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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

April 1946
Date Headline Page
04/01/1946 (Herbert) Hoover Finds Poland Hardest Hit, 5 Million Children Badly Underfed 1&3
04/01/1946 (Picture) Food Hauled In Hamburg On Street Cars 2
04/01/1946 UNRRA Aids Czech Of Middle Course 3
04/01/1946 La Guardia Seeks Farmer’s Wheat 3
04/01/1946 UNRRA Buys Heavy Gear (Engineering Equipment) 4
04/01/1946 Russian Relief Drive To Begin Here Today ((Herbert) Lehman And La Guardia Co-Chairmen 4
04/01/1946 Council Of Zionists Urges United Front 4
04/01/1946 Educators Stress Needs In Germany-Proper Training, Proper Text Books (Prescribed By The Occupation Forces!) 5
04/01/1946 200 Towns Raided In Hunt For Nazis 5
04/01/1946 Nuremberg Defense Seen Preaching Nazism; Observer (Martin Popper, Sec. National Lawyers’ Guild) Says (United Nations) Court ‘Leans Over Backwards’ (Apparently To Give Defendants A ‘Fair Trial’) 5
04/01/1946 Aid To Jews Asked By 20 Governors-1,500,000 Survivors 8
04/01/1946 200,000 Poles To Return (To Polish Homeland From U.S. Zone Of Germany) 8
04/01/1946 Pearl Harbor Inquiry Reopens Thursday 10
04/01/1946 Egypt’s King (Farouk) Pushes For War On Poverty 13
04/01/1946 Group For Negroes (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) Calls On Republicans To End Coalition With Southern Democrats 16
04/01/1946 No Color Discrimination 16
04/02/1946 Accord In Austria Reached By UNRRA 4
04/02/1946 Zionist World Congress Aug. 7 4
04/02/1946 (Censored) Mail To Germany Begins 6
04/02/1946 Prosecutor Scores Ribbentrop ‘Lies’ (Over Russo-German Accord) 12
04/02/1946 Underground Raid Holds 183 Germans 12
04/02/1946 13,582 Germans On List For War Crimes Trials 12
04/02/1946 Map Showing N.Y. City As Target For German Rocket 12
04/02/1946 Grave Flaws Seen In Rule In Germany-Advocate Tougher Policy 13
04/02/1946 $300,000 Taken In Day For Palestine Relief 13
04/02/1946 Georgia Primaries Open To Negroes 21
04/02/1946 Roosevelt Stamps That Were Gifts To Him (From Chiang Kai-Shek) Are Sold At Auction For A Total Of $26,692 29
04/02/1946 James M. Landis, Harvard Law Dean, Appointed Chairman Cab 48
04/03/1946 Aid For (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch In Trial Is Posed In U.S. Note To Tito 1
04/03/1946 (Japanese General) Homma Executed By (U.S.) Firing Squad 1
04/03/1946 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks That Germans Be Fed-’If Only From A Selfish Point Of View’ 6
04/03/1946 (French President Felix) Gouin Opposed On Ruhr Policies By Advocates Of Separation (From Germany) Plan 8
04/03/1946 (Leon) Blum Sees U.S. Gain In French Credits 8
04/03/1946 (George S.) Messersmith Seen In Argentine Post 9
04/03/1946 La Guardia Begins Talk With Argentina 9
04/03/1946 Release Of Fritz Kuhn (Former Leader Of German-American Bund) Likely-’Ill, Spiritually Broken Man’ 11
04/03/1946 Ribbentrop Admits Anti-Semitic Moves 12
04/03/1946 Survivor (Leo Gutmann And Sons) Graphically Testifies On Pogrom That Drove All Jews From Bavarian Town 12
04/03/1946 U.S. Acts To Clear Zone Of Refugees 7,200 Poles/Day 12
04/03/1946 House Bill Lifts Immigration Bars 14
04/03/1946 Roosevelt Stamps (Collection) Hit $211,00 Total 30
04/03/1946 Judge (Simon Hirsch) Rifkind (Confidante Of Roosevelt) Urges Opening Of Palestine-’Mass Immigration Of European Jews To Palestine Is The Only Answer’ 52
04/04/1946 Gouin-Bidault Clash Is Expected; Ruhr (Annexation) Issue Endangers Coalition 1
04/04/1946 (Assistant United Nations Secretary General, Benjamin A.) Cohen Says Abbreviation Of Organization Is U.N 3
04/04/1946 Palestine Saboteurs (Jews) Blast Railway Lines 4
04/04/1946 Palestine’s Economy Termed Expandable (By Robert R. Nathan) 7
04/04/1946 (United Nations) Allies Offer Swiss Nazi Asset Share (Of Spoils For Cooperation) 13
04/04/1946 (Ernest) Bevin Cool To (British) Aid To (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan, General) Mikhailovitch 14
04/04/1946 Lacky For Hitler (Feld Marschal Wilhelm) Keitel Testifies (At Nuernberg Tribunal) 14
04/04/1946 (Lichfield) Prosecution Aide Charges (U.S.) Army Attempts To Whitewash Officers In GI Abuse Trial 15
04/04/1946 Poles Stage Own Circus With Two Caged Nazis (Ludwig Fischer And Dr. Arthur Greiser, Former Governors Of Warsaw And Posen Respectively-A Loaf Of Bread And 5 Eggs For A Ticket To See Them 16
04/04/1946 (Leon) Blum To Go To Canada 19
04/04/1946 Europe’s Need Told By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (At United Jewish Appeal) 22
04/04/1946 Thomas Dixon, Author Of The Klansman Dies 25
