Entry ‘Forthwith’ 1
05/01/1946 Stalin Warns Of War Plot By ‘International Reaction’ 1
05/01/1946 Un’s Spain Inquiry Commences Today 1
05/01/1946 Schacht Pacifist He Tells Tribunals (Nuernberg) 2
05/01/1946 Senators Approve Plan For Germany 3
05/01/1946 Britain Suggests 50-Year Ruhr Rule 3
05/01/1946 La Follette Calls Britain A Bad (Loan) Risk 3
05/01/1946 First U.S. Families Arrive In Berlin (Occupation) 4
05/01/1946 Emir (Abdullah) Will Be King Of Trans Jordan 4
05/01/1946 De Gasperi (Italian) To Go To Paris (Peace Conference) 4
05/01/1946 Russians Report Hostility In France 5
05/01/1946 Town In Germany (Glatz) Sought By Czechs (Glass Center) 6
05/01/1946 4,000 Landsberg Jews Begin Hunger Strike 7
05/01/1946 (Picture) Former First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Heads United Nations Committee 7
05/01/1946 Revival Of Education In Europe Advocated (Dr. Herbert Davis) 8
05/01/1946 UNRRA Aide (Theodore Waller) Extols White Russian (Minsk) Help 11
05/01/1946 Truman (Jewish Immigration To Palestine) Comment Arouses Concern 13
05/01/1946 Text Of President Truman’s Statement On Report By (Anglo-American) Committee On Palestine 14
05/01/1946 Text Of Report Of British-U.S. Inquiry On Palestine (Map With Zones) 15
05/01/1946 Investigation Groups’ Report Discusses Flight Of Jews From Center Of Persecution In Europe (Map, Pre-War & Post-War Population) 16
05/01/1946 Palestine Report Issued April 20, 1946, Lausanne, Switz., Anglo-American Committee Of Inquiry-Estimated Jewish Population In Europe 19-21
05/01/1946 Home Relief Rolls Begin To Increase (NYC) Down To 92,000In War 27
05/01/1946 (American-Russian Institute) To Honor Roosevelt 29
05/01/1946 Florida High Court Bars Miami Negro Segregation 36
05/02/1946 Britain Demands We Share Responsibility In Palestine As Prelude To Immigration (Illegal Jewish Army In Palestine Estimated At 60,000) 1
05/02/1946 Zionist Spokesmen Score Committee 2
05/02/1946 New World Typhus Menacing America (24 Texas Cities Affected) 2
05/02/1946 (Norman) Thomas Criticizes Laski On Communism 2
05/02/1946 Unity Note Sounds In Berlin May Day 3
05/02/1946 Trieste Is Orderly As Allies Assemble 3
05/02/1946 German Girl Gets Life (Killed American Boyfriend) 3
05/02/1946 Big 4 Wrangles Revive Vandenberg’s ‘Isolation’ 8
05/02/1946 Army Urges Speed On G.I. Abuse (Lichfield) Trial 8
05/02/1946 Schacht Insists He Opposed War-Fought Every Excess Of Nazism; Says Americans Wanted Him (In Post-War Role) 9
05/02/1946 Argentine To Sell Axis-Owned Assets (Booty) 11
05/02/1946 (Gen. Osborn) Says War Surplus Wastes Overseas 15
05/03/1946 Tojo Faces Court As A War Criminal 1
05/03/1946 Russian Army Cut In Eastern Europe Pushed By Byrnes 1
05/03/1946 Committee Split On Jewish Army 2
05/03/1946 (Russian) Deportee Is Saved After Leap Off Ship 2
05/03/1946 U.S. Troops (Landsberg) Accused Of Anti-Semitism (By Jewish Officials) 2
05/03/1946 Secret Map. Shows 4 Plans For Italy 4
05/03/1946 Czech-Polish (Boundary) Dispute 4
05/03/1946 Treaty Would Let Austria Join U.N. 5
05/03/1946 La Guardia Tells Of Austria’s Plight 5
05/03/1946 Austrians Combat Division Of Tirol 5
05/03/1946 British Cede Point To French On Ruhr 5
05/03/1946 German Food Lack For 2 Years Is Seen 5
05/03/1946 Palestine Enigma May Be U.N. Issue-W. H. Lawrence 6
05/03/1946 Women Of World Urge Rights On U.N. 6
05/03/1946 U.N. Seen As No Bar To Franco Regime 8
05/03/1946 Munich Windfall Schacht Declares (Nuernberg) 9
05/03/1946 Changchun Shift Is Reported Urged (By Marshall) 10
05/03/1946 Jdc Ships 15 Tons Overseas Each Day (American Jewish Jointdistribution Committee-Also S.O.S., Supplies For Overseas Survivors) 11
05/03/1946 (Tom Clark Says) Reformatory Seen As ‘Prep’ For Jail 19
05/03/1946 Miss Zara Du Pont (Daughter Of Coleman T. Du Pont, Delaware) Champion Of Labor (Dies) 21
05/04/1946 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Delivers Loan Ultimatum (Supporting Passage) 1
05/04/1946 Slavs Reject Borders That Put Subjects In Italy 1
05/04/1946 U.N. Refugee Group To Sift Jewish Data 4
05/04/1946 Drop In UNRRA Aid Hurts Yugoslavia 5
05/04/1946 Acheson Sidesteps A Palestine Stand5 (Pictures) Distributing Europe’s Thinning Food Supplies 5
05/04/1946 La Guardia In Huff Quits Food Parley 5
05/04/1946 Soviet Held To Bar Vow To Disarm Foe 6
05/04/1946 Austria To Press South Tirol Plea 6
05/04/1946 U.S. Opposes Tito On Italian Fleet 7
05/04/1946 Einstein Is Honored By Lincoln University (Increase The Number Of Negro Students!) 7
05/04/1946 Italy Makes Plea For Armed Force 7
05/04/1946 (1,014 Jews, La Spezia Camp) Refugees Stay Together7 Immigrants Set To Sail (To U.S.-Sponsored By Jewish National Refugee Service, Inc.) 7
05/04/1946 Schacht Escapes Traps Of Jackson (Nuernberg Tribunal)8 (Schacht) Likens Goering To Nero 8
05/04/1946 (Gauleiter Robert) Wagner Gets Death For Alsace Crimes 9
05/04/1946 Negroes Will Serve Army In 1-10 Ratio 9
05/04/1946 Tolerance Is Held Parents’ Problem 12
05/04/1946 Kosher Shops Pledge Weekly (Kosher) Meat Supply As Drive For Food Gifts To UNRRA Begin (5,000 Lbs./Week) 17
05/04/1946 Yale Gets (Ww I) War Archives (From Sir William George Eden Wiseman, Attached To British Embassy) 30
05/04/1946 (Senator) Meade Assailant (Ex-Associate) Gets Off (Fine Suspended) 30
05/05/1946 British Seen Ready To Evacuate Egypt 1&30
05/05/1946 UNRRA Condemns Food Export Cuts 1
05/05/1946 Jewry’s War Role Is Lauded By Uso (Lindsly B. Kimball) 10
05/05/1946 Germans Protest (Russian) Invasion Of Homes 23
