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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

August 1946
Date Headline Page
08/01/1946 Premier Warns Finns Of (Finno-Russian) Treaty Optimism 5
08/01/1946 (Special) Law Gives Citizenship To GI Wives, Children 5
08/01/1946 6,700 Of 7,000 Jews In Vienna Jobless (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-20,000 Polish Jews Passed Through Austria Since June 1) 10
08/01/1946 U.S. Politics Has Big Role In Decision On Palestine 10
08/01/1946 Synagogue Yields Arms In Tel Aviv (Plus Counterfeit Bonds Worth $1,000,000) 11
08/01/1946 Jewish Conference Protests To Truman 11
08/01/1946 Britain Rebukes (Lt. Gen. Sir Evelyn) Barker For Palestine Message 11
08/01/1946 2 D Refugee Ship Arrives (Second Within 48 Hours Has 550 On Board Makes Total Of 8,200 Known Illegal Jewish Immigrants To Palestine 3 D Ship Approaching, Maybe 2,000 Passengers) 11
08/01/1946 FBI Acts On (Ku Klux) Klan In Seven States-(Georgia’s) Arnall Thanks Truman-More FBI Men To Georgia 14
08/01/1946 War Crime Aid Appointed (Col. Robert M. Springer) 15
08/02/1946 Gi’s Offer To Aid In Tracing Maker Of Defective Shells (Garssons ?) 1
08/02/1946 Soviet ‘Take’ From 4 Losers Now Set At $3,000,000,000 (And That Of The Other United Nations?) 1
08/02/1946 British Mine Owners To Get L164,660,000 (For Their Coal Mines-Presumably All Taxable) 1
08/02/1946 Russians Hang (General) Vlasov And 10 Officers For Having Deserted To German Army (See ‘Operation Keelhaul’) 2
08/02/1946 Guilt Haunts Nation, (‘Denazified’), German Pastor (Hermann Maas, Lutheran) Says 2
08/02/1946 U.S. Delegation Finds No Soviet ‘Curtain’ (In The Sense Of Dr. Joseph Goebbels Or In The Sense Of Winston Churchill?) 2
08/02/1946 Treaty Loopholes Laid To U.S. Senate (Not Those Who Negotiated It-Convenient!) 3
08/02/1946 Human Rights Unit Gets World Woes 4
08/02/1946 Two Hungarian Jews (Mill Owners) Killed By Workers (Miskolc Incident) 5
08/02/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) Expected Back In High Court 5
08/02/1946 Gestapo Is Linked To Espionage Here (Nuernberg Tribunal) 6
08/02/1946 Long (U.S.) Occupation Of Germany Urged (Max Lerner, Raymond Daniell, Hans V. Kaltenborn, And Waverly Root) 6
08/02/1946 Churchill Poses Palestine Choice-Get U.S. Aid Or Abandon Mandate 8
08/02/1946 (Judge) Proskauer (American Jewish Committee) Urges Quick Aid To Jews 8
08/02/1946 2D Big Arms Cache Found In Tel Aviv (In House Built To Resemble A School-Owned By Mizrachi) 8
08/02/1946 Palestine Mission Back From Britain 8
08/02/1946 Allies Seeking To Resettle All Refugees Before Winter (94,000 Jews In Germany, 20,000 Native-List By Various Countries) 8
08/03/1946 (N.Y.) Prosecutor (Edward S. Silver) Asks List Of Kings (Ku Klux) Klan Members 3
08/03/1946 Clemency Is Urged In Lichfield Appeal 4
08/03/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) Returns, Mum On Future (Has Presidential Aspirations) 5
08/03/1946 U.S. Would Cease 4-Power (War Crimes) Trials-(70,000 Internees In Dachau Camp Awaiting Trial) 5
08/03/1946 Hitler’s 3,000 Ton Yacht Put On Sale By British 5
08/03/1946 La Guardia Charge False, Briton (Sir William D. Morgan) Says 5
08/03/1946 (Col. Gen. Nikolaus Von) Falkenhorst To Die 5
08/03/1946 Russians Charge Looting Of Reparations From Plants In U.S. Zone Of Germany 7
08/03/1946 Shift By Zionists On Partition Seen 8
08/03/1946 Guarantees To Jews Sought In Treaties (By World Jewish Conference, Board Of Deputies Of British Jews And American Jewish Conference 8
08/03/1946 Judaism Council Warns Truman Of Violence Under Segregation Scheme For Palestine 8
08/03/1946 Negro Boys Burn Cross In Hoax (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) 17
08/04/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Urges U.N. To Fill UNRRA Role 1
08/04/1946 Staff Raps Grady On Palestine Plan 1
