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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

June 1946
Date Headline Page
06/01/1946 Stalin Declines 2 Invitations From Truman To Visit U.S. 1
06/01/1946 (Admiral Harold) Stark Aide (Capt. Harold D. Krick) Recalls The Warning Of Roosevelt (To Stark) Pearl Harbor Eve-(Matters Had Reached A ‘Critical’ State-Quote Roosevelt-Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee Called Without Notifying 2 Hostile Republicans) 1&8
06/01/1946 U.N. Refugee Board Closing On Discord 4
06/01/1946 Moscow Bids U.N. Intervene In Palestine; Says U.S., Britain Cannot Settle Problem 4
06/01/1946 245 (Jews) Sentenced (By Britain) In Palestine (Possession Of Arms) 4
06/01/1946 (James) Byrnes’ Aid Asked For (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch 5
06/01/1946 (Picture) Nueremberg Witness (Dr. Kurt Von Bursdorf, Former Krakow Mayor, Handcuffed) Being Turned Over To The Poles 5
06/01/1946 Russian Accuses (Fritz) Sauckel On ‘Slaves’ (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
06/01/1946 (South Africa’s Jan) Smuts World Not To Ruin Germans 5
06/01/1946 Churchill Rips Potsdam (German-Polish Boundary) 6
06/01/1946 (Leon) Blum Defends U.S. As Non-Interferer (In French Affairs) 7
06/01/1946 German General Cleared In (British) Commando’s Murder 7
06/01/1946 Unity In Relief Asked By (American) Jewish Congress 8
06/01/1946 Three GI’s Describe Abuse At Lichfield (Camp) 8
06/01/1946 Aid Pledged (250,000) Polish Jews By N.Y. City Mayor, O’dwyer) 8
06/01/1946 (U.S. Gen.) M’narney Insists On German Unity 9
06/01/1946 Swedes Open Discussion In Washington On Disposition Of Assets Of Germans (In Sweden) 9
06/01/1946 Refugees Overtax Camps In Germany-Dp Population Around 500,000, 10,000 Polish Jews Entered In Previous Month, Poles Mostly Repatriated 9
06/01/1946 10,000 (Germans) Will Be Evicted (From Potsdam By Russians) 9
06/01/1946 Three (Toscanini, Bruno, And Kleiber) Decline Salzburg Bids (To Conduct) 10
06/01/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Grows In Georgia-Property Will Be Sought (By Internal Revenue Service)-(Rep. [Illinois] Adolph J.) Sabath (House Rules Committee) Asks Investigation 14
06/01/1946 Palestine Delay Opposed (By American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) 14
06/02/1946 U.S. Prepares To Cut (Wartime) Blacklist Of Companies Favorable To Axis 1
06/02/1946 Nazi Link To U.S. Found (By O. John Rogge, Leftist Ass’t. U.S.Att’y.) 5
06/02/1946 Race Segregation In Housing Fought (By National Urban League) 9
06/02/1946 Antonescu Dies As War Criminal (In Rumania) 19
06/02/1946 (Hungarian) Gen. Deseder Laszlo Reported Shot 19
06/02/1946 Hore-Belisha Asks U.S.-British Union 19
06/02/1946 Jews Here Entreat Aid For (Jewish) Europeans (‘1,400,000 Jewish Survivors Abroad’)-Jewish Organizations 20
06/02/1946 UNRRA Finds 10,000 Kidnapped By Nazis (Children Placed In German Homes 22
06/02/1946 (Polish Anti-Russian General) Anders To Press For ‘Free’ Poland 25
06/02/1946 Rioting In Bombay By ‘Untouchables’ 27
06/02/1946 $15,000,000 Spent To Help Palestine (In Last 4 Months For DP’s-6,082 Entered Palestine Since Jan. 1, 1946; 2,800 Arrived In One Month In May) 28
06/02/1946 6 (Natzweiler Camp) Germans Sentenced (Werner Rhode, Camp Doctor, To Hang) 28
06/02/1946 Moscow Protests U.S. Reparations (Dismantling Of German Industry For Shipment To Russia, England, Etc.) Halt As Violation Of Potsdam Provisions 29
06/02/1946 Refugees Defined In U.N. Unit Report-(Includes Jews In Austria And Germany Who Refuse To Return To Country Of Origin-Estimates 1,675,000 Refugees And DP’s) 33
06/02/1946 Negro Congress (U.S. Nationals) Appeals To U.N. (Relief For U.S. Negroes) 33
06/02/1946 8 Quit Army Paper (Stars And Stripes) In Feud In Germany-(Includes William Weinstein, Cleveland, Ohio, Managing Editor And Others-Charges Of Communism Etc.) 33
06/02/1946 (Fritz) Sauckel Defense Ends 34
06/02/1946 U.S. Aides Declares Soviet Has (Lt. Gen. Andrei A.) Vlassov (Russian General Who Joined Germans-See ‘Operation Keelhaul’) 35
06/03/1946 War Crimes Trial Is Opened In Tokyo 3
06/03/1946 Negro Congress Votes To Back Ship Strike And Form Racial Political Action Body (Dr. Max Yergan, President Of Congress And Member Of CIO) 4
06/03/1946 Attitude Of Youth Alarms Austrians 4
06/03/1946 Two More (German) Girls Shot In U.S. German Zone 4
06/03/1946 (Paul) Reynaud, (Edouard) Deladier To Sit In Assembly, Leon Blum, Head Of Socialists Casting Ballot (Picture) 5
06/03/1946 Germans (Such As Martin Niemoeller, Karl Barth [Swiss], Visser’t Hooft [Dutch], Emil Brunner, Etc.) To Run Purge Of (German) Church (‘Denazification’) 5
06/03/1946 Jewish Groups Ask Speed On Palestine 7
06/03/1946 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Hails Berlin (Sozial Demokratische) Party’s Paper 8
06/03/1946 Scientists (Louis B. Fieser And Others) Acclaim Work Of Dr. (Chaim) Weizmann On Eve Of Palestine Center’s Dedication (In Jerusalem) 14
06/03/1946 (Senator Arthur H.) Vandenberg (Formerly Isolationist) Warns Of ‘Big Power’ Peace 17
06/03/1946 Jews Decry Fear Of Arab Setback-Demand Quick Entry For 100,000 21
06/03/1946 Miss Quinn’s Ouster Sought By 18 (Liberal And Jewish) Groups (Listed) 25
