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William Lindsey collection — 1946 NYT headlines

July 1946
Date Headline Page
07/01/1946 Atom Bomb Exploded Over Bikini 1
07/01/1946 Polish Vote Heavy; Red Victory Likely 1
07/01/1946 Jewish (Terrorist) Faction (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Menachem Begin) Threatens To Kill 3 British Hostages In Palestine 1
07/01/1946 U.S. Zionist Leaders Will Go To Palestine 8
07/01/1946 New Protest In Hamburg (Eviction Of 30,000 To 35,000) 8
07/01/1946 (United Nations) Allies’ Leaders Accused; Gianniani Holds Them Responsible For Starting War (Italian Leader Of ‘Common Man’ Front) 9
07/01/1946 UNRRA Won’t Feed Non-Jewish Groups 10
07/01/1946 British Jews Fear Restive Palestine 10
07/01/1946 Tenuous Life Seen For Jewish Agency (For Palestine) 11
07/01/1946 German Unification Urged By (U.S. General) M’narney 12
07/01/1946 Fight Over (Raid On) German Girls (By German Police Under United Nations Supervision); Some Americans Resent Police Identification Steps-Raids Sometimes Yielded Girls For [‘Forced’] Manual Labor For Community Projects) 12
07/01/1946 Uneasy Status Quo In China 14
07/01/1946 (Emanuel, ‘Manny’) Celler (N.Y. Congressman) Attacks Britain-Sees Insult To Truman 14
07/01/1946 Art Missing In Germany (Much Of It Never Found!) 16
07/01/1946 Race (Racial) Amity Stressed In Unitarian Service 22
07/01/1946 Pope Sees Discord Reigning In World 22
07/01/1946 Intolerance Is Hit At Negro (NAACP) Parley (In Cincinnati, Ohio) 29
07/01/1946 (Polish) Jewish Visitors Honored 34
07/02/1946 Attlee Says Jewish Agency (For Palestine) Has Links With Terrorists 1
07/02/1946 Memory Of Roosevelt Honored At Joint Session Of Congress 1&48
07/02/1946 (Major Gen. Frederick H. Osborn) Army’s Tallest General To Head U.S. O. Drive Hear (Headed ‘Orientation And Education’ Army School At Lexington, Va.-I Attended 3 Days!) 7
07/02/1946 Army Discounts German Election 8
07/02/1946 5 Lichfield Officers Deny Cruelty Data (Testimony) 12
07/02/1946 No Witnesses Seen For Mikhailovitch (At Titoist Trial) 13
07/02/1946 Jews In Italy (Camps) Call For Protests Today 13
07/02/1946 Palestine Yields Vast Arms Hoard-1,100 More Jewish Refugees Near 14
07/02/1946 British Offices (In N.Y. C.) Picketed (By Zionists) 14
07/02/1946 Food For Germany Off By Ship Today 15
07/02/1946 UNRRA ‘Misunderstood;’ Professes Surprise At Report Of Order (To Refuse Food) To Non-Jews 15
07/02/1946 Katyn Forest (Massacre) Issue Revived By Germans (Nuernberg Tribunal) 15
07/02/1946 Budapest Inflation At New High 15
07/02/1946 (Seymour Island, U.S. Base) Galapagos Base Given Up 17
07/02/1946 German Ties (With Americans) Curbed (By General Lucius Clay) 18
07/02/1946 Advertisement: ‘Don’t Let Britain Get Away With It-Demonstrate Today’-(American Zionist Emergency Council) 18
07/02/1946 (Rabbi Neuhaus) Tells Of Jews’ Plight 23
07/02/1946 Jewish Agency Aide To See Truman Today 26
07/02/1946 College Bias Study Asked Of Regents 27
07/03/1946 Zionists’ Release Is Truman’s Hope; British Acted Without Consulting Him-Presses Immigration 1
07/03/1946 Germans Forced Katyn (Massacre) Testimony (Dr. M. A. Markov, A Bulgarian Doctor, Now In Russian Power, Who Participated In The German Investigation Upon Discovering The Mass Graves Of Polish Officers Changes Story At Nuernberg Tribunal-Later A Congressional Committee Ruled The Russians Were Indeed Responsible For The Murders) 4
07/03/1946 U.S. Gives Amnesty To Young Germans; Applies To All Born Since Jan. 1, 1919 Except Active (Ndsap) Party Members And Aides 4
07/03/1946 Fascist Judge Lynched In (Bordighera) Italy 4
07/03/1946 Tie To Terrorists Denied By (Jewish) Agency (Berl Locker) 5
07/03/1946 British End Hunt For Palestine Guns 5
07/03/1946 (Zionist) Aid Placed Here To Palestine Army 5
07/03/1946 U.S. Urged To Speed Transfer Of Jews (To Palestine) 5
07/03/1946 Jewish Groups Fight At Rally In Rome 5
07/03/1946 (Picture Of Swastika On British Flag At Jewish Rally In New York City) 5
07/03/1946 Medieval Torture (Of Jews By British At Athlet Camp, Haifa) Charged By Jews-’Shades Of Dachau!’ Etc.) 5
07/03/1946 Hungary Dooms 5 Fascists 5
07/03/1946 (1,100) Illegal Immigrants Quarantined (In Palestine) 5
07/03/1946 German Food Supply Said To Be Critical 6
07/03/1946 2Nd Chetnik Leader Seeks Foreign Aid 7
07/03/1946 Chinese Act To Prevent Escape Of 1,500 ‘Dangerous Germans’ 7
07/03/1946 Japanese Shocks (United Nations) Tribunal In Tokyo (Implies ‘Tacit’ Understanding Between U.S. And Japan On Manchurian Invasion) 8
07/03/1946 Koenigsberg Now Kaliningrad 8
07/03/1946 (Dr. Gordon W. Allport, Harvard) Puts Rumor At Base Of Racial Trouble 22
