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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

October 1946
Date Headline Page
10/01/1946 All Except 3 (NSDAP) War Chiefs Guilty (United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal); Schacht, Von Papen, Fritzsche Acquitted (Picture-These Were Subsequently Turned Over To Local ‘German’ (Puppet) ‘Denazification’ Courts Which Pestered Them For The Remainder Of Their Lives!) 1
10/01/1946 Capt. Durant Gets 5 Years For Theft (Of Hesse Gems-Compare To Fate Of German General Wagner Who Looted In Yugoslavia-(He Was Executed By The Germans?) 9
10/01/1946 German Prisoners Sit Down At U.S. Camp; Demand Return To Homeland From Italy 10
10/01/1946 Un Council Votes On Refugee Rules 10
10/01/1946 Germans (Condemned By United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Haggard, Awaiting Fate; Only Goering Can Muster A Smile 11
10/01/1946 International (United Nations Nuernberg) Tribunal’s Summing Up Of Its Judgement On The Actions Of Naziism (Text) 12
10/01/1946 8 (U.N. News) Correspondents To See Any Execution Of Nazis 13
10/01/1946 Polish Premier Defiant On (West, Oder-Neisse) Border (With Germany-’Will Be Defended By Poles And Red Army’) 13
10/01/1946 (Yugoslav Archbishop) Stepinatz Denies Guilt At His Trial (By Tito) 15
10/01/1946 Race Bias Is Charged In Hospitals Here 20
10/01/1946 Drive For Palestine Set (By American League For A Free Palestine) 23
10/01/1946 (Picture, German-Jewish Tenor) Richard Tauber ‘Back On The Job’ 27
10/02/1946 12 Nazi War Leaders Sentenced (By United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) To Be Hanged 1
10/02/1946 Russian And (Robert H.) Jackson Object; Schacht Called A Swindler (By Russian Prosecutor, Nikitchenko) 1
10/02/1946 Hull 75, (Father Of The U.S. Graduated Income Tax) Stricken After Peace Plea, Condition Serious 1
10/02/1946 Two Hungarian Officers Hanged 6
10/02/1946 Truman Considers Campaign Details-(N.Y. Congressman, Sol) Bloom Stresses (Voter) Registration (And Palestine) 6
10/02/1946 Palestine Viewed As ‘Second Ireland’ (By Mrs. Bell J. Goldstein) 9
10/02/1946 (Yugoslavian Archbishop) Stepinatz Refuses To Defend Himself 13
10/02/1946 Government Sifts Reports Bund Is Busy And Collaborates With The Ku Klux Klan 13
10/02/1946 Refugee Sit-Down (1,000 Jews) Ended (At Babenhausen, U.S. Army Threatened To Return Them To Poland) 14
10/02/1946 German (Pow) Camp Unrest (Wishing Repatriation From Italy) Not Serious, Lee Says 16
10/02/1946 (Argentina’s Juan) Peron Assures Jews 17
10/02/1946 Text Of Hull’s Appeal For Peace Efforts 18
10/02/1946 Britons Surprised By Nazis’ Acquittal 18
10/02/1946 Czechs Want To Try Von Neurath 18
10/02/1946 Nuremberg (United Nations) Justice Upholds Our Justice-Hanson W. Baldwin 20
10/02/1946 (Released Nuernberg Defendants) Face Denazification Trials (By ‘Re-Educated’ Germans) 20
10/02/1946 Austria Would Try Von Papen 20
10/02/1946 (United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Verdicts ‘Astonish’ Poles (Too Mild) 20
10/02/1946 (Picture, Goering And Hess At Nuernberg) 21
10/02/1946 Texts Of (United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Verdicts 22-24
10/02/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Statement 24
10/02/1946 Noose Too Easy For Nazis, Frankfurt Germans (Hasso Grasmueck, 21 Year Old Chemistry Student Says-Plus Others) 24
