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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

November 1946
Date Headline Page
11/01/1946 (Mississippi Senator, Theodore) Bilbo Faces Inquiry Before He Is Seated (In The U.S. Senate) 1
11/01/1946 U.S. Aides To Confer On German Treaty 1
11/01/1946 Accomplice In Hesse Jewel Theft Gets Five Years And Dismissal 16
11/01/1946 Germans Going To Britain-Ten Technicians Sign Voluntary Contracts For Work 16
11/01/1946 (American) Legion Will Fight Admission Of DP’s 17
11/01/1946 UNRRA Doubts Italy Will Have Shortage 17
11/01/1946 Jews Found New Village (In Palestine)-Dobrat 17
11/02/1946 Low Countries Ask Voice In Germany 1&5
11/02/1946 Aid To Refugees By U.N. Is Urged 2
11/02/1946 U.S. Transfers 11,000 (German Internees Awaiting Trial) To (‘Re-Born’ And ‘Re-Educated’-’Reconstructed’) German Control 2
11/02/1946 45,000 Return To Poland (Slightly Fewer Than 300,000 Remain) 2
11/02/1946 British To Release 700 Interned Jews (In Palestine Camps) 4
11/02/1946 $28,704,000 Raised By Jewish Centers (For New Buildings And Facilities In U.S.) 5
11/02/1946 Balfour Pact (Promising A National Homeland For The Jews Without Prejudicing The Position Of The Arabs If The Allies Won World War I) Day Hailed 5
11/02/1946 German (Scientific) Secrets Codified-Studied By Fiat, Field Intelligence Agency Technical (A U.S., U.K. And French Group To Seek Out And Exploit German Technology To United Nations Benefit-To Be Published) 5
11/02/1946 Hesse Jewel Case Turns To General (Bevans-Also Implicated) 6
11/02/1946 Birth Rate Of Jews Rising In Germany (In DP Centers)-Jews 25% Of DP’s In Germany 7
11/03/1946 48 Estonian Refugees Will Get U.S. Visas 13
11/03/1946 Moscow Says (Leftist, O. John) Rogge Ouster Is Scandal 13
11/03/1946 (Jewish) Refugee Ship (Palestine Bound) In Distress 31
11/03/1946 (Picture) American Clothes For Berlin Children-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-’1,500,000 Jews In Continental Europe Who Survived The Nazi Terror’ 46
11/03/1946 Oberammergau Abandons Its Passion Play For 1947 (‘Denazification’ Difficulties-’Jesus’ Was In The Party) 54
11/04/1946 Four Die (Two Jews, Two Arabs) As Arabs Raid Jews; Hamlet (At Neot Mordecai) 1
11/04/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Urges Haven Here For Refugees (‘Many Times 100,000’ Which Was Asked For Palestine) 2
11/04/1946 30,000 In (Philadelphia) Palestine Plea-Justice For Jews 9
11/04/1946 5,000 Immigrants Dure Here By Dec. 31 12
11/04/1946 Sees Shift In Help To Jews In Europe 13
11/04/1946 Soviet Said To Enlist Physicians In Berlin (For Service In Russia) 15
11/04/1946 Jewish State Is Urged (By Joseph Clark Baldwin) 31
11/05/1946 Letter Says Jews (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Blasted (British) Embassy 3
11/05/1946 Flood Of (Jewish) Refugees Abates-Averaged 5,000 Every 2 Weeks All Summer. Now At 2,743. Total Number Reduced From 539,733 To 527,274 Between Oct. 1 And Oct. 15-From Eastern Europe To U.S. Zone 9
11/05/1946 Improved Palestine Seen Guided By Jews 16