06/03/1946 Nationalism Held Danger To Peace 25
06/03/1946 Palestine Ready For ‘Rescue’ Task (For Jews) 28
06/03/1946 Swiss Drop Clash On Pact (To Obtain German Assets) With U.S. 33
06/03/1946 (Att’y. Gen. Tom Clark) Says 60,000 Aliens (This Year!) Get Over (Mexican) Borders 44
06/04/1946 Britain Expected To Drop Condition Of Disarming For Palestine Entry 1
06/04/1946 (U.S. Citizen, John Czechel) Charges Russians Held Him 7 Years (For Work, Tried To Get Him To Stay Longer With Promises) 5
06/04/1946 (Rumanian) Purge Courts (To Try War Criminals) Abolished (Now That Potential Enemies And Opposition Leaders Are Dead!) 7
06/04/1946 Hitler Distrusted Army (General Alfred) Jodl Says 11
06/04/1946 Arabs Ask Soviet For Aid In The U.N 11
06/04/1946 Palestine Center For Science Begun-Weizmann At Cornerstone Ceremony 13
06/04/1946 Tito Forces Mass In Trieste Zone 13
06/04/1946 Positive Trend In German Schools Begun By American Administration (Re-Education) 14
06/04/1946 Germans Showing Marks Of Hunger 14
06/04/1946 Lichfield Captives Tell Of Beatings (Names And Addresses-Col. Kilian, Commandant, Refuses To Testify; Takes Fifth Amendment) 14
06/04/1946 Nationalization Of Land Is Hinted In Britain 15
06/04/1946 Kalinin Of Russia Dies At Age Of 70 (In Moscow, Picture) 23
06/04/1946 (Negro) Youth Who Survived The Electric Chair (In Louisiana) Gets Reprieve To Put Case To High Court (‘Youth’ Convicted Of Murder) 46
06/05/1946 Pact For Austria Drawn Up By U.S. 1
06/05/1946 Pre-Pearl Harbor Group Of Isolationists Suffers Defeat (In Senate Vote 1
06/05/1946 Bevin Says Russia Seeks World Built On Her Own Model (Doesn’t Every-One?) 1
06/05/1946 U.S. Relief To Russia, 51,594 Long Tons Since 1941, Now Tops 5,000 A Month (A Year After End Of War!) 2
06/05/1946 (Dr. Gustavo Gutierrez) Says 1,100,000 More Jews Could Settle In Palestine 2
06/05/1946 (Thos. J. Mc Breen, Small Business Administration) Asserts Our Food Is Misused Abroad 2
06/05/1946 A (Secret Royalist) Yugoslav Army Found In German 4
06/05/1946 U.S. Zone’s Germans Ask Halt To Influx (Of Expelled Germans From The East-Half Of State Expenditures Goes To Their Support) 5
06/05/1946 U.S. Speeds Repatriation (Of U.S. Citizens In Poland, Requested By Dr. Arnold Grossfield Of American Federation Of Polish Jews, N.Y.-Headed By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Of Joint [German] Boycott Committee) 5
06/05/1946 $89,000,000 Needed To Revive Austria 6
06/05/1946 (General Alfred) Jodl Blames Hitler For Bringing On War 6
06/05/1946 Poles Expel 500,000 Germans (Number Since March 1, 1946) 6
06/05/1946 Zionist Criticize Palestine Delays 8
06/05/1946 U.S. Labor Party Asked By (David) Dubinsky 15
06/05/1946 Picture Of Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler (President Of Columbia University And Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Strong ‘Interventionist’ In War)-Sees Danger 16
06/05/1946 Stalin On Watch At Bier Of Kalinin 23
06/05/1946 Negroe’s Plea Stays Second Execution 24
06/05/1946 Priest Arriving Here (From Hungary) Denounces Russians 25
06/06/1946 Soviet Sows Seed Of World War Iii, Churchill States 1
06/06/1946 Ukraine Assails Delay In UNRRA Aid 3
06/06/1946 Ruthenian Exodus (Of Area Taken From Czechoslovakia By Russia) Checked By Soviet 5
06/06/1946 Big Four Deputies Make No Real Gain 5
06/06/1946 15 Year U.S. (Army) Rule In Germany Seen 7
06/06/1946 (Gen. Alfred) Jodl Says Army Urged Peace In ‘44-Calls Western War A Blow 7
06/06/1946 Austria Prepares To Indemnify Jews 7
06/06/1946 Lichfield Ex-Guard Gets Off With A Fine 7
06/06/1946 Britain Plans To Share Ruhr Output With Western European Nations 7
06/06/1946 Poles Act Against (Anti-Russian) Peasant Party 7
06/06/1946 14 Gestapo Members Doomed (At Rastatt-To Hang, 21 Others Imprisoned) 11
06/06/1946 UNRRA’s Aid To Finland-List Scanty 12
06/06/1946 (Earl) Warren Is Chosen By Both (Democratic And Republican) Primaries (In California) 15
06/06/1946 Stalin Helps Carry Kalinin To Grave 21
06/07/1946 U.N. Gets Negroe’s Plea-(End Discrimination In U.S.) 9
06/07/1946 Truman Ties Delay Of Jews (Entering Palestine) To Britain 11
06/07/1946 Arab Leaders Meet To Fight Jewish Immigration (To Palestine) 11
06/07/1946 Jews Of Austria Protest Status-(Ask Special Consideration) 11
06/07/1946 Girl Zionist Sentenced (By British In Palestine-Broadcast For Stern Gang) 11
06/07/1946 Plight Of Jews Described 11
06/07/1946 Political Action Group For Palestine Announces Investigation 11
06/07/1946 Moscow Charges German Threats (In Reparations) 12
06/07/1946 Sweden Poses Claims In Germany Against Allies’ Parley Demands (Of United Nations For German Assets In Sweden) 12
06/07/1946 (General Alfred) Jodl Hints Allies Shared Atrocities 12
06/07/1946 N.Y. U. Liberalism Hailed By (Herbert) Lehman 17
06/07/1946 Final Plea Is Made To Oust Miss Quinn 17
06/07/1946 Army Seeks $1,500,000 In Gems Stolen From U.S. Club In Germany 21
06/08/1946 (U.S.) Colonel, Wac Captain Held In German Royal Gem Theft (Picture) 1&14
06/08/1946 U.N. Blocks Curbs On (Sidney) Hillman (Labor) Group 1
06/08/1946 Berlin Socialists (Sozial Demokrats) Curbed (By Russia) 8
06/08/1946 (Sub-Committee, 4 Democrats And 1 Republican) Chosen To Report On Pearl Harbor 9