07/03/1946 (Jewish) Bias Complaint Rejected (By N.J. Court) 26
07/03/1946 (‘New’) World Textbooks Urged For Peace; Would Help Crush Prejudice 27
07/03/1946 Barracks Burned By (600 Rioting) Army Prisoners 48
07/03/1946 (Senator John) Rankin (Mississippi) Assaults An Ap Photographer (Outside Polling Place-Not A Reporter!) 48
07/04/1946 Philippine Republic Is Born As U.S. Rule Ends In Glory 1
07/04/1946 Strachy Asks U.S. To Feed Germany (To Avert Chaos) 1
07/04/1946 Saw Hitler Dead, Chauffeur (Erich Kemka) Says; Bormann Hit By Bazooka Blast 2
07/04/1946 4 Th Witness Plea (For U.S. Or British Witnesses) By Chetniks Fails (At Titoist Trial) 2
07/04/1946 Austria To Press South Tirol Claim 2
07/04/1946 Lichfield Guard (Pfc. Austin Gheems) Cleared 2
07/04/1946 Hitler’s Secretary (Gerda Christian) Sought (By United Nations) 2
07/04/1946 Illegal Jewish Immigrants Arrive In Palestine From Four Countries In Europe (Pictures, From Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, And Poland-Italy And France Not Mentioned!) 3
07/04/1946 High Captive (British) Jews Seen By Press But Interviews Are Forbidden 3
07/04/1946 Two In Palestine Win Commutation 3
07/04/1946 U.S. Jews Fix Cost Of Aiding 100,000 (Set At $35,000,000) 3
07/04/1946 Zionists’ Charges (Of Brutality) Denied By Britain 34
07/04/1946 German (Officer) Impressed By Receipt (From U.S. Jewish Officer For Personal Property Taken From Him) Offers Seized Franks To A Jew 3
07/04/1946 French Editor Gets 4 Years (For Writing Anti United Nations Articles) 4
07/04/1946 Dutch Nazi (Prof. J. Westra) Gets 20 Years 9
07/04/1946 La Guardia Cites Cuts In Rations In Vienna 10
07/04/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Asks End Of (Georgia) Suit 21
07/05/1946 Poles Kill 26 Jews In (Post-War) Kielce Pogrom 1&5
07/05/1946 Kidnapped Britons Freed In Palestine; Extremists Proclaim Independence 1
07/05/1946 U.S. Is Belligerent, Soviet Paper Says 3
07/05/1946 Evidence Finished In Chetniks’ (Titoist) Trial 4
07/05/1946 Russians Increase German Industry-Reparations In Kind 4
07/05/1946 Germans Disdain Guilt Under Law (Nuernberg Tribunal) 4
07/05/1946 South African Jews Protest 5
07/05/1946 Jewish Editor (London Paper) Resigns (Over Palestine Issue) 5
07/05/1946 Inquiry Into Bias Urged 21
07/06/1946 Poles Declare Two Hoaxes Caused High Toll In (Kielce) Pogrom 1&2
07/06/1946 19 Russians Slain In Clash With Poland 1
07/06/1946 British Insist On U.S. Military Aid In Palestine Entry 1
07/06/1946 (Socialist) H. G. Wells Urges (British) King (George Vi) Abdicate; Fears Fascist Gold Tainted Throne 1&5
07/06/1946 Work, Go Home, Or Lose Rations, British Tell Refugees In Zone 2
07/06/1946 British Uniforms In (Palestine) Jewish Arsenal 2
07/06/1946 Palestine Troops Accused, Defended 2
07/06/1946 (N.Y. Congressman, Sol) Bloom Will Insist U.N. Protect Jews 3
07/06/1946 (Enlisted) Promotions (By Col. Kilian) Linked To Lichfield Abuse 4
07/06/1946 U.S. Editors Warned Of German Famine 4
07/06/1946 (British Maj. Gen.) Wingate’s Raiders Flogged By (His) Order 4
07/06/1946 Mussolini’s Widow Free 4
07/06/1946 German (Dr. Otto Stahmer, Nuernberg Tribunal) Defends Looting By (German) Army 5
07/06/1946 Austrian Charges (United Nations) Allies Bar Trials 5
07/06/1946 (Anti-Russian) Poles In Italy Attacked (At Ancona, Italy-’Reckless Driving’ Charged-Girl Friend Of Pole Had Clothes Torn From Her Back, Was Hissed And Booed) 5
07/07/1946 Poles Ask Death For Kielce (Pogrom) Guilt 1
07/07/1946 Russians Seize Nazi Assets, Austria & U.S. Protest 1
07/07/1946 (Konrad Goebbels) Held In Germany (Picture) 2
07/07/1946 Yugoslavs Accused U.S. Army Captain (Mikhailovitch ‘Trial’) 7
07/07/1946 (General) Von Bock’s Daughter Seized 9
07/07/1946 Extension To July 16 Sought For Report On Pearl Harbor As Split Is Indicated 15
07/07/1946 Sees Jews Nearing End Of Endurance 18
07/07/1946 Rosenwald Delivers Warning To U.S. Jews 18
07/07/1946 New British Force In Palestine Seen 19
07/07/1946 (Jewish) Informer (To British) Reported Slain (By Jewish Terrorists In Haifa) 19
07/07/1946 Warsaw Radio Blames (Anti-Russian, General Wladyslav) Anders (For Kielce Pogrom) 19
07/07/1946 (Polish) Jews Plead For Visas (To Palestine) 19
07/07/1946 Berlin Properties Reported Seized (By Russians) 20
07/07/1946 Showdown In Palestine Is Believed Imminent E-4
07/07/1946 Young Germans Get A Fresh Start (United Nations ‘Amnesty’) E-4
07/08/1946 Admit Jews Here, Arabs Tell Truman 1
07/08/1946 Russians Deport German Residents Of Austrian Zone 1
07/08/1946 German Plot To Defeat Roosevelt In 1940 Disclosed By (Ass’t. Att’y. General, O. John Rogge) Justice Aide 1