11/05/1946 Jews’ Betrayer (G. J. De Groot, Dutch Perfume Dealer) Is Sentenced (To Death, Alleged Betrayed Jews To The German Occupation) 16
11/06/1946 8 Jewish Leaders Freed By British 18
11/06/1946 Illicit Fleet Tied To (Jewish) Refugee Trade 18
11/06/1946 Dutch Ask Change In German Border (Want 700 Square Miles Of German Territory) 19
11/06/1946 (General Lucius) Clay Scores Laxity On Denazification 28
11/06/1946 Jews In U.S. Zone Dig In For Winter-152,000 Resentful Jews, 120,000 Cared For By UNRRA 28
11/06/1946 Estonian Girl, 4, Adopts U.S. Ways 32
11/06/1946 Curb On Prejudice Declared Possible (At National Council Of Jewish Women, Dallas) 32
11/06/1946 French Cite Sabotage Of Nazi Camouflage (Paint) 37
11/07/1946 Zionists Seek $500,000 (For Pro-Zionist Propaganda In U.S.) 3
11/07/1946 Jewish Children (2,000, Part Of 7,000) Moving To France 22
11/07/1946 90% Of (War) Surplus In Europe Sole ($0.30 On The Dollar) 25
11/07/1946 German (Denazification) Ministers Hit By (Gen. Lucius) Clay, Quit 32
11/07/1946 (Harold L.) Ickes Asks Palestine Aid (At American Jewish Congress Dinner) 32
11/07/1946 Fight On Bias Discussed-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Says Children Should Grow Up In Equality 33
11/07/1946 Dr. S.S. Wise Gets Scroll (From Berlin Jews, Hidden In Cemetery During Nazi Regime) 39
11/07/1946 Schacht’s (Second) Trial Set (Stuttgart) Denazification 40
11/08/1946 Poland’s (Lost) Treasures Turning Up In Canada 2
11/08/1946 U.S. Court Rejects Nazi Seizure Case (Ships Confiscated By German Government Before The War Called Illegal) 5
11/08/1946 France Lets Jews Have Free Transit-No Restrictions Imposed On 8,000 Monthly En Route To Other Lands 10
11/08/1946 (Picture) First Photographs Of Jewish War Orphans Adopted By Mayor (O’dwyer) Forwarded To City Hall-’Rescue Children, Inc.’ The Fund Raising Organization For Youngsters Abroad, Housed In Vaad Hatzala Shelters 10
11/08/1946 From Silesian Death Camp (Auschwitz) To School Here Is Cinderella Story Of A Girl Of 14 11
11/09/1946 Norman Thomas Won’t Run (Again For President) 3
11/09/1946 Luxembourg Asks 235 Square Mile Strip Of Germany Along Sauer, Moselle Rivers 4
11/09/1946 Women In Palestine Armed, Visiter Says 5
11/09/1946 Moderate Zionists Drive On Terrorists 5
11/09/1946 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Assails Russian Over Refugees And (Use Of Word) ‘Democracy’ (Equated To ‘Soviet’-Apparently ‘Franklin D.’ Could Do It With Impunity For Whatever Purpose He Had In Mind-But Not The Russians!) 7
11/09/1946 Recovered Nazi Loot To Go To Aid (Jewish) Refugees; Operation Sparkler Would Up In U.S. Zone (Diamonds And Precious Stones) 8
11/09/1946 Hungry Germans (In British Zone) Get American Aid (20,000 Tons Of Wheat) 8
11/10/1946 Teen-Agers Call For End To Bias (‘And A Little Child Shall Lead Them!’) 20
11/10/1946 Georgia Says, (Ku Klux) Klan Sought Bund Help 23
11/10/1946 Belgium Will Ask Border Revisions (‘About 1,000 Germans And A Few Square Miles-In Addition To Their Requests For German Territory In 1918!-Malmedy And Moresnet!) 40