10/02/1946 Yiddish Artists Laud Morale, Spirit Of Dp 41
10/02/1946 Women Sustaining Industry In Russia-Most Workers Are Women 45
10/02/1946 Alien (Property) Custodian Offers 12 New York Mortgages (Property Confiscated From Enemy Nationals) 51
10/03/1946 Doomed Nazis File Appeals To (United Nations) Allies-Seek Right To Die Before Firing Squad 1
10/03/1946 Von Papen’s Son Surrenders-Help Father’s Defense 11
10/03/1946 Goering’s Wife Seeks Stage Job 11
10/03/1946 German Drill Instructor Jailed (Instructed German Boys In Military Drill) 12
10/03/1946 50 (Jews) Seized In Tel Aviv-Believed Members Of Terrorist Group 13
10/03/1946 (Yugoslav Archbishop) Stepinatz Hears Monk Accuse Him (Tito Trial) 14
10/03/1946 Berlin Left Urges Death For 22 Nazis-Leipzig Demonstration Set 15
10/03/1946 (U.S. General Dwight D.) Eisenhower Amazed At (Feld Marshal Wilhelm) Keitel Verdict (By United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) 15
10/03/1946 Dutch (Boers) In South Africa Ask (Jan) Smuts To Plead For Nazis 16
10/03/1946 Roman Press Hails (United Nations Nuernberg) Trial Verdict 17
10/03/1946 (United Nations) Allies To Inspect German Disarming 17
10/03/1946 U.S. Aid For Germany Urged (By Congressman Herbert J. Mc Glinchey) 20
10/03/1946 Dr. (Ignacy) Moscicki Dead-Chemist, Polish President In 1939 27
10/04/1946 Czechs Win (Hungarian) Land 3
10/04/1946 (Theresienstadt) Camp Commander (Dr. Siegfried Seidl) To Die-(Theresienstadt Was Touted By The United Nations As A ‘Show’ Ghetto Where Everything Was As It Should Be. Special Jews Such As World War I Veterans Who Had Served With Honor Were Sent Here As Were Others Such As Berlin’s Chief Rabbi Leo Baeck Who Spent The War In Germany) 4
10/04/1946 German Police Fail To Jail Freed (Nuernberg Former Defendants) Nazis-(General Lucius) Clay Bars (Initial) Rearrest 7
10/04/1946 (Archbishop) Stepinatz Replies Tito Is Terrorist 7
10/04/1946 Rumania Tries 18 Ex-Officials 7
10/04/1946 Fraternization Ban (Germans And Americans) Relaxed 7
10/04/1946 Arabs Ask Parley By World On Jew 8
10/04/1946 Polish Regime Spurned (By General Anders) 8
10/04/1946 Fate Of Musical Rests On (Sick, Richard) Tauber 16
10/04/1946 4 Yiddish Plays Due Tomorrow 16
10/04/1946 (N.Y.) Daily News Denies Race Bias Charge 21
10/05/1946 Truman Again Prods Britain On 100,000 (Jewish) Palestine Visas 1
10/05/1946 Minority Rights Are Key To Peace (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Trials) Declares 1
10/05/1946 British Dismayed By Truman’s Note 1
10/05/1946 More Latitude Given To (German) Press In Germany (By United Nations Occupation Forces) 2
10/05/1946 Truman Urged To Set Palestine Deadline (By American League For A Free Palestine) 2
10/05/1946 Truman’s Statement On Palestine 2
10/05/1946 Mexican (Red Cross) Plea For Nazis (Condemned By United Nations Tribunal At Nuernberg) 5
10/05/1946 German (POW) Prisoners Get Bonus ($0.60 Per Week-Can’t Be Spent In England But Only In Germany [Morgenthau Occupation Currency!] The ‘Raise’ Paid Therefore By Germany Not England) 1
10/06/1946 (Senator Robert) Taft Condemns Hanging Of Nazis As Unjust Verdict 1&45
10/06/1946 Truman Unswayed By Palestine Reply 1
10/06/1946 25 (Negro) Soldiers Riot At (Negro) Camp 3
10/06/1946 Rescue For Jews (By U.S. And Other Nations) Yom Kippur Plea 22