07/08/1946 President Of Poland Asks Doom Of (Kielce Pogrom) Killers 2
07/08/1946 5,000 Jews Parade In London Protest 3
07/08/1946 Ready (American Jewish Committee) To Meet Suit, Jewish Group Says 3
07/08/1946 37 Rabbis Touring Protestant Camps 27
07/08/1946 Army (Courts Martial) Terms Cut For 85% Sentenced 30
07/08/1946 (Truman) Pardons Pendergast (Kansas City Political Boss) Aide 31
07/09/1946 Britain Bars Palestine Visas For (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise And (‘Little Louis’) Lipsky 1
07/09/1946 (U.S.) Rabbis Assail British For Arresting (Terrorist And Other) Jews 2
07/09/1946 Arabs Score U.S.For Aiding Zionism 3
07/09/1946 Capitalism Fading In East Germany (As German Industries Fade In The West As A Result Of Morgenthau’s Plan) 6
07/09/1946 Final Fight Begins For Mikhailovitch 9
07/09/1946 (Col.) Kilian Fails In Plea For Change Of Venue (Lichfield GI Abuse Trial) 9
07/09/1946 Ribbentrop Calls Low Countries Invasion Justified After They ‘Violated Neutrality’ (Cooperated With England And The U.S.) 9
07/09/1946 (Wartime) Trade Blacklist Abolished By U.S. (First Issued July 17, 1941 Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941) 10
07/09/1946 (Leon) Blum Kisses (Paul) Reynaud At Mandel Memorial (Not Stated If Reynaud ‘Kissed Back’) 12
07/09/1946 Commission Finds Less Bias In Jobs 23
07/09/1946 (Isolationist, Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Denies Link With America Firsters (Lindbergh Et Al.) 43
07/10/1946 Molotov Demands That Germany Pay Soviet Ten Billion (Compare This To Amount Germany Paid Israel As A Result Of Nahum Goldmann’s Agreement With Konrad Adenauer!) 1
07/10/1946 Weizmann Insists On Armed Haganah (Considered By British To Be Terrorists!-Later Became The ‘Israeli Army’) 1
07/10/1946 Civil War Fear Sprouts In Poland; Soviet Intervention Peril Rumored 1
07/10/1946 (Picture) Sail For Conference Of (National Conference Of) Christians And Jews 3
07/10/1946 Nine Plead Guilty In (Kielce) Polish Pogrom 8
07/10/1946 Ennis (Lichfield Guard) Is Fined $300 In Soldier Beating 8
07/10/1946 Poland Dooms (German Danzig Leader, Dr. Arthur) Greiser 9
07/10/1946 Red Army Halts Vienna Eviction (Of Germans) 9
07/10/1946 23 Yugoslavians End War Trial Defense 10
07/10/1946 2 Germans (Feld Marshall Wilhelm Keitel And Dr. Kaltenbrunner) Admit ‘Degree’ Of Guilt (Nuernberg Tribunal) 10
07/10/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor) Lauded For Nuernberg 10
07/10/1946 Party Merger (Sozialistische Einheits Partei) Aids East German Rule (No Other Parties Allowed!) 11
07/10/1946 British Loan (By U.S.) Urged By Rabbi S.S. Wise 12
07/10/1946 Paris Meeting Set Back By Jewish Agency 12
07/11/1946 Population Of U.S. Now 140,386,509 (Census Bureau Estimate, 6.6% Increase Since 1940) 1
07/11/1946 (Sidney) Hillman Dies At 59 Of A Heart Attack 1&14
07/11/1946 Stalin Is Called Major (War) Strategist 2
07/11/1946 Japanese Propaganda Campaign To Excuse Attack On Manchuria At War Trial 3
07/11/1946 German (General Student) Wins On Appeal 4
07/11/1946 Anglo-French Rift On Ruhr Coal Seen 5
07/11/1946 Russia For Seizing 200 German Firms 5
07/11/1946 Last Enlisted Man Fined For (Lichfield) Beating 5
07/11/1946 Russians In Thuringia Restore Property Taken By Germans From Jewish Owners (But Such Property Taken By ‘Right Of Eminent Domain’ Was Paid For Already By The German Government!) 5
07/11/1946 Critic Of Jews Beaten (By ‘Non-Jewish Crowd’) In London 5
07/11/1946 (Pictures Of Jewish Refugees In Rome, Italy, Protesting British Palestine Policy) 7
07/11/1946 Zionists To Seek Decision From Un 7
07/11/1946 (General Lucius) Clay Cautions U.S. Troops On Sympathy To Germans 7
07/11/1946 (Jerusalem) Building Restored (By British) To Jewish Agency 7
07/11/1946 Mikhailovitch In Final Plea, Says He Had Absolute Hatred For Nazis (His Wife Had Been Deported To Auschwitz-Birkenau Where She Died In An Epidemic Of Typhus) 8
07/11/1946 Jews Flee (From Poland) To Czechoslovakia 8
07/11/1946 3,000 (Jewish) Veterans Plan Palestine Protest 9
07/11/1946 Vichy Aide (Jean Berthelot) Convicted 12
07/11/1946 (Isolationist Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler’s Campaign Gets Truman Help 24
07/11/1946 Bias Investigation In Colleges Urged 25
07/12/1946 (Polish, August) Cardinal (Hlond) Puts Blame On Some Jews For (Kielce) Pogram; 9 Poles To Be Hanged 1&8
07/12/1946 British Cite Ills In Split Germany 2
07/12/1946 51 Cases Of Loot (From Germany) Hidden By Veteran (In Boston Warehouse-Picture), Former (U.S.) Intelligence Officer 3
07/12/1946 Group To Survey Needs Of Russians 3