04/04/1946 2 Seized In Thefts Of UNRRA Clothing (In N.Y. City) 29
04/04/1946 (Henry) Morgenthau To Go On Air (As Commentator With Elliott Roosevelt) 29
04/05/1946 Pope Bids World Prevent Famine; Fears For (United Nations’) Peace 1
04/05/1946 (Leon) Blum In Ottawa Talks 2
04/05/1946 UNRRA Buys Surplus Of Navy On Manus 6
04/05/1946 Lichfield Defense Charges Court Bias 7
04/05/1946 La Guardia Voices Wheat Plea Again 8
04/05/1946 (General) Clay To See (Herbert) Hoover On Germany’s Food-Germany Deteriorating 9
04/05/1946 (Clement) Attlee Indicates New Ration Cuts (For British) 9
04/05/1946 Reich Vulnerable In ‘39 (Feld Marschal) Keitel Says 10
04/05/1946 3 Sisters, Survivors Of Nazi Camp Horrors, Tell How 8 Others Of Family Died By Gas 10
04/05/1946 Bias Commission Is Defended Here 19
04/05/1946 (Harold) Stassen Assails Bigotry In Nation 19
04/05/1946 New House (Of Representatives) Move (Un-American Activities Committee) Hits ‘Anti-Fascists’ 26
04/06/1946 Tito Bars U.S. Defense Testimony In (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch’s Treason Trial 1
04/06/1946 Cabinet Upholds Bidault On Ruhr (Annexation By France) 2
04/06/1946 Dr. (Marcel) Petiot (‘French Bluebeard’) To Be Guillotined 3
04/06/1946 Russians Modify Police In Austria 4
04/06/1946 Wide Inquiry Split On Palestine Seen 4
04/06/1946 Methodists Donate $10,000 To Aid Jews 4
04/06/1946 Germans Coming To U.S.-Nazis’ Victims Given Priority 4
04/06/1946 U.S. General Departs For Lichfield Trial 4
04/06/1946 (Karl Hermann Frank) Confesses Lidice Burning (In Reprisal For Village Harboring Reinhard Heydrich’s Killers) 5
04/06/1946 (Feld Marschal) Keitel Concedes Nazis’ Treachery (In Czech Takeover) 5
04/06/1946 France To Take (War-Born Of Part-German Parentage) Children 5
04/06/1946 Anderson Warns Of Wheat Deficit 5
04/06/1946 Surplus Dumping (Manus) Forbidden By Navy 6
04/06/1946 Justice Is Asked For Minorities (By Raymond Massy, Brother Of Canadian Prime Minister) 9
04/06/1946 Help For Veterans In Minority (Japanese And Negro) Asked 14
04/06/1946 Church Service For Racial Amity 15
04/06/1946 Russian Ties Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 19
04/06/1946 (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Denied Tax Free Status 19
04/07/1946 Pole (Oskar Lange) To Arraign Spain In U.N. As Soviet Ponders Protest On (Iceland And China) ‘Occupations’ By The U.S. 1
04/07/1946 Nationalists Push Nearer Changchun In Two-Day Battle (With Reds) 1
04/07/1946 Falanges’ ‘Demise’ (In Spain) Looks Like A Decoy 2
04/07/1946 Anti-Semitic Riot (Reported March 27 In Vienna) Denied 4
04/07/1946 U.N. Refugee Unit Meets Tomorrow 4
04/07/1946 La Guardia (UNRRA) Tells Of ‘Kicking Around’ 8
04/07/1946 (Herbert) Hoover Still Firm On Voluntary Aid-Sees No British Crisis 8
04/07/1946 (Jewish) Immigration Rends Palestine Inquiry 9
04/07/1946 U.S. Speeds Return Of German’s Rule (Under U.S. Guidance!) 10
04/07/1946 (Feld Marschal Wilhelm) Keitel’s Arrogance Wilts Under Fire (By Russian Prosecutor, Rudenko) 11
04/07/1946 German Slayers (At Mauthausen) Named (By Baron Von Posern, An Inmate There For 3 Years) 16
04/07/1946 Two Germans To Be Shot (Allegedly Killed Canadian Airmen) 19
04/07/1946 UNRRA Chief In Italy Urges Food Economy 20
04/07/1946 Big 5 Are Learning Unity (U.S. General) Kenny Says 27
04/07/1946 Don’t Weaken U.N., (U.S. General Omar) Bradley Cautions 28
04/07/1946 Fast Demobilization ‘Invites War, Hurts Prestige’ Eichelberger Says 28
04/07/1946 Senator Mead Assaulted (In Buffalo Hotel-Lost Tooth) 30
04/07/1946 (U.S.) Immigration Laws Are Called Biased 36
04/07/1946 Gov. Lany Bars Vote By Arkansas Negroes 36
04/07/1946 $17,574,000 For (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief (Of Jewish Survivors) 38
04/07/1946 Round-Up Of Nazis Only A First Step E-4
04/07/1946 Franklin Roosevelt: One Year After-(Worshipfully) Samuel I. Rosenman Mag. 9
04/08/1946 Plight Of Uprooted Persons Up In 20 Nation Talks Today 1
04/08/1946 (Judge Simon Hirsch) Rifkind Says Settling Of Jews Is Urgent; Backs Army Care (For Refugees) 1
04/08/1946 Trieste A Threat To Talks In Paris 3
04/08/1946 Eisenhower’s Warning To Germans Recalled (Must Provide Own Food (Plus That For ‘Refugees’) 3
04/08/1946 U.N. Palestine Action Urged (By Maine Senator, Owen L. Brewster) 3
04/08/1946 Moscow (Pro-’Tito’) Hits At U.S. Over Mikhailovitch 3
04/08/1946 Freude, Peron Friend Says He Is Anti-Nazi 3
04/08/1946 Swiss Stand Firm On (Surrender To United Nations Of) German Assets-Potsdam Decree (By United Nations) Has No Legal Status In Their Nation 4