10/06/1946 Pope (Pius XII) Asks Mercy For Nazi (Hans Frank, Recent Convert) 31
10/06/1946 Negroes Ask To Help Africans 34
10/06/1946 Germans (POW) Dig Bombs In Britain 35
10/06/1946 Telegrams Hail Palestine Action (Numerous Organizations Reported) 35
10/06/1946 (Grand) Mufti Defends Actions; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Calls Him War Criminal 37
10/06/1946 U.S. Urges Poland To Stay (Business) Seizures 41
10/06/1946 Frau Goering Kept From Stage (By U.S. Authorities) 42
10/06/1946 Schacht Has Plan For New Germany 44
10/06/1946 Nazi Epilogue-Nuremberg (United Nations) Sentences E-1
10/06/1946 (Cartoon) The Rise And Fall Of The Nazi ‘Gods’-By Low E-5
10/07/1946 Raf Man Shot Death At Jerusalem Billet 1
10/07/1946 (Thomas E.) Dewey Bids Britain Open Up Palestine To Immigrants Now 1&5
10/07/1946 Admiral Raeder Asks To Be Shot; Objects To ‘Languishing In (United Nations) Prison’ 1
10/07/1946 (Anglican) Archbishop Backs Nazi Death Verdict 2
10/07/1946 Doomed German Leaders To Get Unmarked Graves (Says Former ‘Refugee’ Prussian State Official, Dr. Robert Max Kempner, Serving Under Robert H. Jackson, Prosecuting His Former Boss, Goering, And The NSDAP And Other Heads Of The Last De Jure German Government) 2
10/07/1946 ‘Palestine’ 4
10/07/1946 Jews Settle 11 Places In Day (Lands Owned By Jewish National Fund) 4
10/07/1946 (Francis, Cardinal) Spellman Predicts (Yugoslavian Archbishop) Stepinatz Will Die 5
10/07/1946 Generation Of Aid For Refugees Seen 6
10/08/1946 German Police Arrest (Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht For Trial As A ‘Leading’ Nazi (He Was Never In The Party!) 1
10/08/1946 Jews Offer Plan To Britain Today 2
10/08/1946 Hitler Called Father Of Son Born To Wife Of Goebbels 5
10/08/1946 (Yugo-) Slavs Finish Case Against (Archbishop) Stepinatz 6
10/08/1946 South Africa Split On Nazis’ Sentences (By United Nation Tribunal At Nuernberg-’Dutch Boers’) 6
10/08/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Reports To Truman On Trial 6
10/08/1946 Nuremberg (United Nations) Trial Scored (By Spanish Editor) 6
10/08/1946 (United Nations) Allies Ask Sweden To Bar German Nazis 7
10/08/1946 Democrats Assail (Senator Robert) Taft View On Nazis (United Nations Tribunal Verdicts) 15
10/09/1946 Garsson Case Goes To Grand Jury Tomorrow At Request Of (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Tom) Clark 1
10/09/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Bids U.S. Lead In Exile Aid (Criticizes Taft’s Statement On Nuernberg Verdicts) 11
10/09/1946 Work For DP’s Asked By Lithuanian Relief 12
10/09/1946 (British) Bishop Opposes Nazi Deaths (Prefers Banishment) 16
10/09/1946 Allied (United Nations) Heads Hear Nazis’ Pleas Today 17
10/09/1946 (Yugoslavian Archbishop) Stepinatz Makes No Plea For Mercy 17
10/09/1946 (Rev. Martin) Niemoeller On (United Nations Nuernberg) Verdicts (Believes Fritzsche Guilty, Approves Others) 17
10/09/1946 Terror Erupts Again In Palestine; 2 Britons Killed As Truck Hits Mine ([Abraham] Stern Gang Or ‘Lehi,’ A Daughter Organization Of The ‘Irgun Zvai Leumi [Begin],’ Even More Terroristic Than The ‘Irgun’) 18
10/09/1946 (U.S. General Lucius) Clay Chides Germans On Lag In Farm Work 19
10/09/1946 Izvestia Scores (Russian) Farmers-White Russians Sabotage Harvest 19
10/09/1946 15,000 Poles Leave Germany In Week 20
10/09/1946 German (Optical) Plant Ask As U.S. Reparations 22
