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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

September 1946
Date Headline Page
09/01/1946 20 Of 212 Nazis Claim Innocence As Nuremberg Trial Is Concluded (Hans Frank, Governor General Of Poland Accepts Guilt) 1&12
09/01/1946 (Col.) Killian Files Case Against (Lichfield) Accuser 12
09/01/1946 Growth In Disease Noted In Germany 12
09/01/1946 (Gen. Lucius) Clay Foresees Delay In German Recovery 12
09/01/1946 Delay In Settlement With Italy Deplored 16
09/01/1946 DP’s Arrive Here With War Orphans (‘Marine Perch’ 943 Passengers-Rabbi Isaac Drillman’s Family, In Europe Since Start Of War) 17
09/01/1946 $38,140,210 Is Sent To Jews Overseas (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Edward M. M. Warburg, Chairman) 18
09/01/1946 Jews Ask Truman’s Aid 18
09/01/1946 (Nazis Ousted) Argentina Earns Honorable Place In World Society 20
09/01/1946 44,775 GI Wives Admitted To U.S. In Year 21
09/01/1946 French Socialists Drop (Leon Blum) ‘Old Guard’ (Including Leon Blum’s Cousin, Jules Moch, Another ‘Survivor’) 24
09/01/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan In South Keeps Under Cover E-4
09/01/1946 Blum, Leon, A Socialist’s Credo, (Review) Book 3
09/02/1946 2 U.S. Officers (Pilots) Seized As Smugglers’ Leaders 3
09/02/1946 U.S. Denies Soviet Spied In Germany 3
09/02/1946 Palestine Pillage Charged To British (By Six Hebrew Papers) 5
09/02/1946 (General Frederick Morgan-Proposed) Plan To Aid Jews Cited 5
09/02/1946 Czechs Jail (Albert Goering, Hermann) Goering’s Brother 6
09/02/1946 Germans Moved From Hungary 7
09/02/1946 Brazil Wants 100,000 (Belgian And Dutch Immigrants) To Enter (At This Time-Room For 40,000,000) 7
09/02/1946 Mother, 76, Flies Here To (Artur) Rodzinski (Originally From Lemberg, Poland) 12
09/03/1946 Riots Flare Anew In Bombay; 70 Dead 1
09/03/1946 British Sailors Quell Jews In Fight On Blockade Runner (‘Four Freedoms’) Of Palestine 1
09/03/1946 German Prisoners (5,000 Men And 61 Girls) Released By Russia (An Estimated 3,000,000 Remain, Exact Number Unknown) 2
09/03/1946 British Reinforce Haifa 3
09/03/1946 Senator (Richard B. Russell, Georgia) Is Against Plan For Refugees 3
09/03/1946 British Reds Charge U.S. Is Like Hitler, Jeopardizing Peace To Dominate The World 5
09/03/1946 Inquiry By Congress Invited By (Col.) Kilian (Lichfield) 8
09/03/1946 (Governor Edward Martin, Penn.) Says Church Faces Brotherhood Task 22
09/04/1946 Syria Bars U.S. Oil And Air Talks Because Of Zionist Sympathy Here 1
09/04/1946 (James) Byrnes Expected To Stress Role In Europe; Pledge Aid To Germany 1
09/04/1946 Immigrant Jews (1,200 On ‘Four Freedoms’) Shifted Off Haifa (Most From Poland, Hungary, Germany, Rumania, And Russia) 3
09/04/1946 Britain Will Yield (Field Marshal Gen. Paul Von Kleist) To Tito 5
09/04/1946 2 Top Nazis Leave Spain (On ‘Marine Marlin’) 6
09/04/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Chief Asserts Arnall Joined (Klan) In ‘42 11
09/04/1946 Roosevelt Aims Best, Says (N.Y. Mayor,) O’dwyer 14
09/04/1946 The DP’s Are No Menace 22
09/04/1946 Immigration For Peace (Letter) 22