07/12/1946 73 Germans Guilty In (Malmedy) Massacre Of American Prisoners In Belgium (Bulge Offensive-Trial By U.S. Army At Dachau Carried Out Under Extremely Irregular Manner-Later Denounced Openly By Senator Joseph R. McCarthy-Was Beginning Of The End Of Such Trials) 3
07/12/1946 British Doom Three (German) Officers (General Albrech Oberg, Col. Isselhorst, And Lt. Col. Schneider) 3
07/12/1946 Germany Planned Gibraltar Attack (Nuernberg Tribunal) 4
07/12/1946 Jewish War Veterans Not Opposing British Loan 6
07/12/1946 British Campaign In Palestine Over 8
07/12/1946 9 Sentenced To Die In Kielce (Poland) Pogrom 8
07/12/1946 U.S. Urged To Take 100,000 Extra Jews 8
07/12/1946 Zionist Council Hits Partition (Of Palestine) Advocate 8
07/12/1946 (Mayor [‘Boss’] Frank) Hague (New Jersey) Backs Zionists 8
07/12/1946 Manuscripts By Great Composers Unearthed By (United Nations) Allies In Germany 9
07/12/1946 12 Japanese Are Hanged 9
07/12/1946 Zionists Score Isaacs (Former Governor General Of Australia) 9
07/12/1946 Eisenhower Asks Strong Occupation 15
07/12/1946 Negroes In Georgia Charge Vote Purge 15
07/12/1946 La Guardia Bids Truman Farewell (To Visit Warsaw, Belgrad, Cairo, Rome) 20
07/13/1946 Molotov Rejects German Unity Plan (Of Western United Nations Group) As Big 4 Adjourn 1
07/13/1946 22 More Murders Charged In Poland (Kielce Pogrom) 1&5
07/13/1946 Bias Charges Mark Troop Abuse Trial (Lichfield) 4
07/13/1946 (Dr. Walther) Funk Is Pictured (By Fritz Sauter, Nuernberg Tribunal) As Jews’ Friend 5
07/13/1946 (Dr. Arthur) Greiser Appeals To Pope 7
07/13/1946 Arabs Bid Britain Put (Terrorist) Jews On Trial 11
07/13/1946 Episcopalians Aid United Jewish Appeal 11
07/13/1946 U.S.-British Group On Palestine Meet 11
07/14/1946 2 Yugoslav Soldiers Killed By U.S. Patrol Near Trieste 1
07/14/1946 Germans Say Soviet Is Setting Up Central Administration In Its Zone 8
07/14/1946 Argentina Moves To Oust 41 Nazis (In Return For Getting Its Gold Back From The U.S. ?-See Earlier Entry!) 10
07/14/1946 Refugees’fate Assailed (By Ira Hirschmann, A Most Active Zionist And Collaborator With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 12
07/14/1946 U.S. Colonel Arrested (Smuggling $12,386 In Gold Bullion Into Switzerland) 14
07/14/1946 British Stiffening In Palestine Talks 17
07/14/1946 (Polish) Voters Terrorized Mikolayjczyk Says 18
07/14/1946 Mikolayczyk Hits (Polish) Police On (Kielce, Poland) Pogrom 18
07/14/1946 (Dr. Marian Edman) To Aid In German (Re-) Education 22
07/15/1946 Nuremberg Defendants Face Income Tax Cases (How ‘American!’ Already!) 2
07/15/1946 Two Nazi Doctors Held (Practicing Without United Nations Permission) 2
07/15/1946 German Resistance (To Occupation) Reported Growing 3
07/15/1946 Mikhailovitch And 23 Others Will Learn Fate Today 3
07/15/1946 Bastille Celebrants Hear Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 4
07/15/1946 Polish Court Spurns (Kielce) Pogrom Killers Plea (For Mercy) 5
07/15/1946 (1,000) Jewish Veterans Press Washington 5
07/15/1946 British Jews Assail Government’s Delay (On ‘Opening’ Palestine To Jews) 5
07/15/1946 (Pictures) Jews Behind Barricades At The Latrun Detention Camp In Palestine 5
07/15/1946 British Medal To Be Returned (By Jewish Mother As Protest) 5
07/15/1946 Germans Get More Food 6
07/15/1946 New Formula Urged On Germans’ Assets 7
07/15/1946 Renner (Austria) Disavows Pan-German Aims 10
07/15/1946 Tokyo Envoy (Nomura) Advised Against Sneak Blow 12 Days Before Pearl Harbor, Files Reveal (Found U.S. Preferred To Go To War Immediately) 11
07/15/1946 Prejudice Held Menace 13
07/15/1946 Jewish Appeal Plans To Continue Canvass ($35,000,000 Goal) 27
07/15/1946 (Att’y. Gen. Tom) Clark Warns Aliens-(Deadline Approaching For Obtaining) Easy (U.S.) Citizenship 40
07/16/1946 Disaster Onus Put On (Admiral) Kimmel, (General) Short (Pearl Harbor-William S. White) 1
07/16/1946 Death (By Shooting) Is Decreed For (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan, Leader Of The ‘Chetniks,’ General Draja) Mikhailovitch (And 10 Others By Tito’s Tribunal) 1
07/16/1946 Germans Drafting New Constitution (With Help Of Judge Simon Rifkind-To Be Approved By American Military Government) 8
07/16/1946 (Dr. Horace Greeley) Schacht, (Admiral Karl) Doenitz Present Defenses (Nuernberg Tribunal) 8
07/16/1946 Poland Executes 9 (Kielce) Pogrom Killers 9
07/16/1946 U.S. Palestine (Jewish Military Volunteer) Unit Offered By Jews (Jewish War Veterans-Don’t Forget General ‘Mickey’ Marcus!) 9
07/16/1946 Jewish Agency Gets No Bid To Parleys 9
07/16/1946 Anti-Semitic Germans Jailed 9