04/08/1946 (Feld Marschal Erwin) Rommel’s White Horse In London 4
04/08/1946 New Call For U.S. Aid In Germany Implied 4
04/08/1946 Reparation Amount For Hungary Is Fixed ($300,000,000) 4
04/08/1946 (U.S. Gen. Lucius) Clay Asks Hoover To Help Germans 5
04/08/1946 Room For Refugees Asked; 324,963 In U.S. Zone Unrepatriatable (Including 95,329 Poles And 101,077 Balts-True Figures Probably Higher) 5
04/08/1946 British Said To Bar Jews; Europe Exit (Trying To Stop Illegal Jewish Immigration To Palestine-Geneva Report) 6
04/08/1946 2,000 Refugees Due (In U.S.) Next Month-24,000 European Jews To Come In Year Under Quota-(‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Plea 7
04/08/1946 Berlin Socialists Dismiss Leaders (Supporting The Russian-Sponsored ‘Sozialistiche Einheits Partei’ Merger) 9
04/08/1946 Germans Will Begin Ousting Nazis (Under U.S. Supervision) Today 9
04/08/1946 Brotherhood Of All Mankind Is Stressed At Meeting Of The Inter-Racial Fellowship 20
04/08/1946 Defend Man’s Rights Catholics Are Urged (By J. Howard Mc Grath-We Sat By While 6,000,000 Were Slain) 20
04/08/1946 Brotherly Love Ask 20
04/08/1946 Bids Nation Admit Sins (Omission Or Commission?) 20
04/08/1946 All Held To Share War Guilt 20
04/08/1946 Relief For Jewish Survivors (1/2 Million Pounds Of Supplies By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 24
04/08/1946 11,000 Jugoslavian Jews Survive 24
04/08/1946 (Vice President Henry Agard) Wallace Says Jobs Mean Racial Peace 30
04/09/1946 U.N. Body Tackles Refugee Problem 3
04/09/1946 Opening The Last League Of Nation’s Meeting 3
04/09/1946 Hitler Ex-Secretary (Frau Maria Thelka Weichelt) Arrested 4
04/09/1946 Economic Decline In Germany Scored (General Mc Narney Report) 7
04/09/1946 Belgian Recovery Impresses (Herbert) Hoover-Finds No Starvation 9
04/09/1946 30% Of UNRRA Goes To Yugoslavia (Another Route To Palestine! Jews Streamed Into Yugoslava From Eastern Europe. From There They Were Carried In Boats To Italy For The Rest Of The Journey) 2
04/09/1946 Magda Fontagnes (One Of Mussolini’s Former Mistresses) Jailed 15
04/09/1946 (Picture) Against Un-American Activities (Mississippi Rep., John Rankin) Committee 18
04/09/1946 Says ‘Official; Use Of Lynching Ends-(National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People And The National Conference Of Christians And Jews [Formerly ‘Jews And Christians’]) 28
04/09/1946 Mead’s Former Partner Stays Silent On Attack On Senator (Mead In Buffalo) 28
04/09/1946 G. L. K. Smith Gets Sixty Days In Jail 29
04/09/1946 Pope (Pius XII) Holds Audience For Child Refugees (900 From India) 29
04/09/1946 Du Pont Planning For Vast Growth 38
04/10/1946 (U.S.) Government Ready To Ration Flour To Bakers And Grocers 1
04/10/1946 Priest Among Ustashis (Yugoslavian ‘Puppets’) Doomed (By ‘Tito’) 2
04/10/1946 Roosevelt War Tip Not Told To Chiefs (Dec. 6, 1949, Day Before Pearl Harbor Attack) 4
04/10/1946 France Bids Big 4 Consider Germany 6
04/10/1946 Restitution Slow For Slovak Jews 7
04/10/1946 Appeals For Refugee Jews 8
04/10/1946 (Picture Yugoslavian Guerrilla, Partisan) General Mikhailovitch Under Arrest (By ‘Tito’) 10
04/10/1946 (U.S. Head Prosecutor In Nuernberg, Robert H.) Jackson Assails Anti-Semitic Data 11
04/10/1946 Army To Expedite Lichfield Trials 11
04/10/1946 (Picture) George Messersmith-Named To Argentina 14
04/10/1946 50,000 Seed Packets Being Sent To Europe (By Liberals) 15
04/10/1946 U.S. German Paper (Die Neue Zeitung) Reaches 1,600,000 (Munich-All Papers Licensed By Occupation Powers) 17
04/10/1946 Debate On Palestine (‘Little Louis’ Lipsky And Baruch Korff Vs. Kahlel Totah) 18
04/10/1946 (Judge Simon Hirsch) Rifkind Asks Help For Europe’s Jews 28
04/11/1946 Poland Urges Spain Be Isolated By U.N. As A Fascist Nest 1
04/11/1946 Trial Of G. I. Guards (Lichfield) Shifted To Europe 4
04/11/1946 Palestine Opening Urged By (Sidney) Hillman-Says U.S. Must Help 5
04/11/1946 Refugees Stream Out Of Germany’s Camps; Seek The Promise Of New Land Or Old Home 5
04/11/1946 Nazi Defense (Nuernberg Tribunal) Puts War Onus On Paris-Says Documents Prove That Gamelin Called For Attack On Germany On Sept. 1, 1930 6
04/11/1946 Black Market And Food Riot In Foggia 10
04/11/1946 (Picture, Gen Lucius Clay’s Buddy,) Gen. Vassily D. Sokolovsky 14
04/11/1946 (George S.) Messersmith Is In Washington (Not Nuernberg Where His Many ‘Affidavits’ Are Being Offered In Evidence By Robert H. Jackson) Conferring With Braden 16
04/11/1946 Pride In Brooklyn Asked Of Negroes (By Urban League) 19
04/11/1946 Group Extends Aid To Jewish Farmers (In U.S.) 20