09/04/1946 Human Rights Guard Urged By (Jacob) Blaustein (In Constitutions Of Former Enemy States-Cremieux Edicts?) 25
09/05/1946 Garssons Cleared In Shell Faults; Four Other Firms Named In (38) Deaths 1
09/05/1946 Russian Seizures (Of American-Owned Property) Protested By U.S. 2
09/05/1946 (Picture) Former Nazi Leaders As They Made Their Final Pleas Before (United Nations) Nuremberg Court 3
09/05/1946 Lichfield Accuser (Capt. Earl J. Carroll) Must Sail For U.S. (And Cease ‘Crusade’ Against The U.S. Army) 3
09/05/1946 Human Beings Used In Deadly Air Tests By German Scientists, Documents Reveal (Simple High Altitude Chambers Capable Of Reproducing Conditions Encountered At 30,400 Feet) 5
09/05/1946 978 Jews Reach Cyprus (On ‘Empire Heywood’) 5
09/05/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Gave Up ‘38 Fight (Vita) 13
09/05/1946 (Senator) Ives Speech Declaring (U.S.) Isolation Is Dead-Ives Led Anti-Bias Fight, Asks Havens For Displaced 17
09/06/1946 Vast Supplies Of UNRRA Are Tied Up By Strike (Tonnages To Various Countries-Italy Leads By Far) 2
09/06/1946 Industrial Quislings Convicted In Belgium 10
09/06/1946 Un Men Feel At Home At New (Ben) Hecht Play (‘A Flag Is Born’-Pro-Zionist) 18
09/07/1946 (James) Byrnes For German Regime, Bars French Ruhr Claim, Denies Oder(-Neisse) Border Is Fixed 1
09/07/1946 Nazi Gets (Deportation) Stay In Guatemala 4
09/07/1946 Text Of (James) Byrnes’ Speech At Stuttgart 5
09/07/1946 Writ Denied Accused (Hesse Gems) Wac 6
09/07/1946 Prison Camps Dot Yugoslavia, Says (U.S.) Veteran Who Rescued Boy, 12-Thousands Of German Decent Captives In Nazi-Like Quarters 16
09/07/1946 Palestine Mission Urged By (Dr. Judah) Magnes 18
09/07/1946 Zionists Throttle Talks, British Say 18
09/08/1946 Klan-Bund Backer (Edward James Smythe) Sets Georgia Move 17
09/08/1946 France Fears U.S. Is Now Pro-German 27
09/08/1946 High Nazi (Joseph Grohe) Is Arrested 28
09/08/1946 Officer (Capt. Joseph A. Robertson, Toledo, Ohio) Acquitted In Lichfield Trial 32
09/08/1946 Higher DP Quotas Facing Opposition E-4
09/09/1946 All Palestine Rail System Tied Up By Attacks Of Zionist (Terrorist) Extremists 1
09/09/1946 Germans’ Health Reported Worse (By U.S. General Mc Narney) 2
09/09/1946 (Anti-Russian, Pro-West General Wladyslaw) Anders; Army Aid Urged 3
09/09/1946 Three War Criminals Executed (In Yugoslavia) 3
09/09/1946 59 Notaries Urge U.S. To Admit Jews (Names) 4
09/09/1946 Violence By Jews (In Palestine Against British) Feared 4
09/09/1946 Jewish Leader Says Most (Rumanian And Hungarian Jews) In The Balkans Seek That (Palestine) Haven 4
09/10/1946 Anti-Semitism Held Christian Problem (By Dr. H. N. Mac Cracken, International Conference Of Christians And Jews) 5
09/10/1946 How UNRRA Decides Who Gets What And When 6
09/10/1946 3 Die (2 British And 1 Palestinian Policeman) In Palestine As Terror Spreads 8
09/10/1946 Zionists Say U.S. Backs Their Plan-Clifton Daniel 8
09/10/1946 112 Jews Off For South America (On International Red Cross Passports-Officially ‘Stateless’) 8
09/10/1946 Russians Take 90% Of (Karl) Zeiss Output ($3,000,000 Per Month) 16
09/10/1946 New Group (Political Refugees) From Estonia (In Small Boat Via Sweden) 16