05/05/1946 (Marine Flasher) Ship On Way To Get (500-600) Displaced Persons 26
05/05/1946 Spain Seen Ready To Give Up Nazis 30
05/05/1946 Rabbis Cite Flaws In Palestine Plan 32
05/05/1946 Jewish Appeal On For $100,000,000 34
05/05/1946 Hunger, Rapid U.S. Demobilizing, Allied Rifts Called Europe’s Ills-Gen. Julius Ochs Adler, Pres. And Gen. Manager, N.Y. Times 34
05/05/1946 (Yugoslav) Refugee Group Acts To Spur Repatriation 34
05/05/1946 Mc Narney Aids U. P. (Newsman) Man-Regrets Bar To Landsberg & Kaufbeuren (Jewish Camps) 34
05/05/1946 Friends: Relief Goal (Germany, Austria, And Poland) To Exceed $6,000,000 35
05/05/1946 Rabbis Back (Truman’s) Food Program 35
05/05/1946 Italy Hears King Quits In 2 Weeks 36
05/05/1946 Poles And British Reach (War) Debt Pact 38
05/05/1946 80 Seized In Hungary In Neo-Fascist Plot (Including Father Szales Kis, A Catholic Monk And Joseph Antal) 38
05/05/1946 Hungarians Hang Kovarey 38
05/05/1946 ‘Now All That Remains Is To Get Ashore’ (Pro-Zionist Cartoon; ‘Little Eva’ [‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’] Trying To Reach Palestine) E-4
05/05/1946 Germany Looms Large As No. 1 Peace Problem-Cartoon E-5
05/05/1946 The German ‘Republic’, By S. William Halperin Book 5
05/06/1946 Civil War In China Flares On Yangtze 1
05/06/1946 Two Killed In Refugees’ Riot-Reggio Emilla-Jews And Russians Vs. White Russians 2
05/06/1946 A G.I. And His Family Solve Their Housing Problem In The German Capital 3
05/06/1946 South Tyrol Quiet After Big 4 Ruling 4
05/06/1946 Poles Want 7,000 Nazis (Including Rudolf Hoess [Commandant Of Auschwitz], Josef Buehler, & Kurt Kurgsdorf) 4
05/06/1946 President Praises Services Of Jews-7,500 War Dead 6
05/06/1946 Aid Pledged To Yeshiva (By Jewish Aid Groups) 6
05/06/1946 2,500,000 Pounds (Of Food, Clothing, & Medical Supplies) Go To Aid Jews Abroad 7
05/06/1946 Jewish Group (American Jewish Committee) Urges Speed On Palestine 7
05/06/1946 Allied Rift Rends Germany’s Politics 9
05/06/1946 German Unionists To Aid (German) Labor Drive 10
05/06/1946 German Arms Blast Laid To Grass Fire 10
05/06/1946 2,500 At (Negro-Liberal Coalition) Rally Here To ‘Organize’ South 10
05/06/1946 (Polish) General Bor (Komorowsky-Warsaw Uprising) Charges Russian Betrayal 12
05/06/1946 Wisconsin Gop Picks (Joseph R.) McCarthy For Senate 22
05/06/1946 Sociologies’ Gains In War Described 44
05/07/1946 Queens Motor Bureau Aid Ousted, Accused Of Incorporating Klan (By N.Y. State Atty. Gen. Goldstein) 1
05/07/1946 Balance Sheet Of World Reserves Proposed (By Dr. Isador Lubin) To U.N. As Roosevelt Idea (U.N. Doomsday Book) 1
05/07/1946 War Trials In Tokyo Will Open June 33
05/07/1946 The V-2 Ready For Launching At White Sands (Picture) 3
05/07/1946 Chiang (Kai Shek) Tells Aides To Obey Pacts Calling For Unification Of China 3
05/07/1946 Italy Says Her Aid (To U.N. O. In War) Wipes Out Claims (Against Her By United Nations Allies) 4
05/07/1946 Byrnes To Press German Problem 4
05/07/1946 Lists Nazis Still In Spain 5
05/07/1946 Giral Sure Break Can Unseat Franco 6
05/07/1946 War Welfare Aid By Jewry Is Cited 7
05/07/1946 Aid To Palestine (By Jews) Is Cited 7
05/07/1946 La Spezia (Jewish Refugee Camp) Ships (1,014 Jewish Refugees) To Sail (To Palestine) 7
05/07/1946 Yugoslavs In Dark On Free UNRRA Aid 8
05/07/1946 (U.S.) UNRRA Officer (For Trieste & Yugoslavia) Resigns-Charges Mishandling 8
05/07/1946 (German) Industry ‘Planted’ Him, Funk Asserts (Nuernberg Tribunal) 9
05/07/1946 Antonescu, 15 Others On Trial In Rumania 10
05/07/1946 (Supreme Court) Voids Court War Secrecy Rule 11
05/07/1946 Ukraine Fat Shortage Critical UNRRA Aide Reports In Moscow 18
05/07/1946 Hoover Bids Soviet Free (Large) Food Supply (In Manchuria) 18
05/07/1946 Women Frame Rules For World Citizens 22
05/07/1946 (Sidney) Hillman Assails U.S. Reactionaries 23
05/07/1946 ‘Ignoble Prize’ To (Senator John) Rankin (Mississippi) 23
05/08/1946 All Transylvania Given To Rumania 1&4
05/08/1946 Underground (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Bids Jews Widen Fight (Against British) 2
05/08/1946 Commons Favors Egypt Evacuation 2
05/08/1946 (Anton) Mussert Executed By Dutch Riflemen 4
05/08/1946 U.S. Conservation Benefits Germans 4
05/08/1946 Doenitz’ Evidence Meets Challenge (Nuernberg Tribunal) 4
05/08/1946 U.S. To Employ 54,000 Mexicans (Agriculture) 5
05/08/1946 Germans Searched For (‘Subversive’) Mail (Tight United Nations Mail Censorship) 5
05/08/1946 Antonescu Blames Germans 5
05/08/1946 Churchill Urges Pact With Soviet 7
05/08/1946 Hicswa Sentence (For Murder) Is Cut To 30 Years-Parents Disappointed 10
05/08/1946 Australia To Take (70,000) European Refugees 12
05/08/1946 Italian Population Is Put At 45,800,000-Gain Of 1,200,00 Since 1939; Contains 250,000 Refugees (Estimates-Last Census In 1936) 12
05/08/1946 U.S. Will Make End Of War In Europe 13
05/08/1946 Bosnia Starvation Averted By UNRRA 17
05/08/1946 Medals Given Two For Racial Work (By National [Negro] Urban League) 26
05/08/1946 Bias Against Jews Reported On Rise 29
05/08/1946 Germany’s Research On Color Film Told 34
05/08/1946 U.S. Families To Get (250) New Berlin Homes (1,500 Planned-To Be Built By Germans As Part Of Occupation Costs) 36
05/09/1946 U.S. Policy Switch In Europe To Balk Russia Foreseen 1
05/09/1946 (James) Byrnes Suggests Big 4 Call Full Peace Parley For June 1
05/09/1946 U.N. Quotas Urged For The Displaced 5