06/08/1946 7 Frenchmen Doomed 10
06/08/1946 462 Jews In Vessel (‘Haviva’) Nearing Palestine (‘From A Black Sea Port’) 12
06/08/1946 Plans To Poison Russians Bared-(General Alfred) Jodl Denies Link With (Alleged) Plot (Nuernberg Tribunal) 14
06/08/1946 French Ex-General Arrested In Purge 14
06/08/1946 Catholic Church Hit As ‘Hostile’ In Minsk (Hostile To Orthodox Church) 14
06/08/1946 17 Witnesses Balk In Lichfield Trial 15
06/08/1946 Veterans Called Block To Isolation (By General Omar Bradley-They Were In Fact ‘Briefed’ About The Dangers Of ‘Isolation’ By ‘Orientation And Education’ Agents [Trained At Washington And Lee University, Lexington, Va.] Before They Returned To The U.S.!) 16
06/08/1946 Historians Forecast Fate Of Nazi Empire (Professor’s Names Given Plus Objectives Of Study) 22
06/08/1946 Alien (German) Concern Sold At Auction 28
06/08/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Terrorists Linked To Killing 38
06/08/1946 U.S. Officials Study Plea For Nazi Youths (Amnesty) 38
06/09/1946 U.S. And Britain To Propose 11-State German Confederation; Favor Divided Germany 1&32
06/09/1946 Hesse Gems Found In (Chicago) Station Locker 1
06/09/1946 Negro Fund Aide Explains Its Aims 10
06/09/1946 Negro (Attempted Murder) Trial Shift Called Necessary (Thurgood Marshall And National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People [NAACP]) 12
06/09/1946 Negro Reports On Bias 16
06/09/1946 Liberals Advocate U.S.-Soviet Unity 17
06/09/1946 Ukraine And White Russia Emerge From War Ruin Despite Scarcities 17
06/09/1946 Greek Unrest Rises; Reds Hit Athens Act 17
06/09/1946 Germans Told Of U.S. Aid (Exceeded 60,000 Tons In May) 19
06/09/1946 (470 Illegal) Refugees Reach Haifa (‘Haviva Reik,’ Named For Executed Jewish Partisan Guerrilla Parachutist, Sailing Under Zionist Flag From Constanta, Rumania, A Port Used Quite Often By The Jews In Their Wartime Trips From Central Europe To Palestine) 25
06/09/1946 (17 Year Old) German Girl (Alleged A) Suicide 26
06/09/1946 Tel Aviv Synagogue Bombed 26
06/09/1946 (Grand) Mufti Disappears, French Mystified; Fight On Zionism Recalled 26
06/09/1946 French Free (Arrested) Gen. Guillaume (Petain Supporter) 26
06/09/1946 (United) Jewish (Appeal) Quotas Pledged ($35,000,000 From N.Y.C. Alone To Help American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee To ‘Help Europe’s 1,400,000 Jews’) 27
06/09/1946 (Leon) Blum Wants Mrp To Sponsor Regime 29
06/09/1946 3 Berliets (French Industrialists-Collaborationists) Sentenced 29
06/09/1946 Soviet Aims To End German Removals (Of Factories) 33
06/09/1946 German Captives (Who Received ‘Special’ United Nations Instruction During Their Captivity) Push Democracy (This May Be The Reason Some German POW Killed ‘Traitors’ Among Them And Were Then Themselves Executed By The Americans) 33
06/09/1946 UNRRA Goods, Sales Confuse Austrians (Called Unsalable, And Old Fashioned) 33
06/09/1946 Relatives Of (Dr. Joseph) Goebbels Are Discovered In Hiding (Under United Nations Investigation) 33
06/09/1946 Lichfield Witnesses Agree To Take Stand 33
06/09/1946 Finnish Army Chiefs Seized (Russian Report) 33
06/09/1946 German’s Charges On Soviet Blocked; Says (Feld Marshall Wilhelm) Keitel Defied Hitler (Nuernberg Tribunal) 34
06/09/1946 Jewels Of Kronberg E-2
06/09/1946 Europe’s Voters Reveal Quest For Liberal Way E-3
06/09/1946 Power In U.S. Zone Given To Germans (But The U.S. Holds The Other End Of The Leash!) E-5
06/09/1946 Court Curb On Segregation Made Issue By Talmadge E-6
06/09/1946 Negroes Ready For First Vote In Mississippi Primary E-6
06/09/1946 The Atom Bomb As A Great Force For Peace-Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Later Accused By Senator Joseph McCarthy As A Communist Mag. 7
06/09/1946 A Plan To Met ‘The Crisis In Education’-Univ. Of Chicago Chancellor, Robert M. Hutchins Proposes A ‘Basic Reorganization Cutting The Years In School From 16 To 14 Mag. 11
06/09/1946 The Bible Went Underground (In Germany) Too Mag. 26
06/10/1946 Jewish GI’s (Liberty, N.Y.) Fight (Ku Klux) Klan 3
06/10/1946 Soviet To Aid Danes On German Refugees 4
06/10/1946 P-80 Jet Fighter Shows Its Speed Over Germany 6
06/10/1946 (Belgrade) Trial Opens Today For Mikhailovitch 7
06/10/1946 21 Rumanians Seized On Terrorism Charge 7
06/10/1946 Palestine Is Held Ready For 100,000 (By Ira Hirschmann Of N.Y. [‘Lord And Taylor’], Special Inspector General Of UNRRA, Agent For Rabbi Stephen S. Wise During War; UNRRA To Play Important Role In Transportation And Maintenance Of Jews [To Palestine]) 9
06/10/1946 Goebbels Never Helped Aged Mother, Sister Says 9
06/10/1946 UNRRA Helps White Russia Rise From Ruins Of Its 101 St Invasion 12
06/10/1946 Brazil Ponders Fate Of Lost Rubber Army (100’s Perhaps 1,000’S); Many Went Into Jungle (To Get Rubber For United Nations During War) But Few Returned 13
06/10/1946 Teachers’ (Organization) Censure Texas University 22
06/10/1946 Removal Of German Art To The U.S. Renews Controversy Over Ethics 23
06/10/1946 Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Ordains 15 At Jewish Institute (Earl Gray Harrison Spoke, Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, Mc Narney’s Aide In Germany, Active In Jewish Immigration To Palestine Awarded Dd. Degree 32