09/11/1946 Food Drive For Jews Set-10,000,000 Cans To Be Sought For Distribution In Europe (Supplies For Overseas Survivors Of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 2
09/11/1946 101 Jews Arrested In Palestine Hunt 8
09/11/1946 Denazifying Slow German (Pro-Occupation) Chiefs Say 8
09/11/1946 Hope That Jews Will Enter Parley Raised By Attlee In Opening Speech 8
09/11/1946 2 U.S. Soldiers Doomed (For Murder Of Maj. L. B. Hildebrand, In Italy) 8
09/11/1946 City Inquiry Voted On Bias In Colleges 9
09/11/1946 UNRRA Aid Increases-1,100,000 Tons Reach Italian Ports In A Month (Five Ships A Day!) 16
09/11/1946 Yugoslavs Try (12 Catholic) Priests 16
09/11/1946 Britain Curbs Danes’ Rule In Scheswig; Suggests Border Or Population Change 16
09/12/1946 Big Gold, Gem Haul Made (By Allies) In Germany (Operation Sparkler-$12-15,000,000) 8
09/12/1946 (Prof. Roger Adams) Says Europe Needs German Industries 15
09/12/1946 Pope (Pius XII) Receives Rabbi (Philip S.) Bernstein (Advisor To U.S. Gen. Mc Narney In Germany) 16
09/12/1946 Gen. Clark Criticizes Seizures By Russians 16
09/13/1946 (Henry Agard) Wallace Warns Of ‘Tough’ Policy Toward Russia 1
09/13/1946 Shipments To Yugoslavia To Go On Under UNRRA Pact, Clayton Says 1
09/13/1946 Mead Group Splits On German Inquiry (Conditions In U.S. Zone Compared Unfavorably With German Occupation Of France) 4
09/13/1946 Refugee Problem Before U.N. Today 8
09/13/1946 U.S. Migration Tops Nazi Forced Shifts; One-Fifth Of Countries’ Population Relocated (Voluntarily) 9
09/13/1946 Britain To Return German Captives (15,000 Per Month) 16
09/13/1946 Korea Gets First UNRRA Aid 16
09/14/1946 (James) Byrnes Deeply Disturbed By (Henry Agard) Wallace’s Talk 1
09/14/1946 German Loot Value (‘Operation Sparkler,’ See Entry P. 8, Sept. 12) Set At $150,000,000 (Precious Stones, Metals, Etc.) 2
09/14/1946 Shanghai (Chiang Kai-Shek) Lets Nazi Sue U.S. News Man For Libel 2
09/14/1946 Army Orders Scrip To Replace (Morgenthau Invasion) Marks 3
09/14/1946 Jewish (Terrorist) Bands (Such As Irgun Zvai Leumi) Rob 3 Palestine Banks 3
09/14/1946 La Guardia Speeds Wind-Up Of UNRRA 3
09/14/1946 Harlem Unitarian Services (‘Not Creeds, Dogmas, Or Sacraments But Character And Service.’) 5
09/15/1946 Negroes Start Petition (Anti-Lynching Law) 2
09/15/1946 (N.Y. City Mayor) O’dwyer Urges Haven For 250,000 Jews; ‘Room For Them’ Within 100 Miles Of City 5
09/15/1946 U.S. Seeks To End German Cartels 6
09/15/1946 Haganah Censures Jewish Extremists (Uses Terrorism When Desired) 6
09/15/1946 Maelzer Gets 10 Years-German Forced Americans To Parade In Rome In 1944 7
09/15/1946 Ruhr’s Return Discussed 7
09/15/1946 Eisenhower To Go To Nuremberg (To Hear Verdict) 7
09/15/1946 Human Values Put First By (Postmaster General) Hannegan (Democratic National Chairman!-No Room For Bias Against Minorities In ‘The Roosevelt-Truman Kind Of Democracy’) 9
09/15/1946 (Henry Agard) Wallace: Liberal Or Star Gazer Mag. 18
09/16/1946 Palestine Police Stop Zionist (Terrorist) Raid-Irgun Zvai Leumi Breaks With Haganah 1
09/16/1946 ‘Stalling’ On Jews Charged By Mayor (O’dyer)-International Politicians (Obviously ‘British’) Hope Refugees Will Die And End Need For Decision 2