11/10/1946 Germans’ Weight Is ‘Unsatisfactorily Low’ Despite Slight Gain, U.S. Officials Report 40
11/10/1946 Dr. Baron Calls For Unity Among Jew; Says Standard May Be Set In Palestine 46
11/10/1946 Booby Trap Kills 3 Palestine Police 46
11/10/1946 German Posters Decry (United Nations Nuernberg) War Trial 47
11/10/1946 Two Vaccines For Bubonic Plague-25 Million Died In 14th Century-Tested As Yet Only On Guinea Pigs E-11
11/10/1946 (Re-) Educating Japan’s Children For Democracy Mag. 10
11/11/1946 Austrians Press For Refugee Exit (Have 500,000 DP’s) 8
11/11/1946 British Urge On Italy Vigilance Over Jews (In Italian Camps) 14
11/11/1946 (Sozial Demokrat) Germans To Be Asked To (British) Socialist Meeting 18
11/11/1946 (Mississippi Senator Theodore) Bilbo Ouster Is Aim Of (Civil Rights Congress) Drive 21
11/11/1946 (Herbert) Lehman Urges Aid To Jews In Europe (Only 25% Of Europe’s 1,500,000 Jews Received UNRRA Aid. 500,000 Depend Upon American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee For All Or Part Of Aid. 1,000 Representatives Of Jewish Benevolent Agencies) 25
11/12/1946 (Re-Born, Re-Educated, Re-Washed, Puppet) Germans Control (11,000 NSDAP In U.S. Internment) Camp In U.S. Zone 14
11/12/1946 Britons Guarded Against Zionists 17
11/12/1946 Two British Officers Out-Killed German Boy With Shot From Armored Car 17
11/12/1946 (Russian) Gen. Burdenko, 68, Surgeon (Member Of Soviet Extra-Ordinary [Propaganda] Commission) Is Dead 29
11/12/1946 Haven For Jews Urged (By Joseph C. Baldwin, Political Action Committee For Palestine) 34
11/13/1946 E.(Lliott) Roosevelt In Moscow (Democrats Lost Election Because They Abandoned Father’s Policies-4-6 Week Stay) 2
11/13/1946 Hadassah Accepts $3,950,000 Budget (For Palestine) 3
11/13/1946 1,050 Cyprus Jews To Go To Palestine-Extremists Blow Up Train 3
11/13/1946 Army To Tell Its Use Of German Scientists (About 160) 5
11/13/1946 Danzig Lessons Pertinent To Negotiation On Trieste 5
11/13/1946 U.S. Unable To Aid Finland On Treaty (Unable Or Unwilling?) 6
11/13/1946 Women’s Rights Is (Un) Issue 7
11/13/1946 Soviet Would Undo Plan On (Mostly Jewish) Refugees 10
11/13/1946 Text Of (‘Judge’ Francis Beverley) Biddle’s Report On (United Nations) Nuremberg (Tribunal) And Truman’s Reply (See: Biddle, Francis Beverley, In Brief Authority) 14
11/14/1946 Germans Receive (1,500 Of 100,000 Tons Allotted) Grain 4
11/14/1946 Gen. (Julius Ochs) Adler Heads Reactivated 77 Th 5
11/14/1946 Un Delegation Skeptical Of U.S. Attitude On UNRRA 13
11/14/1946 German Machines In U.S. Zone Freed (By Gen. William H. Draper For Payment In Reparations) 17
11/14/1946 (Feld Marschal Erhard) Milch, Goering’s Ex-Deputy Faces (U.S. Nuernberg) Trial (Formerly Accused By R. H. Jackson Of Being ‘Jewish,’ Beaten By U.S. Troops On Capture) On Slave Labor, Inhuman Medical Tests 18
11/14/1946 Concentration Camp Heads (Fritz Suhren-Revensbrueck) Flee 18
11/14/1946 95 (‘Employees’) Ousted At Munich University (‘Lacked The Positive, Political, Liberal And Moral Qualities That Will Assist In The Development Of Democracy In Germany’-U.S. Military Government In Bavaria Decision) 18
