The Holocaust Historiography Project

The Journal of Historical Review Index: Volume 16 (1996-7)

The volume and number labels are linked to the cover letter that accompanied each issue.

Volume 16 number 1 (January/February)

Bialek, Regina. “Eyewitness 'testimony' of an Auschwitz gas chamber survivor.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p32.

Collins, Doug. “Canadian liberties under attack.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p39. On the front line for free speech and open historical inquiry.

Collins, Doug. “The Press Council decision.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p38. On the front line for free speech and open historical inquiry.

Faurisson, Robert. “Message of greeting [to attendees of the Weber-Shermer debate].” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p24.

Faurisson, Robert; Weber, Mark. “'The Jewish world' against [Jean-Claude] Pressac.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p41.

Futterman, Rabbi Matthew. “United in love and compassion [letter].” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p48.

Mason, Pat N. Jr. “The Weber-Shermer debate: A step forward.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p34.

Neff, Donald. “Zionism’s violent legacy.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p42.

Netanyahu, Benzion. The 'Jewish Question' in 15th and 16th century Spain. Reviewed by: Chalmers, Bruce. January/February 1996; v16 n1 p2. Historian sustains Spanish Inquisition myths.

Swerdlow, Gileul. “Fascinated [letter].” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p48.

Weber, Mark. “A Belgian foundation battles for free speech.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p46. Revisionist center in Flanders makes waves.

Weber, Mark. “Canadian Jewish Congress threatens journalist for Holocaust heresy.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p36. A new threat to freedom of speech. Attempt to silence [Doug] Collins fails.

Weber, Mark. “Debating the undebatable: The Weber-Shermer clash.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p23. Exchanging views on the Holocaust.

Weber, Mark. “Internet Web site offers instant worldwide access to revisionism.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p40. Thousands check out IHR material.

Weber, Mark. “The Spanish Inquisition in reality and myth.” January/February 1996; v16 n1 p8.

Volume 16 number 2 (March/April)

Eisenhower, Dwight David. “Farewell Warning.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p17.

Faurisson, Robert. “A new version of the Holocaust story.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p22.

Faurisson, Robert; Weber, Mark. “Jewish Militants: Fifteen years, and more, of terrorism in France.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p2.

Garaudy, Roger. Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israelienne ("The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics"). Reviewed by: Martello, Robert. March/April 1996; v16 n2 p35. French study of Israel’s “founding myths” provokes furious attack.

Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah. Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust. Reviewed by: Weber, Charles E. March/April 1996; v16 n2 p31. Goldhagen’s 'evil' indictment of Germans.

Higgs, Robert. “World War II and the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p18.

Neff, Donald. “How Eisenhower forced Israel to end Sinai occupation.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p14.

Thompson, Robert Smith. A Time for War: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Path to Pearl Harbor. Reviewed by: Bishop, Joseph. March/April 1996; v16 n2 p25. Study of Roosevelt’s path to Pearl Harbor debunks popular historical myths.

Weber, Mark. “Argentina revisionist magazine part of worldwide network.” March/April 1996; v16 n2 p24.

Volume 16 number 3 (May/June)

Ain, Stewart. “'Hateful' term needed?” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p37.

Consoli, Mario. “Why the Holocaust must remain a dogma.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p36.

Grubach, Paul. “Sheftel unfair to Brentar.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p39.

Ipatiev, Nikodim M. “Sincere collaboration: A Russian responds to Zündel.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p38.

Jefferson, Thomas. “Guiding Principles (quote).” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p20.

Michaels, Daniel W. “Capitalism in the new Russia.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p21. Internationalism vs. nationalism in the former Soviet Union.

Pavlik, Gregory P. “The ethics of war: Hiroshima and Nagasaki after 50 years.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p14.

Phillips, Richard. “Jews and Bolshevism: A revised view.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p39.

Raven, Greg; Weber, Mark. “Defense Department booklet targets Holocaust revisionism.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p28. Is revisionism a threat to national security?

Weber, Mark. “American leaders planned poison gas attack against Japan.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p12. Five million deaths foreseen.

Weber, Mark. “Critical study of Holocaust story published in Japan.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p34. Aftermath of the Marco Polo affair.

Weber, Mark. “German television report features IHR interview.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p37.

Weber, Mark. “Internet Web site offers instant worldwide access to revisionism.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p37. Thousands check out IHR material.