08/04/1946 Nazi Ex-Envoy In China Will Be Treated As A Spy (Arrested In China By U.S. Army Agents) 4
08/04/1946 Tel Aviv Suspects Combed For (Terrorist) Chiefs (Manachem Begin [Beigin]-$8,000 Reward; Shimon Ben-Artzi; Itzhak Yesternitsky, Captured) 8
08/04/1946 (Clandestine) Haganah Radio Conciliatory 8
08/04/1946 A Hunted Zionist (Moshe Sneh, 37) Turns Up In Paris 9
08/04/1946 100,000 More Jews Seen Fleeing Poland (Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein Estimates 160,000 Still Remain In Poland-See Testimony Before House Committee-Ed Gossett Et Al.) 9
08/04/1946 Case For Jews Put Before 21 Nations (400,000 Jews Deported From Hungary In Six Weeks And Allegedly Killed At Auschwitz-Birkenau) 15
08/04/1946 U.S. Derides Tales We Loot Our Zone 17
08/04/1946 Arabs Call On Pope To Aid In Palestine 22
08/04/1946 Poles To Execute 15 (Freies Deutschland) Germans 24
08/04/1946 La Guardia Urgent On U.N. Relief Act 27
08/04/1946 (Picture, Bulldozer) Smashing 2,000,000 Pounds Of (Surplus U.S.) Potatoes (Badly Needed Food In Germany) 31
08/04/1946 ‘Nuremberg Noose’ (Cartoon) ‘Ve Vas Framed!’ E-5
08/05/1946 Britain Sells Hitler Yacht (L76,000) For Use As A Pleasure Boat (Finally Sunk By Jews Off Florida, 1989) 3
08/05/1946 100 Viennese Seized (By Russians) As Nazism Disciples 4
08/05/1946 Moscow Denounces German Zone (Fusion) Plan 4
08/05/1946 Russia Boosts Hungary’s War Debt Costs; Adds $19,800,000; Grants Two More Years (To Pay) 6
08/05/1946 UNRRA Aid Said To Help Tito 7
08/05/1946 Soviet Is Spurned In Wooing (Russian) Emigres 7
08/05/1946 U.S., Britain At Refugee (Evian Inter-Governmental Committee) Talks 7
08/05/1946 Palestine Group (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Begin) Voices New Threat 8
08/05/1946 Bias In Atom Center Is Ruled Out By Army 10
08/05/1946 (Senator Walter F.) George Says Taxes Will Remain High 12
08/05/1946 (Senator ‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Asks End Of Bias 15
08/05/1946 2 Shot, 3 Arrested In (White-Negro) Racial Fracus 22
08/06/1946 Zionists Condemn Plan On Palestine 1
08/06/1946 Paris Denies Change In Policy For Ruhr 2
08/06/1946 China’s War Scope Appears To Widen 2
08/06/1946 5 Th UNRRA Session Opened In Geneva 4
08/06/1946 (Lt. Col Robert Norton) Testifies For (Col.) Kilian (Lichfield Trial) 5
08/06/1946 Poles (Jews) May Get (Czech.) Passports (To Facilitate Their Travel-Presumably To Palestine!) 5
08/06/1946 Attacks Upon Jews In Slovakia Charged 6
08/06/1946 Truman Rejection On Palestine (Partition) Seen-Plan Seems Doomed 6
08/06/1946 Fortress Is Expanded In Center Of Jerusalem 6
08/06/1946 Palestine Astir At Ship Detention (Illegal Immigrants Aboard) 8
08/06/1946 U.S.-British (Legation And Consular Offices) Bombed 8
08/06/1946 Two More Ships Reported (Off Palestine-Illegal Immigrants Aboard) 8
08/06/1946 Cyprus Camp For (Illegal Immigrant) Jews Reported 8
08/06/1946 New Havens Asked For Jews In Europe (Rabbi Philip S. BernsteiN-257,000 Jews Anxious To Emigrate) 9
08/06/1946 Convictions Of 19 (Jewish DP’s In American Zone Of Germany) Upheld (By General Lucius Clay) 9
08/06/1946 Hungary To Regain ($32,000,000) Gold (From Germans) 14
08/07/1946 Palestine Urged On Truman As Condition Of Partition Talks 1
08/07/1946 Ships Off Haifa Called Appalling-Worse Than German Temporary Camps (Full Of Illegal Jewish Immigrants To Palestine) 3
08/07/1946 Jerusalem Office Of U.S. Is Guarded 3
08/07/1946 (1,200 Jewish) Marchers Here Protest 3
08/07/1946 Zionists Open New Town (Irgun Basra, Palestine With United Jewish Appeal Support) 3
08/07/1946 (British) Cruiser Ajax (Of ‘Graf Spee’ Fame) Sails For Haifa 3
08/07/1946 Immigration Halt Hinted At (By British-Palestine) 3
08/07/1946 (Jewish) Agency Discusses Truman 3
08/07/1946 (Sir John) Shaw Returns (To Palestine) From London (1,700 Jews On Ships In Haifa Bay Plus 2,000 Approaching) 3