11/14/1946 (Gen. Lucius) Clay Sees End Soon To (U.S.) Occupation Costs (General John Hildring Says 60-80% Of Dismantling Of German Industry For United Nations Reparations Is Complete) 18
11/14/1946 Hadassah Urges Immigration Rise (100,000 More From Europe Into U.S.) 22
11/14/1946 Jews Ask U.N. To Act Quickly On Refugees (‘25,000’ In German DP Camps) 23
11/14/1946 Million In DP Camps Seen By End Of Year (Mrs. Henry Seltzer, President Of Hias-Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society, Women’s Council) 24
11/14/1946 U.S. So Anxious To Get Rid Of Free Potatoes It Now Pays Freight (Presumably Rail) To Hospitals, Schools (But Not To Hungry Germany!) 25
11/15/1946 22 (Jews) Arrested In (U.S. Black Market) Raid On (Zeilsheim Dp) Camp In Germany (Contains About 4,000 Homeless Polish Jews) 3
11/15/1946 (United Nations) Allies Warn Germans (No Anti-Allied Or Anti-Polish Articles In Newspapers) 3
11/15/1946 (German) Industrialists Face (U.S. Nuernberg) Trial In January 4
11/15/1946 (Polish, August) Cardinal Hlond To Visit Rome 4
11/15/1946 Polish Refugees Resist Shift 4
11/15/1946 Betrayer Of (Dr. Karl) Gordeler (In July 20, 1944 Assassination Attempt On Hitler, Helen Schwaertzel) Fined $100,000 (The Reward For Help In The Apprehension Of The Conspirators) 8
11/15/1946 Italy Asks UNRRA To Speed (50,000 Of 750,000 Allotted Tons Of) Wheat 8
11/15/1946 Anti-Semitism Charged (Against Prof. William Knickerbocker, Chairman Of Romance Language Department, City College, N.Y.-’Does Not Possess The Character Of The High Office He Holds’) 14
11/15/1946 Mrs. Epstein Heads Hadassah 4th Time-(‘Prepare For The Most Trying Year In Jewish History.’) 29
11/16/1946 Czechs, Poles Ask Voice On Germany 5
11/16/1946 (Dean) Acheson Restates U.S. Stand On Spain 5
11/16/1946 Yugoslav Terror Believed On Wane 6
11/16/1946 U.S. For Nuremberg Code 6
11/16/1946 Jews Escape Ship Linked To U.S. Zone (1,200 Seized Refugees Came From DP Camps, Ex-Army Trucks, Not UNRRA’s Used; Four German Camps Were Fidelfing, Landober, Zehlitz, And Fahrenwalt) 7
11/16/1946 Interfaith Group Will Confer Here 17
11/17/1946 Japan’s War Industry’s End Set Out In Pauley Program 1
11/17/1946 Finds Mediocrity In College Courses (Dr. Frank Aydelotte, Director Of The Institute For Advanced Study, Princeton, University) 6
11/17/1946 (United Nations) War Crimes Board Reports (Out Of 2,458 Accused Before Oct. 31, 1946, 797 Were Sentenced To Death In Europe And Asia) 7
11/17/1946 Aid To Jews Increased (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Additional $2,945,000) 9
11/17/1946 (Washington) Grand Jury To Hear Nazis (Ex-Diplomats [Ex-Ambassador] Returned From Germany For Trial; Case To Be Presented By Raymond W. Ickes, Special Assistant Att’y. General, Son Of Harold L. Ickes) 10
11/17/1946 27 (Jews) From Palestine Arrive Aboard Plane (Mrs. Elsa Lowenthal, Austrian Jewess Arrives) 25
11/17/1946 U.S. Prestige Held ‘Zero’ Among Arabs (Because Of U.S. Zionist Support) 25
11/17/1946 U.S. Police And Jews In Austrian Camp Row (Rabbi Bernstein There; 2 Mp’s ‘Badly Beaten’ By Jews) 26