10/09/1946 (National Negro Council) Says Negroes Shun Subversive Groups 24
10/10/1946 Lutherans Asked To Back U.N. Aims 3
10/10/1946 (Feld Marshal Wilhelm) Keitel Asks Death By Shooting 4
10/10/1946 The (United Nations) Nuremberg Verdicts Announced And Denounced (In Prague And Berlin) 4
10/10/1946 16 (Neuengamme Camp Guards) Germans Are Hanged (By British) 4
10/10/1946 14 Countries Score Reparations Lag-Germans Urge Revision 5
10/10/1946 (International Bar Association) Lawyers Defend (United Nations) Nuremberg Trial 8
10/10/1946 UNRRA Says Rails (50,000 Tons) Are Going To China 12
10/10/1946 Negroes Excluded By Georgia (Democratic) Party 24
10/11/1946 (United Nations) Allies Deny Nazis’ Last Pleas; 11 Will Die By Wednesday 1&2
10/11/1946 ‘Guinea-Pig’ Doctors Face Nuremberg Trial (By U.S.) Nov. 15 2
10/11/1946 German Law Approved-Aid To Nazis’ Victims Allowed In American Zone 3
10/11/1946 Britain Asks Zionists To Disavow Terror 3
10/11/1946 Zionists Ask (Diplomatic) Recognition (Of Palestine Regime) 3
10/11/1946 Throng Bars (Kurt) Schuschnigg Talk 4
10/11/1946 18 Rumanians Sentenced 7
10/11/1946 (U.S.) Troops Quell Germans (Civilians Interned At Darmstadt) Riot 7
10/11/1946 Truman Sidesteps Gop’s Nuremberg Row 12
10/11/1946 Afl Chiefs Praise Jewish Labor Group For Fight On Bigotry, In War And Peace 18
10/11/1946 Jersey Outlaws The Ku Klux Klan (‘Had Link With Bund’) 24
10/12/1946 (Yugoslav Archbishop) Stepinatz Declared Guilty; He Gets 16 Years In Prison 1&7
10/12/1946 Nazis (Condemned By United Nations At Nuernberg) Hear Indirectly Of Plea Rejections 3
10/12/1946 Polish Group Urges Study Of DP Camp 3
10/12/1946 Refugee Travel (Documents) Approved 5
10/12/1946 Zionist(Moshe Sneh, Suspected Terrorist) Seen Barred (From U.S.) 6
10/12/1946 (First) German Girl Gets Permit To Enter U.S. (To Marry) 7
10/13/1946 Anti-Bigotry Forum (By B’nai B’rith, Anti-Defamation League) 12
10/13/1946 Denazification Unified 30
10/13/1946 Blueprint For Iro (‘International Refugee Organization’) Is Rushed For Un 33
10/13/1946 $50,483,200 Marked For Europe’s Jews (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 34
10/13/1946 British Hang 12 More Germans 34
10/13/1946 German Pw’s In France-200,000 Out Of 700,000 (Reportedly) Wish To Stay There (As Foreign Workers) 34
10/13/1946 Labor Zionist Group Asks Free Palestine 35
10/13/1946 (United Nations) Nuremberg Trial Hailed By Truman-Accepts (Judge) Parker Resignation 36
10/13/1946 Hanging Of 11 Nazis (Condemned By United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Planned In Secret-Photos To Be Made For Archives Only 36
10/13/1946 Nazis’ Ouster (By United Nations) Hits Austrian Schools 38
10/13/1946 (More Than 100,000) Jewish Farmers (In U.S.) Praised By Rabbi 48
10/13/1946 Overflow Throng Cheers (Jewish Pianist) Myra Hess 53
10/13/1946 (Cartoon)-Gallows ‘Journey’s End’ E-5
10/13/1946 Two German Zones Will Act On Nazis E-5
10/14/1946 Plea For Finland Issued By (Herbert) Hoover 3
10/14/1946 Rise In Jews; Needs Predicted For 1947 5
10/14/1946 Visas (For Jews) Judged Basic In Palestine Peace 5
10/14/1946 20,000 At Boston Drive (For $100,000,000) 5
10/14/1946 Sunday Solace Given To Condemned Nazis 5
10/14/1946 (Picture) Former (French) Premier Leon Blum Casting His Ballot In Paris 9
10/14/1946 B’nai B’rith Wins Award From Navy 4