09/16/1946 End Flight From Axis-200 Rabbis, Rabbinical Students Reach (U.S. West) Coast 2
09/16/1946 Poles To Share (German) Reparations 2
09/17/1946 Molotov Disputing (James) Byrnes, Holds Polish Border Is Set; Cites (Rather Final) Evacuation Of 2,000,000 Germans (To Which Act The U.S. Was A Party) 1
09/17/1946 ‘Humane’ Treatment For Germany Urged By (Jan) Smutz To Win Her Aid (Where Has He Been For The Last Year?) 2
09/17/1946 Refugee ‘Threat’ Stressed To Un 14
09/18/1946 Refugee Aid Sought By Polish Americans 3
09/18/1946 Liberals Assail (Henry Agard) Wallace 3
09/18/1946 (Jan) Smuts Bids Jews Join (Palestine) Conference 7
09/18/1946 Nuremberg Verdicts Are Delayed Week 14
09/18/1946 Fight On Bias Held Task Of Churches (By Those Referred To As Liberal Leaders) 23
09/19/1946 Truman Silences (Henry Agard) Wallace 1
09/19/1946 Yugoslav Primate Arrested As Traitor; Archbishop (Aloysius Stepinatz) Called Aide Of Terrorists 2
09/19/1946 $5,000,000 Jewish (Histadrut) Drive Opens; Joachim Prinz, Former Chief Rabbi Of Berlin (And Close Associate Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise And The American And World Jewish Congresses) Requests Help 19
09/19/1946 Plan On Palestine Drafted By Arabs-Herzog (Chief Rabbi Of Palestine) Blames British For Violence-Jews Combat (Combat?) Terrorism 20
09/19/1946 (Baron) Strabolgi Offers 2 Palestine Plans 21
09/19/1946 (N.Y. Senator) Mead Tells (1,000) Negroes Truman Backs Them 26
09/19/1946 (Aubrey) Williams (Former Nya Administrator, As Was Lyndon B. Johnson) Alleges ‘Terrorism’ In South 35
09/19/1946 Petitions On (Mississippi Senator) Bilbo Alleges Violence 37
09/20/1946 Jews In Europe Plan Cultural Revival (At Germany Expense!) 2
09/20/1946 U.N. Refugee Role Barred To Franco (No Such Barring Was Made During The War, However!) 5
09/20/1946 Palestine Parley Nearing Deadlock 10
09/20/1946 (Maj. Gen. Alden H.) Waitt (Chief, U.S. Army Chemical Corps) Confirms New Super-Poison (Botulus Toxin-Part Of U.S. War Studies, One Ounce Kills 180,000,000 People-’Germans’) 12
09/20/1946 U.S. Bids Refugees Study Repatriation 12
09/20/1946 Full Payment (Compensation For All Losses) Asked (By British) For Rumanian Jews 14
09/20/1946 California Pac (CIO Political Action Committee) Chides James Roosevelt For Supporting (Earl) Warren A ‘Reactionary’ 27
09/20/1946 ‘Blight’ Of Bigotry Assailed By (Thomas E.) Dewey 33
09/21/1946 (Roosevelt Confidante, Henry Agard) Wallace Ousted (By Harry Truman)-Wallace Explains 1
09/21/1946 U.S. Will Recall Troops In Iceland 1
09/21/1946 (James) Byrnes Stirs Germans; Group In Poland Agitates For (1939) Border Restoration 2
09/21/1946 Arabs Offer Jews Minority Standing (In Palestine) 4
09/21/1946 6-Year Fight Ends Here For 29 Rabbis 4
09/21/1946 Text Of (U.S.) Note To Iceland 4
09/21/1946 (Yugoslav Archbishop) Stepinatz Accused By Zagreb Paper-’Supreme Head’ Of Pro-Fascists 4
09/21/1946 Norway Sentences 30-Eleven War Traitors Get Death 4
09/21/1946 Russians Upheld On Child Refugees (By Un-Must Be Repatriated) 5
09/21/1946 Pole Rebukes (United Nations) Allies Who Coddle Germany (On Oder-Neisse Boundary) 5