07/16/1946 62 % Of Refugees Found To Have Usable Skills-(Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Morgan, UNRRA, 717,653 Persons In UNRRA Camps) 10
07/16/1946 FBI Acts In Georgia For Negro Voters 12
07/17/1946 U.S. Soldier Killed In Trieste Ambush 1
07/17/1946 Clemency Denied For (General) Mikhailovitch (By Tito) 1
07/17/1946 43 Germans Doomed, 22 Get Life For ‘Bulge’ (Offensive) Killing Of Americans (U.S. Army Trials At Dachau-See Simpson Report) 1&2
07/17/1946 Fliers Here Protest Chetnik Chief’s Doom 2
07/17/1946 British Army Still Holds Almost 500,000 Germans 3
07/17/1946 (Ilya Gregorevitch) Ehrenburg (Leading Russian Black War Propagandist) Finds U.S. Is Surprising (From Moscow) 6
07/17/1946 Poles Said To Hold Jews As Hostages (9 Reported Seized By Armed Bands At Kielce-This Sort Of Thing Actually Did Take Place After World War One-Auschwitz Was Investigated By Israel Cohen Who Wrote Articles About It In The ‘London Times’) 8
07/17/1946 Mrs (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Spurns Honor By Britain 8
07/17/1946 Jews Call Strike In Palestine Today 8
07/17/1946 Viennese Jews Bid U.N. Act On Palestine 8
07/17/1946 Accord On Nazi Funds In Sweden Held Near 8
07/17/1946 Negro Vote Today Is Georgia Factor 12
07/17/1946 Roosevelt Stamps (Collection) Yield $17,200 More 25
07/18/1946 (General) Mikhailovitch Is Executed With 8 Others For Treason (To Tito) 1
07/18/1946 Chinese Open Drive On Yangtze 1
07/18/1946 (Isolationist Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Concedes Defeat In Montana 1
07/18/1946 (Governor) Talmadge Leading As 100,000 Negroes Vote In Primary 1
07/18/1946 Two Austrian Deputies Seized By Russians 5
07/18/1946 U.S. Policy Stands On (German) Reparations Pay 5
07/18/1946 Vichy Official (Hubert Lagardelle) Gets Life At Hard Labor 6
07/18/1946 600,000 Jews Join Palestine Strike, Greater Struggle Urged; Weizmann Leaves For Britain 7
07/18/1946 Gen. (Lucius) Clay Is Proud Of Denazification 8
07/18/1946 (Admiral Erich) Raeder Concludes (Nuernberg) War Crimes Defense 8
07/18/1946 Brazil Willing To Take (100,000 To 800,000) Refugees If U.N. Would Pay Travel Costs 8
07/18/1946 Army Bares Slaying Of 7 Fliers By Nazis (5 To Hang) 8
07/18/1946 UNRRA Food Buying Nearly Completed 9
07/19/1946 Moscow Rebuffs (Western United Nations) Allies On Austria 1
07/19/1946 (General Georgi) Zhukov Reported Sent To Odessa, Long A Center Of Anti-Communism 4
07/19/1946 Berlin Socialists List Soviet Curbs 4
07/19/1946 Sweden Will Free Germans’ Assets ($77,000,000 To United Nations Out Of A Total Of $104,000,000 Assets) 5
07/19/1946 Germans Whisper U.S. Zone Is Freest (Of Four Zones) 5
07/19/1946 5,000 Polish Jews Seek Vienna Haven 7
07/19/1946 95 Refugee Rabbis And Students Reach U.S. After Four Years Spent In Shanghai Ghetto 7
07/19/1946 Anti-Semitism Laid To News At Hearing 7
07/19/1946 Jews Open Settlement (Kfar Kisch, Palestine) 7
07/19/1946 Mussolini Nephew Pardoned 7
07/19/1946 Weizmann Reaches London 7
07/19/1946 Workers Attending Mass Burial In Poland 7
07/19/1946 Mikhailovitch Died Badly, (Tito) Official Says 8
07/20/1946 Austria Will Seize Major Industries 1
07/20/1946 Russians Send Home 120,000 German Captives 2
07/20/1946 Rich Gestapo Loot Found-(German Paintings Worth $50,000 Still Missing) 2
07/20/1946 Madagascar Chief Sentenced In Paris (Resisted British With Arms) 3
07/20/1946 Swedes (Share The Loot!) Hail Axis Assets Pact 3
07/20/1946 Finn’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Jailed-(Atrocities Against Russian POW) 3
07/20/1946 Nazi Defense (Seyss-Inquart) Claims Help To Netherlands (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
07/20/1946 British-U.S. Talks (100,000 Jews To Palestine) On Palestine Gain (By Jews) 5
07/21/1946 Roosevelt Found Blameless For Pearl Harbor Disaster (By Congressional Committee Composed Of Ten [Six Democrats {Including ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley, One Of Roosevelt’s Most Reliable Supporters} And 2 Republicans Who Concurred And 2 Republicans Who Dissented)-William S. White 1&12
07/21/1946 Nazi Ideas Spawn In Latin America 1
07/21/1946 (U.S. General George C.) Marshall’s Pleas For Peace In China Said To Be Futile 1
07/21/1946 Clash With Soviet Is Likely In Japan Over Propaganda 1
07/21/1946 300 (N.Y.) GI’s Organize To Aid Democrats 6
07/21/1946 (Major Gen. Walter C.) Short (Accused Of Laxity At Pearl Harbor) Reiterates Stand-Conscience Clear 12
07/21/1946 Minority (Of Congressional Pearl Harbor Investigation Committee) Charges Roosevelt Failed-Says Chiefs Expected Attack A Week Before Japanese Struck 13
07/21/1946 2 Who Met Fighting Nazis To Wed Here (Lony Hurkmans And Abraham De Jong-Dutch) 14