05/09/1946 Statement On (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch-To Be Tried By Tito 5
05/09/1946 Stalin Says Reds ‘Inspired’ Victory 8
05/09/1946 Jew Tried (By American Military Government) In Germany (Struck U.S. Soldier At Camp-Had Been Engaged In Forbidden ‘Close Order Drill’-Camps Used As Staging Areas For Palestine War Against Arabs) 8
05/09/1946 1,014 Jews Quit (La Spezia Camp) Italy Bound For Palestine 8
05/09/1946 French Hold (Grand) Mufti On British Request 9
05/09/1946 Nazis Imperil Peace, Wac Officer (Maj. Catherine E. Falvey, Served Under Robert H. Jackson At Nuernberg, Now Candidate For U.S. House, Running Against John F. Kennedy) Asserts 11
05/09/1946 (U.S. General) Mc Narney Expects Crisis In Germany 12
05/09/1946 (Admiral) Doenitz Says U.S. Was Feared As Foe-Defense Documents Excluded 12
05/09/1946 (Moses L.) Kove (Ass’t. U.S. Att’y.) To Join Nuremberg (Tribunal-Robert H. Jackson) Staff 12
05/09/1946 U.S. Forces Lost 295,867 In Battle Army-NavyShows 13
05/09/1946 Jewish Land Buying In Palestine Urged 14
05/09/1946 Japan’s Accused War Criminals Arraigned(Picture) 15
05/09/1946 (United Nations) Allies Bid Japan Return Property 15
05/09/1946 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Demands Draft Law Action 16
05/09/1946 70 Million In Relief Spent By Catholics 18
05/09/1946 17 (Jews) Orphaned By War Here From Germany 23
05/09/1946 Socialized Medicine Success In Palestine 23
05/10/1946 Molotov Insists 4 Agree On Pacts Before Big Parley 1
05/10/1946 Italian King Abdicates And Sails; Humbert Will Take Oath Today 1
05/10/1946 Emergency Group Here To Help In Coordination Of Famine Relief 5
05/10/1946 Better Food Plan Sought By UNRRA 6
05/10/1946 UNRRA Help Vital To White Russia 7
05/10/1946 Yugoslavs Parade Armed Might In Celebrating Victory Over Axis 7
05/10/1946 Russians Rebuff Austrian Appeal 7
05/10/1946 Professor (Dr. Eli Ginzburg, Columbia University) To Serve At Refugee Parley 8
05/10/1946 (Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint Boycott Committee Of Jewish Labor Committee And American Jewish Congress) Says (General) Anders Arms Poles 8
05/10/1946 South Africa To Sift War Link With Nazis 9
05/10/1946 (Leon) Blum Says He Won’t Run 10
05/10/1946 (United Nations) Allies To Repatriate 16 Germans In Spain 11
05/10/1946 British Doubt Vow Of Bevin On Jews 11
05/10/1946 (60 German ‘Denazification’) Nazi Tribunals Ready 11
05/10/1946 French Zionists Critical (Of Anglo-American Report) 11
05/10/1946 German Defended By Foe In Battle (General Student Defended By Brigadier [New Zealand] L. M. Inglis At Nuernberg Tribunal-A Rare Example Of Chivalrous Behavior In This War!) 12
05/10/1946 Bias Charge By Davis Stirs Police Inquiry 21
05/10/1946 Inter-Racial Help Urged By Dr. (Bryn J.) Hovde 38
05/10/1946 (Senator) Bilbo (Mississippi) Says He Bars Capital Negro Rule 38
05/11/1946 Russians Yield In Austria On Occupation Cost And Oil 1
05/11/1946 (State Education Dept.) To Hear Miss (May A.) Quinn’s Case 2
05/11/1946 Roosevelt Plane Is Dedicated (Washington) 2
05/11/1946 UNRRA Sends Europe Vast Store Of Drugs 3
05/11/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Calls World Food Crisis Worse 3
05/11/1946 Taft Says Truman Is Near Communism 5
05/11/1946 Says Navy Abetted Gambling At Pearl (Harbor) 7
05/11/1946 (Admiral) Doenitz Defends Athenia’s Sinking (By Germany) 7
05/11/1946 (Yugoslavian Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch’s (Defense) Case Opens Here (N.Y. City) Monday 7
05/11/1946 More Germans Convicted-5 Sentenced To Die; 57 Prison Terms 10
05/11/1946 Gen. Student Gets Five Years In Prison 10
05/11/1946 Anton Brunner (Vienna) Sentenced To Death 10
05/11/1946 (U.S. Military) Authorities) Ban German Royalists 12
05/11/1946 Prussian Separation (Partition) Urged By Churchill 16
05/11/1946 Spain Hands Over 12 Nazis; 4 Missing 17
05/11/1946 Jews In Italy Charge (Italian Soldier In) Refugee Camp (Reggio Emalia) Killing 18
05/11/1946 Fats Seen As Vital Now As In The War 24
05/11/1946 Labor In Georgia Asks (Ku Klux) Klan Inquiry 40
05/11/1946 (Picture) At Mass Ku Klux Klan Initiation Ceremony In Georgia 40
05/11/1946 500 Students Here Ponder World Ills 40
05/11/1946 160 Army Officers To Study (Physical And Social) Sciences 40
05/12/1946 AFL Warns South Of CIO Radicals 1
05/12/1946 British-U.S. Ties Hailed By (Lord) Halifax-Farewell Address 1&32
05/12/1946 Committee Of 100 (Herbert Lehman) Asks Famine Help 1
05/12/1946 Pac (CIO Political Action Committee, Headed By Sidney Hillman) Joins Forces With Two Groups (Harold L. Ickes And Frank Kingdon, Pres. Univ. Of Newark & Supporter Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 9
05/12/1946 Berlin Flights To Start 10
05/12/1946 (Tom) Clark Fears Era Of Lawless Youth 15
05/12/1946 (Methodist) Bishop (James C.) Baker Sees Nationalism Rise 16
05/12/1946 Two GI’s Murdered In German (Sniper) Ambush (Believed To Have Been A German Assailant 16
05/12/1946 61 German (Mauthausen Camp) Guards Guilty Of Murder (U.S. Army Dachau Trial) 17
05/12/1946 (Goering’s Defense Attorney) Would Reopen Katyn Forest (Massacre Of 15,000 Polish Officers By Russians-Germans Accused Initially) Case 17
05/12/1946 New Refugee Tide Crowds U.S. Camps-Guards Wink At (U.S.) Army (Immigration) Bans 18
05/12/1946 Nazi Wanted By U.S. (Joaquin Watjen) Freed By Argentina 19
05/12/1946 (William) (Ass’t. Sec. Of State) Benton Picks Aide To Advise On Radio Of ‘Voice Of America’In 24 Languages-Names Committee(Propaganda Broadcasts) 19