04/11/1946 Seeks ($150,000) Palestine Aid Fund-’Palestine Will Soon Have An Influx Of Thousands’ (If Not Millions) 26
04/11/1946 (France’s) Prison Colony Of Devils’ Island Will Be Dissolved By France 27
04/11/1946 Truman Aids Negro Fund (United Negro College Fund) 28
04/11/1946 Advertisement, Full Page: United Jewish Appeal-$35,000,000 (A Real Tear Jerker, In Conjunction With The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, United Palestine Appeal, And [Jewish] National Refugee Service) 52
04/12/1946 Failed In Its Trust Old League (Of Nations) Concedes 5
04/12/1946 U.S. Jews Mark Buchenwald (Concentration Camp) Seizure-’Today Many Thousands Of Former Inmates Still Without Homes’ 5
04/12/1946 Jaross Of Hungary Executed 5
04/12/1946 5 Of Lichfield G. I.’s ‘Afraid’ To Testify 7
04/12/1946 German (Hoegner, Bavaria) Asks Law To Combat Naziism 8
04/12/1946 (Heinrich) Himmler Blamed (For Alleged Atrocities) By (Dr.) Kaltenbrunner 8
04/12/1946 Claims He Sought Peace-Affidavit (But No Testimony At Nuernberg Tribunal) By Wilhelm Hoettl 9
04/12/1946 British See Need Of A German Plan (A Year After Germany’s Defeat?) 9
04/12/1946 War Crimes Trial On Guam 9
04/12/1946 Pleas Sent (By) Byrnes For (Yugoslav Partisan General) Mikhailovitch 10
04/12/1946 Acute Need Found In East Slovakia-UNRRA 11
04/12/1946 German Rocket (V-2) In White Sands N. M 11
04/12/1946 Army To Train 2,400 For Amg (American Military Government, Carlisle Barracks, Pa.-For Germany And Japan-First Group Trained At Univ. Of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.) 11
04/12/1946 Palestine Jews Plan For Hunger Strikes (Against British) 12
04/12/1946 Tojo Seeks U.S. Counsel (Nisei) 12
04/12/1946 (Picture) UNRRA Delivers Cattle To Help Rebuild Polish Herds 13
04/12/1946 1,000 To Go To Palestine 13
04/12/1946 Roosevelt Showed ‘No Alarm’ Dec. 7 (Before Pearl Harbor Attack) 14
04/12/1946 Protestants Told Of Jewish Religion 15
04/12/1946 U.S. To Watch Ex-Foes 15
04/12/1946 Nation Will Honor Roosevelt Today 1&17
04/13/1946 UNRRA Shipments Of Food In March Declined Again 1
04/13/1946 Heed Roosevelt’s Legacy (Henry Agard) Wallace Cautions Nation 1
04/13/1946 Truman Dedicates Roosevelt Shrine 1
04/13/1946 Pravda Asks Unity In Roosevelt’s Name 2
04/13/1946 Roosevelt Idealized By (Tom C.) Clark In Chicago 2
04/13/1946 Addresses At Roosevelt Shrine Dedication-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, Truman 2
04/13/1946 Patients Sing Hymns President (Roosevelt) Liked 2
04/13/1946 Shrine Is Honored By United Nations 3
04/13/1946 House Takes Hour To Pay Tributes-Rayburn And Mc Cormack 3
04/13/1946 Europe Acclaims Roosevelt’s Deeds 3
04/13/1946 Roosevelt Lauded In Latin America-Mass (Ma$$) Said For Roosevelt 4
04/13/1946 Czechs Send Back (40,000) Refugees To Soviet 8
04/13/1946 (Martin) Niemoeller To Head New (Pro-United Nations German) Church Council 8
04/13/1946 Vichy Official Sentenced-De Maison 8
04/13/1946 (United Nations) Allies Scan Rift In Berlin (Sozialistische Einheits Partei) Party 10
04/13/1946 New Evidence Ties Kaltenbrunner To Atrocities In German Camp-Kaltenbrunner Cries ‘Lies’ 10
04/13/1946 Recess Halts Trial Of Lichfield Guard 10
04/13/1946 Trials Fail To End Terror In Trieste 10
04/13/1946 Leon Blum Weeps At (N.Y.) City’s Tribute (Picture) 11
04/13/1946 Coercion On (Transfer Of German) Funds (To United Nations) Futile Swiss Hold 11
04/13/1946 UNRRA Takes Charge Of Jews (Over 1,400) In La Spezia 11
04/13/1946 Jewish Hunger Strike In Jerusalem (Against British) 11
04/13/1946 Roosevelt’s Work Lauded At (Carnegie Hall) Concert 22
04/13/1946 End Of Race Hate Held Vital To U.N 34
04/14/1946 La Guardia Pleads For British Wheat In European Crisis 1
04/14/1946 2 War Heroes Slain Holding Up Hotel 1
04/14/1946 Soviet Seen Aiming At Rule Of Danube 1
04/14/1946 Spain’s Bid (Offer To Submit To United Nations Inspection For National Socialists & Germans) Scorned By U.N. Delegates 1
04/14/1946 Hitler Racial Aim Declared Success-6,000,000 Jews Killed & Germans Reproducing Too Fast-English Report 4
04/14/1946 Leon Blum Is Honored 7
04/14/1946 Jerusalem Cheers Fasting Zionists-Refugees (La Spezia) Call Off Fast 8
04/14/1946 Palestine Debate Upset By (Mostly Jewish) Heckling-Rabbi (Baruch) Korff Yells, ‘This Is Not Dachau!’ (He Was Not Yet Accustomed To The Idea Of ‘Auschwtz’) 9
04/14/1946 U.N. Aide Stresses World Education 16
04/14/1946 No Peace In Europe, (Justice Robert H.) Jackson Contends (Why, Then, Is Roosevelt’s ‘Work’ So Highly Praised?) 18
04/14/1946 Moscow Chides Us On Mikhailovitch-(Alleged By Them To Have Been A) German Agent (His Wife Died Of Typhus In Auschwitz) 19