06/10/1946 Luxembourg Seen As Germans’ Prey 35
06/11/1946 U.S. Aide, Britain Accused As Mikhailovitch Case Opens 1
06/11/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor In Nuernberg) Attacks (Justice) Black For Judging Ex-(Law) Partner’s Case 1
06/11/1946 Text Of (Robert H. Jackson;S Attack On Black (A Jewish Judge)-Both Named By Roosevelt 2
06/11/1946 High Court Backs Knauer Decision (Denaturalization Of Former German) 3
06/11/1946 Record Defended By Seyss-Inquart (Nuernberg Tribunal) 8
06/11/1946 Hitler Kept List Of Dead (July 20, 1944) Plotters (Allegedly Published-See: Remer, Otto Ernst, Verschwoerung Und Verrat Um Hitler, Verlag K. W. Schuetz Kg., Preussisch Oldendorf, 1987) 9
06/11/1946 Defense Is Opened In Lichfield (Gi-Abuse) Trial 10
06/11/1946 3 Palestine Trains Wrecked By (Suspected Jewish) Bands 10
06/11/1946 Tokyo Times ‘Winds’ Code After Pearl Harbor Blow (Testimony By Radio Official-From Recollection) 16
06/11/1946 Dewey Says Bias Is Low In State (Address To B’rith Abraham) 24
06/11/1946 (U.S.) Army Wives Find Living In Berlin Surpasses What They Had Here 26
06/11/1946 (Henry) Lustig Case Linked To Nazi Fund Hunt (Involved Nephew E. Allen Lustig And Accountant, Joseph Sobel) 46
06/12/1946 (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General Draja) Mikhailovitch Denies Guilt (Before Titoist Court), Admits Contact With England 1
06/12/1946 U.S. Cabinet Unit Set Up To Study Palestine 1
06/12/1946 (National Urban League) Asks Skilled Jobs For More Negroes 2
06/12/1946 Warsaw: Capital Of Poland Still Bears The Savage Marks Of War (Picture) 3
06/12/1946 (General Mark) Clark’s Promotion Opposed By Ex-Aides (Texans) Who Says He Caused Needless Bloodshed (By Americans At Rapido River In Italian Campaign) 6
06/12/1946 Sweden (Count Folke Bernadotte) Honored For Help To Jews (In Wartime, Approximately 10,000 Brought To Sweden From Scandinavia And Another 10,000 Brought From German Concentration Camps) 9
06/12/1946 (U.S.) Policy In Germany Held ‘Impractical’ (By Farwell W. Perry-’Everybody In Germany Is A Nazi At Heart.’) 11
06/12/1946 Arabs Add Details On (Grand) Mufti’s Arrival (In Syria) 12
06/12/1946 Seven Accuse Officer Of Lichfield Cruelty (To Gi’s) 14
06/12/1946 Attacks (On Jews) In Poland Laid (By Pro-Russian Poles) To Outsiders (Anders Poles [Anti-Russian Poles], Etc.) 17
06/12/1946 Gerhard Hauptmann Dies; (NSDAP) German Dramatist 27
06/12/1946 (Ruth F. Benedict) Gets $2,500 Award For (Anti-) Racial Studies 30
06/12/1946 Zoning Of Germany Is Called Mistake (By Frank E. Gannett) 38
06/13/1946 Bevin Unwilling To Open Palestine For 100,000 Jews 1
06/13/1946 Aides Disavowed By Mikhailovitch (Picture, P. 2) 1
06/13/1946 Lichfield Officer Seeks Trial Delay 3
06/13/1946 2 Hagana Youths Jailed (By British); One For 14 Years, Other 4 Years 5
06/13/1946 German Collapse Feared By British 5
06/13/1946 (52) Flossenberg (Concentration Camp Guards) Nazis Arraigned (By American Army At Dachau) 6
06/13/1946 Six Negro Athletes Of N.Y. U. Sue Hotel In Philadelphia, Charging It Barred Them 11
06/13/1946 Misuse Of Religion Assailed By (Methodist) Oxnam 25
06/14/1946 (Italian King) Humbert Departs ‘To Spare Italians’ 1
06/14/1946 Dr. Stoddard (N.Y. Commissioner Of Education) Refuses To Revoke Teaching License Of May Quinn 1
06/14/1946 Tojo Clique Held Liable (By United Nations) In Person 2
06/14/1946 Austrians Charge (United Nation) Allies Aid Nazis 2
06/14/1946 Schuschnigg’s Ordeal Told At Nuremberg 3
06/14/1946 La Guardia Urges We Take (500,000 To 620,000) Refugees 4
06/14/1946 Chetnik (Yugoslavian [Mikhailovitch] Partisan Guerrilla) Describes Talks With Enemy 5
06/14/1946 Britain Protests To Tito (A One-Time British Guerrilla Agent) On Mikhailovitch Trial 5
06/14/1946 (Leon) Blum Addresses British Laborites 5
06/14/1946 (Primarily Jewish) Criticism Of Bevin Soars Here Over Stand On Jewish Refuge (In Palestine) 6
06/14/1946 Arab League Sets Palestine Threat 6
06/14/1946 2 Palestine Jews To Die (For Raid On British Camp) 6
06/14/1946 Germans Assured (United Nations) Allies Back Unity (Of Country) 10
06/14/1946 War Ruins Of Art Shown In (Life Magazine-Henry Luce) Display 19
06/14/1946 Major Bowes (Radio Personality) Dies 21
06/14/1946 Bias Is Seen Relaxing 23
06/15/1946 President Ask (Robert H.) Jackson Silence; But Justice Failed To Delay Attack(On Justice Black) 1
06/15/1946 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler (Conductor) Case Has Berlin Confused 2
06/15/1946 Guilt Is Admitted By Mikhailovitch (Picture Of Tito Court) 3
06/15/1946 (Admiral) Horthy Is Linked To Mikhailovitch 3
06/15/1946 War In Spain Is Sure If U.N. Nods, Giral Says 5
06/15/1946 French Reds Back Ruhr Separation (From Germany) 5
06/15/1946 UNRRA Denies Diversion; Yugoslav Army Did Not Get Supplies 5
06/15/1946 (C. A. R. E.) Food Kits (Packages) For Germans 7
06/15/1946 Tyrol Accord Seen If U.S. Is Insistent 7
06/15/1946 Britain Clarifies Bevin On Palestine 8
06/15/1946 Un Urged To Plan World Agency To Deal With (Even More) Displaced Persons (Earl Gray Harrison Says UNRRA Inadequate) 8
06/15/1946 1945 Hebrew Medal Given To Eisenhower 8