07/21/1946 More Polish Jews (Trainload) Reach Frankfurt (25,000 More In Stettin, [Poland], 200,00 More In Poland) 15
07/21/1946 (Fred W.) Kaltenbach (Dubuque, Iowa, School Teacher) Dead Russians Tell U.S. (‘Of Natural Causes’) 19
07/21/1946 36 On Trial At Dijon Are Sentenced To Death 20
07/21/1946 Poland Seizes $500,000 (Terrorist Funds From Foreign Sources) 21
07/21/1946 (U.S.) Army Linked To (German) Art Loot (70 Paintings Worth $250,000) 24
07/21/1946 Red Army Seizes Farms In Austria 26
07/21/1946 To Attend UNRRA Session (Alternate Named For Sol Bloom, Chairman, House Committee For Military Affairs) 27
07/21/1946 ‘Capital Inquiry’ (Garsson Munitions Empire-[‘Dear Alben’] Barkley And Other Congressional Notables Involved) E-1
07/21/1946 Story Of Dr. Garsson’s Rise In The Munitions Business (Garsson, Gellman And Weiss) E-7
07/22/1946 Stalingrad Erases Its Scars, Dreams Of New City By 1966 1&3
07/22/1946 15,000 Poles Watch (Dr. Arthur) Greiser Execution (German Leader In Danzig, Picture, Gauleiter Of Posen) 1&4
07/22/1946 Austrians Oppose State Capitalism 3
07/22/1946 Poland To Crush ‘Fascist’ Factions 4
07/22/1946 Accord Held Sure On Jews’ Refuge (In Palestine) 5
07/22/1946 Gandhi Counsels Jews (Non-Violence) 6
07/22/1946 Serbs Mourn Here For Mikhailovitch 6
07/22/1946 Tribute To Mikhailovitch (Serbs In London) 6
07/22/1946 Seek To Trace German Art (Looted By U.S. Occupation Forces) 6
07/22/1946 La Guardia Bars UNRRA Relief Bias (No Racial Discrimination To Be Tolerated) 8
07/22/1946 Avc Hits Negro Enlistment Plan 8
07/22/1946 Soviets Teach Germans-’Democratic’ Students To Receive Three-Year Course 9
07/22/1946 Belgian Says Soviet Would Rule Germany 9
07/22/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Rises In Alabama 23
07/23/1946 Jerusalem Bomb (King David Hotel) Kills 41 In Attack On British Offices (The ‘Irgun Zvai Leumi’ Or The ‘Stern Gang,’ A Daughter Organization Of The ‘Irgun’ Suspected-It Was The Terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi [Irgoun Zwai Leumi] Acting On Orders From Its Polish-Born Leader, Rabbi Menachem Begin Or ‘Beigin’ As He Spelled It Originally) 1
07/23/1946 French Add (Annex) Area On Rhine To Saar 3
07/23/1946 Rabbi (Philip S. Bernstein, Rochester, N.Y.) To Study Poland’s Exodus (Of Jews) 7
07/23/1946 Four (Fascists) Executed In Albania 8
07/23/1946 Displaced Persons Vexation To Austria; Russian Demand Held An Excuse For Delay 8
07/23/1946 Nuremberg Verdict Due In September (At Least 3,000,000 Germans Affected) 9
07/23/1946 Russian Seizures In Austria Grow 10
07/23/1946 Pope Asked Poles To Spare (German Dr. Arthur) Greiser (Gauleiter Of Posen) 12
07/23/1946 Refugees Arrive (In U.S.) As Immigrants (120 Aboard Drottningholm-Many, If Not All Are Jews) 14
07/23/1946 1947 Emigration Estimated (175,000, By Iro [International Labor Organization] And Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) 14
07/23/1946 Suit To End (Ku Klux) Klan Filed By Kentucky (Att’y. Gen. Dummit) 14
07/23/1946 Georgia Editor Threatened, Apologizes For Saying Ignorant Back (Governor) Talmadge (Who Was Elected) 15
07/23/1946 Maestro (Victor Aitay,) Relates Torture By Nazis (Met Wife, Eva In Auschwitz, Aitay, A Hungarian Jew) 20
07/23/1946 Our (Propaganda) Movies Leave Germans Hostile 21
07/23/1946 Camp Shanks Ends War Mission As Last German Pw’s Start Home 27
07/23/1946 (NAACP) Planning Experts Get ‘Ghetto’ Issue 31
07/24/1946 Americans Killed By Shells Of Type Made By Garssons 1
07/24/1946 U.S. May Withhold Soviet (German) Reparations To Offset ‘Booty’ (Already Taken By Them) 1
07/24/1946 Egypt, Iraq Urge Palestine Change 1
07/24/1946 Zionist Terrorists (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Begin) Say They Set Bomb (At King David Hotel); Denounce British 1
07/24/1946 Murder Of 230 Priests Reported In Yugoslavian Anti-Church Terror (Some Names And Dates Given) 1&8
07/24/1946 16 Million In China Starving, UNRRA Says 3
07/24/1946 Truman Condemns Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi-Begin) Blast; Sees Damage To Peaceful Solution 4
07/24/1946 Attlee Stresses Palestine Finality 4
07/24/1946 Russia Is Relaxing Grip Inside Finland 4
07/24/1946 Flandin Trial Yields Vichy Treaty Light (Had Draft Of Secret Non-Aggression Pact With Britain) 4
07/24/1946 (American Civilians) Wed To Germans Ousted (From Germany) 4
07/24/1946 Summation Opened In Defense Of Nazis (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
07/24/1946 (United Nations) Allies In Germany Order Coal Study 7
07/24/1946 Austria Protests Red Army Seizure 8