04/14/1946 Tito’s Army Quiet In Zone At Trieste 21
04/14/1946 U.S. Upsets Denial Of Kaltenbrunner 23
04/14/1946 Ilo (International Labor Organization, At Mexico City) Resolution Bars Race Discrimination 24
04/14/1946 Germans Joy-Ride On Fuel From U.S. 24
04/14/1946 Young Vagabonds Harass Germans 25
04/14/1946 (German) Food Stocks Gone (U.S. General) M’narney Reports-(Remaining) Supply Will Not Sustain Life 25
04/14/1946 (European) Famine Imminent La Guardia Warns (Picture) 26
04/14/1946 U.S. Army Moves To Ship Nazis From China (Help Of Chiang Kai-Shek, Naturally) 29
04/14/1946 Jews In Berlin Get Bread For Passover (Accustomed To ‘Bread’ From The U.S.) 30
04/14/1946 Labor Bias Seen In Laws 32
04/14/1946 Passover Season To Stress (Jewish?) Relief-Palestine Sends Us Flowers 40
04/14/1946 Soviet Enslaves, (Francis, Cardinal) Spellman Charges 44
04/14/1946 600 Used (As Guinea Pigs) At Yale In Air War (Medical) Study 48
04/14/1946 ‘Roosevelt’s PrinciplesAre Still The Basis Of Our Foreign Policy’-Truman E-1
04/14/1946 Confusion In China-(General George C.) Marshall E-2
04/14/1946 Political Refugees’ Status Is Puzzle For U.N. Experts E-5
04/14/1946 Budget Reflects Cost Of Britain’s Socialism E-6
04/14/1946 Refugees Arrive In May (Total Of 157,774 To Enter Under Quota) E-12
04/15/1946 Berlin Socialist Group Joins Reds Despite Adverse Vote (Russian Attempt To Unify The German Communist Party With The Socialist Party To Form The Sozialistiche Einheits Partei) 1
04/15/1946 China Red Leader Openly Proclaims War In Manchuria 1
04/15/1946 Spain ‘Freezes’ 330 Nazi Firms; Bars Dummies At Allied (United Nations) Bidding 1
04/15/1946 U.S. Publications Rare In Germany (Tight Mail Censorship) 3
04/15/1946 German Students To Get New (United Nations [U.S.] Approved) Texts-Books Prepared By Refugees (?) 3
04/15/1946 (Arab) To Urge Free Palestine (Free Of British) 3
04/15/1946 (Pole, Oskar) Lange Denounced By Catholic Paper 3
04/15/1946 La Guardia Serves UNRRA (As Its Head) Without Pay 4
04/15/1946 Jews (Camp) At La Spezia Threaten Suicide 5
04/15/1946 Seizures Lift Costs In Smuggling Jews (To Palestine) 5
04/15/1946 Sumner Welles Says Our Peron (Argentina) Idea Fails 10
04/15/1946 (Immigration) Affidavits Widened (Restrictions Relaxed) To Help Refugees 12
04/15/1946 UNRRA Aiding Repatriation 12
04/15/1946 Stresses Urgency Of Fund For Jews 13
04/15/1946 Russian Says (Ku Klux) Klan Rises-(A Take-Off On An Earlier Statement Made By Justice Robert H. Jackson At The Nuernberg Tribunal) 14
04/15/1946 (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University) Submits His Final Report (As Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace-He Bore A Lot Of The Responsibility For Sensitizing The U.S. For War!) 16
04/15/1946 Groups Hail Roosevelt 16
04/15/1946 Community Group (Rockefellers) Aids Jewish Drive 28
04/15/1946 Neighbors Visit Roosevelt Home (Shrine?) 29
04/16/1946 Axis Spy Network Is Broken In China 3
04/16/1946 4 Get Jail Terms (5-9 Years) In Doolittle Case 3
04/16/1946 Talk On Germany Accepted By U.S. 6
04/16/1946 Grosvenor Square (London) Statue Of Roosevelt Is Proposed 6
04/16/1946 Palestine Strike Halts Railroads 6
04/16/1946 Hecht’s (Immigration) Claims Disputed (By Zionists) 6
04/16/1946 Nazi Race Theorist Pleads Innocence-(Auschwitz-Hoess) 10
04/16/1946 G. I. In Germany Held Bar To Strife 10
04/16/1946 Russians May Share In Assets Of League (Dissolved By United Nations) 16
04/16/1946 Lowest Food Rate Confronts Austria 16
04/16/1946 La Guardia Irked On Food 16
04/16/1946 Unhindered (Au Contraire!) In Germany-Jews Observe Passover 20
04/16/1946 Survivors Of (Bergen-) Belsen (10,000) Mark Liberation Day 20
04/16/1946 (Rev. William Jay) Schieffelin Hails Work Of Negroes 28
04/17/1946 Changchu Is Now Cut Off; Reds May Have Captured It 1
04/17/1946 (Lord) Jowitt Denounces German Red Trend 2
04/17/1946 League (Of Nations Under United Nations) Denies Share In Assets To Russia 4
04/17/1946 Soldiers Testify In (Lichfield) Camp Beatings (Of G. I.’s) 7
04/17/1946 Rosenberg (Nuernberg Tribunal) Denies Blame In Killings-War With Soviet Inevitable-Hitler No Tyrant 10
04/17/1946 Germany’s Youth To Receive G. I. Aid 10
04/17/1946 Free Passover In Austria-Matzoh From N.Y.-Wine From Palestine 12
04/17/1946 Germany Moving Out Factory Equipment (Reparations-Under United Nations Orders)-(U.S.) Gen. William H. Draper 13
04/17/1946 Graziani To Go On Trial 13
04/17/1946 (British) War Aid To Russia Recited By Attlee (L428,000,000) 14
04/17/1946 Palestine Tied Up By Strike Of 50,000 17