06/15/1946 Geishas Of Generals Under Tokyo Inquiry 8
06/15/1946 Community Unit (Nelson Rockefeller) Gets $1,018,000 For Jews 8
06/15/1946 Truman Bars Shift In (Immigration) Law To Aid Jews 8
06/15/1946 Afl Charges (Ku Klux) Klan Kidnapped Negro 10
06/15/1946 (Adolf A.) Berle Cautions Liberals On Split; Urges Keeping Tie With Democrats 13
06/15/1946 Teachers Fight Bias (Sponsored By National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 22
06/15/1946 116,345 Georgia Negroes Register 22
06/16/1946 (Picture) Honoring Those Who Died In The (Czech) Village Of Lidice (Retaliation For Assassination Of Reinhard Heydrich By Czechs Operating With The British-Lidice Harbored The Assassins) 2
06/16/1946 Divided Germany Held Long Burden 2
06/16/1946 Allies Cautioned On German Power (By ‘International Committee For The Study Of European Questions’) 3
06/16/1946 (Senators) Wagner And Mead (Both Of New York) Rap Bevin On Jews 4
06/16/1946 Prof. Joseph Chamberlain (Columbia University) Cites Refugee Immigration Here (Admitted At Rate Of 2,000 Per Month) 4
06/16/1946 Un Asked To Probe Refugee Traitors 7
06/16/1946 German Transfers (‘Operation Honeybee’-Exchange Of Displaced Germans Between Soviet And British Zones) To End (June 30,1946) 10
06/16/1946 5 German Reds Guilty 10
06/16/1946 UNRRA Denies Tito Received Supplies 12
06/16/1946 Officer Fined $250 In G. I. Abuse Trial (Lichfield) 13
06/16/1946 (Polish General) Anders Men (Anti-Russian) Vow To Fight Warsaw 15
06/16/1946 Mikhailovitch Himself Fails To Back Counsel’s Plea For Americans To Testify 16
06/16/1946 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler (‘Denazification’) Case Off 19
06/16/1946 Anti-Bias Laws Urged (By Max Steinberg, American Jewish Labor Council) 26
06/16/1946 $1,000,000 Grant Made (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee To Aid Polish Jews Being Repatriated) 30
06/16/1946 Justice (Robert H.) Jackson Weighs Nuremberg’s Lessons (Chief U.S. Prosecutor Of ‘The Nazi Gang’) Mag. 12
06/17/1946 Manchuria Is Hit By Soviet Looting (Industry Dismantled For Shipment To Russia-In Germany It Was ‘Reparations’) 1
06/17/1946 5 Jordan River Bridges Blown Up; Palestine Hunts Jewish Wreckers 1
06/17/1946 (20 Year Old) German Girl To Be Tried (For Killing Her U.S. Soldier Lover With His Own Pistol) 3
06/17/1946 Murdering (23,000) Denied By Mikhailovitch 5
06/17/1946 British Will Halt Hamburg (Blohm Und Voss Shipyard) Blasting (Destruction) 5
06/17/1946 (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Calls For Ouster Of Bevin (For Palestine Stance) 5
06/17/1946 Move On (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler 5
06/17/1946 Dutch Nazi Dies In Riot 5
06/17/1946 Tokyo Defense Aide Lists Difficulties 8
06/17/1946 (Stone) Mountain’s Owners Bar (Ku Klux) Klan And Foes 23
06/17/1946 Famous Hamburg Zoo Lost Heavily In Raids; Main Problem Now Is Restocking And Food 23
06/17/1946 (Lt.) General (Tadeusz Komorowski) Bor Gets Cathedral Honor 24
06/18/1946 Palestine Terror Mounts As Harbor Bridges Are Ripped 1
06/18/1946 Big 4 Grant Italy War Claims Voice (Against Its Former Ally) 1
06/18/1946 Relief In Poland Called Political; House Group’s Report Asserts UNRRA Aid Went Only To The Supporters Of The Russians 2
06/18/1946 Palestine (Housing) Project Financed By United Jewish Appeal (Picture) 4
06/18/1946 British To Destroy Helgoland (Island) Fortress 4
06/18/1946 2 More Dutch Nazis Killed 4
06/18/1946 Russia Disturbed By Germany Plan 5
06/18/1946 Von Papen Claims Anti-Nazi Record (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
06/18/1946 (U.S. General) Mc Narney Testifies In Lichfield (Gi Abuse) Trial; Denies Expressing View On Killian’s Guilt 6
06/18/1946 Chetnik Aide Says He Is Part Guilty 7
06/18/1946 (General Douglas) Mac Arthur Combats Leftist Doctrines (In Japan) 13
06/18/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Is Coming Home In Mid July 15
06/18/1946 Both Sides Blamed In Fatal (Columbia, Tennessee) Race Riot 26
06/18/1946 Seized Alien Items Set At $242,000,000 (James E. Markham, Alien Property Administrator) 35
06/18/1946 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘Give Us A Piece Of Earth’ United Jewish Appeal Tear Jerker-Appeal For $100,000,000 For ‘1,400,000 Survivors Of Hitler’s Terror’) 46
06/19/1946 5 British Officers Abducted (By Jewish Extremists, ‘Irgun Zvai Leumi’ Under Menachem Begin), 2 Shot; Curfew On 1
06/19/1946 Big Four Divided On Reparations 1
06/19/1946 U.N. Group (United Nations Economic And Social Council) Widens Relief To Refugees (German And Austrian Jews ‘As Well As Foreigners And Stateless Persons Who Were Forced Into Those Two Countries’) 3
06/19/1946 Moscow Denies Massing Of Troops In Germany 3
06/19/1946 Population In (German Dp) Camp Soars (Expect Up To 300,000 Polish And Russian Jews) 3
06/19/1946 Jewish Unit (United Jewish Appeal) Seeks $1,000,000 A Day (For Next Six Days [$6,000,000] For Rehabilitation Of European Jews) 6
06/19/1946 (Chaim) Weitzmann Urges Arab-Jewish Ties 6
06/19/1946 Houses For Vienna’s Jews (By Evicting Austrians!) 6
06/19/1946 $120,000,000 (Jewish Agency Of Palestine) Plan For Jews’ Aid (Submitted To U.S. Government) 6
06/19/1946 Lichfield Escape Thwarted By Army 7