11/17/1946 War Held Unwon If Refugees Perish (George L. Warren, 1,000,000 ‘Living In Quiet Desperation; 7,000,000 ‘Already Been Assisted To Go Home;’-’1,250,000 Jews In Europe’) 27
11/17/1946 Iro (International Refugee Organization) Constitution Expedited In Un 30
11/17/1946 (Benjamin) Cohen Role Major In Peace Drafting 34
11/17/1946 Nazi Upsurge Stirs Vienna’s Colleges 40
11/17/1946 German Foresees 50% (German) Population Cut 44
11/17/1946 Revival Of (Labor) Unions Seen In Germany 44
11/17/1946 (Re-Born) Germans Ask Peace Role 48
11/17/1946 Great Change Unlikely In Germany’s Boundary-Poles Expected To Keep What They Took-French Want The Saar E-4
11/17/1946 Refugee Problem Offers Challenge To The World E-5
11/17/1946 He Knows Germans, Portrait Of Gen. (Lucius) Clay Mag. 1
11/18/1946 Worse Winter Due For Worn Germans 4
11/18/1946 (2 Generals) Germans On Trial In Rome Massacre (Ardeatine Caves) 5
11/18/1946 Jews In Germany Helped (By Ort) 5
11/18/1946 (Missoula, Montana Publisher, John E. Kennedy) Admits Book On Isolationist Senator (Burton K.) Wheeler (To Be Purged! Wheeler Defeated; Plot Against America, Compared Wheeler To A Fascist; Says It Would Be Worth Being Jailed To Be Rid Of Wheeler) 26
11/19/1946 Key To Jews’ (75,000 Arrested In Berlin During War) Fate Found (Complete Record Of Arrest, Camps Of Internment, And Disposition Of Property) 16
11/19/1946 German Generals Deny Death (Ardeatine Caves) Guilt 22
11/19/1946 Palestine (British) Police Riot Against Jews-Two Germans Slain (By Jews) 26
11/19/1946 300 Typhoid Cases In Bavaria 26
11/19/1946 Some Of Risks In The Biddle Proposal 30
11/20/1946 Poles To Try Priest As (Anti-Russian) Terrorist 2
11/20/1946 99.7% Of Pledges ($3,690,500,914 Total) To UNRRA Paid Up (N.Y. Congressman Sol Bloom Tells U.N. Committee) 4
11/20/1946 (Texas Congressman, Ed Gossett And Congressman John Lesinski Of Michigan) Says Jews Are 70% Of Immigrants Now (Immigrants Improperly Screened. Majority Of Children Brought In So Far Have Been Jewish, But Most Immigrants Were Adults) 16
11/21/1946 2-Zone Sufficiency Forecast By (General Lucius) Clay 1
11/21/1946 Americans Smash German Bomb Ring 6
11/21/1946 Wends Appealing For Freedom Again (Number Conjectural, Est. 140,000 But Maybe Twice That-The Hope Of Separating The Wends And The Germans Was A Pipe Dream Of Stalin Who Thought All Slavs, Sorbs And Wends Alike, Would Naturally Hate Germans) 6
11/21/1946 Americans Uneasy Over Hesse (‘German’) Vote 7
11/21/1946 Austria Devising University Purge (Of NSDAP A La Americain) 7
11/21/1946 (Murray I. Gurfein, Former Ass’t. To Robert H. Jackson, Chief U.S. Prosecutor At The Nuernberg United Nations Tribunal And An Interrogator Of Some Of The Defendants) Says Most Germans Admit Moral Guilt 12
11/21/1946 Nazi Leaders Mediocre (Says Lt. Col. Leon Goldensohn, Psychiatrist At Nuernberg) 12
11/21/1946 Speedy Admission Of Refugees (Into U.S.) Urged 14
11/21/1946 Immigration Group In Congress Listed-49 Members Favor (Increase In Immigration To U.S.) 17