04/17/1946 Mary S. Newcomb Kin Of Abolitionist 25
04/17/1946 Passover Appeals Stress Palestine 29
04/17/1946 U.S. Cultural Media Sought For Germany 31
04/17/1946 Paris To Confiscate (German) Collaboration Press 31
04/18/1946 Spain Is Indicted By Poland (Oskar Lange) In U.N. 1&15
04/18/1946 Rosenberg Admits His Rule Of Terror 6
04/18/1946 Echols Sees Peril In German Rule 6
04/18/1946 3,000 In Rebel Band Terrorize Galicia 7
04/18/1946 Cutting Of Austria From Germany Hit 7
04/18/1946 Committee Defers U.N. Refugee Action 8
04/18/1946 British Loan Gains Urged By (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley 9
04/18/1946 Sample Diets In Europe Are Listed By UNRRA (By Country-Except For Germany And Austria!) 10
04/18/1946 (Gen. John J.) Hilldring (Strongly Pro-Zionist And Anti-German) In New Post (Ass’t. Sec. State, Coordinating Policies Of Occupied Countries-Anti-German Since 1917-War Crimes Trials) 15
04/18/1946 Argentine Urges U.S. To Be A Friend (Good Neighbor?) 18
04/18/1946 Crucifixes Restored In Austrian (State) Schools 19
04/18/1946 Foe Of Negro Vote (Roy V. Harris) Defeated In Georgia 29
04/18/1946 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘This Is The Bread Of Affliction’-United Jewish Appeal 46
04/19/1946 Truman Says Food Crisis Is ‘Worse Than Is Painted’ 1
04/19/1946 (Hans) Frank (Nuernberg Tribunal) Admits Torturing Jews; Scorns Nazis Trying To Hide Guilt 1&20
04/19/1946 U.S. Recognizes Tito’s (Communist Inclined) Regime 1
04/19/1946 Bias Is Reported In Hiring Of Jews (By B’nai B’rith) 3
04/19/1946 Dr. Tobias Hailed On (Racial) Tolerance Aims 3
04/19/1946 Clare (Boothe) Luce Chides D. A. R. On Race Bias 3
04/19/1946 Swiss Concede Point On German Assets (United Nations Allies The Proper Custodians Of Former Third Reich Property) 6
04/19/1946 U.S. Haven Asked For (Gen.) Anders’ Poles (Anti-Moscow Poles) (By Gen. John C. H. Lee) 8
04/19/1946 Russia Gives Hungary 2 More Years To Pay 8
04/19/1946 Russians In Berlin To Admit Red Cross 8
04/19/1946 (U.S. Gen. Lucius) Clay Clarifies Order On Hiring Refugees 16
04/19/1946 Lichfield Brutalities (By U.S. Detention Guards) Recited By Veteran 17
04/19/1946 UNRRA Mission Off For White Russia 18
04/19/1946 Bruno Walter (Jewish Conductor) Applies For (U.S.) Citizenship (Native Of Berlin) 27
04/20/1946 Fall Of Changchun To Reds Conceded; (Gen. George C.) Marshall At Work 1
04/20/1946 Truman Orders Severe Food Curbs-Hoover Warns Millions Face Death-U.S. To Provide 44% Of Relief 1
04/20/1946 Teachers Warned Against Isolationism-Geographical Fallacy 3
04/20/1946 Flowers From Palestine Sent To Wounded (U.S.) Troops 3
04/20/1946 Army Judge Is Out In Lichfield Trial 3
04/20/1946 Halted Jews (At La Spezia Camp On Way To Palestine) Await Word 3
04/20/1946 Fight On Fascism Urged On Editors (By Russian Propagandist, Ilya Gregorevich Ehrenburg And Others) 5
04/20/1946 Poison Bread Fells 1,900 German Captives In U.S. Army Prison Camp Near Nueremberg (Arsenic Poisoning! Done Apparently By The Secret Lublin Group ‘Nakam’ In Aktion ‘Death Bread.’ 700-800 Died In The Hospital-A Jewish ‘Din’ Team [B-Issachar Feld] Also Implicated) 6
04/20/1946 Polish Woman (Jewess) Tells Of Life In Siberia 6
04/20/1946 Russians Tighten Grip On Hungary 6
04/20/1946 (Austrian) Veterans Called Threat In Austria 6
04/20/1946 American (Zone) Plants In Germany (Not Yet Dismantled) In Use 6
04/20/1946 Poles Expedite Exit Of (‘Deport’) Stettin’s (3,000 Remaining) Germans 6
04/20/1946 Polish Jews In Tribute (To Ghetto Uprising) 6
04/20/1946 Palestine Oil Plants Face Strike Threat 8
04/20/1946 Britain, U.S. Get Ibn Saud Warning (On Palestine Policy) 8
04/20/1946 Two Russian Horses, Gift Of Premier Stalin To (Averell) Harriman And Daughter Due Next Week 15
04/21/1946 Army Justice Hit By House Members-’Tragic Executions’ Of Many For Rape-Department Charges Inaccuracies (25,000 Word Report) 1
04/21/1946 China Reds Assert Aim To Take Harbin When Russians Go 1
04/21/1946 La Guardia (UNRRA) Seeking Wheat Now On Way To Britain-Argentina Pledges 1
04/21/1946 Editors Get Taste Of German Meals (1,275 Calories/Day) 3
04/21/1946 (Trygve) Lie Warns Editors Nazism Is Threat 4
04/21/1946 ‘Lili Marlene’ Is Banned (By British); Fraternization Feared 17
04/21/1946 German Post (Civilian Director Of [Occupation] Military Government) To Sewall (From Maine) 17
04/21/1946 Hitler’s Birthday (In Frankfurt A/M.) 18
04/21/1946 (United Nations) Allies Move On Left In Berlin 22
04/21/1946 Formosa’s Overseer Dies Of Poison In Jail (‘Suicide’) 25
04/21/1946 (U.S.) Sergeant Guilty In Beating Of G. I.’s (Lichfield Trial) 27