06/19/1946 Two French Editors Jailed For Vichy Aid 7
06/19/1946 Russia Finished De-Mining Job (All Invaded Soviet Territory, 70,000,000 Mines, Shells And Bombs-German POW Probably Used!) 7
06/19/1946 2D Chetnik Leader Admits Aiding Foe (Germany) 8
06/19/1946 (Dean) Acheson Stresses Course For Peron (Argentina) 8
06/19/1946 Wftu (Moscow Report) Will Demand German Labor Unity 11
06/19/1946 La Guardia’s Attack (Defending UNRRA Activities In Yugoslavia) Answered By Writer (Witnesses To Tito Support By UNRRA) 12
06/19/1946 Refugee Aid Lags, (Herbert) Lehman Declares 13
06/19/1946 U.S. Wheat Shipments Flowing To Germany 13
06/19/1946 Nazi (Captured Poison Gas) Bombs (Leaky) Fell 40 In Alabama 13
06/19/1946 Two (Native Polish-Jewish) Brothers Meet (Again) After 41 Years (Jack And Isaac Halpern, Born Lodz. Jack Immigrated; Isaac Arrived On ‘Marine Flasher.’ Others Mentioned Plus Refugee Organizations Assisting Immigrations 14
06/19/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Head Denies National Status 22
06/19/1946 Seed Valued At $82,156,000 Will Have Gone To Overseas Countries By The Fall Sowing (From UNRRA) 23
06/19/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Denies Quitting 44
06/20/1946 (Grand) Mufti Turns Up In Egypt; King To Grant Him Asylum 1
06/20/1946 Hope For (British) Hostages (Held By Begin) In Palestine Rises 1
06/20/1946 Truman Asks Speed On (Remainder Of $465,000,000) For UNRRA; Stresses Lack Of Food 1
06/20/1946 Czechs Rename (Edouard) Benes President 2
06/20/1946 (Admiral) Canaris’ Fate Clarified (He Was An English Agent, Head Of German Abwehr) 2
06/20/1946 Jewish Group (American Jewish Committee) Urges Refugee Aid 2
06/20/1946 (Picture) Distributing UNRRA’s Flour To The People Of China 3
06/20/1946 UNRRA Food (Seventy Carloads) Reaches Vienna 3
06/20/1946 German) Saboteurs Seized In Silesia 5
06/20/1946 (Soviet) Invites (Russian) Refugees Abroad To Accept (Russian) Citizenship 5
06/20/1946 1,300 (Jewish) Refugees Reported On Way (To Palestine, Aboard ‘Beauharnois’ Flying Panamanian Flag-Out Of Vado, Italy) 6
06/20/1946 Ben Gurion Deplores (Jewish Terrorist-Irgun Zvai Leumi-Menachem Begin) Act 6
06/20/1946 Arab League Asks U.N. Palestine Bans 7
06/20/1946 Kellogg Pact Still Binding, British Jurist (Hartley Shawcross, British Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) Declares 7
06/20/1946 Russia Is Called Peril To Freedom (By J. Foster Dulles, Nephew Of Robert Lansing, Wilson’s Sec. Of State) 8
06/20/1946 Allies In Berlin Ask Austrians To Return German Investments (Assets), Including Machinery 8
06/20/1946 History Teachers Clash Over Russia (Pro’s And Con’s) 9
06/20/1946 Germans’ Assets To Go To Victims (Plus Interest!) 12
06/20/1946 160 Refugees Huddle In 4 Rooms In Berlin Awaiting New Homeland (‘Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Germans And Others’) 12
06/20/1946 Mikhailovitch Trial (By Pro-Communist Tito) Upheld As Fair (By Maj. Leo Mathes, Member Of Yugoslav Delegation To Un) 13
06/20/1946 (Yugoslav-Titoist) Court Bars U.S. Aid For Mikhailovitch 13
06/20/1946 Nazi Motivation Denied By (Albert) Speer (Nuernberg Tribunal) 13
06/20/1946 Job Bias Case Settled 25
06/21/1946 3 Veterans Seized As Park Slayers-Two Identified By Girl 1
06/21/1946 Big 4 Set Up Plan To Quit Two Lands (Italy And Bulgaria) 1
06/21/1946 Bevin Will Press Plan On Germany 3
06/21/1946 President Truman Gets A Report From Former President Herbert Hoover 3
06/21/1946 (Moscow) Say Ruhr Was Spared (By Western United Nations Allies In War) 3
06/21/1946 Abetz Says Vatican Gave Tip On (North) Africa (Invasion By U.S.) 3
06/21/1946 Refugee; Influx (Into U.S. Zone From East) Seen Increasing 4
06/21/1946 Draft Constitution Is Adopted For World Refugee Organization 4
06/21/1946 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Urges United Red Cross ($170,000,000 In Food Packages Distributed In Europe And Asia Since 1939) 4
06/21/1946 (U.S.) Palestine Backing (Of Jews) Seen 4
06/21/1946 Egypt Tells (Grand) Mufti To Avoid Politics 6
06/21/1946 One Briton (Major) Eludes Jewish (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Menachem Begin Abductors) 6
06/21/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Warns Of Moral Decay Unless Palestine Opens To Jews 6
06/21/1946 (American) Bar (Association) President Hails Trials In Nuremberg 7
06/21/1946 UNRRA Wheat Diverted (From Austria To Italy) 7
06/21/1946 American (Witness, Lt. Col. Hal D. Mc Cown) Defends SS (At Bulge Offensive Trial By U.S. Army) 7
06/21/1946 G. I.’s Differ On (Lichfield) Beatings 8
06/21/1946 U.S. Amity Sought By German Prince 9
06/21/1946 (Albert) Speer Alleges He Planned To Kill Hitler By Throwing Gas Through Air-Raid Bunker 9
06/21/1946 Chetnik (Titoist) Trial Told Of Ruth Mitchell (Sister Of Gen. ‘Billy’ Mitchell-Fought With Chetniks) 9
06/21/1946 Soviet Looting (Of Budapest) Charged 11
06/21/1946 Challenge Seen For Negro Press 21
06/21/1946 Cap Pistols Ruled A Criminal Device 25
06/21/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Is Accused Of A Revolt Plan; (Lawsuit) Aimed At National Klan 46
06/22/1946 (Juan) Peron Insists U.S. Free Gold Assets 1
06/22/1946 U.S. Must Continue To Feed World At Any Cost, Clayton Warns Here 2