09/21/1946 Private Executions (And Cremations) Set (For Those At Nuernberg Who Shall Be Killed By The United Nations-Beheading And Hanging Being Considered By The Victors) 6
09/21/1946 Hickswa Flees In Japan 6
09/21/1946 Ambush Charged In (Tennessee) Race Riot Trial 30
09/22/1946 Arab Palestine Plan Is Studied By Panel 7
09/22/1946 Axis Plot To Kill Stalin Confirmed-Used Russians As Plotters 21
09/22/1946 (U.S. General) M’narney Denies Slur On Negroes 22
09/22/1946 Refugee Jews; Work Is Found Voluntary (At Hafendorff/Graz By Leopold Figl-Austria-Many Former Mauthausen Camp Inmates-At The Beginning Of The War, Mauthausen Was Reserved For The Most Incorrigible Of Germany’s Prisoners Those Figured To Be Incapable Of Rehabilitation And Prisoners To Be Executed.) 24
09/22/1946 La Guardia Spurs U.N. On Refugees (More Than 800,000 Still In Europe) 25
09/22/1946 Frau Schirach Pleads (For Husband’s Life-Letter To American ‘Judge’ Francis Beverley Biddle, A Trusted Appointee Of The Roosevelt Regime) 27
09/22/1946 Question Hicswa Escape-Parents Say They Will Publish All If Boy Is Injured (Presumably By U.S. Army) 34
09/22/1946 German Ration Up Soon (1,225 Calories Per Day To Become 1,550 Calories Per Day) 43
09/22/1946 United Jewish Appeal (For $100,000,000) Made As New Year Nears (1,400,000 Jewish Survivors Still In Europe) 45
09/22/1946 (N.Y. City) Mayor (O’dwyer) Designates ‘End Lynching (In The South!) Day’ 54
09/22/1946 Negro (State Military) Units Earn Praise At Smith 55
09/23/1946 (Roosevelt Stalwart, Averell) Harriman Replaces (Henry Agard) Wallace 1
09/23/1946 Jew Slain On Ship As Refuges Fight British Off Haifa 1
09/23/1946 Dutch Resentful Of German Policy 4
09/23/1946 Interfaith Group Of U.N. Proposed 18
09/23/1946 State Bias Agency Criticizes Utility (Against Jews And Negroes) 25
09/23/1946 Christians In Palestine Seen Neglected By Their Bretheren In Rest Of The World 34
09/24/1946 Harriman Says Foreign Policy Carries On Roosevelt’s Principles (Harriman Remained Pro-Russian Until His Death. His Will Provided For Funds To Improve U.S.-Russian Relations. He Supported The Horrific Myth That The Germans Perpetrated The Katyn Massacre Against The Poles) 1
09/24/1946 Berlin-Tokyo Plan For War Studied 12
09/24/1946 Defiant Refugees Rushed To Cyprus-600 (Jews) Jeer British 21
09/24/1946 Parley Bid Denied To Detained Jews 21
09/24/1946 New Anti-Bias Bill Urged For Schools 26
09/24/1946 Bias Provision Sought 26
09/24/1946 ‘Marine Perch’ To Sail 59
09/24/1946 Negroes Testify For Tennessee In Trial; Say They Saw 10 Or 11 Defendants Armed 60
09/24/1946 (Negro) Group Sees Truman On Lynching (Law) Curb 60
09/25/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Sees Need For Soviet Amity 1
09/25/1946 Refugee Discussion Postponed By Un 4
09/25/1946 Islandic Leaders Imperiled By Mob-Communists Protesting U.S. Air Base Pact 6
09/25/1946 Germans In U.S. Zone Guard Jailed Nazis 8
09/25/1946 Don Basin (Russia) Labors To Spur Recovery-UNRRA Aid A Key Factor 9
09/25/1946 New Terrorism (From Workers’ Party) In Poland 10
09/25/1946 Stalin’s Book Outsells Marx 11
09/25/1946 Alien Goods Office (Alien Property Custodian) To Lose Autonomy 13