10/15/1946 (Yugoslav) Officials In Stepinatz Case Excommunicated By Vatican 1
10/15/1946 Ban Of History Teaching In Japan Lifted As (U.S. General) Mac Arthur Backs (U.S.-Approved) Texts 12
10/15/1946 Japan’s Constitution (Passed By U.S.) To Be Decreed Nov. 3 12
10/15/1946 Hicswa En Route To U.S. 12
10/15/1946 German Speech, Press Are Curbed (Dictated) By (United Nations) Allies 13
10/15/1946 4 Allies Unify Law On Denazification 14
10/15/1946 (Gabriel Strecker) Asserts Germans Must Get Truth 15
10/15/1946 (United Nations) Execution Details In Nuremberg Secret 15
10/15/1946 UNRRA Ends Buying Peron Grain; Argentine Price Tops U.S. Charge 15
10/15/1946 Britain Has Data On Split Of Poland 16
10/15/1946 (Jewish) Austrian General Disclaims Role In Jewish Street-Sweeping Epic (Pure Allied United Nations Propaganda Fiction) 17
10/15/1946 Soviet Opens Way To Ex-Citizens 17
10/15/1946 Alien Property (Custodian) Office Ended By President (Truman) 27
10/16/1946 Goering Ends Life By Poison; 10 Others Hanged 1, 19 & 20
10/16/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Urges More Trials Of Germans By Each Power 1
10/16/1946 Poles Found Set To Retain Silesia 11
10/16/1946 Caste Rule Called Germany’s Enemy-U.S. Educators Say Social Fabric Must Be Rewoven Into Democratic Pattern (How’s That For ‘Re-Education’?) 17
10/16/1946 7 Nazis To Serve Terms In Spandau (Prison, Berlin) 19
10/16/1946 Goering’s Hymn Singing Stilled By Death Verdict 19
10/16/1946 Vatican (Pope Pius XII) Is Defended On Policy With Nazis 19
10/16/1946 (United Nations) Four Power Statement On Execution Of 10 Nazis 19
10/16/1946 How Georing Got Poison Is Mystery 19
10/16/1946 Sea Burial (For The Germans Executed By The United Nations) Is Rumored (Ashes Poured Into Tributary Of Danube) 19
10/16/1946 (Life) Sketches Of The 11 Nazi Leaders Who Paid (The United Nations) With Their Lives At Nuremberg For War Crimes 21
10/16/1946 Text Of Justice (Robert H.) Jackson;S Report To President (Truman) On The Nuremberg Trial 23
10/16/1946 Truman Is Praised In Refugee Action (By William Rosenwald, United Jewish Appeal) 24
10/17/1946 (Dean) Acheson Calls U.S. Champion Of Weak 1
10/17/1946 Army Investigates Suicide Of Goering As Mystery Grows 1
10/17/1946 Army Takes Bodies Of Nazis From (Nuernberg) Jail 2
10/17/1946 (U.S. Col. Burton C. Andrus) Announcing Suicide Of Goering (Picture) 2
10/17/1946 Nazi Myth Broken, (Robert H.) Jackson Declares 3
10/17/1946 (Natural) Science Held Peril To Our Civilization-Social Studies (Latter Called ‘Sciences’ By Many) Hailed (Dr. Ramond B. Fosdick, President, Rockefeller Foundation) 25
10/18/1946 Army To Drop ‘45 Draftees And Misfits, Cut Size 25% 1
10/18/1946 (Arab King) Ibn Saud Criticizes Truman On Zionism 1
10/18/1946 (Thomas E.) Dewey Champions College Bias Plan-Asks Race-Creedequality 1
10/18/1946 Wagner Urges U.S. To Help (Archbishop) Stapinatz 2
10/18/1946 Catholics Thanked For (6,000,000 Lbs.) Aid In Germany (‘Cralog’) 4
10/18/1946 11 Nazis (Condemned By United Nations) Cremated (Privately At Muenchen), Ashes Dispersed (In Danube Tributary)-Forestall Enshrining Of Bodies (How Utterly ‘Leninist’) 5
10/18/1946 (Communist) Poles Arrest Two Of Peasant Chiefs 5
10/18/1946 Soviet Curt On (United Nations Nuernberg) Hangings (Of NSDAP Officials) 5
10/18/1946 Death Asked For (Kurt) Daluege (In Prague For Lidice Retaliation Action) 5