11/21/1946 Biddle Says Nazi Trial (By United Nations) Won’t End Wars; Puts Peace Responsibility Up To People 17
11/21/1946 Anti-Bias Law Urged To Aid Minorities And Reduce Ranks Of Hate-Groups (Joseph Bustard) 20
11/21/1946 Two (Social Work) Scholarships For Negroes Open ($450 Each) 27
11/22/1946 (German) Generals To Testify In Caves (Alleged) Massacre 11
11/22/1946 Palestine Will Get New (Jewish) Medical School 12
11/22/1946 British Will Speed Denazification Plan 15
11/22/1946 23 German Doctors Deny Atrocities (At U.S. Nuernberg Tribunals, Death Asked-Telford Taylor) 16
11/22/1946 Jewish Group Marks (40th) Anniversary Of Sos (Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-’Supplies For Overseassurvivors’) 16
11/22/1946 U.S. Grants Christmas Amnesty To 4,000 Prisoners In Germany 17
11/22/1946 Finn’s Army Chief Seized (For Anti-Russian Activities) 17
11/22/1946 Un Asked To Help 78,000 Lithuanian DP’s (In Europe) To Resettle In (Especially Vacated Parts Of Germany) Europe Or On Other Continents 18
11/22/1946 (Racial) Quotas Condemned In Dental Schools 25
11/22/1946 (Herbert Delany) Bids Negroes Seek Complete Equality 25
11/23/1946 Poles To Execute (Anti-Russian) Priest In Murder 5
11/23/1946 German (General Von Mackensen) Concedes Ordering Murders 9
11/23/1946 Police Help Urged In Race Problems 10
11/23/1946 Educators To Aid War-Torn Schools (‘Re-Education’ Or ‘Re-Building’) 10
11/23/1946 Liberal Judaism Hailed (Rabbi Dr. Jonah Bondi Wise) 10
11/23/1946 New (U.S.) Drug Found To Fight Malaria 32
11/24/1946 U.S. Bars U.N. Rule In Colonial Areas 1
11/24/1946 U.S. Zone Forbids German Food Cut 13
11/24/1946 U.S. Women Assist Berlin’s (Sick) Children 14
11/24/1946 Six Nazis Deported From Spain (Demanded By U.S.) 14
11/24/1946 Soviet Would Shut Vienna University 17
11/24/1946 German (General Von Mackensen) Changes Story 17
11/24/1946 U.S. (Military Government) Orders German Mayor (Burgomeister Fritz Reinicke) Out (Falsified ‘Fragebogen’) 20
11/24/1946 (Texas Senator, Tom) Connally (Roosevelt Savant) Opposes Inquiry (By Senate Into Irregularities In U.S. Occupation Zone) 20
11/24/1946 Task Of (U.S.) Occupation (Of Germany) Declared In Peril (By Secretary Of War, Robert P. Patterson) 28
11/24/1946 Polish Wives On Way To U.S. (Authority, War Department Circular No 83 Permits Man Who Has Served In Armed Forces To Bring Back Dependents From Abroad) 37
11/24/1946 U.S. Zone Population Rises 21% Since 1939 41
11/24/1946 Poles To Try Colonel (Kostek Biernacki, Pilsudski Aid In ‘Colonel’s Regime,’ Established Bereza Kartuska, The First Concentration Camp In Poland In 1926; In Warsaw Jail Nearly A Year) 44
11/24/1946 German Wine, Japan Tea To Be Offered Here Soon 46
11/24/1946 Young Negroes Ask Voice In (Mostly White, [Jewish]-Run) NAACP 56
11/24/1946 (Atlantic City) Conference Planned On Jewish Relief 59
11/24/1946 Labor Held In Need Of Anti-Bias Drive 61
11/25/1946 Warsaw Confirms Warfare With 3 Underground (Anti-Russian) Groups-2,483 Security Agents, Soldiers, And Civilians Killed During Fighting 1
11/25/1946 A New Lidice (Czechoslovakia) To Arise 5
