The Holocaust Historiography Project

A German Voice for National Integrity and Freedom

For more than four decades, Nation und Europa has been a vigorous and intelligent German voice for “democratic patriotism” and national and cultural integrity. Since 1951, this thoughtfully edited and well written illustrated monthly magazine has defied the prevailing intellectual-political climate. It has a handsome cover, attractive layout, and handy format. Many of the articles and reviews are brief and “newsy.” A typical issue is 80 pages.

N+E routinely tackles relevant issues of contemporary history, notably on the Second World War and Third Reich Germany. For example, Stalin’s war plans and the background to Hitler’s June 1941 “Barbarossa” attack against Soviet Russia have been the subject of numerous articles and reviews in recent years. Within the legal limits, it deals judiciously with the dangerous Holocaust issue. It has, for example, published an interview with American gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter, and has informed readers about the results of his historic 1988 on-site forensic examination of the alleged execution “gas chambers” at Auschwitz.

N+E staunchly defends the cultural heritage and ethnic identity and of all nations. Citing news items from across Europe and around Germany, it routinely reports on the harmful consequences of “foreignization” for all peoples. It speaks out against a homogenized, centrally-administered Europe, and the spirit of “one worldism” and “multiculturalism” behind this campaign. It urges “democratic renewal” in Germany through referendums to authentically express the popular sentiment on such critically important issues as Third World immigration.

N+E reports on the steady erosion of civil liberties in Germany through “politically correct” censorship and government restrictions on free historical research and writing.

N+E serves as a leading strategic guide for Germany’s fractured national-patriotic opposition. Not tied to any particular political party or group, it reports sympathetically on all factions of the country’s “right wing.” Each issue of N+E also features news about nationalist political parties, organizations and periodicals across Europe.

Among the magazine’s most talented contributers is Wolfgang Strauss, who provides first-rate reporting and commentary on Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as outstanding essays on German, Russian and Ukrainian history.

Franz Schönhuber, the best-selling author and former head of the Republikaner party, is a regular N+E columnist. Another contributor is German historian Georg Franz-Willing, who is also a member of this Journal’s Editorial Advisory Committee (and 1986 IHR Conference speaker). N+E has also published two books by Franz-Willing.

N+E has made friendly mention of the Institute for Historical Review and its Journal. In one issue, it told readers that the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review

has carried on a determined struggle against the historical lies that have a daily impact on Germany. It is published in the USA, where a person can speak about some issues more openly than here in the “freest state in German history” … We warmly recommend this issue to anyone interested in contemporary history.

Now with a circulation of about 15,000, Nation und Europa is published jointly by Peter Dehoust, Harald Neubauer (a former member of the European Parliament), and, until his recent death, Adolf von Thadden (historian and one-time political figure).

A yearly subscription (surface mail) costs DM 128. Write: Nation und Europa, Postfach 25 54, 96414 Coburg, Germany.