10/18/1946 Churchill And Trainer, Boer War Reminiscences (Picture) 9
10/18/1946 (Picture) Americans Open A Miniature Golf Course In Berlin 15
10/18/1946 Hitlerism Is Laid To Dewey Backers (Roosevelt Haters Are Pro-Hitler) 15
10/18/1946 (N.Y. City Mayor) O’dwyer Backs Drive To Abolish ‘Bilboism’ (Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo-Helen Gahagen Douglas, Wife Of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Favorite, Leftist Actor Melvin Douglas, Later Defeated For Congress By Richard M. Nixon, Spoke) 16
10/18/1946 Halsey, Margaret, Color Blind, A Pro-Negro Book 20
10/19/1946 U.S. Charges Enslavement Of Americans (In Forced Labor Camps) By Yugoslavia 1&7
10/19/1946 Anti-U.S. Posters Banned By Polish Government 4
10/19/1946 Spain Agrees To Pact (With United Nations) On (Disposal Of) German Property (Worth $100,000,000) 5
10/19/1946 Argentina Delays UNRRA Chinese Aid (4,000 Tons Of Grain) 6
10/19/1946 Goering Note (Immediately Sequestered By The United Nations) Said To Explain Suicide 7
10/19/1946 So. Africa (Jan C. Smuts) Gives L985,000 For (British) Heroism 7
10/19/1946 Austria Alarmed As Food Dwindles 7
10/19/1946 U.S. Tries To Speed Yokohama Trials 8
10/19/1946 (Communist Gerhard) Eisler Denies Role Of Kremlin Agent 9
10/19/1946 Refugees To Get Limited Passport (From Evian Inter-Governmental Committee For Refugees) 9
10/19/1946 Negro Youth Group Urged To Crusade (In Columbia, S. C.-By Southern Negro Youth Congress, Louis E. Durnham) 11
10/19/1946 General Aniline And Film (German Firm Confiscated By U.S. [Morgenthau])-(Morgenthau) Wants Assurances For The Future (James E. Markham, Alien Property Custodian) 25
10/19/1946 Anti-Lynching Pledges Asked (By Max Yergan, National Negro Congress) 34
10/20/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Promises Move To Bar (Senator) Bilbo (Leaders Of Evil Fascist Movement, Refuge In Palestine Urged For 100,000 Jews Is Urged) 13
10/20/1946 658 German Plants Listed For Payment (In Reparations By Col. Lawrence Wilkinson) 30
10/20/1946 Report On Goering Awaits Test Result (174 German Prisoners Still Held In Nuernberg Awaiting Disposition By United Nations) 32
10/20/1946 Nazi Ousters Lag, Mexico Confirms 35
10/20/1946 Tito’s ‘Army’ Parades 36
10/20/1946 Liberty Held Crux Of Palestine Issue (By Ira Hirschmann) 38
10/20/1946 Census In Germany Is Scheduled Oct. 29-30, Four Powers (Of United Nations) Draft Questions To Be Asked 41
10/20/1946 (George) Santayana Sees All-Red Europe-Whole World Might Turn Later 41
10/20/1946 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Backs (James) Byrnes Policies 46
10/20/1946 Genocide (Polish Jew, Raphael Lemkin, Duke University) Is The New Crime Fastened On The Nazi Leaders (By The United Nations Tribunal) E-13
10/20/1946 The Lasting Effects Of The (United Nations) Nuremberg Trial-[Hugh] Trevor-Roper ([Later Lord Dacre], Establishment ‘Historian’ Who Popularized United Nations War Propaganda As The Absolute Truth) Mag. 15
10/21/1946 Soviet Guard Kills American (Harry D. Flory) In Berlin 1
10/21/1946 3 U.S. Offices In Germany Bombed By (German) Underground 1
10/21/1946 Action By U.S. Asked To Free Lithuania 7
10/21/1946 (Polish, August) Cardinal (Hlond) Backs Polish (Anti-Communist) Peasants (Against Russian-Favored Government) 14