11/25/1946 Irgun Zvai Leumi (Menachem Begin) Asks A Jewish Parliament (In Palestine) 14
11/25/1946 Von Papen (Threatened With Lynching) Cancels Trip 16
11/25/1946 (200) Hungarians Say They Flee Czechs 18
11/25/1946 Rumanian General Held (Connected With Underground) 22
11/25/1946 (Solomon Goldman) Says Jews’ Suffering Saved Christian Way 23
11/25/1946 Christian Disunity Cited In Synagogue 35
11/25/1946 Refugee Aid Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 36
11/26/1946 Self-Rule (By United States-Selected, ‘Re-Educated’ Puppets) Begins In German State (Wuertemberg-Baden) 10
11/26/1946 Care Ordered Used In Aiding Refugees 15
11/26/1946 Reciprocity Is Key To Tariff Parley 16
11/26/1946 H. Morgenthau Sr. Dies In Home At 90 (Vita-Hated Germany Long Before There Was A ‘Hitler,’ Claimed Germany Was Responsible For The Turkish Massacre Of The Armenians!) 18
11/26/1946 (U.S.-Occupied) Germany To Ship (Pre-Fabricated) Houses (To Palestine)-(192 Homes On First Contract Worth 285,000; To Be Expanded By Several Thousand More Homes) 20
11/26/1946 (U.S. Senate) Occupation (Of Germany) Study Blocked By Kilgore 21
11/26/1946 Paris Historian On Trial (For Collaboration) 21
11/26/1946 German (Business) Mail Curbs Eased 21
11/26/1946 Palestine (British) Court Halts Deportation Of 3,3350 Jews En Route To Haifa 22
11/26/1946 (German General Albert) Kesselring Heard In Massacre Trial 22
11/26/1946 (Oregon Senator, Wayne) Morse Urges Long (U.S. Occupation) Stay (In Germany-Maybe 60 Years) 22
11/26/1946 Garssons (Faulty Munitions) Are Witnesses 22
11/27/1946 Small Power Role On German Treaty Believed Assured 1
11/27/1946 (Jewish) Immigrants Battle Haifa (British) Troops; One Jew Killed, 212 Britons Hurt 1&12
11/27/1946 French Ask Destruction Of Berlin (‘Siegesaeule,’ Franco-Prussian Victory) War Memorial 5
11/27/1946 Senators Reject (U.S. Senate Investigation Of U.S.’s German) Occupation Study 10
11/27/1946 (Harold) Laski Never Urged Revolution By Violence, He Says In Suit 10
11/27/1946 Big Rise Reported In Displaced (European) Jews (Edward M. M. Warburg: 250,000 Jews In Europe Or 25% Of Total DP’s-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 12
11/27/1946 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Acclaims (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s American) Jewish Congress 12
11/27/1946 Vienna Jews Protest Law On Restitution 12
11/27/1946 Anti-Zionists Urge U.S. Take Refugees 12
11/27/1946 (U.S. General) Mc Narney’s Aide Urges Entry (Into U.S. Of 100,000 Jewish DP’s-64 Jewish Camps And Centers In Germany) 12
11/27/1946 Immigrants Battle’Immigrants Taken To The Ddt Cleansing Shed’ (In Palestine-A Precaution Against Typhus) 12
11/27/1946 (Pall) Bearers Named For (Henry) Morgenthau (Sr.) 25
11/28/1946 French Hope Big Four Will Defer Drafting Of Treaty For Germany 2
11/28/1946 9 More Sentenced (For Two Years To Life) For Kielce (Poland) Pogrom 6
11/28/1946 (Andrey) Vishinsky (Of Moscow Trial Fame) To Speak Here 6
11/28/1946 Moderate Socialists Arrested In Poland 6
11/28/1946 Palestine (British) Court Adjourns Without Ruling On Habeas Corpus For 3,854 Jews Held (On Ships Outside Haifa) At Sea 11