09/25/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Scores ‘Lip Service’ To DP’s 14
09/25/1946 Text Of Lehman Talk To (National Citizens) Pac (CIO Political Action Committee) Women 14
09/25/1946 Zionists’ (Inner) Council Turns Down Talks 15
09/25/1946 German Milk (Production) Declines; Farmers Said To Drink It 15
09/25/1946 British (Empire) Building Picketed By (N.Y. City Zionists) 15
09/25/1946 British Labor Unit Scores The British-Anti-Semitism Charged 15
09/25/1946 Arabs Speed Mobilization 15
09/25/1946 3 Powers To Run Rhine Traffic 15
09/25/1946 (Herbert) Lehman (For Senator) Office To Open 22
09/25/1946 (Rev. Edward D. Swanstrom) Urges Catholic Aid For All Refugees 32
09/25/1946 Justice For Jews Is New Year Plea (By U.S. Political Aspirants Etc.) 37
09/25/1946 (Samuel Blumberg) Demands Opa End Of Discrimination 43
09/26/1946 Humane Attitude To Germany Urged (By Dr. Samuel Mc Crea Covert, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 5
09/26/1946 (United Nations Judges) Deciding The Fates Of The German War Criminals At Nuernberg (Picture) 5
09/26/1946 War Crime Verdict Set For Tuesday 5
09/26/1946 Youth Of Germany Eagerly Joins U.S. Sports-(Re-) Educational Program 5
09/26/1946 (Condemned Germans At Nuernberg To Be Executed 15 Days After Sentencing) 5
09/26/1946 Russians Would Bill Germany For (Refugee) Victims 5
09/26/1946 U.S. Would Reform German (Morgenthau) Currency 5
09/26/1946 Eight (DP’s Convicted Of Robbery, Murder, Etc.) Hanged In Austria (By British At Graz) 6
09/26/1946 Arabs Bid Zionist Govern With Them 11
09/26/1946 (Rabbi Philip S.) Bernstein Urges Quick Aid To Jews (To Enter Palestine) 11
09/26/1946 1192 Jews Released (By British At Latrun Near Jerusalem) 11
09/26/1946 U.S. Provided 71% Of UNRRA Supplies 13
09/26/1946 (Winthrop Rockefeller) Asks Race (Racial) Accord For Nation’s Unity 22
09/26/1946 Ten Days Pentance Begins For Jews 28
09/26/1946 Ziff, William B., The Rape Of Palestine 52
09/27/1946 Roosevelt Estate Fixed At $1,085,486 1
09/27/1946 (Andrey) Vishinsky (Of ‘Moscow Trials’) Says U.S. Bombed Ploesti (Rumania) Beyond War Needs 1
09/27/1946 (U.S.) Educators Assail Bias In (U.S.) Textbooks 8
09/27/1946 $611,000,000 Is Urged By UNRRA For Italy 10
09/27/1946 Czech (Polish) Border Is Closed To Jews (2,000 Turned Back Since Sunday At Machod And Broumov-Another 20,000 To 30,000 Try To Leave) 10
09/27/1946 Anti Bias Training For Police Is Urged 13
09/27/1946 Germ War Is Studied (By U.S.-(See Earlier Entry On Botulin Toxin) 14
09/27/1946 Austria’s Schools Purged Of Naziism 14
09/27/1946 Army Will Try Wac In Hesse Gem Theft 14
09/27/1946 British Return (First Batch Of 500) Germans (POW) 14
09/27/1946 Bulgaria Frees 2,462 Prisoners (And 362 Concentration Camp Inmates) 14
09/27/1946 Aid For European Jews (25,000,000 Lbs. Of Food By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-500,000 Jews Have Benefitted) 20
09/27/1946 Scottsboro Negro Freed-Clarence Norris, Paroled After Nine Years (Litigation) 24
09/27/1946 U.S. Says (South Carolina) Police Chief (Tortured) Blinded Bronx Negro (Charge Filed) 24
09/27/1946 World’s Jews Hail Start Of New Year-Rabbis Cite Palestine As Best Solution Of DP’s Plight 42