08/07/1946 (Lebanese) Border Closely Watched (Illegal Immigrants And Arms Smuggling) 3
08/07/1946 (German Ss) Elite Guard Killings Cited In Documents (In Yugoslavia) 5
08/07/1946 75 Enemy Aliens Lose Court Plea (Against Deportation, Before Federal Judge Simon H. Rifkind) 6
08/07/1946 Hungary’s Gold Is Home (From Germany) 7
08/07/1946 Longer UNRRA Life Is Favored By Soviet 8
08/07/1946 Yugoslav Officials Liable For Obeying Illegal Order (Spin-Off Of Robert H. Jackson Argument At Nuernberg Tribunals) 9
08/07/1946 (Dr. James K. Polloch) American Resigns Post In Germany (Called Advocate Of ‘Soft Peace’ For Germany) 10
08/07/1946 Norway Announces Claims (Several Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars) On Finland 10
08/07/1946 Reparations (Shipment Of Dismantled German Factories) Wait On German Unity 11
08/07/1946 CIO Charges (Ku Klux) Klan Threatened Negro (For Labor Union Activity) 12
08/07/1946 Anti-Semitism Opposed (By International Conference Of Christians And Jews) 12
08/07/1946 Dr. Wilhelm Marx, German Ex-Leader (And Enemy Of Hitler) Dies (Near Wien, Retired During War Years) 27
08/08/1946 Illegal (Jewish) Immigrants To Go To Cyprus (Camp) 1&11
08/08/1946 La Guardia Urges Unnra’s End Oct. 1 1
08/08/1946 (N.Y. Police Commissioner) Wallender Denies Police Are Brutal In Negro Arrests 1
08/08/1946 Poland ‘Expects’ U.S. And Britain To Back Her Frontier Demands (Oder-Neisse Line!-With Germany) 3
08/08/1946 (U.S.) Colonel A Suicide To Bar Army Trial (Accused Of Black Market Activity) 3
08/08/1946 Six Poles To Die For Espionage 3
08/08/1946 UNRRA Is Revalued By Displaced Jews 6
08/08/1946 Tanks Used To Halt Sicily (Peasant) Grain Revolt 6
08/08/1946 Private Agencies Act To Feed World (Lists Some Agencies) 7
08/08/1946 (Berl Locker) Warns (British) Against Barring Landing (Of Illegal Jewish Refugees; ‘1,500,000 Surviving Jews In Europe’) 11
08/08/1946 Jerusalem Searched Again 11
08/08/1946 New Nazi; Murders Of Our Men Bared (By Lt. Col. Burton F. Ellis At Krinkelt-Ellis From Mariposa, California, Chief U.S. Army Prosecutor Of[Alleged] Malmedy War Crimes-See Simpson Army Report On Dachau Trials) 13
08/08/1946 (Emanuel) Celler Fights Saudi Arabia Loan (From U.S.) 14
08/08/1946 (David) Dubinsky Confers With Truman (Jewish And Italian Situation) 14
08/09/1946 Dutch Seek Shifts In German Border 3
08/09/1946 7 Lands Beg UNRRA To Go On After 1946 (Czechoslovakia, Austria, Norway, Greece, Yugoslavia, And China) 4
08/09/1946 Refugee Jews Aid In Running Camp 4
08/09/1946 Destruction And Reconstruction: The Dnieper Dam In 1941 And 1946 (Photograph) 5
08/09/1946 (Nathanial L. Goldstein And Daniel Duke) To Meet On (Ku Klux) Klan Monday 7
08/09/1946 100,000 German Patents Available (For Use By United Nations Without Cost-James E. Markham, Alien Property Custodian) 8
08/09/1946 Join War Against Bias (Announcement By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 8
08/09/1946 Germans Get Food Under A New Plan (‘Care’) 14
08/09/1946 Wac Formally Cited In Hesse Gem Theft 19
08/10/1946 Un Refugee Organ (International Refugee Organization [‘Iro’]) Wants To Employ (Substantial Part Of 5,000) UNRRA Staff Aides-Iro Plans To Help 900,000 In Europe Including 100,000 In Palestine 1
08/10/1946 (Ilya Gregorevitch) Ehrenburg (Russian Black Propagandist) Defends Freedom In Russia 3
08/10/1946 (Jewish) Couple Who Lived In 4 Nazi Death Camps To Culminate Romance At Wedding Here 4
08/10/1946 (U.S. General) M’narney To Curb Refugees’ Influx 4
08/10/1946 Britain Acts To Cut Off Palestine With Vast Fleet And Air Patrol 4
08/10/1946 Russians In Berlin Try To Ban Papers-Reported Abduction Of Boys 4
08/10/1946 U.S. Defends Nationalization (Of Austrian Property) 4
08/10/1946 1,122 Germans Repatriated (From China Alone) 4