04/21/1946 (American Jewish) Joint (Distribution) Committee Sent In April 1,400,000 Pounds To Europe 28
04/21/1946 Polish Jews’ Deaths Laid To Exile Agents (800 Killed Since Liberation 28
04/21/1946 History Of World Urged On Colleges (‘New History’ Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana) 29
04/21/1946 Race Tension Seen In Brooklyn Area 44
04/22/1946 Lord (Maynard) Keynes Dies Of Heart Attack 1
04/22/1946 Nazi Virus Thrives In American Zone 1
04/22/1946 (Lord) Halifax To Be Honored 2
04/22/1946 Berlin Has (Easter) Parade In Midst Of Rubble 3
04/22/1946 5 (Yemenite) Jews In Palestine Die As Shell (Of Unknown Origin) Bursts 4
04/22/1946 V-2 Rockets To Test Upper Atmosphere 6
04/22/1946 Award Voted To (Franklin D.) Roosevelt 6
04/22/1946 Writer (Sidney Wise) Says Spain Aids Wanted (By United Nations) Nazis 8
04/22/1946 (Sumner) Welles Warns U.N. Backbone Needed 8
04/22/1946 High Nazi General (Gen. Alexander Von Loehr) Arrested (By United Nations) 8
04/22/1946 ‘Confession’ Made By (Yugoslavian Guerrilla Partisan Chief, General Draja) Mikhailovitch-Aided Nazis (His Wife, Incarcerated In Birkenau, Died Of Typhus) 11
04/22/1946 2,500 (Anders-Anti-Moscow) Poles On Way Home 11
04/22/1946 Chetniks’ (Lead By General Draja Mikhailovitch) Record Analyzed-C. L. Sulzberger (N.Y. Times) Quotes Jasper Roothan: Mikhailovitch Collaborated In That He Fought Tito 11
04/22/1946 Dr. (James T.) Shotwell (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace & Prof. Of History At Columbia University) Warns On Utopian Slogans 19
04/23/1946 Palestine Visas For 100,000 Urged By Anglo-U.S. Board 1
04/23/1946 More UNRRA Grain On Way As Truman Calls It Peace Key 1
04/23/1946 (Lord) Halifax Puts Peace Up To U.S., Britain 6
04/23/1946 Munich University Hotbed Of Nazism-Tania Long 8
04/23/1946 Poison Plot Toll Of Nazis At 2,283 (See Entry April 20, 1946, P. 6) 9
04/23/1946 Return To Homeland Held Safe By Poles 9
04/23/1946 La Guardia Asks Coal For UNRRA 13
04/24/1946 La Guardia Warns ‘Have’ Food Nations 1
04/24/1946 Mussolini’s Body Stolen In Milan; ‘Democratic Fascists’ Claim Deed 1
04/24/1946 French Launch Trials In Alsace Atrocities 2
04/24/1946 Leniency To Poles Claimed By (Hans) Frank 3
04/24/1946 Nazis In Bavaria Regaining Position 3
04/24/1946 Foreigners Bid On (Surplus) Liberty Vessels 6
04/24/1946 Nazi ‘Plot’ Traced To Insane Persons 6
04/24/1946 Compromise Offered On U.N. Refugee Plan 8
04/24/1946 U.S. To Get 4,209,000 Tons Of Germany’s (Remaining 23,000,000 Tons Of) Shipping (Reparations) 14
04/24/1946 Says UNRRA Fails Europe’s Children-Clifton Daniel 19
04/25/1946 Food Board Gives UNRRA 100,000 Tons More Grain 1
04/25/1946 (U.S. General) Mc Narny Orders Tighter Discipline In Army In Europe 1
04/25/1946 Charges Germans Shirk (Work) 3
04/25/1946 Russian Sees Bias In Ranks Of UNRRA 5
04/25/1946 Bavaria Will Jail 100,000 Top Nazis 6
04/25/1946 (Picture) Jewish Displaced Persons Sail (From Marseille) For Their New Homes (In Palestine) 6
04/25/1946 (U.S. General Lucius) Clay Urges Speed On German Unity 7
04/25/1946 15 Allies Will Share German Civil (Ocean ‘Merchant’) Fleet 7
04/25/1946 Goering Is Accused Of Cowing Witness (Hans Gesevius) 8
04/25/1946 Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Orphan (Bella Raphael) Gets First Berlin Visa (To U.S.-3 And One-Half Years Of Age) 8
04/25/1946 (U.S.) Captives (Former German POW) Schooled In U.S. Helping To Run Germany 8
04/25/1946 (Fritz) Kuhn (Former Head Of German-American Bund) To Be Freed (From U.S. Internment In Heidelberg) In Germany Today-Ceases To Be Threat-U.S. Citizen Since 1934) 8
04/25/1946 Strike Ends In Palestine 9
04/25/1946 (Governor) Insists Tennessee Is Fair To Negro 12
04/26/1946 American Delegates At Paris (Peace) Conference 1
04/26/1946 Stalin-Hitler Pact Called War Cause 2
04/26/1946 Mexico Voids German’s Papers (And Keeps German, U.S. And English Loot!) 5
04/26/1946 Bavarian Leader Ousted As Pro-Nazi 6
04/26/1946 German (Hans Gesevius) Condemns Hitler Heirarchy (Nuernberg Tribunal)-Rommel, A Party General 6
04/26/1946 (Fritz) Kuhn Leaves Prison; Wants ‘Private Life’ 6
04/26/1946 (Chinese) Reds Taking Harbin Unopposed 8
04/26/1946 6 Britains (6 Soldiers And 1 Policeman) In Tel Aviv Slain By (Jewish) Extremists (Terrorists?) 8
04/26/1946 U.S. And Russians Agree On A Refugee Policy 8
04/26/1946 (George S.) Messersmith Hailed (In Mexico On Way To Argentina) 12
04/26/1946 Women (National Organization) Plan Campaign To Defeat Congress ‘Isolationists; At Polls 15