07/24/1946 Americans (American Military Government) Give Aid To German Union 8
07/24/1946 Holland To Seek Frontier Changes (With Germany) 9
07/24/1946 1937 China Incident Occupies Tokyo Trial (‘Rascals Hired To Create Incident’-Translation Difficulties) 10
07/24/1946 Negroes Find Yale Is Negative In Aid 29
07/25/1946 (Bikini) Atom Bomb Sinks Battleship And Carrier-Biggest Blast Yet 1
07/25/1946 British Cite Wires In Zionist Terror 1
07/25/1946 (United Nations) Allies Will Share 11 German Plants (German Industrial Equipment Allocated-To Be Dismantled And Then Transferred To A Victor Nation) 6
07/25/1946 U.S. Puts (M. S.) Szymczak (Of Federal Reserve Board) In Key German Job 6
07/25/1946 British And U.S. Map German Zone Unity 6
07/25/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) To Sum Up At Nuremberg Today 6
07/25/1946 Red Army ‘Vetoes’ Vienna’s Seizures 6
07/25/1946 Text On The British White Paper Linking Jewish Agency To Zionist Terrors In Palestine 8
07/25/1946 Palestine Paper (Hebrew Journal) Attacks Zionists 9
07/25/1946 Leading U.S. Jews Denounce (King David Hotel) Bombing (By Irgun Zvai Leumi-Begin)-(Ben) Hecht Blames British 9
07/25/1946 Leaders Of Cinema (Nelson A. Rockefeller, Spyros P. Skouras, E. M. M. Warburg) Hear Pleas For Aid To Jews 9
07/25/1946 Race Hierarchy Reported (In U.S. By Ilya Gregorevitch Ehrenburg, Russian Black Propaganda Agent) 11
07/25/1946 UNRRA For Agency To Continue Supply-La Guardia Fears For Poor Nations 12
07/26/1946 Divided Palestine Is Urged (Map) By Anglo-U.S. Cabinet Body, Delaying Entry Of 100,000 1
07/26/1946 (Isador) Lubin (Picture) Will Assist U.N. On Devastated Areas 2
07/26/1946 700,000 More Sudetens (Germans!) To Be Sent Into Russian Sector In Germany (Will Leave A Total Of 60,000 At Years End Still In Czechoslovakia Of An Initial Population Of 3,200,000) 3
07/26/1946 Relief For Jews In Bulgaria Urged (By Arthur Fishzohn) 4
07/26/1946 Palestine (Jewish Agency) Chiefs Deny (British) Accusations (Of Terrorism) 4
07/26/1946 Combat Threat Cited By Lichfield Guard 4
07/26/1946 One (Jew) Killed (German-Jewish DP Row) Near Refugee Camp (Munich) 4
07/26/1946 (Rudolf) Hess Defense Plea Censored By Court (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
07/26/1946 Mussolini Estate Seized 5
07/26/1946 Britain Postpones Stand On Germany 6
07/26/1946 Polish Frontiers (United Nations Oder-Neisse Line) Disliked By Bevin 6
07/26/1946 Yugoslav (Tito) Regime Denies A Catholic Terror 6
07/26/1946 (Ilya Gregorevitch) Ehrenburg Finds Russia Can Learn From The U.S. 6
07/26/1946 Connecticut Jobs Open To Negroes 23
07/27/1946 End Of UNRRA Is Sought By Agency’s Big Backers 1
07/27/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (U.S. Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Pins Guilt Of Hitler For War On His Nazi Chiefs 1
07/27/1946 Austrians Ignore Russian Warning 1
07/27/1946 $50,000,000 U.S. Aid For Arabs Reported Part Of Palestine Plan 1
07/27/1946 Georgia Mob Of 20 Men Massacres 2 Negroes, Wives; One Was Ex-GI 1&32
07/27/1946 Excerpts Of (Robert H.) Jackson’s War Guilt Summing (Nuernberg Tribunal) 5
07/27/1946 Polish Jews (In Flight) Detained 5
07/27/1946 (Juan) Peron Press Accuses (Spruille) Braden (U.S. State Dept.) In La Paz Coup (Assassination Involved) 5
07/27/1946 U.S. Troops Wound 7 Attacking (Jewish) DP’s 5
07/27/1946 3 SS Officers Hanged (Leghorn, Italy) 5
07/27/1946 British Seize 376 In Palestine Drive 6
07/27/1946 Terrorism Decried By (U.S.) Judaism Group 6
07/27/1946 Jews Urged Treaties That Enforce (Jewish) Rights 6
07/27/1946 (Rabbi Dr. Abba Hillel) Silver Condemns Divided Palestine 6
07/27/1946 Text Of Draft Of The Italian Treaty 7&10
07/27/1946 (Occupied German) Press Vilifies U.S. In Russian Sector 11
07/27/1946 (Norman) Thomas Says He Wants Spain Itself To Oust Leader (Franco) 12
07/27/1946 Jewish War Orphans Lacking Mental Care 12
07/28/1946 Russians Arrest 5 Austrian (Jewish Land Owners) Who Opposed Land Seizures 1
07/28/1946 555 Arrive On Ship (‘Marine Perch’) As Quota Immigrants (Most From Central Europe, Many From Concentration Camps) 5
07/28/1946 Civil Liberty Gains Reported For U.S. (By Civil Liberties Union) 15
07/28/1946 Un Refugee Plan Facing Emergency-1,500,000 Seen In Need 18
07/28/1946 Hungary Opposing Population (Exchange) Move (With Czechoslovakia) 19
07/28/1946 22 Germans Wince As Death Is Asked (By Prosecution At Nuernberg Tribunal) 23
07/28/1946 (German Evangelical) Bishop Is Angered By (United Nations) Hunt For Nazis 23
07/28/1946 Munich German (‘Denazification’) Board Ousted (By Occupation Authorities-For ‘White Washing’) 23
07/28/1946 U.S. Desires (Argentina’s Juan) Peron To Oust Nazi Cadre 27