10/21/1946 Nuremberg (United Nations Tribunal) Hailed (By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Tom Clark) As Barrier To War 15
10/21/1946 UNRRA Chief (Charles N. Drury) Sees Hunger In Poland 16
10/21/1946 Both China Rivals Assail (U.S. Gen. George C.) Marshall 18
10/21/1946 ‘God Save The King’ Is Modified-2D Stanza Deleted 33
10/22/1946 UNRRA Held Proof U.N. Can Succeed (By Herbert Lehman) 2
10/22/1946 55 Germans Taken In (U.S.) Stuttgart Raid (Mp’s On Suspected Terrorists) 8
10/22/1946 (Palestine Terrorist) Stern Gang Threatens To Kill (British) Troops (On Sight) 11
10/23/1946 (James) Byrnes For Speed On German (Peace) Treaty 6
10/23/1946 (Left-Leaning Ass’t. Att’y. Gen., O. John) Rogge Ties (John L.) Lewis To Nazis In Politics (See Entry Oct. 26, 1946, Pp. 1 & 18) 8
10/23/1946 (Schacht Picture) Released From One Jail And Put In Another 9
10/23/1946 Russian Transfers Of Germans (To Russia For Work) Scored 10
10/23/1946 German Disciplined (By U.S. Information Control Division Of American Military Government-Misjudged Length Of The Leash) 10
10/23/1946 819 Trapped Jews Shipped To Cyprus (To Camp 61 At Caraolos, Outside Famagusta) 12
10/23/1946 (United Nations) Allies Free Pictures Of 11 Dead (Executed) Germans (Pictures Of The Men Hanging From Gallows Will Not Be Published. Some Who Viewed The Corpses Stated The Men Were Hanged Using A ‘Short Rope’ And Were Therefore Strangled Slowly. Notes Written By Goering And Immediately Confiscated And Sequestered By The United Nations Authorities To Be Considered For Release To Public At Next Allied Control Council Session-U.S. General Mc Narney) 11
10/23/1946 Race Bias Charged At Cornell School 24
10/23/1946 (U.S.) Citizenship Denied 4 Yugoslavs (Fliers Who Had Served With The U.S. Army In Italy) 56
10/24/1946 (Polish General Wladyslaw) Anders Leaving Italy, Vows Faith In Poland 11
10/24/1946 La Guardia Denies UNRRA Abuses DP’s 14
10/24/1946 Daluega Who Wiped Out Lidice (Village Gave Sanctuary To Czech Murderers Of Reinhard Heydrich, In British Assassination Action) Hanged; Execution Follows Two Attempts At Suicide 14
10/24/1946 Seizure Of 3,000 (Germans) Laid To Russians-Human Reparations 14
10/24/1946 Von Papen Leaves Nuremberg Prison-Agrees With (Senator Robert) Taft (Von Papen Rearrested And Persecuted With Un-Controlled ‘German’ Courts For A Major Portion Of His Remaining Life) 14
10/24/1946 Nazi (United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal-Edited By Him, No Doubt) Records Filed-Complete Recordings Of Two Of The Most Dramatic Phases Of The Trial; Presented To U.S. Archives By R. H. Jackson (U.S. Chief Prosecutor) 14
10/24/1946 Estonian Refugees Decide To Quit U.S. (Their Entry Denied; No Immigration Quota Visas-Face Deportation To Sweden By U.S.) 15
10/24/1946 (Thomas E.) Dewey Warns GI’s Of Totalitarianism 22
10/25/1946 Crusade On (‘Against’ Ku Klux) Klan Pledged By Mead 1
10/25/1946 Report On Russian Draft Of (German) Labor In Berlin To Be Made By U.S. Today (In Fulfillment Of Contracts Made With Soviet Industry) 1
10/25/1946 Surprising Lack Of Care Found In Guarding Washington Files (Six Persons Accused Of Removing Hundreds Of Secret Documents From State Department In 1945) 10
10/25/1946 Czechs End German Expulsion 10
10/25/1946 (Julius Hochman) Tells Of Jews’ Plight-American Ort, (Federation Of World Wide Training Schools And Workshops For Jews) 10