04/26/1946 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Denounces (Mississippi Senator John) Rankin-’Treasonable, Enemy Of Democracy’ (Probably As Rabbi Wise Defines ‘Democracy’) 15
04/26/1946 Henry Morgenthau (Sr.), At 90 Optimistic On Future (Picture) 23
04/27/1946 U.S. Blocks Protest By German (Catholic) Bishops 1
04/27/1946 Federal Seizure Of Needed Grain Urged By (Dean) Acheson 1
04/27/1946 Action On Germany Blocked By Bevin 2
04/27/1946 Hungarian (Dr. Franz Anton Basch) Executed As Traitor 2
04/27/1946 Report On Palestine Held Well Received 3
04/27/1946 Allies Disagree On Berlin Fusion 4
04/27/1946 U.S. Refugee Plan Meets New Hitch 4
04/27/1946 Germans To Elect 4,000 Councilmen 4
04/27/1946 Whitewash Denied In Lichfield (G. I. Abuse) Cases 4
04/27/1946 Streicher Whines Of (Physical) Abuse By G. I.’S-See Stimley, Keith, The Journal Of Historical Review Vol V, (1984), ‘The Torture Of Julius Streicher,’ Pp. 106-119); German Witness (Hans Gisevius, A Gestapo Official Who Was Also A U.S. Agent-Picture-Looks Like ‘Col. Klink’ Of Television Series) 4
04/27/1946 Refugee Plight Studied-1/2 Million Germans In Denmark 4
04/27/1946 Palestine Breeds Teen-Age Gun Girl 6
04/27/1946 Argentina Asked Again (By United Nations) To Yield Nazi (Heinrich Doerge, Hjaldmar Schacht’s Aide) 6
04/27/1946 Britain Gets (La Spezia Camp) Jews’ Plea 6
04/27/1946 (Henry Agard) Wallace UNRRA Agree On Gift Plan 8
04/27/1946 U.S. Asylum Urged For Five Refugees 9
04/28/1946 British Indict All Tel Aviv; Apply Curbs After Killings (By Jewish Terrorists) 1
04/28/1946 (Isador) Lubin (UNRRA) Report Cites Long Relief Needs 5
04/28/1946 Forced German Work Sped On Election Eve 5
04/28/1946 (1,800) European Emigrants Leave Today For U.S. 6
04/28/1946 Refugee Study Started (Again!) 7
04/28/1946 Iceland Rejects U.S. Bid For (Continued Occupation Of) Bases 8
04/28/1946 (Chicago) Negroes Ask (Federal) Troops Guard (Mississippi) Vote 10
04/28/1946 Army In Germany Sees Longer Stay (Occupation Period) 16
04/28/1946 Austrians Face (Food) Crisis 16
04/28/1946 British Objecting To Germany Plan 17
04/28/1946 Easy (Black Market) Profits Play Role In G. I. Laxity 18
04/28/1946 Nuremberg Split (In Prosecuting United Nations Principles) Denied-Defense Lawyers Also Vow (At United Nations Insistence) Not To Preach Naziism 22
04/28/1946 6 Seized In Theft Of (UNRRA) Relief Clothes 31
04/28/1946 2 Held In Bias Row; Union To Sue Cafe (Negro Customer) E-6
04/28/1946 British Cabinet Ponders Palestine Inquiry Report E-6
04/28/1946 Story On Henry Morgenthau, Sr. (See Also Morgenthau, Henry, Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story,Doubleday, Page & Co., N.Y., 1918) Mag. 20
04/28/1946 Trotsky, Leon (Lev Bronstein), Stalin Book 3
04/28/1946 Knauth, Percy, Germany In Defeat Book 7
04/29/1946 (United Nations) Allies Vex Swiss On German Funds (In Switzerland) 4
04/29/1946 German Churches Join To Hit (United Nations) Allies-Fight Mass Deportations 7
04/29/1946 (British) Palestine Troops Smash Jews’ Homes (Retaliation) 8
04/29/1946 Jews Accuse Czechs Of Discrimination 9
04/29/1946 Ort’s Efforts (For Jewish Refugees) Praised (By Herbert Lehman) 9
04/29/1946 Count Hermann Keyserling, Author, Dies At 65 22
04/29/1946 Rabbi Preaches At Universalist Church 23
04/29/1946 Distillers Donate (1,000,000 Lbs.) Flour For UNRRA 23
04/30/1946 (James F.) Byrnes Urges 25 YearAlliance (Of United Nations Allies) To Keep Germany And Japan Disarmed 1
04/30/1946 German Research For War Banned By (United Nations Allied) Control Council 1
04/30/1946 Franco Condemned 1
04/30/1946 Refugee Riot Laid To A False Rumor-Tale Of Murdered Jews Reported Unfounded 3
04/30/1946 British End Fight In Refugee Group 3
04/30/1946 Italy Begs (United Nations) Allies For Voice In Peace 3
04/30/1946 Abetz Cache Yields Hitler Manuscripts 3
04/30/1946 (Julius) Striecher Denies Role In Pogroms-Knew Nothing Of Killing 4
04/30/1946 Joint Report On Palestine Will Be Released Today 4
04/30/1946 Unremitting Fight (By Zionists) For Palestine Seen 4
04/30/1946 (U.S.) Fliers Ask Truman To Aid (Yugoslav Guerrilla, Partisan General) Mikhailovitch (Were Aided By Chetniks) 5
04/30/1946 U.N. Group (Commissioner On Human Rights) Headed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 9
04/30/1946 (Picture) German Nationals On Their Way Out Of Czechoslovakia (Appear In Picture To Be Healthy, Happy, Etc.) Estimated Perhaps 2,000,000 To Be Removed (On Benes-United Nations Orders-See Thorwalsen, Das Ende An Der Elbe) 9
04/30/1946 (William) Green (A.F. Of L.) Brands CIO With Communism (At Best, A Kind Of Mikhailovitch-Tito Sort Of Fight) 15
04/30/1946 Patterson Lauds Negroes; War Role 15