08/10/1946 (Ernst) Thaelmann Slayer (At Buchenwald Camp) Reported Captured Moscow Report-Communist Thaelmann Was Imprisoned By The Germans At Buchenwald Where He Was Killed In A U.S. Bombing Raid Shortly Before The End Of The War. As In Other Concentration Camps, Buchenwald Contained Factories Helping The German War Effort. It Was During The Bombing Of Such A Factory That He Was Killed) 5
08/10/1946 Jersey, Georgia Trade (Ku Klux) Klan Data 15
08/10/1946 Senator Bilbo (Mississippi) States He Is A (Ku Klux) Klan Member 15
08/10/1946 German Fans See Chaplin’s Satire (‘The Great Dictator’) 16
08/11/1946 Salvador Clears German Planter (Walther Deininger Held In Kennedy, Tenn.; Bismark, N. D.; And Gloucester City, N. J. During War) 13
08/11/1946 Assault On Russia Defended (By Von Manstein, Nuernberg) 24
08/11/1946 Hunt Near In Spain For Reich Assets (Seymour Rubin, U.S. Reparations) 29
08/11/1946 Spain To Oust Germans 30
08/11/1946 Jews In U.S. Zone Resent Crowding (25 Jewish DP Camps, 92,000 Jews, Men Outnumber Women 4:1) 34
08/11/1946 Cyprus Restive As Big (Jewish Tamagasta) Camp Rises 35
08/11/1946 (Picture) Among Those (Jews) Wounded In Recent Polish Pogrom 35
08/11/1946 Moscow Assails Palestine Plan 35
08/11/1946 Germany’s Allies Claim Indemnity 37
08/11/1946 News Of The Week (Peace Treaty And Palestine) E-1
08/12/1946 (Picture) Illegal Immigrants Seeking To Enter Palestine 1
08/12/1946 Army Jails Ex-GI’s (In Germany) Without Charges 1
08/12/1946 U.N. Refugee Care Seen-(William L.) Clayton (Ass’t/ Sec. Of State) Says 800,000 In Europe Require Resettlement (DP’s In U.S., British, And French Zones) 4
08/12/1946 (Albert) Foerster In Warsaw (12 Sentenced To Death By Poles At Bromberg) 6
08/12/1946 La Follette’s Future At Stake Tomorrow (Challenged By Ex-Marine, Circuit Judge, Joseph R. McCarthy-Attempt To Purge Lafollette For His Anti-War Stance-Were They Surprised!) 11
08/12/1946 (Richard Tauber, Jewish Tenor From Germany) In Lehar Musical (Photograph) 14
08/12/1946 Race Bias Is Seen Aiding Communism 19
08/13/1946 Truman Said To Get Plan On Palestine 1
08/13/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Here Accused Of Ties With Bund 1&46
08/13/1946 6 UNRRA Camps Aid Jews In U.S. Zone 2
08/13/1946 Racialism Denied By Von Rundstedt (Nuernberg) 2
08/13/1946 Austria Regains Loot (Treasures Allegedly Stolen By Germany) 3
08/13/1946 Durant’s Release (On Charge Of Theft Of Hesse Gems) Asked (By Wife-$1,500,000 Theft) 3
08/13/1946 1,300 Reach Haifa In Two Tiny Ships (8,000 More At Sea) 6
08/13/1946 UNRRA Committee To Study Future 12
08/13/1946 Britain’s Statement On Immigrants (Termination Of Immigration To Palestine) 14
08/13/1946 Denies Dutch Seek ‘Peace Of Revenge’ (Against Germans) 15
08/14/1946 British Battle Jews, Kill 3 In Haifa Riot-1,000 Surge On Port 1
08/14/1946 (Senator Robert) La Follette Leads (Joseph R. McCarthy) By Scant Margin 1
08/14/1946 H. G. Wells (British Writer & Communist-Socialist) Dead In London At 79 1
08/14/1946 Jews Aim To Elude Palestine Barrier (Tens Of Thousands Ready To Run [British] Blockade) 2
08/14/1946 Briton Hits U.S. Aid To Palestine Ships (U.S. Encouraging Illegal Jewish Immigration) 3
08/14/1946 Jews Here Assail Palestine Closing 3
08/14/1946 Advertisement: Placed By Ben Hecht (Pro-Zionist) Group 3
08/14/1946 Re-Education Of Germans Held Task Of Generation (By Dr. J. W. Taylor, Columbia University And Lousiana State University) 7
08/14/1946 UNRRA Absorption By U.N. Proposed 10
08/14/1946 UNRRA Official Envisages Quick Transfer Of Relief Work To New U.N. Organization (‘IRO’) 10
08/14/1946 Four German Women Jailed (Denounced Communist Party Official To Gestapo) 10
08/14/1946 Chinese Fighting Reduces UNRRA Aid 12
08/14/1946 Germans Revealing Desire To Emigrate 12
08/14/1946 Bilbo KKK Avowal Stumps Mississippi 14
08/14/1946 Czechoslovak Door Reopened To Jews 14