05/12/1946 Pre-War Industry Promised Japan 23
05/12/1946 (George S.) Messersmith Sees Soviet Aggression 28
05/12/1946 Poles To Admit Relief Packages 28
05/12/1946 Poles To Put Curbs On (Anti-Soviet) Peasant Party 29
05/12/1946 Bulgarian Jews Safe (47,000 Before War And 50,000 Afterwards) 29
05/12/1946 Foes Of Tito (Mikhailovitch’s Supporters) Hold UNRRA Aids Regime 30
05/12/1946 800 Nazi Victims (U.S. Rescued 3,000,000-Robert [?] Murphy) Sail For Shelter In U.S. 30
05/12/1946 (Yugoslavian Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch Trial Soon 31
05/13/1946 UNRRA To Retain Granary In China 3
05/13/1946 Washington Gives Plans Of German Helicopters 4
05/13/1946 Nuremberg Combed For Soldiers’ Killers; Two Germans Reported Held; Gun Sought 8
05/13/1946 New British View On Ruhr Emerges 10
05/13/1946 Former Leader Of Rumanian Government On Trial 10
05/13/1946 Maniu Tries To Aid Rumanian Accused 10
05/13/1946 Austrian Minister Dismissed (As Pro-Nazi) 10
05/13/1946 (U.S.) Army Holds Nazi Industrialist (Dr. Hans Malzacher) 11
05/13/1946 Britain Denies Army Of Germans Exists (As Claimed By Russians) 15
05/13/1946 Pro-Nazis In Hiding In South Africa 15
05/13/1946 Return Of Art Works To Germany (From U.S.) Is Urged 18
05/13/1946 $3,000,000 Pledged To Russian Relief (By Jewish Council For Russian War Relief) 18
05/13/1946 Veterans Choose Anti-Bias Leader 22
05/13/1946 Churches Appeal For UNRRA Food 25
05/13/1946 50% To 60% Of Federally Inspected Lard Now Going To Government For The UNRRA 34
05/14/1946 (United Nations) Allies To Wipe Out All Pro-Nazi Books-To Be Burned (?;!) 1
05/14/1946 58 Germans Doomed To Be Hanged For Mauthausen (Concentration Camp Alleged) Mass Murders 1
05/14/1946 Libyan Jews Seek Home In Palestine 3
05/14/1946 (Herbert) Hoover’s Grain Report 4
05/14/1946 243 Russians Fear Home-Repatriated By U.S.A. (See ‘Operation Keelhaul’) 4
05/14/1946 UNRRA Sending Boats To Greece 4
05/14/1946 Max Schmeling Jailed (By United Nations) 5
05/14/1946 ‘Liberation’ Seen By (Leon) Blum In U.S. Aid 5
05/14/1946 U.S. Asks Inquiry On German Power 7
05/14/1946 Cowles Urges Reunited Germany As Bar To Expansion By Soviet 8
05/14/1946 Education Progress In Germany Hailed (By U.S. Col. James R. Newman) 8
05/14/1946 Molotov Prods U.S. On Danubian Assets 8
05/14/1946 (U.S.) Ex-Marine Pleads For (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan, General) Mikhailovitch 9
05/14/1946 Mikhailovitch May Confess 9
05/14/1946 British Stop (Rumanian Vessel, Palestine Bound) Ship Bearing 1,800 Jews 12
05/14/1946 German Admiral (Gerhard Wagner) Assists (Admiral) Doenitz 12
05/14/1946 Berlin Idle Mount In Goods Shortage 12
05/15/1946 (Frank) Murphy And (Gen. Lucius) Clay At Big 4 Meeting 2
05/15/1946 (U.S. General) M’narney Orders Lichfield Review 2
05/15/1946 German Defends Killing (British) Commando 2
05/15/1946 Yugoslavs Charge Allies Aid Traitors (Mikhailovitch) 2
05/15/1946 U.S. Appeals Again For Mikhailovitch 2
05/15/1946 Mexico In Farewell To U.S. Ambassador (George S. Messersmith) 4
05/15/1946 (Harold Leclaire) Ickes Defends Soviet 5
05/15/1946 Singer (Negro, Paul Robeson) Pleads For Africa 6
05/15/1946 1,754 In Seized Ship Get Into Palestine 8
05/15/1946 (James G.) M’donald (Longtime Zionist And Champion Of Jews-A True ‘Righteous Gentile’) Decries Palestine Delay 8
05/15/1946 $3,000,000 Sought To Help Refugees 8
05/15/1946 4 In Congress Urge Opening Holy Land (To Jews) 8
05/15/1946 Rabbi (Philip S.) Bernstein (Former Advisor To Gen. Eisenhower) Named Advisor To (Gen.) Mc Narney (Picture) 8
05/15/1946 (Sumner) Welles Criticizes (Anglo-American) Report 8
05/15/1946 (King) Ibn Saud Held Slandered (By Sen. Owen Brewster) 8
05/15/1946 Little Aid To Jews By UNRRA Reported (By Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 9
05/15/1946 Governor (Thomas E. Dewey) Contributes To Europe’s Needy (Via American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 16
05/15/1946 $135,000,000 Given UNRRA (By U.S. Congress) 16
05/16/1946 Big 4 To Recess To June 15; Agree On No Major Issue 1
05/16/1946 (James) Byrnes Seeks German Pact To Be Ready By November 1
05/16/1946 Polish Refugees (Jewish?) Give Thanks At The End Of Their Long Journey (25 In Care Of The Felician Sisters In Detroit) 4
05/16/1946 2 Soldiers Plead For Mikhailovitch 6
05/16/1946 German Flees On Train Carrying (U.S.) Army Families 7
05/16/1946 Soviet Keeps (Fred W.) Kaltenbach (Of Waterloo, Iowa) 9
05/16/1946 Judaism Council Chided (By Zionists) 11
05/16/1946 Dog Of Rare Breed (Munsterlander) Once Owned By Himmler Wags Tail Democratically In Hospital Here 12
05/16/1946 (Admiral) Raeder (Nuernberg Tribunal) Justifies Treaty Violation 12
05/16/1946 New Prisoner Killing By Germans (At Le Gleize, Belgium, Dec. 23, 1944) Charged 12
05/16/1946 Negroes Told Of Judaism 12
05/16/1946 Arabs Ask End To Jewish Agency 13
05/16/1946 Austria To Curb Returns Of Jews 13
05/16/1946 African Nazis Lose (Meeting) Hall 13
05/16/1946 German (Concentration Camp) Nurse Gets 10 Years (Impersonating Americans) 13
05/16/1946 Army Intelligence Being Reorganized (Lt. Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg) 14
05/16/1946 (Rockefeller Foundation) Aids Polish Libraries 18
05/16/1946 Roosevelt (Personal) Papers (Sealed At Death) Are Opened In Part 19
05/17/1946 Talks Futile; Big 4 Recesses 1
05/17/1946 Sharp Arab Note On Palestine Linked To U.S. Bases In Mid-East 1
05/17/1946 Text Of The British Proposals For Setting Up Independence In India 2