06/22/1946 $60 Fine Is Ordered In Lichfield (Gi Abuse) Trials (Striking Prisoners On Officers; Orders) 2
06/22/1946 (Anti-Soviet General) Anders Visits Poles In Palestine 2
06/22/1946 (German Girl) Killer Of G. I. (Spurned Love) Gets Life 3
06/22/1946 Icelander Gives Plan To Solve (U.S.) Base Issue 3
06/22/1946 Terrorist Hideout In Palestine Found-Secret Arsenal 4
06/22/1946 (Picture) Jewish Refugees (400 On 400 Ton Ship) Arriving At Port In Palestine (Banner-’Keep The Gates Open, We Are Not The Last.’) 4
06/22/1946 Interpreters Fail U.N. Health Parley 6
06/22/1946 German Economy Held Vital To All 8
06/22/1946 Poles Try Danzig Chief (Dr. Arthur Greiser) 8
06/22/1946 (Leon) Blum Says Film Pact With U.S. Aids France 14
06/22/1946 Publisher (William O. Walker) Lauds Negroes In Army-Friction Held Rare In Europe 17
06/22/1946 Georgia (Ku Klux) Klan Curb To Be Moral Only (Ellis G. Arnall) 32
06/23/1946 Tel Aviv Captors (Irgun Zvai Leumi Under Menachem Begin) Release 2 Britons 1
06/23/1946 Rubber Hose Beating At Lichfield Charged 2
06/23/1946 Our Army Drains A Deadly German Gas Bomb (At Schierly Depot) 3
06/23/1946 Execution Spectators (At Budapest) Wounded (By Ricochets) 3
06/23/1946 Yugoslav Assails Damage By Allies (General Djuro Dokitch Says United Nations Caused More Damage Than Did Germans) 5
06/23/1946 Rabbis Urge Bevin To Open Palestine (To Jews) 6
06/23/1946 Self Rule At Once In Palestine Urged (By Dr. Judah L. Magnes) 7
06/23/1946 (National Council Of Young Israel) Hits Britain On Palestine 7
06/23/1946 Un Urged To Fill Interpreter Gaps 14
06/23/1946 Von Neurath Blames League (Of Nations) For Warfare (Nuernbergtribunal) 14
06/23/1946 Switzerland Bars Security Council 16
06/23/1946 Isolationists (Langer And Nye) Face North Dakota (Election) Test 24
06/23/1946 (United Nations’) Failure To Seize Nazi Assets Scored 25
06/23/1946 100,000 (Russian) Bodies (Allegedly) Found (Near Zeithain Saxony) 27
06/23/1946 (Senator) Bilbo Urges Mississippi Men Employ ‘Any Means’ To Bar Negroes From Voting 30
06/23/1946 Negro Conference Set-Spingarn (One Of The Founders Of The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, NAACP) Award For Thurgood Marshall (Eventually U.S. Solicitor General And Supreme Court Justice) 30
06/23/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Dragon Denies Any Plot On (Ellis G.) Arnall 42
06/23/1946 Broader Program In Education Urged-(‘Cradle-To-The-Grave’) 42
06/23/1946 Georgia Court Action Aimed At Legal Basis Of The (Ku Klux) Klan E-7
06/24/1946 Tel Aviv Scoured By British Forces (Seeking Irgun Zvai Leumi And Menachem Begin, Its Leader) 1
06/24/1946 UNRRA Sends Coal, Tin, Hides To Italy 5
06/24/1946 Austria Expects More UNRRA Food 5
06/24/1946 Russian Shoots 2 GI’s In Vienna 5
06/24/1946 Soviet Criticizes Many U.S. Actions 5
06/24/1946 Americans Facing Shifts In Germany-(Re-Education Of Germans Emphasized) 6
06/24/1946 German Socialist (Kurt Schumacher) Offers Arms Curb-Would Have Barred Hitler From Rise To Power 6
06/24/1946 Tito Is Condemned By Miss Mitchell (Sister Of U.S. General ‘Billy’ Mitchell, Fought With Mikhailovitch-Says Trial A ‘Farce’) 7
06/24/1946 2 Yugoslavs Deny War Crimes Roles 7
06/24/1946 Chetnik Collaboration (With Germans) Charged (Mikhailovitch’s Wife Died In Auschwitz Of Typhus) 7
06/24/1946 Bevin Is Censured (By National Council Of Young Israel) 8
06/24/1946 Official U.N. (United Nations) Text Directing Eisenhower To Invade Europe 10
06/24/1946 German Peace Bid In March (1945) Recalled-All Such Moves Rejected 11
06/24/1946 Army Sees Influx Of 3,000,000 (Refugee) Jews 12
06/24/1946 Sees U.S. Declining If It Stands Alone (Wayne Morse-And We Certainly Wouldn’t Want To ‘Decline’ When We Should Lead!) 18
06/24/1946 (Negro Methodist) Bishop Asks Negroes To Help In Mission 21
06/25/1946 Death To (British) Hostages, A Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Menachem Begin) Threat 1
06/25/1946 Big 4 Deny Last Austria Bid For Segment Of Upper Italy (Upper Tyrol, Given To Italy By ‘Allies’ After Ww I As A Reward For Entering War Against Germany And Austria) 1
06/25/1946 ‘Marine Perch’ Arrives With 794 Passengers, 377 Natives Of Germany 5
06/25/1946 3 Soldiers Refuse Again To Testify (Lichfield) 5
06/25/1946 Von Neurath Raps 1938 Appeasement 8
06/25/1946 Almazan Claims Roosevelt ‘Double Cross’ In 1949 Cost Him Presidency Of Mexico-(Claimed Interference In Mexico’s Internal Affairs) 10
06/25/1946 German (Col. Joachim Peiper) Alleges (Having Received Beating In U.S. Jail (Dachau U.S. Army Trial Of Bulge Offensive German Soldiers-Lt. Col. Burton F. Ellis [Jewish], U.S. Prosecutor See Simpson Report) 10
06/25/1946 Judaism Seen In Balance-Demands Free Palestine 16
06/25/1946 Scan Racial Charges In Mississippi Voting 17
06/25/1946 German Children Fed 18
06/25/1946 Vandals Destroy Library Books (At New Rochelle, N.Y.)-Works On Fascism, Communism Slashed (Names Of Books Given) 23
06/25/1946 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘How Long Can They Continue To Suffer?’ Tear Jerker From United Jewish Appeal For Greater New York, Inc. With A Goal Of $35,000,000 44
06/26/1946 Russian Censorship (In Rumania) Is Troubling U.S. 1