08/14/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Incident Verified (Jewess, Storekeeper Intimidated) 16
08/15/1946 (Senator Robert) La Follette Loses His Seat In Senate-Judge (Joseph R.) McCarthy Takes Lead 1
08/15/1946 Terrorists (Irgun Zvai Leumi, Led By Menachem Begin, Organized By Vladimir Zabotinsky) Call (Haganah And Stern Gang [Offshoot Of ‘Irgun’] To) Palestine Revolt (Against British); New Clash In Haifa 1
08/15/1946 (Photo) British Divert (Illegal Jewish) Immigrants From Haifa To Cyprus 1
08/15/1946 Argentina To Admit 1,000 Quislings From Norway As ‘Superior Types’ 1
08/15/1946 Text Of Statement By U.S. Zionists (Abba Hillel Silver, Assailing British Action In Palestine) 2
08/15/1946 Polish Jews’ Exit Is Put At 20,000 Since (Kielce) Pogrom 2
08/15/1946 Land Division Law Passed By (West) Germans (Naturally With U.S. Blessings) 3
08/15/1946 Alsace Nazi (Robert Wagner) Is Executed Shouting Hitler’s Praises (Shot At Strassburg) 4
08/15/1946 Slovak Traitor (Vojtetch Turka) Doomed (By Czechs’ Court) 4
08/15/1946 Two (Lichfield) GI Sentences Reduced By (U.S.) Army-Cases Against Two Dropped 6
08/15/1946 Italian Crisis Seen When UNRRA Ends 6
08/15/1946 Storm Troopers’ Chief (Max Juettner) Cites ‘Defense’ Role (Nuernberg) 7
08/15/1946 (Yugoslav) Bishop On Trial (Treason And Collaboration, Aug. 21) 7
08/15/1946 U.S. Keeps Pacts Of Poland Secret 8
08/15/1946 Tojo Defends War But Praises Peace 13
08/15/1946 Baron (Louis De Rothschild) Once Held By Gestapo, Weds 29
08/16/1946 U.S. Shuns Stand On Partition Of Palestine; British Report 1
08/16/1946 (B. Carrol) Reece (Republican National Committee) Links Truman, (CIO) Pac 2
08/16/1946 Shop For Barter (Cigarettes) Opened In Berlin 5
08/16/1946 Nazis Cached $3,000,000 (To Go To Alien Property Custodian) 5
08/16/1946 Sofia Fascist To Die 5
08/16/1946 Lichfield (GI-Abuse) Case Rested 5
08/16/1946 German Influence In Spain Held Big 5
08/16/1946 (Jewish) Cyprus Deportees Fight Debarkation 8
08/16/1946 150,000 (Polish) Jews Are Expected To Flee From Poland (Isaac Herzog, Chief Rabbi Of Palestine, At Prague) 8
08/16/1946 (Joseph) Tennenbaum (Chairman Of Joint [German] Boycott Committee And Head Of American Federation Of Polish Jews) Condemns Argentine Program (For Norwegian ‘Quislings’ And [Anti-Communist] ‘Anders’ Poles) 8
08/16/1946 Seven Groups Back Most Aliens’ Entry (Into U.S.) 9
08/16/1946 Bombing Threats Alarm Jerusalem 9
08/16/1946 Another Refugee Ship At Haifa 9
08/16/1946 New Cuts By UNRRA Ordered In China 12
08/16/1946 UNRRA’s Child Aid In Europe Praised (By Ernst Papenek) 13
08/16/1946 U.S. Trade Rise To Palestine Seen (Argeh Shenkar) 24
08/17/1946 18 Zionists Sentenced To Die For (Terrorist) Bombing Raid In Haifa 1
08/17/1946 Truman Considers Asking Admission For More Refugees 1
08/17/1946 UNRRA Organizing A Children’s Fund 2
08/17/1946 British Here Get More ‘Bomb’ Calls 3
08/17/1946 Strife At Cyprus Denied By British 3
08/17/1946 (Photograph) Refugees Enjoy Swim In Haifa Harbor 3
08/17/1946 German Red Plot Seen By Mc Narney 4
08/17/1946 Afl Asked To Aid German Control 4
08/17/1946 Goering Would Reply To Torture Charges (Nuernberg) 6
08/17/1946 (Karl) Liebknecht Case Revived 6
08/17/1946 Negroes Gains Cited (National Urban League) 26
08/18/1946 War On U.S. Mapped By Hitler In 1940 Nazi Papers Show-Prepared To Seize Atlantic Islands (8 Volumes Nazi Conspiracy And Aggression, Prepared By U.S. Prosecution For Nuernberg Tribunal) 1
08/18/1946 Zionists Resist Deportation; One Reported Slain At Haifa 1
08/18/1946 (Sumner) Welles Deplores Snubbing Of Un 3
08/18/1946 (Admiral) Sato Kills His Family (And Himself) 5
08/18/1946 Congressmen Found Cool To Truman’s Plan For Admission Of More European Refugees 7
08/18/1946 Polygamy Planned By Hitler And Aide (Martin Bormann) 9
08/18/1946 (Oskar) Lange Says Poland Shuns Lackey Role 24
08/18/1946 (Picture) Ben Hecht Makes His Acting Debut On ‘Inner Sanctum’ X-7