05/17/1946 Talks On Germany End On Acid Tones 4
05/17/1946 Russia Hints Ban On Refugee Group 5
05/17/1946 Arab Chiefs Meet On Palestine Report 6
05/17/1946 Status Of Families Of Top Nazis Asked 6
05/17/1946 Jewish Terrorism In Jerusalem 6
05/17/1946 30 Political Killings In Greece Since May 1 6
05/17/1946 (Admiral) Raeder’s Defense (Nuernberg Tribunal) Cites Allied ‘Plot’ 8
05/17/1946 Red Army Seizes Austrian Houses 8
05/17/1946 4 More Witnesses Back Mikhailovitch 8
05/17/1946 ‘Bulge’ Killers Seek Severance (Col. Burton Ellis, U.S. Prosecutor) 8
05/17/1946 (Colonel) Kilian’s (Lichfield) Trial Postponed 8
05/17/1946 German Council Of State Reduces Food Rations In American Zone (To 1,180 Calories Per Day From 1,275) 10
05/17/1946 Hebrew Chairs Honor (Adolph S.) Ochs And (Julius) Rosenwald 19
05/17/1946 Dar Convention Is Facing Row On Negro Ban At Constitution Hall 23
05/17/1946 Italy ‘Pairs’ UNRRA Shoes (2,000,000 For Distribution) 24
05/18/1946 (Herbert) Hoover Asks Food For 800,000,000 1
05/18/1946 Government Seizes The Nation’s Railroads 1
05/18/1946 Order For Railroad Seizure 3
05/18/1946 Seven More Soldiers Back Mikhailovitch 4
05/18/1946 (Gen. George C.) Marshall And Chou Talk Again In Nanking 4
05/18/1946 1,200 Back Miss (May) Quinn 4
05/18/1946 Antonescu To Die For Crimes In War 6
05/18/1946 Ss Blames Hitler In Bulge Murders (Sepp Dietrich, Described As Former Notorious Beer Hall Brawler) 6
05/18/1946 4-Power Board To Study Germany’s Disarmament 6
05/18/1946 (Admiral) Raeder (Nuernberg Tribunal) Says Hitler Banned Interference 6
05/18/1946 Fulbright Warns Of Soviet Attitude 7
05/18/1946 G. I. Admits Shooting 2 U.S. Men In Germany 7
05/18/1946 Russia Says 2 Nazis Admit Franco Plot 8
05/18/1946 U.N. Aid On Jews’ Exit Reported Poles’ Aim 8
05/18/1946 French Will Execute 4 9
05/18/1946 Text Of Herbert Hoover’s Address 10
05/18/1946 British Rebuke Poles For Attack On UNRRA 10
05/18/1946 2 (Jewish) Groups (National Council Of Jewish Women And [Jewish] National Refugee Service, Inc.) Unite In Immigrant Aid 11
05/18/1946 Bias At Columbia (Univ.) Denied At Hearing 19
05/18/1946 Bars To Visas (For Americans To Visit Palestine Via Egypt) Assailed By U.S. Zionists) 20
05/18/1946 (Hadassah) Sends $320,000 To Palestine 32
05/19/1946 Foe’s (German’s) Loss (In Men) Higher In West Than East 1
05/19/1946 Americanism Hailed In Jewish Temples 16
05/19/1946 Negroes Ask Vote Guard (In Mississippi) 18
05/19/1946 (Claire Booth Luce) Urges Dar Vote On (Negro) Ban 21
05/19/1946 Hearing Concludes (In N.Y. City) On (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch 25
05/19/1946 Malmedy Massacre-Ss Troops Confirm Massacre Orders (Later Found To Have Done So Under Torture And Coercion-Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy Reported This!) 25
05/19/1946 Zionists Plan Fight On Palestine Delay 28
05/19/1946 85,000 Polish Jews Return From Russia (Including 15,000 Children) 28
05/19/1946 (Pierre) Laval Trial Text Printed 28
05/19/1946 Request Jewish Immigrants Be Admitted To New Zealand 28
05/19/1946 First Boat Load Of Displaced Persons Sails From Germany (Picture) 28
05/19/1946 (Lord) Bryce (World War I Propagandist) Letter Shows Pessimism Over League (Of Nations) 29
05/19/1946 U.N. Body Accepts All As Refugees 29
05/19/1946 Austria Will Subordinate War In (New) Histories To Curb Militarism; New (United Nations-Approved) Textbooks Also Will Discount Theory Of Pan-Germanism 30
05/19/1946 282 Death Sentences Listed By U.N. Board 30
05/19/1946 Bevin Bid For (British) Role In Silesia Is Seen 33
05/19/1946 U.S. Denies British Keep German Army (As Charged By Russia) 33
05/19/1946 (German) Zonal Partitions Hardened 33
05/19/1946 Ex-Prisoners (POW Indoctrinated In U.S. Camps For ‘Re-Education’) Lead In Training Germans 33
05/19/1946 Poles Seize Arms Cache 33
05/19/1946 All Arab Rulers Called To Parley 33
05/19/1946 $550,000 Aid Sent Abroad (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 270 Madison Ave.-Total $1,400,000 This Month) 34
05/19/1946 (German) Food Trains Looted 35
05/19/1946 Will Develop German Livestock 35
05/19/1946 Italy Seen Leading Europe In Textiles F-6
05/19/1946 (Bernard) Baruch’s Atom Report May Serve As Guide E-3
05/19/1946 Arab League To Act Soon On The Palestine Question E-4
05/19/1946 Balance Sheet At Paris-Settled And Unsettled Problems (Map) E-5
05/19/1946 The Ruhr Today (Pictures Of Widespread Destruction) Mag. 10
05/19/1946 Three Visiting Russian Writers (Ilya Gregorevitch Ehrenberg, Russia’s Leading ‘Black Propagandist.’ And Others-Article And Picture) Book 3
05/19/1946 Picture Of George Orwell (A War-Time British Propagandist) Book 4
05/20/1946 Secret Big 4 ‘Deal’ On Italy Reported 1
05/20/1946 (Labor Union) Asks End Of Monopolies (Pro-Russian & Anti-Bilbo And Anti-Rankin) 2
05/20/1946 Soviet Radio Denies Food Is Still Short 3
05/20/1946 Poland To Divert Bread 3
05/20/1946 Troops Of (Polish General) Anders Will Go To Britain Rather Than Poland 5
05/20/1946 Refugee Ship (‘Marine Flasher,’ Under Terms Of Presidential Directive, Dec. 22, 1945) On Way (Due 8: Am On May 20,1946) 6
05/20/1946 Jewish War Veterans Hold Memorial Here; O’dwyer Says He Will Crush Intolerance (But Apparently Not Corruption In Government) 7
05/20/1946 Arabs, Jews Meet (Sir Alan C. Cunningham) British Aide Today 7
05/20/1946 La Spezia (Origin) Craft Land (1,014) Refugees (In Palestine-Interesting Group, Article Gives Some Stories About Make-Up Of Group) 7