10/25/1946 More (Nuernberg) War Trials Prepared By U.S. (Telford Taylor) 11
10/25/1946 (German) Industrialists; Trials Soon 11
10/25/1946 Japanese Approve Revised Histories (Using United Nations Concepts) 11
10/25/1946 13 GI’s Held In Assault-Attacking Germans ‘Without Rhyme Or Reason’ 11
10/25/1946 (Wuertemberg-Baden) Charter Ratified By German State (After Prior Approval By Lt. Gen. Lucius Clay) 12
10/25/1946 (U.S.) School Revision Urged (By Edwin Embree Of Julius Rosenwald Fund) 14
10/25/1946 (Roosevelt Stalwarts, Henry Agard) Wallace, (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Condemn The Gop 15
10/26/1946 Austin Warns U.S. On Isolationists 3
10/26/1946 Poles Accuse GI’s Of (Physical Abuse Of Polish Repatriate) Refugee 4
10/26/1946 23 German Doctors Indicted By U.S. (Nuernberg Tribunal, Telford Taylor) 5
10/26/1946 Denazification Plan Studies (40,000 Germans Under Arrest In U.S. Zone 5
10/26/1946 U.S. Officers Removed In Abuse Of Germans 5
10/26/1946 (Picture) ‘(Re-)Learning The American Way’ Mrs. Grove Vining Instructs Crown Prince Akihito Of Japan 6
10/26/1946 1,000,000 Refugees (143,000 Jews) Listed In Germany 7
10/26/1946 Equal Rights Near, Women Are Told 9
10/27/1946 (Ass’t. Att’y. Gen., O. John) Rogge Calls Aim Exposing Fascism (Fired, Oct. 26, 1946, Pp. 1 & 18) 16
10/27/1946 (Rabbi Abba Hillel) Silver Demands All Of Palestine (For The Jews) 20
10/27/1946 (A. H. Sulzberger, N.Y. Times) Advises Reversal Of Zionist Policy (Havens Come First! Between 300,000 And 350,000 Jews In Europe Estimated By U.S. Gen. J. T. Mc Narney-Probably Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, His Aide!) 21
10/27/1946 (United Nations) Allies Say Goering Long Had Poison (Report) 30
10/27/1946 40 (U.S.) Army Officers Reported Accused (Of Black Market Activities) 30
10/27/1946 Germans Report More (Plant) Removals-310 Plants In Thuringia Removed And Sent To Russia 32
10/27/1946 Denazifying Unified 32
10/27/1946 Way To Aid Estonians (Executive Order) 49
10/27/1946 German Resistance Threat Has Failed To Materialize E-5
10/28/1946 (Rev. Martin) Niemoeller Sees (German) Guilt (With Help Of Karl Barth Et Al.)-Blames Germans For Trying To Escape Blame For Murders 2
10/28/1946 Tables Of UNRRA Aid 3
10/28/1946 Leon Blum Ill With Grippe 3
10/28/1946 Jews Seen Facing Worse Need In ‘47 4
10/28/1946 Jews Open (‘Neveh Eilan,’ A New) Settlement (In Palestine) 4
10/29/1946 Germans Strike Against (Plant) Removals (At Mossbach, Underground Aircraft Factory Shipped To Russia) 10
10/29/1946 Refugees’ Haven In U.S. Is Sought (By Earl Gray Harrrison) 15
10/29/1946 Newark (N. J.) Synagogue Ransacked (Records And Religious Books Destroyed) 52
10/30/1946 Zionists Here Seek (1,000,000) Members, ($1,000,000) Funds 2
10/30/1946 Syria Is Conciliatory On (Jewish) Refugee Havens 2
10/30/1946 U.S. To Distribute (Rm3,700,000,000) Nazi Party Assets 3
10/30/1946 (Jan) Masaryk (An Agent Of Zionism) Defends His Country’s Acts(Expulsion Of Sudeten Germans From Native Land) 17
10/31/1946 Austrian Parliament Asks End Of (United Nations) Allies’ Occupation 1
10/31/1946 2 Germans Rebuild Goethe’s House (Destroyed By Bombs); Scour Rubble For Original Bricks-Stone Mason And Son 3
10/31/1946 Goering’s Suicide Notes Will Not Be Published (By The United Nations)-Sealed And Placed In Council’s Secret Archives, Copies Destroyed 11