08/18/1946 The La Follettes E-2
08/18/1946 U.S. Lacks Program To Re-Educate Germans E-3
08/18/1946 Big Powers In 1919 As Now, Wrote The Peace Treaties E-4
08/18/1946 (Map) British And Jewish Proposals For Palestine E-5
08/19/1946 Cyprus Ship Forced Back To Haifa By Bomb Blast (‘Empire Heywood’) 1
08/19/1946 German Data Link (Grand) Mufti In Sabotage 1
08/19/1946 Envoy Condemns Yugoslav Attack On U.S. Airplane 1
08/19/1946 Rioting Continues To Rock Calcutta; Death Toll, 1,000 1
08/19/1946 12 Linguists To Aid Public In U.N. Home (Each Must Speak Three Languages To Qualify) 3
08/19/1946 U.S. And Britain Accused By Pole (Wladyslaw Wolski)-Denounces (Pro-West, Anti-Russian, General Wladyslaw) Anders 5
08/19/1946 4 German Nurses Doomed (Sachsenberg Asylum, Schwerin) 6
08/19/1946 U.S. Maps Plan For Axis Nations To Pay GI’s They Held Prisoner 6
08/19/1946 Britain Disturbed By Prisoner (Forced Labor For German POW) Issue 6
08/19/1946 (Ira) Hirschmann Assails Britain On Palestine; Asserts The Tactics Are Imperialist 9
08/19/1946 Jews (On Cyprus) Attack (British) With Staves 9
08/19/1946 Jewish Offensive (In Palestine) Foreseen 9
08/20/1946 Second U.S. Plane Shot Down By Yugoslavs 1
08/20/1946 Cyprus Jews Clinging To Palestine Hope 1
08/20/1946 New Jewish Unit (Einstein Foundation) Plans University 10
08/20/1946 Proskauer (American Jewish Committee) Lauds Aim To Let Jews In (U.S.) 11
08/20/1946 Germans Exhume Jews-Known Nazis Forced To Dig Up Bodies For Reburial 12
08/20/1946 Weizmann Reported Better 12
08/20/1946 Berlin Clash (U.S. Army Vs. UNRRA) Expected 12
08/20/1946 (Jewish Terrorist) Death Sentences (By British) Scored-Zionist Group (Headed By Col. James Roosevelt) Protests To Britain For ‘Hebrew Patriots’ 13
08/21/1946 Tito Defends Air Attacks (On U.S. Planes) 1
08/21/1946 La Guardia Drops (General Sir Frederick) Morgan As UNRRA’s German Head (Replaced By Meyer Cohen) 1&5
08/21/1946 U.S. Parades 10,000 Near Tito’s Forces 2
08/21/1946 Haifa Ship Bombing Upsets (Cyprus) Schedule 4
08/21/1946 (Photo) Jews Arrive At A British Detention Camp On Cyprus 4
08/21/1946 Problem Of ‘Okies’ Handled (Earlier) By (Meyer) Cohen 5
08/21/1946 (La Guardia Has) Bitter Exchange With Writer (Hal Foust, Chicago Tribune) 5
08/21/1946 Spain Orders 94 Ranking Nazis To Leave; Strongest Action In Matter Thus Far 7
08/21/1946 British Seize German Iron, Steel Industry, Plan Nationalization Of Zone’s Boundaries 9
08/21/1946 Berlin Council Ends Militaristic Schools 9
08/21/1946 Nationalism Called Deterrent To Law 11
08/21/1946 Slovak Traitor (Bela Turka) Hanged (By Czechs) 11
08/21/1946 Goering Allowed To Testify Again (Nuernberg) 13
08/21/1946 Segregation Protested (By Henry Agard Wallace) 48
08/22/1946 U.S. Gives Belgrade (Tito) 48 Hours To Free (U.S.) Fliers Or Face Action Before U.N. Security Council 1
08/22/1946 Tel Aviv Reported Circled By British 1
08/22/1946 3 American Traitors (Robert H. Best, Douglas Chandler, And Ezra Pound) Sane, Will Be Tried 2
08/22/1946 Educators Offer Program For (‘Re-Education’) Of Germany 4
08/22/1946 875 Ask Attlee To Send German Prisoners (-Of-War) Home 8
08/22/1946 Bid By La Guardia For Senate Fails-Democrats To Pick (Herbert) Lehman (As Every-One Knew They Would!) 14
08/22/1946 Easing Of Naturalization For Aliens Who Served In War Will End On Dec. 31 14
08/22/1946 (National Negro Medical Association) Demand Ouster Of Bilbo (From U.S. Senate!) 17
08/22/1946 Mississippi Holds Three (Whites) In Attack (‘Attempted Rape Of Two Negresses,’ See Entry Aug. 23, 1946, P. 20) 28
08/22/1946 18 Refugees Cross Sea In A 38 Foot Sloop, But U.S. Refuses To Admit Estonian Group 29
08/22/1946 Interfaith Group Plans Workshop-Zuerich To Deal With Anti-Semitism In Europe 33
08/23/1946 Purge Of The Arts Set In Leningrad 2
08/23/1946 Italy To Get Share Of Germans’ Gold 5