05/20/1946 Tokyo Is Said To Refuse To Pay For Tojo Defense (Defendant Must Pay His Own Defense, Also Interpreter Problems) 9
05/20/1946 (American) Warsaw Jewish Council Meets (American Council For Warsaw Jews, Inc., Samuel Wohl, Pres) 10
05/20/1946 War Held Prelude To ‘Greatest Era’ (Speech To Knights Templar Masons 12
05/20/1946 Education Failure Seen In World Ills 12
05/20/1946 Lard Supply Far Short, To Grow Tighter; Government Taking 60% Of U.S. Output (Much Going To Russia ‘Under Old Agreements’) 12
05/20/1946 Social Revolution Seen World Wide (Dr. Kenneth Pray, Pennsylvania School Of Social Work-Negroes Cheated In Education) 38
05/21/1946 Mine Seizure (By Government) Near, Operation Sought Of Union, Owners 1
05/21/1946 795 Immigrants Reach U.S. Haven, First Under Truman’s Alien Order (‘Marine Flasher’-Met By 1,500 Relatives And Friends-’Little More Than A Year Ago, They Were Awaiting Death In Nazis’ Gas Chambers Or Crematoria In Such Notorious Concentration Camps As Those At Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, And Oswiecim.’ 1&25
05/21/1946 (James) Byrnes To Put Peace Up To The U.N. Unless Parley Is Set For Summer 1
05/21/1946 (Herbert) Hoover Asks New Aid Unit, End Of World Charity (UNRRA To End Sept. 1, 1946) 1
05/21/1946 Antonescu (Rumania) Appeals (To U.S. Supreme Court) 2
05/21/1946 Germans (POW From Bulge) Cite Ban On Taking Captives (Some Testimony In U.S. Army Trial Reported-See ‘Simpson Report,’ Simpson Commission) 2
05/21/1946 Text Of (James) Byrnes Report 4
05/21/1946 Vienna Seeks Way To Get Farm Food (Russian Occupation) 8
05/21/1946 More Potatoes Use In U.S. Proposed 9
05/21/1946 (Herbert) Hoover Cites Area’s Needs 10
05/21/1946 U.S., Britain Seek Palestine Briefs 12
05/21/1946 Germans’ (In Spain) Status Same 12
05/21/1946 (Versailles) Treaty Violations Listed By (Admiral) Raeder (Nuernberg Tribunal) 13
05/21/1946 (Admiral) Raeder (Nuernberg Tribunal) Denounces Colleagues (Feld Marschal Keitel & Admiral Doenitz) 13
05/21/1946 (General George C.) Marshal Warns Of (Factional) Peril In China 14
05/21/1946 England’s Tribute (Picture Of Sword) To World War Ii Supreme Allied (United Nations) Chief (Eisenhower) In Europe 14
05/21/1946 (British) Commons Adopts Bill To Nationalize Coal 15
05/21/1946 Pennsylvania Miners (Strikers) To Get (U.S. Unemployment Compensation) Jobless Pay 16
05/21/1946 2 Jewish (Welfare) Agencies To Merge On July 1 24
05/21/1946 Pictures Of Docking Of ‘Marine Flasher’ 25
05/21/1946 (‘Marine Flasher’) Picture Of Mrs. Elsie Springut With Daughter Rita And Son Moses Showing Auschwitz Tattoo (Contains A Continuation Of Page 1 And A Long List Of Jewish Welfare Agencies) 25
05/21/1946 Allied Terms (On Division Of German Assets) Set On Offer To Swiss 29
05/22/1946 Government Seizes Coal Mines-Krug Takes Over 1
05/22/1946 (Senator Arthur) Vandenberg (Former ‘Isolationist’) Hails Foreign Policy, Calling It Positive And Bi-Partisan 1
05/22/1946 U.S. Raids Danube ‘Fleet;’ Russian River Control Disputed 1
05/22/1946 Anti-Russian German (Liberal Democrat, Ernst Luge, Hesse) Jailed (By U.S. Authorities-Said Russians Raped German Women-Germans Might Say Nothing Against Any Of The United Nations Forces Nor Deny Accusations Made By Them!) 2
05/22/1946 Laughing Germans Slew Captives ‘Bulge’ Massacre Survivors Say (Picture Of Defendants At U.S. Army Trial At Dachau) 4
05/22/1946 Accord On (Polish) Spoils (To Be Split Between Germany And Russia In 1939) Cited By German (Baron Ernst Von Weizaecker Of The German Foreign Office) 4
05/22/1946 (Karl Herman) Frank (Czechoslovakia) Nazi Chief Will Be Executed 4
05/22/1946 Russians Said To Use German War Experts 4
05/22/1946 Norway Dooms Traitor-Skancke, Minister Of Religion And Education Under Quisling (A Score Of Similar ‘Traitors’ Sent To Busy Firing Squad) 4
05/22/1946 (U.S. General) M’narney Ponders (Unilateral ?) Potsdam Revision 5
05/22/1946 General Bor (Tadeusz Komorowski) Here To Tell Of Polish (Warsaw) Fight, Is Protected From ‘Communist Elements’ 5
05/22/1946 (Italian) Fascist Rescues Of Jews Revealed (Long Article By Delbert Clark) 6
05/22/1946 Community Group (Community Committee-Henry Ford, 2Nd, Edward M. M. Warburg, And Nelson A. Rockefeller) Aids Jewish Drive (United Jewish Appeal) 8
05/22/1946 Mayor (O’dwyer) Aids Jewish Drive 8
05/22/1946 Palestine Survey Lists Many Groups (Mostly Jewish) 8
05/22/1946 La Guardia Assails (Herbert) Hoover Food Aim 12
05/22/1946 Visitor To Poland Reports Coercion 13
05/22/1946 Swiss To Yield 50% Of German Assets (To United Nations-American Plan!) 13
05/22/1946 Stalin Says Truman Grain Plea For UNRRA Was (Unfortunately) 3 Months Late (Plans Already Made) 13
05/22/1946 Yale Gets (Langhorne GibsoN-2,500 Volumes Of World) War (I) Collection 14
05/22/1946 18,000 At Concert For German Relief (11 Private U.S. Welfare Organizations Operating In U.S. Zone-All (Or Each ?) Originally Limited To 2,000 Tons/Month; Now Unlimited 18
05/22/1946 D. A. R. Vote Orders Dissolution Of The (Claire Booth) Luce Anti-Bias Committee (Favoring Negroes) 23
05/22/1946 California KKK Charter Revoked (By State Judge A. A. Paenessa) 23
05/23/1946 (Karl Herman) Frank Is Hanged For Lidice Crime (8,000 Spectators, First German Hanged Of Cabinet Rank) 1
05/23/1946 Germans Had ‘Tip’ On Pearl Harbor 2
05/23/1946 Conflict Is Denied In Palestine Policy 2
05/23/1946 Palestine Problem Held Vital To World (By Dr. Louis Altman, President, United Zionists-Revisionists [Jabotinski ?] Of Palestine) 3