Weber, Mark. “Italian scholars defend free speech of 'Holocaust deniers'.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p33.

Weber, Mark. “An Italian voice for freedom.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p36.

Weber, Mark. “President Clinton’s distortion of history.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p2. The danger of historical lies.

Weber, Mark. “Thies Christophersen.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p32.

Weber, Mark. “Was Hiroshima necessary?” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p4. Why the atomic bombings could have been avoided.

Weber, Mark. “Zaverdinos, Platonov, and Graf join Journal editorial Advisory Committee.” May/June, 1997; v16 n3 p19.

Volume 16 number 4 (July/August)

German authorities 'index' two IHR leaflets.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p29.

A German voice for national integrity and freedom.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p39.

“'Holocaust deception' makes waves in Turkey.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p35.

An iconoclastic Polish journal.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p36.

Major revisionist breakthrough in Russia.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p36.

New attacks against Arthur Butz for revisionist Web site.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p23.

Butz, Arthur R. “The nagging 'gassing cellar' problem.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p20. Another look at the 'vergasungskeller' question.

Faurisson, Robert. “Auschwitz: Facts and legend.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p14.

Faurisson, Robert. “On the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre affair.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p26.

O’Keefe, Theodore J. “History and 'memory': An examination of the evidence of 'Holocaust 'witness' Mel Mermelstein.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p2.

Schaub, Bernhard. “Switzerland in the grip of the 'traditional enemy'.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p32.

Weber, Mark. “The changing [Holocaust] story: Early doubts.” July/August, 1997; v16 n4 p38.

Volume 16 number 5 (September/October)

Gertrude Stein’s complex worldview.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p22. Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler?

Birken, Lawrence. Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism. Reviewed by: Weber, Mark. September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p34. Hitler as 'enlightenment intellectual': The enduring allure of Hitlerism.

Breindel, Eric. “Journal scholorship.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p33.

Butz, Arthur R.,. “Gas detectors in Auschwitz Crematory II.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p24. A 'criminal trace'?

Collins, Doug. “Hate crimes, Zionist terrorism, and Jews in Hitler’s army.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p19.

Curtiss, Richard H. “Suppressing the story of genocide against Germans.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p31. Author details postwar Jewish crimes.

Faurisson, Robert. “How historian [Martin] Gilbert falsifies and invents.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p7.

Faurisson, Robert. “The Notin affair: Jewish organizations make the law.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p17.

Neff, Donald. “Why President Truman overrode State Department warning on Palestine-Israel.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p13. Fifty years ago: A fateful admonition.

Phillips, Richard G. “Hiroshima bombing was right and necessary.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p39.

Sobran, Joseph. “Working with Stalin.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p9.

Weber, Mark. “Stutthof.” September/October, 1997; v16 n5 p2.

Volume 16 number 6 (November/December)

Beach, Edward L. Scapegoats: A Defense of Kimmel and Short at Pearl Harbor. Reviewed by: Weir, John. November/December 1997; v16 n6 p35.

Hoffmann, Joachim. “Wartime bombings of neutral Switzerland.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p15.

Marshall, Rachelle. “Revisionist perspectives on Zionist history.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p16. Historians expose myths of Israel’s birth.

Martin, James J. “Pearl Harbor’s place in history.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p2. Reflections on the origins and consequences of the Pacific war.

Mueller, John. “The real infamy was an unnecessary war.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p7.

Neff, Donald. “Lyndon Johnson was first to align U.S. policy with Israel's.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p20.

Suvorov, Viktor. Der Tag M ("M Day"). Reviewed by: Michaels, Daniel W. November/December 1997; v16 n6 p28. Historian details Stalin’s two-year “mobilization” plan for European conquest.

Suvorov, Viktor. Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War? Reviewed by: Bishop, Joseph. November/December 1997; v16 n6 p22. Russian specialist lays bare Stalin’s plan to conquer Europe.

Thion, Serge. “The dictatorship of imbecility.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p8. Claudxe Lanzmann and “Shoah".

Weber, Mark. “How a major Holocaust historian manipulates facts.” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p11. Gerald Fleming’s distorions.

Zadencki, Jaroslaw. “Attention! Fascism in the furniture store!” November/December 1997; v16 n6 p13. A European look at “political correctness".