08/23/1946 (British) Palestine Rule Likened To Nazis’ 6
08/23/1946 German Disaster (Losing The War) Seen As Blessing (By Cardinal Von Preysing, A Long-Time Enemy Of Hitler) 6
08/23/1946 (American) Jailed 90 Days In Germany (For Unauthorized Entry) 6
08/23/1946 U.S. Leads In Denazifying (They Had The Most Jews!) 6
08/23/1946 Poles Doom 23 ‘Terrorists’ 6
08/23/1946 Zionist Swimmers Blast Haifa Ship (‘Empire Rival’) 7
08/23/1946 Zionists Extol (U.S. General) M’narney 7
08/23/1946 Wac Contests Hesse Jewel Trial On Basis Army Lacks Jurisdiction 8
08/23/1946 (Leon) Degrell Missing After Spanish Ban (On NSDAP Members) 8
08/23/1946 Sea-Worn (Estonian) Refugees Are Helped Quickly (As Special Case By U.S. Att’y. Gen.) 8
08/23/1946 Fire Works Over UNRRA (Friction With Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan And U.S. Gen. Mc Narney) 18
08/23/1946 Attack Charges Dropped-3 White Mississippians Fined $10 (See Entry Aug. 22, 1946, P. 28) 20
08/24/1946 Purge In Ukraine Started By Soviet-Mass Replacement Of High Officials Because Of Improper Training 1
08/24/1946 (Joseph Cardinal) Frings (Fulda) Denounces German Expulsion (14,000,000 Germans Deported From Their Native Lands In Eastern Europe By The United Nations Victors!) 2
08/24/1946 Britain To Retain Poland’s Gold Until Free Elections Are Assured 2
08/24/1946 Ten Ex-Czarist Officers Seized (In Belgium-See Operation Keelhaul) 2
08/24/1946 Immigrant Tide (To U.S.) Rises 5
08/24/1946 Jews To Get Polish Visas (Vaad Hatzala) 5
08/24/1946 Palestine Revision Urged 5
08/24/1946 Chiang (Kai-Shek)-Marshall Study (Chinese) Unity Plan 6
08/24/1946 Why Germany Lost 10
08/25/1946 505 Plants Taken By Allies (As Reparations) In Japan 1&26
08/25/1946 Soviet Textbook Defends Axis Tie (In 1939) 21
08/25/1946 Tel Aviv Recruits Liberation Army 24
08/25/1946 Three Hungarians Shot (War Crimes) 36
08/25/1946 $50,000,000 Raised By (United) Jewish Appeal (For Refugees, Overseas Needs, And Palestine-Goal: $100,000,000) 39
08/25/1946 Mr. (George) Orwell And The Communists Book 1
08/26/1946 Truman Hears Bermuda Prayers For U.N. And Jews Seeking Palestine 1
08/26/1946 Colin Kelly’s Body Finally Identified 2
08/26/1946 La Guardia Praises Poland’s Recovery 5
08/26/1946 200 German Firms Seized By Soviet 7
08/26/1946 Genocide (Raphael Lemkin’s New Word-See Martin, James J., The Man Who Invented ‘Genocide’) 22
08/26/1946 Man Killed By Ddt Fumes 25
08/27/1946 Jews Laud Army For Refugee Care-UNRRA Also Commended 6
08/27/1946 Transfers Of (Dismantled) Plants From American Zone To Russia Ahead Of Schedule 12
08/27/1946 Cruelty Approval Denied By (Col.) Kilian (Lichfield, GI Abuse Trial) 12
08/27/1946 Report Burning Of Cross (Jackson, Mississippi) 12
08/27/1946 Negro Beaten (In Illinois) 3 Lose Jobs 12
08/27/1946 (N.Y. Senator) Mead Asks An End To Race Bias In U.S. 16
08/28/1946 Army Tells Inquiry Shells Killed 38 When They Misfired During War (Garsson Trial) 1&12
08/28/1946 Seven U.S. Warships Ordered To Greece For Courtesy Visit-Russia Recalls Her Envoy To Greece After Attacks (Greek Civil War) 1
08/28/1946 Poles Challenge U.S. Election Note As Infringement On Internal Rights 1
08/28/1946 Lichfield Officer (Maj. Richard E. Lo Buono, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Convicted, Fined ($200) 2
08/28/1946 Italy Gets U.S. Request (For 25,000 Jews In Austria To Enter Italy As Temporary Guests) On Jews 2
08/28/1946 (United Nations) Nuremberg Trial To End This Week 4
08/28/1946 More Germans Will Sail (From Spain To Germany-On ‘Merchant Marine’ And ‘Marine Perch’-About 200 To 300) 4
08/28/1946 Dooming Of 18 (Terrorist) Jews (By British) Tied To Parley Bid 8
08/28/1946 Palestine Search Bares Limpet Mine (‘Empire Rival’) 8
08/28/1946 (U.S.-Spanish) Parley On Axis Assets 8
08/28/1946 300 (Illegal Palestine) Passports, Diving Suit Found (By British In Sadoth Yam, Palestine) 8