05/23/1946 (William Green, A. F. Of L.) For Aid To German Unions 5
05/23/1946 (British Attempt Written) Aid For Mikhailovitch 6
05/23/1946 19 (Jewish) Rioters (At UNRRA Camp Near Landsberg, Germany) Sentenced (By U.S. Authorities-3 Months To 2 Year Terms) 6
05/23/1946 Orphan, 3 (Bela Raphael Simons), Adopted By G. I. In Germany, Here; Her Trip By Plane Redeems Soldier’s Pledge (Never Seen Before By ‘Mother’) 7
05/23/1946 Leningrad Rising From Its Debris; City Cheery As Late Ordeal Dims (German Prisoners Working-Looked Well-Fed) 8
05/23/1946 U.S. To Hold (German) Ships Seized On Danube (From Russia) 8
05/23/1946 Accord With Italy To Be Made Public 8
05/23/1946 Secret French (Reynaud) Plan For Defense (Of Brittany) Bared 8
05/23/1946 German Clubbing Of (U.S.) Wounded (During Bulge Offensive) Cited (Picture And Article) 9
05/23/1946 Britain To Settle Displaced (Disarmed) Poles (In Britain And Other Countries) 9
05/23/1946 Austria Is Plagued By Frontier Issue (S) 9
05/23/1946 Germany To Get Danish Fish 10
05/23/1946 La Guardia Is Criticized (By Chas. E. Crofton, Pres., N.Y. Produce Exchange) 22
05/23/1946 Leaders In D. A. R. Score Mrs. (Claire Booth) Luce 23
05/23/1946 26 Dinners Are Held To Aid (United) Jewish (Appeal) Drive ($35,000,000 From New York To Go To Rehabilitation And Resettlement Of Jews $100,000,000 Is National Quota 28
05/23/1946 8,770 Cans Of Food (Collected On Behalf Of UNRRA) Donated To Aws 28
05/24/1946 Germans Destroyed (Original) Versailles Document (Many Others Recovered Intact From Various Locations Where They Had Been Stored (For Protection) 1
05/24/1946 (Communist, Earl) Browder To Aid U.S.-Soviet Ties In Book Field, He Says In Moscow 1
05/24/1946 (Nansen Type) Papers (Passports) To Aid Refugees 6
05/24/1946 Pearl Harbor (Congressional Investigation) End Marred By Dispute 12
05/24/1946 (General Anders, Anti-Russian) Poles Decry Demobilizing 12
05/24/1946 UNRRA To Get $100,000 From ‘Red Mill’ Showing 14
05/24/1946 (Truckload Of) Displaced Jews Beat 5 Germans On Road (Including The Oberbuergermeister And Buergermeister Of Mittewald-Knife Wounds-6 Drunk GI’s Looking For A German Girl Previously Molested The Jews) 20
05/25/1946 Congressmen Reveal Germ Weapon Can Wipe Out City At Single Blow (Plant Poisons Also Revealed) 1
05/25/1946 Amnesty Proposed (By Sozial Demokrat, Kurt Schumacher) For Youths Of Germany Who Joined Nazi Party At Ages Of 16 To 18 8
05/25/1946 Germans Confirm Le Gleize (Bulge Offensive) Murders 8
05/25/1946 Drop Hitlerism Schirach (Nuernberg Tribunal) Advises (Germans) 8
05/25/1946 (United Nations) Allies Will Ease Grip On Austria 8
05/25/1946 Palestine Arabs Demand Statehood 8
05/25/1946 U.S. To Act Alone On German Cotton (Needs) 8
05/25/1946 Unity Of Americas Gone Says (Sumner) Welles 8
05/25/1946 (General Lucius) Clay Rebuffs Germans (Evangelical Church Clerics) 8
05/25/1946 (Geroge S.) Messersmith Begins Parleys With Peron 8
05/25/1946 Austrian Outlines Territorial Aims 8
05/25/1946 Russians Destroy Books (List Of 13,000 Books And 1,500 Periodicals ‘Of A Fascist, Militarist Or Anti-Democratic Nature’) 8
05/25/1946 Austrians Hang (Anton) Brunner 8
05/25/1946 Hungarian Gen. Ferenc Feketehalmy-Czeydner Sentenced To Death 8
05/25/1946 Zionist Body Invited (To Forthcoming World Zionist Congress) 9
05/25/1946 Russian (Nuernberg Tribunal) Prosecution Aide Slain While Cleaning Gun (Gen. N. D. Zorya, Ass’t. Soviet Prosecutor) 10
05/25/1946 Atomic Education Urged By (Albert) Einstein 13
05/25/1946 (Leon) Blum Cancels Paris Flight (From Washington) 16
05/25/1946 Second Contingent Of Refugees Here (‘Marine Perch’-566 DP’s-List Of Agencies Meeting Ship-75 Repatriates 17
05/25/1946 Miss Quinn’s Case In Stoddard’s Hands (N.Y. State Commissioner Of Education) 17
05/25/1946 Isolation Test Nears, (John G.) Winant Sas 22
05/26/1946 Gromyko Protests Welcome To (Polish General) Bor By Official Of U.N 1
05/26/1946 Trans-Jordan Emir (Abdullah) Becomes King In Setting Of Arabian Pagentry 1
05/26/1946 U.S. Halts Reparations (Dismantling Of Plants For Shipment To Russia, England, Etc.) From Zone In Germany 2
05/26/1946 First May Day Meeting In Vienna Since 1934 2
05/26/1946 G. I.’s Fired On In Trieste (Tito’s Guerrillas) 2
05/26/1946 German Parties Aim At Youth Vote Today 2
05/26/1946 Austria Will Admit C.A.R.E. Relief Food (Packages) 3
05/26/1946 3 U.S. (Negro) Editors (Touring Europe) Reach Rome-Honored At Luncheon 4
05/26/1946 Two More SS Men Admit (Bulge Offensive) Massacres (At U.S. Army Trial At Dachau) 4
05/26/1946 103 Jewish Children En Rout (Originally From Czechoslovakia) To New Life (Either In U.S. Or In Palestine Via U.S.-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 7
05/26/1946 Hagelin, Norse Nazi (Quisling Aide) Executed 12
05/26/1946 ‘Weedicide’ (Advertisement For 2,4-D-Developed By U.S. For Use In Killing Germany’s Potato Crop During War) X-16
05/26/1946 Trieste Focal Point Of Big Four Differences In Europe E-5
05/27/1946 Mayor (O’dwyer) Urges U.S. Jews To Offset Nazi Ruin; Dons Skull Cap 2
05/27/1946 Czechs Rebuilding ‘A Democratic’ Life 7
05/27/1946 (Spruille) Braden Declares Fascism Lives On (‘Threat To Liberalism And The American Way’) 10
05/27/1946 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler (Conductor) Approved By Austrian Commission 10
05/27/1946 (Sumner) Welles Bids U.S. Build ‘One World’ 11
05/27/1946 Army Curbs (Lichfield, Gi-Abuse) Trial News 11