07/28/1946 (German Ship) ‘Europa’ Renamed ‘Liberte’ 27
07/28/1946 Armed Band Raids Jerusalem Prison-(British) Arrests Now Reach 500 28
07/28/1946 British Link Fate Of Palestine To Us 29
07/28/1946 Bombs Killed 1,200,000 (Germans In World War Ii, Maybe 1,500,000-500,000 Civilians-Japan Lost 360,000-These Figures Disputed And Later Revised Upward Greatly!) 32
07/28/1946 Ex-Guard Explains Lichfield (‘Routine’) Beatings 33
07/28/1946 (Jewish) Camp Disorder (UNRRA-Wolrathausen Camp) 33
07/28/1946 Polish Jews Charge Murder Of 10 More (At A Lublin Pogrom) 34
07/28/1946 Gertrude Stein Dies In France, 72 40
07/28/1946 Britain Tries Again On Palestine Solution-Political Terrorist Groups E-4
07/29/1946 War Inquiry Turns To (Garsson Brothers) Faulty Shells (For U.S. Military) 1&28
07/29/1946 Paris Parley Opens Today 1
07/29/1946 ‘Total War’ Urged By Indian Moslems 2
07/29/1946 Finland Resigned To Treaty Losses 3
07/29/1946 Un Seeks A Means To Replace UNRRA 3
07/29/1946 Jerusalem Jews Defy Confiscation 8
07/29/1946 (American) Jewish (Committee) Sends Four (Proskauer, Jacob Blaustein, Philip Forman, Simon Segal) To Paris 8
07/29/1946 Greek Leftists Fight Troops; 11 Killed (Greek Civil War!) 8
07/29/1946 German Police To Salute (United Nations Officers, German Railway Officials Too, Supervised By Maj. Ehrenburg And Col. Duffner) 8
07/29/1946 Weizmann Scores Palestine Scheme-Worse Than 1937 Peel Proposal 9
07/29/1946 Both Sides In Palestine Hostile 9
07/29/1946 Group (Passaic County Committee For Christian Action In Central Europe) Asks U.S. Free Food For Germany (Request Sent To Henry Agard Wallace) 10
07/29/1946 German (War) Prisoners 74% ‘Re-Educated’ (By U.S. War Department) 11
07/29/1946 (Autonomous) Armenian State Urged (Letter) 20
07/29/1946 ‘Police Brutality’ Charged (Dashiell Hammett, President, Civil Rights Congress Of New York-Negroes) 23
07/29/1946 2 Policemen Avert Queens Lynching (Of Negro) 36
07/30/1946 British To Join Our German Zone 1
07/30/1946 Wasting Millions Charged To Army; Tax Files Opened 1
07/30/1946 (James) Byrnes Seen Urging Truman To Accept Divided Palestine 1
07/30/1946 (Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) To Start Home Tomorrow (Replaced [Temporarily] By Thomas Dodd, Lebanon, Connecticut) 2
07/30/1946 2 Officers Testify In (Col.) Kilian’s (Lichfield) Defense 2
07/30/1946 Washington Sees A Helpful Step Toward Unity Of German Zones (General John Henry Hilldring-Strongly Anti-German, Involved In War Crimes Investigation, Occupation Of Germany, Zionism, Etc.) 2
07/30/1946 (Kaiser) Wilhelm Society Banned (By United Nations-Founded 1911-One Of World’s Most Venerated Scientific Societies!) 2
07/30/1946 British Army Opens Action In Tel Aviv (All Jewish City) 4
07/30/1946 Palestine School Plan-More Money For Jewish And Arab Systems 4
07/30/1946 (Rabbi H. S. Goldstein) Asks Pope To Aid Jews 4
07/30/1946 Jews And Christians Hold Rally In London 5
07/30/1946 Jews In Austria Double In Month-Overtax Facilities Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Were 15,000 In June, Now 34,000; 800 More Today) 6
07/30/1946 Pravda Is Irritated By Warsaw Reports (W. H. Lawrence Called ‘Slanderer’) 6
07/30/1946 Jews Embittered By Life In Germany 6
07/30/1946 UNRRA Thefts Charged-Pilfering 6
07/30/1946 Nuremberg Bills (United Nations) Allies For Ley’s $4.09 Funeral 6
07/30/1946 New (Martin) Bormann Rumor Starts Hunt For Nazi 12
07/30/1946 South African Strife On Racial Issue Seen 12
07/30/1946 (General Von Falkenhorst) Denies Killing Raiders 12
07/30/1946 (Ku Klux) Klan Is Outlawed In New York State 25
07/31/1946 Tel Aviv Is Isolated By British Troops Seeking Terrorists 1
07/31/1946 La Guardia Says Russians Curb UNRRA; Insists On Observer Access To Austrian Zone 2
07/31/1946 (Sir Evelyn) Barker (British Commander In Palestine, Alleged) Slur Protested (By David Sher, American Jewish Committee) 4
07/31/1946 Truman ‘Rebuffs’ Palestine (Partition) Plea 5
07/31/1946 Beating (Of Jews By British Palestine Troops) Alleged 5
07/31/1946 New Refugee Ship Reported (200 Miles Off Palestine With Estimated 500-1,000 Refugees Aboard) 5
07/31/1946 15 Nazis Are Executed (By British) 10
07/31/1946 Italians Dismayed And Resentful At Terms Of Allies’ Draft Treaty 14
07/31/1946 Russian Criticizes Unifying Of (British And U.S.) Zones (In Germany) 14
07/31/1946 Nazi Organizations Open Their Defense (Nuernberg Tribunal) 14
07/31/1946 (General Von) Falkenhorst In Denials (Of British Commando Executions) 14
07/31/1946 Text Drafts Of Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian And Finnish Treaties 15-21