09/28/1946 Accused Germans And Families Dine (Nuernberg)-German Public Concedes Guilt 5
09/28/1946 Warsaw Deprives (General Wladyslaw) Anders Of Polish Citizenship 5
09/28/1946 UNRRA Shipments Pour Into Odessa (Russia) 5
09/28/1946 (Argentina’s Juan) Peron To Dispose Of 50 Axis Firms 7
09/28/1946 3 (United Nations) Allies To Restore Gold Germans Stole 11
09/28/1946 Nurses’ Unit Votes To Admit Negroes 14
09/29/1946 (Dr. Max Yergen, President Of National Negro Conference) Bids Labor, Negroes Join To Fight Bias 4
09/29/1946 Church Group (Federal Council Of The Churches Of Christ In America) Urges U.S. Admit Refugees 13
09/29/1946 (National Urban League) Asks U.S. E. S. Stay As Job-Bias Curb 18
09/29/1946 3 (Pro-Chetnik) Priests Face Sarajevo (Yugoslavia) Trial 31
09/29/1946 (United Nations) Nuremberg Judges In Final Meeting-Put Finishing Touches On Their Case (Verdict) Against Germans (German Leaders Of The ‘Third Reich’) 36
09/29/1946 Displaced (Persons) In U.S. Zone Mount (Increased 44,000 In One Month-184,439 Poles Plus 139,026 Jews Presently In U.S. Zone) 37
09/29/1946 More Estonians Span Sea-Third Group 38
09/29/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Formerly Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) To Keep (U.S. Supreme Court) Post 42
09/29/1946 Hicswa Recaptured By Army In Japan 53
09/29/1946 Dr. Eppinger (Surgeon) Is Dead; Was Linked To Nazis 26
09/29/1946 Nuremberg Tense As Verdicts Near-(Cartoon: Noose-’Heavy, Heavy [‘Hangs Over Thy Head’]’ E-6
09/29/1946 The New Dealers-Were Are They Now? Mag. 12
09/29/1946 Zevin, B. D. (Editor), Nothing To Fear, (Roosevelt’s Speeches) Book 19
09/30/1946 War Crimes Court (Nuernberg Tribunal) Acquits Germany’s Military Staffs As Groups, Not Individually 1
09/30/1946 Havens For Jews Urged By (Herbert) Lehman-Immediate Entry Of 100,000 Into Palestine Advocated 1
09/30/1946 Russia Releases 122,215 (German POW-Estimated 300,000 Still Held) 2
09/30/1946 2,000 (In Austria) Seized As Nazis 3
09/30/1946 50 Who Knew (United Nations’ Nuernberg) Judgement Free After 4 Days Of ‘Jail’ 4
09/30/1946 Full News Coverage Of (United Nations Nuernberg) Executions Urged 4
09/30/1946 Russians Reclaim Ruined Don Towns (Lack Of Machinery A Big Handicap-German POW Possibly Made Up For This) 5
09/30/1946 Fascism Seen Reviving (In Vatican And Big Anglo-Saxon Monopolies) 6
09/30/1946 Democrats Scored By Local Zionists-Failure To Carry Out (Political) Pledges Alleged (Same Charges Made After Their Ill-Fated Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference) 8
09/30/1946 Zionists To Begin Talks In London 10
09/30/1946 Zionists (Terrorists, Irgun Zvai Leumi-Begin) Threatens Americans (People Seem To Have Forgotten!) 10
09/30/1946 Roosevelt Upset (Pre-Pearl Harbor War Resources) Board’s War Plan (Board Established August 9, 1939) 11
09/30/1946 May Sell Surplus To The Germans-Enemy Aliens Can Get Property (Sold Back To Them After United Nations Have Confiscated It) 15
09/30/1946 Bias Remedy Sought (By Institute For Religious And Social Studies 23
09/30/1946 S. O. S. Week Opens Here (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee For 1,500,000 Surviving Jews) 25