08/28/1946 (Chinese Military Court) Dooms Japanese General (Sakai) 9
08/28/1946 Study Of Peace Is Set For Japan’s Heir (Crown Prince); American Woman (Elizabeth Gray Vining, Philadelphia, Pa.) Happy Over Job (Re-Educating Crown Prince Of Japan) 10
08/28/1946 Doomed (Greek) Traitor Sent To Greece 12
08/28/1946 Wac Loses Fight On (Hesse) Gem Confession 13
08/28/1946 (Georgia) Farmer Is Accused (By FBI) Of Negro Peonage 23
08/28/1946 Reece Assails Racial Bias 23
08/29/1946 Zionists Reaffirm Faith In Dr. (Abba Hillel) Silver (On Existing Palestine Crisis) 6
08/29/1946 $5,000,000 Gift Cabled To Palestine Zionists (By Jewish National Fund Of America) 6
08/29/1946 (Feld Marschall) Rommel’s Arabian Horse In Windsor Castle Stable 7
08/29/1946 New Search Plan Used In Palestine-19th Stern (Gang) Suspect On Trial (By British) 7
08/29/1946 Zionists Predict Trouble (With British) 7
08/29/1946 Britain To Review Holding Germans (POW-388,000 ‘Slave Laborers’ [Their Quote!]-British Government Is Making $2.55 Per Day On Each-$989,400 Profit Per Day!) 8
08/29/1946 Japanese To Face Cannibalism Trial 10
08/29/1946 G. I.’s Took Slippers (Camera, Binoculars, And Clock-’Looted’-The Accepted Army Terminology Was ‘Liberated’) German Asks Help (Letter Of Joachim Bieneck To N.Y. Times) 12
08/29/1946 Food Rationing In Soviet Will Continue Until 1947 12
08/29/1946 (Arthur) Rodzinski, Mother (Actually Mother-In-law) To Be Reunited Soon (To Come To U.S. From Poland) 23
08/29/1946 Dutch Recover (80% Of Loot) Art With U.S. Army Aid 29
08/30/1946 Interesting Reviving In German Goods 31
08/30/1946 British Spare 18 (Terrorist) Zionists, Bar (Grand) Mufti At London Talks 1
08/30/1946 U.S. Seizes 15 Germans As Spies And Implies Link With Russians 1
08/30/1946 La Guardia Backs (UNRRA) Aid To Yugoslavia 3
08/30/1946 (French) Deny Knowing Of Plot To Assassinate Bevin 3
08/30/1946 Sentenced To Be Hanged-Moscow Dooms 5 Others In White Guard Trial 3
08/30/1946 Leftist Socialists Rout (Leon) Blum Policy 4
08/30/1946 Mexico Accuses Rumania (Of Legally Authorizing 1,200 Jews To Leave Rumania For Mexico) 4
08/30/1946 Conviction Asked For 6 Nazi Groups (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
08/30/1946 (Col.) Killian (Lichfield Trial) Fined $500 In GI Abuse Trial 5
08/30/1946 1,000 Jews Enter France Illegally (From Poland-6,000 Allowed To Be In France While Awaiting Visas-To Other Countries) 5
08/30/1946 Accuser (Prosecution Witness Against Col. Kilian, Lichfield) Jailed In Assault (On German Civilians) 5
08/30/1946 U.S. Bars Ilo Aide Miss (Hermina) Rabinovitch (Lithuanian Refugee, Excluded Permanently From U.S.) 6
08/30/1946 Hesse (Gem Theft) Case Postponed 6
08/30/1946 Czech Puppet (Olomar Kubala) Executed 6
08/30/1946 Germany To Get A Million Bibles (From American Bible Society) 15
08/30/1946 Youth Council Convenes-Rescue Of Jews Topic Of Agudath (Israel, Youth Council Of America) Session 19
08/30/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Seen Sure As (Democratic) Party (Senate) Nominee 36
08/31/1946 French Form New German State 1
08/31/1946 Prosecution Ends Nuremberg Case 3
08/31/1946 Yugoslavs Doom Trio In War Crimes Case 3
08/31/1946 German SS General Seized (General Werner Von Alversleben-Schochwitz) 3
08/31/1946 Army Is Stumped On (Pro-Soviet) ‘Free Germans’ (Detained As Soviet Spies) 4
08/31/1946 Semenov, 5 Others Executed In Russia 4
08/31/1946 (Kurt) Schuschnigg Says A Big Power Bars Him From Return To Austria But Won’t Name It 6
08/31/1946 British Discover Zionist Arsenals 6
08/31/1946 Judaism Council Petitions (Dean) Acheson 6
08/31/1946 Dr. Otto Hoesch (Reichstag Enemy Of Hitler And NSDAP, Dies) 15
08/31/1946 (Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall) Hints (Ku Klux) Klan-Bund Link 28
08/31/1946 A. V. C. Assails (Col.) Killian (Lichfield Commander) Fine (Too Little) 28