11/28/1946 French (Collaborationist) Editor (Andre Algarron, ‘Petit Parisien’) Doomed 11
11/28/1946 Germans (Technicians And Scientists) To Go To Canada 11
11/28/1946 Pravda Says British Form German Army 12
11/28/1946 Uranium Field In (Silesia) Poland (2Nd Largest In Europe) 16
11/28/1946 Republicans Fight Kilgore (U.S. Senate German Occupation) Study Ban 18
11/28/1946 (Naval War College) To Study Pearl Harbor (Ordered By Admiral Nimitz) 21
11/28/1946 Jewish Veterans For Immigration (Of Jewish DP’s To U.S.) 22
11/28/1946 Final Tribute Paid H. Morgenthau Sr. (Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Played) 27
11/28/1946 Louisiana Negroes Apathetic To Vote 29
11/28/1946 Synagogue League Urges Housing Aid (And Pleads For Increased Jewish Immigration To U.S.) 34
11/28/1946 Parents’ Group Plans Race Relations Aid 42
11/29/1946 Text Of The Speeches By (V. M.) Molotov (Soviet Foreign Minister) And (Sir Hartley) Shawcross (Chief British Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) 3
11/29/1946 U.S. Opposes Role In Joint Relief Aid-Will Act Unilaterally 8
11/29/1946 3 Jewish Vessels Reported At Haifa (6,000 Jews In Cyprus, 4,000 Jews Held On Ships Off Palestine, At Least Some From Poland 12
11/29/1946 1,600 Jews Gather (Atlantic City) For Relief Parley (Edward M. M. Warburg Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 12
11/29/1946 Pan American Group Asks Open Palestine 13
11/29/1946 (Jewish) Youths Deride Bevin 14
11/29/1946 Chinese UNRRA Workers Seized In Supply Grab 18
11/29/1946 Liner Normandie At Her ‘Death Pier’ (N.Y. City) 27
11/29/1946 Junior Hadassah Meets (Atlantic City) 27
11/29/1946 U.S. Jews’ Role In Wars Praised (By Harry Truman, James Byrnes And General Dwight Eisenhower) 52
11/29/1946 Sweden Is Moving To Nationalize Oil 5
11/29/1946 (Picture, Jacob Javitts-Later N.Y. Senator) Starting Tour (Rome,London, Prague, And Palestine) To Study Conditions Overseas 8
11/29/1946 Free Palestine (Free Of British Rule) Held Peace Need (By Arabs) 8
11/29/1946 German (Sozial Demokrat, Kurt Schumacher) Cautions (United Nations) Allies On Discord 8
11/29/1946 (Picture, Dr. Israel Goldstein) Named Acting President Of American Zionists 8
11/30/1946 (Rudolf) Hess Prison Guard Set 8
11/30/1946 (Dean) Acheson Backs (Spruille) Braden 9
11/30/1946 AFL, CIO Support Jewish Veterans (On Jewish DP Immigration Into U.S.) 10
11/30/1946 Steel Socialization (Nationalization) In Germany Delayed (By Occupation Forces) 10
11/30/1946 Germans Plan Appeal (For Release Of 5,000,000 German POW Held By United Nations) 10
11/30/1946 ($)102 Million Raised By Jewish Appeal-$2,000,000 In Excess Of 1946 (‘1,500,000 Jews In Europe Who Escaped Hitler’) 16
11/30/1946 Saboteurs; Leader Here From Norway 16
11/30/1946 (CIO, Political Action Committee Official) Asks South To Bar ‘Jim Crow’ Liberal 17
11/30/1946 Big (U.S.) Potato Surplus Is Going To Waste (20,000,000 Bushels Rotting, More Undug In U.S. Fields-Germany Hungry!) 18
11/30/1946 U.S. Synthetic Rubber Output Held World Need (For Two Years) 23