05/27/1946 Labor Heads (Philip Murray [CIO] And William Green [A. F. of L.]) Back Drive To Aid Jews 12
05/27/1946 Two (U.S.) Captains (And ‘Miss Austria’) Convicted (Stole Penicillin) 12
05/27/1946 ‘Oss’ War Spy Thriller, Alan Ladd (Unfit For Draft) 15
05/27/1946 (Rabbi) S.S. Wise Praised By (N.Y. Senator) Mead At Dinner 21
05/27/1946 (George) Biddle Drawings (German Atrocities) To Be Exhibited (By United Jewish Appeal) 21
05/27/1946 House (Un-American Activities Committee) Group Plans Inquiry Of (Ku Klux) Klan 24
05/27/1946 Aid To Jews Abroad Held Federal Task (By Jewish Group) 24
05/27/1946 (Proposed United Nations) Accord On (German) Assets Faces Swiss Fire 28
05/28/1946 (Actor Charlie) Chaplin’s Paternity In Barry Case Upheld 3
05/28/1946 2 Berlin Communists (Jailed By U.S. Authorities) Win Commutations (From General Lucius Clay) 10
05/28/1946 Wounded G. I. Killed In Prayer (Bulge Offensive) Nazi Says (At U.S. Army Trial At Dachau) 10
05/28/1946 Immigrants (‘Marine Flasher’) Tell Of Nazi Tortures 11
05/28/1946 Haupt’s Father Gets Review (Father Of Executed Spy Landed By German Submarine-Sentenced For Giving Son Shelter) 11
05/28/1946 Officer At Lichfield Linked To (G. I.) Beatings 12
05/28/1946 (Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein) New Jewish Aide In Frankfurt 12
05/28/1946 Molotov Charge Tied To Embargo On German Reparations By U.S.-Text 16
05/28/1946 Inquiry Group (Dr. Samuel Flowerman Of American Jewish Committee) Seeks To Determine The Point At Which Children Begin To Show Prejudice 18
05/28/1946 (French-German) Marriages Recognized (In France) 18
05/28/1946 Goering’s Captor (Robert A. Cameron) To Wed 28
05/29/1946 Two German (100 Lb.) Bombs Unearthed In Britain 1
05/29/1946 (Sidney) Hillman (CIO Pac) Attacks Truman (Anti-Strike) Proposal 2
05/29/1946 (Oswald) Pohl, SS Chief-Of-Staff Captured While Toiling As A Farm Laborer 8
05/29/1946 14 Nazis Executed (Hanged) For Dachau Murders (Of 300,000-On Twin Gallows-Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling Included-Professional Hangmen-Tomorrow Another 14 To Be Hanged-By U.S. Army) 13
05/29/1946 U.S. To Press Spain On (Surrender Of) German Assets (To United Nations) 14
05/29/1946 U.S. Curb On German Reparations (Demolition Of German Plants For Shipment To Russia Or England, Etc.) Is Seen As Showdown With Soviets 14
05/29/1946 Free Information Held Liberty Basis (By Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) 15
05/29/1946 28 Meetings Held By Jewish Appeal-Nelson RockefellerGuests 16
05/29/1946 1,000 Honor Rabbi Jung (Zionist Dinner, Leonard Bernstein Present-Eager To Direct Palestine Orchestra) 25
05/29/1946 Food Gifts For Germany (Accepted By U.S. Post Office-For U.S. Zone But Not For Berlin) 44
05/30/1946 (Fritz) Sauckel Confesses He ‘Shanghaied’ Workers When Voluntary Recruiting For Nazis Failed 7
05/30/1946 Germ Warfare Plant (For U.S.) Is In ‘Central Indiana’ 8
05/30/1946 Split In Palestine Rends Arab Unity 8
05/30/1946 Jew (In Palestine) Jailed (By British) For Smuggling (Explosives) 8
05/30/1946 Australian Immigration (Can Accommodate 30,000 To 40,000 Immigrants) 8
05/30/1946 (Picture) Hanging Of Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling (Robert Koch Institute, Berlin), At Landsberg-14 More Hanged Following Day Including Martin Gottfried Weiss, Dachau Commandant 1942-43-(U.S. Army Trials)-All To Be Buried In Unmarked Graves 10
05/30/1946 U.S. Sending Ship To Spain For Nazis 12
05/30/1946 13 U.S. Soldiers (Prosecution Witnesses At Lichfield Trial) Refuse To Testify At Trial Of Officer Accused Of Abusing Prisoners 15
05/30/1946 (Dr. George M.) Dimetrov (Bulgarian) Trial Opens 16
05/30/1946 Unity Ideal Hailed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Says U.S. And Russia Can Be Leaders 18
05/30/1946 (Albert) Einstein Proposes U.S.-Soviet Accord 18
05/30/1946 Alien Property Curb Lifted For Refugees 19
05/30/1946 Richard Strauss Ill 25
05/30/1946 Cleveland Seeks To Lift Negro Life (Chas. J. Stilwell, Warner Swasey) 44
05/31/1946 Georgia (Governor Ellis Arnall) Orders Action To Revoke Charter Of (Ku Klux) Klan 1
05/31/1946 Arab Rulers Unite On Palestine Issue 1
05/31/1946 (General George C.) Marshall Pleads For Peace In China 1
05/31/1946 ‘We Hold No Hate’ (For These German Dead, U.S. Gen. John C. H.) Lee Says In Italy (Another Rare Example Of Chivalry And/Or Respect For Ones Adversary In This Vicious War!) 2
05/31/1946 Revolution’s Heroes Honored At Grave, Jewish Patriots’ Deeds Are Recalled 3
05/31/1946 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks U.S.-Russian Unity3 Communist Will Head Czech Cabinet; Party Is Expected To Lose Its Influence 3
05/31/1946 Ilo (International Labor Organization) Is Integrated Into U.N.Structure 7
05/31/1946 (Fritz) Sauckel Confession (Signed Because Of Threat To Deport His Family To Russia) Ordered Withdrawn (Nuernberg Tribunal) 7
05/31/1946 Clean Bill Found For Mikhailovitch (In U.S.A.) 8
05/31/1946 Austrian Makes Bid For Brenner Area 8
05/31/1946 (Picture) Jewish Refugees Arriving In Palestine (Via La Spezia, Italy Transit Camp) 9
05/31/1946 Vatican Cites Germans (Vatican Radio Reads Letter Forbidden By U.S. Occupation Authorities Which Criticizes United Nations Military Occupation Of Germany-Written By German Bishops) 9
05/31/1946 3 U.S. (Negro) Soldiers Doomed-For Killing In Germany-2 Others (Negroes) Get Life (Killed U.S. Soldiers) 9
05/31/1946 Negro Is Praised (Dr. Max Yergan, CIO And President Of Negro Congress) In Fascism Defeat 38