06/26/1946 U.S. To Free Funds Of Argentina (As Requested By Juan Peron) 1
06/26/1946 Bevin Sends Reply To Critics On Jews (Backs Palestine State) 2
06/26/1946 Chetnik Slayings Of (United Nations) Fliers Hinted 3
06/26/1946 Von Neurath Plot On Czechs Alleged (Nuernberg Tribunal) 3
06/26/1946 U.N. Health Body Studies Axis Ban 8
06/26/1946 (Ilya Gregorevitch Ehrenburg) Visiting Russian (Black War Propagandist, After 2 Months In U.S.A.) Sums Up His Trip 11
06/26/1946 Palestine Trial (31 Of Terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi [Menachem Begin, Chief]) Heavily Guarded (By British) 12
06/26/1946 (U.S. General George C.) Marshall Worried By Hostile (Chinese) Demands 12
06/26/1946 Palestine Plea (For Jewish Homeland) Made By (Rabbi Robert) Cordis 13
06/26/1946 Army Wives Find Japan (Occupation Life) Pleasant 22
06/26/1946 (Isolationist Senator, Gerald P.) Nye Lags In North Dakota 27
06/27/1946 31 (Irgun Zvai Leumi, Terrorist) Jews Sing At Guilty Verdict, Turn Palestine (British) Court Into Forum 1&11
06/27/1946 Canadians Hang German (Sgt. Werner Schwalb-Killed Fellow [Collaborating] Prisoner) 3
06/27/1946 Soviet Resettles Many As Traitors 4
06/27/1946 Swedes Cut German Aid: Will Cease Feeding Children In Hamburg For Present 5
06/27/1946 Swiss Ratify Pact On (Surrender Of German) Assets (To United Nations) 5
06/27/1946 Austria’s Plight Declared Worst (John Wraight, UNRRA) 7
06/27/1946 6th Lichfield Guard Convicted, Fined $100 (For Cruelty) 7
06/27/1946 Von Neurath Feared Murder (By Hitler-Nuernberg Tribunal) 7
06/27/1946 (United Nations) Allies Warn (‘Denazified,’ Remaining) German Teachers (On ‘Anti-Democratic’ Doctrines) 7
06/27/1946 Ex-Chetnik (Col. Radoslav Djuritch) Tells Of Shifting To Tito 10
06/27/1946 Captive Germans In U.S. Soon To Be Cut To 9,000 (War-Time High Of 370,000) 10
06/27/1946 High (Italian) Fascists Released 10
06/27/1946 U.S. Zone Awaits 40,000 More Jews (Over Summer Months) 11
06/27/1946 German (Ss Lt. Heinz Tomhardt) Accuses Americans (Of Mistreatment In U.S. Army Custody See Simpson Report) 11
06/27/1946 Langer’s Nomination Is Conceded By Rival (Isolationist Gerald P. Nye) 15
06/27/1946 Act To Bar Negro Vote Upheld 15
06/27/1946 Negro Group (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People [NAACP]) Aims At Wider Privilege (Walter White, Thurgood Marshall) 19
06/27/1946 (Kirsten) Flagstad’s Husband, Lumber Official Dies (Under Indictment For Collaboration With Germans) 21
06/28/1946 30 Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi, Terrorist) Jews Get 15 Years; One (19 Year Old Benjamin Kaplin) Jailed For Life In Arms Case 1&5
06/28/1946 Official Of UNRRA (Marshall Mac Duffie) Defends Russian 4
06/28/1946 Aid Condition Set By Jewish Agency 5
06/28/1946 (Palestine) Arrivals Exceed Quotas (Third Successive Month) 5
06/28/1946 Refugees Debark At Haifa 5
06/28/1946 Chetniks Are Accused Of Mass Tortures; Burning Of 68,000 Corpses Is Described (At Jajnice Concentration Camp) 6
06/28/1946 4,000 In Hamburg Balk At Eviction (From Their Homes To Be Used By British Occupation Forces) 9
06/29/1946 Congress To Honor Roosevelt Monday 3
06/29/1946 U.S. Aides Returning For Palestine Report 3
06/29/1946 British Open A Second Military Tribunal (In Palestine) For Terrorist Cases 5
06/29/1946 218 In Berlin Flat (To Date, No Jews) Find Haven Abroad 7
06/29/1946 (Dr. Joseph) Goebbels Blamed Germans For Ruin (Nuernberg Tribunals) 9
06/29/1946 German V-2 (Rocket) Sets The Altitude Record (75 Plus Miles High) At U.S. Army, Navy Test 11
06/30/1946 Britain Launches Army Drive To End Palestine Terror (Jewish Agency, Hagana, Irgun Zvai Leumi Mentioned As Being Involved!) 1
06/30/1946 Ennis’ Duties Argued At Lichfield (Abuse) Hearing 5
06/30/1946 (Tito) Court Bares Files On Mikhailovitch 8
06/30/1946 Hungarian Gestapo Chief (Peter Hain) Hanged 11
06/30/1946 (Martin) Bormann’s Defense In Nuremberg (Tribunal) Brief 11
06/30/1946 Accused Rumanian A Suicide 11
06/30/1946 Germans Vote Today (Under United Nations Supervision) For 3 Assemblies (7 Million Eligible Out Of 18,000,000 Population-Those Not Favored By United Nations, Not Allowed To Vote, Run Or To Hold Office) 15
06/30/1946 U.S. Forces China To Round Up Nazis 16
06/30/1946 Army Checks (Stolen) Hesse Gems 16
06/30/1946 1,000,000 (U.S. Jews) To Vote On Zion Platforms 18
06/30/1946 Palestine Raids Statements (British And Jewish Agency) 18
06/30/1946 German Jews Protest (Palestine Action By British) 18
06/30/1946 Palestine Village A Warlike Scene 19
06/30/1946 Intermediate Action To Aid Jews Urged (By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint [German] Boycott Committee And Chairman Of American Federation Of Polish Jews) 20
06/30/1946 British Sense Ire In U.S. On Palestine 20
06/30/1946 Arrest Of (Jewish) Agency Leaders Called ‘War’ On Jewish People (By Rabbis Abba Hillel Silver And S.S. Wise) 20
06/30/1946 Business Criticizes U.S. German Policy F-1
06/30/1946 (Map) How The Big Four Have Reshaped The Map Of Europe E-3
06/30/1946 Unified Germany Far-Distant Goal E-4
06/30/1946 War Crimes Trial; Lord Wright Lays Legal Basis In Role Of Axis Leaders (Letter Supports Nuernberg Trials) E-8
06/30/1946 The Man From Mississippi (Senator) Bilbo Mag. 12